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Tfiie Dynamo
of the
American People
We are a race of workeri.
Work require brain, nerve, energy.
We glory in achievement.
To work and work, with might and mam, good food is
absolutely essential.
Although nearly every one eats soda crackers sometime,
yet there are a few people who do not consider their true
value as an article of daily food. But it is now a recognized and
established fact thatthe soda cracker contains the most tissue, fat
and muscle forming elements of any article of food made from flour.
Great a" h value of the common soda cracker, yet it
is small in comparison with Unceda Biscuit the most '
YvcW cracker ever baked, and of which nearly
400,900,000 packages have been sold.
, Uneeda Biscuit the food of power, transmitting
as they do the elements so vital to our well-being, may in very
truth be called "The Dynamo of the American People.
Discharged Employes Venesuealiai Office
of Barber Asphalt Company.
Polle Rrarh eeo Too Late to Vrr.
Tent Destruction, hat Perpetrator
Are Located asia Placed In
City .lull.
The otllce of the Barber Asphalt com
pany's plant at Fourth and Jones street
was completely wrecked at 7 o'clock last
night by a couple of disgruntled employes
A telephone call at thttt hour warned the
police thut a riot was In progress, anil
when ft patrol load of officers arrived on
the seenn they found that every window In
tho office had been smashed. The tele
phone was torn from the wall, all the
desks and chairs were wrecked. The
records had been thrown Into the furnace.
Kerosene had been thrown all over the
walla and an attempt had been made to
upset the stove. The stovepipe was down
and Ute. room fultief smoke. ' Had - the
stove been overturned the building would
surely have been destroyed by fire, as all
the walla and the floor had been drenched
with coal oil.
After looking some time a colored man
appeared on the scene and he was closely
questioned. Ills answers were not satis
factory and he was placed under arrest for
further examination. The officers scoured
the neighborhood and picked up a man In a
saloon at Ninth and Jones. later Detec
tives Crummy and Dunn arrested another
man. A straight tip came In from the
Northwestern hotel, which led to the ar
rest of the chief actor In the melee. This
was C. F. Cogswell of Dos Moines and
when arrested by Officer Dunn he was
making haste to get back to his home
loi n. His assistant Is believed to be Frank
Johnson, the negro who was picked up at
the works.
Both Discharged Employes.
Both these men came here from les
Mulne to work for the company some time
ago. They were discharged yesterday. It
Is stated by the management, because they
were given to the use of too much liquor.
It appears that the company had given
them transportation from Des Moines with
the understanding that when their con
tract was finished they would also give re
turn fare. But since they were discharged
for cause this Item . was not considered.
The men went to the office late yesterday
afternoon and demanded the transportation.
The clerk at the olBce referred them to the
superintendent, saying that he thought they
could strike an agrement with him. This
lid not satisfy the two men, who went out
ind proceeded by liquid stimulation to gel
in a mood for smashing things. They re
turned after office hours and wrecked the
Johnson is said to have thrown the kero
sene on the walls and Cogswell admits
burning the records In the furnace. To
gether they broke up the furniture and the
windows. At the police station both at
first denied having anything to do with
the affair, but they soon broke down and
made a full confession. The other two
men suspected of having some knowledge
of the attack wore J. C. Hatcher and H. T.
Kilmer, also of Des Moines. They were
later released on bonds at the recommenda
tion of a representative of the BarVr
Asphalt company- They will be wanted
chiefly as witnesses and it is not thought
they had anything to do with the damage.
WOMt!l OR WAX, Willi Hf
Pnssllnsr Bast In Hardens' Window
This Week Causes a Ureat
Deal of Comment.
Hundreds gathered In front of Hayden's
16th street store window yesterday with
great Interest In the display shown. Many
and varied were the comments heard from
the throng of people assembled. The cause
of the excitement Is the bust of a beautl
ful woman resting upon a pedestal In the
center of a blue cabinet. If the figure Is
wax. It la perfection personified; It that of
a living woman, she Is surely a wonder.
The luster of the eyes, the flicker of the
eyelashes, the doep breathing, seem natural
as life, yet she never smiles. No antics of
the onlookers can cause a change of ex
pression. All the seeming from the movements of
the figure Is that of a woman standing
before you, but the puzzling thing about
the exhibition Is. where is the rest of her?
She Is apparently only half woman. Her
bust rest upon a square table, supported
by a slender base, which could not In any
possible way contain or conceal the lower
limbs of any woman. It is Interesting to
hear the many and different solutions of
the mystery offered by people who stop
In crowds around the window. This figure
may be seen In Hayden Bros.' window
every afternoon this week from 2 till 5
o'clock, the exhibition being under the
charge of D. C. Ranger of New Tork. who
is advertising the celebrated "Thomson's
Glove-Fitting Corset."
The Lady Gordons. ,
The ladles' of the auxiliary to Clan
dordon No. S3, will give a social and
dance In the new Rohrbough hall, nine
teenth and Farnam this evening. First-
class musical program. Little Gladys
Chandler and wee Jean Kennedy, Mrs.
Donovan, Mrs. Fttt and others will sing.
Al refreshments will be served.
Tickets 23c.
"The Grafter" at the Km.
Hap Ward has his wife, Lucy Daly, for
a partner this season, and It Is violating
no confidence to say that the wife Is the
big end of the show. What Hap Ward
does In "The Grafter" might be left out,
and little harm would be done the show
but if Lucy Daly were to be disabled the
scenery would have to go to the ware
house. The only riots started at the Krug
last night were those Incited by her
twinkling toes and flashing heels. That
little woman certainly can dance. And
she Is supported by an acrobatic set of
young women and some men who can also
dance. The chorus Is not so numerous
as some that have crowded the Krug
stage, but Is good to look upon, and In
the matter of costumes It offers ample
opportunity for the student of anatomy
"The Grafter" Is a nonsensical hodge
pfidgo In whi.'h several persons of more or
less capacity as comedians take part and
fills in the time between Lucy Daly's
dunces very acceptably. The engagement
ends this evening.
S W ,Tbe
Tho Amen I
of marriage la
always a babr.
Without It,
wedlock Is a
summer Held
that ntTtr
blooms, a
flower that
never bods, a
night without
without a ben
adlcvlon, a
prayer with
out an Amen.
. Thera never
waa a hus
band worthy of the name, who did not
aspire, to ba tha father and tha arand
fiUher of healthy, eapable children, to
hand down hi name and tha fortune ac
cumulated by the aweat of hie brow, from
generation to generation, Thera never
ae a wife (It to bear that nobis title, who
did not with to wear womanhood ! moat
Elorioua orown, tha ace p ire of. mother
ood. Thousands of wedded couples,
otherwise happy, fall ahort of wadhclt
I reateat happineiS because they are alld
leaa. In the majority of ease, thlt la be
cause the wife, through Ignorance or neg
lect, euflere from weakn and dlseas
of the organ distinctly feminine, for
women who softer In this way thara Is
one great medicine that doe notlall to
accompllnh lie purpose. It le Dr. rneree s
Favorite Proecrtptfoo. It acta directly on
the delicate organs conoomed and make
them strong, healthy, vigorous and virile.
It allays inflammation, heala ulceration,
soothes pain and tones the .bettered
nerves. It flu for wifehood and mother
hood. It quicken and vitalijee the dis
tinctly feminine organism. It banlahee
the maladies of the expectant aaontha and
makea baby's Introduction to the world
easy and almost painless. In Insures th
liuls nsw-oomers health and nourish
ment in plenty. It Is tho beat supportive
tonic lor nursing mother.
Mrs. Jennie Parks, ol M srtaslV Spokane Co
Wnk.nM: ' i ataglsd to tsllo esxod
result of ronr Tt sdicu r. Fierce
hrortt Preecrtptioa. It glee as svrath.
iev no tired tovlui aud say baby to la
picture of bralUi. I feci betas taea I hare
in tefi year
In ease of eonftipation Dr. Ptarw's
Pleasant Pellet should be used a an ad
junct to Favorite Preacripuoo. They
are axtramaly eliapl. perfectly natural
at4 Insure) nroaaft and barm a neat relief.
See our great holiday offer, given this
month only, to avoid" the usual holiday
rush. H. Heyn, photographer, west aide of
South Fifteenth street. Two story building.
Annie onnell Unit.
I'pon the conclusion of the trial of the
case of Jones against the Union Selling
company now In the federal court, the cane
of Annie Cnnnell against the Convent of
Mercy of Omaha, will be taken up tor trial
before a Jury. Suit Is brought by the
plaintiff against the Convent of Mercy for
Jjli.ino damages, alleged to have been sus
tained by her while employed In ihe con
vent In various capacities, whereby her
health wss destroyed through overwork.
The suit has been pending In the district
court of Doiislas county and In the
I'nlted States circuit courts for marly
two years.
Surprise by Friends.
A partv of friends sprung a surprise on
George flesy rif the district court clerk s
office Monday night at his home, 17K1 Jack
son street. H was the recurrence of a
birthday, but which one the callers did not
exactly know. Those who broke in on Mr.
8eav were: Messrs. Joslyn, Dertnody.
Aitclilsou. Rine, Morton. Mortarty, Berry
man and Dr. Ward. The evening was
spent socially, and Incidentally the visitors
disposed of s real Dutch lunch. When they
left Mr. 8eay was the possessor of a fine
meerschaum pipe.
Mortality Statistics.
Tie following- births and deaths have
been reported to the Health board during
the twenty-four hours ending at noon
Births-C. P. Farsell, 111 Ohio. girl;
Fred Huffman, 1723 South Nineteenth, boy;
Joe Ort. iSUS South Third, boy; W. M.
Thompson. i:E0 South Eleventh, girl;
Joseph Thornton, ills California, boy; A.
T. Wilson. 2tiO Miami, girl.
Deaths Anna Baumer, -1. Benson: John
B. Hymeaser. iC HI. Joseph's hospital.
Omaha Concern IMnkes an Important
The Nebraska Clothing company has
during the lust two weeks closed several
of the most Important clothing deals ever
known In the territory west of Chicago.
They purchased from four of the most
noted wholesale tailoring concerns In this
country their entire surplus stocks of
men's fine suits and overcoats, envolvlng
several thousand garments. The prices
paid for theso stocks were less than man
ufacturer's cotit. These wholesale tailoring
concerns are known to the finest dressers.
A greater part of their woolens for this
season's business were imported from fa
mous European looms. Every suit and
overcoat they make will pass for gar
ments made to measure In the most select
and critical circles even at a merchant
tailors convention. These Immense pur
chases arrived several days ago and are
being arranged In our clothing department
preparatory to the Inauguration of the
greatest men's clothing sale the middle
west has known. We have set Saturday,
November 26, for the opening date of this
Chief Executive Eecogniisi Urgent Need
for Chan'lnf: State Constitution.
side Amentias- Orcanle Law, Ad
vocates Seeeaslt of Frelaht Rate
Reaalatloa tn Complete Over
threw of Corporation Rale.
"The slate constitution must be amended
Th state hss outgrown Its provisions aud
the time has come when a change Is nec
essary. I recognised that fsct last winter
when I submitted a number of amendments
to the last legislature, but they were defeated."
Thus did Governor Mickey voice his senti
ments Wednesday morning when asked
whether he would oall an extra session
of tha legislature to submit amendments
to the constitution at the next atats eleo-
Whether I shall oall the extra session
t do ont know at this time," said the gov
ernor. "Some of the best men In the state
have suggested to me that this would be
th wis course, while others are not so
sure, something must De done nowever,
for th state at large Is suffering be
cause of our narrow constitution. I am
seriously considering the matter and I may
call the extra session, but I cannot say
anything definite now.
Many Chaasres .Needed.
"We neod amendments to the constitu
tion which will give us five supreme court
Judges and do away with the commission;
and by all means the system of investing
the permanent school fund should be
changed so other securities could be bought.
There wss a number of other amendments
which I urged upon the late legislature. I
have talked with a number of the legisla
tor and many of them seem to think a con
stitutional convention would be the only
method by which the needed changes could
be brought about.
"There are other things which should be
considered If an extra session Is called,
among which Is a freight rate law. But
the question naturally arises, could we ex
pect the legislature as constituted now to
give us those things which It has once
refused us. The next legislature I am satlb
fA will be Pledged to these reforms before
It Is elected. The Indignation of a people
against railway domination cannot be ap
peased with promises any longer. Radical
changes must ccnie. The next legislature
must be composed of men who will look to
the Interests of the people and not serve
the corporations. I believe that Is tho kind
or legislature Nebraska will have. That is a
reuson why I hesitate about calling an ex
tra session. I expect muh from the next
Escaping the Railroad Yoke.
"There Is no question In my mind but
that we are coming out from under the
railroad yoke. The attorney general Is con
fident he will win tho railroad tax suit.
If we lose In the lower court It will not
Injure the state's case In the least, but. on
the other hand. It may help us, because If
Brown loses out he will hurry the case to
the Vnlted States court and get a speedy
decision. Should the railroads lose, then
they will take the full two years to get
into the higher court, and all during that
time their taxes will be tied up. Of course
this will hurt many of the schopl districts
In the state, but In the long run It will
be of the greatest benefit to Nebraska. It
will mean the everlasting overthrow of
railroad domination. I think I know the
temper of the people, and If the roads
enjoin their l!KiS taxes, which they proliably
will do to be consistent, Jhen the storm
Is sure to come whlcii.. will sweep Ne
braska back Into the hands of Nebraskans
and out of the railroad grip.
Strong; Men Will Be deeded.
i'lt will be necessary for the republican
party to nominate strong men on Its state
ticket next fall, for the people will not
stand for any candidate who is under the
domination of the railroads and other cor
porations. The party cannot afford to lose
the ground It has gained. The republican
party must nominate men who will stand
by the party platform and carry It out, and
not men who will promise and do nothing."
In the course of his remarks the gov
ernor took occasion to express gratification
at the enforced dissolution of the Grain
trust awl added:
"But that will not 'stop the prosecution."
Boys' Shoes for Winter Wear
It is a well known fact that leather has advanced. But we are giving the same values as
heretofore. It takes good, tough leather insole and upper stock to make boys' shoes wear
well. In our "Nebraska Special" shoes for boys we give you a shoe that covers all these
demands. "Nebraska Special Shoes" for boys are nindo of genuine box calf, Wo, heavy
Boles and extension edges, made on foot form lasts every pair guaranteed to wear.
SIZES 2ij TO 5i2-AT $1.98.
SIZES 13ia TO 2-AT $1.75.
SIZES 9 TO 13-AT $1.48.
8 on
1 Farnam Si
1 Fifteenth
Vi iinjnann a
Ladies Juliets
felt fur trimmed red, black and brown
Farnam St.
George Sheldon to be a candidate for gov
ernor. I am not a candidate for reasons
known to my people. The psrty should
nominate good strong men In every place
on the ticket because It Is liable to be a
hard fight next year."
Two Hundred and Fifty of St. Mathla
I'arlsh Pas a Ileasaat
The banquet given by the Voting
Churchmen's association of St. Mathlas'
Kplscopal church at Tenth and tVorthlng
ton was attended by about X) young men
and boys, who were as full of spirits as it
Is possible for boys to be. There were five
long tables fl!ld, each with fifty or more
The toasts were as follows: "The
Ladles," presented by Master Clement
Chase and responded to by Gilbert M.
Hitchcock. "The Army," presented by
Master Leo Ptnnell and responded to by
Major Eugene O. Fechett, who told sev
eral anecdotes of army life. Master Glen
Waltersteat presented "Some Boys We've
Known." This was responded to by Dr.
George L. Miller. He gave a reminiscent
sketch of Omaha, which was highly appre
ciated by the boys. Master Perclval Mullls
offered "The Noble Churchman," and this
was responded to by Rev. A. I.. Williams.
Master Wlllard Butts Introduced "Our
Naughty Boy," and this was ably re
sponded to by J. K. Baum.
The banquet did not close until nearly
10 o'clock.
Opening; of the Sew I.yrlp
Iavld Blsphant and a
A Polater.
When real estate slumps, and stocks fall,
and savings banks pay only 4 per cent,
and government bonds even less, give a
thought to the diamond and come In and
see us. It will pay you. Mawhlnney dt
Ryan, diamond Importers.
Omaha Council No. UP, National I'nlon
will give a social and smoker In their new
rooms. Myrtle Annex, fourth floor. Con
tinental block. Fifteenth and Douglas.
Thursday evening, ( o'clock.
Members and men friends especially Invited.
Write Mawhlnney & Ryan ror lfl6 Christ
mas Jewelry catalogue. It's free.
Fire Poles Painted Red.
The Nebraska Telephone company is
painting a bright red the telephone poles
upon which are located the tire boxes. This
Is being done at the request of City Elec
trician Michaelsen. The object Is to as
sist people In locating the Are boxes. It
IS claimed at night they will loom up like
the Aurora Hoi nails while tn the day time
Michaelsen says they will be a Joy forever.
Marrtaaw Licenses.
The following marriage licenses
bu Issued:
Name and Residence.
Thomas A- baughiuan, Omaha
Myrtle V. Bauguuian, Otualia
Omirge H. alcArdle, Dundee
Mary Doll. Millard
Art Q. Campbell. Omaha.
.... .
.... IK
.... 2S
Vivian Mx-DuneU, Oinshs 21
fc-K -eddJng nng. Eanoiav jrwlr.
Coaeer and Pass rrt Crlt.
Inder the auii of th enlisted men
of th Thirtieth Infantry, a concert and
dance will be given at Fort Crook on
Saturday evening of this week. Dancing
fivut to U e'vlook. Music by the regi
mental band.
W. L. Nichols. Twentv-fourth and
Sprague streets ha secured a iwrmlt to
erect a frame dwelling to cost fcJ.uuu.
Abe Redmond. 110 Nurth Tenth street. Is
In Jail for heating his wife lust night. He
has Just been released from Jail for a
similar onense.
A newsboy yesterday found a round trip
ucaei xrom umaua in ioioraao springs.
The ticket was turned In to Mogy Bern
stein by the boy.
Frankle White was arrested last night
a a fugitive from justice, tihe is wanted
In Sioux City for the alleged theft of some
robes and clothing bhe Is an habitant of
the "Arcade, on Ninth street.
A small fire occurred at Fourteenth and
Howard last night In the saloon of Charles
liftman. It was caused by the stovepipe
slipping nut of the chimney. The depart
ment arrived before any serious damage
as aune.
A force of workmen Is busy putting in a
new maple floor at th Auditorium.
Manager Lillian says the floor must be
laid in time for the street railway em
ployes' ball, November 2s. If all goes well,
th Auditorium will be opened for roller
saating on 1 uanxski ving night.
fHTloers have arrived from Milwaukee
and also from Chicago. The Milwaukee au
thorities want H. T. Partington, who was
arTosiea nvre. tie is a fugitive from
Justice charged with wife atxuidonment.
The Chicago officer, James W. Bell, will
take Fainting Bertha Liebbeck to that
city for trial.
F. W. ghotwell, secretary to Congreas
man Kennedy, left last night for Washing
ton, departing early so as to visit his old
home at Central Park, O., before arriving
at the capital, preparatory to the opening
of the congressional session. Congressman
Kennedy plana to leave for Washington
about th last of th month.
Advocates This Method to Amend Con
stitution Sheldon for Governor.
Representative Windham of Cass county,
who practically refused the nomination for
congress In the First district to succeed
Senator Burkett, Is here to attend the
State Bar association meeting.
"We certainly need a change In our
state constitution," said Mr. Windham,
"but I am of the belief the best way to get
these changes Is through a constitutional
convention. I just make that statement
without stopping to give my reasons. In
the lust legislature I Introduced a number
of amendments and also a call for a con
vention, but they were all lost In the
"No, there Is no talk about candidates
out In our country except that we expect
The new Lyric theater at Nineteenth and
Farnam streets Is to be opened tonight
by the first of the series known as the
Chase concerts, for which a large sub
scrlptive seat sale has Just closed, only a
few seats remaining unsold at Hospe's.
The work presented will be Grace Was
sail's Ingenious Shakespeare song cycle,
sung by Mr. David Bispham, tho famoun
baritone and a distinguished quartet. Tha
Bliakespeare Cycle, a musical setting of
the beautiful sonnets of the Avon bard,
had Its first presentation last year, when
Bispham and Madame Johanna Gadskl of
fered It in New York and Clilcaao. The
part sung last ear by Mme. Gadki will
be esseyed here by Madame Shotwell
Plper, whose fresh, dramatic voice has
received great praise. Associated with
Bispham and Mudame Piper are Kellcy
Cole, tenor. The accompanist for the
cycle will be Kthel Cave-Cole, a young
Kngllsh musician of unusual attainments.
ao Rose
A delicate
luxury for
toilet or
the skin
thoroughly and leaves it smooth, soft
and healthful. Odor of natural flowers.
7T L
James S. Kirk
& Company
scotki:;q syrup
has besa osed by Millions of MotWa tor tbatr
children while TMthjac for orer Fifty Tart
It tuothce the ealid, sorteas th gums, alUr
all pais, oure wind soils, sad Is the bwt
imi7 ror auurnrse.
TKe Lanplier Bits
Besides the ft a pie shapes we
make skirt blouses, auto' coats, fur
lined coats, and a complete line of
neck-furs. All Lanpher Furs are well
made and srylish and can be depended
upon, as they are as well made inside
as outside.
Lanpher, Skinner & Co.
St. Paul, Minnesota
r dscr doc m4 carry our line, write m ad
dam) )rou.
Few Paople Know How Isefnl It Is
la Preserving; Health aad Beauty.
Nearly everybody knows that charcoal Is
th safest and most efficient disinfectant
and purifier In nature, but few realise its
value when taken into the human system
for the same cleauslng purpose.
Charcoal Is a remedy that the more you
take of It the better; it Is not a drug at
all, but simply absorbs th gases and Im
purities always present In the stomach and
Intestines and carries them out of th
Charcoal sweetens the breath after smok
ing, drinking or after eating onions and
other odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clears and Improves
the complexion, it whitens the teem and
further acts as a natural and eminently
sato cathartic.
It absorbs the Injurious gases which col
lect In the stomach and bowels; It disin
fects the mouth and throat from th pouoo
of catarrh.
AU druggists sell charcoal In one form or
another, but probably the best ciiarcoal
and th most for th money is in Utuart s
Charcoal Uaeugea- They are composed of
in finest powuered willow charcoal and
ouier Harmless antiseptics in tablet form,
or, rather, in th form of largo, pieol
tasting loionges, tn cnarcoai being uued
wila houey.
The dally use of these loxengea will soon
UU lo a much Improved condition of the
general healta. belief bomp.exion. sweeter
braatn and purer blood, aud tn beauty of
It Is that no pusslbl harm can resuti irou
luoir continued use, but, on in contrary,
Heat IwneiiL '
A Buuaiy physician, lu speaking of th
benettta of cuarouai, aas; "i advis
fc. mari s Charcoal Lxxencs te ail paumw
suflcrlng from gas In tn stomacti and
bowels, aad to clear the complexion aou
purify th breath, mouth aad throat; I
also believe tb liver Is greatly beneflied
by th dally us of them; tbey cost but
It cents a box at drug stores, and aitaouga
la soma seas a patent preparation, yet I
believe I get mor and better charcoal 1
smart's Charcoal Losanges than is aajr of
th aralaary ciiarcoal tablet,'
n n
11. T. Fleming, one of the European Correspondents of THE
OMAHA DAILY NEWS, was an eye witness of the sack of
Odessa, in which 5,000 Jewish Men, Women and Children were
The first of u series of letters from him, describing this Worst
of Modern Reigns of Terror, waa printed in last night's issue of
The OmaKcx. DaJly News
The awful story of the next day, Friday, November 3rd,
where rioters murdered 5,000 Jews, is told in
Mr. Fleming's Second Article, which
will be printed in
The Omaha Daily News
In Omaha, South
Conncil Bluffs, is
Omaha and
& week
Daily (wit hoot Kuuilay) by mail fl.ftO year.