Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 26, 1905, Page 6, Image 6

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Bailrotd gnat, Aooompgnied by Frtii
dent'i Dfttgtter, Tmriti Briefly Eire.
1 immense Caravan from( Saa
Frunelscn to Omaha Like a
rhaatom la Little Otff
Thirty-Mae Hoars.
' From &rn Francisco to Omaha, 1,;S7 miles.
In thlrty-nin hours and fifty-four minutes
. as the time of the E. II. Harrlman-Alic
a.ooeevelt special over the Southern and
. nton Pacltlo railroads.
.xiveral records were broken by the Har
i .man special, which Is bearing l'resldent
..urrlman of the Union Pacific and South
t.n Pacific on his return trip across the
jntlnent accompanied by his family, Miss
.llce Roosevelt,' Congressman Nicholas
i.ongworth, J. C. Stubus, Julius Krul
Unnltt, Kobert Ooelet, Congressman Hpll
t ith. Miss McMillan and Miss Bordman.
ne record broken was that from Grand
Inland to Omaha', the run 'being mado In
minutes for the 154 miles. Another
wa the change of engines at the Union
station at Omaha, which was made in on
minute and fifteen seconds. The Associated
i'ie carried the news all over the country
that a change was made at Ogden In two
ulnutes, but the Omaha record cut that
i. me nearly In half.
Many people were disappointed at not
Laving the pleasure of seeing Miss Roose
velt,. but she had not put in her appearance
vhen the train arrived at the Omaha Union
maflon at J:15 and was not seen before the
train pulled out fifteen minutes later.
General Manager Mohler of the Union
I'.iclflc Joined the.Harrlman party at Raw
lins and his par was pulled with two
others as a pilot train, keeping Just ten
minutes ahead of the special, although
Mr. Mohler rode on the Harriman train.
Statement by Mohler.
When the train arrived the first person
to appear was Mr. Mohler, who gave out
this statement to the press:
"The Harriman special made the run from
Tan Ftanclsco to Omaha In thirty-nine
I ours and fifty-four minutes. Including all
tops for water, coal and changing of en
.Iks, the distance covered was l,7b7 miles
There Is nothing special about this run.
except that we were simply expected to
leach Omaha In order to adjust ourselves
to the conditions east.
"The statement made to the effect that
l'resldent Roosevelt requested the special
I p run at a slower rate of speed is abso
lutely Incorrect, as no such communlca
t on was received from the president, and
I lirthermore, there was no necessity for
Kiich . a communication, as the president
y lode over the Union Pacific lines last sum
mer from Denver to Omaha, where the
peed was still greater, and he expressed
himself as being delighted with the trip.
Had there been a necessity for a faster
inn It could have been made, but we ac
complished all that was necessary in mak
ing suitable connections east.
Harriman Dresses Rapidly.
Mr. Harriman was still In his berth when
the train pulled In the' station and he had
sent, out word he' would see no one, but
after Mr. Krutschnitt had been on the plat
form a minute and discovered that Mr.
MrKeen had motor car No. 3 ready for Mr.
Jtarrlman's Inspection Mr. Krutschnitt went
In to advise Mr. Harriman of that fact
nnd then another record was broken. It.
look 'Mr. Harriman Just one minute and
n half to dress, and when he started from
the car minus a very essential part of his
clothes Mr. Krutschnitt had to call his at
tention to the fact that it was chilly In
Omaha and he had better finish dressing.
An inspection of the car was made and
Mr. Harriman was delighted with the prog
ress which had been made by Mr. McKeen.
He tried the new hygienic seats with no
upholstering, with springs concealed, and
remarked to President Felton of the Chi
cago & Alton, who had come to Omaha to
Journey to . Chicago on the special that
"Those seats are Just the thing." A confer
ence was -held with Mr. McKeen, who said
"Motor car No. 3 will be sent right away
for service between Oalveston and Houston
and motor car No. i will be completed next
week. We have motor cars No. 5, 6 and 7
under construction and will continue with
V the work Of making these new all steel
motor cars, which are hobbles with Mr.
Harriman. In fact he Is more enthused
over them than I am, and I am spending
, most of my time at them.
Special Agents Canada and Vlzsard were
at Mr. Harrlman's elbow all the time and
kept Intruders away. Mr, Harriman had
given it out through Mr. Mohler's office
that he did not wished to be Interviewed
before reaching New Tork. but as he was
To the
Selling manufacturers, power
plants t and those interested in
supplying high gTade coals for
steam and domestic purposes
We Desire to Announce
that we have purchased the fol
lowing: coal mines located on the
Southern Railway between East
St. Louis and Centralia, 111.
Avery (1) Muren(6)
Harmony (2) Little Oak (7)
Oakland (3) Shiloh (8)
Oak Hill (4) New Baden (9)
rClendale (5) Cermantown (10)
t This means that we are able
to offer you the very finest coal
for your purpose with an assur
ance of prompt shipment and
riht prices.
Write us your requirements
and let us show you how well
we can fill them and at what
If you can't wait for corre
pindence call us up over the
longdistance Bell Phone, Main
5115 or Kinloch, D 1107 we pay
charges at this end on all tele
phone orders.
Southern Coal &. Mining Co.,
91A Security Building,
6esT Skin steal
Sbeep Lined
The weep oi this
Mckibbla tiecp
lined ulttef (either
corduroy of duck
shell) is the tame at
that of the famous
Mck'ibbla rut lined
cost for men-m lct
k it cut from the
tame pattern.
-WTV ulater hu
style well at
guarantee at to both
goes with every gar
ment. These coats come
in all tizet, and the
length it 52 inches.
At representative
stepping on the train he turned to the
newspaper men and said:
"We had a good trip. Japan Is all right,
but the Orient Is a little slow."
Mr. Harriman preferred to . give out his
statement to the easterners Instead of
westerners, who live along the lines of his
fortune making railroads.
Julius Krutschnitt, director of mainten
ance and operation of the Harriman lines,
"Mr. Harriman may have made a record
across the Pacific, but he broke all records
wh-.'n he dressed this morning to see Mo
Keen's motor. We are not trying for any
record across the continent and are not
running on any schedule. The first we
heard of a schedule was when we heard
It on the outside. There Is nothing In the
report of one of your morning papers that
President Roosevelt had asked to have the
speed slackened. We- lost thlrty-ftve min
utes with a hot box on a baggage car
and still made the 616 miles from Cheyenne
to Omaha In about nine hours."
A bottle of champagne had been secured
for Miss Roosevelt to christen the new
motor car, but she evidently1 had not been
informed, as she did not appear.
Stnbba Asks for The Bee.
J. C. Stubbs, traffic director of the Har
riman lines, was In an exceptionally good
mood when the train arrived at the station
and asked for The Bee, which he said he
wished to read while crossing Iowa. He
said: '
"I arose early this morning to enjoy the
beautiful and bountiful fields of Nebraska.
The whole west Is certainly prosperous and
the railroads must branch out to keep
pace with the rapid growth which Is appar
ent on. all sides. There Is nothing what
ever In that report of an agreement with
the Illinois Central similar to that now
In use with the Milwaukee and North
western. It has been conceived In some
outsider's brain, but not by the operating
officials of this road.
Miss Roosevelt Is not up, but she is a
lovely girl and just as you would expect
to meet when you know her strenuous
father. We have enjoyed every minute of
our trip across the continent and nothing
whatever has happened to mar the pleasure
or tne trip. Tne train will go right through
to New York, although some of the party
will branch off at CJhlcago."
omethina; of av Record.
George- C. Smith, traveling engineer of
the Union Pacific accompanied the train
from North Platte to Omaha and was
pleased with the record run from Grand
Island to Omaha. He said:
That 154 miles In 159 minutes Is pretty
good when you consider that we made eight
slowdowns and a stop at Schuyler for
The engineers on this train were: Con
Ryan, from Green River to Rawlins; H.
Ketlet, .from Rawlins to Cheyenne; Billy
McGulre, from Cheyenne to Sidney; Charles
Ell, from Sidney to North Platte; George
Austin, from North Platte to Grand Island,
and Bill Hnllenback. from Grand Island to
Omaha. Thomas Campbell was conductor
on the last division. The seventy-eight-inch
high speed compounds were used on the
western dlvlsloh and the Atlantic and Pa
cific types In Nebraska.
The trip from Ogden to Omaha was made
In two hours less time than the fast trip
made two years ago by the officials who
were returning from the opening of the
Lucln cut-off. ' That train was run under
the direction of Mr. Burt, and ran from
Ogden to Omaha In just twenty-four hours.
Immediately after Mr. Harriman had
completed the Inspection of the motor car
the train pulled for the east over the Chi
cago & Northwestern, In charge of W. B.
Parkins, conductor, and D. Adams, engl
Beats tbi Pilot Train.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb., Oct. 2S.-(8pecial
Telegram.) The Harriman special arrived
here from North Platte at 6:35 this morn
ning. having covered the distance of 137
miles In two hours and twenty-one minutes.
which was. It Is alleged, the schedule time.
though faster time has been made on this
division. The train was pulled In by Engl
neer Austin and taken on to Omaha, leaving
here at 6:40, by Engineer Hollenbeck; Con
ductor Campbell being In charge from
North Platte to Omaha. OnlJ the usual
number of railroad employes were about the
depot at the time. General Manager Mohler
and Superintendent Parks were on the
train with Mr. Harriman.
The pilot train, bearing Master- Me.
chanlc Thompson and District Foreman
Wilklns, was sidetracked at Wood River on
account of a hot driver box and came In
behind the special, the latter pulling out of
Grand Island without the pilot train,
Nearly Eleven Honrs to Chicago.
CHICAGO. Oct. K, The special train of
E. H. Harriman, upon which Miss Alice
Roosevelt is a passenger, arrived In Chi
cago tonight at 8:06 o'clock, fifty hours and
forty-four minutes' actual running time
since starting from Oakland, Cal. The train
pulled Into the Northwestern yards some
thing over an hour earlier than expected.
It was at once transferred to the Belt line
and switched around the city to the tracks
of the I.ake Shore & Michigan Southern
railroad at Forty-third street, and from
this point was started on Us Journey east
at 8:07 o'clock, having been within the city
limits of Chicago one hour and two min
utes. The crew of the train and the pas
senger oftVial of both the Northwestern
and the Ltke Shore railroads asserted that
no effort whatever was being made to es
tablish a record, but that the train was
bring pushed through with a swift and
steady gait, with the Idea or having as
little delay us possible en route.
Despite this the train made the distance
from Oakland to Chicago In just eighteen
hours U-aa than that required for the Over
land Limited, which is the fastest train of
the Chicago eV Northwestern and t'nion
Pai-Me between Chicago and 8a n Franclso.
The run from Omaha to Chicago. 1324
miles, was made In ten hours and fifty
minutes. The time scheduled for the Over
land Limited between Omaha and Chicago
is twelve hours and a half.
lllld Hor4.
Dr. King's New Life Pills have made
splendid record by curing headache, bilious
ness, constipation etc.; 24 cants. Try. For
sale by Sherman as McCoanell Drug Co.
1 AM
IdTtBtnreti Iqnseses Sight Hundred Dl
lsrs Ott tf Uiiophiitiosttd Victim,
Captivates Young- lanoeeaee. Who
Lets Go of Money for Finery
tit Then His Fair
Phantom Fades Away.
And the girt with the auburn lialr hath
Wedding dress. .. .$ 55 Debts paid $ f
Gold set ring
1'lOOave Marv in sold SO
Diamond pin...
Set dishes
Pair vases
Silk skirt
Silk underwear.
Hilk hose
155 Upci- and meals... 50
f Winter coat 46
2 Miscellaneous
10 cash on hand
15 (Halm) 4.S2
Total 1800
Dressmaker 39
This Is not the Inventory of a depart
ment store; It represents the cash expendi
ture made by Mr. Theodore Hahn of Le
Roy, Minn., for Miss "Mary Anderson" of
Pusale: Find Mary.
Theodore Hahn of LeRoy. Minn., is one
of the few men who can relate with graphto
fidelity just how It feels to spend 1800 on a
strange womaa In two days, under the pre
tense of marriage, and then wake up to And
the woman gone Into the wide, wide world.
Hahn Is now stopping at the Oxford hotel
on East Farnam street and making his last
few dollars go as far as possible. He Is
reading the brochure of a Chicago profej
sor, telling how any man can keep his food
budget down to 15 cents per day and yet
have all the sustenance that Mother Nature
Intended a man should have. '
Hahn called at the police station Wednes
day morning and told his sad story of mis
placed confidence to Chief of Detectives
Hahn Story Is True.
An Investigation showed Hann's. story to
be true,' which leads Chief Dunn of the de
tective force to believe that after all truth
Is stranger than fiction, and there Is quite
a number on the waiting list of those who
have not seen the hole In the lake nor the
wreck- In the tunnel.
Hahn, who Is 28 years of age. worked six
years In the railroad yards at Sidney, Neb.,
as switch tender and yard man, saving dur
ing that time 1800, which amount he brought
in cash to Omaha last Saturday evening,
with the Intention of staying here a day
and then proceeding to his dear old home
on the farm at LeRoy and taking the old
folks some presents.
While eating bis supper In a restaurant
Saturday evening Hahn sat across from a
young woman who started the man's heart
going like a trip hammer. An acquaintance
was made, rooms were engaged at a cheap
lodging house, Hahn confided to the woman
the amount of his cash balance on hand
and before the hour when graveyards are
supposed to yawn Hahn made a proposal
of marriage to the woman, who gave her
name as Mary Anderson and promised to
be the wife of the only man she ever loved.
Sunday morning the couple went to church
and Monday the twain did a little shopping
for the Intended nuptials.
And Then the Altnr.
It was arranged that Hahn should take
his bride-to-be to LeRoy and be married at
the home of the groom's parents. The
Itinerary to LeRoy Included a stop at Red
Oak. Ia., where Miss Anderson wished to
visit her friends and former school mates
before settling down with the only man she
ever loved. Hahn agreed to every detail
as proposed by the only girl he ever loved.
After spending the two In detail as listed
ab6ve Hahn and 'Mis Anderson left Omaha
for Red Oak Monday afternoon and took
apartments at (he Parks hotel. At the sta
rlon they were met by a man with an um
brella, as it was raining at the time. The
man showered congratulations on the
At t o'clock Tuesday morning Miss An
derson told the only man she ever loved
she would go and visit a "dear friend" of
hers and would not be gone over half an
hour. Hahn waited half an hour, an
hour, two hours, three hours, four hours,
and then began to think It over. He spent
the rest of the day trying to find the only
girl he ever loved with the only 900
he ever had, and then took a train for
Omaha, arriving here with a little loose
change which stared him In the face like
a horrible nightmare.
Old Love Ahldetb.
At the police station Hahn said: "I see
it all now and yet. If I could And the girl
I would marry her. She did not rob me,
but Just got the money under false pre
tenses. She Is yet dear to me."
"You mean expensive," Interposed Chief
"I mean both," replied Hahn, as he looked
toward that dear old LeRoy, Minn.
"But it is hard to think of saving for
six years and accumulating $800 and then
to lose both money and the only ' girl I
ever loved. Do you think she will come
back? She might, don't you think?" ques
tioned Hahn, like a drowning man grasp
ing for a straw.
Detectives are. of course, making an In
vestigation of the case, but It Is doubted
whether a case could be made against the
woman if she would be caught. The
woman Is described by Hahn as being about
five feet two inches In height and having
auburn hair. Hahn says she Is a pretty
girl and has lovely eyes sort of dreamy-
like, speaking eyes; also, a pretty neck and
The Black Kats wanted to be In good
shape to meet the Armour team Friday
night, so they took the Krtig lJarks on
for a practice match lust night an 1 they
paid. The Kats won the second same and
rolled a nice total In the third, but the
Brtwers were too strong and carried off
two games and the total pins. Zimmerman
was top man with a &n total. Score:
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Snyder 1M lri 21H Sol
Waber 14 Is 177 5SI
Chatelaln IXt 1x8 ihl 4,s2
Sheldon 1 170 ;'li Wo
Anderson 224 l'S );J 569
Totals 847 S77 ?4
Sd. Total
Johnson ....
51 u
Totals 958 873 WO 2.791
The P. c Q. Kamos took two out of three
games from the Jetter Uold Tops on the
jueuupoiuan alleys, score:
1st. 2.1 Sd. Total
Mahouey lis US Itf7 4.13
Urotte 133 liW li7 42
Wbll 11 lw 141 41)8
Butler 15 140 152 44
Foley 160 18o ti.
Totals 758
7 76
3d. Total.
O'Connor ..
Lincoln ....
Totals ..
:i 466
144 alt
16H 64
140 48
J . 474
-52 J.427
Ihnnajes in lo Eleven.
IOWA CITY. Ia., Oct. 25 (Special Tele
gram) 8iUl returned lo the game luday
S !' " I
it - "
; . 4.'.': '
The Quality of the Matt decides the body of a beer. BlatT Matt Is produced in the brewery's own malt house by
trained Malsters (years in Blatz service). "Not only hoW much malt but hoW good" is here the inviolable
rule. This method is expensive, but the desired result is always achieved the Vital ingredients of the malt are
thereby brought out and retained. To the Blatz malt is due the prevailing full-bodied State of TtlatX "Deer.
The Hops used in the brewing of Blatz Beer are rich in aromatic properties and tonics (hop bitters), which
lend to the beer that fragrance which captivates lovers of the beverage. The tonics act as a mild Stimulant to the
digestion. Blatz Beer is perfectly fermented and ripened in the coldest and cleanest cellars extant.
The most skilled masters zealously guard "Blatz" individuality. The paramount object being to maintain
with absolute uniformity every characteristic that has these many years meant "BlatZ Quality.
Omaha Branch
1412 Douglas St 'Phone 1081
completely recovered from the sickness
that kept him .out of the Minnesota con
test. In the Rcrlmmage with the freshmen.
Davis. Green. Tupper and Frlttel, the sub
stitute barkileWfl of the Hawkeyes, showed
In great form.. , White has been moved to
right end.' RldM Is being played at right
tackle and Moi-e has moved to center.
Yonnw Churchmen's Field nay.
On Saturday; afternoon at the Sprague
Street Driving 'park the second annual field
day sports and games of the Young
Churchman's club will be held. This is an
organization of the younger members cf
the Episcopal churches of Omaha and has
been making quite an advance In outdoor
athletics. The games on Saturday will be
gin at 2 o'clock.
Brain Case Settled.
CINCINNATI. Oct. IS.-The case of
Player David L. Brain against the Buffalo
club, involving a claim, for tl.2ft), has been
compromised, the nlaver receiving tS(10 In
full settlement of the ease, of which J.iO was
paid to his attorney by the Buffalo club.
Boyles Team Beaten.
I.OOAN. Ia.. Oct. 25. (Snerlal Telesram .1
LogHii today defeated Boyles Omaha
Hualness college foot ball team, 22 to 2.
Keferee: B. J. Wood. Tlmekeeners: A.
W. Blackburn and Charles Robinson. There
was a large attendance.
Glenwood, Oj Tabor, O.
GLEN WOOD. Ia.. Oct. 2R. Rnnrli1
Tabor High school and Glenwood played
luoi mm nere yemeraay on wei grounos.
Neither side scored. The advantage In the
first half was with Tabor and In the sec.
ond with Glenwood.
Frank Erne Beats Yonns; Corhett.
PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 25 Erne of this
city had slightly the beter of the six-
round ngnt with Young corbett at the
National Sporting club here tonight
Mlchla-nn Defeats Albion.
ANN ARBOR. Mich.. Oct. 26.-In -S9U
minutes of actual nlav the University of
Michigan defeated Albion college today at
foot ball by a score of 70 to 0.
Cadets Bent Maryland Farmers.
ANNAPOLIS. Md.. Oct. 26. The Naval
academy foot ball team won by a score of
17 to 0 against Maryland Agricultural col
lege here this afternoon.
No News of Lnke Steamer.
CLEVELAND. Oct. 26. Officials of the
Cleveland Cliffs Iron company, owners of
the steamer Kullyuga, cauKiit In the gale
on Lake Huron Friday, are still without
any news regarding lis fale. Many well
Informed marine men are inclined to think
that li is lost with Its crew or seventeen
men, but J. H. Shotle of the company has
not entirely given up hope.
EJpon Every
E ott So
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' I , n ... ' "mi '
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a. aa aaa m ai a . SSa at t aaa
l 1 et,
B aa. aMw
ralaleaa, as sol seirlaa .
M. l at anwaaai. V
" mmi hr Praga-ttu, M v
1 er seat is sials wraype.
1 fcr eaareea. yreaaid. (aa) I
J SI or t aottlae Tl. I
Ueaelar teat en liiia
l7aTl ntt brass Ciii tn
- HeiaAIl,f J""