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November 12, 190T..
Social and Political Imitation of Tw
Wrld Coatruted.
alar t the tomlac World Power an
Rgl May Shine Wb Aiorr.
I fa a Greatness Haa Faded
"Westward the course of empire hath
taken Its wr." Thl Is certainly a palpa
ble and most apparent fact to the careful
If civilization began in Asia, lta xenltb
of development Is today half way around
the world and still on its westward trend.
As I had mentioned In a former article,
it has crossed tho Mediterranean, and the
Atlantic, and Is about to cross the Pa
cific, each time adding to Its splendor
and greatness. What a mighty people
were the Greeks, the Romans, and who
knows of the prehistoric times of the
AslatiosT Their past is yet to be un
earthed. What a mighty people were the
English and what a great people are to
day the Americans.
Greek art and Roman politics have cer
tainly permeated the western world, and
we are yet learning by their example.
However, their teaching is but a founda
tion for modern times for we are to fight
out our own destiny. The Europeans have
been following closely their footsteps; but
America is yet to venture out into the
realm of art and science. We nre yet
to outstrip the splendors of the Greek and
Roman world.
America's Splendid Opportunity.
America's natural Isolation has given
her opportunity for internal development,
as have had all great nations, without
external Interference, and she Is now
able to embark into commercial empire.
Europe was. once the western empire;
America Is the western empire today, and
It Is only R question of time when empire
will migrate across the I'liciflc. In travel
ing over the two clvillied sections of
these continents, there Is nothing that
Impresses one more tmin the similarity
of the peoples with dissimilar languages,
laws snd customs. It is certainly true
that God made all the peoples of one
blood, that they might share common
brotherhood. Europe is a congested terri
tory about equal to the United States,
where one-third of the world's population
she cannot dictate to them, for without
their support she would be a forlorn beggar.
England, In her last struggle to main
tain her prestige among tm? powers. Indeed
forms a sorrowful spectacle. Once she
was great. but now she Is humble, but she
need not mourn for death Is the common lot
of ail. She sits In her old armchair think
ing of the trials she has had with her
children, and particularly of one prodigal,
yet much loved daughter, "The American
Republic." Little England was the great
est colonizer In the world's history; she
has developed an empire that encircles the
world, covering about one-third Its area,
and governing about one-third Its popula
tion. Who can say that she has failed
If she haa started the United States, fos
tered the Dominion of Canada, createfl a
civilized Australia, and uplifted a starving
India and enlightened a dark Africa?
Germany Baay at Home.
Expansion by colonization Is certainly the
key to greatness. Spain had once a colonial
empire, but her treacherous system of
bleeding her colonies would not work.
Prance had her colonics, but she could not
hold them at the point of bayonets. Her
conquest was unreasonable. Germany was
unfortunately severed on difference of re
ligion and the Kaiser Is today straining
every nerve to create a more perfect union
with the Hapsburgs.
Commerce Is the common cry of all the
powers, and those systems that are most
expedient for tha purpose of carrying on
a commercial policy will become the strong
est. The rules of the most successful na
tions of the future are to be drummers,
seekers of markets. All the power are
building up great merchant marines, and
a navy to protect their commerce and
markets. There Is no country so well
developed as Germany, and she is certainly
In need of land. Germany is probably the
highest developed manufacturing country,
with the United States at her heels, giving
her a hot chase. When America Is one
half as well developed as Germany Is today,
with a merchant marine of her own, Ger
many will lie left In the shade. However,
when we look nt America's progress, we
must give the Germans the Just share of
Doe to Teutonic Blood.
It Is probably the Teuton more than any
other race that Is bringing America to
the front, the German Is only second In
number of population after the Anglo
Saxon, and who were the Anglo-Saxons
really but Teutons? Look where you will
in this broad land of ours and wherever
you see the hand of a Teuton you see
success, progress nnd prosperity. Theo
idore Roosevelt is of Teuton descent Is
not the hand that Is governing the destiny
of this nation of Teuton blood? The Ger-
Ih struggling for an existence. It is not man is equally successful behind the plow
surprising that the governments put up or at the head of the republic. The Teuton
a high tariff on our Imports, to save their
power at the hunger and suffering of
their peoples. They cannot compete with
the 'western fertility, and tho walls of
tariff which they put up' must 3ome day
crumble; for those countries are no
Is certainly tho conquering race of today.
Napoleon was not mistaken when he said:
"Some day America will be-humble Kng
lund." And he. sold the Louisiana territory
with that purpose. He Bald: "They had
asked me for territory. I gave them an
longer Belf-supportlng. Wheat is the empire." No one knew as well as Napoleon
imu 01 i iic, ana iney navo not evtn
enough of It. Expansion by colonization
la the sole solution of this grave question
which the powers are attempting,
v Enrope Karen- Starvation.
Europe's cry is "Land," and there is but
one country that lias It, vis: Russia.
When a great famine comes, the conditions
In Europe will be appalling. Adversity is
very pronounced, and stringent times are
very trying. In America adversity U not
yet known. Where Is there hunger In
what this territory meant to the American
republic. His real greatness of forethought
Is Just being understood. His Influence in
France will never die, for the French ever
live in his shadow. Likewise Is England
permeated with tho love of Victoria, Ger
many with the stateliness of Bismarck,
Austria with the pride of Maria Theresa.
Napoleon's attempt to colonize by conquest
was so fierce that it shocked the. world,
and we can truly say that he was , the
most successful failure the world has ever
America today? Although our poor houses known. The ambition of this one man
are becoming filled there is still plenty to
eat. In Europe the alma houses are so
congested that it takes influence of an In
fluential friend to get the poor Into the
poor houses. ' Tho street , are crowded
with beggars, and the most pitiful sight
that a man can see today Is somebody'
old mother yes, someone's old god-mother
with wrinkled face and trembling hand
begging for aim If there Is anything , maka Bohemia the battle-ground.
inai wiu loucn me naraeei neari mat ever
beat. It is the light of those old people.
who have struggled through tho long bat- of noupe , KraJuay .nking, and that
tie of life, and still are fighting the battle thn , ,hat hold thlg dua, monarchy, com-
of existence as they are nearlng home. poeeA of different races, are gradually
Why Is It that this world is so unjust, and i innKPnn n knows that the hndv of the
created an empire for Franco and de
stroyed it again. He had dreamed of a
world empire llko all great men. He was
xambitlous for his country, and would have
made It great had he not I forgotten that
enduring work is slow and hard.
Teuton and Slav.
A union of the Teutons would threaten to
bring about a union of the Slav and again
German emperor Is watching every move
of the Hapsburg; he knows that the power
why is It that the West i more Just than
th East? Nature has ever been bountiful,
and where It was untouched It Is produ
cing today, and there is plenty; where Its
forces have been wasted there Is want.
Lcmaa to Americans.
Should not America heed thp experience
ot all the poverty-stricken countries and
Austro-Hungarlans are Teutons; he knows
that the Teutons are to have a common
enemy In the Slav. All this leads him to
believe In the . possibility of a Teuton
union, and I dare say that It is not only
possible but probable.
The lnclplency of the democratic prin
ciple of representative self-government was
be more Judicious In her demands on na- in these simple Bohemian peasants, who
ture? Why have we killed off the buffalo, were the teachers of the German people,
and thus starved out the Indian? We must Bohemia I the Slavic wedge that has kept
amend or wo will repent Poverty will ! divided this great race, and a war of ex
come to us with wealth, for highly unpro- termination has been waged on him with
portlonate distribution of wealth Is an J out effect. In the history of the world
Incident to prosperity. We have no pov- I there are no people who have suffered like
erty question, as compared with that of the Bohemian, nor is there a spot on the
Europe today, but Increased and continued face of the earth that Is so saturated with
prosperity threaten ' to make It the most i human blood. ' Stripped of arms, those
erloua question of future time.
Our laborer today live much better and
enjoy more comfort than those of Europe,
and are better worker, but the American
peasants were compelled to protect their
home with flail. They fought for a
principle that was a sacred to them as
their very lives; they fpught for freedom
laborer Is poorer than the European, a of thought, for liberty.
compared with hi employer, for thl reason The spirit of freedom pervades the world
that the unequal distribution of wealth In today, and I dare say, the time Is yet to
Europe today I not so marked as In Amer- come when thl spirit 1 universal. Then
lea. Today w certainly have a labor ques- may the Slav partake of hi Justly due,
tlon In a more systematic form than Eur- ' but long delayed and hardly earned share
ope. Our labor question In the beginning of ! of this world' happiness. Th religious
the defense of the poor against the rich, for
labor and capital is composed of these ele
ment. In Europe they have no uch cap
ital and labor war because the laborer
recognize his status (by reason ot tradi
tion) a a servant, and not an independent
factor. Equality Is the corner-stone to
democratic Institutions, and the American
has been taught to fight to the last ditch
for these rights. All question In the fu
ture will be swept Into oblivion by reason
of the development of these two facts, the
rich and poor, In a government where equal,
ity Is an inheritance.
On can certainly say that the West i
th land of thrift, and the East the land of
laggardness. The most marked example of
reformers of the fifteenth century pointed
to the corruption In the government of
Catholicism that was eating away the
heart of religion and destroying human
rights. It seem peculiar that the Slav
was the first to assert this principle and
yet the last to accomplish It Tet what
was the fight for religious liberty than
physical and mental freedom a pointed
out by Huss? It Is also a curious fact that
the greatest law-giver In the world was a
Slav, viz: Justinian. On Ms code Is all
modem law based. i
florae's Influence on World.
Growing up from the ruins of the Roman
Empire are the modern European nation
and one universal system of religion, Ca
tholicism. The Catholic system 1 the direct out
growth of the Roman city of state, hav
ing assumed all that was good of the old
ystem, and cast off all the evlL The
papal government at the Eternal City
may, Indeed, be designated as the Re
publlo of the World. It I today cer
tainly the most Judicious and lust sys
tems, wherein taxation, the foundation of
all government, is substituted by volun
tary contributions. It was the most dem
ocratic in form yet despotic in power;
a system built up by the voice of tha
people, yet ruled over by one man; a
ystem that crowned kings, and de
throned them with as much ease; a sys
tem that had the power of life and death
over Its subjects; a system that recog
nized the divinity of it ruler, and the
consanguinity ot it subjects; a system
that had flourished and grown in power
only to fall by Internal corruption; a ays
tern which had advanced the civilisation
of the world and converted it to Its own
use; a system that, finally, substituted
robbery for it cardinal principle of vol
untary contribution and thereby became
rotten to the core.
When Freedom Waa Born.
Then the strike for civil liberty came,
for what was religious freedom but
civil freedom? The peoples, stripped of
their wealth, became slaves of the Cath
olic lords. The system became the most
corrupt where the lands were tho richest,
where the peasants worked the hardest.
The priesthood volunteered to serve these
lands, for the spoils were the richest
Productive, hard-working, little Bohemia
was the common prey of all, and from
here burst forth the cry of "Freedom."
Internal corruption almost destroyed thl
system; the power of the pope became
limited; he lost his army, but he has yet
millions of followers.
Religion and Patriotism.
History haa proven that religion is even
a stronger tie than race. Can we not see
that this system is playing a great part in
the union of the nations by professing a
brotherhood of the races? It may be true
that the system is today catering to the
masses, but have not the heads of govern
ments bowed low to the will of the people?
Is not today the most absolute 'monarchy
of modern times bowing to the will of
the people? "Vox popull vox del" (the
voice ot the people Is the voice of God) and
muBt be heard. Had Russia listened to
the voice of her people she would not have
been so disgraced today. The same Judg
ment had been pronounced against her
that haa been pronounced against ail na
tion where the people were not heard, and
Listen to tho voice of the peoples of the
world today, they all assert a common
brotherhood, and cry out for universal
peace. Governments may demand from
their peoples national patriotism, but within
their hearts there beats a love for hu
manity that makes the universal patriot.
Build up this love and It will destroy sec
tional difference which cause International
war". Commerce Is drawing the peoples
closer and closer together, and we are
beginning to understand that every human
conscience has the same conception of right
and wrong.
Russia's Fotnre.
The future diplomatic question of Amer
ica Is the broadening of the Monroe doc
trine, the future question of Russia la
internal development. She was mistaken
In the notion that she wanted more un
developed territory, and sea coast. Of
what use is sea coast to an undeveloped
country? In fact. It will prove one of tlys
fortunes to Russia that she has but little
coast to defend in a final reckoning. Russia
is on a continent where she needs but
railroads, not seaports.
Russia Is not the only nation dreaming
of a world empire, but the minds of all
great statesmen are bent by this Idea as
they have been In the' bygone ages.
Expansion by annexation Is a common
procedure of obtaining dominion, and the
predestined empire Is the one that will be
the most successful In colonization. Coloni
zation Is certainly a matter of evolution,
a all nations are the product of confedera
tions for a common good. A common faith
has been the cement that had bound these
loose ties together, and made them more
compact by the idea of brotherhood. We
can see that the spreading fOf this Idea of
universal brotherhood ha brought not only
solidity to nations, but has brought all the
people closer and closer together; colonies
merged into states, state into nation and
nation are merged Into one universal em
pire compact. The peoples of the earth are
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1315-17-19 Farnam Street.
to be henceforth represented, consulted and
listened to. Liberty 1 not perishing on
earth but is spreading throughout th world.
The liberty of self-government Is the
corner-stone to all progress, for without it
peoples die and nations decay. Russia Is
the living example of this fact. The Rus
sian people would rather follow their plow
than to follow the most fortunate general
of their government. For the defense of
their corrupted government they would not
fight, but for the principle of liberty they
will fight to the last ditch. The Slav race
loves peace more than any race on tho
earth, but will sacrifice peace for the divine
principle of equality. These are the char
acteristics of this mighty race, and the
most sanguine mind cannot anticipate their
great future. America may build up a great
commercial empire and decline as England
Is today, before Russia attains the height of
her Internal development. Japan may do
likewise several times, for the hot and
quick blood of the Asiatic progresses rap
idly and declines rapidly, while the cool
and Blow blood of the Slav Is slowly moving
toward the goal.
Balance of Freedom.
While self-government and freedom may
be on Its decline In one part of the world.
It Is on Its ascendency In another. Tolling
and plodding under the yoke of political
slavery the Russian peasant Is yet to be
come the defender of democratic Institu
tions, and civil liberty; the progenitor of
the divine principle of universal brother
hood the creator of world empire.
When civilization completes it sweeping
circuit around the world, the American
will see the setting sun of war while the
Russians behold the rising sun of peace
over the mighty Pacific. Then and only
then will the patriot proclaim "The world
Is my country, humanity my brother."
Washington, D. C, Nov. 1, 1905.
(Mr. Durar 1 a student of diplomacy at
Washington. D. C, and has Just returned
from a trip abroad, where he has been
studying the various system of govern
ment and their peoples.)
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Recent Events in the Field of Electricity
RleetrleKy la tbe Household. Is Illustrated by the reports of the news-
f'CH as electricity ha done In ad- paper that no fewer than six .of these
ding to the comforts of the home, cable were damaged by the typhoon wnien
say the New York Electrical Re- recently raged over the east China seas.
wi view, u promises ei mucn morn jne mugnuuae oi iuee uiirruuuns mij
dictions of certain eminent authorities who of cable lying along the bed of the ocean
have for year last studied, worked with Is something like 225.00O miles. Of these
and advanced, as much a they could, the considerably more than one-half are Brltl-h,
application of electricity. Colonel R. E. B. while British messages number 10O.UW.Ou0
Crompton, past president of the Institution words per annum. The cables He at various
thl. I. In TJ-i. h. i. i .', of electrical engineers of Great BrlUln, ha depths, the greatest known depth of the
U " h " "'ne" T , 1 ' followed every new use of the new power ocean being 6.68 mile. In the north Pacific.
a.wwwuv v wki u fa W lav 111 111 fjTIKlBnQ 11
Ilk going back a century to take a ride' on lnt0 tVrTJ n"li' H amlliur wltn the "Our cable are tested every week," said
the first rail-coach. It Is true that thev an official of tha Eastern Teiegrapn com
el and Mninmi .", aees great opportunities now offering upon pany to a London newspaper man, "am
have the best of steel and equipment and
that there la less danger of accident, than
some ot these he dwelt recently at a
pany to a London newspaper man, -ana
when a fault is detected a repairing ship
in Am.H... k. . . At " , lecture given during an electrical exhlbl- i. -ent t0 the snot. These ships are Bta
the lowet people In the world. Thl l Mlon hel1 in L00- For Industrial use, tioued at various centers, such a Gibraltar.
im says, mo ciecino motor rawiy uninntri Aden, Singapore ana me west anu easi
repugnant to an American, but the Euro
pean knows that be lives and who he la
while the American doe not.
Enaland's Hoar lias tlrirk,
England Is declining and on the last
crutch f her commercial empire; she has
played her part In commerce well, but her
11 rival means of supplying power. It Is coasts of Africa, and there Is always a re-
more economical, more convenient, and is aerve stock of cables kept In tanks at cer-
brought under perfect control. He hope tain stations.
for a greatly increased us of elect rlo "Tn shallow water the cables are some
power In London, not only on the street, times fouled by the anchors of ship and
but In the house, where great advantages at the mouths of large rivers there Is somo-
.lava r. hmU.. , , , .... : "l ' "'7 vvmuv. wuuiu w uiuwii limes ITOUUJO W lieu irmiB. Ul ncc. .iiu
J,t, h.r r. . h. hand of fate promoted. By its aid spring cleaning may otner objects are swept Into the e and
weni.n, UP ,h m04,t ' banished, and houses kept ten times fo,.ced bv the strong currents against the
an hla. Tl 1 J". 'h ha I cla,ier thn re uar th Prestnt "bles. Then there are boring lnect. like
h tud . , C""1,'- 1 cynical system of displacing dirt and du.L the teredo, which bores its way between
cMllaTTto. Inl brought ; He prognosticated that before long, elec the .tram!, of Iron wire twisted round th.
, ' . TJ," ? ? ,TnV Und'- ' ,ric P" - "Praede the manual labor core of the cable, but in our newer cable,
tw 11a Ha ln"JrI,l,r "Tof the housemaid, for there is no reason we have provided against the depredation.
nTnrf V. .ZT . K.., my motor8 ttioM ot U8ed t0 dl lv of the teredo by a sheathing of brass coiled
depend for .upport upon her children, but machinery for washing dishes, cleaning r0und the cable like a ribbon."
plates, roasting and grinding coffee, chop
ping meat, kneading dough, doing the
laundry work, as well a being utilised
for artistic and decorative effects. They New York's publio want telephone com
could clean the metal work, polish tha petition and cheaper lolls, but the city au
silver and the Jewelry, cool the refrigerator, thorltlts evidently are going to make it
rock the baby, press the clothes In fact, exceedingly difficult If not impossible for
ttie number of things that might be done any company to compete with the Bell
I .V
Hromo-Iv I tWLT tain.
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ll head In a fen hour
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Telephone Competition Coatly.
in thl way seems unlimited.
Th difficulty attending the efficient main-
monopoly. The setback in independent tele,
phone operation came last week when
Controller Grout presented to the Board of
Estimate a special report of Engineer
Harry P. Nichol ot the finance department
tenanre of the network of submarine tele- oa the value of tb franchise sought by the
graph cables, by which Intelligence I Atlantic Telephone ronipany. fnder th
flashed to the utunnuat ends of the earth, term a fixed by air. Mi. ho! the com
pany would have to pay the city $7,750,000
in twenty-five year as a minimum for the
privilege of entering the local field to com
pete with the New York Telephone com
pany. These terms are regarded by tho
independent companies as unnecessarily
onerous, being much more severe than thl
terms imposed upon the New York com
pany. The New ; York Telephone company is
taxed on its real estate and on Its fran
chises aa real estate, under the franchise
tax law. The independent companies, how
ever, will be taxed likewise under the state '
The Atlantic company expected advan-
tageoua rates because It offered the city
00 telephones free of charge, which would
save the city the $230,000 a year it pays the -j
Bell company. The Atlantic company also .
offered 5-cent calls in any one borough '
and 10 cents for calls from one borough to
another. This Is half the rate charged by I
the Bell company. The rate for unlimited .
residence service was fixed at $ifi a year '
and for business houses at fl'iS. For the
franchise the company offered to pay the
city a percentage of its gross receipts.
w Cable to Europe.
The work of laying the Commercial Cable
company' fifth cable from Canso, Nova
Scotia, to Watervllte. Ireland, has been
completed and messages are now being
sent over It. This makes seven trans
Atlantic cable worked In direct connection
with the line of the Postal Telegraph com
pany, the new cable being the moat ex
pensive one ever laid and having a slgna In i
speed IS pur cent greater than that of any
other cable of equal length crossing the
The cable was laid by the steamer Colonla
of tho Telegraph Construction and Mainte
nance company of London, the work being
commenced August li last. The ship met
with an accldnnt, and it was not until
September 3 that it was Anally able to
lay Its course from Canso. October t the
work wa completed and the main cable
spliced to the shore end on the other side
of the ocvan.
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When You Write
to Advertisers
remember It only taxes an extra atroke ol
two of th oa" u mention lae tact thai ye
saw u ad. la la bee
WMh Bee
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mar in vimi vmi wanr
Is uot easy to find If
you start on a blind
hunt. The easy way
U to look through tha
Want Ads.
If you have room to rent, you
lone more than the cost of a want
ad every day you allow your room
to stay vacant. Omaha Is grow
ing fast. New people are coinlug
to Uwri every day. The first
thing they do when they want a
room Is tw look through the.
"ooms for Rent" ads in the Bee.
See tbat yours is among thm.
Telephone 238.
80,000 Real Cireulatftn