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Dinsen's Fini Pitciinf EnablssBetn Eaten
to Bbnt Out Park Packeri.
Th most severe need-
ache will yield la few
Wliif CUy I Kaork Tout and
Barry frara Bos la Flrt IanlaT
( ana 1i Fifteen ta
BOSTON. rtrnt 7 Dlnm nlti-hm a ro.
markabto no-hlt frame today, Boston win
ning I to 0. tn th" swond game the visitor
xor.x Tvent(, tn score twin; 16 to 1 when
the came was calld hiu of darkpess,
alter six lnmnars. score nrst came:
rarant, a.... 4
S-ahl. ct 4
I'ntHab, lb. . t
PurlrHt. If
Frnn, lb.. I
lha-!i. rf... J
rrrta, h ...
Annhninar e I
DlBMD, R .... I
Jnaa, af.
iaiii. b
0 allahan. If.
bnnchua. lb.
Graan, rf . ...
0 Roh. lb....
n f.lllTa, e. .
Owwi, p
0 11
Totala 17 IT I I Totala 1 0 14 11 1
Boston 0 0 0 1 4 0 1 0 2
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Two-bas hit: Stahl. Thre-b hits:
rViloach, Ferrl. SarrtfVe h Ito : lbll, L'n-
!aub. Freeman. Double play: Isbell to
vis to Donahtie: Hit by pitched ball: By
Dlneen. Ruhe. Struck out: By Owen, 2: by
Iilneen, . Bwn on balls: Off Dlneen, 1
Time: 1J0. Umpire: Connor.
Score second garnet
Jonas, of 4 lib Parent. aa....l 1111
lahall. lb 4 111 ah. ef I
Parla. aa i 11 I nslaah. Ib.. 1111
Callahan, If.. 4 1 Burk-tt. If... I 110
txwohua. lb.. Bill rwmn. lb.. 1 0 4 0 1
Own, rf I 0 0 0 Balhaeh, rf... 1 0
Rnba. lb I I 1 1 0 Ferrta, lb.... I 0 I 1
XFarlaDd, c I 0 Crlmr. c 11111
Hart e 10 10 0 Ynuug. p 0 0 0 0 0
Altroca, p.... 10 110 Barrr. p 0 0 0 1 0
Hughea. p. ... I 0 0 0 1
ToUla a I It T 0
Totala II 4 II T I
Chicago 6 0 0 0 115
Boston 0 0 1 0 0 01
Two-base hit: Donahue. Three-base hits:
Isbell (2, Davis. Home nin: Crlger. Bacri
flce hits: ' Davis, Ruhe, Altrock. Stolen
bases: Donahue, Davis. Hits: Off Youna;,
4 In one-third Innlns; off Barry. 3 In two
thirds Inning;; off Hughes, 2 In five Innings.
Double play: Donahue to Davis to Altrock.
Bases on balls: Oft Young, 1; off Hughes, a,
ofT AltPoclc, 1. Hit by pitched ball: By
Barry, Altrock. Struck out: By Hughes, 1;
by Altrock, 2. Time: 1:14. Umpire: Sheri
dan, Attendance: '3,862.
Washington ghats Oat Cleveland.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 27. Washington
Shut out Cleveland today through timely
batting. Hughes pitched very effectively.
Jonaa, cf I I 1 0 Bar. ef i I 4 0 0
Caaaldr, aa.., 4 Oil Ocansalion, rf. I ) 0 0 0
Hickman, lb. 4 0 1 1 Stovall. lb... 4 110 0
Amtaraon. rf.. 0 0 0 0 OUradler, 8b... 4 1110
Hualaman. If. I 1 1 0 u Turner, aa ... 4 1 1 2 0
Btabl, lb i 0 19 OBarbaau. lb.. 4 1111
Mil. lb Hill Heaa. If 4 I 1 0 0
Stanlar, If-rf. 4 lit OC'larka. e I 0110
Haydon, O....I 0 7 1 0 Wast, p I 10 0 1
UuftMa, p.... 4 10 1 0 Wakaald .. 1 0 0 0 0
Totala U I 27 7 0- Totala M 10 14 II
Batted for West In the ninth.
Washington 0 3 0 1 0 2 0 0 6
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Earned runs: Washington, 1. Two-base
hits: Bradley, Hess, Stanley, HuHsman.
Stolen bases: Junes (Hi; Nlll, Stanley.
Double pluys: Turner, Barheuu and bto
vall. lift on bases: Washington, 6;
Cleveland, 10. Bases on errors: Washing
ton, 1. Hit by pitched ball: West tf.
Struck out: By Hughett, 8; by West, 4.
Wild pitch: Hughes (4). Umpires: Mc
Carthy, Hurst. Time: 1:50. Attendance:
Detroit Beats Philadelphia,
PHIL.ADEI.iPHI A, Sept. 27. Detroit de
feated Philadelphia today by good hitting,
though the American league leaders In the
last two Innings made a strong effort to
pull out. Score:
AB.H. O.A.E. . . AB.H. O.A.E.
Mrlntrra, If. I 110 0 Martial, If... a 0 0 0 0 U., 4 1 10 1 0 Lard, cf 4 110 0
Sihaafer, lb., t 1 1 1 I baaia, lb I II M
Crawford, rf. 4 I 0 0 L. Croaa, lb.. 4 10 11
Cobb, cf I 1 4 0 0 Serbold, rf... 4 0 '1 0 0
Cousblln. lb, I I t I 0 Murphr, 2b... 4 1 t I 0
CLaarr, as..'. 4 1 4 t I M. Croaa. aa.. 4 0 111
Do ran, o 4 110 Schwa, C....4 1 t 1 0
Kubuk, p.... 4 10 1 0 Hanlar. p.... I 110
Kllson, p 0 0 0 0 0 Waddell, p... 0 0 0 0 0
Bandar, p. ... 0 0 0 1.0
Totala U II 17 10 4 'Knight 0 0 0 0 0
ToUla II 1 17 lj
'Batted for Bender In the ninth.
Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 1 1-4
Philadelphia . 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 3 37
Left on bases: Detroit, 7; Philadelphia, 7.
Earned runs: Detroit, 6; Philadelphia, 3.
Stolen bases: Crawford, Davis. Two-base
hits: Crawford, Coughlin, Cobb, Murphy,
I Cross. Three-base hits: Schaeffer, Mc
Intyre. Double play: Lindsay and 0'Lary.
Hits: Off Henley, 10 in seven and two
thirds Innings: oft Waddell, 1; oft Bender,
two in one and :ne-thlrd innings; off Eu
bank, 7 In seven and one-third Innings.
Struck outi By Henley. t; by Bender, 1.
Bases on balls: Off Henley, 4; off Enbank,
2; off Kltson, 2. Hit by pitcher: I Cross.
Time: 2.0ft. Umpire: Connolly. Attend
ance; 4,094.
St. Loals Beata New York.
NEW YORK. Sept. 27.-Harry Howell had
toe, upper hand of the New Yorks In to-
of hat
of 5
Live dealer trcrywriere
day's gam
Btnne, If..,
Pnk. rf...
Wallace, as
Jon?a, If...
Olaaaon, lb
Kohlar cf.
Spnrar, e. .
Howafl, p..
lb I
4 4
t 1
1 i
I 1
1 0
The Original
M Brand
Price, 30 cts.
This mantle repreicnU the finest
product of our factory.
It i the beit tnantle made.
more light
uses 12
leu gas
than any
other mantle.
It If the ehean! C
mantle because)
A ave$ gat, it
give more light,
it lmU I ocr est.
Buy the best and the cheapest:
Tht ' Brand Welsbach.
Price, 30 cents.
Imltatieae tra Worthlaaa
and Latravaiant.
Rernttnber that
all mantle are
not Welhbacha.
See that the
mantle you buy
ha this Shield
of Quality, the
Welsbach Trade
Mark, on the box.
Five kinds, 15, so, 35, 30, 35c.
For Sale
by All Dealers
rSIE-Aik roar dealer fas a Wl.hrb
ipapetcttttef lt' pretty, uaerul sad FAEE
Thosa sufferina' from wek
ceases which sap the pleasure
of ltfesheuUl uksjuveu 1'llls.
One boi will tell a atorw of
nareku rasulu. This aiedirlne baa mora
rejuvenating. Tiiallsing furee than has erer
', before been offered, hent post-paid in plain
aarkkfeoolr ui reoelptof iLls ad. and L
tlula bj tht orik-inawra C 1. Hood Co., pro
prietor tttMxt' barsawarula, lwil. ilaaa,
e and 8L Louis won easily, hlttlna
rnen nit were needed, ttcore:
Lovis. arw tork.
4 10 ORahn, If. I 1 0
0 Kerler. rf.... 4 1 1 1 0
OEIbarfal. as. 4 1 I 0 lb 4 1 S 1 0
OWIIItajns. lb. I 1 I I t
orulta, ef. I 1 1
01 oofi-y. lb... 10 111
O'Doushenr -00000
OKIalnow. e... 10 10
MK arthr. a.. I 1 1 0
aa u 17 la OPuttmann. p.. 1 I I
Oooda, p 1111
Totala I rf 14
St. Louis 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 27
isew jork 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 22
First on errors: Bt. Iuls. 3. Tjft on
hARes: N Vnrlr at Tm,I S liamam
on balls: Off Ooode, 3; off Howell, 6.
Struck out: By Puttman, 2; by Goode, 2;
by Howell. 4. Two-base lilt. Frisk. Three-
base hit: Rockenfleld. Sacrifice hits: Glea-
son, Koehler. Stolen base: Rockenfleld.
Double play: Jones and Wallace. Wild
pitches: Off Puttman, 2; off Howell, 2.
nits: urr futlman, 7 in nve Innings; off
Goode, 4 in four Innines. Umpire: O'Laugh
Un. Time: 2:0a Attendance: 1.200,
Standlaar of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Philadelphia 133 86 S3 .818
Chicago 142 87 65 . 613
Uetroit 142 72 70 .&t7
Cleveland 143 72 71 .603
Boston 141 70 71 .497
New York 136 67 6ft .493
Washington 140 58 32 .414
St. Louis 142 61 91 .359
Games today: Chlcaaro at Phlladelnhla.
St. Louis at Washington, Detroit at Bos
ton, Cleveland at New York.
New York Wins Twelve Oat of Twen
ty-Two Games from Plttsbarfr.
PITTSBURG. 8eDt. 27. Plttshurr marie
more hits than New York, but otherwise
was outplayed at every point. Bv winning
today New York won the season' series
from Pittsburg, taking twelve of the twenty-two.
AB.H. O.A.E. a R u n A r.
Breanahan. e. 4 1 4 0 0 Clarke. If.... 4 1110
Dirani, n.... 1 V 0 0 GMllar, rf..., 110 0
Donlln. cf.... I 110 0 Lach. nf I 1 0 1 l
McOann, lb.. I I S 1 OWiiur, aa... $ I I 6 I
Clark, lb I 1 0 Brain, lb 4 0 I 0
Martaa. If.... 4 10 0 sHd'h'nrti ikl 1 la a t
Dahlan, Oil Rltchar. lb... 4 11(0
Darlln, lb..., 4 0 0 1 OOlbaon, o 4 0 I S 0
Ollbart, lb... 4 114 OLalSald, p.... 0 0 10
Wlltaa. p t 111 OLaarer. p.... 1 0 0 I 1
Clrmar, .... 1 10 0 0
ToUla 17 10 17 11
ToUls It 11 17 11 I
Batted for Leever In ninth.
New York 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 23
Pittsburg- 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 13
learned runs: New York, 2. Two-base
hits: RitrSev. Mrflunn Thru-hau hit.-
Strang-, Gilbert. Sacrifice hits: Leach, Brain!
Stolen bases: Clymer, Mertes. Double plays:
jjicwii vu muncy 10 miienranat, UlIDert to
pahlen. Bases on balls: Off Leifleld, 1; off
Leever. 2; off Wlltse, 3. Struck out: By
Leever, 1; by Wlltse, 2. Wild pitch: Leever.
Hits: Off Lelfteld. 6 In three Innings; off
Leever, 6 in six Innings. Time: 2:00. Um
pires: Q"Day and Email. Attendance: 6,310.
Philadelphia Shata Out St. Loals.
RT T ."l T T T Q o.i vtduii.j.iki.i. H j .
Taylor hard today and won easily by a
core of 6 to 0. Score:
AB.U.n.l R An u n A w
Thomas, cf... 4 t 0 0 OKh.i tn i'i'a a a
Olaaaon, lb... I 1 I I Dunlaavj, It. I 1 0 1 1
ourtuay, lb. 1 1 3 3 0 Bmoot. cf 4 1 t 0
. I l I 0 Becklar, lb.. 4 0 11 0 0
T"ua, rf 4 lit Obegratf, rf... 1 0 0 1
Branafleld, lb I I I ; 0 Grady, e I 1 4 I 1
Ioohn, aa.... 4 Oil OHoalak'tar, lb 4 0 1 I
l. " I 0 0 McBrtda. sa.. 4 0 0 1 0
a i i i e Tailor, p I 0 0 1
Totala 14 11 17 10 ToUla la in il l
Philadelphia 0 2 1 0 0 0 3 0 06
St. Louis o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Earned run: Philadelphia, 8, Two-base
hits: Grady, Degraff, Titus. Three-base
hits: Gleason, Dooln. Sacrifice hits: Dun
leavy, Kane, Bransneld. Stolen base: Court-J"--
Wld Pl'ch: Kane. Bases on balls:
Off Taylor. 8; off Kane, 4. Struck out: By
Taylor, 4; by Kane, S. Left on bases: Phil
adelphia, 6; St. Louis, 8. Time: 1:43. Um
pire: Pear. Attendance: LUuO.
Chlcaaro Beata Brooklyn.
CHICAGO, Sept. 27.-Brooklyn failed to
get a hit off Lundgren until two were
out In the ninth, when a double, a single,
a steal and an error gave them two runs.
The locals bunched their hits to good ad
vantage and had no trouble In piling up
their scores. Score;
AH H.O.A K. AB.H.O.A.a.
Slant, cf 4 0 10 Rlttar, rf-.. 4 0 4 10
Lobrrt, lb.... 4 lit 1 Bhackard. If.. 4 1100
Chanra, lb... t 1 17 0 0 Oaaalar, lb... 4 1(11
Svhulte. U....1 10 0 batch, lb 4 0 t I 1
MK-artbr. If. 1 0 0 0 0 Hummel. tb..l 0 110
Tinker, aa.... 4 1 0 0 0 Lew la, aa I 0 1)0 rf., 4 0 10 1 Malar, cf 3 0 I 0 0
Evara. lb 4 3 1 I 0 Barges, e 0 1 1
O'Neii c 4 11 Mrlntrra, rf.. 10 10 1
Luodiren, p. I I 0 I 0 Doeecher, p.. I 0 1 1
ToUla 33 117 1 S ToUla.:... .10 "i i4 11 "l
Chicago 4 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 7
Brooklyn ,.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 22
Left on bakes; Chicago, 6; Brooklyn, 8.
Two-base hits: Lobert, Sheckard. Sacri
fice hits: 61agle, McCarthy. Stolen bases:
Tinker, Gessler. Struck out: By Lund
gren, 8; by Doescher. 4. Time: 1;47. Um
pire: Klein. Attendance; 1.800.
Boston Wins on Errors.
CINCINNATI. Sept. 27.-Errors by the
Clnclnnatls, followed by hits, turned to
day' game Into a rout. Score:
AB.H.O.A.B. AS. HO. At.
Ab'ttcblo, aa. 4 1 I 4 OHuistna. lb.. I I I I I
Tanner, lb... I 4 11 1 1 Barry, lb 6 1110
Dnlan, rf I I I 0 0 8eymnur. cf.. 4 3 111
belrnanty. If. I 110 0 Corcoran, aa.. 4 1 I I (
W olvart'n. lb I I 0 1 OMowery. lb. .. t 1 0 1 I
lannail, cf..,4 110 1 Hlnthman. If. 4 I I 0 (
ftarmer. 2b... 4 I 1 OSIi-tla. rf I 1 ( 1
Naedtiam .. 4 I I I OStreat, e 4 0 110
Wlllla. p I 114 OVowinkla, p.. 1 0 0 0
Johna. p 0 0 1 I l
Totala 46 II 37 IT 3 Stalnleldt ..1100
Totala 40 14 17 II i
Batted for John In the ninth.
Bn 0 0 3 o i 6 3 0 214
Cincinnati 0 0 1 3 2 0 1 1 8 io
Two-base hit: Seymour, Raymer. Three
base hits: Siegle. Barry, Tenney, Abbat
lohio. Corcoran, Stelnl'eldt. Home run
Barry. Double play: Corcoran to Hug
gins to Barry. Vlrst base on balls: Off
Nowlnkle, 1; off Willis. 2; off Johns 1
Bacrllice hits: Corcoran. Cannell. Hit by
pitched ball: By Vonwinkle. 1. Struck
"f B7 W'"'1': Pd ball: Street.
l d pitch: John. Hit: Off Vowinkle.
U. n 8l Jnn'nss; oft Johns, 8 in three In-
A'tlendan'V50- Joh"
Staadla. at the Team.
New York 141
Pittsburg J44
Chicago 144
Philadelphia Hi
Cincinnati 143
8. 1-ouls 142
Boston 144
Brooklyn 141
Games Inrla v n,a,.M
Philadelphia at Cincinnati.
Dea Molaea Beata ll waokea.
DE8 MOINES. Sept. 27.-D. Moines de
feated the Milwaukee American associa
tion team In the flrat of a aerie of five
rKst-season games, 8 to 3 Score: R H E
pes Moines 0 110 10 10 A
Milwaukee 0 000)1-11
..Bm"r'p": Molne, Cbsrpell an
olfi MUwaukaa, JUlcky and Town
Won. Lot. Pet.
99 42 .7f
92 62 .6.19
M 60 6j
78 63 5.J
73 70 .611
6a 87 .4S1
48 M .m
41 100 -.291
Pai Xiehasl Vakss Fastsst Mils of tht
Tear ii Free-for-All Faoa.
Tarley, Driven hy Ed tieers. Win the
8U4 Trot In ta Foarth Heat
After Losing Third to
Helen Norte.
CINCINNATI, Sept. 27.-In the free-for-all
pace, the fst event at the grand circuit
races at Oakley Park today. Pan Michael
won the first heat in a close finish by a
neck from Nervoto, going the distance In
1X9 Bat, the fastest mile paced or trotted
In a race this year. Dan R won the second
heat by a neck from Nathan Straus and
the final heat from Baron Grattan. Pan
Michael finished sixth In the aecond heat
and eighth In the final heat.
The 2:14 class trot was won by Turley
after four heat. Bolivar won the first heat
of the 2:16 pace,, with Cahwood second and
Kruger, who was away badly, third.
Krusor easily won the aecond and third
heats. The race was then postponed until
tomorrow on account of darkness. Track
fast. Result:
t20noUn"' 2:14 Cla8 thre ln flv' purM
Turley, b. g. (Geers) 1 14 1
Helen Norte, b. m. (H. Rutherford) 7 4 12
Swift B. b. sr. II. MrTlotiaMi 1 1 1 1
Jim g. M. Devil) 6 2 7 4
Diadem, b. m. (J. Chandler) 6 6 8 6
A. Penn, b. g. (Ludwlg 4 7 6 ds
Ethel Pride, b. m. (Demarest).... 8 6 3dr
.lime: t:vs. x:us, iciu, 3:19,
Free-for-all naxca. two in three nun.
Dan R en. m. (C. Benyon)...., . 1 1
Pan Michael, ch. h. (T. Murphy) 16 8
Nervoto, b. h. (L. McDonald) 2 3 3
Nathan Straus, b. g. IA. Thomas).... 4 2 6
Frank Yoakum, br. g. (McOrath).... 3 1 4
Baron Grattan, b. g. (Geersj 6 7 3
Belle Mc, (Hogan) 7 6 7
Major C, b. h. tF. Jolly) 8 8 6
Pacing. 2:1& class, nurse U.orm hmflrUh.v
Kruger, ch. g. (McDonald) 8 11
Bolivar, b. a. (DeKydert 1 i u
Outcome, g. m. (W. Stout) 4 3 3
Cashwood. ch. g. iJ. Chandler) 2 ds
lime:, z.w,
Get i
the i
AUdnifslats, 23c, or by mail.
era, against which a protest had been filed
by Berney Dreyfuss, was upheld today ln a
decision of tha National Base Ball commission.
tt-r-r; Doe t saffer snr loneer!
Get a no today ask your druggist for
in? vr"n von r" o
Becomes Champion Bowler of Omaha
Miss Helen Bholes won the title nf chum.
plon woman bowler of the Field club by
winning the tournament at the Field club
this week. Each week since July 17 there
has been a women's bowllnar Iniirnnmnnl
at the Field club. The winner of each,
weekly contest Mrs. James Alnscow, Mrs.
J. H. Robertson, Miss Helen Sholes, Mr.
C. R. Bone, Mr. F. 8. Knapp, Mr. J. A.
Mclntyre, Miss Helen Rahm, Miss Grace
Conant, Mr. K. A. Kruger and Miss Ethel
Conant played In the semi-finals Friday,
Beptember 22, which resulted in Mrs. James
Alnscow, Mr. F. S. Knapp, Miss Helen
Sholes, Mrs. J. H. Robertson and Mrs. C.
R. Bone qualifying for the finals, which
were played off Tuesday, Miss Helen Shole
Wlnnins;. This not nnlv miilroa hi nwnoi
of the T. J. O'Brien trophy, a handsome
silver cup, but champion woman bowler
of the club. Mrs. F. S. Knapp won second
prize, a five-pound ox of O'Brien's "Monta
Chrlstos"; Mrs. James Alnscow third prize,
a two-pound box. The winning of the cup
by Miss Shole was met by the heartiest
approval of all. No email amount of In
terest has been aroused during this tour
nament owing to the large number con
testing and the high scores made. As high
as 198 was reached and the making of 150
became an old story.
Motorcycle Race Meet.
v.,.,. id iu in twven a ireai in tne way
or some motor cycle race at the Sprague
street park Sunday afternoon under the
management of Louis Flescher. These ma
chines have been perfected to such an ex
tent that they can be sent around the turns
of any track about as fast a a rider will
flare to ride them and the races resolve
Lticinnri.e. mrgeiy into a trial or nerve In
permitting the machines to go as fast a
lh.v m.ill a ...... .1... . .
-""j " nis tame, i nere are a
number of local rnen who have risen to
i" in ine ricung or tnese ma
chines and they will be pitted against ev-
Aral iranl, .1.1 u . 1 .
. .... i n.TTio ( i Dili auruaa, so tnat
every one who goes to the park will be
allAn a run fnr. I. i . T . . ,
' .v. ,i,n iiwucy. xesiaes xne
motorcycles there will be- several bicycle
ranea u . rAmlnrlAa ne . . 1 . . .
cycling is still one of the live sports In
iima aaMlrin. r .I... ..... 1 . 1 I
...vri, ui .iic toumry, aiinouKn no
. v.o iiBvo uvcii iiiu nere tor some time.
Omaha Back for Game Sunday.
Omnhn'a Kail nl.v.r. will . m
their barnstorming expedition Sunday in
time for the big benefit ball game which
will be played with the Lee-Glass-Andree-sens
at Vinton street park Sunday after
noon. The Originals have been winning
from all Of the flmntnnr Icma In hlm ....i.
of the woods this siimmer and hope to
iiiune a Kiunous nnisn or tnelr season by the scalps of the Champs that Is
the ex-Champs, for Des Moines Is now the
holder of the title. The league team will
be somewhat wanltnnH hv tl,A in..
ter, who has gone to his home, and by
A-a.wi.-r, woo win piay wun tne Original,
having simply been loaned to Rourke b
Manager Bradford.
O'Neill Race October 4 to 6.
O'NEILL. Neb.. Sent. W ri.n
Great preparations are belna- made foe ih.
race meet to be held In O'Neill October 4, 5
and 6. at which time horse racing and sev
eral base ball games between the crack
nine of northern Nebraska will be In order
The local Fair and Speed association has
spent considerable money to have the track
in order for the races and It Is pronounced
Al by those who ought to know a good
racetrack. Mayor Doyle today appointed
committees to provide suitable lodaUng and
other accommodations for the vinltors ex
pected, and the largest crowd that ever
visited O'Neill Is expected during the days
of the race meet.
Mark Iroejea Again.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb., Sept. S7.-f8pe-clal.)
A foot race match between Fraik
Hedgelln of Boelus and Al Marks, the noted
volunteer fireman sprinter, attracted l.tviO
fw-opiB io ine speenway west or this city
yesterday afternoon. The two had a race
two weeks ago. in which Marks was beaten,
and at this time a wKer of $:00 a lde was
put up for a second contest here. Hedglln.
who is a barber by trade, enme down from
Boelus, as did Marks from Stanton. It wan
a big event for the sports and much money
changed hands as a result. HedK-lln again
won the KO-yard contest by about eight
feet, the time being Q:10Vfc.
Randolph Race Draw Well,
RANDOLPH, Neb.. Sept. 27-(Speclal Tel
egram.) The opening day of the Randolph
races was well sttendd bv 2,0(0 people
The Interest centered In the 2:20 pace,
which was hotly contested. Annie Wood
lock iDyment. Sioux Cltyi won. Little Rebel
(Strahan. Wayne) second. Dan L (Belmer,
Vermilion) third. Best time: 2:19. In the
2:27 trot Joseph Second won ln straight
heats, Tom Moore second and Miss Faller
ton third Pat Oran landed Ihe running
race. Captain Horn second. Hartlngton
won the ball game agalnut Randolph, store
4 to 3. A fine showing of blooded stock
mark the exhibit.
Show Fremont What They Can Io
When They Really Try.
FREMONT, Neb.. Sept. 17.- (Special Tel
egram.) The Barnstormer played ball to
day nd the srore wa 12 to 0. the genuine
article, while Fremont rot rattled In the
econd and did not get over it at all.
Ieach's curves suited everyhodv except
Hall. Slugger Bill landd a couple of hits
and Dolan and Kassey two each. The Fre
mont boys did not have anv trouble In hit
ting Knukallk, but they knocked the sphere
squarely Into sombndy's mlt. The trouble
began In the second, when three hits, a
base on balls sjid Bassey's long drive
over the fence for four bases brought
In four scores, making It 6 to 8.
In th third Inning two more hits, a
sacrifice and a passed ball let In snoth.r
one. They took Leach' measure again in
the eighth and when the agony wa over
died three more, making an even dozen.
Only one Fremonter got as far aa third.
They could not get the ball out of the
niamona ana tnelr fielding was ragged.
Bc: R.H.H.
2TT"lh 8 1110 18 0-13 16 8
Fremont 0 00000000088
Batteries: KoukaJIk and Frees: Leach
and Shea.
Rarlnar at Llbertyrllle Abandoned.
CHICAGO, Sept. 27. Plans for a racing
meeting which wa to have opened at
Llbertyvllle track near here next Saturday
were abandoned today. Activity of Gov
ernor Deneen and Lake county officials to
ward the suppression of possible pool sell
Ing at the track Is said to have Influenced
the move on the part of th track managers.
Bntte Beat Lyneli.
BTJTTE. Neb., Sept. 27. (Special Tele
gram.) Lynch ball team played with th
Butte team here today. It was a good
game, with few error and resulted In a
victory for Butte. Score, 7 to 4. Batteries:
Lynch, Richter and Veterna: Butte, Cheat
wood and Ford. Umpire: Goble.
Foot Ball Score.
At Ithaca Cornell. 6; Hamilton, 0.
At Hanover Dartmouth, 84; Norwich, 0
At Princeton Princeton. 41; Villa Nova, 0.
Fatalities PreTented.
After an accident use Bucklen'a Arnica
Salve. It prevent fatal result. Heal
cut, burns, ore. 26c. Sold by Sherman
at McConnell Diug Co.
Joint Wrecker 1 Sentenced.
IOLA, Kan., Sept. 27. C. L. Melvln. the
joint wrecker, was sentenced to the peni
tentiary today for not less than five or
more than ten Years on tha rhnr,.
burglary and for not less than one or more
iiiuu nve years on tne charge of stealing
dynamite. Melvln' minimum sentence Is
six years and hi maximum sentence 1
fifteen year.
Firt Littls 0ns Dis at Fort Doigs In
Burning Ions.
Ito Opportantty for Children to Kara pa
and Bodla Are Fonad by
Firemen After Blaae I
FORT PODGE, la.. Sept. I7.-(Speclat
Telegram.) Five children of Ed Adamson,
a switchman on the Minneapolis A St.
Louis, and one of David Fecord were
burned to death In a fire which destroyed
the Adamson home at 8 o'clock this morn
ing. Five children were ln an upstair
room alone. The mother stepped out to a
neighbor' and returned fifteen minutes
later to find the building a masa of roaring
flames and the children ( Imprisoned above,
with escap cut off on all side by the
flames. The face were seen at the window
a moment, then all were obscured by a
mas of fire which burst forth.
Firemen were able to enter the building
after half an hour and five blackened and
roasted bodie were found. It 1 thought
that the children wer smothered ln amok
and flame and were burned after death.
Th flesh was ready to drop from their
Explosion of a gasoline store Is supposed
to have caused the bolocast.
The dead are: Edna, aged 10; Irmls, aged
8; Clarence, aged 6; Ernest, aged 8, all chil
dren of Adamson, and Raymond, tha 8-year-old
son of David Pecord.
Failure Said to Be Dne to Bad Loans
and Lltlaration.
DES MOINES, la.. Sept. 27.-The Arlspe
Savings bank at Arlspe, la., ha closed It
doors and a state examiner Is ln charge. At
a meeting of the director tonight It was
determined to make an assessment on the
stock sufficient to pay off all depositors.
The bank ha been under the management
of Cashier D. W. Stevenson. Bad loans
and litigation are blamed for the failure.
The bank 1 capitalized at 810,000 and de
posit at the time of closing business were
ln the neighborhood of $22,000.
Of Interest to Travelers.
"I travel In th southern state," says
Mr. E. E. Cro of Melfa, Va. "While
driving had a sudden attack of cholera
morbus, with severe cramping pain ln the
stomach. A customer of mine at th first
store I stopped at recommended Chamber
lain' Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem
edy, and two doses of It set me right. I
now carry a bottle of thla remedy ln my
grip constantly, a do many other traveling
men. I unhesitatingly recommend It." The
constant chage of drinking water and diet
orten cause disorders of the bowels. .For
this reason no one should leave home on
a Journey without a bottle of thi remedy.
It 1 almost certain to be needed.
, The ever uniform quality oi
Blatz Wiener means that un
deviating principles are prac
ticed at the brewery
The most critical exactness is
exercised in every process.
That's why Blatz Beers are
always the same.
Omaha Branch
I42 Douglas Street Tel. 1081
nmnaajama.Alwa.v3 th Suna Qood Old "Bla.tx
Avnca Defeat Keola.
AVOCA, la., Sept. 27-Speclal.)In a
ninth Inning rally Avora beat Neola by the
ore of 3 to 2 in an interesting game today
Score :
Avoca 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3-3
Neola 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 02
Batteries: Avoca. Hooker and Hagebeck;
Neola, StefTany and Duff. Struck out: By
Hooker, 11; by Stefrany, 6. Hits: Avoca 7;
Neola, . Earned run: Avoca, 1. . Errors:
Avoca, 1; Neola, I.
Dreyfnsa Loses Appeal.
CINCINNATI. Sept. 27-Rule tl, pertain
ing to the purchase of minor league pluy-
jrt aatmmVammmmMi8J(w
Banquet 'VL
Hall Cirars T
The prlca Is 10 cents,
l J Just like snr other! 1
I 1 (liraeclgsr. Then the I 1
reaemblsnce cease.
7our toksc- J.
N3v conlst J
Some say there's no plaoe on earth so nice to
live in as California. Old folks, particularly,
become attached to the warm, restful atmosphere;
the blue sky; the soft, salt air of the ocean.
Many go to California by doctor's prescription
for a climate cure.
Personal Escort
is a feature of Rock Island Tourist Sleeping oar
service that will strongly appeal to those not used
to traveling. All worries are saved you are
carefully attended and, you travel economically.
Reduced rates via Rock Island, daily to Oct.
31st. Write for literature and any information
F. P. RUTHERFORD, D, P. A.. 1323 Farnam St. Omsba, Neb.
The Beer
That Made Milwaukee famous.
Phc ne 15. Jo. SchllU Brewing- Co 719 Boatn 9U StrtM. Omaha.
Are you staggering under the burden of a secret weakness which Is a slow
but sure drain on your strength and vitality? In your present condition are
you fit to hold a responsible position? Can anybody rely on you or "an voS refv
on yourself? Is your body almost wrecked and your brain in a whirl" It
terrible to be ln this condition, but it Is still worse to allow It to rogress and
,mS mlre ef'vated. for It will then fill your whole life with failure rnl,
erv and woe. There are thousands of ruined and cheerless homes, filled with
discontent and unhapplness. lacking In love and companionship, through the
sexual weakness and physical Impairment of men whose years do not justify
such a condition. '
i.LLrni.epf.ny' 1eak men .rtrong, an4 .very vlta, or perfect, Inflltrat
Ing that old feeling of youthful fire, vim and courage. Do you want to h
f.tniVi?0"eM n,rv" "-el. self-confidence, strength In every muscle, amhl
tlon. grit, energy and endurance, In order to make your life complete? w
have gladdened the heart of thousands of young and middle-aged men who
"UL1 yX'1? l.he crJ,V0' "tortng'them to perfect .peclmen. of physl
cal manhood, full of vim, vigor and vitality.
and all diseases and weaknesses of men due to Inheritance, evil habits, excesses,
self-abuse or the result of specific or private diseases.
CONSULTATION FREE. v"il cnn.ot c" '0" symptom blank.
u "- Office Hours 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Sunday. 10 to 1 only.
. j
rarnam St., Between 13th ana 14th 8t., Omaha, Nab.
On October 8r and lTth, Not. Tt.
and 2 lat. Deo. 6th and lto
o Denver, Colorado Sprints, Pueblo,
Colo., and Cheyenne, Wyoming, and
for the round trip to many polnta in
Ticket are good for return twenty
one days from date of gale and stop
overs allowed on both foin and rf
turning trlpa.
Inaulra at
City Ticket Office. 1324 Fircim Si
'Phone 111,
i 3 ar an,sr. . a
vrri -r'
$12.50 TOR THE
a'a- e-! A tC CT OAIII OT7
The Right RoAd to
ity ticket office
1317 farnam st, omaha. neb.
Round trip rate $12.60. Tickets on ial daily daring
Bptmber. V '
on sale every Tuesday to points In Minnesota, North and
South Dakota and Northwest Canada.
Tickets and Information at 1402 Farnam Street.