Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 16, 1905, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 7, Image 15

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HnflCpCln all parts of the city. R.
UUUJtOc, petal 4k Co., Bee 1(1.1
THE Omalm Van & Storage Co. park,
move and (tore 1L Jl. goods. Storehouse
11JU-I4 N. iiittl. Ulilce, lall rarnam.
lei. lu" D 110
WE MOVE pianos. Maggard Van A Stor
age Co. Tel. 14W. Ollioi, 1713 Webster St.
per cent below Installment houau prices.
We cany the best muck In Omaha.
Terms: 1-6 00 worth, $1.06 a week.
lit-1 ween Uth and 13th on rains m Ht.
L-bU 16
liano moving; lowest rates for reliable
Service. Tel. 111:15. Bchmoller at Mueller.
UOII;PQIn part of the city. The
IIV-'U Ot . Davis Co., t Bee Hid
D 713
liULSbl, Insurance. Ringwalt, Barker Blk.
D 714
FOR RENT About July 20, 10-room mod
ern house near high school. The O. P.
Davis Co.. 6i Bee bldg. D Mt91
CENTRAL, all modern, 7-1 oom house, 220
N. ad. D-331
2701 DO DOE St., 9-room house and bath,
strictly Modern and up-to-date; most de
sirable; investigate It yuu desire a good
home; good as new; rent $4o. Call ttnot
Dodge. 'Phone MIL D 247
TOR RENT 8-room house, 702 N. 30th; all
modern except furnace. 0. M. Bachmann,
4.1(1 lux ton blk. U-MU
BRICK house, central location; ten rooms,
two bath rooms, llowaid B. Smith, 421
N. Y. Life Bldg. D 6u
2666 DOUGLAS, I rooms $27.60. D Mm
FOR RENT 7-room house, all modern;
choice neighborhood, 2123 California St.,
30. Apply at 607 N. 19th St. D M4M
6-ROOM house, all modern, 410 N. 26th.
D 4S6 16x
1022 S. 25TH ST., 6-room house, city water
and gas, $16. Anson & Yost. 4is Paxton
Blk) D M490 16x
8-ROOM cottage. 711 S. 19th St.
D M515
FURNISHED house, one block from Far
nam car line, beautiful location. 121 S.
2th Ave. D M624 18x
FOk RENT 2444 Lartmore; 4 rooms, new,
II Q41U T .. .1....... Jl m.wlnn ..,
fill ,iig i iiinn luiniic, uiuuri ii, iren.
$20. 31st and California, 8 rooms, acre of
ground, barn, $20. 212 Templeton, 7
rooms, modern, barn, 172.60 423 N. 39th,
I rooms, modern, barn, $6. Sweet 4k
Best, 613 N. Y. Life, Tel. 1472.
D-646 IS
FOR RENT Brand new 6 rooms and bath
room. House, corner 44th and Farnam
Electric tight, gas, furnace, strictly mod
ern: rent $30. Apply T. Willows, Boston
Store. l mi lox
FOR RENT 10-room modern house, 2919
and 2!i21 Mason St. Inquire F. P. Klrken-
dall at Co., lllK Harney bt. i wtH a
2614 ST. MARY'S AVE., modorn, $40.
D MS 16
2S23 HARNEY 8 rooms, $17.00.
N. W. Corner 16th and Elm Sts., $18.00.
u 8. Hth, 8 rooms, $18.00.
1616 N. 2ith. 6 rooms, $21.00.
6u8 N. 23d St.. 7 rooms, $32.50.
D 563 16
2628 Charles, 8-r., modern, lib.
lii$ Stanford Circle, J-room, bath, $17.
2"23 Howard, 6-room cottage, $15.
W Lake, 6-room, bath, $10.
815 S. Uth, 7-room, bath, $22.
South Omaha, 361 8. 28th, $10.
D 63S IS
FOR RENT Seven-room cottage, at 2209
Seward St., $16 per month. Inquire at 2121
beward bt. JJ oa ix
2601 POPPLETON AVE., 10 room, modern;
elegant; $46.
Uio park Ave.. 8 rooms, modern, on car;
(09 S. 28th Ave., T rooms, modern except
rurnace; close in; :ju.
8103 Marcy St., rooms, modern except fur
nace, $26.
1457 8. 17th St., 8 rooms, modern except fur
nace, $12.
8023 Sherman Ave., B rooms, modern except
lurnsce, iiv.
First Floor N. Y. L. Bldg.
Tel. 178L
D 686 16
I NICE rooms, city water $8; no objection
to color. J. H. parrolte. teuton Block.
D 6S1 16
100 CALIFORNIA ST. Furnished; low
rental to permanent tenant, can after
noons. D Mood 18x
8 rooms. 2629 Seward, bath. eta.
3 rooms, modern, 4168 Cass St., with barn
near scnooi.
T rooms. 604 N. 23d, modern.
6 rooms, 1923 Douglas St.
And others.
1624 Douglas St. D 84 18
HANDSOMELY furnished cottage for rent
ior one monin .; reierences required
m rt. in di. u vat inx
8040 South 18th, 8-r. brick, city water, 88.
1413 North 17th. 3-r.. city water. 310.
8v7 Seward, 8-r., city water, cistern, only
1.6. DU.
I40 Caldwell, 6-r. flat, with bath, only $1T.
tit ooum ain Ave., e-r., Data ana rur
naco. only $17.
235 South lHth, 6-r., strictly modern except
furnace, a snap at $18.
3113 Mason, 8-r., all modern, will put In
good repair, at $25.
M South 29th, 8-r gtrlctly modern, Very
choice, $26.60.
1770 Webster, 8-r., all modern, flna lawn
ana Darn,
1310 Park Ave.. 8-r.. Btrlctly modern. 337.B0.
1560 South Z7th, 8-r., strictly modern, east
side Park car, 327.60.
621 South 25th Ave., 10-r., all modern, easy
walking distance, only $25.
710 North 4oth, splendid 10-r. house, strictly
modern, with barn, special Inducements
to right party.
Sol N. Y. Life Bldg.
$54 liiri California, 10 rooms, modern. ,
!S4 1523 Park Ave., 8 rooms, modern.
641 Park Ave., t rooms, modern.
A 1S34 8. 2Stn St., 8 rooms, modern.
$J6 7u 8. 28th, 6 rooms, mod. except furnace
$-63417 Hpaulding, 7 rooms, modern.
$! 1WI 8. loth, rooms, city water.
$13 8uu Jackson St., 6 rooms.
Inquire K. O. Peters Co., Ground
Floor Bee Bldg.
TO LET Two new high trade houses In
choice part of West Farnam district.
Will be ready for occupancy September
15. W. FHmam Smith & Co., 1320 Far
nain. - D 678-16
FOR RENT room house with bath and
good barn, near high school. Rent $27.60.
ho. 3621 Chicago bt. Key at 2519.
D 704 18
ROOM house. 1613 Davenport. D 706 lSx
rKlNllriCJ tistiu designs. S. E. Cor.
LYNGSTAD Wlh 8L "d Caplto'r
Capitol Ave., Tel. 24u6; fully equipped for
all kinds of printing. 716
-M4.6 AU
11. A. STL RUES, registered attorney; pat
ents, trade marks, e.; ) right; no fee un-
teas SUCCMSIU1. ill Is. & ,, Omah.i.
We procure tha valuable kind. I solicit
cast-s from those who appreciate the best
work obtainable. I- C. Sharp Machine
wot as, tot-i; b. iwn DC
HEMS 4k BWOBODA, 1413 Farnam. 702
U HfcMDUUSON, UA Faxtuuu. Tel.
IF VOL" wish to buy or fll a business or
real relate, conn-lit u. o. Dana tturcau,
b34 and 636 Bee Bldg. 1 biki
F YOU want to buy. sell, rent or exchange
real estate or ousiness vjlh-iv see t-omp-ton-Watts
Co., 6J& Paxton Blk. Y titoi
FOR SALE First-class meat market In
best business town in iseiuaiha. writ
Dopson tk Hough, Newman Urove. Neb.
T-M4J5 16x
DOCTOR'S practice for sale; a fine prac
tice In good town in iseDrasiia ror price
of oflk-e equipment; sickness. Address
K W, Bee. T 483 lax
Hl.'RRY VP Let me henr your offer, not
after July 22d. Copeland Novelty Hnmar,
ioti N. loth bt., umana. I M4S lox
TRl'BTEES BALE (for the benefit of cred
itors) of $10,000 worth or mens and iios
clothing, furnishing; goods, piece goods,
tailors' trimmings, fixtures, lease, etc., to
close up the business of the Ottoson
Joneson Co. Apply J. H. Gordon, trustee,
Ualcsburg. 111. T- M510 15x
WANTED Business College, best location
In Iowa. Address K 46. Bee. Y 536
CASH for your real estate or business, no
matter where locateo. ir you aesire a
quirk sale send us description and price.
Northwestern Business Agency, D 8H,
Funk of Commerce Bldg., Minneapolis,
Minn. Y
WE OFFER 10,000 shares of our Treasure
stock at seventy cents per share, par
value $1, which will soon be rar and will
pay good dividends; water power; money
to buy machinery and other Improve
menu. Will be sold In fifty shares and
upward. For further Information apply to
Eagle Flour Mill Co., Rlnconada, New
Mexico. Y
ED. Send model or sketch for free opinion
as to patentability. Send for Illustrated
Guide Book. Contains 100 mechanical move
ED. Particulars NEW TRADE MARK
LAW, COPYRIGHTS, etc. Patents adver
tised free In World's Progress. Sample
copy free. EVANS. WILKEN9 & CO.,
Reg. Patent Attorneys, tlSt t Bl., :
ton, D. C T
FINE restaurant and short order house in
one of best towns In Nebraska, with ele
gant soda fountain: doing excellent busi
ness; good reason for selling. Speak quick
If you want It. Address 66, Bee.
YOU can never profit by business chances
unless you nave some money; smau sav
ings are the foundation of large fortunes;
start a savings account with J. L.
Brandols bins, Bankers, 16th and
Douglar Bts. Assets over $4tio,uo.oo
BIO MONEY $10 buys puts or calls upon
lu.uuu bushels wheat; no runner risx;
movement of 6 cents makes you $600.
Write for circular. The Standard Grain
Co., Cleveland, O. Y 602 16x
WANTED Person to call on retail trade
for manufacturing house: local territory;
salary, $26, paid weekly; expense money
advanced; previous experience unneceg
say. American House, Star Bldg., Chi
cago. Y 601 16x
The present stock and grain markets af
rora opportunities mat win yieia a per
centaga of profit unequalled In any other
line of business; don't delay; send for
our special letter containing reports and
advice; highest banking and commercial
agency references. Williams, Young 4k
Co., 226-2U La Salle St., Chicago, 111.;
Bt. ixjuls omce, Laclede Bldg. X 600 lbx
Why buy shares In new plantations when
you can buy in one seven years old. Ai
ready rjald 61 Der cent In dividends. An'
other soon. Three Million Coffee, Seven
Hundred Thousand Rubber Trees, Fifty
acres Vanilla. $6 cash, $6 per month per
share. Only a few shares to be resold.
Package of Mexican coffee mailed free
with book, "Coffee Science." Address
Mexican Coffee Mills, 20 Klver St., Chi
cago, x ow iox
AGENTS You can $2,600 yearly as our
working partners. Only one accepted in
a locality. American Co-Operatlve Sales
Corporation, 132 Nassua St., Mew xork.
Y-98 16x
$126.000 or part for investment In some good
enterprise wltnout services, x. ta. cam'
ron, Sentinel Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis.
Y-697 16x
MANUFACTURER desires to arrange with
business man who can furnish from $5,ouo
to 310.000 to handle Nebraska.
BUSINESS In successful operation In Illi
nois and will pay competent man $lo,uuo
yearly or better. Highest bank and com
mercial references furnished. Address,
Manufacturer, 271 E. Madison St., Chicago
I oyt) xbx
INCORPORATE under Arlsona's liberal
laws; least restrictions and cheapest. Full
Information and charter blanks upon re
quest. Address Southwestern Securities
and Investment Company, Phoenix, Aria.
Satisfaction guaranteed. i 040 lex
BROKERS Solicitors wanted for best wire
less telegraph stock proposition ever put
before the public; liberal commissions, w.
D. Valentine & Co., Bankers, 96 Market
St., San Francisco. x 644 iox
PROFITABLE! results Immediately: $1 se
cures absolute Information regarding two
stocks which will Increase In value
prompt reply with particulars; remit E.
tL Lyon, 230i uroaaway, xsew xorx.
Y 643 16x
i E.W a nrl m u , marlr,tr &rvA In
cation, good trade, good reason for sell
ing. A.Itae, York. Neb. Y-M638 17x
TJ-36 16X
FOR SALE Newspaper and Job office In
one of the best county seat towns In
southeastern Nebraska. Established 30
veara. Have been here for that time and
want to quit. Good paying property and
good proposition for one or two practical
men, Wltn mue money ana wcuruj,
Address K. 40, care iseo. x u in
CORPORATION established 1865 desires
services of an energetic business man to
manage branch office; Investment $1,000
and upwards; also unqueauonaDie refer
ences regarding ability and Integrity re
oulred: salary $2,5i annually and conv
mission. Address Box 636, Madison. Wis.
io 1 4 ix
MANAGER Branch office, ' Omaha and
other cities, an enterprise we believe will
prove greatest money earning and wealth
oroducinK business proposition ever ure-
sented to American public. Company will
forever own all powers, advantages and
every source of profit In a modern city,
under unity of ownership. Superior to
any co-operative colonisation plan ever
rormea. rtepresnniauves snouia earn
$3,000 to $5,000 first year and continue to
increase, small amount or cash required,
Our booklet. 1 he f owers and Advan
tages of Industrial Concentration." and
full information mauea free. inventors
and Finance Company (Hep. Dept.), Ho
boken, IN. J. 1647 16 x
VALUABLE natent for sale: cell door and
window guard, tnrougn wnicn escape is
Impossible. Address uessnor leete
&U iiowara Ave., iew naven, i.onn.
Y 648 16X
BARGAIN Who wants It T Hotel for sale,
with or without furniture. In connection
mere is coniectionarr- cigar, looacco,
lunch counter. Ice cretim parlor, soda
fountain and fixtures. Present roster
shows cases all In good running order
and In one of the best towns In Seward
County. Neb. A great big snap for some
one. The best or reasons ror selling tnu
nrorvertv. This will bear looking after
Come and see or address P. O. Box 383,
Utlca, Neb. T tr.3-16
vr have for sale or trade for land two
general stocks of merchandise; 1 livery
stock; 1 drug stork; $ hotels; 1 clothing
.and gent's furnishings. Farm land and
town property for sale. The Holllday &
Hewitt Una io., airoury, neo.
, Y 700 IS
FOR BALE Office business paying $100 per
month. frice, ijd, inciuuing niu n
tures. Address J 53. Bee. Y-4( 16
V.' ANTED To rent hotel furnished or un
furnished. Address J 67, liee.
it M423 lix
VaT A V'Tt-lA TA aA.n Ana lapsrat fpANt VknrM
IT r 1 1 a CT m a s$ suss
In excellent location; 3 pr w?k. Arply
J U Vak fit W U 1 M w
mr 89- avtil S3 vm
Johnson InsUtute, 615 N Y. Life bldg. TellHo4
icuuj; timet, fviue m. s.
Never such tirlcea for such goods offered
before, and If at any time within one year
jou want to tiny a new machine we win
take the old one back at exactly what it
o.t you.
The following Is a partial list or wnai
e offer for all this week:
1 IK1MEBTIC 10 00
1 UNION 6.00
1 WHITE 8.00
1 WHITE 6 00
1 MIiCOX A GIBBS 30 00
1 NEW HOME 10 00
Modern drop-head machines, slightly used.
at one-half the regular price.
we rent machines at ifc per weeK, or
$2.00 per month. These are modern, up-to-
ate machines, with all attachments.
We sell needles and parts for and repair
every sewing machine manufactured.
Nebraska Cycle Co.
Corner 15th and Harney Sts.
324 Broadway. Council Bluffs.
BRANCH OFFICE. 626 V. 24th, So Omaha.
Phone 1G63. Q
Incorporated,' 10,000.
607 Farnam St. 'Phone 4603
We ar still selling brand new machines
at $$0 and do not seem to be able to sup
ply the public with these machines fast
Remingtons, Smith Premiers, Under
woods and Olivers, four of the best ma
chines made, can be had here at from
$0 to $80.
Remingtons, second-hand $26 $65
Smith Premiers, second-hand 25 60
Underwoods 40 60
Olivers 30 46
If we do not have the machine you
want in stock we will get It for you on
short notice. Try our ribbons and car
bons. One-half cheaper than any other
ribbon or carbon and ten times better.
Typewriter repairing on all kinds of ma
chines a specialty. Q
Greatest Piano
Sale on Record
To Immediately reduce our Immense
stock of high-grade pianos we will offer
ror one week only the following bar
Brand New UDrlnht rianon. In nlnln
and fancy cases, which wer mni tn
sell at fSuO to $375, will be on sale this
wee ior f 170, fiyy on !p5 monthly
Used TTnrlffhta tnkpn In rrmla rr ro.
turned from rent, $74, $1)0, $110, $118 to
$130 terms to suit.
Square Pianos that have been thor
oughly overhauled In our nlauo factory
will be sold this week for the cost of
the work-$10, $20 to $30. Terms, 50c
a week.
Several at $3 each $10, $12. $16 to $25
ror a one one.
PIANO PLAYERS taken In exchange
on Metrostyle Pianolas $88 to $150.
This Is your chance to liven up the un
used piano; easy terms, too.
Temporary Location at Our Factory,
I40i Harney t., umana, jseb.
Schmoller &
FOR BALK, new and second-hand billiard
ana pool tames, oar nxturus ol all kinds
easy payment. Send for catalogue,
Brunswlck-Balke-Collender 4u7 8, loth St.
COMPLETE line new and 2d-hand furnl
ture. Chicago f urniture Co., 1410 Dodge.
xtuu. y fees
WIRE chicken, hog and lawn fence, Iron
fence, hitch posts, trellises. Wire Works,
111 B. itttn BU Q 671
ID-HAND safe cheap. Derlght, 1119 Far
nam. y 072
$360 BUYS good runabout automobile, guar-
anieea iu gooa running oiatr; original
cost aou. Aaart sa r arnam Bt.
PAINT, unerman a jacuonuell Drug Co.,
umana. W 674
CHEAP chicken fence, long Or timbers and
telephone poies. yui uougio VJ t,5
FURNITURE, carpets, rugs; best stock In
umana; roc a uouom prices; easy pay
Between I2tn ana ma on f arnam St.
Q-643 16
FOR SALE, several scholarship in a flrt
class standard school In Omaha, comprls
Ing complete course In business. ilri
hand and typewriting. Inuulre at Bee
omce. y 8oj
FOR HALE, about So feet ornamental ml
vanlsed iron cornice and ornamental
Iron posis luiinmn ior uuuw winaow. ad-
ply u y: i iiucuuuiii w wuiiu.iia
Q MS26
K pulleys, from 6-lnch to 4i-inch In dlam
ter: 1 counter shafts, comnleta.
These are all In first-class condition. W,
11. Bnoges eniiineer pn uunaing.
It ou want a bargain lu steam tittins cku
ana too over iu luuuwwg supplies;
1 t-lch Austin's horixoutal separator.
1.4-Inch Austin's verucul aepajator.
'Iuim have been taaeu out wa acuount ot
cuajuiw in our sioaiu piaui aud aiu la
good condition. Auoreaa liu Building
CO., or w W. IL liriugca. eiiKineer Uu
toiug.. umana. J 4wi
AUTOMOBlLli; FOR SALhi at a bargain,
ttlniun Touring car. iu Iirst-cluaa nm.ii.
lion, owned by U. W. Watties. Inquire
U. r-. ecaiea, i um ou xei. 41M.
AUTOMOBILES 11.000 electrlo runabout
witn top, W; ti.4uU Mobile 4,
team, lia6; 1700 Rambler, 6326; (umj Oida,
i-M. FtUrlckon, 16lh and Capitol Ave.
FOR SALE Typewriter, in excellent con
dition, cheap. Adreas Kit) Bk. I ix
UPRltiHT piano, good aa new, very cheap.
Apply mS Ptuknay bu Q-U436 lax
FINE upright piano, cheap. 814 N. 17th.
Q-M51 17
FOR SALE CHEAP An Edison Home Rew
ord, Do gold molded records, a 36-luch
horn and a recorder. 213 Parker Ht.
t 7ub 16
ELKO A NT new upright piano; must be
sacrificed today; parties leaving city. Call
this afternoon Between 1 aud o clock.
But) IVpplelou Ave.
MILK COWS on easy terms. 43d and Cen
ter, w oJ
FOR SALE One carryall or garden wagon.
cheap. N. C. Itondesen, Florence IWb.
'I'hone Ash 3K122. VJ 6j0 l'.x
FOR SALE Fol.llng reclining go-cart. In
first-class condition, iMtrgnln II sola
quickly. Inquire at 33:8 Dewey Ave.
Q 6J6 lKx
THREE-STORY and bnsement. 103 Far
nam; elevator. SI 4 First Nat 1 Bank BUlg.
THE store room No. 2912 Farnam St.. only
lis rer month. Inquire K. u; 1'eters A
Co., ground flood Bee Bldg. I K52
This building Is UtM feet, four stories
nd a basement. The basement Is ixl!U
feet, is cemented. The celling over the
basement has a brick vault and Iron beam
construction, making the basement fire
proof. The first floor has a marble floor In
front and granolithic floor in rear. There
Is a large burglar-proof vault and a power
elevator. The upper floors have windows
on three sides.
Address The Bee Building Co., C. C.
Rosewaler, Secretary, room 1U0 Bee Bldg.
WE have vacant a particularly desirable
small omce, which rents for lio.uo per
month. Price Includes boat, light, water
and Janitor service. It is located on the
fourth floor of The Bee building and is
Just the thing for any one wanting a nice
little office in the best office building In
town. R. C. Peters & Co., rental agents,
ground floor. Bee Bldg. 1771
IF you apply at once we can give any
one desiring a large omce space almost
any arrangement they desire. This space
Is on the sixth floor of The Bee builuing,
with north light. R. C. Peters at Co.,
rental accnts, ground floor. Bee Bldg.
DESK room for rent. 6 N. Y. L, Bldg.
LARGE room suitable for light manufac
turing; smnll rent; excellent light; aown
town. K 41. Bee. 1-602 17
In V. S. Nat l Bunk building; nice, light,
modern orilces.
In strictly modern, ground-floor officer all
necessary conveniences rurnisnea rree,
such as heat, light. Janitor, telephone
service, etc.
Ground Floor, U. 8. Nat l Bank Bldg.
. 1646 16
Sealed proposals are Invited and will be
received by the City Clerk on Tuesday,
juiy u, iswu, at o ciock p. m., in me
Council Chamber In the City Hall, for the
following street Improvements, towlt:
Dewey avenue, Horn 3Mn street to avtn
strdet. In Htreet Improvement District No.
SU6. by curbing and paving, as per Ordi
nance No. 663$.
2uth street, from Dodce street to Farnam
street tnot now paved ivith stone). In
Street improvement DistrJM No. 80!, by
repaying, readjusting oia euros ana re
placing all defective curbing, as per Ordi
nance No. 65J9.
20th street, from Dodge street to Cass
street, (except Capitol avenue and Chicago
street intersections), in street improve
ment District No. 81. bv renavlnir. read
justing the old curbs and replacing all de
tective curDing as per urainance ino. now.
36th street, from Harney street to Dewey
avenue, in street improvement uistrict iso
8, by curbing and paving, as per Ordl
nance No. 6541.
Harney street, from east line or 33d street
a ,nth , I. L.' t r.n. , T.. .ir,i...n.i .in f Ilia.
lJ OUIII Oil 1 ' - -, II. ' ' " .......... ui.l. 11.
trlct No. 831. by curbing and paving, as per
Urdlnance jno. ikhj.
Howard street, from 36th avenue to S6th
street. In Street improvement uistrict no
830, by curbing and paving, as per Ordi
nance No. 6542.
17th street, from Davenport street to
Webster street, (except Chicago and Cass
street Intersections!, In Street Improve
ment District ISO. soZ, Dy repavmg, reaa-
Justi.ig the old curbs and replacing all de
ecttve curblnsr. as rer Ordinance No. 6644.
87th street, from I arnam street to Dodge
Bireei, in Dirtrei iuiinuveiiirHt 4iniiii-i
833, by curbing and paving, aa per Ordl
nunc .n fvMii
Luke street, from 18th 'street to 24th
street, (except istn and ztitn street inter
sections), in Street Improvement District
No. 834, by repaying, readjusting the old
curbs and replacing an detective curDing,
as Der urdlnance No. 6646.
27th street from Farnam street to Dodge
street. In Street improvement District No,
836, by curbing and paving, aa per Ordi
nance No. 6547.
Bids for such street Improvements must
be upon asphalt, stone, vitrified brick, vit
rified brick mock, artinciai stone or ma
cadam. and all bidders are required to des
lgnate the locality, quarry, kiln or fac
tory from which will be furnished the
specific material to be used by them, with
Its commercial designation.
Proposals must be submitted for each
district separately, and must be made upon
printed blanks to be furnished by the City
engineer, wno win aiso iurmsn instruc
tions to bidders, together with specifics
tlons and form of contract and bond, upon
application at his office; and as evidence
of good faith and guarantee that con
tract will be entered Into and good and
sufficient bond furnished, should award be
made thereon, each proposal must be ac
companied by a certified check, payable to
the City of Omaha, In an amount not less
than two per cent, ot the total ot eacn old,
but in no case to be less than 10O.(O.
ProDoaals must be addressed to W. H.
Ellwurn, City Clerk, Council Chamber, City
Hall, and marked "Proposals for Street
Improvement, District No. ," giving
the number of the district bid upon.
The City Council of the City of Omaha
reserves the right to reject any or an dius,
Omaha. Nebraska, July 10, 1906.
J10-dl6t City Clerk
Sealed proposals are Invited and will be
received ty the City Clerk at Room 106.
City Hall, for the purchase of the first
alley norm ot rvicnoiae street, irom i:tn
street to lam street, in ine iity ot umana.
All proposals must ue sealed, marked
"Prouosols for Purchase of Real Estate.'
and be filed with the City Clerk at or be
fore 2 o clock p. m., on tuesnay, July is,
It. The city reserves the right to reject
anv or all bids.
Published in accordance with Ordinance
No. 6ii:9, passed by the City Council June
13, 1 '., and approved by the Mayor June
16, 190..
Omaha, Nebraska, July 10. 1908.
Julylo D7t City Clerk.
Sealed proposals are Invited and will be
received at ine omce 01 trie city engineer,
Room 401, City Hull, Omaha, Nebraska,
until 2 o'clock p m. Thursday, July 27, l'Jiio,
for the construction or sewers, as follows
A main sewer on Soth street from Burt
street to Hamilton street, in accordance
with Resolution No. W.7. berles lis.
In Sewer DlBliict No. 311, commencing at
a manhole at the Intersection of the center
lines of 20th and Boulevard streets, thence
south along tne center of 20th street with
a 12-inch pipe to a manhole In the center
of Ontario street, thence south along the
center of 2"lh street with an 8-Inch pipe
to a manhole In the center of Van Camp
avenue, thence southeasterly along the
centtr of Van Camp avenue with an 8-Inch
pipe to a flush tank 20 fuet northwest of
'11 street, am auiuoriseu vy uruinance rio,
In Sewer District No. 312, commencing at
the manhole In the Saddle Creek Sanitary
Muin Sewer at tfve north line of Dodge
street, thence southwesterly with an 8-lnch
pipe to an overflow manhole at the Inter
section of the west line of Saddle Creek
road and center line of Lodge street, thence
wefct along tne center 01 iHage street with
an 18-inch pipe to a manhole in the center
of the Omaha Belt railway rlght-of-wav
thence west along- the center of Dodmt
street with a 16-Inch pipe to a manhole on
the center line of 4Mb street- a authorixed
by Ordinance iso. b&.
Propositi must be submitted for each
district separately and must ne made ujx
printed blanks to be furnished by the clt
engineer, and all work must be done 1
accordance with plans, profiles and apeoi
flcallons on nie in his omce, ami as evl
dence of good faith and guaranty tha
contract will be entered Into and good and
sufficient bond furnished should award be
made thereon, each urooosal must le
comDanied by a certified check payable to
the city of Omaha ki an amount not less
than I per cent of the total or eacn bid,
but In no case to be less than 8100.00.
Proposals must be addressed to Andrew
Kosewater, t ity engineer, ttoom eui. city
Hall, and marked, as the case may be.
mpression of the Mn Gained Purine Bids
in His Private Car.
Hla Little Game Not F. posed by Ilia
Parely rhllaatbrople Kdoratlonal
Trip Through the Western
Farming; Country.
An hour's personal chat with Thomas W.
Lawson and an hoyr and a half of close
observation of the man while delivering
Is sot address leaves one a good ways up
In the air as to Just what Lawson wants.
xpecta, or is trying to do. He may. out
of his Innate audacity and belief in his
wn power or destiny, be trying to
himself In the way of presidential light
ning. He always takes pains to dnnll on
the assertion that there Is no politics In
his campalKn of philanthropy, or ven
geance, or retribution, call It what you will.
He Insists that he has no tlmo to play
politics. He also gives the laugh to the
Bryan brand of democracy and will have
none of state paternalism. Socialism he
Ignores. But the Kansas brand of ,-enub-Utanlsm
Is rather popular with tho Bos
ton mystery, who confesses he is a re
publican himself.
In a personal Interview he was asked:
Mr. lAwson, do you see any more heads
in sight to hit atT"
The oratorical eyes' of the Boston man
seemed to get father than ever to the
front and he flashed out:
"Do IT Why, I have only commenced,
can go on w 1th my story (he always uses
the newspaper word for his writing! for
twenty years and then not be through. I
m golnir to educate the American people
a they have never been educated before."
Bphlnsllke nt All Times.
This was the most specific answer he
gave to any question asked by a group
f newspaper correspondents from Omaha,
81oux City, St. Paul and Des Moines.
Even the four Boston Newspaper wrlt?rs
who have been traveling with him on his
peculiar trip have given to the world no
morn enlightening expression. To ques
tions about the effect of his campaign on
the Investments of people in the east and
the possible benefit to people In other sec
tions of the country, he replied with al
most verbatim extracts from his mag
azine articles. The nearest he ever gets
Proposal for Sewer Construction. Main
Sewer," or "Proposal for Sewer Construc
tion, District No. ," giving the numbet
of the district bid upon.
The city council of the city of Omaha
reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
Umana, Nebraska, July 13, 190S.
Jy-13-d-7-t City Clerk.
Sealed proposals will be received at the
office of J. L. McBrlen, superintendent of
public Instruction, state capital building,
up to eleven. (11) o'clock July 2$, 106, for
the erection and construction of the State
Normal Library building, Peru, Nebraska.
Bids for the steam heating, nlumbln and
electric work to be separate.
By order or the State Board of Educa
tion. J. L. M'BRIEN, Secy.
' N
Union Pacific.
Leave. Arrive.
Overland Limited a 9:40 am a 8:18 pm
California Exoress a 4:10 tun a 8:30 am
California & Oregon Ex.a 4:tt) pm a 6:10 pm
Norm fiatie L,ocai a 7:t0 am a B:zo pm
Fast Mall a 7:66 am a 1:30 pm
Colorado Special ....... .a 7:46 am a 7:44 am
Beatrice Local b 3:16 pm b 1:30 pm
St. Louis Express 6:30 pm 8:20 am
St. Ixiuls Local (from
Council Bluffs) 9:16 am 10:30 pm
Shenandoah Local (from
council Blurts) 6:46 pm 2:30 pm
Chicago, Itock Island A Pacific.
Chicago Limited a 8:36 am a 7:10 am
Chicago. Express a 7:36 am a 8:60 pm
Chicago Ex., Local. ...!bll:40 am a 4:30 pm
Des Moines Express. ...a 4:30 pm bll :60 am
Des Moines Local a 8:66 pm
Chicago Fast Express, .a 6:40 pm a 1:16 pm
w .81.
Rocky Mountain Llni d.a 7:20 am a 3:30 am
Colorado Express a 1:30 pm a 4:66 pm
Oklahoma & Texas Ex.a 4:30 Din all :4a am
Colorado Night Ex a 8:66 pm a 7:26 am
Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Panl.
Chicago Daylight Ex. ..a 7:56 am all 00 pm
California-Oregon Ex... a 6:46 pm a 3:10 pm
Overland Limited a 8:36 oia a 7.36 am
rhliwiD A Northwestern.
Local Chicago all:30 am 3:45 pm
Fast Mall a 8:23 pm 8:30 am
Daylight St. Puul a 7:60 am 10:00 pm
Davllaht Chicago a e.uo am 11:50 Dm
Limited Chicago a 8:38 pm 9:16 am
Local Carroll a 4:3ii pm 9:60 am
Fast St. Paul a 8:28 pm 7:u6 am
Local Sioux C. & St. P. b3:50 mil 9:36 am
Fast Mall 2:60 pm
Chicago express a 0:00 pm a 7:30 am
Norfolk & Bonestecl....a 7:40 am 10:36 am
Lincoln tk Long Pine ...b 7:10 ain 10:36 pin
Casper tk Wyoming, ....e 2:60 pm 6:1b pm
Deudwooa 61 Lincoln. ...a z:du pm D:io pm
Hastings-Albion b 2:60 pm 6:16 pin
Des. M. A Ukobojl Ex.. a 7:66 uin a 1:20 pin
Illinois Central.
Chicago Express a 7:26 am al0:36 pm
Chicago Limited a 7:50 pm a 8:u6 am
Minn. 4k hi. Paul .x..D 7:zt am uiu:3t pin
Minn. 4k Bt. 1'aul l,ta..a i:no iuu a pin
Missouri Paolnc.
St. Louis Express a 9:00 am a 6:30 am
K. C. tk Si. L. Ex ail:lu pin a 6:uu pm
Chicago Great Western.
St. Paul tk Mln-i a 8:30 pm a 7:16 am
St. I'aul tk Hlnn a 7:46 aiu a 7:66 am
Chicago Limited a 6:00 pm alO:i am
Chicago Express a s:0o am a S:jo pm
Denver & California ....a 4:10 pm
a 8:20 pm
a 6:08 pm
a 7:4u pin
al2:06 pm
ai0:26 am
b 8:32 am
Northwest Express . ...alliu pm
Nebraska points a 8:60 am
Lincoln Fast Mall b 2:67 pm
Ft. Crook ik Plausm'th.b 2:62 pm
Bellevue tk Plattsm'th. .a 7:60 pm
Beilevue tk i'ac. June. ...a 3:30 am
Bellevue tk Pac. Junc....al2:16 pm
Denver Limited
Chicago Special a 7:26 am
a 7 :10 am
a 8:60 pm
Chicago Express a t.m pm
Chicago f lyer a :uo pin
Iowa Local a 9:15 am
St. Louis Express a 4:46 pin
a 7:26 pm
al0:63 pm
all . 30 am
Kansas city tk nt. joe..aiu:ta pm
Kansas City tk lit. Joe. .a 8:16 am
Kansas City tk St. Joe.. a 4:46 pm
a 6:43 am
a 6:06 pm
Missouri Pacific.
Nebraska Local, via Leave. Arrive.
Weeping Water b 1:60 pm b!2:30 pm
Chicago, St. Taul Nluneapolls A
II n. . 1, m
Turin ' 1 1 .1 Ilu ai ,i,uar K A-ft urn r Q -1 A rtm
Sioux City Passenger ...a 2:00 pm all. AO am
Oakland Local b 6 45 pm b 9:10 am
A daily, u dally except Sunday, a uauy
except oaiuruuy, uauy excepv jauuua.
Superior aoromiDo&tllos. KiMIUat Calais. Tat
Coaaort ot l-iMtniwi Cantully Cualdrd. tl&t-
r kottti4 Trip TtcXats usu4 Nav Tri
sS Scoloh. aught Iru o4 U iriociiil
tuxnui point ml UUuUn rM. sa4 lor B 4
mi Toars. rar ticxoio or goeri lloriuiioa ov
to our loooi a-"' oc too Acor mmm r i
agMlikkSuN bKoa, Uianai Asoa. Cktcase,
sele t parnea iepraijtiaan1er auporior man.
Agttuaot. sutrt a ix . a, mt Don. k. 11 Uut
Amrmm si arraua-euioiit .
. " atoo ana up, bj exallj uliat-
Il lKk.M Mro.dwaT. K. V.
r vtuira sraat i.ia, icaiiai.
to "brass tacka" la the advice to aen
stocks and bonds when they are high and
buy them when they take a tumble be
cause of the volume of sales. And this
advice Is seriously and solemnly given te
audiences of rural people, the great ma
jority of whom never owned a sharw of
such securities.
Knows Value of AflTertlalnsr.
Mr. Lawson la surrounded In his private
car by men who Impress the visitor as be
ing entirely able to take car of him In an
advertising and a literary way. E. J.
Rldgway, publisher of the I,awson maza
rine, la the manager of the trip. He keeps
quite discreetly In the background. Then
there la Mr. Lawson's son, who authorita
tively calls him dowrc when he gives too
much time to newspaper Interviewers. But
the father never lets go of the Interviewers
until he has aatlnfled his own notion of
what they should have.
The copper stock manipulator has ns pri
vate secretary E. A. McSweeney, a trained
newspaper man of Boston. It was quite
noticeable at Missouri Valley that In the
morning Mr. Lawson emphasised the de
mand that he said Mr. Rldgway had made
on him for "8,000 words." In the after
noon, while he was Jollying the Chautauqua
crowd with mention of the millions made
In a day and a month by his knowledge of
'the game," Mr. McSweeney was very
busy with a typewriter In the private car.
Lawson is not a master extraordinary of
language, although somewhat picturesque
In expression, as a stock broker of thirty
seven years' experience Is apt to be. The
preparation and polishing tip of the raw
material Is undoubtedly McSweeney's work.
The latter Is a young Irish-American of the
Julius Caesar hue, florid and ready-looking.
He Is the buffer against which the Inter
viewer and the curious visitor must go be
fore Lawson can be seen, and he knows his
Personality of tho Maa.
Personally Thomas W. Lawson Impresses
the observer as a man who would have
been a fine platform orator If he had had
the chance of early training and experi
ence. He has the trick of grooming him
self down to a science, but he would never
be guilty of over dressing. He looks the
keen business man, trained In the school
of personal friction. His body Is well knit
and well cared for; his head Is well shaped,
even If a little narrow across the temples.
Ho will never be pussy and has not about
him the general Indications of assured old
age. Snappy, positive, he gives evidence
that he can domineer and delights In being
boss. He Is unlike the western man of his
class, in that to offer his callers a cigar or
other entertainment never occurs to him.
It Is not a lack one would notice except by
contrast, for stinginess does not appear to
be one of his traits.
Lawson likes to talk and In his Inter
views at close, quarters uses his hands to
Illustrate his 'remarks. On the platform
he Is not demonstrative, but when he
makes a point that he likes he apparently
draws a good deal of satisfaction from the
expression, "You can't bust that." He
sounds the letter "r" at the end of every
word ending with "w," as "lawr" for law.
He professes great admiration for Roose
velt, yet Insists that Roosevelt's plan of
high Ideals and an evident disposition to
enforce them Is futile, while he evinces the
supremest confidence In his own plan of
beating Rockefeller and the rest of the
antl-Lawson bunch at their own game.
Lawson Is forceful, and he Is resourceful
also. He la the grown up boy who has
gotten used to hoeing hla own row on the
lines of his own thought. He will get
there In a worldly sense, but he will never
be any wider In statesmanship than he Is
now. He Is too old to learn. It Is the lea
son of the old dog and the new trick over
Booster for Speculation.
, Reserving, aa he claims In every Inter
view, the real kernel of his plan, "because
the time Is not yet ripe," still at every
stopping place he advises people to "sell
stocks and bonds." If someone conceived
the notion that the American people out
In the country districts and In the smaller
towns have not been sufficiently familiar
with stocks and bonds to deal In them
freely, Thomas W. Lawson would be, and
Is, the best possible advance agent to start
speculative minds In that channel. After
studying him for the time he s In sight
one gets the Impression that he is a literary
South Bca bubble or a booster, maybe un
intentionally, for more general stock spec
ulation. Then, again, If he has not some audac
ious design In the field of national politics,
he may yet advertise himself Into the
gubernatorial chair of Massachusetts to
succeed that different kind of advertiser.
W. L. Douglas. At any rate, he pays his
own expenses on his trip through the west
and does not accept any remuneralon from
anybody. This may be the purest kind of
educational philanthropy, for he dwells on
the declaration that he was' out in the west
"to educate the people" or It may have
some far-underlying object that not even
the best guesser has yet fathomed.
Trustee of Mormon Church Replies
to Charge Filed in Dis
trict Court. .
E. L. Kelley, for himself as trustee and
for the Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints, has filed an answer
to the suit of James A. Woodman, as guar
dian of Henry Jones, heretofore reviewed
In The Bee.
The answer denies that any pressure was
exercised on Jones by Kelley or by the
church to Induce him to make a deed to
the church of a certain lot In Omaha, or
that the church or anyone connected with
It prevailed upon him to go to the Saints
Home at Lamonl, la. It Is also denied that
any person connected wtlh the church has
a gold watch or other property belonging
to Jones, or that any conspiracy was
made to have Susan Jones come from Lowa
to marry Henry. The answer further sets
ou that Jones was 86 years old or beyond
understanding and attending to business In
April. ISM. A claim Is set up that the
church authorities at Lamonl advanced
money to Jones for his maintenance there
and In Omaha to the amount of and
denies ever having received any rents or
profits because of the deed made by Jones.
Makes Gain of slity-Mlae Per Cent
la Construction Over Same
Period lMt Year.
According to the Construction News for
July 16, Omaha stands sixth among the
large cities of the country In point of
gain over 1804 for the first six months'
building operations. St. Louis leads with
88 per cent gain, St. Paul has So, Wash
ington 77, Louisville 76, New York 72 and
Omaha 6D per cent. In twenty-seven great
cities the gains average 49 per cent, or an
Increase of 1n",035.4S6. General prospects
are, this paper says, very good and indi
cate that the high totals established during
the first half of the year will be main
tained for the last part.
Chilean Admiral on Tour.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 16 Vice Ad
mlral Jurge Montt has arrived here from
Chile on a tour of the world. The ad
miral's mission abroad is to look Into mod
ern naval problems, with the Idea In view
of lending assistance in the reoonatructlon
of the Chilean navy. H will sail for the
Orient from this rlty on July fc. and pro
reed, after visiting China ana Japan, to
Europe. Vice Admiral Montt wag presl
dout U Chile from lMrl to l&ri, ,
Men sad Wemen ot Abilitj Can Command
High Wages.
Modern Itnalneaa olleaee Keeping
Illaht Ip with the Demand br
Kmploilu Competent
Tear hers.
With the marvelous development of mod.
ern business methods the profession of
stenography has taken rank with tha
foremost of business sciences. It has also
developed a class of professional worker
of the highest order of Intelligence, com
manding the highest salaries, and has had
much to do with the later perfection of
business transactions.
The knowledge of shorthand has now
become an absolute essential In the pro
fession of stenography, and a girl or man
desiring a lucrative and dignified position
makes no mistake In securing a knowledge
of phonography or phonetic writing. The
age Is a fast one. The most rapid worker
Is the best paid one. providing the rapidity
of work Is accompanied with accuracy.
While It Is a trite and possibly true say
ing that "The woods are full of stenogra
phers," there are many so-called sten
ographers that do not deserve the name,
and are Incapable of doing what business
men want done. The business man aa a
rule does not wish to do much teaching,
and very little waiting. What Ue dostree
In his stenographer Is accuracy, rapidity
and neatness, and these are the essential
principles that go to make up the
true stenographer. Deficient In any of
these particulars, the stenographer Is use
less to his or her employer. Inefficiency
Is not tolerated any mure with women than
with men.
Accuracy Must Go with Ability.
Ability to write shorthand with facility
and accuracy can be acquired only after
the most painstaking effort. Spelling, capi
talisation and punctuation are very Im
portant factors and count for much. The
stenographer should be able to execute a
neat, plan, legible stylo of business writ
ing and correspondence. Business men are
making the standard of stenography and
typewriting higher and higher, and the
applicant for a position of this character
must be able to meet these demands If
he or she expects to hold a first class posi
tion, or any position for any length of
time. The ability of the stenographer la
judged by the results attained.
Good materials are essential for the stu
dent. The most expert cannot 'expect to
accomplish much with a poor pen, a 2-cent
pencil or a poor quality of paper. Good
tools are as essential In the art of sten
ography as in any other art or vocation.
Rood Teachers m Requisite.
One of the prime causes for a large num
ber of Inefficient stenographers la the
habit of business colleges employing teach
ers In the shorthand department who have
no experience as reporters or amanuenses.
Practicability is Important, and the teacher
who has no experience In actual work can
not Impart that which he hoa not.
There Is a greater demand for efficient
women stenographers today than ever be
fore. Plenty of positions are open and
waiting for such stenographers, who can
earn 110 per week and upward, and the
better the stenographer the more eagerly
are her services sought. Poor stenogra
phers are not wanted at any wage.
Remunerative positions are constantly
awaiting the proficient stenographer and
to attain them there Is only required a will
and determination to become efficient.,
Jfew Klud Of Cash Register Gives
Further Protection. Aa-atnst
A cash register appears to be an essential
piece of apparatus In all mercantile estab
lishments, and the elaborations and embel
lishments that have been devised for the
greater protection of the purchaser and the
seller have made this device the most com
plicated mechanism In use by the general
Not content with the protectihg features
already provided, one of the largest manu
facturers has Just secured a new. patent
which affords still greater protection for
both parties to a transaction. The dis
tinguishing feature of the new improvement
is a visible display of the amount ot the
sale at a distance from the cash register.
This unique end Is attained by the Intro
duction of electric commutators, contacts
and electrically lighted Universal numerals,
operated automatically by the manipulation
of the register keys. The numerals are
formed of block letters. Illuminated with
electric, lights and so designed that any
numeral can bo flashed out of the sums
space by varying the contacts that Is, by
obscuring certain lines and Illumining
Whenever a purchase la registered the
amount of the Bale Is flashed out in large
figures on a conspicuously located electrlo
sign, so that there does not appear to be
the slightest opportunity for false registra
tion without detection. The Indicator com
prises a rectangular frame with a send
opaque front of frosted or ground glatia.
Chicago Chronicle.
Many Children Rescued.
Many children have been rescued by Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds. (0c and II. For sale by
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
Railroads and Car Lines, Publle Ser
vice Corporations and Personal
Property Are Boosted.'
County Assessor Reed has got his assess.
ment returns to the point where the total
are all made. The following table show
the figures on the seven principal Items for
this year and for 1904. Lands, unlmnrnvnt
lots and banks have a slightly decreased
assessment this year as compared with last.
while the other four Items snow increases.
The figures given in this summary rep
resent only the one-fifth valuation on
which taxes are paid:
1905 1904
Lands. 181,024.54 acres.... f Z.4i,24 1 I lHo tjo J
Improved lots. 18.13J 14,2M.U laWta
I'nlinproved lots, 43,6;2... J.041.66S 8 143oM
Hanks . fii-iQ.u
Railroad. Pullman and " '
private car lines 1.406,767 l.tLZ 071
Public service corpora- r ,o,v.
'"" ; 2.728,000 2.667,1145
All other personal prop-
r,y 4,869,038 4.78.644
Totals ..
t3,4."2,56 UH.tMMi
One Dollar Saved Hepr-.enis Tea Dol
lars Earned.
The average man does not save to exceed
10 per cent of his earnings. He must spend
nine dollurs In living expenses for every
dollar saied. That being the case he can
not be too careful about unnecessary ex
penses. Very often a few cents properly In
vested, like buying seeds for his garden,
will save several dollars' outlay later on. It
Is the same In buying Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Dlarrhoae Remedy. It coats
but a few cents, and a bottle of It In the
house often saves a doctor's bill ot several
Klre oat Steamer.
BOSTON, July 16. The steamer Cambrian
arrived from Isndon today with a Ore la
oue f the oomai unenu yf its bold,
" v 1
Ai .
4 r