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Winning Bon Vsds in Third Inning on
Bocktnfiald'i Lrm.
Brave la Urtfa to "een Wki Tim
Is Called at Km ot tho Elchth
. Inning- oa Account at
, - DirkiMi,
8T. LOUIS, Mo., Oct. 7.-BL Loula lost
the Unit (tame of double-header witn Chi
cago today on Rockenfleld a error, but auc
ceeded In tiding th second after Buchanan
had been pounded for what appeared to
be commanding; lead. The second contest
also uncovered a new pitcher for McAleer.
Vanxant, who relieved Buchanan, and who
haa been the local a utility outfl-ld all
season, displayed excellent control and held
Chicago to two hits. Score, first fame:
T. LOt'M.
AB H O. A.E.
F . ef
iton. If 4 1 1
Or,-, rf...,
Kaeta, M
laiiahaa. If
pnnanue, lb.
Itnlie, 2b....
Hart, r.
tRm k field, lb 4 I 4
I 4
I 14
0 I
0 1
0 t
Itriitr rf.
1 1
1 I
4Vall..-, ee.
TJjjnea, lb.
Kehier, cf.,
v auften,
OSudnoS, p..
0 14
Untmliill, lb
Altrork. p.... I
Totala II I IT II TsUle II I 17 II I
Chicago 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-2
8t. Louis 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-1
Earned runs: Bt. Louis, 1; Chicago, 1.
Two-base hit: Koeliler. Home run: Davis.
acrillct! hit: Davis. Double plays; Da
vis to Donahue, Donahue to Davis: Davla
'to Rone to Donahue, Ijtolen base: Rocken.
Icld. Kanci on halls: Off Altrock, 1. btrucK
)ui: Hy Hudiioff, 1; by Altrock, 1. Left
n bases: St. Louis, : Chicago, 3. Time:
1:1ft. Umpires: O'loughlln and McCarthy,
bcore, second game;
Stune. If m I 4 ir. Jnnea. cf .l 111
i.chk tela, 2b I
In.iie, rf 4
b rfUaue, aa. .. 4
I. Jr.nes. lb.. I
ileaiion, 8b... I
hoehter, cf. .. I
ll ein-er, o.... 4
U'-nanas, p., 0
tangent, f... 4
4 4 1 1 Green, rf 4 I I
It OLwela. as 4 I I 1
I 1 Callahan. If., lilt
1 tlronahu. lb., 4 till
1 OHuhe. lb 4 1 I
I vHart, c
4 1 ulannehlll
I T i 0
3k 4 t I I
I 4 I
....It I 14 U (
1 0 0 0 0-7
0 00 07
0 0 OBnillh. s.
Tola la.
Toieli to 24 to i
4t. Louis 4 0 2
JniCMgo 8 4 0
Game called end eighth Inning on account
f darkness.
Earned runs: Pt. Louis, 8; Chicago, 8.
Two-base hits: Callahan, Davis. Three
juse hit: Wnllace. Hits: Off Buchanan.
1, In one and one-third Inning; oft Vauaant,
! In six and two-third Innings. Passed
. Mil: Hart. Stolen base; Gleason. Hit
nv hitched hall: Bv Vanxant. Smith. Wild
Mtihes: Smith, 4. Bases on balla: Off
iUichanun, 2; of Vanxant, I; off Smith, 7.
fctruok out: By Buchanan, 1; by Vunxant,
j; by Hmlth. . Left on bases: St. Louis,
; -Chicago, 7. Time: 1:40. Umpires:
O Loughiln and McCarthy. Attendance:
' Detroit Wine from Cleveland.
CLEVELAND. Oct. 7. Cleveland lost the
lant gnme of the season to Detroit, item
bard being batted hard. Score:
Mclntyra, If.. I I 1 0 0 Bar. cf 4 I I 0 4
Llnanay, lb... i 1 11 conxalton, rf. 4 1 I, lb.. 4 Oil 0 Stovall. Jb... 4
0 II
Crawford, rf. I I 1
0 Uraiilajr, lb., i
loon, cf 4 I I
0 Turner, aa. .. 4
I'oiiflilln, lb. 4 1 1 1
J'Uary, aa... I I 1 t
0 Harbaau, lb.. 4
1 Hew. If I
tVarlier, c... 4 110
MUllln, p Sill
1 Clarka, e I
Harnhara, p.. I
Totala. .
.31 11 17 U 1 Tetali U I 17 II I
, 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0-T
First base on errors: Cleveland. 1: De
troit, 1. Two-base lilts: Bay, Mclntyre,
I.lmlHay. Bacrltice hit: O'Leary. Stolen
bases: Crawford (2). Double play: O'Leary
to Schacfer to Lindse'y. Bases on balli:
Off Bernhard, t. Left on bases: Cleveland,
I; Detroit, . Struck out: l.y Bernhard. 4;
by Mullln, 4. Wild pitch: Bernhard. Time:
1:30. Umpire: Sheridan. Attendance: 2,036.
' Wsahlngton Beata Philadelphia
WASHINGTON, Oct. 7. -The season
rinsed here today with a double-header be
tween WusUngton and 1'biladelphia, tlx
litAula winnkAr 111, Aral lw A t,k 4 SLti thj
econd Was called at the end if the fifth in
ning by agreement with the score a tie, I
lo I. Score first game:
. AB H O.A.B. AB.H.O.A.E.
lonea cf 4 0 1 0 0 Hartaal. If... 4 111
Taaaaday, aa.. I I I I Lord, cf 4 1 1 0
- Hickman, lb. I 1 4 4 Barten, lb... I I
AniUraoa, rf. 4 1 1 0 -hreck, lb. .1 0 1 0 0
Mtahl. lb 4 1 10 I OKnlahl. lb... I 0 111
Mil. lb I 0 1 1 0 HoRman, rf.. 10 10 0
Stanley, If... 4 0 1 0 0 Muruhy, lb. .. 4 0 0 4 1
. Ho don. .,.. 4 0 10 CM. Cruaa, aa.. 4 I I 10
Hardy, p 4 0 0 1 1 Poware. c.,.4 OHIO
waddell, p... 0 0 0 0
TMsli 17 I M la IDyfan. p.... 4 I 0
..17 120 I
Two out when winning run waa scored.
Washington 2 02000000 1 S
Philadelphia 0 04000000 04
Earned runs: Washington, 3; Philadelphia,
Three-base hlta: Barton, Cassldy. Home
run: Hickman. Stolen base: Anderson. Sac
rifice hit: Lord. Double plays: Cassldy to
Stahl; Mil to Hickman to Stahl. Waddcll
pltchud one inning, 3 runs, 2 hits; Dygert
pitched nine Innings, 3 runs, 4 hits. First
on bails: Off Hardy, 2; off Dygert, 2. Struck
out: By Hardy. 4; by Waddell, 1; by Dvgrt,
s. . Lift on baaea: Washington, 4; Philadel
phia, . Time: 1:46. Umpires: Hurst and
Connors. Attendance: fy.JuO.
Score, second game;
Jaara, cf 1 1
CaAaaay. aa. I 1
OHartael, If... i
1 0
0 Lord, cf I
0 Sihre. k, lb... 1
0 Knisbt, lb... I
0 Hofttnaa, rf . . I
0 Murphy, lb... I
0 M. Croaa, aa.. I
0 Powera, c I
V Uyara, p
Hii'KiDia, 2b. 3
HueLuueu. U. t
Btahi. lb 1
Nlll, lb 1
Stanley, rf... V
Knoll. C 1
Mauuel, p.... I
' Total IV 15 I 0 Totala U lull
Washington 10 10 03
Phiiuuuipma 2 1 0 0 03
. Game called by agreement.
Earned 'runs: Washington, 2; Philadel
phia, 1 Yvo-baae hit: Hickman. Three
mis hit: M' l ioh. Stolen bases: Stuhl,
HmtHl. Double play: Powers to Cross.
First base on bails: On Manuel, 2. off
Myers, . Hit by pitched bail: By Myers,
1, Struck put: dy Manuel, 3; by Myeia, 6.
Left on bases: Vusiuiiglon, 3; Phlludel
piita, 1. liino: 1:00. Unipirea: Hurst and
Neve York Wins Both Games.
BOSTON, Oct. 7. Boston observed th
close of th American luaue season today
by winning a double-header from New
xork. Tliu second gsn waa called at tne
er.d of the tilth inning on account of dark
ness, nuors, first game;
Att.M O.A.. AB.H. O.A.B,
k... 4 14 1 OH. 1.0. cf a 1 I 0 0
biebi. ol I
0 OKeeler, rf.,.. 11111
Freentaa, 3b.. 4, It. . . 4
UriDithaw, lb 4
beluu'b. rf... I
Uoowiu, lb... 4
ens". 4
Taunel 111, p.. 0
Winur, p t
1 1 Doue-horty. if I 1 4 0
0 0 Latiorla, 2b. . . t I I I
1 Ot li..e, lb 4 I 11 0
0 1 Uidriu, as... 1 1 I 4
1 1 Kleinow, t . i 0
1 Otorkraan. 3b. 4 0 0 1
0 0 li'Nia. p 1 o
1 t Orta. It I 0 I
Teula W 11 0 1 4 Tout W ! 14 I
(.me out when winning run was madu.
Boston 31020000 1 7
New York. 30100VUOO vtf
Horns runs: Laporte, Oldrlng. Saurlrtce
hit: Douiierty, ioutle piay: Oluring to
Laporte to Cnance. Hits: Off Tannelitll
In une-half Inning. 2; oil Winter In nine
and ono-lialf innings, 6; off Hugg In three
Innings, 4; oor Una In seven inningo, J
Ftisl base on bails: uff Tanuwliiu, i; off
Winter, 1; on Hogg, 2. Struc. oot: By
Winter. ; by llosa. 6; by Onu. 3. Tin's;
a.tM. cmiilio: Connolly.
Ocore, secuitd jtainv;
AB.H. O.A.B, ABU. O.A.B.
Parent, .... 4 1 4 1, ef 4 0 111
Slant, at 4 I
aaeier, rr. ... a t
1 lKu(hertr. if I 1
OLapona, lb... I I
Othaae, lb I I
OUta.iag, aa... I 1
IConbor. c I I
OCooksua. lb. I I
1 Newtou p. .. 1 0
JVooaalu. p... 0
r re. man. lb. I
Buikett. U...0 1
tlr.iuehav, lb I 1
SellM.'fe. rf .. 1
UvUwin. lb. .. I I
Arianruater, 4 I
buahoa, p 1 0
iuuea). p.... 1 0
Huti, v 1 0 0
..II 10 11 11 OUiioiia. p.... 0 0 00
Vwuwsa ... 1 I 0
.J le 14
Batted for Newton In fifth.
Boston 3 1 3 01
New York 4 114 11
Two-bse hils: Parent, Burkelt. Home
run: Ormishaw. Sacrltlue lilts: Seiluich,
Heeler. Dougherty. Double play: Goodwin
to 1'arvnt to Griinahaw. Hits: Off Newton
In three Innings. , off Quudwtn in one-half
inning, I; off lluit in one-half inning, 1;
off Oiirfith in one inning, 1; off Hatches In
four Innings, , off Dineen in one inning, 1.
First base on balls: uff Dineen. 1; off
Ooodwln, 3; off Hop-g, 1. Struck out: By
Dineen. 1. by Nenton, 3; by Hogg, 1; by
Hueiies, 3. balls; tuuuur, 4. Wild
Flayed. Won. I,st.
Cleveland ...
New York...
St. Louis 151
Games today: Chicago at 6t. Louis.
Clnelnnatt aad St. Louis Break Even
la Double-Header.
CINCINNATI. Oct. 7 Each teem won a
game In the double-header between Cin
cinnati and St. Ixiuis this afternoon and In
each Instance the victors were aided by
the errors of their opponents. Score, first
Pttnleaev. If. I
0 H.i.ilna, lb.. 4
0 Karrr. II 4
Iroff, rf . .. I
Berkley, lb..
Grade, I
Horae. Ih....
HUnee, rf 4
Hoelak'ter, lb 4
Mi Hrid. as.. 4
Taylor, 4
I 1
1 I
0 Seymour, ct. . 4
0 Corroraa. a.. 4
1 Odwall rf.... 4
0 Hlnrhmaa. Ik 4
1 K'ller, lb. ... 4 1 tl
B'hlfl. c 4 1 I
Cbach. B.
.. I
"Blefla ..
40 II 17 I I
llatted for Chech In ninth.
.r.u mil l
St. Louis 00240100 0-7
Cincinnati 20000000 13
Two-base hits: Seymour (2). Hlnchman,
SchleL Three-base hit: Dunleavy. Stolen
bases: Taylor, Dunleavy. iHiuble plays:
McBride. Hoeiskoetter and Beckley; Cor
coran. Hugglns and Kelley. Bacrlllue hit:
Homes. Struck out: Hv Cheen. z: Dy
Taylor, 1. Umpire: Johnstone. Time: 1:60.
core, secona game:
Hvntaa. 2b.. I 0 4 10 AB.H. O.A.B.
Barry, lb 4 T 0 0 DnnlraTT. If. I 0 0 0
Peymour, cf.. 4 I I 0
Corcoran, aa.. 4 111
('dwell. If.... 4 110
0DBToff. Cf. ... 4
0 Berkley, lb.. 4 1 10
Leahy, c 4 4 1
Hmrhman, 2b I 0 1 I
Hurke, lb 4
Hlmea rf.... I
Hnlk'lar, lb I
1 0
8 1 -a la. rf 4 0 10
Street, e 4 14 1
p.. I 0 1 0 Mcllnde, aa.. 4
Brown, p 1
T ota La II I 17 10 OHirady 1
..14 I 14 10 1
Batted for Brown la ninth. '
Cincinnati 00002022 -
St. Louis 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1-3
Home run: Odwell. Stolen bases: Sey
mour, Muggins, Vowlnkle. Bases on balls:
Off Brown, 9; off Vowinkle, 3. Sacrifice
hits: Vowinkle (31. struck out: By vo
winkle, 4; by Brown, . Wild pitches:
Brown. 1: Vowinkle, 1. Time: I SO Umpire:
Johnstone. Attendance: 2,500.
Erta Break la Brooklyn.
BROOKLYN. Oct. 7. By winning the laat
game of the final series trom Boston today
me .Brooklyn Nationals wound up the play
ing schedule for I'M with four wins and
one defeat In their last struggle with the
New Kngiandcrs. Score, first garnet
AB.H. O.A.B. AU.H. I.t I.
Ab'tlrchlo. bb I 1 I 4 Hall, rf 1 . 0
Tenney, lb.
T I OSheckaril, II.. Bill
Dolan. rf.
10 1 dewier, lb... 4 I I
10 0 Batr-h. lb I I I
1 3 Hummel, 2b.. 6 0 I
0 OLewla, aa 4 I I
1 1 0 Malay cf Ill
110 Rittar. c 4 I t
110 k'aaon, p I 1 0
iielehanty, If. 4
Wolrert'n, 3b 4
Cannell,. cf. .'. 4
Hajrmer, lb... I
Needham, . , I
Kramer, p 4
-Mclntyre, p.. I 0 0
Totala 31 14 17 II I ,
Totala 17 13 17 17 1
Boston 0 0 0 3 1 6 0 0 110
Brooklyn 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 04
Two-base hits: Wolverton (2), Delehanty
(11. Sacrifice hits: Wolverton, Malay.
Stolen bases: Abbattlchlo, Ritter. Base
hit; Off Eason, 7, in five innings; off Mc
lntyre, 7 In four Innings. Lett on liases:
Boston. 7: Brooklyn, lu. Bastis on balls:
Off Eason, 1; off Mclntyre. 3. Firat base
on errors: Boston, 1; Drooklyn, 1. litruck
out: By Mclntyre, 1. Passed ball: Bit
ter. Time: 1:45. Umpire: O Day. Attend
ance: 2,600. Score, second game:
AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A..
Hall. rf.
oAb'ttichlo, as 4
0 Tenney, lb... I
1 Dolan. rf-lb. . 4
14 0
Bhrckard, If..
OiBMer, lb...
Batch, 3b
Hummel, lb..
Lewia, as
Malay, cf
Ritter, c
Stanton, p...
10 1
0 Delehanty, rf 4
OWolvert'o. lb 4
0 Cannell, cf . . . 4
1 Ray mar. lb... 4
0 Moran, c I
OWllhelm, If.. I
0 10
0 0 0
10 0
10 0
Total. 14 17 11 U I Total. 13 14 II 11 1
Brooklyn : 2 0 2 2 0 5 11
Boston 1 0 3 0 1 0, 2 7
Two-base hits: Abbattlchlo. Wolverton,
Hummel. Three-base hit: Delcounty (2)
Hummel. Home runs: Oeasler. Lewis, Bit
ter. Sucrllice hit: Balch. Stolen bases:
Kaymer (2). Moran, Sheckard, Balch, Hum
mel, Malay. Double plays: Kaymer to
Abbattlchlo to Tenney; ADDaiticnio u
Tenney. Left on bases: Boston, Brook
lyn, 6. Bases on oans: un ocanion. x.
First base on errors: Boston, 1; Brooklyn,
1. Hit by pitched ball: Scanlon (1). Struck
out: By Scanlon, 1. Wild pitch: Dolan.
Time: 1:13. Umpire; O Day, Attendance,
Chicago Wins from Plttsbnrar.
PITTSBURG, Oct. 7. Pittsburg closed Its
season at home by going down to defeat
in a close and exciting game. Score:
81. gle. cf 4 ill OCIymar, If.... 6 1100
Lcbert. lb.... 4 14 1 IGanley, rf....l
Chance, lb... I 1 4 0 0 Leach, cf 4
McCarthy, if. 4 1 1 0 0 Wanner,
Tlrker, mm.... 4 1 I OHowani. lb... 4
Malone, rf..l 0 4 0 0 Knabe, lb.... I
Bvera. lb I 1 I 1 ORItchey, 2b... I
O'Nrll, c 4 0 11 ooibaon. c I
Reulbacb, p.. 4 0 0 1 0'lanacan ... 1
LelHeld, p.... 0
Total II I 17 ) 1 "Clarke 0
1 11
Totala 30 T 17 21 1
Chicago 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-2
Pittsburg 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 01
Earned runs: Chicago. 2. Two-base hits:
Wugner, Slagln (2). Double plays: O'Nell
to Kvers, O'Nell to Tinker, Tinker to Evers,
First base on balls: off Lft-ltield, 2; off
Re u I bach, 6. Struck out: By Lelfteld, 2; by
Keulbach, 5. Wild pitch: Keulbach. Balk:
Leltlold. Time: 10. Umpire: Klem. At
tendance, 4,Otio.
Even Break at New York.
NEW YORK, Oct. 7.-The New York and
Philadelphia teams wound up the National
league base ball season here today in 'a
double header and broke -even. The home
team batted out a victory In the tenth
Inning of the first game! and the visitors
took the second by a score of to 1, the
game being railed at the end of the fifth
Inning on account of darkness. Score, first
AB.H. O.A.B. AB.H. O.A.B.
Breenaaan. c. 6 0 I I OThomaa, cf... 4 I 1 1 0
Browne, rf..,
Don I In, cf...,
rlenea. If...
trang, as...,
Devlin, aa...
Ullbert, lb..
Clarke, lb...
Taylor, p....
1 OOleaaoa, lb... 4 1 I (
I 1 Courtney, Sb. 10 4 10
1, If Ill
1 IT 11 in, If 4 00
1 OHraneueld. lb 4 1 II t 1
1 IDoclln, as.... 4 0 1 I 1
0 ODooln, 4 I I 1
1 ODutsleby, p.. 4 0
Totals 1 SO 11 s Totala 14 111 10 I
One out when winning run was made.
Phtludelphia 0 00011000 13
New York 0 00001010 J i
First buse on errors: New York, 1; Phil
adelphia, 3. Left on bases: New York, ;
Philadelphia, k. Base on bulls; off Tay
lor, 4; off Duggleby, 5. Struch out: by
.Taylor, 4; by Duggl-eby, 3. Home run;
Mertes. Three buse hit: Thomas. Two
buse hits: Mertes. Browne. .Sucrlflce hit:
Uleason. Stolen buses: Browne, Gilbert,
Magee. Double plays: Bresnahan and Gil
bert; Devlin, (unuuHlsted); Taylor and Ull
bert; Uleuson and Bransneld. Wild pitch:
Duggltiby. Passed bull: Bresnahan. Um
pire: Einslle. Time: l:5o.
Thorn... rf...l 11 OBrow.e. rf...l 0 0 0 0
Olea.ou. lb... I 114 Ol 'i.lin, ef....l 110 0
Cuurtuey, lb. I 1 1 I OMtlLa, if..., t 110 0
Mae. If I I 0 0 Sewn. M ... I 1110
To a., rf 1 0 0 0 Devlin, lb... 110 10
Bran.Seld. lb I 1 I 0 t Gilbert, lb... 1 1 1 I 0
boolls, a.... I Oil IClarbe lb....l 0 0
Muneob, c... I 110 0 Bowamwa, a. 1 I 10
Brady, p .... I 0 1 llEllloll, p.... I 0 0 1
Totals It U 11 1 Totala II it
( 0
Philadelphia ; 3 1 0 0 3
New York 1 0 0 0 01
First bus on errors: New York. 1. Left
on base: New York, t; Philadelphia, 8.
Bases on balls: off Brady, 1. Struck -wl:
by Elliott. 1; by Brady, 1. Home run: hia-
fee. Two buse hits: Donlln. Mertes,
nomas, Munson. Sucrlflce hit: Courtney.
Double plays: Brady. Doolin and Brans
Meld; Courtney. Gleuson and Bransneld. Hit
by pitcher: by Elliott. 1. Umpire: Emslie.
Time; bi minutes. Attendance: (.Ouo.
Standlnc of th Teama. '
Plaved. Won. Lost- Vet.
rsew ion ioj
Pittsburg , 151
C'hieavo 151
Philadelphia 1J6
( iiuinnutl , ial
St. Louis 152
Boston 154
Brooklyn 153
CItchrs: Goodwin, Dineen. Time:
mplre: Connolly. Attendance, t.tu'A
tnndlua of the Team".
H6 4 .CM
W b .bMo
HO tl .&
M .M7
77 74 .610
hi u .thn
(I I'll .J:
48 14 .31
Games today: Pittsburg at Cincinnati;
St. Louis at Chicago.
Bcbvrarlek's Fin Striae.
Will Schwarick of the county treasurer s
office spent the day of the daylight parade
away from the maddening crowd, which be
has becorti too used lo since the Inaugura
tion of Die scavenger law, and was re
garded for a day's Ashing at Cut-Off lake
by a fine string of fish In which was a pik
that wvlguvU wvsr pwutul and m half. --
Hebraike'i Goal Lino ii Droned Onoo tl
Bemlt of Bkd Fnmbln. t
Heme Team Has Advaataae ef
Weight Jehasoa, Deaslew ss
Horse Wake Sareeasfal
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Oct. 7.-(Speclat Telegram.)
South Dakota was outclassed on the uni
versity gridiron today and Nebraska won,
42 to (. A fumble by Nebraska on the four
yard line allowed Case, the visitors' speedy
quarterback to grab the ball and run the
length of the field for a touchdown. This
and the ease with which the Corahuskera
marched down the field for a steady proces
sion of touchdowns were the sole redeem
ing features of the annual clash of the two
The score credited to the northerners was
due to one of the veriest of flukes. With
the ball on South Dakota's two-yard line
and only one more plunge needed to carry
it over, Wilson, Nebraska' right half, fum
bled. The oval plumped square into the1
open arms of Case, Dakota's quarter, who
cleared the bunch In a flash and ran down
the field and over the Cornhuskera' goal.
Booth's daxed pupils vainly pursued, but
Case had a long lead and waa too fast to
be caught. Once again South Dakota
sneaked the ball out of the pile on Its own
one-yard line, Fromlsy racing the full
length of the gridiron for another touoh
down, but the officials ruled that the ball
was dead and In Nebraska's possession, and
the Cornhuskera soon pushed through for
another score.
Nebraska fumbled execrably, forfeiting
the ball a half dosen times when within a
few yards of the opposing goal line, but
for which the CornhUBkers' total easily
should have been over sixty. Booth's men
also were lame on kicking goals, falling on
olx tries out of eight touchdowns.
" In every department the South Dakotans
were completely routed and while making
a determined stand, they were helpless to
stand up against Nebraska's rushes or to
even once make their distance and retain
the boll on down. The margin of weight
was also against the visitors and long runs
around the ends by the Nebraska backs and
ends were so profuse aa to become a mo
notony. The flashiest sprints of the game were
achieved by Johnson and Denslow, the
Cornhuskers' ends, who broke loose fre
quently for gains varying from thirty to
sixty yards. Morse, Nebraska's quarter,
pulled off several dazzling runs, dodging
with rare dexterity, while Mason, Weller
Taylor and Cotton were used effectively In
plunging through the line. The lineup: .
Coulthard..R. E.L E Bennett
K. T L T....
- Cuppett
Taylor ,
Borg, CAptala...
Morae. Eager...
Wllaon, Little..
Maaon. Beekley
R. O L. O...
.L. c.n. a...
. O Nelll
..Caaa, Captain
L. T.R T...
. E. R. E
,.R. M.U ft..
, .L. H. R. H..
..". B...
Touchdowns: Mason. Tavlnr 3V T.ltilo i2i
Denslow, Weller. Goals: Morse, Cotton.
Referee: Cornell of Lincoln. Umpire: Ervln
of Lincoln. Time of halves: 20 and 16 min
YounsT Presbyterians Too Strong- for
the Embryo Bnslncss Men.
The Omaha Commercial college were de
feated by a score of 17 to 2 down at Hello.
vue Saturday. With a strong wind from
mo Boutn. umana KicKea orr to Bellevue;
ball down on the twenty-five-yard line.
Bcllevue, defending the north goal, carried
it to the flfteen-varri line, waa hr-M fnr
downs. Omaha carried the ball for downs
twenty yards, was forced to punt, the ball
striking; a ulaver and bounded har-u nf the.
goal line. Omaha kicked out to twenty-flve-
yara niie. cseiievue, witn gorxi team work,
carried It over for touchdown. Brown
kicked goal. Score, first half, to o. Time
Of half: 0:25.
The second half Bellevue worked some
fine fake plays and team work began to
tell, nearly every down making its dis
tance. Omaha lost two chances to score
on account of fumbles. Several times both
teams were forced to punt, Brown of Belle
vue being the gainer. Omaha forced the
play to Bellevue s three-yard line, but lost
on a fumble on the next play. Benson was
tackled behind his own goal line, giving
Omaha the only two points they made in
the gam. Bellevue finally got things rustl
ing along v their own way, making two
touchdowns and one goal In the second
half. The Benson brothers of Bellevue
made some fine returns and good gains.
Loring, an ex-hlgh school boy, did fine
work for Bellevue in smashing Interference
and returning punts. Omaha's best ground
gainers were Cox.- Watson and Smith, and
with little Interference could have done
much more. The half ended with the bull
on Bellevue's lif teen-yard line. Score: 17
to 2. The llneuo:
Ball R. E. R. E.
, Pope
Marvel, Loring
Harrington, Youaem..R. T.R T...
Pllator R. O. R. o...
Dunn .-. C.C
Wateon L. G. L O...
Arnold, Year L.T. L. T...
Blarkman L. E. L. K. ..
Baker, Captain Q Q
Co K. B. K B...
,...B. Ben.on
Hraltn jh, H. R. H
B agnail
...U H. L. H O. Beoeoa
Crelarhton Wins Close Game
Peru Normal la Nick of Time.
PERU, Neb., Oct. 7. (Special Telegram.)
Th Creighton university foot ball team
succeeded In defeating the State Normal
team today In a close and exciting game,
full of brilliant plays. The first half ended
with no score, but both teams fighting
desperately to place the oval for a touch
down. In the second half the Creighton
boys fought desperately to win the game,
and succeeded in making a touchdown
during the last Ave minutes of play. Lam
phere and Cuscuden, for Creighton, made
repeated line plunges, bringing the ball (o
the Normal team'a five-yard line, when
Cuscaden went over the line for the only
touchdown of the game. Coad kicked goal
and time waa called, with the aoore to 0
In favor of the Omaha team. Cuscaden
gave the greatest exhibition of tducky
playing that has ever been seen on the
Normal field. Time and again he ran en
tirely through the opposing line to be
downed by the Normal s fullback. For the
Normals, Davis and J. Ray did the most
consistent work. The lineup:
Jo.eel ., L.E. LE Roosap
"its L. T.L. T Miller
Murphy L. G. L. O Alberta
Ph'ls C.C McCorroirk
Bleaalng R. G.R. O Kuhl
7Y' R. T. R. T Laapkere
r K. E R. g..Ke.aea, Ayleworth
B k Q Q Coad
Le L H.L H Hobba
Malar R. h Ft H Btee...
Ulr B. F. B Cuacadon
Chlcaao University Mnkes Seven
Touchdowns. s
CHICAOO. Oct. 7. Chlcaao univeraltv
eleven, showing splendid form for so early
in iiiv eoii, overwiieimingiy aeieatil
Iowa this afternoon, scoring seven touch
downs, goal being kicked in every Instance,
a total of 42 points. Th Maroon goal line
was never seriously In danger, although
lows succeeded In getting the bull on
Chicago's thirty-five yard line In the second
half. This was due to a fumble by a Chi
cago back and Iowa waa forced to kick lin.
mediately. Most of Chicago's scoring wig
done in the first hulf. On account of the
excessive heat th second half was only of
fifteen minutes duration. The lineup:
I- R. BtreH
I- 1 R T SehoMua
L- O. R O Roekwoud
C.C... Pita
a- d L d Wsekbvra
E. T. L T Seyde)
R- L. Moors
M.Q heat
S h-rer ,..
ratlin. Captala
, L. H. B. R. H. B Oreeos
..a. n u n. Muruky
F. B. T B...MecGeaa. Caputs
Crelahtoa Juniors Win.
Saturday afternoon the Creighton Juniors
met tne Capitol mil root bail team on th
Crelgnmn campus. A a result the Cretan
ton Junior crossed their opponent' erne. I
line twlc. while the Capitol Hills failed
U scorw, . To un bucking of Captala Coad,
McMuhon were the feaures. The game
was watched by about ? enthuslustlc spec'
tntors. 1 he lineup:
Jam'eaon a B'R K a. Oearlr
Olytin ft T R T Hitler
Thofnpaon R O P O Kopal
Muaan t O Blrharilaon
Mi-lien I. O L O Sla. k
Pentherty LILT R. Coady
V artery L K L E Kalrnner to
Kenma McShana U H y B , I1nca
MrMahon R HHH B Toom
CM 4 (O L H H L H B lna.r
Rorha riPB More 1 1
Umpire: Cullen. Referee: Mullen. Time
of halves: Twenty minutes. Touchdowns;
Mugan, Dougherty.
After Bel Oat played la First Half
. Former Takes a Brare.
The game on the Lake Manawa gridiron
yesterday afternoon between the Council
Bluffs and Harlan High schools resulted
In a victory for the locals by a score of
10 to Despite the heat both teams put
up a good game of foot ball. The two
teams were about evenly matched In
weight There was a small attendance,
although the Harlan boys were accom
panied here by a goodly alsed crowd of
Twenty-minute halves were played, in
the first half it lookrd as If the visitor
were going to have everything their way,
as the Bluffs boys made a number of
costly fumbles. Harlan scored a touoh
down and kicked goal and the half cloax-d
with the score 6 to 0 In favor ol l no
in the second half, however, the locals
took a brace and early In the play Nlcoll
scored a touchdown, but failed to kick
goal. With but forty seconds to play
Nlooll was gushed over the line for a sea
ona touchdown, but again failed to send
the oval over the bar. The second half
closed with the score 10 to ( In favor of
the Bluffs team.
The officials were: Referee, Chestnut;
umpire. Fink: head linesman, Dtetrloh;
timekeepers. Cutler and Hess.
Next Saturday the Bluffs team wiirplay
the Missouri Valley High school and the
contest will be waged on the Lake Manawa
Second Team ( Inlrerslty Wlaa at
Crete by Five Xothlnar.
CRETE, Neb.. Oct. 7. Special Tele
gram.) The second team of Nebraska uni
versity defeated Doane today by 5 to 0.
The University kicked off to Doane. Some
line bucking was tried and then the teams
began to punt. The ball did not come
closer than the fifteen-yard line during the
first half. The second half Doano kicked
to the University after a series of punts
on both sides. The University kicked the
ball out on Doane's five-yard line and then
bucked the line for a touchdown. Coach
Fuhrer says that the Doane team played
the poorest game he ever saw played by
that Institution. The lineup:
gpeea, Taylor
fraier ,
Thaln, Benedict.
..R. t. R O
,.R. f. R T
. . R. E. R. E
..U O. U O
...L. T L. T
,..U S. L B
si. Q
M areata
Bales, Hurd
Orarblll. Paraona
..R. H. B. n
L. H. L. H...Johneon. Dickeraon
F. IS. r B Fubrar
South Omnha Wins at Plattsmonth,
PLATTSMOUTH, Nob.. Oct. 7.-(Ppeclal
Telegram.) The South Omaha High School
foot bull team came to this city tniu after
noon and defeated the Plaltsmouth High
school team, 16 to 0.
The feature of the game was the fast
work of the South Omaha boys. The lineup:
, R OIK Q Noxon
K T It T Fltlgeiald
...,,.R e,R B Tuley
......L OIL U Leonard
L 1 L T Beal
Li:LB Bwis
Q BQ B Tyeon
...L H ill L 11 B Mapoa
...R H B K H B Hawaen
F BF B Mloer
Carr .....,
Barclay ..,
HU-kman .
Meuioiigli ,
Monger ...
Plniell ...
Cohn (C)..
Touchdowns: Cohn, Everett, Nixon. Goal
from touchdown: Colin, ttcferee; Wind
ham. Umpire; Currau.
Hard Work at Ames.
AMES, la.. Oct. 7. (Special). The foot
ball team the past week has been under
going some stringent practice. From scrim
mage work and th game with Coe college
a week ago It Is ery apparent that Couch
Klstlne Is sadly lucking in heavy line men.
in the first part of the Coe game, Ames
waa outplayed, bat owing to its good physl
cul endurance it took, but a ahort time to
flay the Coe boy off their feet. On-e of
he points that Coach Ristlne haa been
Instilling Into th linemen la their ten-
rlmv 1 n nluv fork Vttirh anrl he has been
giving them some direct 'pointers in this i posted for the half. Excitement' becam In
direction. It :s no secret that the Ames tense when the threw-quarters was passed
team does not have the weight that It
has had In recent years and a great deal
will depend upon the speed developed In
order to stand any show of a winning team
this fall. It will mean an unlimited amount
of hard work to net the team In shape
for the game with the Minnesota team
which occurs at Minneapolis next Saturday
and It is likely that they will be given
aom urgent work the coming week.
Flsrht In Columbia On me.
NEW YORK, Oct. 7. It looked for a time
as If the Columbta-Wesleyan foot ball game
at American Leugue park today, which re
sulted In a tie, neither side scoring, would
end in a free light when Bailey. Wesleyan s
fullback. Jumped on Armstrong of Colum
bia as tne latter lay prostrate on the field
at the end of a long run. For fully rive
minutes the Columbia players fought to get
at Bailey and the presence of a large po
lice force alone quieted them. Armstrong
was removed from the game.
Harvard Defeats Maine.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 7-rWlthout
having Its own goal threatened Harvard
defeated the University ot Maine, 22 to 0,
on Soldiers' field today, scoring three
times In the first half of twenty minutes
and once In the second during ten minute
of play. The only poor feature In the
Harvard plays was the holding In the linn,
which resulted In heavy penalties. The
lighter Maine team could make but little
progress against the Harvard line.
lows State Defeats Normal.
AMES. Ia.. Oct. 7. (Special Telegram.)
In a ragged game here today Ames de
feated the state normal team. 39 to 0. The
normal team was unable to stand the hard
line smashes ot Ames and the players were
forced back over their goal seven times.
Normal fumbled unmercifully and both
teama were continually penalised for off
side play.
. . Yale Wins from Syracuse.
NEW HAVEN. Conn.. Oct. T.-Yale won
from Syracuse in a splendid game of foot
ball on Yale field this afternoon, the final
score being 16 to 0. Fnr the second game
of the fall the Yale men were agreeably
surprised by th showing of th team.
Northwestern Detent Wabnsb.
CHICAOO. Oct. 7. Northwestern uni
versity defeated Wabash college today by
the, score of 6 to 0. Northwestern made a
touchdown In the flrt half, but failed to
kick goal, and from that time until the
close of th gum Wabash held them safely.
Mornlnsreldo Defeats Bnenn Vlstn.
SIOUX CITY. Oct. 7 (Special Telegram.)
Mornlngslde college defeated Buena Vista
college of Btorra Lake here this afternoon
Id to o. It was tne opening game ror Dotn
teama. Mayor W. G. Seara kicked off.
Navy Wins Decisive Victory.
ANNAPOLIS. Md.. Oct. 7-The navvs
Opening foot ball of the season which Waa
played Here today waa a decisive victory,
the team of the Virginia Military Institute
being defeated by a score of 29 to 0.
Tie Game In SI. Louis,
ST. LOUIS. Mo.. Oct. 7. Washington uni
versity Inaugurated the local Rugby foot
ball season today by playing a 0 to 0 game
aeainst koss roiyiecnnic institute ot I err
Haute, ind.
(loua City Wins from Onawn.
SIOUX CITY, Oct. '7 (Special. V-loux
City High school defeated Onawa High
school here today 72 to 0.
Beatrice Boys Win from Relvldere.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Oct. 7. (Special Tele
gram The sixth grade foot ball team de
feated Btlvldere. 6 to 0.
Soore of Other Games.
At Mount Vernon. Ia Cornell, 23: Lenox, (.
At Champa. III. Illinois. 14; Northwest
ern College, 0.
At Notre Dame, Ind Notre Dame, 8;
Michigan Agricultural College. 0.
At Cedar Rapids. Ia Drake. 23; Coe. 18.
At Madison, Wis. Wisconsin University,
34; Ijiwrenee University, o.
At Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 11; Swarth
more, 4.
At West Point-West Point. It; Colgate. .
At New York Lehigh, (; New York Uni
versity, I
At Ithaca. N. T Cornell Id- Rnoknall A
At Lexington. Vov. Washington and t
university, i; nampaen money College, 0.
ai wasnington. r-e. Washington and Jf.
fersnn College, 57; Ohio University, 0.
At Favettevllle. Ark University uf Kan
Ma, , UniversU-r of Arkansas, t
. a a. aa- a a ft V
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King of Paoeri Loweri ihs Doit Shield
Fsoinf Bocord to 1:551-4,
Attempt Will Be Made to Break
Record of 1iS14 Mode With
out Any Artificial
LEXINGTON, Ky.. Oct. 7.-t)an Patch,
King of pacers, today clipped three-quarters
oi a second from his own, the world'
record, negotiating the mile In 1:55. A
crowd of 10,000 was already In high atat
of. enthusiasm over the smashing of the
1905 race record and the world' thrce
heut record successively and when Dan
Patch' tlma was given out excitement
approached freniy. Cheering people threw
hats and wraps In the air and swarmed
onto the track c? spite the efforts of po
licemen, th ovation continuing cvial
The great son of Joe Tatchen and Zelllka
appeared for his trial at 4 o'clock. Tho
track was lightning fast and there was
no wind and the weather condition were
ideal. Scott Hudson was behind the pace
maker. A trlp of cloth between the wheel
of th forward sulky prevented dirt being
thrown behind was tho only suggestion of
a wind shield. Hershey was behind Dan
Patch. Th book offered t lo i either
way on th result of th effort. There
were cheers when -$hi was hung out for the
first quarter. Dan Patch's nos was al
most against Hudson's ooat and the crowd
began vainly yelling to Hudson to mov
up. Hope was stimulated when 67H was
in 1 :264 and the apecators began shout
Ing encouragement to the drivers. Into
the stretch the great pacer, still keeping
his even, seemingly effortless stride, tho
runner at hi sulky wheel began to mov
up, Hudson giving a little more rein, but
Hershey sat like a statue, not urging hi
charg with whip or word. Dan Patch
made no last supreme effort. He just
finished th mile aa h had begun It. He
had scarcely broken Into a sweat when led
back to receive the plaudits of th crowd.
M. W. Savage, his owner, had the an
nouncer publicly thank Hudson for hi
work as pacemaker. H also announced
that Dan Patch Wednesday would be sent
against the record of 1:694 made without a
dust shield. V
The three fastest heats ever paced
marked the 2:04 event, and the average
time for th total heal of the day was
the fastest on record, nl the Initial heat
of the 3:04 pace Haxel Patch gav th
Lexington track the 1906 race record of
2:024. Th next heat was won by Laconda
In 2:02 flat. II likewise claimed the third
heat In 2:044. The three finishes were
pronounced the most heartbreaking seen
this year. Nathan Strauss, the favorite
throughout the pooling, though fields sold
at from 60 to 50, Ho M to 30. had to be
content with third money. The betting In
the event was th heaviest of the meeting.
Scott Hudson ' was In th sulky for th
first time this season and behind Nervolo.
Every favorite wa beaten todajr. In the
Wilson stake, 3:20 class pace. Bolivar won
In straight heats. Kid Shay won the 2:08
trot from the heavy favorite, Anglola, Ilk
wise In straight heats. Harold Brooks was
favorite In th 2:14 pace, but Gratt did not
allow him to have a heat, though the con
test was close. Summaries:
The Wilson stake, 32.000, 2:20 pace:
Bolivar, b. sr. (DeRvuer)
Bonnie Wilkes, cn. m. (Howard).
Ed Patch, b. a. (McHaffe)
..2 8
.4 4
Cashwood, ch. g. (Chandler)
Time: z ;(, l:, z:U!i4.
Trotting. 2:08 claaa. purse 81.200:
Kid Shay, b g. (Rosemlr) I 1
Anetola, b. m. (Ames) 6 2
Mazetto, blk. g. (Dicksrson) 2 6
Redlac, br. h. (Grubb) 2 2
Direct View, Chase. Robert B and Jim
Ferry alsvvtarted.
Tlma: 3:084, 2:07V.
Paelne, 3:14 class, purse 81.000:
Oratt. blk. h. (Spenoer) 1 1 1
Harold Brooks, 6. g. (Estee) 2 2
Black urattan, blk. g. (M Mahon)....! 8 4
William C, blk. g. (Freeman! 7 4 3
Martha Young, Roland Reed, Diamond O
and High Seven also started.
Time; t.Cu, 2:07. 3:10V
Pacing. 2:04 class, curse 81.509:
Locanda. br. h. (Murphy)
.1 8
.2 2
Haael Patoh, blk. h. (Flack)..
Nathan Strauss, b. g. (Thomas)..
Nervolo, b. n. tMudson)..
.7 o
Major C. Pan Michael aad Baron Grat-
tsn started.
Tim: 2.-024. 8 02. 104.
Faces tho Tours la On Tea
and a Half. .
The Omaha Driving club's matinee pro
gram at Sprague Stieet park Saturday aft
ernoon proved a popular event, for several
hundred 'people were there to witness the
races, part of them Omaha people and a
urge numoer 01 ineiu AK-nar-uon visitors.
Three good races wer pulled off In the
course of th afternoon.
Interest wa greatest In the 1:16 pace,
which It took three heats to decide. Black
hawk won th first heat, but th crowd
wus sore on him because he cam down
the home stretch at a gallop. In the sec
ond heat Blackhawk ran a pretty race
until near the finish, when he broke and
Philippine cam in first. Philippine won
the third heal In 1:1H. the fastest of thj
three heat.
Julia B., driven by Mike Weatherbee of
Council Bluffs, took the 1:19 pace with
Nebraska, driven by J. 8. Iman. second
In th third and deciding heat It was
peck and neck almost around th track,
but Julia B. forged ahead on th stretch,
whll at th same Urn Nebraska broke his
Aa shiblUea ha If mil wa paced by
M W W. ft Kav leaalMSitt 1 0 what
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Branaman cured me by home treatment. I
can hear splendid."
Rertn Wilkes, owned by Hurry Huston, In
which she broke her former record of 1:09
by going it In 1:0HH.
The timers and Judges were 8. RAndolph,
Captain Freer and W. D. I-rfmrldae. O. U.
Yeoman of Des Moines acted aa starter.
The events and stores were as follows:
Class 1:1-, pacing:
Roy F. (J. S. Imaii) S 2
Billy Boy (A. L. Anderson) 2 3
Kxlon K. J. Cnmplcll) 1 1
Rena Wilkes (H. Huston) 4 4
Time: 1:0!). 1:09.
Class 1:20, pacing:
Julln B. (Mike Weatherbee) ..2 1 1
Nebraska (J. 8. Imaiil 1 2 2
Time: l:lVs. l:23Vx, 1:25.
In this race Chestnut Babe withdrew
after the first heat and The Captain after
the aecond.
Class 1:16, paclnar:
Farmer Boy tL. Betts) 4 4 1
Blackhawk R. A. Thompson) 1 i 2
Lady Belle (A. M. Henderson). ...3 3 4
Philippine (H. R. White) 3 1 1
Time: 1:16,, 1:12, 1:10H-
Game Will Be Called at a O'clock
Instead of 3fctO.
CINCINNATI, Oct. 7. Supplemental rule
for the world's championship games ere
announced today by Chairman Herrmann,
as follows:
All games in Philadelphia and New York
will commence at 3 o'clock Instead of :3U,
as heretofore announced.
Tho ofllrlnl bulls of the Notional league
will be used in all (fames on National leafcue
grounds, and' the official ball of the Amer
ican league on AntfiiCRn lengun grounds.
A meeting of the commission nnd the um
pires selected will be held on Monday, Oc
tober , at the Bellevue-Stratford hotel,
Philadelphia, at 11 a. m.
Chairman Herrmann of the National Base
Rail commission makes public, today an an
nouncement of the championship series at
Chlca 50:
Lnder an agreement drawn up between
the respective presidents of the Chicago
National and American league clubs, a
series of games la to be played between
irese two clubs, commencing on October 10,
1908. to determine the championship of the
city of Chicago. J. E. Johnstone and
Thomas Connelly will act aa umpire.
Grand Island Averages. . .
GRAND ISLAND. Neh.. Oct. 7. Sneclal
The Grand Island base ball club finished
the season with thirty-one games won and
twenty-eight lost. The following averages
have been compiled hy the scorer from the
forty-Beven games of which a detailed score
is at nana, scores or a raw of tiie games
played in other cities being unavailable:
Name and Rank
1 Shafstull
2 Kitxmun
8 Grant
4 Bennett
6 Dow
7 Twitchell
9 H. Trobough
11 D. Trobough
12 Balrd
13 Iewin
14 Glade
18 Whltcomb
16 Steen
17 Welsh
18 Brown
AB. II. Pet.
.. 95 32 ,M7
.. 80 9 .300
., 63 18 .Zo'i
..IK 8 .278
.. 19 8 .'.a
.. 108 28 . 251
.. 82 8 ,U0
..m 81 .238
.. 89 U .LK6
..43 10 ,2iS
.. 143 33 .231
.. 177 40 . 22S
.. 54 12 .22
.. 143 31 .217
.. 125 87 .118
..81 17 .210
..IOC 21 .1H8
..64 .!
In fielding the Individual members of the
team stand as follows:
Name and Rank. PO.
1 Brown, If... 1 it
2 Whltcombe, c and rf.. 211
3 Glade, p, lb and rf... 74
4 Shafstall, lb and If... 232
5 D. Trobough, 2b ,. 119
8 Twitchell, 2b 23
7 Wolta, c, lb and rf.... 221
8 Welsh, p, lb and rf.... 73
9 Balrd. cf 47
10 Rltsman, p and If 13
11 Lewin, p. if and rf.... 12
12 H. Trobough, if and 3b 22
i:: Hohuff, 8b and as 15
14 Steen, Jb and ss 33
15 Grant, 3b.. . 24
16 Feta, ss 13
17 Dow, ss JO
18 Bennett, p and rf 8
A. E. Pet, 1
4 0 l.COO I
44 3 I
36 8 .957 1
8 12 .953 '
96 . 15 .i:ia
20 8 .:-
28 18 .Mi
44 9 .m
3 4 .9:i
14 7 .'J19
29 8 .ell
13 6 .8 5
32 7 .870
62 14 .859
56 13 .8.9
10 4 .852
73 28 .70
1 4 .;i4
Three-1 I,caatu Report.
BTXDOMINOTON. III.. Oct. 7.-Edward
Holland, president and treasurer of the
Three-I league has completed his annual
reports which are to be submitted at tho
annual meeting at Dubuque, October 10 The
balance on hand la 841.272.92. The receipts
for the year were 314.153.92 and the dis
bursements, 88,i. The umpires' salaries
amounted to I2.S08 if while the varloua
cluba drew out 32.803.50. The 'average re
ceipts per game In the various cities were
as follows:
Dubupue, 1144 94; Rock Island. 3172 98;
Springfield, 1211; Decatur, 3162.97; Cedar
Rapids, tlft 96; Blnnmlngton. $149 17; Daven
port. I1S0.02; Peoria, f 1 60.30. During the
If M2.810 .49 was paid to visiting clubs;
36.f029 into the holiday pool; 87 710.42 Into
the sinking fund. The total receipts were
$78238.79 and the total attendance for the
aeason. 823.681. Five hundred and four
games were scheduled while 488 were
play-d The average attendance per fame
WtVB 6o3a
Amateur Carnival at Kansas City.
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Oct. 7-Arrange-
r.KiJ.ihv.,MB rrnpl,'"'(1 hy e Missouri
Athletic club for Its national amateur box-
h.Kh?M ,,lirifr tournament which I to
. """"oiin nan on Mondav. No.
7 .k , rpny wnn-n will l, awarded
In eVeK" f "nd 'tC"n1 t,rl2t''
welgn,. the 'latter" cMnit Wn
nd wrestlers weighing over m pounds
Amateur rules will govern both the boxing
n", I"1? ""'"nsT contests!
. .. uioni 10 go mree rounrle. m .1.1
wrestling matches to be limited t
uL:,mU'T Tach' Any mateur boxer
ler desiring to enter thl. ,n..JlJ
to fifteen
or wrest-
KH U,rh-',',ry hUnkt- 'lch III give hlrh
all th Information, by addressing; J H
Herman, manager of tournament. 12lA wll
nut street, Kansas City. Mo
ournament may
' ureet. I hamplo
ArT'rf I"1' champion PI
American league base ball rloK
Crowd Greets Ih.mnl...
k. it. ' 1 "I" e iit-riainmeni prom ses to
h- S.iBr"Tt thletic -vent ever held In
the west, and all amateurs in this part of
the eountrv nr.. lio.i,. . ." V . .
eie ior ine
1 ne weights for both boxing snd wregt-
vi" ?l?VS.o!in d.,Xld'! ,n, "ven class,.
lz. Hm pounds, 115 pounds. 125 pounds lis
pounds. 146 pounds 1R ... i. '
urn to this city tonight. Tl e train rea. I. i
the J 111 p:n'',l
er., enaer and Wad
VOU Want tWof VH T ft, Pnt.
-r - . .,, .-.i its, tret.
every li k ami ted person
rmae - evcrv rnse. and
not ac-
Mrs. R. I. Hutchison. IMHI If, 1"th St.,
says: "I bad catarrh and deafness for
years; noises In my head, my kidneys,
itomach and lime: pained me. I tried
many good doctors without any relief. I
was discouraged. Dr. Branaman cured m)
In a short time. I am now enjoying; the
best of health."
Mrs. 1.1. ale Unifies 214 K. 13th St.,
says: "I had asthma so bad I could not
walk upstairs. I would wheese, rough and
gimp for breath day and night. Doctors
told me asthma could not be cured. Dr.
Bratinmnn cured me I am now free (rota
All tho above symptoms and feel fine."
Home Treatment aa Effective as
Office Treatment. Write tor Home
Treatment Symptom Blanks and Book
of Testimonials.
G. M. BRANAMAN, (.1. D. .
510 Kerr York Life Bids?., Omaha, Neb,
Office Hours 9 a. m. to 6 p. m.; even-,
Ing, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7 to
p. m.; Sundays, 10 a. in. to 12 m.
dell attempted to puns through the throng.
They wi-n surrounded and the service of
several iollr men were required to get
tlieni sjtfely to the street cars.
Vrrdla-re Meets Waterloo.
FIERCE, Neb., Oct.- 7. (Special.! rieree
took the scalp of Verilpre's vaunted cham
pions today n the local diamond by a suore
of 7 to 4. The game was close, and exciting
up to the eighth, when Pierce took the lend.
The pitching of Peterson for llerce w.ts
the feature cf the sumo. He struck out
eleven men and only four safe hits were
made off his delivery. Billy Carroll anil
O'Keefo, both brush lengue players, were
Verdigre'a battery. Skeuil caught for Tierce.
Burns Detents Fillmore.
FOREST CITY. Ia., Oct. 7.-(fnccil).
In a wrestling m-ich at the fair, "Far
mer" Martin Burns, champion lightweight
wrestler, bested Doc Fillmore, champion
of Canada. Burns winning tho first nnd
third falls, each of the three bouta lasting
less than ten minutes. Tire affair took
place on a platform beforo the grandstand
and was witnessed by thousands of spec
tators. lor 32 Show
Piano Sate
at Hospe's
The "big Biiccensj of our Carnival
Week Piano Hnlc induces us to
put tin another groat wrck of bar
gains. Two cars of New Piano.
golden oak cases, 'mahogany
cases,, walaut casea.
The finest bunch of High Grade,
Pianos ever seen on our floor. ;
Wc have ' nin tic mimx-IhI Induce
ments for buyer In and out of
town. Mnet-lnl terms;, xutii am 95,
(!, $7, H and f to per month.
I'lanoN delivered to any part of
the nest, '
Your money Is good at this
house your obligation to pay 1
just aa good. You can get the
best piano at A. Hospe Co. on
easy payments at a price which
begins at 9143, $16.5. 9173, 9187,
that this money will purchase.-
You will get tJiCBe pianort $B0
cheaper than the small dealer can
sell tbem for. -You
will have the best guaran
tee that can accompany the bar
gain. . Just sea. our stock of KXAHI3
& LANK PIANOS. Just figure It
out; Here are the best grades
made, and you buy them from
$225 up, on 17, $8 and f 10 (and
for cash) payments. '
Our Organ Department has
equally low prices. New Organ,
selling for $ tl).no and up. Used
Orgaus at 912, 913, 91H, 923 to
9:10, at 31 k! per week payments.
Our Stool and llench Depart
ment has the finest to match any
piano, at prices running from BO
up to 914 each.
Piano Scarfs, from 91.73 up.
Music Cases for sheet music',
from i7 to 91.
Cases for Disc and Records at
from 9 up.
Everything in Music Boxes,
from 92 up to 20O.
Victor Talking Machines, from
922 up to l 10().
Piano Players from 9150 up.
Ebb.v payments.
The most perfect Angelus
Piano Player, In all woods to
match pianos, 9250. Easy payr
Pianos Rented, 9: up. Pianos
Tuned. Pianos Moved, reflnWhcd
aud remodeled.
A. liospe Co.
1513 Douglas St.
Moat leaves every hour, afternoon and
Special arrangements may be made for
PARTIKH at camp, eight uule north of