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Little Talk Around Capital of the Coming
State Convention.
Takes Pew Dollars la Money
the Aaaaal "toarteslea Ire
seated o Him tr Rail
- roa4 Companies.
(From a Btaft Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Bept. 11. (Special.) That the
republican state convention will meet
In Lincoln next Thursday Is not
evidenced ' by any political talk at
the atata capital. Old politicians
who have been able to . give the right
"hunch" as to who would "be nominated at
a atata convention weeks before the con
vention claim to be up In the air about the
matter, and It Is the general belief here
that the matter has not been set but that
the nominations, both for supreme Judge
and for resents of the university, are still
up In the air. A well-known politician
from northwestern Nebraska who was
here yesterday predicted the nomination of
Supreme Court Commissioner C. B. Letton,
and said that all alone the line of the
Northwestern railroad there was a general
sentiment In favor of Letton. Whether or
not the legal department of the North
western has been using Its influence or will
use Its Influence for Letton he could not
aay. Other men from Out In the state who
have visited Lincoln lately say there has
been very little discussion of candidates
and that no one could make a safe pre
diction as to what would be the outcome
of the convention.
Around the state house the Idea Is gen
eral that an anti-pass resolution will be
adopted, and one state officer at least has
announced that If such a resolution Is
adopted he will at once surrender his pass.
This man, during the month of August,
traveled over 4,009 miles on official business
without cost to the state. He is now mak
ing arrangements to conduct his business at
long range, at least until the next legis
lature makes an appropriation for his
traveling expenses.
There Is some talk of a resolution re
questing the nominees for regents to pledge
themselves to hold open meetings when
transacting business for the state uni
versity and thus do away with the execu
tive session and the censored reports of the
meeting which are now given to- the public.
Baralar Robs State Treaanrer.
A thoughtful burglar who entered the
residence of State Treasurer Peter Morten
sen last night relieved that officer of a
delicate duty which probably he himself
would have performed after the next re
publican state convention. ' The burglar
wilfully and maliciously did take from the
coat pocket of the state treasurer certain
annual "courtesies" over certain railroads
In Nebraska, which had been presented to
the state . treasurer in the form of passes.
Along with the courtesies the burglar took
i In cash, a gold watch and some Jewelry,
the latter the property of Mrs. Mortensen.
The burglar removed the screen from a
window, raised the window and walked
Into the room, lighting the way, evidently,
by matches, as a number of burnt ones
were found scattered over the room. The
fact that Mr. Mortensen failed to awaken
during the visit of the midnight Intruder
Is attributed to his easy conscience and the
knowledge that no complaint has ever been
made against him as state treasurer.
Burglars also entered the house of Judge
Tlbbetta and attempted to enter the house
of Frank IfolUngsworth of the land com
missioner's office. At the latter place Hoi
llngswortb awakened and scared the men
away.,' At, ..Judge Tibbetts' the burglars
secured a quantity of silverware and a
small sum of money.
Trembler of Normal Board.
Governor Mickey In all probability will be
called upon to take a hand In affairs of
the State Normal board. The minority fac
tion of i the board is not pleased with the
manner In which the majority Is transact
ing the business which oomea before the
board. It has been customary for some
time when a matter comes before the board
to refer It to the executive committee "with
power to act.".. The executive committee la
composed of Chairman Ludden, Tom
Majors and C. II. Gregg. When the propo
sition comes to a show down, Delsell usu
tti&f votes with the executive committee,
thus making a majority. By giving the
executive committee power to act, Ludden,
Majors and Gregg virtually control every
act of the board. These are all appointees
of Governor Mickey, and the governor has
the power. If he so desires, to discipline
them, and It Is Intimated that a member of
the minority faction will request the gov
ernor to cast his eagle eye over the sltua
tion. -
f.'Btnst Return to Mlssonrl.
Governor Mickey this afternoon honored
a requisition for the return to Adair
county, Missouri of J. N. Hatfield, wanted
for forging a note. Hatfield Is In Jail at Mo
Cook and Sheriff Curry of Adair county
went there for him as soon as the requisi
tion was honored.
Mew Bank at Bladen.
The State bank of Bladen, Webster
county, was chartered this afternoon by
Secretary Royeo of the State Banking
board. The capital stock of the new In
stitution la 115,000, paid up, and the Incor
porators are J. O. Walker, John Mc
Laughlin, A. R. Rudd, Charles E. Hicks,
J. B. Krae, E. H. Cox, W. E. Thome and
Charles Spence.
weals Methodist Appointments.
The Swedish Methodist conference, which
has been In session here for a week, ad
journed this afternoon, after Bishop Hamil
ton had made his appointments for pastors.
The appointments were as follows:
Colorado district Frank J. Swanson,
presiding elder, Denver, Colo.; Denver, C.
A Judge's Opinion mt Grape-Mats.
A gentleman who has acquired a Judi
cial turn of mind from experience on the
bench out In the Sunflower State writes a
carefully considered opinion as to the
value of Grape-Nuts as a food. He says:
"For the past five years Grape-Nuts has
been' a prominent feature In our bill of
"The crisp food, with the delicious,
nuttv flavor, has become an Indispens
able ' necessity In my family's every -day
life. ' ,
"It has proved to be moat healthful and
beneficial and has enabled us to prac
tically abolish pastry and pies from our
tabls, for the children prefer Grape-Nuts
and do not crave rich and unwholesome
"Gripe-Nuts keep us all In perfect
physical condition as a preventive of dis
ease it Is beyond value. I have been par
ticularly Impressed by the beneficial ef
fects of Grape-Nuts when used by ladles
who are 1 troubled with face blemishes,
skin eruptions, etc It clears up the com
plexion wonderfully.
"As to its riutiitlve qualities, my Vxperl
eiice is that one small dish of Grape-Nuts
Is superior to a pound of meat for break
fast, which Is an Important consideration
for anyone. It satisfies the appetite and
strengthens the power of resisting fa
tigue, white Its use Involves none of the
disagreeable consequences that sometimes
follow a meat breakfast." : Kama given by
Fostum Co., Battle Creek, kits.
X&aio'a a raen '
E. SYhlldt; Fuoblo. O. L. Stromberg; Idaho
Springs and Greeley, to be supplied.
Iowa district C. A. Anderson, presiding
elder, Des Molnrs; Jtnxholm. Carl Fromen.
Hurllngton and Medlspnlls, Carl P. K.
Klund; Iayton. F.mll Malrnstrom; Is
Moines, C. O. Karlson; llsrcourt and Lan-
ron. V. J. Berg; Keokuk. Melrose and
.ockrldge. J. p. Hcaberg; New Sweden
and Hlteman. J. O. ftofgeson; Ottumwa
and White Oak. I'arl Nord; Rheldahl,
Frits Edwards; Sioux City. O. R. Palm;
Btratford and South Marlon, Olaf Gran
berg. Kansas district C. O. Freeman, presid
ing elder. Bcandla, Kan.; Burdlck, Fred
erick Htron.nerg; Clay Center. Hugh A.
IVterson: Globe and ("srl Junction. Mo., A.
E. Lodlng; Kansas City, John A. Johnson;
Llndshore, A. G. Engstrom: Randolph. N.
O. B. Barton; St. IOuls, Mo., Hugh Alen;
Bcandla and Wayne. C. O. Freeman;
Topcka. to be supplied.
Nebraska district C. J. Mellborg. pre
siding elder, Lincoln; Axtell, Jonas P.
Johnson; Concord. L. M- Llndstrom;
Iavev, Nils learsnn; Holdrege and Prai
rie, K. A. Btromberg; Keene. J. F.. John
ston; Lincoln, Oscar O. Bnndherg; look
ing Olnss. O. L. Stromberg; Oakland, J.
A. Oabrlelson; Omaha, peter Mnnson;
Ong and Shlckley, O. J. "wan: Baronvllle,
C O. Sherman; Ftromeburg, A. F. Wln
ell; West Hill. A. R. Mellln; Oenoa. Kirk,
St. raul, Swede Plains, to be supplied.
Man Giving Name of John Bernhardt
trnrk by F.ngrlne Near Tekamah.
TEKAMAH. Neb.. Sept. 11. Special.)
Passenger train No. T, southbound, ran
over and killed an unidentified man about
four miles west of this place this morning.
The man appeared to be a worklngman,
about M years old; he had a telescope and
a small grip and was standing In the mid
dle of the track when the train came around
a sharp curve. He seemed to be scared, as
he made no effort whatever to get out of
the way.
The coroner's Inquest, held here this
afternoon over the body of the man killed
by train No. 7 this morning, supposed to
be John Berhardt, completely exonerated
the train crew.
Conductor Capllnger, Brakeman Palman
tler, Engineer McClalr and Fireman Jones
were the principal witnesses, and all testi
fied to practically the same thing that the
deceased when first seen by the engineer
was standing in the middle of the track
with his face turned sideways, and he
seemed to be looking down. The engineer
blew the whistle and rang the bell, but
he did not move. The train struck him
and threw him over against the right of
way fence. The train stopped, backed up
and brought the body to this place and
turned It over to the coroner.
In an Interview with The Bee reporter
this morning Burn Kelly, aged 12, told the
following story: "The man that was
killed by the train this morning rode from
Herman to Tekamah yesterday with me
and my brother, arriving here about :30
p. m. He gave his name as John Bern
hardt and said he was on his may from
Omaha to Sioux City to see a sister who
lived at that place, and also to find, work."
Kelly also said that the man was so
hard of hearing that they had to yell at
him or he could not hear at all.
Although the deceased had a telescope
filled with clothes, there was not a scrap
of paper found that would in any way
lead to his identity.
Newly Elected Congressman Ad
dresses Convention.
AUBURN, Neb., Bept. 11. (Special Tele
gram.) Tho Nemaha republican county
convention organized, with J. M. Ander
son as chairman, and W. H. Bousfield,
secretary. A resolution was passed , en
dorsing the administration of President
Roosevelt and especially his course In
bringing about peace between Japan and
Russia, It reaffirmed the Falls City plat
form and commended Congressman Pol
lard's stand thereon.
The following ticket was nominated:
Treasurer, D. J. A. Dirks; county clerk,
J. M. Wright; sheriff, Fred Rohrs; super
intendent of public Instruction, George D.
Carrlngton, Jr.; coroner. Dr. JL C. Smith
of Brownvllte; surveyor, Charles R.
Hacker; commissioner, W. A. Doolittle.
Each of the nominees made a short ad
dress of thanks before the convention.
After the nominations Congressman Pol
lard, who was present, addressed the con
vention and his speech was well received.
GREELEY, Neb., Sept. 11. (Special.)
The following candidates were nominated
at the republican county convention today
County Treasurer, Edward Minor; county
cierK, J. J. u Keere; county superintendent,
James Montgomery: county iude. J. D.
West: county sheriff, Fred Weeks. The
loiiowing named persons were elected dele
gates to the state convention: W. E.
Morgan, G. W. Fltislmmons, P. R. Morgan-
tanier. ti. 1. uouid, u. M. juayneld, J. H
Hanna, T. J. Howard.
No Fusion In Polk.
OSCEOLA, Neb.. 8ept lL-rKSpeclal.) Of
all political conventions that have ever
come together at Osceola, the ones held by
the populists and democrats Saturday were
the slimmest. George Horst presided over
the populist convention and C. C. McCune
of the Stromsburg News, was secretary.
The parties not only failed to get together
but succeeded In putting in a good else
wedge in the way of future unity of action.
All the democrats asked for was county
treasurer, and If they were given that.
then they would support all of the other
candidates for office on the populist ticket.
They were granted the office and their
selection was Conrad Thelan of Shelby
and when that name was brought into the
populist convention it was rejected by a
vote of 87 to Is. The democrats were mad
dened that their candidate was turned
down and they adjourned to some future
date when they will meet and nominate a
complete county ticket. These are the
populists nominated for county offices
county clerk, J. N. Norton; treasurer, John
Lees; Judge, W. A. Cornish; sheriff, Wil
11am Ehlera; superintendent. Miss Minnie
Rydberg; coroner, Leclare LeMar, M. D.;
surveyor, R. E. Dearborn; commissioner.
C. E. Wamsley. The delegates to their
state convention that meets at Lincoln on
the 20th are: J. N. Ireland, F. J. Skid
more, John Tongue. William Carlson, Wil
liam Ehlers, W. B. Jones, J. N. Norton,
A. P. Tllley. 8. B. Johnson, George Horst.
W. J. Brlgham, W. 8. Funkhouser, Otto
Hasselbacb, J. B. Gilbert. J. P. Carlson.
Grading; AU Done In Dodge.
FREMONT. Neb., Sept. 11 -(Special.)
The Sioux City & Western has nearly all
of Its line within Dodge county graded and
ready for ballast, ties and rails. Nothing
has yet been done within that part of the
city where houses are being moved. The
grading camps north of town broke up
Saturday and Sunday. A big gang is work
ing on the Platte river bridge. None of
the smaller bridges and culverts have been
put in, they evidently coming under a
separate contract. ' No appeals have as
yet been taken by either the company or
the property owners from the awards of
the appraisers on condemnation proceed
ings, though some of the damages awarded
were considered high.
Mother tieta Her Bo v.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Bept. U (Special Tel
egram.) In the habeas corpus proceedings
brought by Mrs. Thrall of this city
her mother, Mrs. Mary Miller of Hollen
burg, Kan., for the purpose of securing
possession of her little son. County Judge
Bourne today decided in favor of the plain
tiff and ordered the child placed In the
custody of Its mother. The grandmother
claimed she had a lien on the boy for a
board bill. 8 he failed to put. In an ap
pearance at the hearing. .
Otoe Democrats Nominate
NEBRASKA C1TT, .eb 8ept. 11. (Spe
cial Telegram.) The democratic coynty
convention was held in Syracuse today.
The convention was devoid of enthusiasm
and the following nominations were made:
rtmiaJssiniisrt U. Ialuu, Meria
City; treasurer, C. C. Picket, Burr; clerk,
C. C. Bush, Nebraska City; Judge, W. W.
Wilson. Nebraska City; sheriff. John Done
van, ralmyra; recorder, Theodore Schrun
der, Nebraska City; coroner. Dr. F. 8.
Marnell, Nebraska City; surveyor, C. W.
Pierce, Nebraska City.
Attacks Helpmeet with Rasor and
She Shoots Him.
BT'TTE, Mont., Bept. 11. William Frost,
a mining promoter from Battle Creek, Neb.,
was killed today by his wife after he had
tried to cut her throat with a rasor. The
woman blew his head from his shoulders
with two charges from a shotgun. Frost
had been drinking.
riattsmonth Boy Stabbed.
FLATTBMOCTH. Neb.. Sept. -(Spe
cial.) Meager details have been received
here of a serious. If not fatal, stabbing
ffray which occurred Saturday at Brown
Valley, Minn., In which Ernest McClaln, a
Plattamouth boy, was the victim. Young
McClaln has been working In the harvest
fields there and la reported to have been
attacked by a fellow workman, who was
under the Influence of liquor.
Nominations In Keith.
OQALALLA, Neb., Sept. lL (Special.)
The republican county convention was held
here Saturday and the following nomina
tions made: For clerk, F. O. Hoxle; for
treasurer, D. Elchberger; for sheriff, D. W.
Harrington; for superintendent of schools,
Mi's. Richmond; for county Judge, G. T.
Scott; for commissioner. H. L. Gootd; for
chairman. county central committee, J. W.
Welpton. Everything was harmonious.
Jaw Broken by Ball.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Sept. 11. (Special Tel
egram.) Paris Shumard was seriously In
jured while playing ball at Hoag yesterday.
He was at bat when the pitcher delivered
a ball which struck Mr. Shumard on the
left Jaw, badly fracturing It and rendering
him unconscious for a short time. He was
brought here for treatment.
News of Nebraska.
WEST POINT The picnic of the Oakland
Commercial club, which was to have been
held yesterday, has been postponed until
Thursday on account of the wot weather.
FREMONT The city schools opened this
morning with a large enrollment. The
high school numbers 170. The exact figures
cannot be learned from the other schools.
WEST POINT Miss Matilda Peters of
Bancroft wts seriously Injured In a runa
way on Monday. She was thrown from a
buggy and it ran over her, leaving her un
conscious. WOOD RIVER-Over a score of Wood
river peopie returned yesterday from the
state fair at Lincoln, and everyone was
very enthusiastic In praising the exhibits
and entertainment. ,
WEST POINT The West point public
schools opened this morning with a very
large enrollment. Only three of the old
teachers remain. Miss Miller. Mrss Melcher
and Prof. Fesenbeck.
WOOD RIVER Many Wood River people
are making arrangements to attend the
Ak-Sar-Ben festivities at Omaha, and it is
expected that fully a hundred from this
community will attend.
BEATRICE The democrats held their
ward caucus Saturday evening to select
delegates to the democratic county con
vention to be held next Thursday. There
were no contests In any of the wards.
BEATRICE Jacob Shaw, an old resident
of Beatrice, is suffering from blood poison
ing, caused by a nail penetrating the flesh
near the knee Joint. He Is confined to his
room and his condition is said to be serious.
WEST POINT-Rev. E. A. Klemmenx,
assistant pastor of Bt. Mary's church In
this city, contemplates a Journey to Bo
hemia in October, to be present at the
golden anniversary of the marriage of his
TECl'MSEH Mrs. E. J. Hassett and
daughter, Miss Elizabeth Hassett, have
gone to Lincoln, where they will remain for
several months. Miss Hassett is attending
the state university and the conservatory
of music.
TECUMSEH A conference of German
Lutheran ministers was held at the church
southeast of Tecumseh last week. Nearly
100 ministers from over the state have
been in attendance and the sessions were
filled with interest.
WOOD RIVER Much new lumber Is be
ing sold here every day and taken into the
country, where the farmers are building
granerles, barns and residences. This has
been the busiest building season ever known
in this part of the state.
TECUMSEH Henry Qrupe, a young
farmer southeast of here, is suffering with
a broken finger. He was attempting to
bridle an unruly horse, when the animal
tossed its head and struck Mr. Grupe's
finger on the manger with great force.
TABLE ROCK WUllam Ellis is carrying
one of ills hands In a sling, the result of a
bite by a dig with which he was playing;
the skin being barely broken. Much ap
prehension has been felt, but his suffering
is not so intense for the last day or two.
BEATRICE Patrick Gallagher, a pioneer
resident of Beatrice and a painter bv trade,
died at his home in Glenover Saturday
night after an Illness of a few weeks of
heart trouble. He was 71 years of age and
is survived by a widow and two daughters.
WEST POINT The work of surveying
the new town of Uehllng has been com
pleted by the surveyors, the stakes having
been sot and the lots are ready for occupa
tion. Several young men of West Point
Intend to go Into business In the new
TABLE ROCK William Starkweather, a
young man residing here, was shot through
the hand by the accidental discharge of a
revolver last evening. The wound Is not
a serious one and although he will be laid
up for a time, no serious results are antici
pated. TECUMSEH The school board has sold
Its old school properties. The west ward
building and lot was suld to D. L. Robb
for fcxio; the east ward building and lot to
Sheldon Phillips for 40; the old grammar
school building and lot to O. J. McDougal
for t,160.
TABLE ROCK A government chemist
was here last week taking samples and
testing material for making cement. In con
structing the Panama canal, and the huge
reservoirs for Irrigating purposes in the
great west. His report will be anxiously
NORFOLK Miss Bertha Stotenberg, a
domestic employed at the home of Fire
man Wood of the Northwestern, was nearly
burned to death today as the result of
lighting a gasoline stove. Her clothing
caught Are and her face, throat and hands
were seriously burned. It Is thought she
will recover.
WOOD RIVER The county commission
ers held a special meeting at Grand Island
yesterday ror the purpose of approving the
bond of N. T. Brlttln of this place, who has
been appointed Justice of the peace in place
of A. C. White, resigned. Wood River was
without legal authority, and hence the spe
cial meeting was called.
BEATRICE The members of the Farm
ers' Elevator Company at Pickrell met
Saturday afternoon and proceeded to stake
out the grounds for their new elevator,
which will be built on the Union Paclflo
right of way, lust north of the Nebraska
elevator. Work on the building will be
commenced In a few days.
BEATRICE Mrs. O. H. Van Auken of
Cantrell, la., who has been visiting in the
city with C. E. Potter, in company with
her husband, reported the theft of a gold
watch to the police. The officers were not
long In locating the ticker, which had been
stolen by a small boy who had been sent
to the Potter home on an errand.
WOOD RIVER Farmers are feeling very
Jubilant over the prospect for corn in the
Wood river valley. For the past few days
the late planted corn has been ripening
fast, and it is only a matter of a few days
until all of the late planted fields will he
out of the way of frost. The yield will
be from forty to seventy-five bushels to' the
TABLE ROCK The personal property
clothing, etc., of W. B. Riggle, who left
here so unceremoniously some two months
since, leaving numerous creditors to mourn
his departure, were sold on attachment at
jt-r.smuiB saie yesteraay. ery Jltlie was
realised above the costs. Riggle has never
been heard of since his departure although
it is understood that detectives have been
placed on his trail.
El K HORN Fire was discovered in the
cob room of H. A. Nolte's elevator last
night alioul (.30 o'clock. By quick and hard
work the fire was extinguished. About
twenty wagon loads of cubs were moved
in putting out the fire. No damage done
to building. The tire is supposed to have
been started by a drunken tramp smoking
wliile resting on the cobs, one having been
seen there.
NORFOLK The 11-year-old son of Jacob
Brunelmeler. living in Boyd county, re
ceived possibly fatal Injuries as the result
of a runaway accident on the farm. He
was riding a ulky plow and the horses
broke sway. He whs thrown under the
plow and his left hand was cut off at the
wrist by the plow knife. He was bruhwd
severely from i-eaH foot and was seri
ous'y Injured internally.
i fcii '1 liU'K '. ii I'unn of the south-
t era tUvuiuu of U.s buxUcgtoa la hers
Ministers, Doctors and
Temperance Workers
l"s and Itrromroend Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey as the) Only KffectlTe
Cure for Lung, Htotnach and
Nervous JMspasrs.
l.EOD, an active minister for 60 vears.
"For more thsn 40 years I have been sf
fllcted with dyspepsia and nervous pros
tration. At times I was so run down I
could not sttend to my ministerial duties.
Could neither eat nor sleep. I began tak
ing Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey. It gave
me strength, helped my digestion, settled
my nerves, and I gained 10 pounds in one
month. I recommend those who sre weak,
broken down, nervous, to take 'Duffy's.'
Ureenleaf. Mich., Jnnnsry 22, 1904.
FY'S'' 25 YEARS. "I hsve found thst In
pneumonia, grip and other exhausting dis
eases my patients never fail to respond fa
orably to Duffy's Pure Malt Whlskev.
Taken as directed, it Is bound to relieve
and permanently cure consumption." Dr.
E. H. Bowne, Kingston. N. J., Aug. 3. 1!iM.
WORKER SAYS: "I hsve lived In Ro
chester, N. Y., for-almost 70 years snd
people know I am a strict temperance
man, but I unhesitatingly recommend
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey for the great
good It did me during my Illness. Two
months sgo I was so weak from bron
rhltls I could not raise my head. I had a
low fever and all the symptoms of a re
lapse. The doctor ordered vour whiskey,
and I would not be living today but for its
use. It made me strong, vigorous better
thsn I have been In years." July 26, 1914.
For over half a century men and women
prominent In the affairs of the nation have
been using and endorsing Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey as the one certain cure and
preventive of disease. The opinions of a
few of them are published In a booklet,
which we mall anyone free on request.
The unrivalled record of this splendid
medicine is over 4.0no,Onr cures. More than
7.onn doctors use It in their homes and pre
scribe It regularly In their practice, snd
It's used exclusively In over 2,om hospltsls.
It's an absolutely pure distillation of malt,
scientifically combined with medicinal In
gredients of highest quality. It acts di
rectly upon the diseased organs and parts
In a natural manner, and strengthens and
builds up the entire system. It contains no
fusel oil. Every testimonial is published
in good faith and guaranteed.
CAITION When yon aak'yonr drag-a-lat
or grocer for Duffy's Pare Malt
Whiskey be sure yon net the genu
ine. It's the only absolutely pnre
medicinal whiskey and Is sold In
sealed bottles never In flask or balk.
Look for the trade-mark, the "Old
Chemist," on the label, and make
are the seal over the cork Is not
broken. Price, fl.oo. Daffy Malt
Whiskey Co., Rochester, N. Y.
checking out W. L. Weed as station agent
and C. N. Miller as cashier. Mr. Weed
will be succeeded by L. 6. Sage of Alli
ance, and Mr. Miller by William Gingrich
of this city, a former employe of the
company, who has been working for the
Queen City Creamery company here for the
past few months. The change became ef
fective today.
PLATTSMOUTH Joseph F. Hadroba and
Miss Frances Janda were married this
morning at the Bohemian Catholic church.
The ceremony was' performed by Father
Bednor, of Crete, Neb., In the presence
oi a nuniDer oi relatives ana rrienas.
WEST POINT The death Is announced
of Mrs. WUhelmlna Wagner, aged 79 years,
who died at the home of her daughter.
Mrs. WUluun Waldo,, in-Nellgh township
aBi weex. xne cause or aeatn was ail
ments Incident to old age. Tho remains
were interred In the German Luthern ceme
tery. Rev. William Harms, pastor of
ficiating. ALBION An Immense temperance meet
ing was held last evening In the large
tent erected by the M. E. church people
for the purpose of holding their conference
meetings. The several churches of the
city abandoned their regular services
and all Joined the union temperance meet
ing. The meeting was addressed by sev
eral local speakers and music furnished
by our best local singers.
the little 4-year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Will Hlrtzman, had disappeared,
caused considerable excitement in the west
part of the city last evening. The child
was found some time afterwards lying
sound asleep In a cluster of weeds and
tall grass near the home. It was at first
feared that the child had been kidnaped
by a tramp who had called at the house
earlier In the evening.
WOOD RIVER The politicians In the
west end of Hall county feel very well sat
isfied over the result of the resolutions
adopted yesterday at the republican coun
ty convention setting forth the idea of lower
and equal freight rates, no rebate nor
passes, as well as the endorsement of Pres
ident Roosevelt's attitude. The county of
ficers nominated, vlx. : W. R. King for
treasurer, John Shaupp for clerk, J. W.
Eby for sheriff, and Miss Margaret Brown
for superintendent, has brought forth much
favorable comment from this end of the
ALBION A complaint was filed by the
county attorney. In the county court yes
terday morning, asking for a Warrant to
search the premises occupied by Jacob
Long, for intoxicating liquor held for the
purpose of Illegal sale. A warrant was
Issued and placed In tne nanus or unier
of Police Waring, who In company with
Deputy Sheriff Forney, made a search of
the building and seized a quantity of beer
and whisky. They found L. Bumgardner
In charge and arrested him. The defen
dant will have his preliminary examina
tion some time the first of the week.
ALBION The coroner's Jury which In
quired Into the death of Jay C. Lum
kln, who was electrocuted here one day
last week, returned a verdict that he came
to his death by an electric shock received
bv coming In contact with the switch In
the building In which he was working:
That there was an excessive voltage caused
by a ground current arising from a
grounded wire In the Albion Furniture
company's building. They further found
that the evidence showed that the electric
light company was employing Incompe
tant help and labor in superintending and
cnnstructlg its plant.
FREMONT County Judge Brlggs did a
land office business issuing marriage
licenses today. Up to noon four couples
had been made happy. They were Harry
Mussleman and Maud West of Columbus,
Fred Ruslcke of North Bend and Anna E.
Heln of Morse Bluffs, William Welgand
and Amelia Lohdlng of Hooper, who were
married by the Judge, and with big chromo
certificates took a wedding trip to the
circus. A license was also Issued to Law
rence Nelson of Plainvlew and Marie J.
Forbes of Fremont, who preferred a
clerical to a civic ceremony.
TECUMSEH There have been several
Important business transfers In Tecumseh
the past week. Dr. E. M. Cramb, an
osteopath, who has practiced here for
several years, has sold his practice to Dr.
P. T. Corbin of Bkldmore, Mo. Dr. Cramb
expects to locate in the northwest, per
haps at Seattle. B. E. Beaver and E. H.
Bush, two young business men of this city,
have bought C. S. Campbell's hardware
stock and are now In charge. Mr. Camp
bell is undecided as to future plans. Ben
Miller A Son have sold their livery, feed
snd sale barn to George Townsend and R.
F. Reynolds. These gentlemen are now In
charge. Miller & Son will go exclusively
into the horse buying business, and will re
tain the!r heaicjusrters In this city. Mr.
N. A. Berven has closed her millinery store
here for want of business. The field is
very crowded. 8 he will seek a location at
another point for her stock.
Gono rrasy.
Many people have gone craiy from dy
spepsia, constipation, etc. Dr. King's New
Life Pills oure; 2fic; guaranteed. For sals
by Sherman A McConnell Drug Co.
Pinkeye Ameng Cattle,
PIERRE, S. D.. Sept. 11. (Special.) A
disease . called "pink eye", is prevalent
amonf some of the upper Bad river herds
of cattle. The eyes turn red and swell
shut, blinding the animal, and In some
cases the eyeball bursts from the effects.
While It la limited In the area. In which
it prevails, with free range it Is likely
to spread and may cause trouble before It
U orvdlcatetk
FromoUr Vakil Requests to Facilitate Hew
Soul and Counoil Retdilj Aocetes.
Pats Coonellmen In to Date as to
tho Progress on His Various
Projects Over tho
Peter E. Her asked the general council
committee for a number of Important priv
ileges in connection with his proposed new
twelve-story hotel at Sixteenth and Howard
streets, yesterday afternoon. The commit
tee agreed he should have everything he
asked for. Mr. Her had his requests care
fully written out and attached to a picture
of the hotel and cuts of the plans for each
floor; also a map of the city showing the
route of his conduit line for the supply of
water; carbon dioxide and heat.
Tabulated Mr. Iler's wants are these:
Permission to lay pipes through streets
and alleys from Sixth and Leavenworth
streets to Sixteenth and Howard for the
distribution of water taken from a sub
terranean current of the Missouri; the
transmission of carbon dioxide to be used
for refrigeration, preservation ot foods and
fire protection, and for the distribution of
heat from a central plant under the new
hotel. These conveniences are to be ex
tended not ohly to the hotel but to other
buildings that Mr. Her owns along the
rlght-f-way. All the pipes are to go in the
same trench.
Permission to move the old Her residence
from the corner of Sixteenth and Jacksqn
streets back on the same lots to the corner
of Seventeenth and Jackson; to move the
west one-third of a four-story, 22x100 foot
building, known as the Garfield block to
the southwest corner of Sixteenth and Jack
son streets; to move the three-story brick
60x90 foot building at Sixteenth and Howard
to a lot next to the alley on Fifteenth
Permission to excavate under the side
walk on Howard street to the curbline and
eight feet In the alley between Howard and
Jackson streets; also to build a subway In
the alley so as to connect with a hotel
.Necessary to New Hotel.
Mr. Her said all these things are neces
sary for the construction and renting of his
new hotel, on which he expects to begin
construction within six or eight months.
The city attorney advised him, he said, that
the pipe line privileges are not In the na
ture of a franchise, as he Is to supply only
his own buildings. An ordinance will be
prepared embracing all the concessions and
submitted to the council for passage.
Incidentally Mr. Her told the council that
he Is about to make a contract with G. E.
Goldner, manager of the Stoneyhrook Brick
and Slate company In York county, Penn
sylvania, to assume the supervision and
management of a new brick manufacturing
plant at Sarpy City, which will have an
output of about BO.000 bricks a day. He pro
duced letters from Mr. Goldner, who was
out here recently. In which the writer
agreed to terms made by Mr. Her and
digressed on the details of brick manufac
ture. Mr. Her announced that he will at
tempt to form a stock company to estab
lish the plant, but that If this falls will go
It alone.
Good Soft Mad Bricks.
"Experiments have shown that a superior
quality of soft mud bricks can be made
from the clay at Sarpy City," said he.
"This means that the price of brick In
Omaha will be cut from 10 to 15 per cent.
We can make the material to sell for 16 per
1,000 for the best, or face brick, as against
prices of from 37.60 to 38 now prevailing.
The brick can be shipped up here for J4 a
car. They will be first-class building brick
and of a kind now largely used In the east.
Oil will be used In the plant for fuel and we
will, be making bricks for the new hotel."
Mr. Her announced that about ten miles
of the Omaha. Beatrice A Lincoln electric
railway has been laid between Lincoln and
Bethany, and that recently twelve cars of
steel were received, which Is going down as
fast as it can be laid. Three contractors
have the grading work In hand.
A request from Mr. Her for the sale to
him by the city of a small piece of ground
near Second and Hickory streets Is pend
ing. He says that the land Is needed for
the construction of a four-story brick
building that will be used by a new radltor
manufactory and a new paint factory. The
latter will make the. product from ore
found In mineral deposits on a tract ot land
near Louisville, Ky., that Mr. Her has
Chamberlain's Colio. Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy cures diarrhoea and dysen
tery In all formr and In all stages. It nver
Fair and Cooler In Nebraska Today
Fair Tomorrow Except Showers
In West Portion.
WASHINGTON, Sept. U.-Forecast of
the weather for Tuesday and. Wednesday:
For Nebraska Fair and cooler Tuesday;
Wednesday fair except showers In west
For Iowa Fair, cooler In west and north
portions Tuesday; Wednesday fair.
For Kansas Fair Tuesday except showers
and cooler In north portion; Wednesday
fair, cooler In south portion.
For South Dakota Fair Tuesday In east,
cooler In central portion; Wednesday fair
In east, showers In west portion.
For Missouri Fair Tuesday, cooler In
northwest portion; Wednesday fair.
For Colorado Fair In west, showers and
cooler In northeast portion Tuesday and In
east portion Wednesday.
For Wyoming Fair Tuesday except
showers and cooler In southeast portion;
Wednesday fair.
For Montana Fair Tuesday, cooler In
southeast portion; Wednesday fair.
Local Ressrd.
OMAHA, Sept. 11. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
years: 1908. 1904. 130 1303.
Maximum temperature.... 86 68 83 61
Minimum temperature ... 62 60 87 60
Mean temperature 74 69 70 56
Precipitation .00 .48 .02 .00
Temperatures and precipitation depar
tures from the normal at Omaha since
March 1 and comparison with the last two
Normal temperature 65
Excess for the day t
Total excess since March 1, 1906 254
Normal precipitation 10 Inch
Deficiency for the day 10 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1....16 S4 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 7.62 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period 1904.... 3.26 Inches
Excess tor cor. period 10 4.22 inches
Reverts from gcatlene at T P. M.
Station and State Tern. Max. Rain-
of Weather. T p. m. Tern. fall.
Bismarck, clear 62 70 .00
Cheyenne, cloudy 74 80 .00
Chicago, clear 70 74 . 00
Davenport, clear 74 82 .00
Denver, clear 80 86 .00
Havre, clear , 64 M .00
Ilaleri. clear ...&2 &i .06
Huron, clear 73 M .00
Kansas City, clear SO 84 .00
North Platte, clear SO 80 .00
Omaha, clear 79 85 .00
Rapid City, clear (8 78 .00
8t. I-ouls, clear 72 76 . 00
Bt. Paul, partly cloudy 78 84 .(i0
Salt Lake, partly cloudy ....78 84 .
Valentine, clear 78 94 .00
Wllliaton, cloudy 66 66 T
T Indicates trsee of precipitation.
L. A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
ciis. vuslgv's
scoTi:i;:a syrup
Vm bent nuid by MUUoaf et Mothers for their
sulmlra wbiie ToUuu fur tmt ttj Tmts.
It a eaiid, suh-as tk giub. a4S
all Mdu. ourae la4 euiicfc f -A m tee I nl
evBifei tor diMTbM.
tstmitivi Cim A MTTLK.
all dny Friday and Saturday, September
15th and 16th, to move into our new build
ing, Howard and Sixteenth Streets. i A
The Next Few Days
Will Be
remarkable purchasing days for any one in
need of Furniture, Carpets or Draperies.
Remember we close two days, Friday and
Saturday, September 15th and 16th, to
move. Open foT business in our new store,
Howard and Sixteenth Streets, Monday
morning, September 18th.
Orchard & Wilhelm
Carpet So.
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slany are also influenced by "Free Treatment" and "Quick Cure" schemes,
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concoctions for unknown ills. It Is no wonder that they become discouraged
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Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Waste in
Urine, Rectal, Kidney and Urinary Diseases.
and all diseases and weaknesses of men due to Inheritance, evil habits, ex
cesses, self-abuse or the result ot specific or private diseases.
PPM?!!! TtTlflN FRFF " you cannot ealt write for eymntem tHank.
LbrldULIftllUn rrtLt. office Hours-! a. m. to I p. m. Sundays. 10 to 1 only. x
1308 Farnam St.. tw-en 13th en 14th St.. Oma. ftmb.
mb Chicago' w.
I S lk.tC Western ;
Use the Best
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NUT $6.00 LUMP $6.25
All Qrades of Hard and Soft Coal.
i. A. Johnson. Pres. O. F. Brucker, Trees,
3. V. layers, fcec'y.
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Diseases off
Men Only
3 Tears' Experience.
M Tsars In Omaha.
Varicocele. Stricture,
Blood Poison. Weak,
ness. - Vook free.
Bog 7M. Office. I I a
Id- GutbUt Msn.
After Sept. 18th, Howard and 16th.
TS for uV3EFs3
Ws use our ewn aaas
In our business: vol
' J rl know who you are AuImM
l 1 business wlta.
Censultatlea Pres.
cured. Metbod new, without pain or loea
st time. CHARQCI LOW.
DIUUU rUiaUM Mttu symptom (sores on
body. In mouth, tongue, throat, hair and
eyebrows failing out) disappear completely
Weik, Hmoos. lien l.J.S, 1
nervous debllty, early decline, lack of vigor
and strength.
VRINAKT, Kidney and Blatfder Troubles,
Weak Back, Burning Urine, Frequency of
Urinating, Urine High Colored or wit
Milky Sediment on standing.
Treatment by mall. 14 years OF 8UY
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