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Office, 10 Pearl 8t. Trl. 43.
rmrt lik Commercial Club to Help
Thsm lonre Belief.
den, Macdnnia: John Caretcn. flhclhv;
Walter H'-itike, M. A. HrlfTtth. K. F.
Orw, Hancock; Fred Zcelcr. V. N. Rates,
n. V.. Slvers, H. S. Hctrlrk, J. E. Pullock.
Ouktnnd; Ed Hlack. Oris wold.
Colonel Baker Saraet I nine fortloa !
of Road Cuiid Collected In the
City for Iniprorlni Thfi
That better roads leading Into Council
Bluffs are needed-Is demonstrated from a
communication to the Commercial club
from a number of residents living over the
Pottawattamie county line In Stlllary's
township, Mills county, which was referred
to the Board of County Supervisors at Its
fission yesterday. Qwlng to the bad roads
leading Into Council Bluffs, the signers of
the communication, some thirty In num
ber, are compelled to trade In Glen wood,
while, aa they say, they would prefer to
trade In this city.
The communication In part reads as fol
io wai
We desire to call your attention to the
fact that we reside much nearer to Council
Bluffs than to Ulenwood, but that during a
large part of each year and. In fart, the
greater part of each year, the roads are
so bad to Council Bluffs that we are com
pelled to go to (Jlenwood to do our trading.
The roads to Olenwood are kept In good
shape til the year round while the roads
to Council Bluffs are not graded and are
Impassable a part of the time. We would
much prefer to come to Council Bluffs to
trade. We therefore request your club to
tako this matter up with the Board of
Supervisors of your county for the Inter
ests of your merchant and, If possible, se
cure for us good roads and roads that are
passable the year round.
Colonel W. F. Baker, the member of the
board from the city, suggested that the
city be requested to permit the expendi
ture of that portion of the county road
fund levied within Its municipal limits on
the main thoroughfares leading into the
city In place of being expended for the
Improvement of thoroughfares within Its
limits. As the law Is, the city has the
right to decide where its portion of the
county road fund Is expended, provided
uch work la done unties, the supervision or
by the Board of Supervisors.
Makes Tax I.evr.
The board yesterday completed the fixing
of the total tax levy for 1906, Including
the ltvy for school and other special pur
poses. The total tax levy In Council Bluffs
will be B4V mills, made up as follows:
Mills. Mills.
City CV4 State end county 12
Speelnl health... S .
School 28 Total MMi
The total tax levy In the other towns of
the county is as follows:
Mills. Mills.
Ivnra fc4 Neola to
Carson 67v4 Oakland 7"4
Hancock tVi
Macedonia 4S
Mlnden 6
Trevnor 8S
Vnderwood MH
Walnut 63
Attendance for Friday Pally Kotr
teenThoasand. That the street fair and carnival has not
suffered any loss in popularity this year
was demonstrated by the large attendance
yesterday, the biggest of the week. As to
night will mark the closing of the carnival
the attendance Is naturally expected to be
the record breaker for the six days. The
crowd last night was conservatively esti
mated at close upon 12,000 while at least
4,000 passed the gates during the afternoon.
Yesterday was Farmer's day and at least
1,500 people from the country were in at
tendance. Many of the farmers reeldlng
In the territory adjacent to Council Bluffs
have since the first year of the street fair
made a custom to bring their families and
stay in the city at least two days and even
longer while taking In the festivities and at
the same time taking the opportunity to
do their fall trading.
In the afternoon the members of Abe Lin
coln Woman's Relief corps attended the
carnival in a body and In their honor Co
valt's band played a number of patriotic
elections. Omaha added materially to the
attendance at night.
The executive committee has sent out
a special request that every member of
the "White cap" brigade be on the grounds
this evening to assist In maintaining order.
It being the last night a dense crowd Is
expected and the management Is anxious
that there should be no rowdyism to mar
the closing of the carnival.
These have volunteered to act as ticket
takers at ths different attractions today:
Afternoon Oate, J. E. Price, W. E.
Tutny, Kdward Canning; stadium, F. I
Chllds, John A. Churchill; plantation, K.
IW. Davenport; Steeple chase, M. F.
' Bohrer- or my house, Chris Straub; lost
child, tfiev. 11. H"stetler; moonshiners, TV
M. Nleholl: day in the Alps, F. B. Liggett;
Texas wonder, A. P. Fair; Ferris wheel,
W. W. Ixomls; glass show, L. T. Shugart;
kstsenjammer, John B. Keellne; boney boy,
Painter Knox.
Evening Oate, C. A. Wiley. II. A. Chis
hsm. Oeo. H. Nleholl; stadium, P. J. Mc
Brlde, R. D. Rutherford: plantation, C. H.
Bradley; steeple chase, C. W. Mullls; crazy
house, C. A. Cooke; lost child, John C.
Small ; moonshiners. IT. L. Tlnley; day In
the Alps, T. V. Edwards; Texas wonder,
J. E. llollenbeck; Ferris wheel, John H.
I-ong: glass show, J. P. Mulqueen; Katxen-
ismmer, C. A. Beno; boney boy, Fred
Bank to Be Located Today.
The location of the proposed new bank
to be established In this city by the Na
tional Bank of Commerce of Bt. Louis Is
expected to be decided upon today. The
representatives of the St. Louis bank, it
Is understood, have narrowed down their
selection to two sites on Pearl and Main
streets. The choice is now said to lay
between the Dodge property Just south
rf the Baldwin block and the Stewart
building. Both of three properties have
frontages on Pearl and Main streets..
O. B, Baker, one of the representatives
of the St. Louis bank, denied yesterday the
report that the purchase of one of the
local banks had been contemplated and
said that It was the Intention from the
first to start an entirely new bank.
fiood Seed I'rodnres Itrsnlta,
Trof. P. O. Holdi n or th Iowa state
college nt Anion, who is making a tour of
the stste, visiting county fairs and other
gatherings for the purpose of Instructing
farmers In the cultivation of corn, with
special reference to the Selection of S'ed,
was In the city yesterday, accompanied by
Joseph TrlRg of Pes Moines and W. R.
Perkins of Ames.
Mr. Holdon said teat preaching the gospel
of good seed was already commencing to
bear fruit, s an Improvement rould be
marked In the quality of Iowa corn. He
made the assertion that the carful selec
tion of seed for the n"xt few years would
double the quantity and quality of the
Iowa crcii.
Anotbor Chapter of JJeyelopmenU in Korth
weeiera Life and Trait Compeny.
City Coancll Passes Favorably on
llrenery Petition, but Fight
Against It is to Be
Kept I P.
Blah School Faenlty MeeMna.
The members of the high school faculty
have been called to meet with Principal
Thomas this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the
high school for a general conference In
regard to the work for the new school
year, which commences next Monday.
This morning nt 9 o'clock all teachers
will meet with the principals of the re
spective buildings to which they have been
assigned for the purpose of preparing for
the opening of school. '
Ileal F.state Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The
Be September 8 by the Title Guaranty and
Trust company cf Council Bluffs:
Ella Flack and husband to F. C.
Louge, nwV, se'4, nc'i wt, part
s'4j nwVi nnd part nw swV, 11-75-
4.1. q. c. d 11,542
Etta Chapman to Nina Rpnur, lot 24.
block 8, Sackett's addlton to Council
Bluffs, la., w. d 750
Two transfers, total $2,291
Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday
to the following:
Name and Residence. Age.
John Roost, Mlnden. la
Catherlnna Arp. Mlnden, la.
Hugo pteffnn, Mlnden. Ia
Llzxlo Krohn, Mlnden, Ia
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 230. Night, F667.
Davis sells drugs.
Btoekeft sells carpets,
numbing and heating. Bixby aV Son.
Drs. Woodbury, dentists, SO Pearl street
Woodrlng-Sehmldt. undertakers. Tel. 339.
Leffert's Improved torlo lenses give satis
faction. Choice pictures for wedding gifts. C. E.
Alexander, 333 B'way.
Merry Mav eamn No. 8 .Tuninr iVAm
tot America, will meet this evening.
wignt school Western Iowa college opens
September 18. Office open evenings.
Western Iowa college fall term now open.
Enroll any week day. Catalogue free.
Farms for sale all sizes, easy term
Squire ft Annls. Council Bluffs. Iowa.
Fryer Printing Co., 31 Main. Tel. 205. Let
us figure on your next order of printing.
H. A. Qulnn has purchased the McKesson
property on Oakland avenue and will
shortly occupy it.
For sale, a horse, young, gentle, sound,
broke double and single, fast. Mar. Bourl
clus, 336 West Broadway.
Rev. Henry DeLong's Industrial school
will meet this afternoon'at i o'clock at the
new mission, lOiW Avenue F.
Miss Marcla Waples, recently elected
teacher of Oerman In the high school, has
arrived from Dubuque.
Save money Buy your paints and var
nishes at Berwick's, 211 8. Main St. Tel.
Sa. All goods guaranteed.
On the ground floor. Morehouse ft Co.,
printers and binders, are In their new
building now. IS North Main St.
The new finding lists ordered bv the
library board have been completed and will
be ready for distribution In about a week.
Contractor E. A. Wlckham has completed
the paving on Fletcher avenue and has
commenced vork on North Second street.
Wanted, three stenographers (young
men) si saiuries xo, ' and i& a month,
respectively. Call at Western Iowa college
Mrs. E. E. Harvey, who was called here
by the death of her father. County Sur
veyor Thomas Tostevln, returned yesterday
to her home in Denver.
Edward Mnrgal drove over a transit be
longing to City Engineer Etnyre Thursday
afternoon and seriously damaged the in
strument. Morgal claimed the accident was
due to Ills defective eyesight.
Mrs. Susan Morris of Weston, this county,
has been brought to Mercy hospital, In this
city, suffering from the dislocation and
fracture of a shoulder, caused by falling on
a sidewalk. Mrs. Morris Is C6 years of age.
The suit of Robert Little against Potta
wattamie county( In which he seeks to re
cover damages placed at 8-UOtiO for per
sonal Injuries received by driving through
a defective county bridge, has been spe
cially assigned for trial before Judge Oreen
at Atlantic Cass county, next Monday.
Despite the crowds at the carnival the
city has so far been free from crime and
no arrests have been made. No reports of
pocket picking or other robberies have been
made to the police and the department Is
consequently feeling much elated. For the
carnival week Major Richmond has In
creased the force and the night detail has
been more than doubled, with the result
that the city has been more thoroughly
Harrison County to Hold Fair.
LOGAN, la., Sept. 8. (Special.) The an
nual exhibition of the Harrison County
Agricultural society will be held at the
fair grounds near Missouri Valley on
October 2. 3. 4 and 6. The first day will be
entry day. At the race track $1,750 will be
awarded as prizes for speed. The officers
of the society this year are as follows:
President, E. F. James of Missouri Valley;
vice president, Frank Zahner of Modale;
secretary W. H. Wlthrow of Missouri Val
ley; treasurer, W. J. Burke of Missouri
Valley; superintendent of grounds, William
Treuflnd; superintendent of hull, N. L.
Lawrence of Magnolia; superintendent of
speed, Sam Balrd of Dunlap.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Ia., E.upt. 8.-(Speclal.)
Another chapter was written In tho Insur
ance squabbles of the stockholders of this
state and the officers and authorities of the
i Northwestern Life and Trust company
I when it was learned thnt all the men who
went to Minneapolis at the time of the nb
: sorption of the Northwestern Life and Sav
ings with the Minneapolis vomimny are to
I be relieved of their places with the com
I pany.
' Cordy Heeler, one of the best known of
! the Insurance men of the city, was relieved
I of his place roon after the change wns ef
I fecttd and at the beginning of the month
j all but one of the other men were sent
I notices that their services would not be
i needed after the lStli Inst.
The nrtarw' rf Tl P WlftRi" In thm fltv
disclosed that he would not be a member of
the force of the Minneapolis company after
the first of the year. Witter has been the
strongest opponent of the methods of the
company nnd as his contract with the com
pany expires at the end of the year the de
cision has been reached that he will not be
a member of the force for another year.
Street Railway Makes Appeal.
Following the announcement of the suit
of the Civic league to make the City Rail
road company and the Interurban com
pany secure a franchise If they continue
to operate their cars on the city streets the
companies have taken an appeal to the
business Interests of the city, declaring
that the suit will have the effect of put
ting a stop to the Interurban development
of the city. They show that they had 300
miles of Interurban planned, which would
give the city a population of TBO.ono more
than they can reach directly at this time.
In the meantime the company Is being
assured by press, league and people that
all that is wanted is a fair understanding,
the withdrawal of the half-doxen parts of
franchises that are in partial operation at
this time and the substitution of a new
franchise at this time.
Brewery Petition Passed.
The petition for the establishment of a
brewery has passed the city council with
the loss of about 300 names and the pro
moters of the brewery claim that the rent
of the names are good. There Is still a
chance for the anti-brewery forces to get
enough men to withdraw to invalidate the
petition and the opposition believe they
will be able to do this.
lovrana Lead Western Shooters.
The Iowa team to Sea Girt arrived home
this morning, tired by the three weeks'
Jaunt, but more than happy in the place
they received in the competition. Two
of the Iowa men ranked among the first
twelve of the shoot. Lieutenant Albert
Bowen of Waucon and Sergeant Fred HIrd
of Dubuque being the men.
In individual shooting the Iowa team
ranked eighth In the list and in the team
shoot they received a rank of fourteenth.
They were the highest in individual shoot
ing of any of the teams of the west.
Petit Jary for Avoca.
The following petit Jury for the district
court at Avoca for the September term,
which opens September 24. was drawn yes
terday: O. W. Cranev. Adam Eckert, C. C. Rob.
trie. H'nry MatrUs. Walnut J. E. For
sythe, E. Fmliurr. Canton; o. G. tauter.
Henderson: 8. K. Van. D. K.,
Grisold: Frank Blelcii. 6am D. Klais.
Joe Oreen, John Dugo, Avoca; C. B. H a-
soGTi;i::a syrup
Mbenaaedbr miuoasof Motaen for their
fiaiares vuiie Teeitiiiw f o.m- yif Tm
' "ruS "f" i7aI3 1 & Ui
Fraternal Society Electa.
MISSOCUI VALLEY, Ia., Sept. .-(Spe-clil.)
The local chapter of the Knights
and Ladles of Security have elected the fol
lowing officers: President, L. L. Hosklns!
first vice president, Mrs. Gumb: second vice
president, Mrs. Charles Treuflnd: prelate,
Mrs. Ed Casey; conductor, Mrs. J. N.
Fltsglbbon; flninclat secretary, Mrs. L. A.
Lewis; corresponding secretary. Mrs. J. C.
Conroy; treasurer, Charles Treuflnd; trus
tees. Mrs. J Brtnker, I. W. Myers and M.
Mcintosh; Indoor sentry, Mrs. Sullivan;
outer sentry, M. Haley.
Fraternal Picnic at I. nam a.
LOQAN, la., Sept. (Special.) Many
preparations are now being made for the
fraternal picnic to be held here on Thurs
day. September 14, by the Modem Wood
men of America and the Royal Neighbors
of America. Hon. F. K. Korna. state lec
turer for the Modern Woodmen of Amer
ica, and Dr. Cora Wlttlch. state lecturer
for the Royal Neighbors of America, will
be the orators of the day. A program of
sports will be rendered In the afternoon
and $- In prises will be awarded for these
Two Doctors Indicted.
MARSHALLTOWN, la., Sept. . (Spe
cial.) Two doctors giving the names of
Kraus and Anwlme were indicted by the
grand Jury here this morning. They are
charged with Leing Itinerant vendors and
with practicing medicine without a license.
They furnished bvnds to the amount of
11, -U0 each.
Fatally Hnrt tn Well,
PORTSMOUTH, la., Sept. .-(Speclal
Telegram.)-Wesley Knauss, a wealthy and
prominent farmer living, seven miles from
this city, met with an accident today which
will probably cost him his life. He was
down In a well on the farm of a neighbor
when a heavy Iron bucket fell on him.
Knauss was looking up when It fell and
the heavy bucket struck him In the face,
breaking the cheek bones, both Jaws and
nis nose. He was brought to this city,
where his Injuries were dressed by Dr.
Doyle, but there is little hope for his re
covery. Missouri Valley Schools Open,
MISSOURI VALLET, Ia.,-ept. .-(Spe-clal.)
The Missouri Valley public schools
are now in full blast and the attendance
has reached 700. The First and Third
ward schools have the same attendance.
Delegate to Farmers' Congress
WOODBINE, la., Sept. 8.-(Specla'l.)-Oovemor
Cummins has appointed Peter
Lewis, a prominent farmer living near
Woodbine, as a delegate to the National
Farmers' congress, which meets next week
at Richmond, Va.
Captain G. It. Itnston.
CENTERVILI.E. Ia- Sept. 8 -(Speclal.)
News wrs received here this morning of
the death of Captain G. R. Huston of
Allerton, Ia. Interment will be in this
city Saturday. Captain Huston was a
prominent Grand Army of the Renubllc
man. a member of the Thirty-sixth Iowa.
He leaves a wife and seven children and
seventeen grandchildren. He was the
father of J. K. Huston, editor of the Cen
tervllle Citizen.
John Albert Copeland,
WOODBINE, Ia.. Sept. 8-(Speclal.)
John Albert CopVland, aged 19, only son of
W. E. Copeland. died here this week and
was buried In the ' local cemetery. Rev.
C. N. Dawson of the Methodist Episcopal
church delivered the funeral address. The
deceased . graduated last year from the
Woodblpe Normal s hool and at the time
of his death was attending the 8lmpson
Conservatory- of Music at Indianola.
General A. oa Bowaslawskl.
BERLIN, Sept. 8. -Lieutenant General
A. von Boguslawski, well reputed as a
military writer since his retirement in 1&90
and an officer whose opinions were often
quoted by the Associated Press during the
Russo-Japanese war, died yesterday, aged
71 years.
Chief of Police of Davenport.
DAVENPORT, la.. Sept 8.-(Special.)-Frank
Kessler, for twenty-two years the
chief of the Davenport police force, died
at his home here this morning from a
stroke of apoplexy. He has not been a
member of the .force for a year or two.
John Woods.
WAUNETA. Neb., Sept. T. (Special Tele
gram.) John Woods, a prominent rallroaj
contractor and owner of large ranch inter
ests in Chose county, died suddenly at his
home near Wauneta at o'clock this evening.
Fairbanks at Oyster Bay.
OYSTER BAY. L. I., Sept. 8-Vlce Presl
dent Fafrbanks called on the president to-'
duy. Lis visit was purely personal. -
Bee Want Ads are the Best Business
Tavitart Caso to Arsrameat.
WOOSTER, O,. 8.-The final testi
mony in the Tagart divorce case has bwn
taken and the arguments will begin tbis
afternoon. The only witnesses examined
today were Detective F. F. Dow. who was
r-cl!ed by the defer.... and William Tsg
grt. No new facts of Importance devt-1-o:d
Two days will be allowed fur arguments.
San Francisco. Los Angeles. Portland. Seattle $25.00
Spokane and Eastern Washington $22.50
Butte. Helena and Salt Lake City $20.00
Cody. Wyo., (Big Horn Basin)... $16.75
Daily tourist sleepers and through car service Omaha to Montana and Puget
Sound points. Daily through tourist sleepers Omaha to California, via Denver,
Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City and Southern Pacific. Tourist sleepers from
Omaha Thursdays and Fridays are personally conducted.
Daily through tourist sleeping car service from Omaha to Los Angeles via
Denver, scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City, thence to Southern California over the
San Pedro Route.
Through tourist sleepers from Omaha every Saturday night for Southern
California via Kansas City and the Santa Fe Route.
These tourist sleepers provide high grade 1 facilities at half the rates for
standard sleepers. The cost of double berth Omaha, or from Nebraska points, to
the Coast is but $5.7.
Let me send you folders about these colonist rates and our through service.
Describe to me your trip and let me advise you the least cost and the best
way to make it.
J. B. REYNOLDS, City Passenger Agent, 1502 Farnam St., Omaha.
Foremost Yankee Father of 7 Years
Fondles a Baby Boy and
Says Things.
Ephraim Wright Is New Hampshire's
foremost opponent - of race suicide. He Is
17, and when a reporter called on him at
his cottage In Acworth he was playing with
his 17-month-old son, who crowed joyously
on his knee.
"This Is my little boy, Raymond Alfred
Wright, and he looks just aa I did when
I was a youngster," said the youngest old
man of Sullivan county.
Sullivan county has always been noted
for Its vigorous old men, but Farmer
Wright holds the record. He cultivates
his eighty-acre slde-hlll farm with the same
vigor with which he raises a family.
Tn 1S92 Mr. Wright married Miss Nellie
M. Jennings, who was then 27. The hus
band had already seen almost three-quarters
of a century roll over the mountains.
Nevertheless three children have blessed
the union. The first two died, but the last
one, born after his father had passed
four vore and five years, promises to have
a long life.
Mr. Wright was born In Newport, N. H.,
In WIS and at 25 married a Vermont girt,
by whom he had four children, who grew
up. but who are now all dead. Had they
live and had children at the usual age
those grandchildren might now have chil
dren who would be older than their great
grandfather's latest son.
"I used to carry on a farm of 150 acres of
tillage," said Mr. Wright, "but have a
sore leg now and eighty acres Is all I can
tend to well. I do like to put things Into
the ground and see them grom
"I have knocked off cider because I think
It makes trouble with my leg. T like a
sip of something hsrd once In a while and
when I can get It I always take brandy.
It makes you feel warm and makes a man
"You don't think drink shortens life?"
"That Is an old woman's whim," re
sponded the 87-year-old parent of a baby,
with a chuckle. "It has not shortened my
life and I have taken a nip ever since I
was a youngster. Jam going to take It
just as long as I want it.
"But liquor is not what It used to be.
You have to drink more to get the same
effect. I never got drunk, but I always
keep a bottle in the house and when the
spirit moves me I take something."
"How about tobacco?"
"Just the same. 1 have smoked and
chewed since I was 18. A chew between
meals tastes good. The trouble with this
generation In using liquor and tobacco Is
that the boys start In at too fast a clip
and get shipwrecked. Moderate use pro
longs life."
"What advice would you give young
people In regard to eating?"
"Well, feeding has always been my
stronghold. I can put away more potatoes
than any one of my family. Codfish and
cream spread over four potatoes makes a
good breakfast. Corn cakes are the thing
for steady bread, with wheat biscuits when
the minister calls."
The old man admitted that turkey was
good enough for Thanksgiving and plum
pudding for Christmas, but stuck to It that
codfish, eornbread and potatoes, with hard
cider for a beverage and hard liquor and
tobacco between meals, were all that was
needed to enable one to live long, conduct
a farm and raise children. New York Sun.
Victor Okaw, owned bv Dr. N. B. Poulter
of Illinois, handled by W. J. Wilson.
Accident tn Aoto Race.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Bept. 8. At the
height of a spurt In which Walter Christie
expected to lower the automobile record
for the Atlantic City beach course today
the four rear cylinders of the car blew
out, wrecking the motor. Christie and a
companion who sat almost over the cylin
ders escaped serious Injury, although
Christie was struck In the back by a flying
piston, which penetrated the steel shield
pack of tils seat. Another piece of flying
steel tore a gash In the hand of Walter
Jones, who was assisting Christie in run
ning the car. Christie, fearing to apply
the brakes, ran Into the soft sand, where
the two men tumbled out.
Great Law Salt Decided.
The supreme court, the people, has de
cided that Dr. King's New Discovery wina
against coughs and colds. 60 cents and fl.
For sale by Sherman & MoConncll Drug.
rnloa pael.o.
Tjeavo. Arrive.
Overland Limited .......a :40 am a 8:11 pm
California Express a 4:10 pm a 9.30 am
California ft Oregon Ex. a 4 X pm a 1:10 pm
North Platte Local a 7: jo am a 6:20 pm
Fast Mall a S:St am a S:S0 pm
Colorado Special a 7:46 am a 7:44 am
Beatrice Local b 1:15 cm b 1:80 pm
ana in.
St. Louis Express 8:30 pm 1:20 am
Bt. jxuls Local (from
Council Bluffs) :U am 10:80 pm
Shenandoah Local (from
ccuncu tiuiTBj i: cm 1:50 pm
Chicago, a3k
a 8:35 am
a 7:3i am
,.bll:4.1 am
..a :S0 pro
Pa ci He.
Chicago Limited
Chicago Express ....
Chicago Ex.. Local..
les Moines Express
Des Moines Local...
Chicago Fast Express . .a t:40 pra a
Rocky Mountain Lim'd..a T: am
Colorado Express a 1:30 pm
Oklahoma ft Texas Ex. a i-M pm
Colorado Night Ex a tM cm
Chicago, Milwaakea 4k It. Paal.
Chicago Daylight Ex.. .a 7S am all 00 pre
lallloriua-uregon ex ...a :s pin
Overland Limited a 8:86 pin
Illinois Central.
Chicago Express a 7:25 am
Chicago Limited a 7i6J pm
Minn, ft St. Fau.1 Ex....b 7:26 am
Minn, ft St. Fsul Ltd. ..a 7:60 pm
Missoarl rarlaa.
Bt. Louis Express a 9:00 am
K. C. ft St. L. Ex aU:ls pm
l blcago A Northwestern.
Local Chicago ail JO am
Fast Mall I lit un
Diu(ru Si Faul a 7.W ..-
L'aylight Chicago a t.W) am
Limueu Chicago a 4.34 pm
Local Carroll a 4. va
Fast St. Faul a
Local Sioux C. ft St. V. a l.uO pm
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a 7:10 am
a 8:W pm
a :I0 pm
bll:M am
9:65 pm
a SO am
a 4:6o pm
aU:40 am
a 7 J6 am
a 8:10 pm
a 7:36 am
ai0:3i pm
a 4:08 am
Dl0:8a pm
a 8;ut pm
a 1:80 am
a 6:w pm
Chicago Express a b.W pm
Norfolk ft Uouesteel ....a ?:fc iin
Lincoln ft Long Pine 7:10 am
Casper ft Wyoming 2 50 pm
Deadwood ft Lincoln ....x 2:61 pm
Hasilngs-Alblon b 2.60 pm
Dea M. ft Okobojl Ex. ..a 76 am
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6:8b am
10 .oo pm
11 ft pm
9:16 am
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8:60 pm
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10:40 pm
e:18 pm
LblMis Groat W oatera.
8l Paul ft Minn a s.SO pm a 7:16 ass
t. Paul ft Minn a 7:t6 am a 7:6 pm
Chicago Limited a 6:w pui alv:iu am
Chioo impress . 6.06 am a 9.JU pm
One Faro to Hot vrlags. Ark.
plus 82 for round trip, dally, good for 80
days. 8ummer Is the best time for treat
ment. Ask any ticket agent.
Alpine I .ad Heads Prise Wlaaers.
O'NEILI Neb.. Sept. 8. (Special Tele
grain.) The prise winners' rice in the
cuursing matcli was completed today and
prises awarded as follows:
First prise V, won by Alpine Ixid.
ow n"d hy Sol Proctor of Indiana, handled
by Kd Garr.
Second prise. 75. won by Bret's Sport,
owned and handled by Charles Asklns of
O Neill.
Tt.ird prise. 850. divided between Count's
Clip, owned by H. A. Klrby of la
laud, haudled by W. H. UauirauuU, aud
Denver ft California a t.m pm
Northwest Express ...,aU:10 pm
Nebraska points a 6.60 am
Llaoolu Fast Mail b 2:67 pin
Ft. Crook ft ruttsct'th b I U pm
beilevue ft Plaitsm lu..a 7.60 pm
Itellevue ft Pac. Juno....al2:16 pm
beilevue ft Pac Juno.. ..a am
Denver LimKed
Chicago Special a 7 26 am
ChwiMlo Express a 4 00 pm
Chicago Flyer a 6:us pm
Iowa Local a 9:15 am
tit. Louis Expresa a 4:41 pm
Kansas City ft St. Joe..ai0:46 pio
Kansas City ft SL Jus. .a 9:16 am
Kansas City ft Su Joe-.a 4.46 pm
8 89 pm
a 8:04 pm
a l:i0 pm
atf;t pm
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a 7:10 am
a'i':65 'pm
a t.26 pm
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Make it pleasant
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AT The Mod Pop
whrBuBtm Beef
Telephone fJ2Q
Nebraska Local, via leave. Arrive.
Weeping Water b 2 60 p:a bl2 80 pm
Chlcaao. St. Pnal, aflnaeapolia 4k
Twin City Passenger... b 9 80 am b 9:19 turn
Bloux City Passenger.. .a 8.00 pm aU:0am
Oaaiand Local d 6.46 ira am
a dally, b dally except Sunday, d daiis
cil aattuday, tUiif eaoept Monday,
From September 13, to October 31, IOCS
2? ur your ticket read over thit line
. , Inquire at
Phona 316.