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Daring July ana
Angsmt we ctoaa
Saturday at
I o'clock.
Our fixth Saturday this year for early clotdnp. Tomorrow's fine shopping hours in this
store will be filled with bargains.. Come Saturday before one o'clock.
Special Corset Sale Saturday
Corsets at halt price. All standard
makes. Ferfe'ct model, but size are
missing, so we nave marked them at one
half price for Saturday morning- idling;.
Women'! Rust Proof.' K. & U., Thom
son's Glove Fitting. W. B . H. at H.. Kabo.
L. B. a la Bplrlte and J. B. are among the
makea we will aeli.
60c each Saturday for Corsets that sold
at 11.00.
75c each Saturday for Corsets that Bold
at 11.50.
11.00 each Saturday for Corsets that aold
at 12.00.
$125 each Saturday-for Corsets that aold
at 12.60. . r
fl.60 each Saturday for Corset that aold
at 13.00.
Every model la good, bat many eUes are
miming. A few girdles with garter, elaea
IS and 1 only, regular 6c quality, Satur
day 2."jC each. None can be eichanged
when aold at theso price.
New Fall Styies Now Shown In
Our Cloak Department
New Fall Coats, Inverness styles, price.
110.00, 115.00 and 118.00. '
New Fall Waists, In new Messallne Black
Taffeta Bilk, at 15.00 and $3.95.
New Fall Separate Skirt, In Black
Voile and Black 1'anama Cloth.
Clrnrlng Kale price on all our fine Waist
In size 34, 36, 88, 40 and 42.
We are also showing some advance
OPEN EVEKY DAY UNTIL BIX P. M., except Saturdays,
'lose at ne o'clock.
Y, Mr G A, Building, Corner Sixteenth and Douglas Streets.
naval mllltla was purely for effect and not I
to stop their further depredations In Louisi
ana, waters
They found out their mlstak when the
flagship of the patrol squadron, the Grace,
and another vessel, the Tlpsy, stationed
at Lake Borgne canal, were seized, their
flags hauled down and the officers and
crews placed under arrest. The crew of
the Tipsy will be taken to St. Bernard
parish while the crew of the Grace will be
brought (o this city, both 1 to await the
action of the grand Juries' of the respective
parishes, In which their alleged offenses
were committed. '
The Tlpsey, accompanied by a launch,
waa guarding the mouth of Lake Borgne
canal, which connects Lake Borgne wltii
the Mississippi river, six miles distant.
President Issue. Order.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 4. President Roose
velt tonight forwarded to Surgeon General
Wyman of the public health and marine
hospital service a telegram from Governor
Blanchard of Loulslnana requesting that
th United; States government take -control
of the yellow fever situation In New Or
leans. The prealdent directed the surgeon
general to notify him. what further action
Is advisable and ' possible l fr the federal
authorities to take. ... '
Dr. Wyman acknowledged the president's
telegram and will make a report to him to
morrow. Ir. Wyman will confer tomorrow with
Secretary Shaw, the surgeons In the marine
hospital service and others as to the beet
course to pursue on Governor Blanchard'
request, and on their conclusion Dr. Wy
man report to the president will be based,
There are several preerrf'-nla of compara
tively recent date which u arrant the gov
ernment lit taking charge of the whole yel
low fever situation, notably at Brunswick
'Oa,, and. of the epidemic at the National
Soldiers' home -at Hampton, Va., In both
of which oases the marine hospital service
practically - took charg-e of affairs until
the disease- had-been stamped out. The
officials of the marine hospital service are
anxloua to co-operate In every way with
the local authorltlea In fighting the dis
ease and cordial acquiescence In the re
quest made by Governor Blanchard and
the citizens of New Orleana I anticipated.
The government haa at Ita disposal what la
known as an epidemic fond, available
however, only In part for occasion -,11k
that at New Orleans and expenditures
from that fund are usually supplemented
by those from local quarters.
Dr. Wyman declined tonight to discuss
what the probable nature of his report to
the president would be.
Missouri Drtnt I.lnea.
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 4.The quarantine order
Issued by the Missouri Board of Health
against district affected by yellow fever
will be enforced along the eastern bordor of
the state as far north as St. Loula, along
the entire aouthern border, and along the
western border aa far north aa Kanaaa
City. The eatabllahment of quarantine or
detention camp will be In the handof th
different local board of health, unless It I
found neceasary by the atate board to Inter
Of Our Splendid Alteration Sale
Will B Reached Saturday. If in need
anything for the children do not miss this of
portunlty to buy high class goods at bargain,
prices. .
Boys Blouses
100 Military Blouses S to 8 yeai
in white niudraa the 1 C
$1.(10 klml now a3C
25 doten IUouwh for larger boy
i to in years Oftc val
ue uow
Straw Huts
Colored fcrrnw .Hats In floe wide
bapt-a the fl.Oo one.
;it i
- Wash Suits
Russian ami sailor atyleslni aplen
Uid.chaiubrays. and 1 f(
filuciiaiua $i.uo values . . f.U U
W Close Saturday at 10
1515 Douglas Street.
Telephone 84.
Saturday, Au
models In Fine Tailor Made Suits.
New Fall Style In Bain Coats .at $11 50
and $16.00, all sliea up to 44 bust.
Special Sale of Knitted Underwear
The. line ol sire are broken, but . the
prlcea have been reduced accordingly to
close them all out.
Women'a Cnlon Suits, extra large alsee,
fine gauze lisle, low neck, sleeveless, um
brella knee, lui.e trimmed, regular II. W qual
ity, reduced to 76c ault.
Women'a Union Sulta, fine gauze cotton,
low neck, aleevelesa, tight fitting knee,
rhs.ll alzea only, regular $1.00 quality, re
duced to GSo.
Women'a Swlsa Ribbed Cotton Pants, um
brella knee, lane trimmed, French band,
regular tOc quality, reduced to 36c each.
Wotnen'a Fine Qauze Lisle Vesta, low
neck, sleeveless, hand crochet trimmed,
size. 4 only, regular 76c and i Sic qualltlea,
reduced to .0c.
Children's Hose Special Saturday
. Several broken lines In Children' Hosiery
have been benched for Saturday 'a quick
Children' Black 1-ace Hose, sliea
6., 1. 1 only, regular price 26c, Saturday
124c per pair.
Chlldren'a Brown and Tan Klbbed Cotton
Hose, Sizes S, SVi. 9, P4, regular price 23c,
Saturday 12mc per pair. ( .
Chlldren'a Black Ribbed Cotton Hose,
alzea t. 7. "V. ft. SVi. 10, regular price Kc,
Saturday 11V4C per pair.
Mlssea', BUck Lace Hose, lace boot and
vene. In case persons succeed in entering
the state from the danger zone or the
outh they will be detained In cltlea or
towna farther In the Interior If unable to
exhibit a bill of health.
A steady stream of people poured Into
the dispensary division of the city health
department today to secure health certifi
cates In order to proceed to aouthern points.
Those who were not able to prove that
they had been In the city ffr five consecu
tive days past were refused certificates.
.EAST ST. LOUIS, Aug. i The health
and police authorities have established
strict precautions . to - prevent Infection
from yellow fever, although no absolute
quarantine rules (have been established.
Every train from the south Is visited by
Inspectors and orders have been Issued by
the Board of Health that any passengers
who ar apparently In IU health and might
be suspected of having yellow fever -shall
immediately be placed In ambulances and
hurried fo the detention hospital tempo
rarily established outside the city limit.
Horde; of tramp, are arriving from the
south and policemen have been stationed
along railways . where tramps. Alight from
trains to take them Into custody and Im
mediately start them back south. -The
Board of Health will ' hold a special 4
.meeting to devise a permanent method of
keeping themyeut of the city. '
Kentucky an Open State.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Aug. i. The state
Board of Health haa issued a proclama
tion announcing Kentucky will be an "open
state" aa far aa refugee frum the fever
Infected district of th south are, con
cerned. Refugees will be subjected to examina
tion, howevea, and will be detained tem
porarily in camps which will be established
at once near the principal cities And towns
of the state.
Suspect at New York.
NEW YORK, Aug. i Four fever suspeots
were taken from the ateauier Nuece from
Galveston today at quarantine and trans
ferred to Hoffmann Island for observation
aa to the cause of abnormally high temper
atures. One was a steerage passenger and
the other members of the crew.
Rural Carrier. Named for Route
In lows and South
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Aug. 4.-6peclal Tele
gram.) Rural carriers appointed: Iowa
Mount Eion. route 1; Clayton D. Sherod,
carrier; Owen Anderson, substitute. South
Dakota Fletcher, routes $ and I; Jeff
Woodward, carrier; Susie Woodward, sub
stitute. Policeman Kills Young; Man,
RICHMOND, Va.. Aug 4. At South Bos
ton. Halifax county, lust night. Policeman
Joseph Carter shot and fatally wounded
Henry Easley. Jr., eon of Colonel Henry
r.asiey or tne governor a start, i tie. snoot
ing followed an altercation. The bullet
penetrated the breast and Easley died In
a rew noura.
Girls Dresses
Saturday 150 j-irls' Colored and
f White Dresses will be on gale
colored onos are of chaBubrayi
and Klnghams white onea are
of lawns and madrae-Mlrrssea
that have aold up to 3GO
atuyday they will. j
Baby oats
We bare several beautiful Long
tuig fonts ror babies.
The 5.50 ones go
The fO.OO onea ,
at ........
White Bedford Long -
Coats worth $3 at
p. m. Othef Daya at p. m.
Boo. Auf. 4.
all-over patterns, mostly small le, regu
lar price 6V, Saturday JSC per pair.
Misses' White All-Over Lace Hose, ilses
. 7H. . W. . regular price J5cv Saturday
15c per pair.
Special Clearing Sale of Men's
For- Saturday morning we have selected
fwtm nllf r.irnlur itnrk himilpfxtft nf this
e..on. flnMt Shirt, nerfect in fit and
make, all good colors, and marked them at
special reduced prices for this half day's
selling; $1.(0 Shirts Saturday morning. 69c
each; pretty plain tans and gray. Also
neat white and black figured material.
$2.00. 11.75 and $1.60 Shirts Saturday morn
ing, $1.25
Shirts with attached and detached cuffs,
black and white figured, fancy gray and
colors, stripes and figures.
Shirts from the best known makers are
represented In this sale. Come Saturday
morning before 1 o'clock.
Saturday Morning's" Great Rem
nant Sale of Wash Goods,
Remnants of 10c Lawn, !2Mr3 Suitings,
ltc BatlSies, 16c Voiles, Saturday at Sftc
per yard.
Remnants of 15c Suitings, 30c Tissue,
IT.c Crepes, 26c Voiles, 26c Organdies, Bo
Dlmllle, tba Tissues, Saturday at 6c per
This may be the last chance thl season
to buy Wash Goods at such extremely low
prlces.j Come early.
During July and August we
Prominent Milwaukee Capitalist Charged
with Larceny ai Bailee.
Bill Accuse, llliu of Retaining 914,000
' Paid Him to De Vaed In Secur
ing a Garoaare Con
tract. MILWAUKEE. Wis., Aug. 4. Charles r.
Printer, one of the wealthiest citizens of
Milwaukee, was indicted by the grand
Jury of Milwaukee county today, charged
with stealing $14,000 belonging to the Wis
consin Rendering company of this city.
At the same time indictments were re
turned against four others, the charge of
bribery . being alleged in three of the in
dictments and one of perjury. The list
of person for Whom oaplasoawre Issued
Is aa follows:
' Charles F. Pflster, capitalist, one Indict
ment; larceny.
John F. Dlttmar. formerly supervisor,
one Indictment; bribery.
George F. Relchert. supervisor, one In
dictment, embracing fourteen counts; brib
ery. Barney A. Eaton, state senator, one In
dictment; bribery.
Frank r'. Schultz. formerly newspaper
irpuiiti, one inuicimeni; perjury.
The Indictment against Mr. Pflster al
leges that on March 80, 1901, the accused
wa bailee of $14,0U0, aald amount being
deposited with him for the Wisconsin Ren
dering company for the purpose of ob
taining for the company a valuable con
tract from the city of Milwaukee for the
disposing of garbage. If not so used the
money was to be returned to the company.
It la charged that the money waa not
so used and that Pflster converted It to his
own use. - .
The Indictment cauaed a profound sen
sation. Mr. Pflster is engaged In many
of the biggest enterprises of Milwaukee
He Is a director of one of the leading banks.
owns a large Interest In a big tannery,
la proprietor of a large hotel and owna
one of the leading newspapers of the city.
Mr. Pflster Issued a statement declar
ing the charge absolutely false and with
no foundation whatever.
The other four Indictments are In no
way connected with the charges against
Tonight' batch of Indictments makes the
total number so far returned by th pres
ent, grand Jury 1S3. The Jury haa taken
a receaa uhtll August 22.
(Continued from First Page.)
the president's household and escorted by
th officers were directed to a carriage
which President 'Koosevelt had sent to the
station to 'convey them to Sagamore Hill.
Neither Baron Rosen or M. Wttte would
make any comment on their visit. They en
tered the carriage in waiting and. with
Secret Service Detective Burns on the
front aeat, were driven rapidly to the
presldent'a home in time for luncheon.
Prealdent Roosevelt frav M. Wltte, who
waa presented to him by Ambassador
Rosen, a most cordial- greeting and they
chatted Informally and intimately before
the luncheon was announced.
It waa the desire ol M. Wltte to pay hli
respecta to President Roosevelt before th
formal reception of the envoys tomorrow.
That his visit was of some significance Is,
perhaps, beyond doubt, but positive assur
ance, were given that It did not differ ma
terlally from that of Baron Kumurs latt
week. The subject of the pending peace
negotiations waa discussed generally, but
beyond that no statement concerning th
conference was made. Neither the presi
dent nor M. Wltte cared to make any an
nouncomem abiut It for publication.
M. Wltte and Baron Rosen left on the
t:H p.: m. train for New York, oeoupylng
their special car alone, as on th Journey
to Oyster Bay.
. School Fands Loaaea Oat.
PniRRE, 8. D-. Aug. 4.-tSpcial.) The
state land department has In the first six
months of the present year placed tttt.Ml
of th permanent school fund, the greater
pari of 1L Uls.Ul being farm loan, and
th balance on achool and municipal bond.
School dl.trtcta of the alat look US, 760
and municipal corporation lll.uO. The
county audltora over ' the atate, who are
looked to' by the department to keep the
apportlonmenta of their countlea bearing
Interest are keeping the uninvested perma
nent fund down to bedrock under preee.nt
law. Loan have been mad la all th
countlea of the atate for the first lx
month In the year with the exception of
Custer, Hughes, MoCook and Stanley.
Bundsy School Worker! Protest on Method
of Gonflacting Chutoqas,
Wa-r Aanoaar Inioraae Cemll
Haa Resulted In Drrresa
la Bates for Farm
. Property.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
tE9 MOINES, Aug. 4. (Special. )-A ape.
eial meeting of the executive committee
of the State. Sunday 84'hool association waa
called to meet at Colfax today to protet
against the action of the rhautauqua of
the state In neglecting the Bible Instruction"
Mature of the chautauquas. B.F.Mitchell.
the state secretary, stated today: "The
original Idea bf the "rhautauqua was for
religious Instruction. It was planned by
Bishop Vincent and the first chautauquas
were strong In that feature. Now It Is
proposed to drop that entirely. The Sun
day school workers propose to use every
means possible to ge It restored. This year
nearly every rhautanqua In the state has
left out the Bible Instruction feature. The
managers of the -Midland merely explain
that the people d6n't Want It. We propose
to use every means possible to get It re
stored. We propose to show them they do
and will protest vigorously." At the meet
ing today resolutions were adopted and
plana discussed to enter a protest and
arouse 'an Interest with the public In the
Bible feature. ' "
Hear Clearfield Arguments.
Btate Superintendent John F. Klggs to
day heard arguments In the case from
Clearfield Where there 'is a desire to re
locate a school house.. About Jwenty men
from Clearfield were present to attend the
hearing. The majority of the houses are
In one end of the district and the major
ity of the children are In the other. The
school house Is now located In the end
where there are the. most houses and few
est children. Trof. Rlggs took the question
under advisement and will announce Ms
decision In a few days. .
Draft nla- War Map.
Lieutenant Reynolds . f Troop I. and
Lieutenant Parker of Troop O of the Elev
enth cavalry have, been commissioned by
the War department to draft a mammoth
war map of the United States. The work
will be done from Des Moines as a center
and the map Is to show all the features of
the country that would bo of value ai
war Information.
Explosion Injnrea Two.
While carrying five gallons of formal
dehyde upstairs at the plant of the Rex
Fluid company at 90S Walnut street today
Webb Patterson fell and an explosion and
a fire followed. The stairs opened Into a
room In which was kept a year's supply
of nermanaanate of potash and the formal
dehyde mingled with It and in an -Instant
the building was In flames. Patterson and
Manager W. S. Carpenter were both over
come and badly burned.
Governor Has Invitation.
floverhor Cummins has an Invitation from
the Modern Woodmen's association of the
northeastern part of the state to make an
address there August 17 at a big picnic.
The governor will speak at the reciprocity
conference In Chicago that flay.
Claim, to Be Alice Rooaevelt.
The police of this city are endeavoring
to ascertain the idctitlty of a woman whom
they have under arrest and who claims
to be Alice Roosevelt.- She wanted to wait
in Des Molnca till she Taft party returned
rm th. PhlllDDlnw. She. la about B0
years old, and wien this fact waa pointed
out and her",atten1l(tfp,' waa called to the
fact that Alice Roosevelt waa a youn
womaa she said her1 liged appearance was
due to rheumatism1. ' Liter she claimed
to be Mrs. Grover Cleveland In disguise.
and finally admitted that she wa really
Mnuri Adams getting pointers for a new
Dnbnqne Makes a Gala.
Dubuque county has' gained 8,087 in pop
ulation during the last five years, accord
lng to the official figures given out by the
executive council today, and the gain was
practically all made by the City of Du
Dubuque. Five years ago the population of
the county was 6G.2 and this year It la
61.4S9. The city of Dubuque made a gain
from &&.Z1 to 41,487,
Cass county shows a loss, according to
the official returns. The population Is now
20,506 and five years ago It waa 21,274. The
city of Atlantic ha gained from 6,049 to
Dennl.on Haa Jfe Interest.
Governor Cummins is In receipt of a let
ter from W. J. Cohnell of Omaha, attor
ney for Tom Dennlson. denying that Mr,
Dennlson has any Interest in the requisl
tlon of Bhercllffe to Omaha as claimed by
Attorney Thomas In the hearing before
Governor Cummins a few days ago. He
states that he Is really desirous of having
Bhercllffe remain In the state and testify.
Powell Clayton Here,
General Powell Clayton of Arkansas is
at Fort Des Moines visiting his son and
son-in-law, both of whom are captains of
the Eleventh cavalry. . He will remain at
the fort for a time and later In the month
will leave for Colorado to visit for a time,
He was the predecessor to Mr. Conger as
ambassador to Mexico.
War for farm Insurance.
There Is a war onln this state for farm
insurance. The war Is between the Iowa
and the eastern companies. The first cut
on the t per cent rate that haa prevailed
was made last fall by the Continental of
New York, American of Newark and Ger
man of Freeport. There have been con-
Ce-ffea Acta Ike Jonah and Will
Coma I p.
A clergyman who pursues his noble call
lng in a country parish in Iowa, tells
his coffee experience:
"My wife and, 1 used coffee regularly for
breakfaat, frequently for dinner and occa
slonallV -lor supper alwaye the very best
quality packu4'e coffee never could find
place on out table.
In the spring of my wife wa taken
with violent vohiltlhg which we had great
dllnculty In stopping.
"It Beemed'to. come from coffee drinking
but we could not decide.
"In the following July, however, ah waa
attacked a ai-cond time by the vomiting.
waa away from home filling an appoint
ment. at The time, and on my return
found her vtry low; she had literally vum
lied herselt almost to death, and It took
aome daya te quiet the trouble and reator
her atomach.
"I had also experienced the same troubl
but not ao violently, and had relieved It,
each time, by a resort to medicine.
"But my wlfe'a second attack satisfied
ma that the use of. coffee waa at the bot
turn of our troubles, and ao we stopped It
forthwith and took on Postum Food Coffee
The old symptom, of dtaease disappeared
and during the nine years that we hav
been using Poatuot Instead of coffee
have never had a recurrence of the vomit
lng. We never weary of Poatum, to which
we know w owe our good health. Thla
a alniple ataUunent of facta." Nama give
by Postum Company, Battle Creek, Mich
Read th little book. "The Road to Well
villa," In v pack-.
ferences between the companies of the two
sections of the country with a view to
agreeing on a rate, but they have failed.
Now the Iowa companies within the past
few days have begun circulating letters
everywhere announcing cut to i per
Maaj Does the l.ylna; Aroint t'ntll ta
Police Interfere.
8lOfX CITT. la., Aug. 4-(8peclal.)-Two
street waifs from Omaha who 'have been
playing and singing and collecting money
from passersby and In hotels and saloons
have been taken In charge of Police Matron
Thurston and ordered back to Omaha. A
man named Augustine, who claims to be
their father, haa been attending hia time
In Idleness and living oft the earnings of
the waifs. The mother live In Omaha.
The fnther has agreed to take the young
sters back to Omaha and the police of that
city have been notified.
K.lght Prl.onera nrealc Jail.
SIOCX CITY, la.. Aug. 4.-(fipeclal Tele-
ram.) Eight prlsonera sawed a hole In
he celling of their cell, crawled Into the
county auditor's office In the court house
nd escaped about S o'clock this morning.
They are: William Jones, Otto Rohn. Harry
Bloomlngton, W. A. Bourke, Elmer Custer.
ames McOregor. John Shadden and Dick
Larouch. There are four burglars, two
oldup men and two thieves. The county
Jail has become somewhat of a Joke as a
place of detention. Jail deliveries having
been exasperatlngly numerous. Sheriff
Jackson Is disgusted and demands a new
all. The Board of Supervisors says the
county cannot afford It.
Grand Oftteers for Odd Fellows.
MASON CITY. Ia., Aug. 4 (Special. )-G.
. Snyder of Marlon was chosen grand
master of the Iowa Odd Fellows by votes
the orgsnizatlon, so Grand Master Will
Tufford haa announced. L. M. Smith
Des Moines Is grand warden. The of
ficers are:
Grand Master O. L. Snyder, Marlon.
Deputy Orand Master Jurfue J. W Hen
derson, Indtannla.
(Jrand Warden L. W. Smith, Pes Moines.
Grand Secretary R. I.. Tlltnn. re.
Grand Treasurer A. E. Hlndorf, Newton.
Grand Representative Dp M. W. White."
Sioux. City.
Sidney Strikes Water.
SIDNEY, la., Aug. 4 -(Speclal )-U D.
Horn of Gretna, Neb., began prospecting
for water a block south of the court house
Monday, the object being to get water suf
ficient to supply the city. Wednesday It
was given out that water had been found
In Inexhaustible quantities at a depth of
19) feet. The test hole was sunk on the
op of the highest hill In Sidney. Other
parties spent months in a vain attempt to
get water In a hollow. The success of Mr.
Horn Is of untold value to Sidney.
Complaint on Railroad Rates.
CEDAR RAPIDS, la., Aug. 4-(Speclal.)
Claiming that the Rock Island, Chicago
Northwestern, Milwaukee and Illinois
Central discriminate against them in favor
of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Ohsman &
Effron have filed a complaint with the
nterstate Commerce commission at Wash
ington. They allege rate discrimination In
favor of the northern cities In shipment of
scrap Iron to St. Louis. The roads have
twenty days to answer.
Stolen Property Recovered.
ONAWA, la., Aug. 4. (Speclal.)-E. L.
Crow of Mapleton, who had a pair of
brown horses, harness and rubber-tired
buggy stolen Sunday night, received one
horse and his double harness and buggy
tongue at Mornlngsldo, Sioux City, where
the thief had traded off the articles and
continued hla flight with a single rig, the
other horse having been traded off before
reaching Mornlngslde, but Mr. Crow has
hopes to. recover it."
'- - -p '
niar Crowd at Chantauqna.
OLENWOOD. Ia.. Aug. 4. (Special.) Th
largest audience In Glenwood Chautauqua
history listened to last night's program.
So far there has not been one weak num
ber and hearty words of commendation
are heard on every side. The climax will
be on Saturday and Sunday. Dr. N. D.
HUUs, the eloquent Brooklyn divine, will
preach and lecture Sunday.
Girl Lose. Scalp.
SHELDON, Ia., Aug. 4. (Special.) Miss
Jennie Garden was completely scalped while
feeding a press In the office of the Sheldon
Sun. Her hair caught in the shafting above
her head. She waa picked up and the hair
deftly torn from her cranium. The girl
ruahed acreaming Into the atreet. She may
Special Train to Glenwood.
OLENWOOD. Ia., Aug. 4-The program
for Saturday and Sunday at the Glenwood
Chautauqua la Interesting enough to at
tract special trains from Omaha anl Coun
cil Bluffs. Nice water and shade and room
for everybody. The Sunday program la
sacred, Dr. Hlllls of Brooklyn leading.
Church Cornerstone Laid.
GLENWOOD, Ia., Aug. 4. (Special.) Th
corner atone of the new $20,000 Methodist
Episcopal church waa laid yesterday aft
ernoon. President Storms of Ames college
addressed the audience. Spellbrlng's band
furnished the music. Presiding Elder Grif
fith also made an address.
TCewRlevator for I.ngan.
LOGAN. Ia.. Aug. 4 (Special.) A new
grain elevator haa been built by the Logan
Milling company aa an addition to its flour
mill on the banks of the Boyer river, near
Logan- It is fitted with the latest and bc-st
George W, Brown.
George W. Brown, 73 years of age, living
at 2416 Charles street, head Janitor at the
First National bank building for many
years, suddenly died Friday noon from
heart trouble, with which he was afflicted
for some time. The body was taken In
charge by Coroner Bralley, but It has been
decided to not hold an Inquest. The fu
neral will be Sunday afternoon from the
family residence, with burial at Forest
Lawn cemetery. Mr. Brown lived In Omaha
many year. He Is survived by a wife and
three grown daughters.
F. M. Jenkins.
MAGNOLIA, Ia.. Aug. '4. (Special ) F.
M. Jenkins, Nrho dletl from an accident
while In the employ of the Burlington at
Llncolii. was brought here for burial, the
funeral occurring at the Logan home of
his sister, Mrs. Frank Cadwell. under the
direction of Rev. H. Kremers of the Loaan
Baptist church. The deceased married
Viola Shlnn, the sister of Harrison county's
sheriff. A. J. Shlnn.
Infanta Maria Alfonso.
SAN SEBASTIAN. Spain, Aug. 4. The
Infante Maria Alfonso, son of the late
princess of the Asturlas, died this morning
of meningitis. He was born February 28,
l The child's father, Prince Charles of
Bourbon, will be married In November to
Prlncraa Maria Tereaa. hla deceased wlfe'a
Charles O. Williams.
Charles O. Williams, brother of Rer.
John Albert Williams, died at St. Philip's
rectory Friday afternoon from tuberculo
sis. The funeral will be from the church
of 81. Philip the Deacon Monday morning
at I .0 o'clock.
John Laaahlla.
BUFFALO. N. T-. Aug. 4 John Laugh
lln, formerly atate senator and one of the
best known lawyers of this city, died early
today of apoplexy.
Oonrl Finally Ixolndet Evidence Relative
. to Alleged Boodler'i Bank Account.
Ha Denies Kvery Aeeaaatloa Made
Aaalast Him by John A.
Will Re Cr..-Kan-Ined
the resumption today of the trial of Senator
Frank H. Farrls on th charge of bribery
the point In controversy at the conclusion
of yesterday's session over the admission
of the books of the Steelville bank, a service
to show deposits made by Farrls on March
21, 1901. was settled by Judge Davis, who
ruled that the Introduction of the book a
evidence be allowed.
J. T. Coffey, cashier of the bank of Steel
ville, who was on the etsnd when the
point In controversy arose today, Identified
the books Introduced.
Thomas A. Gibson, who was cashier Of
the bank In 1901 end who kept the books
of the bank, was placed on the stand to
Identify the handwriting as his own. At
torney General Hartley asked the witness
to say of his own personal knowledge
whether Farrls had deposited a large sum
of money In the bank on March 21. 1901.
Witness did not remember. Judge Davis
then decided to exclude the books from
being used as evidence.
Teller Identlfles Drnft.
W. H. Hettle, paying teller of the Ameri
can Exchange National bank of St. Louis,
Identified a 17,000 draft as the one that was
paid Ijks through the bank. He also Identi
fied the signature of John A. Le to a let
ter written to D. J. Kelly of New York
stating that' he (Lee) waa going before the
grand Jury and would protect all parties.
Lee had denied the authorship of the letter.
Another attempt waa made by Attorney
General Hadley to have the Steelville bank
booka admitted aa evidence, but Judge
Davis strictly adhered to his mllng not to
admit them. The atate then offered dep
ositions taken by the defense more than
two years ago, and which have been In
the custody of the clerk of the court, from
D. J. Kelley, In Canada, to the effect that
Kelley had been Indicted and had gone to
Canada from New York. These depositions
were refused by the court aa Incompetent.
Senator Farrla on the Stand.
The atate then rested Its case and the de
fense began examination of witnesses.
Senator Farrls took the stand In his own
behalf. He denied every accusation made
against him by John A. Lee. He admitted ,
talking to Lee about the alum bill and
aald he told Lee that he wa oppoeed to It.
He denied the meeting with Senator Morton
and Lee at the Madison hotel. He denied
emphatically that he went to St. Louis on
the 6 o'clock train with Lee and Kelley
and declared that .Ie did not visit him In
his room at the Laclede hotel In St. Louis,
nor gave him any money there. Attorney
General Hadley will croas-examlne him to
morrow. When the state rested the defense called
Senator Thomas of Carthage, who testi
fied that he went to St. Louis on the 2:26
train the day the legislature adjourned
sine die and that Lee waa on the same
Senator W. H. Haynes of St. Joseph, who
introduced the alum bill in the senate, told
about the Introduction of the bill by him,
saying that he did so almply to have a
bill there In caae the houae bill failed to
pass the house. He denied ever being ap
proached either by Lee or Farrls with a
proposition relative to the bill.
Chief Executive Mar or May Not Slgra
Re.olotlon of Tax,
Lovy. .
Mayor Moores is undecided whether to
sign the levy resolution adopted by the
'council or not, not because he thinks the
amounta demanded are too high, but he
doubts whether the law requires him to
affix his signature. The new charter
directs that the levy be certified to by
the council,' leaving the mayor, who used
to have somethJTig to say about It, entirely
out of the game. Nevertheless by way of
courtesy to the chief executive the resolu
tion waa prepared In concurrent form, that
Is, requiring the signature of the mayor.
It he does not sign or veto It becomes
operative after three days. Mayor Moores
is wondering what la the use of wasting
the time, the Ink and the friction on th
pen, In view of the wording of the law.
: "I have- no fight with th amount or
dered," said the mayor. "In all probability
they are needed to run the city properly.
A big town like Omaha, spread out over
much territory, cannot be governed on
theory alone."
Assistant City Attorney Herdman is busy
pointing out that the big levy means a step
toward the gradual payment of the city's
bonded debt and a getting Into the proper
attitude regarding the outstanding and con
stantly maturing obligations. He asserts
further that Omaha taxes are lower than
those of St. Paul, Des Molne, Denver.
Sioux City, Kansas City and other big
western .towns. '
Commander of Mllford Horn Say
Everything at th In.tltoHon
' I la Good Shape.
Rev. Joaenh H. Presson, commander of
the Soldiers: tuune at Mllford, waa in
Omaha Friday on buslneaa and stopped
long enough to say that everything at the
home ,ww in -good shape aud that mem
bers of the home were enjoying life catch
ing .catfish that weighed ten and fifteen
pounds, while the carp they caught were
almost as large. When Rev. Mr. Presson
took charge -of the home he Intimated he
Intended to curtail the liberties of th
member by setting aside certain hours
during which they might play cards and
billiards. This started a roar which was
heard o the state house and the ordar was
not Jssued.
Vegetable Plays Important Role la
Chambers of Hla Hoaor,
Jaaga Berka.
A head of cabbage played the leading
role In police, court Friday morning and
was th cause of the gathering of over a
score of witnesses In a case of assault and
tattery lied by M. Kulakofsky against
. ij - i -
and similar diseases in their
worst forma can be promptly
cured by "
It never fails.
69 years the leading remedy,
ill druggists sell i
John Shlnolp. The defendant finally waa
discharged by fc police Judge and told to
return to hla ,bs patcti. relolclng.
Kulakofsky Hecd that he bought on
dozen heads of i t, from the defendant,
one of the vegetMr. elng In the sere and
jellow loaf, whit, caused plaintiff to de
mand a sound rwrlinrn of the cabbag
family In place ofth one that was passe.
Being refused thi rabbga plaintiff Was
aasaulted. he testing.
Defendant said hejave plnlntlff the head
of cabbage request and asked for tho
return of the one bat would not pass
muster, but was re ised. whereupon he
mer!y pushed hla peroei away from th
ata.ll. -
It all happened at th-' rnarket house.
Your soul will !: filled with
delight whet yu view
the majjical effect of
Everything that you wish,
every household article of every
description carets, rugs, cur
tains, clothing, furniture, wool
work, kitchen utensils, disheb,
chinaAvare, porcelain ware, en
amel, linen, bed clothing, every-,
thing all will shine and smell
sweet and be fresh and bright
and new, and will not be harmed
or Injured by the operation.
Your hands, too, will rejoice
and be" exceeding glad, for
20th Century Sop leaves them
soft and white and smooth. No
lye to roughen and redden them.
No foul, dirty animal greases -Just
. pure, sweet penetrating
vegetable oils and nothing else,
. . .
Don t Tob yOUelf Of the.
pleasure this WOnder WOrkef
... . , .
Will Ullllg lUtll JUUI "UMIC.
All Grocer Large Can, 10c
Wo use our own nsna
In our business; yot
i know who vou ar aolna
cured. Method new, without pain or loss
of time. CHARGES LOW
body. In mouth, tongue, throat, hair and
eyebrows failing out) disappear completely
Weak,' Nertous, Men ;r..0,IS. 12:
nervous debllty, early decline, lack of vigor
and strength.
URINARY, Kidney and Bladder Trouble.
Weak Back, Burning Urine, Frequency of
Urinating, Urine High Colored or wltn
Milky Sediment on standing.
Treatment by mall 14 years OF SUC
nr of 14th and Douglas. Omaha. Neb.
Cm Bis a for Diilinl
Irrit.tivM r ulc.r.itoM ,
f mnabr..M.
PImIm. mnA not .atria.
lm(VMC(MICuCs. ( or aoUo.ou... .
an,l J Bald hy ragl
is. for
euie.iiTii' is.liim
SJ x-v vrtK'.ati m. wei&
RTstN.SArm. ii.ririi..i. f.4i.. ui nr.
.la Ur R h M mUI) ku. im
wit. M Hkk.. Tk. .ta-r, IXM
I.PI 11. T..U...IH. SM4M
Call Us
byi Thone
Whenever you want
something call 'Phona
288 and maka It
known through a Baa
Want Ad.
It especially valuable aunng th
tummer season, when outdoor occu
pations and sports are most ri order.
yield to it, and it is particularly
aereeable when used in the bath
after violent exercise.
J .A'ntrvi
Fmsjrti fWwMiM
I h iru. r
f SI M. .rlboitlM
m Cire.lsr ant a
iniitnt.i r. i
Omaha vs. Pueblo,
August 2-3-4-5-5.
Saturday, August I, two games. Firil
gam called at 1:30. Friday, August 41 W
ladles' day.
Oames called at 1 :4a, ' .
- w