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Saturday w place on sale a beautiful line of
loped, embroidered end lac trimmed Hasdkere
ttc values, at. rhote. .......
Alan an lea-nt line of l.iwo fount Pure .Llnen Hi
, kerchiefs regular lie value, at, choice
A full Una of fine Bwls Initial Handkerchiefs
regular lCc valuta, at -
All slightly soiled Handkerchiefs, from 15c to
2fic values, go at. choir
:c Turn-over Rr I 2te Wih Belts
Collars I at
lOo Pearl Buttons. 24 C I Wp 8llk
per dosen I I at
A!'. Silk Ribbons, regular 10c values, ,
at, yard
open till
10 P. M.
August Clearing Sale of Women's Garments
One that U eminently worthy of the name,
the new department with a complete new stork.
Children'! Dresses at fl, f3, 3 50 and 14 dresses In all
color and great yaricty of style, trimmed with lace
and Inserting, Id aes (1 to 14 yearn, Qfl
at, choice JOC
WOVEVS BKIRTS In Sicilian Panamas, Scnres,
Silks and Linens all newest styles none worth less
than $5.00 and up t6 JS.0O 1 OD
Nothing resorvrd. Everything must be sld. We will start
sale price
27 Opera Coats, in creams, whites, tans and grays worth
25 00 to tft.OO In three lots af, choice C All
f 22.50, $20.00 and .. laJ.VV
All $10 Cravenettes, C ft fl I AI 12-B0 to $18-50 O OA
choice JiUU I Cravenettes, choice. jJ3
Cravenettes In Imported styles, yj Cf J CI C
worth tip to $4.Y0, at.. . . . t.D3 ttUU )IJ
$5 Wash Suits In Mack, white and
- polkadots, at, choice
$5 Accordion Pleated Skirts
at ,
Women's $2.00 Lhwn Waists
Women's $4.00 Jap Linen and Iawn
Waists at.
Women's $!, $rt and $7 Waists, In linens, luwns.
Datistes and Jap silks,
at t-i ....
Sour choice of 100 Hnndsome Suits that
sold at $10.00, $K.50 and $l.r.00. C fl ft
Saturday atMV
Tonr choice nf 175 Suits that sold
up to $25.00, Saturday
Your choice of any Street Suit In the house
that sold up to $40.00. C
WOMEN'S REDINGOTE8 One and two of
Sffl a kind choice Fatur- II If He
day nan rrice
FROM 8:.TO TILL OuTO A. M. Women's Waists. ' FROM 8 TILL 9 A
worth 75c, of, 9ir
choice AUKj
FROM 0:30 TILL 100 A. M.-Women's ORn
s, luwns.
Advance Fall
Silk and Jet Polos, trimmed with
velvet and QO
wings &JO
Silk Velvet Polos $.98
They come In all the new light
colors' and would sIl readily
at $'150 special M QO
Saturday T O
Duck Outing Sailors, large and
email crowns, with
rolling lirims.
10 P. M.
An ttta raw stylos for early fall wtar ar now bar and' rdy
for your Inspection Tourists, Alplnaa. Vdonit and a-ianr
oiMm ahapa. In pearl, slaat, brawn, ambar, molo, aueda and
all tha nawoat and bt colors for fail Tb Anaat Una nf
man's and vnuna man a rait IJata rar thown In C O tl
Omaha, at ilM, lies and ..VW f
A rnaral claan np aala of all atraw snoda. Including all the
flneat wavaa and Mwt ahapea divided Into three Ofc
lou for Saturday's aelllnr-at Wo, 0a sad
PANAMA H ATS A sreat snap for fcatortja- bityera. No pieced
food In thla lot. Tour choice of redora. Tourist ifO C
Alpine ahapea-Tl S and sit raJoee at qO.OVr
KMi $4.00 and ts.G values $2-50
don-t" iiiBS this" of ponTUNrrir.'
" U,J.VVf.M 1
M. Women's
75c Dressing Raeques at..,
FROM 10:30 TILL 11:30 A.
at ;
M. Womeu's $1.M Wawh I'ndersklrts
1 1
Klmonas, worth 50c, at, choice. .... A'L
FROM 9 TIIL 11 A. M. Children's Ging
ham Dresses, la ages 6 to 12
years, at
Special Sale
Gold plated or Alumtnold Spectacles,
with fine Imported tenses, f)Ur
worth UOO, At VOl
Gold tilled frames Spectacles or Kye
gUesea, guaranteed 10 years, CLC
worth S3 50. at I.OV
Stupendous Furnishing Goods Bargains Safday
lien's Shirts In the very newest styles
and patterns silk, mohair or pleated
bosoms, percales, fine madrases, hand
some os fords the greatest variety In
style and color the greatest values
ever shown in Omaha 75c to $1.00
values In all sis at, A Cl.
choice fJC
AND 15c The entire surplus stock of
I. Isaac A Co., Broadway New York
shield bows, tecks, strings, fouMn
hand, etc. all pure silk and actually
worth In a regular way up to 75o
all fresh, new goods, In very beet colon
and patterns divided Into two
Kr.h?.. iSc-iOc
most surprising bargains ever shown tn
Omaha beJbrlffgtn, mercerised and all,
striped garments. In plain and fancy col
ors garments In this lot worth np to $1-
In this lot, f C
Saturday, at 50c, 25c and
MEN'S HOSE The sample line of a large
eastern Importer all the newest shades In
plain and fancy' colors lace striped, drop
stltch aud embroidered the mont magni
ficent assortment w have ever shown
and worth from 25c to DOc for Saturday,
divided Into three Kin
great lots, .at, choice, 25c, 15c and.. lUt
Many other bargains In this department Saturday.
Greai Saie of Ladies' Gloves
Clearing sale valuea you cannot afford to mlaa, If you
don't need glove now you should lay them away at Batur-
ixrr no'-ladies- IMPORTED lisle GLOVES with
pearl clasp.
LOT NO. Ladle a' 811k Gloves with doubl flngar tip
ThrV come In all colors and sites, not a glov In Jn2nC
lot "worth less than 75o. your choice Saturday, pair.
II W. B. Corsets, made of fine batiste with long hips AQn
and hose supporters attached your choloe Saturday --w
All standard makes W. B.. Royal Woroeater. QO
Warner a, Thompacn Glov Fitting, etc. up from s.vv
Tha Celebrated Plnchln Waist Corset whloh gives th QRc
long tapering waist effect special Saturday at
The Dowager Corset Just tha thing for stout figures double
boned throughout and with two sets of hoa O 00
supporters slies 20 to JO at , V
- i
Handy Bookshelf.
There Is always a place to put a "Handy Book
shelf" to hold a few choice volumes, whether
In sitting room, library or bedroom. The
"Handy Bookshelf" can be hung up or left to
stand on the floor. It Is put together with
wood pluga, as shown here made of oak either
golden finish or "weathered." This Is one of
the now popular mission pieces or "crafts fur
niture." Can be taken apart and packed In
trunk or box no nails or screws used elae 24
' Inches wide and 28 Inches high IOC
three shelves Hj.wlal J
Three Other Specials
We are now offering a good solid oak chair, enne seat, for 85c, and the
same chair with upholstered leatherette sent for $ Large arm rocker,
cobbler seat, high back, all oak, for $1.95. These Items will Interest you
more than anything offered In this line lately.
' FOR RENT A device to moke your extension table longer, for parties
or banquets. . Come and see us about It. -
Hayden Bros. Meat Department
Corn Beef,
per lb.. .
Shoulder Ifonst,
' 'p(T lb.;'.. ....
Uib Iionnt.
10c nnd. .
Boiling n?of,
. ..8c
Birloln Stenk,.
10c and
Shoulder Steak,
per lb
per lb
Cold Hams,
per lb
Big Store's Grocery Prices
Hlghtst Quality, Frtshtsl Goods and Lowtst Prlcts.
4Mb. sacks Fancy High Patent Minnesota Flour, per sack.. $1 .48
10 bars best brands Laundry Soap 25o
4 pounds best Hulk laundry Starch 15c
fhe best Pearl Tapioca. Sago or Barley, per lb So
3n Time Yeast, per package .2c
Xeelo, Malta Vita, Egg-O-See or Dr. Price's Breakfast Food.
per package
Fancy Crlsn Soda Crackers, per pound 6c
Fancy Crisp Ginger Snaps, per pound 4Vc
i-lb. cans Fancy Alaska Salmon' ; Jo
011 or Musturd Sardines, per can 4c
I'otted or Deviled Ham, Tongue or Beef 3tyc
One-pound package Macaroni So
Large bottles fancy mixed sweet Chow Chow, Gherkin or Onion
Pickles, per bottle 6c
Toe beat Mixed Pickling Spices, per lb ,....20c
Fancy Oolden Snnto Coffee, retailed everywhere for 20c and 25o
our price this sale i5o
Fancy O. G. Mocha and Java, a delicious drink and beautiful
aroma this sale, per pound 26a
Fancy Uncolored Japan or Sundiied, for lea tea, this sale,
per pound ziic
Very choice Dairy Table Butter, per pound 21o
fancy Separator Creamery Butter, per pound 23o
Fancy Wisconsin Brick Cheese, pr pound 16c
Fancy New York White Cheese, per pound 15o
Fancy Wisconsin Cream Cheese, per pound 15c
Neufchatel Cheese, each. 3c
Fancy, large, Juicy Seedless Lemons, per doi 30c
Fancy Grimes' Golden, Tolman Sweets, or Duchess Apples,
per peck 86u
Large ripe Bananas, per dos. .... , 16a
Three measures Fresh Roasted Peanuts ' lOo
Fancy Fard Dates, per pound .. 120
Colorado Honey, per-rik. n. ........auo
Big Special Sale in Hardware
Toilet Paper, per 2 Ac
Large package Tooth
Sink Shovels,
' each
3 doa. Cloths Pins,
Metal Towel
Bar ,
Psckago Assorted
Tacks and Nails.,
Box Wax 1n
Mincing Knives,
80 to 60 D Nails,
per lb
H lb Sealing 01r
Wax S5-
10 quart Onlvanlzed
Water Pail
12 quart Galvanlied
v sin at ( ,
Small size Steel
Frying Pan ,
Medium alee Steel
Frying Pan
No. 1 Galvanised
Wash Tub
No. 2 Galvanised
Wash Tub ,
No. t Galvanised
Wash Tub
Galvanised Refriger
ator Pans, each....
I tie Parlor
4 tie Parlor
No. I Copper Bottom jUQr
Wash Boiler O
Special sale all next week on
the best Granlteware. It
will pay you to see It and
get our prices.
For use after tha bath Is a good rubber flesh brush. Creates
K od circulation.
We will sell you a good rubber brush Saturday
After the rub use Eastman's Antiseptic Talcum
(Crushed rose or violet perfumed) at
DO TOU HAVE DANDRUFF? Use Ounlock s Shampoo.
Is Your hair falling out? fse Ounlock's Hair Tonic.
Is your hair turning gray? Restore Its color with Gun
lock's Hair Restorer.
A Big Shoe Sale Saturday
leathers, shapes and styles, made up for this season's trade regular retail
prices on these goods would be $3.00, $3T0 and $4.00 1 OA"
to close them out quickly m.mJ
Child's $1.00 and $1.25 Sandals, Slippers and Oxfords, 6 to 8 AQp
. and SK to 12. In kid and patent leather Ui
Men's $1.50 Satin Calf Congress ) Q
Youths' and Roys' $1.50 Sntln Calf Bals f ZOC
Women's $3.50 Tan Vesting Top Shoes J
;)0 pairs Misses' II. W. Merrlatn & Co. $2.25 Tan Russia Calf AQ
Welt Sole Shoes.!..........
200 pairs Child's and Misses Chocolate Vlcl Toklo Ties, made by Art
U. W. Merrlam to retail at $1.50 and $1.75 IsUU
Lots of GROVER Prince Alberts Just received. Are they comfortable 7
A glance at the bargains in Ladles' Hose displayed In our 16th street
window will undoubtedly cause a desire to see the hose. A glance at tho
hose certainly will uienn a sale to you. See Our lOtli St. Window Display.
Oo to $1.00 HOSIERY VALUES-at 2Go and
LADIES' HOSE made of the finest Imported Ingrain lisle, In full lacs or laoa
boot styles, a full Una of sites In tha very newest colors ifc
iOc to ll values. In two lots, for Saturday at 26c and ,uv
special value Saturday at, pair, lOo and .
worth mora thn twice the price at 10c and ,
J, II. , Fay no Appointed Engineer Member
of Board of Assessment.
Ffteeu-Year Bonds to Be Sold and
the "Work f ronatrartlnac th
Dltehea la to It Paid
' for to Cask.
Vhe Joint Board of Supervisors of Potta
wattamie and Harrison counties concluded
I tta nmnttnar Prldnv nmrnlnv lifter tulnr In
rysslon four days discussing tha' Poltawat
93 tamle-Harrlson county . drainage ditch,
awarding damages tnereror ana to provide
for the assessment of benefits to the abut
ting farm properly. '
J. It! Mayne of Council Bluffs waa unani
mously alectd the aitglneer to comprise the
third member of the assessment of benefits
Committee, the other two members being
Supervisor Henry Welsc of Pottawattamie
and A. C. Eahelman'of Harrison county.
Engineer Maine's compensation was fixed
at til per day for the time actually em
ployed. -
Beth Dean of Glen wood, general drainage
engineer, was proffered the position of con
structing engineer for tha work, but owing
to hla being at pieaent employed in engi
neering work la Mills county he will first
have to secure hla release before accepting
the proffer front the Joint board. Mr, Deau
was tn conference with the JoUit board Fri
day morning and was given until August 10
to give a definite reply.
Th compensation .for Mr. Dean will be
fi.&u) per year, with an allowance of 17 per
day for himself, UN per day for hla transit
man nd 12 per day for rodnian for all extra
Offer to Kilaeer.
While no definite action waa taken St Fri
day's meeting on the question of the Issu
ance of the drainage district bonds, the
matter was freely discussed.
Tha almost unamnxua aentlment of the
joint board Is that the bonds, which will
approximate, should run fifteen
years, the bonds to be of denominations of
l.fluO earn, ' one-tenth tit ' be paid In five
years and after the first five years one
tenth being paid annually thereafter until
th whole Is paid. It la the determination
that the work b paid tor In cash at the
"KBei. bouos are m Dear s per cent
The bills of O. W. Atklna. auditor of Har
rison county, for $104.. And of Auditor W. C.
Cheyne of Pottawattamie county for serv
ices rendered th meeting of the Joint board
were approved, and their payment recom
mended to th respective Individual county
Tha . meeting of the. Joint board waa
throughout businesslike and rxpedliloua. In
volving aa It has matters of such Import--ce
to both, counties..
jiSh next meeting of the Joint board will
r Lie held at Logan Auguat 17.
Th tw county -auditors-Wer Instructed
to advertlce for bids, the work to com
mence this fall.
West lenders rrepnrlnK to Ilnve a
Bl Tim. - v
Preparations have been completed for the
celebration Incident to laying the corner
stone for the new club house of the West
Council Bluffs Improvement club, at
Thirty-fifth street and Broadway, Satur
day afternoon at 4 o'clock. The event
promises to be one of more than ordinary
Interest and a big attendance Is looked
Th structure will be a two-story frame,
30x60 feet, and will cost when finished
$1,500. Of this sum $l,fkO has already been
raised by papular subscription. The first
floor of the building will be occupied by
a brunch of the public library, bath and
toilet rooms and gymnasium. The second
floor will be devoted to committee rooms
for the club and a large hall of modern
equipment, with hard maple floors, for
lods and social purposes, to be let out
for bucIi societies as may have occasion
for its use.
Th city donated one lot for tle club
house, and the privilege haa been re
served to buy an additional lot on either
Following the program of addresses gnj
music the women of the I'nlon Christian
church Sunday schools win give an tee
cream soclul.
Following Is the program for Saturday
afternoon, beginning promptly at 4 -'o'clock:
Opening Prayer Rev. D Long.
Address "Municipal Ownership," Mayor
Address "flood Fellowship." J. H. Swart
Oiatlon "(ienerul Advancement," Con
gressman Waller 1. Sniltn.
Address -Polnti r," John H. Calvin.
Address -Public Improvements,'' Emmet
Address "Civic Spirit," Victor E. Bender.
Address "C'o-opointion," D. E. 8twart.
Adur-n "! he iJuiy of the Cltiien," C. M.
Hail. ' ,
l'lino Solo Chester Anderson.
Address "Those who IjU ana ThoJ who
I-ean ' Dr. P. J. Montgomery.
Duet Catherine Dempsey -and Elisabeth
O'Ne.l. "West Council Bluffs," B. B.
su.-4v. orin.
' Remat us C. E. Sparks,
bong .Miss Catherine Dempsey. .
Closing Pra er J. F. Hughs.
Kever Ktopa Theatricals.
Edward M. Wack. known theatrically. as
Edward M. Wollack, and Mrs Waek,
known professionally as Alice Bpooner,
both of the Spooner Drumatlc company, ar
rived In Council Bluffs Friday afternoon
from Texarkajia, where they closed th
aearon Saturday. They had expected to
continue th season for a coupl of weeks
longer, but In view of the yellow" fever
scare closed It at one. The report that
Mr. andlrs. Wack ha. to run th gauntlet
of quarantine Is without fact. They had
no trouble whatever In getting away Mr.
and Mra. Wack will spend the greater por
tion of th remaining summer with Council
Lluffs friends.
order having a day's program peculiar to
Itself. Among the prominent speakers will
be Jerry S. Green of Davenport and C. O.
8aundera of Council Bluffs, J. C. Root and
J. W. Oelge of Omaha and Grand Master
Evana of Des Moines.
Woodiaea Plcalc at Walaat.
The annual log-rolling and picnic of the
Southwestern Iowa I-og-xtolIlcg association
Will b held at Walnut, la.. August 17, U.
1. Th Modern Woodmen ' of America,
Woodmen of the World and Ancient Order
of Unttttd Workmen, will participate, each
Board of Ed ur at Ion Fills Vacancies
In Faeolty.
Th Board of Education met In special
session Friday night at the office of Su
perintendent Clifford In the high school
building to discuss the Question of Ailing
vacancies In the corps of teachers in the
high school. All members of the board
were present.
The resignations of Miss Helen Mcintosh.
Miss Louise Boshnlng and Miss Edith
Shedd. grade teachers, were accepted. Miss
Anna Homer, Miss Alice Hanson and Miss
Ayres wero elected to fill the vacancies
occasioned by the first named resignations.
Their salaries were fixed at $36 per month
The resignation of Miss Carrie Wllklns
as general substitute teacher in the high
school was accepted. '
The committee on teachers recommended
that A. n. Heapes be elected teacher of
science In the high school. The recom
mendation was ndopted. 'Mr. Heapes Is a
graduate of the Northwestern university,
and taught last year at Genoaeo, III. Ills
salary waa fixed at $vj per year.
The romndttee on teachers recommended
that Miss Mania Waples of Dubuque be
selected as teacher of Oerman In the high
school at a salary of $75 per month.
Mr. Tlnley moved as an amendment that
the name of Miss Agnes Robinson of this
city be substituted for that of Miss Waples.
He and one or two other members mads
vigorous 'and earnest pleas for the amend
ment, counselling loyalty to home talent,
especially In view of the fact thnt Miss
Robinson was a graduate of the Council
HlufTs High school, and also of the Iowa
Stata university, where she had taken a
special course to fit her for teaching Ger
man. The amendment was however, lost, the
rote stan. ling:' Yeas Tlnley, McConnell
and Westerdahl. Nays Anderson, Bhugart,
Cooper and Hess.
v The ortglnal motion to adopt the report
of the committee was then adopted by a
vote of & to 2. Tlnley and Westerdahl
voting In the negative.
On the recommendation of the committee
en teachers Miss Agnes' Robinson, was
elected general substitute teacher In the
high school at a salary of $65 per month.
Mrs. John L, Templeton was given per
mission to give physical culture lessons to
the teachers, with t lie understanding that
it should be at no cost to the Board of
A letter was read from the Council Bluffs
Commercial club, commending the labors
of the Board of Education In securing an
economical administration of the public
school affairs of th city without Impairing
their efficient-)-. The letter was ordered
avenue. he new addition Is a little larger
than an ordinary block.'
- Plana for Raising: Tracks.
City Engineer Entyre haa furolshed his
plans relative to raising the grade of the
railroad tracks according to the agreement
recently reached with Engineer Sweatt of
tho Northwestern. The ordinance requires
that the grade on Broadway shall be
changed from the east curb of Eleventh
street to the east curb of Twelfth street.
The city proposes that the railroad tracks
from Nos. 1 to S, Inclusive, across Broad
way shall be raised fifteen inches and the
main fine tracks Nos. 4, I and 6 be raised
similarity, the fall toward the east being
five-tenths of a foot and toward the west
seven-tenths of a foot. Ten Inches under
the surface two gutters will be built to
carry the water from Broadway Into th
The proposed changes In the bridges of
tho Noi'Uiwestern are thus given:
At . First Avenue Grade, -7.S0; lowest
point 'of the bridge, 27.47; raise, .33.
At Twelfth Avenue Grade, 2b.w, lowest
point of bridge, 23. l, raise, 2.M.
At Eleventh Street tirade, 2. 70; lowest
Colnt of west bridge, 27. tn; raise of west
ridge, 130.
At Eleventh Street Grade, 28.70; lowest
point of east brldxe, 27.37; raise, 1.3.1.
These changes, It Is thought, will be suf
ficient to prevent the Hooding of the North
western tracks. The highest point In the
established grade on Broadway is located
160 feet from the east curb of Eleventh
street and 50 from the east curb line of
Twelfth street.
If the proposed ordinance Is passed by the
city council the railroad has signified Us
willingness to begin at once making the
new grade.
Real Estate Transfers.
The following transfers were reported to
The Bee August 4 by the Title Guaranty
and Trust company of Council Bluffs:
The Evangelical Emanuel Church so
ciety of I'ndi.rwood, la., to Carl
Tlodt, lot 4. In block 13. In t'nder-
wood, la , w. d $ 800
Lizxle Hesly and husband to Hugo
ytuhr, lots 7 and 6. In block 14, in
Minden, la., w. d 1,400
Charles Schmidt. Ir.. unit wif tn
j Henry C. Brandos, hits 7. 8 and 8, In
Avoca J. anil and loan company s v. of part of S-77-3S. w. d 2,200
Gerald A Damon to Edwin Parker,
lots 6 and 7, in Damon's 1st add.
to Council . Bluffs, la., w. d 1,000
Pacific Realty company to Lula E.
Joty, pan of lot S. in block 4, In
Beers' add. to Council Bluffs, la.
w. d : 1,500
Amy C. Reed and luistand to I-eroy
Hawes. lot 17, In block 37, In Cen
tral suImIIv. Council Bluffs, la.,
s. w. d "55
Ohio Knox and wife to E. L. Bhu
gart. undlv. interest In lot 5. in
block 4. of Mullln'a subdiv., and lot
2. in block 7, of Mullln's subdiv. and
lot . In block 13. in Central subdiv..
Council Bluffs, la., q. c. d 1
Ohio Knox and wife to George It.
Phelps, undlv. Interest In lot 6,
In block 4. and lot 2. In block 7. In
Mullln's subdiv. and lot t. In block
13. In Central subdiv.. Council Bluffs,
Q- c. d 1
Ohio Knox and wife to K L. Sliu
gart, lot 5. In Auditor's subdiv., n
aw4 16-75-43. q. c. d 1
New Addttlvu to CHy.
The plat of Damon's First addition to the
city of Council Bluffs has been filed In the
office of th county recorder. The new ad
dition Is of Irregular shape and commences
at the Junction of Perm avenue and Nich
olas street, extending southeast from that
point. A new street will be opened on the
east side of the tract to be called Denton
street. The northern boundary Is t'erlo
Nine transfers, total $
Struck by a Motor,
A man well advanced In years whose
name could not be learned was struck by
a motor car at Sixteenth street and Avenue
A last night and badly bruised. He was
taken home by some of his friends.
they did not secure anything of value the
man did not report the affair to the police. Sale Confirmed.
Vnlted States District Judge Smith Mo
Pherson was in the city Friday and Issued
an order confirming and approving the sale
of the home farm of Alexander Armstrong,
bankrupt, which was made by Special Ref
eree In Bankruptcy W. S. Mnyne of this
city. The property comprises 2,600 acres in
Carroll county, near GUdden, la., the con
sideration being $135,000 The purchaser of
the land was George S. Wright of Council
Bluffs. The money Is to be paid by March
1, 1906,( or if paid before September 1, li05,
the consideration Is to be $112,500.
The Armstrong bankruptcy case Is one
Involving the largest Interests that has ever
paased through the bankruptcy courts In
Iowa and has been pending since July 27,
Local Interest Is attached to the case
from the fact that among the liabilities
was an Indebtedness of $22,000 to th I'nlon
Natlonul bank of Omalia secured by a mort
gage given to O. W. Wattles.
only restriction Is the case of Massachu
setts, where the state law of 1902 prohibits
the assembly of visiting troops for drill
or parade.
The telegram to the ambassador was
addressed to him both at New York and
the summer home of tho embassy at Lenox.
Ktherton Hearing: Saturday Mornlngr.
The preliminary hearing In the case of
Tom Etherton will be held In the superior
court Saturday morning. The hearing has
been delayed owing to the condition of
Tom Etherton. who has been In the General
hospital since the shooting aJTray of July 2A
with a bullet In bis groin. The charge
against Etherton la assault upon Mrs.
Charles Borner, living on First avenue ncur
Thirty-ninth street.
Preliminary Report Shows Increase
of Over a Million Dollars
for the Year. . .
WASHINGTON, D. C, Aug. 4 The pre
liminary report of Commissioner Yerkes
of the Internal revenue bureau shows that
the receipts from all Internal . revenue
sources during the year ended June 80,
lo6, amounted to $J3t,187,76, an Increase aa
compared with the fiscal , year 1904. of
$1,24.196. The expense of collection are
shown to have been approximately $4.sti3,-i.m.
The reoelpts from the aeveral sources of '
revenue with the Increase or decrease In
each case as compared with the fiscal year
li"i4 are given as follows:
Spirits, $139,9(4,513; Increase, $148,497. To
bacco, $4fi.Gfi9,910; Increase. $1,004,101. Fer
mented llijuors, $M,30.&53; increase, $1,277.
CV4. Oleomargarine, $Vu6.478; Increase, $121,.
8X1. Mixed flour, $1,641; Increase, $2. Adul
terated butter. $3,930; Increase. $2,023. Pro
cess or renovated butter, $156,736; Increase,
$16,bGl. Miscellaneous, $1,441,198; decrease,
Secretary of State Hays Equalisers
AAet I'nder statutes and
Willing? to Stand by It.
Secretary of State Qalusha was in Omaha
Friday attending to official business. Mr.
Galusha will leave In a few days for Port
land to look at the Nebraska exhibit and
other txhlblts and to rest up from his
arduous duties as a member of the state
Board ot Assessment and Equalization.
"Certainly I am glad the work of equal
izing Is over," said Mr. Galusha, "for It Is
a hard Job to satisfy everybody. As a rule
though, the work of the asseaora waa good.
Ws received a number of reports that
county boards had reduced the assessment
made by the assessors and In such cases
It nearly always meant an Increase by th
state board. A number of assessors also
returned the value of th land at th fig
ures at which they valued It last year,
Instead of adding the increase made by the
board last year. This of course took some
time to straighten out and caused us a little
more work. I feel very well satisfied with
the arsessment. I understand the question
has been raised here whether we have the
right to Increaao the value of an Item of
property and that the question may be
settled In court. We, of course, acted
under th statutes and If that Is uncon
stitutional, then th quicker a court de
cision Is secured the better It will be."
Thursday evening, at I p. m., Rev. Charles
W. Savldge ofJlolated at tha marriage of
Charles A. Olsen and Hiss Anna I Tuste
aen, daughter of Nels Tustesen. Miss Hel
ena Boonstra and her brother, G. W.
Boonstra, accompanied them as best man
and lady.
' Hold In Men Get Mule.
Four nien held up a stranger In th city
near the Rock Island depot last night. As
Governors of Kw England States
Grant Permission for Mn
to Visit.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 4-Th Stat de
partment today telegraphed th British am
bassador and tha American consul general
at Ottawa that th governors of New
HamiMihlre, Vermont and Massachusetts
have formally contented to passage through
those states for the Forty-third Canadian
regiment, (th Duke of Cornwall's Own),
who are now In Ottawa waiting to pro
ceed to visit Boston and Provldenc. Th
FIRE record:,
I.lsbtatna- Causes Da mas.
GRAND RAPIDS. Mich., Aug. 4 -A fir
loss of $50,000 followed the striking by
lightning today of the Caulfleld block, 19-27
South Ottawa street.
Dreyfae withdraws Salt.
PITTSBURG, Aug. 4 -The charge of as
sault and battery preferred by Barney
Dreyfus, president of the Pittsburg Base
Ball club, against Thomas J. Ward, said to
b a student for the priesthood, who as
saulted Dreyfuss In his private box during
the game yesterday at Exposition park,
was withdrawn today by Mr. Dreyfuss.
Provlotis to the hearing the defendant, who
was Introduced to President Dreyfuss as
Father Walsh, apologised for his conduct
and the suit was then withdrawn.
Ing the twenty-four hours ending at noon
Births S. P. Nelson, 1110 South Seventh,
girl; W. G. Mux flold. 3611 Templeton, girl;
Capper 8tanxak, ihS7 South Twenty-fourth,
boy; Charles K run son, 1722 South Ninth,
boy; Heubcn Perkins. 1R25 Ohio, boy: Pet
Lots. 1217 Davenport, girl; Barney Monsi
trlian, 53 South Twenty-fourth, boy; Den
tils Gulnalne, 2422 Spauldlng, twin boys; Ed
ward llrlggs, 3824 North Twenty-fourth,
girl; Orear Reed. 290J Martha, boy; H.
Deaths Orval Delay, 8413 Taylor, J- Atl
sustR Jodelt. Bo8 VVoolworth, $1; Frank
Itedlngton, Cripple Creek, Colo., 60; Isaa
Rollin Andrews, 3431 Hawthorne avenue, 66;
Nancy Gray Smith, 721 South Thlrty-aev.
enth, 2; Chnrlotte R. Turner. 3316 Farnam,
SO; Mrs. Churchill Parker. Omaha.
Bnrblon, 1217 Chicago, boy; Julius Peterson,
3o29 Pratt, girl.
For th twenty-four hours ending at noon
lllrtha John Johnson, 2206 Cuming, boy:
Nelson Buck, Dundee, girl; R. Russell
Ruef. 3Si Miami. Iwjy; Walter Thateher.
2,110 South Forty-first, girl; Andrew Peter
son. 2413 South Forty-first, boy: Oeorg
Mstthla, 2912 Bancroft, girl; W. J. Taylor.
2CJ Illondo, girl; A. Wsllgren, 17AS Clark,
rlrl; Edward Tlmni, 3Mil North Twenty
ourth, girl; P. 1.. Day, 5416 Florence boule
vard, girl.
Deatlis Annie MHry Koehler. t42S South
Twentieth, s; S. Schonfeld. 710 South Eight
eenth, 74; Mrs. Meraen, 3920 North Twenty
fourth, 63; Alfred Nelson. Sixteenth and
Grace, 11; Marl Gretna Tobln. 1016 l'acifla,
6 months; I'lura Gordon .Klbbe, 616 North
Twenty-third, 61. '
Examinations to U Held at Three)
Id and IT. -
The Vnlted States Civil Servtc commis
sion will hold examinations at Llnooln.
Omaha and Grand Island August 16 and IT
to nil a vacancy In the position of physical
chemist In the government laboratories at
Manila and vacancies aa they may occur
In any branch of the service requiring sim
ilar qualifications. The salary proposed is
$1,800 a year, though, under th Philippine
laws, a lower salary may be offered, de
pending upon the qualification shown lit
the cxamtnslions.
The examinations are open to all male
citizens between the ages of II and 40 years
who comply with the requirements. Appli
cant should apply io th United States
civil servli e at Washington or to the Sec
retary of the board of commissioners at
the places mentioned for application forms
and 37.
Dr. MeCllsa ttslna.
BAN JOSE, Cal., Aug. 4-Dr. Ell McCUsh,
president of the University of the Paciric,
has tendered his resignation to the Board
of Control of the Methodist conference, to
take effect August 16. or sooner If It ba so
desired. The statement Is made that whlis
Dr. McCllsh holds himself at th disposal
of th California conference for an assign
ment to a charge, he has received a cull
to a leading Methodist church In Boston
and that he will go there.
Mortality Statistic.
Th following births and deaths have
been reported, u lbs Board ot llualtb Our-
Delertable Ksperlear ( Eastern,
Toarlat la Western City After
Jllabt of Hilarity.
To wak up In th dewy dawn of th
subsequent morning, find yourself In a
patch of weeds behind a billboard, with
$110 gone and a tired feeling acquired, Is
an experience that does not come to every
man In this world of sunshine snd clouds
and Is coveted by few. Yet such Is the ex
perience that J. Duchatka of New Tork
City had In Omaha Thursday night, ac
cording to a report on file at pollc head
quarters, where the Gothamlt called after
he woke up, looked about him, saw th.
high weed and billboards towering abov
him and heard the rattle of th early morn
ing wagons on th stony pavement. Du
chatka has asked the pollc to help him
locate the $110. He gave his address aa V.
Twenty-first street, South Omaha. H says
ho still believes Omaha to b a progressive
and hustling city and will bav a papula
tion of auo.iM) by 1910.