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MUioirkm Don't Ge-t a Look in Eren with
I)or yiiit Opto.
ftassey Alone Get that Many Off
liebhardt, Who Tries to
rttrh for the Genial
There wan a game of base ball yesterday
afternoon at the Vlntnn street ball park
between the Omaha and Bt. Joseph teams
of the Western league. Omaha tried In
pots of the game and succeeded In winning
by a score of 7 to 1, which might an well
hava been 17 to 1, but what was the use?
Pitcher Koukalik'dld the slab work for the
Champions, while Liehhardt twirled for the
Balnts. Kouk held the visitors down to
three little hits, while Dolan's error In the
eighth Inning meant the only run for tho
Missouri players, when Liebhardt ran In
on Qulllln's hit.
The Rourke children started to ginger up
In the third Inning, when It was all hands
round, with four hits and six runs to the
good. A few error by the Saints and a
passed ball helped some In that Inning.
Dolan, Howard and Lawler made two-base
hits each, the only ones of the game, while
Koukallk was hit by a pitched ball and
th little boy on the fence slipped In' the ex
citement of It all and ran two splinters InUi
the thumb of his left hand.
Mollneaux made two of the three hits for
his team and reached first twice on errors.
One double play from Koukallk to Lawler
to Dolan lent a little eclat to the occasion,
which In the main was of a listless char
Icier. Yesterday was "ladies' dsy" and a goodly
representation of the fair ones was on
hand. Pitcher HaJI of the Omaha team um
pired the game to general satisfaction,
even If he did take one nnp during the
game. I'.ohby Caruthers was out in the
woods to see whether the hazelnuts are yet
ripe, so he was excused from yesterday's
game. Ta Rourke excused him.
This and Sunday afternoons the Omaha
and St. Joseph teams will 'play double
headers, the games to be called at 2:30 each
afternoon. Hall and Welch will pitch for
the Champions today. Attendance, 2,000.
The scorsl
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
HATS.? 3
&yafs Qfts fiats
as At yourtfeaer
TVwers. Time: lift. Umpire: Con-
hen :
Poire, second game:
An il u x i
Hartsal. If... I 0
lord, rf 4 I
tala. lb 4 1
L. rroaa, lb.. 4 I
Sajrhois, rf .. 4 I I I
Wurphjr, ib. .. 4 1 t
M. I ran, M. . 4 0 4 I
Fchrorh. c. .. 4 I 1
Comklr. ... I t
Bar. of...
0 Iiu-low rf...
aini, lb..,
tTsruar, as. ...
ir.rr. lb
J Hm It
0 Clark,
Moor. ....
: o
1 14
off Charpelle, 1; off Bohanon, I. Struck
ut: By Manske. 1; by vnarpe'ie, : oy
Bohannon, 4. Wild pitches: By Bohannon,
, by Chappeiie, l. lime: vmp".
ace. Attendance, 1,300.
Heavy lllttlag, Ragged Fielding;.
BIOTTX CITY, la., Sept. 22.-Bloux City
nd Pueblo engaged In a slugging match
oday. Ragged fielding In the eighth ana
lnth Innings gave tne game to dioux K.iy.
n the ninth tne pueuio men came very
lose to winning out, Newlln neing nil
five times safely. Bchrlver brought In
three runs with a three-bagger. Score:
mux CITY PlErlLO.
Neartns, as. .4 114 0 Dawson, cf . .. I 110 0
he.han, id.. i i i v ii a y v
Wud. ib I 1 I I 1 Knat. 2b.... 4 1110
4 17 10 Palahanty, ni I v i
4 110 0 Moll, 3b 4 10 11
4 13 0 0 Pchrlvtr, a... I 4 4 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 Hadar. I I i I
1 1 0 0 MeaslU, lb... 5 1 11 0 It
4 10 4 1 Llnlur p... 4 10 2 1
Merk, lb....
Nobllt, Cf ...
wllkas. If...
Mcti. rf
fHamagle, e.
NawJlu, p...
Totals 43 IS 17 IS I Totala l 14 14 1) 4
Bloux City 02001004 18
Pueblo uguuuu a i
Earned runs: Pueblo, 4. Two-base hits:
Newton, Meek. Lindsay. Three-base hits:
Wilkes, Bchrlver. Kouiiio piays: vveeu 10
Sheehan, Newlln to Newton to Weed, Shee-
han to Weed lo AlceK. first oaso on er
rors: Sioux City, 6; Fueblo. 1. Left on
bases: Sioux City, 13; Fueblo, 7. Stolen
tase: Cook. Sacrifice hits: Newlln, New
ton, Cook. First base on balls: orr isew-
In, 4: on Lindsay, i. nil oy piiuueu oan.
Nobllt. Dawson. Struck out: By Newlln,
6; by Lindsay, . Passed ball: Htarnagle.
Time: 1:40. Umpire: Shusler. Attend
ance, 800.
Bissaiif oi me icaras).
Flayed. Won. Lost.' Pet.
Psssey, If.,
Carter, rf...
Dolan, lb...
Welch, cf...
Bchlpke, 8b.
Howard, 2b.
Lawler, ss..
r reese, c
r i rrnr. v.... .,.. a
Koukallk, p 3
Spencer, If....,
Qulllln, 3b
Zlnk, lb
Dunn, rf
Mltxe, c
Mnllnraux. ss.
Wilson. 2b
Fair, cf.
Liebhardt, p 3
...34 7
AB. R.
... 4
... 3
... 3
... 4
.... 4
... 4
10 27 18
Totals 33 1 3 24 16 4
Omaha 0 0 6 0 0 1 0 0 7
Bt. Joseph 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0-1
Two-base hitp: Dolan, Howard, Lawler.
Stolen base: Carter. First base on balls:
Off Koukallk. 2: off Liebhardt. 1. Struck
out: By Koukullk, 7; by Liebhardt, 3. Left
on bases: (Mimha. 4; tit. Joseph. 7. Double
play: Koukallk to Lawler to Dolan. Passed
ball; Mllze. lilt by pitched hall: By Kouka.
Ilk. 1. First Diise on errors: Omaha, l; Bt.
Joseph, i. lime: l:j. l. in pi re: Hall.
Uri Jlolura and Denver Tie.
DKS llolXES. Sept. 22.-Wlth the score
to b at I ne end of t.'ie eighth Inning dark
ness compelled Lnii'ire Mace to call the
game today. Both teams started off play
lux ruKnea bail, but braced up after the
third inning und the remaining five In
nings were hard fought. Des Moines took
the lead In the sixth by bunching hits
and accepting two walks from Bohannon.
Hartzell's two-saeker and a wild pitch en
abled the Grizzlies to tie the score in the
seventh. Neither team scored In the eighth
and darkness uut a stop to the play. Bel
den hit for a home run In the first, with
ilcllule on first. Score:
Ab.H.O. A C. AB.H.O.A.E.
MrGlltray. r( &
Hucrlever. lb 4
Wolfa. c 4
Romanian, lb. 4
raffrn. II
Fihlls. ib..
Bhuaart, aa.
MiKar. a..
IM-aur ...
Doir, cf....
ldaiiaka. p..
... 0
... 1
1110 Mi Half. cf... 10 10
0 111 Hartiall, lb.. 4 114
1 t 0 0 Randall, rf... 0 0 0
4 4 0 0 Held.n, If.... 4 110
0 10 sp.rrlne, 2b... 4 I 1 I
0 10 0 Robidaaua. as I 1 0 0
0 110 Krltt. lb... I 1 11 0
110 0 Zinran lb... 1 1 1 0
0 0 0 0 Lin la. c 4 14 0
0 10 0 Bohanooa, p. t 1 0 1
1 0 Totals 13 10 14 10
Tatala II 10 14 I 1
Batted for McKay In seventh.
Pes Moines 2 0 1 0 0 t 0 04
Denver 2 1 2 0 0 0 1 0-4
Stolen bases: Hartxell. Randall, Ross.
man. Two-base hits: Hartzell, Kosnman.
Home run: Uelden. Double plays: Hart
ell to Pcrrlne to Everltt, Shugnrt to Ross-
niaa. First base on balls: Off Manske,
Gii nd's natural
ander which we produce
Peerless Beer
won fr us the Cold Medal at St. Loul
World's Fair. Brewed only from the best
mailing barley and Imported Bohemian
hops. Thoroughly aged and bottled only
at the Brewery. Dihcrimlnatlitg beer drink
ers demand Peerless, and thoae who want
the best should telephone us and have a
case delivered at home today.
W. O. Harden, Mgr. Omaha Branch, SOS Sa.
19th St., Poena 2344, Omaha, Nee.
W. m Buekner, Mgr. pt. C. Brensh, IS04-0S
Grand Ave.. Kansas City, Me., Beth
Phases, SIS.
Total! n 17 I I Totals 11 4 14 IS 1
Philadelphia 01 lvOOOO'-J
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0- 1
ly-ft on bases: Cleveland, S; Philadelphia,
Earned runs: Cleveland, 1. Stolen bases:
M. Cross. Seyhold. Two-bsse hits: Iavls,
i. r-rM. s.-hrei k fan. Three-base hit:
I Peybold. Struck out: Py Coakley, 4; by
I Moore, 3. First base on bulls: tiff Coakler.
1; off Moore, 2. Fassea dsii: ..iara. v uu
pitch: Moore. Hit with pitched ball: Tumei.
Time: 1:4'. Umpire: Connolly. Attend
ance: 10,047.
Standing of the
Philadelphia l.
Chicago 1S4
Cleveland 137
New York 130
Boston 133
Detroit 137
Washington 134
St. Louis 134
Games today: Chicago at New York, St.
Louis at Boston. Detroit St Washington,
Cleveland at Philadelphia.
Won. Lost. Pet.
02 m .617
3D 14 .m
7') 67 .611
64 .&
67 64 .504
69 6 .514
64 ft) .3
48 38 .363
Pittsburg Wins from Philadelphia. 1st
First and SeefrnTd Inalngra.
PITTS BCRO, Sept. 22 Pittsburg won ths
game from Duggleby In the first two In
nlngs with eight hits, one of them being
wagner s home run, netting three runs.
AB.H.O.A.E. AS H O A g.
Oanlar, rf..
Clymar, rf..
larh, It...
Wagnar, aa.
Howard, lb..
Ull'brandt, lb 1
Brain. Ib 4
Rltrhay, lb., 4
Pain, o 4
Lalfltld. p.... 4
0 Thomaa, cf . .. 4
OQlrason, Ib. .. I
0 Courmar, Ib. I
IMl, It 4
1 Tllua. rf 4
0 BranaOeld. lb 4
0 IXMilln,
1 Dootn, c
0 Puanieby. p..
Duffy .......
nparka, p.
Totala SJ 1326 It lKruer ..
Das Moines 14, W
Denver 147 . 89
Omaha 145 84
Bloux City MS 78
Pueblo 141 62
St. JoBeoh 142 36
Games today: St. Joseph at
Pueblo at Sioux City, Denver
at Des
Boston and St. I.onla Break Even In
Two Close Conteats. ,
BOSTON. Sent. 22. Boston won the first
game here today by 2 to 0 on St. Louis' poor
neiuirig. The visitors am tne most tiatiing,
but hit into three double plays and were
weak when singles meant runs. St. Louis
won the second game Z to 1 by a batting
rally In the ninth. Score, first game:
Parent, aa... 1 111 OStona, rf 4 1100
Biabl. et I 10 4 OKock'Oald. lb I 1 4 I 1
Collins, lb... 4 Oil OFrlak, rt 4 1101
Goodwin, If.. 4 0 0 OWallac. as.. 8 10 3 0
Frtaman, lb.. 4 t It 0 OJonaa. lb I 0 4 10
Rlalng, rt.... I 0 0 0 OOleaion, 8b... 4 1114
Karri t. lb.... 4 0 I T 1 VsaZant, et.. 4 8 8 0 0
Armbruatar, (8011 0 SuaJrn. c... I 1710
Wluler, ....! 04 0 Powell, p.... 4 0014
Totala 10 4 17 18 1 Totala U 10 24 11 8
Boston 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2
6t Louis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Two-base hits: Freeman (2), Van Zant.
Three-base hits: Van Zant, Stahl. Sacrifice
bits: Armbruster, Rising, Bugden, Jones.
Stolen bases: Parent. Winter. Double plays:
Ferris to Freeman yi) Parent to terns to
Freeman. Bases on balls: Off Powell, 4;
off Winter, 1. Hit by pitched ball: Rocken
fleld. Bugden. Struck out: By Winter, 3;
by Powell, 1. Time: 1:47. Umpire: Connor.
rcore. second game:
Btone. If 1 0 10 0 Parant, as.... 4 13 2 1
1 Blalil. cf 4
0 Colllna. lb... t
0 Vnglaub, 2b.. I
0 Oodwln. If. .. 8
0 Krweman, 1b. I
Totala II 8 24 18 0
Courtney out. hit by batted bnll.
Batted for Douggleny In fourth.
Hatted for Sparks In ninth.
Pittsburg 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
Philadelphia 0 1 0 4 0 0 0 0 0-6
F-arnrd runs: Pittsburg, 4; Philadelphia,
3. Two-base hits: Lelfleld, Bransfleld.
Three-base hit: Bransfleld. Home run: Wag
ner. Sacrifice hits: Uanley (2). Stolen
base: Clymer. Double play: Doolln to Olea
son to Bransfleld. First base on tells: Oft
Lelfleld, 1; oft Duggleby, 1. Hit by pitched
ball: Thomas. Struck out: By Lelfleld, 1;
by dukidv, z. wild pitch: Dueglebv
Hits: Off Duggleby, 9 In three Innings; oft
Bparks, 4 In five Innings. Time: 1:30. I'm
plre: Johnstone. Attendance: 2,600.
Cincinnati Dents Brooklyn.
CINCINNATI. Sept. 22.-The Brooklyns
presented a patched up team today. Doblis.
Lumley and Lewis being out with injured
legs received in the games In the last two
days. Strlcklett was hit hard and timely
ana naa poor support, score:
Huaglni. 2b.. 0
Barry, lb 8
8?yroour, cf . . 8
Corcoran, aa.. 0
Btr lnfoldt, 3b 8
Odwall, If.. ..4
Bleglrr, rf.... I
Bclilei. c I
Overall, p.... 4
0 Rltter. cf.... I
0 gharkard, rf . 4
OGfanler, lb... 4
0 Malay, H....0
0 Eaeon, rf.... I
0 Hatch. Ib 4
0 Hummel, 2b.. I
1 Bergen o.... 4
0 Siricklatt, p.. 8
Totala 17 14 17 0 1 Totala U I 14 14
Cincinnati 0 1 1 0 6 0 2 0 11
Brooklyn 0 00000100
Earned runs: Cincinnati. 7: Brooklyn. :
Three-base hits: Siegler. Qessler, Overall
stolen bases: Hummel (2), Btelnfeldt. Rit
ter. Double plays: Batch to Bergen to
btrickiett to Hummel; Corcoran to Barry
First base on balls: Off Overall, 7; 'off
BtricKiett, z. Baerince nit: Btelnfeldt. Struck
out: y overall, b: by strlcklett, 3. Time
z:w. empire: O Day.
Chicago Data Out Victory.
CHICAGO, Sept. 22.-In a game full of
wrangling and objections to Emslia's um.
Plring, Tinker, Bresnahan and Mertes being
iiBiimiieu, ciuc-Hgu ioaay aeteatea New
York by better stick work, one-half of
their hits counting for extra bases. Score:
JJAtted for Taylor in the seventh.
AB.H.O A B. AB. H.O.A.B.
EMtern Tictt Circle! EesCTillo Trtok
Without Pacemaker in li591-l
Arrangements Being; Mad for
Matrh Rare wltn Ms Pateh
at Memahla Has
RT3ADVILLE, Mass., Sept. 22,-More than
1,000 persons saw Audubon Boy pace one of
the most wonderful milee ever made under
adverse conditions at the Readvllle track
today. Hi" time for the mile was 1:64.
equalling the record made by Star Pointer
seven years ago. Audubon Boy started to
beat 2:0OH-
Weather conditions favored record time.
but the protracted rains earlier In the week
left the track heavy. The assistance of a
pacemaker was useless, Audubon Boy hav
ing distanced his pacemaker 4jefors tha
half-mile post was reached. In making tha
trial fcr the record James Y. Oatcomb,
owner of the chestnut stallion, refused to
use a wind shield or have a running horse
draw a cart with canvas attached between
the wheels In the lead during the mils, pre
ferring to make tha attempt In the same
way that Star Pointer gained the world's
record of 1 :t at tha Readvllle track seven
years ago. This Is the present record with
the runner or pacemaker going alongside,
Dan Patch In 1902 paced a mile in Readvllle
In 1:69H under similar conditions, hut as ha
went to beat that time It was recorded aa
a losing perfermance. since then Dan
Patch has gained a record of 1:56, but this
mark was mads with a running horse In
the lead
erond flnmrter Fastest.
It was a little after 4 o'clock when Audu
bon Boy tried for the record. The first
quarter was made In 29 seconds and tha
next In 284 seconds, making tha time for
the half 17V4 seconds. When the time was
announced the crowd cheered. The third
quarter was reached In 1:27H, but before
thlfl It was seen thnt whatever the time of
the mile Audubon Boy would have to make
It entirely unassisted, the pacemaker then
being ion yards In the rear. Gatcomb did
not make a stirring drive at the finish and
was, ?14 seconds coming to the wire, mak
ing the time for the mile 1:B94. equalling
Star Pointer's time and giving Audubon
Boy that mark Inasmuch as his attempt
was for the purpose of beating 2:00.
May Rare with Dan Patch.
As a result of Audubon Boy's perform
ance today. A match between the east and
west Is considered probable, Audubon Boy
representing the enst and Dan Patoh the
west. It is said that W. W. Savage, owner
of Dan Patch, will agree to a match of
speed at Memphis, Tenn., next month, aa
Oatcomb is anxious for a race.
Sweet Marie failed In an attempt to beat
2:04. The remainder of tha program con.
'slated of several minor races. Axtello
gained a new record of 2:12 and Lord
Roberts, by Arion, made a mark of 2:14.
Kock'fleld, lb I
Krltk. rf 4
Wallace, aa. .. 4
Jonee, lb 4
Gleaaon, 3b. .. 4
VanZanl, of.. 8
Ppencer, c... 1
Howell, p.
0 Klalng, rf.,
I Karris, 2b...
0 Crlser. c
Tola l a iv (27 111
Totala 10 4 81 10 1
St. Louis I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-2
Boston 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Two-base hits: Wallace. Rising. Sacri
fice hit: Rockenfield. Stolen bases: Stone,
Freeman. Double plays: Btahl to Free
man, Parent to F"reeman, Wullace to Jones.
Hases on balls: OtT Howell, 3; onr Harris, Z.
Hit by pitched ball: Qoodn-n, Struck out:
By Harris 1; by Howell. 4. Time: 1:55.
Umpire; Sheridan. Attendance; (,233.
New York Beats Chicago.
NEW YORK, Sept. 22.-Manager Griffith
of the New York Americans tried a new
pitcher, Leroy of the Eastern league today,
and Uie newcomer won out against Chicago
by a score of ft to I.. An error by George
Davis In the third inning proved to be
rather expensive, as it was followed by
three tallies far the local team. Score:
Hshn. rf I 1 4 0 0 Jonas, cf 4 0 8 0 0
Koeler. lb.... 8 118 0 labell. tb 4 8 1 t
Klberfeld. aa. 4 1 8 8 1 Pavla. aa 4 1 8 8 1
Yaagrr. lb... I 18 1 0 Callahan. If.. 8 0 0 1 0
Uouguerty, If I 1 1 0 0 tonehue. lb.. 4 1 11 1 0
Chase, lb 4 1 0 0 0 (iraao, rf 4 1 1 0 4
rulta, c 4 8 8 0 0 Rohe, lb 4 0 I 4 1
Kleluow. S... 8 8 8 0 0 McKarland. a. 4 0 4 1 0
Lero, p 4 0 0 1 0 Altrock. p.... 4 0 0 4 0
Totala 0 UK I I Totala 3S 4 24 II 8
New York 0 0 4 0 0 1 0 0 -6
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 13
First base on error: Chicago, 1. Left on
banes: New York, ; Chicago, 7. Bases on
balls: Off I-eroy, 4; off Altrork, S. Sacri
fice hits: Huhn, Dougherty. Bffflt-n bases:
Isbell. Davis. Hit bv Ditcher: By leroy. 1.
Time: 1:40. Umpires: McCarthy and
O'Loughlin. Attendance: 4,000.
Detroit Defeats Washington.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 22.-Detrolt again
defeated Vfmlilngton today through hard
hitting. to 4. Score:
AU H O. A t. AH H.O.A.B.
Blaale, cf.... I
Caaer. Ib-aa.. I
Lobert, lb ... I
( nance, lb.
Bcnuite, it.
Tinker, sa..
Hoffman, an
Maloney, rt
Evers, 2b...
Kilng. ....
Keulbaeh, f
0 Bresnaban, o. 8
0 Bowttrmaa, o. 1
0 Browne, rf. .. I
1 boulm. cf. ... 8
1 8
0 8
1 8
0 McGinn
0 Mertea If
0 MuUraar, If
0 Hablea, M.,
1 Devlin, lb.
0 Gilbert, lb
V Taylor, p..
Wlltae. p.
Totala II 10 27 12 0 Blrang ...
Chicago 2 0 0 11
New York 18 0 0 0
Hits: Off Taylor. 7 In
Wiltee, 2 In two Innings.
,.SS 7 24 12 1
1 1 0 7
0 0 10-4
six Innings; oft
Left on bases:
0 u
l o
4 2
8 8
1 4
1 1
Diseases of
Men Only
8 Tsars' Experlenea.
20 Years In Omaha.
Varicocele. Stricture,
Blood Poison, Weak
ness. Buck free.
Box 7. Office. 216 8.
Hi h St.. Omaha. Neb.
aaas. eHioansTiW'S swauaM
mm n ft V n - n mmm
Is HIS eat M Waea i 'H
lta eoe naaaa Take m aes fafMS
ennM Sa,beal a4 laiaa
, - aaa ie. a
l ri.l Teaataaleiels
lIWfc,U4la.'ai ft! i
m aM af
tmrm. He. 1 a a I
. r
Kanaka a ausaa ill a SS OaaV
m Uln All WIMLfla
ytSJ.. I OsaaUaifraasaira4
f as I a 0 ra. I a)toebaig laSaauasaMaaa,
aaaitaii I irrltallaaa as aMoarataaas
aa a, mwi a mini ataaaWaaas.
Pi (MmM. KlalM Mat eAixlaw
"att'AMCMHaiM u. gaat pmsasoais.
" J aVatal 0y ItamaajMa,
r. i easr-aa. ereei4. lea)
'rA Si aa. ar 0 aUlee u 70.
S tuwiiaat sal aa raes4
0 1
0 o
1 8
0 0
alrlntyra. cf . t 8 8 0 OJonaa, cf 8 v 8 0
Llndaar, lb.. 8 i 0 1 0 Canaidy, aa...l 10 4
lionotau. 2b . 4 1 I 8 1 tttrkinan. 2b. I 0 I 1
I. raw lor J. rt.. 4 111 1 Anderaoa. lb. 8 1 II 0
Cobb. II I 8 8 0 OHuelsman, If. 1 0 8 0
Coughlln, lb. 4 8 1 1 4 Stanley. If ... 8 8 10,
O'Leary, as... 8 1 8 1 0Rolh(sb. rf ..8
narner. a 4 III 0 Nl II. lb 8
Wigga. p 4 0 0 8 OHerdoa a.... 4
Eubank, p ... I 0 11 1 Townaand, p. 8
-lrlll s-0000
Totala 18 I 17 10 0
Totala II U IT 12 8
Batted for Wkrgs.
Detroit 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 1 06
Washington 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 04
Earned runs: Detroit. 6. Three-base hit:
Warner. Stolen bases: Rothgeh, Cobb.
Sacrifice hits: Hickman, Anderson, Koth-
geb. Cobb. Hits: Off Wlggs. 2 In two in
nings; off Kubank, S In seven innings. Bases
on balls: Off Townaend, 1; oft Wlggs, 3.
Struck out: By Townisend, 4; by Wings, ;
by, 1. Left on bases: Detroit, 8;
Washington, 4. Passed ball: Warner. Time:
1:45. Umpire: Hurst. Altndnce: 1,10.
. Uvea Break la Philadelphia.
PHILADELPHIA, JSept. 22.-Phlladelphla
ana llcveianu piayea two games today.
the visltois Winning the tlrt and the
league leaders tha second. Score, first
Chicago, S; New York, 7. Two-base hits
K-ers (2), Chance. Three-base hits: Schulte,
Maloney. Sacrifice hits: Tinker, Casoy,
Kvers. Stolen base: Donlln. Double plays:
K ers to Chance, Bowerman to Devlin,
Bowerman to Dahlen. Struck out: By
Keulbaeh, 4; by Taylor, 4. First base on
balls: Off Reulhach, 3; off Taylor, 2.
Time: 1:60. Umpire: Einalle. A-ttendi
anoe: 8.0OO.
Boston Wins from St. Lonls.
ST. LOl'IS, Sept. 22. St. Louis lost to
IWton today, 10 to 6. The butting of Dele
ban ty and Wolverton were features. Score:
Ab'tlcchlo. aa 4 1 1 4 4 fha, Ik 4 12 8 4
0 0 Shannon, If.. 4 0 1 0 0
0 0 smnot, cf . ... 4 I 1 0 0
0 0 Ilf.kl.y lb.. 4 8 11 1 1
0 0 DrUroff, rf... 4 I t 0 4
0 Orady, c 8 1 4 1 1
1 0 H'elsk'tar, 2b 4 0 8 4 0
8 OMcUrlde, aa . i 0 I I 1
4 0 aii-Farland. pl 0 0 1 0
aArndt 1 0 0 0 0
2 12 21 11 0 -
Totals 24 I 27 21 8
Batted for McFarland In the ninth.
Boston 0 8 1 0 1 0 t 0 2-10
Bt. Louis 10 1110 0 10-6
Karnexh runs: Boston, 8. Two-base hits:
Delehanty, Binoot. Three-base hit: Dele
hanly. Home run: Dolan. Sacrifice hit:
Dolan. Bulk: McFarland. Passed ball:
Girtiiy. Stolen bases: Grady, Shay, Mc
Uridc. DeUroff, Shannon, t irst base on
balls: Off McFarland, 4; off Fraser, 7.
Struck out: By McFarland, 1: by Fraser,
lyftl on buses: St, louls, : Boston. 9.
Time; 1:5J. Umpire; Klein. Attendance:
(tandisg oi in a Teases.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Tenney, lb. .. 8
Dolan. rf 8
Delehanty, If. 6
Wolvert'n, Sb 1
Cannell, cf . .. 6
Ra mar, Ib. .. 4
Moran, c 8
8'raaer, p 8
Nathan Stranas Paces Fastest Mil
of tha Year at Cincinnati.
COLUMBUS, O.. Sept. 22 Twelve thou
sand pepple turned out for the closing day
of the best race meeting ever held In Co
lumbus and saw Nathan Strauss break the
season's record for Grand circuit pacers. In
winning the free-for-all pace NatrTan
Strauss was forced to go the first two miles
In 2:084. He was favorite. He was never
half a length ahead at anv flnlxh.
Kid Shay, second choice in the 2:08 trot,
won the race from the favorite, Jim Ferry,
by rushes in the last eighth.
In the Hoster-Columbus Breweries' con
solation Angle won from Clarlta W. The
latter mare was a 5 to 1 favorite. Results:
Hoster-Columbus Breweries' consolation,
for 2:08 trotters, three heats, purse 82,000:
Angle, ch. m. (Saunders) 2 1 1
Clarlta W, ch. m. (Geers) 1 J
Time: 2:12H. 2:10V4, 2:12.
Free-for-all pace, three heats, purse $1,500:
Nathan Btrauss. b. g. (Thomas) 1 1 1
iNervoio, I), n. (A. McDonald) 4
Frank Yoakum, b. g. (McGrath) 2
Dan R. ch. g. (Benyon) 8
Locanda. br. h. (Snow) 3
Baron Grattan, b. g. (Geers) ,..8
Major C, h. h. (Jolly) ft
Bell Mc (Hogan) 7
Time: z:03, Z:03!. 2:05.
x 2:t class trotting, three beats, purse 81,200:
Kid biiay, d. g.. by Nitrogen (Rosen
Turley, br. g. (Geers)
Robert Mo, b. g
Jim Terry, g. g. (Frank) ....
John Caldwell, b. g. (Snow) .
Hardwood, blk. g. (Benvon)
Time: 2:07Vs. 2:07H. 2:0e.
Racing; at Warn.
WAYNE, Neb., Sept, 22.-(8peelal Tele
gram. ) Again today an unusual number of
people attended the race meeting and stock
exposition at the fair grounds. The 2:17
trot, started yesterduy, was completed In
two heats tQOuy. Lady Almoneer winning
first. Hlxle Allerton second. Minnie Blake
third and Nlgara fourths Best time: 1:20.
2:20 Pace, purse $100: 1
Don L. D.. L. D. Miller, SIou Falls 1
Ujueen Llllle, II. Blome, Sheldon,
la I
Little Medium, W. B. Vail, Nor
folk. Netx 2
Astramont, A. L. Cushman, Pender 4
Heat tune: I. a.
2:35 trot, purse $300:
Miss Fallerton, Strahn, Wayne, Neb. Ill
Join Moore, C. O. Coats, Bloux City 3 2 2
oseph Second. Prank Dailey, Auburn I I I
Best time: i:2i).
Tha meeting has been a great success In
every particular and tonight the people
celebrated the event with a grand concert
by Reed's Fourth regiment band of Sioux
Bar. af 4 1 1 0 0 Hansel, If... 110
f-livk. lb 4 4 1 4 0 Hoffman ci., 4 0 I
Lalole. lb.... 4 0 11 0 bavla. lb 8 8 T 1
Buelow, rf... 4 1 I 4 0 L. Crosa, lb.. 4 110
Bradler. Ik.. I 4 4 .8 0 Seybold, rf... 4 8 10
Turner, as.... 8 0 0 4 0 alitrvby. 2b.. 4 114
Carr. lb 4 8 14 0 0 M. Croaa, as.. 0 1 8 1
Heee, 11. 0 18 0 I Pa era, a.... 4 1 10 8
Clark, a 4 8 8 1 4 bigen, p 1 4 0 0
kbveea, p .. 8 0 0 1 0 Iteudar, p.... 8 4 0 8
Lor4 1 0 0 0
Totala 40 1 rt 14 1 .
Totala 14 14 87 11
Batted for Bender In tha ninth.
Cleveland 2101080 1-8
Philadelphia 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 u 4
Left on bases: Philadelphia. 10; Cleve
land, a. tarnej runs: C leveland. 5; Phila
delphia, 8. Stolen bases: Davis, Carr,
Hut-low. Two-basa hits: Rhoades. Carr,
ciara. aavis. 1 nrts-uaie Ml: Murphy.
Home ruu: Buelow. Sacrifice hits: Huff
man, A4. CYose, carr. Hits: Off Dygert, (
In thru and one-third. Innings; off Bender
4 la nva .and two-thirds Innings. Struck
out: By Dvgert. 2; by Benin T; by
Khoadea, I. First be or) balls; Off Dr
gerw 1; oft Bender, $. oft BUuadea. 2. fat-Jed
H 40 .7C
9.' 48 .Y7
80 58 .bit
lb 63 .543
67 69 .m
53 85 .34
47 l .841
3 fi .2K1
at St. Louts,
New York
St. Louis
Games today:
Brooklyn at Cincinnati. New York at Chi
cago, Philadelphia at Pittsburg.
Players' Share laereaaed.
CINCINNATI, Sert. 22. -The National
Base Ball commission today decided to In
crease the players' share of the first four
games of the championship series between
the national ana American leagues rrom 40
to t per cent. The receipts from the games
shall be divided as follows:
First Ten per cent of gross receipts from
all games shall be paid to ths National
Second Sixty per cent of the first four
games shall form a pool for the players of
thu two teams, 10 i aiviuea id per cent 10
the winner and 25 per cent to the lobar of
the contest.
Third After tha 10 per rent deductions
for the commission and the to per cent
which forms the players pool from the first
four games, the balance of the gross re
ceipts shall be divided equally between ths
two cluba. .
Fourth The total amount to be paid to
the commission and tha aama shall be dis
tributed to tha piayera through the secre
tary ot the commission.
Plalavlew Wins la Eleventh.
PLAIN VIEW, Neb, Sept. 22 (Special
Teliarmm l The Plalnvlew champlona de
feated Bloomfleld at the Crcighlon fair to
day by a score of T to In eleven innings.
Dunaway's two-basa awat won the game
in the last Inning. Plalnvlew will meet tha
Crelghton nine tomorrow. Batteries: Plain
view, Dupaway and Skaen; Bloomfleld,
Sills and Gardner.
Iadla'ae Make Great Reeorl.
PRINCETON, Ky., lept. 22 (Special
Telegram.) Ureen'a Nebraska Indiana, who
have won thirty-three out of thirty-five
gamea played in Kentucky Mile season, de
feated Princeton today 10 ta 1
tostkara Lragaa Oaaaaa.
At Nashville Naahvllle, 7; Bhreveport, t.
At Montgomery Montgomery, f; Mem-
PAt Atlanta-Atlanta, i; Little Rock. L
' " ' " " " -a"""
. t i r -v 1 1 i t I 1
I 1 m A 11 i 1 ft vi tf M ri r. 1 jT
I f
Ml r-y V LA Lri
I U-J t 3CJ?.-fl J" 1 i
jr at t 1 1 w.j mm at a . i r o
iiaii a-11 w' 1 -i r a --a . t , - ... I. . 1,. 1. ,,, iii inie
When yoa have
once smoked a Banquet
Hall Cigar the flavor and sat
isfaction are so firmly printed in
your memory that you'll be dis
appointed every time you buy
another cigar for the same price.
Made of nothing but Vuelta Hav
ana Tobacco and Imported Wrapper.
The two combine into a cigar
that always pleases always
1 satisfies and always soothes. If
there were no other locent
cigars you could not appre
ciate the difference
in this one. Made
also Two for 2jc. and
1 $c. straight shape the
onlv difference. Ask vour dpnl-
er when he offers you a sub
stitute remember there can't be a
Allen Bros. Co. I M. foster t Co.
Kakera, Haw Tark
Imk Is
mm I
to Fact
$25 from Omaha. One-way tickets on sale daily to
October 31, 1905. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Port
land, Seattle choose your route. Stop-overs of five
days anywhere west of certain points in Arizona, Nevada
or North Dakota, and in California, except at Los Angeles
and San Francisco. You can go through New Mexico
or through Colorado. The Rock Island runs improved
tourist sleepers daily via both routes through from both
Chicago and St. Louis.
Via El Paso Short Line, the Rock Island maintains a faster Tourist service
to California than any other road or route.
"Write today for our illustrated Tourist folder, giving details of
Hock Island through service, with map and full information.
1323 Farnam Street. Omaha. Neb.
Hew Track Record at Llberty-Tllle, 111.
LIBERTY VI LIJE, 111.. Sept. 22 Close
finishes, fast time, s. large crowd In at
tenduncs and perfect weather marked the
fourth day of. the harness meeting today
at the Llbertyvllle course. In the second
heal or tne z:i4 race iionvar broke the
track record, covering the distance In 2:0044.
I.Z3 trot, J l.uoo puree: iady Howry won.
Belfast second. Dr. Trult third. Best time:
J 18 trot, purse 11.000: The President won.
AUonette second. Winkle third. Best time;
2:it pace, purse sa.ouo: rionvar won, r;cno.
Jr., second, Red Kins; third. Best time:
J :06V It took four heats, all of which were
under Z:(, to decide this event.
Oven Champion Retains Trophy Cop
for the Fourth Year.
HAMILTON. Mass., Bept. 22. Willie An
derson, who played from the Apawamls
club of Hye, N. Y., won the open golf
championship of America at the Myopia
Hunt club today for the fourth time In
five years. Anderson's score from the seventy-two
holes was Sit. Custody of the
championship cup for another year, tiA
and a gold medal are the material trophies
of Anderson's victory.
Alex Smith of the Nassau Country club,
who led Anderson almost to the last green,
was second with Sis and won .150. Peter F.
Barrett of Toronto and Peter Robertson of
the Oakmont club. Httshurg. were tied for
third place, with 317 and divided third and
fourth money, flK and 100. (Stewart Gard
ner of Garden City was next with til. and
won 10. --Alec Campbell of the Country
club, Brookllne, was sixth and received $70.
Gilbert Nicholas of Denver and J, Hobens
Of Englewood, N. J., were tied for seventh
place and divided the seventh and eighth
money, S.r0 and 10, their scores being S21.
O Cummlngs of Toronto was ninth with
825 aad won 130, while Arthur Bmlth of
Columbus, the western champion, brought
up the rear of the money takers with
score of X2 and received 125.
Two amateurs, Walter J. Travis, a former
amateur champion of the Garden City
club, and Arthur R. Lockwood of Albion,
finished Just outside tne money.
The contest atarttul yesterday with seventy-eight
players, of whom twenty-one
dropped out after the first day and four
failed to return cards today.
Anderson's victory, which only came by
brilliant play, was a popular one. Reveral
hundred enthusiasts started after him from
the first tee this morning, when he was
five strokes behind Smith and Gardner,
and there were four other players shead of
him In the soorinax. That he Justified the
confidence of the gallery was shown from
(he start. Smith finished the first round
ot '-be dav one moke ahead with elfbleea
holes to play. Smith's total for fifty-four
holes was 234 and Anderson's 237.
It was generally believed before the last
round was started this afternoon that the
championship lay between the two leaders.
Ths first two holes were played In fours,
but as Smith took a five going to the short
third hole, Anderson drove to the green
and made It In three, the Apawamls player
took the lead for the first time In the con
test. Smith picked up a stroke in the fourth
hole and another on the fifth, which gave
him the lead once more, fhe short sixth
was halved In four, but Anderson gained
a stroke In the seventh and as the next
two were halved the playeis were again On
equal terms at the turn toward home for
the last nine holes.
The tenth hole was played by both men
In fours, but Smith made the eleventh In
four to Anderson's five, which gave the
former a stroke to the good. The twelfth
and thirteenth were halved In fives. An
derson made the fourteenth in tnree ana
Smith In four. Anderson went to the front
on the fifteenth, made the sixteenth In three
to Smith's four. Bmlth was just finishing
with an even eighty, having made the last
two holes In fives, when Anderson came
onto the seventeenth tee. The seventeenth
hole, however, was a heart breaker for the
strong backers of the champion. Anderson,
for tne first time during the day, sliced
his drive Into the roua:h and behind a tall
tree, with the hole Juet the other side.
Anderson trlefl a lofty pitch for the hole,
but failed. Nothing dau.Hed by his failure
to top the tree, Anderson again swung his
mashle and this time the bait flew over
and fell Just short of the green. Anderson
holed out In three more, making him only
one ahead of Smith at the same place.
Ths final hole was played In a perfect
four. Anderson drove long and far, fol
lowed It up with another high pitch to the
preen without taking any chances of run
ning over, laid his approach putt dead and
holed amid the applause and cheers of the
crowd, two strokes ahead of Smith.
The ten hlarh scores were:
Will Anderson, Apawamls.... T TT 1IH
Alex C. Smith, Nassau 80 W) ir,
P. E. Barrett, Toronto 77 79 ltil
P. Robertson, Oakmont 1 77 lf.9
S Gardner, Garden City 6 77 168
Alex Campbell, Brookllne.... 8u 81 1M
J. o. Nichols. Denver 84 79 169
J. Hobens, Knglewood 81 79 Wi
11 Punim nis. Toronto 75 81 167
Arthur Smith. Columbus 80 86 1S8 34
Will Bmlth of Mexico scored as follows:
76, 88 187, i-28.
Walter J. Travis, for the amateurs, pre
sented a card reading: 80, 44. 11, 325. He
was tied by A. G. Iockwood of Albion,
whose score was T6, 80, 18.
all, George II. Schlnl, James tJebrlng, J. B
Seymour, John B. 81egle, Hurry Bteln
feldt, Charles U. Street, Van Aude, pitcher;
John Vowlnklt, Thomas Walker.
New York Leon Ames, Frank Bowerman,
Roger P. Bresnahan, Guorge Browne, Wil
liam Clarke, W. O. Dahlen, Arthur Devlin,
Mlohael J. Donlln, Claude fcilloU, Fergu
son (of Louisville), William O. Gilbert.
William Lauder, Archie Graham, WUUam
R. Marshall, C. Mathewson, Samuel Slerlos,
Daniel l. McGann, Joseph McGlnnlty, John
MclJraw, Offa Neal, Clydo Robinson, Sam
uel Strang, Luther H. Taylor, George
Wiltse, Wright (of Louisville).
Philadelphia Fred Abbott. James Brady,
W. H. Bransfleld, F. C. Corrldon. E. B.
Courtney, Charles Dooln, M. J. Doolln,
William B. Douglaas, Hugh Duffy, Wil
liam J. Duggleby, William Oleason, Hoff
(of Savannah), Kane (of Savannah), Otto
Kruger, John C. Lush, Sherwood Magee,
Monen (of Atlanta), C. II Munson, .do
Closkey (of Omaha), H. B. McCormlck,
Charles A. Nichols, Charles Plttinger, Sen
tell (of Macon), Frank Sparks, Roy
Thomas, 'John Titus, Joseph A. Ward (of
Clayton, N. J ).
Pittsburg Altlxer (of Springfield, Mass.),
James Archer, C. H. Beaumont, David L.
Brain, F. C. Carrlsch, C. C. Case, Fred C.
Clarke, O. E. Clymer, P. J. Flaherty. J. P.
Flannagan, R. 8. Ganley, George Gibson,
Clyde Goodwin, Homer Htllebrand, Grge
A. Howard, B. W. Klnsellft, Knane Otto
(of Pueblo), Thomas W. Leach, S. Leever,
A. P. Ivelfield, V. A. Lindunian, M. J.
Lynch. Frank Ohertin, II. C. Pelts, C.
Phllllppe. C. a. Kltchey, A., Robertallle,
Harry Smith, John Wagner.
St. Louis Adams (of Parsons). Harry
Arndt. Jacob P. Beckloy, Bennett (of Nusli
vllle), Charles E. Brown, James Hurke,
Clayton (of Temple, Tex ), De GrofT (of
Troy), John F. Dunleavy, A. J. Ban,
Frants (of Kansas Clty, M. W. Grady.
Hickman (of Denver), John H lines, A. Hoil
ekoetter, Holmes (of Savannah) J. J. Jo
kers!, T. J. Leahy, George McBrlde, Mc
Carthy (of Poughkeepste), J. A. Mr-Dougal,
Charles A. McFarland, A. J. O'Neill, Per
rlne (of Denver), Raub (of Montreal),
Daniel C. Shay. W. P. Shannon. G. Slat
tery (of Milwaukee), Homer Smoot. Spado
lot Macon). Mutter Sullivan. Swan (of
2J j bhreveport), John W. Taylor, John Thlel-
Tracy 167 109 173 648
Hughes U.J 162 145 449
Kncell 191 153 19 613
Maglll 171 177 247 697
Totals ..7 8 m J,6u9
List for
Next Tear Announced
President Fnlllnsn.
Wr7W YORK. Sept 22 The following list
of National league players reserved for the
season of 1906 was made public today by
President Pull lam:
Boston Ed J. Abbatlchlo Applegate (of
Toronto), H. J. Bresslor, Wirt V. Canned,
James C. Delehanty, Harry Dolan, C. C.
Fraser, P. J. Moran, Thomas J. Needham,
F. C. Raymer, Albert I. Slromer, William
I Stroh. Fred Tenney. Irving Wilhelm,
Victor Willis, T. M. Young
Brooklyn Charles A. Alperman, Emd
Hatch. George K Bell. William Berne.
Wli'tam Broderlck. F. Burchell, John But
ler, J. W. Byers. Joseph Corbett, John G.
Dobbs, J. H Doescher. Lewis Durham. M.
W. Kason, H. H. Gessler. Robert P. Hall,
J. H. Hummel. Jerry Hurley. Hugh Jen
nings, T. J. Jordan, Philip Lewis. H. O.
Lumley, Charles MalaVH. M. Mclntyre,
Edward Frank, J. H. Me Neal, Thomas L.
Owens. James PastoHous, Henry I'aitoe,
F. C. Reisilng, Ixiuls Richie. L. K Rltter,
W. P. Scanlon, James T. Sheckard, Elmer
Btrl'-klett, George F. Suggs, C. Welgand.
Chicago H. T. Brlggs. M. Brown. James
P. Casey. Frank L. Chance, John J. Evers,
Arthur Hoffman, John Kllng. John Lobert,
Carl I.undgren, William A. Maloney, John
A. MoCarthy. Noonan (of St. Paul), John
J. O'Neill. E. M Reulbach, Brbaub (of
Ienvr). Frank Schulte, James Blagle, Jo-ax-rh
Tinker, Robert Wicker. Jake VVelmer.
Cincinnati Ernest G. Baker. John C.
Barry, Al H Brldwell, Charles W. Chech
Thomaa W. Corcoran. August Dorner. Carl
Druhot, Bob F.wlng, Clyde Ooodwln, Chaa
W. Harper. William Hlnchman. Miller Hug-
flns. Oliver T. Johns, Joseph J. Kelley,
Jvlngston, catcher; Harry H. Mowery.
fied W. U4wU. tU J. Fhelps. Or vail Over-
Members of Lonlavllle C'lnh Ask Dam
ages from Kaains City Hallway.
KANSAS CITY, Sept. 22 Ten members
of the Louisville base bsll club who were
hurt In a street car accident In this city
August 31, today brought suit against the
Metropolitan Street Hallway company of
this city for damages aggregating IM.UU0.
The Individual claims for damages are as
Fred Clay, lfi.000; Alfred Shaw, M.600; Dan
Kerwln, 16.000: C. W. Stockear, U.M; Will
Hallman, C,O0O; R. p. Brahear. V.bUO;
Larry Qulnlan, 17. 5o0; "W. L. Wilbur. IIO.ohu;
Sutsr Sullivan. II. M0, and Ed Kanna, to.OuO.
The ball players were going to their
hotel from the ball grounds In a carryall,
which collided with a trolley car and the
piayera were thrown out and several were
severely hurt. The allegation of tha suits
filed today la that the car was running
t a higher rate of speed than Is allowable
In the olty limits and that the accident wss
due to ths alleged carelessness of the
Charley Black's kittens won two games
from the fuilmods last night and Just lost
the third by s nose, for the first week they
have the high total and two of thalr men
lead the individuals. For the Onimods
Maglll was high man and carried off the
high single game fur the first week with
247. Stieldon leads ths league with VM and
Molynesus Is but one pin behind.
Peterson J
Snyder 182
Molynaaua X)6
Darts 14
Sheldon 14
2d. Jd Totals.
137 177 47
207 161 U1
ISO tA 6)1
i; i4 4-0
11 4i &!0
S1 Ml 17U
2d. 14 Totala
it It tot
Visitor Soperlor In Brstlsg to Wind
ward In Llgbt Ureese.
For the first time In the history of their
aurst fo rthe Manawa challenge cup the
bt. Joseph Yacht club's boat won a race
on Lake Manawa yesterday afternoon, de
feating the Prlscllla by one minute and
nftoen seconds. Five times p.-eviously they
have sent mug hunters up here and been
beaten In fifteen successive races, so It
was rather with pleasure thaq disappoint
ment that the home sailors hailed Hie
Sylvia as the faster boat In yesterday's
race. There was a light north wind blow
ing when the assembly gun was fired at
2:40 and the signal flag for the south course
run up. As the flags were too near the
lee shore for the boats to catch the light
sir the start wus void of any particular
Interest, both boats getting across to
gether on the gun at 8:4ti,k). with the
advantage of position in the Sylvia's favor.
To the first buoy was a run before the
wind and the spinnakers were ill-awing
nicely (or euch without loss of any Um".
The Prlacllla, with Clark at the helm, tried
to tain the load, but Captain Kobbins
hauled his sheets and the boats worked tip
to windward and off the course. Whi-o
til Prisclllu would have dodged under Ins
stem Bobbins payed off and still main
tained, his lead, rounding the mark tn
aeconds ahead. Reaching for the second
buoy, the Sylvia gained twenty second
more atgl started up the lake on the next
leg with her light satis set. The I'rlscllla
UkewlKe holstd her splnnakir and Im f
way to the bouy passed her rival to wind
ward. This lead was held until after turn
ing the mark, where she. was twenty
seconds ahead.
The last kg was a long beat to windward
down the lake, with the breexe Just freshen
ing. When the boats cam about on U
starboard tack the Sylvia wss hard astern
and apparently pointing a little lower tliun
the Prlscllla, but outrootltig her. Twice
on coming about the prlscllla crossed the
other's bow, but the next tack showed she
was losing and had to cros thu Sylvias
(jetting under the lee to turn the flar
for the second time around both boats
almost stopped for lack of air. The Syivii
rounded first and five seconds later tho
Prlscllla. On this run the Prlscllla soon
passed the SlyvU. and turned twenly-fiv
seconds In tho lead, and was nut again
headed until beating horn after making
the third mark.
The lust leg was Intensely Interesting
and aflar Captain Bobbins got bis lead ho
forced tne race duWn the west bay bi-for
risking a line to the flags. Until Just be
fore hearing the finish there was never a
difference of more than twenty seconds be
tween the two boats and the tun lost
was entirely due to the calm which rested
under the lee of the north shore where
the starting flags were placed. In fact, a
fluke of stray wind might have lost Ft.
Joseph one of the closest and cleanest
races ever won on Manawa.
jun at buoys:
First buoy
Second buoy
Third buoy ,,
Second circuit
First buoy
Second buoy
Third buoy..,.,.,,,
Elapsed time
Sylvia. Prlscllla.
i: 49:10 3 4'J.SO
4 i6 : (5
, 4 44
i t 60
Lis. A)
t iw:40
a 6:i5
4:3i :J
4 44 M
Golfer at Hamilton.
HAMILTON, Mass., Sept. 22.-Th third
round of the four rounds of medal ploy
in the open golf championship started this
morning at th Myopia Hunt club wltn
flfty-sevn plars lf In th running afur
yesterday's strenuous work.
At th end of the third round of th con
test th championship was still la doubt.
Shnrn Foot Bnll Gam,
Th llttl Carpets defeated tb Pmgre
t foot ball by a score of It to 0. Th fea
ture of th gam wer tb en4 raa) 4Vai
IU enlr siuash vX, f-gViK i ,