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Tew Attraction to B kiitl to Horn
tkow Ttit rail
and Wanri la amy Hmmt Oar
aaenfa, with Their flora anal
Parka, Will Stake This
Beaatlfal Mht.
A special effort is being mad by the
bora chow directors to make feature of
the hunt club class at the horse show, which
will be held at the Auditorium October I to
14. No more picturesque number could be
The foiltr rhalraiaa" at the Boyd.
Henry W Kavase's mmpnr In "The
C'ountv Chairman." a corr,edy-rarria In
four acts, by eorge Ad. The rast:
H"n Jim Harhler Thervtnre Babcork
Tilfnrd r,eei-r
Ella K'gbv
P. )v Cleaver
i:nn rrwitt
J ipiter I'ct'away
Sanfras Livingston..
Je(Tr"n p.rt"C"e
Vide Vk Mllibury..-
Vance Jlmmlson
Joe Whutaker
Cal linn u
j "Chub" Tolllver
I Amni WhiTney,
u i u I -1 n'i
Hermann Lib
... Illrhard J I'lllon
... ;ore R. Caine
.... Edward Gorman
John Qor'rian
Georg Thatcher
Jam's H. Fra-lburv
... .Charley A. Purk
.... Marcus Morlarty
Will F. I'hilltps
Joseph I'alev
Harold urau
memtier of fife and
Claude O Hover
C1h Overton, merrber of f fe ami drum
corps Harry C"!ilns
rawn Montgomery. mpmtr of me
placed on the program than the hunt club and drum run Oeotge O. Clement
team. Theae hunt club team claaaea con- j Lucy Rigby, daughter of Elll,,,u),"bjrl,ir
1st of a t-am of three huntrri. qualified or Mr, ' Eiia; ' Ri'i'.v' Orace R.mln!
rreen. to be ridden by member rf an or- i Mm Jefferson Briscoe Iaura Avers
aanlaed hunt rluh or hunt servant, in , lxrena Wstkln 7a nalde Williams
hunt unlfsrm. Horses are shown over the ! Tlll'y0
jump aa a learn inree aoreaav. i run mr
a beautiful right, with the women and
men In their. gay hunting garments and
th horns and the dogs. The competition
In thla rlaaa la very keen and the riders
must Indeed be moat aklllful If they can
keep their eata on the Jump.
The director are now negotiating with
th famous Warrenton. Va., hunt cluba.
the Lake Forest Hunt club, the Mlaaouil
Hunt and Polo club of Kanaaa City, the
Fenvr Polo and Hunt club and the
Cudahy-Morton club of Nebraska City.
Thl combination will endeavor to form a
club composed of the young men and wo
men of this vicinity and will itrlve to make
a good showing against the cracks of the
No more fun wa had at the lat Hore
Show than the potato race which was
Florid Klnslv
Katherine MacDonald
Two big house were thoroughly delighted
with "The County Chairman" at the Boyd
theatre yesterday afternoon and evening.
This engaging conceit about the effect that
politic has on the domestic relations and
the domestic relation on local politic was
here last seaon and received a critical
analysts In thl column. It 1 almoat suffi
cient to asure theater-goer that the com
edy Is In the hands of a capable and en
thusiastic company and they will know It
has not lost Its charm. "The County Chair
man" is not clever; It la something letter.
being merely good ao constructed that It
Interest one like Dickens or Victor Hugo.
After the third act when curtain call
are chronic It 1 George Thatcher who ap
pears last and alone and bow and smile
and resist appeal for "speech." Mr
gotten up for the benefit of the South 1 neon ore rococ i... me prx ..i in.
r.h. Th. s.r r.. .t cnn. i chairman and doea It right well but It 1
fined to thl claa and aome of the moit I tne 'd minstrel who gets the mighty hand
c,ji.,.i ...... th. ...t.rr. hor I One adjective wa made for hlin. It 1
owner who entered lut for devilment. 1 r'c"-
. . i I ne only tauit wun Mr. uancoc. la mat
lit- till miT-r iai n i a i u i. iiriiiei , y . .n . .
One night will be glvan over to gymkhana.
Thl u found to be very successful at a
charity horse show given In Si. Louis and
furnished all sort ot amusement. Quad
rille were danced on horseback, fight
wrra Indulged In with lances, a la knight
(if ye olden time. Another feature of the
gymkhana night will be the Jap&neae
flower race. A flower la pinned on a gent
lapel and the women try to take It off
while all are on horseback. Th cigarette
race 1 one that will furnish all aorta of
fun. A row of bandboxes are placed at
one end of the arena, the men race for
these boxes, open them, and, taking out
a costume, don 1U and then, after lighting
x cigarette, and raising a parasol, race back
to the other end of the arena.
A ladie' race which will furnish con
siderable fun la one in which they race
from one end of the arena to the other,
ttop before a makeup stand, put on a wig
ind makeup and then race back.
Two-thirds cf the Horse Know boxes
have been re3erved in conijllance with
letter from Secretary Cowglll aaking last
year patron If they wished to reserve
the same boxea for this season. Applica
tions have also been received from eighteen
new box holder not In last year, but tboae
who were box holder at the Initial show
will be given the preference If they will
make their wants known. There will be
plenty of popular priced seals, according
to come of the directors, although the ex
act number will not be decided upon until
the director get together ome t:me dur
ing the next week or so.
Headquarter hsve been opened In The
I lee building, where Dr. Gray may be found
at almoat any hour. A stenographer haa
been installed and the place present a
buina-llka appearance.
Herman Lleb is a capital Tllford Wheelei
"only the candidate" and carrle the cli
max at the close of the second act In fine
order. Mr. I'illon comes a near being
the villain km It was intended Ella Rjghy
should, and Messrs. Edward and John Gor
man look like the real things in country
editor. At any rate they have their
pockets filled with newspaper and copy
paper and don't seem erer to do anything
In partlcjlar.
One of the hits Is made by Mr. Brad
bury, a the familiar specific of all national
Ills but a lamb In the presence of his wife.
For the benefit of the curious It may be
stated that Mr. Burke, who play the part
of the oldest inhabitant and heard William
Penn "make a speech once" really hasn't
any upper front teeth. He take hi false
ones out before fixing up an artistic
Of the women Mls Bridge is weet and
put her heart in her voice; Miss Williams
carries off feminine character honor a
the fllrtatiou milliner, and Grace Romlne
make a dear old lady.
As the play 1 about politics forty-nine
cigar are consumed during Its progress.
It stay for Sunday. Matinee and evening.
Great Law gait Decided.
The supreme court, the people, haa de
cided that Dr. Kins' New Discovery win
against cough and colds. K cent and II.
Tor sale by Sherman & McConnell Drug.
Phi Kapaa 11 Ulaaer.
The Omaha members of the Phi Kappa
Pal Alumni association met at the semi
annual dinner at the Millard hotel lust
night, at which covers were laid for
thirty-eight guefts. Impromptu talks were
niaile by several of those present and a
most enjovable time was had.
I. C. Oberlies of Lincoln was at the
fathering and scted toastmaster
peeehes were male by Attorney J. M.
Mucfurland, V. A. Korsmeyer, H. G Shedd
nd other. The drift of ail th talks wa
the furthering of the nolul work of the
society and for the betterment of all ao
rtal conditions. The meeting adjourned
after all present had made speeches, and
another htwiuei will likely be held later
n the season..
Large limber of Certificates Issaed
Allow Votlaa: la Sew
Either there ha been an extraordinary
moving about of families In Omaha during
the paet year or the approaching primary
election to exciting a great deal of interest.
Judging from the number of certificate
issued by the city clerk to voters who have
moved from one precinct to another Bince
last fall. Saturday night, when the city
clerks' poll closed, 44 paper of this kind
had been handed out. Most of them went
to republicans, but a fair sprinkling waa
democratic. Fifty-eight affidavits were
sworn to by non-registered voter.
Chamberlain Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy cure diarrhoea and dysen
tery In all formn and In all ctages. It nver
Cigarette Makes Trossle.
A dry goods tox, some hay. a small
boy and a cigarette were the causes of
some trouble and a little excitement at
Seventeenth and Chicago streets last night.
when the fire department was called to
extinguish a blaxe which had started in
the box by the boy throwing their Ut-hled
cigarettes Into the hav. One of the boys
wa smoking when he saw his male parent
coming in his direction and the cigarette
made a hurried exit.
Mt on Fot to Tjiue Sewer Bond for
Adroewtea of Early Artloa Argae th
Coastt-aetloa at Mala ewer Rest
prta; Will Avoid Mack
It is rumored in official circles that on
Monday night an ordinance will be Intro
duced providing for the Issuing of sewer
bonds In the sum of I'.SK W Thl matter
ha been under consideration for ome
time. A portion of the officials seem to
favor letting the proposition go ever Until
the election next April, while other eem
to think that now is the time to present
the question to the voter of South Omaha.
Vndr the existing law the mayor and
council have the right to Issue bonds In
the sum of $20.non for building a complete
sewer system for the city, providing, cf
course, that the voter favor the proposi
tion. It does not appear to be the inten
tion to ask the voters for the full amount
allowed by law at this time. The Idea
seems to be to secure funds enough to
construct a large main sewer from the
south of Swift plant to the river. Writi
this is done then the question of enlarging
the present sewer and the building of
laterals can be taken up.
Those who favor taking up the proposi
tion at the present time think that if the
bonds carry at the fall election there will
be ample time during the winter to adver
tise them for ale. complete the histories
and secure the proceeds. Then when spring
approaches the contract can be let and
the work started a soon as the frost Is
out of the ground. By the building of thi
main sewer first a stop will be put to
litigation regarding the so-called Mud creek
nuisance. Another feature Is that the suit
brought by Guy C. Barton month ago wa
continued on the promise of the city offi
cials that steps would be taken as Boon
as possible to construct a main sewer to
the river.
Plan for thl proposed main sewer nd
for the construction of a complete swer
system for the city were drawn last spring
by Andrew Rosewater. city engineer of
Omaha, and accepted and paid for by the
city. It Is estimated that the main sewer
will cost nearly I126.CW.
In the past there has been some oppol-
tlon to the city expending this amount of
money on a main sewer, but a new house
are being built the sewer are being used
more and more and the need of a better
system 1 becoming apparent.
At any rate the voters will more than
likely be given the opportunity of express
ing their opinion on the question on No
vember 7.
Paving: Bids Monday Sight.
On Monday night the city council will
open bid for the bonds to be Issued for
the repaving of Twenty-fourth treet
from A to Q streets. The ordinances call
for '!f,0(lo general Indebtedness bonds and
TJOXfO Intersection bunds, the issue ito
draw Interest at the rate of m per
cent and run for twenty years. Judg
ing from the number of Inqulrie the
bidding - will be brisk. The council ex
pects to secure a premium of not less than
V SO0 on the issue.
George Parks, head of the firm of Park.
Johnson and Park, the contractor who
secured the work, said Saturday that he
would be ready to start paving Just a
soon as the bonds had been sold and the
money placed to the credit of the city
treasurer. Mr. Parks said that according
to hi contract the paving would be dur
able. All of the old pavement, including
the concrete base, is to be removed and
a new baee of concrete five inches deep 1
to be put down. Then an inch of Band 1
laid on the concrete and then the Puring
ton brick block. When completed the pave
ment will be ton Inche thick. One ide of
the street I to be paved at a time and Ml
Park expressed the opinion that if there
wa no delay In getting the money he
could get one side completed before real
cold weather seta in.
Sehool Opea Moaday.
Final preparation for the opening of
the public chool were made Saturday.
In the forenoon the faculty of the high
school held a, meeting all of the faculty
being present except Prof. Holcomb.
In the afternoon a meeting of principal
wa held and an adores on school work
wa delivered by Supt. McLean.
Nearly all of the teacher hav returned
from their vacations and are ready to take
op their work on Monday morning. Jani-
KMK3 11 111, 11 UJLflft
t When the stomach gets "out of order" the
liver and bowels are immediately affected and
unless remedied at once sickness results.
Severe Headaches, Coated Tongue, Bad Complexion,
Poor Appetite and Sleepless flights are warnings
that should be heeded. Get a bottle of the
Bitters today and take a dose before meals
and at bedtime, and good health is soon re
gained. A 59 Years Record is back of it. It al
ways cures Sour Stomach, Bloating, Heartburn, Dys
pepsia, Indigestion, Insomnia, Liver and Kidney Ills,
Headaches, or Malaria, Fever and Ague. Here's con
vincing proof:
K. Moorrhcms', Long Branch. X. J., tare: '
1 suffered for years with Indignation and Drkpepcla, bat jour Bitter goon
rwrd mr. It Is now oar family Medicine."
Daniel Firming. Dublin, aaj:
"Your Hitter c-urrd me of Indignition, Dyspepain and liver Trouble,
and I willingly reconirued it.
tor have h-n working all week Rettlnc
the school buildings in rood condition and
pupils will find everything a neat a a
pin when the opening session Is called to
None rf the additional rooms are ready
for occupancy and pupils will be assigned
to the same bulldlncs and rooms a last
year until the ad.lltlon are completed.
The larger portion of the annex is now on
It new site In Brown park but cannot be
used at present because there has been
ome delay In securing brick mtrm to aet
the foundation.
Indication point to a large attendance
on the opening day.
Cmmm Capital Cmmmtu.
On of our business advantage is ample
cash capital. W are known In every
market a cah buyer and as everyone
knows nothing Induce low prices like spot
cash. We can buy for lea and sell for leaa.
Our advantage 1 your gain If you trade
at our store. We want your trade. We
stand between you and high price. Mora
than that, we tnd for only fair and
quar buiinea principle. Bring u your
trad. D. 8. Clark, The Leading Druggit.
Joaa Kllleea Waated.
City Clerk Olllin received a letter Satur
day from Mr. 3. O'Brien, Paulina
street. Chicago, asking the authorities here
to try and locate John Kllleen. Mr.
O'Brien stated in her letter that Kllleen
started for South Omaha a year ago and
has not been heard of lnce. She a
that the young man has some money com
ing to him from his father and that the
fund 1 tied up until he can be heard from.
In th meantime KUleen mother 1 In
tralghtened circumstance.
The police are asked to look for the man
nd the clerk I requested to look over the
death record for a year and ascertain if
Kllleen died here. Kllleen is described a
being about five feet eleven Inche tall,
dark complexion, brown eyes, rather good
looking, smooth shaven and urper teeth
not even.
On Monday the clerk will search the
death record and In the meantime the po
lice will make Inquiries.
Aa4ra-Qwarfoot 'VI eadlnar.
Kasmua Anderson, engineer at the Ar
mour plant, and Miss Esther Quarfoot of
Omaha, were married last evening at the
home of Mr. and Mra Hjelm, l2 South
Nineteenth street. Rev. Mr. Hendrickson
of Omaha performed the ceremony. Mon
day morning Mr. and Mrs. Anderson will
leave for Wahoo. where they will rlit
friend for a few day. After the visit they
will make their home In South Omaha.
Card f TTaaaka.
We wish to thank the many friend and
neighbor for the kindness and sympathy
shown us In the sickness and death of our
loved one. and for the many beautiful
floral offerings.
Coopers Talon Picnic.
At Barrett's park today the laboring peo
ple of South Omaha will hold a picnic tin
der the auspices of the South Omaha
Cooper' union. W. C. Keeler, interna
tional secretary of the cooper organiza
tion, and W. T. Brlgga. general organ
leer, will be present and deliver addresses.
One of the objects of the gathering 1 to
obtain the view of South Omaha labor
ing men on the proposition to amalgamate
all of the labor organizations of this city.
The benefit of uch an organisation Is to
be pointed out by Messrs. Keeler and
Briggs It i expected that a large crowd
will attend the picnic.
Magle City Gossip.
Storage and hauling. Brewer. Tel. No. SO.
Mrs. C. F. Oliver pent last week with
friend In Denver.
John Nlckols. a Z street, report the
birth of a daughter.
Mr. Harry Miller of Nashville, Okl.. is
here visiting friends.
Miss Anna Pnrk ha gone to Sioux Cv
to visit Mr. and Mr. William Weldon.
Mr. John F. Schultx spent last week
visaing relative In Washington county.
The voting machine In the council cham
ber still attracts a great deal of attention.
William Wheeler and familv ot Fairfield
wffe'' r 'ue,"t of Dr'' 'heeler "nd
The Bohemian Catholic Turner of South
Omaha will picnic at Courtland Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spoar hve moved
into their new home at Sixteenth and H
Mr. E. G. Rouelle wa confined to her
home last week with a severe attack of
Mr. and Mr. C. W. Wright are now oc
cupying their new home at Twentv-elghth
and B street.
Rev. D. K. Tlndal! will preach morning
and evening today at the Firt Methodist
Episcopal church.
The Presbytery of Omaha will meet Mon
day evening at Cedar Bluffs, Neb. Dr.
Vt heeler will attend.
Chsrle A. Dunham, assistant cashier of
th Packer National bank, is' away on a
two weeks' vacation.
Mrs. W. I. Derbyshire and children have
returned from Kansa. where they spent
the summer with relative.
Miss Verna Todd. Thirteenth and I
streets, has returned from Ashland, where
she visited friends for a couple of week.
The English .Lutheran will meet for wor
ship thl forenoon at Maonlc hall. Twentv
fifth and N street. Rev. Liver will
The Ladie' auxiliary of the Young Men'
Christian association will meet with Mr.
John Fields. Jj North Twenty-third street,
Tuesday evening.
"Where to Put Life' Emphasis" Is the
topic of Rev. Wheeler morning sermon at
the First Prehyierian church. Mr. II. C.
Richmond I to sing.
St. Martin auxiliary will give a dinner
Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mr. J.
B Waikin Dinner i to be served from
i jn p. m. until 10 p. m.
Z. Stambaugh editor of the Tooter, th
organ of the high scl.ool. will leave Tues
day for Lincoln to enter the Nebraska
Wesleyan university for a full course.
Regular services will be held at the Lefler
Memorial church today, witu baptism and
reception of member. Rev. fctanihauxh.
the pastor, leave on Tuesday for Albion to
attend the annual conference.
"The Triumph Through Difficulties" i
Rev. Andrew Renwlck auhject at the
morning service at the I'nited Preshy.
terian church. In the evening th tiasior
will preach on the theme, "(setting Ready
to Live.''
lamiel E. Tn SBt, x-GoTmor f Kin
fi3ta, Gunt of Irothcr.
Initiates Fight Against Hill' Rail
road Mera-er la orik Star at
that Enseal la Olgaal
Former Oovernor Samuel R. Van Sant
of Minnesota I In the city visiting hi
brother. A. C. Van Sant, S Dewey ave
nue, president of the Van Sant Business
college. Governor Van Sant Is returning
to St. Taul from Denver, where he at
tended the Grand Army encampment. j
The name Van Sant will remain famou
In the annal, pot alone of Minnesota, but
of the country, as the man who put to
rout Jame J. Hill on the celebrated
merger proposition which Hill did not
make stick In Minnesota where' the law
of the state prohibit the consolidation of
parallel and competing lines of railroad.
For two terms Van Sant was gevernor
and he gave the state a trong and vigor
ous administration each time. He ran
for office the first time against tremendous
odd It ws in 1 when John Llnd. th
first democrat ever elected governor of
the North Star stte. wa in office. Llnd
had given the state good administration
and had a powerful political machine or
ganlied to upport him for the second
term. Being of Swedish nativity In that
tate his nationality alone became a most
potent factor in hi tx half and equally a
potent against Van Sant. Before the con
vention which nominated Van Sant It wa
the general belief that Moae E. Clapp,
who ucceued the latt K. Ei
aa senator from Minnesota and ha been
elected for his second term, would be nom
inated by lie republicans for governor.
He was considered by many aa the logical
candidate. But, though it was a national
campaign year, several men fully as strong
a Clapp shrunk from precipitating them--lves
against John Llnd and the Clapp
forces yielded to the universal feeling
that two years hence would be a better
Ume for their man to run for governor.
Van Sant throughout his private and pub
lic career has been absolutely fearless and
undaunted, accepted the nomination when
It wa tendered him.
Clapp Men gore ml Hopeless.
Walking out of the convention, one prom
inent republican aald to another:
"We had better nominate Van Sant than
to elect a governor."
It wa not urprislr.g tht thi man hap
pened to be an anti-Van Bant man and a
strong Clapp supporter.
When the election returns came even
me aatute Tarn Blxby, who guided the
hip of state during the 'Van Sant cam
paign tor tne republican, wa surprised
to find the "little captain" elected elected,
though, by a very narrow margin, over
the most powerful vote getter in the state
jonn una, tnree time congressman a
a republican from the old Second Minne
sota district, once governor as a demo
crat and since that time he served a term
in congress from the Minneapolis district
a a democrat.
But Van Sant wa not elected by a nar
row margin the second time. He got there
over L. A Rosing, who had been Llnd
private secretary and run hi campaign,
by over 66.000.
Mr. James J. Hill did not support him.
Nor did Mr. Jame J. Hill support him
when last winter he entered the enatorlal
race against. Clapp.
Aside from his unique political career,
Governor Van Sant wa prominent in the
buslnes life Of Minnesota for many year
before he occupied the executive chair
For year he ha owned and operated
steamboats up and down th Mississippi
river, from which busine he ha amassed
a snug little fortune.
Governor Van Bant will return to St.
Paul, his home, Monday night.
Last month our factory wm ordered to tako every used Tjhno In
tho establishment, no matter how slightly used, and make It UKe new.
They all go on wile this week, easily the bet lot of HIGH CLASS pliino
bargains shown here for year.
Steger & Sons, No. 7586. Emerson, No. 81326.
Stvle I". beautiful cabinet grand up- Style n. fancy mahogany, look new,
right In fancy walnut case, only fret purchaser forfeits Ms equity,
slightly used, looks new The sale price is balance due.
$500 for $265. $500 for $275.
A. B. Chase, No. 42980. Hardman, No. 44102.
Style A. mahogany, colonial style, a Style S, rosewood, good a new
strictly artistic piano in every way, Taken in trad toward a Stelnway
looks new. Grand.
$600 for $315. $600 for $250.
Vose & Sons. Chickering & Sons.
Stvle K. cabinet grand, splendid Largest site, rosewood, big bargain,
tone and good a new, golden oak Taken In trade toward a Stelnway
case. Grand.
$400 for $195. $450 for $135.
Nedham. Kranich & Bach.
Style S. colonial walnut, used on Baby Grand, rosewood case, new
year Taken In trade toward a pianola hammers, new strings, in fact all
piano. wearing parts replaced with new.
$350 for $190. $550 for $290.
Arlon, Erbe & Co., Crown. J. P. Hale. Slnper, PavU A Sons. Well
ington and many others, all guaranteed in Al shape, for 6, $105
to $135.
MaVes buying: easy here, breaks up the payments In'o small bits,
arranged convenience to your Income, and best of all secures your piano
at the CASH PRICE.
"Stelnway" and over twenty other famous makes sold at lowest
prices. Call or write for catalogues and lists. AVe ship pianos every
mWVftV TWHi Wri-aVal Mill ItlllBagMBasaaaTMBaM
Commissioner Refase to Cwt
Coaaty to Co form with Ward
-CC""iTereOs (
Peraaaaeat Iaveatloa of NtEns'i
tarta Oat I ! Facile
at Oaci.
Motor car No. t of the Cnlon Pacific
railroad 1 ready to go on tbe road. Su
perintendent McKeen ha built thl car
with an idea to service, and trial trip
will soon be made. Gasoiln motor car
No. 1 wa thirty feet long and wa built
aa an experiment and fulfilled the require
ment, except that it waa not large enough
to handle th business which waa re
quired of IL Th new oar 1 fifty-five feet
long and it a beauty. Equipped with all
of th latest devices known to the car
builder's profession, it 1 really a thing of
beauty and comfort. It ha tbe subdued
side lights and the latest Idea in ventlla
tlon. A trial trip waa mad laat week
to South Omaha and all the machinery
worked to perfection.
General Manager Mohler aald:
"These cars are just as th locomotive
were twenty year ago, in an experimental
stag, and th machinery will b perfected
a Improvement prese-.t thtmreiveg."
By a vote of t to 2 Saturday morning the
Board of County Commissioner refused
to rcdtstrlct the county to correspond with
th new ward boundaries fixed by the city.
Thl action wa taken after a meeting
of the committee of the whole, at which
Chairman Kennard and Commissioner Mc
Donald and Hofeldt lined up against the
resolution offered list Saturday by Com
missioner Brunlng providing for five new
When the report of the commute of the
whole wa called for in open meeting
the three member named voted for It
adoption. The report lmply recommended
that tbe Brunlng resolution be placed on
file and that no further action be taken
In the matter.
Bhortly afterward a communication wa
read from County Clerk Drexel calling the
attention of the board to the necessity
for outlining th commissioner districts
under the new ward arrangement, so that j
ne couia go aneaa ana get up tne d&iioi
In proper shape.
Commissioner Brunlng again tried to get
the majority to back up, but in vain. Ha
suggested that the clerk communication
be referred to the county attorney for an
opinion, but Chairman Kennard and Com
missioner McDonald both took the posi
tion that the board had already acted and
that the matter wa ended. Bo Clerk
Drexel communication wa filed.
Bpe&klng of the matter afterward. Mr.
Drexel said:
"I don't ee how I can place the name
of the candidate for county commissioners
on the primary ballot. I do not know
the district they live in ander the new
arrangement of city ward and ao cannot
properly place them' In th district which
they represent and wherein they must b
Are you weak, nervous and debilitated and can you see evidence from day
to day that your physical system is going to decay? If you are losing the
strength of vouth if your physical, mental and sexual power are being de
pleted or have at some time been polluted with poisonous private disease you
hould commence an active and energetic coure of treatment at once.
Do you exrlence pain In different part of the body, feel momentary
pell of weakness, th periodical loss of memory, dullness of brain, drowsi
ness; if you feel depressed, debilitated, weak, tire and worn out. It 1 na
'ture appeal to vou to arouse yourself. Th- victim of generally
know tho cause. Lous of power gradually develop. Occasional wenkneas is
Invariably the first sign of failing powers. The mm who atop the cause and
begins proper treatment then Is restored so quickly by our- method of treat
ment that he often does not appreciate what he ha avoided. Don t allow dl
euse or weakneas to take away all the pleasure of living. Don't permit the
trouble to insldlouslv progress and tenaciously fasten itself upon the system,
knowing that vou are growing older and weaker each day. I-onk how many
about you are 'suffering bemuse they did rot secure proper medical attention
In time. Manv do not enov life; they simply Mist. In the faces of thousands
can he read tlie story of a wasted life; .1ovs and pleasures are unknown to
them because their vitality has been sapped.
For a speedy cure of the diseases that o Insidiously destroy the intellect,
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We cure quickly, safely and thoroughly
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal, Kid
ney and Urinary Diseases.
and all dlseaae and weaknaa of men due to inheritance, evil habits, self
abuse, excesses or the reault ot peclflc or private disease.
If yow cannot cavil writ
OfBoe Hour I a. m. to I p. m.
for lysit'om blank.
Sunday. 10 to 1 only.
1308 Farnam St., Bstwsen 13th and 14th St a., Omaha, Kab.
IBHtilax IIJ&lMIEJU-.Jl't'M-l
Bricklayer, notleol
Special meeting. No. 1 Nebraska, Tues
day evening. September U. T: i.irp. Im
portant business. By order resident.
WANTED One each. dry good and
clot rung salesmen, who can accept posi
tion at Address W. D. Rumer.
Alliance. Neb., smuu age, 4iiuce
attd salary ut4
Employer Employe In Jots
OSBce Aatlclaat
Proprietor of th Omaha Job printing
house feel that the printer' union will
not call a strike In Omaha untfl th present
contract between th employer and em
ploye end October . Nevertheless, both
sides, since the National Typothetae de
clared againt th eight-hour shop, ar pre
paring for the atruggle over the eight-hour
day and open (hop issues, which I to be
f juglit uut In nearly every l.rga city cf the
The local Typothetae held a meettr.g yea
terday to hear tbe report of Samuel Reea
and A. T Klopp. who were delegate to th
national convention at Niagara Fall, where
Mr. Bee wa elected a member of th committee, which : in practical
charge of the fight for the employer. Be
(ide hearing the report of the delegatus
and the plan made by the national organi
sation, th local Typothetae made prelimin
ary arrangement tomard recruiting non
union men to take the place of the striker
aa fast a tl.ey go out. In accordance with
th decision of the national body tep
were taken, also, to arrange for a school
for tho Instruction of incompetent cora
putuea in order that they may be able to
dn tbe difficult work In large houe
Tho irluiw uxaoa wlU hold special
Just the Scratch of a Pen
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r-ITH as little trouble as tbe mere scratch of a pen you can And
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pm ssi,
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fcverjr woman who wthe to perform her whole duty to herself and family,
should not only read It, but carefully, thoughtfully study it.
There is nothing pedantic in the booklet no exploitation of fads or
fancies just plain, straightforward talk and practical truths. It tells of a
rational life you can lire in your own home, whereby you can secure per
manent health. It tells the cause of sickness and weakness. It shows tba
part that diet plays In making or marring careers. You can follow 1 ts
teachings without interference with business or home duties.
There is absolutely no charge no obligation on your part if you ask
for the booklet now, or la the future. So write today NOW. Address
BATTLE CHEEK KAMTAR11M CO Ltd., DepU, Battle Creek, Mkh,
meeting Bunday afternoon at I o'clock to
take up th matter and prepare to act In
accord witw order from President Lynch
and th executive committee.
Ha Sold Tfcoaaaad of Bottle of
t hamberlalo' C olle, C holera sal
Diarrhoea, RrmeSr Sever Had a
Ulatiaed easterner.
Mr. E. E Kuhan'.ts. proprietor of the
Corner Drug Store. Johnton City, 111., say:
"1 have been continuously engaged In the
retail drug business since April. and
hav sold during that ttm thousands of
bottle of Ci'-atr.berlaln's Colic. Cholera and
Lilarrboea Kerr.edy. I can truthfully aay
that I have never been askd to refund a
customer money who was dissatisfied wltb
this remedy. I take pleasure in recom
mending It to all of my customer who ar
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thl remedy.
W '-swat jl
Yellow Wrier at Batoa Boose.
NEW ORLEANS. Sept. I Advtoea wer
received here tooay i.'.at eliow fever ha
appeared si batua Ruuxt. Its capitaL
Wi us our own nana
In our bualna; yov
ki.ov w ha you ar dolnj
business with.
Ceaaaitsttoa FY.
rursd. Method new. without aaia'or toas
f Uili CHA RUE1 LOW.
Bl m I DD tfli crd for Ufa. aooa evory
BLLUd ,;n symptom ore 04
body. Is mouth, u-ngue. throat, hair and
eyebrows lolling out disappear eomplotal
w7.r.enocs, Un "s, "JlS
nervous debitty. early docilLe. lack of vigor
and strength.
IRlNAflr. Kidney and Blasder Trouble.
Weak back. Burning Lrine. Frequency of
t'nnatlr.g. L'nn High Colored or with
ad t: a y Bdlmnl oa standing.
Treatment by U years OT STJ.V
aor til liLb mum Loughs, T -t