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il 1 Si
Saturday Offerings
in Dry Goods
C0VJ5RT JACKETS In light and dark silk and serge lining,
also black and blue Cloth Jackets these jackets T QP
are Worth from $5 to $7.50 Saturday's sale JJrO
LADIES' SILK JACKETS In taffeta and peaii de soie
tight-fitting back, blouse effects prices formerly ? (IP
$6.95 to $15 on Bale Saturday at JZJD
LONG KIMONAS In Cyrlen crepe, trimmed with Persian binding col
orB, red, black, pink and blue Just a few Saturday'! C(
sale ltU
SHORT CYRIEX CRKPK KIMONAS Trlmmfid with Persian -1 r
band colors, red, pink, black and blue Saturday sale & DC
Jffw arrivals of Fall Skirts, Suits, Jackets and Cloaks daily.
1,000 Yards of Black Taffofa Silk every yard stamped "Wear Guaran
teed" this cloth Is 27 inches wide and sells for $1.25 Tn
yard Saturday Special yard I JC
75 pieces new Panamas, Serges, Scotch Mixtures, Mohairs, Berucs, Shep.
herds' Plaids, Fancy Chocks and Venetian Cloths all new and Fl
up-to-date styles -on sale Saturday at yard JUC
100 FRINGED RED SPREADS Full size, worth $2.50 for f (
Saturday only each 1UU
8-pound Pillows, with fancy art tucks, worth $2.25 a pair 0
Saturday only ' JC
BIG RIBBON OFFER Satin Finished Messallne and Loulslne Silk Rib
bons warranted washable in fancy floral and plain change
able colors 4 to 6 Inches wide worth from 40c to 75c
Special Saturday yard .' JaOC
CLEARING SALE OF BELTS All our entire Btock of this season's Belts
will be closed otit at cost fancy, plain, silk, satin, leather and mercer
ized belts, with fancy and plain buckleB lot worth from 25c f f
to $2 will go at 3 different prices Saturday each, 95c, 45c 1C
NEW FALL CORSETS Straight front, long hip, Coutelle corsets hose
supporters attached nonrustable Bteel In white and drab 7 C
full line of sizes worth $1 each sale price Saturday i JC
LADIES' UNION SUT HALE Fine ribbed, highly finished. Lisle Union
Suit low neck, no sleeves, tight knee, silk taped Swiss ribbed French
little, low neck, no sleeves, umbrella knee, fancy lace trim- j f
Died regular. $1.19 Special for Saturday suit JC
GLOVE BARGAINS Ladles' pure Silk Gloves, with warranted double fin
ger tips Kayser's lisle milanaise double tipped gloves full line of
light shades and white and blacks regular 75c value Sale rn
Price Saturday pair. . .
GREAT NECKWEAR REDUCTIONS Fancy Embroidered Turnovers,
Pique and Lawn Stocks, fancy embroidered and lace trimmed, with or
without tabs odds and ends of Cape Collars and Ascot Stocks this
line Is worth from 50c to $1.50 each Sale Price Saturday .
HANDKERCHIEFS Pure linen ladles' Handkerchiefs, border of deep
Val. lace and Insertions, regular 48c Sale Price Saturday is
each JLOC
' '. With Ten Green Trading Stamps,
New Fall Styles ii
In taffeta silk and a fetching
combination of colorings, all
the choicest and sauciest New
York styles and fads values
$8.50-Saturday at
69. ra' Pn
tapsnrM bmpio Frame.;
.InpHnese Lampions, frames.
like cut, a distinct in.
art, novelty sale price J 1
Two Opening Pyro
Frames, c list....
Four Opening Pyro
Frames, $1.'J." list nt.
Twelve - Inch Wilhelmlna
Panels, regular
3.V, at
11. Pyrngraphv Outfits,
.LOS $4.50, $3.25 and..
10x14 Fruit rnncls,
regular 3.V, at. . . . ..
10x20 Japanese Panels, We are headquarters
$1.00 vnlue. at Uu W 1 y ri-jrraphy.
Flrture Framing The right place Is Bennett's Art. 2d Floor.
Saturday Shoe Sale
Boys' and (tirlf Shoes for school f PA
that will give service, at 1
Ladies' Easy Bath Slippers with Qr
soft carpet soles, at JJ
Misses' and, Children's Linen Ox- Cfl
fords, at , JUC
Men's Tan Russia Calf Welted Sole f PA
Oxfords, at ! JJ
Misses' and Children's Tan Vici QO
Blucher Oxfords, at 0C
Men's and Boys' Canvas Balmoral AO
Oxfords, at ZOC
School Supplies
Big Sheets Fine Drawing T
Paper, at C
Water Color Tads, adopted by
schools special, O
at. : OC
Metallic Hold Paint for q
water colorings, at
Good sized sheets Whatman
Water Color Paper,
at 1UC
Milton Bradley Boxes of
paint, fresh supply just iu.
Second Floor.
We Light Omaha With Our Lamps
The nickel plated center clrait
burner lamp, 100 candle power,
complete with white 1
shade, Saturday, at. . . :
Handsomely decorated glass lamp
center draft burner 1 . CI ft
a $3 value Saturday..
Lemon Juice Extractor The fin
est made, value 10c, C
Saturday, at .....''
Welsbach gas light, has a 300-candle
yrr df till mflf. best mantle and giooe,
best mantle
all complete, Saturday,
at. each
Footed .Sherbert or Ice Glass, a regular 15c value,
Saturday at
BIO SPECIAL SATURDAY 7-inch White Porcelain
Plates new shape Saturday a set
of six for ZtJS
Only one set to a customer.
Crystal Table Tumblers with engraved OC
3n a set of six, Saturday J
Beautiful Cr
A regular 90c dozen.
Watch for our Jardiniere sale it will be a wonder.
Second Floor.
Saturday iiv the Big Hardware
Oarhage cans, (extra
Stamps with
. 2.65
Ten Oreen Trading- Stamps with
10-q.uart Flaring Tin Pall
Twenty Green Trading Stamps sAc
with Egg Poacher OtW.
Ten Oreen Trading Stamps with ACr
1 dor. tin tomato cans Vw
Twenty Oreen Trading Stamps I On
with Flour Sifter IVW
Forty Green Trading Stamps with 10,
14 or 17-quart Tin Dish Ofir
Pans. 43c, 34c SOfc
Great reduction on Screen Doors,
fall to see them. BASEMENT.
Ten Oreen Trading Stamps with tCkn
can Stove Enamel Sapollne.... VC
Thirty Oreen Trading Stamps fiCiri
with X-ray Coffee Mill...:..... OUC
(all elies)) we have in stock. Don't
Thirty Oreen Trading Stamps
with Imperial Coffee Mill..;
Twenty Green Trading Stamps
with No. 1900 Coffee Mill...:...
Window Shades
"We have on hand about 500 odd window shades
in plain and double faced hand made goods. Most
of them are mounted on Hartshorne rollers. Will
sell these Saturday at 10 per cent less than the
cost of making. Bring your sizes with you.
Plain hand made shades, 54 in. by 7 feet, 48 in.
by 7 feet, 42 in. by 7 feet and 38 in. by 7 feet.
Come early as these goods will not last Jong.
Don't forget to bring your measurements.
Double faced hand made shades 54 in. by 7
feet; 48 in. by 7 feet and 38 in. by 7 feet.
Big Grocery
Fifty Green Trading Stamps
with 4K- b. sack Pride of
Bennett's Flour $1.56
Twenty Oreen Trading
Stamps with 24-lb. sack
Pride Bennett's Flour.. 80o
Fifty Green Trading Stamps
with 3 lbs. Mocha and Java
Coffee for $1.00
Thirty Green Trading Stamps
with 1 lb. Tea (.any kind). 68c
Ten Oroen Trading Stamps
with 1-lh. can Bennett's
Capitol Coca :'4o
Twenty Green Trading
Stamps with 2-oi. bottle
Bennett's Capitol Ex
tract 18o
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with H-lb. cake Baking
Chocolate lie
Twenty Green Trading
Stamps with 1-lb. can Ben
nett's Baking Powder.. ..l'4c
Five Green Trading 8tamps
with 1 packtige Bennett's
Capitol Soda 4o
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with 1 lb. Crisp Saratoga
. Chips c
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with one frame Pure
Honey 15c
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with 2 packaged Gusto.. ioc
Five Green Trading Stamps
with 1 bottle Salad Mus
tard 10c
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with one can Table
Syrup l:'o
Fifteen Green Trading
with 3-lb. can Omar
Peaches 18c
Fifteen Green
Stamps with
Ulnar Pears
3-lb. can
Ten Green Trading Btamps
with 1 2-lb. can Strawber
ries IRo
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with 1-lb. can Sliced Pine
apple 1240
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with one 6-lb. sack pure
Salt lOo
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with one can Marshall's
Kippered Herring 20o
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with one can Marshall's
Tomato Herring 20c
Five Green Trading Stamps
with one bottle Sweet A sin.
Pickles 10c
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with one doxen new Ger
man Dill Pickles 12o
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with one quart Sour Pick
les 10c
Ten Oreen Trading Stamps
with one pint Large Queen
Olives i3o
Potted Ham or Tongue, per
can 4o
9c cans Cream for 60
6c box Ball Blueing for.. 2c
4c box Blueing for lo
Sweet Corn for Bo
2 bars Castile Soap for... 5c
10 bars Diamond C Soap.. 25c
Twenty Green Tradltrg
with 1 lb. Swiss Cheese.. rc
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with 1 lb. N. Y. Cheese. .20o
Twenty Green Trading
Stamps with 1 lb. Sago
Cheese 2oc
Ten Green Trading Stamps
with 1 lb. Brick Cheese.. Doc
Five Green Trading Stamps
with 1 Jar French
Cheese 10c
Buttermilk, all you can
drink, at butter counter.
Bennett's Capitol Creamery
Butter, per lb 23c
Candy Section
Special Stick Candy
Sale New and deli
cious. Five sticks lc
Twenty-fire sticks. .5c
Ten Yenr nrnted Gold Flllrd
Spectacles and Kjre A O
. Glasses 1T'0
Regular 13.00 value.
Those glasses are fitted with
good quality lenses and are thor
oughly dependable.
Visitors specially Invited to hare
their eyes tested FREH.
Clothing Section
Blue Serge Coats and Trousers novelty cheviots sizes
28 to 36. Something new for early fall buyers including a
white or fancy vest in the above.
$20.00 values at $10.00 f
$18.00 values at $9.00
$15.00 values at $7.50
10 Cents a Button, $1.00 a Rip.
Jewelry Section,
$1.50 and $1.0$;
Purees, slight'
y shop worn,
while they last
your choice
Meat DepartmenCity
L1 t - 1M ,r -- .vr--'-h
When you consider quality you will fiM that we
sell at the lowest prices in town.
Your choice of about 3,000 fresh dressed springs,
average from 1 V4 to 2 pounds, each per lb. 1 14 c
Pork Shoulder Roast 7 He
Spare Ribs, 4 pounds for 25c
No. 1 Round Steak of our choice No. 1 native corn
!.( t' lea steers, none oeuer, at, per pouna iuc
No. 1 Klb Boiling Beef of the same choice beef
If 4" jjuuhuo -vr. . .....,......
"Veal Shoulder Roast, four pounds for 2ffc
Veal Stew, six pounds for 25c
A full line of all kinds salt fish, mackerel, cod
fish, smoked Halibut, sun white fish, fancy bloater,
sugar cured salmon, new Holland herring now on
hand. ;
Good things to eat at our Delicatessen Counter.
A fresh lot of Bennett's special lard, guaranteed
strictly fresh kettle rendered, expressly for family
trade, on sale in 5 pound pails, at 55c, and Thirty
Green Trading Stamps with each pall.
Sugar cured regular Hams, average ten to twelve
pounds, at, per pound 12 He
$5.00 Trousers at ....$2.50
$4.00 Trousers at ...$2.00
Boys' $3.00 Trousers at $2.00
Boys' $2.00 Trousers at .$1.00
A one-hnlf rnrlond of shirts Just re
ceived. The very best materials and se
lected patterns. White and black
stripes and figures; solid colors, blue,
tun, white nnd gray. Collars attached,
separate collars and other styles. Con
sidering the future, you can't overlook
this sale.
50 Ceivts
And Thirty Green Trading
Stamps . -
To avoid carrying over
at ...
Worth 25c and 35a
HaJ Department
Choice of any Straw Hat that sold up to $2.50, at .BOc
Choice of any Straw Hat that sold up to $1.00, at 25c
New Tate Stiff Hat for fall $3.00 !
VebngkV Telephone Company Will Not
' Out Off Tbii Accommodation,
rmr of Yoanar AVomrn at the
Switch Boards Dot! Many
Thlnas (or Public as
Fa rors.
Efforts of the eastern telephone compa
.'nles to nhut down on the use of their
Oitrtors aa early-morning alarm clucks
AAd other uwful functionaries beside con
nection rnaJters for suhncrihers will not be
followed In Omaha, according to General
Manager Vance Iane of the Nebraska Tel
e-phone" company.
In New York the alarm clock business
got so big- It Fwamped the night forces, so
an order was Issued forbidding It. I?e
tween the text, however, the girls were
j!lven to understand that soma room was
given, .for the exercise of their Judgment
If they feel good, therefore, the Qotha-
mite may . titlll be Jingled out of a heavy
slumber Ir, lime to catch a train. But he
must be very, very good to get the service.
"We. are not to a point where we have
to stop extending every convenience and
courtesy to our patrons that Is possible
even thnugh such matters are not nomi
nated Jn the bond." aa Mr. I-ane. "The
extraneous work lias been expanding along
with the growth of the business, but, at
moat, Of it is at night, we can still take
care f it. We probably do us much for
our .latrons besides making connections
as anyone ran ask."
Maar Depend oa featral.
WltlJn the last few years more or less
trustworthy alarm clocks have been sold
ior oia junk out of many Omaha homes.
It Is a simple and surf matter to call up
central after 10 o'clock and tell her to
keep the 'phone ringing from 8:30 a. m.
until you respond. She will do It. and
you are certain to be drawn from between
the covers no matter how chilly the morn
ing. Then, If you have s. generous heart,
you will get the girl s name and address
and some day send her a nice little pres
ent, or an automobile or an order for a
new hat or a bale of flowers. All these
things help.
Every night and morning not less than
2fO Omahans tre waked by the cheery tel
ephone girls. Railroad and travelling men I
are the biggest workers of the system. As !
It Is all done at nighi or In the early j
morning, when the business on the wires j
is num. n is easy ior the operators, and
their memory Is kept good by written slips
giving the number and time for culling.
MKht Girls Do Lot ol Kitra Work.
Hut the night girls do a lot of other
work for which they get little credit. If
a fire breaks out the whole force Is used
to xillect Information and answer in
quiries. The chief operator makes It a
point to Inform the persons and firms di
rectly Interested in the blase. Once In a
while a man Is hurried from his sleep In
time to pull out valuable papers from the
In cases of accident where physicians or
other assistance Is needed It is the duty
of the girls to help matters ajnng all they
can. Often they are able to get a doctor
on the ground long before anyone else
A separate Information bureau gives
quantities of all kinds of useful knowl
edge to the public at night, when the or
dinary Information sources are not avail
able. The time of day, the time of arrival
and departure of trains, ban ball scores.
calamities, big news happenings and any
manner of knowledge is delivered gratis
without loss of time. '
Scalp .Cleared of Dandruff and Hair
, Rtatored by One Box of
-Cuticura and
A. W. Taft 'of Independence, V.,
writing vndrf 'date of Sept. 15, 1 904,
ays: "I have had falling hair and
dandrufi for twelve years and could
get nothing to help me. I-inally I
bought one box of Cuticura Ointment
and one cake of Cuticura Soap, and
they cleared my scalp of the dandruff
and stopped the hair falling. Now
ihr hair is growing as well as ever. I
in highly plcaaed with Cuticura Soap
a toilet soap, (signed) A. W. Talt,
Independence Vu'
Bolldtaa- roatlasr Twenty-Ki v Thoa.
sand Dollars to Be Erected by
Seed torn pa nr.
The Nebraska Seed company will erect
a new brick on Jones street
between Twelfth and Thirteenth. It will
be three stories In height, fitixTI feet, and
Its construction will allow additional stories
when needed. The building and Improve
ments in It will cost about t-.".00. F'lans
have been drawn and work will begin
Ulnar's Hiiinair Still Leads.
I'p to Thursday even'ng Hie tabulation
of the postal c.ird vot being conducted hv
Samson and his committee figures as fol
lows: King's Highway 62
KXpUnade '.
Paseo f78
fiar-Fen's lane l.t
Omaway t. iir:
Gridiron J.. 1,'J
Streets of Cibola ...17
Rialto 1. 9
Kraal )i
Craay , lul
Omaha Man Paroled from Penitentiary
Ooes Wild ai of Dope.
Telephone Message from Warden
Beemer tomes Just at Time
W hen Police Jndae la About
to Release Man.
Frank Betts, an ex-convlct of the Ne
braska penitentiary, broke his parole In
Omaha Thursday afternoon by creating a
scare at Nineteenth street and Capitol ave
nue while on a "cocaine Jag." Betts created
some excitement In that neighborhood by
running up and down the street, brandish
ing a revolver and knife. A hurry call was
sent to the police station and after an ex
citing chase Emergency Officer Pan Bald
win brought the frenxled man to bay.
When arraigned In police court Friday
morning Betts was fined $10 and costs and
was about to be released, after paying his
fine, when a telephone message was re
ceived from Warden Beemer of the state
penitentiary saying that Betts had broken
his parole granted four months ago an.l
asking that the prisoner be held for an
ofheer. who would be in Fild.iy evening.
The conduct of Betts Friday afternoon
will mean. that he will have to serve two
and a half years In the state penitentiary,
which part of his sentence was allowed
when he was paroled four months ago.
Betts was sentenced from Fremont, where
he was convicted of forgery and horse
stealing. He was caught In Iowa with the
stolen rig with an Omaha girl by the name
of I.lpn, returned to Fremont and tried on
the two charges.
. Cines Back to Ills Dope.
In police court Friday morning he said
he had used cocaine Thursday after having
gult the drug for a long time.
According to the evidence of Officer
Baldwin In police court Friday morning
Uetts created quite a scare In the neigh
borhood of the high school Thursday after
noon. All of a doxen persons telephoned
the police station that a crazy man was
running wild In that vicinity and Imme
diate help was asked for. Officer Baldwin
was detailed and he proved equal to the
task. He chased Betts for half a mile,
the fugitive running with a revolver In
one hamf and a knife In the other. At
Twentieth and Douglas streets Betts stum
bled and at that moment Balwln was on
him and pinioned his arms. At police
headquarters Betts gave four strong po
licemen a hard tussle before the handcuffs
were removed.
Belts is but 24 years of age. He Is the
son of John Betts, i'15 North Seventeenth
North Thirty-first avenue. It Is expected
Mr. Cook will be able to resume his duties
after a few days. In some manner an
erroneous report galnr-n circulation wmi
was unconscious anu in ..w........
as the result of heat prostration. Mr.
Cook Is one of the oldest carriers In the
local service.
Captain T. B. Hacker, purchasing com
missary for this district, will shortly adver
tise for SO.iWi pounds of hums and bacon for
the use of the I nlten oiaies army m m
At Fort Crook. Major O. R. Cecil, Cap
tain C. W. Castle. First Lieutenant O. 11.
Guild Thirtieth Infantry, for the examina
tion of Color Sergeant Charles Morgan,
Thirtieth Infantry.
At Fort Riley, Captain E. M. I-eary, Elev
enth cavalry. Captain V. H. McComack.
Ninth cavalrv, Second lieutenant G. H.
Baird. Kleverith cavalry, for the examina
tion of Kirst Sergeant David Tucker, Troop
A. Ninth cavalry.
leaves of absence have been granted the
following officers of the Inited States
army: Captain Munroe McFarland, Eigh
teenth Infantrv, Fort Iavenworth, one
month; Captain Zebulon H. Vance, Kleventh
Infantry, Fort McKenrle, Wyo.. one month.
The following enlisted men have been or
dered honorably dls haig.d from the I'nlted
States army bv the War department: Privatu
Willi. im li. vValtersperger, Troop I, Elev
enth CHvalry, Fort f'es Moines, and Ser
geant M. C. Conway, Company K, Eleventh
infantry. Fort D. A. Russell.
Boards of officers have been ordered to
meet at the respective posts herein named
to examine Into the UMllticatlons of cer
tain candidates for the position of urdnanc
s-meant fnited St.ites army: At Fort 1 es
Moines. Mijor 11. W. Wheeler, Captain S.
(J Jones, First Lieutenant T. B. 'lay lor.
Eleventh cavalry, for the examination of
First Sergeant Hobest J. Hughes, Troop
U, Eleventh cavalry.
A general court martial has been ordered
to convene at Fort Rol inson. Aimust .'.
for the trial of such cases as may be
properly brought before it. Ietall for the
court: Captains C. P. Johnson, Harry L. T.
I 'avanaugn: First I.ieute'iants N. M. Cart-
mell Wwlter J. Scott; been mi i,ieuietianis
C. H. Muller. William W. Edwards. E. F.
flraliain and First Lieutenant Bruce Pal
mer, Judge advocate, all of the Tenth cav
alry. The following general court martial sen
tences have Just been promulgated from
Department of the Missouri ln-adnuarters:
Private William Walker. Troop F. Ninth
cavalry. Fort laven wot th. uVHertion, dis
honorable discharge and eighteen months
imprisonment; Private Jackson S. Cherry,
Company C, Eighteenth infantry, Fort
Leavenworth, violation of the fortieth and
sixty-third articles of war, dishonorable dis
charge and three years Imprisonment; Re
cruit Frank J. Macnianus. mounted service.
Fort Ies Moines, desertion, dishonorable
discharge and one ears Imprisonment;
Private Fred H. Gardner. Troop D. Sixth
cavalry. Fort Meade, ri. D , violation sev
enteenth article of war. dishonorable dis
charge and eighteen months Imprisonment;
Recruit Cnarl.s I). Jackson, mounted ser
vice. Fort lrf-a'enworlh. desertion, dishon
orable discharge and one year's ImpilMon
ment: Private Robert C. Byron, Company
J, Eighteenth Infantry, Fort Leavenworth,
iolation sixly-sei ond article of war. dis
honorable discharge and tlnee months lin
pris timent: private Lexon Carlin, Company
B. Tenth Infantry, Fort l-Henorth, de
sertion, dishonorable discharge and one
year s Imprisonment.
Letter arrter Heats Kaallr.
James J. Cook, mall carrier at the Omaha
postofiica, la resting easily at tils home, HI
liuildlaa Permits.
The city has issued permits to Michel
Mass'ira for a fvSot' brick lesidence at
South Twenty-sixth street. N. J. An
derson. tEMMi frame dwelling at 27i6 Mere
dith avenue. and to the Stors Brewing com
pany for t-X alteration to lh ruof of
shlngton balL
Cunningham B. Scott is Trimmed to a
Standstill in County Court.
Irascible Attorney Ran Against Femi
nine Finesse and Innocence to
the Point of Paying; Oppo
nent sv Compliment.
A case Involving possession of a garden
lot In Murphy's addition to Omaha has oc
cupied the attention of Judge Vlnsonhaler
for two morning sessions of the county
court. The title of the case Is Joseph H.
Had k lnson against E. L. Burrls. Mr. Had
klnson was accompanied to court by his
wife, who was the responsible manager of
the place In question during her husband's
absence. Burrls was supported by Mrs.
Burrls and four children, ranging In age
from 6 years to a baby In arms. The law
yers In the case were J. Q. Burgner for
plaintiff and Cunningham R. Scott for de
Mr. Hadkinson's examination passed oft
without much sign of war. though Attorney
Scott did exhibit considerable fierceness at
times. It was when Mrs. Hadklnson came
to the stand that Cunningham R. Bcott
was brought to make the admission, "You
ought not to be managing a garden patch;
you ought to be a lawyer, ' the last part of
the sentence with a floodtlde Inflection.
Woman Worries Him.
Mrs. Hadklnson, comely, calm and caus
tic, gave the Irascible old lawyer as bad a
half hour or so as any legal light ever got.
When he tried to put affirmative questions
to her, Mrs. Hadklnson rode him down the
line In a way that made every Individual
hair on his head to stand up like the quills
upon the fretful porcupine. And Mr. Scott's
gorge rose and he gave evidence that the
woman's way was not for him- at all a pith.
Scott la gray and quite spunky. The wit
ness was superior to his tactics and side
tracked him while she demolished his ques
tions in the Innocent but aggravating way
that female witnesses have. Even Judge
Vlnsonhaler, while admonishing her to be
specific In her answers, slid one hand over
the lower part of his face to sustain the
frontal dignity of the court. And opposite
Scott sat the dark, smooth and slightly
deaf Mr. Burgner. In protecting his wit
ness he add,ed a few lines to the gayety
of the legal soiree, almost unintentionally.
At the conclusion of Mrs. Hadklnson
testimony there was not a genial spot In
Lawyer Scott's makeup, while the woman
was still smiling and unafraid. The court
found that owing to a defect In the Infor
mation the ease should be dismissed; but
It will have another day In court.
land ten days on a charge of vagrancy. It
was charged Sutherland was one of a gang
of men who have made their headquarters
at the "gravel pit," which Is In the rear of
1 i V. .. ...n.iV.o.l , ) I j r ) f ' 11 ' H a r.
men ONIgirnnic ., uuri. ...... B
delegated to go oisl and beg on the streets
- . . . villi nhlfih trt hllu twel
Boston Arbitrator Derides in Favor
of Vnlon Carpenters on
w Scale.
BOSTON. Aug. 25. Six thousand union
carpenters of Boston receive an advance of
wages under the decision of Judge T.
Wentworth, to whom as special arbitrator
the employes and unionists submitted the
question of a new working agreement.
Judge Wentworth grants, the five main
demands of the carpenters, including an
Increase of from 3"i cents an hour to 41
cents, or from 13.00 to $3.28 for an eight
hour day. double time for all overtime In
stead of time and a half and an eight In
stead of nine-hour work day for all shop
and mill hands.
and John Doe of Fourteenth and Howard
streets were hauled from South Omaha to
Nineteenth and Vinton streets by a faith
ful animal that would have taken the men
nil the way home had not Officer Relgle
man of the Omaha police force Intercepted.
Patrolman Relgleman noticed the moving
rig with the sleeping men and thought it
his duty to have a look, and he arrested
Jones and Doe on the charge of being
drunk. Both were fined and costs bv
Acting Police Judge Foster, when arraigned
In police court Friday morning.
Railroad Files Its Plats.
PIERRE, S. D., Aug. 25 (Special Tele
gramsThe Missouri River & Northwest
cm railway from Mystic to Rapid City, has
filed Its plat with the state land depart
ment and asked for an appraisement of tiie
state lands which It crosses.
I.lheratl'a Concert at Krnit Park.
The audience rhlch greeted Llberatl and
his military band at Krug park last even
ing was In quality one of . the best w hich
has ever been seen there. In quantity
nothing was wanting and the additional
chairs the second Increase by Manager
Cole was not sufficient to seat the crowd
Llberatl has certainly established him
self by the generosity of his encores and
the superb playing of himself and his as
sociates. This afternoon and evening will
close the engagement of Llberatl and his
II. E. Fonda of Oenoa Is In the city.
Mls Eleanor Thlele of West Point Is the
guest of friends In Omaha. ;
I'nlted States District Court Librarian
Charles W Allen, has returned from a ten
days' visit to Chicago.
E. J. Barnhart of South Auburn; W. L.
Chenoweth of Columbus; P. N. Agan of
Pender; J. B. Thomas of Lyons and R. C.
j Hecox of Denver are at the Merchants.
Col. J. Estcourt Sawyer, chler quarter
master Department of the Missouri, has
been granted a two months' extension of
leave of absence.
Oeorge C. Yates has returned to the Mid
land hotel after seven weeks In the St.
Joseph hospital, where he went with a
bad case of rheumatism.
Dr. D. F. Lee has returned from a two
weeks' trip through Colorado. After en-
Ioylng all the scenic grandeur of Colorado,
r. Lee says It Is good to get back to
Omaha and Nebraska.
1)111 Vlandry. R. O. Pugh and Charles W.
i Allen of Men lnian, Neb., are at the Mer
chants hotel. The first named Is one of the
largest land owners In that section and
says that the mini In the section of Ne
braska where hw lives are simply Immense,
the best for msny years. i
A party of Missotisi Pacific railroad offl
clsls was In the city Thursday night, stop-
rilng off from a tour of lnsiection of the
ines. The officials were: A. W. Sullivan,
general manager; J. W. Hlggins assistant
I general manager; M. L. Ityers, director of
maintenance and ways; A. Gould, gen
eral superintendent, and J. Russell, superintendent.
Member of t.raJ ptt Cams;.
In police court Friday morning, Acting
Police Judge Fustsr sentenced A. E. Suther-
When arraigned In police court Friday
morning It cost Bailey Gtngross 15 and
costs for not knowing that there Is a city
ordinance prohibiting the burning of rub
bish on the paved streets of the city.
Git. gross was arrested by Officer Crowe
while burning a lot of rubbish at Sixteenth
and California streets.
Agnes Crick Is suing the Travelers' Acci
dent association for !',' "I. alleged to be
due on a policy taken out In defendant
company by her former husband, itay I.
Brock. Mr. Brock was killed in a railroad
wreck at Altamont, Mo., a few months ago.
Mabel Hooker Rock ford and Ma Stewart
have filed petitions for divorce in the dis
trict court. Both petitions alhgu cruel
treatment and neglect against William F.
Kockford and Myron V. Stewart.
To advertise the Ak Har lien festivities
and to get additional people to enjoy them
the Dansk Folke Tidende, a local Danish
weekly, has offered a prize of a silver
table set to the Danish society within 2"i
miles of Omaha, that registers the largest
numtier of visitors at headquarters in
Washington hall during the ten das'
frolic. Tne lodges of Omaha, South Omaha
and Council Bluffs are barred from the
contest, but there are sixty others in the
territory admitted to the competition.
Bat the Horse Was Sober.
An unusual case of equina Instinct oc
curred Thursday evening when John Jones
and similar diseases in thelj
worst forms can be promptly
cured by
It never fails.
f9 years the leading remedy,
till druggists sell it.
Diseases of
Men Only
10 Tears' Expert. nee.
20 Tears In Omaha.
Varicocele, Stricture,
Blood poison. Weak
ness, book free.
Box 764. Office. 81 8.
UU bC, CMmalia, Nab,