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Offlrp. 10 Tcarl
minor MKvrws.
David sell drug,
fiteckert sells carpet.
rrumblr.g and heating. Klxby ft Bon.
Dm. TVoodhury, dentists. 30 Pearl street.
Woodrlng-Schmldt. undertaker. Tel. SXt.
LefTert'e Improved torlc lenses fire satis
faction. Oct your wall paper t II. Borwlck's, 211
Potlih Mnin Te' r3.
Tlgredla temple. Rathbnne Sisters, will
meet Friday evening.
New classes (n Western Tovt college
Monday, October 30. Knroll then.
Farms fot sale, all al.ea ay terms
Rq'ilr Anrls. Council Hluffs, la.
Fryer Printing Co.. 33 Main. Tel. 2o5. Let
us figure on your, .iext order of printing.
Pictures make Ideal wedding gifts. Sea
them al Alexander s Art store, lit B'way.
The Rooaevelt cluh will give a dance
Saturday evening- at the (iA. K. Hall there
wlil b a Prize Walts given.
P. J. O'Brien, Inspector of transporta
tlon for the Wahaali railroad, with head
Itiartera In fit Louis, waa In the city yes
terday visiting the local office.
Bert V. Munshaw of Omaha and Addle
llagnrty of South Omaha were married
In this city yesterday afternoon, JustLe
Field performing the ceremony.
County Treasurer Cnnsigny will hold the.
annual ta Bale of delinquent rropcrty the
first Monday In December and the ollice
force la br.wy preparing the Hats.
John nmdy of Punlap, la., a patient at
Bt. Hernard's hospital atnce August, l!)nl,
died yesterday afternoon. The body will
lC sent to hia former home for burial.
Abo Lincoln Woman's Relief corps will
meet In regular session Friday afternoon
In Orand Army hall. As this la the Inst
meeting before the convention a full at
tendance la desired.
Complaint was made to the police yester
day thnl a dog belonging to Thomas Car
roll, HJi Avenue B, had bitten the young
. win of James Meek, the veteran motorman.
Mathew. the 7-year-old son or Mr. and ,
-T , I r . 1 - - V . . . . . I.. . . , ....... I
join. . i -utiiri i, 0.11 iiiin riipk
died yesterday mort.lng from diphtherl.v.
The funeral was held yesterday nltertioon,
burial being In Kairvlew cemetery.
Roltert V roomer, charged with disturbing
the peace of the Pentecostal mission in
West Broadway lasjt Sunday evening, se
cured a continuance of his case In police
court edict day morning Uiilll November li.
George -XV. Jones of Oak Park, III., editor
of the School Century, an educational pub
lication. Is In the city visiting tho schools
and will attend tho opening meeting it. is
evening of the Southwestern Iowa Teachers'
j association annual convention.
Following the Mayne-Hill wedding at
which she was one of tue bridesmaids
Tuesday evening. Miss Bessie Beno left lor
Orand Island, Neb., where she acted in a
similar capacity Wednesday morning at the
wedding ot a rri-nu,
Deputy Cl"y Marshal Charles Crnm. while .
. . . ... .
cleaning his horse in the police barn yester
day. morning, was kicked on tho knee by
the animal. Owing to the manner In which
the injured member was swollen City Phys
ician i'lnley was unable to determine
whether the knee cap was fractured. Crum,
It la expected, will be laid ud for Several
.' weeks.
Word has been received by the Burlington
I railroad that Thomas Cunningham, who
' mvsteritislv fllsantieared rrom a train while
en route from St. Joseph to this city, had
left the train at Hamburg to procure some
thing to eat and had been left behind.
Cunningham started to walk to Council
Bluffs and had been traced as far as Bart
lett, la., where ho was seen Monday night.
The search for the mlnsing man Is still
being kept up.
The stranger who was found unconscious
a few mornings ago on West Broadway re
vived sufficiently yesterday morning at St.
Bernard's hospital to he able to tell that
his name was John Merkel and that hi
home waa In Fosbach, Germany, and that
he had no relatives in this country. He had
been working on a farm before coming to
Council Bluffs, but he could not remember
whesr..- He claims to tiavn had Vi when
he reached this city and the police have
little doubt but that be was drugged nnd
robbed. ,
Nj-tTt rtuiwbmg C Tel. 260. .Night. lm
a great deal of talk about poor
wearing shoes. People tell us day
after day they can't get shoes to
give satisfaction. Of course these
complaints are from people who
have never traded at our store.
We only hear complaints once.
Then the customer tries our shoes.
After that everybody is satisfied.
To convince yourself of this, call
and see our line of men's shoes.
They are at $2.00, $3.00, i.OO
a line that will surprise you. Also
Ladles' Patent and Vlci Kid. in
Blucher and Lace, at fui.OO. 93.50
and 94.00. Roys', Misses' and
Children's Shoes at unusual prices.
If every business house in Council
Bluffs would use the same methods we
do, the people would patronise them
instuud of going to Omaha for every
thing from a BOX OF PILLS TO A
CooK stove:
fi simply beat Omaha prices to
dHith on the same stuff NOT BET
we make enuugh difference ln the price
to make It attractive. The result Is
Council Bluffs people have learned that
the HOLDl'P SYSTEM they have been
used to In Council BlufTs drug stores
is not In use in OL'R CoL'NCIL
BLVFFS STORE, and our business is
Ixuimlitig to t lie front like a Japanese
re. incut.
If 5011 doubt the difference, between
boy a liottle of l-iiiuozone, or Swamp
Root, Peruna. linkhnm's Compound,
etc.. In oui Council Bluffs store, and
then try to do AS WELL IN OMAHA!
ctT CPUICCCD'? uiuo
'or Pith and Chicago. Omaha: litit
and N So. Omaha; Cor. 5th Avi. and
kiHiti til.. Cuunctl Bluffs.
I haul dead animals, 11.00 per head.
Garbage, ashes, manure and all rub
bish; clean vaults and cepspnol. All
work done Is guaranteed.
Call promptly attended to.
I'hone, Ash-hCi,.'.
Winchester A Smith, Prcpriwtor.
3i pearl St., Council Hluffs.
' ' MODICUM VAl Uli II. I.E.
Matinee every afternoon at 1:30. Even-
lllai. t0 IH'I'tOlll.i'lCeH, cuiiiiiiencliu u(
a in and 9 JO- tniee pt rtorm
unci.', CLnnmencing at . t and 10.
Admission lO t run.
e "n
28 Pairl St. Phones, Res. 63, Offlct 97
l.udy Attend nit if Desired
St. Tel. 43.
Was Be'iraiig Homa with Vother from
A Uodiofr 1 ora'n; Utti.
Did nt ee Apprnarhlna Switch
Knglne and Railroad Men Old
.ot fee the liny Vntll
Too l.Rt.
James, the 8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
James O'Nell. 1116 South Seventh street,
was run over and instantly killed by a
switch engine on the Great Western tracks
at Seventh street and Ninth avenue yester
day morning.
The boy, with his mother and sister, was
returning from attending mass at St.
Francis XavWs church about i o'clock,
nnd when they reached the railroad tracks
the boy lagged behind to play. Mrs. O'Nell
on reaching home and finding that the lad I
had stopped behind, started back In search
of him and reached the tracks Just In time
to witness the crew of the switch engine
lift the headless body of her little boy from
the rails.
The switch engine had Jiist pushed a car
to the freight house and was starting back
when the accident occurred. The boy was
standing on the tracks, evidently unaware
of the approach of the engine. An employe
at the Fruit Growers' warehouse, perceiving
the lad
danger, called out to him, and
young O'Nell made a Jump to get out of
the way of the locomotive, but was too
late. The footboard knocked him down and
tho wheels passed over his head, severing
it frnm the hodv. Kneineer J It Miller
and Fireman Newton did not notice tho ,
boy. Witnesses of the accident state that
the engineer was ringing the bell when the
engine started back and continued ringing
It until the crossing was reached.
The scene when Mrs. O'Nell reached the
side of her dead boy was heartrending in
the extremo and it was with some diffi
culty that she could be Induced to permit
the body being removed to Woodrlng &
Schmidt's undertaking rooms on instruct
tlons front Coroned Treynor. who will hold j
... I
an Inquest there this morning.
The funeral will be held Friday morning
at 9 o'clock from St. Francis Xaytcr's
church and Interment will be In St. Joseph's
cemetery. James O'Nell. the father of the
dead boy, has been In the employ of Con
tractor Wlckham for twenty years.
Prlaoners Now In Custody Waive
Challenge to the Jury.
Judge Green on convening district court
yesterday morning empanelled the grand
Jury, which is composed this terms as fol
lows: William F. Sapp, Council Bluffs,
foreman; Peter Rlef, sr., Council Blurts;
J. W. Miller, Neola; Lewis Shields, Under
wood; A. B. Smith, Honey Creek; Peier
Langer, Minden; A. L. Ingram, Treynor.
Miss E. M. Colbum Is clerk and W. A. Mc
Aneny, bailiff.
Tha following defendants awaiting the
iction of the grand Jury were presented
-o' that body and they all waived chill
enge: James Dowdell and' Claud Morris-,
harged with theft of clothing from North
western freight car; James Murphy,
charged with breaking and entering the
Woodbury company's store; John Try,
Charles Johnson. Harry Williams, charged '
with breaking and entering the store of J
luwvu. woue; u. carter and uottie
jreen, charged with maintaining unlawful
elatlons; R. A. Porter, charged with theft
if shoes from a Burlington car: Horace
I . ...
I luug,- cnargea wun siasning Jonn Tumor
wun a razor; Artnur and Bert Dalton,
charged with holding up and robbing Ev
erett Whitmore. These defendants are all
'It. Qustody at the county Jail.
Mrs. Mattle Patterson was granted a
lOlvorce" from George B. Patterson on tho
g ounds of drunkenness and desertion. J.
. Brookhouser was granted a divorce from
Urace Brookhouser and the custody of
tneir minor children. The divorce was j irom the train at tho Union Pacific trans
granted on statutory charges. I fer and turned over to the commissioners
The Mcllvalne Adjust company was given qj, inanity, is likely to become a charge on
Judgment against William O. Woodbury for Pottawattamie county for the remainder of
$1,000 and the stock ln the Woodbury com- 1 hlg life.
pany attached was ordered sold. McGowan was sent to St. Bernard s hos-
The suit of James Sullivan against the nit
Rock Island railroad was dismissed with-
out prejudice at plaintiff s cost. James
Sullivan, the plaintiff, has died since the
suit was brought. He sued for damages,
alleging that he had been thrown from a
car at Minden. He lived for nearly two
years with a broken vertebra.
The following first assignment of equity
and law causes for the term was made by
Judge Green:
Ihursday, Novemlwr 2 Everest against
Cranston and others.
Friday, Kovciiiber 3 Shufer
Saturday, November 4 West
West and others.
Monday, Novemlier UMcKeown against
iia:i wnu Miners.
Tuesdav. November ? Rtute tuttiW ..r
eola ugainst Keichart and others; Con-
signy, county treasurer, ugainct Spare and
otnrrs; t reektnur agiilnst Kr incc.
Wednesday, November 8 Uonham against
City of Council ftluffs: Dorn Ac McUitily
agulnbi Cooper.
Thuisdav. November S Merrill He Raker
against Thompson M. Wade, against City
of Council Hlufts; Conslgny, coumy treas-
urer. ngHinnt Knowles und others.
f rlduy, Novemlier 10 Conslgny. county
treasurer, against Knowles und other:
Consigny, county treasurer, against Deet-
ken; Scott ugulnst Albert) and others
amturiiity, Novemlier 11 Conslgny, county
iirmnirrr, ugitniKi Hewitt; Lonslgny
coiiiuy treasurer, sgalnsl
Spare and
M'lluiitY. November 13 Tllibi tta. a.liiiln. i
I lstrator. against Great Western railroad
I Ci et iHl). ,
Tuesday, November 14 Wright ag.tiust J
Droge Hros. und others; Sliles aisuliist j
Squire & Annie. .
Wednesday, November 13 Barker against
i-'i;iii, riitTwuii UKainsi l.lliuer,
I iliursiiuy, .Novemlji r l'i
1 Harrison county i.stiet lull.
-Smith against
rnuay, isovemiier Menuray againit
City of Council blufls; Sorenson against
Omaha At Council Llufls Street Hallway &
Kllilge coliUKiiiy.
Saturday. November IS Nlckell against
Bloomer Manufacturing company; Ogles-Ix-e
ugulnst liutler.
Monday, Novemlier 20 Ellsworth ug linst
Crane snj otlier tspecutll.
Tuesday, Novemlier 1 Kairer against
Iddi'i'og und others; Dreyer against Omalia
& Council Hluffs Street KuIIwhv company.
n ruiirlljl) . .-MIeillOer . KI1UUSOII
against Council Hluffs City Waterworks
! company and others; ljiren' against Conn-
ell Bluff City Waterworks company and
Ul 'if I n.
Thursday. November Ayleswortli
sg.iinst Joneh (special); Iiringer against
Friday. Noveml er ;4-8undeland Bros,
rompuny against K, hli-ut. r tspecial).
Monday, Noviuler Si Hamilton, udmin
IstiHtrix, ugulnst Harris-iiesley cumiMiny
Mr. O. M. Bronn Dead.
Mrs. O. M. Brown, wife of Captain
Brown, city ticket agent of the Burlington
route, died yesterday morning at her h.irue,
"24 Kirst avenue, after an Illness from
heart trouble and anaemia extending over
a year. Mrs. Brown had a largo circl.; of
friends and was prominent In the work of
the Kplscoal church, of which she was
a member. She was year of He and
was born In Junesvlile, O. The funerl r.ll
be held Saturday morning at 10 o'clock
from the residence, and Interment will bo
In Falrvlew cemetery. Rev. H. XV. Starr,
rector of St. Paul a Episcopal church, will
conduct the services.
Between Sis and Seven Hundred Are
The advance guard of the 6H) or "10 teach
ers who are expected to attend the annual
meeting of the Southwestern Iowa Teach
ers' association to be held hero today, I,,
Friday nnd Saturday began arriving last
evening and by noon today several hundred
are expected to be In the city. Advices last
night were that a delegation of sixty from
Waterloo would arrive this morning.
The opening session will not be held until
this evening and the day will be spent by
the visiting teachers In enrolling and in
specting tho sc'.ools. Thefsesslons will be
held In the high school while the hcadquur-
ters will be at the Orand hotel whre tho
railroad secretary, enrolling committee and
committee on entertainment will be found,
This Is the program for the opening meet
ing at 8 o'clock this evening:
Music. 'The Miller's Wooing" (Eaton
Fanning). Mudrlgnl quartet.
Invocation. President Qeorge N. Ellis,
Tabor college.
Music, ".rin Open Secret'
W oodman). Miss porternem.
I'oodman). Miss porterfleid. ,.,,!
aXT'Tterloo:'"8' Su""rlntf,nifnt H "'
V hen Mabel Sings'' (Oley Speaks) !
Madrigal quartet.
rllustrated lecture,
erson. New York.
"Russia," Frank Rob-
Renben llerner Chosen on the First
The Board of Education at a special meet
ing yestirday afternoon ejected Reulwn
Herner truant officer and fixed his salaty
nt :A a month. There were seventeen ap
plicants for the position, but an Informal
ballot brought out only the names of Her
ner and Richard Green, the former receiv
ing four votes to the latter's ore.
Truant Officer Herner, who resides at 441
Houh First street and Is by trade a barlHr
will work directly under the instructions
of Superintendent Clifford. His duties will
be to hunt up all children absenting them
selves from tho different schools and to
see that the provisions of the compulsory
education law are compiled with. The
court. It Is understood, will be asked to ap
point Mr. Herner probation officer of the
Juvenile division of the district court, so
that he will be clothed with authority to
n " B"rh, p-h"d "
f nan t c n t r h rl an n rin I a ml n ia nt horil'liia
fuse to attend school and are otherwise
The committee on teachers, after Investi
gating the needs at the Cut-Off school, rec
ommended that a second teacher be placed
there, and the board elected Miss Hoffman
for tho place.
Want Pavlnsr This Fall.
The paving of lower Broadway came up
for another prolonged discussion at the
monthly meeting of the Commercial club
last night.
Announcement was made that Contractor
Wlckham had authorized a statement to
the effect that he would not commence the
paving of the strip between Thirteenth and
Twentieth streets until spring. The gen
eral opinion of the meeting was that the
work should be done this year, and the
following committee was appointed to wait
on Mr. Wlckham for the purpose of trying
to Induce him to do so: Mayor Macrae,
A. C. Keller, C. F. Wilcox, C. Straub, F. H.
Keys, William Groneweg. C. H. Chlsam, H.
H. Van Brunt, Victor E. Bender, C. M.
Harj an(j p jj jjhj
In connection with the paving of this
thoroughfare the matter of requiring wide
tires on heavy hauling wagons was brought
up and U was suggested that the council
pass such an ordinance.
Manager English of the Citizens' Gas
and EiPctric company was called upon to
exniain the cause of the alleged poor
quality and quantity of gas, and he told
the meeting substantially what President
, NaBn toId tne clty collncll Monday after-
noon, namely, thnt the trouble was due to
the insufficient mains and thnt (the com
pany hoped to be able to remedy the situ
ation before long. .
MeOuwnn a Pnhlle Charsve.
Daniel Mcdowan. who while en route
from Dublin, Ireland, to California, b.
came mentally deranged and was taken
the sister to whom he was going at the
time he became insane have failed. Re-
cently the county authorities took the
matter up with the immigration bureau
with the Idea of having McOowan deported
back to Ireland.
( Yesterday Clerk Battey of the insanity
board received a reply from the immlgra-
tion bureau, together with a copy of tho
I rules governing the deportation of public
charces. Fnder the rules It aDnears that
McGowan having been here now over two
years cannot bo deported.
v Real Kstate Transfers,
These transfers were reported to The
tiA v, ...... v.,.- i k.. h tih.. ... ..
rr..,, ..... .,
George H. May ne rt al. to Mary Nel-
son. part ne1 iW, and nwV, seU
28-75-44, w d..T . . t Soil
Janiesi C. Johnson and wife to. Anna A.
Ivory, lot 3. blmk i' Sunnyside addl-
t.wii in v I'ltiiii. inuiin, 1IL., w o i,lJV
John H. Carter and wife to William
Hamburg, lot 14, block 1. John John
son's uddltlon to Council lilufTs, Ia.,
n 1,415
Council Hluffs Savings Hank to John
H. Carter, lot 14. block 1. John John
Bon's addition to Council Hluffs, Ia.,
w d 1mm
Margaret L. McGee and husband to
I.ydiu Kern, part n eV4 ji-75-44.
w d is-t
Total, five transfers.
rrel tertan C hurch Kleetion.
At the annuul meeting of the congrega-
lion or the r Irst Presbyterian church, last
evening, elders were elected as follows:
Dr. K. I. Woodbury, Dr. A. C. Mriwu and
J. G. Wadsworth.
Word was received from Kev. Marcus P.
Met. lure of Stevens Point, Wis., that ho
accepted the call recently extended hlni
and that h" would be ready to take up his
work about December I.
Frulon-W lekhaiu Coal t'u.'a New OtHre
The Kenlon-Wlckham Coal company.
whose old location has been occupied by
the Independent Telephone company, ha
(cured a permanent office with Woodford
& Alnsworth at 107 Pearl street, and is now
prepared to serve its customers as of old.
Tl'. telephone number will remain the
.line, S6. Don't forget the number.
Marriage Licenses.
Ueenst to wed were Issued yesterday to
the following:
Name und Residence.
pert I. Munshaw, Omiha
Addle Hagarty, South Omaha
J W. Purk. Ansl.-y. Neb
Anna Durnham, Broken Bow
George XV. Klein. Council Hluffs..
I.uuiu Helsler. Council Hluffs
William 8. Kenyon. Omaha
Mary I'ablau, Omaha
... 13
,.. 'J4
... 50
.. 40
.. S6
... Zi
... Si
The Bee Want Ada are the best Business
i Hoolei.
Interesting Fregritm Arrinjed for Etttt
Ajricnltnrl Eooie.j.
(Irnnt t'loh of Des Moines Prepares to
Honor Lafayette Youaa; on His
Return from Tonr Aronnd
the World.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINF.S, Nov. I. (Special. i Secre
tary John C. Simpson of the State t
ment of Agriculture, following a meeting
of the members of the Board of Directors
announced that the program for the state
convention of the society, which will be
held here December 12, will Include papers
and addresses as follows: "How Can Our
Foreign Markets In Beef and Pork be In
creased," W. A. Harris of Chicago, secre
tary of the National Shorthorn Breeders'
association; "Modern Methods in Sheep
Raising." Joe B. Wing of the Breeders
Split Log Drags for Roads," D.
Ward King; "Proper Propnrat
Seed Bed for Corn." Joe S. Tr
ion of the
Trigg; "Time
to Select Seed Corn and Cure of Same,"
! Hon. John Cownie; "Benellt Derived from
Showing Stock to Exhibitor and Vl-sitor,
Prof. C. F. Curtiss; "Sewerage Disposal
for the Iowa Farm," Prof. A. Marstens;
"Five Day Market." Frank O. Mills of
Chicago. Prof. Holden will conduct a
school on corn Judging. The meetingwill
be held nt the state house, either In the
rooms of the secretary or In the senate
Report In Ten Days.
State I-abor Commissioner E. D. Biigham
stated today' that his biennial reiKirt would
be ready for distribution In ten days.
There are 40 pages and over printed and
In the hands of the state binder, tne Index
and a little additional statistics only re
maining to bo printed.
Falls to Fix Ilia me.
The coroner's Jury In the case of the
wreck victims on the Rock Island at Casey
failed to fix the responsibility lor the
wreck. The verdict merely says the deaths
were due to a collision. The verdict waa
reached today. From the Rock Island
oftW-es here today It was given out that six
bodies have been recovered from the wreck
nnd the bodies of two others, Ed. Nelson
of Valley Junction and the body of a tramp
are still In the debris. The funeral ot Bert
Schlelda was held today at Valley Junction
and the body taken to his former home at
Washington for burial. The body of Wll-
Ham Jones will be brought to Des Moines ; H()lkB hot nnd kllpd hlg wlfe and tnen
for burial, the body of Rev. J. W. Cald- j Bnot nud kUpd himself In "the best room
well has been taken to Van Meter, and the ln the hoime" while living at Miss Slaugh
body of Frank Marshall has been tuken to ' tpr g sanitarium In Los Angeles. The no-
Leadvllle, Mo.
Snaaests State Co-operation.
The co-operation of the state with tho
cities of the state In securing better water
supplies and improved sewerage was rec
ommended today to the State Board of
Health by D. Henry Alberts,, state bacteri
ologist. The recommendation Is in his
first annual report and he recommends a
state survey and en investigation of water
born diseases.
Will Dlsenss Commission. '
The Commercial exchange decided today
to call a public mass meeting for November
8 to listen to a report by James G. Berry
hill on the Investigation he has made of
the commission Idea for city governments,
as shown at GulveBton. The address will
be given at the Young Men's Christian as
sociation building. (
Patrick Dunn Paroled.
Governor Cummins hus Issued a parole
to Patrick Dunn, who is serving an eight
years' sentence at Amunosa for the murder
of Joseph Williams. Dunn has served five
years. Dunn and John Gray were engaged
In an altercation with Williams In the
stock yards at Marshalltnwn and Williams
was shot and killed. .'
Carries Away a (onr
Jim Sandy, Indicted here for the theft
of a cow, has raised a point ln his defense
that he" thinks will clear him of the charge.
The Indictment reads, "Did take, steal and
carry away one cow." Sandy claims that
to carry away it cow la a physical impos
sibility and therefore the Indlctmeiyt is of
no account and should be tiuashed.
Will Banquet I.afe Toung.
Hon. Lafayette Young, editor of the
Daily Capital of this city, who was one
of the party with Tuft on his trip to the
Philippines, will reach home in a couple
of weeks, and the Grant club, the leading
PIltlca republican club of the state, has
arranK,d to Kive a banquet In his honor
Novf'l,"r ! Mr- Young Is now in Eu-
Marshals' Club Elects.
I The State Marshals' club, after perfect-
I '"K arrangements for presenting the mar-
shals bill at the coming session of tho
legislature, elected the following officers
and then adjourned: President, Colonel W.
B- Bell of Washington; vice president. Rev.
Frank Lovelund; secretary, E. F. Leake;
treasurer, J. M. Woodrow; stale organ-
I lzcr, A. C. Rankin; ussistant slate organ-
izer, B. C. Barnes; members of the exec-
utlve ctmrnlttee, Chris Hail, D. S. Mor
.i..n, n- t cin...,i.n i.- ....
... ... ..
Hallowe'en Was olet.
Last night was the most quiet hul-
I lowe'en this city, hus ever experienced.
The police force was doubled, all the day
men leing on duty, but there was not a
single arrest for hallowe'en pranks.
Colonel tJodrell Here.
Colonel Mansell Godrell of the Vnlted
States Murine corps, stationed at the
Brooklyn navy yard. Is In the city, the
guest, of relatives. He is a veteran of, the
civil war. serving with Sherman and
Grant. He will retire in January, 1S1, with
the runk of brigadier general.
Wonuu Drop Urn 4 ou lMrrl.
CEDAR KAPIDS. Ia., Nov. .-(Special ;
Telegram.) Mrs. Kutheiine Hanson, aged
67. dropped dead on the street nt 7:15 this
morning, while on her ay to oarly ser-'
vices of the Catholic church. She died of
apoplexy and had not been complaining of
: feeling badly when she left home.
Machinist Jilve a Rail.
MISSOCHI VALLEY. Ia., Nov. l.-(8pe-cial.)
The local lodge of the International
Association of Machinists will hold their
A Skin of Beauty if a Joy Forevor.
DR. T. Folia Ooureud's Oriental
Cream or Mrgioal Baautlflar.
Ramnee Tua, Pliiplea,
lrtciir. K-th luicjcs
Kli, sad bkia I' .f fc-ra,
laa tvery
00 beaulr. ana U
tm ilciuitlna. It
ku ttuod (La teat
ot bl yttn. and
la to fearmae a
ta. U luUau.tit
is r: f-erly
A cce.t no oouAt
(tu oX aia,uar
ratce. Pr. i
ra a 4 to a
it'tv of iba baut.
t' a va pAtiei.t ' t
M Aa you ladtr
arul tlirui
1 VeiiBntiah.a4
war ! 4 rrmmt mm tha kM Warrr.fui t t &(L ih
ipr4MrJion ' f x aat by til drw..Mi l4 t ftacf
OuOtU l-il iu Ult riU4 ttMM, r(Uttii M1 Eutl(.
lUlT.HBPfcNj, frtK 1 Ciui Urn Strxl X.s Ui
seventh annual ball at Fountain's hall on
the evening of Wednesday, November 29.
This will be one of the notable social af
fairs of the season.
reamer Men In Convention.
CEDAR RAPIDS. Ia., Nov. 1. (Special
j Telegram.) Five hundred delegates are
already present to attend the Iowa Dairy
association meeting begun tonight. One
thousand are expected tomorrow. The pro
gram consisted of an address of welcome by
Mayor Huston and the president of the
association, music and routine business.
The president of the national association Is
present. Prof. E. IT. Webster of the dairy
department of the agricultural department
at Washington delivered an address. The
meeting will continue over today. Dele
gates from Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota,
and Iowa are present. Over iiW Iowa
creameries have exhibits of butter for the
t:M cash prizes and medals offered by the
Peenllnr Damage Snlt.
SIOUX CITY. Ia., Nov. 1 (Special.)
Miss Alice Slaughter of Los Angeles,
Cal., has filed a suit for $5,000 damages
against the estate of Albert J. Bolks.
toriety which has since ' attached to the
place as a result of a tragedy is alleged
to have Injured he business of the sani
tarium nnd to have seriously damaged
Miss Slaughter's health. The Bolks lived
near Sioux City and left an estate that
Is estimated to be worth ln the neighbor
hood of 100,OOOl ,
Dredalna Company Sues Bank.
CEDAR RAPIDS, Ia,, Nov. l.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Tho case of the Hawkeye Gold
Dredging company against the Iowa State
bank of Iowa Falls was begun in federal
court today. The suit is an action to re
cover J16.100 the conjpany alleges Is due
from the bank. The LUloette company is
mixed up In the deal, and nearly eve:ry city
ln central northern Iowa numbers stock
holders ln one xr the other company.
lowa-Orlnnell Officials.
IOWA CITY, Ia., Nov. l.-(Speclal ) The
officials who have been selected for the
Iowa-Giirtnell game are Thorn of North
western, umpire, and Danna, Yale, referee.
A Thanksgiving day game has been ar-
r 1 ,..nK U a ae-iV.n.Aa tan me rf IhA
State university and Ames Agricultural '
college, t he played ln Iowa City. Iowa's
'varsity will meet Washington university
at St. Louis on tho same date.
Train Bnrka Into IIukkv.
CEDAR RAPIDS. Ia.. Nov. 1. (Special '
Telegram.) I. O. Glass was seriously In-
Jured by being struck by a train as he was ;
crossing tho tracks. The train backed Into J
his buggy and It was demolished.. It Is
thought that he will recover.
Dnlimmc Man Chosen Port.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 1. The senior
class of Yale today chose James II. Wal
lace of Dubuque, Ia., as class poet.
4?i arm sra era ar rfl
S. The moat sever head-
Y I , in : f
rw svl,v" will jtiviu ill ikww
Tf tA i vC7-kl niiautee to Broiiio-ut
L4-1 J jlVv contios no Ouinlne).
"Xy.'.r-'v&aT Don't suffer ny longer.
Get a boR tody auk your drugeist for
tlr Orange t'olorcd Roe
r" mail.
Best of
The Only Double
Track Railway
to Chicago
25 Per Cent
Than the one way fare for
round trip tickets
Tha Black Milts
Many Southern Points.
Nov. 7 and 21.
Clty orricas-
14011403 FA UN AM ST.
i a, . i
The best test of any food is the ability to vork well
on it; sleep well after it; keep well by it.
, No article of food has stood this test so well so
long as the soda cracker. No soda cracker has stood this
test so satisfactorily as Uneeda Biscuit
Babies have thrived on them ; strong men have kept
strong on them; sick folks have lived on them; well
folks have kept well on them.
are always fresh and crisp that'a why they are so good;
pure and clean-that's why they are so wholesome; all
food and nourishment that'a why they are so healthful.
Millions have learned this and profited by it have
you? The knowledge costs you only a nlckeL
Man Medicine Receipt
The Great Prescription for Man Medicine
Is Sent Absolutel Free The rower
Proof of Perfect Potency In Every
Man Kaw Within Reach of ail and
the Prescription Free.
Your youth can and will come back again.
Prove In your own discouraged body the)
potent power of the marvelous Man Medl-
cine of the great Interstate Remedy Com
pany. We send tne original prescription
entirely at our cost and not at yours, so
you can get It filled most anywhere.
There Is no charge for this, not a dollar,
not a cent, not a penny.
Sent in plain envelope, sealed, without
any mark or writing on the cover to betray
the contents Man Medicine will give you
back all the old time come and go of being
alive and young. New young power and th
lift and life of first manhood over again.
Your whole body will mount again to the
strength and vigor of youtiiful manhood.
........ ar.A hloori will shout out the fun
that you are rlght-right-rlght. Tou know
what that means every man kiiow it
means full force and Are of vigorous man
hood. The flash and dash of man-life, the
man who lives again In every part of his
body being.
It means all that docs that. Do you want
in h that way? Do you want to be a
man man-like man-right and man-able?
3 want o be -;;n'f-nr
' -r),e proof is yours, the prescription Is
yours, tree tor mu ttaiwon, nnsumicir aiw, .
- 1 h... t II...H I , u ..mi I
XOU1 llama nuu . m -
havd to do to get it. Get it. Prove it.
Know It. We'll send It. Our word is your
1 18S Lnclt Building,
- Detroit, Mich.
We use our own name
In our business; you know
who you are doing bust-
ess with.
Consultation Free
cured. Method new, without pain or loss
01 iime (.tiAituhu L.UW. i
Rl finn PflKflU cured for life, soon every
DLUUU rUldUH gi(fr,, a)mptom (sores on ,
body, ln mouth, tonarue. throat, hair and 1
! eyebrows falling out) disappear completely
J forver.
Weak. NervoiiSi Men wasting ewlukne?"'
nervous debility, early decline, lack of vigor
and strength.
URINAKV, Kidney and Bladder Troubles.
Weak back, Horning I'rine, Frequency of
Crlnatlng, Urine High Colored or with
Milky Hedlment on standing.
Treatment by mail. 14 years OF BI'C
ner of 14th and Douglas. Omaha, Neb.
Try the Want Ad
Columns of The Bee.
Every Woman
uiuwrNU'J ana anoaia inow
Aboui ui onarrm
MARVEL Vhirtioq Spray
tum mmd Aurtton. iim -hai
traeibt rw II.
auppiy tri
(fccoel uo
oui-r. txit aewl aump for
illiiairaird bKt-rle It (ire
fun iiejaieulara ana nreroi'i.a lu
aluable ( Unre. ai Ht r.1, e O..
eve c t., a.v i(,as.
Fot fiai or
Cor. Itth and booee at., imeba.
Cm Bl tt far k.aaitrel
irritatiuaa .Icreitoa
f aisaese BMwbraaae.
itHiMda. SalklM.. mm4 sut aalrl
t tvmuHiaeM u. ' m.u.
Jv as. Tooae auttrring troiu weak-
Eaa1 Draaea wnicu aa.p th. plesaures
I1 aj of life should taieJuTeo t'llla.
Bn Onv kx'i ill tell a atory of
niarrelou reaulta. Tills nifdirine ha mor
rejuvenating, vitalities force than be ever
before been offered. Sent post-paid in plain
prkK oulr on receipt of tut i. and II.
Mwle by lla originsturs I'. 1. Hood ' o.. pro
pn.lur liuod a r3xaiiwill. Loocll. Mass.
vti;i' eel-Moat roi'Tonl.iil.
e y tryajwilii lltlMaaAaaU.Uf ,
raee raeib W tt. fc, Zwm-ZZS'
If he rannoleUDolTth l? f '"'',, r5
M tRt H.. Hcoew uo v. V-riT'ai
4a mm ia m, totara.
1 r .
tlSIlun,t 1 M by DrassiaU,
V rr ' wrv!h
A . 5 I kr aarea. ri. la
VH mmJ"A ei aa or bolU 12 .
' " t'Malat aat ma aeaseaS
Makes Warm' Floors
because it warms by Circulation (tako
in cooler air from floor, passes it around
the heated parts of stove and discharg
es it at top of stove.) Keeps the air
moving constantly. Warm floors mean
healthy, happy children.
Moore's 1 905 Base Burner
hat ths moat perfect sir clrrtilagna tyitpsi of
nyheatinr ttnve and will warm all the living
rooms cr.mlnfibly.
rioors's Tbree-5tory System for Baa
Kumars, entirely otw, patrntrd and used Of)
Moore's Moves only. lt Warma pitain)
roomi. tnd areata dowsataira. Ird Drop the
ashaa down cellar into cloicd ah can it dealrtd.
Great aavinfnf annoyance. Ahanlutalynq dual,
rtoors's Is the most Improved of ail Bass
Moore's Revolving Flrepot trtmli born-
In out end Increanes it's life ive-iold. A
tlfht doors and dnfta frrennd t 1-lOts) of I
mm; Keep lire and save mei.
Appearance. Monre'a Has Perner Is sdV
mined by ail the handaomeat and most elee
gait I y proportioned. Artiaiiedecorauooaend-mirror-Ilk
nflectnra indicate tha Bupertor
workmanahlp throujhoet. Yos get e very tbang
good when you buy Moors'.
MOOrCfS ,Ar" P Ptannlnf to buy U
i 1 . either a heannf or cooking (
OTOVCS stove? Be aura to ae Moore' I
Aluijnra complete line tne lateet the
'VwVa moat improved the beat tor
Ple&M 11 purposes.
I NebrBSXl hmltirj Ml ClTDBt Cl
minims mm vsipv
413-418 North 34th Street,
Very Low
Excursion Rates
i November 7th, 1905,
10 certain roini III
Alabama, Georgia,
Kentucky, ' Louisiana,
Mississippi, North Carolina,,
South Carolina, Tennessee,
RA IE Four-fifths of the one
way rate or the round trip.
All tickets carry final return
limit of twenty-one daye from
date of sale.
For further Information
Call or write
I. Rl THKHKOHD, . 1.
1323 Karnam Strftt,
Omaha, Neb.
has made a SPE
CIALTY of all forms
of disease and dis
orders of
HI facilities f for
treating thl claan of
diseasd are' unnVn
lied. His rem Ik. -able
cure eav .Irl
dom been equalJd.
Over iio.ouo . Ilava fetcea Crtl.
StU Year la Umaha.
Hi FRKE BOOK tells the nature and
cause of every cllse with which men
may be afflicted. Out ot respect for society
and the city In which be lives, the eVwwtor
refrains from naming In the family news-
f is per the various disease of nen thai lie
called upon to treat. Thl Information
can all be found In hi book.
, HI Hoaae Treataaeat
ha permanently cured thousands of case
nd every day 1 proving what a
good can be done for men at am.ll cost.
Airulcine. sent in plsin package.
ar-a l.luait. ruaaallatlaa Pa.
Office Hours S a. m. to 1:10 p. m. Sun
dava. a. in. to b p. m.
Call or write. Ilui 7W Ofllt 2li 8ullt
14th Btrt. Oiiiilia. NU
a aaaBnaan
'. t