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Telephone 694.
"A stumble ma j
ft fall"
Not a Jady visiting Omaha can afford to pass this fine showing of New Autumn Dress Goods.
No matter whether you wish to purchase or not, you are welcome. Ask your friends to meet you
at our dress goods department and look them over together. "We will be pleased to show you.
If interested in colored or black broadcloths, ask to see our "Frincess" and "Opera" qualities.
Absolutely nothing in the city to compare with them at the price, $1.00, $1.50 a yard.
80C A TARD Not tilgh In fries, but
supetlor In quality. These (pedal rood
are ft prim favorite at the price. For the
school irl for general all-around wear.
Dainty shepherd's check, with bright pin
head dota of color her and there. All
wool Albatroa; pretty sof t-cllnglng Jfabrls;
plaits or tucka perfectly. New manlih suit
ing In the rich autumn tonea. All wool
cheviot; beautiful quality. Hundred to
choose from at SOc a yard.
SATURDAY Brimful at the newest style
developments for strictly dressy drees and
sure to be of treat Interest to those who
are thinking of buying a new (own. New
silk finished Prunellas, e, $1.00, $1 25, $1.(0.
All wool , Peau de Sole, equal In appear
ance to any all-silk fabric, $2.50 a yard;
New shadow cheek Panama, $1.00 a yard.
Plain Panamas, splendid value, at TSc, $1 00
' a yard, . New French Popilns, 75c, $1.00 a
yard. New all wool Taffetas, $1.00 a yard.
New all wool batlstes,6Sc, TSc, $1.00 a yard
Hundreds more to 'show you than the
paper ever . hint of. The above are In
color and black.'
Kandsoe New-Autumn Silks for
CounJ You Should Know About
The dainty checks and hair stripes on
the new Moire Antique at $1.00, $126 a yard.
The new Changeable with tiny Jacquard
figures at 75c are surprisingly beautiful.
Our 84-Inch Reliable Black Taffeta at $100
will please you.
Handsome silk plaids for waists. 75c a
-a.ri. . ' '
TlHIilHlPS!, llLDEKI &Cft
Y. H. C. As Building, Corner Sixteenth and Douglas Sts.
throne, where the king, with his own hands,
bestowed (he crown.
Robe Worst by Her Majesty.
The coronation gown was a glittering,
Intricate Importation of spangled, gold em
broidered net, .trimmed with cloth of gold
ftnd real lace. -The oklrt. which was cut
long and full, was of white net embroidered
In gold thread snd raw silk, the pattern out
lined with silver, and Iridescent spangles
heavier at the foot and running vine-like
to the hip. VAt intervals about the foot
were inserted fan shaped pleating of real
lace. The bodice wa. cut lowj with a bolero
of the spa rig re. q and 'gold embroidered net
over a blouse -of chiffon and ,a high girdle
of eloth of goif. The -sleeves were short
arid' were formed of ruffles of the lace fall
ing over a band of doth of gold.
Th' coronation robe was . of . pale blue 1
velvet embroidered In star shaped medal
lions of gold thread and following the broad
band of ermine which edged It were gold
Brntments studded with rubles and sap
phires. The robe, which hung long over the
rull train was lined with pale blue satin
ind- held-tor1 at-the .'.shoulders with
trsps of gold.
The escorts to the' oueen'Srem Mara-arat
Wood, Faith Potter, Gertrude Moorehead.
Bessie Brady, Ada KIrkendall. Ethel Tu-
key, Margaret Pritenet. TJwendolyn Whit.
- Laura Montgomery, Mildred Lome x, Phoebe
Smith, Mildred 'Merrlani, Haset Cahn,
'Laura Cant-don, j '. '
Trlbatea to Roal Pair.
, The ladies of the court and ladles In wait
ing, who had thronged thi dais prior to the
,' appearance r.ot the king and queen, . were
.first to paytlribute to the -royal pair. Then
,:h escorting maids, who had waited on
the floor with the governors, aa their queen
came to her own, ascended the crimson
stairs and were thanked by her highness.
Following them th governors paid respects
and then the other nobles, subjects and vas
'Salt. who bow with concerted knee" to
King and Queen Ak-Sar-Ben, no matter
of what "race, religion, creed or politics
they profess. t ,
After this the dance and happy mingling
of the beauty, brains, chivalry and wealth
Of the realm. The whole affair we one of
ease and brightness, spirit and mirth. No
delays, no vexatious mistakes, no wrong
. notes of any kind, but everything perfectly
Lilliputian Bazaar
. She Ftters f or the) Young.
Our new '. ahrwi Kn. .
the finest Una of shoes produced
Jot- the boys, girls and infant.
One. (lance At our new foot form
hoe will convince you that they
are toe correct shape) for the foot,
allowing the growing bone and
fouscles to develop as nature In
tended without corn or bunions.
These , shoes ar made . In light
ind heavy weight and la all the
beat leathers, each pair scientific
cally fitted and the coat Is no more
.tu ordinary shoes.
School Boys' Specials
glies 1 to (4 f a.bO
Sites to 11 Vi 1.00
'$lte U tO J. . 2.25
61ses IH to 11 ta
ioant's Shoes galore all color.
. ' "Better Wioe."
ISIS i Douglas, ISIS
Write for Illustrated Catalogue.
oueciai vaiue m rreuv
New Dress Goods Satur'y
In tiuvina Suits,
Skirts, Coats furs and All
kinds of ready-to-wear clot hint" for women
our store will alwaya be found In the front
rank. We know It Is Impossible for any one
store to sell all tjje garments In a city.
Our goods are good clear through and
sold on honor.
We have hundreds of new Coats for
Saturday, ranging In prices from fiJ.tO to
styles, fitted with care and attention to
detail; prices from K.U to $35.00. '
Fine Neck Furs Blended sable squirrel,
mink, marten and all the fashionable furs
of most reliable quality.
Waists In linen, silk, mohair, batistes
and other choice fabrics, all new.
Hosiery for Women and Children
We have many new and exclusive styles
in fancy hosiery for fall, also a complete
line of medium weight cotton and lisle.
Women's black cotton hose, made from
fine Sea Island cotton; double soles, healt
and toes; 25c a pair.
Women's black cotton hose, maco spill
soles, spliced heels and toes, 36c a tXlr or
I pairs for $1.00.
Women's black lisle thread hose, Inde
structible finish, color and wear guaranteed,
high spliced heels and double soles, Soo per
Fay stockings for children; they button
to the waist line and need no supporters;
especially good for fall and winter wear;
heavy weight; sites I to 7 Inches, 25o per
pair; sites 7H to Inches, SOc per pair.
Lightweight, lisle finish, sites t to 7
Inches, $5c per pair, and sites TVi to I
inches, 40o per pair.
appointed and arranged and executed aa it
should be.
And today the king goes back to work.
Preceding the royal entry the following
numbers were played:
March-The King's Highway
"Laces and Graces" Bratton
Selection Southern Melodies Couterno
March Ingersoll Dalby
March The Steel King St. Claire
The music played for the dances con
sisted of these selections:
Two-step Raglan Ravellngs Travis
Walts Babes in Toyland Herbert
Two-step Peter Piper Henry
Walt-The First Violin ...,' Witt
Two-step Town Talk 'Dalby
Walts Wedding of the Winds Hall
Two-step-Yankee Orlt Holaman
Walts The Sho-Gun Luders
Two-step Chicken Charlie Ballou
Walts Venus Reign .". Oungl
Two-step Invincible Eagle ' Sousa
Walts Daughter of Love Bennett
Two-step Iola Johnson
Walts Vale Alumni University Leavltt
Two-step Southern Melodies Dubuclet
Walts Jolly Dutchman Bennett
Two-step Prise of Victory Scouton
Walts In the Shade of the Old Apple
Tree Chattaway
Two-step Seminole VanAlstyne
Walta Italian Nights Tobanl
"Home Sweet Home."
.Floor Committee A. 'J. Love, chairman;
J. M. Baldrige, Joseph Barker, John W.
Battln. H. O. Benedict. H. 8. Byrne, H. K.
Burkett, B. W. Cotton. H. T. Clarke. Jr.,
W. H. Clarke, Clark Colt. Elmer A. Cope,
F I. Cudahy, W. B. Cowln. E. W. Dlxrm,
O. W. Dunn, J. D. Foster, E. M Fairfield,
H I. Gannett, A. P. Gulou, W. L. Graham.
Frank Hamilton, Frank Haskell, Harry O.
Jordan. F. W. Judson, J. L. Kennedy, W.
L. Tetter, Frank S. Keogh, Luther Kountse,
C. T. Kountre, i M. 'f. Learned, G. W.
Loomls. John G. Lund. J. J. McMullen. F.
J. MoVann, Arthur Mets, Charles Marsh,
hi. M. Alorsman, Jr., George H. Palmer, J.
L. Paxton. H. 1. Penfold, E. P. Peck, C. C.
Rosewater, Charles L. Saunders, W. Far
nam Smith, E. H. Sprague, Ed T. Swobe,
1. R. Scnble. C. E. Spens, Ross B. Towle,
Victor White. W. E. Wood. H. W. Tates.
Ladies or the court Mesdatties o. w.
Wattles. Guy C Barton, John C. Brady, J.
is. Haum, A. uNlirnaei, t. c. Byrne, u.
NJ Diets. Albert Cahn, F. L. Campbell. G.
P.' Diets, J. J. Dickey. A. J. Love, F. L.
Halier, Wl'llam Hayden. Joseph Hayden,
F. ' P. KIrkendall, Herman Kountse, B.
Gallagher, fcx V. Lewis, T. J. Malioney. C.
F. Manderson, Charles Mets, N. Merrlam,
Fred Mets. Richard C. Moore.' 3. A. Mc-
Shane, U D. Nelson, H. J. Penfod, William
A. Paxton, M. c. Peters, J. ii..Kanm. A.
M. Pinto, H. S. Ramacclottl, A. L Reed. A.
Remington, D. M.. Vlnsonhaler. j. H. Pratt,
George L, Hammer; H. F. Wyrnan, A. C.
Smith, A. B. Smith, George H. Thummel,
A. J. Vlerllng, B. T. White, R. S. Wilcox.
H. W. Yates, C. 15. Yost. H. V. Lans,
George F. West, Hugo Brandels, E. E. Bry
son, C. B. Horton, W. B. Jardlne, L. ft.
korty, John R. McDonald, Charles N. Rob
inson, J. C. Root. C. H. Pickens. N. R. Hud
son, O. W. Megeath. W. J. C. Kenyon,
Thomas A. Fry, R, B. Busch, E. A. Cudahy,
. R. Bcobie, A. G. Beeson, Charles Offutt,
George A. Joslyn, F. Haarman, O. D. Klp
llnger. D. J. O'Brien, E E. Crane, J. T.
6tewart, Jr.. George F. Bid well, J. J. Dona
hue. J. A. Kuhn. IL E. Palmer, J. U. Berry,
Charles Ciapp.
Maids of Honor Misses Bessie Brady, I
Roth Berry, Laura Congdon, Viola Cahn,
Belle Dewey, Beulah Evans, Ida Edmiston,
Bessie Fry, Gladys Graham. Catherine
O'Donahoe, Josephine Jardlne. Luclle Hay
den, Ada KIrkendall. Oertrude Moorehead,
Laura Montgomery, Mildred Lomax. Gladys
utphen, Marv Lee McShane, Miss Hacel
Rodgera, Iulsa McPherson, Elltabetn Mc
Connell. Mildred Merrlam. Minna Meyer,
May Weaver, Flora Webster, Bessie Yates
Marie McShane, Phoebe Smith, Ethel
Tukey, Fdlth Thomas, Margaret Wood.
Marguerite Prttchett, Faith Potter, Gladys
Peters. Gwen White. Ada While, Blanche
Maids of Honor from Out of Town Pearl
Blackwell, Franklin; Jessie Bullard, North
Platte; Louise Diets. Lincoln; Frances
nags, Millard; Essie Hydlnger, Hamburg,
la.; Grace Montgomery, Plettamouth;
Mayme Kllllan, Wahoo; Allah Morgan,
Bassett; Florence Putnam, Lincoln; Meta
Slevers, A voce. Is.; Laura G. Stoddard,
Crelghton: Meta WIese, Avoca, la.: F.lla
Withrow, Missouri Valley. la;. Pearl Bry
son, Chicago, IIL; Roae Martin, Cheyenne,
Wyo.; Llllle E. Glahm, Oxford; Bessie
Schwyn, Grand Island; Maude Farrell,
Broken Bow; Cora Holmes. South Omaha;
Miss Irwin. Fort Niobrara; Laura Weaver.
Council Bluffs: May Weaver, Council
Bluffs; Nellie Moore. Council Bluffs: Tlckla
Oisen. Cedar Bluffs; Laura Rueckheln. Chi
cago: Sarah Martin. South Omaha; Alfred
Powell, South Omaha; Miss Glover. Aurora;
Jennie V. Brenton, Nellgh; Gertrude Daven.
port. Council Bluffs; Bessie McKilinp, Rock
port. Mo.; Mary Key. Council Bluffs-, Velma
Prouty, St. Paul, Minn.; Nellie Baldwin.
Elkhorn, Neb. ,
Reception Committee H. H. Baldrige,
Ouy C. Barton, W. R. Bennett, J. E. Baum,
ueorge r . maweu, jonn e. uraay, . A.
Brogan. E. & Bruce, E. E. Bryeon, Thomas
C. Bryne, J. E. Buckingham, Ralph Breck
enrldge, Arthur D. Brandels, A. Q. Beeaon,
James K. Chambers, Albert Cahn, Frank
Colpetser, Chsrles CoUrtrwy, Judge Georci
A. ray, Charles L. Deuel. C. N. Diets,
Luther Drake, F. H. Davis, Henry Ehren
pfurt, Thomas A. Fry, Dan E. Fuller. Wil
liam M. Glass. Matthew A. Hall, George U
Uammer, Joseph Hayden. R. C. Haves O.
M. JHItch-ock. O. W. Holdrege, C. B. Hor
ton, Edwin Haney, Henry Hardy, Robert C
Howe. George A. Joslyn, F. L. Halier, U
H. Korty, w. J. C. Kenyon. Thomas Kll
patrick. O. D. Klpllnger, Herman Kountse
F. P. KIrkendall, Janws O. Kelly, IL Vance
Bee, Oct. 6, 19&5.
n 4.-.
Rarely will you see a better equipped
stock of flannels than ours. Many ma
terials are exclusive and not to be found
elsewhere In the city. Ask to see "Vlyella"
flannels, $2 Inches wide. This Is the Im
ported Scotch flanntl with a worldwide
fame. It Is guaranteed not to shrink nor
fade In washing. Give us a chance to
prove that our guarantee is good.
The styles are In stripes, checks, dots,
figures and Scotch plaids. Our prices
same as everywhere 75c a yard.
Another exclusive fabrlo is
This Imported fabric has proven to be
excellent In every way. It Is soft and
pliable, with a short velvety nap that never
wears rough. The printed designs are the
most beautiful and perfect that French
artists can produce, and, best of all, the
colors are absolutely fast.
Price 85c per yard. '
See our new line ' of silk embroidered
cream flannels at 50c per yard and up.
Men's furnishings -
Tou may need an extra shirt or collar
while In the city. .
Our stock of men's goods Is complete In
every detail large assortments- nd the
very best of valuea make thisa popular
The new fall shirts are here;. neat stripes
and figures, In both laundered or negligee
styles; fine showing at $1.00 each.
The new shapes In the popular Arrow
Brand Collar to be seen here. Price l5o
each or two for J5c.
Neckwear that has style and Individual
ity, bright crisp silks, something a little
different from what the other follow Is
showing. They must be seen to be ap
preciated. Price 59c each.
Men's department straight back from
Lane, E. V. Lewis, Dr. J. P. Ird,- J. E.
Lucas, C. W. Lyman, K. O McGllton, T. B.
McPherson, John A. McShane, Dr. H. M.
McClennahan, C. F. McGrew, T. J. Ma
honey, C. F. Manderson, Charles Metx, Fred
Mets, Morltt Meyer, J. H. Millard. C. 8.
Montgomery, R. C. Moore, E. M. Morsman,
William H. Munaer. J. O. Martin, T. J.
O'Brien, Fred PafTenrath, H. H. Palmer. M.
C. Peters, Dr. A. 8. Pinto, W. 8. Poppleton,
Charles H. Pickens, William A. Paxton, Al
Powell, George 8. Powell, J. B. Rahm, Dr.
H. L. Ramacclottl, A. L. Reed, Arthur
Remington, Dr. A. W. Riley, Carl Reiter,
Victor Rosewater, J. C. Root, A. B. Smith,
W. A. Bmlth, Arthur C. Smith, Lee 8prat
lln, J. B 8ummers, Jr., N. A. Splesberirer,
W. B. Aagg, J. W. Thomas, Mel IThl, Nel
son BCpdlke, A.iJ. 'Vlerllng, GW. Wat.
ties. J. D. Weaver, John R. Webster,
George West, Benjamin T. White, C M,
Wilhelm. R. 8. Wilco, W. 8. Wright,
Henry F. Wyman, H. W. Yates, C. E. Yost.
Ladles of the Court Mesdames E. V.
Capps, Blair; P. L. Gillespie, Wymore;
George Harrison, Cedar Bluffs; wBniB
Lerew, Gretna; Gus Martin, Cedar rT.uffs;
J. G. Martin, South Omaha; Gertrude
Organ, Beaver Crossiitg; A. O. Pound,
Blair; 'Al Powell, South Orhaha; C. H.
Slama, Wahoo; John M. Tanner, South
Omaha: J. H. VanDusen, South' Omaha; B.
E. Wilcox, Bouth Omaha; J. M. Guild, South
Omaha; M. J. Williams, Olenwood, la.; L.
P. Funkhouser, Lincoln; Wesley Adklns,
South Omaha; D. S. Clarke, South Omaha;
G. P. Moore, Chicago: Charles A. punham,
Bouth Omaha; L. C. Gibson, South Omaha;
D. L. Holmes, South Omaha; C. E. Scarr,
South Omaha; Met "Uhl, Des Moines, la.;
R. J. Greene, Lincoln: W. H. C. Wood
hurst, North Platte; H. M. Davis, Ord:
William Leonard, Lincoln4, H. W. Binder,
Counoll Bluffs; Hoxle Clark, St. Louis, Mo.;
E. W. Hart, Council Bluffs; Philip H. Kohl,
Wayne; Samuel Patterson, Arapahoe, W. F.
Bohlander. Avoca. Ia.; Harvey Foss, Mis
souri Valley, la.; C. F. Glazier, Edpsr;
Charles T. Stewart, Council Bluffs; Wil
liam Hayward. Nebraska City; Albert Heln
shelmer. Glen wood, la.: H. H. Smith. Teka
mah: W, W. Troxell, Bancroft: W. J. Way,
Carson, la.: J. D. Wilson, Broken Bow: B.
Fernold. Chicago;. Paul Colson, Fremont;
Frank Fowler, Fremont: W. D. Blackwell.
Prankli; William Glover. Aurora: W. H.
McDonald, North Platte; F. T. Walker, Co
lumbus. Ladles In Waiting Mesdames James L.
Paxton, George H. Palmer, Carl Reiter, C.
C. Rosewater, V. Rosewater. H. H. Bald
rige, Joseph Barker, H. O. Benedict, F. A.
Brogan, H. T. Clarke, Jr., J. C. Colt, B. W.
Cotton, O. W. Dunn. Jay D. Foster, H. I.
Gannett, W. . Graham, E. H. Sprague. O.
S. Gamble, J. E. Summers. Jr.,' C. W. Hull,
H. O. Jordan, F. W. Judson. A. V. Klnsler,
C. T. Kountte, H. M. McClannahan. N. 8.
Gllmnre, Luther Kountte. E. M. Morsman,
Jr.., Arthur Mets, J. J. McMullen, Louis C.
Nash, N. B t'pdike, Victor White. D. B.
Whelpton. W, L. Yetter, W. S. Blackwell,
C. M. Wilhelm, E. M. Fairfield, W. H.
Clarke, Morlts Meyer, Charles Marsh, Rob
ert C. Hayes. B. 8. Baker. P. H. Tpdlke,
Herman Conn, Dr. Edmlston, M. A. Hall,
J. P. Lord, George M. Peek, C. R. Day,
Ralph Breckenrldge, E. T. Swobe.
List of the Ladle Wb Attended th
Ball aad Their Costamaa.
Following Is a list of the ladles who were
present at the Coronation Ball last night;
and the costumes: - j
'A j
Mrs. W. F. Allen Mahogany lac over
blue taffetaV with trimmings of lace ap
plique; diamonds.
Miss Ruth Atkinson White , crepe de
Mis. J. M. Arthur of Kinui rHv
of Mr. E. L. Robertson) White crepe du
chine, chenille, lace.
Mrs. Ben 8. Baker Shaded heliotrope
chiffon cloth, with trlmmlna-a nf .inkniM.
ered chrysanthemums and rose point; decol-
iriei ujnmtinus nnu pearls.
Mrs. T. F. Balfe Yellow silk mulle. ap
plique set in torquolse, black braid trim
ming; chains.
Mrs. J. E. Baum A white lace robe over
white silk: diamonds.
Mrs. Blacklin Red crepe, lace; dia
monds, Mrs. Warren Blackwell-Whlte net and
pompadour silk.
Mrs. p. P. Benedict-Flowered organdie.
Mrs. H. O. Benedict Blue nun's veiling
with lace medallions.
Mrs. C. F. Best-Champagne silk mull
ovr white taffeta; diamonds.
Mrs. James C. Bishop-Whit Swiss and
all-over lace; diamonds.
Madam Martha Blackwell Black lace
robe over white taffeta; diamonds.
Miss Pearl Blackwtll. Franklin. Neb.-
Vou mlts one of the
pleasures of the
table unless yon have
the crisp, dainty
for breafaat
brain and nerve well
nourished all day
White" satin ' erltrT pofnt lace trimmings;
diamonds and pearls.
Mrs. w. 1. Hlnrkwell, FYanklln. Neb -Rlark
silk ombre ctllfTnn With black satin
rlbhf.n trimmings, over black satin; pearle
and 11ann)ttl..
Mrs. W. V. hohlnnder. Avoca, la. Rlack
feau de snle with black silk applique
rimming and Mexican work.
Mr A. A. Borden, K.kspX, la. Rlack crepe
de Parle over white silk.
Miss Dale Rortlen. Kssex, la Wue voile
over bli silk., with lace trimmings.
Miss Hessle1 tirn1y White embroidered
bstlste; American Beauty roses.
Mrs. John 8.. fctrnrt v Champagne grena
dine with Ince trimmings.
Mra. Knlph Rreckenridge Black net and
Miss Jennie V. Ttrenton. Nellgh, Neh.
Alice blue voile with renaissance lace; tur
quoise and opals.
Miss JeKsie H. Bullard. North Platte,
Neb. rale green silk tissue embroidered In
pink roses over pink taffeta; Florentine
necklace and pink roses.
Mrs. William Lincoln Byrne Tellow silk
mnlle over taffeta with ornaments.
Mrs.-Elisabeth Rlshop Champagne eollan
cloth, with Valenciennes trimmings; dia
monds. Mrs. II. H. Baldrige Tellow broadcloth,
real lace; diamonds.
Mrs. Baldwin of Elkhorn, ' Neb. (guest
of Mrs. T. J. Foley) White silk.
Mrs. Hugo Brandels Gown of lavender
silk with duchess lace trimmings; dia
monds. Miss Isshel Baldwin Gown of pink silk
mull; pearls.
Mrs. H. L. Beard White embroidered
.. - C '
Mrs. Albert Cahn Pearl gray crepe, with
resl lace trimmings: diamonds.
Miss Hatel Cahn White embroidered
Miss Viola Cahn Whit embroidered robe,
with Valenciennes tace trimmings; Amer
ican Beauty roses..
Mrs. Clement Chase White point de
esprit over pompadour silk.
Miss LeoQore .Charde Champagne silk
mulle ,over silk Imported lace bertha;
coralsy . . ..
Mrs. QuIntfV Cainpbellr-Whlte organdie.
Mrs. K. Jf. Cappe, Blair, Neb. Black
crepe de chine Vandyke with mecklln lace;
diamonds,- .Vv i
Mrs. Robert rrletcA Whit silk moul
sellne; pearls. .4,.,
Mrs. William Wll Clarke-'Vlokt silk mull
and lace trimmings.' '. i:
Mrs. Clark -ColtWhite sllaf mull Inset
with lace. .j v .!.'. ...
Mrs. 8. A. C4Uln-8lllt
muslin, with trim-
mlngs qt turodolse teluS velvet and lace.
Mrs. JT. L. Combs-Crepe du chine, real
lace; pearls and diamonds. '
Mrs. Isaac Conxion Often silk with
duchess laee trlmtiilnes.
Miss Laura' .Com gdvtv White moussellne
with lace trimmings; American Beauty
Mrs. Ada Cornish Hertsche White crepe
de chene; fllamncts. . ,
Miss Elsle Ctoturh White opera batiste,
with lace trimmings; American Beauties.
Mrs. Ilarrv Cumminas White net: tearls
Mrs. Arthur. Pinto Cream faille with
duchess applique and bertha.
Mrs. F. Cope of Chicago (Mr. Elmer Cope's
guest) Royal purple, real lace, embroid
ered In pink chiffon: diamonds.
Mrs. M. W. Cresap of Chicago (Mr. El
mer Cope's guest) White satin, bodice of
white chiffon: pearls.
Miss Cook Embroidered point de esprit,
American Beauties.
Mrs. W. A. Carlton Embroidered Im
ported robe, 'over white silk, red trim
mings. Mrs. Henry T. Clark Blue embroidered
net over blue taffeta,
Mrs. J. F. Coates of Grand Island White
crepe and lace over taffeta, with Iridescent
spangled trimming; pearls.
Mrs. Ralph Connell White lace trimmed
net over white silk; pearls and American
Beauty roses.
Mrs. Walter Dale Cream frouard silk,
trimmed with lace.
Miss Dinsrrfbre, guest of Miss Margaret
Pritchett White chtffon cloth with trim
mings of lace.
Mrs. William It. Dorrance Cream lace
over taffeta silk; diamonds.
Mrs. J. F. Dale Black embroidered net
over white silk.
Miss Laura Dale White net, with duchess
trimmings. :'
Miss Martha Dale Pink crepe de chene.
Mrs. Joseph T. Delfosse of Chicago (guest
of Mrs. Thompson) Pale blue lace, silver
spangles, panne velvet.
Mrs. a.' u. iaKin Black crepe du chine.
Battenburg yoke. ,,.
Miss Helen Easterday Red crepe du
Chine. '" ' '
Mra. Albert Kdbolm-A-Gray grenadine over
gray taffeta wtih wiiite lace medallions. .
AMrs. Oeprge H. Emery White figured
Swiss, with trlrdmlngs of Swiss embroidery.
Miss Maude-Farrell; Broken Bow, Neb.
White accordion plaited moussellne batiste
with Valenciennes lace over white taffeta;
pearls and American Beauty roses.
Mrs. Jay D. Foster White net.
Mrs. Harvey F. Foss. Missouri Valley, la.
White laee en tralne over reseda green
taffeta with paon velvet girdle and trim
mings; diamonds.
Mrs. Henry E. Frederlckson White silk
mull and Venice lace: diamonds.
Mrs. T. J. Foley Japanese silk, real lace.
'Mrs. D.. B. -Fuller Oown nf .whit em
broidered Swiss. . r.
minn Alius- r rearriL'K uown OI Dlue
French veiling, trimmed with white lace.
Mrs. B. Fernald W hite spangled net robe.
Miss Daisy Gambte Pink batiste over
pink taffeta.
Mrs. Paul Getschman Embroidered crys
tal crepe; diamonds, pearls.
Miss Johanna Uetschman'-Figured chiffon
over blue silk. -.
Miss Louise Grant White crepe de chine
over white Silk, lace herthar pearls.
Mrs. John Grant Black crepe tie chine
over black silk, lace bertha; diamonds.
Miss Belva Glover, Aurora. Neh. White
figured net over white taffeta with ribbon
medallions - and Valenciennes lace trim
mings; pearl necklace -and sunburst.
Miss Nannie Glover, Aurora, Neh. White
silk over white taffeta with medallions; laee
and insertion trimmings; antique beads anf
Miss Nell Guild Point d'esprit over pink
silk; val lace.
Mrs. W. L. Graham Pale green eollen
over green taffeta, with trimmings of point
de brussels and black velvet ribbon; pink
Miss Gladys Graham Whit crepe de
chene over white taffeta, with trimmings of
brussels lace and embroidered chiffon;
American Beauty roses.
Mrs. W. D. Godfrey Champagne crepe
du chine; pearls, diamonds.
Mrs. J. W. Green Black crepe du chine,
black silk lace.
Mrs. Frank Halier Blue vnll with bertha
of antique lace and trimming of Venetian
point; a Roman necklace.
Miss Effle Halght Point d'esprit over
green panne velvet, white lace.
Mrs. C. B. Horton Kmbroidered ecru net
over white silk; diamonds.
Miss Maude Houster Cream . pet over
blue silk; Normandy lace. ,
Mrs. W. H Hodge Uavender njull With
heavy cream lace trimming.
.Miss Sylvia Houska Blue "silk taffeta,
panels of tock and silver spangles. "
Miss Rose Houska White tucked chiffon,
accordeon flounce, white satin ribbon.
Mrs. George A. Hoagland A Cream crepe
cloth over silk.
Mrs. Henry Hillet Whjte novelty voile;
Miss Minn Hlller Flowered net over
blue silk, trimmed with Valenciennes lace.
Mrs. J. W. Hill Gray crepe de chene.
Miss Frances Hal A White lace robe
Inset with bands of cluny.
Mrs. Louis Jankowskl Pearl gray chif
fon silk.
Miss Irene Jayne Yellow barred grena
dine; trimmings.
Miss tteradjn Johnson Pink batiste over
pink taffeta.. .
Mrs. George W. Johnson Embroidered
pink mulle over pink silk, real lace; dia
monds. Mrs. George A. Joslyn Blue grosgraln
silk with trimmings of real lace; diamonds.
Mrs. O. W. Johnston White crepe de
chene with real duchess- lace; diamonds.
Mrs. W. E. Johnson Pink crepe du chine,
point lace; diamonds.
Mrs. Harry Jordan Champagne crepe,
lace trimmed.
Mrs. George H. Kelley Heliotrope chlf-
lun. embroidered, point lace; diamonds.
Miss Mayiu Krechy Silk chiffon, lac
Mrs. O. D. Klpllnger Champagne crepe,
lace trimmed.
Mrs. F. P. KIrkendall Black moire and
chiffon; diamonds.
Mrs. Philip H. Kohl. Wavne, Neb. Gob
lin blue velllnsr nver taffeta rUra mrfth
white chiffon, carrying point lace fan and
American Beauty roses.
Miss Rebecca Ksta of Baltimore (guest
of Mrs. Victor Rosewater) White Ifcce
rob. - -
Mrs. J. A. C. Kennedy Whit silk mous
sellne inset with lace.
Mrs. A. V. Klnsler Black robe, embroid
ered In Mack spangles; pearls.
Mis Ada KIrkendall White Pari mus
lin; American Beauty roses.
Mra Charles T. Kountse White Valen
ciennes rob over white silk; necklac of
pearls and diamond hair ornaments.
Mrs. John Kelly of South Omaha Green
crepe de chene, with duchess trimmings.
Mrs. Van B. Lady Black spangled net
over grey silk; diamonds.
Mia Mo UsurKutbroldered pink
chiffon over pink silk, trimmed In pink
silk; flowers.
Mis Annette lAdy Blue princess crepe.
Miss Fsy Lyme n Blue chiffon taffeta,
iace sprlltjue; American Beauties.
Miss Joe Lyman White moasselln. lace
trimmings; violets.
Mrs. O. W. Llnlnger Black embroidered
chiffon over taffeta; diamonds,
Mrs. Vance Lane Figured chiffon with
lace trimmings; American Beauty roses.
Mrs. George F. Lee Heliotrope silk crepe,
real val lace.
Miss Msbel Leschey Bin Egyptian silk,
oren trimmings, applique.
Miss Mildred Iimsx White Paris mus
lin; American Beauty roses.
Mra. John McDonald Blue pineapple
cloth over silk.
Mrs. Ptusrt McPlnrmld White crepe over
white taffeta; pes r Is.
Mrs. J. J. McMullen White net with
trimmings of Valenciennes lace.
Mrs. C. G. McDonald Gown of green
crepe de rhene.
Miss Ida U McElroy-Llght blue silk
crepe eollenne and chiffon ovef taffeta;
whits roses.
Mrs. W. Morris McKay Cream embroid
ered net ver cream silk with trimmings
of chiffon rosettes, lace and velvet ribbon;
diamonds. - - -
Miss McDowell, guest of Miss Marguerite
Prltchett-White chiffon cloth with lace
Miss Hess B McKlllop White organdie,
with a bertha of real lace; pearls.
Mrs. A. B. Mclntyre Embroidered white
silk mulle, trimmed with pearls.
Mrs. ChaiMes D. McLaughlin Spangled
Persian whit lace robe, trimmed in pink.
Mrs. E. G. McOllton Black ehantllly.
Mrs. P. T. McGrath Champagne cloth
with Jacket of lace.
Miss Alice McCullough White chiffon,
lace trimmings.
Mrs. John A. McShane Blue chiffon eloth
robe; diamonds.
Mrs. Uus Msrlln, Cedar Bluffs, Neb.
Champagne silk mull with shirred tucks
and black ribbon velvet trimmings; pink
Miss Mildred Merrlam-Whlte embrold
ered moussellne de sole with trimmings of
French lace; Amerlcan Beauty roses.
Mrs. Nathan Merrlam violet chiffon
broadcloth. -
Miss Laura Montgomery Whit embroid
ered chiffon, with real lace trimmings;
American Beauty roses.
Miss Moorehead White chiffon princess,
with laee trimmings; American Beauty
Mrs. J. IS. Milroy Gray silk crepe, gray
silk fringe, gold and black lace: diamonds.
Miss Isabel Milroy Figured organdie
over blue silk.
Mrs. J. F. Mawhtnney Flowered or
gandie; diamonds.
Mrs. A. P. Metcalf Pink silk gown with
trimming of duchess lace; pearls.
Mrs. J. G. Martin Gray Venetian cloth.
Mr. George P. Moore of Chicago Blue
net applique with white lace.
Mrs. B. F. Marshall White crpe medlon,
gold lace.
Mrs. C. C. Merrlott, Pender, Neb. (guest
of Mrs. Dakin) Green taffeta, trimmed In
Mrs. Henry Myer White silk, nppllque
of lace, fringe.
Mrs. P. W. Mlkesell Hand embroidered
Mrs. John Mullen of South Omaha Cream
crepe de chene with Chantilly lace; pearls.
Miss Helen Millard White silk crepe over
white silk.
Miss Golda Murphy White lace, trimmed
Miss Stella Murphy Pink silk muslin.
Miss Blanche Maher White embroidered
net over white silk.
Mrs. Rome Miller Embroidered pineapple
cloth over green taffeta, with duchess trim
mings; diamonds.
Miss Miller White net over green silk.
Mrs. George L. Miller White chiffon
crepe, real lace; diamonds.
Mrs. Leon J. Nelson Champagne crepe
de chine with lace trimmings.
Mrs. H. D. Neely Gray cloth with slashed
bodice inset with white chiffon.
Miss Tlckla Olsen, Cedar Bluffs. Neb.
White silk embroidered In violets; opals
and violets.
Mra. Will Ogden White chantilly lace
over pink silk and chiffon with silver
spnngled trimming; diamonds.
Mrs. Frank Owen Champagne chiffon
cloth; pearls.
Mrs. T. J. O'Brien White crepe du chine,
real Ince; diamonds.
Mrs. Charles Orcutt Black lace and
white chiffon.
Mrs. Al Powell Pearl gray voile with
spider web medallions; diamonds.
Miss Alfreda Powell French cross-bar
organdie with lace trimmings.
Mrs. Snmuel Patterson, Arapahoe, Neb.
Deep cream silk gause over liberty satin;
dark red roses and diamonds.
Miss Margaret "Pritchett-rWhlte chlffori
and lace, with American Beauty roses,
Mrs. George E. Pritchett A gown- Of
white Valenciennes and Imported lace; dia
monds. Mrs. J. H.- Pratt White net embroidered
with Iridescent spangles.
Miss Faith Potter White dotted Swiss;
American Beauty ros,
Mrs. M. C. Peters White silk mousselin
de puit, lace with pqarl " trimmings; dia
monds and orchids.
Miss Florence Putnam of .Lincoln Pink
silk with elaborate trimmings of real lace.
Miss Velma Prouty of St. Paul. Minn.,
(guest of Miss Laura Dale) Flowered silk
crepe and lace.
Mrs. Tom Patterson, Plattsmouth (guest
of Mrs. Hsnry Myer) White Eollan corded
with white silk.
Mrs. James L. Paxton Rainbow net em
broidered with fish scales; diamonds.,
Mrs. H. Rachman Violet eollenne with
trimmings of Parma violet velvet; point
Venice lace and medallions over taffeta;
Miss Minnie Belle Robinson, Council
Bluffs Pink crepe over taffeta with real
lace trimmings; diamonds.
Mrs. H. Rehfeld Black silk crepe with
applique and point lace trimmings; dia
monds. Mrs. Bernard Rehfeld, Council Bluffs
Champagne silk crepe, with lace trimmings;
Miss Lena Rehfetd Figured blue silk
organdie- over white taffeta with medal
ions of German Valenciennes lace.
Mlsa Hattle Rehfeld Pink tissue over
pink taffeta with Insertion and trimmings
of Valenciennes lace.
Miss Virginia Reynolds Pink and white
pompadour net, with ribbon trimmings.
Mrs. Frank L. Ringer, Lincoln. Neb.
Pale blue figured Swiss, with applique and
ruchlng trimmings.
Mrs. Charles M. Richards White net and
lace gown.
Mrs. Victor Rosewater White silk,
trimmed with cream lace, ,
Mrs. Carl Reiter Green Vllje, trlntmed in
green silk.
, Miss Anna Rose Blue figured silk, yoke
of point lace, pearl trimming.
Miss Lillian Rose Blue silk, yoke of
point lace, black velvet trimming.
Mrs. Harry 8. Reno of Chicago (guest
of Miss Rote) Pale blue silk orepe du
chine, duchess lace, gold trimming; dia
monds. Miss Daisy Rogers Pink princess, bodice
applique trimmed In brilliants; pearls.
Miss Ethel Robertson Entire pink cos
tume with pink slippers and flowers; gown
of pink silk.
Mis Laura Ruckhelm of 'Chicago White
net spangled with Iridescent blades.
Miss Mattle Robertson White mulle, real
Miss Ethel Robertson Pink India silk,
real val lace.
Mrs. Frank Rhlnehart Black chiffon and
Mrs. J. B. Rahm Lavender voile inset
with bands of lace.
Mrs. Max Relchenberg A figured foulard.
Mrs. H. L. Reno of Chicago Blue crepe
de - chene, with Valenciennes lace trim
mings. Miss Madeline Btryker Champagne crepe
de chine over taffeta; diamond.
Mrs. H. H. Smith White Persian lawn
with trimmings of cluny lace with a neck
lac of pearls.
Mrs. Howard B. Smith Gray silk with
point lace trimmings; pearls.
Miss Phoebe Smith White chiffon cloth
with American Beauty roses.
Miss Laura G. Stoddard, Crelghton, Neb.
White organdie, with trimmings of Irish
laoe edging and insertion, over whit peau
de cvgne, girdle of cream liberty satin;
Mrs. C. E. Scarr, South Omaha Lavender
Henrietta trimmed with bands of valen-
lennes laoe and white orchid chiffon; gar
1 gets and pearla.
Miss Hpaxiing or ruoux inty (guest or
Mr. J. E White) Blue crepe du chine.
Mrs. J. D. Spalding Black lac over
Wear the Official
Order Button
Made in Gold Filled 11 25
And Solid Gold U
Patented and manufactured by Lef-
fert A Medley, Council Bluffs. Iowa.
Lettered to represent any of the five
different Railroad Orders
Orders taken by any Northwestern
Tim Insnector and for sale by Her
man M. Lffert, Jeweler and Optician,
US W, Broadway, .Council Bluffs. Ia.
W nave the only official Northwest
era Railroad Order Button made.
The Truth About StoVes
By the Largtst Makert of Sieves and Rangtl ih the World"
MANY people hsve been deceived In believ
ing that stoves were cheap because el
low price, when experience proves
thsra His moat expensive.
A small price mar be paid for t ttov which
looks attractive la th catalogue, which has
beea described as "perfect," but ft Is Hable ta
prove a very espenslv purchase; for tea
chances to one, trouble will arlie from this
stove la a month's time It may aot best or
cook properly, or it may consume fnl like a
locomotive. Then th material la the stnv
Itself may west to poorly that at the end of a
yar or so it will have to be replaced. -
You never get something for nothing In this
world, snd when you pay a small price for a
stove, thst price must eover thereat of material
and labor, snd Include a reasonable preftt, con
sequently Inferior cast-iron and steel, and tb
cheapest snd moat Inexperienced labor, must
go Into this seemingly low-prtsed Stove.
trptrt J'fev Advlct trtt
Vt hsve opened aa
"Advice Department,"
In charge of an expert
tovemaa, simply to tall
the people, absolutely frit
, all about stovsl.
And this expert will hon
estly advise you Just
which stove or rsng
will best suit your needs.
We sis want those who
have lost money oa the
seemlnciy Inexpensive
Move, to let us tall them
haw they csn save money
by buying "Carla,"
even if the first coat Is a
little more than thst of th
Cheap and unsatisfactory stove.
We want them to let as tell them about the
advantages of ''Garland" Stova aad Rana-ea,
which alvrari prove a good Investment.
We make a "Garland" to fit entry stmx nttr,
and have books accurately describing the differ
ent kinds. We could Set afford to open this
"Advice Department" or send out the valuable
literature. we do., free ol charge. It "ttolaad"
Stva aad Ranges ware not distinctly superior
to other makes: If the loscnltude of our opera
tions did not make It possible for OS to sell them
at reasonable prices, and if our reputatloa and
methods of doing business did not insure
absolute sstisfsction.
If you are considering the purchase JtfgjT'
of a stove or range, cut out this coupon,
check (this way v) the kind of stove you are
interested In, mall It to us today, and you will
promptly receive our Expert Advice as to Just
which stove Is best suited to your needs, and
why, and our literature, free of charge.
Dstroit The Michigan
Largest Makr of Sto
white chiffon, embroidered in gold lace;
Mrs. Thomas H. Bwobe Lavender creoe
du chine, point lace; diamonds.
Mrs. A. B. Homers Black silk crepe and
Mrs. D. V. Bholes-Whlte silk with trim
mings of black silk lace.
Mrs. David L. Stone Blue silk fiber over
silk. ,
Mr. Dick Stewart of Council Bluffs
White embroidered Paris muslin.
Mrs. W. E. Bhepnrd of Council Bluffs
Blue crepe gown, with white lace applique;
Mrs. Byron Smith White net Inset with
cluny lace over white taffeta; pearls.
Mrs. W. W. Troxell A costume of white
Mrs. H. L. Toatevln Black crep du
chine over black silk.
Mrs. John M. Tanner, South Omaha-Yel-
(Continued on Fifth Page.) '
Itching, blind, bleeding or protruding plies.
Tour druggist will refund money If Paso
Ointment falls to cure you In t to 14 days. 60c
(Continued from First Page.)
In - making the contract, with Ray
mond & Cr Uiwltn?BSa ..and. he "had
not the faintest Idea what Mr.
Thebaud waa getting from the business."
The general agency system has built
up the life Insurance . business. "It
has paid large rewards for large achieve
ments," he said. .
Income and Expenses.
Witness said that last year the Mutual I
Life Insurance ccmpany wrote.. )26.0O0,0OO
worth of business more than in the pre
vious year and the expenses were reduced
at a ratio of t per cent... The total re-4
ceipU for 1904 were f81.0O2.9S4 and the total
expense, lia.8SS.45fl. The. usual ratio of ex
pense was estimated at about 25 per cent.
"Don't you. think you. could get Mr. The
baud' services for $100,000?'.' Mr. Hughes
"I suppose so If he did net have a con
tract." "Don't yoh think you could get them for
150,000 instead of $147,000 that he secured
from Raymond & Co. last year?" Mr.
Hughes continued. ' '
"I am not so sure of that," witness re
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet.
Druggists refund money If It fall to cure.
Walksnt at Dayton, Ohio.
DAYTON, O., Oct'. . Following a meet
ing of th Dayton Typothetae "pen shop"
notices were posted by nine more employ
ing printers In this city today and the men
walked out.
New York Lady Proves That
Every Woman May
Have It By .
', - Mr.' It. Rekheabcrg, wife of the
well-known Jeweller of 146 Fulton St.,
New York, aayi ; " I bad a friend who
was justly proud of her complexion.
Whey, ssked what gave her such a
brilliant and lovely complexion, she
replied, 'A healthy woman can be sur
of. a foe skin If she will do a I do.
use plenty of Cutlcura Soap and
! water' She insisted that I follow her
, example, vhich I did with speedy con
; viction. I find that Cuticur Soap
keep the skin loft, white, and clear,
and prevent redness and roughness."
Phone 494.
Children 10c.
8 15 SHARP TONIGHT a quarter of an
hour earlier than usual.
Prloee 10c. 2&c. 60c.. ,
Columbian OpticalCo.
211 Soulh Wh Street
Oldest and largest Optical House la Omaha
-1 nil' x i ri i II
Receiving our Expert Advle snd liter sfurS
will not put yea under sny obligation to buy.
We simply desire the opportunity to five you th
evidence of the trrmmintu mfitrioritv of "Gar.
land" Stvs and Famea, and leave the buying
declsloa entirely with you.
e e
lo order thst "Garland Staraa and Ran
shall last, w make them of th very beat
materials and employ the most expert workmen
lo th world.
"Garland Surra nd Ran St durable
snd handsome In sppesrance. They are highly
aickeled aad each "Garland" wfll last a lifetime.
"Garland" Stva and Ran will ant "burn
oat." bat will heat and cook perfectly, and will.
tail tutl, tori wmry, tavt mtmfy.
We have local dealers who handle our stove
exclusively. In nesrly every village, town and
city la the United States. You can examine
'Garlands" brtort you fcmy. instead of
after. You can eatlsly your
self that "Garlsnda" ar
exactly as represented.
There will be no freight '
to pay OB "Garlands' '
and the dealer will set
tuem up without charge.
If no dealer In your
towa sells "Garland,"
r yon decide to buy a
Stove not In your local
dealer's stock, you can
enjoy the above edvsn
tagea. We will make a
special arrangement aa .
that the stove you want
will be delivered to. you
and Toperhr set up ready
for us in your own home.
The Written Guarantee of Th
Michigan Stnv Company accompanies
every stove, and protects you by the absolute
gusrantee that every "Garland" Is as rspra-
sented The Worlft Beit. -. . -
SenS ma f re of chars roar
fttovs flunk oa bm Burners,
U Rnaseo, ("t ftancea,
tt'oal Hauaea, Oouk nf Htma,
Heatlns Store. Onk StoTea.
Aim your F.ipvH Btot. Aarlo
free of ohars.
Kind of Stora Wanted
ind of Foel TJad
7 Stora Dealer's Mam la'
Mr Kn to
sn r ijj
T V- JtV !" .. a a s a
Addrmn Adit Dpnrtmnt,
Tta Hlrhlran Htor (VmpDT, ItrrH.t W1oh.
LsirsMt lknof Hlo-Mtii) Hnca7.4n tkf World
Stove Company
Ran la th Werld
Prices 15c. Wc, BOo, 75c.
Pun. Mat. 10c. 26a. 50c.
Wednesday & Saturday
snaiinees, an Beat, Zoo.
Special Engagement of
Lf I
(The Honey Boy) : ; ;" ,
In the Fnntnstl Musical , y
Comedy, h
The Entire New fork Casino fcrodu.
tlon and the Farrfou '' . .1
i . .. u-.v d.
Starting Sunday Matinee--
Ttae Picturesque "Vlodrama
A Heroio, Pathetlo Drama at Real Life.
v Comlnar THE HAND OF fAjf.''.,1
Woodward 1 1 fi hfj
& Burgess lilUitu
Matinee Today at P. 'mv 1
HAMLET. " , ,A1
Tonight at ft P. M. k ,
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday" Nights)
WB ARE KlftO. !--.
Tuesday Night. Wednesday "Matin
RURWnnn Eves., 8un'. Mats, 1V- A 2So
DUnnUUU Tue.,Thurs..Sat.Mata.lO-JO
Matinee Today fcnd Tpplght
Society Event f the Setten
Week of October ;.
Matinees Wednesdays' and Saturdfy
Popular Prlpa -
First row In th balcony:. ..'.ll.M Woh
Next three rows ,..itu0 each
Next three fbo eteh
Next three rows.... oj c
Reserved seals down stairs. ,H0u eh
(lesson tickets (for two) down stairs
at .'. WM each"
(No reduction fur soaaon tickets 1a
the balcony. '
Occupants of boxes and seat down
sialis will have the privilege of th
promenade. ui
Prlc of Boxe; ;;'
One box holding foul neat.-.... Knag
One box holding six ssts 7f.oo
One box holding eight seats 106 uo
Seat and boxes now on al at the
Auditorium building.
: - -v
Mr. and Mrs. Chambers
School of Dancing flow Open
Adult beginners, Mondays and Thurs
days, IP. U. ' - . .
Assembly dates furnished on appll
cation. t . ' v -v ,'. ' '
Children. Tuesdays and.. Baturdaya
Misses and masters Adraaced, Satur
day i P, 11, V-
High School class 'ope m Friday, Oc
tober t Ota. I P, U. ; . -Telephona
F-1SII. - z '
, . ----a "