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Philadelphia. Endi 8ettoi at Horn by
Defeating U Lomi
Plank a ad NoKrll Fnrh Tltrb
ftreat Rail, tiat Former laa
silahtly Bft
of It.
rHirADEIrHIA, Ort. 4.-The lorsl
Ameiiran league srsson endv1 today, the
home club winning the third straight a-sme
from Ft. Ixmla. Phllnrtf Iphlw'a victory wai
due principally o poor fielding by St. Iuls.
Plank and Howell both pitched well. Bcorc:
irr. iiviR
AB H.O A. P.
Hal, If... I
n Stnn.. If
. 4 0
0 0
1 S
1 o
1 I
1 0
a a
Lord, rf t
l'ata. lb 4
1, Crow, 3h. I
s.vholil, rf... 4
Miirpby, 2b. .. 4
M CrnM. aa 4
r hrera r , . . 4
flank, p 4
2b 4 1
0 Krik rf...
1 Wallar., h
ft Jnna. lb. . .
fMJI.aimn, 3b
Kohl.r. if.
.. I
l . 4
... 9
1 nPn'rV'r, r .
a 0 ll'inrll, p. .
Totals.... :.M 7 27 16 1 TnUll. ai t 24 17 a
rh'lndr-lnhla 3 O O 0 0 O 0 1 4
Pt. Isillia (I 1 000000 01
lcft on bases; Ht. lmls. !; Philadelphia,
i. Earned runs: Philadelphia, 1. Stolen
naxfit; nsrTsei, ikivis. iwo-nnse nns; ii.
(Toss. M. t'ross, Keybold. Struck out: By
Plank, : by Howell, ft. Klret bsse on
halls; Off Plank, 3; off Howell. 4. Hit
wnn piTcnen. nan: r riK. lime: i.a.
I'mplrf-s: O'Louahlln and Connor. Attend
ance: 8,557.
Chicago Ulna In Tenth.
WASHINGTON. Ort. 4. c'hlrasro defeated
Washington todav In a ten-Inning game,
4 to 3, a wild pltrh by Hughes In the Anal
turn at the bat letting in the winning run.
Hoore :
AH H O A V..
Innea. et. & I or
An H O. A B.
Jnn.p, rf. 4
a a
0 a
1 a
l i
1 10
n a
o a
fir..n. rt . ... 4
Cawtdy. aa . . . a
Slllrkman. 2b. 4
0 Anrt.ramt, rf. 4
l'al. a 4 0
' allahiin. If. 4 a
Itnnohu.. ' lb. 4 1
Ilohr. 2b 4 1
Hqlllvan. r . I 1
Tanrirhlll, Ihl 1
Pattmon. p. 5 2
0 0 Piahl. lb 4
S (I N" i 1 1 . 3h 4
0 0 Htanl.r, If... 4
4 0 Hyrtfin, r. . . . 8
1 0 Huah.a, p. .. a
!! u.tman . 1
.40 2 II 0 Knoll .... 1
Total 36 8 20 10 a
Nlll out: hit bv batted ball.
Hatted for Hevilon in the tenth.
Batted for Hughes In the tenth.
Chicago 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 14
Washington 00100002003
Karned runs: Washington. 3: Chicago, 1.
Two-bnse hits: Tannehill. Patterson, Calla
han, Huelsman. Three-haw hits: Hughes.
C. Jones. Stolen bane: Callahan. Sacrltic
I. Its: C'asslrly. Donohue. Iiouhln playa:
Da via to Koho to Donohue, Hulllvan to
Donohue. First baae on bulla:' Off Hughes,
4; off Patteraon, 1. Strnrk out: Hy Hughes,
h; by Patterson, 5. I .eft on baaea: Waah
Ington, 3; Chicago, 11. Wild pitches: Ky
Hughes, 2. Time: 1:45. Cmplres: Hurst
und McCarthy. Attendance: 2,706.
Boston Heats Cleveland.
BOSTON, Oct. 4. Boston passed Cleve
land In the standing by defeating the visi
tors again today t to 1. Btovull's home
Specialty of Diseases
of Men.
lie has been located In Omaha and
today the doctor is known throughout
the West as one of the most skilled
and reliable specialists.
Over Thirty Thousand
cases bave been cured.
Every Disease
And all forms of disorders with which
men are afflicted, are treated In the
most skilled and successful manner.
The Respect
I have for the city and state In which
I hare lived for 20 years, compels
me to refrain from naming the various
diseases to which men are subject.
Let these be a matter of correspond
ence, or
Free Consultation at
the Office
The treatment of diseases bv Klec
trical diffusion, is one of the latest dis
coveries in medicine, and by this meth
od many thousands of esses, here
tofore pronounced Incurable, are
cured quickly and permanently bv the
Diffusion Treatment. No medicines
are given internally, but it is directed
to the diseased parts through the me
dium of in this air the
benefits of the treatment are felt at
The doctor's low charges for treat
ment la dailv proving what a great
good can be done for exhausted, worn
out and diseased men, at small cost. '
Office hours. 8 a m., to 8:30 p. m.;
Sundays, g a. m. to 1 p. m. Call or
rite. Boi 766. Office, 115 South
I lib. Bt., Omaha. Neb.
run saved Cleveland from being shutout.
rtr-nt, m... 4 1 1 4
Ci. hi. if a I
0 Bay. et 4
1 1 'nntalten, rf 4
: i
I 10
I 4
i a
o t
0 I
1 i
I nalaitb, b . 4 a 1 a OStmall. lb . 4
Purktt. If .4 I a i BnMrr. 2b . 4
crtmdhaw. lb 4 a 11 9 1 Turner. 4
rlb.h. rf... 4 t a I OParheao. 2k.. a 2b.. 4 a a I H . If a
f'riKr r a 1 4 0 BiiHnw. e....a
A'mhrn.r, cl t S OHnt p 8
l'lnwn. p 4Iat
Total aa I 24 io a
Totala at 1! 27 IS I
Boston 2 0 4 0 0 1 0 2 -
Cleveland 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Two base hit: Wodnln. Three base hits:
Crlger. Helhach. Home run: Stovall.
Htnlen bases: Burkett, tlrlmshaw, God
win. Bases on balls: off West, i. Ptrtick
out :
by Dlneen, It. by West, 2. Time:
t'mplre: Connolly. Attendance:
fttanrflna; of (he Teams.
riayed. Won. Ixist. Fet.
Philadelphia 144 90 54 .63ft
Chicago 14 W 58 IOX
Detroit IV) 77 73 .513
Boston 148 7 4 7 4 . 5")
Cleveland 151 75 76 4H
New York 145 71 74 . 430
Washington 147 6: M .42
Pt. l.otils 119 52 7 .349
flames today: Detrola at Cleveland, FhIN
adelphla at Washington, New York at Bos
Boston Shots Oat I'lttsbarc In the
Thirteenth laslng.
PITTSRCBO, Oct. 4 The game up to
the thirteenth Inning was confined for the
greater p.irt between the pitchers and the
Inflelders. Boston won on Tenney'a sin
gle followed hy Dolan's twf bagger. Score:
AB.H.O. A.E. ''"
Abba'rhlo, u a a a 1 ClarkaV It.... 14 0 0
Tenner, lb... 5 1 21 1 lOsnler, rt.... 14 0 0
Ho Ian. rf t a 4 0 rf I 0 0
Prlrbantr. If I 1 1 1 Wsnr, n., I a a I 1
Wolv.rton. Sb 0 1 4 0 Brain. h. . . . 4 0 0 I
f annell. rf... 4 1 i OHII'brnilt, lb 4 0 12 1 1
Raymer, lb.. 4 1 a I OflMBW, lb... 1 0 t 1 0
Mnran, r 4 0 a a Bltrher. ab..f 0 11
Fraaer. p ' 1 4 0 Pelti, e 4 0
C'a, p 4 1 1
Totala 44 12261
Totals.. ....46 4) at 17 3
Boston 0 00000000 11
Pittsburg 0 00000000 04)
Karned runs: Boston. 1. Two base lilt:
Dolnn. Sacrifice hits: Raymer, Moran.
Htolen bases: Flanagan, Wagner, Dolan.
Double plays: Wagner and Hlllebrnndt;
Hitcliey, Clymer and Pelta. First base on
balls: off Case, 4; off Fraser, 3. Struck
out: by Case, 4; by Fraser. 2. Wild pitch:
Case. Passed ball: Pelts. Time: i!:2.
Umpire: Johnstone. Attendance: 1.036.
Standing; of (he Tea ma.
Played. Won. Lost Pet.
New York . 148 103 45 .tS
Pittsburg 149 W 53 .645
Chicago 149 8 61 .691
Philadelphia 147 80 67. .644
Cincinnati 149 76 73 .610
St. Louis 150 67 M .8X0
Boston 149 60 99 .336
Brooklyn 147 44 103 .299
Games today: Boston at Brooklyn, Phil
adelphia at New York, Cincinnati at - St.
Lightsome Wins Two-Year-Old Di
vision of Kentucky Fatnrlty.
LEXINGTON. Ky., Oct. 4.-Llghtsome, a
rank outsider, furnished the surprise In the
feature In the second day of the trotting
meeting here by winning the 2-year-old
division of the rich Kentucky Futurity In
almost record time. Ed Custer, the hot
favorite, selling In the overnight pools for
Slut) against t'A for the field, finishing out
side the money Lightsome was driven by
her owner, K. Dodge of Lexington, who
Eut her nose under the wire first In straight
The 2:06 trot this afternoon broke the
world's record for the fastest four-heat
trotting race. McCoy, driver of Lyddite
In the second event, was suspended for one
year fqr pulling. The classic Transylvania,
the most coveted of all trotting events,
will be run tomorrow. Dan Patch will also
go against the world's pacing record. Ka
mi 1 1 :
First race, the Futurity, for 3-year-olds,
value $5,000, two in three:
Lightsome, b. f. (Dodge) 1 1
Vera Prodigal, b. f. (Chllds) 2 8
Slllco, b. c. (C. Marvin) 9 2
Governor Francis, br. oi (Foote) 3 9
Silence, Laboudle, Qulsetta. Ed Custer,
Daffodil and Sheeney also started.
Time: 2:14H. 2:18.
' Second rnee, C:1SI class,, - pacing; purse
11,000. three In five: . ,
Lyddite, b. m. '(McCoy and ' -
8now 4 2 S 1 1 1
Jubilee, blk. g (McEwen) 8 114 6 2
Inter Ocean, b.g. (A. Thomas). 1 7 8 7 7 3
Peachle, b. m. (Miller) 6 8 7 2 3 ro
Ethel Rice, Crystal O, Red Ash and
Lookout Hal also started.
Time: 2:07H. 2 :',, 2:09H. 2:09. 2:11, 2:14.
2:06 class, trotting, purse $1,600, two In
Nurman B, blk. g. (McCarthy) 3 2 11
Doctor Strong, gr. g. (Geers) 1 3 3 2
Snyder McGregor, ch. g. (Hogan)..2 12 3
Wentworth ds
Time: 2:04. 2:044, 2:06i, 2:07H
2:14 class, trotting, purse $1,0U0, two In
Boreaselle, br. h. (Demarest) 1 1 1
Morone, blk. g. (Garrlty) 4 2 2
Nuncy Holland, b. m. (Hall) 2 7 7
Imperial Allerton, b. h. (Geers) 4 t
Time: 2:11V4. 2:10. 2:0914.
University of Chleaao Wins from
BeloK Thirty-Eight to Nothing.
CHICAGO, Oct. 4. Chicago university,
with a team composed for the most part of
substitutes, ran up a score of thirty-eight
against the Belolt college eleven on Mar
shall Held this afternoon. Fumbling char
acterised the play of both elevens.
NEW HAVEN. Conn., Oct. 4. Yale de
feated Wealeyun at foot ball today In the
ttrst test for the wearers of the blue this
year, the score being 27 to 0. Yale'a work
In the first halt was ragged, but In the
aecond half great improvement was shown.
NEW YORK. Oct. 4. Columbia defeated
Seton Hall today by the score of 21 to 0.
Clark, of the Seton team, had a rib broken
during the game. Henry Post, left end
on the Columbia team, bad his left arm
CAMBRIDGE. Mass., Oct. 4 Harvard
defeated Bowdoln today by the score of
16 to 0 In a game which was characterised
by frequent fumbling and unscientific play
by both teams.
At .Ann Arbor, Mich. University of
Michigan. 44: Kalamasoo college, 0.
At Philadelphia University of Pennsyl
vania, 16; Gettysburg, 6.
At Champaign. III. Illinois. 8: Wabash. 0.
At Madison, Wis. Wisconsin, 29; Mar
quette, 0.
At Minneapolis Minnesota, 46; St.
Thomas, 0.
Arbitrators Take (p Cases Aaalast
Class A Ball Players.
CINCINNATI. O.. Oct. 4-The meeting
of the national board of arbitration of the
minor league scheduled for today, brought
many base ball men from all parts of the
country to the city yesLerday and last
night. The meetlnc was called to con
sider charges brought by President Kavan-
augn ot t lie riout tiern league, and Manager
Joyner of Atlanta, against Howard Grif
fiths and other class A men.
George 'Tebeau, chairman of the board,
who called the meeting; President T. J.
Brlce of the Columbus club, and George
mailings, manager of the Buffalo Eastern
League club, were the advance guard, who
arrived last night. The board constats of
George Tebeau. chairman: J. Q. Kavan-
augh. President Bent of Han Francisco. Tun
Murnane of Boston and Howard Griffiths.
Owing to the no n appears nee of the com
plainants, an adjournment to October 14
in New York waa taken.
Iowa Shows No Improvement.
IOWA CITY. la.. Oct. 4 (Special Tele
gram. "The work of the regulars tonight
was about on a par with their work last
night. Not a bit of Improvement haa been
shown.' The team la all shot to pieces
ami the sise of the score Saturday will de
pend upon Chicago's mercy." Thus char
acterised John Chalmers the second scrim
mage work uf the week. After a hot signal
practice the 'Varsity was sent against
the freshmen team, coached by Reddy
Griffith, and for fifteen minutes they ap
peared to be. entirely outclassed. The
youngsters made consistent gains around
either end or through the line and the old
fashioned double cross was worked for
long gams twice. In both defensive and
offensive play the work of the regulars
was characterised as rotten by Coach
Chalmers. White and Andy Chalmers are
both unimproved, thoivgh they continue to
(IImw the work of the regulars from the
aide hue.
Poal Season Uaanea In St. I.oals.
ST. LOUIS. Ort. 4. Arrangements were
completed today for a post season aeries
of seven games between the Im-al American
and National league base ball teams. Tha
tirat game will be played Monday, October
. and me last. Sunday, October 14.
PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 4 -In the Inter
collegiate tennis tournament today. In the
mnt h In doubles. ewburst and Registe.
university or Pennsylvania, defeated Bear
and Fpsuldlng of Yale. fewhurt will play
Behr tomorrow for the title. In the finals
for doubles lew hurst snd Register will
play Wells and Field. Yale, for the championship.
for the- . cmfwyp cmfwyp rmfwyp cmfwy
The Benoa of Council Bluffs got busy last
night and didn't do a thing to the Krug
Parks. After lolng the first the Bluffs
hoys rolled two games thst will win most
sny time. For some reason the brewers
W'ere away off their usual game, even
"City Champ" Clay falling to resch the
Wai mark. "Fur.s" French whs high man
for the night, leading Frtish by one pin.
The latter had top alngle game with 245.
FYush 144
O. E. Johnson 1H9
t I Tot.
145 !M 5T3
162 I 617
21.1 151 4(1
173 1M 5"0
136 1RJ 494
9J9 8K42,S)2
2 8 Tot.
14 146 4!6
1M 1!7 67 1
148 6"5
176 19S 617
179 146 4S8
922 831-2,600
Betnpke ..
Smith .....
.' 1"4
French '. ..
. G. Johnson..
Rnll Player's Jaw KraetBred.
NEW YORK. Oct. 4. David Fults. the
base ball player who has been In the
Washington Heights hspltn! for the last
few days aa the result of Injuries re
ceived In a recent game with the Cleveland
team, will he able to leave thst Institution
In a few days. Fultz's Jaw was fractured
and he will be obliged to keep his head In
snllnts for several weeks after he leaves
the hospital.
Borne Thrown Baptist.
PES MOINE8. Oct. 4. Farmer Burns of
Big Rock. Ia.. defeated Oeorae Bant late of
St, Ixula In a wreatllng match for the mid
dleweight championship of America tonight.
jtapuaie iook ine nrst iaii in twenty-six
minutes and thirty-four seconds. Burns
won the next two In eight minutes and
thirty seconds and eleven mlnues, respec
Headquarters Opened at Washington
Hall for (he Benefit of Their
Visiting (oontryraea.
By tonight 6.000 persons of Danish na
tional from points In Nebraska and Iowa
within a radius of 200 miles will be In
Omaha to see the fun of Ak-Sar-Ren.
Efforts of the four local lodges of the
Danish Brotherhood and Its two women's
auxiliaries to get In the Danes from the
surrounding country has proven very suc
cessful. The visitors began coming In on
the earliest trains Wednesday morning and
the reception committees of the Brother
hood, headed by Waldamar Mtchaelsen,
have been busier than the prosperity of
Omaha has any right to expect. Besides
the committees to meet the visitors at the
trains other committees arranged for
rooms In private houses, as the hotels are
Washington hall Is the headquarters for
the Danes. A restaurant has been opened
there so that all will be fed If the attack
on the downtown eating houses Is too
"Up to noon about 8.000 men, women
and children from different parts of Iowa
and Nebraska hod arrived," said Chair
man Mlchaelsen. "We are doing all we
can to show Omaha up to the best ad
vantage. Most of the visitors were Im
mediately taken in tow, provided with
places to stay and put In the hands of
guides to show them the packing houses
and other sights and industries. I heard
many favorable comments about the city.
All seem to like the town and to appre
ciate the kindly way in which they have
been received."
A sliver service will be given the lodge
or society sending in the largest delega
tion. It will be awarded Friday night.
Visiting ' Danes to the number of about
1.200 were entertained last night by the
Danish Brotherhood at Washington hall.
A program was given In the hall, lunch was
served all evening downstairs and several
rooms were open for those who wanted to
chat and smoke. In the big hall, sfter
a piano solo by Mrs. William Kelson,
Waldemar Mlchaelsen delivered an address
of welcome. The Danish Singing society
sang several songs and Carl Nordin enter
tained with sleight of hand. George
Mlchaelsen gave a review of the history
of the Danish Brotherhood. The second
part of the program was a recitation of
"The World's Hercules," by Henrlk Ibsen.
Those who took part were Fritz Jacobsen,
F. K. Christensen, Ax Wage, Axel
Erlksen, Ferdinand Herniingsen, Theo Kell
and F. K. Dahlum. Three tableaux were
presented by the Danish Singing society.
Aaaoaneenaenta of the Theaters.
Mr. Robert Mantell will be seen in a
special performance of "Richelieu" at the
Boyd theater this afternoon. In this char
acter the star has made a great success,
snd with his present company is presenting
the famous classic remarkably well. This
evening the bill will be "Othello." the
curtain to rise Immediately after the pas
sage of the great Ak-Sar-Ren parade, so
that all visitors to the city who care to
attend the theater aa well may see the
great Shakespearean tragedy as well as
the display. Mr. Mantell will appear in
the title role, with Mr. Harry Lelghton In
the role of Iago. The company Is finely
equipped for these classical productions,
being most lavishly supplied with scenery
and costumes, and the audiences that have
attended the performances so far have
been delighted.
At the Bur wood theater the attendance
has been all that the house would hold
this week. The bill for the week, "Because
She Loved Him So," has proven immensely
popular. It will be given at a shoppers'
matinee this afternoon, and again thia
evening. Director Long has his company
hard at work preparing "Under Two Flags''
for presentation next week.
Women and visitors to the carnival may
see the excellent vaudeville bill on at the
Orpheum this week atsjthe matinee this
afternoon for the same popular prices that
prevail at these midweek favorites of the
women and girls. Tonight the performance
will not start until after the parade passes
and the large number of theater parties
that have engaged seats Indicates a repeti
tion of last year on this occasion, when
the house was full.
A tisrdosl A tiordonl
Clansmen will attend funeral of late
Clansman James Cook at St. Peters'
church. Twenty-eighth and Iavenworth
streets. Friday, October C at 9 o'clock a. m.
Wear plaid and bonnet and be on hand five
minutes before hour.
JAMES C. LINDSAY', Secretary.
Clan Gordon No. 3. Order Scottish Clans.
Kansas City, Ma., and Retarn
Via the Missouri Pacific railway, tickets
on sale October 1 to T. Full Information
from any agent of the company or Thomas
F. Godfrey, passenger and ticket agent
8. E. corner Fifteenth and Farnam streets!
Omaha. Neb.
Dakota Baptists la Session.
SIOUX FALLS. 8. D.. Oct., 4 -(Special).
The Twenty-fourth annual conference of
the Baptist church of South Dakota
convened here this forenoon and will con
tinue In session until Sunday evening.
Among the prominent men who will par
ticipate In the conference are: Dr. O. A.
Williams and Dr. L. A. Crandall of Min
neapolis. Rev. R. S. VanDoran and Prof.
Shaller Mathews of Chicago and Dr. P.
A. Cook of Bloomfleld. N. J.
The "Kilties'' are coming.
Land of the Fhanabs, Traffard HnUaon
Saji, ia How ProgreaiWi.
Telia of Vast Benefit Assonant Dam
Otrr the lle Is to Commercial
and Aarlrnltnrnl Inter
ests of the Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Trafford Hnteson of Inn
don. Eng.. arrived In Omaha Wednesday
morning for a visit with the former's
brother. J. C. Huteson, and family. Mr.
and Mrs. Trafford Huteson are famous
world travelers.
"We are pleased again to visit Omaha
and are delighted with the great Improve
ment In the city since we were last here
three- years ago. We are Just from New
Y'ork, having but. recently arrived from
England, and will rernaln here some two
weeks. After thnt I shall go to Canada
for a shooting bout of some weeks, and
after that will go to Egypt, where I have
some Interests.
"It may Interest you to know thst Egypt
Is awakening rapidly from its lethargy of
centuries and Is fast assuming an Impor
tance in tha eastern world, agriculturally
and commercially, that borders on the mar
velous. The metamorphosis of Egypt Is
owing wholly to the completion of the
Assouan dam across the Nile, which has
been built to conserve tha flood waters of
the Nile, and the effect has been a com
plete transformation of the country. The
people are prosperous and happy, and Just
at this time the fall flood season Is on and
the agricultural outlook Is extremely good.
"The Egyptians are a peculiar race. In
that they are susceptible of the highest
civilization and are rapidly grasping the
opportunities offered by the Invasion of
English capital and enterprise.
Influence of English Capital.
"English capital has established a great
bank at Cairo known as the Ag
ricultural bank, and It makes loans to the
natives on their crops, which the natives
eagerly avail of, and make their repay
ments promptly. The Assouan dam Is
built shout 1.260 miles above Cairo. Con
trary to general report the building of the
dam has not resulted In the destruction
of the ruins of Thebes, nor the beautiful
Island of Phllea with its matchless group
of ruins. The English has expended many
thousands of pounds to preserve Phllea,
and while If is possible that the more
steady flow of water may In a measure
hasten the decay of the ruins there, every
effort will be made to preserve and beau
tify them.
"Another great project Is under contem
plation in the upper Nile country for the
building of a canal for Irrigation pur
poses from the White to the Blue Nile,
about 170 miles above the Junction of the
rivers forming the Great Nile. This will
open up for cultivation many millions of
acres of as fertile land as Is on the globe
and will revolutionize the upper Nile coun
try. I am somewhat Interested In this
project, and one of the purposes of my visit
to Egypt Is to assist in the exploitation of
this enterprise. This canal is located ap
proximately 1,000 miles beyond the Assouan
"jot (he Only Dam.
"In speaking of the Assouan dam do not
understand me that this Is the only dam
across the Nile, but It Is the great one. It
was rumored that the dam was gradually
becoming underrnlned and Its destruction
threatened. This is only partly true.
"The great crop of Egypt Is cotton, with
wheat, barley and''fye next In order of
Importance. Lucerne is the great forage
crop and Is something of the nature of
your alfalfa crops. Five crops of lucerne
can be raised 'a year and the result Is
stimulating th increase of the live stock
Industry there, particularly in the matter of
"In brief, Egypt Is keeping pace with
modern enterprise and is destined to become
one of the foremost lands of the east, as
It was centuries ago under the age of the
A Miraculous Escape
from bleeding to death had A. Pinake,
Naahotah. Wis., who healed his wound
with Bucklin's Arnica Salve. . 26c. For
sale by Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
Date for Implement Men.
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D., Oct.4.-(Speclal).
W. S. Hll, secretary of the Retail Im
plement Dealers' association of South Da
kota, southwestern Minnesota and north
western Iowa, announces that the annual
convention of the associates will be held
In Sioux Falls on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday, December 12, 13 and 14.
Man Medicine Receipt
The Great Prescription for Man Medicine
Is Sent Absolutely Free The Power
Proof of Perfect Potency In Every
Man Kow Within Reach of ill and
the Prescription Free.,
Tour youth can and will come back again.
Prove In your own discouraged body the
potent power of the marvelous Man Medl-'
cine of the great Interstate Remedy Com
pany. We send the original prescription
entirely at our cost and not at yours, so
you can get it filled most anywhere.
There Is no charge for thla, not a dollar,
not u cent, not a penny.
Sent In plfaln envelope, sealed, without
any mark or writing on the cover to betray
the contents Man Medicine will give you
back all the old time come and go of being
alive and young. New young power and the
lift and life of first manhood over again.
Your whole body will mount again to the
strength and vigor of youthful manhood,
your flesh and blood will shout out the fact
that you are right right right. You know
what thHt means every man knows it
means full force and fire of vigorous man
hood. The flash and dash of man-life, the
man who lives again In every part of his
body being.
It means all that does that. Do you want
to be that way? Do you want to be a
man man-like man-right and man-able ?
Ito you want to be "game" again up and
coming? Man Medicine will make you so.
The proof la yours, the prescription is
yours, free for the asking, absolutely free.
Your name and where to send h all you
have to do to get it. Get it. Prove It.
Know It We'll send It. Our word ia your
Guarsntee. .
10 Lack atallalaa, DeU-elt, Mick.
The coming convention promises to be the
moat Importsnt ever held by the nssocla
tlon. A meeting of the board of directors
will he held In the near future for the
purpose of taking up the work of pre
paring a program for the convention.
Italian Steamer Stranded.
NORFOLK. Vs.. ttct 4 -The Italian
steamer Cttta dl Palermo, from Norfolk for
New Orleans In ballast, stranded on Dla
mond shoals, one mile from "eic llntter.-ia
life savlt.g station, last night during thick
weather. The crew of fhlrtv men were
landed In llfehonta fo.lav bv the Cape Hat
teras and Creed's Hill life saving station
and are being cared for at those stations.
Fair Today and Tomorrow In e.
nrnaka Cooler In 'ehraaka and
Western Iowa Today.
WASHINOTON. Oct. 4 -Forcaat of the
weather for Thursday and Friday:
For Nebraska Fair and cooler Thurs
day; Friday fair.
For Iowa Fair Thursday, cooler In west
and north portions; Friday fair.
For Mlasotirl, Kansas, South Dakota,
Utah, Colorado and Wyoming Fair' Thurs
day and Friday.
Local Record.
OMAHA. Oct. 4-Oftlcial record of ten,!
perature and Precipitation, compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
'far": 1905. 1904. 1908. 19"2.
Maximum temperature... 87 87 70 fy
Minimum temperature.... 61 6.1 48 44
Mean temperature 74 75 59 47
Precipitation no .00 .00 .0
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1,
and comparison with the last two years;
NormnI temperature 58
Excess of the day '
Total excess since March 1 ,1906 ""439
Normal precipitation 09 Inch
Deficiency for the day 09 inch
Total rainfall since March 1. .. .20.56 Inchos
Deficiency since March 1 5 47 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period In 19f4. ..1.24 Inches
Excess for cor. period of 1903 3.89 Inches
Reports from stations at T P. M.
Station and State Tern. Max. Rain-
of Weather. 7 o. m. Tmn. fall
Bismarck, clear 62 70 .00
Cheyenne, clear 66 78 00
Chicago, clear 76 82 .'00
Davenport, clear 76 84 .00
Denver, clear 72 80 no
Havre, clear 70 72 oo
Helena, clear ...,64 72 .00
Huron, clear 70 ftn itn
Kansas City, clear 76 82 .Oil
r.nrth Platte, clear 76 90 in
Omaha, clear 79 87 .110
Rarld City, clear 64 76 .00
St. IouIr, clear 76 80 .00
St. Paul, clear 70 82 no
can i,e city, clear 76 so .00
Valentine, clear 78 88 .00
w Huston, clear 68 72 00
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster!
'smoke, without that
tang 7 taste. Ini-
, ported brands as good
cost twice as much.
Ask you tobao-
. conist
38,000 Acres
of Capitol
Building Lands
In McPherson, Edmunds, Faulk, Potter
and Hyde counties. In 8014th Dakota, will
be sold at public auction to the highest
bidder. For particulars. If Interested, rela
tive to descriptions, appraisement, terms,
date and place of sale, apply to this de
partment. C, J, BACH,
Commissioner of School and Public Lands,
J bps. Those suffering from weak
- La nesaes which sap the pleasures
1 of life should take JuTen Pills.
One box will tell a story of
marvelous results. This medicine haa more
rejuvenating, vitalizing force than has ever
before been offered. Sent post-paid in plain
package only on receipt of this adv. and II.
Made by its originators C. 1. Rood Co., pro
prietors Hood's Sarsaparilla. Lowell. Mass.
Cat Big far sssstkrml
irrltsltoas r alcrsUeas
ot si so. a a aiaatbrssM.
i.l.UM. .ad mot utin.
ImfrMSCamreMOl. f.Qt or awtaoaaas.
Mat by PraaalsU.
ee ssat Is a4ala wimsssv.
y assraM. srapsid, fa
SI .at, er t bottlM M rt.
(areata tsat ea laaaaaa
BJf SM an !
s ri 1 in 11 ftimii
V B.a.1. ? f
Double Daily Tourist Car Service to California from Kansas City.
Tuesday, Oct, I7th. to points in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Ar
kansas, etc. Three-fourths of the one way rate for the round trip
with minimum of ten dollars.
For full information call on any agent of the Company, City Ticket Office, S. E. Corner 15th
and Farnam Streets, Omaha.
TOM HUGHES,, Trav. Pass. Agt TH0S. F. GODFREY, Pass. Tkt. Agt
H. C.
r n
The Safe and
0)W A
1412 Doudlai
Banyan th
! 'k
it 1:
I ft .r;.!.-:!."H' ;
W " .;ue
THERE are thousands of men whose minds are weak and Impaired, and
whose bodies are unsound and diseased. They suffer from the follies and
excesses of youth and experience weakening of their physical, mental and
sexual powers. They are weak, nervous, tired, dizzy, languid, despondent
and absent minded: have weak aching back, palpitation of the heart, capri
cious appetite, frightful dreams, a constant fear of Impending danger, night
losses and day drains, which unfits them for work, study, business or marriage.
Others are suffering from private diseases, such as Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stric
ture, Varicocele, Enlarged Prostrate or Blood Poison (Syphilis).
Are you one of these men? Are you struggling under the burden of a se
cret weakness, which is a slow but sure drain on your strength and vitality? In
your present condition are you fit to hold a responsible position? Can any
body rely on you or can you rely on yourself? Is your body almost wrecked
and your brain in a whirl? It Is terrible to be In this condition, but It is still
worse to allow it to progress and become more aggravated, for It will then fill
your whole life with failure, misery and woe. There are thousands of ruined
and cheerless homes, filled with discontent and unhapplness, lacking In love
and companionship, through the sexual weakness and physical impairment of
men whose years do not Justify such a condition. We have gladdened the hearts
of thousands of young and middle aged men who were plunging toward the
grave, restoring them to perfect specimens of physical manhood, full of vim,
vigor and vitality.
We Cnr Qntckly, Safely and Thoroughly
and all diseases and weaknesses of men due to Inheritance, evil habits, exeeeses,
self-abuse or the result of specific or private diseases,
rnNSIII TATIflN FRFF ' vn" eannot call wrlta for symptom blank.
bUnaULinilUil mLU office Hours 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Sundays. 10 to 1 only.
1308 farnam St., Betwaan 13th and 14th 6t., Omaha, Nab.
Special Trains
Arrangements have been made for
the accommodation of Ak-Sar-Ben visi
tors, by the Union Pacific, to run spe
cial trains tonight after the Grand
Electric Float Parade. Trains will
leave Union Station at 11:30 P. M.
Inquire at
'Pboaa til. j
TO OCTOBER 31st, 1905
To California and the Northwest
TOWNSEND, G. P. T. A., St. Louis, Mo.
Helpful Beverage
GOOD ber helps the stomach to perform Its
offices. It aids the diRestion. The percentage of
alcohol In good beer Is very small. GOOD beer
Wiener quenches the thirst and refreshes Instant
ly and naturally. Athletes drink Wiener beer when
in training. They know that it is good for them.
The absolute wholesomeress of Blatu Beers is pre
determined by the Blots Method, months before it
comes to yon. Pure, sparkling water hops
barley malt brewed and matured ia the good
Blats way. The ideal home beverage.
Omaha branch
Street Tel. 1081
Sauna Good Old "BlatV