Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 15, 1905, Page 4, Image 4

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The Omaha Daily Bee.
rwllr pee wtthot PvindayV on, yar. 4 o
ani.y ie an-.l Sunday. n )H
J:!uar rated IV. on, rr
funds r p, on yr
sturday lie, on rr
Twentleih Century en year
1 W
ie.l!r Fee (without Bungay). P'r topv
Pally fa (without Sunday), per week !
l-ee (lnelu1lng puruiatV pr week l'o
I venlng p. (without Bun.lAr Pr week To
twmi Fee Unciuding 8unJi. per
wee lo
undae B. per oorr fe
OnmpJalnts cf IrTrg-Alarttke in deliver
should he addressed to City Circulation Pe
rwrtnient. orncts
Omaha T Be Funding.
South Omaha Cttv Hall Building. Twenty-fifth
and M street.
Council BliifTa 10 lrl street.
Chago lej 1'p.ltr Hutlding
Nw Tork lav Home Uf Insuran-e
Washington M rrurteenth street.
relating to news and -M-nrtal
mattr should be addressed. Omaha
Editorial rwtoartn-.ent.
Rmlt by Arm ft. xrrss or postal order.
prM to Tr Be Publishing Oi'miny.
(tut 1 r, Dl t lam pa received in r ment of
mall accounts check except on
Oma or trT ti-rurs. rwt awr!M.
tat of Nbraka. h'Ui u County. sat
C C. Rowatr, secretary of The Pes
Pnhllehrrg CttrpiT. being au!y sworn.
t that the actual nuivner of full and
rwtipln, of Tha Paile. MmhK.
month of July. 1.' was aa folio s
l ai.sto it
I jo u
I ,so i
4 sn.ioo s
t.TNo n
( H.AO B
I .ko n
90NH Zi
t SS.1SO
u a.vto r.
XI .t 3
i .v.ti so
is ixxiao -
s io
jt.oTO !
a, iso
laa unsold ccpiaa..
Net total
laiijr axe-s
8uhacxth4 In try rraaenca and sworn to
bafvxw ro l.t ct Juiy.
UfeaOJ U- B. Hl'NuATS.
iu oit or rowi.
Ittaarlkert lartB tka rtf r -gaiarilr
ahwl4 kva Tha
aMlt4 t Iheaa. It la halter tha a
dally latter frwaa kav. A
w wUI h kaa, aa aXla a
"ben lawyers disagree as to whether
county cou:xlsioriers are to be ctvvsea
ibis year, the courts will bave to decide.
iJiDv-aster piitU'iaas prvnntse to test j
the new couutjr comn-.'.sAiouor law. Sev
eral aspiring IVug'.a cvuuty poi;
w-iU anxiously wait for relief.
The report of a te!chiug rolcarf iu 1
Nevada may be true, bet it i nvre
than lely its discoverers were not care
ful tn selevtlr.g their poiation.
rreseut ivuditiv-uts foreabadov either
decisive advauoe by J spacer vld.vrs
la Manchuria or an equally decisis re
treat by Japane statesmen iu A:ner
Jca. Although reputed to soar bliher than I
any otbs r hirds, th Eagle oevenbe; j
tnd it cvotwuiout and mfortirg to
pest their wttjs in
eight to rtke s Peak.
Omaha oa their
With Orauge nots in lrv.irv-t the rxr-
ernnvect will find it diScrt to povjwte 1
tne gee era I election much kvor. as the
afety valve must be used bfor the
wboie wevts blow up.
If tt be true that the igat on Se.-re-!
. n ' t . . J . ... w.l
u. iiwb 1 ... uri nwvi .1 ,
WBt to l-UJOaj aaultrr-tCl twvj jrvCJTjv-t,
a the putvlic. be max nd new eieraecrs '
cocntng to bis support-
Eclgar Howard sends a solemn wam-,
tn to the people of Netrasia to vvew
tb situation soberly. CkorisOoVrTirig th
high altitude of ttet thvrsetwr it
strikes a that they are keepinur prttv
in their apjvarent effort to make Jayan ' parts that est devmel unsuitable or ' country. Th-e hjrher the wages, the more..--.-,.. a- weak a- 1 i"ti
.In whuh b b,, b .1 r.vit'.r x a - . . I -gr.orw..t a-. - -v-r. ..
promts tase lorea under it protix , , " , ' 1 ur.r.eos.arv can. crt Vtiiir. vy s.. 1 or vr spens m sa.rons Th shorter flk-- civU jati. n.
liu. tu Ci...... 1 "-"""f- lie ta s Wsuctin.y res'nitVl StX-h . . , . the hours the rrore thev are -ci nei to
uoo tne envoys may ie tnvtmf ' excvaccl for ev rrcr-ctr wh)otit .... . . .-
rvb.eni of its ow t. .... ' . vested richts, r.ct true. The wh- history cf fcjrher . ... ...
With tihe purvt.asers of Hasta t , ri.tN; o.vtiV aire any cfH.-lil cccneo
throwttg thetr weight fv taoe. M . t--o the ftfrertft.v.
tntte a visit to the l"r.ite-i Sttte may ! -
bare rror graufjir g rec;v tlu.a I-t ac
laed when the demaa-i were Crt
v.r.g ui.inii trtp to tie AustrtAB
"ttvirr rrsort is Sv that Se c-av
van a tcM ciT cvtr.n-cr.ral ov ,..-.s
wlre.f t h fL--,-e ,-e-" t. m . . ..
- - i - - .
rotASftTLg tie weetinr of the en'rwrv-c
ta the "Jilttc sew.
The advas,f in Jsra-e .-." rat
la best itj in tie rvrasal of tie gr-
rBKeet r permit urge
Mtt .ire, of
japaa-ee ro go to tre itahataa -tal
to wxv-t ur.t.1 the l a.ted S Ate
tKrreiM samtary oNi ts-s
da At rig ; cpoa tte water rn Kan
e sit aw fcad an effext cJ.r-oe-t
rrcJ- i-a t w;o ra-it -ae tee ex
peeve! ry tiat er&i tvfx Mwdec.. Vr
Kockefy-lW. Nat ctap the ware-r were
M trotbeed so mrno. as te otec.
lVs;rvy tik c.ty air s :a pv-t-Koa te
wy i y-vi srsts:tx as a t.tva pew.
WTU A text e'.gttee-a ori w-tticj
ArraocxijvA.ry o;-ay by f aKi
devh.-auig SAct n? th W. ad laid
tt las r-crir-ased uvdr tie k-ire;f '
Kepttr ti ad3i-.trr-xQ -f state if
fairs any aK s pert ev-tx. bt tt i
far aiwl of rt ad::aarfratvsA
the Ur ftodo reTj-xr that th ictte
rtt yo.waka wtli br ta svwteea tx-.r
in a ant t Nrfoor they cti b r-rsaid
r Ncw asjotW rvl 4. i4
C9 Tl a-. nca;4.rj.
rut rntVATt car rrsrnvr.
It ) said that effective I'Um for deal
ing with th prlTt mr Vne and de
trTlnjt t ti- iiHnoHi!y tbry now enjoy
Uir Uvu formcl itio lntrtato Com
mrnv iiinuui!siti aud w ill l rxH.-utM
in th neur- futurt AccorvJinic to a
Washliiftou dliatcti to Use rblladflrhta
North An)rti'au t!ie coiairiiou hn in
formally docldod that th railroads thoni
M'km can htld tvrouiWe for all
trsrtlo oer ttnr lin and all fxtvtitloc
uiad ritber ixn cwunt of loaod cars
or jirlTate can owned otbrr tvni-rns
than the railroado thtuH'lTta. It U
statod tbat tbla d-lsloa din not waive
the right claimed by the commission to
rvpulate all commerce in private cars or
the claim that the private car line are
ixinnion carriers, and therefore subject
to the interstate commerce law. But as
there is contention respecting the latter
protoltion. the commission will proceed
aeaiust the railroads for discrimination
and restraint of trade, where It can be
shown that through collusion between
the roads aud the private car companies
shipirs bav teen forced to pay exces
sive charpes.
Accirdiuif to th report, the steps rw
belnii taken are the result of an Investi
gation of the evil, the Inquiry bavins
eitendel over several months and not
belnif yt enipletel. It appears that the
commission Is acting of its own volition,
without waiting for the fi'.lr? of formal
complaints, and Is now confident that,
in addition to finding leiral metbMs by
which the oar companies can be rept-
tated. the ral'.nJ. have promlsevl a de- j
PT f ovperation in dealing with the
matter which guarants an immediate
Impnvement in omditious. It Is stated
that several of the r.1s are now operat
ing their own refrigerating cars at
greatly rod-iced expenses to the shippers
and other rvvvls have agreed to Install
refrigerator systems In tJm to operate
them next year.
It thus appear that the agitation foe
a correction of the abuses connected
with the rrivate car Hue system has
already bad beneficial results and that
the promise of an ultimate elimination
of all these abuses and the abolition of
this rapacious and oppressive monoply Is
altogether favorable. Ttse very decided
stand taken by President Kooevelt In
bis last annual rueage on this question
is thus showa to have bad a roost salu
tary effect and it is safe to say that be
has not spoken the last word in the mat
ter. The action taken br the Interstate
Commerx-e commission and the expert,. J
tioo of some of the railroads cannot be !
reirarded as cnc!usive. Some lecis'.a-1
latton is tsecessarr to clothe the com-!
missn. as was Ponied out in the last
annual report of that N!v. with ade-
Cjut powers to deal with the regula-
tKva of the private car lines, and un 'ottbt-;
Uvy the president will urge this upon
the f ftr-nlnth concres. As public sent'.-1 1' crt usrv
ment is swr.clv tn favry of sttch lestslt- Tt "wfTio-n that the art of or
tvn It Is probable that the stibe,-t will to a,;n;s:t'.on of PuM
rex-ive from congrvs the
which its Importance merits
ttin irt!hii Tc.-teM wtl! .-kn e-.- --i.-v-i
. . , . , ' j
bis dut:e as secretary of state aud when
be does so be wiii be entirely free cf 1
i """ u l-
,lr 1rt 1
of Mr Kvt - of
tsos a; tr.rvf rxut r..s e-v.i-ing
of the war portfolio :s act an laitc-
tivn of lacoasisteocy thon or now. -Tte
truth is, no doubt," saya that piper
"tt -' R ts. like
---- -o- :
1 cnangiM ca views or late as to t cie
a.ais ot tj prxp ns'tzets ta stsca case.
( Eviects during the past eiettt month
mar.y of th-e larger Nasttte affairs
Af T ' T I T. biTnl fls, .r-jr
. - - - ...
rir, vi tire conrr se..v4-.5.TUeM to U.-T-
diccer and ri'.tiZ that hart 12 th
; path of the director sbc d.vs not really
direct -and
lame is Vgioa.
-at all erects, there wiU be n oostioa ;
tSat the tew se-reary of state has st
, t saltttary example. thre
t reasn to t-eMev w-.U be emulated
J by other wx sia3 its fsttire ecter cpe
resxe.s.Me dtrtiew ia th-e povetT.-vt.t
No man oorcr v-r c a cabinet
la tt-e pabCic d'.ossiori of the term of
Ua;.aa it was ii-evitabl that the exam-
ip of Rtassca wouM b c.ted by wit
el showttg fcow title sT-.3cfJoa that
I r.wer fcaa in iy-.f.rr to the Ji:j-w
j o.-oht:.i a b.z.g ex vve. It :
. i . .. . .v . . . , .
,.i.Tvi . . . a v ,i.t i-T s - .n - .
aer the war Turiet lr. ihTT. Kt. -
a demanded rot c-t1t a t-eavy Irjdem-
ttty. tut a- a cersaivc cf The
p.W-.t!ty eetgina.'.y asked wit itSe-
c,ut:y redtcoed. Irt th-e ad f.r
. was persiAted In r.r:
. Groat F-r.tatn lntee-;xSied ani laaurted
n t-tec-posej-o; ac laaured
' urva Russia yxV.:h.g et-x is this
rucroa. l -- wa rTe th
Ftr t-a preruer. rae his fcisroe-.c eve
at Fecha. M.-. threw teeI K t-a wtth
a war with C.rvwt K-t.ln :e v o-
j cvtJ certi.a cooclltxsrj pev-7.wi by
j larter So grreat was th ianger of b.- teosree-a th tw o tari.-c fhat
FV-urarvs. inteneeed and idoed F. -t i
t aow-. t h Rr.tisi. cx ii txia. w hj.h
I saved Tnrley froc rT--ttxtl el.rr.A
TT stay be a f?rryo ft ecoinSoc
Jv tf r the sfv of the Kr.r. s
gv-icit at tiat t.ra has tv
ed ty ivec."aet vet. Nvt tier can
Ne r- ;r-t.VA tiat th exatap thee set
by Rsssca. a ti vewo xjto, ie
pr.v ier at pretest cf any rht to
cix ra rfcat Ja-w .iel ar eirraor-d-iAry
ec ifv-;t At a rr At tee- of
ft-l. w lbe all th c-.rc-; rrc.a zve are
f.vxea d &e cv&siiWe-ari-e r J rwte--e
coid rx-Ci are very rcsoi .r ovVrar
aid raeeabrie tha were tbos of Rs-s-A
ia l3r Ijt liert was b eU.e
win I generally ivmmecoeu as emi- ... v ... - aetere m im ta
Involved as to the national security of
Hussia, as there is lu the case of Japan.
In the war with Turkey the Kusslan
purpose wrts distinctly t ue of a:crandlse.
ment. while Japan is fitititi wholly to
make secure her cational eiisteuce. In
view of her own example less than a
generation ao Russia 1ms little claim
to consideration In rejecting the demands
of Japan for the reimbursement of her
war expenditures and for the cession of
territory which Justly belongs to her and
la now a part of her conquest.
In the discussion of the proposition
that the Tark Nvird shall acquire small
tracts of land lu the heart cf the city
and lay thera out In squares, triangles
and circles for treatbiug spots and
beauty spots, and secure authority to
sell Foctauelle and Elm wood, parks. Dr.
George L Mi'.ier exclaims:
Otv authority! Pt whom What powr
can It? Is It tr. city unotl? Is
it tha legislature, or ran it b th city
council and tha le!slatur cmMned? I
dar.y that either Ndy or both united can
diveat the people of their title to their park
Ur.ds for any other purpose, or s?U them,
ttan that fr which they were purchaaed
and dedioated. If anybody thir.aa ether
wLa let ihem prooead to aU tht-e park
lands, which it coats nothing to kevp and
which belong to all the peopl la their
own lndefeaa.bla rvc'.L
Vr. MiUer evidently tvntends that ouce
a piec wf laud U dedicated for a park
it nist remain a park to all eternity,
evcu If it is no park and is not suited
for a park. Perhaps Vr. Miller has for-
,tN1 cow ocvupled by the
i simu imiN's. mvwd riiK i, Aicrx uania
hotel aud Browning Klag store w as orig
inally dedicated aa a ruMic square or
park, but the mayor and council of the
city of Omaha, by authority of the legis
lature, subdivided the square into lots
and dewied the lots to private owners for
a consideration. The same is true cf
the square opposite the Union Faclac
headquarter", now occupied In part by
wholesale Jol blr.g nouses.
The good doctor evidently forgets also
that the city , of Omaha has deeded to
the railroads mi'.es upon miles of streets
and alleys, and it bas narrowed scores
of streets and sold to the owners of ad
jacent lots the strips of land cut out of
the street. A year or two before Omaha
traced part of its public square between
Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets with
W'Uliam A. Paxtoa for the ground upon
which the city bail r.ow stands, the poo
cf a:!; voted half a million dMiars
la fr ?:' f
i i Livi" i.i v-r,i-i4.. iiKti i jr- i.. rt r
fax-t that the city bonded Itself for the
of rul " tnt
rrvTr vtnt - M
!of t"t rrty. even if the county and
city gvverr.mer.M should be mergel and
the city and county jo'.a In the erection
cf cit-T urt oa li
property of any kind, whether It is !n
public or parks or market
place, binds all the genera t'.oc that are
to follow, gx3 sense and
precedent. The city of Omaha, like any
other corpoth tior.. can do acvthtn ra
. I .....
j rices! and reasonable for the benefit of
its stockholders, and lands purchased for
tnr.m:rte.l by grapev;r.e teVe-rs.rh to
the Omaha seror yeikiw. a pectiliir
s.tuatVc ba existed f or a year c rao-re
exists tvly. In tt-e matter o. govem-
ment me? t rr.sTevtn a: 0ahx. by
whi.-i; 'ndepeadent f-av-kers
rPevyr.ted from operttirc plants which
. . . . . . .
vi courwe. we tave a;wrtrs to go away
from fcosve to tear the tews. Tp to
this however. wSvlt in Omaha
w 4 aware that ay 1
-i-tl au.
r v-v .r Aj-v.iT-on i-.-r.- r r--j- tS-
', e-jttlihruer.t
ra.k.rg hoce in
Omaha or South Omaha had been kept
the inability cf the
r-ep-Artm-ecT of Agt-.cts'.t ire to nppy the
re-mred inspect
The only rrvr
Awpiir-g to Ce Utet dlsrtroes j cf
wr a ot rr-L.-i.i.a u--e jcai-g ia- fe;w cPtwas v t-i t.(1 azi let
dusTry in rhee par. has l-ee-j the diver- j -.;" a g-v-J rjcuh ai foe .; c.-a-c
of l:re to r.val packing ceo-1 it-re vp to rt far
terv t. the r.-cth and to the somth of
, --thj
We ajrvhe-d. trwever. that
no :nd-;eodr.t p -er w-iU i;t-ie--oe
A - v rrx;oe for wa-t cf an i-.s-eccon
ir.s-ecTio-i j
, . , 4
h rr. e-.i tze v ... . t c . t e h-.-ctti
- , v-k yaris.
We are t.Vi n-. w that r.-rmer Pioli
f J-v're tVeir 1-
AI Comi;-xaer
, y-. . , ... v. -
xtf re; tv-- ; trry on ac-
0'--"urt cr tz.e Z C- '-tS
f-..-e cf ti. j
Ag-red all
, p,-., - - - Mo:
t v r c :t was tera"i.e
-,ver ad
' h rts. Therv wvr a-evher to
; - ttv -'rs a
the p;iv tr.-tvgh to
i the w-.U g-A.-'-cr-i
If there wvr t a c.f '
! In th- LirhriAt wo-r' --e- h !
! rw-e lie p -ii.h ad han-g brw--
tie ga oo r ri - r a
1 U. e
tjr oxr.r-.-y f..- tr. Urpf share, or
wve they a." J v pet t gvtr twv as
;A.t ti v tte -v
tthes that east em rt,.r- i i
presjiect bee by aa ual rvt
ftfder ta avvci daxger cf as as-
Ihlm th averr.if EaiA4--- w ave
I to th xw.htje cf it w-i. a tm
to th pxw.htje f tt .w-as.;j, rt
:t i rht r-.t Rtii: rr --.
takei iVr ef Orodr.'Ci p-r i --
l i-tevi State.
eeetiared Cartegt tx the
"heary bvtid--;g. tct :t w-i: t
ih-oceey that La io :
tee rts-r lo-v us t a err c )
silver oerr-irat. freh ari warra frs.
ti atuiit
It is Ae axjl tin a !.-.-r rv-ren
true vl Vi..ed Scauw f. vrrij i :
" " j w.ta vie p. :j: ti x,r
Jetiwig Brvaa hs at lat ! try a oa rU- tt ;t
ls managing the boycott on the part of
China, fl u Ting Fang evidentlr learned
while in the t'nlted States tbat the only
way to N at a Yankee is by n?ln5 another
If the governor of aukitii Is unable
to decide upon w hat steps to takv pcln:
the boycott be might apply for an Ameri
can Injunction, which would probably be
as effective In China aa it usually K
under similar conditions, in tut- United
A rkrerlai Po.albllUy.
Philadelphia rresa.
Tt beplns to kHk as If the "square dral"
may yet become faahlenaNe with ail Insu
rance corrpanlea
rrtsmaih aa PaMlrtty.
Detroit Fre rress.
The population of r-rtmouth Is
It also contains WSJ? peTle who are won
dering how they can profit from the adver
tising. The Real Arttrle la Heroism.
O.lcagvt News.
Speaking- cf heroism, the doctors and
nuraea who have rwlunteered for service In
the elow feer belt ought to come lu for
honorable mention.
PrvtHleaa Rivalry.
Washington Tost.
Ternsylvania leads In tie projjct'.on of
natural r- It will require the efflria!
count to show whether Nebraska or Kan
sas leads In tha production cf artificial gas
Opportaialty Taktii lata Caaap.
Boston Transcript.
The Ianonl estate cf over liW.W was
virtually accumulated In ten years, another
conspicuous trstance or tne ncn returns
that roiiow a union ct opportunity ana cm
paclty In this country.
Appwlllasi SUaatloa for Ka acker.
Baltimore Amencan.
Th biggest crops In the history cf the
country are predicted this season, and the
calamity howlers and stock gam Mens are t9
bold a Joint conventlcn to consider ways
and means of meeting the appailing situa
tion, similar to that of the historic klnat
who was pi tinged In misery because te
bad nothing whatever to grumble ahvut.
Sett las; a r4 Eaaaaple.
Philadelphia Record.
Secretary Root has set a g-ood example
by sevenns: his connection w-th r.umerout
financial and ether c-rporations cf
he has cr.tll now bee a a director. His
duty as a public ofllclal might pos;Ky.
though not prvSably, come tn conflict
the Interests cf the Institution which
he has been connected; by resuming his ;
directorshtpa. st any rate, the secretary
Rrtieaest la Tlpe.
P.vtcn Transcrtrt
ron't say t!p" hereafter Say "Joyful
checks" It has a pleajanter sound to The
ear. while to th conscience anl to th In
ttinct cf curtesy it Is far more gracious
There Is no h.Lr.t cf graft In the gentle
pr.rase ana ry ro. means ecu. a ;t r per-
verted t read extortion. ' There Is a I
blesed atmosphere of gtve ani take, an
apprciatKn cf valu reoetvei about !t.
whether It As ir.iira or spoken. Artisti
cally !? rob ar. .ne-ltable transAction cf
a" -dclng-" aspects and makes the gtver
aai the recipient happy ra entploylr.g it.
Clerical Statewieat Dele-4.
Sprtrvr.eld P.epuMlcaa.
T prtest h.-e letter the prestjn?
read at W!lkshrre m-!e certain s-ate-ments
--ncerr the eflectj higher
w-ates ar.1 shorter feours whi.-h deserve tc
be sharply cr.a:Ten-l Speaking wlthotjt
5.r.a-.w, ce ---cjirea:
tier, is ore c:--urar-.rg reat-ure eon-
nected with th cpwari teniency cf, th
wage scale ir."x th workmen cf th s
rwhllelly as a Cheek Rasewllty.
Harper t Weekly
0r rewtpapers are dubtles awf-jj
, .r-ue c : J : ms f pr r-:
. ff .t uca jo tt
; rrtsrier and has br. foe neither of which
, rsboect
th-e c-tt va: i reader cares
tt :t a-. z- -Tf hew
he rntereet
la s
ier keeps vp
w-.ti th. less - vrult; -
rated avtrxge retaie- cvv-r on tiotih it
tas Secom. so ta say. Etit tt is to d::rLg
1 witi ctt.,r foreia cf enrae that the lasers
1 ti tie press are Eacre valai. C-nly the
Lfr;r! ai ccwaiajs cf tie
taid tatereat Is shrwtr.a cr rm- w.
Ert. fracis on tie rw p.. craft, bewah i
I t-t a-i rasa a varies f.rms cf dea-
; a-aie refo
for err.
; l aewsp..
rxrs. C.r Taewrpapers rtaght it
; tttr. they c--!d easily Se maie
! lo t tar-e of ue po.-p e :f tastt. bt ta-
' it-ovoj rmt-a rf crvre. daareea.V, as :i
ad ta thetr fa.-thf -lss arii Teracj:s
- .
. f.-i-vttii va keerajt :t a 1 e nai t
I v , v , . . .....
ard U tcaes-.y rr, aai ;r.-ra: ut
t rt-e-w m hep fo aa; kvrl
:f raraty as
, e- as rt cast b kept cut ci tie papers.
cmcii nn ramciiL post.
. .
v. r: : ::t
. v-. ... . ,
N. trrtt, crrp.;rA-.j.a hxs a aatural
Vght tj i t-Ai"; wtj. fait
I to eapreas t..-
va.- ia vr, r-.t-i etar .
I Tiers i x:
J:a ty tie grv-
t hf.i t t.t tit -:rr. try art
tiiS to i;t tie xpre4 r.-'rr.;e-rts
I ex.-. .t- vrt. .
-r a.t -k-;-f-i a.-. tin lrrg r-.i a
ju-r- post jart sf
wr-k :f !. ptsc-
;to ct-rvzera-A dtvr. erectt
z - - :
tre pcr-ai wim Taare a x w r i rea-
w.-.T .. L , ... .
t.--a u- Sfv tiat tt k . -rr ;f a ;Arj
I t'. tie wrk ;tf -.t, P.-sr fire i - fpart -
j aa-e-at va tie rr e-i : i jtaata
. tt Ss.-a..-T if au tor.-l :f ti.At tiiy
fi Ar4 sseruit ic-s c .f tie ttera.
S f - lerv-MT.-.
W t"-e r;at t-e la.-.ji States
w-at :i a ;-:,. Tttre a
vasCAuwr - stiti ti-t A;re -:-;i
ipei .iv-a.
a: i-;r-rrJert tie
f An-t-e
nrxnd tie pecuA. f A, : rf ti
j . 1 i: o.t -r ali - v
i;. ? : re-ti i-.t r-a, sur-t
) P.etc .
. . . . ... . - - --v a r. -o rjL re
k.-p greatty ta m.Ak tiecn : - raft
rt tre
I eati-rrijeiare rare.
i exzrea .- orr raj- a.--
a a-.jfa--xerruc
xj aii
i,e xrft
erec- cf a I 4 - to or ?- a :a-ra
Aa i - tr-.j.e .-.a way fro-a ti,
:t -gat t.T rx r.tit.j .. t-
tt g 'e-iur-j. at a wit lire i Kt :
or ; 'y i tie " -r -' aa
U via jiUa,
rr.Rott ott". .
CookHlle ar now quoted at J5 cents In
Portsmouth, arid going down.
We welcome our old friend. General
t'tibe-Vribe. and hts hyphen M the new
columns again: this time In the peaceful
walks of diplomacy as Colombian m!r.;s:er
to Chile.
It Is said that John P. Rockefeller did not
begin to accumulate money until after he
was Z years cf age. perhaps this msy -plxin
why a little fraction of the earth Is
still In cttMT hands than his.
The late Plr P. M Pet 111. a parae of
Pom bay. founded numerous comoij mills In
India, (tsve Jev to benevolent projects i
and was created a baron, an honor con- !
forred on only one other native. I
John Butler Parke, who throuah th dis
covery of radiographs has suddenly become
the most talked cf man in sciertif.c circles
In th t'rltcd Kir.giom. Is an Irishman by
birth and is a graduate cf Trinity co'.leg.
Despite the gr.vt number of volumes thai
Jules Verne ruM.shed there still rema'.n In
manuscript sixteen dramatic works, nine
novels, two histories, a book cf travels and
a forecast cf Farls in the twentieth cen
tury. Captain Charles narr. who
the schooner Atlantic on Its record-break-
Ing trip across the Atlantic and won Kaiser
Wilhelm's $i.'.M gold cup. has received as
gold cup. has received as
a testimonial from Wilson Marshall, the
yacht s owner, a solid silver salver.
-Although I work a geod irmny hours a
day." say Inventor Edison. "Try life is a
very quiet and restful ore I do rot worry:
I am fori of fun ani I like gowt fellows.
. . . . ...
i un noi vdni iq ct-Ai i'.n n.e men vr
men whose lives are devoted 13 getting
An eastern paper reports that a New
Jersey woman whose husband had dis
appeared from home and had been given
. up M irowr.ed -was pleasantly surprised
the other day to receive two picture poet
cards which he had ser.t from Omaha."
Th- p-.fs ar. i fears cf separation wr
Instantly svthel by the additions t her
pvt card coi'ection.
Iguaoraare aid Saperstltloa Very Vear
the Sarface.
Phils. tlelx h la Fress.
Clvtiisatlor. i-r a host cf people who
lock civilned. can r's l ant and cipher
and use tr-.l.eys. Is or.'.y skin deep. It has
never struck In. They remain in th old
savar state
.eaU Urnoraht can-
t ur s.
This Is plain ervuch when an end. pa
thetic but Inevitable. deplorable but
ivr.M. c-mes. as there has jut, come to
superstitious obsession .ike the worship
i 0 .v.
Nl Mir.mita." These p-r. V.-rne
wh-m died, who
on c
I cent-.
kept th; strange vus-! frr half a
te men who worsh.:pel with thera
and ail the sad cor.trui:ot:on la that Te- stat-ru that they w-.u S
lx-n. cf all tiilrgs healthy, ratloiial. j a eor.!ac ir the War iprtrte-.t.
whc'.err.e a-.J civ-.lixed, has existed b ! Hitherto It has bn pct;i for th s
cause for a greit many ct -nliii pecp-1 PPrs a-J ethers who wre lntet-este-i i
civil:i,t n Is sk-.n deep I reproductin of the p-ft are of an cff.ter
v"hat these pe-ple relieved ahr-ut -C.r.- 10 chtain th phctcgra; by -.he .-.;
r-i-a'" millxr.s tf'.eve aN.-ut Shamans tn rc-ces cf asking f r it at the War de-
i aa noun-is
Afg.-ar.istan ar.d i.t and
North Africa. In all thee
sjivire lAnis tier are
men ani r.t5
.-s . ,, --r-r-
llus cbesii'n a-nor-g th weac aad -
noract. who receive dr'tne or sml-c:x-m
tor.rrs. who are worshiped tn l'e and :a
death ani whoe houses t-ecom -h::y
pUcs for their deluied f: C:en.
When the like pomes here it is a sa
of sk.n-ieep c.vt.jati. a Its appearance
u a p-;:ua: re-.:nier hw near are tu-
perstitAon ani c bse s.c n. lr. the m.l-it cf
i telephone how esy is self-
dev-:t ani se'.f-im.nx-lAtk-s. ani hrw reces-
sary Is It fr the community by edication.
fcy iw
y th prvt;toa an-i pro-
hibitioa cf soothsavrtif. w. ier-m,-e'--.g
ar.i mere del.ied ani delusive -enre--
taous froa
plae TYrwiaaeat.
New T.rk Sun.
Ti.'t djrjiyed tis
A :w-lre
pro: - -r.a
cf htimji nature when he 1
1 - re x.l. rrire 3L7 . . ooaivy rrvrie-j
! hs reputarucn ;.-r at-utnee pr-
i c-ured a opp.:rtn'.-.y f:r Mr Cockraa to
j exerc.
hts ::
oc th
I ruhect cf
rtr relatx-a tc- the rii:ri.j
1 Thev who i rstar. i tte Cr-rkrwatAa I
1 rttthcl :Arr knew that whatever Eiay hi.t
: ben the prencus stterar.
. crater It was r-r.pcss.hie
a ct tie
f or ttra
thorse ski-e a.-.-J s-m-.l thr s-urrc-tn-t hjrt
t? tp-eak ct!erw-j f.aa th-us at th a.-ti-
the varte-i States
: tast.-i-aa; a a'-artiag tie perwper.ty
exe-1 for pa
rseai cf
ir-el' -JC
r.-r th t--f t
Cre-.tra taat he
rc -r
titii "We an
ar-i ar s.h.v-
t ix- t -iararalleloi paths
the r. -t
net i mi-
- -, j T m.--t perf rur-I c.rf iea.-w
. ,v . . . - fat-v tn the
T-. - . fr-.." - ar-xArrr
' Ne"rthel .
a" ar-est:y f - ty ar
f.fsi exp tatj r ani ie-
J-'t. "
"i""----- rf c2
i X
-etAry Txft
rf Secretary
St r-e-As-vreti h-ee-
Aft S
r a
, - T t s--av
- rf -ie f--r'
with the t-to--r-; pa.4- era t-
--A -; t - f ,Te--h at tie Air.-tra-
. - B st.-a c rvhr-uary ,
I ,. j
-IT-r myf:f Z w:u'i rxthe- he a trafrr
m v- --it aa.1 S' a r.t F-e-i aa.i !
S- i-i H r "i- a po.--e. wrra
ha c- he?r M K-y
Prr raw
r:verr.-rat t; xe-tt
-wr rf: a- bxij
-jt-t uvj-a it t r es-
cf r-- -j the
-.aie-eiit.y rf tr t
trt. a mtt-r rap
ihr,.- ti --: ts n:r:eriat.e . r
;s tte h .-tAto-rs f tt e-st tvtj-
ar-.v t- -f-e- ;'. the gfoer- rrftt there
ar, h the wra
-.t, ;-Y'te-t cT.itrtAaes tr rr
tu a rti: -
. . - -
o:?..t ;1-a ci rc :r
g--v-:s w.ta-rt a ttairw :f
. H.s fc " l ' T :v! ie-TTe-i ; niy
- , aii ax au-tj-r-ry mvy c rtrre
t- -r-j-t-t ty r :e--e r...
.-.. , a.-.r. etry wv. t tae A
, . a, .-x tie
! n
' a
:f rte c..--j--'vr-a L act
at ij tte-i i has ao
aa ce-i-f- rte " " arsi-
4 .-,. if tit rrit-it.tjt. rx"-s
Li at . c -st get taere
Tt-s e ttat wtat ry At
tr-" Ai.i jls-. is a f .n a-. x-
'' A-.rtra- pi -
Aew-r.-.- n r (reo- rr-e a- at irfer tie f - . or., jf- t, ;? r-jaj.-ar.e, at! tte crets
-a: n.ii V' Ttft as a pe-w-aa.
e T SS A Tr't' SS-
a-.iTtr- f i--iaja r ti
PV ;rj
"te -re - ierr.t'-ratvr lerj -' a L-.i se-na
f-f rr . A v.r r'p-e
t a j, f.--ji w;t
X : I'A"7
t -; jr-.tin at.i
r i nr.ktitie pa t
p..; tr H J. 5.' .-
Ar.- t
i - r-i r
a 1- --"It
6." I
- - t. - .
' ?-.1 -re -- tj rr.-te.-t tre
?. rr r t .r t i- e r .-r T t ttat i
r..: a-e --e iti; t-vc ;
ti ii t'urit 4 a f-'. tea
AltVT 00IP 1 WUHIttTOt.
Walter af latereal f ailed fraaw he
Army aad ay Realaler.
A monthly list of the fft quartarmaater
sergeants cf th army will b published
from the rfffce cf th naarterrster gen
eral as an adlltln to t prant mnlMT
rcatr showtr. the stations a-.d da: of
the eff .-era of te q'iartrrr a'r depart
ment Thr are now arr.e fve Ta'an'lra
In th !lt of p-at q-iarierrrar-ef a-gn"
and there ar thirteen oand.lates on what
Is known as the eliaiN Kst
Ore of th Important axenimen's to
made In the new ir.inui of th pay dprt-
ment will be that cf cor."! 1raM Interest
to the army officers or. duty In on ca;
c!ty or another undr th Isthmian
commissi -m M-t. If ret all. cf nth cf".
cers cf th army, as well as th navy, so
attached are rer:vtr.g pay wM-b Is an In
crease, to a gra'er or lejs extent, over th
pay of the Indlviixal as aa rS-r 'f the
military or naval srrto. ?a aiii :n u
this emolarrent it U evli-ctly ie.ri by
the cT.oers that when traveling urdr ot
drs cf the lsth.rr.ian .--! cm-r.a:r.'S
they shall reciv the utiai all:wa
rr.l.eag cut aZ the army trar.r;-'-tatl-.t
fund. As has sJreaiy hn f s 4. r.o rri
j allowar.oe wtl! be p's
05:-s rr-
which lr
rvlo th y-mr- j : i
which lnvclv travel. ;;:. t- fv-t tht
1 It Is unier War d;rtrrht -rirs
j receive th c rt -f their t-ri f-c-; the
canal appropriation ar.i r. t frtrr. t
amy mileage
Jcf tt- C '. far, - . '. .
There Is some talk hut ;i:rrrg th!cT r'.w p-.. - aM ;rrx' t-.--:, w
cavalry witn th bx-.crt S- r- cf ( r.-. v - r tn ' the? w-jy f-.
j v -
cff.cers cf th
ar y hive hr. i.rprl'j
In an ur.nff.clal tr that th-
y- r.t wCl
-;-rnt cf
serve a useful ptirp. s at ar. 1-
warrare lr. the rs-.Js c caTa:rTrr-T
quite as r-.u h as hr. It f-rrj a jrt 'f --.:..-.-.: uC ft-. a; .". P it t r
the ffhri-.g -;-!;. r.t rt the !-.f-.trrr-n. -i:t -, . -a;11it
Th pi-cp.-s.t.'-n appears t- f--i fa-r-T 1; lik " :-.i-.-7-ti- - - -n the r h
mar.T q-uaers I: rray h- tik-. up hy th cf ;:.- rr-v? w..ra t.i-f - I-. -penerxl
eta? litr la th ?-'--.. '.: Is . hm.1 it -"U n 1 -.c i t.t.j tr.-r-'ry r a
quit evtiect that th suh.'-rt wC! come ;p :' g-a-J .rx EiJ T ;t- a.i s
suiter cr U'er In an f-t wh''i -a' .i j -1 :'j t.-.i,f.t Tr- at ro
will r--u;r dtspi-f-.-v-n hv the r-iltary 3- !Utt it cs-y M af-w-r tys
thcrtt'rfs. If :t h v-.ce-:-i that ct- Wr- Ja:k:i wis ;r r ws
airy It r;r! lr.far.try a-,I thtt ti i r"r- t t rat t u r.v Vst A e er -1 w. -.
cava'rr b---rret lr.fir.try wh- dis - unte.1 -re h-t. TOe r- ittrr u ;----r't
n ?.t- r icr.r.te: r..a: j.-e Sir
tactics wo:
rr;y t-
h.ors es car-
alryrran as much as to hi, v-rt,..,. - -y
! In fa-try arm If there is v-L-.s In th
: bayonet as a rrt of th e-5-jiper-t cf t
j tnfar.try erlder. there mvst be tb same
I qualltves to rmr-.m ;-.! !t wvp. it -j crs:-J-
ered as a part cf the cavalry.-; I ealp-
Tt has ben or-jere-i at t1
rrent that ph-t.-graphs cf
xx"ar iepart-
which are kejt ca f.i la th ff.ce r.4 tie
military secre-ary. shall h-rea'ter h re-
! gsried as a part cf the coaf ier.t al rr-
! cra The phM&rra;J-.s were trrally.
1 QJ ct::r cn ire astiTrp-ta.
partnt. This is all
e ciar.r-i now
w..ver ..-. new w.-.trn regaris three
phct -crapis as private lr.fcruxt:-n In the
""--.v . i-.
i - . . .
e rovem r.t. C-ri.ria.-T 1
I to cr.e Kli think ff rvtrg o.t a ih- I
I ....'.3-. ;.-... t..e
v 1 . r weyirtrrjent
, authorises do rv. t believe that t.-.ey have
! "" tJ t re the prscrial w.,r:es
j rf :i--i-al cfirers who cat h,ave a
1 rr:I:: Utiti: a f-rra ct p.Miclty wrri
oor.sists la h-avlr a piiotcoT-a;i appear a
i 01 iT newsp-aper.
1 lz -3ct ci oeserti-rs la the army Ss
f to-aJ, to corr.-e cp in aa Important way as
I tc- AeSvs:on ia the as-aal reports
T -- rers wn cmpv
I coram-rc:s ar- ertu-i ta the orrr
I f t statisttcs Searing mere er a
j upon th-e vexati. us Q r--r There 5s s.r
j rv"a c: P-ai :s-uMi;a cr tie pr5ties
at thus time, says L.etrnt Geeeral
ChsfTee. for th ere d.:- n"t app.- t j be ar t
aiars-li- larrea in d'Ser-ic-a. or f?r that
matter, ary increase at ali. This was trf
th case, bewever. sTr.e s.x or sva
m.rrti.1 aro. when this frrra cf te -tians
tr.d; -vi ual trlltary careers as.urrsi je- t
1 pcrtlort which made tfce auth-r.t.e ru. !
. jf u fe.t tht aomettiag drasu; srjM.:rf
S d-n-e
seep tc, army rrrra -" fjrrx
a- It was teveii by O-rrje-a.
I Chi fee that m.urii coi St anr rsrji. 1 cr ra-ft.-ea x -
! meat cf the
recr:tir iefota j
ere there co'-J-i
i bet re tiey cwme :n
I ei-ere-coi si i.rt. aai where tie ra
. cf detect posaitiy rht S, rr.-.L
a-ororr.ptift:Ta ta a great a-
staisht ;f .- tirwt
by the
-epots. suvl lie process luas Sees. v-Tftfl
s y tie apoM M a deii.-. pc-ry Ail
t . .
Aiiprc-j-r j-kwtw. iai .
! serera; reports n Oeaera; Ct-aTe aa.i
j will take -p toe s.t;.
tute ie?r- '
the :
sf fcntlc. :a ha at-iiAw r;-:rt.
1 Crwrfwl Art ! Charity.
New Tors Tnicrt
I -tat is a r-ea. . . p..e-oe t :w':jrTre
1 whir is r
cf tie f:
i i.-:ta Altarr
c t th E i
Tte ;au-t
: e-. rut
Myers t C:
ttjier j
: rn.-et.-t ao-t-
. .
- - - -
seat thaa ti rostra
oarr. rr -- riaa a 1 ! pecw-.w
tit kui:i aa.i tw:e as srjji Se-Kiie
. v . ta,, rr - i-A i t -.-aa.
- re.-r 4xx. ;
Tj uir-e a" tie expea a-.-jfe-t t rj.
uttort-rte afta-t. tie.-etrr. j a g-o
! art cf rt-arfry.
t trarurg cf est rata
r-rr.-a.-t w:. i lk ra.-rt t
- . -. - . i rv X , .
Ayer's Hair Visor is i hiirfcwL It fis th?
hiir icd the hilr grvv Thif s t th?r? :$ ro .:.
And it is a s?!eod.I t.:c the hr.r.
the hiir follicles tor.e ii $ Th:s :s ahy
it checks fillir.: hiir so tvt--t.
As i dressir.:. ir kc?s the hiir Ss.': trsi srxxxh
ind prevents sphttir; it the ervis
am CTTtIT Lit uto
ali-A t-LJ-4i ta ha
DmpotDEtcr ot-r or n.rr,
Melaaehalr Medltallaaa Ahoat Pahll
Marala Overieae.
Chlcagi Trttur.e.
Orovr Cleveland la In a r-l-r?K--4
He relieves tvat tnereasl-.a -
Is sactlrg th more-It cf th p-jM!- J). -..
grts th departure (,-t th ,.-
days hn Arrrt-ar. wr p'-or a-'.
t. Th dia'-V-a jr rar-lirg th r-,. .
M and th aatnero-us prt s--uU'-r.e t' ; .
r".'4:i cf tl!l ar.1 V degree a;;-x-
har hai a dprir - cn !.
er-'err tistlrg thm r 'r th r .
ei-it v-oa;cn In tk;e pi-. ar.n c-r.;- -.
, on a graM s-a: was t
men aJ1. at he says now
hav hn I po!b!e: In f
'f the rpvrle
Thirty ja's ago th whjsay f-ait t
Ipae-1 r,!tf"rs. rTrnrrrT - i
arl r-a-y mn prr-alnert rn ; :
ha4 ocr-stt-l to !fra lA t' g
T?y rheat-l t-it cf mt ' r; . .
Th d st relytrc t. th f." 1 :
te't.rt c-f l-t-rI rTn j - - i
c-i ttr or'iors e--'? ,s
1 rx.ti fT an ts'. -f'jr. '.- ' V .
As h:,ky a il t'T r - i- "n
: th tax
t.''-.'t k.vw frxt w.w
ir.g prp.r.l. h. ix ther was rsj ; r- V a;-! iff a.t i- :jti y - .
w .-i'i t f-iay A haiir j -r .-f ..
rr. l7'-5 the r. j r : -a y T - ; ,v
was g-rxt:i -t -1 we - a . - Prs i" p;-i-
sali lt t.a C"-'r ran -; - !' 1
-A; a a .-.t r i- . - ?. m.-- 1.
!aV As a -? :- ---y
that tf.y a-e tt.
j T.. h r-.--a..t ef rr f-.n -i
; ar r vt ?at ti-y tt -.'f T-.r -
mu.ri r.ei. f'C irj-a.-i- :-.
i ar-5 th-e r-rr.i- f f-e rt tertur-' t wr
1 1
. ara
b-.t the dfai
t -se
h rrjrt In t1-
p.:- .rV r-trr.est fvr- .'iir t 1 1
. r-:ru-.---i x -x e-r; wr.- rrs-
1 sred by tt re--.t stajlari it -l
r,Te- . Ty i-1 it -. ti r--e-i!
' p.:p; ar srria-
Th-ee a- r-,a-y -fit;
a-.! pr-Tat 1.? tM t-.-t t- r;ct -f
tr-c rn ajrf rpp'r" :t '
j f rr r--: -f :t th:
ax-r:ter ? jr-' p
cf a m
trra5t cf ra
It ? i,
t r-:ll
a lgtel' rtx-e-i.;
lighe'r o--e haif
wi arc-is-i'-ar.
;t r--s w- r-r
- g-a t ts t'enr-h hn
6trs as .t j
J ;- - -.r as im c .i
; it-tai. ' x asi .ligt-t - Star.
r tA l.i ;--?:'
j-rt T.-c .,-
ra a trv--' anuc
rs a
-' ". rc:
s -re esria- Attt Rir
w- a-e a. way cnar -0 ,g tie; :
cm ix
"X"-a tr cceyrary t-.a a-x. T-wrrf -ra ti f-
rAf- zl -f tt i-i-a-5- p:r-ri-,'
"T " . Attn t.i;;-5 :t w rn were tua--rew.i.
O-jcaa-j Trni3i.
sry New Trt wotT au a
' gt Sfcc. : rAUi eti f a.r,i ci:n-
r i te --. e v t waits ' ' -4 jawt
"A- T-T t tO-e rj tti-rt-? w-LS
""t j-a" guco-t ttj tizjt -'---4t
r- tj'. x -14- wvLi a g--T a- i
p.-'-T-.e.! -'
1 , ti-e a?T 1 mm n yr t w-ti - "
" ' - i j! ! truli r-i -
JAi ' ri-aixLjija l-Lrrr
r Iat i-ir- a."
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