Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 10, 1905, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 6, Image 14

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Here Is an Opportunity to
Save Money
The fyhmollor & Mnollor Pinno Co., mnnuaoturors of high
grado pianos, nro poinpollod to dispose of 150 instruments regard
jess of cost, to make room for new fall stock. It -will pay the
shrewd buyer to visit our salesrooms, get our prices and see our
various styles.
Fifty new pianos, made in Boston and Xew York, regular
price $275, .'i00 and $.T)0, our special price $145, $lf5 and $K.
These are reliable and well made pianos, fine tone and good action
and very durable. Are in mahogaNy, walnut and oak eases.
In rebuilt pianos we have a number of Steinway, Knabe,
'bickering and other well known makes, repaired in our own fac
tory and in splendid condition, at prices ranging from $75 up.
Xot'iee our special bargain list:
used rrmciiT pianos.
Fanrtiard & Co., phony rasp
CoIUro Upright, wnlnut finish
('flickering, row-wood rasp
RrrioTson, phony case
Vone & Sons, oak case
BtPRpr & Sons, ullghtly n.ed, mahogany case
Hardman, rosewood case, lieiiiitlful tone
.nrf hIzp Rmorson, filthily usm1, only
Kranleh & Hach Uaby Grand, only
HallPt & Davis $15.00
Dunham 21.00
United States Maker 4o.00
Beautiful Knabe '6.00
Pav State, high top
Whitney & Holmes
Kimball, walnut rase
Ilpethoven, with looking glass
Fine Kstey, walnut ease
ISurdotte Chapel
Also all new makes of New Organs, $30.00, 40.00, $50.00 and up.
For rpnt, New pianos. $3.00, $4.00 and $5.00 per month. Six months
tent allowed on run hate lirke. Pianos Tuned, Moved, Stored, Repaired and
Exchanged. Telephone 1625.
Schmoller & Mueller Piano Co.
Largest Piano Hoiirp in the Vest. Temporary Location, 1407 Harney St.
These ninchlneg hure'all been thor
tighly overhauled and are the lnteM
thing that the different manufactories
produce. They are complete with at
tachment and are guaranteed to be la
Irst cluss condition.
The following Is a list of machines, we
lave ou baud:
Singer, 6-drawer, drop head $20
Davis, B-drawer, drop bead.,... 17
Davis, 7-druwer, drop head 20
Standard Automatic Grand 25
White, B-drawer, irop bead 15
Domestic, 6-drawer, drop head. . 20
Second-hand machines, box top, of
very make, from $5 to $10. These are
complete with attachments and will give
rou good service.
We rent machines 75c per week.
'Phone 1663.
Corner Fifteenth and Harney
625 North 24th St.. South Omaha.
834 Broadway, Council Bluffs.
JJ.300 Royal Tourist, with top com
plete equipment, 3b b. p., almost
new $1,800
$3.000 Four-Cylinder Wlnton, side en
trance, 1!, 36 h. p., new $2,250
$2,600 Two-Cylinder Wlnton, new, car
ried over from last year $1,750
$2,S0O- White Bteamer, top, baskets,
four lamps, first-class shape $1,200
$1,000 Shelby, 2 or 4-pubenger, full
equipment, new 12 h. p $ 750
t 850 Model A, Cadillac removable ton-
neau, second-hand, good shape... $ 400
tl.000 National Kleulrlc. Willi too.
slightly used $ S50
7oO Bieam Locomobile, second-hand,
good shape $ 200
I 760 Model E Rambler, second-hand,
good shape $ S25
t 70Ol'ope Tribune, 2-passenger. al
most new. first-class shape $ 390
I 425 Orient liuckbuurd, new, 2-pas
senger (can be run up the bills)..! 326
All models of 1'." t adillms In stock.
16th and Capitol Ave. The old Stand.
for sale at a buntain; will tit medium-sized
boy. Coat is regulation style and in per
Isct condition, toi boy wno has to buy a
new uniform parents can save several
Collars by taking mid coal. A 41, Ree.
Vl-ui'7 10
$0 pulleys, from to inches to 4S Inches in
diameter? counter shuns, couipiuie.
These are all lu lusl-cluss condition. vV. 1L
JtiriUges, engineer, lied iitdg. Q 1U
FOR SALE1 Two life scholarships on
Omaha ousineas colleges. Address
Dwignt Williams, Onmua Bee, Omaha,
Nab. W 4-
FOR SALE, about fifty feet ornamental
galvanised lrou cornice and ornamental
iron posts, suiluble lor show window. Ap
ply superintendent Bee Bldg. y JUfc-u
rOR ' BALE A good eight-room house;
want it moved from lot Write me about
11. Address A 5, Bee officii. y 3W x
FOR SALE A hard coal stove, Art Gar
laud, lu best condition. H14 Charles St.
WM521 x
FOR SALE New and second-hand billiard
and pool tables, bar nxturts uf all kinds;
easy payments. Send fur catalogue.
Bi unswick-Balke-Collender, 4o7 S. luili St.,
Omaha. U Wi
COMPLETE 11ns new and 2d-hand furni
ture. Chicago Furniture Co., 1410 Dodge.
TL )20.
ID-HAND aate cheap.
L'erlght, 1119 Far-
(360 Bl'YB good runabout automobile, guar-
anteea ii
cost 60,
anteed lu good running order; original
Address iJt narney 61.
PAINT, Sherman & McConueli Drug Co.,
Oruaha. Q i43
CHEAP chlclsrn fence, long fir timbers and
telephone poles. K'l Douglas. g-tkW
MILCH COWS on easy terms.
43d and
y 533
W-FOOT oak wall case, with IS drawer
and sliding glass doors. 4L6 8. 16lh St.
FOR BALE I have some bargains in pure
bred poultry, all leading varieties, at
sacrifice prices. Write todav before too
late. J. W. Miller. Box A, Fret-port. I1L
NEW I'nderwood typewriter for P cash:
owner must sell at once as he is leaving
town; latrit Improved Model No. 6: never
vised. Call at one. Room 102. McCague
Hldg. Sf
$ 86
. 105
. 125
. 155
, 190
, 2251
, 245
. 2S5
. 310
POR HALE One Round Oak heater, prac
tically new, $13; also some oil paintings.
Smith, 2W1 Ohio St. Q 766 lOx
FOR BALE I have 42 disc records for
Kramophone: take the lot for $5. R. L.
Chumbley, 2626 Hamilton St. y 682 10x
We don't charsre Installment store prices.
Our stock Is the best In Omaha. Terms,
$Jf worth, $1 a week.
Between 1-tli and lUth on Farnam.
Q 785 10
$15 WILLhuv a Radiant Home base burner,
Hood condition, cost $42. 2(-63 Ohio St.
Q M2 lOx
If you want a bargain in steam fittings call
and look over the following supplies;
1.8-lnch Austin horizontal soparutor.
l.S-lnch Austin's horizontal separator.
1.4-tnch Austin's vertical separator.
These have been taken out on account of
changes in our steam plant and are in
good condition. Address Bee Building
Co.. or see W, H. Bridges, engineer, Bee
Bldg., Omaha. Q 63a
FOR SALE One large
Sherwood Ave.
sideboard. 1414
W 607 11
ONE young Jersey cow 3-y ears-old; giving
milk; $. Call W. Ucst, ism Saratoga St,
WANTED City loans and warrants. W.
r amain omitn dt Co., liJJO larnam St.
W 964
MONEY TO LOAN Payne Investment Co.
GARVIN BROS., 1604 Farnam. City loans
il lowest rates; no delay; get our terms.
W fc
LOWEST rates, city property; 6 P. C. on
iarms in eastern ieo. liemis, faxton Blk.
w w
HUILD1NG loans on residence property;
per cent. W. IS. Melkle, Ramge block.
W 968
FR1 VATE money. P. D. Wead, 1520 Douglas
V a69
$1,0(0.000 TO LOAN on huslness and resi
dence properey In Omaha; lowest rates; no
oeiay. i nomas urennan, xv. x, N. i. Life,
W 70
WANTED-Clty loans. R. C. Peters & Co
FARM and city loans; lowest rates. W. H.
Thomas, 1st Nat 1 Bank Bldg. Tel. 1648.
W 972
LOANS on Omaha Improved property, or
to build with: can pay it back in monthly
payments. Hastings & Heyden, 1iWj Far
nam Bl. w Vii
Low Rates, Private Money, $100 and Up,
C11A3. t;. 1L1AS1SU. CO.
WANTED Two rooms suitable for kinder
garten and primary school West Farnam
vicinity, is. j. wanng, iiOf park Ave.
K-Mi42 10
WANTED To rent, by family of three
adults, small furnished house or cottage
until spring. Good care will be taken of
the house and a reasonable rent paid
references exchanged. State location and
price In reply to A 86, care Bee.
K-362 lOx
WANTED Two or three furnished rooms
with board in refined private family by
family of three; no objection to distance;
references exchanged. Address A 47. care
Bee. K 612 Vix
WANTED Hy traveling man and wife
one or two rooms, furnished or unfur
nlshed. with board near. Private family
preferred. Heference exchanged. Ad
dress, A 45, care Bee. K 719 lux
WANTED To rent, suite of 1 or S unfur-
nisned rooms, prefer private family, wes
or southwest part of city. A 4. care Bee.
Jx M732 llx
TRAVELING man. with wife and child
aesires rooms witn board; must be pleas
am iim clean. Aoaress A 01 He.
K-627 15x
W ANTED 8 or 10-room house, modern,
close in. A 67, care Bee, K 800 lOx
WANTED Two or three furnished rooms
in modern nouse tor housekeeping, b
gentlemen and wife; rrefer vicinity o
o. n'ln oi. Auaress A v, care Bee.
K Msr
WANTED, to rent. 7 or 8-room furnished
noiise ror winter; responsible party
4 uoiiw fvcu-oiTw, or snaress a no Mfi
K-W lOx
H. A. STCRGES. registered attorney; pat
ems, trade marks, copyrights; no fee un
t ien Buccesiui, on r. r. ute, umaha.
W'e procure the valuable kind.
I anllel
cases from those who appreciate the best
work obtainable L. C. Sharp Machine
ATTOK Ntia rrtrvwhrn Th. v.-, cn
Church Co.. main fl.. N. T. Life. Phone 133.
J, M. MacfarUnd. 4 N. T. L. Bldg. Tel. 165
Hf II IW-i n" l"ts of tle city. R
llUUJtSu Peters & Co., lice Hldg.
1 kal
THIS Omaha Van & Storage Co. rank.
move mid store il. H. goous. Storehouse.
1 1 .lii V lull, I .Ml i : ,
liJ'-:'4 N.
?vu. Willie, r arii'titi.
L Ss3
Tel. 155.
WE MOVE r'anos. Maggard Van Stor
age Co. Tel. UW. Ottice, 1713 Webster St.
HOimP I" all parts of the city. The O.
F. Davis Co., (ViS tiee l;ldg.
HOUSES. Insurance, Illngwult. Parker Blk.
KOU.MS, houses, stores. Tlzard, 2J0 N. 23d.
llol "SEFl'RNISH I N !S can be bought tf
lis fully -."i per cent cheaper than at install
ment stores. We have the best sunk In
Omaha. Terms. $J.r worth, tl a week.
Dtlween and l.lth on Famum Si
L 7!sJ 10
PIANO moving-; lowest rates for reliable
service. Tel. 1621, bchmuller 6l Mueller.
214 St. Maiy's Ave., modern; $10.
3Jb MAItCY ST.. 9-room modern house,
porcelain bath, new turmue, all in choice
con. limn; etuliie luce lawn and shade;
vacant Sept. 1; Wo and water.
13(0 H. 27th ft., S-room house, modern ex
cept furnace; In Htst-class order; $.'-t.
8-ROOM house, modern, good repairs. J1S.
2KI and Wright Sts 'i'lione 523. D 127
KOR RENT "-room and 8-rootn houses,
all modern, near high school and Crelgh
tnn college; $30 and $32.00. Inquire at jl
N. 19th St. . D 411
SEPT. ft 8 rooms and bath, hot water
heat, steel range; owner pays water rent;
first-class tenant may apply; rent $30. 810
North 33d. Inquire In rear. D 404 14x
1541 8 . 29TH AVE., modern. 2-story brick
dwelling. 9 rooms, facing Hanst'om Park;
rent Inquire 1115 S. 321 St. J. N.
Richards. 11623
FOR RENT 2524 Caldwell St., 8 rooms,
all modern, $.'6 per mo. 1433 So. lHh St.,
3-rooni cottar". $7.50 per mo.
GEORGE & CO., 1001 Farnam St.
0560 9
OCTOBER IS. modern house of seven
rooms ana reception nan, it.' s. .mm at ;
rent $40 and water. W. A, Smith. IT. 3.
Bank Hldg. Tel. 34r.S. D-M570 14
HOI'SE to rent. Mr block from alnut
IIIII cur line; win sen rurniiure. ri. Har
ney 2214. D-Mf.75 llx
DESIRABLE 8-room house; large barn;
fine yard; stirs Chicago street, mngwnit
Bros.. Barker hlock. T 601 11
LARGE two-story barn. ZTth and Leaven
worth Sts. N. i: oodge & Co.. iii4 Far
nam St. J 63 llx
FOR RENT On 2fith Ave., aonth of How-
nrd, a cottnRe or 7 rooms and larce nnth-
rnnm; price $25 per month. Apply Ills
Douglas St.
TEN ROOM modern house; all conveni
ences; perfect repair. 7'i6 N. 19th street.
1 B'.!!
13?2 So. lulh Ave., seven-room house, bath;
stable. ts. Inquire next door.
r-04 ir,x
n 2 Charles St., six rooms; modern. ?5.
K. J. Sullivan, 3 8. 13th St. D fiofi
EVEN-ROOM, alt modern, brick house,
10H3 No. 2ftth St.. $2 Good and warm.
Turklngton. 602 I!ee Bldg. D MfinS 12
TWO new hlh (trade houses In cbolce part
of West Farnam district. Will he reinlv
for occupancy about September 15th. W.
Farnam Smith & Co., 1320 Farnam St.
D-773 10
1112 R. 32d 9 rooms, modern, barn, $40.
20O2 Farnam 9 rooms, modern except fur
nace, $42.
1914 N. 27th 8 rooms, partly modern. $17.50.
M7 S. 21t 5 rooms, modern except fur
nace, $20.
227 Spruce 4 rooms, first floor. $10.
W. Farnam Smith & Co., 1320 Fhrtinm St.
il 772 10
FOR RENT New brick apartment, strictly
modern, 6 rooms, reception hall, hot water
beat furnished; opposite Brownell Hall
817 Pine St. D 775 l"x
FOR RENT 7-ronm house, modern except
neat, paven street, splendid neighbor
hood. Barlght, 14 Arlington Rlk
D-765 lOx
FOR RENT Modern 7-room
cottage. 2420
Caldwell St.; rent, $2G.
D 768 lOx
TO RENT Furnished 6-room cottng-e In
South Omaha. Address H. R. Balvlllo,
care U. P. Depot, South Omaha
D-M754 llx
$30.00604 N 23d St., 7 rooms, modern, good
$25.002154 8. 33d St., 7 rooms, modern ex
cept rurnace.
$27.50 3-i31 Mnrcy St.. 7 rooms, modern.
$.'0. on 6-j N. 41st St., 6 rooms, modern, new.
$30. 00 KU7-13 Jlarcy St., 9 rooms, modern.
J. V. Sholes ComDany.
721 N. Y. Life. Tel. 49.
D 753 10
2602 Ponpleton Ave.. 8 rooms, all-modern
first-class condition.
209 S. 2Mh Ave., 7-room modern house.
walking distance. $25.
4024 Nicholas. 7 rooms, splendid location,
mooern except rurnaee, tsi.w.
1115 N. 17th, 6 rooms, walking distance,
.26 Wirt. (I rooms, barn. etc.. 117.
4013 N. 2.'.th. 6 rooms, partly modern. $18.
4012 N. 2oth, 6 rooms, city water and barn.
1314 S. 84th. 6 rooms, city water and cas. 112
2314 N. 27th St., 5 rooms, city water, sewer.
puou repair, iurnisnen, incnimng piano,
base burner, etc., $1S a month.
First Floor N. Y. L. Bldg.
Tel. 17SL
D-749 10
FOR RENT 1615 Howard St., -ronm mod
ern flat. $25 per month. Gefirge Co.
1601 Farnam. M D 760 1 0
FOR RENT 9-room modern house, 1060
Georgia Ave. $40 00.
8-roim modern bouse and barn, 2210 8. 32d
JJ M(Jl 14
FOR RENT Cottage, 6 rooms, modern ex
cept furnace. 1541 N. 18tn St., $-').
D-636 llx
1340 9. !7th, 7 rooms $"3 no
3048 California, 8 rooms, modern ex
cept furnace no
423 N. 8Mb., 8 rooms, modern, barn... $27 50
1021 N. 21st. 6 room ex heat tv nn
613 N. Y. L. SWEET & BEST. Tel 1472.
D 630 10
9V)S TTamtlton. 5 rooms. $12.50.
2-2 Harney, 8 rooms. $17.'.
T , ll I V V I'll I V I T : ,,im .-, .
itr,i.-, i- iiL.i.r.u, J 1 I , Vlvl r . t
D 744 10
44TH & DonoE ST.. 8 rooms, modern $19
BEMIS, Paxton Block.
D 794 10
EIGHT-ROOM furnished house for rent
$172 Farnam. D 799 l)x '
12-room house, partly modern, &H8 N. 21st.
8-room house, modern except furnace 29"i
8-room house, modern with furnace and
barn. 9b N. Z5th St.
l-room house, modern except furnace, 2629-35
8-room house, modern except furnace. 630
8. 21st Ave.
8-room house, modern except furnace. 2712
Caldwell St.
' 604 N t3d"'8t modern wl,tl 001 furnace,
6-room house, modern except furnace. 26"9
Charles Bt.
6-room house, modern except furnace, 8519
Lafayette Ave.
6-rooni house, modern except furnace, with
barn. 119 8. Bth St.
4-room cottage, neat home. 8568 Leaven
worth. F. D. WEAD
1524 Douglas St.
D-778 10
$27 50-1314 S. 17th. St., 7 rooms, modern.
$6u0 70s 8. 28th, 6 rooms, modern.
$22.501912 8. 34th, rooms, modern.
I t .00 28' 1 8. J2d. 6 rooms
$16.00 Smo Franklin, i rooms.
$15.00-4434 Spaulding. 8 rooms.
R. C. Peters & Co.
Floor pea Bldg.
D-767 10
MODtR.N bouse. Inqulra 17 Clark Bt.
P-MTW 11
FOR RENT Large, dctntrhed 14-room resl-
oenrn; jytn and Lenvenwonn; newiy
'tinted and papered; steam heat. Apply
Rogers & Sons Co.. 14' h and
Farnam streets.
D-.MM4 11
341 So. lMh, 3-It; city water; close to 8. O.
car; nicely papered; 17.
342 So. 1Mb. 6-R; nice shape; barn; good
yard, $15.
34f3 1urt, 6-R ; strictly modern; cheap at
1224 Hi. 27th, B-R; rlty water; nice yard;
paved street, etc.; $11.
1546 and lf4 So. 27th; two splendid houses;
7-R; all modern; $2f; real bargains; see
4022 Fartiam; choice 8-R house; strictly
modern; new plumbing; good barn;
fine yard; $.15.
3214 Emmett; nice P-room house; city water;
good shape; only $16; a snap.
We have others. P.-e our list hefore you
move Pivne, Hostwlck & Co., 01-3. N. Y.
Life building. l-4i.1 10
1Nc.'-1xo7 Mason St.; 0-room each: city water
Inside; nice shape; close In; only $10 each.
Payne, Hostwlck & Co., 6nl-3 N. Y. Life.
D X02 10
EI. E' J A NT 7-room brick house, farnam
and 25th Sts. Inquire 241" Jones St.
D M4 10x
8-RHM house, nil modern. $37.60; 11-r.
house, modern, $:5; l-r. house, modern,
$30; S r. house. $23. Anson & Co.. 42fi Piix
ton block. H 816 lox
MANAGER wanted for Immigration and
land otllce; must ho man of character
and business snitaelty; guaranteed salary
and comnilssion from $4,0eO to $10.o per
annum to right paity, with free trans
portation over lines operated upon; must
Invest from $1.03 to $2.0no; fully guaran
teed; best of references required. Address
Oklahoma-Texas Land Co., American Ex
press Hldg., Oklahoma City, Okl.
Y-6S3 10
WORTH $5.0000 with $1,000 additional ex
pense will clear $3,oco annually; Investi
gate this. Box 67, York, Nen.
Y-M709 12
"THE K IPS OF GOI.D"-net It gratis,
by sending bame and address a postal
card will do. "Worth Its weight In gold"
Is the way orte enthusiastic correspondent
.puts It; tells all about the big gold
mines of the west, how to invest In
mining properties for profit, also gives
detailed Information concerning other
safe securll ies how to mnke your money
work for you, nlKht and day. Write at
once and we will send you a copy of
'Southwestern Success'' along with "The
Kiss of Gold." Southwestern Securities
Company, 5th floor E. W. Hellman Bldg.,
Los Angeles, Cal. Y 687 lOx
$2 Ot'ARANTEKS six winners; Inside
race track Information; three horses tele
graphed dallv; Aucust $2n.O won $565.00.
Scadler, 26 East lttli St., New York.
Tf-6M 10x
$!25,0v Or part, for Investment In good
enterprise without services. 1. K,. Cam
eron, Sentinel Bldg., Milwaukee. Wis.
Y-702 10x
WE BI'Y and sell stock and bond Issues;
companies organized by law department:
new enterprises supplied with capital;
milekly. Todd & Co., 112 Dearborn St.,
Chicago, 111. Y 721 lOx
BIG MONEY $10 buys puts or calls upon
ln.ino nusneis wneat; no runner hsk;
movement of 5 cents makes you $.'A.
Write for circular. The Standard Grain
Co., Cleveland. O. Y-713 10x
FOR SALE A staple, clean, well kept stock
of general merchandise. In a new, live
town, with a Inre productive territory, in
central Nebraska; 111 health forces owner
to sell; will Invoice about $5. Oik); must be
cash; no trade will be considered; excep
tional opportunity for securing a well
established business In a good town; will
bear closest Investigation. Address A 5S,
Bee. Y 813 lOx
L'P-TO-DATE stock of farm implements,
nuggies ami wagons, invoicing $i,k), in
Nebraska town of 30,0tt; annual business
$lfi,uno to $1i.h.pu. Reason for selling, other
buslnws. win discount slightly for cash,
or would take some good real estate In
722 N. Y. Lite. Tel. 49.
Y-746 10
FOR SALE-Bakery.
Address A 38, care
157 lux
IF YolJ want to buy, sell rent or exchange
real estate or business QL'ICK see (Joinp-ton-Waits
Co., 635 Pax ton Blk. Y 946
PARTY owning a large and rapidly growing
huslness ot lu years stanuing in tins city
desires to place some uf his slock on guar
antee of 1 pur cent dividend per annum,
payable semi-annually. Address lOU, Kee.
13-RooM boarding bouse for sale; desirable
location. Add it ss 130, care Bee.
Y A1189 S12
BOARDING house at a bargain, 13 rooms,
close in. Owner leaving city, tui N. lhtn,
Y-M520 S13x
WE have run two of the most successful
generul stores in southeastern Neb. for
several years, with stocks staple, clean
and well kept in fact, the largest stores
and sales in cither town, with liberal
proflte. After a recent sickness of 90
days and other business plans, we will
sell either or notn stores tor caafi, or
not over Mi cash, bal. clear Neb,- land.
Rtocks will Invoice about $12,000 each.
These are safe, well paying Investments
for live business man. Address 136, Bee
BANKER wants to buy country bank, or
local ion for a new bank. Correspondence
confidential. Address A l, care Kee.
Y-M367 lOx
FOR BALK Itestaurant ana conrectlonery
in good town of about 850; good lunch
counter in connection. A snap If taken
at once. Address A is care Bee.
Y 471 13
$700 buys a new clean stock of drugs, In
county seat; snap u taaen at once. Ad
dress A 19 Bee. Y-475 lOx
FOR SALE A first class Jewelry and sta
tionery slock In a good northeastern Ne
braska town that has 2.000 Inhabitants.
Will be sold cheap for cash if taken at
once. For further particulars write to
J. P. Falter, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Y 480 13
FOR SALE Old established book, station
ery and news business. In tnrlvtng town
In southwest Iowa; a bargain If Ukn In
thirty duvs. Address beecher & Miller,
Creston. la. Y-5A8 13
FOR SALE I.nrgest bakery In one of
Nebraska's best towns; will give easy
pavments to reliable purchaser. Address
A 24, care Bee. Y 610 lOx
FOR SALE Manufacturing plant, estab
lished six years and making money all
the time. Employs twelve persons, run
ning steadily and on paying basis. Price
7,2 N.Y. Life. Tel. 49
BLACKSMITH SHOP for sale In eastern
Nebraska. leading shop In town; mod
ern; two set of tools; gasoline engine and
trip' hammer; doing good business. For
sale cheap if taken soon; tired of busi
ness. Address A 23, care Bee. Y 512 12
FOR SALE By owner at Ord, Neb., a
good building and best location, with bar
fixtures therein; now renting for $W per
month. Address Postofflce Box 211. Long
mont. Colo. Y-538 1.x
FURNISHED HOTEU modern improve
ments for sale or rani, imi .V. '
Corning, la- Y-M545 14
FINANCIAL firm, established 1849. Is open
for high class bond or stork proposition
of merit. Industrial or manufacturing ; un
developed propositions not considered;
hive large clientele throughout I nlted
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jersey City. K. J. T-6u8 lox
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for particulars. Small investment J.
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Address Me For My Monthly Magazine,
how money is made and how It grows
Into fortunes large, or comfortable; how
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vesting a dollar, and every one who can
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Y-672 U'X
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osition to the right man wHn a little
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CASH for your real estate or business, no
mHlter where located. If you desire a
quick snle send us description and price.
Northwestern Huslness Agency. D 312,
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Minn. Y
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to get a home Is to take shares
In the
Omaha Loan and Building
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can can have Is his own HOME.
This Association has been aiding
Its members to get homes for over
twenty-two years. Call for infor
mation. 1704 Farnam St. Roe Building.
G. AV. LOOM IS, President.
. M. NATTINOEH. Secretary.
PROVEMENT. Sealed proposals are Invited and will be
received by the City Clerk of the City ot
Omaha on Tuesday, September 12, 190o, at
8 o'clock p. m In the Council Chamber In
the City Hall, for the improvement of that
part of Capitol avenue from the east Hue
of Twenty-sixth street to Twenty-seventh
avenue, in Street Improvement District No.
847, by curbing and paving, In accordance
with Ordinance No. 6592.
Bids for such Improvement must be upon
asphalt, stone, vitrified brick, vitrified brick
block, artificial stone or macadam, and all
bidders are required to designate the lo
cality, quarry, kiln or factory from which
will be furnished the specltio material to
be used by them with its commercial
designation. -
Proposals must be made upon printed
blanks to be furnished by the City Engi
neer, who will also furnish instructions to
bidders, together with specifications and
form of contract and bond, upon applica
tion at his office, and as evidence of good
faith and guarantee that contract will be
entered Into and good and sufficient bond
furnished, should award be made thereon,
each proposal must be accompanied by cer
tified check, payable to the City of Omaha,
in an amount not less than 10 per cent of
the total of each bid, but In no case to bs
less than $100.
Proposals must be addressed to w. ii.
F.lbourn, City Clerk. Council Chamber, City
Hall, and marked "Proposals for Street
Improvement District No. 847."
The City Council of the City of Omaha
reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
Omaha, Nebraska, August i"t.
Aug29 DHt City Clerk.
t'nton Pacific.
Leave. Arrive.
Overland Limited a 8:40 am a 1:1 pm
California Express a 4:10 rm a t JO am
California & Oregon Ez.a 4:20 pm a 6.10 pm
North Platte iocai acsuam a e:ai pm
Fast Mall a 8:55 am a 8:20 pm
Colorado Special a 7:45 am a 7:44 am
Beatrice Local b 1:15 pm b 1:30 pre
W nnmn.
St. Louis Express :30 pm 1:20 am
St. ixmis Loeal (from
Council RlutTs) :u am iu:u pra
Shenandoah Local (from
Council Jiurfs Dm i:w pm
Cblcago, Hook Island PaeiOo.
Chicago Limited a 1:S5 am a 7:10 am
Chicago Express a 7:35 am a 8:50 pm
Chicago Ex., Local bll:40 am a :30 pm
Les Moines express. .. .a tiau pm ou wjam
Des Moines Local :6 pm
Chicago Fast Express.. a 6:49 pm a 1:1a pra
W E.B--
Rocky Mountain Lim'd..a 7:20 am a 1:30 am
4 oiorano express a i.ou ym a .oo pm i
Oklahoma & Texas Eg. a 4:30 pm all:40 am j
Colorado Nlgnt fc.x a : cm a i. am
Cblcago, MUwanfcea m Bt. Paal.
Chicago Layllght Ex.. .a am all:00pra
California-Oregon Ex.. .a fc:46 pm a 3:10 pm
Overland Limited a S:36 pm a 7:36 am
Illinois Central.
Chicago Express a : am alO:3S pm
Chicago Limited a 7:60 pm :W tin
Minn, dt St. Paul Ex....b l:ib ant ulb.Sj pm
Minn. St. Paul Ltd... a 7.60 pm a 6:06 pin
Missouri Psollc
St. Louis Express a 9:00 am a :J0 am
K. C. & St. L. Ex ail. 16 pin a 5.00 piu
Local Chicago
ail:30 am
.....a pm
a 7.W- i.-u
, a 6:u0 am
a t.M pni
, a 4:W n
... .a S.-xpm
1:46 pm
.k am
10 ou pm
11. M pin
6 :16 am
l.tW am
J:u6 am
Fast Mali ....
Oa light bl. raui ..
Daylight Chicago ...
Llmlled Chicago ...
Local Carroll
Fast St. Paul
Local bkoux C A St.
o 2:64 pn I 36 am
Fust Mail
Chicago Express .....
Norfolk . Bouestee!
Lincoln & Long Pine
Casper & VV yuiaing
Lead wood & Liiioola
I.Mi pm
..4, 6:60 pm a V .ju am
...a V4J -iio Id 86 ain
...d T:lu am 10 36 pin
...a 2 60 pm 6:16 pin
...a H.U, piu 6:16 pin
...b 2.60 pm t.ik pm
Lies M. & Okoboji Ex. ..a 7.66 am a l.a piu
t.ulcago Great V eatersu
BL Paul Minn a 6:30 pra a 7:1$ am
Bt Paul Minn a 7:46 am a 7:56 pin
Cbiougo Limited 6m alu.Ju am
Chicago Lxpieas s. (.06 am a I W pre
Bnrllnctosw .
Leav. Arrive,
a :io pra a .$o pm
all. 10 bin a 1:0 cm
Denver A California
Northwest fcxpres
Nebraska points
.a 6.60 am a 7:0 pm
vmi Mail b 2.67 Din alx.ijfi Dm
Ft Crook & liattsnVth b I 61 pm alO ti am
o,'iiavue Sl Plalisiu tU..a 7 .60 pm b : .in
Hellevue at Pao. juiiu.....;! pm
Bellevue & Pac. June.
.a J" am
Uenver Limrted
a 7:10 am
Chicago epeciai
Chicago Express
Chicago Flyer ..
Iowa Local
..a 7:26 am
..a 4 Ou pm a 1:56 pm
..a 1:06 pm a T.H6 pm
..a 815 am alO.ij pm
..a 4;4i. pm all.!) am
bU Louis Exprtsa
Kansas City U bi. pm a v:u am
Kansas City 4k St. Joe.. a K16 am a .u$ put
Kansas city m- '-
Missouri Paeiae.
Nebraska Ixcal. via Leav. Arrlv.
Weeping Water blMpm bl2:30 pm
Cnlcaao, $Jt. rnul, altaaaaaoll A
Twin City Pasengr...b 6 $0 am b :1 pm
Eloux City Passenger... a x.uO pin all:) am
Oakland Local o 6:46 pin k 6.1 am
Emerson Local e 1:4a am t t:i Ii
a daily, b dally except unar 1 daily
except Saturday, 0 baud Only. Aaliy
except Monday,
Beport that Bate War Hal Been Finally
It la Predicted that Trices Mill Rise
Coffee Movement Continues Light
Herein and MeeUerel
Are Vers- Utah.
Fall trade has begun In earnest at th
Omaha wholesale houses and merchants In
all lines are noticing the stimulus which
comes wlili cooler weather. The feature
of trade are the reappearance of the shoe
salesmen on the road und the reported set
tlement of the sugar rate war. Hard are
house are preparing for a heavy trade
In winter goods. Reports from country
merchant are to the effect that the corn
will be safe from the frost In ten or fifteen
days and Nebraska will have an enormous
The only material change In the dry
goods market for the week was a slight
advance In ginghams and cambrics. The
cotton market continues very linn. HotU
house trade and order trade is good with
local Jobbers and collections are satisfac
tory. Coarse cotton goods manufacturer
are getting better price than they have
for years. The actual cost of goods to th
consumer Is not as high as It has been at
times, but there is a larger percentage of
profit to the mills. There Is a call for ad
ditional cotton and wool blankets that
shows the retailers are not overstocked
with these goods. Prices on blankets are
somewhat higher than they were last sea
son and this fact has acted as a check Id
buyer placing large orders early in th
Hat War Reported Settled.
Sugar prices are the same a last week.
Raws are a little easier. The demand con
tinues good, taking everything into con
sideration. The question of freight rate
has been under discussion by the railroads
Interested for some time. Information was
received Friday by Omaha Jobbers to the
effect that a satlefartorv adjustment had
been made In New York, but the paitluulais
had not been made public yet. The well
Informed are of the opinion that th old
rates will go Into effect In the next few
days. If this Is true, there will be a scram
ble for sugar by the retailers, as restora
tion of rates means Increased cost of sugar
of 204125c a hundred in this market.
Ttiere was a break of twenty-live points
In coffee options the early part of the
week, but It had been partly regained Fri
day. The break was owing to the heavy
decline In sterling exchange, which affect
the prices of lirazlllan currency. Spot
coffees are toe easier to unchanged. Th
only buying is done by wholesale houses
which have to have the roods for rtellverv.
whil speculators are holding off. The
world's visible supply showed an lncreaso
of 635,000 bags for August, against an In
crease of S1J.350 bags last tear for thu
same month.
Cheese continues strong. There was an
advance of Ve on twins for the week. The
demand Is very heavy and present Indica
tions are for higher price between now
and October.
Salt Fish High.
The feature of the fish market continues to
be the marked firmness In spot salt mack
ereland herring. There have been advances
on the latter durinir the week. The enieli
Is said to be 90,000 to 160,000 barrels less
lhan last year. Mackerel are very scarce.
The demand for rice Is beginning to show
a broadening tendency. Prices are firm
and any spurt In the demand will un
doubtedly result In higher prices. The har
vest Is being pushed rapidly on the Atlantlo
W ith the opening of the fall season, deal
era are generally anticipating an increased
demand from the trade for ail grades of
molasses. Stocks are not large.
Little has developed In th tomato mar
ket during the last week, unless It be the
doubly assured fact that deliveries on con
tracts are not going to be made even lu
full of the 75 per cent guarantee, let alone
delivering 100 per cent. This, of course,
lend strength to the situation. While
there Is something of a carry-over from tho
1904 pack, It doe not look possible even
with this now to make a pack at all ade
quate to the needs of an ordinary season.
It 1 thought that price will run high
throughout the season of lti6 and lDoft.
The corn market Is easy with both Job
ber and packer pressing for business.
Salmon continue to sell remarkably well
on the basis of lower price recently Inau
gurated. Not only red Alaska, but other
grades, are selling well, particularly the
Puget sound good.
The market Is easy on sardines, with
? acker pressing to sell. The catch seem
o have been very much better during the
last three or four weeks and strife among
the packer themselves ha contributed to
the conditions now ruling.
Conditions on both dried peaches and
apricot are about the same as last re
ported, with a slight advanre In the mar
ket for peaches, and both Items are well
sustained on the basis recently reported.
Lower prices on either article do not eem
to be among the possibilities.
Prune have ecored a further advance,
making now an advance of lyd'Hio above
the opening prices. There seems to be tho
very best of reason for this condition. Th
crop prospects seem poorer as the harvest
There Is very strong feeling on spot ral
1ns, the market being well cleaned up on
both seeded and loose. Some few outside
packers are naming prices on raisins for
fall delivery, but the probabilities are that
the association will open at slightly higher
prices than are now being quoted.
Prospect (or Hardware.
September has opened with very satis
factory condition and excellent prospects.
There Is a good volume of current busi
ness, as the trade Is purchasing with con
fidence In view of tho general strength of
the market and the probability that good
stocks will be required to take care of the
demand, which is expected to Increase
with the advance of the season. There lu,
however, little evidence of speculative buy
ing, although In some lines It Is thought
not unlikely that values will be higher,
with a possibility that manufacturers will
be so laden down with orders that they
will not be In a position to make prompt
shipments. In this state of things many
of the Jobbing trade have been placing
orders a little earlier than usual and for
somewhat larger quantities, and the result
Is that manufacturers In the line most
directly affected are well sold up. While
the market Is generally steady and In
Horn-- directions strong, there are a few
lines In which a less confident tone, If not
something of weakness, is found. Heavy
goods are generally commanding slightly
higher prices, but In some branches, such
as bolts and nuts, while general conditions
should give an advancing market, the com
petition which exists tends to keep quota
tions down to a lower level than would
otherwise be maintained. The advance In
copper Is having a decided influence on
prices of goods Into which tills material
enters largely, and a very active business
Is d ilng The market generally Is thus
In a condition which repays the best atten
tion from those who are charged with th
purchasing of goods and gives opportunity
for the exercise of Judgment and skill In
buying. Fortunutely there Is not con
nected with It the depressing Influence
which comes from a weak or declining
market. It Is gratifying lo note the en
couragements which thus exists for enter
prise and energy In the prosecution of
biislness, and the conditions which Justify
taking a hopeful view of the trade of th
season on which w hav so auspiciously
Under aulhoiliy and direction of th
Major and City Council, sealed proposals
ar Invited and will be received at th office
of the City Engineer, room 4)l. City Llali.
Omaha, Nebraska, until t o'clock, p. in.,
Monday, September U, 1U05, fur the grading
of Howard street from a point IM) feel went
of iuth street to 2l!d street In the City oi
Omaha, the City of Omaha to pay one-halt
of th cost and expense thereof, as provided
by Ordinance No. 6u90.
Also, for th grading of th aUey between
Vlntun street and Eim street, from lbtn
street to 17th treet. In th City of Omaha,
the City of Omaha to pay one-half of lh
cost and expense thorcoi, as provided by
Ordinance No. (514.
Also, for the grading of the alley between
Grant street and Uurdette street, from 41d
street to 43d street, in the City of Omaha,
the City of OmaUa to pay one-half of th
cost and expeu thereof, as provided by
Ordinance No. 6GJ7 At wnicn lime saia
proposals w:ll be publicly opened and th
bids read and tabulated by the City En
gineer and transmitted to the City Council
lor it action.
All worn to he done In accordance with
plans and specifications on file In the offlo
of the City Engineer.
Proposals to be made upon printed blanks,
which will be furnished upon application,
by the CMy Engineer. And as evidence ot
good faith and guaranty that contract
will be entered into and good and sufficient
bond furnished should award be mad
thereon, must be accompanied by a certi
fied check, payable 10 th City of Omaha In
th sum of Kitty ($o Lollars for eacfi
Th right I reserved to reject any or all
Omaha, Nbrska, September T. 1W
8 lT-tfiaQ. UtiUr, :