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Fonttitlle Oommoien If cortd by Btntegr
Board in Present Campaifn.
Mlaht Well Promott Bailiffs
Papreme Cnnrt to Brlirh aa
Leslie t County
The board of strategy of the Fontanelle
club, composed of Tom Blackburn. R. B.
Howell and John Weinberg, Is working like
nailers for victory for the Mar chamber
ticket put up exclusively by the Fontanelle
rovernors and these men express confidence
In landing McDonald In the sheriffs office
and Leslie on the velvet cushion of the
county bench without the aid or consent
of the Insubordinate members of the tribe.
A featherhead politician who Is disposed
to make light of homaa' candidacy for
the county Judgeship, tells this story:
Once upon a time a number of New Eng
land farmers who did not Indulge In any
thing stronger than bottled elder, agreed
to surprise one of their set, with a keg of
cider, each man to furnish one bottle to
fill the keg. The first Yankee thought
It would do no harm to mix Just one bottle
of water with the elder and acted accord
ingly, but aa all the others were of the
same mind, the keg, when delivered, was
filled with water." and he added, "And that
will be the way with our friend Thomas.
When the ballot box Is emptied every fel
low who Is expected to bring a bottle of
cider may have contributed a bottle of
water unbeknownst."
"When a man fools you once, you are
rot to blame. When he fools you the sec
ond time, you are to blame; when you allow
yourself to be fooled the third time, you
ought to be kicked," exclaimed a Sixth
ward stalwart." I helped elect Henry
Ostrom twice as county commissioner. He
made several breaks during the first term,
but I excused him for lack of experience.
Ills second term, however, was worse,
particularly when it taled up with him
acting as paid lobbyist for the bridge com
bine at the state legislature. That Jarred
me loose and I am for I're this trip, though
I have never associated with him In ward
"I cannot understand for the life of me,"
declared one of the venerable lawyers with
a bald spot on his cocbanut, how any man
can expect the 16,000 republican voters of
Douglas county to Jeopardise their success
In a campaign by Jumping a clerk from a
position at the desk In the county court to
the county Judgeship, which Is not only
a repository of sacred trust funds, but also
should be presided over by a man of legal
training and a Judicial mind; which, so
far as I have ever heard, nobody has ever
claimed for Mr. Leslie. It would have been
Just as proper for the republican state con
vention to have nominated the bailiff of
the supreme court for a seat on the su
preme bench."
The prediction thnt Judge Dickinson will
carry the Third ward this year as Gurloy
did a year ago, appears to have staggered
some good people. Hut there seems to be
more truth than poetry In It. What Elmer
Thomas will say when the returns are In
has not been forecast. Hut, politics makes
strange bedfellows, you know.
"The fight for sherlfT has got down
square between Fred lloyo and Johnny
McDonald," said a supporter of the latter
yesterday; "The foxy Fontanelle chiefs
ore pursuing thelt usual tactics of trying
to profit by a division among their oppo
ntnts in sending them to Donahoe to make
him believe everyoody is for him. It Is
currently reported even thnt they have
gone so far as to agree. Just to pull the
wool over vhis eyes, that they will not
put any McDonald workers In the Fifth
ward and let Donahoe have the ward by
himself. In the meantime they are carry
ing on a gopher campaign from house to
house In the Fifth ward for McDonald, so
thut the men with the vest-pocket vote
will come In and vote for McDonald, while
the workers at the polls will be shouting
for Donahue to divert as many votes as
they can from Hoye, for It is well under
stood, and thers Is no disguising the fact,
that every vote for Donahoe will be half
a vote for McDonald when the returns are
brought in."
"I see," says a member of the Douglas
delegation to tke republican state conven
tion, "that the seer of the local democratic
organ quotes an alleged delegate to the re
publican state convention as blaming
Chairman Cowell of the Douglas county
committee as responsible for Judge Duffle's
defeat. This mythical delegate is made to
" The trouble with us was we had Cowell
for chairman of the steering committee.
He did not know a soul out In the state
and was In no position 'to do us a par
tide of good."
"The fact Is, as every real member of the
delegation knew, Mr. Cowell was not chair
man of the steering committee nor even a
member of that committee. His only offi
cial position In that convention was chair
man of the Douglas county committee, and
in announcing the vole he only followed
the Instructions of the steering committee,
or, rather, a majority of It."
If It takes a wise child to know Ita own
father It will take a wiser child yet to know
what will b the outcome of that Third
ward ballot liox next -Tuesday night when
the votes are counted, so far as the county
Judgeship and the police Judgeship are con
cerned. The secret service workers of Po
lice Commissioner Broateh are plugging
hard for Ten Eyck and Thomas. Why for
Thomaa can be explained only by the fact
W . M . McKAY,
Diseases of
Men Only
W Tears' Experience.
M Years in Omaha,
Varicocele. Uulciure.
blood Poison. Weak
ness. Book free.
Box T64. Office. H5 B.
Attention Republican Voter
Stand By the Regular Organization
When marking your ballot at the primary Tuesday, put
a cross mark after the names of the following candidates for
committeeman in your respective precincts. The names of
candidates for committeemen in each district will be printed
at the bottom of the ballot.
City of Omaha.
First Precinct William Hutton
Second Precinct James Henderson
Third Precinct Henry Ehrenpfort
Fourth Precinct Joseph Mlsloveo
First Precinct John Kowalewskl
Pecond Precinct B. p. Hoff
Third Precinct George S.VNicklas
Fourth Precinct Michael Iee
Fifth Precinct Melchior Lels
First Precinct Oeorge Wicks
Second Precinct R. H. Johnson
Third Precinct Theo. Brown
Fourth Precinct H. B. Zlmmun
Fifth Precinct W. II. Slmop
First Precinct H. S. Mann
Second Precinct J. K. Boyle
Third rreclnct C. W. Hrltt
Fourth Precinct F. W. Filch
Fifth Precinct 8. C. Barnes
First Precinct J. T. Craig
Second Precinct Cyrus E. Watson
Third Precinct George A. Sargent
Fourth Precinct T. J. Wiley
J'ifih Precinct Frsnk E. Stone
First Precinct K. F. Morearty
Second Precinct Charles Hansen
Third Precinct E. L. Roberts
Fourth Precinct H. C. Tlmme
First Precinct John Grant
Second Precinct.... Joseph E. Thatcher
Third Precinct Hans P. Peterson
Fourth Precinct F. Q. Davie
First Precinct Guy C. Fleming
Second Precinct Joseph Scheldt
Third Pruinct Julius Helphand
Fourth Precinct
First Precinct M. O. Cunningham
Second Precinct Jas. E. Van Gilder
Third Precinct John 8. Helgrwn
Fourth Precinct Frank H. Gaines
Fifth Precinct Robert D. Duncan
that Police Commissioner Lee Spratlln Is
with Broateh for Johnny McDonald, and as
a matter of reciprocity the Broateh contin
gent Is enlisted for Thomas, to whom the
Burlington Is under lasting obligations for
last winter's work In the legislature. As a
counter-irritant It Is an open secret that
Tom Dennlson Is for Dickinson on account
of some decision that was rendered In his
favor, while Dickinson was on the bench.
"There Is one trait about Tom," said a
Third warder, "and that Is that he never
goes back on a man who has obligated
The youngest delegate to the republican
state convention was Charles M. Kearney
of Stanton, who had Just turned his twenty
first birthday. He Is a student at the State
university and his friends at home compli
mented him In this way.
An outline map of the new wards and
precincts will be printed In the Monday
Evening Bee.
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trip from Chicago to Buffalo, New York,
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Investigate the satisfactory service afforded
by any of the three express trains operated
by the Nickel Plate road. Colored porters
are In charge of coaches, whose duties are
to look after the comfort of passengers
while enroute. Special attention shown la
dies and children, as well as elderly people,
traveling alone. No excess fare charged
on any train on the Nickel Plate road.
American club meals, from 35 cents to 11.00,
served In Nickel Plate dining cars. One
trial will result to your satisfaction. All
trains leave from La Salle Street station,
only depot In Chicago on f. Elevated Rail
road Loop. Call on or address John Y.
Calahan, General Agent, 113 Adams St.,
Room, 2'J8, Chicago.
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Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
iloya With Bad Dollar.
Four boys came near to grief Sunday
as the result of an evening's frolic. After
ridlm around town for several houm orlv
in the evening, they attempted to buy a.
package of cruck-a-Jack from the Greek
who sells In front of the Krug theater, of
fering In payment a counterfeit dollar. The
Greek detected It and told the boys It was
cracked. He wanted his crack-a-Jaek back,
but the boys Insisted that he give them the
change for the dollar. The Greek whose
name is Gus Sotter, called an officer, and
three of the boys tiuiTicd away, but one
stood his ground with the dollar. He was
taken to the station, but was released after
First Precinct Bert C. Miner
Second Precinct E. F. Grime
Third Precinct John C. Lynch
Fourth Precinct William O. Nerkel
Fifth Precinct John F. Behm
First Precinct L. C. Hutchinson
Second Pwlnct August Carstens
Third Precinct Will Browne
Fourth Precinct William F. Gerke
First Precinct o. C. Rcdlck
Scnnd Precinct John T. Dillon
Third Precinct Dcury W. Alsmnn
Fourth Precinct William J. Hunter
City of anth Omaha,
First Precinct Frank E. Jones
Second Precinct 1 C. Gibson
First Preclnrt Frank Fanferletc
Second Precinct O. Lepteln
First Precinct George Seater
Second pTeclnet Oeorge M. Johnson
First Precinct Harry Rotholl
Second Precinct T. Q. Irwin
First Precinct Tom Koslal
Second Precinct Mike Hanna
First Precinct Charles L. Hendrlck
Second Precinct John C. Troutan
Country Precincts.
Benson Dr. H. F. McCoy
Chicago Charles Wltte
Douglas WIUlHm Clements
Dundee John O. Yelser
East Omaha Claude Perkins
Elkhorn J. W. Shimaker
Florence J. W. Simpson
Jefferson Peter Mangold
McArdlo Henrv Schnmer
Millard William Von Dohren
Platte Valley E. Collen
I nlon C. C. Curtis
Waterloo Smith Brown
having convinced the officers that he had
had no part In I he matter.
Store of A. Fredrlckson, 22.15 Sooth
Twentieth Street, Entered
Through Front Window.
A call was sent to the police station at
midnight by A. Fredrlckson that his gro
cery store at Z235 South Twentieth street!
nna Deen nroken Into and that three men
had carried off some goods through a hole
In the front window. He said he had a good
Idea who It was. Officers Baldwin and Fit.
responded and as they were passing the
drug store at 2S22 South Sixteenth street
they saw a man between the screen and the
door. Thinking his actions suspicious they
picked him up and took him with them to
Twentieth street. There Fredrlckson and
Mis. H. Nelson, who lives across the street
at EM South Twentieth, declared that he
was the man who had broken the window.
The man received considerable punishment
before submitting to arrest. At the station
he gave his name as Jim Cavanaugh and
his residence as 1814 Martha street.
Several cans of fruit and about eight cans
of coin were taken. The man denied stoutly I're become a candidate for county com
that he had had anything to do with the ' mlnslOner. In this office his ability and
robbery. He said he was attempting to ! Integrity will count for much In conducting
enter the drug store In order to use the : Douglas county affairs with buslncssllko
telephone. Mrs. Nelson said the man was
well known In the neighborhood and that
she could not bo mistaken. He was held on
a charge of buiplary.
rostnl Card Uuatneas.
Germany used 1,161,000.000 postal cards
last year. The I'nlted States comes sec
ond vlth 770,500,000, and Great Britain
third with 613,000,000. The free use of the
picture postal card for all sorts of pur
poses In Germany accounts for that coun
try's big lead. In the matter of letters
there Is a different story to tell. In 1903
the number posted In the United States
was 4,lCi.OOO,onO; Germany came third with
1 64f .Cm.OtO following Great Britain which
has a record of 2.59T.CUO.O0O.
Fred Smith, of lut'9 Cuming street, was
lodged In the city jail early laHt evening.
The man Is charged with having- stolen five
I aouars iroin 01 ire c narringcon wno re
! Wr" at lw boutn tt-leventn street.
Sunday afternoon tne twrM or Clifford county commissioner. I believe his desire
Bush, son of Bert Bush, deputy labor com- . , . , , ...
mlKsioner, was held from the house, 2a32 tor fflc 18 the result of his investigations
Decatur street. Rev. Dr. Herbert Mills then. Mr. Vrf, I think, showed to our
Km U!nhdcom,rir1a nT of
Light" and "Paradise." Friends of the j public affairs, his figures not only on taxa
fttinllv had flooded the little casket with ; tlon. but on the expenditure of the Dublio
beautiful (lowers, set pieces with affection-
was held at ForeKt Lawn cemetery.
- riajing "Santa Claus."
Doesn't Want Leslie.
OMAHA. Sept. l.-To the Editor of The
Bee: Of all the republican candidates to
be selected for county offices next Tuesday
noneehould be more worthy of the sup
port 6f every voter on November 7 than
the randldate for county Judge. IJe should
he a man who can fulfill every test of In
tegrity as a man. and ability as a lawyer.
Large estates are entrusted to his super
vision and property Interests raging in
value up to II. POO and Involving complex
legal questions are constantly being liti
gated before him. We repeat then that the
office calls for ability and character of the
hlrhest order.
Four candidates are before republican
voters for the nomination and no voter
should make a choice until he has familiar
ised himself with the record and qualifica
tions of each of them. They are all more
or less well-known. Mr. Haller, Mr.
Thomas and Judge Dickinson are well
known lawyers and Mr. Leslie Is well
known also, not as a lawyer, however, but
as Judge Vinsonhaler's clerk. Either of
the (list three named candidates would, 1
believe, make a creditable county Judge
but the last named candidate, Mr. Leslie,
could not, I verily belle-e, perform the
duties of a county Judge for the simple
reason that he Is altogether lacking In
legal ability. Mr. Leslie Is not known as a
lawyer, never was and probably never will
be. Ills whole training has been aa a
court bailiff and In the ltne of clerical work
and his candidacy for the republican nom
ination for county Judge Is nothing short
of monumental nerve on his part and monu
mental rashness on the part of his pro
moters. It may be safely asserted that never be
fore in the history of Douglas county has
any one so poorly qualified for the office of
county Judge aspired to It. Out In some
frontier county that is as barren of legal
ability as Mr. Leslie It might be Justifiable
to nominate and elect such a man to the
county Judgeship, but In Douglas county
where plenty of capable men are available,
It would be altogether unjustifiable. One
of the ugliest reproaches populism has to
bear is that It took men from the plow and
put them on the, bench where In their
single terms of blundering they worked In
calculable mischief. Does the republican
party of Douglas county In the year of
our Lord, 1H05, want to merit a like re
proach T p. it,
I're for Commissioner.
OMAHA, Neb.. Sept 16.-Greater equality
In the assessment for taxes has been ac
complished after several years of con
certed effort.
Now, more economical administration of
public affairs, thereby lessening taxes, Is
desired by all, Including those over-as
sensed as well as those formerly under
assessed and who have stood a raise.
To the splendid efforts of W. G. I're are
largely due the amount of success attained
In equalisation of assessments. To this
cause he has devoted many months of
time and made many personal sacrifices
without remuneration. This perseverance
and personal sacrifice was due to his keen
sense of Justice and to bring about "a
square deol," In the language of the presi
dent. The same motive now Inspires him
to continue and become a candidate for
county commissioner, In which office he
could do more effective work In reducing
taxation, and those most closely Identified
I with tax reform are pleased to have Mr.
methods. After Intimate association with
him for several year It Is my opinion
that there Is no man in the county better
qualified to fill that position than he. I
think In our public-officials wo should re
quire, first, honesty; second, ability; third,
fidelity. I am sure In these things he will
not disappoint us.
Douglas county Is to be congratulated on
having a man of this character and ability
willing to serve In that office, and I hope
he will receive such a large vote as to be
an encouragement to our best men to stand
for public office. F. D. WEAD.
I re sad the Tax Fliit.
OMAHA. Sept. 15. 1905. To the Editor of
The Bee: A couple of years ago I had the
honor of being a member of a tax com
mittee which was appointed as the result
of a mass meeting In the city hall. We
held a great many meetltfgs and were
much helped by Information from the Real
Estate exchange, and especially from Mr.
1 w. G. Ure. who Is now
a candidate for
j money, presented a crying need for capable
and honest men In office. As a result of
Investigations, I understand, certain
bridges formerly costing $14,000 are now
; being put in for $6,000 and certain contracts
' are also being enforced, saving upward of
i CO per cent to the taxpayers. I believe Mr.
ure 10 De an auaoiuieiy inaepenaeni nuvo.
It makes no difference to him whether he
Is elected or cot. If elected the taxpayers
may congratulate themselves and Mr. Ure
will deserve our sympathy, but the fraud
ulent contractor and tax evader will light
no bonfires. DAVID COLE.
Example of Servo.
OMAHA, Sept. 15. To the Editor of The
Bee: I want to ask you If you do not
think it takes nerve for a man to seek a
republican nomination now who, the last
time he ran for office, after be was fairly
beaten out Id the republican convention,
bobbed up as the democratic nominee?
When a man is after office so hard that
be does not c&re whether he runs as a
republican or a democrat, he Is a good
man to steer clear off. We have a candi
date who con-esponds to this picture, ask
ing for the republican nomination for one
of the best offices on the ticket. Repub
licans should cot be allowed to forget bis
political ommersault of two years ago.
Bandle for County Cleric
OMAHA, Sept. I6.-T0 the Editor of The
Bee: One of the Important offices the
voters will be called upon to fill at thu
present election Is that of county clerk.
This official Is secretary of the great cor
poration of Douglas county, with all Ita
business transactions of every kind passing
through bis office. He must have special
talent and adaptability to fulfill the re
quirements of a successful administration
of the office. I believe that Frank V.
Bandle Is such a man. He la a long-time
resident of Omaha, has been well known
ana universally esteemed here for more
than twenty years and has never held
public office. His record as a business
man la such as to commend him to the
voters, and those who know bim have no
hesitancy in promising him their support
for the office at the primaries. A vote
for Bundle Is a vote for a clean, honest
administration In county affairs.'
J. H. W.
Commends D. M. Haverly.
OMAHA. Sept. 14. To the Editor of The
Bee: For nineteen years I have known
Pavtd M. Haverly, who Is a candidate for
the republican nomination for the office of
County clerk. I wish to testify that be U
upright In every relation In life. Ha la, by
nature and long experience, a flrst-rate
clerical or office man. is courteous and ae-
crp n
of last night caused innumerable losses to plate glass,
Plate lass insurance
indemnifies against such losses
We are also adjusting today numerous s
caused by last night s storm.
You should carry Tornado Insurance, if you arc not
already doing so.
Call up telephone 29 and let us tell you about it.
1 0 W B mm W I W WSWIIMSISiW msswssms mw m mm mm
frlni II il II ! Pld'1 " 11 1 WIS H jiiisii sn.y llklWlilnuiwwewi a" msu mmmmmmwmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmr mmm
iii.i.i.i " -''rrisY'-'r li'il sf'-inri'-i. im iii'ii-.lni iiitir m m ' 11 .
commodatlng and will observe the letter
and spirit of the law relating to his du
ties, without fear or favor and without
lie als- belongs to the fast vanishing
number of those who did valiant service for
their country In the civil war. Other things
being equal, such ought to have the pre
ference In the choice of candidates for
public office. CHARLES A. GOSS.
McDonald for Sheriff.
OMAHA, Sept. 17-To the Editor of The
Bee: John W. McDonald Is a candidate for
the republican nomination of sho-llf. He is
of Scottish parentage and has resided In
Omaha since 1870. For many years ho was
a bollermaker In the employ of the V'nion
Pacific Railroad company. During the last
fifteen years he has owned and operated
with his brother a brass n-il iron foundry
and has other mercantile intereiH here.
in .sw ne was e.ecieu ..i ..uB.a.
county ana neia cne oin.-e .r 10... ,-..,..
Ke refused to be a candidate o el.eriff for
another term and since tli"n bis devoted
h'i energies to his private business
During his administration as sheriff his
office was repeatedly check- d n;i by demo
cratic officials and was finilly checked by
an expert for Douglas countv and hi uc
counts were all found absolutely correct In
every detail.
During his term of office ho pail Into ?he
county treasury about J'sOrO in cash, aiter
meeting all expenses InclJeiual to the
sheriff's office. Mr. McDonj'4 is tho only
sheriff who ever turned a dolHr Into the
copnty treasury as a surpl is from the effico
cf thetiff.
The criminal laws of the ftafe wer
vigorously and conscientiously executed
during his incumbency o' the .1kt. of
Mr. McDonald was elected for his second
term of office by a majority of over 2,100
votes, showing his popularity and apprecia
tion by the voters of Douglas county.
It was only at the earnest soll-?!tition of
numerous friends throughout Douglas
county that Mr. McDonald finally consented
to be a candidate for the office of sheriff.
It U extremely seldom In polltlei! life that
a man of such recognized Integrity, BtaMllty
and splendid qualifications found
for a public office. Mr. McDonald made an
Ideal sheriff and the people will find In him
an able, energetic and conscientious puhlle
official as sheriff of Douglas countv.
'617 Davenport Street.
tVh J Support Vostf
OMAHA, Sept. 16. To the Editor of The
Bee: The following are good reasons why
republicans should vote for A. N. Yost for
Justice of the peace at tho primaries next
Tuesday. Ho has been a resident of Ne
braska for more than half a century, during
which time he has been an active, republi
can worker. In former years he satisfac
torily served as Justice of the peace and
practiced In the local courts for a number
of years. He has a fair knowledge of law
and Justice, and Is known as a conscientious
and upright citizen. I liuve known him for
forty-flva years. F. W. WOLCOTT.
Likes HfKsr for Coroner.
OMAHA. Sept. 16. To the Editor of The
Bee: I desire to avail myself of the op
portunity extended to your readers for
which I, for one, thank you In the name
of the public, as It Is a courtesy extended
that is worth something.
As is the case with many, I have several
friends personal who are now candidates
for nomination and as friends, we are apt
to be biased. I want to be understood, how
ever, that In supporting a man for public
office, I' believe he should be supported on
his worth and particular ability for the
office he seeks, not because he Is a per-
l A HO- llSlCAKT III 1
mL. pAKi.m3 i'i,Vl
t -if:
'j; -l . "
J ww?i N rva (5 fat
Merchants flatinnal
sonal friend. That Is how a man Is gov-
erned In seeking an employe for his own
affairs. The city, county, tate or nation
Is the employer, and we as Individuals com
posing It, should consider ourselves as such.
Having therefore stated my belief, 1 pro
pose to support for the effice of county
coroner, W. M. McKay, because, he Is a
young man of ability and character. He
has the confidence and esteem of all who
come Into business or social relations with
him. He has "proven himself an honest,
upright, steady republican, loyal Jo his
porty, and well deserves the office he Is
seeking. A man diligent and conscientious
In business. He should be supported by
all. regardless of party, and especially by
the rank and file of the party with which
he Is affiliated.
Allow me nlso to say a few words re
garding Charles Leslie. Without doubt
there Is no one In Douglas county better
fitted for the office of county Judge
thnn Ch,rIrs ,,,, For Bnout
, . . . h, , . k . ,h
county Judge, and as such the people should
place him In the chair as a well-earned
and much deserved promotion. His tem-
perment, education, character and ex
perience all mark him worthy of the office
he seeks, and a worthy people will support
a worthy man. C. H. JANSSEN.
Ilooat for Thomas.
OMAHA, 8ept. 16. To the Editor of The
Bee: I notice you are opening your col
umns for correspondence lelatlve to the
fitness of various candidates for office and
It seems to me thnt this is a most excellent
plan to obtain the views of the general
rrubllc and one that ought to be appre
ciated. If the primary election law Is to be a
success In obtaining good men for office. It
can only be accomplished by having an in
telligent voto from the public, and from
the fact that but few men who aspire for
office are known by the average voter, It
Is of the highest Importance that public
Information from a reliable source be given
in regard to the various candidates. I
may be In error, but my own observation
has taught me that we should not entrust
positions of responsibility to a man who
has not had experience In dealing largely
with the affairs of men. A man may be
very successful In his own line of business
and an utter failure In a political office, be
cause he Is unacquainted with the methods
and subterfuges brought to bear to accom
plish selfish ends In connection with the
public office. ,'
My thought In this matter seems to me
peculiarly applicable to the office of county
Judge, Inasmuch as this is a position in
which selfish Interests are continually at
tempting to gain Us ends and one In which
the real parties In Interest are often help
less to assert their own rights. My own
choice for the position of county Judge Is
Benjamin F. Thomas, because he has been
tried in the school of experience and has
demonstrated his ability to brish aside the
cobwebs and get at the merit of a case.
Mr. Thomas made a most excellent city
prosecutor, was vigorous in the enforce
ment of the law, coupled with humanity
when humanity was called for. As state
senator, he was effective and contributed
more than any other one senator In passing
laws of benefit to our business and political
system. His negotiable Instrument bill has
met the approval of every business man
and I have yet to hear a criticism upon
the voting machine bill of which he Is the
author, and I think that his ability, which
he has demonstrated to bring these things
to a head, Is exactly what la needed In the
office of county Judge, and as long as we
can obtain a man for that position who
has proven himself able to accomplish di
rect results. I do not think we ought to
try any experiments."
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Work of Constructing New I.lae Into
the Dlaek Hills Being mined
PIERRE, T.. Sept. 17. fSpeclal Tele
gram.) H. H. Decker of the chief en
gineers' department of the Northwestern
road Is In this city with a corps of sur
veyors to take charge of the work on tho
Northwestern extension west from here.
The Indications are that the first active
construction will be from the Rapid City
end of the line with the Intention of get
ting to Cheyonne river this fall, allowing
I work on both the bridge here and on that
stream for the winter.
HURON. S. D., Sept. 17. (Speclal.)--Ar.y
rumor concerning railroad building In thin
state commands attention, but none has
awakened deeper Interest than thnt con
cerning the extension of the Chicago &
Northwestern from Pierre Into tho Black
Hills. As to the matter Inquiry at the office
of O. H. McCarty of this city, superintend
ent of the Dakota central division of tho
Ciucni;f oc nuiiiinQvirui tauwaj, LMfJUKUl
this reply:
You mnv state, with a fair degree of cer
tainty. Hint within the year the Chicago A
Northwestern company will have trains
running across the Missouri river In 8011! h
Dakota, and In another year stockmen liv
ing on the ranges can ship their stock direct
to Chicago.
The bridge will be a wagon and foot
bridge as well as a railroad bridge, and for
Us construction loo.ono tons of steel has al
ready been purchased. ' The old Pierre Xi
Rapid City railway grade, out of Rapid
City for a distance of eighteen or twenty
miles, has been purchased by a newly In
corporated company, with headquarters In
this city. Among the Incorporators are O.
H. MeCnrty, division superintendent of the
Chicago & Northwestern, and R. W. Stew
art, attorney for the same company, and
both residents of Huron. Others Interested
In tho company are well known Chicago &
Northwestern officials, and It is understood
that when all preliminaries are arranged
the whole concern will be transferred to the
Northwestern company. The extension con
templated la about 170 miles and is known
aa "the Bad River route," surveyed a dozen
or more years ago. This portion of the
state Is intensely Interested In the proposed
road and furthor developments are
anxiously awaited.
Sonth Dakota Anti-Saloon Leavoe.
MITCHELL. S D.. 8ept. 17. (Special.)
Tho state convention of the Anti-Saloon
League will be held In this city Tuesday,
September 26, which will be attended by
four delegates from each church In the
state. Rev. W. W. Ravens, who has beon
superintendent of the league for the past
yeur or two, has tendered his resignation
and will depart October 1 for the terri
tories of Arizona and New Mexico, and his
headquarters will Alburquerque. Mr.
Havens has been successful In his work.
Two or three candidates a"e mentioned aa
his possible successor, although no niius
are given out for publication.
Wool Sells for Good Prices.
DOI'GLAS. Wyo.. Sept. 17. (Special. )-W.
F. Hamilton, one of the leading wpol grow
ers of this section, has sold his 19o6 clip of
wool for 20 cents. Another large wool
grower sold for 21 cents, and several deals
are on In this section for. next year's clips
at prices ranging from 17 to 22 cent. It la
believed that more than 22 cents will be
offered before the close of the present month.
The buyers are anxious to contract for
next year's clip, and this anxiety on their
part has had the effect of delaying sales,
the growers believing they see the possi
bility of still further advances.