Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 01, 1905, 329, NEWS SECTION, Page 8, Image 8

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TVe extend to you a most
cordial invitation to visit Oma
ha's Popular Tailoring Estab
lishment. Here you will find an assort
ment that 'will gladden the
heart of every good dresser and
you will find displayed the
handsomest array of Fall and
Winter fabrics ever shown in
this city.
Our tailoring facilities are
broad enough to enable us to
turn out well-made garments
in forty-eight hours if requir
ed; Trousers in half that time.
"We know the merits of fair
dealing and fair profits both
ot which we own the right to
name by long exeperience in the
Tailoring business.
' lllr
You'll pick of the choicest
new fabrics if you pick now.
Trousers $5 to $12
Suits $20 to $50
Dress Suits $40 to $60
, AVe 6hall be pleased to take
your correct measure free of
charge for future reference.
Samples and Fashion Plates
mailed upon application.
209--211 South 15th St.
Two Telephone Srenu Iajnrci More
People Than it Can Htlp. -
Possibility of Estraillaa; Pervlr
Small and Certalatr at I n
rrraalfiK f nt to I tm
The members nf th rlty rnunrll Anil ths
rlMxns of Omaha will rnKnli some
Important moral rguestlons Involved In tha
acnn1 tolrphon proposition as thay be
come familiar with the facta. One of thse
questions Is:
la It rlnht to give any company tha
power to force the second telephone Into
about 2.S"0 business places In Omaha and
thus levy an additional expense of about
H2fi,ono a year upon the business men of
the city?
t have shown by the presentation of
facts pertaining to the experience of
other cities that wherever there has been
telephone competition in a city as large
as 'Omaha the Rell telephones have not
been dispensed with, but have Increased In
number; that the Bell rates have been
generally maintained, and that competition
has placed many thousands of dollars of
additional expense upon the business men.
who are required to have both 'phones.
But, It may be argued, the business men
will receive an additional service com
mensurate with the additional expense put
upon them, for they will be placed In
telephonlo connection with many residences
which are now without telephone service.
For the sake of argument we will grant
that the independent company. If It atarts
In business, will have aa many as 1,000 ex
clusive residence 'phones, meaning that It
will succeed In placing its 'phones In l.OflO
residences which are without the Bell
'phones, although this la scarcely possible
In view of the low residential rates of the
Bell company here,- and If the business
rate of the Independent company la to be
$54, as has been intimated. It would cost
the business man Just that sum per year
for these 1,000 additional residence connec
tions, or 6.4 cents per connection. The ex
orbitance of this charge may be appre
ciated by considering the fact that at
present the business man with an Individ
ual line 'phone in 'the Bell exchange paya
$84 for a service with 5.000 residence con
nections, or only 1.7 cent per connection.
The additional service to be gained In
Omaha from the establishment of a second
telephone system will cost the telephone
users a great deal more, per possible con
nection, than the present service of the
Bell company costs. This is Indicated
clearly by the foregoing Illustration, and,
further, it Is the established fact In every
city where there are two companies In tha
If the Independent company . comes In
with a residence rate of 130 per year, as
has been intimated, and 1,000 residences use
Its 'phone to the exclusion of the Bell
'phone the aggregate annual saving to
these 1,000 householders would be $4,000, be
cause 1,000 residence 'phones In the Bell
exchange, at $3 each, would cost Just $8,000
more than 1,000 residence 'phonea In the In
dependent exchange, at $30 each. Now, If
2,6(10 business men can be beguiled Into, put
ting in tne independent phone at $64 each,
they will be taking on an additional tele
phone expense aggregating $126,000 per
year. So, In order to save one class of
users $6,000 a year, the Independent tele
phone proposition means to assess $124,000
a year of additional expense against an
other class of users. It is Just suoh ex
perience as this that prompted Alderman
John F. Domhoff of East St. Louis, 111.,
In a paper presented to the League of
American Municipalities, to say:
"In voting a franchise to any public serv
ice corporation It is the duty of the city
government to protect the Interests of the
whole, and not merely a part, of the com
munity. A city government has no right
to Impose a burden upon one class of cltl-
rens In order to bestow a benefit upon an
other class."
Alderman Domhoff showed by figures
that telephone competition In East St.
Louis saved one class of users $4,809 per
year and cost another class $15,354 per year.
And every city of any Importance which
bas two telephone systems Is having the
same experience in this respect.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy cures diarrhoea and dysen
tery in all forms and In all stages. It
never falls.
Mrs Appointed to Consider Applica
tion for Headquarters of
Woodmen of World.
Considerable business of a routine nature
was transacted by the executive council of
the Woodmen of the. World Saturday morn
ing. The matter of the removal of the head
quarters of the sovereign camp from this
city In the event of the decision of the su
preme court being-adverse to the Interest
of the order 4n the matter of the taxation
of the $2,000,000 reserve fund was discussed.
The discussion culminated In the Appoint
ment of a committee of five, with Sovereign
Cpmmander J. C. Root aa chairman, John
C. Yates, w. A Fraaer. C. C. Farmer and
J. E. Fitzgerald to Investigate the matter
and consider the propositions of the several
other cities for the location of the head
quarters, so that an Immediate removal can
follow a possible adverse decision of the
Nebraska supreme court.
The contract for bonding the sovereign
and subordinate officers of the order was
let to the National Surety company of New
York. The most favor? ble terms were ob
tained. W: E. Joyce of New York, the per
sonal representative of the National Surety
company, conducted the negotiations to
their successful Issue.
The individual members of the council
were entertained at luncheon at the Com
mercial club by W. B. Joyce of the National
Surety company of New York at noon Saturday.
Dr. Humphreys' Serenty
Sercn breaks up drip and
Before the first flush of Fever comes
lasiltude and weakness, the premonitory
symptoms of having taken Cold If at this
time you act quickly take a few doses of
Dr. Humphreys' .Specific "Seventy-seven,"
It will restore the checked circulation,
start the blood coursing through the veins
and break up the Cold. "77" also breaks
up Colds that hang on. "77" cures Orlp,
Influenza. Catarrh. Coughs, Bronchitis and
Sore Throat. At Druggists 26c, or mailed.
Write for Medical Book aent free.
Hu.iphr.rV Horn. MmIIHim Ca., Oar. Wllll.a
t4 Juha airwu, r York.
Improved Order of fled Men.
The arret state council of the Improved
Order of Red Men will hold Its anntml
meeting is. Ancient Order nf T'nlted Work
men hall. Fouth Omaha. Tuesday. October
10. The Indications are for a very large rt
tendanre from all over the state, with visi
tors from ad.lacent states.
Yah-mln-dah-sls tribe No. 2 has changed
Its meeting place (mm the Continental
blork to the new Rnhrhnugh building at
Nineteenth and Farnam streets. All visiting
Red Men are cordially Invited to meet with
us. The next regular meeting will be held
Monday evening. October 2. The meeting
nights are each Monday evening.
Rankers I nlon nf the World.
Frsternal lodge No. held a largely at
tended meeting Thursday evening. A large
class of candidates was Initiated. After the
regular business session the evening was
given over to dancing and miscellaneous
social diversions.
Knights of the Maerahers.
Owing to the A k Par-Hon parade next
Thursday evening Omaha tent No. 75 de.
elded to hold no meeting that night. The
next meeting will therefore he held October
12. A valuable prise has been offered for
members securing the greatest list of new
members before November 1.
Fraternal t'nion of America.
The anniversary of Mondamln lodge No.
11 last Monday evening was a decided suc
cess, the hall being well filled by members
and friends. The program, vocal and In
strumental, was well rendered, after which
the balance of the evening was devoted to
dancing. Monday evening this lodge meets
In' Rohrbough's new building, Nineteenth
and Farnam streets.
I'nlon Veterans t'nion.
Vlcksburg Regiment No. 1 will hold .Its
next regular meeting In Barlghfs Society
hall. Nineteenth and Farnam streets, Fri
day evening, October 6, at 8 o'clock. Ar
rangements have been made for the use of
this hall by the organization, which will
occupy It on the first and third Frldavs of
each month. The Ladles of the Oarfleld
circle No. 11. Grand Army of the Republic,
will occupy the hall afternoons of the same
days for their meetings. A camnflre will
be held Immediately after the close of the
regular meeting, and refreshments con
sisting of beans, coffee and hardtack will
be dished up by the women of the Grand
Army of the Republic.
Oarfleld Circle Aid society held an enjoy
able meeting Friday afternoon at ttaa home
of Mrs. O. U. Metcalf. Refreshments were
served and by special dispensation Mrs.
Metealf's mother was Initiated Into the
order as an honored member. Beginning
with October the circle will meet In tha
new hall at Nineteenth and Farnam.
Tribe of Ben Hnr.
At Omaha Court No. 110 last Tuesday
night a committee was appointed to confer
with like committees from other courts to
make arrangements for the coming of Su
preme Chief D. W. Gerard October 26.
The next meeting will be held in the new
hall In the Southwest corner of rV
Rohrbough building. Nineteenth and Far
nam streets. Kvery member Is urged to
be present next Tuesdav nlnht. AM matters
of importance and for the welfare of Omaha
court no. no will be discussed at that
Woodmen of tha World.'
Of United States camp No. 229 Paul B.
Harm was elected banker for the remainder
of th term. Consul Commander William
Lampmann will be united In marriage
Tuesday to Miss Wilcox, daughter of Major
Wilcox, and Thursday afternoon at Fra
ternal hall the marriage of Sergeant Hoover
of the degree team will be formally cele
brated. This will make five members of
this camp who will have taken unto them
selves wives during the month.
Prof. W. C. VanNess of the Iowa State
Normal school, Denlson, and Rev. G. H.
Schleh will speak at the unveiling cere
mony of Omaha-Seymour camp No. 16,
Woodmen of the World, at Myrtle hall
Wednesday evening, October 18. Prof. Van
Ness is a well knotvn educator, and camp
No. 1 has arranged the service In the even
ing at the forest so he can be heard not
only by Woodmen, but citizens generally.
The services will be open to the public.
The T. K. quartet and Miss Louise Shad
duck are on the musical program, and
Miss Cora M. Hitchcock will deliver the
poem. The ritualistic services will be con
ducted by the Seymour degree team.
W. T. Burke has resigned aa secretary
of the Scottish Rite bodies, which office he
has held for years, and Is succeeded by
Carl E. Herring. Mr. Burke gave as his
only reason for resigning too much private
business affairs.
Rev. Lnclns O. Balrd of Ottawa, III.,
Aceepta Cell to rongrrega
tlonat Church.
Rev. Lucius O. Balrd of Ottawa, III., has
accepted the call to the pastorate of 8t.
Mary's Avenue Congregational church and
will preach his first sermon November 19.
His letter of acceptance was received by
Prof. A. H. Waterhouse as chairman of
the committee having In charge the se
lection of a pastor yesterday. The pulpit
waa vacated In the spring by "the resigna
tion of Rev. Robert Yost, who accepted a
call from a PreHbyterlan church at Jollet,
111. He was a Presbyterian before coming
to Omaha. During the summer the pulpit
was filled by Dr. Jenkins of the Presby
terian Theological seminary and on oc
casions various ministers who were can
didates for the church.
Beantlfnl Soavealr Being: Sent to the
Knights by Samson for Car
rent Year.
Accompanying the royal commands to at
tend the coronation ball of Ak-Rar-Ben
XII. Samson the faithful chancellor. Is
sending out a handsome souvenir. It is in
the form of a desk tray, of solid and mass:
Ive sliver, most beautifully engraved and'
chasedi The design shows a steer's head at
either apex of the oval, with a border of
wheat, corn and sugar beets. In the center
is a mounted knight, with a visor raised,
as if to view the glorious prospect un
folded on the Plains of Qui vera. The
souvenir Is one of the handsomest and most
useful ever sent out in honor of a change
in dynasty.
Of Interest to Innlnn.
"I travel In the southern states," says
Mr. E. E. Cross of Melfa, Va. "While
driving had a sudden attack of cholera
morbus, with severe cramping pains In the
stomach. A customer of mine at the first
store I stopped at recommended Chamber
lain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem
edy, and two doses of It set me right. I
now carry a bottle of this remedy In my
grip constantly, as do many other traveling
men I unhesitatingly recommend It." The
constant chage of drinking water and did
often -auses disorders of the bowels. For
this reason no one should leave home on
a Journey without a bottle of this remedy
It la almost certain to ba neeatd.
, t. MM i I n I - II II I I II - I I "I
, ilia ilS'l
V's -,i..w,i , n...i- .,.,1 . i. in i...I.IP.
i i I.III..IHUI.I1I iiiiiiimiMi--ii in rr I '
Gune nnd soo hrown, crisp biscuits' baked in threo roin
utrs. Wo will show you why tho QUICK MEAL loads the
world in durability nnd rapidity of baking.
A Set of Granite Enameled Kitchen Ware, 12 utensils,
given with every QUICK MEAL RANGE sold during this
ange iven Away
This beautiful $55.00 QUICK MEAL STEEL RANGE,
with high closet, malleable, polished top; with reservoir or
water front. See it in our window. Award will be made Sat
urday evening, October 7th.
A ticket goes with every $1.00 cash purchase made next
week in our Hardware and House Furnishing Departments.
,-Ti..,.w.,....ii,i,i .j... ..I i, i
(Trusses, Supporters, Elastic Stockings
1408 Farnam Street
Cameras and
Do Not Neglect Your Eyes
Eyes tested free by our expert optician. "When you come to
Omaha you are invited to call and have your eyes examined. You
may not need glasses, but be certain about it. Our methods are
up-to-da-te; our prices the lowest; our( assortment of frames, etc.,
the largest; our service prompt. We guarantee satisfaction or
your money back. "We do repairing. Have complete 6tock of
glass eyes. Your patronage solicited. Do not patronize travel
ing opticians.
i Forihe
4 2 0 j 1 itile affairs'
n, mpj , ee b,,. home
Fred Krug Brew'g Co, j
Omaha's Modal Brawrary.
i 71 MF
,..,.,-....., .m, jw.sjiis!iWWaiiuapsl).pii.aW.sw,
you ike
wem r
StUuls ; , .. V
The whiskey with a repu
j Utionj combining purity,
1 quality and age.
I Kansas City, Mo. I
fajpalar aaa Tlmcl? ArtlcWs.
A Tour of Colorado,
Utah and California
Pcnsonally Conducted
Leaving Omaha 4:10 p. m. Wednesday, October 17, 1905,
under the auspices of the Tourist Department, UNION
ROUND TRIP FROM OMAHA, all expenses, includ- tf J CA
ing accommodations, etc., at the very best hotels vp I U v