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Bcinnin Saturday Wc Will Occupy the First Section of Our New Store, With Temporary Entrance Through
Mrs. Benson's Former Store and Arcade Under Douglas Street Directly Connecting With Our Present Building
Your present w requested at the openinj of our new annex.
Open at 9 a. in. Saturday
Great Special Sacs in Annex and in Our
Main Store Saturday.
Brandeis Millinery
As a, special feature of our new an
nex we have established a section
devoted to novelties in high elass mil
linery. This section is sumptuously
appointed and stocked with some of
our most exquisite millinery models.
."Ye request the honor of a visit to this
new sales room Saturday. As a
special event for the opening we show
Stunning Dress Hats Specially priced at $2.50 and $5. Charm
ing new models, in the very latest and most fashionable designs
and color schemes, all the newest shapes CA C M
a hundred original models worth double Jf
r new tXsjsNOr CtAt jwa
. O arowieo a. mmnmnT
THi; WlCATfl
n "
Lf tll J
-T- I
1 P 1
the price we ask, at.
The Brandeis Dress and Evening Modes at $7.50 Are models of
artistic beauty and style elegance made of expensive mater
ials and wrought by talented designers every W9 pk Jf
exquisite new idea that is stamped with fashion's A yOD
favor the widest, most beautiful variety, at... " 'U'
Pretty Street and Trimmer I Hat All
of them thli season' choicest de
signs the latest effects la sailors,
turbans, high back styles, etc.
trimmed In the latest fashion, a
rplondtd assemblage,
specially priced,
Neat Suit Hat
effect, simply
trimmed in the
autumn mod
at $l.BO Jaunty
but very stylishly
latest ideas of ths
very bat bears
Brandeis unmistakable touch of met
ropolitan style, very
We made a special purchase of more than a thousand fall hats,
both trimmed ami street effects, all the season's designs and
colors, actually worth as high at $2
on sale Saturday in our basement
millinery section, at
Special Sales in the Annex
Our Great New Salesroom Will Be Filled With Extraordinary
Bargains for Saturday's SellingScores of Special Events
(Now Located in the Annex.)
We are pleased to solicit your inspection of our new
and enlarged jewelry department located in Mrs.
Benson's former store. A magnificent stock of jewelry
offered at Brandeis' famously low prices.
Special for Saturday An Immense array of Cuff.But-
tons. Brooch Pins, Puck Pins, lockets.
Silk Fobs, Pearl Beads, Ivory Novelties,
bat Pins, etc., all at, each
sample line of fine shopping bags and
nveuue iap, rasmonsDie learners, nt-
ted with change purse, mirror
and cnrtl case, regular f 1.50
value, at
. - Government
Men's Fine
All Styles
Boys' and
Buster Brown
(Enlarged Department In the Arcade.)
FREE With every purchase of 50c In the Sheet
MubIc Department we will give away entirely free of
charge any selection of sheet music you may choose.
Most liberal offer ever made in Omaha. We have
everything In sheet music.
Come and hear your favorites sung and played.
Concert all day. Everybody welcome.
AH mail orders filled. Add 1 cent per copy postage.
filled Spec-
v.T'v cles tad
Eye Ola.
scs, line
lens, worth $3. 50, yCJ
Odd-plated framelesa
bye Classes 2
Ladies' $2 and fS.&0
black sateen petticoats
big bargain In a O
rK.V: Voc
Good serviceable little
dresses, worth up to $6,
Dentrotersj Over Control of Wabash Excites
Intmit in Kailroid World.
liry Believes He Will
rdr tiowld Deaalmwt.
I'ontr ( RmU
Strained relation between George J.
iould. chairman of the board of directors,
md Joseph Ramsey. Jr., president of the
Yabah railroad, and th. controversy bs-
;n thro two men and their friends over
Uie control of the Wabash, is ascltlng- un-
a.ual Interest In th. railroad world. To.
I wo men though Ramsey disclaims th. .a
Isten.-e of personal anlmu. between thera
Jo sot speak, notwithstanding they have
thetr private offices tn adjoining- rooms In
New York. The culmination of Ramsey's
tght to wrest control of th. road from
Jould will corue October lft. when th.
(V'ahAsh security holders bar. thetr annual
Mr. Ramsey ha Juat returned from
hroad. taking a leave of absence at th.
iuesi of the hoard of director. He says
himself that at the Ut cieetlnx et th
hoard In the vprmc ha waa requested to
;ak. a leave ui.Ul iX-tober 1. or thereabouts.
It wi:i be rN :it,t that at that tneellnf th.
rerort gained currency and ha been gen
erally accepted as correct that Gould made
a peremptory demand that the board re-
c.ut Rir.' immediate reaifnation, but in titt, frequenU- commended tne inua-
that the board declined to do thia. It took I bur; plana.'
unless I had reason to hope that I would ,
receive the proxle of a majority of th !
security holder of the YVaba.h. I would
certainly not willingly tnto a loaing
On the ether hand Mr. Gould appears
leu communicative. The New York Com
mercial quotes him as saying-, when asked
to comment upon Frealdeot Ramsay's as
sertion that the Oould faction Is not In
control of a majority of th. votes for th.
approaching- a&nuai election:
No, I think the kindest oourae that I
can pursue In this matter. Is to say noth
ing. This statement th. Commercial adds t
retarded as more significant had be given
a long Interview.
The Time add: j
Mr. Ramsay was asked whether his uo
cee. St the coming annual meeting would
mean that Mr. Oould would be eliminated
as a factor In the majkagenienl of the
Wabash. He replied:
"I would de nothing detrimental to the
Interests of any of the owners of the prop
erty. 1 do not believe that merely be
cause a tn)oruy aie In control of a road
that ther have any right to Ignore the
tntereet of th. rest of the owner of the
teaseem! of Ovald.
Ake4 If he would remove Mr. Oould as
chairman of the board tf he got a major
ity at th. annual meeting Mr. Ramsay
evaded the question, repealing his former
aasertion. and adding:
"I believe that Mr. Gould's own Interests
la the Wabasn would benefit by tuy being
tn control of the property."
Mr. Ramsey denied emphatically that the
difference between himeelf and Mr Gould
were due to any personal quArreL He said
that there had never been the slightest
personal trouble between them, and that
tne einerence were one entirety to metn
od and policies
"There was never er.T disaatlsfaction on
the part of Mr. Gould with the Wahaah-
Pittsburs: Terminal plana," Mr. Ramsay
said 'It was on qvieauon of method
and policies that we nmt-l Mr. irould.
company' building and will face Four
teenth street. It will be two etone and
basement and is planned expressly for pub
lishing business. Th permit calls for an
,-v,nrlttijre of 110.0M. It probably will be
e m
ready for occupancy the
'rst of the new
Porch Rail Gives Way aad Mrs,
George Dorham Is LsJ4 tp
wttk Brok.a Lest
About B o'clock last evening Mrs. Pur
ham, wife of George Durham of tS North
Twenty-eighth avenue, fell from the porch
at th. second floor. The distance was
eighteen feet, and shs struck on firm
ground, sustaining a severe fracture of the
light leg at the thigh, painful bruises about
the head nd face as well as other con
tusion on th. body. 8h. was attended at
her home by Pre. Moore and ln-.pey, and
lies la a serious condition. The rati of the
porch was known to have been defective
and they had arranged to have it repaired.
Mrs. Durham forgot the unsafe condition
of the rail In her work and leaned against
It, when It gave away.
the alternative of requesting the president
to eher.t hlmee'.f for a few monir. from
the scene of hi official activities. There
upon the impression went abroad that the
board sided with Ramsey as against Gould
As to Mr Ramsey's shlliiy to supersede
Gould a th dominating factor of the
Wabash, bow-ever. ther. I serious differ
ence of oplr.lon
Vtbat Each Mam says.
Mr. Ramsay this week u quoted by
the New Tork Times as erpreaaing eon
fi.letioe In hi ability to secure support of
k Bn,lonty of the voting security holders
f the YVabah to give him control. The
:r.trview quote him a saying:
1 would not have gone Into this thing
Was he MUBeae ef HeSsje. far
vs. i Tfbua far er s-rri Tmis
w. et .A. asTwae tea r a-r
I raia. u-a ! euua, aad m Ma bat
I TH-lla CSSTS A sis 1 1 Lav
Reurement of Oould as the power In Wa
bash sSairs would seem Ilk displacing an
Irremovable landmark and 11 Is this feature,
together with the fact of the tren,er.d.iua
Influences allied w:th htm and at hi com
mand which makes many railroad men
doubt the success or possibility of Ram
says attempt aad yet railroad official ad
mit they have been taught In the last few
year that ail thing are possible tn ra.lroad
afiairs. -
The Twelfth XVsrd Repufcllcsn club will
hold s ratification meeting In Jensen hall
atxThlrneth and $pau!diiig streets Satur
day night.
Sri exk thieve are reported as having en
tered the home of Albert King. StS Charles
street. Thursday evening and stolen a
handbag containing about t.
Samuel Hayes, colored, was Friday mrrn
lrg entence1 to f.fteen day on a charge
of pe:it larceny. Hayes was charred with
stealing rooflr.g material from J. M. Dow
of th National Roofing company.
James Ke.Iy. the man who went to sleeo
Thursday afternoon across a rail under a
box car at tithth and Dousla streets.
wss Friday morning sentenced to flic days
Kelly was charged with drunkenness and
s:eeping on tne railroad tracks.
$araiel Downs of North Ruteesth
street has reported to the police that
Thursday evening two strancers encased a
room at the sdlrrsj given and left at an
early hour Friday morning with a told
watch and tifci belonging to Powna.
Matter of City Hall Bond Slated for
City Attoraey Lambert Looks After
CIty latereats, While city At
toraey Breea of Omaha Ap
pears for rialatlffa.
The city hall bond caae is set for hear
ing before Judge Sears today. This case
was called Friday, but owaig to the fact
that Attorney Breea was en
gaged, the case went over until today. As
Judg Sears has nothing else on his docket
st the present time, the attorneys on both
sides expect that the case wiU be tried
at onos.
Clty Attorney Lambert Is looking after
the city's interest in the case and City
Attorney Breen of Omaha Is to appear
for Madeline Flvonka and other who
brought the suit.
It is alleged, among other things by the
plaintiffs In the rase, that the ordinances
directing the election snd submitting the
proposition for voting t"0. for a city hall
was not passed legaily. The assertion Is
made that the rule were suspended last
spring by the Council and the ordinance
It especially valuable aunng the
jmmer season, when outdr occu
pations nd sports are most in order.
Tieli to it, and it is particulrtjr
Atrreetble when used in the b:h
Jlr violent eserrtse,
Arrest of All Sosptetea Characters
Made la View of A V-Sar-B
Chief of Police Donahue as he I be
ginning hi annual roundup of suspiclou
character that infest th city,
just btfore carnival time. Last ear th.
chief forces exercised untiring
with the result that the city was prac
tically free from crime djnng the visit of
thousands of stranger, and th. chief id-
tends thst last year s reoord shall not g
by default this cas.-n.
Nest Monday morning a detail of spo
ciai pollcemea lor the street fair WU1 be
swora tn.
r.i been arrested. The door are carried
away and used for firewood or other pur
poses. So far th. loss to the railroad com
panies Is considerable and a united effort Is
to be made by the railroad detectives and
ths local police to break up the practice.
Votiaar Machlao Cwstodlans.
Two custodians have been appointed to
look after the twelve voting machines In
South Omaha. The county commissioners
purchased four machines for South Omaha
and appointed E. E. Rldgeway custodian.
The city has eight machine and Mayor
Koutsky ha named Charles L. Hendricks
custodlsn. The city custodian is being In
structed la his duties and '111 soon be
In position to explain the workings of
the machines to voters and officers of elec
tion. Fi.v voting machines are now dis
tributed about the city where voters can
become familiar with them before election.
The peopl seem to be taxing kindly to the
machines and are learning; rapidly how to
vote. City officials hope thst by November
7 all voters will have been given sn oppor
tunity of Inspecting the machines. The
machine open for Inspection at the city hall
I In use ever-)' day and some one is
slway present to explain the workings.
Chrlattaw Association Motes.
Nothing the association has ever pre
sented ha met with more universal and
cordial approval than the entertainment
Hundreds of people go to Omaha tn all
kinds of westher and at much Inconven
ience for their entertainment because they
could not ret It at home. The talent prom
ised by the association Is meeting the
son's former store, made into great new sales rooms.
Brandeis Store Now One Block Long.
Greatly enlarged banking quarters in new Annex.
Great Sale of Ribbons
This la the most eytmordlnnry lot of
All Silk Ribbons that ever gold in Omaha
t such a price. Whltog, blacks and all
colors In rialn TsffetA, Fatln Taffeta,
LoulMene, Moire, etc., etc. widths tip to
six inches. These Ribbon actually sell
rejpjlarly as high as Rfc a yard on big
bargain aquare in the new Annex at
Ladies' 25c Neckwear at 12'c
Newest Fall Styles In Ladies' Xeekwear Stocks, Tabs, Turn
overs, etc. In daintiest embroidered and lacy effect.
many are hemstitched the prettiest color effects ard
the very latest fall styles worth J 5c each at
T1 DJ.
hi New Hosiery Dept. Main Building
New lot of ladles and men's High Class Hosiery shown for the first time.
These are fine French lisle and fancy cotton, plain blacks,
tans and all colors allover lace, drop stitched some are
silk embroidered hosiery regularly worth 35c pair
Ladies' and Men's 2.c Handkerchiefs at 12 H All linen em
broidered and revered Hemstitched Handkerchiefs also a
splendid lot of fine Swiss Handkerchiefs your choice at each.
Ladies' 9L25 Kid Gloves at 09c New fall styles and shades for
street and evening wear all are perfect high grade kid all
sizes on big bargain square at pair
Just received, our latest importation of Kid Gloves the Perrln and Monarch
Gloves In ajace finish the Key nler and Fanchon Gloves T rn 'j
In suede finish prices at pair tI'le JU'i
1 r-,,.h.1 tt-r, . .w
, . ",r Ttasie of the people, so tfcejr are clvlna- the
mem or interest and the w . , . v, v7.-
neglect of the city offlcla-ls to propr!y i V, , . .1 , -
" -w .. . (ickets free.T. At the sale of reserved
puNish the amount of :r.,er, st th. N-.nda, n pn. from M9nd.y. tt.0 ,
L T l Z lY-" PM"W I t'rlr same should get their courM
raised by Attorney Preen, but these are j . w ,h . ry,.ni.
two of the important ones. Tl.e people, fc. .uor.a
rc ted on tins cl-.y tall prcposjtjon last . v . e..-.- . ,K1.
erring and the bond, earned. Then the ' , ' tfc nt th, corn,r of
n.sner was issen tne courts and has
Molasses Cocosnut Cushion IfiC
pound at Y
Jelly Beans fruit flavors fOc
Jelly Gum Props at lUC
pound "
Home-made Fudge at IOC
pound ' ,
Yankee Peanut at 12C
pound ,
Peanut Taffy at- . 12iC
pound a
Mint KUses IOC
pound a e
Baited Peanuts IDC
Richard Hillat Jaws Blrwar
frosa Car Wklla It U Movlw
While the Walnut Hill car was moving
rapidly toward Benson a man was ob
served to Jump backward off ths car. He
fell heavily on his shoulders and ths back
of his head, with his right hand out
stretched to the rslL Instantly It wss
crushed off snd the man lay as dead be
side the car. Ths man la Richard Hlll
lnger, a laborer, who lives In Benson. He
was picked up by ths train crew and car
ried to the drug store at Forty-fifth and
Military avenue. .-Here he was attended by
Police Burgeon Cox and afterward removed
to the Clarkson hospital
In the first examination It was Impos
sible to tell whether there was a fracture
of the skull, although It Is feared. In ex
planation of the accident, R. H. Covert
and J. H. Johnson, tbs train men. say ths
man sat near the front end of the car
and It appeared that ha had been Indulging
In drink as he went to sleep on the car.
Covert, the conductor, awakened the man
snd asked him where he wanted to get
off. After being roused, as the car was
at full speed near Decatur street, on Mili
tary avenue, the man's hat was blown
off. Without giving warning' or waiting
even to turn In the direction tn which
the car was moving, be sprang off, with
the result that be will lose his hand, If
not his life.
At 12 o'clock word was received from
the hospital that there was no fracture of
the skull and thst the man was doing well.
Nut Caramels
pound Cresm Wafers
pound French Nougat-pound
Pit Pat OTL ,
pound fcJw
Italian Chocolates AHr
Toasted Marshmallows n
pound 00k"
Five packages of Gum gg
Ice Cream Soda
Ing tbs twenty-four hours ending st noon
Mirths Harry A Btemfleld, Sf'.S Nor'h
DCVrillVTllUI, . - " i . ........ v
South Twenty-second, girl; Clarence PH.-r-
sen. E4 Ames avenue, srj; jaa.e scnremirr,
1223 South Fifth, boy.
Deaths Ella O. FiUgerald. 1J1 South
Third. 46.
Bat rksnberlsls't Colte, Cholera and
Disrrkses Remedy Cared Htm.
It Is with pleasure thst I give you tills
unsolicited testimonial. About a year uko
when 1 had a Levers case of measles I got
aught out In a haid rain and the meas
ettled tn my stomach and bowels I tad
n awful time snd had It not been for
use of Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera ai.d
Diarrhoea Remedy I could not have possi
bly lived but a few hours longer, but thanks
to this remedy I am now strong and veil
X have written the above through sin.p!
gratitude and I shs 11 always speak s good
word for this remedy. Sam H. Gwln, trav.
ellng salesman for Concord Nursery, Con
ord, Ga.
Mortality Statlstlea.
The following births and deaths have
been reported to the Board tf Health dur-
Dr Allison left for the west Friday morn
ing. George Ooodell of Pt. Paul, superin'er.1
ent of the Great Western railway, anJ wth
him A. Munetsr of the same cliv. are
among the late arrivals at tne Her Grnnd.
Mrs K A Kehoe of piatte Ce.-.ter is at
the Her Grand.
The following people of the state rv. a
tereal during the night: Richard Stlrk f
Gordon. J. H. Cradick of Lincoln .
Kramer of Bennir.rton. Charles fK'.c 'f
Stanton, Charles S oc.ster of tislver .' ' k,
J. L Miller of Lincoln, at the s;
Joseph Matousek of Bra.nard, R B Al -r-gan
of Lincoln, J. M Imon 4 F'
J H. Clay of Long Pine, at tr.e I'.ii.u!
William P. Mohr of Spencer. P " Wk" -r
of Wymore, A 8 Tucker of Wayr.e J W.
Brown and wife of Aehlaxd. at t:.e Mjrr ! i
John J. Foesler of Lincoln at the M.ifa.
been drargring alor.g ever since.
Robert Hawks of in Van Camp street
was takes to lle surgeor. deparuuecl of
tt.e p.iie .;.. .n Tr,u:..i with a
M i loitered head ar.d la.-e htskt said
t tad fee la a ut.,1er ine ,ojot
tr ire Ki-vg tvraer. but was ur.aule
to J lol. ir.e Men! i of his aaMUar.t i.r
asaailacta Pcl-.-e euige.Ms and Laug attends )iwks icjunes
MeSlar Resist Rwlta.
Work began Fridav m,mir. on he new
IV-UIMliM tw re ere. U-J tr.e I A
I exmaaee xiNhn e.f " Heel Hepnner 1
I T? t...iij..,g l.i ,ve -.-. ! n te 1
I ta.uele su ft li ri-". l.iutu i
Thcat roo bar Cook's
Lnpertal Extra Dry T PT
wrhs vow Mf Pont Champa yea.
Vaoi roo boy Kwrir, T00
pay fc CUffiparoa, iiy
bvlcta thai's why Cook's IsapsmI
Eitra Dry h oca-hal Ch prws ef
oroga lAatcpag'Qa. v
read fnaa. St. Uu waeiTt raw
aslLUCaJI vtxt C, ST. LMaS J I
Twer.ty-f.fth ard L streets. Rev. P. H.
1 li.rvtwll mw ur nnnlBV an frc
Mr. Lan-.trt says that no matter which J fu, ,rk;r, wln rve the djress and the
way the court decides the case, either for j rt will r
or the city, sr. appeal will he taken : . -t , , i
to the stsre supreme court- There is there- m 11 T wi.
, , . , . Gorre Rshn and wife are vl:tir.g
fore no likelihood of the bor.ds l:r Is- ! frltr 4, t Avoca, la
sued lh:s ar. and there is no telllr.g when I T!ere is s bad washout In the pavement
the supreme court will hand down a de- at Twentieth and N streets
cistoa once the ease gfts up to it ! The EJistem Star will lr.iiiste candlda'.es
Of lste there las beer, very i.ule talk hail this evening.
... , ...,. 7 1 I c,,r Eiglner Fal is s-iur.g stakes for
about the cliy ha.l building, although a tf, curing of MisuH avenua.
site st the southwest corner of Twenty- I liana L. t'imand has gone to the sand
fourt and O streets w-ts decided on when I Mils country for a months shooting
the bonds were voted
Jelter tiaria laspravewaewia.
Work was eomtr.enced Fridav at the Jet
ter brewery on tr.e new pitch sheds ai.i
cooper shops building Is fx" feet
and two stories high It is being built of
Iron and brick snd will be a great improve
ment to the brewery property when cot
plftfcl Yesterday C.ty Er-rineer Beal
staked ot:t the ground at t.'ie brewery f.r
i The Comer.iue Llterarj clab will give an
I at Niuu'. hall this even'
' The Bartists will ho'd aeri-lces Sunday
ever.itg m t.e ter.t at Twef.y-ilth and L
C. I Lav too Las returned from Portland.
Ore., where he spent a couple of wea at
tbe eip.' si'.iori.
Rev George Van Wir.k'.e will preach Sun
day morrur.g at tre Bnptist church, his
loj-jc will be 'Modern M. '
Mrs Mary Clsra sr.d William Clark.
the oew two-story Vrnk efflce bull'dir.g. ! mother ard brother of D 8 dark, are here
Henry Toss of On-.a,., is drswir., tl.e plan. , " car
for this buildlr.g and bids for the construe- : rtyTT.r ye.irrd.v from a three
tioa will t received ret week
Today the Jetters will let the contract
for a two-story brick buHSir.g to be erected i
at the northwest of Twenty-fourth
aad Q streets. building when com- I
plated is to cost about V.
Still Stewllas Cralw vara.
la spite of the eSons of the lo'.lce,
thieves are still ateallr.g the inner door,
of gra-a cars. Whea tt.e cars of grala
are unloaded In the yars the inner doxrs
are set aside and thieves find H an easy
ir.attr to carry ttetn itij. Within the
last fw weeks abot.t drs hsve ben
weeks stay on l&e Pa'.flc it
Rev W. D. S:air.bau-h will preach Sun
day mon-lr.g at Lefler MettusJlst
rtorcv ai.d in ire eveng at ILa &o -: n -west
ck.rvt of Cr.iaiA
If you tae er.yir..i.x to trade, advertise
It in the -For E.xcraige' co.urr.a on Tr.e
Bee want ad page.
Ralla Aaalaet Oae Caaspawy.
CHICAGO Sept It Or mir.iss.iorer of
P"!'.if Works ratteraon trxtsy denied thst
tie Pec p.e s L-f!.t and "oe c-..mpary.
w rich las praclira.lT a monopoly m Ct:-cag-o.
has not oriir.anc r.grt u -il ru
mar jfseterd eut4 the ntt It is s--
I la.en frm graia car. ad wni) tu s&as w ix.L-u.e. i.ti at f
Let Common Sense Decide
Do you tonesUj beliswa, ILat eoffo told Ioom (La buHt), erpewi
vo aust, germs ana utseKia, paoau-.g
through many taadg (sores el
tham not over-clean), blendl,"
jou don't know how or by whom,
is fit for tout um T Oi oouraa von
don'L But
Is another atory. Tb green
berries, seleeted by keen
Judges at the plantation, are
akUlrnllw roaste4 at ear te
lories, where preeaatlogta you
woald not stream ol avr taken
to aeearc perlcet cleanllneaa.
flavor. strength and aullormltj .
JVom tht timt t vf Imvi
the factory no hani Uiri-cht it t&
U td opnJ tn your kite,
Taas haws aaojd UO.1 COFTO taa LtaSCt Of aU raOtUX rerrm.
MiioEg of American Homes welcome UOX COFFFX da2y.
There is no stronger proof of merit than contintied aiid ir.crea
irg popularity. "QtuJity survus all cppcs-tion."
(B44 otly in 1 lKjaclagea. Lion-l.ea4 ca svenr vaciafa.)
l&avs your Lton-keads fur valuaUe pracau'ava.)