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kit. il I
Restful to Tired Head
and Hands
Most of the world's greatest workers
And solsre nn1 soothing rent for tired
hraln nnrt hands In musle. Kvfn
our highly Mtn-rnM Poetmsster Gen
eral, when huslne weighs hesvily or
when there Is wim perplexing prob
lem to solve, goes to the. piano and
plsys hy the hour until mis-shapen
thoughts sre driven from out of the
mind snd the hart is filled with
rest and pears.
Not all piano mtiplc la soothing or
rentfnl. A plnno thiit la harsh toned
or unpleasant to the ear will not aat
iFfv the rlomanda of the player or
thoM who are only listeners. Why
not huv a Kltnlall-n piano that Is
particularly sweet toned and retains
Ha sweet, melodious tone longer than
any other plnno In the market. This
is- not merely the st'itemen . of thn
sellers of the Klmhall rinnos-these
farts are borne out hy U "rs of
KfmhSll Pianos and l.y the testimony
of many of the worlds greatest mis -rians
The prices, too. of Hlmbn I
Pianos, ranging from IOT for a small
upright Piano to $70 for a parlor
grand, will please you.
Oar mal1 Pl"t Pl
Makes Plnno notnc Easy.
Sole State Representative
Bine 1874.
1513 Douglas Si
No sooner Is the popularity of. a
new shape In women's shoes, In
New York or Boston, assured than
It la shown by Sorosls. Sometimes
It Is next season before tha others
use It.
When you want them right So
rosls are showing them.
The Only Exclusive Women's
Shoe Store In Omaha.
Sorosis Shoe Store
203 South 15th St.
Frank Wilcox Manager.
Now is the timo to get your
fall clothes ready for cool
weather. "We have an alter
ation and repair department
where we alter ladies' jack
ets and skirts, men's suits
and overcoats, put in new
linings, put on velvet col
lars, etc., etc.
Our prices art very reasonable
and all work guaranteed.
Expert Cleaners and Dyers
407 South 13th St. Telephone 003
Room 16, Barker Block.
Sept. 10, 11, 12.
Two Camas 8unday, Spt. 10th
Plrat Osma CslUs 1:30.
Monday, -Sept. 11, Ladies' Day
Cam Callad 3:45.
Affairs Fast an Coming Deal with the
Cloiing of Yacation.
Who Will Re Qneem and What Will
the Committee Do About Rlvlac
Da Notice to the Matron
of Honor.
I paused. "Tou love me, then?" Bald she.
I love you now!" said I.
"Well, If you love me now and then.
That ought to satisfy!"
Harold Melbourne.
The social Calendar.
WFTPNRRDAY TMnner and dance at the
Field club and at the Country club.
TJII'RSIAT- State golf tournament.
FRIDAY'-State golf tournament.
BATI'RI'A V State golf tournament and
dinner and hop at the .clubs. Informal
card party given by Mrs. J. H. Royce.
At two seasons of the year everything
else has to Rive way tn the college folk.
One comes at the close of the spring term,
when the young folk are coming home, and
the other at the close of the summer vaca
tion, when they are all being hustled off
to school again. There Is something awfully
absorbing about college folk anyway, and
this week they promise to monopolise the
boards. A dosen or two were packed off
last week, with their pillows and pictures
and decorative paraphernalia, and a score
or so more will depart this week, and
society will not be permitted to settle down
until they are all safely out of town, and
It might as well make, up Its mind to the
fact. There has been little planned for
the week aside from the Wednesday lunch
eons, the hops at the Field and Country
cluba. and the golf tournament. But Sep
tember la here now and It will not be long
before there will be enough doing to satisfy
the most frivolous of the excitement lovers.
A great deal of Interest Is being mani
fested In tho state golf tournament to
take place this week at the Field club,
and Thursday, Friday and Saturday are
about the most promising days on the
calendar. Society surely proved Its devo
tion to tennis during the tournament last
month, when regardless of the heat It turned
out In force, and with more favorable
weather conditions the prospects are that
the attendance at this week's golf tourna
ment will be even larger.
One of the Interesting features on the
Country club bulletin board for this week
is a putting contest for women, scheduled
for Tuesday evening. It Is to be an electric
light affair and a silver cup has been put
up as a trophy. A number have already
registered to enter, and It Is expected that
the event will attract a large attendance.
The Field club Is going to have a gym
khanaonly It Is not to be called by that
name. The affair will belong to the fes
tival family and will include a series of
stunts that promise to bring additional
luster to some of the names on the club's
roster. The committee In charge has done
lot of planning, but has announced noth
ing definite as yet except that one of the
biggest larks of the season Is still In pros
One of the larger events In prospect Is
the annual fall opening of the Metropolitan
club, which will take place some time dur
ing the latter part of October. Tho date
has not been definitely fixed as yet.
"Who Is queen this year?" That Is
the question) that society Is beginning to
ask as the Ak-Sar-Ben carnival season ap
proaches, pf course the choice has already,
been made' and the whole matter settled
for a month or more; otherwise how could
the lady be ready In time, but, of course,
too, society has not been let Into the
secret and Just now there are three names
on the list of suspects. One of them is one
of last season's debutantes one of the first
of the girls to be Introduced last fall. She
has been one of the most successful girls
In society and a recent hurried trip to Chi
cago with her mother has strengthened
suspicion in her direction. Another Is a
charming girl, a daughter of one of the
oldest families of the city, who was with
drawn from society Just as she was about
to be launched by the death of her father.
Still another, and the one of whom the
majority feel more sure. Is one of the
newer comers to the city. She Is the daugh
ter of a prominent railroad official and
while she has been entertained a great deal
she Is not generally known.
And speaking of the queen, certain of
those who are looked to to make the coro
nation ball a success socially are hoping
that the ball committee will havt the for..
thought this year to mak out the Hat of
women or tne court in time that the chosen
ones may attend properly gowned. Last
year the costuming of the women had a
strangely familiar look to the malorltv of
those who see society often, and much of
the enthusiasm over the ball, which grows
largely out of the preparation of gowns,
was lacking oecauae the women of the
court were notified only a scant fortnight
before the evening of the great event.
Coma and -Go Gossip. ,
Mr. Richard Baum left last week for
Mr. Ben Gallagher left Saturday for
Miss Prudence Rich Is back from a visit
to Colorado.
Mrs. E. H. Sprague la expected home from
Chicago today.
Mr. JohnCarey and Miss Carey have re
turned from the east.
Mrs. W. C. Ives Is the guest of Dr. and
Mrs. F. N. Connor.
Mr. Barton Millard leaves this week to
enter Columbia college.
Mr. Edward Crelghton will leave next
Saturday for Princeton.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Paxton. Jr. spent part
of lust week In Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cowln have re
turned from the east.
Mrs H. C. Woodland has returned from
a two months' visit In Milwaukee.
Miss Marie Coffman returned Saturday
from a five weeks' visit In the east.
Miss Maude Ayers has returned from her
summer's outing in northern Wisconsin.
Mrs. Wlnt is visiting friends at Dee
Moines during General Wlnt's absence.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Crelgh have re
turned from their trip to Wequetonslni",
Mrs E. B. Treat and daughter, Miss
Marian Treat, have returned from the
Mrs. Charles Offutt and family are hack
from Prior lake where they have spent the
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kountse and Miss
Lomax are expected horns from the west
Mrs. S. G. V. Grlswold and aon have re
turned from their summer's outing In
Minnesota '
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Burgees and family
are expected some time this week froro
Sheridan, Wyo.
Mrs. R. C. Patterson and daughter. Miss
Mildred, are expected home from Charlo
volx this week.
Mrs. W. A. Paxton left Friday for St.
Louis and Montgomery City to be absent
about three weeks.
Mr. Larrett Smith and Miss Marjory
Smith are back from their summer's visit
to Muskoka. Canada.
Mrs. SidwcU aud ills Mary Alice BldatU
have returned from Kansas, where they
have spent the summer.
Mr. E. C. Hardy, Miss Florence and Mr.
Arthur Hardy will leave Sunday tor a visit
to Chicago and Cleveland. O.
Mr. J. C. French left Friday for Prooklyn
accompanied by his daughter Mlsa Alice,
who will enter Pratt Institute.
Mrs. Warren Swltiler and daughter, Miss
Alice, returned last week from the east,
where they have, spent the summer.
Mrs. Laev and children, who have been
visiting Mr. and Mrs U Heller, left yes
terday for their home In Milwaukee.
Mrs. David Baum and daughter are bark
from a trip to the Pacific coast. Mr. Baum
accompanied General Wlnt on his trip.
Messrs. Will snd Robert MePherson and
Mr. John Caldwell will leave next week
to resume their studies at St. Paul's school.
Miss Pophle Shirley and Misses Frances
and Ula McOavock have returned from
I,ake Mlnnetonka, where they have spent
the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. William Aycrlgg left Thurs
day evening for the east accompanied by
their daughter. Miss Jean, who will enter
Pratt Institute.
Mrs. Samuel Burns, accompanied by her
grandson. Master Charles Knuntze, re
turned from an outing In the Big Horn
mountains Friday.
Mrs. Luther Kountie and Mrs. John T.
Stuart 2nd and children are expected home
today from Massachusetts where they have
spent the summer.
Dr. and Mrs. Oroesman left last week for
the east to sail for Europe where they
will spend some time for the benefit of
the doctor's health.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Hochstetler, Mlsa
Frances snd Master Myron Hochstetler
have returned from their trip to Ogden
and Bait, Lake City.
Mrs. W, V. Morse has returned from a
two month's visit In the east. Miss Ethel
Morse who accompanied her will not re
turn for a week or so.
Mr. and1 Mrs. Ouy C. Barton and Mrs.
Oeorge Chrlstlancy left last week for New
York. Mrs. Barton will spend a month at
Watklns Glenn, N. Y.
Mrs. W. P. Harford and the Misses Har
ford, who have spent the past sis weeks
at Madeline Island. Lake Superior, are ex
pected home this week.
Dr. and Mrs. V. H. Coffman and Miss
Rose Coffman are spending a few days
at Brighton ranch, In Custer county, and
are expected home Tuesday.
Mrs. J. A, Davis left Saturday for a
ten days' visit In Cedar Rapids and Prim
rose, Neb. Mr. Will Davis Is spending the
week hunting In Boone county.
Judge Baxter returned the first of the
week fiom a hunting trip In Oregon, and
has taken apartments at the Madison.
Mrs. Baxter la expected home this week.
Mr. John Redlck will leave Wednesday
to resume his studies at Williams college.
Mies Mary Alice Rogers and Miss Helen
Davis will spend this year at Miss Sco
vlll's school In New York.
Mrs. C. 8. Culllngham and son Sydney,
will go to Denver this week to vlBlt friends.
Mrs. E. P. Peck, Mrs. Funkhouser and
Miss Bishop spent part of last week In
Chicago, returning Sunday.
Mrs. Lee S. Hamlin and Miss Kate Ham
lin returned Saturday morning from an
extended visit to Colorado resorts. They
made the trip over the new Moffat road
and enjoyed a snowball contest in July.
Mrs. Edward Rosewater, Miss Rosewater
and Miss Nellie El gutter have returned
from Bemis Point, N. Y., and from New
York City where they accompanied Mr.
Rosewater to the reunion of the Military
Telegraphers' society.
Mlas Ray Cohn returned Monday evening
from a four weeks' visit In Spokane, Seat
tle and Portland. She was accompanied
by Mr. A. B. Cohn of 8an Francisco and
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cohn of Spokane, who
will spend a few days visiting relatives In
Oit-of-Town Gaeata.
Mrs. Charles Ogden has spent the past
week the guet of Mrs. J. E. Baum.
Mr. and Mrs. David Prentke and little son
of Cleveland. O., are guests of Mr. and Mrs.
M. Morris.
Mr. Earl Brink of Kansas City spent last
Sunday, tha guest of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. P. Brink.
Miss Kennett of St. Louis, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. D. O. Ives, will
return to her home today.
Mlsa Eva A. Sentan of Minneapolis, who
has been the guest of Mrs. II. D. Neely,
has returned to her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Gates of Denver, who
came for the funeral of Mr. Herbert W.
Gates have returned to their home.
Mlsa Ethel Davis of Denver, who has
spent the past week the guest of Mrs.
Victor .Caldwell will 'leave Monday for
Smith college.
Mrs. Nellie Tayloe Ross and children
of Wyoming are guests of Mr. Duff Green
of 2664 Harney street. They will return
to their home this week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Nulf and daughter of
Fort Wayne, Ind., who have been guests of
Mrs. S. C. Carson Lowrey of 1810 St. Mary's
avenue, have returned to their home.
Mr. and Mrs. George K. Smith and Mrs.
M. M. Allen of St. Louis and Mrs. Albert
Jacobs of Wayne, Neb., will be among the
out-of-town guests at the Brink-Field wed
ding. Mrs. Frank Barrett has as her guest Mrs.
Ned Kessler of Salt Lake City and Mrs.
II. H. Balesbury of St. Louts, for whom she
entertained at dinner at the Field club last
Miss Kate Heacock of Falls City, and
Miss Maine Kllllan of Wahoo, Neb., who
have been the guests of Miss Gertrude
Branch for the past ten days have returned
to their romee.
Miss Anne Brown who has been one of
the most popular vlRlttng girls In Omaha
during the past summer, having been the
guest of Mrs. J. H. Butler, will return to
her home In Tennessee, September 22.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence S. Parker of
Washington, D. C. are guests of Mrs.
Wiley Jones and Mrs. Erdman Bruner en
route to Seattle, Wash., where they will
make their home. Mrs. Parker was for
merly Miss Madge Fowler of this city.
Miss Hutton of Chicago, who Nrlll be
maid of honor at the Field-Brink wedding,
will arrive this week to be the guest of
Miss Btssle Field. Miss Cleveland of Fort
Smith, Ark., who will be one of the bride's
maldH, will also arrive this wtek to be Miss
Field's guest.
octal Chit-Chat.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles
C. Montgomery Thursday, September 7.
Mr. and Mrs. Frits O. Marty are being
congratulated upon the birth of a son.
Rev. E. H. Jenks snd family have taken
the house at 410 South Twenty-second
Mr. and Mrs. N A. Miller have taken
apartments for tha winter at W South
Twenty-sixth street:
A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs
George A. Loveland of Lincoln, nee Lilly
Steel of Omaha, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Whltmore, who have
spent the summer touring Europe, will sail
for New York September 23.
Mr. E. W. Dixon Is expected to land at
New York today from his European trip,
but will not reach Omaha before the last
of the month.
Mr. Frank Hamilton, who was called
east by the Illness of his mother, will re
main with her In Massachusetts until she
Is able ta return to Omaha.
Mr. C. E. Brink entertained at dinner
Monday evening at his home for the men
who will serve aa ushers and groomsman
at bis wedding to Miss Elisabeth Field
September 11.
Mrs. J. H. Royce will entertain Infor
mally at cards next Saturday lp compli
ment to her niece, Ulas Oeurgla Irwla, who
la a student at the University of Nebraska,
and Miss Kllxaheth Mnores of Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren M. Rogers. Miss
Mildred Rogers snd Mrs. D. H. Wheeler.
Jr. who, with Miss Deerlng of Portland,
Me., have been touring Holland, are now
at Paris, where they will spend some time
before taking up their residence In Ger
many for the winter.
Miss Mabel K napp of Glen wood. la..
Is visiting In Omaha, a guest of Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Samiielson, l.V1 Corby street.
Miss Knapp Is to he married next Monday
to Raymond McWIlllams of Broken Bow.
Hlie was formerly a school teacher at
Glenwood. I
Judge and Mrs. William R. Redlck gave J
one of the largest dinners at the Country
rlub last evening In honor of Mr. Hill of l
Lincoln, 111., who is the guest of their
son, Mr. John Redlck. The others pres- i
Misses Merrlam. Harlan,
Hughes. Toura Congdon, Anne Brown.
Messrs. Wlllanl Butler, George Redlck,
John Redlck and Mr. and Mrs. Redlck.
Weddlnas and Engagements.
Mr. snd Mrs. W. C. Mooney have Issued
Invltatlona for the wedding of their daugh
ter. Miss Elisabeth Korty, to Mr. Herbert
Perry Ryner. which will take place on
Wednesday, September 27.
Mr. George W. Tlerney has Issued cards
for the wedding of . his daughter. Miss
Jessamine Tlerney, to Mr. William Irfuls
Wilkinson, which will take place Wednes
day, September 27. at Sacred Heart church.
Cards are out announcing the marriage
on Thursday next, the fortieth wedding an
niversary of the parentw of the groom,
at the home of the bride at North Platte,
Neb., of Mr. Clyde William Drew of this
city and Miss Franclsca von Goets. Both
of the young people are well known In
and around this city, where they have re
sided for several years past. They will
be at home after January 1 at 806 North
Forty-ninth street, this city.
Mr. Amos Field has Issued Invitations for
the wedding of his daughter. Mi.s Elisa
beth Field, to Mr. Clarence Earl Brink of
Kansas City, which will take placo Tues
day evening. September 19, at 8 o'clock at
the First Baptist church. The ceremony
will be followed by an Informal reception
at Mr. Field's home, 12U South Thirty
first street, for the members of the bridal
party, relatives and a few friends. Miss
Field will be attended by Miss Hutton of
Chicago as maid of honor and Mrs. David
McCulley, Misses Enid Valentine, Cleve
land of Fort Smith, Ark., and Flora Jud
son of Council Bluffs, who will sing the
wedding march. Mr. Jack Hughes will
serve as groomsman and Messrs. Otis Al
vlson, Waldo Foster, D. E. McCulley and
Dr. E. H. Brtinnlng a ushers.
Examination of Candidates for Loral
Clasa to Re Held Monday, '
September Ml.
Miss Tobltt, the city librarian, has an
nounced that an examination for entrance
to the library training school will be held
at the public library September 25 at 8
o'clock In the lecture room. All who wish
to take this examination must make appli
cation In writing on a blank provided by
the library.
The purpose of the training class Is to
give Instruction In the details of library
work In preparation for positions In the
Omaha library. The course of Instruction
will last for seven months, beginning Mon
day, October 16. Only residents of Omaha
will be accepted and they must have a hltfh
school education, oi equivalent.
The plan was tried as an experiment last
year with three students, and proved a suc
cess. The three graduates have had full
time work all the past summer and will be
given permanent positions as vacancies oc
cur. The class to be started will not ex
ceed six In number. By means of the train
ing school it Is hoped to avoid employing
persons who have had no experience In
library work. Four hours a day are re
quired In the classes.
Mr. and Mrs. Chambers will reopen their
school of dancing, complimentary to pupils
and friends, for adults, Monday, Septem
ber 25, dancing 8:80 p. m.; for children.
Saturday, September 30, dancing p. m. I
Apply for cards of admission, aa no Invita
tions will be sent out. Classes now form
ing. Tel. F-1871.
Miss Alma Dyberg. millinery trimmer for
J. B. Brandels & Sons, has returned from
Chicago, where she has been studying
autumn styles.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Ellis have returned
from a western trip, having spent a month
on the Pacific coast.
Miss F. M. Ooldsmlth has removed her
studio of art needlework and muslo to 2567
Farnam street.
Class rivalry, which usually runs very
high between the two upper classes at the
opening of school, appears to be of a verv
peaceful nature. Thure Is a general feeling
of satixfactinn all around that the upper
clansmen have realized that "rowdyism Is
not an essential of true class patriotism.
The battalion will assemble on Tuesday,
September 12, after school. All boys will
be expected to fall In their respective com-
fianlea, while the freshmen and others who
lave nut drilled heretofore will be assigned
to companies by the commandant. Captain
Stogsdall. on that day.
The editorship and management of the
High School Register Is now In the hands
of Clement Chase, as editor-in-chief; Ruth
Mackin, assistant editor; John MoCague,
business manager, and John Latenser, as
sistant business manager. This staff augurs
well for the welfare of the publication. The
price of subscription is 50 cents for the
school year and is thought to he within
reach of all Interested In It. Subscriptions
may be handed to any of the above named
The memorial given by the rlass of 'Of. to
the school has been duly Installed during
the summer vacation. The artistic ar
rangement of the various statutes ajid
busts lends a peculiarly churmlng effect to
the halls.
Interest In foot ball seems not to be lack
ing, if the attendance at the foot hall meet
ing last Wednesday may be taken as a
criterion'. About twenty youthful and
promising athletes are now demonstrating
to Mr. Congdon. faculty athletic manager,
their power of endurance. The test pres
ently imposed Is long distance running.
The school will unquestionably be able to
put on the field tills year a very strong
team. It Is proponed to have a "scrub"
team, which will assist In training the
main team for the strenuous tasks on the
gridiron. -
The various literary societies have not vet
begun their work, but there Is at this early
stuge already in evidence a strong under
current of interest on the part of the for
mer students and the newcomers.
An Omaha Man Commends the
Bankers Union for Prompt Payment of
His Claim.
OMAHA, Neb.. Bept. 9th, 1905.
To the Bankers Union, 202-3-4 Paxton Block. City.
Gentlemen I am Just In receipt of the full amount of my claim
arising under Policy No. 2522, Issued by the Bankers Union of the
World, for which please accept thanks. I cannot apeak too highly of
your promptness in settling this claim, and entirely satisfactory to me.
Omaha Lodge No. 1, The Bankers Union of the World, approved
this claim on Thursday evening, September 7th, and on Saturday, Sep
tember 9th, the money was handed to me. Wishing you continued pros
perity in your worthy mission and work, I am.
Fraternally and Sincerely Yours,
October S. 4 snd 5 are the dates of the
annual meeting of the Nebraska Federation
of Women's Clubs, which will be held this
year at Lincoln by Invitation of the Lincoln
Woman's club. Tlie program, which Is
nearly completed, will be out the early part
of this week and It goes wtthouC saying
that It is up to the standard, with the
usual Improvement that conies with earn
year's growth. A feature of the program
that all clubwomen are anticipating Is the
presence of the president of the General
Federation, Mrs. Sarah Piatt Decker of
Denver. It has been five years since Mrs.
Decker haa been the guest of the Nebraska
Federation and this time she Is to remain
throughout the entire session. Her ad
dress on general club topics will be the
feature of tNe Tuesday evening program,
to which Mrs. Arthur L. Sheets of Omaha
will also contribute. It was the original
plan that Mrs. I .!, should make her
principal address dicing the civil service
session, but the civil service committee,
feeling that there were other departments
of the federation's work In which the
greater number of women might he Inter
ested, generously gave Mrs. Decker to the
Tuesday evening session to speak on the
more general aspect of club work. How
ever, there will be a civil service program
Tuesday afternoon, when Mrs. Decker will
speak and her address will he followed by
a civil service conference. The committee
has endeavored to place, through the
various clubs, the civil service pamphlets
In all of the public schools of the state In
connection with the study of history and
civil government. One thousand of theie
pamphlets have been placed In Omaha and
the Lincoln club haa been equally active.
Warning was given by the Lincoln
women several weeks ago that there will
be no formal social affairs given In honor
of the visiting clubwomen this year. While
receptions are and must ever continue to
be a delight to the average womnn this an
nouncement Is a welcome one. coming In
connection with the state meeting. The
question of a reception gown is a serious
one to many of the most able women who
will attend that meeting and the enter
tainment committee has acted wisely In
eliminating this feature. However, the
session Is not to be devoid of a social side
and a number of other things have been
arranged as substitutes. There will be a
visit to the state farm, ending with a pic
nic supper and 6 o'clock tea In the lunch
room at the high school, when the dele
gates will be guests of the philanthropic
department of the Lincoln Woman's club.
As the local clubwomen are numerous It Is
announced that none but the delegates will
be entertained at the state farm supper or
the high school tea. A complimentary con
cert Is another feature planned by the
local committee and this will be given In
Memorial hall at the State university In
order that the visiting women may have an
opportunity of hearing the big organ. This
musical will follow the tea at the high
school and will give the women a chance
to see the university buildings.
The editor of The Bee's club department
will be glad to receive the year books or
outlines of any and all of the clubs that
will Issue them this year.
The Nebraska Women's Christian Tem
perance union will hold Its annual conven
tion at Grand Island September 21 to 27.
The program has not yet been Issued, but
a large number of women are planning on
attending the meeting this year and It Is
said that the work conferences will be one
of the strongest features of the program.
The art department of the Woman's
club will hold a preliminary meeting In the
clubrooms Thursday morning, October 6, at
10:S0 o'clock, to which all friends of the
department, whether members or not, are
Invited. An outline of the year's work
will be presented and an Introductory talk
will be given by the October leader, Mrs.
A. W. Jefferls.
The local Women's Christian Temperance
union will hold its regular monthly busi
ness meeting Wednesday of this week at
2:30 o'clock In the Young Women's Chris
tian association rooms.
The Advantages of Trading With the
Largest Tailor Set Forth.
A suit of clothes or an overcoat that
fits fits In every detail and has style, Is
what the men of today want. That 1b what
Dresher, The Tailor, had In mind when he
engaged Mr. A. H. Proud, late of Brooks
Bros., New York, as his cutter and de
signer. Mr. Proud Is one of the finest cutters
and designers in the United States and is
out here under very heavy expense to Mr.
Dresher. He has designed and cut clothes
for the leading men of the country, and
guarantees to give you a better fit and
more style, together with the fine cloth
Dresher puts into his garments, than any
other tailor In this part of the country,
thus assuring you more satisfaction for
your money. He has also cut and de
signed horse show clothes on many occa
sions. By buying In large quantities one can
buy at a large saving. Dresher buys his
cloths In larger lots than any other Omaha
tailor, and, as a matter of fact, gets them
at a lower figure. That Is why you can
buy the same clothes at a lower price from
Dresher than elsewhere.
Then, there Is the perplexing question
of what pattern you should buy. One can
not tell much about a piece of cloth by
simply looking at a small sample, but when
he has his choice of selection from hun
dreds of bolts of goods, he can pick out
what he thinks he will like and examine
each carefully and know Just how It will
make up before buying It. That's the ad
vantage you have by trading with Dresher.
Teacher of the Pure Italian Method of
Singing; pupil of the beat masters of Italy
and America. Students prepared for opera,
oratorio or concerts. Opera classes during
the season. Voices tested free.
ihmii iaaisa.ui. I HULMA,.
And we will be pleased to show you
Kryptok Invisible
Bifocal Lenses
the double vision glasses without line
or crack. Wearers of these lenses, re
gardless of age, see far and near points
with but one pair of glasses, yet there
is no dividing line .to disfigure the face.
It's otir pleasure to show them and yours to wear them.
Manufactured exclusively by
211 South 16th St.
ERtabllBhed in ,
Denver Omaha Kansas City
VV , 'J
r,.n,,..,L, ..,,.., H-
01. BE R&man JEWELRY!"!
inrORTEU Of HI OiHl '111 IU 8 a SATWfl05irill!'
aw jmt aa js.
-f09 South
5 Cents a Loaf
Pure, Rich and Appetizing
Pure, Because It is made in a modern two story strictly sanitary
bakery where pure air abounds and where. every precaution is used to
Insure Immaculate cleanliness.
Rich, Because An ample amount of milk and pure lard is used
with the Ingredients. And only the best Minnesota patent flour.
Appetizing, Because It is thoroughly mixed, kneaded and baked
by experienced bakers, who take a pride in trying to make each baking
whiter, lighter and more appetizing than the one before. It is dne to
this and our pains-taking process that makes Snow Flake Bread have
that rich delicious taste which is usually found only In the best home
made bread.
Over-Four Hundred Grocers Sell It
Insist on your grocer giv
ing you genuine "Snow Flake
Bread." Not genuine unless
the little red label is on each
..isuiaiULMJiiJll!iai,t.Jl.gsuw m. iui '.!". mJEB tm..ajiara
Announ cement
.1 wish to announce to the public and ro my many friends
mid acquaintances that I have opened a complete and up-to-date
furrier establishment at 1417 Farnam, second floor, above
I 'ease Bros. Co. Our Mock of skins and furs Is entirely new,
and if you are contemplating buying this fall you should come
before the fall rush commences. Now is the time to have your
new fur garments made to special measure and old ones re
dyed, repaired and altered to the latest styles. Kach order
receives my prompt personal attention, and entire satisfaction
and perfect fit is guaranteed.
1417 FARNAM, 2D FL00R
BR03. CO.
103 South 15th St.
Opp. Old Postofltee.
You will not find a better assort-1
ment of Kali and Winter Woolens In I
Omaha than at our store.
Is all we ask for any Suit or Over
coat in the houne and made to your
measure, too. Where will you find
a better bargain? Perfect fit guar-
10.3 South ISth St.
Opt. Old Paatofllca.
F. A. TOMPKINS. Manager.
Formerly with tha old firm.
Phons Red HMD.
this waj
Ttn l i
Halt Lake City Dal la Paris.
mum m n ar aw
f Announcement
In order to'meet the popular de
mand of the people of Omaha, I
will sell anything In the Jewelry
line, such as WATCH KS, IMA
etc., on easy payments.
Any honest person employer
or employe, can open a CONFI
with me.
If you are contemplating buying
something in the jewelry line and
haven't the ready cash, then coma
and see me. I know we can ar
range mattera to suit your con
1522 FA It NAM bT. H