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Supreme Court Orders Police to Bead
Eallot Bona to Iltction Bursa.
aicipal Ownership Candidate Aiiegti
Irani in the Count.
2e;ioru from Lower last Sid Fi"
Turned Ecale to McClsllai. I
KirnluK I'uil lull ttentloii
Incidents Which It !
Should Be Investi
gated. NLW YORK, Nov. S. Willi the granting
'f an order by Supreme Court Justice Wil-il.-vm
(iaynor In Brooklyn, compelling Po
ii -e Commissioner MrAdoo to remove every
ballot box from all the precincts In Greater
New York to the bureau of elections. Wil
liam It. Hearst, the defeated Municipal
ownership league candidate, took his first
-nl step In a fight to secure a recount of
the votes cast on elertlon day. The ord'r
will granted after Justice Oaynor had re
viewed affidavits submitted by Mr. Hearst's
attorneys, and half an hour later Colonel
Alexander Bacon and E. W. Brown, repre
senting Mr. Hearst, served the ordr on
Commissioner McAdoo, who sent mil a
general order to every precinct In Creator
New Tort, Instructing the captain or other
officer In charge to send the ballot boxes
straightway to the bureau of elections In
When notices were served on the ser
geants In command of Charles street and
West Twentieth street stations to send
their ballot hoxes to the bureau of elec
tions the Sergeants refused, saying the
raptalns of their stations were the men to
tell them what to do and thst they would
not send the boxes until their superior
officers bad notified them.
In signing the order Justice Gaynor said:
The police have nothing whatever to uo
Willi the ballot boxes and It Is most nston
Ishttig thst thev should have noesenslnu "f
them. They have no right to touch them.
The order is granted.
The granting of the order came unex
pectedly and caused much surprise, nnd
with the opinion of Justice Oaynor that the
police have no right to the ballot boxes
and Should not even touch them, s new as
pect Is placed on the rase. This is the first
time such an order was ever Issued, ns here
tofore the police had always Imd charge, of
the hallot boxes after the count Is taken at
t'n polling places. They are removed to
the ststlon homes Immediately after the
ballots have been counted.
Mr. Ivlns. the defeated inayorulity candl
d.itc. was asked today by Mr. Hearst to
net as his counsel In the right lie will wage
to be declared mayor. Mr. Ivlns refused
but said he would gladly co-operate with
the attorneys who will conduct the fight as
naKsiclute. counsel.
' " Hearst Alleges Fraad.
That a hitter fight will be waged in the
courts to decide whether McClellun or
Hearst Is to be mayor of New York
for the. next four years is now as
sured. The complete returns give Mc
Clellan a plurality of 3.45 votes, the
smallest ever recorded for a successful
mayoralty candidate and a result which
might be readily reversed by a recount
of the ballots. Mr. Hearst today an
nounced his Intention to take an immedi
ate, appeal to the supreme court, his
managers h nvlng declared that :hcy had
secured evidence of illegal acts igatnst
l.oen Inspector of election, and that 3".m
Hearst men o went to the polls to vote
for Mr, Hearst hsd found that their names
had already been voted.
Fraad la Mnrphy'" Ward.
Most of thla fraudulent voting is ssld
to have been done In East Bide assembly
districts, and especially In the Eighteenth,
Charles F. Murphy'e home district, and In
the Sixth, of which Timothy D. Sullivan
Is the leader.
Mr. Hearst' proposed action met with
warm approval In many quarters, even
among those who opposed his election,
and he received many assurances of sup
port. District Attorney Jerome ex
pressed himself In terms of strong ap
proval of Mr. H'eant'a program tnd de
clared that he would Immediately insti
tute a eearchlng investigation of the al-
,leged democratlo frauds. He also or
dered the returns from the Eighteenth
and Sixth districts to be carefully ijuarded.
tra O. Darrln. the newly elected district
attorney of Queens county on the re
publican ticket, made a similar statement.
William M. Ivlns. the defeated repub
lican candidate for mayor, ulso com
mended Mr. Hearst's action and e a pressed
the belief that a recount would show
!at Mr. Hearst had been elected.
Statement by Tammany.
After a secret session of the executive
committee of Tammany Hull this afternoon
ih following statement was issued:
The executive committee of the demo
cratic organisation protects against the out
rageous published threat hv the defeated
candidate of the Municipal league to over
throw the will of tin- people, as expressed
hv the vote cast on election day. and di
rects Its law committee to exert Its best
efforts and take such steps and institute
Much Di'oceedings as will safeguard the
election of George H. McClellan as mayor
of Now York.
We also call on the commissioner of po
lice and ttie custodian of the ballot to
preserve the same Intact from all interfer
ence by any one from an unauthorized
Some of the leaders, after the meeting,
cxpreaaed the opinion that the returns
showed censure of Mr. Murphy's leadership
and he should as a result step down and
out and make room for a man against
whom nothing could be charged. They
thought that It whs time for George B.
McClellan to assume the leadership himself.
superintendent of Elections Morgan said
tonight that while doubtless many Illegal
votes were cast, he would express no opin
ion on the contention made by the Munici
pal Ownership league managers that they
amounted to 30,000. He hud made, he said,
many arrests, but only thirty of the prison
ers were held by the magistrates.
Attorney General Mayer said that he had
information that illegal voles were cast
in several assembly districts. "In any event,
however," said the attorney general, "even
should 'we discover thousands of cases of
illegal voting, It would not affect the count,
fur the reaaon that the ballots cannot be
deducted. So fur as we are concerned our
Jurisdiction ends with the prosecution of
llic criminals where the crime of illegal
voting has been committed."
Statement by Mr. Uearet.
A campaign to defeat Tammany Hall iu
the supreme court arid to declare YVillluni
fCealluued. oa aaowud Fage
e K. Sehmlta and Associates
Fleeted la gaa Fraaclaco Over
Combined Opposition.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. ..The union
labor party achieved an astonishing tri
umph In yesterduy's battle at the polls.
From the h ud of the ticket down to the
eighteenth nominee for supervisor every
union labor cundldate was elected. Mayor
Eugene E. Schmltx being returned to office
for a third term by a majority of 11,500 over
John 3. Partridge, the Joint nominee of the
republican and democratic parties. The re
mainder of the cnndldr.tes of the Bchmlts
ticket were elected by majorities ranging
from 4,000 to 7.000.
The complete returns from the Pan
Francisco election show that every can
didate on the union labor ticket was
elected, the pluralities over the fusion
and socialist tickets ranging from 4.970 to
11,500. The total vote for mayor was as
John 8. rurtridge, 28,687; Eugene E.
Schmitx. union lnhor, 40.191 : A. W. Cnxt
ner. socialist, l.G6. Cchmltx's plurality,
An ordinance Increasing the retail liquor
license from $84 to 1000 a year was de
feated by a majority of 2,3fl.
Mannaer of ' fusion Party Allege
Freed and Intimidation tin
Pnrt of Demoernts.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. s.-Tlie man
agers of the fusion party met this after
noon nnd announced that they had decided
to contest in the courts the election of the
democratic ticket for municipal officers and
members of the legislature. It is alleged
that In fourteen precincts no election was
held at all, owing to the disappearance of
the election paraphernalia, that in four
teen additional precincts the ballot boxes
were confiscated by democratic workers be
fore the returns were certified t.o. thus
allowing the result to be falsified, and.
finally, that In a large number of other
precincts gangs of armed thugs and re
peaters, abetted In some Instances by the
police, cust many fraudulent ballots besides
preventing lawful voters from voting.
BOSTON, Nov. 8. A revision of the vote
111 yesterday's vote In Maasncusctts failed
to alter materially the rexult.
The republican victory nil along the line
with Ihe exception of the contest for lieu
tenant governor whs Just as pronounced as
It was at midnight last night.
Revised figures are:
Governor: Guild (rep). 107.512: Rurtlett
(dem.), 174,30!;; Guild's pluality. 13,116.
Lieutenant governor: Iraper irep.V 182. -1!7:
Whitney (dem). 180.201; Draper's
plurality. 1,W.
The democrats slightly Increased their
plurality In hnth branches of the legislature,
gaining three senators and one representa
A feature of the election was the unlooked-for-victory
of John E. Moran for
district attorney of Suffolk county, which
Includes the city of Boston. Mr. Mortin
failed to receive any party nomination,
and ran entirely on the indorsement of the
requisite number of citizens. His opponent,
Michael J. Sughrue. had the endorsement
of both the democratic and. repullcan par
ttof. Chairman Lyman of the democratic state
executive committee stated to the Asso
ciated Press today that the democratic
leaders would request a recount of the vote
for lieutenant governor.
BALTIMORE, Nov. 8. Late returns dis-
slpat" much of the doubt as to the result
of the election of yesterday. In all except
a few precincts of usually democratic coun
ties to hear from the defeat of the pro
posed suffrage restriction amendment to
the state constitution. 28,000 to 2,nno Is in
dicated. Atkinson (deni.) Is conceded the
state cotitrollersliip nnd his majority wi!l
probably run over 6,500.
That the lower house of the state legis
lature a HI be democratic Is conceded by
republican sources of Information. It will
probably be made up of fifty-three demo
crats and forty-five republicans. The state
senate Is eighteen democrats and eight
republicans. The democrats, therefore, will
elect the state treasurer and the board of
public works will be democratic. The elec
tion of Padgett (rep.) as sheriff, this city,
about which there had been doubt. Is now
CHICAGO. Nov. 8. The republican
wept Chicago and Cook county yesterday,
electing every candidate on their ticket.
The complete returns early today show Xha
following figures:
Judges Superior Court Gurry (rep.), SR.
McEwan (rep.), 90, 2; Ball (rep.). 91.
KS.r; Kavanaugh (rep.). 100,3-1: Ramsey
(dem), 71,227; Smietana (deini. h5.2li3; Shep
herd (deni ), 7R.B22; Werno (dem.), 69.51(1.
Judge Superior Court to Fill Vacancy
Smith (rep.). 83.9"3; Tolnian (dem).. 81.718.
Judge Circuit Court Pinckney (rep.). iS
178; Doyle (dem.), 77,4.19.
In the vote for trustees of the sanitary
district McCormlck, the highest man on the
republican ticket, received 86.643 votes,
against 80,877 for Webb, the highest man
on the democratic ticket. Baker, the low
man on the republican ticket. received In
the city 2,258 more votes than Webb, the
high man on the democratic ticket.
SALT LAKE CITY. Nov. 8.-The Amer
ican party, founded for the express pur
pose of overthrowing the Influence of the
Mormon church In municipal affairs,
gained a complete victory In yesterday's
city election. Ezra Thompson was elected
mayor by a plurality of 925 over Richard i
P. Morris, democrat and Mormon, who
wa a candidate for re-election. The en
tire city ticket of the Americans Is elected
by about the same vote. The American
will have control of the council, having;
elected six eouncilmen to act with the
two Gentile holdover. The total vote for
mayor is: Thompson (American), 8.733;
Morris (dem.), 7.S08; Lynch trep), 5,062.
TRENTON. N. J.. Nov. $.-Late return
from Hudson county indicate that the re
publican have elected their entile twelve
assemblymen. By reason of this the demo
crat will probaly not have more than
three member of the assembly. The next
legislature will stand as follows: Senate,
republican. 17: democrat!., 4. Assembly:
republicans. 57: democrat. 3.
plete vote for governor In this state fol
lou. I'tter trep.), 3U.6S2; Garvin (dem.). 26,340;
Holme (pro.). 819; Herlck isoc. labor), f'.S;
Carpenter (oc ), 4w). Utter' plurality.
4.3C Compared with lust year the result
abwaa a republican net gala ut
Candidate Backed by Philadelphia Re
former! Elected at Stat Treasurer.
With 51.040 nines Stricken from
Roll Total ott Is Only
a!,!! Behind Vote
for President.
PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 8. -The political
revolution 1n this city and state yesterday
was the greatest that has occurred In Penn
sylvania In nearly a generation. There
have been previous upheavals, but this is
the first time in years that the office for
which there was any seniblunce of a contest
has been lost to the regular republicans. It
Is also the first time In a quarter of a cen
tury that the regular republicans have been
defeated for control of the state treasury.
Memorable contests have been waged
Rgalnft the republicans for the office, but
without success, and it Is worthy of note
that yesterday's election Is the first that
has been held for the place since the death
of Former United States Senator Quay.
The plurality of William H. Berry, who
was nominated by the democrats. Indepen
dent party, Lincoln party and prohlbtlonlsts
for state treasurer, will be nearly 100.000
and may go above these figures. J. Lee
Plummer. republican candidate, ran far
behind his ticket In nearly every county
In the slate. The remainder of the republi
can ticket was elected by the usual republi
can pluralities. President Roosevelt'" plu
rality last year of more than 600.000. The
victory of the city party, the reform organi
zation, over the reg-jlar republicans in
Philadelphia was complete and beyond
the expectations of th former leaders.
The city party's' plurality Is 43.333. The
reform wave carried Berrv along with It.
he defeating Plummer In the city by 86.037
Complete Tote In City.
The complete vote for the office for which
there were contests. Is as follows:
For sheriff: Wilson H. Brown, city party.
148,679; Joseph S Neff, republican, 106,341!;
G. R. Vlsler. socialist, 1.2;7.
Coroner: J. M. K. Jermon, eiiy party,
l4i.'i4; Thomas IniKa (present incumbent),
H4JU1: Julius. Weber, socialist, 1.270.
County comm'ssioners (three to be elected
but no elector to vote for more than two):
Rudolph lilnnkenburg. city party, 14X.1;;
K. A. Anderson, city pany. Ms.z.t; it. A.
Chase, republican. 1U0.1.W: William Emsley,
republli an. Ul'.Kl; Alphons Olbrlch, socialist,
Chase Is elected as the third commis
sioner, defeating Emesley, his colleague,
by fiSS votes.
The vote for state treasurer In Philadel
phia was as follows:
W. H. Berry, fusion. 131.797; J. L. Plum
mer. republican. !W.7im; R. It. Kingler. soc
ialist, 1.318; E. J. Drugmand. socialist
lalKir, 18S.
The proposed $l.ono,nno loan for the aboil- I
tlon of grade crossings was carried by a
Isrge majority.
The highest vote cast for any one officer
was that for sheriff, the vote being I&".2tt!.
The total vote for president last year was
2R1.SM. The city party claims that inasmuch
as 51.000 alleged fraudulent names were
stricken from the voting lists since, the
fight against the republican organization
began last Mav, the vote cast yesterday
was the highest ever polled In the city.
ma toeal Sarprlsea.
The regular republicans csrricd only four
teen of the forty-two wards for their local
ticket. Plummer, for stato treasurer, carried
sixteen. One of the surprises of the elec
tion, ass the loss by the regular republi
cans of United States Senator Penrose's
ward. It gave the city party plurality of
fifty, but Plummer carried It by fifty-two
Insurance Commissioner David Martin, at
one time the republican leader of the city,
lost liln ward yesterday for the first time In
thirty years.
David H. Ine. the veteran leader, upon
whom much of the work of the republican
campaign fell, also lost his ward, the Twen
Complete returns from every ward In the
city gives the city party 148,679. and the re
publicans candidates l'i6.346, a plurality for
the city party of 43,333. Berry, fusion can
didate for state treasurer, carried the elly
over Plumer. republican, by 36.037 plurality.
There was a great demonstration at the than other forms of life Insurance, and
mayor's office today by the victorious city Mr. Hegeman, after classing Industrial ln
party leaders and others. Score of leaders surance a retail and the ordinary life as
and hundreds of workers of the reform or- , wholesale. Illustrated the fact by an or
ganization who had assembled at the city I ample In which for a stated age It was
rarty headquarters to offer congratulations shown that for a Il.ono policy of ordinary
to the successful candidates, formed in line
and headed by two brass bands marched
through the street to the city hall. In the
line wrre some of Philadelphia's best
known citizens. Euch carried a flag and j Mr. Hegeman was on the atand tho
the enthusiasm was so great that hundreds greater part of the afternoon and hi tes
of persons on the street caught the spirit timony was along the line of the amount
and Joined the marchers. The men marched ! of the company's increase In business.
Into Mayor Weaver's large reception room j At the morning session Emery McClIn
andl cheered him while the bands played ; tick, actuary of the Mutual Life Insurance
patriotic airs. Mayor Weaver was lifted company, who ha been examined in part
upon a table and made a stirring speech ' at previous sessions wa called and con
In which he paid a warm tribute to the I tinned his testimony on technical Insur
pollce for their loyalty to duty. He gaveKnce.
the people credit for the victory and said
it was the cleanest election held In Phila
delphia In many year.
Rudolph Blankenburg. one of the success-
ful candidate for county commissioner,
aroused much enthusiasm by declaring that
the fight against the republican, organiza-
tlon" must be carried on to February when
e,b:ttn,dforTTemou" l 'JLTr
number of leader also spoke. The demon
stration lasted more than an hour.
Will Continue the Flsbt.
The city party ha planned to hold a
mass meeting and street parade Friday
night In honor of It victory. The man
ager of the reform movement Intend to at
once begin the campaign for the February
A staff of attorney employed by the re
form leader Is at work preparing to
bring about 200 prosecutions for offences
against the ballot law. Judge Blddle In
common plea court today ordered the ar
rest of the entire boards of eleven divisions
for neglecting to make return to tbe pro
ihonotarles' office.
Chairman Franklin Spencer Edmunds, of
. i, .., , '
the city party city committee, said today
that the cost of running the reform cam
paign wa approximately $110,000.
The republican organization leader had
little to say today regarding their defeat.
The result of the election, they aahi, told
the btory. United State Senator Penrose
and Israel W. Durham, the leader of the
local republican organization, had a long
conference at which they discussed the
situation. Mr. Durham accompanied by
a few friend will go south tomorrow for
a rest.
Mayor W illiam H. Berry of Chester, the
successful fusion candidate for atate treas
urer, wa in this city today receiving the
congratulation of hi friends. Mr.' Berry,
who will be the first democrat excepting
Governor Pattison, to occupy a state office
CunUoud oa Second F
ew tnlted State Senator from Mis
souri Will Support President's
Rate Rcgalatloa Flan.
KANSAS CITY, .Mo., Nov. H.-Lnlted
States Senator-elect William Warner, the
first republican to be elected to the senate
from Missouri since Carl Schurs In 1869,
was tonight tendered a farewell banquet at
the Midland hotel In this city. Six hun
dred republicans from Missouri and Kan
sas attended, and toasts were responded
to by several prominent politicians of both
stales. Gardner LaUirop of Chicago, gen
eral counsel of the' Atchison, Topeku &
Santa Fe railway, a' led as toasttnastur.
Senator Warner spoke to the toast "Na
tional Issues," and stild in part:
The demand of the hour in official life
Is Intellectual honesty; a demand for offi
cials to act right, a well as think right;
officials who hew to the line of duty, ns
Ood gives the light to see their duty, let
ting the chips full where they may. To
day the man of all men in official life who
leads the column of intellectual honesty Is
the president of the Catted 8lates.
1 shall enter the tenets of the Tnlted
States as the personal and political friend
of the president, as a:V admirer, of his stal
wart Americanism. :id of his rugged of
ficial courage. No other president since
Lincoln has trusted the people as Roose
velt trusts them, and 'no other president
have the people trunted as they trust
His efforts to secure legislation clothing
the interstate commerce committee with
power to insure a nquaro deal between
common carriers and itilpper have my un
qualified support. ' :
' The rebate evil whlcrh gives the dishonest
dealer an unfair advantage over the hon
est one, should be driven from the chan
nels of commerce. undT the "lash of the
law." If this is not done it will be be
cause the honest carriers and shippers of
ur country fail to Vo-operate with the
national administration in enforcing ' the
law. i
Speeches were made, by Governor Hoch
of Kansas; Thomas J. Aklns, republican
national committeeman from Missouri;
Thomas K. Kiedrlnghua, St. Louis, chair-
man of the republican slate committee; j
Congressman elect E. C. Ellis, Kansas
City, and United States Senator CheBter
I. Long of Kansas.
Admiral Sends Red nee Tvto Cadet
Olflcers to Hanks for Attending.
Fist Flaht.
WASHINGTON. Nov. e.-Secretry Bo
naparte stated that the recent occurrence
at the Annapolis nova! academy resulting t s,.ntod by W. 8. Wright and E. M. An- j tory. The delegation consiBted of Dele
In the death of Midshipman Branch, has j dreesen, ot Omaha; 11. J. Leo and wife, j gate Magulre. Chairman Charles H. Fll-bee-rt
thoroughly Investigated, but that at i of Fromont; t. J. Usher, formerly of Lin- i son of the Republican Territorial com-
Admlral Sands, the superintendent of the j
, ,ul.,,c. ;
academy, today telegraphed Secretary Bo- I
napnrte that Lieutenants Fitch anrl isoyes
of the cadet battalion had been reduced to
the ranks for particlptdlng In the unfort-
unit, affair by which Voung Branch lost
. . ...
nl" m i
The regulations provide for the tmme-
! diate investigation of the matter by a
court of Inquiry which, It Is stated at tho J
department, will undoubtedly . recommend
the trial by court martial not only of the ,
surv ivor of the prtxc fight, but of the time-
keeper snd referee, both cadet officers, and j
perhaps of the cadet officers who permit
ted the men to withdraw from the supper
the fatal encounter. DJ was stated at the I
department today that 'b!!e tbe naval au
thorities have ample ' hLchlnry -for - any
action necessary, they will not throw any
obstacle In the wsy of an Investigation
which the local authorities may desire to
ANNAPOLIS. Md., Nov. 8. The funeral
of Midshipman James R. Rranch, who
died Tuesday morning, after receiving In
juries In a fist fight with Midshipman
Minor Merlweather. took place this after
noon from the old naval academy armory.
Captain Clark conducted the funeral ser
vices and the interment was In the naval
I cemetery.
Xevr York Investigator Start
Work After Reoe" for
the Campaign.
NEW YORK. Nov. 8.-In the testimony
of John R. Hegeman. president of the
Metropolitan Life Insurance company, be-
J forei the In-uranca investigating commit-
tee It was brought out that Industrial In -
life the Metropolitan charged 116.55 annually
while for 1784 the nearest amount for the
stated age under the industrial plan $31.20
was charged.
It was announced today that Stuyvesant
Fish has consented to serve on a committee
of three trustee of the Mutual Life In
surance company to Investigate that com-
j pany. The other members of the committee
j Bre William H. Truesdale and John W.
I Auchincloss.
Permit Granted Sw Vork Life to Do
Bnalneaa In Mlsaonri Is
Vandlver, state superintendent of insur
ance, tonight suspended the certificate of
authority of the New York Life Insurance
company to do business in this state.
Following I the order In full:
Notice Is hereby given that, whereas in
formation in my possession and verified
by examination of the official stenogra
phers' report of the recent examination of
the officers of ttie New York Life Insur
ance company of New York, N. Y., by the
executive Investigation committee of the
! of New lk' give rat reasonable
'cause to suspect, and 1 do suspect and
believe that the fund of the said company
have been impaired by the diversion of
large sum of money for Illegal and wrong
ful purposes, and that the further contin
uance of the said New York Life Insur
ance company In the writing of life in
surance in tide atate, under it present
management, is hazardous to the public
and to those holding it policies: therefore
I, W. D. Vandlver, superintendent of the
insurance department of the state of Mis
souri, have this day auxpended the certifi
cate of authority heretofore granted to
said company to do the buslnesa of writing
life, insurance in this state.
It 1 further ordered that a copy of thi
motion and notice be published once a
week for four wk consecutively In tbe
St. Loui Republic, a newcuaper published
in the city of at. Loui. Done by authority
In me vented under the laas of this slate.
Witness my hand and seal of the Insur
ance department of the state of Missouri,
Lhia 8th day of November, A. D 1!6.
Superintendent of the Insurance deparl
i tuaut of Uia auxe of Miaeourl.
Matter to Be Preiented te Secret a' j
Hitchoeok Next Week.
Many People from tbe Vet Are At
tending; an Important Business
Conference at the Na
tional Capital.
J t From a Stuff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. (.Special Tele
gram. The Boyd county lend cases which
have been pending for years In the courts
and before the secretary of the interior,
are to be heard finally by Secretary Hitch
cock next week. These cases have been
brought by the stale of Nebraska against
squatters on lands Included within the old
Fort Randall military reservation and Big
Sioux reservation, to dispossess squutters
on these lands, so that they may be taken
over by the state for school purposes.
Years ago the government ceded to the
state of Nebraska some 6,2'K) acres of land
In Boyd county for school purposes, but
through legislative acts and inability of
state officers to control the same, the lands
In question, probably worth JSjO.OW, have
been occupied by squatters. Suits have
been brought to eject them from their
holdings and the cases have now reached
the secretary of the Interior on appeal
from a decision of the geueral land office,
which has held that the lands In question
properly belong to the school fund of Ne
braska. Captain K. F. Murtln of Lincoln, special
attorney of the attorney general's office.
Is In Washington to present to Secretary
Hitchcock reasons why the decision of the
general land office should be affirmed. In
the event Secretary Hitchcock affirms the
decision of the general land office, suit In
ejectment, now pending Iu the supreme
rourt of Nebraska, will be pushed to an j
affirmance and the case tsken up to cir
cuit court in order that the United States
jnarsha may have Jurisdiction looking to
tho removal of squatters from the property
In controversy.
Hardware Men Confer.
The National Hardware association,
which Is in session in this city, has brought
together many of the leading business men
of the United, States.
Nebraska is repre-
coin, now or t;nicago. iov.a oy u. ji,nip-
k,Pi of councj Bluffs; Clarence Knapp and j
wlfp of sloux City; F. E. Cutler, of Wn- j
trioo; p. h. Luthe, of Des Moines, and
j s nayPF Hnd wife, of Oskaloosa.
rV?' ,W" v'JX w
Application of John B. Crusen, V. Frank-
II.. n iv- -,..., a i' f-.,-
"" V ' . ' .'
i sen and S. M.
Crusen. to organise the
National bank of Hayes Center,
Neb., with 125,000 cnpltal has been ap
proved by tho comptroller of the currency.
Rural route No. 3. ordered established
January 15. at Waubay, Day county, 8. D., J
eerving nOO people and 100 homes. I
. . .
Kmal camera appointed lor towa routes:
Eldon, route. 1, Warren Fraiser. carrier;
Newton Moore substitute
ML Zlon.
route 1. Charles E. Mcintosh, carrier; John
W. Mclntoah,, subsUlut.
Kettle Comley. appointed postmaster "at
Talten. Albany county, Wyo., rioe Mar
garet Matheson. resigned.
Appropriation Committee Find "I,
B82,.21A Available for the
NEW YORK, Nov. 8.-The general mis
sionary committee of the Methodist
r.piscopai cnurcn, navinp; ior us unction
the making of appropriations for all the
domestic and foreign missions of the
denomination, met
annual -tesalun
Brooklyn today.
The feature of the day was the report
of Dr. Homer Eaton, treasurer of the
missionary society, which showed that the i
society had received during the year end
ing October 31 the sum of 11.582.215, an
ln,.rAn eiver tlm eaeelnta rtf Ih. -. rr . I
. t , ... , k.
j dPCreaJ,e!, In ,e(racles. lapsed an-1
i ... , ,K .. .1
I church collections only, of which by far
tho largest part of tho Income of the
aociety consists
there was an actual In
crease of more than $76,000. There were
received for special gift during the year
$166,477. Of the expenditures of the year,
$949,794 went to foreign missions and
032 went to home missions.
The work of making appropriation wna cont(.ntlon t)lIlt (h(. rlty had compiied with
begun today by setting aside funds for ,aw , hefrlnnlng quo warranto pro-
administration and for the dissemination , cortI a(talnst tne Trac(lon companies,
of missionary Information. The total sum j Ko,owng JurtKe Dllpuy. decision an ef
then available for appropriation to in- I made to delay the litigation until
dividual minions was divided on the on on rh, ,
ranu ui intj tpnv iur lurnn nun- j
Fort RUey and Fort Uoagla Bat
terie Will F.xrhanejre Sta
tion by. Rail.
JUNCTION CITY. Kan., Nov. 8. The or
der from the War department for the Nine
teenth battery, stationed at Fort Riley, to
march from here to Fort Douglas, Utah,
and for the Twenty-second battery, sta
tioned at Fort Douglas, Utah, to march to
Fort Riley, has been withdrawn and an
other order ha been received that the
batteries make the change of station by
railroad. The officer and enlisted men of
the organization and their personal bag
gage will leave by railroad and the horses i
and field guns and all army material will i
remain behind, the organisations effectlnr;
an exchange of horses and equipment.
The Nineteenth battery will leave here a
soon as transportation arrives. No change
has been made in the order that the Sixth
battery start on Its march from here Mon
day to Fort Sam Houston.
American Association Hear Report
of President Blrge and DUeaaae
Freight Rate.
, to email college throughout the country,
WASHINGTON. Nov. -The American ' ls 'J',n ,l the P'nt ' deB'-"i having uf
Hardware Manufacturers' association be- terei a stroke of paralysis. She la 86
gan It ninth convention today. Almost , 'e8r of "Se "d 11 believed that
4o0 delegate attended. Report on the i h can "ve but 'ort time.
regulation of freight rate were submitted j
by N. A. Gladding, who reported what !
had been done by the "rump" Interstate I
commerce law convention held recently at
Chicago; E. B. Pike of New Hampshire,
formerly chairman of the freight com-
nuiiee ui Hewtiiiuuii, miu rcpui leu
on the "regular" Chicago convention, and
by T. A. Alexander of New York City,
who presented hla Individual views. The
reports were referred to the executive
committee and some action expressing the
views ot iLe cuuvtulion is expected.
fair In West. Bain In East Portion
Thursday. Friday Fair.
Temperatare at Omaha rsterdayi
Hoar. Ilea. Moor. Dea.
ft a. m It 7 t p. m f4
O a. m ST 'J p. m fiT
7 a. m ..... , no a p. iu nil
a a. ni art t p. m (14
1 a. ni ...... 4(1 n p. ni -4"
1 . m 4:1 tl p. m -4.1
11 a. m 4M 7 p. m 41
la m All H p. m
v p. ni .17
Fine Library and Nearly AH Machin
ery of Man Francisco ( hronlcle
Snred from Flame.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 8. An estimate
made today of the dsmuge done to the
Chronicle building by fire and water last
nlsht places the total amount at 85,000,
partly covered by Insurance. Tho clock
tower, neai which the flumes started from
. fireworks, was ruined, and the upper floor
was practically gutted, but the energetic
efforts of the firemen saved the library and
the many linotype machines and other ma
chinery In the composing and sterotyplng
The presses In the basement were unin
jured, though flooded. The Weekly Chron
icle was prepared today from the old office,
though the men worked under many diffi
culties. The daily edition, which this morn
ing was printed on the Examiner's presses,
will be Issued tomorrow from the Chron
icle's own office.
Tho reference Ubrur of the Chronicle Is
regarded as one of the most complete of
its kind In America. It could not tie dupli
cated, as over twenty years have been oc
cupied In Its collection nd compilation.
It sustained only slight Injury, owing to
the fact that the building Is of modern con
President Will Reroinmend Admis
sion of Oklahoma and Indian
Territory a One Mate.
Roosevelt today Informed
from Oklahoma that he
8. President
a delcgn
would ret
mend In his forthcoming message hinglo
statehood for Oklahoma and Indian Terrl-
mission; c. M. Wade, republican nn-
tional committeeman.
and Vernon
Whiting. They
told the president they
hoped congress would pass a single state,
hood resolution according to his recom
GUTHRIE. Okl.. Nov. ik-Captaln
Frank Franti. who. It was announced
today, is nnpointed to succeed Thomas H
Ferguson ns governor of Oklahoma, Is
an ex-Rough Rider. Captain Frants was
appointed postmaster at Enid. '"kl., by
President Roosevelt and later Osage In-
dian agent, which position he now holds.
Governor Ferguson's term expires on Jan-
uary is uext.
Mn, , latere! . of .l.aber
Capital Are Xot Identical, but
CLINTON. Ind., Nov. 8. President John
Mitchell of the United Mine Workers of
America was the guest of the people of
this district today. W'ork was suspended
nt twelve nilnes and every business house
was closed during the mass meeting. Mr.
Mitchell spoke of the relations of labor to
capital. He denied the statement credited
to him that the interests ni capital anil
I anor Bre identical.
..Th,lr interests are not Identical," snld
x xti.h.ll "Thev ure reetnrnesl ti,
best thing the miners und operator ever
did was to establish the Joint agreement.
No man has ever accused me of being
afraid to strike. While I am not afruld
to strike I do not believe In such measures ; the republican canniauiea ior reKenis ni
except as a last resort." j the university are elected, but their plu-
I lallty Is considerably less than that for
rmrafin win two points ' Jm'Be rarlv "ne8 ere not Rdhored
btllUAUU VVIlMd IVVU rUINIOion oounty offices, the fusionists making
Jadgo Decides Proceeding; Are Legal
and Case Mast Be Tried
CHICAGO, Nov. 8. Two victories were
vnn tArlnv hv th rttv of Chiejlfri in Itm
, , , fl )u ,. , lraoton compane(l.
, lpm?thv .,, JulK, George A.
, ,
er now pending In the supreme court.
In this caso Judge Dupuy also ruled
against the traction companies. He held
that proceedings In the state courts should
be finished regardless of the pendency of
matters before the federal tribunal.
Sqaadroa that Will Participate In Re
ception to Prince Arrive
from Baltimore.
....... ..,-.-..- v. - l. 'ng world for aid. Il.erelnre each com-
NEW YORK, Nov. 8 -The squadron of j nulnily is hereby requested to organlie at
eight battleship and four cruisers which , once and without further notice for the
will participate In the ceremonies attending , Purpose of raising fund to aid these des-
,. " ,,, - ,,,, t ni. ., r, .. tliute living victims. Funds when collected
the reception of Prince Louis of Batten- ni.t. .f, warU,.rt to Mr. Jacob H. fcchlft
burg in this city, arrived In this port to- of New York for proper dlnti ibution.
day. Jt wh composed of the battleships j gT. PETERSBURG. Nov. 8. Irfird Roths
Maine, Missouri, Kentucky, Kearsarge, I child of London and Jacob II Schlff of
Alabama, Illinois, Massachusetts and Iowa ;
the cruiser West Virginia, Colorado, Penn
sylvania and Maryland. The auxiliary
cruiser Yankton followed later.
Wife of Friend of Small College
Lying at Polat of Death In
CHICAGO. Nov. 8. Mr. Daniel It.
Plerson. wife of the millionaire philan
thropist who has given so much money
Morenient of Ocean Vessel Nov. M.
At New York Arrived : Koenig Albert,
(mm Cfina. Called: Rvndum. for Roller.
I dam; Cedric. for Liverpool.
j At Glasgow Sailed: Beuno Ayrean. for
; BAVw'ue.nstown-8alled: Ivernla. for Boa-
, ton.
At Boutlminntnp Silled: Kron Prlnz Wll-
helm, for New York.
At Dover Arrived : Patricia, from New
At Naples Sailed: Prinz Oscar, for New
At Liverpool Silled: Majestic, for New
York. Mcrluu. Xur JUUdvlphU
JYore Complete Betnrni Show Victory
Greater Than at First Supposed.
Falling Off in the Fusion Vote Greater
Tbae the Hepibliean.
Incomplete Returni Indicate a Plurality of
Oyer Twenty Thousand.
Finds gome consolation In the Fact
that I.etton' Plurality I Not Sw
Ijirge a that vf Koose
vrlt Last Year.
Twenty-five counties complete give Let
tun a plurality of 8 $2. as compared with
a plurality for Barnes two years ago la
the same counties of l.ftt4, a net gain of
6,!4S. These twenty-live counties represent
less than one-third of the total vote of the
state and do not Include lji master and
Gago with two large republican majorities.
A fair estimate would certainly put IaI
ton's plurality above the 20,000 mark,
ugalusl a plurality for Barnes two year
ago of 9.127.
The plurality of the republican candi
dates for regent Is slightly smaller than
that of Letton for Judge, while the total
vote on regent Is slightly greater than on
the head of the ticket: Following are tu
tabulutcd returns:
Complete Heturn" on Judge.
Hast- Sulll
Letton. inxs. Barnea. van.
Ant"lope 1111 isM 1IU5 lolS
Banner S". 117 (U
Blaine :5 74 17 76
Boone IIS'-, 9M U14 llitf
Hint ma 47 isus 7ui
ltox Butte 4: 477 472
Cedar li ir 1VO 1814
Dakota 6711 ECU MO (.91
Dawson 12.'rt 7ir lls mm
! 'Dodge l 14HS y.ts IDS
i Douglas lid SB SHU K10
I Franklin Km 7:il 879 !:
Garfield Ri )'.S '-''(i Tli
Hayes iV 'JI5 271 CH
Kcarnev 75 7i 9"8 Ml
Keilh .19 i:9 2?7 ail
I Kimball !'S AH 1o5 69
! Ixigan M 9 K2 79
! Loup 1st S3 lrtS 124
Madison 1440 1041 17i 14.3
: Neinuha Ii! Srt lfnis IK,
; Polk Kli (.; M4 10vi
Thurston 547 4s4 fxv 6HJ
Wayne 10i? 7SS 1011 804
Vork 1SJ3 ll.'.n Soil lij
Totals ZPJ 3010 2893 &9S
One precinct missing.
Vote on Regent.
) Antelope .
I iicV,!p
Republican. Fualon.
1334 881
08 i
tf'l 79
l?,c:. S7
114ft M!
8W9 '-!
6C fil 8
1797 14"
1447 Tvwo
m T17
8U 191
811 . 2"
Wi ' ' 7-7
SSS 1"0
Kit hi
88 ft
184 S8
1376 1(1.10
14'9 HW
7'.i 8M
M6 o
lotto 7j0
181!) 117.
29448 21186
fox Butte
Douglas .
1 rani.lln .
i Garfield ...
i Hivcm
Kimball .
Ixigan ...
Madison .
Nemaha .
One precinct missing.
LINCOLN. Neb Nov. k-The election in.
NcbraMka. lias the appearance tonight of a
republican landslide on the head of tho
thket. The plurality for Itton for su
preme Judge will not be less than m.OOO
and may exceed 25,oi, more than doubla
that of two years ago on a decreased vote.
An average republican gain of six and a
half votes to the precinct is shown. Both,
gains in some countieH reliably rrpublicaa
and vice versa.
Move for Systematic Organisation at
All Hebrew la the United
CHICAGO, Nov. 8. -To insure united ao
tlon in giving financial aid made necessary
by the nuis.-acres of Jews in Russia a call
to the Jewish people of America was !
sued here tonight by Adolph Kruus, presi
dent of the Independent Order of B'Nal
B'Rith, who has been in telegraphic corre
spondence with th leaders of all Jewisli
organizations in the United States, and
was authorized to sign the call on behalf
of the head of each organization. This Is
tho first time on record that such a con
certed movement has ever been made by
the Jewish societies.
Following la the call:
CHICAGO. Nov. 8. To the Jew of Amer
ica: The victims of rhe awful riots and
niastacres in Hu."sia are not all numbered
with the dead. The living, starving sur
vivors who have loct their breadwinner.
and the maimed, mutely appeal to a pity-
New York have euch cabled $60,( to Su
Petersburg for the relief of the Jews who
auffcred from the recent disturbance.
Slato Department Hear that taa
DouiIuho I to Htm a
WASHINGTON. Nov. 8. A revolutionary
movement has developeil In Santo Domingo
and an uprising la ' threatened. News to
this effect ha reached the government here
and the proper steps are being taken by the
Navy department at the inula tice of the
Stute department to maintain the peace.
Chicago Man Accused of Sending;
Poisoned f andy to Wife Sent to
Jail Iu Default of Ball.
CHl('Uli), Nov. . 8. W. Sangsier, who
w.ik recently errested In Kansas following
charges that he nt pols.died candy o
his wife and daughter, was arraigned la
I court hei today, lie pleaded not guilty
anf d. fault of hail Wa Ukea aacfc a
I , .