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Exfraonlinary Waist
All the samples .id Surplus stock from M&x Roth WaJst Co., N. Y.
These waists are of the very highest grade all male for this fall and winter's fash
ionable trad newest colors and latest features.
Work sf Grading New Unioi Pacific
Goes U Tenvtr Firm.
When Completed It Will Knable Over,
land fa I'cmprlr for Trfflp
Between Omaha and
' Lincoln.
$2.98 for Silk Waists Worth up to $7.5) -Your choice of 303 hani-o-ne eilk wnit,
including a manufacturer's sample atoc's high gra ie bea itiful taffetas, Qft
crep do chines, laces, nets, peau de soie, lace inserting trimmel French
knots, pleated and tailor stitched every fashionable light and dark fhade13
$4 AX! S3 WOOL WAISTS At f l.BO Fine
veilings, albatross, plaids, etc., in wool lin
gerie effects, lace lnsertlngs and trimming,
silk embroidery tailor pleats and tailor stitched
all colors light blue, reseda, pinkfl f-
light gray, navy, red, champagne 1 S.'m
and white, at
ings, flannels, albatross, plain and checked
novelty materials tine checked sateens and
mercerized vestings all the choicest color
ings light blue, pink, red, white,
cream, champagne, brown,
Ladies Waists, EftVis 59c -m Basement A -plendid lot of this fall and
winter's good models embroidered, appliqued and braided Botany
flannels, heavy raer erized sateen, all colors, worth to $1.50, at, each
Two Git Two Tear aid Two Six Meitki
in Peahen iary.
Oar Klahteen-Venr-Old Youth Who
Forged Small Check Drawn a
Two Year' Term
at Lincoln.
in the criminal court Judge Day had a
short scstdon Tuesday morning, with
four prisoners who hnd changed their pleas
from not guilty to guilty. Tho first to face
hc judge were- Hurry ifurks and Ben
jamin fchaddock, two youths chnrged with
having forged a' check for 14.G0 last Au
gust. "Marks, I liavo been muklng Inquiries
about you for some time," said the court.
"I find you are over 18 years of ago and
your story Is true, of your parents being
dead, also you wore put In the cure of an
aunt when you were 4 years old. It la not
the Intention of the court to Inflict harsh
punishment on young men like you. but
society must be protected agtinst those
who transgress Its laws. I shall neither
fc-lve you the maximum nor the minimum
sentence, but will send you to the peniten
tiary for two years.
"Shaddock, I have had a letter from your
mother and she feels very bad Indeed to
learn you are in this kind of trouble. The
cuunty attorney lias the letter and you
may see It. I hope this experience will be
a lesson to you, as well as to your com
panion. Your sentence will be two years
In the penitentiary. You boys will still
have a chance to become good men when
ou get out If you will heed this lesson,
find I believe you will."
Both of the boys are strangers in this
Patrick Lynch and Charles Compton.
cluirged with daylight breaking and en
tering, pleaded guilty and got six months
each. They were charged with entering a
Missouri Pacific car loaded with flour for
the purpose of carrying away some of the
contents. While they are comparatively
young' men. It developed that tliey have
lived in Omaha a long time and have al
ways worked pretty steady.
"It Is on this account," said Judge Day,
"that I Impose a lenient sentence."
Resort to Various Schemes to Beat
Street Car Company, Says
"Some women will work all sorts of
schemes to get out of paying their fare,"
said a conductor on a l'arnam sreet car
yesteiday, with a savage look on his face.
See that woman back there? I asked
her for her fare and put out my hand for it.
blie looked up at tlio man by her side as
much as to say, 'lie Is my husband.' - The
man gave me a quarter and I tnok out 10
cents. He refused to stand for It and made
a roar, telling me he was paying only his
own fare. 1 stepped back In front of the
woman and asked her why she hadn't
given roe her fare. Then she dug up. They
often work this scheme and many men
would rather be Imposed upon than make a
fuss about a nickel."
A comon scheme Is to point to the rear
end' of a car. Implying that an escort Is
on the platform. When the car Is crowdtd,
the conductor, after fulling to find the
escort, will not go back after the fare. One
night not long ago. six women on a Farnam
street car, pointed to the rear platform.
The men riding behind all said they were
alone. The conductor stopped the car and
arm nnd shoulder were sprained and dis
located. He said he had a terrible shock
to his mental and physical system and lie
has not worked since. He fears the In
juries may be permanent. The city, lie as
serts, had notice of the defective street.
Attorney R. S. llnll Demands 3,0(M
of Canadian Pacific for Per
sonal Injuries.
E. C. Bradbury A Co. of Denver have
been awarded the contract for grading
the Union Pacific cut-oft from Summit to
Iane and this firm will begin work at once.
I Borne work has been done by the Union Pa
cific and the Denver firm will begin ope
rations where the company left oft and
grade for the double track as fast as pos
sible. v
Officials of the Union Pacific are anxious
for the completion of this work, as it will
materially shorten the route to the coast,
besides make a shorter route for the Union
Pacific to Lincoln. On tho old tour tho
Union Pacific Is In no position success
fully to compete for Lincoln business, but
the shortening of ten miles from Omaha
to Lincoln may make quite a difference
on the Lincoln business.
Car shortage Crows Worse.
The car shortage situation continues to
get worse and both shippers and railroad
officials are losing their sweet dispositions.
Kach tries to throw the blame on tho other.
The Jobbers say It is Impossible to get a
car switched to their warehouses and tho
railroads say the Jobbing houses are filled
and many are receiving four cars per day
', when they can unload but two and the
consequence Is there is an accumulation
l of cars which is fast locking all terminals.
Railroad men are frre to admit the sit
uation Is growing worse and cars are need
ed on all sides. One grocery Arm has forty
cars on the tracks of one railroad company
alone. The trouble Is not confined to
Omaha alone but is general all over the
' line. Cars are needed everywhere nnd
there are no cars to be had.
Hospital Fund In F.fTect.
When Union Pacific employes received
their pay checks Wednesday, each check
was found to be short B0 cents. This was
taken out for the Union Pacific hospital
fund which was put In operation November
1, for the first time in several years.
Dr. A. F. Jonas Is chief surgeon and man
ager of the fund and laB appointed as
his assistants In Omaha the following med
ical and surgical staff: Dr. O. S. Hoffman,
Dr. E. J. I'pdegrafT, Dr. S. II. Smith, Dr.
C. C. Morrison and Dr. F. 8. Owen. Em
ployes suffering from minor Injuries and
mild cases of sickness are requested to file
their orders for treatment tit the dispen
sary. This trust fund, augmented by contribu
tions from the company, is under the man
agement and control of the company, with
the chief surgeon as executive officer. The
current expenses of the fund, after apply
ing all contributions of the employes, will
be provided by the company. The company
will at Its own pleasure collect and dis
burse all funds and will endeavor to secure
the services of competent physicians and
i .''I i-t? f-.ii
Two Exceptional Values in Women's Cravcncttc
$15.00 Women's Cravenette Coats, $10.0017") women's eraven
elte coats Made of excellent cravenette materials in all
shades well tailored made to Pell 1fl
at fifteen dollars on pale Thursday, at plU
. .$20.00 Women's Cravenette Coats, $14.751-5 women's high
claFi cravenette coats, in this season's swellest models of new
exclusive cravenette materials perfect in fit and
workmanship made to sell at twenty dollars
on pale Thursday, at
Women's New Coats on Sale Thursday.
We have received by today's express, 500 women's new up-to-date Coats
secured by our buyer while in New York Inst week. They are all made up
In the latest fashion of new swell materials, such as Scotch Mixtures, Vlcjnns,
Broadcloths, Coverts and Kerses tight fitted, half-fitted nnd the new Um
pire Coats at prices that are positively 25 per cent lower than any store
in Onisha. :
$12.75, $14.75,$16.75,$18.73.$22.50,$24.75,$37.50
We are sole Omaha agents for the CKLKItflATKI) OKNTKMKHI LAWKS
Kill ClIiOVKH. They are the best imported Kid Gloves that come to the
United States. Try a pair once you will wear no other $1.00, $1.2.1, $1.&0.
On Farm
al 15l!i St,
OnFa rrem
at 15th St.
Pintli, Petit and Grand, Drawn for ths
NoTmbsr Trm.
These Involve Miscellany of Charge.
Including Home of Hoot lcjfulnif
and Maintaining Fences
on I'll ui lo Land.
Attorney Richard a. Hall has filed suit
in the district court of Douglas county
against the Canadian Pacific Railway com
pany for 15.000 dumases. Mr. Hall alleges
that he was traveling as a regular passen
ger on one of the defendant company's
trains In the Northwest Territory on Sep
tember 2, 1!K6. On approaching the town
R. C. Hoyt, United States district court
clerk, and jury Commissioner 'i'lldon drew
the list of federal grand and petit Juroi'J
for the November term of tne federal
' courts Weunesday morning. The peiit jury
is oidered to report November 16 and tne
t,r..nd jury Nuvemuer 13.
Oii.ana nas turee representatives cn the
grand jury. C. J. Cauan, cuniectioner, 1.15
Leavenworth street; Joseph Crow, ex-post-
master of Oma.iu, and nolert Duncan, In
spector Omaha water works, 2Jii Oaven
pui t street.
On the petit Jury Omaha Is represented
by four citizens and South Omali.i by one.
They are: James P. Connolly, ex-county
commissioner, b25 Hancroft street; Hoy CI.
Hlnman, printer, 3;4 Hamilton htreet; K. C.
surgeons In all towns on the company's Marston, carpenter. 112 North sevunieenin
line, and will provide accommodations in I street; J. B. Starr. 3V78 Mason street,
modern hospitals for the use of the sick
ar.d Injured. '
Employes contributing to the fund will
be entitled to these benefits: Itoppltal
treatment, medical and surgical; medicinal
or surgical treatment at their homes or
at the offices of hosoljal fund surgeons;
Omaha, and B. kl. Wilcox, real estate and
insurance uyent, 2415 N street, South
Fuhowlng is the complete list cf the
grand and petit Juries:
' Grand Jurors v iluam P. Allen, Valpa
raiso; James Aluciaoti, EWm; William
Lame. Liuomlleiu: 1 nomas . Hell, fai
of Field an annnouncement was made that i niedlclnes and surgical dressings; artificial j niyra;' William Berk, Krlend; C. J. Cunin
an eating station was nt hand. Being
hungry and thirsty Mr. Hall Went to aligl t
to sink his teeth In the railroad fare, (thej
had already gotten his fare, he avers), lie
sets up now, after much physical and men
tal suffering, that there was a space of
at least two feet between tho station plat
form and the train. He was not warned
of this hiatus of dangerous vacancy, Int'i
which ho stepped with disastrous results, to
his "serious and permunent injury," and
hence tho demand for $5,000.
Old Dank Quarters Rented.
The old Union National bank rooms in
the McCague building, at Fifteenth and
Dodge streets, have been rented to the Na
tional Mutual Fire Insurance company.
This leuA'es In the city only two vacant
rooms avauanic ror banking purposes, as
agilnst four two months aiso. One Is the
old location of the United States National
at Twelfth and Farnam and the othr tho
said he would not allow it to proceed until quarters orx-e occupitd hy the McCague
every woman had paid her fare. One of the
women became indignant when he insisted
on having her money, and the poor con
ductor rang the bell In disgust.
Law Suit Over Hole In Street.
William F. Chaddock of ltilO Mason street
has notllled tho city he will expect Jo 000
damages for personal Injuries sustained .
October 23 by being pitched from his loaded 1
wagon on Jackson street, between Ninth i
and Tenth, ("haddock says the accident
was due to a big hole In the pavement two
rei neep. into whlcn the wagon wheel
lipped, causing a sudden Jolt. Ills right
The Laivphcr Furs
Savlncs hank. In t he MeCaeue bullriinir
1 he hanking room in the Barker block is
occupied by the Union Pacific Coal com
pany. Mortality Statistics.
The following births and deaths have been
reported to tho Board of Health during the
twenty-four hours ending at ion Wednes
day: Births Peter Colombus. 131S California,
girl; Anthony Mlnardo. 30s North Tenth,
girl; Grant Howard. 1108 North Fiftieth,
boy; C. Heine. 201K North Eighteenth, boy;
Irving H. Arey. LtO Emmet, boy.
Deaths Mrs. Wllhelmina Ehrlcke, Thirty
fourth and Meredith avenue, 40; John C.
Reltmelr, 818 North Twenty-third, 49.
limbs and surgical appliances; accommo- Omaiia; Jubepli Crowe, Ouiana; Kooert
datlons at actual coSt', at designated hospl- Duncan, Oinaua; V. J. Uow. Norfollt ; Boh-
,,. . . . , - . , , , Ison Uien,er, Lincoln; M. C. Gamble,
tals, for dependent jnojiiber of employes btanton; Kliner K. Henkle, Lincoln;
families, same os paid by hospital fund In cnarles W. nuater, et. l'aul; Eilias Kesler,
case of an employe, and burial allowance t iiend; William J. Lcnr, Mead; Robert
in case of death In a company hospital. r.C'rkO. tS "ebra
Railway Xotes nnd Personals. City; Hoy A. Biewart, Puimyra; cnarles
H. J. Phelps, district passenger agent Th".'"US' Slu-'lli; H"l"'y, J. N"?:
of the Illinois Central ut Dubuque, is in ',Iim!' AeV a,mdh ; Williams, Jjieniont,
the city henry ildljm uer, Peru.
i; ,Mr,,n.t ow ..oi.,ir, ,,, ,, . Alternates John O. Ashley, Tekamah; V.
it al i roans are receiving numerous In- p ..,.,,.. .ja. hu,,i,ih- a CH'iler Fre-
quirles concerning the home visitors' ratei ' B,J1 " dJ' M ' l, 'T,l;h w k
which are effective November 27. A rate : V"'.' V, C lli
of a fare and one-third for the round trip w.nV'1, L sfnsel Archer
t'aT ireaTodads,0toTcnr "dlftethose 1. Fuller-
who desire to visit their old homes. "" Clarence Malicy. Ord; . H. Uec.
A complimentary banquet I. to be ten- M' BluKs ChSs 6 Brown Ctaritaon
dered to Chief Engineer Berry, who goes to 1Hlur f n N"i t ,n M Z Cra t
the Rock Island, hy the officials of the Union K" j .,;, fr?,- L ElS i) Buck!
Pacific at the Omaha club next Tuesday LJ' ST' i ,nMl Lp l
night. Mr. Berry's successor as chief en- ?"' Osceola. A. 8. taiiipbell, Impel lal.
glneer of the Union Pacific has not been f!1'"08 ft nn,:" V,"U lardne? Aul
Introduced to the public. JJarr' Oilier, . H. (,ar iner, Au-
iW.rK tT,nmesla,.0f th. Kdrn:HaymSL.nci:!:r;0re8,ew'ar1t1,e,It:n-HeaJ:
season Is on at the I nlon station, al- ,.,.t, Rnrii.u-nelil lamps Hill Shellev Knv
h meseekers' rates which have been ti er Calvin T. Horton. Scrlbner; C. E.
feet and w'llch exnTred Ocfober at Tutl Huston, Brock; Lewis H. Huadstroin.
d'ay was t'eUsf Yayf e aU 'over The 'V.iX- r 'TV.Vchm !n!
country, and the tall end of the business red Klechel. Johnson; b J.,
is Just passing througi. Omaha. The "": Henry H. Koenlk. Plattsmouth;
Illinois Ccntrar train had twelve cars 1 "onicr C. Ludden. Surprise; Keene Lud
Wodnosriav mnmlnir nnrt -II nf th. m,ia I don, Osceola; George H. Maybnrn, Lun-
were well patronized. Tho San Pedro line
will get many of the passengers.
In Desperate Straits '
sre many who could be cured by Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption.
EO cents and $1. For sale by Eherman &
MeConnell Drug Co.
In buying trie Lanpher Fur Lined Coat
(for men and women) you may be sure
that you are getting as good a coat as is
Our line contains a variety of fur
linings and trirnrnings, and every coat is
as perfect as 29 years of experience can
make it.
Lanpher, Skinner & Co.
St. Paul, Minnesota
Jm sat csrrr mm tas write at, i
owe r-
a. m
r -T. I i
We will sell you this week and will save you as much
we ask for them.
Bring this list and get just what it says:
'"hipping Organ, walnut case, seml-hlgh-top, T stops, I swells, 6
octaves, fair shape
Mason A Hamlin, walnut case. Chapel organ. 10 stops, 2 swells,
good ship
Kimball Organ, walnut case, high top, 10 stops, 1 swells,
fine shape
Detroit Chapel Org
fair shape
Western Cottage, Chapel Organ, walnut case, stops, 1 swell.
good shape ,
Kln.bull Organ, walnut case, high lop. 10 stops. 1 swells,
fin shape ...
Western Cottage Organ, walnut case, high top, 11 stops, I swells.
as good as new
Burdrlt Organ, walnut case, S slops, S swells,
good shape
Smith American Organ, walnut case, high top, 10 stops, swells.
fair shape
Kimball Organ, walnut cast, high top. with mirror. 11 stops, 1 swell
as good a new ,
Hlmnis Chapel Organ, walnut case, S stops, 1 swells,
(air shape
Smith American Organ, walnut esse, high top, U stops, t swells,
good shape
Peioubet Organ, walnut case, high top, S stops,. 1 swell.
fair shape ,
Talor A Varlsy Organ, walnut case, semi-high top, S stops, 1 swells,
good shape
A. HOSPE CO., 1513-15 Douglas St.
more as
jijfe vic
mi BTU.UIT B. MAC DIARMID-Steadyinthe Rein
ham; Albert S. Marsh, Hartington; K. C,
Marston. Omaha; Kdwln Metcalf, Green
wood; Anson Newberry. Cody; Edwin D.
Mitchell, Wayne) Charles W. Orr, Craig;
K.dnar J. Pease, Hastings; Claus Peterson,
Yutan; Herman A. Hodman, Kenesaw;
Henry Schilling, Rcotla; Hubert H. Smith,
Palmyra; (juurgo O. Snwyer, Brewster; J.
B. Bturr, Omaha; William 8. Sayer, fitella;
Herbert O. Hmlth, Lincoln; Kred H.
Talkamp, Harrishuig; J. K. Wecott, Gen- j
eva; Anton Wesely, Cedar Bluffs; O. C. '
Williams, Clay Center; H. L. Wilcox,
Bouth Otnaha; Joseph J. Wondra, Ceresco;
Joseph Young, Medlson.
Approximately forty cases are noticed for
trial In the United Slates district court for
the November term, aside from such In
dictments aa may yet be returned by the
grand Jury. Six of the accused are now in
the Douglas county Jail and the remainder
are nut on ball. The cases involve miscel
laneous charges, including postoffice defal
cations, using the malls for fraudulent pur
poses, taking liquor onto Indian reserva
tions, fraudulent homestead tilings, per
jury, Intimidation of settlers and Illegal
fencing of the public domiln.
Announcements of the Theaters.
"The Sho-Gun," which will be offered
by Henry W. (Savage at the Boyd theater
tonight. Is the Joint production ot George
Ade and Gustav Luders. As Is always tne
case, Ade has toid an Interesting and not
liupoBKit'le story In his tnimitaule way.
Luuors has scored the sonas witn most ap
propriate music. John E. Hensliaw leads
the company, a clever and come
dian, who can sing as weil as act. He Is
supported by tne same tine organization
tnat presented the piece on the occasion
of Its tirst visit to Omaha.
Sunday night Wilton Lackaye will begin
his long deterred visit to Omaha In "The
Pit." Tula Ij an intensely American play,
dramatized from the Fiank Norria novel
of the same name, and has had an immense
vogue during the lai-t two seasons. On
Sunday and Monday evenings "The Pit"
will be the bill, and on Tuesday evening
"Trilby" will be offered; with Mr. Luckaye
as Svtngall.
The regular mid - w. k popular price
matinee, the elected performance for the
regular weekly vlrit of so very many
women to the cozy vaudeville theater, will
be given at the Orpheum this afternoon.
Pobbibly the most appealing feature to the
fair sex la Uva Westcott, thd vivacious
little star, in "An Episode In Modern Life."
In it Miss Wcatcott appears as a very gay
fun-loving young wife who don't figure the
cost of anything. She returns from shop
ping to find her husband sitting at a desk
apparently reading the puier. When she
approaches him to reconulla matters she
discovers she has been addressing a dead
man. Other gotui acts are on the program.
ti-K wedding iIhk. Ednu!::.. Jeweler.
Harry B. Davis, undertaker. Tel. IE.
"Elastic" Bookcase
:'4 thinks
the original and only per
feet sectional bookcase
made. The doors are non
binding, dust-proof, oper
ate on roller bearings, and
positively cannot get out
of order. Bases furnished
with or without drawers.
Call and see them, or
send for catalog No. 104
Orchard & Wllbalm
Carpet Company -
&r t
Pure, fragrant and cleansing.
The favorite toilet soap of
discriminating users.
lis mild nnd sooth
ing qualities make it
particular (y
Its perfume is the
delicious odor of natur
al flowers.
James S. Kirk '
& Company
I want you
to know that
D v
Ope. . i 1n-s Jsy
1417 Douglas Slresl,
Will clothe your
entire family from
head to foot.
No Fvloniey Oosi.
on Easy Payments of
50c, 75c and SI.
JB Hsj ssm 6U sn ea fxa raa oss c s aa nm sa g, . .
! Nonesuch mince wk