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(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb.. Oct. 15. (Special.) Tha
coming week I to be an eventful on from
an athletic standpoint at Nebraska uni
versity, for it will witness th claah of
Booth' Cornhusker and Tost' Wolver
ines on the Ann Arbor gridiron. Th an
nual conflict with the Minnesota Oopher
generally claims chief attention at Ne
braska, and there Is no diminution In the
Interest In this year's Minnesota im, but
sentiment Is deep rooted within the stu
dent body at the Cornhusker Institution
that the Michigan fame affords Nebraska
her best opportunity to attain fame In foot
ball circles. A surplus of hardihood la re
quired to predict that Nebraska la to prove
victorious, but there are few, at least, will
ing to confess that Michigan Is to not to
be forced to the limit, and on this basis
the enthusiasm of .Cornhusker rooters haa
been keyed at a b.lgh pitch. Coach Booth
and his squad, Eighteen players strong,
will depart for Michigan Wednesday night.
laying over In petrolt until Saturday morn
ing, and going to Ann Arbor only a few
hours before the whistle sounds the begin
ning of Tlay. The Joints of the Cornhusk
ers will be limbered in Detroit by a stiff
signal practice and Booth hopes to marshal
his men on the Ann Arbor gridiron In con
union to give the Wolverines a stirring
tusscl.for the honors,
Kaea Affords a a Idea.
The Knox game Jat Saturday was more
of a mud shower for the Cornhuskers than
the stiff practice preparation Booth had
hoped for. So far Nebraska has played
four games, andMn two of these Booth's
proteges have been forced to disport them
selves upon a sticky gridiron. Knox put
up a snappy, aggressive fight, and the
Cornhuskers were forced to work for all
they cot, but It was not such a game as
Booth had wished. A dry field is an abso
lute requisite to the development of a fast
offense, whereas the Cornhuskers and their
opponents f jund themselves plodding along
at a snail's pace with at least two pounds
of black Nebraska mud clinging to each
In many respects the game was fairly
satisfying. Knox charged Nebraska's line
aggressively, retaining the ball nearly a
dosen times on downs, and ths Cornhusk
ers defense was put to its only severe test
of the season. Meanwhile Nebraska's of
fensive tactics were a force which the col
legians could not stay. Taylor and Cotton,
the big men of Nebraska's line, rammed
their way through the Knox forwards al
most as they pleased and carried the ball
many yards before being downed. Tackle
masses als.? proved effective, Schmidt, Lit
tle and Wilson, the halfbacks, being used
to advance the oval on this formation.
Michigan will present a much, beefier front
than Nebraska next Saturday, but the con
viction Is quite general In the Cornhusker
camp that the offense of Booth's proteges
will not prove wholly Impotent, and there
are to be some badly misguided prophets
at Nebraska If the contrary eventuates.
Will Hastle Their Work.
Booth is determined to drive his men at
a fast pace In the practice this week.
Only three .days can be devoted to scrim
maging beforehe departure for Ann Arbor,
'but thwe wni be ho lagging and every mo-
ment will be made to count. The strength-
enlng of the defense Is to claim chief con
sideration. Michigan's charges are noted
for their rapidity and Nebraska will likely
be forced to the limit In the effort to check
Yost's speedy formations. The potency of
Nebraska's defense, In fact, will have much
to do with the final result. IT Booth's
cohorts can hold at the crucial moment,
one of the really stirring games of the
year In western foot ball circles Is assured,
for the Cornhusker offense is a force to be
reckoned with In any forecast as to the
Wolverines Workin Hard.
ANN ARBOR. Oct. 15. -8pclal.) After
the signal defeat of the strong Vander
bllt foot ball team, probably the strongest
team mat tne south has ever sent north
to contest with a northern college team,
the Wolverines are preparing for a hard
week ot secret practice In anticipation of a
hard game with Booth's Cornhuskers next
While the undergraduates, faculty and
team claim to anticipate an easy victory
for the Michigan team over Nebraska. Yost
pretends not to share In their confidence.
He said after the game with Vanderbilt
Saturday: "Booth - Is evidently planning
a surprise similar to that which he worked
"'it W'h iS?
O. A. PALMER Relieving Victims of the Fire Fiend
confidence has lost many a game for a su
perior team. Nebraska Is striving for
recognition in the big nine and would do
anything to win this game or even to make
a strong showing."
Comlsky's White) 80s Go Diwa to
Defeat la Last Game of Series.
Played. Won. Lost.
Chicago Nationals t 4 1
Chicago Americans 5 14
St. Louis Americans 7 4 3
St. Louis Nationals 7(4
score of 10 to 6, thus winning the champlon-
uiiu. omiui was wua in n
15. The Chimin Km.
tionals today won the fourth same out of
five played In the post-season series bv a
Was wild In the first Innln
miu Aiirucic was sent in to relieve him.
Welmer pitched great ball for a few In
nings, but Urown was sent In to replace
him. Both hit frequently, but the fielding
if both teams was sensational. A crowd of
lH.lil people witnessed the contest. Score:
Americans ... I 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 6 11 2
Nationals ....ft 1 0 0 0 0 I 0 110 11 1
Batteries: Americans, Smith, Altrock and
Mcr'arland; Nationals. Welmer, Urown and
Kllng. Umpires: Connolly and Johnstone.
St. Loala Browne Win Championship.
ST. LOUig, Mo.. Oct. 15.-After appar
ently being hopelessly beaten the local
Americans came from behind with, a rush
in the eighth Inning of tne first game of
today's double header and defeated the
Nationals by the narrow maigin of one
run. thereby tying the local Interleague
championship series, 3 to 3. and enabling
mem to capture mat nonor Dy annexing
the second game, to 0.
The first contest was bitterly fought,
neither side overlooking a stratgetlc move.
Howell was put out of the grounds for
objecting to a decision. The second game
was called at the end of the sixth on ac
count of darkness. Attendance, 18.000.
Score first ganie: RU E.
Americans 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 6 07 IS t
Nationals 0 0 0 1 2 3 0 0 03 8 3
batteries; Taylur and Grady; lelty, How
ell, budnotf, and Bugden and Spencer.
Score second game: R H E.
Americans 0 0 0 0 3 03 7 0
Nationals 0 0 0 0 0 00 3 3
Batteries: Taylor and Grady; Howell and
locals belns: victorious bv a score of H to 1.
The recent rains made the ground heavy,
out me piay was exciting tnrougnouu
Pitcher Parvla Dead.
CARROLLTON, Mo., Oct. H.-Frank J.
Parvin, once a well known base ball pitcher,
died at the. home of his father In this city
today cf tuberculosis, asred 85 years. Par-
vln's last work was with the St. Joseph
team m me vt estern league.
Los Ana-elea Cltlsens Offer to Bay All
Saloons ! Install New Goth
tnbnrg System.
Ordinance to Be Passed Tonight Bsfnndiiif
Qtntral Indtb ednsn Bonds.
Securities Hare Beea Draw lac Sis
Per Ceat Interest Sloe SoTfa
her. Five Years Ago. Whea
They Wer Issaed.
An ordinance refunding 370.000 of general
Indebtedness bonds Is to be passed by the
city council tonight. These bonds were
Issued on November 1, 1900, and since that
time have been drawing 6 per cent In
terest The usual five years' option Is
printed In the body of the bonds, and for
the purpose of reducing the Interest the
bonds are to be refunded at 44 per cent.
There Is no trouble at present In selling
South Omaha securities at this pwer rate
of Interest, while five years ago ( per cent
wag demanded by bond buyers. These re
funding bonds also will bear the five years'
option clause. A date for the receiving
of sealed bids for these bonds will be set
by the council tonight And an advertise
ment for the sale of the bonds on the
date determined og will be printed during
the week.
The city officials propose to refund out
standing bonds Just as fast as the five
years' option clause becomes effective on
all bonds that are drawing more than
per cent. In this way the annual levy
made for the payment of Interest will be
kept down. At present the city pays about
$42,000 annually In Interest on bonds outstanding.
This Interest account will soon be In
creased on account of the Issuing of bonds
for the paving of Twenty-fourth street.
These paving bonds will draw Interest at
the rate of 44 per cent, and should reach
here this week for the signatures of the
mayor and clerk.
Joseph Koatsky Doing Nicely.
Dr. John Koutsky said Sunday afternoon
that his brother, Joseph, who was ope
rated on Saturday fos appendicitis, was do
ing aa well as could be expected. The
operation was entirely successful, tne aoc
tor said. He also stated that along towards
th nd of the week the patient would
Old Folks
-"-WALT UDPS ' .
need plenty of nourishment and more than
ordinary blood-forming elements. These they
obtain in their highest form in
The food in liquid form.
This Predigested food-drink can be retained
by the weakest stomach and new strength
obtained from the first wine-glassful.
Sold by all druggists and grocers.
Prepared by
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. Louis, U. S. A.
of his friends each day. It will probably
be two weeks before Mr. Koutsky is able
to leave the hospital.
Registrars Named Toalght.
Members of the city council are prepared
to hand In a list of registrars tonight. The
old lists have been thoroughly revised and
an effort made to secure competent men
for the positions. The first day of tegls-
Twenty-flve prominent business men and tratlon will be Thursday, October ID, the
capitalists of Los Angeles, advocates Of the second October 27 and the last November 4.
Gothenburg system of saloon regulation, The same system as In the past will pre-
held a conference recently and decided to vail. Voters will answer the usual quts
Incorporate a company which shall offer to tlons and give their party affiliation. Nuw
take In charge the entire retail liquor bUBl- registration books will be provided and the
Flower Show Is t oniiiiti.
OMAHA. Oct. 11. To the Editor of The
Bee: Your editorial In this evening's Bee.
suggesting the practicability of holding a
flower show in the Auditorium this fall, la
in line with steps that have already been
taken by the Auditorium management, but
I regret to say that It will be impossible
to give a flower show, worthy of the name
or the reputation of Omaha, this fall. In
order to give a successful flower show It
mnt likelv he stronc enough to see a few-Ms necessary for the florists who Intend
ness of Los Angeles.
For this privilege the company will offer
to pay Into the treasury of the city the
present revenue derived from the sale of
saloon licenses 1190,000 a year and will
close all but seventy-five of the 200 saloons
registration of September 19 entirely Ig
nored. All those desiring to vrjte at tne
November election must register this fall.
Rebekahs Will Attend.,
The Initiatory degree staff ' of Alpha
to exhibit to have at least eight or ten
months' notice of the event, so that they
may grow the plants they wish to exhibit
and make special preparations. About two
months ago President' Nash and myself
took this matter up and I consulted with
the florists of Omaha and Council Bluffs
I and found the situation as I have stated.
I Plants cannot be carried from one exhlbl
tlon to another, like horses, for they lose
! th!r frMhnea and vltnlltv tn some extent.
and exhibitors want to show their plants
In the best possible condition. ' I made a
trip to Kansas City several weeks ago
to consult with the manager of the flower
show down there and I found that It
would be Impossible to Induce foreign flor
ists, even, to exhibit In Omaha without
giving them several months' notice so that
they could make special preparations for
the event.
Your editorial Is timely, however, and all
right, for I found that the local florists
will be willing (o fall in line for next year
ftrf.kah lods:e No. 44 of South Omaha will
Here is the proposition of the committee .tnfi th odd Fellow's arand lodge sesHlon
of twenty-five men, who represent almost I at Nebraska City this week. This degree
unlimited capital: .- . Pomnosed of twenty women and are .,, K ,.., . ,,
The company will take the entire two nmfldni In exemDlifvlna the Introduction . ..... .... ... T.n...r.
iiuiiuicu nuuon licenses issuea Dy me city .d Initiation of candidates. Bourn umana
and pay the present revenue of $180,000 per members of the Rebekshs expect the degree
annum, closing 126 of the saloons and run- I gtaff will do credit to the city and come
nmg seventy-nve. .,v with the tronhy of honor. The rep-
After having paid the license tax to the ,...nitivP to the arand lodge and the
city the stockholders shall be entitled to a degree staffs will leave over the Missouri
dividend not exceeding 6 per cent on the paclflo Tuesday mornlng.for Nebraska City,
actual amount of their Investment, All the gpeclal cars will be provided for the Odd . trni prr annum win ne Fellows and the KebeKAtis.
paid Into the elty treasury for the purpose cltr, o..lp.
of lessening taxation. . ,t,.,Ji. l-
il l r i laiiin'ii . i -'km
everything can be put In shape for the
finest and greater! flower show In the Au
ditorium next fall ever seen In the west.
Manager Auditorium.
Base-Ball Man Says Charges Against
Hlsa Are Baseless.
NEW YORK. Oct. 15.-Howard O. Orlf
fltlis of the Jersey City Eastern League
club, against whom charges of attempting
to breax up the national base ball agree
ment and to wreck the Southern league
were recently made by President Kava
naugh of the Southern league, issued a
statement tonight. In It he says that at a
meeting held lust night at the Imperial
ho til, New York, of tne national board of
arbitration 'of minor leagues, which was re
quested by the national commission to In
vestigate the charges, the complainant,
Kavanaugh, failed to appear and that the
charges were then presented by August
Herrmann, chairman of the national com
mission. There appeared before the board,
in addition to Gintitlis, Edward Hanlon of
Baltimore, Oeorge Tebeau of the Louisville
club and C. J. Hauschaupt of the Indian
apolis club, all of whom denied the charges
under oath.
In executive session T. H. Murnane, presi
dent of the New England league, offered a
resolution, which vas adopted, that It was
w, ... i me unanimous opinion or tne noara mat
"'"ul" lnrv- " " wouia the charges were unfounded. A copy cf
sooner win this game than any that was
ever played by a Nebraska foot ball team
and he Is working every scheme and plan
to accomplish this feat.
"I do not take any stock In any of the
reports which have been sent out from
Lincoln, and I think that the small score
. which have been made by the Cornhusker
against the weaker teams so far this sea
son are pert ot a well laid plan on the
part of Booth to throw the student body
at Ann Arbor off the track and they have
surely succeeded, not only in convincing
the students that they have no team at
Lincoln, but they have forced that Idea
Into my team. Nevertheless I am onto the
game and will work the men hard In secret
practice all week and try to take some of
the overconftdence out of them. Over-
m?M&H of tne
Policy Holder
How tha Overlords of Life Insur
ance Oaln Vel Wealth fro.n the
Common People. Fully Illustrated. In
the Outober number of Human Life.
Every policy holder should read tms
Other leading article:
Governor Harrtck .. vs. Ohio Kac
Track Gamblers, ""
Christian Science Impartially Investigated.
Twenty Years In States Prison, by
an Ex-Convict.
Strenuous Life at the Nation's Gay
Capital, by the author of Letter of
a congressman tie.
Roy Knabenshue. the Man Who
All Finely Illustrated.
Our magastne Is filled with true
stone about true people. No other
magasine like It.
the testimony was prepared to be sent to
the chairman of the national commission.
Foot Ball Gam with 'Varsity Boy
Will Bo Asasal Affair.
IOWA CITY. Ia., Oct. IB. (Special Tele
gram.) The alumni game this year will
mark the first ot a series ot alumni
which It Is believed will prove to be the
occasion for a big annual reunion of the
alumni of the State University of Ioms.
After the game, late Saturday night, the
members of the alumni team, which had
succeeded in defeating the regulars, organ
ized and elected Buck Morton, the famous
While the courts have decided that na
man ha a vested fight to sell liquor and
that the police commission can revoke
licenses without showing cause, we do not
favor anything that savors of confiscation
and would offer to buy the furniture and
fixtures of every saloon now running at
Poplar Gets Attention.
The northern poplar of the north
eastern states Is coming In for Increasing
study by the forester and lumberman. Not
so very long ago the wood of the popple
was used for excelsior. Some two or
three years ago the pulp manufacturer
added It to the list of species of supply-
her sister. Mrs. A. M. Gallagher.
Tuesdsv evenlna: the Maccabees will gle
a dancing party at Odd fellow's hall.
Police Officer Jacob email is quite sick at ' ... j . .n.-.n ..1
his home. Twenty-seventh and H streets. " "l
The police had an easy time Sunday, only ; " "'K " , "
a couple of intoxicated men peing arresua. lain (nan mruusuuui mo uu,n,ro.rau
Mrs. Frank Hart has returned from Ar- I states. It Is a rapid growing tree, with a
their appraised value and would also ap- I kansaa, where she visited friends for three pronounced tendency to extend Itself on
praise the good will, paying for the latter In Wwednertav evening there will be an eleo- oId fiM"- tnat a considerable area of
tlon of church officers at the First Presby- unwooded land, tut-over lands and burned
terian church. . I areas are comnlg up to a growth of pop-
Doris, the young daughter or Dr. ana .hirh wm fiur. inmortantlv In the
Mrs. William Berry, is suffering from an r . . ... . .
attack of diphtheria. lumDering proDiems 01 ine regions in wnnyi
vronertv owners are ufxing- Mayor , 11 occurs. '
Koutsky to get out the road machine and
round up the streets before winter sets In.
annual Installments over a series of years
and out of the profits; the payment for good
will being regarded as a purely moral and
not a legal obligation
Among the advantages of such a system
compared with the p regent system.
claimed by those Interested In the move.
are: n
First The reduction In the number of
saloons from 200 to seventy-five.
Second The closing of all saloons of the
disreputable class and the strict compliance
with law prohibiting the sal of liquor to
Awesome Features ' of a Ballooa
Voyage Three Miles Above the
The recent balloon voyage of two TCng-
nonlntoxlcatlng I glum, was one of the highest on record.
minors and drunken- men.'
Third The sale of only absolutely nnra I Ilshmen In the Vlvienne JII., when
liquor. I won a race In the air from Liege
Fourth The sal of
treasury, causing a very substantial re
duction in the rat of taxation, or per
mlttlng the Improvement of road 1 and
parka and building or school houses to an
extent not possible with present revenues.
The amount of money at which the
company will be capitalised waa not stated
half back on the championship team of tne resolution, but leaders In the move
IWkl rai.laln f .-vk .K. .. 1. . 1 1 . ' . ... . .
A MACAU hfeT or t?AY
Filled :
On all
L1FS PL'S. CO., Boston. M t-cnt
stamp and receive HUMAN LIFE for
one year, beginning with the October
number. W will also mail you the
April. May, June, July, August and
September numbars, while they last.
making 19 months for only M eeots.'
V t-rent stamps today.
l0u, captain for the coming year. All of
the members of the team that won who
were present, signified their intention of
returning on thut occasion and many other
former star will probably put In an ap
pea ranee.
Coach Chalmers will begin immediate
preparations for the Minnesota game,
fresco White will return to the game Juon
uuy and the other changes In tne lineup,
which were predicted last week, will ma
terially strenstnen the HauKcya. A
monster excursion, accompanied by the uni
versity band, will go wltu the team to
Minneapolis. -
Martla J. Shcrldaa Makes Score of
ISM fert S laches at Sew York.
NEW YORK. Oct. 16 -Mrtln J. Sheridan,
of the Irish-American Athletic club, all
round champion of America, beat all
rvcords at throwing the discus today, estab
lishing a new world's record of l; feet, t
inches. This throw was made at the game
of the Irish-American Athletic club at Cel
tic park. Long Island City, and was wit
nessed by ovr i.fO spectators. felierkUit
beat his best previous record of lii fee
11 Inches twice, his fimt throw being lJi
feet, 1 Inch, and his third attempt he mad
the longer distance.
One of the features of the gam wss the
appearance of J. W. Morton of the South
London Harrlrrs, England's champion
sprinter. He failed to qualify In the luO
ards handicap from scratch ss he finished
third in his trial and winners only quali
fied. There was a special handicap dash
at 130 yards in which he also atarted from
scratch, the handicaps being llmlied to five
feet. The British runner won this event
In twelve seconds, beating Lawson Robert
son of the Irish-American Athletic club.
drirks and the preference given such I the altitude maintained being three mile
drink over intoxicating liquors. I "It was dry when we started," said one
Fifth The discouraging as far as possl- I of tne aeronauts, Stanley Spencer, "but
ble of the treating habit. - I when we had reached a height of t.000 feet
Sixth The entire elimination of the orl- I rln began to fall heavily, aoundlng like
vste saloonkeeper and hi organization I tn rattle of bullet on the case of the
from local politic. I balloon. At t.000 feet, however, we got
Seventh The large Increase obtained tn above the clouds and out of the rain.
the revenue of the city resulting from Here th velocity of the wind was much
all the profit being paid Into the oity I greater, and we found that the higher we
ascended tne greater was tne wind force,
until at our highest point three miles,
which was reached after the sacrifice of
a great deal of ballast it was blowing
nearly fifty mile an hour.
The effect of the cloud below us as
we ascended in the brilliant sunshine was
marvelous. They stretched away as far
as the eye could see, a striking panorama
ot snow-white billows. Far above us,
again, was another stratum of clouds, of
oft. fleecy appearance."
The coldest part of the ascent was when
they were passing through the masses of
clouds, but as they got higher Into the
direct ray of the bright sunshine it be
came much warmer, so that they wer
again able to throw off their fur coats.
As the balloon passed from one fiercely
blowing current of wind Into the oppo
site, the shock was such that the balloon
swayed violently, and It seemed as though
the car must be overturned.
"A w were rushing along the silence
was Intense," continued Mr. Spencer, "but
as we passed over the Ironworks districts
of Belgium and Germany we could dis
tinctly hear the peculiar roar of the blast
furnace and the clanging of the steam
hammers, although w were three miles
above them.
"For the first time In th history of
ballooning we were able to enjoy hot food
and drink on this trip. V took up with
us tins of prepared coffee, soups and
meats, which by a chemical preparation
In tin can be heated limply by admitting
th air through hole mad In th outer
case." London Express.
ment say It will be ample to cover all
The twenty-five men who, it is expected,
will form the company represent probably
1100,000.000 at a conservative estimate.
Members of the council say that If the
proposition Is formally submitted to the
city g special election probably will be
held and the voters will be given an op
portunity to express an opinion on the
merits of theGothenburg system. Los
Angeles Herald.
It occur.
The forest service ha received a large
number of applications for advice relative
to the management of forest lands con
taining stands of popple, and in conse
quence Is making a detailed commercial
study of the several species, with special
attention to the reproduction, growth rate,
market value and quality tor pulp and
excelsior use of each. In addition, the
study will keep In view possible fresh uses
for the popple and ways of preventing th
Injury of popple stands from fire.
Paale Averted.
In case of constipation, peritonitis, etc.,
panic Is averted by curing yourself with
Dr. King's New Life Pllls-25c. For sale by
Sherman & McCoi.nell Drug Co.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Colorado Man Killed la Mexico.
GUANAJATO, MeV- Oct. IB George Col
vln Met, a mining man connected with
the Juanaglatu Consolidated company and
a recent arrival from Colorado, was in
stantly k'lled by a premature explosion
of dynamite in the De La Sierra mine. No
others were killed or injured. The damage
to the mine wtll not be great.
Hrlnso Bays Savings Bank.
Bl'TTE, Mont., Oct. 16. The control of
the State Savings bank, one of the most
prominent banking Institutions of the
northwest, psssed Into the hands of F
Augustus lielnse and M. Sellers Lsrgey
yesterday. No definite statement is to be
had as to the amount of money Involved
tn the transaction.
One Dollar's Worth
of Advertising.
(TT One doller
Lyoas Defeat Baaeroft.
LYONS. Neb.. Oct. li.-Spectal -The
Lyons High school foot ball tsam defeated
the Bancroft foot ball team In this city
today by a score of 11 to . Rain and
niud Interfered with fast play although
there were many Interesting features. The
end runs of Alfred Turevn were sensa
tional as well a the live smashes of th
barks. Tureen mad the first touchdown
front which Morlry Pearson kk ked goal.
lWt Half Back O'Connor made the second
touchdown. '
Hassholdt Wis) Basket Ball Gasaa.
HUMBOLDT, Neb.. Oct. IS. Special. V
The second basket ball game of the Daw-on-HumLoldt
stria was lulled off on the
kuiue giuund strday atlvrnoou.
ir vorth of
10 !n Me-
ing the goods out of store
is better than two dollars'
worth of drummer pushing
them in. The pull of the ad
it better than the puh of the
drummer. The manufac
turer making an article for
which people would gladly
ask by name can reach this
constituency by displaying
his goods tn the form of an
advsr tiaement in Me-CLURE'S-ihe
Market place
of the World.
44-40 East 22d Street
A Jadleles laqalry.
A well known traveling man who visits
th drug trade say he has often heard
druggists Inquire of customers who asked
for a cough medicine whether it was
wanted for a child or for an adult, and It
for a child they almost Invariably recom
mended Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
The reason for this la that they know
there la no danger from It and that It al
ways cures. There 1 not th least danger
In giving It and for coughs, cold and
croup It la unsurpassed.
Marder la First Dearer.
MAYSV1LLE. Mo.. Oct. 15.-Martln Pauls
grove, charged with the murder of Miss
Mary Newman,' his sweetheart, a school
teacher tn Andrew county, Missouri, last
January, was today convicted of murder
tn the first degree. The jury had been out
forty-eight nours.
Girl's Assnllaat Released on Road.
RATHDRUM. Idaho. Oct. 15 -(Special
Telegram. ) J. D. Lewis, the negro who as
saulted Mary Blley, a Council Blurts, la.,
stenographer, has been released on S2.5n
bonds until the girl recovers sufficiently to
rhyslrlaa Gnllty of Manslaaarhter.
ADA, I. T., Oct. 16. Dr. Davenport, a
physician of Oakman, I. T., was yesterday
convicted of manslaughter. He shot and
killed William Gaines, a mall carrier. In a
quarrel over some neighborhood gossip.
Earthquake la Jamaica.
KINGSTON. Jamaica. Oct. 15.-Another
earthquake shriek was felt at 1:46 this after
noon, lasting for -nearly a minute. It was
oppressively hot before the shock took
Syria) Mepahlloaa .ah
The Tenth Ward Syrian Republican club
was organised Snturday evening at Thir
teenth and William streets. O. D. Ablon
as elected president. Another meeting
:i h calla.1 sou a.
mmm mi
Banqutt VVl
Hall Clum T
The prlc la 10 cent.
Just Ilk any other
dime cigar. 1 ben tie
resemblance ceases.
At your tobac
Ten Tourist Lines
to Pacific Coast
Divided between two superb routes.
Via El Paso through New Mexico. . ' ."' -
Via Colorado through the Rockies.
Rock Island through tourist cars both ways.
From Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines,
Cedar Rapids, St. Paul and Minneapolis and hundreds of
other points.
"From Everywhere East to Anywhere West."
The Rock Island red folder "Across the Continent in s
Tourist Sleeping Car" tells all about it. .
Very low one-way rates daily through October for the trip
to California.
A special round-trip bargain October 17 to 21 the last of
the season.
Full details regarding rates and the service via both routes,
promptly upon request.
"I'm a lost dog;
pleas put a want
ad in The Bee and
N. B When you loe
anything, don't cry; put
a want ad In Th Be
and get It back.
Telephone 238.
30,000 Real Circulation.
October 17. 18. 19. 20. it, 1905
For Tho Round Trip
Sixteen hours quicker than any other line to
San Francisco.
Inquire at
'Phone tl.