Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 28, 1905, EDITORIAL SECTION, Image 10

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    The Omaha Daily Bee.
Pnges 9 to 16.
The Bee's Sunday Magazine
Features Out-top Those of
All Comoetitors.
OMAHA WEATHER FORECAST Sntnrdny Fair and Cooler.
$2.50 Worth of Sheet Music, 45c
Saturday only, we will nrll 100 packages of shoot music, 5 vocal M p
and 5 instrumental plrcp. encta a 2fc value, or $2.50 for the bSp
the ten sale price Saturday J
Py mail. 10c extra. Music. Section, Second Floor.
r i w
Green Trading Stamp
Saturday Sales Dry Goods Dept
Fine satin lining, 27 inches long, high 6torm collar, I C
regular price $25 Saturday PJ
HOUR SALES Saturday from 9 to 12 a. m. 95c Black AQn
Petticoats, at rVJK
HOUR SALES From 9 to 12, Ladies House "Wrappers, 4 Qp
fleece lined, heavy cloth, regular price $1.25, for. . .' JH
Green Trading Stamp Sensation. All children's, infants' and misses'
coats sold Saturday will have double Green Trading Stamps.
CHILDREN'S AND MISSES CAPS All the very latest shapes and colors,
in knitted and cloth Tarns, tourist styles and toques, in plain and
fancy colors, now on sale in the children's department, CA f
second floor. Special values at JUC'wt
LADIES' FOl SCARFS AT $4.03 Sable and Isabella fox boas, A Q C
62 In. long, heavy bushy tails and paws, regular 8.60 value, at. TJ
BLENDED JAP MINK Light and dark shade, new shape, fine A Q n
satin lining, 54 Inches long, at 'Tt.JD
BLACK MARTEN BOA Six tails, very full, 60 inches long. A Q C
regular $7.60 quality, at HttJO
LADIES' UNION SUITS CHEAP Half wool union suits, fleece lined, in
gray and ecru, buttoned front and Onelta style, worth $1.60 T
Special Saturday, at suit 4) 1
And double Green Trading Stamps.
CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR Medium weight, fleece lined, jersey
ribbed Vests and Drawers, worth 39c a garment, special
Saturday, per garment atftJC
hose, plain and ribbed, fine ribbed woolen hose and plain cotton TT.
hose, all warranted, fast dye, worth to 60c, special Saturday, pr.)C
HAND BAG SPECIAL Patent leather bags, in the new envelope style
with strap or handle, and the walrus hand bags, worth Cft' C
to 89c Special Saturday, each JUC"aSC
LADIES' KID GLOVES AT 6c High glace finished kid gloves, Paris
point stitching, in full assortment of desirable shades, worth AO
$1.00 special Saturday, a pair UkC
LADIES' NECKWEAR Beautiful line of silk stock, with lace and bead
trimmings, all lace and embroidery stocks with chiffon trimmings,
heavy all over lace chemisettes and fine china silk chemisettes, pret-
' tily tucked and lace trimming. This lot worth up to $1, t(t
Sale price Saturday, each JUC
HANDKERCHIEFS AT HALF PRICE Ladles' soft finished linen hand
kerchiefs, fancy lace trimmed and embroidered borders and plain hem
stitched, this entire lot worth 19c to 26c Special 1
Saturday, at . 12C
NECK RUCHINGS Fine chiffon ruchings In full assortment f 1 CA
of colors, worth to 35c yard special, a yard . . faJC'lJC
BLANKETS AND COMFORTS 10-4 cotton blanket in tan, gray 7 J?"
and white special for Saturday, a pair I DC
Saturday, at, per pair "I QC
Large size wool Blankets in gray, very fine quality special JJJ
Full sized Comforts, covered with silkollne, both sides alike, filled 1 CI C
with nice white cotton, worth $2.26, Saturday, each, only ,JD
Dinner Sets and Open
FIFTY PATTERNS TO SELECT FROM W. especially mention a pattern from
the EDWIN M. KNOWLE8 POTTER Y COMPANY, very finest of American
Porcelain, pretty .pray decoration, gold handled and knobs .pedal - t(i
et at a special price, lu,uu
WHITE AND GOLD PATTERN in English Porcelain, a splendid new shape nnd
pretty treatment of gold, full 100 pieces, regular J16.00 set, sale : 10.00
NEW SIX-PIECE TOILET SET In pretty prints, green, blue or brown, f 7c
Saturday, a set i
SPECIAL TUMBLERS FOR SATURDAY, pretty neat decoration, a 90c Or
vuliin frr flnfiirrifLV. mix for "Wv
WELSBACH CO.'S much advertised Light
Mantle and Q Globe, complete Saturday
See the Clover, complete, 51) "
Both elegant light givers.
Gas Shades for chandeliers, pretty new design, a 20c value, Saturday, On
t-mn for UL.
New Ioga Vasea at $1.25 The prettiest, cheapest and best line of Vases f OS
shown, up from 87o and
See window for that sale of China Bowls Monday, a $L50 value 5QC
One to a customer.
Popular Priced Furniture
No better Inducements in furniture buying offered in Omaha! Ben
nett'i furniture Include every Idea and style and guaranteed to give ser
vice and satisfaction, rrices are popular.
Dining Room Chairs, up from 08c
Dining Tables, up from $4.08
Sideboards, quarter oak, up from $11.50
60 gross Brass Curtain Rods, extends from 30 to 54 Inches, bought to
sell at 18c Saturday, each 10c
1,000 yards Silk Cord and Fringes, worth 20c yard, yard, at 5c
A lot ol 6hort pieces of Linoleum that have accumulated, at, each. 10c & 5c
Axmlnstcr Rugs. 27x54 inches, regular $2.50 values, each, at $1.79
Axminster Hall Runners, 27 Inches by 9 feet, at $1.75
wwa - WirawCTiw
Court Decidas Broaiwell'i Eleotion Board
Appointments Are Aoctrding to Law.
rlaUls Do ot Get oa Boards, as
They Hare Mo Candidate
on the General
In an opinion renaeiPd Frirt.iy morn
ing Judge Button hefd that Clerk of Courts
I lo.-idwell had complied with the law in the
sppolntsnenr of the election hoards for the
doming election In county. He dis
charged the alternative writ secured by the
rci'Uhllcin county committee and the clcik
:'f courts Is allowed to rnd out at once
Ins notices tc the .iudges und clerks ap
I ninted by him.
In effort Judge Sutton held the candl
intes for governor on the various tickets
instituted a "set" of officers In the eye
f the law. He also slid an examination
f the vote showed the socialists would bo
ntitled to one judre on the boards in the
Titles of Omaha and South Omaha, having
raft more than 10 per cent of the toul
t'nder the circumstances existing the so
rlallsts will nof have representation on fhe
xtards. as they have no candidates on the
Munty ticket. They failed to take advan
:ag of the primary law to participate in
:hc nomination of candidates and their ap
peal tn the supreme court In the effort to
et certain names on the official ballot Is
Hill undecided and probably will not be
;ias3ii on until after the election.
To a.renuctt of Mr. Burbank tor leave
to amend the petition in a cortaln partic
ular Judge Sutton said he would grtnt the
A'uve to amend if it was desired to get the
matter squarely before the supreme court,
but en the amended petition he would hpld
the name as he had In the decision Just
Follow ing Is the list of judges and clerks
Booth. Main floor
Stock Dinnerware
complete with best Burner,
8'e the Chic, complete.
- fwjR. .mwin
named by Mr. Broadwell, the democrats
having a majority of the boards In sixty
five precincts and the republicans a ma
jority In fifteen precincts:
City of Omaha.
1. William Slaven. 131b So. 6th St.
F.d Moran, oH Poppleton Ave.
K. Maci-ionald, fU Poppietnn Ave.
Charles C.illi, li8 So. 4th St.
Charles Honn. HIS So. tith St.
2. Charles l-mnie. M So. Mh St.
Ted Urelje. 7tf Marcy St.
James Henderson, So. 8th St.
Ed Roach, 111 So. St.
Frark F. Hale, 7 Fierce St.
Z. F. 11. Connell. ZbA So. 12th St.
R. Fatim-y, 13th and Arbor S:s.
Oeorge I-amh. Z2 So. 10th St.
Henjamln Lynch, 12th and Martha Sts.
Clyde G. Sundt lnd. Iiorcas St.
. Joseph Ecker. irj Atlas .St.
John Davis. 1'7S; po. loth St.
.bisepli Mislevle. (Jihsoii.
I riii H.iHer. ;::). s.. ath st.
A. W. Oliver. Gibson.
1 John Vavetka, SCI So. SOth St
Arthur l'eiersim, 2i So. .'f th St.
J Kre.icl. So. :'!)Ui 6t.
Daniel Juckness. ZM6 So. ISth St.
Lawrence tjuealey, ;'!C1 Castellar St.
C. G. F.lsasser. 1M 2 So. 20th St.
J. J. Sehuls, 311 So. 21st St.
C. M. Stagman, STOl Vinton Sr
Pat Mr.Mahon. So. 23rd 31.
John R. Rnibnurn. 2-.G7 So. 24th St.
S. Thomas J. Wintherlleh. 3J2S rtn. nth St
TheiMlnre A. Dosiie, 3!2 bo. loth St.
Charles S. Nlcklua. So. Kih St.
J'js. ph Vnska. Jr.. 414 So. 13th St.
Thomas J Lynch. 3341 So. 17th St.
4. Feter Koffman. 2331 So lsih St.
H. Relnhurt. ri9 So. lwh.
John Koops. I7h Vinton St.
A. F. Koops. 1710 Vinton St.
George M. Lee, 272 So. ISth St.
5. George Wuehter. 22i So. lttth St.
August Schaef.-r. bill Dorcas St.
Kmll F. Bandhauer. l'jo So. lith St.
. Vrank Howke, X So. lrtih fit.
F. H. Walker, lp-jj So. 13th gt
1. M. M. MorUrty. l-rm Cuming St.
O. M. Scott. liH Webster St.
George Bayer, i2.1 X. liith St.
J. J. Conlon, H3 .V. lfiitj St.
A. Matison. 6i3 N. 16th St.
.. l'eter Rooney. ..? N. 11th St.
Jesse E. HnUlei,, n:'4 Capitol Ave.
J. 1i. ilubanks, Jn7 x. 12th St.
William Moran. 221 X'. lit h 8l
Lincoln Conner, 213 N. 11th St.
S. August Knahe. Midland hotel.
Jerry Mi'Mahon. 12i6 Cass St.
Jolin Eaitati. 47 X". 14th St.
James Shay. 410 X. Hih Si.
A Gordon. CamhridKe hotel.
4. NS". C Jord.Hii. Kail.teh hotel
FreKl U Smith. 22 Hnk.-r bl k.
K. H. Jwansou, llu S. Uth SU
Phenomenal Bargains in Trimmed Hats
CIcsliy Merchandise. Clever Styles, Close Prices
Guaranteeing a hat that will stand out unique and proper, and under which j-ou will feel "quite
in style' because it's thoroughly down-to-the- minute, and therefore seasonable.
Values from $5 and $8, for
Gigantic Picture Sale
Starts Saturday a. m.
The Greatest Art Sale
Ever Given in the West
$15,000 worth of Oil Paint
ings, Water Colors, Carbons,
etc. Just the right time to
purchase that picture for the
empty space, in your home,
(Like cut),
25c value 12e
The world's greatest modern Madonna, our
J1.69 sale value, sale price Saturday.. Si 39
15o Veneer Frames, fitted with cule pic
tures t To
A 75c value for.
TURES, in oval brown quartered oak
frames. 2H4x25. a S3 value for $1.05
iU Water Color Marines by Champney.SS.75
60 handsome Landscape Pastels by Chand
ler, In handsome gold frames, a $3.50 sale
price with us. for this gigantic sale.. II. as
No. 101 Landscape, by Guther, 113, sale
price $1200
Kn. 108 Venetian, bv Ulamy. $24. salo
....... io.w
No. 110 Moonlight, by Volmart.
JIG, sale
SPRINGS OR HENS. at. pound...
Pork Shoulder Roast, . 7Ac
pound 3
young Mutton Legs. Qc
Loin Mutton Chops, ifl
Mutton Stew, 6 pounds 2Se
Fresh No. 1 Leaf Lard, 12 pounds (C
for '
Extra Choice No. 1 Round Roust, of our
choice native steers best on H If
the market, at
No. 1 Rib Rolling Eeef. of the same 2Sc
quality, 10 pounds for
Boys' and Girls' Shoes, with rock oak PA
soles that will last, at IJU
Men's Kangaroo Calf, full double sole, Kant
Rip Union Made work shoes, with plain toe
or tip, laced or congress, 200
Dr. Packard's Cushion Role Shoes, with vici
kid lining, $5.00 value, 4 00
George C. Thompson. Crelghton Blk.
C. H. Kubat. Barker block.
5. Robert O. Freeman. Box 8. Uth St.
K. C. Denham. 1423 Jackson St.
Kd. Porter, 5i)7 P. 13th St.
George Clark,. (03 S. 15th St.
George Clark, & 8. 15th St.
1. J. A. Conlin, 1715 Chicago St.
O. .8. Stockham, 302 K. ISth St.
H. F. Mann, 1713 Chicago St.
William H. Moore, 17(iS Dodge St.
W. G. Anderson, 1K2 Douglas St.
8. .Tames Trade. 422 S. ISth St.
Daniel Collins, 422 B. ISth St.
Martin L. Sugarman. 1S16 Farnam.
L. E. Hugglns, 422 8. Urh St.
J. L. HiKgins. 413 S. 10th St.
5. Otto Stuben. 12 8. 17th St.
G. F. Cshalan, 712 S. lix'i St.
Martin Dunham. 712 8. 17th St.
W. i. Little, 7'ifi 8. H'th St.
Oscar Peterson. 71 S. 16th St.
4. Thomas Stribbling. 314 8. 20th St.
J. V. Kelly. 21"3 Farnam St.
John W. Battin. Ml S. 22nd St.
T. F. Burke. 212S Farnam St.
Charles Singer, 4o7 S. 2'th Ave.
6. Iximinirk CosgTove, 3lS X. 25th St.
W. H. Henderson, 241" Douglas St.
R. C. F.arnes. 211 8. 21th St.
I. . A. Dermndv. 21e3 Douglas St.
W. X'. Chambers, 2215 Dodge St.
1. T. B. Hatcher. J210 Ames Ave.
William Barber. 2217 Fowler Ave.
Hugh A. Myers, S)2 North 17th St.
Ed Van Horn, 4207 North 24th St.
Adelbert I. Mead. 8707 North I4th St.
I. John M. Rice, ltilf. Emmet St.
O. A. Scott. 1922 Blnney St.
George C. Bassett, 1S1 Blnney St.
W. L. Fatton. 101 Locust St.
W. L. Bay. IS -6 Corby St.
J. W. Morrow. ?24 Xorth Ulh St.
r. L. Hopper. 2t.2) North 19th 6t.
C W. Johnson, 2t3 North 2Uh 8t.
A. K. Patton. 1910 Ohio St.
M. T. Pears. 22?S North 18th St.
i. P. G. Martin. 1507 North 19th St.
Tsaae Tomnsett. 1522 Sherman Ave.
Tho. B Elllngwood U48 North 17th 8t,
M. P. MeBrlde. 1H4 Charles 8t.
James E. Bearui. 16U7 Yates St.
6. F. H. Kosters. 1110 North lth St.
P. J. Carroll. 1423 North 17th St.
Beniainin J Stone, 1'5S North lth St.
Jsnies Daughton. 1145 North 17th St.
. Charles B. Schroth. 116 North 19th 8t
1. L. IJddell, ISa North 22d Bt.
V. O. Weiner. 130 North 22d St.
M. C. Meaney, 1S14 North 22d St.
George Winston. Charles St.
William F. White, 221S Grace 6t.
!. H. B. Roberts. 2010 Seward St.
Kvrnn O. Burbank. 2434 Seward Ft.
W. Q. Shiner. 19oJ North "ih Bt.
George Cifheanteam, 242o Parker St
E L. Fern ll. 1914 North 2th St.
I. Edward Maloney, 1r., 7718 Parker 8t.
J. IL Winyear, 2311 North, 2Sta Ave.
Pictures by Maud Suimm,
llike rut), a 3oc value 23c
fJ.OO Christy Pictures, framed 10x2o.
at '..J1.25
tt.OO Hand Colored Photogravures, framed.
20x24. white bevel mats, nt $1 .69
.'-'J-S"-. iv-t"!'"
. v
FLOWERS, FRUITS, (like cut).
$23. sale
, $13.00
$26, sn le
, $17.00
$43. sale
No. i:
Moonlight, by Rossi,
No. 1 River Scene, by Guerln
No. 116 Venetian Canal Scene,
. .$30.00
No. lis Country Road. bV Loranze, $75. snle
price $00.00
No. 115 Sunrise In the Country, by Dihl.
S100, sale price S75.00
25.000 feet of fine Picture Mouldings at a
discount of 20 per cent.
We excel in the art of framing. Id floor.
EAT. We get dally shipments of all kinds
bust grades Sausages and Cooked Meats
from Welsel & Co., Milwaukee.
Tour choice of Swift's Selected Premium
Hams or Cudahy's Selected Diamond "C"
Hams, average weight of each nam 10
to 12 pounds, every ham is guar
anteed; on salo at, pound 16 51.
And Thirty Green Tiauuig Stamps With
Each Hain.
Morrell's Iowa Pride Choice Cali- fOr'
fornia Hums, at, pound 'v.
And Thirty Green Trading Stamps With
Each Ham.
Charles E. Duffle. 1H4 North 28th Bt.
8. T. Murphy. 2113 North 23th Ave.
Rev. O. H. Schleh, 2912 Franklin St.
. W. H. McMillan, 132" Grant St.
J. 8. Bennett, 4312 Grant St.
Joseph B. Fradenburg, 4203 Burdette Bt.
O. J. Strltker, 4221 Ersklne 8t.
George T. Lindley, 1704 North 36th Bt.
1. Frank C. Weaver, 1043 8. 29th Ave.
David N. Miller, 2819 Leavenworth St.
William P. Taylor, 2715 Leavenworth St.
John Cunningham, S52 S. 28th St.
Charles L. Thomas. 1012 8. :9th St.
1 H. Burney, 2701 Hickory St.
E.J. McArdlo. 1534 S. 2'.th St.
JoBcph E. That her. l.J S. 27th St.
E. B. Brain. 15-17 S. 2Mh St.
G. A. Vradenberg. 1533 Georgia Ave.
I. J. 8. Gibson, l.Kil S. 3Jd St.
H. B. Allan, 1334 Piiik Ave.
Theodore Olsrn, 1319 8. 31d St.
J. M. Huchannn. 13J S. 3U1 St.
J. P.. Stnrr. 3u7S Mason St.
4. Triimun Jackson. 21.'i S. 3!d St.
Charles Ortman. 2141 S. Sid St.
John Nortierg. :l'. 8. 33.1 St.
ii. Canan. 1912 S. St.
George Ambler. 5101 Lincoln Ave.
1. John F. Beattle. 1415 N. 21th St.
William F. Wrenn. 932 N. 24th St.
W. K. Mardls, 14e2 X. 26th St.
Joseph L. Wilson. 2412 Cuming St.
F. W. Tunison. 1-T Charles St.
2- W. . I.eary, 07 X'. 17th Bt.
Edwin Davis. 818 N. 17th St.
Will Whltmore. 1818 Webster St.
P. J. McAndrews, 811 N. 17th St.
C. F. Westerdahl. 1715 Burt Ft.
J. F. M. Magulie, 517 N. ISth St.
Joseph Butler. 1817 California 8t.
Joseph H. Haldrtg. 2if2 CI.Ichko St.
C. L. VanCamp. 111 Cl. cago St.
H. R. Munehhou. M X. ISth 8t.
t Joseph Brltion. California St. v
l'eter O'Mallev. 2f.l4 California St.
I'unlel B. Sargent. ."224 Webster 8t.
Henry Fltzsil.bon. flS N. :3d St.
H. H. VaiiAlstine. :9 Webster St.
1. Frank J. Robinson. lf.Cn N. 26:h Bt.
Louis Files. 29o Uard St
Arthur L. Andersen, t'21 N. 27th Ave.
W. C. McLean. 2.05 Hamilton St.
Paul Martin. 2i Indiana Ave.
t L. Kroner, Mis N. S;d St.
Harry Frlineau. 33"3 Mvrtle Ave.
George Ba.ley, 3:il7 Myrtle Ave.
W. H. Thompson. K(2 X. 5th St.
J. F.. VanGiider, 3"ith and Hamilton Sts.
t. Charles F. Crowlev. ST'ir. Burt St.
Sam J Potter. 830 N 3."ih Ave.
C. 11 Malm, 520 X. Sid St.
Guy R. Spencer, 31.35 California St.
W. B. Graham. 301 X. 33d St.
4. Alek Pessinger. 34 Dodge St.
Raymond E Coad, 3718 Furnain St.
H A. l'.urnett. 147 X .tlst Ave.
G. Martin. 112 N. 37th Ht.
William H. Heller. 11 N. .td St.
5. Thuinas Mctkivern, 1H15 Cliicago St,
Pun Satan. M1 Capitul Ave.
It. D. Duncan. 2u i'avtnport St.
turday Only
Saturday's interesting list of busi
ness winners and money savers.
Twenty Gri-en Trading Stamps with
lb. finest Java and Mocha Coffee.. 35c
Forty Green Trading Stamps with
pound Tea (any variety We
Forty Green Traiing Stamps with sack
Pride of Bennett's Flour $110
Fifty Green Trading Stamps with five
pounds splendid Tapioca 35c
Thirty Green Traoing Stamps with
pint bnttle finest Grape Juice 28c
Filty Gleen Trading Stamps with five
pound can Bennett's Capitol Bnklng
Powder $l.oo
Tin Green Trading Stamps with two
cans lied Cross i'renni yr
Ten Green Trading Stamps with pint
bottle Columbia Catrup 2iic
Ten Green Trading Stamps with bottle
Bennett's Capitol Flavoring ex
tract 18c
Twenty Green Tiafllng Stamps with
pound can Batrnii ,d.';cy tiu.:n.-l..,0
Ten Green Trein. Btri ,i?n rts
tumbler Cranberry iure inc
Ten Green Trnding Stamps with twi
CHtiM fine Table Syup 20c
Ten Green Trading Stamps with pound
New York Full Cream Cheese 20c
Ten Green Trading Stamps with pound
finest domestic Swiss Cheese 22c
Ten Green Trading Stamps with Jar
Royal Luncheon Cheese 21c
Five Green Tndln Stamps with Jnr
Royal Luncheon Cheese He
Ten Green Trading Stamps with quHrt
Sour Pickles ....10c
Ten Green Trading Stamps with quart
Chow Chow Pickles 7. .!..
Ten Green Trading Stamps with quart
small Pickled Onions 20o
Daily Receipts of the Best Troducis
from the Farm.
Bennett's Capftol C'reamorv, the finest
produced, l-lh. brick (full weight). 21c
Fresh Country Butter, pound lv;
Strictly Fresh Countrv Eggs.
Ten Green Trading Stamps with Ben
nett's Cjipitol Wheat. .x 2oc
Tert Green Trading Stamps with three
cans Early June Peas , 25c
Chepp s COcoanut. package ic
Oil Sardines, can 3c
Salmtn, pound can 9,;
. Potted Turkey, can be.
Evaporated Cream, can 4c
Twenty Green Trading Stamps with
can Diamond "S" Fruits, ass't...2Sj
Ten Green Trading Stamps with bar
Abdlll's Laundry Queen Washing
Compound luc
Ten Green Trading Stamps with three
packages Bennett's Cupitol Mince
Meat 25c
A speclil offer on Cream Bon Bons.
These are very delicious, fresh made
and are decorated with assorted nuts
and fruits. Twenty Green Trading
Stamps with pound box 25u
Hallowe'en Novelties, up from 6c
Ten Green Trading Stamps with large,
fancy box fresh made vanilla flavored
Marshmujlows J6e
El Bogador. a genuine Porto Rico
Cigar. 8 for , 25c
50 for ji.50
Rudyard Kipling, a seed Havana 5c
Cigar. 60 for n.93
And Forty Green Trading Stamps.
Patterson H. O. Plug Cut, 8-oa. tin
box 24c
And Five Green Trading Stamps.
Pittsburg Regulars, a broad leaf
Stogie. 100 for $1.50
And Thirty Green Trading StaVnps.
Genuine Meerschaum Pipe, amber
Stem, in Case up from $3.00
R. & S. Knox Shoes, hand welt, up-to-date, but
ton, lace and Bluchers, gun metal gA
leather, $5.00 value, at. !) U
Old Gentlemen's Easy Welt Sole, vici kid, plain
toe, congress or lace shoes, 3 00
We are agents for the Faultless Fitting Dorothy
M. J. Murphy, Jr., 31 N. 26th St.
A. Gus J Ruete, 212 S. 37th St.
L J. J. Dinan. 1310 S. 11th St.
lew Hermann, 1208 Pacific St.
J. W. Hanon, iUO 8. 10th Bt.
F. W. Btubbendorf. 1230 8. 10th St.
George P. Smith, lOlSVj 8. 11th St.
I. John Morrlssey, 809 8. 29th St
Mike Lovely, 1021 8. 20th Bt.
J. R. Hill. 810 8. 17th St.
John F. Murphy, 813 8. 20th St.
It. B. Grimes, 812 8. 17th St.
I. James D. Murphy, 201S Pierce St.
W. H. Herdman. 844 8. 22d St.
R. C. Hallett, 84(1 8. 21st St.
R. A. Wilson, 2013 Pierce St.
Edward Potter. 1021 8. 22d St.
4. Joseph Chleborad. 1223 S. 14th 8t.
George Holmes, lnos William St.
Kd J. Streights, 122 William St.
Jerry Jelen. K33 8. 14th St.
Joe Bruning, 17u7 8. 17th St.
5. Frank Chlehorad. 1407 8. 15th St.
John F. Froupn. 1457 8. 14ih St. ,
James O'Rourke. 1453 8. 14th St.
Charles Fanfeiilk. 1157 8. 141 It St.
John Swnbndn, 1713 S. 10th St.
1. W. W. Farguhar. 1410 N. 41st St.
M. F. FUnkhouser. 412 Cuming St.
W. A. Gardiner. VAt Cuming Bt.
W. C. Ellis, 4329 Charles St.
H. K. MeCumher, 40( Charles St.
2. K. H. Faus. 4301 Farnam St.
Perry Miller, 49 Teaveuworth St.
Judlson Hlgley. 1020 s. 47th St.
C. L. West. 4170 Chlcugo St.
F. J. Delavega. 38; California 8t.
3. It. W. Treulsen. 3554 Howard St.
Fred J j. Smith. 721 8. 37th St.
P. 8. McQuire. 72o S. 31st St.
George C. West, 3626 Jackson St.
Alfred O. Barker. ti32 S. 87th St.
4. E. E. Stanfield. 24'" Jonea St.
Herman Rehfeld. 52 8. 24th Ave.
Frank Heinbaugh. 501 8. 25th Ave.
W. P. Thomas. 2717 Jackson Bt.
B. Rehfeld, 52 S. 24th Ave.
1. 8 B. Amstuu, 4418 X. 2Mh 8t.
Francis Ooodall. 4411 N. 25th Ave.
S. R. Quiglev. 4413 N. 31st Ave.
A. K. Llndell. 3j69 Curtis Ave.
William Baumbach, 2'I4 Saratoga Bt.
t. H. A. Jacoberger, H43 I-erimore St.
H. rrmnnt. 3312 Meredith Ave.
William A. Grant. 3323 Larimore Art.
H. F. Burkett. 34th and Boyd Sts.
Milton S. Bauma, 37th and Ida Sts.
t. C. A. Rotrt sr., 2918 N. With St.
G. Williams. 3328 Boulevard St.
W. H. Arms. 815 Corby St.
G. R. Chapman. 30"9 Emmet Bt.
W. J. Robinson, 323T Miami Bt.
4. R. J. Shields. 2218 Emmet Bt.
W. C. Turner, 2415 Emmet St
J. W. Morrow. 2517 Spencer St.
K. E. Elliott. Ii)2 N. 24th Bt.
Henry V. Plunimer. MI Mliml St.
ontb Ontaba.
1 Frank Fitisimmons. 843 ft. 20th Bt.
John McMUIen, 827 N. 21st St,
Boys' Clothing Nothing Like Them in Omaha
A.t98 to.:6,!rr 3.95, 2.95 and 1.95
The Final Summons to the Great Pur
chase Sale of the Lion Brand, Hirsh
Wickwire Co. and Bennett's Cloth
ing Which is Being Sold at 50c on
the Dollar.
Will take place Saturday at 8 a. m. and will continue the day if the lot lasts
that long. If history of the past two weeks repeats Itself these days will go on
record ns the biggest and busiest sale days of our career.
All the broken lots of these fine Suits and Overcoats will go on special sale at
a price that can never be duplicated again. You know the clothes as full of
value as our own American dollars; you know of the styles possessing all the new
kinds that the best custom tailored clothes have; you know of the patterns In
stock, and you know that the Lion Brand label on every garment Is a guarantee
of true worth.
Tomorrow is the
Last Day of
This Great Sale
And If you are not here
your opportunity of a life
time to economize will be
gone forever.
The question is now up to
Those whose Income will
not permit them to enjoy the
best can now wear the finest
ouus anu overcoats at no
greater cost than the poorer
$5, $7.50,
$9.98, $14.98S
$2.50 to $10.00 on a Suit orpi
' Don't Overlook a Light""""""
Weight Overcoat or a
Rain Coat.
Little men, look into this
SOLID GOLD Beauty Fins,
Solid Gold Baby Rings, 3 stone
Turquoiso Head Necklaces, with Or
turquoise cross, complete
Imported Crystal Hat Pins, (II.
each IUW
Jtogers' Tea Spoons, per set of 4Qc,
Specials in Hardware Saturday
Forty green trading stamps with any Waffle Iron, 85c and 76c
Ten green trading stamps with common Nail Hammer tftc
Twenty green trading stamps with nickel plated Hammer 23c
Ten green trading stamps with bath tub Soap Dish ibc
Fifty green trading stamps with best Oil Heater made, $4.68 and. . .$3.75
Twenty green trading stamps with any Coal Hod, prices up from 23o
Forty green trading stamps with Furnace Scoop, 60c and ,R4c
Forty green trading stamps with Plumber's Friend !'.65c
Forty green trading stamps with Boys' Ax '. .flOc
Forty green trading stamps with Wash Boiler, prices up from." '. ."poo
Ten green trading stamps with can Yellow Label Stove Polish. . iiric
Door and Window Moulding, selling per foot, up from !!!!!! lc
Ranges sell up from $23.00"
Heaters sell up from !!.$8!50
George W. Howe, ISth and M Sts.
J. J. Breen. 203 J Bt.
J. V. Miller, 609 N. 20th Bt.
E. O. Buraon, 1021 X. 23d St.
John F. Schulti. 1104 N. 22d St.
J. B. Smith. 910 N. 22d Bt.
W. D. White. 1029 N. 23d St.
Charles F. Mann, '710 N. 22d Bt.
H. C. Miller, 13 O St.
Gus Olsen, 183 8. 18th St.
J. Curtain, 120 8. 20th St. '
James Pivonka. 106 N. 21st St.
J. L. Barta, 2n4) 8 St.
P. Devoney. 1m 8. 24th Bt.
John Murray, 159 8. 26th St.
B. Dionstbier, 14 8. 21st St.
P. J. Llnihan, 22d and P St.
Burton Rice, 2313 Q St.
1. Andrew McGulre. 106 8. 31st St.
Steve Carrol, 751 8. 17th St.
C. W. Knight, litis Madison St.
Mike Barrett. IMG Harrison St.
Robert Benson. 251S Jefferson St.
2. Kd Hanley, Solo X St.
H. F. Ryan. UW V St.
Ivor Thomas, 458 8. 33d St.
Frank Good, 4S!H X St.
Geo. Byrne, W St.
1. Tim Sullivan. 132 N. 25th Bt.
M. Hughes, 2402 P St.
8. A. Furgiison. 112 N. 25tri St.
James Cunningham, 2)03 N St.
John A. Nelson. 12S N. 2tith St.
S. M. J. Corcoran, 3o32 Q St.
George Dunscomb, 312u S St.
T. C Erwln. J9n2 8 St.
William Murphv, 32d and R Sts.
C. M. Santord, 30.3 R St.
1. Geo. Raworth. 714 J St.
Gaorge Sknw, 2Mh and E Sts
C. K. McGlll. 32d ana F Bts.
William Hughes, jr., 3id and F Sts.
L. V. Williams. 216 B St.
t. Peter Lenagh. lEuh and L Sts.
Thomas Broderick. 4-J and L Sts.
Otto Wurmbach. 39th and R Sts.
Fred leteison, 4ol4 K St.
Frank KoLlelu, 4u35 L St.
1. Charles Fernland, 26th and F Sts.
George C. Haskina, 25th and It Bts.
W. S. Bailey. 1U5 N. 34th St.
John E. Laughlln. 1114 N. 24th St.
Danl.-l G. Kobb, 24th and F Sts.
J. O. Cushlng, 25th and L Bts.
M. J. Rowley. 25th and N Bts.
F. F. Schmidt, 2514 N St.
A. DeLanney. 714 N. 24th St.
Charles E. Fay, 2510 K St.
roistf Precincts.
C. Steiger, William Pamp, Ben Morton.
Clyde Holliater. ried Bull, Martin Qumn.
8. P. Tor sen, 11. U. Smrken, J. E. Gujer.
Men's Wool Sweaters
Cliche of Sweaters worth up to lfi
$4.00 for .UU
And Fifty Green Trading Stampa,
Hoys' All Wool Sweaters Kj
Buster Brown and all styles choice of
entire stock worth to J2.0R QJ
And Thirty Green Trading Stamps.
Only SO dozen of that Fleeced Lined Un
derwear left cost you Eoc after (Or
Saturday for '
And Twenty Green Trading Stampa.
Bovs' Fleeced Lined Underwear 2tC?
worth 36c at -v
Back Combs, near shell, gold filled
mountings, set with pearls, turquoise,
garnets, etc., $1.1)0 value, your inn
choice JtG
We carry the largest variety, latest Eu
ropean and eastern designs of purses
In Omaha. Our prices are the lowest
that high-grade goods can be sold au
A hundred styles; each, from
$15.00 down to 1UC
Rudolph Ruscr. C. A. Pierson, Eggert
Klrkendall, Frank L. ntchett.
John E. Moore.
Charles Junge, Peter Clausen. Charles
Charles Anderson, C. H. Cobb, Fred
William R. Cole, L. N. Warllar. F. M.
Charles J. Klonlnger, M. H. Fredrlckson,
W. T. Voss.
John Anderson, Joo Decker, F. A. Mc
William Von J u rn, C. H. Hartman. W.
A. Welsh.
Rev. W. L. Elliot. E. Erway. Joseph Mc
Clnnuhan. UNION.
Henry Duller, Ed. Knight, John Cam.
B. B. Hooper, A. II. Campbell, C. E. Wll
That In tbn All-Absorbta Qaestlon
of the Hoar with the
Where Is Baby Rankin's go-cart?
Aside from a seal to perform their duties
a guardians of the public safety the po
lice are anxious to get a gllmptt of the
person who would be mean enough to ste il
a baby's go-cart.
Mrs. Rankin of 61 6 Georgia avenue has
reported the loss of her baby's go-cart, said
to have been stolen from her front porch.
A milkman plying In the Rankin neighbor
hood told a patrolman he saw a boy mov
ing south on the avenue early Frtdiy morn
ing with the carl filled with newspapers.
The police are after the boy. Meanwhile
Baby R'tnklu is crying fur his go-cart and
contenting himself with a tin rattle and
building hcutes on the floor with his blocks.
Another 1cI1hi.
of an accident, Editor Schuela, of Colum
bus, O.. was cured of bis wound by
Bucklen's Arnica Salve. Try if. 0. For
sale by Sherman St McConnell Drug Co.