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aiplrtnU for County Commiwioner Press
Claim for Place, on Ticket.
olomoa, Vre and llantrr Demand to
Kstaw ,Whr Trraaarer and
tlrrlt Did Mot Accrpt
A IntlmMM In Th lie ftundajr morning
the prospective candidates for county com
missioner In the Third and Fifth district
m-ho offered their money and had It refused
are going to a higher court.
Tha opinion of the attorney general said
the Uw of the legislature would not be
questioned by the legal department of the
tata government until the occasion arose.
Saturday' developments In the office of
the county treasurer and county clerk,
chronicled In Sunday's Bee, Indicated that
thera were men who were doubtful of the
effect of the law relating to county com
missioners and other officers In the bills
which were not passed on by the supreme
After offering their filing fees Saturday
Messrs. Solomon, Ure and Hunter, repub
cans, and Charles Tracy, deirocrat, con
sulted their attorneys, and Mr. Solomon
and Mr, Ure, acting as the advance guard
of the questioners of the legislative act,
Monday filed a suit to test the virtue of the
The suit Is entitled State of Nebraska
X rel Emmett O. Solomon and William
Q. Vre, relators, against John C. Drexel,
county clerk, and Robert O. Fink, county
treasurer. It la understood Henry Ostrom,
former toani commissioner also la a party
to the suit.
nedlck Grant Order.
On application Judge Redlck, sitting In
chamber, gi anted an order on defendants
to sl.nw cause Wednesday morning, August
2M, why they should not place the names
of the petitioners on the primary ballot as
candidates for the office of county com-
inlKsloner. If this order shag be granted,
and the prayer of the petitioners prevail.
It will mean the county clerk and treasurer
will have to show cause why they do not
accept the money of petitioners and place
their names on the primary ballot.
Should Judge Redlck decide that peti
tioners Solomon, Ure and Hunter, repub
licans, are entitled to a place on the bal
lot, then attorneys for Charles A. Tracy,
the cigar man, will ask that he also be
The two county officials named will, of
course, refuse to comply with the order
of the court and County Attorney 81a
baugh will pick up the fight right there.
Which ever way the decision of the Judge
may go, there will be an appeal to the
supreme court. As this latter body does
not meet until September 4, all hands will
have to wait until a day or two after that
date for a decision; but the men who have
tendered their money figure that the decis
ion Will distinctly favor their case. '
Breea Bays Officials Erred.
Attorney Breen says:
"The county clerk and the mimiv tru,.
urer are wrong4. A close study of the law
under which these officials take their po
sition shows it provides that counties that
change from the three to the five com
missioner plan, shall elect the two new
oinrers at the next general election on an
even numbered year. Now, Douglas county
has had five commissioners for twelve
yoars, and the t.ew law simply does not
apply. As a result the general election
laws govern, and In my opinion, the terms
of the commissioners from the Third and
Fifth district expire this year, and their
successors must be nominated and elected
this fall. We do not Intend to test the
constitutionality of the law, but to prove
that It Is not germane to the affairs of
Douglas County."
I : : 1
fM 1
WBBWMS''1,- J ffllK
mm 1 m
m WW- '
Graadma Mott'a Advle to Travelers.
"You should not travel about the coun
try this warm weather without a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy." says Mrs. Kate Mott of Fair
field, la., or "Grandma Mott" as she Is
familiarly known. "One or two doses of
this . remedy will alwaya cure the worst
case of summer complaint. We keep it
always at hand. In fact, we could not
keep house without It."
Candidate for Pulpit.
Rev. B. A. McBrlde of Tarklo, Mo., Is
favorably mentioned for pastor of fhe Cen
tral United Presbyterian church tu succeed
Rev. J. M. Rees, who resigned last spring.
A meeting of the members of the church
will he held September 0, to extend a call
to the pastorate to whatever minister shall
be chosen at the meeting.
Preserved Purified and
, Beautified by
id on An
I (jjuRf
The World's Favorite
Cuticura Soap combines delicate
medicinal and emollient properties
derived from Cuticura, the great
Skin Cure, with the purest of
cleansing ingredients and most
refreshing .of flower odors. For
skin irritations,- heat rashes, tan,
sunburn, bites and stings of insects,
lameness and soreness incidental
to summer sports, for sanative,
antiseptic cleansing, and for all the
purposes of the toilet, bath, and
nursery, Cuticura Soap and Cuti
cura Ointment are priceless. .
Vwr Pruf I Ckam. Co', tote rra. .
Bcfcool Board Seta Date for Beginning the
Eohool Tear.
Short Meeting of the Body Attends to
Some Important Work aad
Leaves Superintendent
a Task.
DK. R. GILMOKE-Testing the Scales.
Pans at Saunders School Will Ban bj
Motor Hereafter.
More C'rnnklnK to Start Engine
or Trouble with Sparker, Not
to Speak of Smell of
Pupils of the Saunders school no longer
will have their esthetic sense offended by
the smell of gasoline. The Board of Edu
cation last night decided to Jerk out tha
gasoline engine that has furnished power
to operate the fans for three years and to
put In an electric motor. The gasoline en
gine will be sold and the new motor will
cost t'J0. Here Is a list of the reasons
given by Member Rice for the change:
Will prevent the Jiinitor from getting
fatigued applying crank.
Will give the board a chance to clip $3
a montn off the Janitor's salary.
Will save money In the long run in mat
ter of repairs.
Will obviate the unpleasant smell Of
gasoline in the basement and school.
Will lessen the chances of an explosion
and demolition of the building.
Will enable the board to pay from :
to l.TO a month for electric power Instead
of 1S for gasoline, plus $5 bonus to the
Janitor for "cranking" or making the
sparker mark. ,
Secretury Burgess skeletonised the read
ing of the minutes and thereby saved much
time. In return he received a two weeks'
vacation, the first In five years, which he
' will spend with a daughter in Canada.
Henry Hensley was elected Janitor of
the new Omaha Heights school at Thirty
sixth street and Kansas avenue. This Is
a new school and a new Job, the building
being the old Monmouth Park school. .
Mary C. Smith, Alice Bradman and Alice
C. Gilchrist resigned as teachers. Miss
Bradman said she was going to take up
another "business."
A carload of desks was ordered bought
from the American School Furniture com
pany. They range In price from t2 to $1.72,
according to size.
Rspendltares for Jul-.
Secretary Burgess submitted the follow
ing comparative statement of expenditures
during July:
July. 1M July. 115,
Advertising t 18.00 f 9 00
Architect's service 2,210.3
Bond redemption fund ,
Cartage 7.10
Census enumerators 9C1S9
iJrawliig, music and kln-
riergurten supplies
Klectlon expense 8 00
Kleetrtc power Vl.W
Kxamlnlng committee ... 75.00
Kx Dress and freight
Kuel y 39 67
Furniture ana fixtures
Improvements 714.11
Insurance fund
nsurance premiums
Interest and exchange... 39 Kl
Janitors 00
Light and fuel gas 33.0S
laps, charts and refer
ence books 632 50
Messenger service
Officers and clerks l.OMW
Printing I 0
piano rent and tuning.... 5 no
Repairs 1.1'iS.m
Stationery and supplies.. ial.3$
Miscellaneous supplies... zu.
Burke. 2S10 Chicago. a-irl: Qeornre Potter,
83s South Twenty-third, boy; Wllbersun
Mason. 3203 Ohio. boy.
Deaths Frank Ward, Omaha. 22; E. A.
Blackwell, Ies Moines, 25; Hans Nelson,
!2"S South Forty-second. 24; Infant White.
Twenty-seventh and Patrick avenue, 13
davs; W. Hell. 251S Jones. 5 days; Infant
Roberts, 3840 Seward, 6 days; Hans Nellsen,
t'x Forty-second. 24: Mildred F. Kvans.
Waterloo, la., 12; Florence Olive Stone, 213S
Boutn inirty-nttn, a.
Strange Adventure.
In auto ed to painful accident, but Buck
len's Arnica Salve quickly healed all
wounds. 25 cents; guaranteed. For sale
by Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
14 03
19 9
10 o2
Announcements of the Theaters.
This evening at the Boyd theater the
queen of comedians will be seen In her own
and only play May Irwin In "Mrs. Black Is
Back." This Is as much aa could be told
In a- book about the star and the piece,
although a book could easily be written
about them. Miss Irwin returned to the
stage last fall after a vacation of two
years, and was most heartily welcomed In
her present play, which Is by Qeorge V.
Hobart, the well known humorist. She
spent the entire season In New Tork, and
was a tremendous success. This season she
Is making a hurried tiip to the Pacific coast,
and will be in Omaha for one night only.
The same company and same equipment
used In the Broadway production Is still in
service, and the result Is the best that
could be given.
St. 1'oul and etarn
and return : -116.50
and return
Via The North-Western Llna
City Offices 1401-1403
Farnam Street.
Liberal! .Hand at Krng Park.
Liberates famous Italian band, on
way home from a successful tour of the
northwest and the Portland Exposition
will be at Krug park commencing Wednes
day afternoon, Aug. 23. for four days.
These famous musicians In connection with
the Royal Canadian band will give a mu
sical festival every afternoon and evening.
The price of admission will remain as
usual ten cents, .
22-K wedding rings. Edjiolm. jeweler.
The Board of Education has decided to
open the public schools on September 11.
When the members met last night this was
one of the first matters of business to
come up. The buildings and grounds com
mittee reported that none of the additions
to schools would be completed for some
wteks and rooms will b rented temporarally
In the districts where the schools were
overcrowded last year. It was for tho
purpose of giving the committee time to
rent outside rooms and furnish them that
the opening date was deferred for one
week beyond the usual time.
Janitors were assigned as follows:
High School Frank Voeasek; firemen J.
B. Smith, James Hamilton.
Central Harry Real, John Klupnaur.
Lincoln Ed Johnson. John McAdams.
Hawthorne A. Christiansen, ' R. Blgelow.
Jungmann D. D. Sullivan, William Fir
Brown Park John Kubat, Peter Henkle.
Madison J. C. Rlngo, Mrs. L. Horenson.
Highland Guy Seater. John Dworak.
West Side Martin Telg. l. B. Belden.
Corrigan Thomas Conway, J. J.
Lowell J. J. Byster.
Annex Burton Rice.
Fleld-R. Resak.
Whlttfer Mrs. Dunn.
The following names were added to the
teachers' unassigned list: Louise Moore,
Eva Murphy, Stella Oray, Delia Borst.
Cora Rothchllds, Ella Mallln, Mrs. Nora
Freeman, Laura Randall, Agnes Condon,
Emma II. Noe, Minnie Clifton.
Member Schlndle brought up the mat
ter of naming two principals to fill vacan
cies, but as the members could not agree
Superintendent McLean will be directed
by the chairman of the teachers' commit
tee to make the assignment.
Five sets of encyclopedias and the same
number of pictorial and historical .maps
will be purchased.
The board then adjourned until the next
regular meeting.
Council Meeting Tame.
President Adklns occupied the chair at
the meeting of the council Monday night
owing to the absence of Mayor Koutsky.
Ordinances were to have been presented
for the paving of Twenty-fourth street
from A to Q. City Attorney Lambert had
failed to get, the ordinances prepared In time
and a meeting is to- be held on Wednesday
night, when the ordinances may be .ready.
It was the same with accepting the plans
for the fire department headquarters build
ing. The matter of accepting or declining
the plans was talked over, but no decision
was reached. It was agreed, however, that
this matter would also be considered
Wednesday night.
A favorable report was made on the or
dinance for the grading of Twenty-second
street from S to Y. This, ordinance can now
go to the second and third reading. One
permanent sidewalk ordinance was passed
and one was Introduced,
The session was the shortest for some
time and was wholly without interest.
Ken yon Files Protest.
W. J. C. Kenyon. general manager of the
Union Stock Yards company, has sent to
the mayor and council a protest against
the granting of a petition filed by J. C,
Caldwell a couple of weeks ago.
Caldwell asks the city to give him permls
slon t? erect a frame structure at the east
end of the Q street Viaduct. It Is under
stood that Mr. CaldweH wants to open a
candy and cigar store. ' .
Mr. Kenyon's remonstrance is based on
the grounds that the viaduct 1b kept In re
pair by the Union Pacific and the Union
Stock Yards company and officials of these
companies do not want to run the risk of
fire In this proposed small building damag
ing the bridge. In addition to a general
protest, the general manager of the Stock
Yards company serves notice on the city
that If the Caldwell request Is granted the
railroad companies will decline to make
repair in case the viaduct Is damaged by
reason of the erection of the proposed frame
After being read to the council last night
the protest was ordered filed.
Moving School Annex.
A portion of the old high school annex
Is being moved from Twenty-sixth and M
street to Brown park. The section now at
tached to a cable la being hauled east on
M street. When between Twenty-fourth
and Twenty-fifth street Monday afternoon
a number of large electric wires had to be
taken down. Electric lights and fans In the
business portion of the city could not be
used for an hour or so. It will probably
take about two weeks to get both of the
sections of the building moved and placed
on foundations.
Masons Will riralc.
Members, of Bee Hive lodge No. 1S4, An
cient Free nnd Accepted Masons, will held
a picnic at Manawa on Thursday afternoon
and evening of this week. Two special
Council Bluffs cars will leave Twenty
fourth and O street at 2: p. m. A start
for home will be made at 10 p. m. Bo far
a party, of lflO have agreed to gt on this
pleasure trip. The lodge pays the expenses
of the Junket.
Sheep Commence Coming.
Monday's receipts of sheep numbered
17,5iiO head, the largest receipts In any one
day this year. Tho majority of the seventy
cars consisted of killers and feeder buyers
were disappointed. Feeders are badly
.wanted here, but some wise ones declare
that the feeders are being held hack as
long as possible on account of the fine
range. On account of the heavy receipts
the prices fell off on both packers' supplies
and killers.
Frank Miller Injured.
Frank Miller. 14 years of age, living at
Twenty-ninth and C streets and employed
at Cudahy's, was severely Injured about
o'clock Monday evening. Miller was return
ing from work and In climbing between
some Northwestern box cars stepped on a
coupling pin Just aa the train moved. He
was taken to the South Omaha hospital In
Brewer's ambulance and physicians am
putated the foot.
Magic City Gossip.
This evening members of the Eastern Star
will hold a social At Highland park.
Rev. and Mrs. R.'L. Wheeler have gone
to Falrbury to visit relatives for a few
A son was born yesterday to Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Harris, Eighteenth and X
City Attorney W. C. Iimbert and wife
have gone to Portland to take in the expo
sition. S. I Winters, assistant city attorney, has
returned from a two weeks' vacation spent
In the east.
Horses for the hlg sale to be held at the
yards here on Wednesday are arriving In
large numbers.
Mrs. J. B. Ashe. IBM North Twenty-sixth
street, returned yesterday from the Pacific
coast where she viHlted friends for six
The three vagrants found sleeping In the
night by the
Harry B. Davis, undertaker.
tel. 1224
W. F. Rurh of Superior Is among the ar
rivals at the Paxton.
Mrs. W. H. Clemmons of Fremont is reg
istered at the Paxton.
Charles T. Neal and J. M. Raymond of
TJncnln are on the register at the Her
Grand. .
C. P. Stephenson, a revenue collector from
IJni-oln, Is In the city on business and Is a
guest at the Paxton.
Major R. 8. Wilcox, manager for Brown
ing, King & Co., has returned from New
2,936.00 ' York City, where he spent two weeks.
1,111. W
""bid. 45
6.149 03
Total !.. ...$S,1-9.71
Cash In .general fund August l.
lytlS . .-K,w.o
fJeneral fund warrants outstand
ing August 1. 190t
Balance lilUKO
Balance In Beals fund August 1,
in Is0 '0
Balance la site and building fund..
All Well.
The least thing wrong with your bowels.
makes you sick. Dr. King's New Life Pius
ma you all well. 2S cents. For sale by
Sherman A- McConnelll Drag Co,
Ladles of Maccabees Picnic.
Monday evening a goodly sited crowd
attended the annual picnic of Uniformed
Hive, No. 35, Ladles of the Maccabees.
The drill team of young women in white
uniform under the captaincy of Mrs. Bun
gave a very enjoyable drill. The committee
of arrangements consisted of Mesdames
Baysdoerfer, Hlgley and Hudson and the
success of the picnic can be attributed to
these ladles and Manager Cole.
Drelbma Breaking Ground.
Ground was broken Monday for the new
warehouse of A. C. Dreihus. on the west
stde of Ninth street, between Howard and
Jackson. At rresent four stories and a
basement will ne erected, but the founda
tion will be such that another story can
bu added. J. D. Uhellberg has the contract
and J. P. Quia drew the plans.
Mortality statistics.
The following births and deaths have
been reported to the Board of Health dur
Ing the forty-eight hours ending at noon
Births A. W. Seveena, 527 Park avenue,
rlrl. Thomas Russell. 3114 Sraard. wlti:
Piauk Palnmtlor. 2il" Emmet, buv: Fred-
-rivk MiKenxte, 1711 Davenport, glii; Alfred
iudell, lib? luiU avcuue, buy; Frank,
Captain W. 11. Corbln of Alliance, Miss
Angle R, Bond of Ord and Judge A. E.
Langdon of Paplllion are on the Murray
The Millard hotel register shows the fol
lowing Nebraska ns on Its Monday page: 8.
K. Fowler of Lincoln, T. M. Shealt of Ful
lerton, J. H. Chapman of Kearney, Mrs. A.
H. Norton and Mrs. B. Norton of Water
loo. Thomas II. Greevy of Altoona, Pa., Is
visiting his brother, M. J. Greevy, Twenty
fourth and Hickory streets. The former
Mr. Oreevy Is worthy late president of
the Pennsylvania Eagles and paet worthy
president of Altoona serle. No. 2.
A Skin of Beauty la m Joy Forever.
DR. T. Fallx Oouraud'a Orlontal
Craam or Magloal autlflor
srS? o
FrMSiM, Villi
0 every biau
s butf. es4 d(
tm (election. )
Of T Jn. St
Is no sermleM
tuate tt lo Ui u.r
Is prepffiy mft'i
A OCmfi JW OMMtl t
Uu at uaill'
niM. Dr. L.
barn 14 to
Wlj of tbe bbv
ti u OatitM '
a yon Udi.
wtU feM Uirr
I rotwsiBicrt
ktreiful of U IL
mu tea rone)
old Transit house
police were each sentenced to ten days on
the weed cutting gang. '
The firm of Hlnchey & Murphy, horse
shoers, Twenty-third and N street, was dis
solved Monday. Mr. Hlnchey purchased the
Interest of Mr. Murphy.
The Hlnchey Laundry company has Just
about completed extensive Improvements to
the plant. A new boiler. has been put In and
several pieces of machinery are being
In the arrest of John Henry, colored, at
Council Bluffs the South Omaha police
think that they have the man who has
been burglarizing houses here. Some Jew
elry stolen from a South Omaha residence
was found on the prisoner.
John C. Carroll, at one time chief of po
lice of South Omaha, was stricken with
another paralytic stroke last evening and
there appears to be no hope of his recovery.
Since his return from the south Mr. Car
roll has been stopping with Thomas Geary,
Twenty-fifth and E streets.
We are cutting
prices on
Trunks nj Suit Cases
Suit Cases worth $2.00 now $1.48
Suit Cases worth $2.50 now . ..$1.89
Suit Cases wortH $5.00 now 2.93
Suit Cases worth $6.00 now $3.98
Suit Cases worth 410.00 now ,$6.98
Cut Prices on Trunks.
Trunks worth $10.00 now .$7.50
Trunks worth $15.00-now $10.00
Any Straw hat in our store-now
.We close at 5 p. m., every day except Saturday..
Rehearsal of Old Plantation Play
Broken Into by Little Side
light Act.
A rehearsal of the "Old Plantation" show
at Twelfth and Davenport streets was
abruptly broken up yesterday afternoon by
a little by-play not on the regular bill.
While some of the members of the com
pany were going through their steps they
heard a woman scream, "I am stabbed."
The words did not have a theatrical ring
. r. .ham
It was discovered that Miss Mable Wilson
had been clashed over the heart with a
razor In the hands of Miss CUntona Brlggs,
the trouble being over the affections of
Charles Moore, so It is reported. Miss
Wilson' was taken In hand by the police
surgeons, .while Patrolman Shields and De
tective Ferris chased Miss Brlggs to the
Smelting works.
Miss Brlggs is charged at the city Jail
with cutting with intent to wound. ,
Miss Wilson's wound Is not serious, the
flesh not being entered .to any great
Number 12.
It leaves Omaha 8:05 p. m.
It arrives Chicago 9:03 a. m.
Number 6.
.7:25 a. in.
It leaves Omaha. . ,
It arrives Chicago.
. 8:45 p. m.
Number 2.
It feaves Omaha 4:00 pi ni.
It arrives Chicago : .'.7:20 a. m.
Tickets, berths, folders, rates and information at
City Ticket Office. 1502 Farnam St!
Maurice Aljtoe Released.
County Attorney Blahaugh has entered a
nolle prosequi In the case of State against
Maurice Algoe, accused of attempted
blackmail on Edward Kosewater. Since
Mrs. Algoe has served out her jail sen
tence and the wife cannot be compelled to
testify against her husband, the county
attorney consented to his discharge from
custody. He has been confined In the
county Jail from a time antedating by two
weeks his wife's sentence a little over
four months.
A "Hjt'R-SAVRR" that grows In pontilarlty.
Thn kantnMn nun vke In toe tour to leak nftar
k. tenlth nnd nnrnonnl cemfofft n4n s- fanrnlnn
Tn natten nuiaraff sat (nlllat hnlr In bnMth
ale Mm s( bMln.M. Later wkna Incvmhln b!4-
wlll wants monny trying tn nrnr-
sodm tn. moult of km ewn nnglnot. boom on at
konn ntioala look altar slat. At am IM at
dnnarua which to 0 ooBUalons nt Wow-
kro'o Harptoiaa ohowld bo nnt, It ouran 4ui4
rtig nnd ntopn hUltas hntr by dantrorlnf thn
dnndrug rm. A d.lljMful bntr dnnnlng.
nil Icsrat, n.M. Uti c Mann, tn IUMCIM CO., Pont, I. DetrnM. Mick., fnr a oonnln.
THH ORIGINAL renaedw ihvat "kill ttte DaadtnR Germ."
HSearaaa Crania' an thn lout km
nklD Dr.irailoi:t. F-f lain br all drua.
(ruodn bcaiam la tan Unu.d Btniao, Ctuat nud Kuni4
riBlT.KOPtllS, r'n 17 6reit km ttnel lew Tot
Is especially valuable aunng; the
summer season, when outdoor occu
pations and sports arc most in order.
yield to it, and if is particularly
agreeable when used in the bath
after violent exercise.
4 U Al I
Best Agricultural nnd Stock Raising Region. Soil deep, rich and
productive in the crowing o! Wheat. Corn and Alfalfa. Purchase
price from $5 to $36 per acre which equals the returns of the
$50 to $150 per acre lands of other States.
Buy quick and secure the benefit of an excellent Investment.
Write for further Information, illustrated literature and
H. C. TOWHSEHD, General Passenger and Ticket Agent, ST. LOUIS, MO.
TOM HUGHES, Trav. Pats. Act. THOS. F. GODFREY, Pass. Ticket Agt.
0. E. Corner 15th and Farnam, Omaha. Neb.