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Uty ConQoil Fftei Twntj-ronrth Street
Eond Ordinance.
Advertisement lntrrtr at One la
Asking for Tenders l to
the Evening; ol Sen.
lmb,r 11.
"en the city eouncll met yesterday the
twenty-fourth street paving bond ordi
nance M pissed. Mayor Koutsky at
once signed the document and City Clerk
tiillln was Instructed to advertise for Mda
Jor the bonda. The advertisement for theae
ond It now running In The Bee. Blda
will be received from bond buyera u to
p. m Beptember 11. Each bid must be
iccompanled by a certified check for $1,000
.nd the mayor and council reaervea the
. Ifht to reject any or all blda. la order
j pass thla bond ordinance thla week three
adjourned meetings of the council were
l.eld, commencing with Wedneaday night.
Tin ee bonda are divided Into two portion.
One Issue la for i.000 general Indebtedneaa
bonds to be Issued In the denomination of
VO each and to be numbered from 1 to
1J0. The other issue Is Intersection paving
bonds In the sum of 20,0O0, each bond to
be for 1600 and numbered from 1 to 40 In
clusive. Both aeries draw Interest at the rate of
4 per oent per annum. Interest It payable
March and Beptember each year at the state
fiscal agency In New York. These bonds
bear date of Beptember 1 and run for
twenty years. The municipality of courae
reserves the rlitht to redeem the bonda at
the expiration of five years. This clauae
Is Inserted In all bonds Issued by South
Omaha. Judging from the spirited bidding
when the Missouri avenue paving bonds
were sold there will be quite an Inquiry
from bond buyera for theae securities.
Laying; Brick Sidewalk.
Ous Hamil, the city permanent sidewalk
contractor, has been engaged all the week
putting down brick sidewalks on Twenty
fifth and Twenty-sixth streets, from J
street north to the city limits. These walks
are being laid mostly In front of the prop
erty of nonresidents who have either acr
ranged with Hamll or where notices have
not been given attention. In the latter
cnse the cost of lnylng the walks will be
taxed to the abutting property.
Several miles of permanent walks have
been laid In South Omaha this year, as the
work commenced almost as soon as the
frost was out of the ground. It la Im
possible to tell at thla time the total length
of permanent walks In the city, .as the
work will not be measured until this kind
of work ceases In the fall.
An attempt was made to have cinder,
walks laid In some portions of the city
where the streets were not to grade, but
property owners objected to this kind of
walk and many of the ordinances for the
laying of cinder walks are being held up
by the Judiciary committee and will not
be taken out of the pigeon holes thla year.
Club Electa O racers.
Thursday evening the Highland Park
Improvement club met at the Lincoln
school building for th purpose of electing
officers and talking over Improvement mat
ters. . The officers: J. M. Guild, president;
Charles A. Dunham, vice president; H.
D. Waldo, secretary; O. K. Paddock, treas
urer. C. W. Miller A. L. Hunter. J. F.
Chase, T. J- Bulllvan and C. W. Smith
constitute the executive committee. One
of the Improvements talked over was tha
grading of F street west from Twenty
alxth street aid also the grading' o the
north end of Twenty-seventh street. R
waa decided to hold a picnic at Highland
park some evening soon. This picnic will
be for the residents In the Highland Park
Improvement club district.
Vnloa Pacific Pays Taxes.
City Treasurer Howe received a check
from the Union Pacific yesterday for
15,403 as payment In full for the paving
tax on Railroad avenue. Thla paving tax
1 due In ten annual Installments, but tha
railroad officials decided to pay the en
tire tax at one, thus getting the matter
out of the way. When the queatlon of
vacating a portion of Twenty-seventh
street between M and N streets for depot
purpose waa before the council a member
of the Commercial club opposed the pass
ing of the ordinance on the ground that
It had been rumored that the Union Pa
cific .intended to conteat the legality of
the Railroad avenue paving tax. The pay
ment of the entire eum yesterday shows
that the railroad company probably had
no Intention of going to law about thla
paving tax.
Matlo City Uosalp.
J. A. Cavers Is spending a short vaca
tion In Canada. s
Sherman R. Cox has returned from a
trip to the Pacific coast.
James H. Bulla is In South Dakota look
ing after some land claims.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Burke are entertaining
Mra. Charlea Tanner of Memphis.
Edward Hanlon haa gone to Newcaatle,
Wyo., where he haa aecured a good posi
tion. Martin Tlghe la reported to be danger
ualy 111 at his home. Twenty-fifth and O
Praising Ood" will be Dr. Tlndalle
morning topic at the First Methodist Epis
copal church Sunday.
Mrs. Charlea E. Scarr and eon. Bernard,
have returned from Iowa, where they
visited friends for a week.
Rev. W. D. Patton will occupy the pul
pit at the First Presbyterian church Sun
day morning. - No evening service.
If a South Omaha resident wants to start
somethlngyjust ask Senator Olbson about
that ball game at Manawa Thursday.
Rev. George Van Winkle has returned
from a month's vacation apent In the east
and will occupy his pulpit at the First
Uaptlst church Sunday.
Funeral, services over tha remains of
John C. Carroll were held at St. Brldget'a
church Friday forenoon. Interment waa
at Holy Sepulchre cemetery.
John Whalen, son of Mrs. Mary Whalen,
SM South Twenty. fourth atreet, died at
Kansss City Thursday. The remains will
be brought to South Omaha for Inter
ment. or
got back and found
too many shirts in
stock.! .... all $1.50, -fl.75
and f2.00.....
S S3 1 ITS
107 South Glxteenth
Oonntj Judge Formally Denies Request to
Appoint Appraiien.
Jndo SlabanaTh Will Go to Supreme
Coart of State and Try to Make
Inheritance Tax Law
Judge Vlnsonhaler Friday morning de
nied the demand of County Attorney SU
baugh for the oppolntment of appraisers
for estates now In courae of probate or
which have been probated since 1901. The
county attorney will go to the state su
preme court for a writ of mandamus on
the county court as soon as the Justices of
the aupreme court return to the state capi
tal early In September.
The writ will cite Judge Vlnsonhaler to
show cause why he should not appoint the
appraisers as enjoined by the state Inheri
tance tax law. It Is thought the high court
of the state will take early action In the
matter because of the Importance of the
case and because all the counties In the
state are vitally Interested In the final de
cision on1 the constitutionality of the law.
The order denying the request of the
county attorney, signed by Judge Vlnson
haler, to make up the agreed cane 'for' the
supreme court, sets out that the appoint
ment of appraisers Is denied, "for the
reason that said Inheritance tax law Is un
constitutional and void and no Inheritance
tax or contribution contemplated by such
statute Is therefore due from said estate of
Roxena Kendall, or any property of said
While the order made applies only to the
Kendall estate. It was agreed at the con
ference of attorneys and administrators
last Tuesday that the right or wrong of
the state law should be decided for all the
estates Involved by the aupreme court de
cision in this case.
Water Consumers Should Refnseto
Settle at Thlrty-flve-Cent Rat
and Take Chances.
Cltlsena In large numbers are keeping the
city legal department busy answering ques
tions about the water bills which the com
pany has been presenting at the 35 cent rate,
despite the order of the Water board cut
ting It to 26 cents per 1,000 gallons. The
uniform response from the department
advises the customer to pay 29 centa for
every 1,000 gallons; to pay no more, and
If the company threatena to turn off the
water to dare the corporation to do lta
"Many of the persons who come In here
perplexed at what they shall do are poor
and Ignorant," said the city attorney.
"They have heard a rumor that something
has been done to the water rates. They
and many others who have not even heard
reports to this effect, do not read the news
papers or keep Informed on current news.
They don't understand the matter at all,
and It is fair to presume that most of
them pay their bills at the old rate, not
being aware that they do not have to do
"No one should allow himself to be bull
dosed Into paying for water at water rates
contrary to those ordered by the Water
Meat Owned Stock of Merchandise
Burned In Cnr at
' Pender.
A car loaded with merchandise was dis
covered to be on fire at about 7 o'clock
yesterday morning In the yards of the
Omaha road at Pender. The car was
loaded with the goods of A. Spigle and
David Helphand, who have conducted a
general store at Pender, but recently dis
continued buslneaa there and had pre
pared their goods for shipment to Council
Bluffs, where they were to continue their
The officials of the road hold to the
theory It waa a case of arson, and Special
Agents M. D. Breanan and Oscar Troy
were put on the case. They came to
Omaha and placed A. Spigle of 13 South
Eighteenth atreet and David Helphand
of 1821 Nicholas street under arrest, with
the assistance of Detectives Patullo and
Pending a further Investigation of the
case tn two men are being held at the
city Jail on a charge of being suspicious
characters. They both positively deny any
knowledge of the origin of the Are.
Memory of William Renlaaon.
William Robinson, who died at Papilllon
waa a figure In some of the earliest politi
cal fights in Douglaa reuoty. He lived
for years at Bellevue ami as a atanrh
defender of that town's rights to the
rapltol as opposed to Omaha. He Is well
remembered here by the old timers and
was a past master of Nebraska lodge No.
1 of the Masons, holding the nfllce from
1T74 to 17. A number of old Masonic and
ether friends will go to Pepilllun to attend
IUe funeral liu moral U- at 1 o'clock.
Roping the Cattle.
Heannrd Gives His Version.
HOT SPRINGS, S. D.. Aug. 24. To the
Editor of The Beei I have read your ac
count of the hearing1 of Father James
Hayea before Judge Cook, charged with
criminal assault, In your Issue of August
tl. Tour report says: "There not being any
evidence against him" the case was dis
missed.. "An old grudge acema to have been
the cause of his arreet."
Please permit me to say through the col
umna of your paper that I have no grudge
against Father Hayea and never have had,
having had very little acquaintance or deal
ing with him. It Is not correct for you to
say there was no evidence against him. It
Is true the magistrate ruled out the dying
declaration of Mrs. Marie Hesnard, as not
proper evidence, and that the remaining
evidence waa circumstantial and stajements
made by Mrs. Hesnard to others soon after
the events complained of; but that there
was aome evidence la shown by the fact
that the state's attorney prosecuted the
case, the police Judge Issued a warrant
for the arrest of Father Hayes after the
facts were submitted to him and that the
police Judge refused the application of the
defendant to have the costs taxed to me.
Biggest Lot Eve Brought Into Omiaa
Consists of Three Carloads
from Japan.
One of the biggest shipment of tea ever
received In Omaha In one lot came to Pax
ton 4 Gallagher's warehouse yesterday. It
consists of three car loads, or 1,500 half
chests of Japan tea, the first to arrive of
the May, 1905, picking. It Is put up under
customer's special label and will be sent
to the retail trade at once. A large force
will be busy this afternoon, which la or
dinarily a half holiday, and all day Bun
day "marking up" the tea. Moat of it
will be sent out, by Monday night.
Terrlfle Fate.
It'a a terrific fate to suffer from sertoua
bowel trouble. Ward It off with Dr. King
mew uie nils. 28 cents.- For aale
Sherman dt McConnell Drug Co.
Plus 12 for round trip, dally, good for 30
days. Summer la the beat time for treat
ment. Aak any ticket agent
fO.SO to Clear Lake and Return
Chicago Great Western Railway.
Tlcketa on aale every Friday and Satur
day. Final return limit the following Mon
day. Good fishing, boating, bathing and
other outdoor sports. Reasonable hotel
rates. Tourist sleeping cars run on Satur
day night train. For further Information
apply to S. D. Parkhurst. Q. A.. 1513 Far
nam street, Omaha, Neb.
of tka Longresf Stretches
Doable Truck in tho Wold
under one
management la that of
Grand Trunk Railway Syatem from Chi
cago to Montreal and to Niagara Falls
The Grand Trunk-Lehigh Valley Double
Track Route via Niagara Falls reaches
from Chicago to New York.
Descriptive literature, time tables, etc,
will be mailed free on application to Oeo
W. Vaux, A. Q. P. T. A.. Grand Trunk
Railway System, 138 Adam St.. Chicago.
St. Pant and nttars
and return
tH. to
and return
IIS. 75
via The North-Weatem Lin
City Office 1401-1403
Farnam Street
Excursion, Chicago o Philadelphia.
Over Pennsylvania Short Lines. Tickets
on sale September 15-lo-lTth. Good returning
until September 26th. Return limit may be
extended to October 6th If deposited with
Joint agent Philadelphia Immediately on
arrival, upon payment of one dollar. Rate
one fare for the round trip plus one dollar.
Full Information of Tboa. H. Thorp, T. P.
A., ti V. S. Bank building, Omaha.
Iowa State Fair.
For this occasion the Rock Island will
sell excuralon tlcketa to De Moines and
return at one far for the round trip.
Datea of rale, August 24 to September 1,
Inclusive; return limit. September 2. Trains
leave Omaha 185 a. m.. T:1B a. m, 11 W
a. m.. 4:30 p. m. and 1.40 p. m. For fur
ther Information call or address
.133 Famam Street, Omaha, Neb.
The funeral of William Robinson will
be held at hi late residence In Paplllion at
IS a. m.. Saturday. Masonic Brthren will
conduct services at the cemetery.
Harry B. Davia, undertaker. Tel. ITT.
wedding rlai. X4i4uUq, j weler.
Omaha, Wboleials Lumber Hen Eaj The
Do Hot Control Retail Prices.
These Statements Are Brought Out
In View at the Report that
Norrls Brown May
Begin Artlon. ,
Several of the leading wholesale dealers
and Jobbers of lumber were interviewed
Friday morning relative to the alleged
Lumber trust Into whose transactions At
torney General Norrls Brown proposes to
Inquire and relative to the statement com
ing from Lincoln that they are In collusion
with lumber scalpers for the purpose of
annoying the retail lumber dealers out In
the state. The Omaha wholesalers gener
ally deny the allegation that they make and
control the prlcea of lumber In the state.
They Intimate that their relations with the
retailers a.e amicable and they wish to
keep them so. They are subject to the
prlcea established by the lumber manufac
turers and have little or nothing to do with
making pricea.
"The statement that the wholesalers and
Jobbera of lumber In Omaha are Seeking
to control prlcea la absurd on Its face,"
said George A. Hoagland. "In the first
place, all prices are made by the lumber
manufacturers and not by the dealers. I
have nothing to do with acalpers, but at
tend to my own bualness without regard to
lumber associations. The Lumber Dealers'
association Is composed of the retail deal
er and the wholesalers have nothing to
do with the organisation."
Calls It an Absurdity.
"The statement that the wholesalers are
backing the scalpers Is an absurdity, and
no one knows that better than the man
who mado that statement," was the state
ment given out by the Bradford-Kennedy
company. "In fact, the wholesalers and
Jobbers would give their shirts to eliminate
the scalpers entirely from the business. We
do not control or make prices, for In the
very nature of things we cannot."
Manager Colpetier of the Chicago Lumber
company said:
"There Is not the slightest truth In the
statement that the wholesalers control the
prices of lumber or make them. If they
could control the prices they would gladly
do so, but they would do It In a legitimate
way. But wo cannot control prices. The
man who made the statement that the
Omaha wholesalers were back of the
scalpers don't know what he Is talking
about, and certainly does not know any
thing about the lumber business"
Manager White of the H. F. Cady
Lumber company said:
"The statement that the Omaha whole
salers are back of the scalpers Is absurd
on lta face. There la nothing In It and the
story Is an absurd one throughout We
could hardly afford to pay our traveling
men 32,600 per year to go about the state
to cut prices, or raise prices. The parties
responsible for the Irregularity of prices
are the scalpers and we have nothing to
do with them, nor do we want to."
larns About How the Wind Affects
the Headarenr of Soma Very
Prominent Men.
Three doleful hat atprles were told at the
city hall Friday.
I was coming downtown on a Farnam
street car last night , with Jack Phllbln,"
said Councilman Huntington. As the car
whlzxed down the. hill, east of Twenty.
fourth street Jack's, new straw hat blew
off and scooted down' the aisle of the car.
which was one of the closed variety. The
back platform was crowded with men, but
that hat seemed to find a hole In the eolld
phalanx aome place and It shot through
and out on the pavement At least we sup
posed It struck the pavement sooner or
later. We could not see. The conductor
didn't get the car stopped until we reached
Twentieth, and then Jack decided to let
hi lid rest in peace. If anyone is wearing
a nice, new hat that doesn't belong to him.
picked up on Farnam street, It's Phllbln's."
"Huh." said Assistant City Attorney
Herdman, who had listened to the yarn.
"That's nothing. Not long ago I went down
here and bought a 36 Dunlap derby one
both stylish and respectable. It made me
feel a though I could meet the Russian
and Japanese peace envoys on perfectly
easy terms. Went Into a barber Shop, hung
the hat up. Fifteen minutes after buying
It I had no nice new hat.
"But- you can't keep a good man from
wearing a hat. Bo I went down to the
aame place and got another Juat Ilka the
first Another 15 paid out. That night I
had to see a client downtown. It rained:
also blew and waaery nasty. Tripping
across Farnam street I slipped on a cob
blestone and measured my length on the
paving. When I got back on my feet, wet
muddy and demoralised, my new hat No. t
had disappeared. I never found out where
It went.
"Then I bought the tougheat looking lid
In town for 31.60 and have It yet."
"You aee this hat," asked Councilman
Huntington. "Notice It Is of good straw,
but the cojor of vitrified paving brick. Just
bought It and wore It down the street.
First the dust blew In great clouds; then
It rained. I had a new looking hat exactly
twenty-seven minutes."
Four Omaha Men Will Go to Conven
tion at Portland, Convening;
In September.
B. J. Cantwell, national secretary of the
Letter Carrier' association, of Washing
ton, was In th city Thursday, enroute to
Portland, to attend the meeting of the na
tional association, to begin there the first
Monday In September. He waa accom
panied by his sister. Miss Cantwell, and
hi clerk, Mr. McGee of Washington. The
party left for Portland Thursday afternoon
via the Union Pacific. Omaha will be rep
resented at the national convention by Fred
Jorgensen. H. W. Lehmann, D. L. Camp
and A. P. Hansen as delegates, who will
leave here for Pwrtland Auguat 30, return
ing September It
Man Appears In Police Court Owning
Twenty-One mira of Trousers
and Yet la Law-Abiding.
It was demonstrated in police court Fri
day morning that a man may have twenty
one palra of trousers and yet remain a
law-abiding cltlsen. Joseph Myers was ar
rested as a suspicious character because
he had twenty-one pairs of trousers. When
arraigned In police court Friday morning
he satisfied Acting Police Judge Foster that
he traded two watches at Ames, Neb.,
for twenty-one pairs of trousers, expecting
to dispose of the nether garments In
Omaha at a profit.
DeOraw Will Be Here.
Postmaster H. E. Palmer haa received a
letter from Fourth Assistant Postmsster
Genersl P. V. DeOraw at Washington,
accepting the Invitation to be present at
the meeting of the Nebraska PoMinasier
convention tc be held In Omaha In June.
19. postmaster Palmer is tha n.w nr..i.
dent of ths slat) association and Intends
to make the meeting one of the moet
Boiav ever aeia py lit associativa.
Today your choice of several hundred pairs of high
grade pants that we have greatly reduced in price.
Men's Pants that sold up
$4 choice today,
Trunks and
Suit Cases
Suit Cases worth $2 now ....91.48
Suit Cases worth $2.60 now. . 91.89
Suit Cases worth now 92.08
Suit Cases worth 9A now 93.08
Suit Cases worth 910 now . . . .$0.08
Trunks worth $10 now 97.fi0
Trunks worth 915 now 910.00
TITT 10 P. M.
MffflBfO'Mlri'!Uf iTikB
Every one who goes to Colorado reports "a splendid
time." ' '
No wonder.
From the moment you get there until you leave the
days are fully taken up with splendid outdoor sports
a score of different forms of recreation.
And the Colorado air and sunshine, mountain scenery
and crystal drinking water constitute the best medicine
possible' to find.
Fast through trains on the Rock Island equipped with
standard and tourist Pullmans, wide-window, electric
lighted chair cars and coaches cooled by electric fans.
Direct line to Denver as well as to Colorado Springs
and Pueblo.
Lowest rates of the season in effect August 30th to
September 4th.
Full information at this office.
City Clerk Fiidi Something Else on Which
Ha Viedi Light.
Telia City Clerk. Sine He Has
A mule Leisure, to Go Take
Jump at Him
self. An opinion aa to whether or not tha
recent electric atreet lla-htlng contract 1
valid haa beert asked by City Clerk tlbourn
from City Attorney Ilreen. In view of the
kilter's recommendation that bids for 1.11
"Finds of atreet lighting should be requested
In the gas atreet lighting matter. Kl bourn
thinks he has discovered a gross Incon
sistency. No bids were sought for the
electric lighting and the contract was made
by accepting the 75 proposition from the
electric light company. The clerk's latest
demand upon the city attorney reads like
In your opinion to the city council and
Its street lighting committee of August 21.
1. relative to lighting the streets of our
city with gas, you say:
"Permit me to further recommend and
suggest that the city charter contemplates
thai, as fur as practicable, all supplies for
the city. Including lis supply of gas for
lighting, aa well as all other public necess
ities, shall be secured by and through com
petitive bidding. ... and, I. therefore,
recommend that when blda are again ad
vertised fur lighting the streets mat pro
posals be Invited nut only from, gas com
panies, but si no from electric limit com
panies anil all other kinds of street light
ing appliances which are leing aucesafully
ud throughout the coutry, and In (his
way and In this only can you secure com
petitive bidding."
la view of tUs foregoing, pleas furnish
Boys' School Suits that sold up to $4 tl CjfV
reduced to 1L
Today we will place on special sale several hundred rHolof and stylish boys' School
Suits that lire far botow regular value Tliejr . are- all the odds and ends of salts carried
over from last spring and fall together with seven lines of sample suits purchased from
several high class manufacturers. Thejr are the best values offered and an opportu
nity to save nearly two thirds on the boys school suits all styles 11 . ffJ Frt
sixes-worth np to $4.0O-TOIAY, CHOICE 4JI.JU
Men's Pants that sold up
choice today,
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Men's balbrlggan underwear Kf
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Men's fanry madras and percale En
shirts, 1 values reduced to cs
Boys' fancy colored and plain white
waists 75c values Qp
today at
:(: i. J""
P. Rutherford, D. P. A.
1323 Farnam Street, Omaha,
me your opinion, In writing, aa to whether
or hot. on April 11, 1906. the date of passage
and approval of ordinance No. 6478, provid
ing the contract for lighting the atreeta of
the city of Omaha with electricity and pre
acrlblng the terms of such contract, there
existed any authority for the making of
such contract without first asking for com
petitive bids, as recommended by you.
When the document was delivered to Mr.
Breen by the deputy city clerk, the latter
read It and looked ateadfastly out of the
window. Then he aald.
"You tell the city clerk to lock the doors
of his office and do no bualness until he
hears from me, leat the fair name of our
great city be Irreparably Injured. Then
say to him that being at leisure he may
go run and take a Jump at himself. Mean
while the nation lives and Cuba Is free."
Mas front Baltlsuore, Looted bjr the
Philistines, Hikes Back to
he Terrapla Ton a.
Samuel Nelso of Baltimore met three
men In Omaha Thursday evening and Is
I0 loser, at least so he reported to the
police Friday morning. Mr. Nelson was a
stranger In town, In quest of lodging.
Three strangers ofTored to help htm find
bed and board and he promptly allowed
them to guide him through the mystic
mass of a real city. The men escorted
Nelson to the railroad tracka at Thirteenth
and Nicholas streets, where Nelson waa
hit across tha head and robbed. About
1 a. m. Friday morning he was found by
a railroad watchman, who reported the
Incident to the police.
Mr. Nelaon told Captain Moatyn he la
going back, back to Baltimore.
Eatrrlnlalaar aa Uneasy.
Don't entertain a chronic, running sore
or wound. Cure It with Bucklen's Arnica
Balve: IS centa; guaranteed. For sal by
ohcrman McConnell Drug Co.
to $5
TILL 10 P. M.
W use our own nan
In our bualness; yot
know who you are doing
bualneas wits.
CeasHllatlea Pre.
cured. Method new, without pain or loss
of Urn. CHARGEo'LOW.
BLOOD POiSCII .7.rr1.V.o"o"r.V'orn
body. In mouth, tongue, throat, hair and
eyebrows falling ouU disappear completely
Weik. limn, Men I'..0,, "wMS,"i
nervous d.bllty, early decline, lack of vigor
and strength.
URINART, Kidney and Bladder Troubles,
Weak Back. Burning Urine, Frequency of
Urinating. Urine High Colored or with
Milky Sediment on atandlng.
Treatment by mall. 14 years OF BU
nsr of lttb and Douglas. Omaha. Neb.
Cm Bif f.r asa.iarsl
Irrll.iioa. e. ilMnilsH
ef M.nvr.SM.
1,1.1m. h .at ..In..
tEvtstCsUtiOMCs. or soiMs.iu.
M M m 1 s 1 1 i
1- SIS SSATI.t r
y snnisi,
rf 1 et is wrps-r,
; I ki .istm, r'i4. fur
Xii 'I OS. t ( Willi-. it.
CircelM sbI e rete'.sfc
n jV M tllllllMI l ll fc KiSOl.lSrt
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