Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 30, 1905, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 6, Image 17

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    rnE OMATTA DAILY TtEE: SUNDAY, JULY 80. 190.1.1
Tlio 1ny of tho hanily mnn, the "Jack of all trades," ha pnsscil. The world
I'M m grown too Inrg for him.
Tht men who win present !ny Imttlos, don't shoot with a spry nozzle.
Iiistpml nf trying to do everything and rrattr1ng his efforts, the modern busi
ness mnn finds M U ticst to concentrate his energies on one thins, to the end that
lie may do that tiling well.
The man of today should select a vocation, make special preparation for It,
nnd then throw the entire weight of Ills abilities Into the effort to succeed In
tlmt vocation.
The advent of the tiiixluesa sperlnlUt Increases the Importance of the busi
ness school, because young men and women must prepare for special work.
Courses of Study:
ItiMlne, Hook-keeping.
Stenography, Typewriting,
Telegraphy, reumausulp, ,
It the best place to acquire salary get
ting knowledge.
rail Term opens in our new college building at 19th and Farnam streets
Monday, Sept. 4. Write for catalogue and particulars at once.
Address ROHRBOUGH BROS., Prop'rs.
17th & Douglas Sts., Omaha, Neb.
VANTED Loral representative for well
known house doing high class engraving,
punting, clay modeling. Will pay good
commissions, references required; experi
ence nol absolutely necessary. Aduress
C. IS. 13. , 2il 6th Ave., Chicago.
J M202 x
AGENTS W ANT KU Sell our $1 bottle ear
sapurllla for 35c; best seller; 350 ppr cent
profit; write today for terms and terri
tory. F. K. Greene, 115 i-ttSalle bt., Chi
Cl'o. J
UKJ ir.oney In squabs; cheaply raised In
only 4 we'ks; sell for fancy prices; won
derful market; write for free book and
learri this rich Industry. Plymouth
Rock Squab Co., 300 Howard Bt., Melrose,
Mass. J
$600 per month and expenses selling Stran
skey's smokeless gun and hlastlns pow
der. Patented. CJeneral agents wanted
everywhere. J. A. Stransky, Box 600,
Pukwana. 8. D. . J-284 30x
AGENTS to sell & practical $5 typewriter.
40 per cent commission. MacCarthy-Cuft-man
Mfg. Co., 24 8. iOth St., 81. Louis, Mo.
J 2W J0x
AGENTS everywhere, $10 made dally sell
ing an article without opposition; every
woman buys at sight; self-wringing com
bination mop and scrub brush. Thomas,
288 Hudson St., New York J 268 $0x
"I FEEL like a millionaire," writes one
agent; new; demand; quick sales. Econ
omy Farm Record Co., Newton, la.
J-279 SOx
money In bunches; send 26c for supplies
and (free) new, unique and complete plan
with which, by working a small part of
your time for us, It Is possible to quickly
and eaBlty cam $10.00 on every 25c In
vested; can tie worked by any one; hon
est, fascinating, positively no canvassing:
don't miss this; art today. Address Read
& Co., 1B42 West Bernlce Ave., Irving
Park Sub. Sta., Chicago.
J 239 SOX
WANTED Energetic, trustworthy man
or woman to work In Nebraska, repre
senting large manufacturing company;
alary $40 to $90 per month; paid weekly;
expenses advanced. Address with stamp,
J. H. Moore, Omaha, Neb. J-CS8 SOx
AGENTS WANTED Good pay; steady em-
filoyment, selling our northern grown
rees. The Greening Bros. Nursery Co.,
Mjnroe, Mich. J 296 80x
WANTED Energetic man to organize soap
crew; $100 weekly easily earned. Parker
Chemloal Co., Chicago. J-300 HOx
AGENTS can easily make $10 a day sell
ing our gold window letters, novelty signs
and changeable signs; catalogue free.
Sullivan Co., 406 W. Van Buren St., Chi
cago, 111. J 306 SOx
WANTED Lady or gentleman of fair edu
cation to travel for a firm of $250,000 cap
ital; salary $1,072 per year and expenses,
paid weekly and expenses advanced. Ad
dress, with stamp, J. A. Alexander,
Omaha, Neb.
i-m $ox
MEN and women agents everywhere to
ell magnifying photo frames; best seller
and money maker on earth. Address
Crystal Glass Novelty Co., Montleello,
Miss. J 235 0x
women agents being appointed In towns
and outlying districts; handsome office
furniture supplied; the greatest cam
paign of the century; watch the papers.
Write "Dept. G," The Ponco Co., Chi
cago. J 234 SOx
ONE agent reports forty sales one davj
new, quick selling quarter article; Gem
Magazine Binder, houses, stores, offices;
exclusive territory to right people. Stir
ling Mfg. Co., Buffalo, N. Y. J 240 SOx
AGENT8 Make $18 to $.10 a week; perma
nent position, selling fire extinguishers
that retail at $1. Monarch Co., St. Louis.
J-271 SOx
WANTED Local representatives for well
known house doing high class engraving,
printing, clay modeling; will pay good
commission ; references required; ex
perience not absolutely necessary. Ad
dress C. B. B., 221 6th Ave., Chicago.
J 228 80x
WANTED Salesmen to handle aide line of
ladies' trimmed hats on commission.
These goods are sold on credit with dat
ing to responsible merchants and millin
ers Wish to confine to Nebraska, Kan
sas. Black 1111U. Photographic album
(Uxl2) of entire line furnished free of
charge and will be ready for fall goods
after July 20th. Requires but Utile spare
and can lie conveniently carried. The
oldest manufacturer of trimmed hats In
the northwest. B Painter, S52 E. Water
St., Milwaukee. Wis.
SALESMEN wanted In every city and
town; big demand: big commission.
Rodes Sanitary Co., St. Louis, Mo.
SALE8MEN wanted Tor shoe and drug
trades to sell DRY-SOLE, a liberally ad
vertised waterproofing preservative for
hoes. Attractive proposition for ener
getic, men. Dry-Sole Co.. 8 Warren St.,
New York.
SALESMAN- 00 a week and expenses
to reliable, sober men to introduce and
advertise our stock remedies. Columbia
Stock Food Co., 1628-J1 Piatt St.. Denver.
TRAVELING salesmen for Neb.' & Iowa;
staple line; entirely new Inducements to
trade; high commissions; $2i weekly ad
vance; permanent to right man. F. C.
Farley Co., Detroit. Mich.
CIGAR salesman In your locality for city
and country trade. per month and ex
penses. Experience unnecessary. Enclose
stamp for particulars. Puritan Cigar Co.,
Chicago, 111. 24 SOx
SALESMEN wanted by lace Importers;
must have established dry goods trade,
small towns', expenses advanced: sam
ples 26 pounds Standard Works,
43 Broadway. New York. ! SOx
EXPERIENCED traveling salesman with
clean record to Mil vacancy Aug. 15; estab
lished Cleveland house; high commissions;
H weoklx- J. N. Clark Co.. 64j-4S Euclid
Ave. vH" 7 J. Cleveland, O. 2tia SOx
braska. Wisconsin. Illinois and other ter
ritory, to sell populnr-prlced and well ad
vertised line of "Acorn Brand" Men's
Clothing; liberal Inducements to parties
having established trade. Address I li
poid. Solomon & Elsendrath. 224 Market
Bt.. Chicago. Sox
TWO salesmen to work Omaha for an east
ern company nn commission; good man
will average $1J0 month. Address, with
full particulars. Geo. 6 1 rube, care Gen.
Del , Omaha, Neb. 23 SOx
house for Nebraska, to sell well adver
tised . staple line; unusual openln for
rlU m-a. Drawer " W" CUlcasu. XT Sua
If nn employe expects the favor or
an employer, he must know something.
Men of affairs are too busy to teach
employes tbelr A. B. C's.
The Omaha Commercial College makes
a specialty of preparing young men and
women for their work. The high stand
ing of this representative Institution;
Its twenty years of experience; and Its
practical and progressive methods, make
WANTED Agents for summer cooking
utensil; every woman buys; over iW) per
cent profit: recipe bocklet given each pur
chaser. Wilson Toaster Mfg. Co., Minne
apolis, Minn. 273 SOx
TRAVELING salesman wanted to sell gro
cers; permanent position; state present
occupation and salary expected. Los An
geles Cider Co., tit. Louis, Mo. 272 0x
WANTED Salesmen and agents, to sell
our patented tool grinding machine;
weighs less than four younds; as efficient
as power driven machine; only sharpener
equipped with carborundum wheels; these
are all exclusive features and make It
sell on sight, without argument, to every
one having tools to sharpen; hundreds
sold daily; agents make $o to $10 daily;
we give exclusive territory and credit for
all wales; our offer is a good one and wi
want to hear only from men who mean
business. Write now for particulars.
Luther Bros. Co., 215 Carver Ave., No.
Milwaukee. Wis. SOI SOx
SALESMAN Wanted $,500 and expenses;
year's contract to a first-class specialty
salesman who Is a result getter; we mean
business; no time for trlflers. Address
13, care Bee. 303 30x
CAPABLE salesman to cover Nebraska
with staple line; high commissions wltn
$HiO.00 monthly advance; permanent posi
tion to right man. Jess H. Smith Co.,
Detroit, Mich. 300 80x
WANTED First-class salesman; man ca
pable of earning not less than $150.00 per
month; permanent position for ft qualified
man. Address, with references, J. B.
Ogden, IS Mclntlre Bldg., Dayton, Ohio.
287 30x
SALESMEN One in every county to sell
farmers wind mill attachment; makes
pumping half easier; sells for $3; good
profit. Address H. AS Nelson, Fairfield,
Iowa, 292 SOx
MANAGERS and canvassers for exclusive
territory upon unequalled commissions for
unrivaled books: no better opening Is to
be found In the cook selling business than
the opportunity we now nave to offer;
fet our proposition; send address. M. A.
onohue St Co., Chicago. 311 80x
SALESMEN On fast selling line of patent
medicine, well advertised; experienced or
A-l specialty men only; compensation
high. Box (56, Chicago. 307 30x
ROYAL HOTEL, European, 16th V Chicago.
DEWEY European hotel, 13th Cs Farnam.
VIENNA Hotel; private dining: rooms, cafe.
K 708
ROOMS and good board. $5 per week and
up. Call 1517 Chicago Bt. E 707
Tel. 611. O. M. E. Haul Trunks
E M.2S4
FRONT room, new, modern, $3 week. 2623
Decatur. EV-M46S All
$1.00 to $2.00 per week. 422 8. 18th St.. on
block south of court house. 466
ROOMS FURNISHED complete on hours
notice. Our prices much lower than at
Installment stores. Terms: $26.00 worth,
$1.00 a week.
Omaha Furniture and Carpet Co., between
12th and 13th on Farnam Bt. E 221 30
FURNISHED room. 824 S. 27th.
E M969 2$
ONE or two nicely furnished rooms; elec
tric light, bath, new and up-to-date; close
In. 2204 Douglas. K M122 81 x
FURNISHED rooms, large or small; every
thing strictly modern, lit No. 25th.
E y A15
NICELY furnished; all modern; 'phone. C24
S. 20th St. E-M20S 31 X
SUITE of rooms, first and second floor,
modern, east front, first class. 220 N. 19th
St. Tel Red 1909. E M198 Six
NICE, rob), quiet, pleasant, outside, mod
ern rooms, with board, tor couple or two
gentlemen. Call now at 1714 Douglas, or
'phone Red-4637. F M210 31X
ELEGANT, airy front rooms, all accommo
dations. Including telephone. 2112 Douglas
St. E M2&9 Six
NEWLY furnished rooms; new furniture
and flat remodeled; reasonable. Flat (,
2234 Farnam. 'Phone 2263. E 158 lx
Fl'RNlBHED rooms for light housekeeping.
2601 Dodge. E 482 lx
1S18 CHICAOO, south front parlor, piano;
also other rooms; modern. E M421 lx
PLEASANT room, private family. 524 S.
2tith Ave. E M429 31 X
BEAUTIFUL, cool, corner rooms; modern;
'Phone B-2634. 2423 Cass St.
E-M434 Six
SHIRTB, 5c; collars. 2c; cuffs, 4C. Follette's
Laundry, 1803 Leavenworth. E 448 SOx
NICELY furnished front room and alcove.
Gentlemen preferred. 'Phon 25C 111 N.
IOth. E 459 lx
ONE nicely furnished front room; house
modern. Telephone Cedar 82311. 2427
Dodge St. E M462 lx
A Sl'ITE of two nice rooms for light house
keeping; also one very pleasant southeast-front
room at tog South 21st St.
E M4S7 lx
Tel. 611. O. M. E. Haul Trunks
CAPITOL HOTEL. 18th and Capitol Av ;
broad, verandas, ample lawns, stately
trees, rustic seats; home cooking; hot and
cold water; reasonable rates. F tui
FURNISHED rooms with first-class board;
close In, good neighborhood. 820 fl. lth.
, F-158 30x
PRIVATE accommodations furnished a few
fisherman or tourists at my summer home
on Boone Iake, Polk county. Wis. Write
W. A. James, Mllltown, Wis. F
SHIRTS. 5c: collars. 2c; eults, 4c. Follette's
Laundry, 1803 Leavenworth. P-44H 30x
PI-EA8 ANT front room, excellent table.
Call SC04 Farnam. Phon black 4M0.
F-UM lx
ELEGANT room and board for two. mod
ern; telephone, private. 1037 Harney St.
F 480 lx
THE ROSE. 2020 Harney-Nleely furnished,
root room, with board; on small room;
also suite parlors: will rent sinrle or
eusulte; rates reasonable, F 46$ tx
Nebraska Business College
Corner 17th and Harney Sts., Omaha.
A C ONG, A. M., LL. B., President,
Fall Term Opens September 4, 1905.
This Institution hns Just completed arrnnfroments with nn expert public
auditor and court reporter who has lind twenty years' actual business experience
in the East, to jilvc special instructions during the coming year. He will devote
all his time to tjje work and Interests of the school. Bookkeepers who aim to be
come expert accountants, and stenographers who wish to qualify for bljiher posi
tions and reportorial work, may now place themselves under the Instruction and
drill of an expert.
This is an opportunity never before offered pupils In the west. Communicate
with us at once for particulars.
All former teachers will remain with the Institution. Experts for each de
partment, aud Individual Instruction to each pupil.
Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. MEMBERSHIP FREE.
Every student who takes outa full term scholarship Is given a year's mem
bership in one of the above associations without extra charge. No such propo
sition was ever made before by any Institution. The value of this membership
to a student can scarcely be computed. To be a member of the T. M. U. A. or
Y. W. C. A. menus character, culture and refinement.
Apply for catalog and college literature.
B 440 20
NKATLY furnished room, with good bourd,
for two; modern house. i15 California
St. K 4 til lx
THREE unfurnished rooms, south front,
8016 l'aclnc, 16. Heferencea exchanged.
G MISi 3vx
THREE nice Unfurnished front ground
floor rooms; very reasonable. M5 8. isth
Ht. Q-214 31x
SHIRT8, Be; collars, 2c; cuffs, 4c. Follette's
Laundry, l(i0aL,eavenworth. G448 30x
IF OU wish to buy or sell a business or
real estate, consult U. S. Sales Uureau.
U34 and iM Bee Bids. V
IF YOU want to buy, sell, rent or exchange
real estate or business QUICK see Coniu.
ton-Watts Co.. 636 1'axton Blk. Y
WANTED Business College, best location
In Iowa. Address K 46, Bee. Yb.i
PRINTING OFFICE, medium size; In fine
shape, well located; UuO cash required
Address 12 Be. Y M123 30x
TWO experienced business men have a few
thousand dollars each, and services, they
would Invest, In good paying business In
this city. Address 22 Bee office
Y-M190 SO
RELIABLE man, good references and $2,000,
can secure salaried position representing
responsible manufacturing concern lor
Omaha and vicinity; exclusive product,
enormous demand, no competition, 300 per
cent profit; investment absolutely sate;
soon be worth J-UOUO. Manager, 410 Tacoma
Bldg, Chicago. Y M2uo i!ix
FOR SALE Bicycle shop and tools In good
town and location; good business. R. L.
Henson, Shelton, Neb., Lock Box 60.
Y-M207 30
WANTED Physician, not over 33 years of
age, married man preferred, with J2,d00 to
Invest in drug business, with good loca
tion for practice In Nebraska. To the
right party this Is a money maker. Ad
dress 26, Bee. Y M306 4
FOR SALE Grocery and bakery In western
county seat town, large brick oven nearly
new, keep an excellent baker, making l,k00
loaves per week. Fine grocery trade a
bargain for cash: write at once. Address,
27, care Omaha Bee. Y 213 31
ventions wanted, free to any address.
Patents secured or fee returned. Geo. 8.
Vashon & Co., 934 F St., WashinKton,
D. C. Y-
CASH for your real estate or business, no
matter where located. If you desire a
quick sale send us description and price.
Northwestern Business Agency, D 312,
Bank of Commerce Bldg., Minneapolis,
Minn. Y
FINE restaurant and short order house In
one of best towns ln Nebraska, with ele
gant soda fountain; doing excellent busi
ness; good reason for selling. Speak quick
It you want It. Address F 66, Bee.
YOU can never profit by business chance
unless you have some money; small sav
ings are the foundation of large fortunes;
start a savings account with J. L.
Brandels & Sons, Bankers, 16th and
Douglar Sts. Assets over $400,00.00.
I CAN sell your business or real estate. No
matter where located. Send description,
statin price. Quick results. Roy Dick
son, 2716 Park ave.. St. Louis. Y
and tells: How to tell a good Investment;
how to Invest small sums; how you can
convert $100 Into $358.83; how to guard
against poor Investments, etc., etc. If you
are able to save $10 or more a month from
your Income, you should not fall to own a
copy. Not an advertisement of any Invest
ment, but full to the brim with Information
that every one should possess before they
Invest a dollar. Ask for It on a postal and
I'll send It FREE by return mall.
727 North American Bldg., Philadelphia,
BIG MONEY" $10 buys puts or calls upon
lo.ooi) bushels of wheat. No further risk.
Movement of 5 cents makes you $oOO.
Write for circular. The Standard Oruln
'Co.. Cleveland. O. Y 289 30x
CORPORATION controlling business es
tablished 18tio desires services of energetic
business man to manage branch office.
Investment, $1,000 upwards. References
regarding ability and Integrity required.
Salary $2,5o0 annually and commissions.
Address Box 636, Madison, Wis.
Y-287 SOx
ONE of the richest Tonopah-Goldfleld Nev
ada propositions offers a limited amount
of stock for sale. Grandest opportunity;
highest references. Good agents wanted.
Tonopah-Crow Gold & Copper Co., 641
Crossley Bldg., San Francisco, Cal.
WE have a plan whereby we Agree to take
one or more representative citizens from
every town of Importance to Arkansas
and Indian Territory and return at our
expense, including railroad fare and three
days' hotel bill. First applicants receive
fllrst attention. Wanted Responsible clt
lien everywhere to set as representatives.
Address 3l'8 'Frisco Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.
Y 268 3ix
MANAGER Branch office, Omaha, and
other cities; an enterprise we believe will
prove greatest money earning and wealth
producing business proposition ever pr
sented to American public; roinpanv will
forever own all powers, advantages and
every source of profit In a modern city
under unity of ownership; superior to any
co-operative colonisation Plan ever
formed: representatives should earn ti.'xO
to $5,000 first year and continue to in
crease; small amount of cash required;
our booklet. "'The Powers and Advantages
of Industrial Concentration." and full in
formation mailed free. Inventors' and
Finance Company, (Rep-Pept.). Hnboken,
New Jersey. Y 278 Uflx
The present stock and grain markets af
ford opportunities tlist will yield a per
centage of profit untMjualed Jn any other
line of business: don't delay; send for
"our special letter containing reports and
advices; highest banking and commercial
agenrv references Williams. Voting A
Co.. Eft-?- La Salle St.. Chicago. III. Bt.
Louis office, Lacleede Bldg. Y 277 30x
BULLFROG Is Nevada's latest and richest
discovery. Am you Interested? Snd
your address. I will keep you Informed
on all l.,cal lesittmnte mining stocks.
Starr Warson, Rhyolite, Nevada
A GOOD factory, factory site and fine op
portunity for small manufacturing bunl
ness. Address today. Business Men's
Association, Ylpsllanil. Mich. Y-23 "x
A. J. LOWRY, Principal
CASH for your business or real estate, no
matter where located or what It Is worth.
If you want to sell your business or real
estate 1 can find a buyer for you quickly.
Send me full description and price today.
K V. Merchant, 2o72 116ll Bt., Chicago,
III. Y 3')2 30x
I1 OR SALE A clean stock of hardware and
business house in eastern Nebraska; price
lM', milking money; old age, must get
out. Address 24, Bee. Y 237 30x
FOR SALE Good htirdware and implement
business In southern Nebraska; terms
cash; stock will Invoice about lii.nOO; will
sell separately, but prefer to sell alto
gether. Address 28, care Bee.
Y-247 30
FOR SALE Saloon business, established
28 years, paying J5.000; three-story, brick
building, in best location; all rented.
Good reasons for selling. Address A.
Ament, Adm., Ypsllantl, Mich.
Y-248 30x
A CLEAN up-to-date stock of general mer-
f',1,ndlB5 ln rp,U "VB town- Population,
l.tWO. Two railroads. White & Cook
t-yons. Neb. Y M435 6
J, BARN Seven teams, dwelling of
live rooms, three lots. Good business.
Good town In southeast Nebraska. Price
U.mi. Time on part. Address: Box 182,
Stella, Neb. Y 431 30x
SHIRTS. 5c; collars, 2c; cuffs, 4c. Follette's
Laundry, 1603 Leavenworth. Y 448 3Ux
SHIRTS, 5c; collars, 2c; cufTs, 4c. Follette's
Laundry. ll3 Leavenworth. Y 448 30x
$5,000 C real estate bonds; must sell. Ad
dress 3(1, Bee. Y M449 30x
WHY pay more? Calling cards, 25c per 100.
CHstloman Printing Co., 209H S. lStli St.
'Phone 102. Y-446 30x
THREE-STORY and basement. 1003 Far
nam; elevator. 314 First Nat 1 Bank Bldg
1-768 '
THE store room No. 2912 Farnam St., only
$16 per month. Inquire R. C. Peters A
Co., ground flood Bee Bldg. 1852
This building Is 22xtu teet, four stories
and a basement. The basement Is 22x132
feet, Is cemented. The celling over ths
iiawinetii baa a brick vault and Iron beam
construction, mailing- ths basement fire
proof. The first floor has a marble floor ln
liuut anU aranoluoio floor ln rear. Thers
la a large burglar-proof vauu ana a power
elevator. The upper floors have wiudow
on ttuee Sides.
Address The Bee Building Co., C. C.
Rosewaier, Secretary, room luO Bee Bldg.
Wli have vacant a particularly desirabl
small office, wnicti rents tor $10.00 per
month. Price includes heat, light, water
and janitor service. It Is located on ths
fourth Itoor of Tha Bee building and is
just the thing for any one wanting a nice
ittle office in the best office bunding ln
town. R. C.t Peters & Co., rental agents,
ground floor, Bee Bldg. i 771
IF you apply at once we can give any
odb deBiring a large office space almost
any arrangement they desire. This space
Is on the sixth floor of The Bee building,
with north Ugnt. R. C. Peters at Co.,
rental agents, ground floor, Bee Bldg.
AGENTS make $3 to $10 a day fitting
glasses; big profits ; our 24-page free eye
book tells how; write today. Jacksoniun
Optical College, College Place, Jackson,
Michigan. I
In U. 8. National Bank Bldg.; nice, light,
modern offices.
In strictly modern, ground floor office: all
necessary conveniences furnished free,
such as heat, light, janitor, telephone
service, etc.
Ground Floor, U. 8. Nail Bank Bldg.
y 225 $0
SHIRTS, 5c; collars. 2c; cuffs, 4c. Follette's
Laundry, lt; Leavenworth. I 44S 30x
Y. Life, pays highest price fur books.
Tel. j3A. N-6a
6 TO 8-FOOT bookkeeper's standing desk.
either siiiBie or aotiDie; must be bargain.
Address 17. Bee office. N M181 30
SQUARE PIANO In good condition. 1611
Farnam. N 087
WANTED Good family mare. 43d and
Center. N M121
( OR 8-FOOT bookkeeper's standing desk;
must be bargain. Address 21. Bee.
N-M184 30x
WANTED One or two second-hand lunch
counters, chairs or stools; must be good
Address Mrs. Nettle Hart, 111 S. 30th St.
N-202 30x
WANTED-Second-hand enplne and boiler,
about "ii-horsepower. Address, giving par
ticulars. Wisconsin Furniture ft Coffin
Co., Lincoln, Net). N 213 30
WANTED To buy for cash, improved prop
erly; must do a nargain; price, location
and kind of property cuts no figure, so It
Is a Al investment. What have you to
offer? Address, P. O. Box, 778, Omaha,
Neb. N 434 30
SHIRTS. 6c; cellars, 2c; cuffs, 4c. Follette's
Luumlry, 10i8 Leavenworth. N 148 30x
WANTED to buy direct from owner, lot
or acre of land southwest of Omaha, Ben
son or Florence. State best cash price.
Address 36 Bee. N 442 30x
WANTED, a real estate office In Omaha or
Council Blufls; wilt pay cash or trade
land: furniture must le good and com
plete. Address P. O. box 66, Albany. Mo.
N-M460 SI
WANTED to buy a nice, clean, money
making business, $f0 to $2u. Address
38, Bee, N 420 0
MORANDS for private lessons, ball room
or stage; waits and two-step guaranteed,
lath and Harney. 'Phone 6141. School
opens bevt. L Assemblies, Wed.. Aufuat 3u.
-41$ 16
D. y. Sholes Company
722 N. Y. LIFE
$1,650 South front on Burt 8t., near rth,
rooms, sewer, water, gns and toilet;
all In good repair; walking distance.
Owner must close out before Aug. 1.
Fsy terms. Make us nn offer.
$1,7501324 Park Ave.. 60x150 feet, with two
houses, very choice location; hand
some new house .lust building adjoin
ing It. Make us an offer.
$1,800 2')2 Blondo St., 2-story, 8-room house,
new ro'f and newly painted; cost
over 14.0ii0 to build. Lot Ktal34 feet;
very high and will mnke a desirable
home. Three blocks from car. Will
consider $600 cash, I la nee easy
terms. There Is no sense of renting
when you can buy like this.
$1,900 Corner 33d and Ames, brand new
6-rnom house, porcelain bath, nickel
J'lumblng; best of everything. Ixjt
SxliiS feet; sewer, water, gas, per
manent sidewalk. Right on the rar
line. Will sell for IfiOO cash, balance
monthly at $ per cent. Will sell an
other lot adjoining with the house If
$2,000 Close In. cottage of 6 rooms, at 250g
Cuming St., lot 54x"128 feet, Is alone
worth the money; Vi cash, balance
easy terms.
$2.500 Good 8-room frame dwelling at 28th
and Bristol, water and gas, good re
pair, lot 44x132 feet. Paved street
and very close to car.
$3,260 A first-class 7-room cottage, all mod
ern but furnace, 66x138 ft lot, oppo
site St. Joseph's hosp Hal, on 8. loth;
car runs In front of the door and the
location cannot be excelled. Lots of
fruit ln the yard; good barn; cellar
under the whole house; room for
furnace; plenty of room to build an
other house on the lot. If desired.
$3,250 Near 27th and Capitol Ave., 7 rooms,
nearly new. all-modern, oak finish,
rents for $;16 per month.
$3,3503039 Maicy St. This Is a new, square
house, only occupied one year, 7
rooms, all-modern, good furnace, fine
arrangement. It Is choice and well
built. Lot 43Hxl28 feet.
$3,750 Bemls park, the cheapest as well as
the host 8-room modern house ln that
district; oak finish and floors down
stairs, gns and electric light, hot and
cold water; fine furnace; lot ffixl50
feet, on the corner with asphalt
street and .boulevard. This house
was built for a home less than one
year aim. Owner leaving city and
must sell. Reasonable terms. You
can't imagine how nice It Is ipslde
until you see It.
$5,500 West Farnam district, corner lot,
80x100. enst front, beautiful view, 9
rooms, all-modern, oak finish, fine
shade, new stone walks and steps.
This Is just the place for your large
family. ,
$6,750 On Lincoln boulevard, In Bemls park,
splendid 8-room, strictly modern
house, nearly new. finished in weath
ered oak. Lot 66xlfiS feet- This Is
one of the most artlstlcs places ln
the park.
2 acres and one full lot, 4319 Grand Ave.,
6-room house and barn, near Cen-
In Walnut Hill, one block from car line,
desirable six-room, with new plumbing,
bath, furnace and nice corner lot. A bar
gain. Price, $2,50p.
Near 24th and Manderson, a nearly new
six-room house, every modern conveni
ence, with nice lot; price, $3,200. Can
make terms.
160 acres eight miles west of Clarks. Neb..
with a new five-room cement hollow block
house, witn bay window, very attractive.
New windmill, tank, good barn, cement
cave, chicken house; 26 acres ln alfalfa, a
fine pasture; farm fenced and cross-fenced.
Owned by a dentist who Is going west.
Price, $40 an acre.
1609V4 Farriam Street.
tT ftTHl fnK 1017 an A loin dt res
vu.vw mill Ulj VIUIA Dl, 1 WU-Rl'iry
frame ptore building, In good condition.
ni-niB iur s-h.aj per mo run.
FOR SALE and exchange: Corn farms In
mo nisauun valley. iree lists. ri !
Craven & Co.. Onawa. la. RE
Payne Investment Company
Omaha, Nebraska
1st Fl. N. Y. L. Bldg. - Telephone 1781
This Is Omaha's 1005 building record at this date. Rulldings mnke real
estate valuable. Are you sharing, In this prosperity? At these prices you can
make no mistake.
2028-2026 Grant St 6-room cottage and a 4-room cottage; rent f 15 a month.
Price 11,500.
8S20 N. 20th St. 6-room cottage, east front on tho boulevard. Price fl.tKs).
4209 Cuming St. 7 rooms, good barn, paved street. Price $2,000.
44 feet on N. 24th St, between Clark and Grace, on which there Is a small
and store bulldl"tf. which the owner Is very anxious to sell. He uka
$2,000, but might take less.
One block from the carllne, a 9-roora house, hns gas. bath, city water nnd
sewer connections, beautiful shade trees, three large lots. Price f.'jriOO If you
are looking for something within walking distance this place will suit you.
(Look for our od of Oakhurst Tark.)
On 41st Ave., north of Davenport, two full lots. Price $800.
hot 4 and B ,n block J- Cherry Hill, southeast corner 48th and Brown Sts.,
243 feet on Brown by 127 feet on 48th St., about two acres. Price $4m.
The choicest corner in the Hauscom Park district. Price $2,0(S0. South and
east front.
Payne Investment Company
1st Fl. N. Y. L. Bldg.
Tel. 1781
Bemis Park
Several nice lots a little north of Bemls
Park, only $100 to $500 each.
Shimer & Chase Co.
Builders of Modern Homes.
On 1'lorence boulevard, east front, sll
modern, a very pleasant and attractive
home. The owner says 'sell," so we put
the price for quick sale, $3,100.
Fine eight-room house, all modern. In
good repair, on West Manderson St.. near
$4th St. Nice surroundings; a very pleas
ant home; $3,60u.
tin south Omaha car line, a nve-room
house; two bed rooms and bath on second
floor: a cosy home and corner lot: onlv
$1,70, on easy term.
Houtn rront on West Farnam. six rooms
all UD-to-dote. Hoove all modern and
surely a bargain. Let us show ou. 3o.
on Booth 2Mb St., near tlnnscoin park,
nearly new six-room house. For quick
sale, only $2,600.
Choice lot on 19th St. boulevard, with
water, sewer and gas already in; up to
property line; 60 feet front. $l,70o.
South front lot nn Capitol Ave., close In.
66x1.12. Snap. $1,600.
Tel. SW.
16o Farnam St.
MODERN house; Just completed; elsht
large rooms, besides large bath room and
hall; 160-barEfl cistern and fond well.
Uood location and attractive srounds. Ad
dress 32, sice. KE til 3ox
TEL 49
tml Tark school; price $2,500. Splen
did place for chickens and fruit.
10 acres close to Elmwood park. Just west
of Ruscr's; ti'i acres Is In the finest
kind of fruit, nnd this will msko
one of the best l'-ncre homes around
the city. No buildinss. Price $2.5.
It must go by Aug. 1st.
40 acres on the Calhoun road, 2H miles
north of Florence, 6-room house, new
barn, chicken house, well, etc.; 5
acres of apples. Is) cherry trees,
1.200 gooseberries, 1.20O currant
bushes, good plum thicket; 3 seres
of timber pasture. 14 acres of fine
alfslfa, 6 acres timothy and clover.
It Is the best place we know of In
that location and Is dirt cheap at
$4.8-10. Ycu can't duplicate It at
anywhere near the price.
80 acres mile south of center St., In the
southwest corner of the same section
In which Is located the KmerRcncy
hospital. This is the finest -kind of
gnrden land, with a good building
site. Price $ per acre. Will he
glad to show any of these to pnrtles
meanlne; business, nnd we don't
know where a better Investment can
be hnd now than any one of these
$21,000 WxlM feet, south front, on Podie
St., 66 feet west of 17th, with brick
building snd cottage; renting for
$100 per month. This property Is sure
to double ln value and Is the biggest
Inside Investment bargain offered.
Just compare It with unything else
of the same sort.
$10,000 Three 9-room, modern brick houses,
built toRether ln one block, near 28th
nnd Jackson Sts. These nre now
renting for $1,200 per year. They are
a great big snap.
$7,500 New und modern double brick flat, on
17th, near California; leal lug for $76
per month. It is a snap.
$2.000 66x132 feet, north front, on Chicago
between 21st and 22d. It is above
grade, but very cJieup and Just the
place for flats.
$2,600 6xl82 feet, H. W. comer 25th and
Jones Sts. This Is the best harzaln
we have had this summer. Three
flats on this will pay 15 per cent net
on the Investment. Come early If
you want it.
$4.000 oxl35 feet, corner 27th and Jackson
Sts. Price $4,(M. It is a beauty for
nats or moiiern dwellings and will
sell this week.
Two east front lots. 54x128 feet, N. W.
corner 3oth and Taylor Sts. Paving
and permanent walk paid, sewer ami
gas; block to street car; room for
three good cottages. Price $50 for
both, or will sell separately.
We have vacant lots all over the city at
any kind of price. Can't afford to
advertise them all. Come ln and
tell us-what you want.
Is surely going to be one of the hand
somest and finest places ln the city to
live. Six lots sold last week. It has a
good car line service, being on the Han
scom park line. It Is near the Field club,
surrounded by fine homes, has nice shade
trees, city water and sewer connections.
The west fronts on Sfith St., commands a
fine view. Everybody who goes out to
see these lots are pleased.
The prices range from $500 to $2,000. East
fronts on 83d, between Poppleton Ave.
and Pacific, $700 to $1,200. East fronts on
the boulevard, between Poppleton Ave.
and Pacific, $1.2n0 to $2,000. West fronts
on 36th Ave., $3ti0 to $100. East fronts on
85th Ave., $110 to $fif.0. West fronts on
86th, from $560 to $760. South fronts on
Poppleton Ave., from $500 to $S00,
Call at the office for plat and let us tnke
you out and show you the ground. We
use an automobile for that purpose.
Payne Investment Company,
First Floor N. Y. L. Bldg.
Near Twenty-fourth
and Lake Sts.
7 rooms. Just completed, hard wood fin
ish, very large bath room, very best nickel
plumbing, large pantry, large closet ln each
of the four bed rooms, large cellar, 50 feet
south front lot $2,000; easy terms if de
On West Farnam
$37,500 for northwest corner 32d Ave. and
Farnam St., known as the "K. L. Stone"
residence 17-room house, tuoroiiKhly mod
ern, hardwood finish throughout, hot water
heat, largo barn, lot ISixlia feet: very de
sirable. GEORGE & CO., 1601 FARNAM ST
htt S. 30th St. -7 rooms, strictly all modern
throughout, house Just overhauled and
now in pink of condition; choice neigh
borhood. Price, $.12 .50. See It quick.
Payne, Uostwick & Co.
601-3 New York Life.
D-261 30
I lots on JRlh Ave and Sprague. Owner say
ell, as he needs the money. Mutt be sold
this week.
212 S. Hth.
Good Ioa coin farm of too allies; 440 acres
In cultivation, buiunce fine pasture; good
Improvement, i mil' s from lu n. I'n .
$J per acre. Will tuka stock of goods, or
good city properly a pail payment. J.
P. Martin. UUkourl Vali.y, la.
Madison Hotel
Block 14th cS Chicago
I ' r r 1 ,C Pinimnnnrf
. For full particulars see
The McCague
Investment Co.
1?06 Dodge
Fine large residence, 9 rooms, modern,
large barn, two full lots, beautiful shade
trees. A bargain at $.",fi(.i0.
In Hanscom riser, tt rooms, oak Interior,
grate and mantel. Price, onlv
Urand new, seven rooms besides large
reception hall, all modern and complete,
on 3'.Hh near California, l'rlce, $,1,6(10.
On Dodge St., 7 rooms, modern, Hose in:
lot 32x150 feet, i'rlce. only $3,000; offers will
Im submitted.
On IHth Ave. near Ixicust. , rooms, mod
ern except furnnce; bargain at $2,300.
On IMth near Inke, 9 rooms, modern.
Price, $2,0on. it
In Clifton Hill, 8 rooms, cement walks;
llTon W"h frult 0nd Bliruulery- I'rlce.
Good -room cottage on Iturt St., close
In: nice lot; owner leaving city and will
v..Bt . bllI's-aln. Trice reduced to $1,700.
Nice 6-room brick; cottage, 4217 Fowler
KaiPn,ar$lh3(lo.flne frU't; a htLr'
Five nice cottages, northeast corner 21st
and Grace Sts. price. $B,r00.
In south part of city; four now cottages,.
renting for $792 per year; will trade for
good farm.
Fine east frontage on Florence
near Fort St., 44. d6 or 132 feet.
two lots,
ts., South'
at a bar
feet, east
rine corner, win and Hurt,
h In VI cr '
only $1,600.
Choice corner. 2fith a
Omaha, 115 feet' south frontage,
gain. " '
On 20th near n.-incroft. 41x100
front, paved street, for tm
60x1 8nWe8t -'Florence
Fine corner, 10th and Frances,
.1320 Farnam St.
for $1,060.
ern wrJ!'?" monthly, for nn all mod
tTlct l?2mi J""!fen ln Weat Farnam dls
full lot t,oi,7h0,d, "?orS,' S "replaces, eto'l
run lot, south front. See us about this
frPehrmon,tnh.the 'Uth P&"
cash, balance long time, for a modern t
HmKho,U8e on car "'': has bath, closet
Lot near 30th' St.; south front; only lot Iefl
for sale between :ir,th .,.. i.-.i. V-' T11
$2 000 v.. oviii, juurs ioi
"V;", GPL - 'ront. ' 'reet
i- "iniinii w ant, l-l lce, $2,250.
m . 14th. 'Phone 297.
On Omaha Improved real estate at lowest
or PnHo h" r,'Vllf8' of "av""f al' r Tart
of principal before maturity. Quick ao-
New Houses
2010 nr.d 2014 Miami at .
all modern houses, on foil sout front iCr
well built, with best plumbing; front smi
back stairway livery. hing complete and
toJay I r'Ce' '''0,' "t the.2
iarimra Street.
Miller Park
We still have a few lots at $100 to $24
each; $;, cash and .", cadi mouth.
One acre hiving nice and high, with south
'loo' JU8t l l,lock8 flom "'reet oar,
64 feet, suitable for S bricks or two cottages,
un east front on 2"th Ave., north of St.
Mary's Ave.; nice shade, cement walk,
asphalt pavement; special taxes all pah
This ground Is In walking distance and
bargain at piloe offered $2.2' 0.
1601 FA It NAM ST.
A Forced Sale
The owner of a new 7-room all modern
home near llHnseom park Ih furred to sell
on account "1 his wile's healln. If you
want a good let us show you this.
212 South 11th St.
Nice home of 7 rooms and east-front lot
frfHt.g 21th. 2 blocks north of Ames; shade
tre.H. bnrlt walks. You slioi.Id see It.
47' N 24th. Price only $l.lrii. Ml.'ST UH
Soi l" AT )N'K.
BN EKT & HlOHT, 613 N. V, I,. Tel. U72.
HE-257 $0
If you want In the pool to buy 6,000 seres
of the best land ln Cuba, at only $1X64
pir uiiv. ipoi Li, ee me at once.
t, It. GLOVttK.
Room S, N. X. LJIe. 'Phone 13$.