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at 5c
osr'oNg Raw.
TODAY EAe Day of the Great
Ladies' $3.50 Silk Hosiery at 98c Pair
Hosiery of all pure spun "ilk and silk gauze plain and
Rembrandt ribbed they come in plain and fancy effects
some eilk clocked, many handsomely silk embroidered
black and V
worth up
to $3.50
at, pair
Ladies' Lisle Thread Hosiery at 15c Pair
Regular 25c quality hosiery, in
black liele thread; also whites, tans,
pinks and blues many silk mercer
ized, all-over lace down to the toes,
open work; also misses' 1
and children's black lace II n O
Boys' and Girls' 25c Hosiery at 12ic
Broncho Buster stylo, fine and heavy ribbed hosiery, f 1,
fast black, worth up to 25c pair at, pair. Iani2
Men's 25c Hose at 12c Pair
Macks, browns and some fancy colors all weights f
many silk finished 25c mialitv at. pair an2 v
Big Ribbon Sede
50c All Silk Ribbons at 15c Yard
Belt ribbons, sash ribbons, ribbons for fancy bows and trim
mings, hair ribbons, etc. up to 7 inches wide this is all
silk ribboni In the most desirable shades -J ess
white, black and fancy, stripes, checks, M jffSSX
plaids and figures worth as high as 50c a & JF
yard at, yard
A SaJe of Ladies' Neckwear
Just received all the traveling men's samples and show room
stock of a New York manufacturer and importer of neck
wear over 1,000 dozen fresh, new effects embroidered turn
overs, embroidered stocks, lace and embroidered tab collars
white and colors fca f f tf
hundreds of styles of f Inn k B dTh
wash collars, worth P JB ) fl Ja B P Bfl J
up to 50c at MVV
Ladies Underwear
Ladles' vests in lace Halo, silk finished mercerized- ellk ribbdn JC
trimmed white, pink and blue worth up to 50c, at .. DC
Ladles' Munsing Union Suits LUlo thread, $1.00 quality ' 25(
Biglotsof Ladies' Summer Underwear Qln - n J 1 C
many styles at O2C clIlQ IjC
Handkerchiefs m the Arcade Manufacturers' seconds Cn
of fine handkerchiefs, some slightly imperfect, at, each
Our Japanese Comer-Arcade
Hundreds of fresh Japanese Novelties Cups and Sauwrs, Saki Cups,
Fiins, etc., etc., at moderate prices.
IOO Calling: Cards at 39c
Greatest Sale of the Season Ladies'
I ! UTi'LUtlV
I U WirU
nny.jj urn jiwiimial-WT
oP- Saturday
Entire Surplus Stock from I. L. Narks . Co., Philadelphia.
More than a thousand absolutely new shirt waist suits summer's coolest dresses
made in prettiest styles of the season. We bought them very cheaply the most
astonishing bargains ever offered in wash dresses Every suit high grade.
Black and white
White Cambric,
Sea Island Percale
Dotted Swiss,
Shepherd Plaids,
Butchers Linen,
Indian Head
All of I. L Marks & Co.'s Ladies
Actually worth
$3.50 to $5, go at.
Tailor pleated
Piped & Strapped,
Embroidery and
Lace Trimming,
Flounced and
Pleated Skirts.
All of I. L. Marks & Co.'s Ladies'
SUITS, actually
worth $6.50 up
to $10, go at
Your choice of our $1.23
tl.50 White Lawn and
Swiss Shirt Waists
prettily trimmed, at.
Choice of our tl.50 and 12.00
Ladles' Royal Shirt Waists
plain tailored and neatly
trimmed, at
Choice of $2.50 & 13 Ladles'
Royal Shirt raists every
BtunciDg new style foa
ture, at
Choice of $3.50 & $4 Ladle'
Royal Shirt Waists the
most elaborate embroid
ery and lace effects, at ... .
Thousands of Ladies' RoyaJ Shirt Waists
i(f Thousands of Uinana ladies who have Dought these splendid
shirt waists speak in the highest terms of their style and durability.
The styles are the prettiest that have been eeen in Omaha this year.
Ladies' High Grade
Saddle Tau Oxford
all sizes and widths,
formerly sold 13.00 to
13.50; this 1 QO
sale at l0
Newer Than White
Latest fad in cloth
shoes the linen color
wolt and turn sole about 300 pair, A A to EE
White Canvas Oxfords size to Ji
at Jwl
Williams Bros.' famous mcroerlzpd silk uuderwear
plain and fancy colors,, M-orth TP. J J C.
up to H.oo, at; Joe and toc
Men's Union Suits and two-piece undprwear American
silk and French. lisle
special. . , '.
98c to 1.50
Fred Hrownold, formerly of Omaha, has beeu en
gaged by us to play his latest comiwsltions, "Vasar
Clrl Walues" and "My Indian Queen,"
jfj if 1 . Saturday and Monday only 3 to 5 p. m.
?M90T6e. CClSEverboly ,nvlte(, Arcade, Maia Floor
'-II SB 'K
v I vii'j(ifr
Children's ATrJn
Duck t wu
Entire Summer Stock on Hand from
Al. Spiesberger & Son, Omaha.
BrapdcU bought the entire summer stork of M. 8pieber(ter & Pon,
Harney street, and will place It on sale Saturday at th most sensa
tional bargains ever known in the rnininery lilstory of the west. Street and
trimmed hats at far below their cost to mak.
Ladies' Trimmed and Street Hatg
from the Spiesberger stock all
nil this season's
st .vie, worth $2
i mm n an
Ladies' Trimmed and Street Ilats
from the Pniesbercer stock-
many stunning
styles, worth up to
Ladies' Finest
Street Hats -
ewellest Lata
berger Btock
worth $5.00
Trimmed and
Many of the
in the Spies-
- 1.98
Ready-to-Trim Hats All Spiesberger's untriramed shapes,
very latest styles, popular fl m
rt" 8S aMbr.n:. c-iiyc-Zjc
All the Summer Flowers from Spie3berger's the 1 Y
most popular summer trimming, every variety J U 0
on hi cr tahlttS worth nn tn fiflrt nt. .hunch J
q 1 - -" - - "
In connection with this sale we will dlsiose of nil our finest flowers,
sold up to $1.00 a bunch, at bunch
Choice of Entire Stock of Men's
Majestic Shirts
Bought from the Manufacturers
Who Retired from Business
Not a shirt in this entire lot cost less than
$1.00 to manufacture. The finest summer
shirts in the newest pat
terns. The Majestic shirts
are known all over
the country for their high
quality Saturday you can
buy a dol
lar and a
half or
two dollar
Celebrated "Antitrust" Bill f Kansas ii
Declared Unconstitutional
la Opinion Aoclt Joatlce
Green Vmumrm Adversely I pon
Mmsnr Aimed mt the Stand-'
ard Oil Company,
TOPEKA, Kan., July 7. The law passed
by the leKlHlalure last winter appropriat
ing (410,000 to build an Important oil re
finery at Peru was today declared unconsti
tutional by the state supreme court In an
opinion rendered by Associate' justice
The oil refinery law was considered one
of the most direct blows struck at the
Btandard OH company by the last legisla
ture, which adopted several measures tend
Ins; to restrict that concern In the handling
of the Kansas product.
The oil refinery law provided for the erec
tion at Peru also of a branch of the state
penitentiary to house sufficient prisoner,
who, It was Intended, were to work the oil
plant. Btate Treasurer T. T. Kellv an.l
Warden E. B. Jewett, whose duty It was
to Issue the bonds, declined to Hlurn thfm
In order to first secure a decision on the
constitutionality of the act. Attorney Gen
eral C. C. Coleman filed mandamaus pro
ceedings In the state supreme court on be
half of the state to compel these officers
to sign the bonds. The opinion today, de
claring the act to be Illegal and unconsti
tutional, was concurred In by all members
of .the supreme court.
Declares Gas Company an Outlaw.
The state supreme court today rendered
a decision declaring that the Kansas
Natural Gas company, a Delaware cor
poration, cannot do business In Kansas.
The derision, which Is sweeping in Its
terms, makes an outlaw of the company,
which It declares cannot hold property In
Kansas and cannot operate In any man
ner within the state.
The company has already spent several
million dollars, It Is said. In laying pipe
lines In Kansas.
The opinion is rendered In the case of
the state of Kansas, on the relation of
Attorney General C. C. Coleman, against
the Kansas Natural Gas company. It
seems that when the company applied to
the Kansas charter board for permission
to do business In this state that the board
denied the application. However, the com
pany went ahead laying Its pipes and con-
Truths that Strike Home
Tour grocer ia honeet and if be cares to do so can tell
yon that lie knows very little about the bulk coffee he
sells you. IIow can be Jtnow, where it originally came from.
now it was blended or Wltn wnac
' -or when roantedt If you buy your
coffee loose by the pound, how can
you expect purity and uniform quality t
necessity unllonrf In quality,
strength and flavor. For 0YEK A '
has been the standard cotlee In
millions ol homes.
LION COFFEE U carefully packed
I our tactartca, ana until opened la
rar some, Stan m c nance ol being adaft.
t crated, ar ol coming la contact with duet,
dirt, a ex ma, or andean heads.
In each package of LION COFFEE you get one full
DOUnd of Vure Coffee. In&ibt upon getting the genuine.
(Lion head on erery package.)
'(Save &e Lion-he ds for valuable premiums. )
WOOLBON BPICE CO., Toledo, Ohio.
trading to deliver gas 4o many cities. To
date the company has expended millions
of dollars laying pipe lines from the
southern Kansas field to the Missouri line
and to a dozen or more northern Kansas
cities, much of which work has practically
been completed.
After the charter board had acted the
attorney general, In the name of the state,
brought this proceeding In quo warranto
against the company, asking that It be
required to show Its authority for doing
business In Kansas and that if unable to
do so It be ousted from the state. The
company answered, setting forth Its ap
plication to tne charter board and alleging
that It had - done all things required by
the statute, and asking that the charter
board be ordered to grant them a license.
A demurrer to this answer was filed and It
was agreed that a final Judgment should
be entered In accordance with the ruling
of the court upon the demurrer. The court
sustained the demurrer and entered a
Judgment of ouster against the gas com
pany, all of which will have a tendency to
cause the defendant to quit business.
The opinion of the court was delivered
by Justice Qieene, all of tho judges con
curring. The barred company owns a majority of
the producing gas wells In Kansas and Is
capitalized at tl0.O(O,0U0. It has spent six
months In constructing a pipe line from
Montgomery county to Kansas City. , The
company was Just on the point of piping
gas Into Kansas City, Kan., Lawrence, To
pe k a, Ottawa, Olathe and many other
Kansas towns, but under the terms of the
decision. It must cease all work In Kansas.
The court goes far enough to Intimate
that the company has exhausted Its re
sources at law and says that It cannot
come Into court and ask for a mandatory
order to compel the state charter board to
grant it a charter.
Richardson t'oantr Man Says Repnb.
Mean Has Sure Thins la the
W. H. Hogrefe, the genial representative
In the last legislature from Richardson
cour'.y. Is In the city shaking hands with
his many friends. When asked In regard
to the political situation in his and sur
rounding counties, he said everything la
In good shape. He was asked particularly
In regard to Pollard for congress, if ho
was running well.
No," said Mr. Hogrefe, -Mr. Pollard
does not have to run, he Is walking, and
the other fellow Is not In sight. Mr. Pollard
will be elected by a rousing majority. The
farmers are too busy harvesting high-priced
wheat to read fake democratic newspapers,
and be wheedled Into voting for democrats.
We had enough democratlo prosperity a
few years ago. when nearly everybody
went broke. Republican prosperity with
dollar wheat Is good enough for us."
HOLMOREN-Frederick Wllhelm. July t.
19n6, BKrd 6 years i months, son of Jonas
snd Emma liolmgren.
Kuneral Bunday. July . at 1 p. m , from
Swedish Lai t hern church, Nineteenth and
Cass airtcU. interment Prospvvt Hill.
Brisk Duplicate Order BuiineBs in Whole
sale and Jobbing Circles.
Rail vray Earnings for June Show
nn Incrense Over One Year
. Agwl)Fcreii la Imports.
NEW YORK. July 7.-R. Q. Dun & Co.'s
Weekly Review of Trade' tomorrow will
In wholesale and Jobbing circles an un
usually brisk duplicate order business tes
tifies to the freedom from accumulated
stocks on the shelves of Interior dealers,
while there is no abatement of conlidtuee
in the future. Structural steel and all
forms of railway equipment are the promi
nent features of the iron inquiry, but iuKt
conditions prevail at coke ovens and pig
Iron furnaces. Bensatlonal soaring of quo
tations for raw materials threatens the
stability of the leading textile markets, al
though consumption Is not yet perceptibly
diminished by rapidly riling price, lists.
Varying reports are received rexardlng the
crop situation, prloes rising higher tnan
would be the case If manipulation were
leFS vigorous, and exports are adversely
affected. Several threatened labor contro
versies have been averted by agreement
upon wage scales for another year and
building operations are unusually brisk for
the season. Inventories show a good vol
ume of business for the first six months
of the year and still greater activity is ex
pected in the last half. Railway earnings
In June were 65 per cent larger than la.-u
year's, but foreign commerce at this port
for the last week shows a loss of 4.1ti,' In
exports and a decrease of !tsK,i58 In im
ports as compared with 1904.
Uncertainty In the markets for cotton
goods has resulted from the rise in the
raw material and It Is almost Impossible to
negotiate for future delivery. Similar con
ditions prevail In the other leading Wxtilo
industries, except that raw material has
fluctuated less of late.
Increased activity Is quoted In the hide
market, the demand emanating chiefly from
one prominent Interest and confined mainly
to native steers of later salting. Foreign
hides are dull. Salesmen have returned
from western trips bringing liberal orders
for spring shoes and buyer In the Koslon
market are operating iretiy on iiuuui ton
tracts. Failures this week In the United State
are iou, against last week, lao the pre
ceding week and i the corresponding
week last year. Failures In Canada num
ber A, against 16 last week, Us the preced
ing week and 13 last ytar.
Holiday laflneaees aid Irregalar
Weather I.lntlt Baslness.
NEW YORK. July 7. Bradstreef to
morrow will say:
Holiday Influences, lrregulur weather and
crop reports and seasonable shut-downs
for repairs and inventories have tended to
limit the turnover of the week. Too much
rain In the west has retarded trade In that
section, and from the south similar re
ports come. In the central west, the
east and southwest, however, trade Is of
full summer volume, with a good retail
distribution and fair returns for summer
goods from Jobbers. The. sharp advance
In raw cotton has had a rather stimu
lating effect on southern traoe sentiment,
though Indicating smaller than expected
yields, the feeling being that higher prices
will offset reduced producdon. The ad
vance In raw cotton has stimulated In
quiry fur coiloa goods, which Uave been
generally advanced 6 to 10 per cent and I
buyers complain of deliveries. Wool has '
strengthened, and the market for footwear, j
though quiet, has shown the effect of pres
ent prices of leather and the highest prices
for hides In years. Building material of
all kinds reflect the demands of a record
year In this respect. Pig Iron has been
dull and moved lower, but heavy finished
products have been In good call.
Labor Is well employed, and the signing
of the new tin plate scale removes the
only threatened feature In Industrial lines,
which report no important strikes occur
ring. Railway earnings continue largd, tho
gain In June being 6 per cent, with May
net earnings exceeding last year by 8.5 per
cent and the fiscal year will show a gain
of 7 per cent.
HuBinesH failures for the week ending
July 8 are far below the normal for this
time of the year, being only 1Z7, against
186 last week, 172 In the like week of im
and 194 In 1903, 196 In 1902 and 1U9 in 1901.
In Canada failures this week number 29, as
against 33 last week and 14 In this week a
year ago.
Wheat. Including flour, export for the
week ending July 6' are 1.060.B44 bushels,
against 7M,641 bushels last week. 878.910
bushels this week last year, 2.88C.410 bush
els in 1903 and 4.404.166 bushels In 19U2.
Coin exports for the week are 932,225
bushels, against l.tno,3M bushels last week,
813.124 bushels a year ago. 1.52.0h4 bushela
In 19uJ and 185.000.0.U bushels In VMl.
bowers and Thunderstorms In Ne
braska, Iowa and Kansas Today
and Tomorrow.
WASHINGTON, July 7. Forecast of the
weather for Saturday and Sunday:
For Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Mis
souriShowers and thunderstorm Satur
day and Sunday.
For Wyoming Shower Saturday, cooler
In central and north portion; Sunday,
For South Dakota Showers Saturday;
Sunday, fair and warmer.
Local Record.
OMAHA, July 7. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation, compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
vears: 1S"6. 1904. 1903. 18i2.
Maximum temperature ..78 68 83 82
Minimum temperature ... 63 61 74 63
Mean temperature 70 65 84 72
Precipitation 1 -01 .00 .
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1,
and comparison with the, last two years:
Normal temperature 79
lieflclei cy for the day t
Total excess since March 1, 19u6 229
Nftrmnl precipitation 17 Inch
Iet1'?lency for the day 01 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 10. M Inches
IenYlercy Blnce March 1 6.73 Inches
Iieftcleicy for cor. period, lf'4.. Z.OOInche
Lieflclency lor cor. period, 19n3.. S.56 Inches
Report front Stations at T P. M.
Station and Slate Tern. Max. Rain-
of weather. 7 p.m. lem. fall.
Bismarck, raining U ii
Cheyenne, raining t4 4
Chicago, cloudy 64 74
Iiavenporl. part cloudy ... 74 8'i
Iienver, raining 6n 80
Havre, cloudy 64 78
Helena, part cloudy 70 80
Huron, cloudy tn
Kansas City, clear 76
North Platte, cloudy 7
Omaha, clear 74
Rapid City, raining U
St. Louia, cloudy 7J
Ht. Paul, raining 66
halt iJike City, clear 86
Valentine, part cloudy .... '4
Williston. Dart cloudy 68
"T lndUstes trace of ureclplfatlo"
X. A. WbLUH, Local Furccaster,
Boosting Omaha.
OMAHA. July 7.-To the Editor of The
Bee. Enthusiasm and optimism should al
ways dominate our sphere. Puhhlng
Omaha 1 a good thing, a mlghtv good
thing, for Omaha need that push. To ex
ploit Its industries, it natural right, It
educational facilities, Its beauties. It sire
and possibilities this Is all well and good;
but let u not overboost Omaha; let us not
exaggerate too much. After all. are we
getting there as fast as we presume we
are? Are we growing as rapidly a we
think we aret Are our Industrial Institu
tion Increasing as rapidly as we would
make believe? To consider these questions
It Is not necessary to become a pemimtst,
but It 1 and will be to our advantage ns
a city to give It a thought. To begin wllh,
our retail district Is not enlarging Itself.
This statement may be contrary to com
mon belief, but It 1 merely changing ii
location.- Lower Farnam street and lower
Douglas are becoming empty, while Six
teenth street la now the retail center. Our
retail institution are not Increasing, but
rather on the decline. Think of the many
Did firms that have gone out of business
or sold out during the last few months!
But new ones have not taken their place.
Ask any retail merchant whether h! busi
ness has increased proportionately to the
Increased expense In rentals, etc., and the
answer will be In the negative. Th?se are
all Indications of not so great a local In
crease In trade as one would naturally sup
pose from the general make-bellove talk
handed out. Our plan on which we are
working In altogether too elaborate, too big;
our city government 1 too expenelV'; our
rents are too high; our trade Is not big
enough, not enough of It. Let us push the
town, but not make things look like moun
tain whon they are only hills.
W. T. W.
Tenth Ward HepoMleun.
The republican of the new Tenth ward
are requested to meet at Metis hall, on
Thirteenth near William, next Tuesday,
July 11, at 8 p. m., to organize a Republlcnn
Tenth Ward club. The call Is signed by
Edward Schlnereft, Frank Kaspur, Dl"k
Murnell, Sam Scott, Henry Vavra, Frank
Hemerad, Ed Cornish, Joseph Kavan and
lota of others.
Condition of K. W. Nash.
The condition of K. W. Nash, although
reported as being somewhat worse yester
day, was not discouraging Inte last even
ing., Mr. Nash passed a somewhat restless
day yesterday, but was some better along
toward evening, and late last night was
reported a resting easily.
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feel perfectly free to
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any time. Ask him
anything you with
to know about your
hair. You will ob
tain the beat medical
advice free, and no
one will aee your
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. Dr. J. C. Ayer,
Lowell, Maas.
Testimonials? We can furnish
them by the thousand. Here is one:
For over half a century Ayer's Hair Vigor has
been sold in every civilized land on the face of
the4 globe.
Is not this long, unbroken history of success
the very best Kind of a testimonial?
Kd ky U. 1. O. Armr Oe., towell. Km.
iso nsaufsoturers of
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