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Washington ii tint Out in Firit Game bj
6a parlor Stick Wsrk.
On More Victor Will Make the
dukrri the Champion of the
American League for
' SVA6HINCJTON, Oct. 6. Fhllntlplila won
both' gsmcs of the doubl-hnrW with
Washington today by superior stick work,
the scores bring 8 to 0 and 9 to 7. One
rhore' victory will make the Phtldiolphians
champions of the American league for
1906. Score, flrjit game;
1 f AB.H O AB.H.O A.E.
Martial. If... I 1 I I Joti.n. ef 4 I I 0
1mt4. ri I 1 I 0r.Mi.1r. M...I lit
Devil lb.... I 1 t 1 1 Hukman. It. I I 1 t
U Crom, lb. ( I 1 AniWaon. rf . 4 1 1 0
Borbnls. rf... 4 I OP'. hi. lb 4 1 T 1 1
Murphy, lb. 4 1 J I Mil, lb 1 t I 0
M Oroas, ss. 4 111 OStanlrr. If... 4 1 I 0
rVAr- ... 4 I I I tHrjaea, e t S 1 9
Bnar, .... 110 1 tTowniwnd, p. 1 0 0
. i Hulsmaa ..100
. Tol.Ii I H 17 1 II 7 rt I 1
Batted for Haydon.ln ninth.
Philadelphia 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 1 ii
Washington 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-baee hits: Jones, Seybold, Davis, 1
Cross.- hit: Bender. Sacrifice
'hits: Cajwldy, Nil), Beybnld, M. Cross.
Double play: Nlll to Hlrkman to Bin hi.
Bases on balls: Off Townsend, 2; off Ben
der, 1. Struck out: By Townsend, 3; by
Bender. 7. Left on bases: Washington,
8; Philadelphia, a. Wild pitch: Townsend.
Time: 1:60. Umpires: Hurst and Connor.
Ott Anvi DUt. viauivnwiu
HsrtsaJ. If... I It OJonn. ef i lit
Lord, rf Ill C'..idy, as-. 41111
Darls. . lb . .. I 1 I tHUkmin, 2b. 4 1 1 I 1
li. Cross lb. i I I OAiH.rson. rf I 0 1
Hoybold. rf... 110 0 OSi.hl. lb.,.. 110
Murphy, lb.. 4 1 1 I 0 Nlll. lb 4 1 I 1 0
M. Cross, as. I 0 0 ORtsnl.r, If... 4 I I
arhnrk. ... 1110 OH'ydra, 117 1
1'o.klfy, ... 001 0 Patten, p.... 1101
Bender, p..W I 11
Totals 31 11 24 11 1
Totsls 17 It 14 i t
Philadelphia 0 0 t S 0 0 8 9
Washington 0 3 10 3 10 07
Called on account of darkness.
Two-base hits: Stahl, Seybold, Bender,
Lord. Three-base hits: Bender, liartsel,
uavla. Stolen base: Haydon. Sacrifice
lilts: Stahl, Patten, M. Cross. Schrvck.
Double play: Heydon to Cossidy. Hits:
Off Coakley, 4, In two innings; off Bender,
7 In six Innings. Base on balls: Oft Patten,
"i off Coakley, 1; off Bender, 1. Struck out:
Hy Patten, If; by Coakley, 1; by Bender, 7.
1-eft on bases: Washington. 7: Phlladolphla,
6. Pasd ball: Heydon. Wild pitch: Ben
der. Time: 1:40. Umpires; Hurst aid
Connors. Attendance: ,740.
Boston Beats Kew York.
BOSTON. Oct. 8. New Tork made today's
game exciting by a batting rally In the
eighth, which netted the vlsltora Ave runs.
Voung's horns run with a man on bane In
Boston's half of the Inning produced the
linal score of 10 to 6 in favor of the home
team. Score:
fie front and won a popular victor by
three-fourths of a lenath.
M. Blanc's crack horse, Gouvemant. wss
snerislly sent from Frsnre to avenae his
defeat In the Derby of 1!4 hv Mr. Ioprild
d- Rothschild's St. Amnnt. but the French
horse was not even placed. The betting
wss 1"0 to 7 ngnlnst St. Amant. ft to z
sealnst Polymetus and 20 to 1 against Mon
Parent - as..., 4
Stahl. ct I
I riflsub. lb. t
Harktt. If... 4
urlmsaaw. lb I
Mlslnt. rf.... 4
VifNlwlD, lb.. I
Crlger. e I
Youag, ' p 4
0 ef 4
0 Healer, rf. . . . I
1 Dougherty, If 4
1 La port.. 2b.. 4
lCh.M. lb.... 4
OOldrlng, ss... 4
1 Klelnow, c... 4
OCockman, lb. 4
PultmiD, p.. 4
I 1
I 1
0 0
1 1
1 II
0 I
0 1
Totals II 1 17 II 4 Totals 17 14 14 I
Boston 0 1 2 0 0 0 6 2 10
New York 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 05
Two-base hlf Hahn. Three-base hit:
t'nglaub. Home runs: Grlmshaw, Young.
Sacrifice i hits: Goodwin, Parent. Stolen
base: Burkett. First base on balls: Off
Puttmann, 4; off Young, 1. Struck out:
By Puttmann, 2; by Young, 7. Time: 1:65.
Umpire: Connolly. Attendance: 3,138.
. Detroit Shots Oat Cleveland.
CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 5. Cleveland's
hancea of regaining third place were set-
nea toaay. wnen tney were defeated by
Detroit. Cleveland could not hit KlUIan
nd the locals' errors were responsible for
Most of Detroit's runs. The double plays
of Cleveland were features. Score:
n.r. of.
ongslton. rf I
noall. in.. 4
.iradley, lb,
'Jurnsr. ss..
brbeaa,, 2b
rteu. If....
vlsrke. o..
Ithosdss, p
4 0 10 lMrlntyrs.
1 I
1 11
0 Lindsay.
0 gchs.r.r.
If. I
lb. S
lb. 4 1
0 Crawford, rf. 4
lb I
OCobb. cf.
1 Counhlln
IO'Leary, ss.. 4
1 Warner, e... 4
OKIIIIan, p.... 4
Totals M' 4 17 17 4 Totals.".. ...34 i 4 0
Detroit 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 07
Cleveland ... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Earned runs: Detroit. 1. First base on
errors: Detroit, 2. Two-base hits: Craw
lord. Lindsay. Sacrifice hit: Ccbb. Double
lIay: Bar beau to Stovall; Rhoadea to
Turner to Stovall; Barbeau to Turner to
fctovall. First base on balls: Off Rhoades,
3; off Kllltan, 8. Left on bases: Cleveland
.; Detroit. 7. Passed balh Clarke, wild
I Itch: Kllllan. Time: 1:30. Umpire:
Uhorldan. Attendance: 1,27.
tanalBsT of the Teams.
,.. ,, . , Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Philadelphia, h M rjo
nlcago 14 90 68 .(OS
petrolt 1M 7S 7j -B)6
1 oston , 149 75 7? .603
.ew York 14 71 75 .m
leveland 152 75 77 . 427
Washington 149 62 7 .416
-t. Louis 149 62 97 . 349
Games today: Chicago at St. Louis. De
troit at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Wash
.ngton. New York at Boston.
Jockey Clnb Stakes.
LONDON, Oct. 6.-The race for the
-ockey club stakes of WV00O for 3-year-olds
and upwards, one mile and three-quarters
vhs run at Newmarket today. St. Amant
v. on. Polymetus was second and Mondamln
IS". "VJ"d V 8l ho"" started. Mondamln
led to the bushes, when St. Amant drew to
Philadelphia and jew York Dreak
Rven In n Doohle-llrader.
NEW YORK. Oct. R In a double headr
today the Phllndelphla Nationals broke
even with the New York Natlonl league
champions. Ten thousand persons saw the
The second game was called account of
darkness after the visiting team had
finished the first half of the sixth Inning.
Score, first game:
All H O A E. AB.H.O.A.E.
Prtiwn. rf... 4 1 1 OThnmas, rf.. 4 I 1
Dnnlln. rf... 4 1 OCIeaenn. lb.. 41141
MrOajin. lb.. 4 1 11 1 Ormirtney, lb. 1110
Strang If.... 40 1 Mage. If.... 410
Pahlen, ss... 10 4 4 lTltus. rf 4 10
Devlin, lb... I 0 1 4 0 Rransfteld. lb 4 11 1
Gilbert, lb... 4 0 1 I IDonlln, ss... 4 0 17 0
Rnwerman, e I 1 OLuah, p...... t 1 0 S 1
Mathevson, p4 4 1 Sparks, p...,
Totsls ill 117 11 I Totsls II 7 17 10 4
Philadelphia 0 1 0 0 8 0 0 0 04
New York ..; 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01
Two base hit: Thomas. Sacrifice hit:
Branofiold. Double plays: Gilbert, Dahlen
and McGann 2: Gleason, Doolin and Brans
Held. Left on bases. New York, 7: Phila
delphia. 4. First base on balls: off
Mathewson, 2; off Lush, 4; off Sparks, 1.
First base on errors: iNew Tork. 2: Phila
delphia. 2. Hit by pitched bail: by
Mathewson. 1. Hits: off Lush, 2 In eight
Innings. Struck out: by Mathewson, 8;
by Lush, 2; by Sparks. 1. Time: 1:46.
Lmplre: Emslle. Attendance: K.OnO.
Brawn, rf... 100 Thomas, ef.. I 0 1
Donlln. ct.... Ill olsaaoo. lb.. 1 0
MrOann, lb.. 1 1 1 OCourtnsy. tb. I 1 1
Strang. If... 1 1 0 Mages, If.... Ill
Dahlen. as... till Tltus. rf 1 1
DeTlln. lb... 1 0 10 1 Bransfleld. lb 1 0.1 11
Gilbert, 2b... t 0 1 1 ODoolln, ss.... 10 110
Clark, e 10 11 0 Dooln. e till
McUlnnlty, pi 0 1 1 0 Sparks, p... 1 4 10 1
Totals 2 I II I 1 Totals 11 4 II I I
New York 0 0 0 5 0 S
Philadelphia 0 1 2 0 0 08
Two-base hits: Titus, Dooln, Courtney,
Dahlen. Sacrifice hit: Gleason. 8tolen
bases: Donlln (3), Devlin, Clark. Double
play: Gilbert to Dahlen to McGann. Left
on bases: New York, 2; Philadelphia, 4.
First base on balls: Off Sparks, 6; off Mo
Glnntty, 2. First base on errors: New
York, 2; Philadelphia, 1. Hit by pitched
ball: By McUlnnltv, 1. Struck out: By
McOinnlty, 1; by Sparks. 2. Time: l:uo.
Umpire: - Emslle. Attendance: 10,000.
Brooklyn Wins, Both Games.
BROOKLYN. Oct. 5. Boston lost two
games here this afternoon to the local
team. Brooklyn nattea wuneim ior nine
teen safe hits In the first contest and plied
up eleven runs. Brooklyn captured the sec
ond game, which was called In the seventh
Inning, by a score or 2 to l. score, nrst
Ahbatrhlo. as G 1 I 1 (l Hall, rf 4 I 1 0
Ter.ney, lb... 4 1 4 I Oflheckard. If. 4 I 0 0
Dolan. rf.... 4 2 I 1 OOeasler, lb.. 6 1 11 0 0
Delehanty, If 4 1 4 0 0 Batch, lb ... 6 I 0 4
Wolverton, lb 4 2 10 1 Hummel, lb. 4 1110
Cannell, cf... Ill lLewls, ss.... 111
Ksymer 2b.. 1 0 0 OMslsy, cf.... 4 14
Neerihaib, c. 4 4 IRItter, c 4 1 I U I
Wllnelm. p.. 4 1 1 1 OEason, p 4 1
Totals 16 10 14 4 Totals SI 1 27 12
Brooklyn 8 0 2 0 0-1 3 2 11
Boston 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 06
Twd-base hits: Batch, Tenney, Dolan,
Malay. Three-base hit: Hummel. Sacri
fice hit: Hummel. Stolen bases: Hall,
Hummel (2). Delehanty (2), Malay. Double
plays: Hummel to Lewis to Gessler; Hum
mel to Lwia to Kilter. xeit on Danes:
Boston. 6: Brooklyn, 9. First base on balls:
Off Wllhelm, 2; off Eason. 2. ,'Htt by pitched
ball: By Eason, l. BtrucK out: By Wll
helm, 8: by Eason, 2. WUd pitch: Wll
helm. Time: 1:34. Umpire: O Day.
Score, second game:
Hall, rf 1 0 1 0 OAbbstchlo. ss I 10 10
Bherkard, If. I 1 I 0 0 Tenney, lb... 1 0 0
Oessler, lb... 111 ODolan, rt.... 111
Batch, lb. ... I 1 1 Delehanty, If I 1
Hummel, lb. I 1 1 4 1 Wolverton, lb I 1 1 0
Lewis, ss.... 114 OCsnnell, cf... 100
Malay, cf.... 110 ORaymer. 2b.. 10420
Hitler, c... I 1 I l,0Needham, o. I 0 I t 0
Mclntyre, p.. I 1 1 ' OTouug. p.... I 1
Totals. .....IS ( 11 1ft I Totals 2! 4 1
Brooklyn 2 0 0 0 0 0 2
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 1 01
Two-base hits: Tennev. Home run:
Gessler. Stolen haHes: Wolverton, Need-
ham, RJtter. Double play: Hummel to
Lewis to Gessler. Left on bases: Brook
lyn, 3; Boston. 4. First base on balls: Off
Young, 2; off Mclntyre, 1. Struck out: By
Young. 3; bv Mclntyre, 1. Time: 1:55.
Umpire: O'Day. Attendance: 2,000.
Standing of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
New York 150 104 46 .693
Pittsburg 149 96 63 .645
Chicago 149 88 61 .691
Philadelphia 149 81 68 .644
Cincinnati. 149 76 73 .610
St. Louis 150 67 93 .3X0
Boston .151 50 101 .3-9
Brooklyn 149 46 103 . .3ii9
Games today: Boston at Brooklyn, Phil
adelphia at New York. Chicago at Pitts
uuia, St. Louis at Cincinnati,
Talk of Captain for Track Team.
IOWA CITY, Oct. 6. Since the announce
ment that Elmer Davis, captain-clcct of the
19(16 Iowa track team, will not return to
school here, but will complete his course In
dentistry at the University of Minnesota,
considerable Interest has arisen relative to
the selection of a captain to succeed Davis.
The Iowa track team last year was an
exceptionally fine one and, as many of its
members are yet attending school, there
are many good men for the position. It Is
generslly understood, however, that the
light for the place will be made by three
men. The name of Riley, the speedy half
mller of Burlington, has been prominently
mentioned for the captaincy. Andy Chal
mers of Des Moines, who has distinguished
himself on the Iowa gridiron and who did
fine work In the welahta last snrlnar. u in
In the field and has abundant support. The
cither candidate Is Esrl Brown of Emmets-
Durg. Drown s fine showing in the hurdles
last sprlnar won him many admirers who
win worg nara to netp mm land the place.
favorite Takes the Trnnsylvnnlav nt
Lealnarton In Stralarht
largest crowds that ever attended the races
nvre m r.inrio r'nne, tne lavnrits. win
the classic Transylvania stake In straight
heats today. It was the seventeenth re
newal of this race. There were nlnH stsr
ters, and Ethel's Trlde sold favorite with
Turley second choice. Ethel's Pride Is
owned by John Shepherd of Boston snd
was driven by W. J. Andrews. The sUke
was worth $5,000.
Bonalette had no trouble In winning the
8-yenr-old pacing futurltv.
Miss Kenney snd A. Penn both have two
nests In t ha n,-t a i ne o ic
which was continued until tomorrow. The
ei-conn niviRion or tne Z:1B trot was won
ay mamsneet in a Jog.
Dan IRtrh. the nrlit'l rhamnlni, nAMv
equalled his record of 1:56 today, and also
prone tn iracK recorrl ror the fastest mile
ever trotted or paced over It. He was
onven ny H. u. Hearsey and his fractional
, rv. . A.nn, . n . . , -a
Paclnsr futurltv. value I? (Ml-
Bonalette, br. f. (Benyon) 1 1 1
Miss Adbell. fKennvt o
Josie M., tv r. (Jones) 2 dls
countess at Law. b. r., Voorhls dls
Time: 2:09V 2:09i, :10H.
Trottlnar. 2:12 rlass 1 In R Tran.,
stake, purse $5,100:
Ethel's Pride, h In andmwil it.
Turley. br. g. (Geers) 2 2 4
Mainland, b. h. (A. Thomasl 6 6 2
' waiawcn, n. g. (rnompson) ft 8 ft
tun nnav. Deier. ni c rattr.
started. '
Time: l:08t4, 2:07H-
Trottlnar. 2-fle rln mm, ti nm a 41
. ... . 1 , w ,i,mM iiuai ui
vtctlon), (unflni-hed.)
Mlfm Kin nav K rv- A nMwa l m
'1;l- h. (Ludwlg) 1 4 1
L s. toarreitt 4 ail
. 5. c.',rlc. Maiden. Nordica. Altonette, Bal
lad , Kipling, Oaudo M also started.
T tmai -..til O . 1 e a. ......
iiiit.'vtu atait,
Trnttlnir -1 rla vn.... m am v
division;) " ' t-econa
Matnsheet, bllt h. (Thomas) 1
Rr!j?aVDaWBOn' b m (McCargo)....l 6 2
fat li' hL,g- P"erBon '..'....S 2 4
Joe N.. blfc. g. (McDonald! 4 it ft
LadV MOVTT. PoAna V,nnM i.hL.J.M
, . -'.1 "-n ' '. --ftonicuiuuiL,
The President, and John Turney also
Time: 2:08V4. 2:09H. 2:10H.
South Dakota Xot tn Good Trim for
the Pray,
Vr.RWH.1ov a 1-1 w . ..
i i ' "-"-i. tapeciai.
w- J?ea.edc!oday aa t0 the Probable show
iSSn.i!he ?ta,.e "P'verslty eleven against
Nebraska at Lincoln next Saturday Coach
nn . is 'it' m satisnea it
i,t-earn.-ho,ds Booth " men down to 40
P"1"";, Wear ""J -n, good condition, far
from It, and I shall only use men who are
w th tt?v.an2 lr bumP without injury.
.. .... ... ul imirs out or tne game
We are, ImH 1, V. n n .1 1 .. , 1 . ... . .
.. 1 i f ""'"--I'peu, ot win na-ni
T i2 J18 . a large Bcor ,f Possible."
., " "' wun 1 an k ton college
resulted disastrously for the locals. Cap-
-lc,H,iru a. niiee ana will not
play against the Cornhuskers. Cuppett. the
.av.nlc, in lunnini iron a Dad root
and may not be able to play In Saturday's
game. None of the men are hardened the
way they should be at this time In October,
but It Is hoped they will round into form
soon with the appearance of colder weather
Coach Whlttemore has little hope of scoring
against the sturdy Nebraskans. Big Hvis-
.iut.ui, "in, jiinvt-u luara i wo years ago,
will enter the law department soon. Ihms,
nnntn teon-.tnw I, i ,.n... 1 1 1 i . ,
. . . . i , n i'i irnun, Will lie I.I U L in
uniform next week. These two players
win iiitiirimiiy strengxnen tne team. As
at present constituted the university eleven
will average only about 158 pounds.
Racing; at O'Neill.
O'NEILIa Neb.. Oct. B (Sneclal Tele.
gram.) The weather was fine and the
crowd at the races large and enthusiastic.
Purse $60, three-quarter mile dash, was
won by Bay Billy.
Harness race 2:32, purse $200:
Moore (Charles S. Moore) 1111
Miss Pacton (W. W. Cole! 4 4 It 4
Shady G. M. H. Grimm) 3 2 2 2
Speed On (Dave Stannard) 2 3 4 3
west time, x-.Xi'fa.
2:30 trot, purse 2200:
Anna Rush (Owen O'Neill) 4 4 8 4
Shaunrhue (George Garry) 1111
Harry Booth (McKillup) 2 2 2 2
Parplnna (C. F. Hodge) 3 3 4 8
i-iest time, z:23.
Half mile running race, nurse S50. Joker
won, Jessie R. second, Tony third. .
Dewhorst Defeat Behr.
hurst of the University of Pennsylvania
today defeated K. H. Behr of Yale In the
final round In singles of the tournament
1 ror tne intercollegiate lawn tennis cham
I pionship. Dewhurst took three of the four
sets, owing to tne late start it was im
possible for Dewhurst and Behr to finish
the match tn time to start the final round
for the championship In doubles. In this
match, which will be played tomorrow,
Dewhurst and H. B. Register, Pennsyl
vania, will meet H. G. Wells and S. Field
of Yale.
. Borne men contract disease by being
Indiscreet. Others Inherit weaknesses
and suffer for the shortcomings of
their parents and drag themselves
through a life of decrepitude because
thay are trying to conceal the serious
errors committed. Strength can no
more proceed from weakness than
pure water from a polluted fountain.
A lifetime of suffering often results
from neglecting the first symptoms of
disease. It is not so much of a
calamity that a man contracts dis
eases or weaknesses, but that he neg
lects them falls to secure the proper
treatment for their cure, or he has
experimented with too many FREE
SCHEMES. Are you troubled and
' perplexed and do you feel the need of
'sympathy, counsel and medical aid?
If so, come to ua privately and tell
Wo Car (ftalcklr and Thorooghly
us all about your condition, and we
will make a thorough and scientific
examination of your aliments. An ex
aml nation that will disclose your true
physical rondltton, without a knowl
edge of which you are groping In the
dark and without a thorough under
standing of which no phyulclan or
specialist should be allowed to treat
you. Many a man alls, and he doesn't
know what alls him nor does his
physician. We do. If you have taken
treatment elsewhere without success
we will show you why it failed.
W will explain why you have not
been cured snd why we cure when
all others fall. You have never been
treated by our method. It has cured
thousands of others. It will cure you.
It will cost you nothing to call and
Investigate Its merits, so don't delay
another day. No disease remains at
a sumuBuu. ueiayi are dangerous.
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
. Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
P -f Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
and all diseases and weaknesses of men duo to tnheritanos. evil habits ext.
ceeses, self-abuM oa the result of speul&o or private tllpesafuL 7
uince neure a in. te I p. aa. lundara, 1 te 1 oaly.
1J0 Far-iam t, Batwaan 13th and 14th ta., Omaha, Nab.
English Foot Ball Team Wins.
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 6.-Lord Klrk
patrlck's team of English players defeated
the New Thistles of this city today in the
association foot ball match on the grounds
of the Germantown Cricket club by a
score of five goals to none. The Thistle
team Is composed of Englishmen residing
in this city.
Western Paclde Conatraetora Rushing
to Complete Line from Salt
Lake to Coast.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 5.-The Western
Pacific officials announced yesterday that
work on the new overland route will be
started between Oakland and Orovllle
within the next ten days, by which time
the outfit for grading purposes will have
arrived from the east.
Meanwhile the Utah Construction com
pany, which has received the contract for
bulldjng the main portion of the road, will
have sublet contracts for work north of
Orovllle and grading will have begun on
the section of the route west of Salt Lake
The construction firms are moving their
outfits Into the Feather river canyon,
where they will soon begin boring the
Bprlng Garden tunnel, which is to be 7,400
feet in length. They are also preparing to
bore a 6.000-foot tunnel at Beckwlth Pass.
One of the officials of the Western Pacific
stated yesterday .that the company has
completed the location of its entire line be
tween Oakland and Salt Lake City, and
the work of securing rights-of-way is pro
ceeding rapidly. It was also stated that
the people of northern California have been
facilitating in every possible way the plans
for the construction of the new road and
that so far no obstacles have been thrown
in the way of the company.
Author of Bato Herniation Bill Cnfr
with Chief EiBontire.
Meaaore When Reintroduced Will
Cover Private tars. Refriger
ator Care and Terminal
WASHINGTON, Oct. 6.-Rallroad rate
legislation was the topic of a long confer
ence today between the president and Rep-
resentatlve Townsend of Michigan, one of
the authors of the Esch-Townsend bill
which was passed last winter by the house
of representatives.
At the conclusion of the conference,
which lasted an hour and a quarter, Mr.
Townsend said It was his purpose to have
his bill In readiness for introduction In the
house as soon as congress convenes.
"My effort now," said he "is to mako
certain that It shall cover what Is expected
of It. It will embody my Ideas, and at
the same time I am quite sure It will rep
resent accurately those of the president
"After making It perfectly clear that the
provisions of the measure apply to private
cars, refrigerator cars and terminal
charges, it will be my purpose through the
measure to confer upon the Interstate Com
merce commission the power to make its
findings In any particular case effective
within a reasonable time after they are
announced. , Efforts have been made to
create the Impression that It Is the pur
pose of the advocates of this legislation
to give the Interstate Commerce commis
sion the authority to fix all the rates of
a railroad. That Is not true. It Is In
tended only that the commission. If com
plaint shall be made to It that any par
ticular rate Is unjust, shall have power
after due Investigation to substitute a rea
sonable rate in case the complaint shall
have been shown to be well founded."
"Do you expect that rate legislation will
be enacted during the approaching session
of congress?"
'I have no doubt of it," replied Mr.
Three Children Burned and Seven
People Injured in Blase
In Flat.
NEW YORK, Oct. 5.-Three children
were burned to death, their parents rescued
and taken In a dying condition to St. Mary's
hospital, five other tenants sent to hos
pitals suffering from burns and two fire'
men hurt In a fire In a four-story fiat house
In Reld avenue, Brooklyn, late last night
The dead are:
CHARLES. HflTlir.PT MT1 ViTttrn.
INE DONNELLY, eirari a fi nnri 12 r..
Other Incidents of the fire were the birth
of a child while the mother was being re
moved from the burning building and an
accident which wrecked Fire Chief Croker's
automobile and in which the chief naT
rowly escaped serious accident.
The hallways of the building were filled
with flame and smoke and every occupant
of the building was asleep when the flames
were discovered by William Tease and
James Nugent, firemen, who were off duty.
They found a ladder In the back yard, and,
climbing up the fire escape, awoke the ten
ants by breaking into their apartments.
At the top floor the fire had spread most
rapidly. The two. rescuers were compelled
to carry Mrs, 'Joseph Hanleln. one of, the
tenants 01 mat floor, down the fire escapes,
In doing so th ladder at the bottom broke
and the woman iell on Tease, Injuring- him
Mr. ana Mrs. Jeremiah Donnnelly. who
occupied the other part of the upper floor.
were round lying unconscious on the floor
of their rooms, where thev had tried to
a winaow ana iauea. Thoy were
brought out, but the firemen did not know
that their three children were asleep in
their beds until their bodies were found
later. Other occupants of the building were
swung from the windows across to those
of an adjoining building or were dropped
into tne arms of men below, and when the
fire department arrived the building was
afire from top to bottom.
Mrs. nose Moses was carried on a mat
tress across the street, where she gave birth
to a boy.
Fireman Christopher Leavy was knocked
from a ladder by a stream of water and
suffered 'concussion of the brain.
While hurrying to the fire Chief Croker's
automobile was upset and the chief thrown
out ana rjaaiy shaken up.
Jeremiah Donnelly and his wife, Jennie.
are in a Hospital, sufferinar from v,.,.in
innaiea name or smoke, and are not likely
Ml . DvV d .
road crrmpany for $m,ono damage for In
juries alleged to have been received while
working in the switch yards In Faclfio
Junction, la.
Jury Awards Miss
Five Hnndred
Breach of
May Mendrnwald
Dollars for
CHICAGO. Oct. 8. A Jury In Judge
Gary's court today gave Miss May Menden
wald a verdict for $500 against Theodore
Kevekordes. a recorder of Vandenburgh
county, Indiana. MIks Mendenwald. a
singer, known on the stage ss May Belbane,
had asked for $20,noo, alleging breach o
promise to marry. The plaintiff first me
Kevekordes In 1903, she said, while she was
playing In Indianapolis. When she left the
city, she said, Kevekordes. aided by an
automobile, followed her through the state
and then proposed. Miss Mendenwald said
that he was accepted and August 8, 1M3
was set as the date for the wedding. She
went to Evansvllle, Ind., Kevekordes'
home, on that day. but when Kevekordes
was found. Miss Mendenwald said, he de
clared "It was all off." When, a few days
later, she heard of his marriage to another
woman the suit wss begun.
Further Details In Mrsterr t
Attorney's Death Are Com.
Inr to Light.
Grand Trunk Men Likely to Go Ont
DarlaaT ' Com last Twenty
Four Hours.
CHICAGO, Oct. Two hundred men.
composing M per cent of the switchmen
employed by the. Grand Trunk railway be
tween Chicago and tha Canadian border,
may be called out on strike within twenty
four hours. Grandmaster Frank T. Haw
ley of the Switchmen's Union of America,
who came to Chicago yesterday In the
hope of negotiating with the heads of the
Grand Trunk system for a settlement of
the strike at the Elsdon and Twelfth street
yards, and failed, made the foregoing state
ment today:
After a conference with Vice Grand
master James B. Conners of Chicago today.
Hawley assigned Conners, who haa been
In command of the local trouble, to leave
Chicago for a trip over the Grand Trunk
and to authorise strikes where the company
officials refuse to treat with local grievance
The first blow will be struck at Battle
Creek, according to Mr. Hawley. If the
officials there fall to hear the grievances
of the men. From there Conner will go
to Detroit.
A Mlraealoua Caeas
from bleeding to death had A. PI risk,
Kasnotah. Wla, who healed his wound
with Bucklln's Arnica Salve. 2fia Fof
fejr Shfrrraaa MCwjeUrru; Co,
CAMBRIDGE, III., Oct. 8.-Detalls of th.
mysiry oi tne death of Attorney John '
Streed are gradually coming to light which
tena to snow that the well known lawver
was slain In an Impromptu revolver duel
fought In the night. Indications are that
at least two bullets were fired and two por-
w.iib were wounaea. That developments
point strongly to the murder theorv !
admitted frankly In official circles. It seems
now pretty well established that the attack
on Streed was tha result of a series of
efforts at blackmail by men who had been
operating here for a long time. The duel
theory agrees with the evidence of Henry
White, cashier of the First National bank,
who says he thinks he heard two shots
fired on the fatal night. In his opinion
the blood on the inside of the house
where Streed was killed came from a
wound of another man.
Blar Damages for Injury.
PLATTSMOl'TH. Neb.. Oct. 6-(Speclal
Telegram.) In Glenwood, la., this even
ing the Jury gave Ed Brantner of this city
a Judgment against the ; Burlington Rail-
ewet aatlfjr- iS"p
I When you find a qual
ity like It yon wont
find a prica Ilka It
Aak your tobac
Discoverer of Antl-Dlphtherla Serum
Announces IV ew Remedy Soon
to Be Divulged.
PARIS, Oct. 8. Prof. Behrlng, the dis
coverer of the antl-dlphtherla serum, an
nouncea, according to the Matin, that he
has found a cure for tuberculosis. The na
ture of his cure. Prof. Behrlng says, he
will divulge next August.
Most value for your money at Huber-
mann's Jewelry store, 13th and Douglas,
The "Kilties" are coming.
Silver Creek Farmer Disappears,
SILVER CREEK, Neb., Oct. 6. (Special.)
8am Taylor, a well known farmer living
five miles east of town, disappeared from
home lost night. He had driven to Dun
can, and on his return put his team In
the barn and disappeared. Many are the
theories of his disappearance. It Is thought
he drowned himself in a. small creek run
nlng near his father's house. Others- be
lieve he became angered because the house
was locked on his arrival and he left for
parts unknown. He was a married man.
V 1
Diseases of
Men Only
3S Tksvraf Bxperlamoa
SO Years la Omaha,
VarlooceW. Stricture,
Blood PoUon. Waa
aeaa. Book free.
A New
Price, 15 cents
An excellent mantle for the
Requires less gas, gives
better light and lasts longer
than any im
itation mantle.
If you want
a good cheap
mantle, this is
the mantle to
mantles at 20,
2"v 30 and
? fl rl 35 cents.
Imitations era Worthless and Extravagant.
Remember that;
all mantles are
not Welsbachs.
See that the
mantle you buy
has this Shield t3T
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Welsbach Trade
Mark, on the box.
Five kinds, 15, 20, 95, 30, 35c.
For Sale
by All Dealers
r BEE Ask your dealer for a Welsbach
paper cutter. It's pretty, useful aad FttLE
1 11 niffl
E hnvp Jst completed, a oopppr p!pp line direct
from the groat vat in our storage, cellars to the Bottling
Department. Thl Is a new Innovation, our brewery being
the only one In Omaha or the west equipped In this manner.
With this modern arrangement we fill bottles with beer drawn
direct from the hermetically sealed vats In our storage cellars
(Instead of drawing beer Into barrels and from the barrels
again Into bottles, as under the old system).
We therefore preserve all the life and delicate flavor of
the beer, and guarantee you that a glass of Stern Blue Ribbon
bottle beer possesses all the vim and sparkle of that drawn
from a freshly tapped barrel.
IKij- x merely "one, more reason y
'yo-u .rkoiilcl, order Jlpr'i. IMue, Rillon.
, ike;delicioujljeexi. AtvouricafeCjOT?
for jrou-r lvomt.'tw
The Riht Road
To St. Paul and Minneapolis
The Great Western Limited leaving Omaha 8:30
p. m., arriving at St Paul 7:20, Minneapolis 8:00 the next
morning, Is the only Electric Lighted Train to the Twin
Cities. The equipment, new and comfortable, consists of
Club Car, Dining Room Sleeping Cars and free Reclining
Ghair Cars. Polite service throughout
eirr tickit orncf ten 'aunam t.
II v To October SI, 1905.
Be aura your ticket read over thia Kite 1
V Inquire at J J
Nk 'Phone SI 6. S
Special One Waif
loliiiist' taraw
Jiw-krfTr. Its
To California and the Northwest
Double Daily Tourist Car Service to California from Kansas City.
Tuesday, Oct. 17th to points in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Ar
kansas, etc. Three-fourths of the one way rate for the round trip
with minimum of ten dollars.
Tor full information call on any agent of the Company, City Ticket Office, S. E. Corner 15th
and Faraam Streets, Omaha. (
TOM HUGHES,, Trav. Pass. Agt - TH0S. F. GODFREY, Pass. Tkt. Agt
H. C. TOWNSEND, G. P.T. A., St. Louis, Mo.