Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 12, 1905, Page 2, Image 20

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, v : -, . ZT CJ2U ' r i . HE "Juetlon what to choose for th serviceable
iUl'Nl'TiCJ' V I hvy outer coata for the email boy or girl thia
yMVv!NLfQ:'"-i -iu ' ya' I fashionably decided by getting diagonal
-fY' J .7Ca ' cvL-e-si . ' .. " ' clotha for boy and checked Sscotch tweeds for
fMfirJl iJT, JVjL Tlk"",- - VvS 1rl"- ThM cheeks are aa nearly aa possible Ilka
r ''tTT"- -T" v v " ' 1 1 ' tn Inalda of the double faced golf clotha of two
I. 2 Ylf". S ( '"On ' seasons ago. They are the noveltv of the vear for the
Where The "Home Made" Tot Can Score Over Her Ready
. .- ' r' , A
mall girl', everyday coat and are cut almost invariably
In a couple of deep plalta on either aide of the double
breasted front. The backa are loose, with atitohed belt to
button on at the waist line and the turn back cuffa and
collara are finished with dark velvet facings to har
monise. One of th prettiest la in black and white check
with black Velvet facings and black velvet covered but
tons, with th lining harmonizing well in gray tailors'
These coata, which ara full length, ar heavy enough
to do away with all flannel interlining, and In fact tae
Scotch tweeds In which they are made ar so heavy
they ar difficult to obtain Just now at th ordinary ahop
counter, as th trend of women's fashiona In the last year
or two haa been steadily away from heavy materiala.
A lallor shop Is really th best place to buy th cloth
for these little coats, which are Juat on of the little nov
elties which ar found in the beat of the ready made
trade, but which ar not yet provided for on the counters.
When at first th weight and nice tailoring required
en these coats are considered It seems almost needlessly
ambitions to attempt them at home. ' Th truth is
that It is juat another ease of the difference In .cost
between making and buying, in which the balance of ex
pens Is entirely In favor of making when It hi the height
of t,he season and everything is selling for full price.. It
'! a'so Just the other way at the late season of re
duced price.
. With the small person whose length takes on Inches
between seasons there Is always the necessity for keeping
up with the calendar, and the mother who makes one of
these little coats can count on a savlnfc of one-third at
least. From $30 to $25,' which is th store price of th
nlc soft qualities, la after ail a good prtr to pay for a
girl of 8 or for everyday war. Espaclally tru is thia
when It is considered that the good ean a bought for
from $3.75 to IS by th yard, and that two or two and a
half yard ar ample for B, , and T year site. There
is also every advantag In getting th thoroughly good
material, which, with simplicity of design, Is the main
thing which distinguish th belongings f th best
dressed boys.
Tor th dres!T and smarter coata th xpns of
getting them up at horn 1 o comparatively small that
it will glv many a llttl girl a dresa up change, which
at th reedy mad price would be prohibitive.
One of th prettiest outfit of th year Is a black
crushed pluah with collar, cuffs, and belt of atitohed red
velvt. The r4 is a Vivid scarlet and th lining ia white,
and It make the moat stunning dress coat Imaginable,
and still It 1 oh with serviceable qualities. The prlc
of this for a girl of S. was $26, and It could nt only be
xactly duplicated for much less but :hi earn Idea could
be effectively carried out In black albelin. of which a
pretty quality comes at $1,150 a yard.
Broadcloth In strong shades, especially many new
tonea of red. Is a charming choice for " Sunday " coata,
In which It would be a delight to array a small girl.
These com In beautiful strong shades, especially of red.
A soft, warm raspberry shade and a soft yet bright coral
are seen In two little broadcloth models, which ar mad
with an overlapping front laid from th neck In Inch and
a half box plaits, atltched down into a little yoke. Thar
Is a llttl straight band collar mad of black fur or " fur
cloth," and a llttl piece of th cloth runs down a far
as th yoke effect extends, to conceal the fastenings. On
pretty style Is In dull blu broadcloth with large circular
collar (which can be bought, ready made) in black braid
openwork, which haa a lacey Affect. Extremely fanciful
whit broadcloth coata ar mad with gray and whit, fur
linings turning over at throat and sleeves into llttl
collars and cuffs, th fur of these being so soft and
" young " looking that it plainly suggests " kitten " In
stead of squirrel.
Another suggestion for a dress up coat Is In whit
albelin. which might also be adopted in a black one. An
extremely wide Hercules plaid braid In black and white
was used Just like cloth In making circular cuffs and
collar. Over these and holding them In place were straps
of black velvet tacked down at the ends with gilt buttons.
Nver are the advantage's of th little " horn mad "
girl, especially If ah is home made of the best quality,
felt so keenly aa when Inspecting the simple lines of the
new velveteen dresses. These ar the newest and most
exclusive " dress " wear this year for these small per
sons, and there la nothing else In which they look so
patrician aa In one of these frocks In dark, rich colors.
A good model was with a slightly kilted skirt and
Mousing waist, which crossed over in surplice fashion.
Upon this surplice waa laid a long turnback collar made
of white broadcloth, edged with inset of Irish lace. A
more serviceable idea Is to make the collar and the cuffs
which match It of cream linen wlta th embroidery.
For the mother who is looking for service rather than
luxury th little three-quarter Peter Thompson reefers
are good again thia year, and many mothera who buy
these ready made get them In sections where boys'
goods ar kept, as the goods are more durable and they
wear better. Where this Is done two sires larger should
be taken for a girl than for her small' brother of the
Made Sister.
am age en account of mer bulky levea and wal
Answering th demand for room In th ooata n ac
count of th fuller fashions this winter, there cornea a
girls' reefer mad In Peter Thompson styles which exact
ly duplicate her small brother's except that It ha spe
cial " girls' sleeves."
For th larger schoolgirl a coat is always beloved that
completely envelopes th figure. Sh Is apt to adre
something which will cover school defects at short notice
and make her ready for Incursion Into other field as
a member of soolety. Th bast of models for thia young
person Is pictured In th full length coat In which th
fullness Is stitched down in box plalta Interaeoted by
lines of black silk braid. A bright navy Is a good ehole
with dome shaped buttons of unpolished gilt.
On mora word about coata la to relet to plM
a mother who eleverly 'contrived a coat for her 10 year
old Ift a dark green cloth. It was cut In a oom fort able
aeml-ptttlng shape with loos sack back and waa finished
at sleeves and th sloping neck by a plain facing. Two
aeta of collara and cuffs were made, th collar a larg on
that was pressed to turn well In and to bkst easily inside
th dge of th cost. Th cuffs were finished separately
and " blind atltched " on. Oreen stitched velvet waa tae .
goods .used In on set and biscuit colored .broadcloth th1
other, both of them being mad on a backing of th gr
cloth. - , ' t .
Fashions For
Picturesque Greenaway Hats
HE lingerie hat has no sooner, become a thing
of the past than Its place has been taken by
a new felt creation which Is built upon nearly
the aame lines. This is the plateau hat, old
In Idea but new and much Improved In treat
ment As these hats have been evolved lately
In the w.iltea, creams, and pale blues that are best suited
to baby faces, they have a luxurlouanee of effect which
would become small princesses. As a matter of fact, in
spite of their elaborateness of outline, they are no mora
Impossible of horn execution than the lingerie hat.
They can either be made out of the felt or out of the
plateau which com for the purpose and w..Ich ar
mounted over a wire frame. These plateaus (,r? not all
of them flat aa of yore, but have been evolved Into a kind
of a Tarn o' Shanter shape which is weak and floppy In
Ita natural state and utterly Impossible to do anything
with until It is mounted over a lining and a wire frame.
A plateau of this kind In the French felts Is priced at
$7 or $, but when th faot la considered that the hats
made up from them come as high aa $30 the ease with
which they can be " set up " makea them worth trying.
All of this luxury la not expended, either, upon th
youngest of the family, as girls as old as from 12 to Id
who are of the picturesque type wear them with fasct- '
Dating effect for " drt-ss up " occasions.
A plateau of the $9 grade wss made up rhnHnlngly
with the wire frame lined with chiffon over which waa
stretched a thin piec of wlilt laoe. Around th edge
of the frame and projecting beyond th felt wa a double
ruche of gathered chiffon, and In under th brim at one
side was a little " face trimming " of a sprig, of pink
roses. The outside was simply finished In a atunning bow
of cream ribbon. This. Ilk th most of the hats, waa
set up on a bandeau put In as In th ordinary ehapeau.
On enormous but lovely piec of headgear of thia
kind might have been called a lingerie hat but for th
felt which was on th outside. Th ruffles, which seemed
to be doubled and trebled around th edge of th frame,
stood out away beyond the felt part and war exceed
Ingly full and effective, being of thin whit silk, plaited
and edged with Valenciennes lac. Th plaited silk
reached clear under th brim and th top cover waa from
a larg circular piece of whit felt which waa fulled up
Into a kind of Tarn crown with th dg coming out In
such a way as to form brim over th silk ruffles. Rib
bon bunohes which stuck out from under th erown were
th only trimming other than th marvelously orna
. mental ruffles. '
This hat could be made with far lea expense than
the kinds In which the plateau hat to be bought, aa it
waa cut from the piece felt. Two circular pieces are usu
ally taken to make a hat, one of them being hollowed
out t form the brim.
HERE is an Increasing demand for the sailor
eV -4 I suit in dressing the small boy. Where a boy
I I used to wear a Russian blouse from the time
n was iwo ana a nan up 10 eigni or len
years, ha is now more often than not Jumped
Into a aallor suit at five. These little men are
mating fashion for themselves by objecting strenu
ously to the further buying of blouse costumes after thy
get to yeara of discretion, or to years In which they oo
erv what Is worn by th next boy bigger.
It la not only well to let them have their way about
their own clothes as far as possible, but there ara on
or two reasons why. the mother becomes th gainer by
so doing when it Is in the preference for the sailor suit
over the Russian blouse. The father of some particu
larly well dressed and distinguished looking little boys
has alwaya taken a hand In deciding what they shall
wear. From the time they were sntall two year and a
half urchins Just getting out of kilts they have worn
aallor suits, and for the simple reason that they-were
easier to put on. In these they soon got so they could
dress themselves to th saving of the mother and to th
acquiring of a sturdy Independence. The Russian blouse
Is finished so generally with the Eton collar that the
dreaslng of hi neck is Impossible for the small chap.
and If there chances to be a sailor collar and dickey
upon th blouse this is also arranged with a series of
Impossible hook.
In th aallor suits there is one especial design which
haa th feature of eaally getting and staying in place.
This is th waist that goes under the blouse and which
Is simply a thin lining to which the shield is firmly ami
flatly atltched, and to which buttons are sewed, to which
are attached the trousers. When this Is on, th shield
Is held In place under the blouxe. With a blown that
either-goes on over the head, or a double breasted one
that fastens In front, the boy soon learns to drf him
self, and he Is comfortable beyond the dreams of the
boy with the starched collar.
In making these aallor suite a buttonhol should a
put under the collar for fastening to th top button of
th waist In the back. .Large buttons and buttonholes
should be used on thes waists, making only three or four
.... '
The Russian effect is also noticeably giving way to -a
box coat effect In th overcoats. Beya from flv to
sixteen ar all wearing th same model coat, except
that In th older style It I of, three-quarter . length.
This length Is also to bo worn by the younger llttl fel
lows who hav hitherto worn full length coat. Oray
diagonal tweed are a favorite material this winter, and
black velvet collar are used 'on nearly all of them.
There la also a' return to th cord Brandenburg for
fastenings. Peter Thompsons with chevrons la on of
the styles In th three-quarter length which will be wora
by th boy up to ten.