Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 14, 1905, Page 6, Image 6

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AdiMllirmrall for IhMt rolamns
will be likrn nntll 12 m. for the
rf n( edition and until ) p. sa. for
the saeralaax nnlay edition.
Rates I I-e woril flrat Insertion,
la m warrl thereafter. Nothing- tnken
for Iras "ban 2) for Iba flrat Inser
tion. These Aiillemti moat be
nn eneeentlly.
aVtvTtiara .fcT reo.neatln- n nam
tiered check, can hrre nnawers ad.
lresard to a mbrrri Inter In rare
of The Bra. Answers ao addressee
lll he 4llrered oa presentation ef
Kail in in eepieinbei , u.iy uuu night
Aiusihtos, bnurliiaiiu, i devilling, leieg
xii.y, ,oiini mm Ensusii. Ail summer
senoioiis. Cataloue flee. Aduiess 11. B.
Buyie. Pres., uoiits Bldg., Ouiulia, Wel.
tTMWCC Repluted
Omaha Plating Co.,
j I v-r t - J iju, a-iarney bu
lei. Hum.
LIT ttAVlNGSiliANK pays 4 per cent.
it olu
ANTl-Monopoly Garbage Co., 621 N. ldtli
Tel. I'.;. k-i;
411 ci. inn St.
'A elcpuuliu Mfi
it dl
l L'l' RATE rallwuy tickets everywhere.
'. il. almoin, lion i-'ainuni. 'Jt'liunu io4.
H'Biber Slumps und stencils. Nov.
Ms. Co., M4 a. 12lli bt. lei. 1,14
. K-eo4
..iAiiA S.ile and Iron Work make u spo
. ui it i e etooipea, shuiteis, uuora and
talcs G. Anoicen, prop., 102 b. lulu bl.
alit.a .... tt ...jA x.iilm. OWa J tiV-iVtoO It . liil.
."Mai. It S-i
1 ia.iO, upiifci.t. easy montnly puy-
luiuolu I laiuj Co., lbll Fa.i naui bt.
fciliN FAlNTlNti. U. II. Cole, LU2 Douglas.
Ft o-4
C A UTC liEDL'CED prices to re
UU'nn 1 3 duce stoca; some great
Lx,anis tins v, Kvk. Omaua IveeU and ill
tan, works. 101 ilowaid. . H 4d
B.vD IRONS repl.ued. 2uc; three for Soc.
Uiaalia Elating C., 14 llarney. 'lei. 'Jb.
' it soj
inrKSIUITH Keys and Locks. C. R.
n, tola j'axiou block. F'noue 167.'. Also
Huh iiiuiiou comuioii Duiluera brick.
il MJ-J A2S
f- K r- M f " M btimiAA, SPANISH.
I lbiiui I umiuge Bidg., lsth at Farnam
During August we examine furnaces, hot
water and atean plants free of charge.
e clean, remount and supply all pans,
usuestos pipe covering.' but water attach
ments. uit our muuel repair house, new
location, I.mO-Uum Douglas. Tel. M.
OAl.vtlA bTOVE HiilAlK rtOKKS.
C'JIICAOO tailor, ladles' and Rentlemen's
high class work. Tel. Sill. JiL'jij Kurnain.
R A195 tilt
FOR SALE, at a bargain, a full-dress suit.
In .v-cd conuitiori; mauu.l'or mcuium-Elzed
lnu.i. Aduress at once No. bo, cure Hoe - - y Miy lsx
o.; h.VLE. neWnj seto'nd-h'and billiard'
ul . I i-ui tallies, bur tixtuies of all Kind.s;
payments. Send tor calalogLo.
i.,. u,is. .cn-Baike-Collender, W-S.'Utnii ti:,t
li-.n'LLTK line new and 2d-hand furnl
uj,. cnlcago Furniture Co., 141u Dode
'.ci. ;'vju. .'i''Q 3. '
!i-ilA:D safe'-toheap;' : Derlght, 1119 Fni
uani. (j ;JO
k.J ul'k Li good runabout automobile, guar
anteed in good running order; original
tohl l6u. Address lJi Harney St.
PAINT, Shermun oi .AJcConnell Ding Co.,
CIiEAH chicken fence, long llr timbers and
telephone poles. 9C1 Douglas. Q-3X;
pTTleyr .'ND coi'nOkrshafts at"a
tO pulleys, frm Inches to 48 Inches In
diameter; S countershafts, complete.
These re .all in tirsti-lasa condition. W.
11. Bridges; engineer, Bee Blag.
If you want a bargain in steam iluing ca.l
and look over ihe toliowuig suppuca:
1 ii-inciM'tVuktln liorliontai ecpaiaiui . .
l.u-incii Austin's horizontal neparulur
1.1-iiicli Austin vertical separator.
'(,t,n have been taken out on ucuount of 111 our aieam plant ana mu 111
fjcu condition. Aaarenu. Bee Uuikliug
u., 01 see W. II. Bridges, engineer, !
Blug.. Omaha.
MlLtH COWS 00 easy terma 43d and
Cent!.' i t-iJ
FOR BALE Two life scholarships on
class standard school In Omaha, cuinnrl-
Ing complete course in business, suoi 1
hand and typewriting: Inquire at Heo
ti?ticp. y Sij
Omaha business colleges. Ad..'s
liwlght Williams, Omaha Bee, Omaha,
Nb. . - ; y .t
GRAND TIANO, for artist or teacher; price
low; eay terms. I'crtleld Piano Co., P,ll
Farnam St. QiSa
KOH SALE, severs' scholarships In a llrt
BQl'ARE Knaba tor sale, cheap. b.u So.
22d Bt. Q-M1K6 li.x
FOR SALE, about to feet ornamental gal
vanised Iron cornice and ornamental
iron posts suitable for show window. Ap
ply superintendent Bee building.
IF YOC wish to buy or sell a business or
resl estate, consult U. S. Sales Bureau,
634 and G36 Bee Bldg. Y 344
jr iuu wum .0 uuj, n, ..-i.y yr ecuaiik8
real -estate ur busiiusa QUICK
torV-Watr Co., ;2j6 Paxton Blk.
see Con.
PARTY' owning a large and rapidly growing
business of 20 years standing In tuts city
desires to pbc Bonis of his-otock on guar
antee of 7 per cent dividend per annum,
payable semi-annually. Address I'D !;.
FOR RENT Four neat unfurnished rooms
for housekeeping. 661 8. 34th St.
T-M1S9 16
VTifi 8AI-B At ,75n feats -on dollar. $S,0.i0
fetofk '4try gpoxls and groceries. M J.
Clovls. lrls old. la. Y"-1T5 22
FOR PALE Ore of heat paying steam
laundries In Missouri, doing over 11' .'"')
per year; city; old established busi
ness; handles aa agency or commis
sion work; business cash. To right purty
would leasa or sell half Interest or $'J.'0
will turn thla Investigate this. Address,
1J, Bee omc-fV Omaha. Y M174 14x
ROOMS, furnlslAngs service, location und
ht-ime, sll leven orlce' ep'rabl" ir-l lust
class. 'Phone 631 8. 107 N. toth St.
. . I ii..i 14x
IS-ROOM boarding house for sale: deniable
location. Addresa 130, cure Bee
Y-M18J 811
Vf Ait if d Hood family mare. 4.ld and
Center. N M121
STRICTLY modern T-room house, either
weat or northwest. Can pay about $1 6
cash down and want to make monthly
pamtuis ea taiuacs. Address 127, i:
- N-137 U
Omaha Commercial College
17th and Douglas Sts , Is now opn. Ne.v
finises In all departments. Catalogue
Oil Ail A. NEB. ,
IV A NTF.D FOR L S. ARMY, abie-bodled
' unmarried men, between ages of 21 and
mi, ciliiens of I nlted States, of good
character and temperate nahits. who
reau and tpi'HK Engiisu. For fuitner In
formation apply to Recruiting Oitlcer,
1.1th and Douglas HIM.. Omaha; Lincoln,
eb., or bioux City, la. 11 i3
IK YOU are in need of a position call and
have a ' heart-io-hrart" talk with HAKT.
'J HE EX1EKT, 4ul N. Y. Life. B CUfl
THREE men of good appearance; steady
employment. C. k . Adam Co., lb 13 ilowaid
WANTED 8everai young men to travel
for thu auminer, or permunent. Work
pleasant. Good remuneration. The
Twentieth Century Farmer, oniana. Neb.
WASTED-Mm and boys to learn plumb
ing trade. Cannot supply demand for
giaduules; $4 to ti per uay. Many com
plete course In two months, Graduates
admitted to union and toaster Plumbers
association. Bend for free catalogue.
Coyne Bros. Co. I'lumblng Schools, New
York City, Cincinnati, O., bt. Eouis. Mo.
ib AND EXPENSES paid men In outside
towns. A. W. bouth, Neville liik., Omaha.
WANTED Men with teams; steady work.
Apply at Johnson Bros.' Transfer Co., lloi
F;i nam. B Mst
WANTED A capable whisky salesman for
Nebraska and the Black Hills. None
but experienced salesmen with best of
references need apply. Address Ferdinand
W csllielmer at bona, til. Joseph, Mo.
B M'.UU 18 ,
WANTED Bricklayers. D. & D. 70c an
hour. Council Bluffs. B-MH33 14
WANTED Positively will pay big cash,
day or week, to distribute Anti-Vi tint
Cigarette-Liquor Cure. Star Sciivce Co.,
Dallas, Tex, B KI7 lox
B m )K K EEPF.R and stenoprspher J75.UU.
Experienced bookkeeper 00.
(lleiioKraplier (grocery expert)-4.0O.
3 stenographers, experienced $30.00.
Stenogiaplier (bill clerk $ju.0t.
HART. 4ol N. Y. Life.
B Ml 42 15
WANTED Men to lenrn bartier trade;
more demand than all other trades com
bined; wages, $12 to $31 weekly; can
nearly earn expenses before finishing;
few weeks completes. Call or write.
Moler Barber College, 111S Farnam St.
B M12S lxx
DRl'O stores bought and sold. Drug clerks
wanted. F. V. Kniest. 624 N. Y. L.
BANDSMEN WANTED Thriving small
town, good opening for photographer,
barber or blacksmith; encouragement to
sober, reliable parties. Address 12. care
Bee. B M170 lox
80 working girls. Canadian office, lath and
Dodge C 33
WANTED At once, an experienced sorter.
Eagle Laundry, Council Bluffs.
WANTED Nurse girl, not under 17 years;
good salary. 1117 S. 30th Ave. C 14
WANTED Good girl for general house
work; washing and ironing done. 1024
Park Ave. C M155 J5
WANTED Voting girl
child. 104 S. 3i)th St.
amuse small
C M152 14
WANTED Indies to learn hair dressing,
manicuring, facial maasage, chiropody or
electrolysis; only practical college In the
city; free clinic; abundance of practice;
careful instructions; few weeks com-
filetes. Call or write, Moler Barber Col
ege, 1114 r'arnam St. C MU2 18x
F:XPF.RIENCED lady stenographer $12.00.
Experienced stenographer and bookkeeper
Experienced stenographer and bookkeeper
10 steaogrsph rs, 2 years' -experience 4)12.00.
HART. 401 N. Y. LIFE.
i C-M141 15
50 GIRLS. Experience not necessary; work
rooms cool, well ventilated. Bemls Omaha
' Bhe Co.' ' C M1!W
Our Money
Is loaned on luinilure, piar.oi, live
MuiK and to suiarlea people upun
.11. en own agreement to puy. our
1 ales are as low as any, our service
is tiuick and yuiet and we never
cnaige for niukiug papers or notary
tees. We want your ouMness it you
ii.i bonow money.
oaiAHA MoK'l tiAGE LOAN CO.,
uOti Sd. lbth St., Tel. 22l)o.
Hi) Board of Trade BlUg.
Established, imi.)
WHERE You get it on
Fui niuire. Pianos, Horses,
Wagotis. Cows, Salaries, eto.,
WHERE You get It on short notice.
WHERE You gel oW rates and easy
WHERE Confidential and courteous
dealings bring you back, t
WHERE Can you do belter ?
I'liOh-.MA. ttt,UiT CO.,
Top floor.
LOAN CO 644 FAX i O.N BLK. X 4ia
j CHA'I TEL, salary and Jewelry. loans. Foley
X 414
EAGLE Loan OJflce, reliable, accomodat
ing; all business confidentiul. 1301 Douglas,
x '12
MONEY loaned on furniture, salary,
horses, etc.; half usual rates. Dr. Pribbe
tiow, room 214, at 2u9 S. 15lh St. Tel. BJ964.
X 407
BOWEN'S MONEY Easy to get on furni
ture, pianos horses, cows. Plain note If
steadily employed. 703 N. Y. Life.
X 409
MONEY loaned on salary, furniture. Jew
elry, horses. Duff Green Loan Co., 3
Barker Blk. X-410
MONEY loaned on pianos, furniture, Jew
. dry, horses, cows, etc. C. F. Reed, 319 S 13.
X 411
MONEY loaned salaried people and others
without security; easy payments. Olllces
In 63 principal cities. Tolmun, room 714,
New York Life Bldg. X-4ui
. .... h-v ,.... to loan at r,aaonahla
:h on diamonds, ptunos, household
furniture or other good chattel securi
ties to parties whose position In life re
quire that such transactions be made
end held lu strict confidence Union Loan
and Investment Co, 212 Bea. Tel 2!t.
nniuTnif. MEMORIAL CARDS; ar-
KIN HiNO tttic designs. 8. E. Cor.
LYNGSTAD ltth 8f-.M capitoiAv..
Phone 63).
M4T5 1$
Johnson Institute, 616 N.Y. Life bldg. Tel 1664
MRS. JOHN R. MUSICK.. Osteopathy Phy
sician; uftice, Neville Blk. Tel. 2-3.
WILL sacrifice new style high grade bike
aurrey and runabout, with wire wheels,
ball bearings and cushion tires. A big
snap for aomeone. Johnson & Danforth,
8. W. cor. loth and Jonea Sta. P 6-sO
MORANDS for private lessons, ball room
or stage: Walts and two-step guaranteed.
15th und Usrney. 'Phon 5141. School
cpena Sept. 1, Aasemblles, Wed., August i
I 1U Is
That cannot ba supported by facts. Ask advertisers who use Bee
Want Ads of the relative merits of want mediums in this city: Then
act according to facts you thus obtain.
Bee Want Ads do the business A TRIAL will convince
ROYAL HOTEL, European, Itith & Chicago.
Wl CHICAGO, I have a couple of desirable
rooms I would like to rent; modern.
K M1K3 13x
DEWEY European hotel, 13th & tr'!;
NICE rooms, private family, strictly mod
ern, excellent location, telephone. 2310
Webster. E-MbUlOx
VIENNA Hotel; private dining rooms, cafe.
ROOMS and good bmrd. $o per week and
up. Call 1517 Chicago St. E 361
Tel. 611. O.M. E. Haul Trunks
K M30.
$1.00 to $2 00 per week. 422 8. 18th St.. one
block south of court house. E 3o4
THREE or 4 nicely furnished rooms for
light housekeeping. 201S Davenport dt.,
orposlte high school. E-M9.U 1K
SUITE of rooms on first floor; also other
rooms; nice and cool. 220 No. 1:1th St.
Tel. Red E M'.US 14x
FRONT room, new, modern, $2 week. 2L'2
Decatur. E MHU 21x
NICELY furnished front rooms, cheap;
bath, gas, 'phone and all modern con
veniences. t,2il North 19th St.
E 207 ISx
WELL furnished rooms, modern, sleeping
or housekeeping. 2i.i4 Farnam. Kbit li.
E 208 1X
THE ROSE, 2K!0 Harney St., nice cool
.rooms, with good board; home rooking.
E-210 17x
FURNISHED rooms, southe.n exposure.
8134 N. 16th. Flat L. F 213 14
Tel. 611. O. M. E. Haul Trunks
F-M3B !
CAPITOL HOTEL, 18th and Capitol Ave.;
broad verandas, ample lawns, stalely
trees, rustic seats; home cooking; hot and
cold water; reasonable rates. F 365
FURNISHED rooms, modern; first-class
board; close In. 620 S. 19th. F MM7 31
FIRST-CLASS, cool, pleaRunt fron,t par
lor for couple or two gentlemen; also
one outside room for same; all modern;
board very reasonable and home cooking.
Call at 1714 Douglas St. or 'phone Red
4637. F MD04 13x
ROOM and board, south and east room
for single gentleman, 1821 Kinney St.
F M166 15
LARGE, nicely furnished front room and
alcove, with good board, for two, $40.00 a
month: modern house. 2215 California St.
F-M15S 15x
FINE, large, comfortable rooms, with ex
cellent board. 2616 Farnam St.
F 212 16x
HMMQF'vln &U parts ot the city. R.
ft a w w m w 1
'C. Peters & Co.. Bee Bids.
. D-66
THE Omaha Van & Storage Co. pack,
move und store H. H. goods. Storehouse
1120-24 N. 19th. Offlce, I6IIV1 Farnam.
Tel 1559. D357
WE MOVE pianos. Maggard Van & Stor
age Co. Tel. 1496. Otlice, 1713 Webster St.
D 355
NO. 1541 S. 29TH AVE. A modern two
story pressed brick dwelling with nine
rooms, facing ii.uibcoin park. Rent, $40
per month I .no at 1115 S. 32d St.
J. M. RlcharJs. D-630
II""1 ICCCI'i all parts of the city. The
tlUUitJo, F. Liavis Co., 6ug Bee Bldg.
D 360
HOUSES, Insurance, Rlngwalt, Barker Blk.
D 361
NO EQUAL, all modern, 7-room house. 220
N. 23d. D-331
FOR RENT 7-room house, all modern;
choice neighborhood, 2123 California St.,
$30. Apply at 607 N. 19th St. D M430
FOR RENT Nice ten-room house; all mod
ern; close to business and good neighbor
hood; possession Aug. 1. 531 S. 25lh Ave.
Inquire 119 S. 26th St. Rent reasonable.
D 108
ROOMS, houses, stoles.
Tliard, 220 N. 23d.
D M4u6
FOR RENT 10-room modern houae, 2919
und 2921 Mason St. Inquire F. P. Klrkjn
dall ft Co., 1118 Harney St. D 511
Piano moving; lowest rates for reliabl
service. Tel. 1625, Schmoller & Mueller.
2614 St. Mary's Ave., modern; $40.
D M564
TO LET Flve-.-oom strlrtly modern, steam
heated apartment. In the Hamilton apart
ments, 24th and Farnam Sts W. Farnam
Smith & Co., agents, 1320 Furnam St.
FOR RENT Six-room and bath, modern
cottage. 1716 California St.; $24 per
month. Inquire 1513 Harney St.
D-M920 14
FOR RENT 8 rooms and bath, modern.
j har) w',')od floors, gas and electric llKht;
1 West Farnam district. Address 122. Bee.
-.Mill 15
5-ROOM house.
Inquire 2709 Douglas.
D 932 13x
TO LET Two new high grade houses in
choice part of West Farnam district; will
be ready for occupancy Sept. 15.
1320 Farnam St.
D f 173 11
THREE-STORY and basement. 1003 Far
nam; elevator. 814 First Nat I Bank Bidjf.
I 3'j3
This building Is 22x85 feet, four storks
and basement. Ihe basement Is 22X1J2
feet, la cemented, i ne celling over ln
basement bus a brick vault and Iron bc.1111
construction, making the basement llie
proof. The tlrst floor has a marble floor In
tiont and granolithic floor lp rear. Tinie
is a large, but glsr-proof vault und a power
elevator. The upper tlooia have windows
on three sides.
Address The Bee Building Co., C. C.
Rouewater, Secretary, room liA) Bee Bldg.
I 60
WE have vacant a particularly desirable
small office, which rents tor Slow per
month. Price Includes beat, light, wuier
and Janitor servlte. It is located on the
fuurtn floor of The Itee buiMIng and n
just the thing for any one wanting a nice
little office in the best office buihiinit in
town. it. C. Peters at Co., rental agents,
ground floor. Bee Bldg. I--7 71
IF you apply at once we can give any one
desiring a large oflbe space almost any
arrangement tney desire. This space is
on the sixth floor of Tne Bee oullUlng,
with north light. R. C. Peters' Aj Co.,
rental agents, ground floor. Bee Bldg.
ATTORNEYS everywhere. The New Snow
Church Co.. main fl., N. Y. Life. Phone 13$
1 Jho
3. M Macfarland. 304 N. Y. L. Bldg. Tel. 152.
OMAHA CoUectkin Co.. Tsl U75. 09 Bl-I
BRICK, business block In Oninha. paving
in per cent 01. $'VM. Will sell at price
and tnke farm bivds as part pnvnimt.
Address 121, lice ( Ifflce RE-MS97 17
Payn6 Investment Co.,'
1st Floor, New York Life Bldg.
Tel. 17S1. -One block from 24th St. car line on
Maple Ave.; city water, gns, sewer and
toilet room; It Is a bargain.
RE-M135 15
WRITR for Illustrated pamphlet deserlb
Ing two ranches n the corn and alfalfa
belt. Willis Cadw-ell,. Broken How. Neb.
Wholesale and Retail
313 South 16th St, Telephone 68 1.
Farm and Ranch Lands
Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming;
low prices; ten years' time. Iind Dept.
V. P. R. R., Omaha, Neb., Dept. "A."
FOR SALE Beautiful 12-room home near
West 40th St. Address 120, care Ree.
COMPANY'S abstracts of title are the
best. Our customers are protected by a
$10,000 surety bond Hgnir,st loss by errors.
When you buy or sell real estate, demand
a "Midland" abstract. HU4 Farnam St.,
N. Y. Life Rldg. N. P. DODGE. JR.,
CS.AS- Williamson Co.u- "uPM?-
RE 721
$2,300 WILL buy beautiful modern cottage
and full lot In Hanscom Place; east front
Street paved; everything first-class.
Room 1, N. Y. Life Bldg.
RE M754
FOR SALE Or will trade for Improved
property In good neighborhood, BoxlnO lot
on Lafayette Ave. and 41st St. Would
like an 8-rnom house In case of trade;
street paved and parked, permanent side
walks, all paid for. Apply 2020 Harney
Bt. RE-209 17x m
WANTED City loans and warrants. W.
' Farnam Smith & Co., 1320 Farnam St.
W 373
MONEY TO LOAN Payna Investment Co.
GARVIN BROS., 1604 Farnam. City loans
at lowest rates; no delay; get our terms.
W 375
LOWEST rates, city property; 5 P. C. on
farms In eastern Neb. Bemls, Paxton Blk.
BUILDING loans on residence property; 5
per cent. W. B. Mclkle, Ramge Block.
PRIVATE money. F. D. Wead, 1620 Douglas.
W 372
$1,000,000 TO LOAN on business and resl
dence property In Omaha. Lowest rates. No
delay. Thomas Brennan, R. 1, N. Y. Life.
W 379
WANTED City loans. R. C. Peters & Co.
.r . W 370
FARM and city loans; lowest rates. XV. H.
Thomas. 1st Nat l Bank Bldg. Tel. 1648.
W 371
LOANS on Omaha Improved property, or
to build with; can pay It back In monthly
payments. Hastings & Heyden, 1609' Far
nam St W 378
For Women Only Dr. Raymond's Pills, for
delayed periods, absolutely reliable, per
fectly sale; no danger, 110 pain, no Inter
( rente with work; relief brought to thou
sands after everything else fulled; highly
recommended by all that have used them.
By mail, $2. Dr. G. G. Raymond Remedy
Co., room 36, 84 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
DR. PRIES treats successfully all diseases
and Irregularities of women from any
cause; experienced and reliable Address
with stamp. Dr. Pries. UdlVb Dodge St.,
Omaha. 402
PEN-TAN-GOT Prompt regulator for la
dies; never fails; $2 postpaid. Sherman &
McConnell Drug Co., Omaha. 403
CURED to st iy cured In the shortest length
of time under a positive guarantee. For
full particulars write the
Ensor Remedy Co., South Omaha, Neb.
Incorporated In 1892.
. -527 A 14X
RUPTURE CURED No knife no Injec
tions; .all or write for booklet. Quick
Cure Rupture Co., 611 W. O. W. Bldg.,
Omaha. 656
FIFTY good Improved farms from 160 to 640
acres In Boone and rsance counties, Neb.
Favorable terms. For particulars call on
or write to GEORGE & CO., I601 Farnam
St., Omaha. U424 A-29
This agricultural weekly goes to 60,000
homes of farmers and stock raisers, so If
you have a good piece of laud to sell ut a
reasonable price you will find a buyer
among them. The cost of un advertisement
Is small 2 cents per word In small type, or
$2.&0 per Inch lf set In large type.
Palmlst-M ME II U D D H A Clairvoyant
Located oer 113 S. 16th, upstairs. He-
sullfui predi .lions guaranteed. S 334
Send dime, stamped envelope, own writing;
birth date; Dr. J. Lester, Drawer 34, St.
Lo iIh. Mo., nr.d receive a
S MS92 lhx
Card readers and clairvoyants. Test read
ing. l'c; few days only. Full life reading;
palmistry. 35o; curds, 60c; clairvoyant, II.
Hours. 9 a. in. to lo p. m. 6o5 N. 16th St.
For reading by mail send birth date.
S-M662 15x
GOLDMAN Pleating Co.,
200 Douglas Blk.
IN FAMILIES. Miss Sturdy. Phone A2766.
MRS R. A. KELLER. Ill N. 2"th. phone
2:JJ, will matte special reductions for the
next 2o days In the makinx of new "three
piece suits." First-i la work guaranteed.
H. A. STl'KWKH. regiMHr-d attorney; pat-
ent, 1 rati mark, lonvritrus, no l un
617 N. Y. Life. Omaha.
11 ES8 & SWOHGDA. 1415 Farnam. 3
L. HENDERSON. 1619 Farnam. Tel. 126H.
"The Art of Singing." Vocal studios.
W ithneU building, liiu and Harney.
U 39
PRIVATE home during confinement; ba
bies adopted The Good Samaritan Kanl
tnrlum. 7-'8 F'lrst Ave., Council Bluffs. la.
Tel. 774. U-6:H
'PHONF. 7fn and a man will rail and tun
your piano, $2. Perfleld Piano Co , 1611
Farnam. U 391
MAriNPTIPtfotment A baths. Mme
Smith. 118 N. 16. 2d fl.. r.
TUB. vapor and alcohol baths. 720 P. 1.1th.
Send for price list and samples.
200, DOUGLAS BLOCK. TEL. 1936.
FACTORY tuners and action regulators at
lowest rates for reliable service. Tel. 1625.
Schmoller & Mueller, piano makers.
U 394
LARSON & JOHNSON Cut rates to all
points. 14U6 Farnam. Tel. 1936. Member
American Ticket Brokers' association.
Pianos delivered at once, Jl 00 weekly. All
muslo lessons free. JOIN NOW. Perfleld
Piano Co., 1611 Farnam St. U-6S2
THE Salvation Army solicits cast-off cloth
ing; In iaut. anything you do not need;
we collect, repair and sell, at 114 N. 11th
St., for cost of collecting to the worthy
poor. Call 'phone 4136 and wagon will call.
PRIVATE home during confinement; ba
bies boarded and adopted. Mrs. Gardeil,
2216 Charles. Tel. 6311. U 396
WE RENT sewing machines, 76c week. We
repair all makes of machines: second
hand machines, $6 to $10. Neb. Cycle Co.,
Tel. 1663. Cor. 16th and Harney. U 3J
OMAHA Stammerer Institute, Ramge Blk.
U 398
DR. JACKSON, specialist In chronic dis
eases, 418 N. Y. Life Bldg. Consultation
free. U 399
DR. ROY, Chiropody, R. 2 & 3, 1506 Farnam.
U 400
FRENCH, Spanish, German lessons. F.
Peltier. 116 8. 20th. U 658 M23x
FOR SALE, at a bargain, a full-dress suit,
In good condition; made for medium-sized
man. Address at once No. 66, care Bee
office. U-M191 ISx
IF Y'OU do not find what you want In this
column, put an ad in and you will soon
get It. Z-9S3
WILL exchange a fine urrlght piano for
desk. Perfleld Piano Co., 1611 Farnam St.
TO EXCHANGE Brick and tile plant lo
cated at Morris, 111., in good running or
der and running at full blast. Will ex
change for western Kansas or eastern
Colorado land. For particulars address
H. C. Dunham, DeSmet, S. D.
Z-854 IS
WANTED Board In private families for
Bovles college students at from $3.50 to
$4.00 per week. Tel. 1984. K-90717
Office of City Clerk, South oniana, Ne
braska, August 1, A. D., 19u5. Sealed bids
addressed to the undersigned and plainly
marked "Proposals for Bonds" will be re
ceived until 8 o'clock p. m. of August 14,
19uo. at the offlce of the City Clerk, South
Omaha, Nebraska:
For the purchase of the following de
scribed Issue ot General Bonds of the City
of South Omaha, these said bonds so of
fered for sale being general obligations of
the city:
Thirty-flve thousand ($35,000) dollars of
General Bonds to be issjed for the pur
pose of paying for the improvements In Im
provement District No. "E" of said city.
Said bonds are to be numbered consecu
tively trom one (D to iSo. seventy (,0),
both Inclusive, and are to be of the denom
inations ot five hundred luOO.ttij dollars ouch,
to bear date of August 1, 19u6, and shall
become due and payable '- twenty t2o)
years after tlate, unless sooner redeemed
under the reserved option, and shall draw
Interest from date thereuf at the rate of
five (5) per ceir. per annum, payable semi
annually. August and February 1st of each
year, the several Installments of interest
to be evidenced by coupons attached to
said bond, bonds und coupons puyable at
the Fiscal Agency of the Stale of Ne
braska, City of New York.
These bonds are issued by the city for
the purpose of paying for the paving, curb
ing and Improvements in District "E" of
said city, under legislative and charter pro
visions wherein the faith and credit of the
city are firmly bound, and all of Its real
and personal property, and Its taxing and
revenue powers are Irrevocably pledged for
tho prompt payment of the bonds and Inter
est thereof senii-uiinually and ut maturity
Also that the total indebtedness of the
city. Including thl.s issue of bonds, has not
exceeded the constitutional ana statutory
limit, and that un "n.nuil tax, and other
taxes and assessments, to pay principal and
Interest as the same, respectively, falls due,
shall be made.
Each bidder shall state separately the
amount offered as "Principal and Pre
mium," and that "Accrued Interest" will
be paid to date of delivery and payment of
bonds; also as to 'nice asked for litho
graphing said bonds.
i Each bid must bn accompanied bv cash,
or a certified check on a registered national
bank. In the sum of one thousand dollars
($1.0O.n0) and mado payable to the cl.y as
an evidence of good faith on the part of
said bidder.
The city reserves the right to reject any
or all bids, or to waive defects should they
By order of the Council.
A2dl4t city Clerk.
Sealed proposals will tie received at
the office of the Black Hills Traction com
pany at Spearftsh, South Dakota, until I
o'clock p. m. of August 26, If, for the
construction of about Ave and one-half
miles of canal, about nine miles from
Snearflsh, South Dakota. Involving the ex
cavation of approximately one hundred und
ninety thousand ( cubic yards of
earth and fifteen thousand Il5.0oti cubic
yards of rock and the construction of two
hundred CNu cubic yards of dry stone
culvert, and furnishing such other ma
terial und labor as may be necessary to
complete the work.
Plans, specifications and proposal blanks
may l obtained from Richard B. Hughes,
general mantger. Spearflsh. South Dukota.
Each bid must be accompanied by a
certified check for one thousand (II. OfM
dollars, made payable to the order of the
Black Hills Traction company, us a guar
antee that the bidder will. If successful,
promptly execute a satisfactory contract
and bond In the sum of twenty per cent
of the contract price for the faithful per
formance of the work
The right Is reserved to reject any or
all bids, and to waive technical defects
as the Interests of the company may re
HENRY KKF.TS, President.
Dtted st Spearnsh, South Dakota, Au
gust Pi, li5.
tuprW Sninmntal1nn. Excellent Ciilatn TBS
Comf'irt of Patftrntr rrrtilly ( onilrl 8tni
or Rouns Trip 1 irkata Iuur4 btr-en Nr-w Y"rK
n Sruoh. English, irtih n't all principal rnn
llnantal points at attrartlva rataa. Sn4 for BnoK
of Tours. For tl'kaia or ganaral Information appir
to any Inral as"t of In Anrhor Lloa or la)
hfiilSRSjM bkui., btutrai A ft ma. laicaio, Hi.
They Let Him la on a Horse Rlnalna
Omne and He Worked the
Trnaa on Them.
Recently two trotters owned In rhllsdel
phla. a trotter and a pacer owned In New
York, and n pacer owned In the neighbor
hood of Ixington. Kv.-sll horses that
have earned "f.tst mark?" on the tracks of
the large rlrc ills, but tlist are n longer
useful as money mnkers there have mys
terloiisly disappeared, and similar reports
come from other sections of the country
concerning other horses.
It Is believed that these horses have been
spirited away for the purpose of perpe
trating fraud nnd that sooner or Inter they
will be uncovered nn "rlnirers."
Speaking of "ringers," nn Inrldent oc
curred about twenty years ngo In a middle
west stste which put a lasting damper on
the practice In that section and which was
very funny. A brnce of men who did not
wear medals for honesty worked three rich,
sporty young chaps, each of whom was
the owner of a fairly speedy half-mile
running horse, Into a match. The race
was mnde for $2Wt a corner, and was set
far enough ahead to allow a good deal of
excitement to be worked up over It, and
while the talk that usually precedes such
nn event In a small plnce was going on a
farmer, who lived In nn adjoining county,
who nlso owned n runner, was approached.
He listened gravely to all they had to sav
and was let In on the killing. Thla man. It
Is perhapa unnecessary to say, was con
sidered "reliable" by the prnmotera of the
Joh. H was known to them )nd a few
others that he had a horse that could out
foot the three original entries.
Finally the day for the rce came and the
town, ao t speak, was out to see the
horses run. There was a great hubbub!
Everybody had money and everybody
wanted to bet. Men who rarely before had
a dollar had wads of money that day, fur
nished. It was naturally supposed, by the
three wealthy young bloods to bet on their
respective horses. And the sluirks and
their friends had emissaries out greedily
snapping It up. They were sure they had
In the country horse what we would now
call a "pipe," for It was reported to them
from time to time that he was In prime
To make a long atnry short, the horse
owned by the young man who the crooks
thought would be tha richest picking for
them won all the way, and the reliable
farmer's nag finished last. It afterward
came to light that the countryman had
played both ways from the middle. He
knew the town gang would bet to a man
on his horse, and he substituted another
horse that was almost the Image of the
real race horse to compete with the horses
of the sporty youths. This beast could
hardly run fast enough to keep himself
warm, and the farmer, through agents, cov
ered hundreds of dollars laid down by the
sharks that he would win.
This was a case of the "ringer" getting
wrung. There was loud and angry talk
about shooting and cutting over It, hut no
such calamity resulted. While It was a
villainous affair all through, save the part
the originally Intended victims took, It
proved good for decent horsemen of those
parts, for If there has been a "ringing"
scheme pulled off out there since, I have
not heard of it. Previous to that time
such deals were not Infrequent. New York
Costly Plctnres of Senator Channcey
M. Depew Owned by BnfTalo
A conservative estimate of the amount
of money lost In the Depew Improvement
company by Buffalo people Is $60,000. Men
Interested In financial affairs locally tay
that the sum Is nearer $100,000, and the
holders of stock for the most part have
given up all hope of getting any portion
of that sum back. All that they have now
Is very attractive looking stock certificates
on which a fine half tone cut of Senator
Chauncey M. Depew appears. Those cer
tificates are about the nicest things that
the stockholders received for their money,
and none of them has' made any effort to
start an Investigation of the management
Henry B. Sill, of the firm of Worthlng
ton sV. Sill, Is a stockholder in the company,
Mr. Sill holds $5,500 worth of stock. Tho
stockholders were largely among the depos
itors of the American Exchange bank,
which went out of existence a few years
ago. Mr. Williams, the late president of
that bank, was one of the foremost pro
moters of the company, and he disposed
of considerable of the stock. The associa
tion of Chauncey M. Depew and other New
Y'ork city millionaires with the venture
Is what Induced a number of Buffalo peo
ple to take stork. The assurance given
out at that time were that a profit of 16
per cent on the Investment was Inevitable
and that further profits might be easily
The number of women who were Induced
to go Into the company Is exceptionally
large, and several of those women recently
visited New Y'ork City for the purpose of
seeing Senator Depew and endeavoring to
get land in lieu of their stork. Their efforts
to see the sometimes genial senator were
Without fruit.
Charles W. Hlnson, who was attorney for
one of those women, wrote a letter to Sen
ator Depew prior to the time of the fore
closure of the Equitable Life mortgage. Mr.
Depew's name had Just been sent out st
the head of the prospectus of the Depew
Gold Mining company, and In his letter
Judge Hlnson asked: "Is the Depew Gold
Mining company as much of a gold brick
as the Deiew Investment company?" Judge
Hluson's client Is a widow who had $Wi0 In
the Erie County Savings bank. The money
was received after the death of her husbund
as a bark pension. She was Informed by
the promoters of the land company that
she would receive IS per rent on her Invest
ment and ought not to leave her money In
the batik, where It would draw but S per
cent interest.
This woman Is now out of the city and
her nsme is withheld, as It Is not known
that she would rare to have any publicity
attached to her negotiations. Her daughter
stated, however, that her mother had been
to New York trying to see Senator Depew
and some of the others Interested but had
been unsuccessful In her efforts. Neither
the letter written by Judge Hlnson nor
those that the woman wrote herself were
ever answered Buffalo Times.
Marriage Improves a Man.
"Did you ever notice how It Improves a
man . to be married?" This query was pro
pounded by a young southern woman here
You rjn always depend upon it that It Is
a married man who shows you all the
small courtesies In an elevator; It Is a mar
ried man who stands up for you In the
street car and it Is a married mun who does
all the chores at a picnic. The most
thoughtless. Irresponsible kind of a single
man often becomes a veritable model of
amiability after he gets him a wife. I sup
pose his wife has ao drummed good man
ners Into him that he has to keep practic
ing all the time to keep In trim. I believe
business men have more respect for a mar
ried man. too They succeed better In
everything they do. Why, only the other
day there was s base bill game between the
married men and the single men. Who
won? The married men, of course. And you
ran t tell me their wives did not have
something to do with lt."-Phlludelphia
peeala(lna on the Time When a
Vegetable or Frnlt rle Will
Be the Rale Here.
That Americans are great meat eiters may
be considered fact of derivation from ths
hunting and flshmg stage of the country's
life 80 long as meat was abundant and
cheap It had tne recommendations which
led fo Its choice as the principal article of
food The vegetarian wt.n here and there
raised his voice in protest ssnlnat the con
sumption of flesh foods wns little heeded.
A people are galded In the selection ot
their foods very little by dellWate choloa.
They eat the things which sre closest to
hand The time may come with that re
mote future to which Is referred every
thing Utoplnn when nations will deliber
ately select the predominating articles of
their diet with reference to the develop
ment of specific racial characteristics. But
at present people n general are not even
convinced that what they eat has relevancy
to what, as a nitlon, they become
For a few centuries to come, American
certainly will continue to eat the "food con
venient fo them," white good hmnoredly
allowing the cereallsts trt tickle their pal
ates with health foods. But even American
Independence or difference la amenable to
the dictates of destiny. Just now Ameri
cans seem destined to draft mora strongly
than ever toward a fruit diet. The mov
ing consideration la the fancy figures, with
an upward tendenry, at which flesh foods
are sold. The other consideration la tha
abundance and cheapness of fruits. As
wisdom taken counsel of necessity, a third
motive, which of Itself would not hava
great welghf, la the superior wholesoma
ness of fruit foods.
We produce the biggest apple crops In
the world, our pe.tch crops are unparalleled,
our watermellons and small fruits respond
In abundance to the mere tickling of the
soil with a hoe. The surge story holds true
of all domestic fruits But this term has
become elastic. California distributes
throughout the country grent quant itlna of
tropical fruits and the area of cultivation
of these In constantly extending. When tha
Panama trend la dug the Pacific coast
fruits can be brought to the eastern
markets with gteater celerity and less cost.
Modern means of transportation have mada
the plantations of the West Indlaa also
almost the same as though they were
within the country confines.
It Is safe to predict that the consumption
of bananas especially will soon be Increased.
Oranges are being consumed In rapidly
Increasing quantities. Certainly during
the summer months fruit will be king.
During the winter months the force of
habit will prevail and more fruit and less
meat will be eaten Baltimore Herald.
Woman Pins a gnake to Earth.
A large rattlesnake Is on exhibition in tha
village of Bath. N. Y., which was killed by
the wife of Marcellus Rice, a farmer who
resides on Mount Washington. In a region
noted for rattlesnakes. Instead of killing
the snake with a stick, she adopted tho
novel method of decapitating it with a
Her son John was engaged In picking"
berries, when In the bushes nearby he heard
a strange noise and told his mother. Pha
accompanied her son back to the place,
where she recognised In the sound the
rattle of the snake. She secured a forked
stick with which she began prodding In
the grass, and was rewarded by tha snake
striking at her. While the snake was yet
uncoiled and before It could prepare for
a second attack she Jammed the forked
stick over Its head. The snake thus Im
prisoned made a violent commotion, coiling;
Its body about the stick.
However, she was clear nerro. 8he
searched with her other hand In her apron
pocket until she found a pockefknlfe, and
this she handed to her son and told him
to open Its largest blade. He did so and
returned the knife to his mother. She
took the knife and deliberately cut off tha
snake's head. The snake measured thirty
nine Inches in length and hsd nine rattles.
If you have anythln to trade, advertise
It In the For Exchange column of Ths Bea
want nd page.
fnton Parlfle.
Overland Limited a 9:40 am
California Express a 4:10 pm
California & Oregon Ex.a 4:20 pm
North Platte Local a 7:60 am
Fast Mall a 8:56 am
Colorado Special a 7:45 am
Beatrice Local b 3:15 pm
St. Louis Express 6:80 pm
St. Iouls Iocal (from
Council Bluffs) 9:15 am
Shenandoah Local (from
Council Bluffs) 5:45 pm
a 8:1 pm
a 9:30 am
a 6:10 pm
a 6:20 pm
a 11:20 pm
a 7:44 am
b 1:30 pm
8:20 am
10:80 pm
2:80 pm
Chlraao. Rock Island at Par
Chicago Limited a J:35 am
Chicago Express a 7:35 am
Chicago Ex., Loial bll:4oam
Des Moines Express a 4:30 pm
Des Moines Local
Chicago F'ast Express, .a 6:40 pm
Rocky Mountain Lim'd..a 7:20 am
Colorado Express a 1:30 pm
Oklahoma & Texas Ex.a 4:3-1 pm
Colorado Night Ex a 8.56 pm
a 7:10 am
a 8:50 pm
a 4:30 pm
bll 60 urn
a 9.65 pm
a 1:16 pm
a 1:30 am
a 4:56 pm
all:40 tin
a 7.25 am
Chicago, Milwaukee at at. Pan
all:00 pro
Chicago Daylight Ex. ..a . :56 am
Callfonila-Oregun Ex.. .a 6:46 pm
Overland Limited a s:3 pm
Chicago at Northwestern.
a 310 pm
a 1:3i am
1:45 prn
fc.30 am
10:00 pin
11. bo pin
Local Chicago 11:30 am
taut Mali a o.i pm
Du)ilgul bl. Paul a. i .uo am
Uayllgnt Chlcugo a k:uu
Limited Chicago a .M pm
Local carroli P'
Fast 81. Paul u
Local Bloux C. & St. P. u i.60 pm
Fast Mall
Chicago Express a 6.0O pm
Norfolk ot Bonesteel ....a 1 :40 nil
K.lo uin
.60 BUI
7:o6 am
k.36 am
l.bO pin
a 1 jo urn
10:35 am
10.36 pm
6.16 pm
6.16 pm
6.16 pin
a .M piu
al0:36 pm
b l.u6 Bin pm
a s.U6 pm
a 1:30 am
a (.uo pin
a 7.16 am
a 7.56 put
BlO oU Bill
B J.JO plU
Lincoln oV Long H"
Casper Wyoming ...e 2.60 pm
Dead wood 1-11100111 ....a i.w pm
Hastings-Aiblon "' "i"''
Des M Okoboji Ex. ..a 7.1 uoi
Illinois Central.
Chicago Express .
:2S urn
7 :6U pm
.mcuLi laiuueu .
Mum. x si. 1 aui E.X....U
7 .at aui
. J.tO pm
Minn, at ei. '
Missouri Pavlno.
8t. Louis Express a 00 am
K. C. at Si. i- all: la piu
inlcaao 4ra V astern.
Bt Paul 4 Minn a 30 pm
81. i'aui at Minn
Cnlcago iunued
(nicuo express
a i .4a am
..a b.w pin
. .a 6.0b tun
ui.aoarl rarlfle.
Nebraska Local, via Leave. Arrlvn.
... ....... ...... h 1 :, hm r.l2.Uir,m
weeLiiia, " - . -
Paul, Minneapolis v
Twin City Passenger... b i iO am b :10 pm
aioux Cuy 'ueuei...a i.'A) pm ull:aut
Oakland Local u 6.4a pm b 9.10 am
, Leave. Arrive.
Denver & California a 4.iv pin a 4 th pm
Northwest cxpiess .iii:io pm a 6.08 pin
Nebraska po.ns a7.upm
Lliicolii Ful Wall U 2.6 pm uU:66 pm
Ft- Crook 01 riatir..".h h H m pm tW to uiu
Beilevue liaiuui tti .B 7-u0 pm D .;n
iirbevue at I uc. J unc. . a 0 -rn
Bellevue at Puc. June ui.Jo pm
Denver Limited a 7:10 am
Chloago Special a7.iiuni
ChlcusM Epies a 4.0U put a $ 56 pin
Chicugo Flyer a :a prn a 7 26 pui
Iowa LO'Ui f:'5 am Slu uJ pal
bt l.ouls Express a 4:o pm all.Mu:ii
Kansas City St Joe. ulO.ii pm li uin
Kansas Cuy aV St. Joe. .a I 16 um a oi pm
Kansas City St. Joe a 4 46 pm
a dully b dally except Sunday, d da,!
except taluroy. duuy except Moaday.