Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 08, 1905, NEWS SECTION, Page 8, Image 8

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Fashionable Finery for Horse Show
A complete assemblage of elaborate millinery, imported costumes, evening: coats, fancy
dresses and accessories specially adapted for this supreme fashionable event in Omaha.
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The high standard that is always maintained in Brandeis millinery department is particu
larly marked in the finer grades of evening hats- We made every effort to briny to Omaha's fashionable sets the most elaborate creations possible fo
horse show wear and we are certain that patrons of New York and Chicago horse shoivs never had a finer or more artistic assemblage to choose from'
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f uiauuci) unti5 apeum rviiiiini y ueaiyns lur inc nurse snow di aio
xuih assortment is ampie enougn to aamit oi tne satistacnon ot every taste. The styles
are extremely graceful and all are specially designed for Horse Show wear.
aigrettes, the pretty willow plumes, the gold and silver roses are noticeable in the trim
ings the shapes are the large picture effects, the Marquise shape, etc.
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every hat bears the air of perfect taste and original treatment. Such splen
did creation's were never offered before at less than $25.00 for Monday we
offer them at
Artistic and Exclusive Parisian Millinery
These hats were all chosen by ouf own Paris representative expressly for Omaha horse show wear. They are
the most elaborate of the thousands of Paris designs the names of Charlotte, Georgette, Roger and Vlrot
alone would stamp them as milihery masterpieces ' The wide variety of color
schemes and the different becoming shapes original models are
especially priced Monday, at '
A Stunning New Horse Show Model at $10
.'e have taken scores of handsome New York fall models, many Paris patterns and our own adaptations of
the most elaborate French models and grouped them for a great horse show special at $10
Hats of such elegant character were never offered at such a moderate price all the leading
evening shapes, at
ery Smart and Modish Suit Hats Neatly and very prettily made in new hippodrome sailor shapes,
trlcornes, tumans, etc. aressy ana lasieiui ior street wear a hundred leading
designs at
Brilliant Assemblage of Ladies' Costumes, Evening Coats, Dress Waists, Etc.
The stunning styles and the beautiful and extensive variety of this showing of evening apparel
makes this display as brilliant as the Horse Show itself. We invite your inspection of the most artistic
array of gowns and costumes ever seen in Omaha. .
Exquisite Evening Costumes all of them Imported and the
choicest designs from Redfern, Beer, Paquln and Doucet
all are original creations seen for the first time in this coun
try the daintiest of evening shades for all fashionable
evening functions special Horse Show T C up C 1 C ft
models at p I to pif
-Evening Gowns of crepe de chine, broadcloth, messalines, chif
fon taffetas, etc. new creations for J jtQ tt C $C)
evening wear a splendid variety at. AT J J " M J
A wide range of daintiest and most elaborate evening costumes,
dcml costnmes, dinner gowns, reception gowns, etc maae
of crepe de chines nets, et rang of ClC"iA C CQ
syWf IU vpsr
High class All Lace Coats, Silk Coats and elegant Cloth
Opera Coats, trimmed in the most elaborate fashion and made
of the very highest grade materials all this season's authentic
style, are charmingly represented many are sample wraps1
exclusive with Brandeis. Prices range from Handsome Silk
and Broadcloth Coats at $35 and $39 up to the tnost elaborate
All Lace Coats at $160.
Broadcloth Coats In new pastel shades and white C
full until! Urmrl wIHa ntltr laniitorh trlmmlnv atttt v
large full evening sleeves a good variety ,t . . . .
.White Broadcloth Evening Coats in the ample lengths and
handsome trimmings that mark the fashion- .. Hfl
able outergarments this season-
braid trimmed at
satin lined, silk
prjees from.
Ermine is This Year the Reigning Favorite of All Furs for Horse Show Wear
Four pelt arm In
, stock natural
Zaia Scarf of ermine,
with S&-lnch single
tab, -at
I Ermine stock with
double tabs and 8
I tall trimming
Large Scarfs of ermine, single and
rhbar.8tCra!:..$29t o$38
Voile Costume Skirts
The nltra swell Separate Costume
Skirt, of voile, with and without
heavy silk drops new Circular
Skirts also fashionable Pleated
8.98 $35
Highest Class Tailored Suits
Perfectly tailored the new, exclusive effects In
long Chesterfield Coats, , Hussars, Short
mouses, eic. iaiei tun uiuoi bljiibu Duaucn
and mixtures elegant In M RO $ t t
detall-special numbers iq
We are showing a aplendld assortment of tailored Top Coats new mannish effects for fall and
winter coverts with fitted backs, etc., at.
Separate Evening Waists
Made of messalines, chiffons, etc.
very elaborate ideas evening
shades made in elegant fashion a
great variety
Brandeis' Renowned $5 Hat
To establish the fame of Brandeis' $5 hat even more
firmly", we bring forward some absolutely new
moaeis aesignea irom tne later patterns r
from Paris a stunning' array of hats
that are genuine bargains at the
moderate price of
The lonR ,-??TO.jS5
2 .t
jj y f 1
As exclusive agents for Perrin's and Monarch gloves and
extensive dealers in Reynier's, Tanchon Suede, Dent's
and Meyer '8 fine Gloves, we show the most satisfactory
variety of ladies' kid gloves in Omaha. For Horse
Show wear, we are showing many of our very newest importations
evening gloves, 12 and 16-button lengths, in pink, sky, pearl
mode white and black gloves C f 59 T5()
to match costumes moderately r V s J
Highest Grades of Imported Hosiery Fine Silk Hosiery
in white, black and all shades to match costumes
plain and silk embroidered lisle hosiery in every de
sirable shade the widest possible variety in our
newly enlarged hosiery department Et up
Main building, at. DUC to
A Beautiful Display of Horse Show Novelties Comprising Horse Shoe Pins, Whip, Horse Head and Spur
Lace and Scarf Pins; also elegant Silk and Leather Girdles, Belts, Pearl Dog Collars, Fan Beads, Chains, Opera
Glasses, etc. for Horse Show.
priced, at.
Special Prices on Embroideries A great bargain square
in Main building will be filled Monday with the finest
medium and extra wide embroideries, wany wide enough
for corset covers, flouncings, etc. new C
open pattern:, fresh and crisp, at, yd 1UC"IC
Wash and Trimming Laces Thousands of yards of
new Wash and Trimming Laces, in edgings and
insertings, white, cream and ecru many widths,
new and desirable patterns Z 7 V 1 'if
on bargain tables, at '2V-11
Greater variety of new fall silks than ever shown before and at such
remarkably low prices should create a furore.
Broche Silk Suitings, 27-in. wide, in the new Cammille and Overplaid O Q
effects, in all the Jatest fall colors worth $1.25 on sale, at, yard. . .OZJ
The Newest Fall Plaids Fifty combinations, also new arrivals' in the Picot
and Boucle Moire silks, in the new stone and mist greys (Pfl
also all other leading shades only ' P
The Regina Black Silks The highestquality manufactured by C. J. Bonnet &
Co., Lyons, France. Brandeis are sole Omaha agents. We offer special for
Monday Bonnet Black Regina Taffeta, J.9-in. worth $1.00 OSi
for 69c-27-in., worth $1.50, for.
Silks on Bargain Square
I7-lnch changeable taffeta, 86-lnch fancy shirt
waist silks, guaranteed rustling black taffe
tas, worth up tofl. 60 yard, in two lots on
. bargain squares at, yard,
and 49C
X Bargain 'Day In Chiffon
1,000 yards of fine pure silk chiffons, mous
selines, liberty brilliants, in finest shades.
' plenty of hlte, creams and blacks a
splendid opportunity for dressmakers and
milliners worth up to 11.00, at C
yard, 89c and imOVi
Special Sale of Watches
Jewelry Department In the Annex.
Brandeis carries a complete line of reliable watches from
the most inexpensive Swiss watch to the very highest grade
American movement. You will fiid in our new enlarged
Jewelry department in the Annex scores of styles of
watches, all priced at onethird less than jeweler's
Men's 7-Jewel Eltcin or Walthum Movement WatrheK
in screw bezel nickel cases, best cheap A69
watch in the world, at 7
) Fifteen Jewel American AValtham Watch in heavy
sterling silver hunting cases, hand engrav- '7 9ft
ed. worth $15, at
Fifteen Jewel American Walt ham Movement Watches
with 20 year guaranteed gold filled Deu- f A qo
ber cases, worth 122.60, at 1T
Ladies Watches
Ladles' 6 sire, 10-year gold filled
15 jewel Waltham move
ment, with guaranteed 10
year gold filled Q57
cases, at . . O
cases, warranted to wear and
not change color fitted with
New York seven Jewel
Standard movement,
Fall's Fashionable Dress Goods
All the exquisite conceptions of fashion in Dress Stuffs are here.
We import direct several times a year, bringing the leading novelties to
Omaha at the same time they are shown in New York.
Henriettas, fine silk finished, Bordeaux purple, laurel and chasseur AQp
are well represented at 95c, 85c and '
Grey Mixtures The furore of American fash
ion. Crash, Panama, checks, overplalda,
etc..1.39. 11.00, (
69c and rZC
Drap de Ete Rich silky cloth, the craze of
today's style, fifty shades, reds, purples,
greens, navys, petunias, etc.,
11.50 and
Silk and Wool Plaids at 86c, In every imaginable color.
Plaids We imported direct from Roubaulx, France, the most unusual pretty plaids,
at, yard
SOe Waistings at 25c
A bargain square with the newest and most
We have the best Worsted Warp Broadcloths
in the United States, every imaginable
color for, per yard, $1.50
Broadcloth--6pecial for Monday,
cloth.'the $2.50 grade,
Drees Goods on Bargain Square
On Monday we place on sale 300 pieces of
new dresB goods from a New Jersey mill,
everything new and fresh.
$1.50 Goods at, yd .....60c
$1.00 Goods at, yd 49c
Blaqk and all colors. ,
desirable all wool,
Scotch Flannels, at,
silk and wool and
Mens Full Dress Suits and
Tuxedo Suits for Horse Show
To be properly clad at the Horse Show, every
man must be' in evening dress. We can fit
you just as perfectly as the tailor at half or
less than half his price
thorough satisfaction
in these elegant suits, at
Men's Prince Albert Frock Coata
and Vests, the correct wear for
horse show COC
matinees. . lO $JJ
Men's regular $5 quality white
pique, full dress CA
vests, at DJ
The finest ready-to-wear cloth
ing in the country -the only
uita and overcoats that meet
the custom tailor on his own
gronnd No made to meas
ure clothes can fit better or
One big lot of All Linen Doilies,
worth up to 15c,
each C
Real hand-made Teneriffe Doil
ies, worth'up to 25c, T l
. for, each 12c and. ...... i 2C
6c Quality Cotton Twill- l 1
ed Toweling, yard JP2C
7Vc Quality Hack Z1
Towels, each .J 2
10c Knit Sanitary Wash Z
Cloths, each J&
8-4 and 10-4 Pattern Table
Cloth, worth up to $2, lfln
each.... vOv
$1.25 quality fine mercerized
Napkins, extra special
dozen t J
Rugs 2 Carpets
In our great daylight department
on the Becond floor, we show a
complete new line of the fall
Carpet and Rugs the newest
patterns prices are extremely
moderate at all times.
perfectly new in fine Floral and
Oriental designs, everyone per
fect, a most extraordi
nary bargain, regularly
worth $29. at....
patterns fine parlor
carpets, per
Oriental patterns,
at. a
wool, large line
of patterns,
per yard
lest all
Lace Curtains
A very wide variety of the
high class lace, curtains in
all new patterns all desir
able grades from the finest
all lace to the modestly
price window drapes.
Nottingham Curtains, 50 in. wide,
3Mi yards long, OQ
Plr.:; JOC
NotUngbam Curtains, worth f r
up to to $2.f0, pair I.DU
Nottingham Curtains, worth
up to $3.50, pslr.
Irish Point Curtains, new ) AO
fall styles, pair..' .JO
Rrusftels Net Curtains, our v nn
own importation, pair. . .J..0
Bobhlnet Curtains, Batteuherg
ede, your choice . .. Cf
Ladies, Misses and Children's
Fall Underwear
Brandeis are sole agents In Omaha
for the celebrated 'Munsing Under
wear and Root's Tivoll Underwear.
We also carry complete lines of
Kaysec's Silk and Wool and Amer
ican finlttlng Mills Underwear. We
are showing all the
fall and winter
weights of these un
dergarments for
ladies, misses and
children in our en
larged underweur de
partment; ladles"
, vests and pants and
' union suits, at
25c 2 $3
Minpes and Childrens Vests, Pants and
19c Htpo$l
Fine Dress Shoes
For Horse Show and All Occasions
Ladies' patent kid and patent leather shoes, full
Louis XV heel, on new highway last
at, per pair
Ladles' High Cuban Heel Shoes high arch
last, Ideal patent kid, at
Ladies' Patent Leather Pumps for fashion- ffT
able evening wear, at, per pair tpt
Ladles' Gray Ooze Party Shoes, latest "730
shades, at, per pair
ladies' Beaded Duchesne Opera Slippers fl
half French heels, at
Ladies' 4 strap extreme French heel, soft dull T5Q
kid 6lippers, at per pair O
Men's Florsheim Shoes
The most stylish shoe for men that is made
all the correet extreme styles and mod
erate styles as well a hoe that gives
perfect comfort and thorough satisfac
tionbest fchoe e;er made for
men, most styles
look better prices