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THE WOMAN who values the fresh
ness of her skin, bright eyes, glossy hair,
and sweet breath, must remember that
close rooms, rich diet or late hours, are
her most powerful enemies, and that a
slight aperient, such as a small wineglass
ful of APENTA WATER, taken every
morning before breakfast, is one of the
greatest aids to HEALTH and therefore
Sole Exporters: THE A POLLINA RIS CO., Ld. London.
Cbsirmti Wtrntr of Rpublic Coniauttes
Hu Eiongh to Ittiify Hi.
Sapreme1 Court Asked to Deelde
Whether a Person Cnn Recover oa
a Contract for Lobbyist
Delegates to Flrit Annual Coit
tloa of DlHtrlet No. 2 Hold.
Ins Seaeloaa.
GRAND ISIAND. Neb.. Nov. . (Spe
cial.) The first annual convention of dis
trict No. 2, Woodmen of the World, met
here Monday. State Manager Edward
Walah of Omaha preiilded. He appointed
Otto Sotherman of Grand Island clerk.
Messrs IV, W. Barher, C. K. Docker and
C. E. Harshfleld, the committee on cre
dentials, reported , all delegates present
qualified to alt In convention. Rev. Dr.
Bchleh- was made chairman of the press
committee, with assistants. It was unani
mously resolved to continue the district
association and to hold the next conven
tion in Grand Island 'on the second Thurs
day In March.
1 W. Barber of Sliver Creek was elected
UnnnMFM AT RRAWn ICI HWnl President; C. E. Decker of Doniphan, vice
wwwmk.ll ni "I-""" .M mrA CHtn Sotherman And W. A.
Countryman, both of Grand Island, secre
tary and treasurer. Otto Sotherman and
L. W. Barber were elected district dele
gates to the first annual state convention,
which will meet in Lincoln on the second
Tuesday In January, 1906. Dr. Schleh was
requeBted to prepareand forward a circular
letter to the camps of the district reporting
the transactions of the convention and re
questing said camps to levy a per capita tax
for the benefit of the state association and
the propagation of the work.
A thorough drill and school of Instruc
tion In the official ritualistic work of the
craft by State Manager Walsh concluded
the executive session of the convention.
The most severe head
aches will yield In a few
minutes to Brorao-I,m
(contains no Quinine).
Don't suffer any longer.
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the Orange Colored Hoa
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your Winter Suit or Overcoat
from us. The reason for this
Is that we will discontinue
' this department as soon as
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At the same time you will
get the very best in quality,
. . style and fit that It la possi
ble to buy.
120, Suits 15.00
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1417 Far nam St
Bee, 11-g.
Fined for Firing; Through Car.
BROKEN BOW, Neb., Nov. 8. Special.)
Riley Garrlnger and Jim Owens of
Oconto, arrested at Dunning by Constable
Ira Foster, and brought to this city Sun
day, charged with sending a rifle bullet
through the windows of a car attached to
train 44 of the Burlington last week, and
missing within the fraction of an Inch the
head of a passenger, were brought before
Judge Armour yesterday for hearing. Both
parties seemed much astonished at their
arrest and were quite vehement in declar
ing that no harm was intended in any way.
Carrlnger, who fired the shot. Is working
for Owens, and the two were hauling a
load of lumber at the time. He says he
waa aiming at a telegraph pole as the
train was approaching, but the horses com
menced prancing and he must have missed
his-' aim, the shot passing through both
windows of the coach. Judge Armour in
timated that such carelessness could not
be overlooked and accordingly fined the
culprit 5 and costs. Owens waa let off
with a gentle reprimand and a hint to
keep a more careful eye upon his employes
in future.
uceaaful Strike,
against lung trouble, can be engineered by
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds. 60c and Jl. For sale by
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
List of Men Indicted at Moscow In.
elude Two Bankers and
Five Others.
SPOKANE. Wash.. Nov. . The official
list of those Indicted by the Vnited States
grand Jury which has been Investigating
land frauds at Moscow, Idaho, has just
been made public. The following are In
dieted: W. F. Kettenbach, on three counts;
George Kester, two counts; Clarence W.
Roblnette. three counts; William- Dwyer,
two counts; Ed K. Knight. W. B. Benter,
C. W. Colby and Fred Emery, one count
All the indicted men reside at Lewlston.
Kettenbach and Kester are bankers who
were Indicted by a previous grand Jury.
Clupeco Shrunk. Quarter Sixes
ts CEim ucm i rot quibteb
Maeem or Clcstt ai Xohiici shist.
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(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 8. (Special to The
Bee.) Returns of the election held yes
terday are coming into the state head
quarters slowly, and late this evening only
nine counties had made complete returns
on the state ticket. In nearly every In
stance only the majority vote was sent In,
so the chairman Is unable yet to figure on
the total vote cast. So far as heard from,
Judge Hastings carried only one county,
Folk, which gave him sixteen plurality,
though the republicans secured a number
of the county officers. Sullivan carried
Polk county by S42. Reports from Fill
more, Pawnee and other counties show
the democrats made some gains In electing
county officers, which tends to bear out
the statements made before the election
that the democratic state committee was
paying no attention to the head of the
ticket but was working In the interest of
county candidates.
Chairman Warner has Issued a call for
a meeting of the executive committee of
the state committee at the headquarters
Thursday night, at which time he will
make his report of the conduct of the
From every standpoint the campaign has
been a most successful one. The commit'
tee will pay oft the debt left by the Bur
seas administration, amounting to some
12,000, payall the expenses of this cam
paign and still have some money In the
bank for a rainy day.
The county committee has quit getting
returns and will wait for the official re
turns before making any further tabula
tlons. The head of the ticket carried the
county by about 1,900 plurality and all the
county candidates have been elected,
though Judge Waters and Coroner Gra
ham, who were running for fourth terms,
were scratched.
Assistant City Attorney Herdman of
Omaha was attending supreme court today
and took occasion to say a word for the
voting machines.
"Douglas county will never go back to
the old way of voting." he said. "The
machines proved to be all right. They are
easy to understand and a great time
saver. By their use all contests will be
stopped, unless positive fraud Is discov
ered. And then by 9 o'clock we know the
vote, while earlier than that we knew who
had been elected."
Speaking of republican success In Doug
las county, Mr. Herdman said:
"Everybody Is prosperous In Omaha
and satisfied, and It was not possible to
get out the vote. At least 2.000 people who
registered failed to vote. We lost lots of
socialist votes, too. These are the main
reasons for republican success."
Brief In Woodmen Case.
In the supreme court this afternoon was
argued the case of the state against John
Drexel. county clerk of Douglas county.
In which Governor Mickey, as chairman
of the State Board of Equalization, seeks
to secure a mandamus to compel the clerk
to Insert in and enter upon the tax rolls
of Douglas county for taxation purposes
the assessed value of the reserve fund of
the order, amounting to $2,036,651, of which
the assessed value would be $407,330, and
the assessed value of the reserve fund of
the Woodmen circle, amounting" to $40,177.
In his argument the attorney general set
out the following points, upon which he
made his arguments:
Fraternal beneficiary associations are in
surance companies, and under the constltu
tion and laws of Nebraska neither the
legislature nor any taxing officer has power
to exempt their property from taxation.
The reserve funds of fraternal beneficiary
In their reply the attorneys for the order
raised these points against the granting
of the mandamus:
1. Because upon the face of the alterna
tive writ Itself It does not appear that
relator has any Interest in the subject
matter of the action.
2. Relator Is .not entitled to the writ, no
demand having been made upon the re
spondent prior to the Institution of this
3. The State Board of Equalization has
no power to order or require the county
assessor of Douglas county to add to or
increase the valuation of property returned
by an Individual taxpayer for the purpose
of assessment and taxation.
4. The county assessor having wrongfully
Increased the assessed valuation of the
property of these corporations by direction
of the state board, it was the right of the
corporations wnnse rignts were thus af
fected to complain to the County Board of
Equalization then in session, and that
tribunal had Jurisdiction of the matter and
authority to act In the premises, and Its
action In that behalf Is conclusive unless
appealed from or reviewed in some manner
provided by law.
6. I'nder the constitution and laws of Ne
braska, fraternal beneficiary associations
are either charitable organizations whose
property is exempt from taxation, or they
are domestic life Insurance companies, In
which event the assessment made by the
county assessor in the first Instance was
and Is the only proper valuation and assess
ment that could be made of their fund for
the purpose of taxation.
Replying to this the attorney general
Question Validity of Lobby Contract.
It is up to the supreme court to decide
whether a contract made with a lobbyist
to secure the passage of certain legisla
tion is a legal contract, or whether It la
Illegal and against the public morals. The
supreme court some years ago decided that
such a contract was against public morals
and that it was Illegal, but recently a de
cision was handed down which overruled
this, and also the opinion of the United
States supreme court and of many other
The question waa raised by Senator Pern
berton of Gage county, who is unking for a
rehearing In the case of Stoemer against
Van Arsdel. The lust named claimed that
he had represented Stoemer and others In
Washington and had secured the passage
through congress of an act which entitled
thcra to receive from the government a re
tate on Indian lands which they had
bought, amounting in all to some $300,000.
The land was appraised and then auctioned
at public sale. The price was boosted at
the sale and the settlers were compelled to
pay much more than the appraised value
of the land. Van Arsdel then went to
Washington at the instance of the settlers,
ne claimed, In order to get a reduction In
the price of the land. Stoemer and those
parties represented by Senator Pemberton
claimed that they had no contract with
Van Arsdel. Pemberton In his argument
cited the cue of Richardson against Scotts
Bluff county. In which the court had held
that It was against public policy to make
a contract with a lobbyist to secure legis
Photograph of Roberts Secured.
A photograph of George H. Roberts, at
one time attorney general of Nebraska, has,
after much trouble on the part of many .at
torney generals, been secured and will
shortly adorn the walls of the room occu
pied by the legal department. General Rob
erta Is now located In Boise, Idaho, and
his picture shows him as a colonel on the
staff of the governor. It was secured by
Hiland Wheeler, one of his old-time friends
and admirers. Roberts was three times
attorney general of Nebraska. Having been
elected ' twloe he gave way to Joseph R.
Webster. After Webster had served one
term Roberta attended a state convention
and made a speech on the. "Evils of the
Grasshopper," which carried away the con
vention and secured for him a third nom
ination and election.
Redlstrlctlns the Bankers.
President Trennery of the State Bank
era' association was In Lincoln today on
business connected with his office, and left
this afternoon for Omaha to attend to busi
ness there. The officials are now busy
working on a revision of the groups, as
one or two of them are entirely too large
Mr. Trennery expressed himself as being
well pleased with the last meeting of the
bankers and hardly looks for such another
one in the near future.
Grata Case Postponed.
Attorney General Norrls Brown secured
from the supreme court this morning per
mission to take two weeks In which to pro.
pare and file his brief In reply to the briefs
of the attorneys for the Grain Dealers' as
sociation of Nebraska, against which he hna
brought Injunction proceedings. The argu
ments will be presented to the court at the
next sitting.
Court to Pass on Jury Pnssle.
The supreme court Is to solve the Tucker
Jury law puzzle. Attorney General Norrls
Brown late this evening filed a petition on
oenair of Governor Mickey, requesting a
writ of mandamus to compel L. C. Reneau,
county clerk of Mcpherson county, and
the other members of the canvassing board
to draw a Jury panel In accordance with
the Tucker law. The board refused the
demand of County Attorney Wesley Wilcox
to select the panel and thus the matter
gets Into the court. It will be heard prob
ably at the next sitting.
After Babcock'a Shoes.
A delegation of Beatrice citizens today
called upon Governor Mickey to induce
him to appoint a Beatrice lawyer to take
the place on the district beach made va
cant by the death of Judge Babcock.
Among those In the delegation who are
candidates for the place were Senator
Pemberton. Attorneys Cobby, Sabln and
Riniker. Judge Chapman of Tecumseh
also called upon the governor In the in
terest of his own candidacy.
In the Supreme Court.
In the' supreme court of the state of
Nebraska, November 8, the following cases
were argued and submitted:
Smullln against Wharton (oral argument
The Power of Pe ru na In Com
batting This Disease Has
the Admiration of
the World.
ALL men, even strong ones, may be
come victims of catarrh.
Catarrh may affeot any' organ the
liead, nose or throat, as well as the
stomach or kidneys.
In summer the digestive organs are
most commonly affected. In winter
the respiratory organs fall victims to
Catarrh sometimes commences with a
cold which fartens Itself upon the
mucous membranes of the body.
Then It develops Into catarrh and the
patient begins to sneeze, cough and
ache. He loses his appetite, he Is tired
and his sleep Is not as refreshing as it
used to be.
Pemna Is especially intended for the
relief of these catarrhal affections.
ml a
.rjr t 'I '1
i,: t-:h,i;-i i.-.-i rTF'i -
associations are not used exclusively for
cnaritaDie purposes, put are subject to
on motion: stoemer against an Arsdel
(oral argument on motion): State against
State Journal Company: Weckerlv against
Taylor (argument on motion before Corn
mission No. 1); Central Granaries Company
against Ault; Havens against Robert son;
Hays against Mays: uouglas against
Smith; Merrlman against Merrlman: Par
rotte against Wolcott; Security Mutual
Life Insurance Company against Miller:
Lee against 8torrs Brewing Company; BIs
chof against Merchants' National Bank;
Reynolds against Rickgauer; Nlckolizack
against State; Powers against State; Lucas
against State; Newby against State; State
ngalnst Several Parcels of Land (Pottert;
Yooeel against Rleger; adm.; State ex rel.
Mlrkev Hiralnst Drexel.'
The following cases were submitted on
briefs: Hopper against Douglas County
(14.017) ; Hopper against Douglas County
(14.018) ; Clark against Pabl; Roe against
County of Howard. '
The following cases were continued: Ver
trees against Gage County; Herpolshelmer
against Christopher; State against Omaha
Klevator Company. Habig againtit Parker.
Mulllna against Grant County affirmed for
want of proper filing of briefs.
t r ':. V ' . v.. ' Ill
W . ;;'vr SJ;1
, .n mmd 2 w f - ;M
rjm J - ' ' J r -HI
f-:vA M-m v.c... i
'! ' X& f
i 1 "A Cure For Catarrh in All Its Forms."
i-r Abraham Laatcncc A.
To obtain the best results from the use
of Peruna In catarrhal diseases. Dr.
Hartman's book, entitled, "The Ills of
Life," should be kept as a reference book
in every family.
Letter to 8itfferln Humanity.
Mr. Abraham Lawrence, 320 West 23d
street. New York City, writes:
"Permit me to add my testimony to the
thousands you must already have con
cerning the truly wonderful properties of
"While working at my calling, which
is that of a painter, my stomach became
out of order and I suffered dreadfully from
"Every day was the same, I continued
to suffer until finally I was compelled to
give up my position.
"Kvery remedy at hand was tried, but I
still suffered.
"In my agony I thought of Peruna,
though I had little faith that it or any
thing else would relieve me, as I still
Mr. Hiram A. Stiles, Mlddleton, Mass., who has reached the age of
82 years, writes:
"Your Peruna has tlone a good work for me. I have been troubled
with ratarrh affecting my head, stoninrli and intestines.
"This caused dyspepsia and constipation, and finally terminated In
mv lower limbs in the form of painful rheumatism, and also caused
slugKish circulation of the blood.
"I liuve taken several bottles of yonr Peruna with (food results. I cheer
fully r-eommond It to all who are afflicted in a similar manner.
"As a cure for catarrh in all Its forms and as a tonic for general debility,
it is seldom equaled."
had a touch of an old case of catarrh In
my system.
"The first bottle had almost been taken
when I felt a marked change In tny
"I then bought another bottle and when
I had finished that my stomach began to
get back to Its normal condition and the
headaches disappeared.
"There was absolutely no return of the
former complaints and now I am prepared
to continue at my trade,.
"I Invite you to refer suffering human
ity to me regarding your phenomenal
curative. ,
"I feel that I should be false to my
fellowmnn and to every duty I owe to
the world If I did not freely, fully and
most gratefully tell the suffering what
Peruna has done for me."
"Pe-ru-na Saved My Life."
Mrs. Clara IJtterst, Seafleld, ind..
writes: "I am confident that Peruna
saved my life. Last fall I took a severe
cold which settled all over me. I thought
I would try Peruna. In lese than a week
I began to Improve and kept on so until
I was able to do my work."
pies, the basis of right conduct. The meet
ing will last until Friday morning and will
be presided over by Bishop Williams, who
Is expected here tomorrow. Many promi
nent rectors and missionaries of the state
will appearron thel program. ' ' '
WILBUR, Neb., Nov. 8. (Special.) The the pension committee of the national
Nebraska Nerve, the new paper started Grand Army or tne itepuDiic, wuu a v-
hr hb,yhthB TVt' ' par-
of which B. L. Castor is president, has .. . rv law ha beP oreanzed among
been barred from the malls by the Post- I tne members of the Equal Suffrage club.
nin mrimani until the advertisement ' with Mrs. Brayton president ana nirs.
. . i .r,- rfmw. i Youngers secretary, to meet every
lng" to take place for an article of mer-
Flaht OTtr Politics at Elm Creek.
KEARNEY, Neb., Nov. 8. (Special Tele-gram.-At
Elm Creek last night Archie C.
Miller assaulted Joseph Morris with a blunt
Instrument of some kind, slightly fractur
ing his skull. Miller came to Kearney this
morning and before Justice Rellly pleaded
guilty to assault and battery and was fined
tl and costs. Miller and Morris had had
some trouble over a political deal and Just
prior to the assault Morris was in tne
office of E. C. Krewson. where It Is stated
he wis getting an affidavit from another
party to be used against Miller. Miller
came down the street and called Morris out
of the office and struck him with something
which cut through his stiff hat and also
through a quantity of paper and a sweat
pad which he wears Inside the sweat band.
A gash about two Inches long was cut in
his forehead over the eye and the skull
was slightly fractured.
chandlse be eleminated. It Is held that city, democratic candidate for superin-
A Skin of Beauty la s Joy Forevor.
T. Falls Oouraud'a Oriental
Craam or Megloal Baautlflar.
MA, and hcia 1iMm
man every
OB bttUtf. U4 4l-
it detection. U
n j4 lt tett
of 67 T"rt, d
to fro
Aocjl ao oouulcj,
Iril ef ftinillkr
BiKt. Dr. L. A.
f -n M d to
Udy of U laat.
t m piwi i
"It you idtM
will ua thru.
'fiMriiil'i Cream' M th ktranit of ail xk
' Jrr'luo." f r ami by all Uruiu atd r aacy.
Iwvuim tittx la ui I bid alalia, t;auUa ad Eurupa.
tCH T.H3FL1S. fro,' 17 6fi U Stint In tat
Laborer Has a Close Call.
ASHLAND, Neb., Nov. 8. (Special Tele
gram.) Shortly after the track laying ma
chine on the Great Northern railway's new
Sioux Clty-Ashland line was started from
here this morning for the first time the
vest of one of the workmen, named John
son, caught In the machinery, tearing his
clothing all off and scratching his left arm
and chest. He escaped death by strangula
tion only by the promptness of the engineer
In throwing off the power. This la the
first accident on the Great Northern's new
line. The machine made good progress
today and will complete the track up the
Platte river valley by next week. The com
pany has 120 men employed on the Job.
Wheeler County Land Sell Well,
ELGIN. Neb., Nov. 8. (Special.) A
record breaker, so far as price Is con
cerned, was made on the sale of a Wheeler
county farm a few days ago. Jud Robinson
sold to John Konicek his farm of 240 acres
located Just south of Delolt postoffice and
twenty miles from the railroad for 841.25
per acre. Mr. Konicek offered 855 per
acre for 150 acres adjoining, owned by V,
K. Bartak, but Mr. Bartak refused the
offer. Land in Wheeler county has been
passed up by the people who have been
going further west In search of lands, but
the better informed people are learning
that better land can be had for a lowe
price nearer to the Missouri river.
Newspaper Denied Right to Malls.
Crellln and John H. Llndale were elected,
and for constables, Matthew Keehan and
Julius Luedke.
BEATRICE The Girls' Mission circle of
the Presbyterian church was delightfully
entertained .yesterday by their leader, Mrs.
W. II. Keams. . ' ...
SUPERIOR Colonel C. E. Adams of thia
place has received from Commander-in-
Chief Tanner appointment as member of
weeks, on Saturday afternoon.
OAKLAND Miss Eda C. Nelson of this
It Is an Infraction of the lottery law.
Last week's Issue was distributed by local
larrlers and the express company,
objectionable feature was in the first issue
submitted by the paper with Ha applica
tion for Becond class privileges.
tendent of public instruction In Burt
countv, defeated Arthur Lee of Tekamah,
r,nnl)Hiflii rnnriMtLtA. 1)V about 250
i"c , majority.
Retnrn to Commissioner System.
OAKLAND, Neb.. Nov. 8. (Special.)
The voters of Burt county declared
against township organization at the polls
Tuesday by forty-four votes. This county
has been under township organization for
the past ten years, but the people are
dissatisfied with the running of affairs
and will go back, to the commissioner sys
tem January 1.
Xew of Nebraska.
BEATRICPV-Joseph F. Sles and Miss
Bridget Lenhart of Odell were married
here yesterday afternoon. Judge Bourne
GENEVA The republican regents got
nearly 400 majority In this county, while
the ruslonists elected nearly tne entire
county . ticket.
WEST POINT The 16-year-old son of
J. H. Kuntx while playing In the grounds
of the public school was tripped by a
playmate, resulting In a broken leg.
BEATRICE Word was received here yes
terday announcing the death of Mrs. Mat
tie McKee, a former Beatrice resident,
which occurred at Los Angeles, Cal. The
remains will be interred In Chicago.
GENEVA Mrs. R. Schofield's father,
Charles Delamater, aged over 91 years,
was burled here yesterday. Mr. Dela
mater was formerly a resident nf this
city, but died In Knox county, Illinois.
SUPERIOR The bumper com crop of
this section is being harvested very rapidly
and Is turning out at a higher average per
acre than the most optimistic predicted.
Price. 33 cents today, is not half bad,
PAPILLION-At the election held yes
terday the republican selected the couaty
treasurer and county superintendent of
schools. The rest of the ticket is prob
ably carried by the democrats by a small
WEST POINT The election for pre
cinct officers In West Point resulted In
a republican victory. For Justices, D. J.
BI'PERlOn-Increased bridge tax in this
section, made necessary by damnges from
last summer's floods, is being borne with
bravery by the people, and universal de
mand Is going up for a more substantial
, and permanent grade of work in future.
BEATRICE Mrs. Mary A. Page of Nor
ton, Kan., Is here visiting with her old
friend. Mrs. J. A. Beecher, whom she has
not seen for thirty years, snd there was a
reunion of old friends at the Beecher home
who had not met, some of them, since their
OAKLAND Miss Maria Swensson, an
elderly woman, living with her sister, Mr.
Swan Johnsop, six miles west of Oakland,
died suddenly Tuesday morning. The
funeral was held at the Swedish Methodist
church west of here this afternoon. Rev.
J. A. Gabrlelson officiating.
BROKEN BOW Election day passed
very quietly, there being only one arrest
md" bv the marshal, late In the evening,
and that was only a "fighting drunk" who
had procured a bottle of "liquid trouble"
from some unseen quarter and was hunting
for what the prescription called, for.
has filed a suit in Hie district court against
the supreme court of the Highland Noblea
to secure Judgment for 81,000. which she
claims is due her on a policy of that
amount held by her deceased husband who
died last March. No part of the policy has
been paid.
BEATRICE At the scavenger tax sales
yesterday the old Grand Central building
was knocked off for the amount of taxes
due, being $3,817. to M.- V. Nichols. The old
First National bank block was sold for
I1.&I0, the taxes amounting to 81,. Today
the Bales will commence with block 65 of
this city, when It Is likely some important
sales will be made.
FREMONT The following city , ticket
was elected yesterday: Supervisor, A. L.
Evans (dem.); Justices of the peace, A. K.
linniA and a. II. Perrla-o (reps.): consta
bles, Roy Cook and Oscar Pollock (asms.);
P. J. Flannagan (dem.) elected supervisor
In the Second district and Ralph Main In
the Fourth. Main only has one majority
over Jacob Rols and the latter may con
test. The next Board of Supervisors will
stand four republicans to three democrats.
NEBRASKA CITY-Edward Hart of this
city filed in the district court yesterday
a Jlfl.OD damage suit against Dr. W. T.
Neal. also of this city. Hart was 'Injured
several months ago while In the employ
of the Chicago, Burlington ft Qulncy Rail
way company. He was taken to St. Mary's
hospital and placed under the care of Dr.
Neal. Hart charges Dr. Neal with care
lessness and negligence In reducing a frac
ture and in the subsequent treatment and
claims that he was permanently deformed
and that he Is wholly unable to earn a
livelihood for himself and family.
And many other painful and serious
ailments from which most mothers
suffer, can be avoided by the use of
"Uitlhar Crisis' " Tl, ! e m-aat rwmAw
TlllVlilll a iibaaa a uu (y
is a God-send to women, carrying
them through their most critical
ordeal with safety and no pain.
No woman who uses ''Mother's Friend" need fear the suffering
and danger incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal of its horror
and insures safety to life of mother and child, and leaves her In
a condition more favorable to speedy recovery. The child is
also healthy, strong and
good natured. Our book
"Motherhood," is wortn
its weicht in eold to every
woman, and will be sent free in plain "p FJ fi fp H
enveloDe bv addressintr application to I 1 1 1 1
PradHeld Regulator Co. Atlanta.Ga. U UUuLfaU
Death of Yoaagr Farmer.
OSCEOLA. Neb.. Nov. 8. (Special.)
Charlie Cassler, single, aged about 35 years,
was found dead in a cornfield south of
Shelby yesterday morning. Coroner Shaw
and County Attorney Mills were called out
to hold an Inquest, but when they got there
they failed to hold an Inquest, as it was a
plain case of suicide. Mr. Cassler had
wandered away fruiu Luiiia the bight be
fore with a shotgun and used it, blowing
the whole top of his head off. He was
the son of Mrs. Henry Hewitt and had
spopletic fits for a long time, and It may
be that during one of those Ota he killed
Convocation at Beatrice.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Nov. 8 (Special )
The annual convocation of the clergy of
the diocese of Nebraska opened last even
ing at Christ (Episcopal) church, with a
fair attendance. Bishop Williams of
Omaha waa unable to bo present and the
address of the evening was delivered by
I Wan Beecher of Omaha. The discourse
was both beautiful and grand In Its sim
plicity, dealing with fundamental prloci-
very Drinking EU3an Knows J
WHAT the terrible craving for liquor is, but few know
WHY it is. It is a symptom of the disease of in
ebriety, which Dr. Leslie E. Keeley defined as "a con
dition wherein the nerve cells have become so ac
customed to performing their duties and functions
under the influence of acohol that they are dependent
upon it, and will no longer perform those duties and
functions properly and painlessly except when under
Its influence." TUe disease
yields readily to the treat
ment formulated by Dr.
Keeley, and commonly
known as the Keeley Cure.
This treatment has been
proven efficacious by an ex
perience of nearly twenty
five years and the cure of
more than 350,000 cases
of addiction to alcohol,
morphine, cocaine, tobacco,
The Oldest, Safest and Most Reliable Cure
for Drunkenness, Morphine and Other Drug
Addictions, Tobacco and Cigarette Habit.
I'HOXK 1478.
Only place in the state where genuine Keeley
remedies and treatment are given. AH commu
nications confidential.
etc. It not only destroys every vestige of the craving?
for those poisons, but also Imparts new strength:
and vigor to every organ of the system, and lm
proves the general health. Considering the great
number of fraudulent so-called cures promoted, by
adventurers, the public ahould beware of laymen who
advertise themselves as doctors, and claim to have din
covered and to admiulMer wonderful cures, but who
have no medical education
and are not physician.
This is a matter deservlnc
of careful attention from
those who require medical
treatment. The Keeley .
treatment is administered
only In authorized Keeley
Institutes, of which there
Is but one in the State of
Nebraska. For full par
tlculars, address.