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    The Omaha Daily Bee.
e-erter-we . at. a F. St.
a a.r Sna.r Mr$ E I F-7 la"." j
Sanaa prr
Samca ia fiiitiroi On'.j Lxl" -ta
Sat Faa;! 8;ili T
Cant. Tors-jar. Second Iaa.3'
ii to Sobrmaita. uwfsT
, -
Mae B-ee la4a-ln '" !
Fat . -all Faaallr Fa
raaa am a alar a Claht
eew Im4p4 a "ear.
Fr-m a Stan" for "-enponilenr
VA3HT!mN. i"TL :. ap-iai T"l
a.-n. namr ETmr J. 3nrH-tt arrtvit j
mrmm tha lirt Purk-rts .-ta.r-i '-n j
wnooi. whil r.i- a-nator and hia wf- j
h-(nin to ana-mhla tnir hnua-nold aums
In tiiir k- h"m". tw Xirrr-n'ii -rr t.
nni-.1-wt, wii!n tia finzr purrfia-il
noi-Jy af hia iltrrion to aana-n.
S-nator Burk-tr today waa ariltry man i
r- -noutc.1. Ha to char-un mt on !
tiia arorm-i rompany. mmmpr for Mr. J
Burt-r-. dlr-.1:"r nf tephon-. ..-p-r
manipulator and ma- ly-r. in hor-, a naw j
rmtd Stitaa ainaKir wiia a naw donna
to put tn napa within tlia ahorteaT powrt-
bi-iaka to aamat tn tfta for J.dja ,
latton and tha whoia tirkat.
Today, batwaan huatUn furnitura and
.......... 4..- j... ........
.ar-braaka aiitainad braarh aiifflcientiy tu
;- ui miniur-r ot jWn uji-i. urn
pa.-a.nrunt insua in JlaBra aka waa tba
railma.1 rata quaanona and tiutt tariff ra-
vimiox w a wuimuur dinaiui'miiim. ;
Timurm w Sanauir BarkfCt will do a fw
"rhoraa" In the dapaLTtmantj. provtiiin tiia I
dlnln room taoie and i:hma cloaat ara In !
poalriun an that t.ha ordarty pr-Hiadura uf I
nii'ia-aaapin may o tin, iaan.
na iaat of tha waak, tba aanarnr will o
Oai-k to Xanraaka tu ramain anal Tbanka-B-ivin.
Or aara far thw Amy.
Cor itraot 9urn on Fiafobar Gardnar :s ra
Uavait from duty In the Fbilippinas and w-.ll
p :aad to Fort Crook for duty.
Captain John i Worklaar, Sacnnd ln-
fantry. la da tailed as profeaaor of military I
artanca and tactlira at tba tTmvaraity of ,
atraana. Incnln. to raJis eiTact Ottober
U Tica Captain W Liar in Cbaaa. Twanty-drat
Infantry, who will Join but reprnwit
' Waak at Daaawaad.
All work will ba auapandad Ortobar L an
ennstructlun work of tba naw public build
tn at Dead-wood. . . Tbia actum ia made
nai-'usaary baoauae tna arruunc of mo nay
anpraprail ia ao autnofant u pan nit xha
. aunerviBin ajhitect to order terra nti
cornita aa is deei red. it haa been deemed
ait-iattnlB tn view of tha contraver sy which j
haa arisen rexarrfln the material for cir- j
nusa work to suspend buildUi uparaxiims .
and submit tba entire oronoaitmo t enn- !
raaa. Suparvisin Arohitect Taylor does
not thlna it adviaaoia to pia.Te in tba Dead- '
wod buildtn woad poralces. but unless
ha a cuma an additional apprr ipnarlon he J
wlll ba forcwl to Incorporate wood material j
Instead of aarr oorta aa ha desires. It is !
e-aenrial tnat the huildln snail contain i
tha minimum of wood and he believes that
tf ennar-aa la appr-aad of tha altuauon It
will r-lily rant additional monev fr fire
proof eunatractiun. tber afore Architect Tay-I
lor baa decided to hind up construction!
work at Daadwood oandlna further uimn
by ston
- : 1 .. . u i 44 .i 1 1
poatmaater at Roa-ar a. Colfaz oounry. Nab.. '
TU:t g. C. Allen. reTTed. 1
Thaas rural -auras will ba established
Ifo-ember 13 In Mil la eounty. Iowa. Clen
avood. routes 3 and - population MB. bouses
iMi H-annn, route X population S. bouses
K. Maivara, mute X population bouses
li: Pacirtc Junction, route X population
an. hnueea CU.
Rural ca-ner- a 3 pointed Iowa. Carson,
route X & p Pierre, carrier: Floyd X
Pierre euharitdT. Route 4 Fayette M. For- ;
ward, aiini-; Ruacoe X Forward substl- '
tuie. Near Albin. routa I. Ed. A. Fish. '
earner; Norman Flan, substirota. Spirit :
lAka. route 4. Raymond A. Schuman. car- '
ner; Char lea A. 3'human. subsatuta.
A poetoff lire haa been earabltabed at Kay.
Garaald count v. Nab.. wrb MaiB J.
Howell postmaster
(lark ritaa Tans Hick.
Jamea W Boyd, a clerk in tne public
heuth and manna haapirai aervica. waa
ai rrted today on a warrant sworn out by
Chief Clerk Worcester of that orBca. cnar
hitf him ana mbea-lerneni. Tha dia:overy
af facts lea aln to tha charge waa made
last Thurada y in Boyd a a-oaeni -. and tba
amount aee travted accordln to
Boyd a own confeaaion. reacn out leaa tbaa
It waa BktyoTa duty m p-.p.- bills for
tba approval of tba surgeon arnera iL. and I
wbea aborlw ware ained they were de- i
II --red to him for aiailln to per (tna for
nar H-d that he
....II .....T!...' ... 44 1 . . . ..J .-H M .
mampiUatad tbe bi:is by arum tbe dates f '" 0I independent houses to flht tne
and a.nounts of dupiicar a left in tne of- tr,,at-
flea, and tnat be aecur-d the money on ! Twad of anippin Ttit tn Omana and
r-vo checks bv endorain on them the ' Kansas Otv and Je-ndin 'na re-p-aerator
names of tna 1 to waicb 'hev a.rt!1"' r' C'ny-T. the beef wil be
uwued. Tbe a.iead aVfaii-anon haa neert , killed hare for ma moun'a.n r-lona. Mis
in pme-eaa for 'be past three y-a.-a. hut t """ nvmr nr1'""'t and a -eax
Eovd waa nor suape-ied until a rec-nt ' Hirr nf tn" ST,Mk-ien a arz-iment o-eroome.
lllneaa cnmpeUed him to be absenr and f '
trade It ne.-eaeary Pr anm. eSa -e- ,o ' ECOY CF 'JVC MAN DISCOVERED
aaeume his d'ltiea Tban bis daak wast
opan-l a number of auspicious dncur-ems
warn found This led to an Itiveatiganon.
wirn the result rhsr tne case waa placed
In tne aan ta f taa lecret aarvice opera-
tl via. wio mail tna arrest, tn-1 perry be-lon-n
to Boyd, valued at aoout at. aat.
has beaa aeisad.
Bo'-d nad haen In tna pundc heairh ser-T'i-e
for a.-vour twei years and waa p
tjeinrat t f-o t Teatrneater emintv. New
Tirk. Ha was wed known aneuc Man. and
BepectaJy i bei-su-a of bis pronounced
iondnaaa fir aoromcnilln. He was draw
in a aaiary of C a yaar Kia family
u aa.d to ba traveling In Europe.
W hen taaen before Unit d States Com
misamnea Tayli'r. Bov1 waived a heenn
and waa bent r K. ms bail.
tia nial Lea Fa aeaa ta-fr a.
Or-ga.tler 'ie-eral X M Lae. enmmand
m tae Cparrment of Teaaa. Is piMiuveiv
in iav"r of tbe re-aetuhiiannnent of t.ha
i.-my aa He aaya thar aa per aent
if ttva e-iiu- i a dntia atiieuvota. a tna
jnnrv drma baar and Ught wnea wt-la
a Tiinav My dr" na strong ii iir out aoay
aul aarcatii tga ., ui a ' aaa.
In Review
epr The
nmr i-mTe
1 the ra:-.e
f -nr-hn-n w- m .
f FVdden F'eid T1. -- (
ill-va-t hem ro.ia.' Th !
ri- ,- un anitai 'his
v-d -v K'ng
king am-M at
-iiinim and pr-i
whence ar'i idei tr in
-1 m 'if in- and a br-iitaif " i.t he. -- m
'.he parade gr-und n nil a park. n
hearty if. -o-ircti mi-mr-- -a m nr-"ied
ip -na ear- F.nirTi"'is n-ir-oers of
-nn fiTn a.l par a f f .and and th
0"r-h .-f Eng'a.nd i 'e .
which is et-ec'-d to tousr in (-"'int."-!.' -in-
-.1- ex-mme irr-ra-.en r;r in "oi in-
reer -i im a'" -"-nt w ir-mg rn!a- i
Hoiw if the Wir ,.. '
I?"irng h- marTf! 3ir Tnmaa Lipfn. J
wn is hi'Tinnr" num'! f rnnd '
L-markhir ?ntfiT",n, -via .?tti nsr hi ;
-T-!-t pant fjia k.r.a. nn (t: 1nr-w
thr- Sim iml 'ir T'lmraii tu k;rKml n !
fai. Hln .njur'p ar Tit. -ri(ius.
Sir Tormui' tniui-s nHiff if "-it
miiii:!i anrl irr!H houj'i'r -iml rn. H
TL -lniiir-d lT'.nir 1 mlitin wr
of nl Iit-. i.t-.iuiiten in a tr"oi r'ir
Th- k'ni -nt -n rirrv rn ?Ir Ttiiima'
lnt"I to ui'iuir iNiut us -"nilition.
I)fl-ial B-II-tii
aaeat p-aee
R-art af Kraaa l .
4 I r a" u4 aw
tri Daraa ta Data.
E EIFJUX. Vpt. a r"i fflina: timlHT-.n I
tllrta? say r- w-r- t-n fr--n
o( ,",.,, and jHa:n- fnm noon
3ai:lrtll7 to nonn Sun.iajr n.t tnr-w mw 1
an(J r)n f.)m nixm 3unda7
aimn t1(l7 max;na tile tota-a J02 caw aad ;
vntVJ.n aua:aa.
Th t R-r-,,. ,
fw ,.. at-ttin and Graj- I
dana and rnr-a at. M.inannurg. I
A pafajiry aa-ma 'o axiat now in tha !
ueaJth (lrtli-a that tan uiuiirar or pnoiara ,
rer.aifin, p ha-n o-ar-om" and than ;
jj, mmiwr rif nww crajan aanounoad f im ;
tfniia ;
olait- Caaaailaataa 1U tsaalaa
I pu .. a.-..rT tm
, .
3T PETERSPLRt'. Sept. ;H.-Th projart
fn- tba f irrr.atiun of i cabinar. which Em
paror Nifhoiaa .-rderd tba Soiaar mm
minalnn to axamina Mintampla.tas tba for
mation of a body to b '-allad tba pounrfl
of minifltera. which ba under t.ha pr-w l-
dani-y of a pr-mier Tha Iat-ar. with tlia
mmiatars of war. manna and foraiam af-
f i and tba iurt 'initials, would have
tha aola riibt of rapirin to the emperor.
The ministers would be appointed an the
nomination of the pr-mier and no admin- I
IBtradre meaaur-a would become affaiTi"
without tha permlHKlon uf tha pit un nil of
nuniBters. aancuonai by the empaj-ar.
t 1 ataiaataat ha alarfa that
Traapa pw aa laiac
H ahUlaaa.
"HRJ9TT. NIA. Norway. 3apc '.S.-A.1-
aanu-umcuu ueniai or mnaw-d
cn-r ,J' - Narwin mobiiiaaaon of j
crT,OD" w"- -ad tn tms momin a iwedlsb
rt rhat Norway haa made no
mlllrarv prapai-itions azoept as ware a ban- j
iuc,'v neueatvpv from a de'ennlve point of j
T'w An,i lllilt th' "P"1"1 tnat pracr.caiiy a.! i
tjl" tr-aipa in central Norway and in the j
f""1"- dtatm-ts have bean moblliaed is un- I
fuun-rd- .
., .. -. .
' - - . . . , ,
Aaci-Paew Daaaatmulaaa Caattaaa !
(-! ta Dtfrrrat
Ftaaa mm Iaaavaa.
CETIO. 3ent, 19 r
m. Anti-peace
treaty demonstrations contlmie to be held
v....-.-,... .4u 4.,- ,--,ia, pHin
eoniemnatory resolutions, but thers haa
been no further violence.
Tbe members of tha proareastve party
are united, but the cansriruaona-lsts are
divided in their attitude toward tha peavn
settlement, some branches bavin passed
r-solutions contradictory of tha pi-j-a -ern-ment
statement at Its tarma
warrla Caaaaata atatlaaa
wa Kaawdla aid Flaata at
?E?inr-w, Colo.. Sept L 3pertal T-le-
am. e-The "Bi Four" packara am In-
Ivad in a deal ar tne two indapandant
voive in a deal tor tne two indapandant
packin plants tn Denver, and tna
enver arora yards. Neiann Mom a
nican ,b in L'enver for tna third time
this summer trying ro close tae '-an auc
tion. Tbe pi-p.imnon is for the Denver
men to sal! a conrroilina :nr i-
i:i!i i i-iu-cii. w-ncn nave an aggregate! of Tbe on.v hire, i. ,k
my hitcn
Lne plants and arocit yar-l.a. aceo rdin
to a prominent member of the National
Lve Sroca A.aeociarion. am wanted by
! P-'kiti tr-iet to fomara.l the movement
'- rail a Far-a
aar4r arr
j BUaaala.
Has aaaMhar
NEW I'-iRI. Sept. IH X rne disctiv-rr i
I of tne biery of a woman under the j
1 rear stoup of a hi tenemenr at All ("eat ,
j Thirty -aacood atr-e t.xtay -ha police be-'
I have they had avui oca of another murd-r !
j Tha victim ano-e name was unanown to
t 'he poiii a waa afaiut a --ura ma and
ten'.y in poe nrrumHtani--s He- ciotun
waa dlaa.- -ajiaeit, ner face br-nnd ami mere
wem moras of vinani'e about -ae lar oat
whii-b amuse .j rhe suboh -ions of 'be pouce.
Whan the Oottv waa '.lf-d rne he, m and
ao m aaiiy a to indicate that tne woman a
ty k had oeen bmaen. The front of her
a. at wta stained wit a blood
Tha safttion of t.ha city woere t.ha body
as found is known aa -Heira K.r,m-n. :
nd is 'na siampin ground ef soma roun
rna a-Ter 4 Tbe ctindiiiim now ia ir
-naa lAauaL Tha Pennavivauna HU.'lruad
somp-ny aaa a temporary rrasr'.e inning
rh t Magi I ona alrte of f at eet and n taa
iaaa imler-aa.-i a--iJ ciiih-:u
Ejtra of Cira of Savai-r.a Louvre, j
Iad d erar-i sa CamHttBt I
I a r tf Nearly Tew Per rent Dwr- ;
l Tr.r-r.lllM
act la
I a 1 tmrm4
FHH-AT EXFHI-V. Swgt. a. CnrtT 1
i -.r.iier .nnilinonB t-iat -?r" anmewtiaL
; llsapixnnrm r.-.e annual rornm inirnunn f
..v-iim Ltiiiifp of Ln Inilnp-niint r-r (
if ' "Id roiinw, m op-nit Ura ;
tuiiiij ;3 i1fip;ar--s tt anuir jirmiwrt
put in a tiuay (tar Th Inmii op-nin
of t.n conriava took pinuin in tiia
asinn Bumlc xr':i! wr- timd in Lu L.i !
tempi. t wliitn Mayir W-ar mimnl 1
u 'wi'nn to tn -iity. ur ta ir-inn i
iitttifn nfid a ssmtin ac wlicn t;it rpnr.i !
ai nrflr-rs wr- r-iii. Th r-!S"T-ji annw !
ui.t til imfr naU -i mi'sr pmap-mtia vnr
T'i rmandtr nf th. lay waa tajcni up in i
pr-.a dr:i, -t m::irary bi-.m:a of -h
jr'tnr, exempi:.1(m.uiin of rtpyn w ir oy .
vaiunc ii'titos nit r-r-ptiona to pnminnr ,
3itmh-r if ra onraniiaiiona
ATtir til- public ti nuni-a. th sr'-r-ntn
Anniiaj p-por-j of rha nnd sira. w-ml
I 3a:rra.rv innn B. 'Tood-ain. 'irand Taa-
urr M. M:c!iart3 Mick and OanaraJ M.
A. H-vnay. commaniUng Parrarpna M..U
tant -r- tna -ar.ira- of tiia -asinon. aftar
bam pr-aant-d. thay ara pafarrad m na
commi'T-a an diarr"urion if grand ofHara
Th r-pnrt if "rond 3ira Tpt atioaa
tha tota. aubiirdinara lodna mambar-h:p to
ba LJ17.iH6. am-ampmant mamoar-in;o. l.C5:
,,horriir.ra !orf- iii; . .-... !- .... i
railaf, t.'CT.-H9; torai p-vnua. C3.CS 721
total r-aoumaa. T.!MS.(fn. ConCniun ' thai !
r-nort stataa
Tba mcraaaa of mambaratiip of our aub-
ori:na:a UMiitas waa n tha ancamr)-
i1-' .Ui" "T '?;--
..ia oarrup'-n hillitajit W'il anuw a dapr-aaa
i n mamoaniuD. nut Liar 'larr-H.aa jj miv
m m i ai a" noiTuna. uii (iiiuhi.aan pnuj' iroin a o:aar
LAStiVc I n ''it r p.amaa 'aat raaily did not pn
; -stmt a. t:v mamoara (if that branett.
i ha mt"r-aaa in r '"aipra -it :ia var waa
fTil. TT" . Tha mrraaa in rniri. t..r4..)fl
anii t-ia ni""a.a m p-iief tlOT S.
Tha militant branrb acina in mr organ
ization t.uis to anow aunma.ntini nfiirr-aa
Tiir- bua baan a m mamoaratiiD dur-
'"a" tiia v-nr of a !lr-!a ovar Ml. This on-
jiuon of a.Taipa. n my luilamnt damands
immadiata artanflon and parnapa radiiaii
The atatiatn-ai information fur t.ha yar.
of tile Grand 3ecrtar" John 3. Goodwn.
inclurted tha foilowin' candidates
tniriated. I.JI4 mambera auaoended ind IX
5 died.
Slnoa 1S30 tba order baa initiated i3Tr.2a ,
eundidaras. memhar- bate died. i
Tba r-port upon the nrirat homes for j
the can of its orpnans and aad hmthmn '
abows 3
Tha consideration of
of appeal on j
various quastionB of law comin up from
rand jurisdictions ronaatr led a part of
tiia seaaiou and tail! a-ptin claim, rbe atteat
Oon of mp asenrarlvea when they convene
taawtaaa tm Caa a ft. '
A pilut.on presented bv Claude Buck- j "I do nor balla-a the air! was kil'ed out
y jf Kenrjcky. pruvuiad for a chane in . r"nt. 1 think the w m mnderd lncnn
the operation of tba Grand Council of Pit- ' acious and the brut- who a"'acked har
ruurttns Militant bv which tnat body in
tile furore will be permifte.1 to leifialate
directly in its own iniemsrs. suii'ect 'o approval of the aovemia-n rand ioita.
If tbe resolutions which will come up later
:n t!m weak a paasad it will mane the
Iran it tecrerary. Joiin B. "Toodwti. now
adjutant general of tae Patrai-'-na Vtilitat
atmpiv x-!rni io hooter of tiiar position.
The .luesrinns of forbiddln the lmis-
aiun of mta.l dealers i ilquor to member-
bip and of a.-fliiatlon with 'ba Manchenier
mirv of Enaiand and Cana.ia w.ll or .hahi v
not receive 'iie oonaider turn of tne rapr--
aentativea ont.l "Thursday
Ezempitflcation of tie Par arhs Mili
tant dar-e tiMik piace tomnt at -.he aec- !
ind mghmant armory after which a r-cep-
ntt w.
tendered at the Odd Fallow a
f ri!mpiB co Ganer M. A. EUnay .:
ommaa- i
a-P f th Patnarms MUltaat.
P-raiaat Feara CaTara a' -aw Uata.
NTV TnP.X. 3apt, 'A Aa incr-aae of I
j C-VAa in its risa -amins for 'be var
j endin June Ki ts anown bv tbe anaua! m
I port of the Missouri. Kansas a Tts Rail
j road company made public today The
I earninirn or tha year w-re t. l.-lS and
j expenses r4.jdti.l5. an increase of
The surplus for tbe -ear. tfrer payment
' nt lntsr"t "n oonds. mntais and taxes and
i 11 '- !nr n'w m!pmenr. waa t e8. an
! !ncr-a" of El-i4 over .. wnii-a tbara
i was a deficit of CV.575.
" 1 - I Ilia. Oll nt rh. V. 1 . .
, in me r leiT. attention to some very
. drastic legislation ' .n Kansas and Mis-
: "m' nrac'ica.'.y pla.-in- in .ie hands
! muma.i ommi-eions of -nose sta
. . "'"o
'""- -a .. '. . -ur-,,ng ro '.Kianom
temrnrv and anould tf meult -,n rate legisla
tion. Mr Rouse aaya. prainilcaily tbe whole
of tbe teiitorv cnverd hy "aa Miseoiin.
Kansas A Taxas wl! be sub'ect to ra
arncttva cuntroi by pmlucai bodies. Mr.
Rinine ai-a
J ier what the T--t of supn a air ir-n
ii i-a.i.ii" now oe .'lear".- rorHee- mir
can nu...- aj t.i m tve 'ler-nrnen'-i. -n .
'-ie pccp'-i u ir -s nrac' a-ir no
ir "i th- patrons of 'na railroad rae rmwar I
' tlx tna i"mpenniiion tor aec-ic-a r-n- i
Uer-d. "itn --ie ninoncna activrv whicn
pmva Is 'nrouarmiur m. mriin rna miurinua 1
reauirs. woti-n are denr-ca :e.. are ncnaniv I
not imminent, bur toe menace nf airoa- !
rion i-Hiini" oe imr aurlr if. n, n, , v
m vie' of ci'- r i-'j4fiitn of dismhuiinri
of tne miKlt-nt 4(irpnia your company
now anjcya
me I nyeiiiii. . ...
LijAi I nL-U 0 ririC Inl RCIC
Baan af tha laataaaa
atrwyaa E a rl r I r . Laaaa Carl
at Haif wtllWw
8 BUTTLE Wsn.. Sept, TS. D'stMrcbes
-er-t-ed in S-at'le teU of a d!sa.r ub fir-
ui w-pi i naa i. : or rne Dusinsa Bect'.nn
of Nome on rba aignr of S at en in r U. F-om
the meagre informat on given It ts heueved
tnat twnrv to twenty eve buildings wem
derroved in tna vrctmry of Lana s Wi -and
that -he rim ama covered f im two to
tame hux as. No details am given uiit nn
lose of life ta -p"P-vt If tne rtm burned ui
- bath dim-rums from Lanes Way tt -a eai
mated by iaa ie per ma eB.millar wrta the
1 c:aa of bueineea hmis s m the v 'emity rba
I lna will peacn (., l ajul may exceed taar
; ngure. a.rboua any eatimara maJa at
J pr eaenc arouid ba a mere g-eaa.
! Oaoie aad te.egn.pnte eora ununiranon was
t-asftabilBbed aitn Noma last eeentn afer
aa uifer uprann of "u ' 1iya, pt .1 i t af
ua -.a a. a iaca.ii.
A prtmary aa-Tton to noiriLnara
ranf1lra for fminrf otfla on
horh oVoiiH-raf ir ani r-puhiiran
tH'kat will faka piat'a to.Ur.
"Pi aia!ion will ha -nti'i IPTJ'1
br roafilar !-rion offl'ar?
pailirriri'n of -ra- fjr rhe Ni
tmiiT aiT;na N h;ul a'
tSa ri-n aa pia-as.
Tia poHinn flu- wtiirh na"
ba daitrnajii tn aath -or-.nj
fi!rr1tt anil ba npanatt aa foilow-c
a Omaha a. m. to ! p. hi.
In Soar It On aha . a. m. to l p. m.
a cnancrr pi-rincr.
ti mnnn tn 9 p. tn.
sTun oflpial bailors for r
puiiin'aaa aad demiM-rarj will ft
f 'lraiHnaci at a-t.-'i mra. rls.-.
aai'.a ilily ruir,5,Tr"ii -u-?r baia4
an";"ii 'a a rDurtlicaa or ilanio
I'rario ballot, an top!; rig- as h 4--riarud
hi pry afll.tanons r
jini'.r.aa or iemw.rric a; ta? laat
Tha oina on rfia ofOrnil ballot
anI"r tha rpai t i-a haaifins- will
ba ror-jfad in tfiatr oriT. my time
aai-h nama anil apoaar at tha top
on -ocrawiTa hallora m ram. This
will r-qnira pcial cara on tha
part -)f tha Tor aaiil tho rauwiinii
of aat-ft rii-ma bafora itiukinu: the
X mark.. . Vatrrt who cannot rami
may hara thair tirkats markail a'
coclinut to thair ilir-cnoj by the
alat-tuin nificrr.
Ta caadidaws rcaiviat a
aliralir.y at ta to tea by tings
a-fi.iaiia: wtt.a r.aa saai poiiucal
?ar7 bn ta aommaas cf
r"spectjT! pines for tn otSces to
waica r.ay an? aspirinuj.
-rltra KJIlla kauraaca j
FfalnTar Haa a Tat BVaaa
v TEX. 3apt 18. A ;ar for of j
datacuvaa ar at work today a-arcnin for '.
JoBapn 'irard. for wbnaa ar at. a warrant 1
haa been lanuad m ciinnei:rliin wrb taa
murdar if Aaa-ista P'ti-f-r near tba Pi- .
bam road. Wst irheairr. on M-imlay ni!it. . this division, by a deputy maranal of an- C imberiand tonihr heard "he annual ora- i Turke- crnek. wblcb flowa thronh Roe -Sev-r.U
-aani-ia -if rho man 1 ainvementa otnar dlvtslon of tna district. f tion bv Ctnonal John J. MoCook of New rt ,.,.r ...-r,-. rha !loa in Kansas, on ti-a
4im?e W..dnaatay have ban miieiv-d and
! the aatacRtraa axpatt to tlnd hnn w thin
twenty-four boura. 'Jlra.-d'a boms is suid !
to be .V.uMiuu. N" H. !
j 'iir-ard :a a tru k Irrrer and bnapdail witii i
Mra Julia 3 Maiiun on tbe Pihain pna.1 j
i not far from tba plare alum Miaa P'i"ri i
bodr was ound. Tba police A.iBer tilat j
tney found a- uuiuitiry of -iia man a cloth- i
I :n -n file sink in Mra. Vlannn a kitphan
and that aha told rbam 'hat Glrard bad ,
,rhanad ail his anments -xcapt bia undar-
-lorhm on -Tiuraday muninj. 31ie had
found on rba pioiliaa. aha anid.
ant h ,nTcml no er-rtana-.o aa to bow '
they came there.
Coroner CGirman said 'bat he beii-vad. low for Monday aad ia taken as an tndica
ths youn woman lay s."- a in tha woods ' an that the p-ca.- for tha next week, ar
for two days after the brat aaaault and , ao will be nr-tty low
waa a: lied on a aecond attack bv the atna i
! Tl,
The comner aaiil.
! draay-d har budv into tna nuabes and hid
if. tninkin af.a wan -lead. Probably ue
j ia- them ail Thurada - and Friilar mabie
to move or make an outcry and tbe mur-
' demr p umed Fridnv nia-hr to look at hia
victim. Fimlin her a.!-.-- ha ilnisned har
J Undounredl v the .firl knew tha man
: who kille.1 har O'nerwne 'har- anniild have
! be-n no aecenBity for him to have utile. 1
' murder 'u hia ilrar .-r-tTia Ha killed her
; because she pecnani-ed him. '
I .----
: D 1 ! Ml MTU C-TI P C l5 rCIfl
, I . t. I . 1 I I I W Id W I i
I iB4la
sal4 ta Have Killeif AVeae-al
r a rev Faaaea Isar at
ttaaala Bia la.
ASERT'EITN. 3 D. Sept. IS Raannn-the
Face, one of tba lradin chiefs in the Cua-
I ter ma-macm. and who !s aa.d per to
: hav k lw ,n"1 r u,t'"r- t t!"
, Standin r-sei-at:on. " D.. Saprem-
. her He waa- years oitL
Rn-m-r.he-Fae did nor kill General
Custer ill mpois ro tne contrary not
withstanding It ' nor detlnirelv known,
even amon the Sioux, who flr-d the biu-
I ieT .-IK. a.ii (i .11. a-4.1a.ii1 if wicr ui liis
j "Fint:n Seventh " on tne Little Ei Horn
nar bioodient day of its history Ra.m-
tn-tb-Face is anaral!v accredited wtb
bain taa man Who a. .iml Captain Tim
(""-.later, a brother of Mm kaneral. 3ime
months before the bartie of the Ljrt'.e Bi
. ;f er
i aB
H' m. 4t Fort brami o Lincoln. apian
had hastened the departure of the'
from the fort b" aptilvin ms boot
Must about waam the gee-errm cnonecta -
wb tne cmcn. For this insult Rain-m-
the-Fa.. der -t mned to aaa a deadly ven-
i '"n,"'!-
and gor bis "nance ar -.he maa
trhe'iier ha k:!'e.l Captain Ousrer
s not -er-ain. but na u:d ac.p mm. ar.d .
i t.ha heat of us dent leman. Elam-in-tne-
: Face was aa Tncapaca Sioux and Utile de-
serve tne promm-nce given him. One of
1 the poems bv the Late H-nry W Long-
feiiow waa dedicated to birr
appmnenaum of ne facta
nmter a m-m.
har O-ataalaatlaaa are Ltabla
far DaaatM Dwa ta tMa-harga
af aaaaalaa lea.
CTTIi-AiGih. Sapr. . "tf a inicn reils a
cinrrc'or that m men will not work with
a nonunion man and if a meuif tna non
onion man 's discharged and 'S iinama to
aecum emplovmenr on i.Tiiunr of me a'Ti-
I ride of ri unions roward him. 'he union
-j not llama for damagea to rne nununinn
I This is '.he aunatance of a decision n-
dared ham rjidav tn the aupenor 'iurr bv
I J utg" 'lari-. when Instructing a 1'iry to
i tlnd a verdict :n favor of Icai No 17 of
j -tie Bro tbehood of Pa.nrers. r-nrnn
' aad Paper Hanger wnicn orgamaanon waa
ailed bv Jonn P Burgher a nonunion man.
for lS. damages. tn his -iec-.a-ation
Burgher aiud ne had oean expelled bv tne
union and a. e-wards had h en 'manle to
obtain emplovmenr v ma'n of stones
nruiared by memoera cf tae union m rna
erT'"'T raa' na was di.noneat and incapanle
The evioanca pmarnted 'o 'be jury MinvM
tnat afee Oatn expelled by tne union
Burgner had ru n tmpiuvet bv a m tractor
a.'n w-rn avverai onion men. Later the
union is to nave tidt-.fle d the srinrrac
tnr r.uit as Burgner p'uul not inns hut
ir ion earn na would ha j ro ba lim-nargao
or taa i n ( I men would ston work, Tbeae
ta'-Tics Burgher dea'amd wem kapr in and
ba was anarae hi -r a poriuua aaa aa
air 4-i;i e j.iuiti Ixuiuws UU
Lav FUa Faj :n Abaumsa.
Claim 4-aaaa( that Ova Wai
a irt4tr tad taa rra
! af ataaoarra paaa Waa
I I a lawful.
CHT'.V. apr. IS Bf ptn- tn j
m-n" 4r irna- -jr1"TH na avTl' i '
oa -k-t-s 4Pd '-"Mar parina 'ndl,,d v "na i
'ini trand jurv -ip "oara f cnriapir
ipa; m a "'"imt ti -nnniicilaa -n- m-a: rnl
naH T"ackad tla pnt'lnn of ''la fnv-rl-mant
-pdiiv r'ia ftack wan Tiada ntfamft
't! tmpanatltna of -ha ;nrv . a:ia"d im
prnpar -apii'- of wiimrpiiTin on iopo M ir-
ic. ona of -na ;ii-p i. iimnw'-il aa---py ar I :hPacr tlntr'ita. a- Tllcti .lamandn wnl
oa ma rh- pirv wad drawi Mm tha on. J ha forni'llard -o o- 3rrr1rM o tha an-inia-f-il
prnanr of a atani-cnobar tn "ha j vitkH" omnanian naxt Tir'naT. wU b
;Tirr- -nom i'l'-ina oa iiaarpa ind "ha miti- i haid har- in Pa-mfiar 14. Tha oitna work
.ifint w:na; f "ha tinrhand tints: j -r pf tha hr-a iinmcj w.ll shortly -ia't
i-a- 'ha tndii-r laqr wan 'urnad in "h
-a.tip ii--ptrn "f T'.I'ioia. a.thouarii "ha
jii w;i'-ti found h- -ndlat-iant wait tt. .
-rn lint .-.'. Tha pint.. whirh in '"f ! a P"n "nt-.on wan haid to ir-iw up lamandn. daya, md toiiar 'ham waa an proapac-a of
'-na-hT. waa 1lad '.at- rhln a--iiion Wh j Tha award of -ha i.ntnncit- OniU ?trka , lmme.dia-a .:nna;:on. P-.'f.ra.iy iha same
Tintrirr A rtot-lav r. r. firain. a. ar an i onrrmiswino w'll axpir- TI. naat i eond:t:ona nai-a prvaiid thruuuhout
ad day a nf "ri'-a bar "n Arr.-may J"Pn . yar Pnidan- Mir-ttail baa haan Jn tha ; waaiarn M-aatntrt. aaparjaily n tha norui
3. MUlar. a-na-al -nunnal fir tha pai'kara. . antbrunta pa!n for 'ha '.ant 'wo -nontba waNiam .nirnar of tha ata ta. and in a por'uin
and a numhar of iaao-Ta"a aottnaal !n 'ha t hiidlnn nw.nin day "or "ha pur- .,f aararn and anfrti Kanaaa. Aa a ra-
oa.aa. Tha'-- waa no oour pro'-aainaa ami
tha piaa. haa out yt baan pr"Oar'v Vml
w-h tha -iapk of -ha dlatr'at -rnrt. but "hia
w'H ha dona tom"i o ' moiiina. j
I '( n a i . m.a 'innn "iii'O tha ia- !
. . in .I... . iuuii 4piti .ii' .i
fan dant-a arand in "hair piaa la 'ha pr-aanaa '
. of J.ihn VI ir-ay on 'ha joirr. tt is thai-
I aia.m 'hat ba Jury waa drawn fntn "ba i
1 bix p vinua to Marb 1 af whirb rima a i
law r-dlatnrnno- tha nnfhar diatnrt of ;
rilnnta want into -ff'v-r P--viriua to bt
Kankaica- po
unty. tha homa of .fohn M ir-
ar waa in tha mr..1m dl-timon of tha
noi-Sam U"trtrt of r.linota. By tha 'arrna
nf tha naw law this oounty waa placad !n
; t:ia fatten division of tba nnrbam iCarr lor
i and 'har-fora is not within tba lurindlction '
of tha cnurt. Ta suiisranriate tba a.laaf.on
that 'ba ur waa Ulaaal and mrompaiant
bmiaiiaa if M irray's pr-aam-a. It is da-:
':la..d in tha niaa "bat Marram was aa --d !
on Marrn 1 a fw ia-a af .-r the enactment
if taa 'aw movtnir KAn kail aa Miunty from I
Tfaaaay'a Llet af lw Caan Lawaat
Far Thla Day Far tral
XEW 0.EA.V3. 3epr. .H Reoor of y-i-
low ?avr aituarion to ! p. m.. Monday
N w ..-aaea
Tatai ta da.: a
Totai to 'lata
Naw foci
Cases under treatment
i The number st new cases is easethaily
The country airoauon ta anil a source of I
concern because of tbe appearance of inf c- .
turn in new loca.lties far removed from the
known centers of inf ction. The dia-tnosui
of y-ilow fever :n Merroue. Moomnouse
partBb near tna Arkannaa luirdar has bean
-onrtrmed and Dr a. J Thomas has been
piu.ied rh pbarya bv "ha board. Tile aitaa
r.on near Eajou N'an-nes in Natchidocnes
parnn ionks had aino and tha cnarxs that
tner- am more .uiaea 'hare than mDorrml
makes it worse.
Orher -aaes r-unr'a wm-
3a you Bouaf. two new cases, one ieath.
Kenner. aula new .-ases 3t. R-.iaa. tap-e
new ases. T"P Bonne, aev-mean naw
aea. on .iearh. Bayou Narcbea. thme
cajas-. 3f. Bernard, 'h a cases Everar -en.
( Ave"yeilei parish, two caaes.
T'Miav Mayor Behrman ceivad a "ale
ara.n from 'he priiiant n re.rd tj hiB
for.hcomin viBit in October aavji -bar
he would time October J. as previously ar
rHnnTl. r wouiil lef-r it tu a Later date.
Tonint -he ciimmitTae in rtur uf the
matter met and afterward aent a teiegrt im
to 'he pr-aldent aann that it would be
perfectly aafe for him 'o visit the city at
tne date oi-or.naily planned.
'"CLL'MBrS. 3-pt. IH. -S-cr-rary C. O.
Probst of -be State Board of Health, baa
returned from Cincinnati, wham he was
sent bv the to look mro the yeiiow
fever altuanon. Ha said tnat seventy of
lite inn mf'isjeaa from tile anut.h am m hos
pitals 'nam and thme of 'hem have nn-(Uiiim-d
caaes -if f-'er and 'hr e otners
have pronounced "tnptnma of fever All
.lie 1W '-lifas are avrounted for and are
bain wat.uied A few of tnem na-.'e font
to ""hicaao. but tbev have nor oeen allowed
u acartep thpouitnour Ohm. as r ported.
-a -a . - n -.--. a-i.'in new caaa
yeiiow fever waa reported today.
RwMl I U iflCwl
larteaal faataattea kadi
aaal Vaalaa at laatiaa
j tND TAN A PC LIS. Sept. IS. -The aanual
National -onnuon of the Rural Later
! Camera asnorm-inn will begin tomorrew
art-mMin at . o -im a ar "na at ire nnuae.
The w'll ha nrsenr intt le,,Tir-a
hii-v "l-e differenr atares. The ennven'ion
' Zl
11 he , ro order by Pr-siilenr J H-
ninnham. Sour.n traba. Neb. Them
w!l ba aeaa of w-lcome bv Mayor
Hoirzmaa ind P"et.mosrar Henry W Ban- t
na't, foiipwed by a response bv H. H. i
" uins-r or i n ica go. a r'r 'na appoint
menr of -he denrial -rommitTee r;m eaa
aion 'll .i;nirn. The national garnering
w.ll mnrinue in ae mon unril Fr-nay afer
mmn. cmsin with 'ha app"inrmant of offl
cera and the onoosiii of a piace for rne
net ifinvennim. T'lam are four cities aeaa-
ig to enter-ain tbe aao. iatin next year-
5iet"n. Chii ago. C-air-ut and Niagara Faiia
ELeafc P-alarlflT aaa OafaaaUaat la Ta.
art tM va ae fata Ira laaieaa
far aiiag.
WOC'STER. O . Sapr T8 Judge Eaaon is
not maiiy ro announce his decision in tba
Taggart dlvor a caae. I' is undarsrood aa
otner weaa may eiatiae bet im de
cision is handed down E'unn the
past aererai daB J'jiige Eaaon baa ha.1
great maaaes of r-arimony wrt 'Ten out in
full for him bv tna nrt arancg-apnar
Mrs Taggat- .s anxioua to haa tna
mairr over with, and says the ar -an of
wa.rin for tne decision u
ne arra-n ef the 'rati. Ma or Taart
auar.ds Bis aignra in i ille
hut VUHtS
W. mater e-v--y dav to sea what tba nut
nioa is for a d cuMin t.
H.a aiatz-day rirtonn. wnirb waa emeu
Iema for rna purpoae of at-eruhn rn.
wax aaia ux ten -
r.lit aarf T
raiaa arfa4iit.
Taat aaa faa- at Oaikt rMtHai
p. t a Haaa. tar.
S a. "H t a. aa " t
a a. ai K.1 a a. aa TI
T a. aa H-4 S a. at TI
a. at a a. at ?
! a. m "4 S a. aa "'J
i t. as a . at 3
1 1 a. at IX T a. at "
11 a Tt a- at
a. "t
taikpaclt Waakara Wltl
tiaaaaal raatfca IWataf
1 rw Tike Flaal 4aTla
Fa.. S-T 1H -P aidant j
John M trtir-ll of .ia "nitd M'na TT.irkr I
of A.nant'a ajinminrad "nffav
"-ontn of n in wirkar of
tint tha con
Ma Hr- an-
.idacan o -pr-aant "ham ir "ha maai. t
(nir. T dat'inmn "o hoiil a p"in-"anr!on to I
p i naV aianta a atmtlar to tha pf:nn
poaa of tpnar.hai.ia 'ha anion. Ar su,r al ir-a.nn in tnia par, of tha country
"ha :tz ar-k- tbar arm a conairtar-ihia j -,,n-:nua -o rwa .ind -at! way traiflu La ba
fauHna; off 'n tha -namhara tup. Aa a r-- . .-imma; damnra-iaad ba:aaa of namaroua
mlt of tha oamna.ari 'ha mnPi ".aalor , waanouta
........ - - -
out of 'ha ia-ir;i'n a rat-ir tn.
Amon tha lamaniia ".hat tbn .ton ntirn
will pmhaolr fornuiara ir an !ht-himr
work Jar for all -iaasaa of mine work-
ara, rarua .lfion if tha ininn and a v a.-'y
aitT-amant with t.ha oai oompahiaa. aimi
.ar to t.ha ona nx;ntinir tn aoma of th
bir-aminous oual inula of tha ilddla want.
aaral Ttantaa Will Frwhahly 9w
aaa d tha Lata tSaaa aj BaTataa
aa fttdeat
iTHATT A.VOOOA. Tnn.. 3apt. !S The
deiaaatea to t.ha union of tba Amy of 'be
Tirk City The apeaaer. who is a member
the ' -a.-nlly of "ntln M.t-
Cooks." pecalled many Incidents of the
ar and apoke of the. history of tha Army
j of tba Cumberland and tba anciety of that
) name.
I The election of offli'e a will occur on
Wednesday The committee of nomination
mHt this afemoon and mfiBed to fv out
any information. tbouh It is practically
(.artain that Ganarai Gatoa P Thurston uf
Naahville will succeed tbe !ate Genera. H.
V Boynton as pmaidant of tha society
Tomorrow another busineaa seaion will
be held. In tba afternoon them will ba an
eacuraion ro the battlefield, and in tna
e-emn tha v-terana artll pa run pa fa tn a
campflre at the Audlto-ium.
r r eeaa laiare- InMaat
Dwrla ata at Hy
vtlle. 1c
MAT"VTL-E. Mo.. Sent. t8 Dbirin
heavy windstorm this af'ernoon a arste
ctrpus tent was blown down and flftv per- j
aims in the audience were injured, none , Amon the Injured are:
'"har'en t Riihlnwin. aim of editor of
Ma " 'lie Renutiili-a.i-Tribune. nead crunbeU.
E.iwar'i B'Mirh rba broa-n.
M-a. Edward Boora. ie orokn.
XiHB Euotn: ie bmkan.
Mr-a Thomaa '"lark, two ribs broaen.
Junn E. :rm. arm broen.
Ail 'he rents of tba amu were turn to
shreds, and t La said two weak a enae-man-a
w.ll ba cancelled.
Taaaa af aVheaeetaav aa4 Claaiaaarl
Are aa( far aa Clkt-Bear
War- Day.
3CTTENEI7TAD T. N. T , Sept. a. The
pr-nrera employed by tha "lener ai Electric
company want on arnke today to enforce
their demand for an eight-hour day. with
no reduction tn pay.
inNCrN'NATT. Sept. UI Because aevaral I tha fmsnat interfered to a considerable -pnnnn
estabilBbmenra r-f ised ro graoj i tent. Thousamia of bat eIB of apples, kaies
tae demand of tbe memoera of Typorapn- ! of hay. sacks of gra-h. bales af cotton aad
ti -ai Union No. 1 for an ihi-anur day ! in ona instance T7i. ww feat of lumber were
tbe onion men employed in Job printing
establishments in tais pity
raiked out to-
Caatrarra Ha4a With -taa-- BLaada
Oa Baaia af CaaaUUtlaaa af Pa-X
Ti Tta 4
CHICAGO. Sept. IS ihirao union fr-lght
I handlers voted y to accept the old
; wage sca.e and condllona which nave pm-
vailed for two years aad a m menta to
j mat effect warn made wta nineteen ra.1
I roads against which strikes have been
tnmarened for 'be past tan days. Ti
mor ow ail the freight handlers wil! betn
work under tbe naw-d cnntpi u-ra w.ta no
cnance for a artrka 'intil the expiratton of
rhe ar eametits A year hence.
', ai a aiTC OlnPk'
Mail a
j " M ' 1 J u ' W
faaa4laa Casta la Daaltaa ta
iairkraa Paavahara Ommr
"OTTAWA, Cmt . Sent. a fapraun Dunn i
J of 'he government cruiser Volant nas ap-
piled 'o the manna leparrment for a auirk
flre --in for tbe cruiser American needier i
; r- - e- r-oons. do nor o
' had ro 'be only g-in now on board, wbu-b
a a nrte of ia-ga ca.'ih-r I
latmai ml nana tMaawra, aeat. lav
A' N-w York Ar ved Cnited Sta'-s.
f-om I'ooannagen. Sta;anita.-, from B.n-
tar'iam ("mte. from Naoiea L
f-om Hav- .,and. f-om Aoiw-rp
AC Lovertwt oi l.Tivei Bevj-an. from
Monrr-a. Pm'onan. f--'m Ja.inimal.
t. Clyde-Ar-v-d Pre-onao. trim - 'tl -
at " Hambura-Amved Bluecber f-om
N-w Yark
Batutia. for
T irk.
Ar Gia.igow Arrived
N-w Yora. via Movule.
A! So'i'tiampt'i. aailed
' irar for N-w Y ra.
tt B.Kia lam-art'vel
111. L .'lll
N-w Y r
Bmman Ar vel
from New
' 'r"-
v a n
Ai i iiernoiira 4-nv4
Ka.aar WHheim
II. r'-m -w York.
r v laon- ma a m aM.
i"hina. f im Vant ' iuver
Em ij i ' a a of
: r iiver e pi Arrived F'ler r
Piamar'-a. r-ooi New T-o-a
i -.iuu ie-a. EjridaiTi. Crjna Saw
Tra.aa aa ill Haa.i.i Cit of Xaasaa Aftxteii
by H tri ":::
I..a In!
TWE inchcs Cf -a.!. AT wchita
Mjt Tmnbis of H-v.i wr Lia ta "a"a-
arlaaa Daaaa .! tha Watar
mat la aaaa ky tha Sii
a a Klaa a Taa
KVS3 TTT. sapr. IH Ra.n ilaa fa.!an
n aajiaaa '"!iy and -i-inity avary 'lay a-
Sautarroar. wit-1
a "it:
i miwiri to o.a"a or ui ;m::iaa 'n ipwni "n
. 4 un n u j vi urv I1
J Knaa Ctt? and it. L.m;a and aoutbaaat
nrr- ,m tnB vr:aaourl. Kanaaa M T"naa
nuiroad am aavarai Boura lata or ba baa.n
annullad "amporarily
A.iar i-am atamlii" ail Laat waak and
than bacnmin ataiinnary Sunday, tba ftaw
nvar ac kanntta Oty. baaa aain today
to noma up. No dH.nnr ta anticipated at
this point, iiowavar. aa tba IVUsaourt rvar
ia low and is 'taxr ym off tha axcasa watar
from tba tCaw Tba troubia bain a
paranrad bv .h rslwaya ta from waah
outa tbroubnut tba ataxa In tha -trinity
of Carroilron. 3aranaJ and 3ada.ia.
At Kansas City stnua y-atarday ona inrb
and a aa.f of Paul fall, wbile at Wicbita.
Kan., the praclpnatiun amountad to Z.U
MnUym. is on a rampaae and
rampaa and many
prwmie a.orit its
banks w-ra for-.ed to
move out today.
Caaltlaa af Hilr-a4a
Tile Missouri Pacific, tbe Wabaah and
tbe Mlsanuri. Kanjias dt Texas railways
ut and anut.h of Kanaaa City am expe
riencui the areaiest trouble. The Mismiuri
Pai'itlc is derourin Its St. Iouis-iCnss
City trairs over tbe Burlinnn railway
via Chi'licotba because of washouts in
central Mis-ourl. All thronh trains are
bain ope raxed, but are lata, those arri-1n
from St. Louis bain fr-m three tn four
hours behind time. Tha mam trouoie on
tha Mlaanurl Paniflc is beln expertanrett
aa a result nf tba wanhin. nut of tha alael
bt-vtare ovr the Latnme -irer af Ottervilla.
Some rural rrns on tha Mia-aurt Pata,a
hatween Myirk, Boorr ille. Jeff r bh Clry
and Sedaiia bava beau annulled. Tha Mis
souri Pacific need the Wabaah tracks unl!
that piud was tied up bv waabmirs In tiia
"'cinlty of Missouri City The Missouri.
Kansas m. Texas ;s umn 'he Buriin
tun trai-an. ietourtn rhatr Txai trains
bv way of the Kanaaa City branch. The
Chu iin Alton ia usin its own trr u-ks.
as ax- aiao the Burlinton and the At-ibt on,
T lpeaa Santa Fa.
Daman at at. Laela
9T LjOCIS. Sepu IH Heavy rains and
awoilen trtbutanea have caused a rtsa of
over ten feet In the Mississippi river dur
m the aiat twenty-four hours and resulted
m damae aion 'be St. Louis river front
amounnn to many thousands of dollars.
A vast amount of produce and other ship
pin property aion the levee ts still !n
laner. The rver stae tms fomnoon bad
-eaciiad ..T f-er, a sudden r-aa of 10.9
feat in twenty-tour hours. The danger
line is tbirty-flve feet. Tbe water ia
cmepin up and It is pmitlctail that
by nitfbifa.1 tba range will show a stage
of rwentv -eight feet.
Produce bouses and grain and cotton
Urnis bavin consignments srored aion tha
levee haanly orgruilzed fan- of laborers
and endeavored to save tneir property from
baan aw-pr away, but the suddenness of
swept awav Men woraed breast deep in
tba flood interrepttn tinatin merrnaadisa
and a fleet: of ak-fs manned bv man with
boat honk.a aaamt-d In the aaivage work
Six city garbage boats mocmd along tha
river front am in danger of bain a warn pad.
This marks the quickest rise in 'be river a
stage aince eleven years ago. when tba river
rose fouren f-et in one nignr.
Wtaanouts in various places in Miaat rr(
caused tne annulment today of five -ra.ns
due hem. Thev were .;ie Texas accommo
darion of "ha M.ssoun. K.inaaa t Texas,
two 'rains due f-om Kaunas City on 'he
Mjamirt Pc:rlc and two 'rains dua fr-m
tm wear on rhe iVahaao. T"a.ns on tne
Iron Mounrain and Buri!non ayetema
i wem an hour or mom late n ar-1 vn
raaahea tAlaadena a fillaeat.
I J iLi-'y EP.-HT N '"ITT. Mo. Sent. IS Tha
' Missouri etver a nsing ranidly bare and
"Darkuiwo " miianitants are movm from
-oe uiwer nart of 'ha -err ro hi.her ground.
Tha lood : waenin tarough rne Caiiaway
pnunty nairtom. a.:vma 'he i-ver from ham.
I and fOJ-nera iia'e lean dr"'en from their
j homea Tha farm of one man. named
r .ia , inder aix can rear ot waier ma
recent tic-niin. rvna. auppiaman-ad by
Backwater f-om 'he river, pur a.l smal
it-rnri nut of taeir hansa. The Tanner
Bridge, a steel strucure aoannin tha
Moreao -vr has been twepr away, and
cnn Gree'ibar ' nnuae. aiso spanning tba
Moreao. .a .n imminent dar.gar of gain
tver Falls at Taae-aaa.
I TnPSKA. Kan., a-p'. IS The Kaw rt-er
' Ion has fallen la.f a ( n'l ain.-e Sunday
and Soidie- -raea. wm.-a lid mucn daxnage
. . . . ,
Nor-a Tooeaa on so . i-to La again
within us nanaa
! w,, fumn Pacnc eaat and w-ar of here
jB',,. rtlit rhicago. Rock La.and 4.
i P'-' tic a II " 'ha A chiecn. Topak
Ai Santa re t i. aa wii oueg and
K maaa -" J
O-TTA1' a. Sir. a-pt. IS -Thme incnea
- . of wate' f!1 .a tn.a -u in.ry am night and.
! following
'r-m-ndc-as n.wnpour if last
w a. iM he jao. i.n ir ' ygnea nam
.and an a to re rapmh
rloi diii tba low-
W star.
i :i ('tw of riia
r n-en expenenced
"ha Verni 'g has
t .a.Tta
faaa I t
MATU'" V k in. .;:
worar --.j-
nam s now -ir f.K-
tvaiiawi "s nana.a and ha.f of Motarn.
: wrn a poc'i ii'ioo of 2. am. is under wafer,
i Uiaai. Cii.L at ,!- a jiatig ia ia