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Bttrt Mads oa Firing of Twsatj -Fourth
Btrtet with Brick.
Work af Trarlac Oat tha Wara
Asphalt la Well ladar War
Vlgaroas Efforts Ara
Preaalsaal aa Jab.
L Whelr. pastor of the Presbyterian
itat Delajt Faring.
Wednesday forenoon Parks, Johnson A
Park! started to work on tha Twenty
fourth street paving-- Several teams are
employed In hauling Purlngton blo'k brick
from can In the yards to the vicinity of
Twenty-fourth and A atreeta. Last nlnht
brick bad been piled alone the curb line
for- a distance of two block! and mora la
to be hauled right along.
Jamea Parka hunted the town over for
men yesterday. He even called at the
city tail to see If he could not find men
willing to work. He la offering 2 entr,
an hour for ordinary labor. After con
siderabla hunting around Mr. Parka finally
collected fourteen men and put them to
work breaking up the old asphalt pave
ment and loading it In wagons.
These contractors aay that they want
fifty men right away to work on this
paving, tha pay to be 90 cents an hour.
The Parks company will unload material
for tha paving of the north and of Twenty.
fourth street at the Krug brewery switch
This will make a short haul, and there will
soon be plenty of material on the gi-3und
At the tracks and J street this Arm haa
fenced In. about half an acre and put , up
a couple of big sheds for the storage of
material. About six cars of cment are
in sight,, enough to commence work on.
Fourteen cars of brick are in the yards,
Every day that work can be done all the
men that want to can find employment.
The telephone company has completed the
laying of conduits on Twenty-fourth street
from A to J street and will not Interfere
In any way with the pavement. Tf labor
era con be secured the contractors expect
10 finish the pavement on tha east side
of the street this year.
Never In the history of the city has the
pavement on this street been In such a
dilapidated condition and residents are
greatly pleased at the start made on the
' Maeman Break l,ear.
' 8. Zinnlnl, a lineman in the employ of the
Electric Llrht company, fell from a pole
near Avery Wednesday afternoon and broke
Ms right ,0S Just above the ankle. Dr. C. M.
Schlmlel was sent for and after the limb
had - been placed In splints Zlnniel was
taken to his home at 1327 Canton street.
Tha accident happened aa the last bit of
work was being done on the new line from
Souri Omaha to Fort Crook. Two heavy
lare copper wires now run from the Electric
Light company's terminal station. Twenty.
third .and M streets, to Fort Crook. The
current will be used In lighting the fort
grounds, buildings, etc' The Chicago com
pany doing the wiring at the fort expects
to be ready for the current to be turned
on November t.'
Waat Street Wldeaed.
. A petition' was presented to the city
council, some time ago signed by property
nwners In Corrlgan addition asking that
the city purchase a part of lot 14 in Wagoner
at Phelan's addition In order that tha
Intersection of Thirty-ninth and 8 atreet
may be widened.
' The statement was made that the prop
erty desired could be bought for $200. The
council '.referred the matter to the city
attorney. Mr. Lambert yesterday sent Id
a communication stating' that there was
no legal objection' to such a purchase' If
the ' council, desired to. go ahead. A this
intersection la so narrow that two teams
cAnnot pass with safety, the ground will
most likely. ,be bought,
" Maar Iaqnlrlea for Beads.
About three dosen inquiries have been
received by City Clerk Glllln regarding the
refunding of $70,000 of general Indebtedness
tends. From the number of Inquiries It
tMfcs as If the bidding at the sale to be
fcaM by the council next Monday night
would be spirited. The advertisement for
the sale of these bonds Is being printed In
The Bee and in response to inquiries the
clerk malls coplea of the paper containing
the advertisement. This issue of bonds Is
now' owned by Rev. George Farson of
Chicago. This holder Is expected to be a
bidder on the bonds as he has written the
clerk for details. The bonds are now draw
ing S per cent interest but will be refunded
at. 4Vi . per cent. . A copy of the financial
conditio!) is sent to all persons Inquiring
about these bonds.
notice Voters.
- Chairman Olbaon of the republican county
central committee is having notices sent
to all voters to be sure and register on the
two remaining days. While these notices
are sent to republicans generally, particu
lar attention is being paid to thosa who
registered on September It to go and regis
ter- in. - Friday -of this week Is the
second , day of registration and Saturday,
November V l the last day of registration.
The registration booths are open from $
a. m. until p. ni.
Lcfler-Rlea Kautlala.
Charles M. Lefler and Miss Mabel C.
Rich were married last evening at the
First Presbyterian church. Rev. Dr. R.
groom is a well known young business man
of South Omaha and the bride la the
compiiehed daughter of Mr. and Mrs. c. I Scarcity of Mta in City Engineer's Depart-
M. Klcn. A large number or invited eueats
were present at the church to witness the
Mara Sew Bsekt.
About 200 new Juvenile books were re
cently purchased by the South Omaha Li
brary board, but there la still a demand
for more books of this class. Only re
cently the South Omaha Century club pre-
nted the library with fifty volumes of
fine books, which are greatly appreciated
by the reading public. The library now has
87 patrons and the list Is constantly
ni . ' .k . Vr T a f rA de'ay'd by limitations of the city engi
llbrarlan, says that the demand for good .,, , , , .
II. Vaa Coart Saia He I ftafrerlaaj
Flaaaclal L.a Beraaae RU
aeer (at Imt Oat
Work Fast Kaoaaa.
at Crawfonlavllle. nd., Mr. Oerrard will
have oniethltig of Interest to sav to the
members of the order. It la stated. Re-fi-eelimrnt
and a ehm t musical progmm
will be among the gtxwl things for those
who attend the meeting.
Jadse Rea a. Baker Makea IMIrrlng
Address at a RoaelaaT (1k
At a meeting of the Fifth Ward Republi
can club held last evening at Young's hall,
Pixteenth and Corby streets, Judge Ben
Raker was the principal speaker. The
Judge spoke for an hour and tourhed on
Paving work all uver the city Is being VBriou" Phases of the political economy of
in government.
"I sincerely believe the primary law a
neeilng department due to short funds.
books far exceeds the supply Contractors for several day. have besieged and urge, now that the people
of books are always thankfully received.
Those desiring to make donations are re-
the city hall demanding the setting of
t L art Ih.v ,-a r. m,.a,ak ahaarf m-ltli
quested to communicate with Miss Abbott I . .
k lit. . I wora. Every available engineer or engi-
at the library.
Omaha Maa Skaate His Wife
neer student, from Assistant City Engl-
have expressed themselves at the pri
maries, that we republicans support the
entire ticket," stild the speaker. "A man
Is not dishonest Just because he be a demo.
neer mi. Dnn h. h.. r,..i i,n crmt or republican, and there will be more
William Mylee of Ninth and Howard .,. ,h. Ar.ftnm mom la or corruption, whether the party in
etreets. Omaha, last night shot his wife, aeserted. but the force cannot lay out the powr he "Publican or democrat The
one Duuei passing inrougn ner arm ana i worj, aag. enough for the pavers -rh i arc minim a great nue ami
the other through one of her lungs.
cry about trusts and corruption Without
altar ara nlna thali. twaat In aitvan.
The shooting accurred on Twenty-fourth .i--.. ..,k t,... nn t,., reason. Partisans should meet one an
street, between M annd O streets. The mvch nand b tn, con(lulon, ,n the ,tnr "an t0llhl lnlv!"'y
injured woman was taken to the South h-.,. ( ""an ahould know why he afflllates with
Omaha hospital and Myles was arrested aaa-a .... a. --a h,. any particular party."
and is now In the South Omaha police sta- ,mi)OM,blty of hlrig enough men at fair f .th tar'(t 5I'",AU'1 ,"A he, bel'VM
"on. I araa-ea tha Aeta.rtment la pnnfrantMl with an I Ur,ff houl1 eV"w, ot' wher
The shooting was the outgrowth of family I a a ,a absolutely necessary and that domestic
differences. Mvles having been arrested last . -,v, v. . .u 1bor ahould be protected. Of the national
week on the charge of assault prererrea uy about handling a transit Instrument or " ,a I a V1a
nia wire. lartlna- aa rodmen. New construction by ' . ' "
Ml City Oaaalp. . ,n Onion Pacific. Burlington and other "Hhl. JtruMMnSTt
Voters must not forget to register on totAm onl,nin, the available supply of !!!P', ,h. JlZJl
Friday, October 17.
young and old engineers. Within the last
1 i. r i i. l .1.1. aM -I, n
' I L P 1 1 nUUItHT II, II U W aula IU d I k. uu 1UI . . . , , . . .
a few hours each dav w oaya me cuy engineering Department
Is the sentiment of the American people
to be fair.
"The present outcry against the corpora
tions has much foundation of fact. We
must use caution In handling the issue
before us," declared the Judge. '
Candidates Ed. Simpson and Charles
Fields made short talks. Billy Klerstead
Jacob Balr. Thirteenth and O streets, has lost two engineers ana two roamen.
renorts the birth of a daughter. I One of the latter Immediately was placed
Mrs. Peter Powers. Twenty-fourth and U I In -ham of an Instrument, showing his
streets, is reported 10 o quite hick. . nr.0fieeneT
Taw Tavariv la hnrV from a Mtrfl trtn. 1
where he want to look after live stock mat- I All Get Mora Pay
tera. I All had their wages much increasea. .nnounced he would bear the expenses
J. K. Hodeeman has returned to oouin I nn man who was drawing onlv ISO rer 1 .1 1..1. 11.1. ..... ,.v,nra..n iaRv
- V. . - I " - - - I lf IIIO tlUU IUI 1. 1 1 1 0 J . , - K.I V UJ.MII uv- J
Yr.y Tm Yn. " - month from the city was given 1100 a month Luca, m0Ved Mr. Klerstead be given a life
Miss Mary Quinn has returned to her from th raroad that employed him. tenure of the office of chairman of, the
home at Canton, 111., after a pleasant visit "I do not see now tney can Keep any financial committee, under civil service
with Miss Mary Gallagher. I engineers at all," said Chief Engineer 1 rulei Carried unanimously,
J W. Melnxer. the sidewalk Inspector, I n.rrv nr tha tTnlnn Paolflc to Cltv Knerlneer
U 1 .......... ...1 ... InaM.nfr Ika HfKltlOT I
: MnstaHas Miarl araTat, - Rosewater, not long ago. "We pay mucn . Meeting I.
Captain Shields has secured a number better wages than the city, yet we have The 81)ltn ,nd Twelfth Ward Republican
of search warrants and hopes to locate great difficulty in securing and keeping ciUDa held a Joint meeting last evening
some of the merchandise stolen Monday competent surveyors." at Idlewlld hall. Twenty-fourth and Grant
nignt irom a Burlington oox car. 1 w.f,i,k-t.n,iine. the disheartening con- .1 . f ti, r,..ra n talking over
CVC It'WnPk'Cn OUT RY A TnilPH Idltlons, the city engineering department Is I registration matters. Committees of from
tit nUbCU UUI DIM lUUUn tryng to do the best It can. Although Uve to ten members were appointed to look
Comptroller Lobeck has found a way to after the various precincts and act with
add about $1,600 or more to the engineering I the county central committee. Short talks
funds, the council has taken no pains to I were -made, all being in regard to reglstra-
go through with the necessary formalities. Hon matters. The meeting was largely
Contractor B. D. Van Court, who Is doing attended.
n.1.1.1 J nihhaiiir.i of Rwi.. birth, livin-1 much of the curbing, was at the city en-
t ini2 nav.nnnrt hart hla left eve knocked glneer a office Wednesday trying to get Greevy ts Baay
nut In tha mn.t he.rtl.aa manner bv an ma Stakes Set lor a lot 01 wora. secretary ureevy OI inn uougma uuiu,
tough negro last night on Twelfth street, "I am losing money because the city Central committee waa one of the busiest
between Capitol avenue and Davenport. He engineering department simply can t lay men in town last night at republican head
la aecond cook at the Commercial club and out work fast enough," said he. I don t quarters, where he had a staff of twelve
as he was going home entered the drug blame Mr. Rosewater. The authorities typewriters sending out postal cards to
store on Capitol avenue, thinking to get who mage me approprmi.on. " P""
.,. mii. . ,u.. hi.,. from control of the finances are responsible. It I
rh.i.matl.m H. determined tn nut It off la a Shame a City lIKe Um.nn snouia m, Wt TT airj SI lull. flX UAt
until the next day and as he turned away d down ana nanaic.pp ...
he was accosted by a young negro of 19 or l"g department..
Kegro Makea an I'apraraked Aaaaalt
Vpon Daalel J. Gib-belllal.
Faalra aad Fareatera aad Otkera
Make the Aadltorlaaa a Merry
Place far the Kvealag.
Last night was Eagles and Foresters'
evening at the orphans' fiilr and the mem
bers of these two orders were out In
lorce to aaslHt In making the fun. They
made thing hum. They spent th.-lr monev
at the booths along with the rest of the
public and were as happy as larks. The j
regies 01 Benson, Houtn ommia and
Otnahu met at the Eagles' hall curly In
the evening and marched In a line Ave
blocks long to the Auditorium. Th:c they
mingled with the crowd and th?ir gold !
badges made a conspicuous showing.
It was the biggest night of f ie fair, j
from 1 ne time the dmns were op?ned until
11 o'clock all the booths and shows had as
much business as they could possibly at
tend to. All the space between the tiootlis
waa filled with merrymakers, and necessity
demanded, as well as pleasure suggested,
that several hundred go to the basement
to see the Fantanas and the other side
shows. If the attendance Is ss good for
the remaining three nights the manage
ment will be well pleased.
On behalf of the Eagles, Joe Sonnenberg
presented Father McNamara, for the talr,
with a check for $25.
The fistic contest of the previous night
proved so popular that it was called for
again. Two colored boys In barrels ham
mered each other on the stage and pro
voked great merriment whenever the bar
rels were tumbled over.
In the afternoon, by special arrange
ment, the fair was open for the entertain
ment of the children of the city's parochial
schools, who were attended by their
teachers. The children enjoyed them
selves Immensely, especially around Dave
O'Brien's candy wheel, where they dis
posed of many a nickel and ate many a
box of sweets.
There will be a matinee today for the
orphans themselves, and the management
will take special care that the little ones
enjoy themselves. They will come under
the escort of E. A. Benson.
Tonight the Knights of Columbus will
be the guests of honor at the Auditorium.
It Is expected that the attendance will be
the largest yet. Dlmlck's orchestra will
play selections from Tobanl's "Irish Melo
dies," which made such a hit on te open
ing night of the fair. The Undeland Ju
venile orchestra and the Apollo Zither and ,
Mandolin club also will furnish music, j
There will be a drill by Company C, Wood
men of the World.
111 11
Every rnotfier faala
grrat dread tf .' the pain
and danger attendant upOrJ
the most critical period
of her life. Hecomihe"
mother should be a source of joy to all. but the Buffering and
danger incident to the ordeal makea its anticipation one of misery;
Mother' Friend it the only remedy which relieve women of the grtat .
pain and danger of maternity ; this hour which is dreaded aa woman'i
severest trial is not only made painlesa, but all the danger is ayolded '
by its use. Those who use this remedy are no longer despondent of
gloomy; nervousness, nausea and other distressing conditions trw
overcome, the system it made ready for the coming evraf, and th .'
serious accidents so common to the critical
hour are obviated by the use of Mother's
Friend. "It is worth its weight in gold."
says many who have used it. fi.oo per
bottle at. drug stores. Book, containing
valuable information of interest to all women, will
be sent to any address free upon application to
Mm LasBi
Ladies' fur lined coats are popular
garments this season.
We make a complete line, from
quite inexpensive garments to high priced
onesthey are all well made in a variety
of fur linings. Our label in a fur garment
means reliability.
Lanpher, Skinner & Co.
St. Paul, Minnesota
I your aaahr 60m aot carry sur line, write us and wa
wiU direct you.
er Yxlvs
Expert Bookkeeper Explains Method
of Heaeblnar Valuation oa
the Rallroada.
la Over.
The testimony of Louis Wettllng, treas
urer of the Farmers' and Merchants' In
surance company of Lincoln, cashier of the
Farmere' and Merchants' bank of that city
Tl a AA ha! knnw lha fAllrtW .an no amaA
on. The negro followed him and overtook FLOOR FOR ROLLER SKATES
him, saying: 1 .. v
Stop there! Why don't you stop when I Rlak Will Be rat la t """
tell you to?" When Orphan' Fair
Olbbelllnl answered: "Why should I stop T
I don't know you."
"Take that." aaM the hmtk atrlUlna- fJlh
hatlinl with a haavv nolntait .Oi.fc It Is expected tne executive commuwe 01 1 ana expen accountant, was laarn vveaneo
time vou ston or I'll kill vou the Auditorium board in the next few days day morning before Special Examiner
The injured man wag ao blinded by the autnonxe manager uman i pui . manea v. riu m m oum.iaum
Mow that he ivni.M make iW.. r floor In tne DUIIOing lor roner BRaiing. mi. way tax case.
could he watch which way the negro went OlUan wishes to get at the work as soon as The examlnaUon was held at tha office of
When he reached the police station his eye "a Orpnanr ratr is over, in i.ruer u. j. oreene in me ntw ior u.f ouuaing.
was protruding from the socket and was skating may be begun November 8. the Mr. Wettllng appeare fr the state and
bleedinr from a rin. incision, which 1. night after Emma Eames Is here. A new the examination waa conduced by Attor-
thought to Mve penetrated the eye. thus floor to make hatlng a sue- ney General Norrls Brsjwa,. Mr. .Wettllng
destroying the sight forever. He was able I CM"- Tw0 men wlu "" a" nr"1 11 was tne oniy wuness riaminw, ne went
to give a very clear story of the aasault. I putting tne saaies in repair. irw numr, 1 mio a scneauie . 01 murej nwnnj uiiun
He claims to have seen the negro at other will be provided this year for the band, value of the road. Its net, Wnlngs and the
times and knnwa where h Uvea skate boys and other employes. stock and bonds test, ami uie value or tn-s
Oihbllllnl came from Bwitierland fifteen Space is being taken rapwiy for tne im- stock on the markets. His examination oc
vaara am. He haa been in Omaha ai.van plement exhibit at the Auditorium during 1 cupled about two hours. Wednesday after
years and for the last seven years he has the meeting or tne implement ieaiera aa- noon Mr. weuiing was examine,, aiong xne
been working for Ed Maurer About a aoolatlon, which will be held November 15 1 same general lines on the Union Pacific
month ago he took the position as aecond and 16. Manager QHlan had a letter Wednes- railway properties . tha pa.i.i ik ii. haa k... I dav from the J. I. Case company at Lin- I
. ...,a .y,t ,v-. coin, asking for space to exhibit a separa- Annoaaceraeata of the Tbeatera.
offense to any one. tor. Among other firms which have secured Friday evening at the , Boyd "Mrs. Lef-
The police took up the case with avidity. "oor room are tne uninger meicaii com- " ;""'- - , T . ..
At the ranrht a man -km ih.. I DAnv. tne rJaum iron company, m jaounor 1 "...
think is the right one. It turns out that his Drill company of Minneapolis, the Sechler In Omaha. The company Is under the dl-
nanie la Charlie Hawkins and ha Uvea at Manufacturing company OI Monne, 111., uie recuon 01 ..nariea rnimnan, wiimi uugiu
Sixth and Clark streets. - Dempster Mill Manufacturing company of I to be a sufficient guarantee of the excel-
dibbelllnl. on seeing Hawkins, declared I Beatrice, Neb. lence or tne organization. 1 nts was one
wv,ax na -a,.. kA - u. vi I - 1 i oi idBT, leuon I KrvaieBi bucchbhpb in xngw
-' V ijxx nag .i-a umil wuu unu BUUUa Iltlll I . .ti a rtAIIAlia- a a an. I
Ith the club. Hawkins says he will be TWO tLtVAIUKd DUUlxrl I UT orK and is now making its first tour of
able to prove an alibi. Dr. Arnold made a tne country. Tne piot or tne piay is woven
temporary dressing for the Injured eye. I Granaries , at Creaton and IMatte I about a prank played by a graceless scamp
Glbbellini waa then sent home for the night Center Aeanlrcd br the Traaa, I on his Jealous sister and a Jealous hus
band. He misappropriates Mrs. uning
well's boots by placing them outside the
door of the room occupied by the affi-
Iuga Department of the Interior. Office
or Indian Affairs. Washington, L. C, Oc
tober 20. 1SUO. tSnaled propositls Indorsed
"fropoaala for Bulftlings, ripestone.
Minn.," and addressed to the Commissioner
of Indian Affairs. Washington. U. C, will
be received at the Indian office until i
o'clock p. m. of Tuesday, November HI,
la 16, for furnishing and delivering the
necessary materials and labor required to
conatruct and complete a superintendent's
eaidence and employes quarters, nutn 01
atone, with plumbing, steam heat and gao
liue gas Dining. In strict accordance with
plans, specincallons and Instructions to
bidders, which may be examined at this
onVe, tha otttcea of the "Improvement Bul
letin, MinneuiHilia, Minn.; tha "l-'ioneer
I'rraa," 81.. Paul, Minn.; "The Bee," Omaha,
Neb.; tha "Argua-Ueailer." Sioux Falls, B
!.; the "American Contractor," Chii'agu,
111.; the Builders' and Traders' exchanges
at Omaha, Neb.; Milwaukee, Wis.; St. 1'uul
Mini).; Minneapolis. Minn.; the Northwest
ern Manufacturers association. St., 1'aul
Minn.; the U. 8. Indian warehouses at
South Canal St., Chicago, 111.; US Wooat.-r
Bt.. New York. N. V.; S16 Howard 8t..
Omaha. Neb.: 601 Boutn Seventh Hi.. St
l.ouls, Mo., and at the school. For further
Information apply to Willard 8. Campbell,
Superintendent, Pipestone, Minn. f- E.
LKl'i'i. Commissioner.
master, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Septem
ber rs, 1.-Saied piopuoals, lu Irlpl.cate,
'will ba received here uutll 11 a. tn., cen
tral time October HI, 16. and then opened,
for tha construction of dva t& double sets
of lieutenants' quarters. Including plumb
ing heating and electric wiring, at Fort
l.earan worth, Kan. Full Information ami
blank forms of proposal furoiaued oa ap
plication to this othoe. where pUua and
secincatlons may be seen, l ulled Stale
reserves the right to accept or reject any
or all proposals, or any pa.rt thereof. En
velopes to be endorsed "Proposals for Pub
lic Buildings," and addressed to Captain J
E. Noiinoyla, quartermaster.
8 p-30-OctJ--M
Tomorrow his eye will be removed, as tha
ball was cut almost In half.
mlaalaalppl Company.
N. F. Brown of Denver Is at the Millard,
C. N. Bragg of New York Is at the Arcade.
W. M. Carpenter of Osceola is at the
M. Balrd, a prominent stockman of Dun
lap, la., Is at the Arcade.
O. A. Dunlap, a prominent business man
of Tecumseh, Is a guest at the Murray.
A. Perry, a breeder and trainer of fine
trotting horses, is staying a few davs at
the Murray.
At the Millard: B. G. Cory, Republican;
8. T. Jackson. Elgin: W. S. Harrilna-
Nebrsska City: O. B. Engler. Plalnvllle.
At the Arrade: 1 fl nmiM tvm.rinn'
D. N. Henderson, Waterloo; T. P. Moodv.
Crawford; V. P. Kosrory, Tobias; W. j.
Smith, Lyons.
At the Murray: M. H. Hainriv Alli
ance; o. F. Farnum, Rushvllle: Charles
Jolty, Spencer; Mrs. E. Ouerln, Lincoln;
Edgar Howard. H. C Cannlna. Ciilnmniia-
A. M. Hastings, Lincoln.
R. J. Kirknatrick of St. Cloud. Minn
A. -K. Saunders, Hapgond. S. D., and E.-A.'.'
vtniuer or rtea Wing, Minn., prominent
stock buyers of their respective cities, am
guests at the Her Grand.
Mr. Elklns. agent of the American and
Australian line at London, la in the city.
This system surrounds the world and
crosses the United States via the Vnnrf.r.
bllt lines, the Union Pacific, Southern Pa- 1
.-111.. aiiu Damn, re luttim.
At the Merchants': B. C. Trowbridge,
Burwell; S. K. Anker and aon, Wayne; J.
C; Hotchklss, Raymond; W. M. Kusel,
HHper; E. A. Wright, Wolbacb,; W. S.
BHrrett, Alliance: Rr. J. W. B. Smith,
Albion; W. Stanfor, Vesper; J. Finch.
R. E. Allen. Arnold.
..i..;, r "i'T L,, I with chronle con.
ilipat on and 1nHn, (hla t.m. 1 bad to k an
Le"?14hTn aenon tie rar bowala. Happily I
It?nV?!;',ar?"' n4 C,1r I am a ntllVu.
K.'a' h. "',!. f "" 1 l Caicr-ta I
fj. .-1 i"ui.'ld Jl"rSr,"h Internal pll... Thankt
to yon 1 aru fraa fromVl that thla mornlnf. Soa
eaa nae tula in behalf of auffrrlnf humanity."
B. F. ruber, Koanoka, III.
Darlsloa af Jkdge Manger la Case
Over Iafrlagemeat oa Wkiaky
Judge Munger has decided the demurrer
In the cases brought by W. A. Gaines
Co. against certain liquor dealers In Omaha
for the Infringement of "Old Crow" and
"Hermitage" whiskeys, overruling the de
murrers and requiring the respondents to
The defendants named in these cases are
Julius Furth and Carl Furth, Henry Hlller,
Meyer Kline, Jacob Kline, Harry . May,
Solomon Goldstrom, Charles Schlank, Wal
ter Molse and Harry V. Hayward. The
attorney for W. A. Gaines ft Co. Is John
W. Bat tin. and the attorney for the de
fendants Is S. R. Rush
In his decision Judge Munger states that
the bill of the complainants cannot be aus-
The Transmisslssippt Elevator company 1 ..-,, hll,jbllnd of hl, .later, and this starts
has bought two elevators which belonged to the row tnat , flnany cleared up by con-
josepn connor, one ai uresion, non., wnn 1 feMon
a capacity or zc.ouo Dusneis ana one at
Leigh with a capacity of 16.000 bushels. The
tftrtmnanw alan hil tvllaht a IS nHn-hilahal ala.
vatoVat Platte Center from Ed VanAllen of "e P?PU!!f hoPP"" m'UnM' wl" be
Thla afternoon at the Burwood another of
that city.
Work la being pushed on the company's
new S.OOO-bushel elevator at Sargent's Bluff,
given, the Woodward Stock company pre
senting Its latest success, "The Lost Para
dise." This fine melodrama haa been
la., which Is being erected In Dlace of the warmly welcomed this week; Its clean
smaller one recently torn down. llne and Interesting situations proving that
Contractors are driving nlles for the new a properly presented play dealing with
Transmlssisslppl elevator at Council Bluffs problems of human Interest Is always wel
and construction nf the elevator
wilt be begun In a short time.
The Westbrook-Glbbons Grain company The regular midweek popular price mat-
of Omaha has made the announcement that Inea, which from the fat that the audi-
it will build a 110.000-bushel elevator at nce made up mostly of the gentler sex
Kearney. D. it. Cramer of Omaha has the might be called "Ladles' Matinee," will bo
contract and he expects to begin work next given at the Orpbeum this afternoon. The
week. I bill as a whole is a good one, especially
No work has been done on the Cooper- I this true of "The Chorus Lady," which
VonDorn Elevator company's building at I has for Its theme the rescue of a wife from
mined on the ground the complainants have Counc1' Bluffs, but Mr. VonDorn says it temptation and disgrace by a hardened
a valid trade mark and the bill does not w,u nul ae"TO V9r ,llue cnorus gin. ii anoras a gooa moral
na nere ana mere nas . nneiy applied
FRED FOSTER DISAPPEARS touchea of comedy, as the
cnui us Bi axiom nuie 01a 11 1 uuri a capital
declare the defendants are deceiving. The
defendants are liable, however, for unfair
Infant Wiggles Tkraagh High Chair
aad Dleg from Btraagulatloa
Despite Medical Aid.
Nelgbbora Are gaepleloaa aad Call
Police, Who Dlacover Xotka.
lag; fcew.
bit of acting.
f(fty Best For
l am' The Bowel .
vfj!I-"t-P,lSabi PoeS Taste Good, Do flood,
aol4 in onlk. The gaonln tablet (.toped 0 0 0.
Uaarant-4 to euro or yeur money back.
Sterling Remedy Co.. Chlcaro er N.Y. Boa
Unveiling of ..onument
To J. Sterling Morton
The Burlington will run a special train to Ne
braska City for the unveiling ceremonies of the monu
ment to the late J. Sterling Morton, leaving Omaha
at 9:00 A. M. October 28th. .1
Ex-President G rover Cleveland will deliver the
oration. Ex-Vice President Adlai E. Stevenson, and
it is expected all other living members of his cabinet
will be present.
Special train returning will leave Nebraska City
at 7:00 P. M.
$1.80 for the Round Trip
1502 Farnam Street.
We use our own nana
In our business; yov
,4 know who you are doing
I business with.
Ceasultatlea Praa.
sured. Method new, without palg or loaa
af Una. CHARQE8 LOW.
SLUUU rUlwUH sign, symptom (soraa on
body. In snout h, tongue, throat, balr and
yebroa-s falling out) disappear eempletely
Wilt Kenoos, Men U?t!S ".V.
nervous debllty, early decline, lack of rigor
and strength.
URINARY, Kidney and Bleeder Troublaa.
Weak Back, Burning Urine, Frequency oi
Urinating. Urine High Colored or wits
Milky Sediment on standing.
Treatment by mall. 14 years OF BUYV
CfcbblTUla rttaCTlCB IN OMAHA.
bar of Hlh and Dauglaa, Oanaka. Nab.
Every Woman
sroieraeiea ana enoaia bbow
' . snooi tna wanderral
MARVEL Whirlina Sorav
I The n rattiei Smaae. to In-.
urn. lieet Hl
i v.x'TlS-JV' ' au Moet cqnTenlent,
It h rennoieunulY tha XS1 2V.',';'' ' '
h- rannoi buduIt lha
HtHtHL. arrot n
oui-r. but aenii ataniD fir
lllualraled book aaaba. It fflT-a
full nartlmilamand nrationa in.
valuable to laiira. MtHVl:i, rO..
it. aaa sr., kVv tuRia.
For Bale or '
Cor. 16th and Doage Bts.. i1me,l.a. '
J saa. Those safferlng from weak
5 U ne8sei which sap the pleasures
aj of life should take Juven Fills
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaae One DOS will tell a Story Of
marvelous results. This medicine has more
rejuvenating, vitalising force than bag ever
uenire uero gurnu. cent pie-piu lu yiain
i OI tOlS I
m o
package only on receipt
i adr. and 11.
Made by lu originatora C. I. Hood Co.. pro-
Vrietors Hood a Karaaparllla, ljowell, Maa
A 8Mn of Beauty la Joy Fervvor.
Fred A. Foster, living at 338 Kansas
avenue until last Monday morning, has
disappeared. Some of the neighbors of the
A sad case of a babVs death occur,! family became suspicious and reported the
Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mr. and I maUer 10 the Pllce- They 'i they had
sureys In Rmk and Brown counties, Ne
braska. Orpartment of the Interior, October
in. lute, poaliwiwmenl. Scaled propoaals will
be received at the General Iand ofllce for
executing said resurveya and aurveya until
Heitnt-Mlay. NovenitMrr 1. la. an extenaion
of time from October 11 1X6. aa originally
auvertiaeo. ana suujrx-t 10 same conditions
and provialuns. W. A. Richards, cuiumla-
17. II. ll.2t.Ja.kl.
Mrs. V. O. Under, 26t3 Popplatpn avenue.
Raymond I.indec, the 7-month-old son,
wriggled part way through his high chair
snd literally hung himself until dead. The
Llndee family was Just moving Into the
hoiiae at the above address and the baby
was left In a high chair for a few minutes
while some of the family went upstulrs.
Dr. Clark waa culled and worked over
the child for some time. The parents are
much broken up over the affair. Mr. Llndee,
is an engineer on the Union Pacific.
Sheriff Joseph W. Dreger of Minneapolis,
Minn., was calling on friends at the county
court house Wednesday.
Frank McVey. HI 5 Capitol avenue, waa
arrested by Ofrlcer Rinn. He is auapected
of bring the party who stole a clock front
the Cambridge hotel. The clock waa lo
cated to-Oay by Infectives Druminy and
Makmey In one of the dives between
Klgtilh and Ninth on Dodge. This bouaa
waa conducted by some negro women, who
said the clock had been If ft by McVey.
HAZ.ARD-WIHiam H. at g:30 Wednes
day evening. Ot-loher A aged at years, at
rnHriK-e. 16-i Btiuih Twenty-alxta street.
Notice t faaaral latas.
often heard violent quarrels there between
Foster and hla wife. Detectives were sent
out last night and after much effort roused
the Inmates of the house, Mrs. Foster and
her two sons. Mrs. Foster was apparently
under the Influence of liquor.
"Well, he's gone," she said, and that's all
there Is to It. He had 130 or more. I've
had enough left to buy a little something to
drink. Good night."
Foster la well known as a teamster. He
weighs over toll pounds. He worked last
for Caldwell Sc. Brown. He left two horses,
two cows, a calf, two pigs, and a number
of chickens. Tha boys are too young to
handle the team. No evidence of anything
suspicious could be developed by the detectives.
Maay Drat bead
from so-called Heart trouble, when the real
causa Is acute Indigestion, easily curable
by Electric Bitters. M cents. For sale by
Sherman aV McConneU Drug Co.
Address la Be a Hare.
Oerrard. supreme chief of tha
Tribe of Ben llur, will speak at Ba right
hall. Nineteenth and Fariiam atreeia
Thursday evening to the tribea of Ben Hur
of Omaha, South Omaha and Council Bluff.
Being the organiser of the order and com
ing from the home of General Lew Wallace
T. Felja Oouraud'a Oriental
Cream er Mcgloal Beautlfler.
Kemnea Taa. FiBiplea,
Irecalea, Vlota PuUliea.
Kaau, aad bkia D!aee,
Ban every Qieo,tfB
I oa beauty, sag ja.
see aiectioa. It
haa atuvd taa teat
at AT eaere. aad
la ao saral-ie we
laalelt Ictxtu-eU
la prcprrly bums.
ateotpt aoceuaier.
felt af elwiiar
aaa. Dr. L. A.
fiarre aaid te a
la.ty af ilie haut
tua va palleai 1 1
"At you ladles
will uaa iUtm,
I -aa.ianmaad
Taaraaa a I rea at' aa tu leaai kanafUl ai an la
Ula areparailOBa. t rust by all InuM aad Faacy
Uooda Dcalara la Ike U ailed buiea, Caaiaua aad urup,
nSLT.HOPtllS. Prof, 87 fir-it i.m StM In Ti t
Is especlallj valuable during the
summer season, when outdoor occu
pations and sports are most in order.
yield to it, and it is particularly
aCTeeable when used in the bath
alter violent exercise.
Colonist E
. .iiti
31st, 1905
To California and the Northwest
Double Daily Tourist Car Service to California from Kansas City.
Through Tourist Car from Omaha every Monday night.
Three-fourths of one-way rate for the round trip with minimum of ten dollars, Tuesday,
November 7th and 21st, to points in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, etc. Three
fourths of the one way rate for the round trip with minimum of ten dollars.
For full information call on any agent of the Company, City Ticket Office, S. E. Corner 15th
and Farnam Streets, Omaha. '
TOM HUGHES, Trav. Pass. Agt TH0S. F. GODFREY, Pass. Tkt. Agt
; H. 0. TOWNSEND, G. P. T. A., St. Louis, Mo.