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Innd fr Toang M.n'i Chrittian Afwoia
tion it Growing- flteadilj.
JHass Meeting to B Held at First
M. E. Oharch This Afteraooa for
Firpoit of Stlmalatlna
td' great deal of enthusiasm Is being
hown In the raisins of money for the local
Young Mrn ii Christian association. Can
vassing committees report good progress
nd the. Indications are that by Thursday
flight the amount desired, C.5O0, will hare
been secured. J. P. Bailey, suite, secretary,
Is hers assisting the canvassers and local
officers In every possible way. To further
Interest In the movement a mass meeting
of men and women will be held this after
noon at the First Methodist Episcopal
c-hurch. At this meeting Secretary Bailey
will speak and Alexander Stewart, a well
Itnown tenor sinjrer, will render a number of
elections. No subscriptions will be taken
at this meeting. In speaking of the pres
ent movement to secure funds for more
commodious quarters, local Secretary
Marsh has this to say: "For ten years the
Young Men's Christian association has been
the only respectable resort for the young
men of South Omaha to spend their leisure
time. It has carried on during this time
scientific physical training for all men who
wished to avail themselves of the oppor
tunity. And for several years It has fur
nished the only means by which the many
young men who have been compelled to
enter the arena of life without fair prepa
ration the only opportunity in the city to.
meet their educational needs. It has always
stood for the highest Ideals In Christian
xnanhood." Continuing and speaking espe
cially In reference to the present quarters,
Sir. Marsh said: "It Is a well known fact
that the South Omaha association has been
doing business In quarters which are shame
fully Inadequate and which offer very little
ajoclal Inducement, uninviting physical ac
commodations and overcrowded rooms In
tvenlng educational classes. The proposed
tiaw location at 413 North Twenty-fourth
street will provide about 70 per cent more
floor space with a decided Improvement In
accessibility, convenience and appearance."
In connection with the leasing of the
round floor and basement of the building
pn Twenty-fourth street, It Is planned to
greet a gymnasium In the rear. This gym
nasium Is to be sixty feet in length and
thirty feet In width, with a celling sixteen
feet six inches high. Corrugated iron Is
lo be used on the outside and a gravel roof
Js planned. The Interior of the gymnasium
!s to be celled, steam heated and electric
ighted. A passageway will connect the
gymnasium with the main building.
The basement of the 'main building Is to
p cut up so as to provide a boys' room, a
kitchen, shower baths, toilet roo'ms and
On the ground floor there will open from
the entrance a lobby twenty by twenty
four feet, and a public and private office.
Two reading and class rooms, each eigh
teen by twenty feet, and connected by slid
ing doors, are planned. A space for a lav
atory Is provided on this floor.
At least $2,500 will bs needed to fit up the
proposed new quarters and construct the
fjymnaslum building. This money should
be secured not later than the last day of
this month. By enlarging the accommoda
tions between 100 and 200 additional mem
Isers can bo accommodated.
halted Workmen Will Entertain.
On Tuesday evening, November 28, the
Ancient Order of United Workmen will en
tertain Supreme Master Workman Will M.
(Narvls or Muscatine, la., at the temple,
fTwenty-fifth and M streets. Representa
tives of all of the Workmen lodges In
Douglas county have been Invited to at
tend. The master workmen of the vari
ous subordinate lodges will act as a recep
tion committee and the degree teams will
gather at Twenty-fourth and J streets at
p. m. to escort the supreme master work
man to the temple. A number of promi
nent members of the order and the Degree
of Honor from all over the state will be In
attendance, as this will be the first time
the supreme master workman has ever
visited Nebraska, and considerable Im
portance Is attached to Ms coming at this
time. All of the seventeen Workman
lodges In Douglas county are considerably
What Sulphur Does
for the Human Body in Health and
The mention of sulphur will recall to
many of us the early days, when our
mothers and grandmothers gave us our
dally dose of sulphur and molasses every
spring and fall.
It was the universal spring and fall
blood puriAer," tonio and cure-all, and,
mind you, this old-fashioned remedy was
not without merit.
The Idea was good, but the remedy was
crude and unpalatable, and a large quan
tity had to be taken to get any effect.
Nowadays we get all the beneficial ef
fects of sulphur In a palatable, concen
trated form, so that a single grain u fur
more effective than a tablespoouful of the
crude sulphur.
la recent years research and experiment
cave proven that the best sulphur fo
medicinal use is that obtained from Cal
cium (Calcium Sulphide), and sold In drug
tores under the name ef Stuart's Calcium
Wafers. They are small, chocolate-coated
pellets and contain the active medicinal
principle of sulphur In a highly concen
trated, effective form.
Few people are aware of the value of this
form of sulphur in restoring and main.
talnlng bodily vigor and health; sulphur
acts directly on the liver and eeretai-
organs and purlfle and enriches the blood
by the prompt elimination of wast ma
terial. Our grandmothers knew this when they
doited us with sulphur and molasses every
spring and fall, but the crudity and im
purity of ordinary (lowers of sulphur were
often worse than the disease and cannot
compare with the modern concentrated
preparations of sulphur, of which Stuart's
Calcium Wafers Is undoubtedly the Lat
and most widely used.
They are the natural antidote for liver
and kidney troubles aud cure constipation
and purify the blood in a way that often
surprises patient and physician alike.
Dr. R. M. Wtlklns, while experimenting
with sulphur remedies, soon found that the
sulphur from Calcium was superior to any
other form. He says: "For liver, klduey
and blood troubles, especially when re
sulting from constipation or malaria, 1
have been surprised at the results ob
tained from Stuart's Calcium Wafers. ja
patients suffering front bolls and DtmDles
and even deep-seated carbuncles i have
repeatedly seen them dry up and disappear
In four or Ave days, leaving the skin clear
and smooth. Although Stuarts Calcium
Wsfers Is a proprietary article, and sold
by druggists, and for that reason tabooed
by many physicians, yet I know of nothing
so safe and reliable for constipation, liver
and kidney troubles, and especially in all
forms of skin disease, as this remedy.
At any rate, people who are tired of
pins, cathartics and so-called blood "purl
I ficrs" will And In Stuart's Calcium Waters
' a far safer, mors palatable and effective
frtaji ratio n
Interested In this event. C. W. Miller and
Dr. F. W. Faulk have charge of the ar
rangements. A program has been arranged
as follows: Address of welcome. Rev. Dr.
R. L Wheeler; quartet, the Harmony
Four; recitation, Frof. Ritchie; solo. John
Flynn; character sketches, A. O. Mercer!
bass solo, Riff Clauson; comic selection,
William Talnter; address, Will M. Narvls.
Will Celebrate silver Wedding.
Tuesday evening of this week Rev. W. T.
Btambaugh, pastor of the Iefler Methodist
Kplscopal rhurch. and wife will celebrate
the anniversary of their silver wedding.
The members of the church and congrega
tion have the arrangements In charge and
the celebration Is to be held at the church.
Fifteenth and Madison streets. A large
number of friends of Pastor Stambaugh
and wife are expected to attend.
Mrs. Mnnshavr Entertains.
Thursday afternoon Mrs. Ed Munshaw
gave a reception to over 100 of her friends
at her pleasant home, lfle9 North Twenty
fourth street. The house was beautifully
decorated with palms, roses and smllax
and presented a very pretty appearance.
In receiving her guests Mrs. Munshaw was
assisted by Mrs. Al Hunter and Mrs. S. B.
Christie. Mrs. L. C. Gibson, Mrs. W. H.
Slabaugh and Mrs. W. C. Ijvmbert. In
the evening Mr. and Mrs. Munshaw enter
tained a large company at whist.
Funeral of V. J. Hemnnn.
The remains of C. J. Hemann, who died
In California a few days ago, arrived In
South Omaha Friday afternoon and funeral
services were held at St. Bridget's church
Saturday morning. The remains were ac
companied to this city by Mr. and Mrs.
John Tarks, Mrs. Parks being a daughter
of the deceased A large number of friends
and acquaintances of the deceased at
tended the funeral yesterday. Mr. He
mann'!) death occurred Just after he had
boarded a train for 8outh Omaha last
Sunday. Heart failure, due to the excite
ment of the return Journey, Is supposed to
have been the cause of death.
Doing; Nicely with Pnvlner.
While the storm of Thursday delayed the
paving of Twenty-fourth street consider
ably, the contractors had nearly made up
for the lost time when work stopped last
night. The new concrete mixer Is now
working nicely and every man that can
be worked to advantage Is now employed
In the putting down of the concrete.
Pavers were working south of E street
Saturday and by night tho pavement on
the east side bad been put down as far
south as F street. Teams are now per
mitted to travel on the new pavement be
tween A and B streets. Good weather for
two weeks will see the paving on the east
side completed to N street.
Big Clothing Sale.
John Flynn Is back from Chicago with
what appears to bo the biggest dry goods
and clothing deal ever brought to South
Omaha. Mr. Flynn Is more than enthusi
astic over several big piles of Hart, Schaff
ner At Marx suits, which he has priced at
10 the suit.
He Is also showing a fine lot of ladles'
pattern silk waists at from $2.00 to $5.00.
The prices and goods are excellent quality,
and purchasers cannot fail to be pleased.
Next week Flynn will have another large
batch of bargains to offer the people of
South Omaha.
Some Good narsralns.
Below are only a few of the many great
bargains we are offering this week:
All of our best Nebraska patent flour, per
sack, $1.06.
Best cornmeal, per sack, 12c.
Best graham flour, per sack, 20c.
Quaker Oats, three packages 2Tc.
Forest City pancake flour, per pack
age, 7c.
Eight pounds navy beans, 25c.
Eleven bars soap, any brand, for 28c
Wrlgley's scouring soap, 10c size, for 5c.
Table syrups, gallon cans, 25e.
All our best teas, regular 60c quality, per
pound, 45c.
We have a large stock of all kinds of
delicacies for your Thanksgiving dinner at
prices that save you money on every arti
cle you buy. Telephone No. 37.
WELSH & CO., 2418 N Street.
Magic City Gossip.
Storage and hauling. Brewer. Tel. No. 30.
Dr. F. W. Faulk, 2311 S street, announces
the birth of a son at his home..
The banks and city offices will be closed
on Thursday, Thanksgiving day.
John W. VanCleve. Thirtieth and V
streets, reports the birth of a son. I
Miss Sadie Fowler has about recovered
from a severe attack of rheumatism.
A new furnace has been Installed In the
basement of the First Presbyterian church.
The Presbyterian King's Daughters met
on Friday evening with Mrs. David Gar
ratt. The South Omaha Century Literary club
will meet at the library building on Tues
day afternoon.
Joseph Mallander has arranged for a
turkey and duck shoot at Sarpy Mills on
Thanksgiving day.
On Wednesday evening the South Omaha
police department will give a ball at the
Exchange building.
The police are still hunting for the men
who held up a saloon and drug store on Q
street Friday night
Rev. O. A. Williams of Minneapolis will
tell the story of the Welsh revival at the
Baptist church this evening.
At tho Vnlted Presbyterian church this
morning the fine new organ recently
bought will be used for the first time.
Miss Sadie Ollls will lead the Senior
Christian Endeavor meeting this evening.
"God's Wonderful Works" is the topic.
For Sale Furniture of six-room flat,
with bath; fiat for rent; good location for
roomers or boarders. 2410 N St.
Free one enlarged picture (life size)
with each dozen of our photos until Xmas.
Petersen, 62s N. 24th, So. Omaha. Tel. 4173.
Rev. R. L. Wheeler will preach Sunday
morning at the First Fresby terian church
on the topic, "Thankful for Men and
Miss Louise Schindel will have charge of
the music at the Junior Christian En
deavor meeting at the Presbyterian church
this evening.
Snturday the Indies' Aid society of the
Presbyterian church held a rummage sale
at Twenty-fourth and (4 streets. Quite a
sum wus realized.
Tho drill team of Nebraska lodge No. 227,
Ancient Order of Cnlted Workmen, gave
dancing party at Workman temple on
Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. John FltzRoberts enter
tained a party of friends at cards at their
J home. Twenty-sixth and E streets, on
Thursday evening.
Wednesday afternoon the Aid society of
tho First ITeshyterlan church will be en
tertained by Mrs. A. IV Durkee, 1216 North
Twenty-third street.
"Praise to God and Hope of Heaven" is
the theme of the services at the First
Methodist Kplscopal church today. There la
to be special music.
Mrs. W. R. Darby of Los Angeles and
Miss Lulu Darby of Cincinnati are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Meyers, 1618 North
1 wenty-thlrd street.
The Woman's auxiliary of St. Martin's
church will meet at the home of Mrs. A. T.
Everett. 1010 North Twenty-nrst street, on
Wednesday afternoon.
Charles M. Carson, for eighteen years
cashier at the I 11 Ion stock yards, has re
signed and will spend the month of Deceit)
ter with relatives at Palnenvllle, o.
At t.M o'clock this evening Miss Nellie
McGee will address the Baptist loung Feo
pie's society on "The Problem of the City.'
Cecil Francisco will sing at this Service.
Nehemiah" is the subleot of Rev. An
drew Rcnwick't morning sermon at the
I'nited Presbyterian church today. "The
Worth of a Soul" is the topic of the even
ing sermon.
James D. Ratchelder, wife and baby of
Verde. La., are visiting friends here and in
Omaha. Mrs. Kaicheider was formerly
Miss Vera Harden and was ut one time a
teacher at the West Side school.
Tomorrow we place on sale men's cotton
and wool hose, also suspenders, worth up
to 35c, your choice 16c. Oar men's special
110 suits are the talk of Ihe town. Kino all-
wool black double-breasted Till "'t suits are
included In this sale. Nebraska bl ue and
Clothing House, South Omaha.
Break All Records.
All records In curing Coughs, Culda, etc.,
are broken by Dr. King's New Discovery
tor Consumption. 60c and tl.uu. For sale
by. Sbcnnaa McCpunail Drug Co.
PS. n I gggSlBl8 II GISSlSI
11 Viin&l llrjam ftSffe
Of course you want for your Thanksgiving Dinner milk
and cream that has been found satisfactory by the
Alamito Milk stands the severest test.
Delivered everywhere in air tight sterilized bottles.
Pure, Sweet and Delicious.
Telephone 411. Come and see us. 20th and Farnam
Yes We've Got 'Em
Toung, tender, fat an elegant, Juicy
roast for Thanksgiving day. Chickens,
ducks and geese, the finest that can
be found In the whole state. We also
have the cranberries and the pumpkins
and the mince meat Everything In
pickles, sauces, vegetables, celery, and
the A. B. C. line of canned goods.
Don't forget the fruits and nuts. Our
trade demands the choicest that the
market affords and we supply it not
by charging more, but by greater care
in selecting our purchases.
Wilke & Mitchell,
Phone 1426.
40th and Farnam Sts.
r--J 513 Podge 5-,
Record Breaking Bargains
for Thanksgiving Week
100 Colonial pattern Celery
Trays, regular 26c values, cz
at, each
Thin blown Tumblers, en
graved, regular lOo val- e
ues. at, each Ow
Colonial pattern Syrup Jugs,
with silver plated tops, Oft.
worth 60c, at, each
Cut Glass Jelly Dishes, beauti
fully cut, regular J3.0O n&p
values, at, each "Ol
Carving Sets, best steel, per
rntd..,.1..98:..!:48. 98c
Notice to Secret Societies.
It Is the desire of this denartment to nub
Una as full and complete proceedings, past
and to come, aa possible, and to this end
the aid of the recording ofllctals of the
societies ia respectfully solicited. All mat
ter for publication in the Ante-Room
Kchoes column should be handed in not
later than Friday morning of each week
to insure publication the following Bun
day. Secretaries and others will please
govern themsulvss accordingly.
Woman's ItVllef Corps.
The following eeneral nrrior hna limt hAMi
losued from headnunrters of the NehraMka.
department of the Woman's Relief corps:
The twenty-third national convention of
the Woman's Relief corps, held at Denver,
v.uiu., whs a succesnrui one, and Nebraska
most heartily welcomes the national presi
dent, Abble A. Adams of Sunerlnr. Nnh..
"! sends greetings to all national officers,
winning mem a year of unusual prosperity.
Thanksgiving day Is drawing near. Corps
are asked to see that every old soldier or
soldiers family In their localities have
something for which to be thankful. And
Christmas also Is not far off. Think of the
veteran and those dear to him and do
what you can to make It happy for them.
The annual election of corps officers will
take place at the first regular meeting In
December, or at a special meeting If nec
esssary to conclude election. Elect women
who have the Interest of the union vet
eran and our order at heart and stand by
Delegates and alternnrm tit iwaniv.
third annual convention tn h hM a Lin
coln, will be elected at this time one dele-
s ana one alternate for everv fortv
members in good standing, a nil nnp fnr
any fraction of mye than half that num
ber, hauh corps is entitled to one delegate
and one alternate, whatever Its member-
1 he officers elect u-lll h in. tali. .
the first regular meeting In January, or at
a special meeting culled for this purposo
during that month. Joint Installation with
pum is inmost tne rule and Is commended.
The order continues with the announce
ment that the new roster will he Issued as
soon as iosslble after the election returns
are received. Announcement Is also made
tha,t the number of corns In Knod ntunriintr
f'r the quarter ending September io num
ber about ICO.
Parasrenh 10 states: Death has ln
claimed a dear one. From our department
commander's family a beloved daughter
hat been called home. Conimiindur Lett
and Mrs. I,ett have our fclncere svmrjathv
In their bereavement.
The following are hereby appointed aides
on the staff of the department president:
AmatiOH i larK, ;so. iz, lmvenpnrt; Helen
M. Gordon, No. 1.1, Weeping Water; K1U
Webber, No 17, Fairmont; Alice Sherman,
No. 23, Tecumseh; Annie O. Spring. No.
28. Clearwater; Margaret J. Rose, No. 41,
Ashland: lizzie Walking, No. b6, Creigh
ton; Margaret Axtel, No. 8ft. Beaver City;
llattie Bryant, No. ST, Madison; Mary A.
I'earman, No. 107. Nebraska City.
Deiiartment President.
Department Secretary.
National President Mrs. Abbie A. Adams
will be tendered a reception by the corps
and posts of Omaha at the Commercial
club Thursday evening. December 7. All
eluborate program Is being p:pared. Com
mittees from different posts and corps
will meet al the office of Past Department
Commander R. 8. Wilcox al Browning A
Kings Monday afternoon. November 1:7,
to perfect the further details of the recep
tion. Department President Mrs. R. 8 Wilcox
returned Wednesday front a tour of tha
'corps la lb seuUitra part of, Us stale.
The particular snuker enjoys a
good cigar. We have a large va
riety of the best.
By the Box a Specialty
, A complete line of Smokers' Ar
tfojes at the
John Alpersort, Prop.
321 5. 16th St.
304 North 16th St.
She left again Thursday on a visit to
York Woman's Relief Corps at York, Neb.,
and other corps In that vicinity.
Darant Hose and Knglne Company.
The Durant Hose and Engine company
of the Union Tacirlc railroad company is
preparing to give Its thirtv-slxth annual
mask ball at Washington hall, on
January 13. The committee Is working
hard to make it the best and largest of
the season.
Ancient Order l ulled Workmen.
The central committee of this order and
the Degree of Honor met in joint session
Monday evening at Workmen temple.
Kvery lodge in the city of both orders
was represented. Mutters of great Im
portance to both orders were discussed.
One of the objects was to consider the
establishment of an Ancient Order of
Vnlted Workmen hospital In Omaha. A
committee was appointed to proceed with
the arangements.
Another committee was appointed to
arrange for the grand ball to be given
by these orders about December LH.
After the close, of the meeting an oyster
supper was served.
The next union meeting will be held
with North Omaha Ixidgp No. 153, Wednes
day evening. December SO.
North Omaha Lodj-e No. 1'9 held an
Interesting meeting Wednesday evening,
with a large number of visiting members
present in addition to the regular members.
The committee of arrangements for the
sixteenth anniversary entertainment re
ported that the" affair would be held at
You eiin press liape into a
suit. Hut you can't press per
manence into the Kliape. That
has been Hewn in. Worth ha
to lie worked into a suit Just the
same as it liu to lie worked
into anything else. The wag
b'er Khnpe of a MacCnrthy-Wil-tion
suit is the child of the
needle not that of the flntirou.
That's why there in n certain
Hoinetliing of distinguished style
obout a Mui-Carthy-Wilson suit,
even when its three or four
years old.
Suits aud Overcoats. S'.'tMXl to
$i." INI.
Open eveniuzs till 9 o'clock.
MaeC.rthy Wilson
Tailoring Co.,
3f4-) 8. 16th St. Next Door to
Wabash Ticket Office. Phone UOfc
; .Wartdfp pi
Perfectly Satisfied
Are the Customers who have
Tender, Juicy meat Is something you can
always get at this market. Something to
tickle the palate of the most fastidious can
be found at any time in our prime beef,
mutton, lamb, veal, poultry or choice deli
cacies in oysteis and fish. We keep noth
ing but the best that can be secured, and
our patrons can always depend upon re
ceiving only prime steaks, roasls or chops,
good treatment and prompt service.
Telephone 6984
Table d'Hote Dinner
Thanksgiving, 1905
Blue Points on Half Shell.
Newport Flakes.
Green Sea Turtle Soup.
English Dinner Rolls.
Planked Fillet of White Fish.
Pornmes Bordue.
Boast Turkey, Oyster Dressing.
Cranberry Jelly.
Roast Domestic Goose, Chestnut Canape.
Whipped Potatoes. French String Beans.
Candied Sweet Potatoes.
Beef Tenderloin, Larded a la Bordclalse.
Waldorf Salad.
English Plum Pudding, Brandv Sauce.
Ptfmpkin Pie. Ice Cream Cake.
Fruit. Coffee. Nuts.
Calumet Coffee House
1411 Douglas St
Thanksgiving Matinee
Creighton Hall
Come and learn two dandy dances,
that there is one daily news
paper printed In Omaha that Is
fit to be taken into the home.
If not a regular subscriber,
phone your order to 807 and
The Bee will be delivered by
carrier to your house each day.
Workmen Temple, on Thanksgiving eve.
The program will consist of a brief ad
dress by Orand Master O. J. VanDvko,
followed by a few musical and comedy
sketches, after which refreshments will
be served. Dancing will also be a feature
of the evening.
J he hustling committee reported progress
with Its work and a good class of candi
dates was Initiated and a number of new
applications read. '
Brotherhood of Railway Carmen.
Omaha Lodge No. 103 held Its regular
meeting Thursday evening with a larae
attendance and Initiated a large class.
No. 103 and no. 34 or Booth Omaha, are
preparing to hold their next joint meeting
with Bluff City Ix-idge No. 93 of Council
Bluffs. December 13.
The regular meeting of No. 10S, will be
held December 7. The annual election of
officers will take place and matters of
great Importance is to be considered.
National Colon.
Omaha council No. 44, National Vnion.
held a smoker and kept open house Thurs
day evening in Myrtle annex. Continental
building, the council chamber of the
branch. Deputy W. B. Jacobs called
Friend William Kennedy to the chair and
an informal program of song and senti
ment made op a delightful part, entertain
ers being Chairman James C. Lindsay,
Monologist McKemiii, Friends Smce and
Shaffer. The deputy spoke of the high
position held by the National t'nlon among
fraternal societies and the encouraging lo
cal signs. Friend Connelly gave his ex
perience of the promptitude with which
the National Vnion paid death claims. In
stancing the fact that within fourteen days
uiter the death of his own father the sum
of $M)U had come to the beneficiaries.
Woodmen of the World.
Alpha camp No. 1 will give a progressive
high live parly for Its members Tuesday
evening at Myrtle hall. Admission will be
by invitation to the members and their
frienda. Invitations may be obtained by
members upon application to Clerk Charles
I'nitt in the Brown block.
Grand Army of the Republic.
Grant post No. 110 will meet In Barlght
hull in the Rohrhnugh building, corner
Nineteenth and Farnam streets. The next
regular meeting will be held In tho new
hall Tuesdav eveninir, December 5. The
annual election of officers will take place
at this meeting.
Royal Neighbors of America.
Ivv camp No. 2 will give a card party
Wednesday night, November 20. at Barlght
hall. Rohrboiigh block. A cordial invita
tion Is extended to all members.
Improved Order of Red Men.
Yah-Mln-Dah-Sis tribe No. !. Hfter rais
ing eight warriors to ttie cheif degree and
aiMliating a rnemlwr from another state,
had a very happy time at Its last meeting.
The essential features of the specific hap
piness was an oyster supper, followed by
an entertaining musical and literary pro
gram. The meeting was held In the new
wigam of the tribe in Barlght hall.
Fraternal I nlon of America.
Mondamin lodge No. Ill will hold Its
election of officers Monday. Noveinlier :T,
st its hall. Seventeenth and Farnam streets.
All members are requested to attend. On
Monday. December 4. this lodge will give
a progressive high live parly, to which
members and friends are invited.
Kniahts of Pythias.
In the Missouri supreme court en banc
last Wednesday the case of Mary I West
erinan and others against t lie sunreme
lodge of the Kniglns of Pythia" was argued
and submitted. This case Involves the ap
plication of the principle of extended In
surance to the benefit certincaies of fra
ternal ciders and practically involves In
lla actoruiliiauua the 1U ut IrattrusJ
Gillette Safety Razors r;
Henckel's Emperor Razors, $2 Ea. erryDon r'hri;w
your money away on cheap affairs. Then we have lower priced good Rasors.
Manicure Sets, Shaving Sets, Scissor Sets
Table, Cutlery.
SCROLI S A V S For th folk"- ,0 ,n" lArsreir ones for
TT J foot power for larger boys.
Pk,l,4 XI ! . Never bernre have we shown suoh an im-
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organizations. The contention of the coun
sel for the fraternal orders Is that the
application of the extended Insurance prin
ciple to the business organizations they
represent would mean ruin to them. It
will probably be some weeks before a
decision will be handed down.
Tangier temple will hold Its annual cere
monial meeting at Free Masons' hall Satur
day evening, December 9. An elaborate
program has been prepared and visitors
are expected from all parts of the slate.
By special dispensation of the Imperial
potentate a business meeting will be held
at 2 p. m. Friday, December 8, to receive
and ballot on petitions.
Degrees from the fifteenth to the eigh
teenth, inclusive, were conferred upon
seventeen candidates Wednesday by the
local Emmanuel chapter Rose Croix at the
Masonic temple at Lincoln. On Thursday
degrees from the nineteenth to the thir
tieth. Inclusive, were conferred. Many
prominent visitors rom out of town at
tended the closing sessions of the fourth
annual reunion of the Masonic lodge.
Those who received degrees Wednesday
were: C. K. Ames. T. F. Bartl. tt, II. H.
Brown, E. K. Barber, W. H. Burns, W. F.
Dugan, J. T. Dorgan. J. W. Frow, A. S.
(Sunn, P. D. leaner, T. II. Pratt. James
Tyler, sr., James Tvler. jr., D. K. Thomas.
J. H. Westcott, C. A. Kyre and C. T. Hays.
Modern Woodmen of America.
A largely attended Joint meeting of the
Modern Woodmen lodges of Omaha and
South Omaha was held Tuesday evening
with Benson ramp at Benson. The promo
tion committee was present and a cam
paign for the ensuing season was outlined.
Tribe of lien llnr.
Omaha Court No. 110 had a very large at
tendance last Tuesday night at i's open
meeting. Next Tuesday night about thirty
applications will b read and about forty
will be on hand to be initiated. It is de
sired that all who have applications in will
attend and be Initiated, as December a, a
dance and card parly will be given, to
which all members and friends are invited.
(tons and Oauahlers of Protection.
Gate City lodge No. 14 held its regular
meeting Thursday evening with a big at
tendance. After the regular order ni busi
ness a reception was tendered Mrs. Jay
in remembrance of her birthday annivers
ary. Remarks appropriate to the occasion
were made by Mesdames Bowes. Wilson,
Dnvis and others. Music and dancing con
cluded the very pleasing program.
Bankers I nlon.
Fraternal lodge No. S, Bankers I'nlon of
the World held regular meeting Thursday
evening at Its hall. Desplto the storm
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to Order
Burwood Thter MJJJST Bt
many members were present to see the
degree team put on the work of Initiation
of candidates who appeared for same. Vice
Presidi nt Frank Hill presided and Secre
tary Wolcott gave the candidates the
secret work. An announcement was made
that the entertainment planned for Decem
ber 14. would be postponed until some time
In February. A later announcement will
appear regarding same. All tickets out or
sold will he honored when entertainment
Is given in February.
Loyal Mystic Legion.
The Ioyal Mystic Legion- met in regular
session Thursday evening with an encourag
ing attendance. Two candidates were initi
ated. This order will give its annual
masquerade ball next Thursday evening.
The Myrtle Hall Pleasure club will give)
a dance at Myrtle hall December 23.
The Senate National union No. 449 will
meet In Myrtle Annex hail in the Conti
nental block every Thursday night.
The Fraternal union No. 11 will give a
dance al Myrtle hull Thanksgiving eve.
The Boys' Zinn society will meet In
Myrtle Annex hall llrst and llilrd Sunday
Court Moving Sun. Independent Order of
Oild Fellows are now meeting In Myrtle
Annex hall, second and fourth Wednes
day nights.
Laurel hive. Lady Maccabees are now
meeting In Fraternal I'nlon hall, in Conti
nental block, second and fourth Wednesday
at ternoons.
Crook post, Grand Army of the Republic,
held an tnjoyalile open meeting Friday
evening al lis hall, Twcnty-foui ill streut
and Ames avenue.
The RathlMinn Sisters gave a very large
dance at Myrtle hall lust Monday night
which was participated ill by the sisters
unci knights and their friends.
Garfield circle No. 11, Ladles of the Grand
Army of t Im Republic, held its annual
memorial meeting last Monday evening al
Haright hull in t lie Kohrhough block, Nine
teenth and 1- a streets, with a big at
tendance. The I'nited Irish societies and their
friends celebrated the thirty-elglith anni
versary of the murder of Allen. I.arkln
and O'Brien. Thursday evening at Wood
men hall, Fourteenth and Dodge streets.
Addresses were made by K. 11. Whalen
of O'Neill. Neb., and T. J. Maloney of
Clan Gordon No. 3. Order of Scottish
Clans, held its regular meeting Tuesday
evening. Two new applications passed the
ballot and officers for 1!6 were nominated.
Klection will take place Tuesday, December
6. A very fine hour was spent In song and
rruv wiMt