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Omaha it Bhut Out Again with Hatch
. Opposing Them.
Dolan nnil Martin Malta Two F.rrora
la Seventh Innlna, Wbm Thrre
Rui Are Scored by
Inn .
All food things have an end. and yester
day u the end not a final end. but Jut
an Interruption of Quirk's winning; streak
on the home grounds, hut nevertheless It
was through no fault of Quick's, as he
pltrhed almost perfect hall and had he
been accorded the support he deserved at
the proper time the result would have been
There Is only one Rube Waddell, and he
pitched twenty-flva Innings In Boston the
fourth, and It looked for a time as If the
fans at Omaha were to be treated to one
of the long ones, hut bad errors by Dolan
and Martin In the seventh permitted the
Bloux to score three runs, and that was all
that was needed to win the game.
This seventh was a bad one and brought
back the old Idea of the lucky seventh, but
It was not lucky for Omaha. Mr. Hatch
duplicated his performance of a week ago
at Bloux City, when he shut out the Cham
pions. Not a. 800 got a sign of a hit oft
Quick until this blooming seventh came
along, and then but two were registered,
and both of these after Quick had become
disgusted with the support given him. After
this seventh Inning the crowd would not
be cheered and would not even smile at
the funny sayings of the professional
peanut vender that Zlmman and Gerke have
Imported to advertise Dave O'Brh'n and
Incidentally to sell a few peanuts of the
"double-Jointed, knock-kneed kind."
Hoi It Was Done.
The first man up hit a hard one to Polan,
who made a beautiful stop, and then spoiled
It all by a pour throw to first, so that
Pulslfer went to second on the play. Weed
hit an easy grounder to Martin, and he
booted It Junt to keep pace with the cap
tain. There were two chances to catch
Pulslfer off second and Dolan dropped the
ball on the first nnd Martin dropped It on
the second, and he was given two lives
with one of which he scored a moment
later when Nohllt singled to right. Two
were on bases, one already scored, no one
out and the rain gently falling. It looked
bad for Brother Quick. Newton was the
first out, from Martin to Brown, but Star
nagle'a single to left brought both Weed
and Nobllt home. Starnagle tried to stretch
his single Into a double and the tall was
relayed from Thlel to Gondlng, who re
turned It to Dolan In time to nab Starnagle.
This was all the scoring that was done. All
of the hits for the Soo of the game were
also made In this Inning, except one In the
eighth by O'Hara, which, however, counted
for naught.
The nearest the Champs came to scoring
was In the sixth Inning, when Quick led
oft with a single, was sacrificed to second
by Bucky Thlel and went to third on
Carter's out from Newton to Starnagle,
Dolan was out by the same route and the
hopes of the fans were blasted.
The same teams will play today. Tomor
row Des Moines will be here and the man
agement has decided to Invite the women to
see Pa's boys trip the leaders In their on
ward fight. Attendance, 400.
The score:
H. O. A. E.
0 2 10
110 0
0 0 0 0
13 0 0
0 3 4 0
0 2 0
1 10 0 0
0 7 1-0
0 0 10
3 27 13 0
II. O. A. E.
0 2 10
0 0 0 0
0 13 1
0 2 0 0
1 15 1 0
0 0 2 0
0 0 8 1
0 1 0
114 0
2 27 15 2
Sheehan, 3b 4
O'Hara, If 3
Pulslfer, rf 4
Nobllt, cf 4
Weed, 2b 4
Newton, as ., S
Btarnagle, lb 2
Hatch, p
. Totals 30
Thlel. If ....
Carter, rt ...
Dolan, ss ..
Welch, cf .
Brown, lb .
3chlpke, 3b
Martin. 2b .
, 3
ionding, c
Juick. p ,.3
Totals 27
Sioux City 00000030 0 3
Dmaha 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hits: Brown. Base on balls:
Off Quick, 2; off Hatch, 4. Struck out: By
Quick, 4; by Hutch, 6. Passed balls: Oond
ng, 1; Baerwald, 1. Double plays: New
Ion, Weed and Starnagle; Newton and
VV'eed. Left on bases: Omaha, 4; Sioux
vlty, 2. Sacrifice hits: Thlel, Newton.
Time: 1:25. I'mplre Mace.
Poor Contest at Dri Moines.
DES MOINES. Ia.. July 5. Both the Des
Moines and St. Joseph teams had an off
Say today, but the Jobbers were more off
than the I'nderwrlters and the score was
to 1. In the first Inning St. Joseph made
ve rank errors and added two more In
'.he second, giving Des Moines five runs.
Hogrlever went to second on the attempt
lo catch ManMke at the plate. He scored
n Long's single to centerfield. In the
4ist half of the name Inning the lone
core made by St Joseph came In. Schlltz
hit Into the corner of the fence for three
pases, Andrews sent a fly to Cuffyn, who
leld Schilz at third, but Douglas drove a
tot one to Kossman at first and Schlili
tame In. Attendance, "I0. Score
R.H.O.A.E. R.H.O.A.E.
tlanley. cf....t 0 4 0 0 Cnlllna rt....O 1111
Hogrterer, 3b I
Long, as 0
Rosaioan. lb. 0
112 0 Keti-hem. cf.. 0 1 1
114 0 rVhllt. 2b 1 1 i
1 t 1 0 Andrews, lb.. 0 0 1
1 I
1 u
aakedald. rf. 0 0 0
C afty n, If...
Ihuaart. lb
C a(Ty n, If 0 V 3 0 0 Fleming, If.. 0 4 1
0 i 1 1 Quillin, aa 0 13
lowne, o I
Manake, p.... 1
1 3 0 0 Ztnran. c 0 0 4
1111 KyUr, p 0 1 0
ToUlt 7 I 11 14 3 Totala 1 6 14 14 I
Des Moines 23020000 7
Bt. Joseph 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Stolen buses: Cjlllns. Two-base hits:
Towne. Three-base hits: Schlltz. Double
jlays: Iing. Sliugurt and lUissman. Bases
n balls: off Manske. 2; off Kyler, 3.
Atruck out: By Manxke, 3: by fcyler. 3.
Time 1:31. I'mpire: Caruthera.
Denver Rants Out a Game.
took the last game of the series today,
winning out In the seventh. Final score,
Daovar. 8; Colorado Springs, i. It was a
pretty game for five innings, but In the
sixth the Grizzlies started bunting on Hes
ter and two successful ones, aided by error
and hits by Parrlne and Everltt. let the
Grizzlies lu with four runs. Two sensa
tional plays were made during the game,
one a phenomenal stop and throw by
Bailer, and the other Knabe'a one-hand
The Safe and
1412 DoucUs
sjssjsjssbjh Ahwv'oyv
Jumping catch of a line drive from Blsler's
The Springs scored first In the second
with Mitt s hit to left fir-M for a home
run. They made anotlier In Hie fourth on
hits bv Knabe and Mott and Heldens
fumbles. In the seventh H'wleknetter s er
rnr. Cook's double, a phss and hits by
Kimlw and Slirlver scort d three runs,
which tied the score.
For Iwnver Hiirtwll scored In the fourth.
He singled, took second on an out, third
on Helilen's hit and scored when Knnb
threw wide after making a hard catch off
I'errlne. The trouble started In earnest In
the sixth. Mr-Halo doubled and scored
when Hestor threw Hartzell's hunt Into
the bleachers. McUilvray beat out a bunt
and Belden In an effort to dmp one In
front of the plate struck out. Perrlne hit
for two bases and came In with the fourth
run on KverMt s single. Mi-Hale was lilt
In the seventh sni Mott threw wide on
Harttell's grounder, the runner taking s
ond and MrHale going to third M'-Ollv-ray's
hot grounder went through Mott,
scoring MrHale, a sacrifice moved each
runner up and both scored on Hoelskoet
ter s hit. Attendance, 3"0. Score:
R H O A E R H.O A E.
M.M.I. rf.Jh I J 1 I 0 Mitts, rf 0 0 0 0 9
Hirtltll. Sb . til
0 r rwK. It I
C Flsk. Ct 1
1 Knh. :t ... t
0 Shrlvsr. lb... 0
0 Mott. Jb I
1 Moestlt. c 0
0 HkW, m 0
M(-o 'r. r-ci 1 1 1
rtHdm. If ... 0 1 4
rrrlna, Jb... 110
Randall, rt... 0 0 0
HnrlKk'ter, M 0 1 1
Erprltt. lb. .. 0 1 11
Ruler c 1 7
Finhannon. D. 0 0 0
0 4
1 1
OHnttr, p
. 0 0
. S 23 11 I
Total! i I IT It t
Belden out on attempted bunt of third
Denver 0 0 0 1 0 4 3 0 0
Colorado Springs ..0 1010080 06
Stolen bases: Cook (2). Sacrifice hits:
Belden. Bohannon. First base on errors:
Denver, 3; Colorado Springs, 1. First base
on balls: Off Bohannon, 5; off Hester. 1.
Struck out: Bv Bohannon, ; by Hester, 2.
Left on bases: Denver, 6; Colorado Springs,
9. Earned runs: Colorado Springs, 3; Den
ver 2. Homo run: Mott. Two-baae hits:
MrHale. 2; I'errlne, Cook. Hit by pitched
ball: McltiUe. Double play: Mott to
Shriver. Time: 1:45. Umpire: Burna.
Standing of the Teams.
Won. Lost. Pet.
40 19 .675
38 25 .60
35 25 .5X3
31 2K .521
19 42 .311
IS 42 .3i0
Des Moines
Sioux City
Colorado Spring.
St. Joseph todav: Sioux Citv at Omaha: St.
Joseph at Des Moines; Denver at Colorado
IMttsnnrs; Wins from Chicago In the
CHICAGO, July 5. For ten Innings to
day It was even up between Chicago and
Pittsburg, both pitchers doing excellent
p,U.)1M4 HOWrt'I -UUU pJHl rfl(J a.ilj" MJ
first on an en or In the eleventh, the mls
plav being followed by three singles and
two doubles, scoring five runs for Pitts
burg. Attendance, 4.9CO. Score:
R.H.O.A.E. R.H.O.A.E.
rlTitifr. rf...O 0 4 1 0 SlKle. cf 1 14 0 0
Clarke, If.... 1
I.e., h. cf 1
1 4 0 0 Bchulte. It-., l l i u
3 4 0 0 Ml. oner. rt.. 1 1 S 0
14 1 0hsnc, lb.... 0 0 It 0
till Tinker. ...0 1 1 6
110 0 Ever, tb 0 1 I 1
Waaner, aa. .. 1
Howard, lb... 1
Brain 3b 1
Rltrher. lb... 0
Petti, c 1
Caae, p 0
0 14 1 Casey, tb 0 0 t 1
1 t 1 0 O'Neill, c 0 1 4 1
10 1
0 Welmer, p.... 0 0 11
Totals I 11 33 11 t Totala I 7 13 12 8
Pittsburg 0210000000 5-8
Chicago 2010000000 0-3
Ift on bases: Chicago, 8; Pittsburg, 5.
Two-base hits: Maloney, Brain, Peltz.
Three-base hits: Schulte, Brain. Sacri
fice hits: Peltz. Stolen base: Maloney.
Double plavs: Evers, Tinker and Chance;
Tinker, Evers and Chance; Clymer and
Howard. Struck out: By Welmer, 4; by
Case, 1. Base on balls: Off Welmer, 1; off
Case, 6. Hit with ball: Single. Time:
2:10. Vmplre: O'Day.
Cincinnati Deata St, I.onla.
CINCINNATI, O., July 5. Corcoran'a
home run in the third Inning, with the
bases full, was the sensational feature of
today's game. Vice President Robinson of
the St. Louis club announced the transfer
of Dave Brain to Pittsburg In exchange
for Oeorge McBrlde. The report that
Pitcher Thlelman had deserted the St.
Louis club was refuted by that player,
who Is here with tho team. Attendance,
1,671. Score:
HuKxlnt, lb.. 1
Barry, lb 1
0 Clarke, rf...
1 Shannon, It.
0 Bmoftt, cf...
0 Grady, lb...
OArndt, tb....
1 Shay, aa
0 Burke, 3b...
Odwell. If.... I
Seymour, cf.. 1
Corcoran, aa.. 1
Sabring, rf 0
Stelnfeldt. lb 0
Phelpa, c 0
Walker, p.... 0
0 0
1 0
0 0
1 Zearfoei,
. 0
0 Taylor, p 1
Totals t 11 27 It 1 Totals 6 24 t 4
Cincinnati 10400202 9
St. Louis 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 1-6
Two-base hits: Sebring, Taylor. Home
runs: Corcoran.' Stolen bases: Barry,
Grady, Smoot, Odwell, Seymour. First
bane on balls: Oft Walker, 5; oft Taylor,
3. Sacrifice hits: Barry, Walker, Shay.
Shannon, Odwell. Hit by pitcher: By
Tavlor, 1; by Walker, 3. Struck out: By
Walker. 1. Wild pitches: Taylor. 1. Time:
2:05. Umpire: Bauswlne.
Boston Shots Out Brooklyn.
BROOKLYN, N. Y July 6. Scanlon'a
wlldness In the third Inning today was re
sponsible for Brooklyn's defeat by Boston.
Willis pitched a clever game for the vis
itors, allowing only three scattered hlta.
Attendance, 2,000. Score
R.H.O.A.E. R.H.O.A.E.
Ab'tlchlo. ss. 0 1 1 4 1 Dobbs, cf 0 1 1 1 0
Tenney. lb...l 17 1 0 Hall, If 0 10 0 0
Polan, rf 1 0 3 0 0 Lumley. rf...O 14 0 0
Pelehanty, If. 1 1 0 0 0 Batch, lb 0 0 110
Wolrert'n, 3b 1 10 1 0 Coaler, lb... 0,0 0 0
Cannell, cf... 114 0 1 Babb, aa 0 0 1 i 0
Raymer. 2b... 0 1 4 3 0 Malay, 3b.... 0 till
Moran c 0 0 t 1 0 KKter, c 0 0 ( 0
Willis, p 1114 0 Scan Ion, p... 0 0 0 1 0
Totala 7 10 17 15 3 Totals 1 27 11 1
Boston 00400081 0-7
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Three-base hits: Delehanly, Wolverton.
Sacrifice hits: Ritter. Abbatlchlo. Stolen
basts: Abbatlchlo, Dolan, Delehanty,
Lumley, Hall. Double plays: Willis, Kay
nier and Wolverton; Abbatlchlo, Tenney
and Raymer. Left on bases: Boston 10
Brooklyn, 4. First base on balls: Oft
Willis. 2: off Scanlon. 7. First base on er
rors: Brooklyn, 2; Boston 1. Hit by
pitched ball: By Willis. 1. struck out:
By Willis. 3; by Scanlon, 2. Time: 1:48.
Lmplre: Johnstone.
evr York Beats Philadelphia
ended the series with Philadelphia here
today by winning a poorly played game.
The home team used two pitchers and
both were hit hard. Ames pitched an
erratic game. Attendance, 4.064. Score:
R.H.O.A.E. R.H.O.A.E.
Browne, rf... I
Iionlin, cf . . . . 2
McUana, lb.. 1
Merles. If 1
liahlen, as 0
Devlin, 3h 0
3 0 0 1 Thomas, cf... 1 1 1 0 0
2 10 OGIeaeon, 2b... 10 4 11
I t 1 0 Courtney, 3b. 1 1 0 1 0
3 10 0 Titus, rf 1 1 1 0 0
114 1 Magee. If V 1 0 4 0
10 4 1 BrausSeld, lb 4 0 11 0 0
0 4 11 Criger. aa 0 1 1 I 1
Gilbert. 2b... 0
Bowerman, c. 0 1 10 1 0 Abbott, c 0 0 4 1 4
Ames a 0 0 1 0 0 Duggleby, p.. 0 0 0 1 0
Caldwell, p... 0 0 0 1 1
Totals IS 17 14 4
Totals 7 4 27 17 I
New York 40201010 19
Philadelphia 30102000 17
Left on bases: New York. 5; Philadel
phia, 10. Stolen bases: Dahlen, Kruger.
Two-base hits: Donlln, McGann, Kruger.
Three-base hits: Thomas, Magee. Sacri
fice hits: Dahlen, Donlin, McGann. Double
flays: Kruger and Bransfleld. Base hits:
iff Duggleby, 4 In one-third inning: off
Caldwell, 9 In eight ajid two-third Innings.
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Btruak out: By Caldwell, ; by Ames. 7.
Bases on halls: Off Duueleliy, 1: off raid-
well. 1; off Ames. S.
Wild pitches: Ames,
121; Caldwell. Tlnif
Kmslle and Klem.
2 hours. umpires:
Standing of the Teams.
riayed. Won. lxst.
. W.2
.5. "J
New York
Philadelphia ...
St. Ixmls
Games today
Philadelphia at
Boston. Pittsburg at Chi
cago, St. IaiuIs at Clmliinaii.
C leveland Senda hlcaao Into Second
Place Attain.
CLEVELAND, July 5 Cleveland sent
Chicago Into second place again today,
winning 6 to 1. Donahue pitched a steady
game, while Owen was knocked out of the
box in the fifth inning. Cleveland's long
hits were timely. Attendance, 3.86J. Score:
R.H.O.A.E. Jonen, cf 0 110 0
Jsrkson. It... 1 1 0 0 Holme. If... 0 1 0 1 0
Bar, ct 1110 0 Davla. aa 0 1 t 4 1
Fllrk rf...... 0 110 0 l'nnnhue, lb.. 0 0 10 0 0
Kahl. lb 0 0 14 1 Isbell. rf 0 10 0 0
Hrnflier. lb... 1 113 0 Sullivan. c.O 0 I t 0
Turner. 0 0 0 I 0 Pundnn. 2b. .. 0 0 1 4 0
Ktnr.ll, lb... 1 1 15 0 1 Tannehlll, lb. 1 1 1 8 0
Hernia, c 0 1 t 0 ll Owen, p 0 0 0 1 0
Donahue p... 1 1 1 1 0 Wal.h. p 0 0 0 1 0
'Green 0 0 0 0 4
Total 4037 11 1
Totalt 1 7 24 It 1
Batted for Walsh In the ninth.
Cleveland 0 2 1 0 2 0 0 1 -
Chicago 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Hits: Oft Owen, 7 In four and one-third
Innings; off Walsh, 2 In three and two
thirds Innings. First base on errors: Chi
cago, 2. Two-base hits: Bemls, Bradley,
Tannehlll. Three-base hits: Flick, Bay
(2), Isbell. Sacrifice hits: Holmes, Owen.
Stolen bases: Bradley, Isbell. First base
on balls: Off Donahue, 1; off Owen, 1.
Hit by pitched ball: By Owen, 1. Left on
bases: Cleveland. 2; Chicago, t. Struck
out: By Donahue, 3; by Walsh, 4. Time:
1:30. Vmplre: Connolly.
Boston Wins In Tenth.
BOSTON, July 6. Boston defeated Phil
adelphia 4 to 3 today in ten Innings. Two
singles and Sevbolu's home run scored
Philadelphia's runt,, and long hits gave the
locals three of theirs. Ferris, M. and L.
Cross, Hartzel and Parent made remark
able catches of fiercely hatted drives. Hen
ley weakened toward the end, whilo
Dlneen's effectiveness Increased. Attend
ance, 6.505. Score:
R.H.O.A.E. R.H.O.A.E
Selbarh. rt...
Parent, aa.,.,
Burkett, If...
Stahl, ct
Freeman, lb..
Colin, lb....
Ferrla, 2b....
CriRer, c
Dlnaen. p
1 Hartiel. If... 0
1 1
1 1
1 11
0 1
0 Hoffman, cf.. 1
0 Darla. lb.
0 L.CroM, 3b.,
0 Seybolrt. rf . .
1 Murphy, tb..
1 M.CroKB, aa..
0 S. hre.k, c...
0 Henley, p...
1 1
C 1
0 4
1 3
1 0
Totals 4 I 30 I 1 Totalt 1 728 16 1
One out when winning run was made.
Boston 1 10100000 14
Philadelphia 3 00000000 0-3
Two-base hits: Schreck, Hartzel, Ferris,
Parent (2). Home runs: Seybold, Burkett.
Sacrifice hit: Dineen. Double play: M.
Cross to Davis. First base on balls: Off
Henley, 2; off Dineen, 3. Struck out: By
Henley, 1; by Dineen, 6. Time: 1:45. Um
pires; McCarthy and Kelley.
Detroit Wins Pitchers Battle.
DETROIT. July 6. Detroit came out on
top In a pitchers battle, In which the only
runs came on a base on balls and wild
throw. Attendance, 1,000. Score:
R.H.O.A.E. R.H.O.A.E.
Barrett, cf... 0
Cooley, cf.,.. 0
O' Leary, ss. .. 0
Melntyre, if. . 0
Crawford, rf.. 0
Coughlln, lb.. 0
Schaefer, 2b.. 0
Lindsay, lb... 1
Doran, o 1
Mullln. p 0
0 Rork fleld, 2b 1
0 1
4 Stone, it 0
0 VanZandt, ct. 0
0Frlk. rf 0
0 Wallace, as. . 0
0 Koehler, lb.. 0
0 Uleaaon, 3b. . 0
ORoth, c 0
0 Glade, p 0
0 I
0 I
2 0
0 4
0 10
1 0
1 3
1 0
1 6 24 11 1
Totals 1 4 37 I 0
Detroit 0 0 0 0
St. Louis 1 0 0 0
0 0
0 0
Two-base hit: Melntyre. Sacrifice hits:
Doran (.2), Cooley, Stone, Wallace. Stolen
bases: Frisk (21, Glade, Kockenfield,
Coughlln. First base on balls: Off Mullln,
2; oft Glade. 6. Hit by pitched hall: By
Glade, 1. Balk: Mullln. Struck out: By
Mullln, 3; by Glade, 1. Time: 1:40. Um
pire: Sheridan.
Washington Beats Stw York.
NEW YORK, Julv 5 Outbattlng and out
fielding the New Yorks today Washington
defeated the local team In the final game
of the present series. Attendance, 2,500.
R.H.O.A.E. R.H.O.A.E.
jones, ct I l 1 o o Dousherty If i)
Hill, 3b 1
I 1
1 4
1 1
0 10
0 3
0 3
1 1
0 Keeler. rf.. . . 0
Knoll, If 1
Anderson, rf. 0
MUhl, lb 0
Mullen, lb.... 0
Casaidy, ss. .. 1
Klttrldge, c. 1
Pstten, p 1
1 Elberfeld, ss
0 Williams. 2b
0 Yeager, 3b..
0 Chase, lb....
0 Fulti, cf....
0 Klelnow, c.
0 Hogg, n
0 0
1 15
1 0
1 i
0 0
1 1
1'utiaiann, p.
Tot 111 1 J7 14 I
Washington 5 0 0 0 0 2 0 08
New York 0 U 0 0 0 0 0 0 11
Two-base hits: Jones. Hill. Tl - 'e
hitai Fulta, Knoll. Sacrifice hits: Keeler
Hill. Stolen ua.H.: .u,ufiu, a.... .a.
Double play; Mullln to Cassidy to Stahl.
Hits: Oft Hogg, 4 In one and a half In
ning; off Puttmann, 4 In seven and a half
innings. Left on bases: New York, 7:
Washington, 6. Flrat base on balls: Off
Hogg. 2; off Puttmann, 3; off Patten, 2.
First base on errors: New York, 1; Wash
ington, l. lilt Dy pitched bail: By Hogg,
1; by Patten, 1. Struck out: By Puttmann,
; oy ratten, i. nme
O'Loughlln and Connors.
1:40. Umpires:
Standing; of the Teams,
Played. Won. Lost.
.rji Ki
Cleveland 62 40
Chicago 62 39
Philadelphia 63 38
Detroit 64 31
Boston 58 28
New York 60 26
Washington 63 13
St. Louis 64 23
Games today: Chicago at Cleveland, New
Y'ork at Washington, Boston at Philadel
phia. Hardware Men Skin Neola..
Lee-Glass-Andreesen's base ball team
went to Neola for the Fourth and took the
Iowans lntu camp by the score of 4 to 0,
before one of the largest crowds that the
town ever turned out to see a base ball
game. The principal feature of the game
was the battery work of Saffelder and
Crelghton, only two hits being made oft
Saffelder. Stephany of the Neola team
struck out eight of the hardware men.
Bradford and Lawler each made several
sensational stops of what looked like base
hits. Kred Williams, formerly coach of
the Crelghton team, umpired a good game
and entertained the boys after the game.
L.-G.-A 1 0030000 0-4 71
Neola 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 2 2
Earned runs: Lee-Glass-Andreesens, 1.
Bane on balls: Off Stephany, 6; off Saffel
der, 1. Struck out: By Stephany, S; by
Saffelder, 7. Left on bases: Lee-Glas3An-dreesens,
7; Neola, 2. Batteries: Iee-Glaas-Andreesens,
SafTelder and Crelghton;
Neola, Stephany and Huff. Umpire: Fred
Fort Dodge Takes First Cianta.
MABSHALLTOWN. Ia., July 5 (Special
Telegram.) Fort Dodge defeated the locals
today In the first of the series. Johnson
was hit freely and supported poorly at
critical times. R.H.E.
Marshalltown .00010100 02 6 1
Fort Dodge.... 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 04 10 3
Batteries: Johnson and Bruggeman;
From and Clark. Struck out: By John
son. 5; by From. 7. Bases on balls: Off
Johnson, 1; off From, 3. Two-base hits:
Kedmond, Snyder, From. Umpire; Birrell.
Pender Defeats Thurston,
PENDER. Neb., July 5. (Special.) One
of the entertaining features at the celebra
tion held at our neighboring town of Thurs
ton yesterday was the ball game of a picked
nine at Thurston contesting with Pender
nine. The acore by innings at tho finish
pender 0 1 4 & I 1 0 0 014
Thurston 0 010010002
Batteries: Pender. Godsey and Kelso;
Thurston, Pounds. Peterson and Albaugh.
Dynamiters Wim a Hot One.
The Dynamiters defeated the BInderup
Cigar Factory Fourth of July by a score
of 17 to 13. The feature ot the game was
the hitting of the Dynamiters. Score:
K it E
Dynamiters .51001135 -17 21 3
BInderup 1 1 0 2 3 0 4 1 0-12 B 3
Batteries: Dynamiters, Maizle brothers;
BInderup, Schwart and Col.
The Dynamiters would like to hear from
the Corona Jrs. for a game.
rails tit If Wins In Foarteenth.
FALL8 CITY. Neb., July 6 (Special
Telegram.) July 4 Falls City defeated
Sterling In one of the most exciting games
of the season. Fourteen Innings were
played, resulting in a score of 4 to In
favor of Falls City.
Divide at Bertrand.
BERTRAND. Neb.. July (Special Tele
gram.) Coxad playad a double header at
Bertrand. m-lnnlng the first In ten Innings
by a srore rf 4 to 5 and losing the'sei-ond
(tme to Perrand bv a score of 7 to 3.
Batteries, first game:' Masters and
Musters; Bertrand. Atkinson and Mi
Whirter; second gunie. found. Bainhart
nnd Atkinson; Bertrand, Maaske and Mc-
I.nnlSTllle Wins Roth Contests from
LOUISVILLE. Ky., July 5-ltilsvllle
won both games of a double hender here
today. In the first game Dunkle was a
le to the visitors, while Heldy was
at opportune times. In the second
frame the Im-als butted Bruce all over the
ot. Attendance, .,. Score, first game:
R.H.O.A.E. R.H.O.A.E.
0 110 OCatT. rf 0 0 0 0 0
Woodruff, If
Fulllvan. Jb.
I'lsy. cf
herwln, rf..
Fraithear, 2b
Srolt. lb....
Shaw, c
Uulnlan, si..
Dunkle, p...
10 1 Morafl 1 1 1 1
0 VrCreerv, cf. 1
0 Frlel. lb..,
OThoner, If.
fl Parrell. sb,
QOftteen. lb..
1 Zaiuvkr. c.
1 Reldjr. p....
.. 0
.. 0
.. 4
.. 4
.. 0
Totsls 4 '2 17 It 1 Totals t 7 24 10 0
Louisville 10100200 4
Indianapolis 00020000 02
Two-base hits: Clav, Dunkle. Sacrifice
hit: Shaw. Base on" balls: Oft Reldv, 1.
Struck out: By Dunkle, 4: by Reidy. 1.
Double plays: Sullivan, 8cott and Quin
lan; Brashear and Scott (2). Left on
bases: Ixiulsvllle, 6; Indianapolis, 1. Passed
balls: Zalusky. Time: 1:26. Umpire: Sul
livan. Score, second game:
3 3 10
Woodruff. If.
Sullivan, 3b.
Clay, cf
Kerwin, rf..
Branhear, 2b.
Prott, lb
Shaw, c
Qulnlan, as.,
Stecber, p...
,14 110 rarr,
0 Morsn, ss. . .
0 Slrl reery cf
0 Frlel, lbrf...
OThoney, If...
OFarrell. 2b...
OOftteen. Sb...
0 Zalueky, lb.
0 Weaver, e...
Brace, p
.0 8 0 0 1
It 27 11
1 10 24 17 1
Louisville 0 8 0 0 1 0 2 3 9
Indianapolis 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 12
Two-base hits: Woodruff, Sullivan. Quln
lan, Farrell, Bruce. Three-base hlta: Quln
lan, Kerwin, Clay, Scott, Carr. Home run:
Thoney. Stolen bases: Kerwin, Sullivan,
Carr. Base on balls: Off Bruce, 1. Struck
out: By Stecher. 5; by Bruce, 1. Double
play: Shaw to Qulnlan. Left on bases:
Louisville. 9: Indianapolis, 6. Time: 1:50.
Umpire: Sullivan.
lolnmhus Shuts Out Toledo.
COLUMBUS, July 5. Toledo could not
break up the bunting game which Columbus
played in the fifth Inning, when eight runs
were scored. Attendance, 1,95. Score:
Pickering, cf. 1 3 0
0 Cllngman, ss. 0
114 1
Ilavls. rf.
t Caaaaday, cf..
Congalton, If.
Klhm, lb
Hulawltt, sa..
Wrlgley, 2b..
Barbeau, 3b..
Pierce, c
L-orner, p
0 Gilbert If....
0 Flene, rt
0 Demont, lb..
0 Morlarlty. 8b.
0 Boyle, lb
0 Clark, c
1 It
OKellum, p....
Totals 11 It 37 It
Columbus 0 0 0 0 8
Toledo 0 0 0 0 0
.. I 24 17 I
0 0 8 -U
0 0 0 00
Stolen base: Davis. Sacrifice hits: Con
galton, Hulswltt. First base on balls: Off
Dorner, 1; oft Geyer, 1. Two-base hits:
Klhm, Barbeau. Three-base hit: Pickering.
Double plays: Wrlgley to Klhm; Wrlgley
to Hulswltt to Kihn; Hulswltt to Wrlgley.
Hit by pitched ball: By Pierce, Kellum,
Cllngman. Struck out: By Dorner, 2.
Passed ball: Pierce. Innings pitched: Kel
lum, 5; Geyer, 3. Hits: Off Keluum, 11; oft
Geyer, 6. Time: 1:34. Umpire: Gifford.
Milwaukee Bats Out Victory,
MILWAUKEE, July 5 With the score 6
to 0 against them In the fifth, Milwaukee
batted Frantz for five hits. Including a
home run, which gave them seven runs.
With the bases full Wolfe hit to center
field for four bases. McKay relieved
Hickey after the third Inning and In the
re ma
i Donohue was benched for Insulting
srks to Umpire King, and Frantz tooK
his place at third. Isbell pitched the re
malnder of the gam. Attendance, 1,294.
R.H.O.A.K. R.H.O.A.E.
Robinson, ss. 1
1 Caatro. rf.
1110 0
O'Neill, If.... 1
Hemphill, cf. 1
Batenian, rf . . I
Beville, C... 0
Wolfe, e 1
Clark, 3b 0
O'Brien, lb... 1
MVh'en'y, 2b 1
Hlrkey, p 0
McKay, p.... 0
Uoodw'ln .... 0
0 Donohue, 3b..
0 labell, p
0 Maasey, lb. ..
0 Butler, e
0 Frants, p-3b..
1 Nancs, If
i o o s i
0 0 111
0 0 11 0 1
110 10
0 10 0 0
0 0 111
1 13
0 Bonner, lb..
1 0
0 0
0 1
0 .0
harlee. cf... 1 3 1 0 0
0 Downey, sa... 0 0 1 1 2
a Sloner 0 1 0 0 0
- Totala 4 10 24 14 T
Totals t 12 27 14
Batted for ltlckey In the third.
Batted for Isbell In ninth.
Milwaukee 0 0 0 0 7 0 2 0 9
Kansas City 2 0310000 06
Hits: Off Hickey, 5 In three Innings; oft
McKay, 6 In six Innings; off Frantz, g In
five Innings; off Isbell, 4 In four innings.
Two-base ht: Clark. Three-base hits:
Hemphill, Castro. Home run: Wolfe.
Stolen bases: Robinson, Donahue, Massey,
Butler. liases on balls: Oft Hickey, 1; oft
McKay, 1. Hit by pitched ball: Bonner.
Passed ball: Butler. Struck out: By Hickey
2; by McKay, 3; by Frantz. 2: by Isbell. l.
Double plays: Robinson to O'Brien; Robin
son to O'Brien to Clark; Bonner to Maa
sey. Sacrifice lilts: McKay, Donohue
Downey. iett on bases: Milwaukee. 6;
Kansas City, 9. Time: 1:35. Umpire: King.
Games Postponed.
At Mirneapolis Bt. Paul-Minneapolis
game postponed; rain.
Sta-ndlnaT of the Teams,
1 Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Minneapolis 71 45 26 . 634
Columbus 74 45 29 . 608
Milwaukee 72 43 29 . 57
Indianapolis 71 35 3 4n
St. Paul 71 35 8 .4H3
lxulsvllle 75 34 41 .463
Kansas City 71 26 45 .36
Toledo . 71 25 46 . 361
Games today: Toledo at Columbus. In
dlanapolis at Louisville, Kansas City at
luiiiauRcc, 01. rftui Ml JKllIineupollS,
Las Angellno Wlna tt4 Mile Race
from Bountiful.
DENVER, July 6. Overland Park results:
First race, tour and a half furlongs:
May J norne w on, Angelic second, Moke
iniru. lime: u:ooa.
mihho race, nine: las Angellno won,
nuuiiuiui orcuiiu, xeua mil inira. Time:
Third race, six furlonsra: Dora T wnn
David Boland second, Procrastinate third!
lime: i:u'.
Fourth race, five furlongs: Mary Prim
rose won, larbaDy second, Hondoo third
Time: 1:22.
fifth race, five and a half furlongs:
jai.eway won. jacK Adams second, Hon
tank Trilby third. Time: LOSi.
nixin race, nve furlongs: Atoka won.
companion secona, uou Merville third.
Time: 1:01.
Fred Ross of Denver Has Keek Broken
In Prise Fight.
ABERDEEN. Wash., July B Fred Ross.
who was. knocked out by Jack Donnelly
In the sixteenth round of a prize fight on
Monday night. Is dead. His neck was dis
located and a blood clot gathered on the
brain. Donnelly Is from St. Louis and Ross
Is from Denver. The coroner has ordered
me arreai oi j-ronneuy.
West Point Juniors Win.
WEST POINT, Neb.. July 5. (flpecial.)-
a very exciting game ot nan was played
here yesterday at the Sherman park be
tween the West Point Reds and the local
Juniors. It resulted in a score of 5 to 2 in
favor of the Juniors. Batteries: Reds, Wag
ner and Zacek; Juniors, Neligh and Kuhle.
On this occasion the clubs donned their
new uniforms. A large crowd was in at
Korth Nebraska Rare Meet.
NORFOLK. Neb July 5 (Special.) The
speed program for the north Nebraska race
circuit has been Issued, giving the dates
and places for the several racing meets In
this section of the state as follows: Battle
creeK. August 30 to September 1. T. M.
Morris secretary; btanton, September S to
8, . 11. liyiana secretary; Neligh, Sep
How UitbeNvR
world can any
cigar be worth more l
I than 10c aa long aa a
Banquet Hall la sold
at that price. Ask
your tobac
conist. CIGARS
temher 1.7 to 15. W. W. Cole secretary:
reignton. S.-ptetuber 21 to 1, T. J. Buck
master secretary; Madison. September i'7
to 2S J. 1. Kyiicars'Ui secretary. It Is
r ported that nil of the trucks are in good
shape and that there is every prospect for
developing the circuit Into one of the
strongest of the northwest. A largo num
ber of rapid animals have been heHrd from
already as Intending to enter and It Is
believed that the record In this portion of
Nebraska may bo broken.
l.rander Boat Cresv Defeata Philadel
phia, Doners al Henley.
LONDON. July 5. The I-eandors defeated
the Vesers of Philadelphia in the second
heat for the grand challenge cup. The
Englishmen won by a length. Time, 7
Miniuirx, i eecona.
The weather clerk provided splendid
weather for the keenly anticipated strug
gle between the Vespers and the lenders.
This was the first race of the day nnd
the widespread Interest taken In it w.m
evidenced by the great crowds which
thronged all the vantage points along the
course and congregated In the vicinity of
the winning post lone; before the hour for
the tart. The Piiiladelplilans arrived at
the boat house at ln:i. all tit and full of
go. They launched their boat and set oft
on a paddle at 11:46 amidst encouraging
shouts from a hlg gathering of their com
patriots and the friendly cheers of tho
Hritlsn. I he laht breeze toward the
Bucks shore gave the I-eandcrs. who )ia:t
the Berkshire side, a little advantage of
position. The Americans shortly before tho
time set for the race rowed un to the
starting line, but the Ieanders- shell was
Drought up by the outsiders, the British
crew driving up to the starting point in
carriages and embarking thence.
in tne second heat of the semi-finals for
the grand challenge cup the Belgians beat
the London Bowing cluh by three lengths.
Time, 7 minutes, :'o seconds.
As the boats came up to the line prepar
atory to the start, the British oarsmen
seemed the more composed of the two
crews. The boats got away together, but
the nervousness of the Phliadelphlnns waa
shown in the splashing which marked their
nrst nair nozen strokes. The Leanders
started with a stroke of 41 to the minute
and the Vespers with 39. The nose of the
British craft forged slightly to the front,
but' there was not much to choose be
tween them when thev niused Temnln
Island In ihe record time of 47 seconds.
The Phlladelphlans. however, soon beenn
to give signs that the hard work was tell
ing on them. The Ieanders dropped their
stroke to 37, but the Vespers could not di
minish the lead of a half length which tlie
home crew had already obtained. This
was increased to a full length. When three-
quarters or a mile had been covered the
Leand?rs slowly dropped their stroke to
34, but they maintained a safe lead. In
the last quarter the Vespers made a des
perate spurt and Exley quickened his
stroke rapidly. The Americans responded
and their boat gradually forged up until
only three-quarters of a length separated
the two prows. The effort, however, was
futile. The Ix-anders had plenty in hand..
They responded to the spurt of their op
ponents nnd passed tho winning post a
full length in front. Both crews finished
Coax wain Abel! of the Vespers said to a
representative of the Associated Press after
the race:
'We lost to a superior crew. W did all
we could. The race was no runaway and
It must he remembered that we were de
feated by the pick of all England. Still I
believe that If the Leanders had raced up
In Philadelphia we would have had a
length to our good Instead of to their
French DrlTer Leads at End of Auto,
mobile Rare at Lasehampa.
LASCHAMPS, France, July 5. The In
ternational automobile race for the James
Gordon Bennett cup started at 6 o'clock
this morning. Thery, the French cham
pion, was the first off. followed by tho
eighteen contestants, Including three Amer
icans. A great crowd, Including Minister
of Commerce Clementel and General Bru
gere, the commander of the French army,
witnessed the start and gave the con
testants an enthusiastic greeting as they
thundered past. The day opened threaten
ing and the stands presented a desolate
appearance after the hurricane of yester
day, which stripped off the decorations,
awnings and flags. The crowds began to
arrive before daylight. A formidable force
of military, composed of five regiments of
Infantry and three regiments of artillery,
cleared the track at 6:30 a. m.
Thery received an ovation when he ap
peared, and tho Americans were also
warmly applauded. The three American
machines were painted rod, the French
blue; the English green, the German white,
the Italian black and the Austrian vellow.
The crowd Increased as the hour for the
start approached, many automobile parties.
Including Americans, lielng among the
throngs. The huge machines quivered and
snorted while awnitlng the moment of de
parture. At exactly 6 o'clock Thery shot
off amid loud cheers, the other contestants
fc.00 ST-
nill V $K. 00 JULY
ii uijli r
Tickets limited to 10 days on sale July 3-4-5' ...:.,....156.00
Tickets limited to 30or60 days on sale July 1 to 5 (Sn") $1 0.75
Company's Offices: 1401-1403 Farnam Street and Union Station
.. A. KUHN. A. C. F.
$5.00 July 6-7; limit 5 days.
$6.00 July 3-4-?; limit 10 days.
$10.75 July 1-2-5-4-5; limit 30 days with privilege of
extension 30 days, via Illinois Central Railroad Company. For
particulars. 1402 Farnam street.
following In order and time aa follows:
K.arp. English, 6 Jenatiy, German, :
ljimia, Italv, If.: Braun, Austria. :20;
I tie, United Ptnfes. ; Calllols. France,
Rolls. England. De Caters. Ger
manv. 0:4"; Cagno. Italy. 4J-4R: Hyeronimus,
Austria. SO; IMnglcv, United States, J fco;
Durav. France, 7; Bernnchl England. 7:06;
Wesner, Gernmnv, 7:10; Nnzzarl, Italv, 7:15;
Birton, Austria, 7:30; Tracy, United States,
Soon after the start Jnnetay, the German
champion, suffered a delay of twenty min
utes, which threatened to put him otit of
the race. Therv finished the first lap. about
eighty-seven tulles, at 7:41 a. m. elapsed
lime, one hour and forty-one minutes.
I.nncla made the first lap In one hour and
thirty-five minutes, showing faster time
than Therv.
M. Therv. the French champion antomo-
bllist. won the race, finishing the fourth
nnd Inst lap In seven hours and ten minutes
elapsed time. He received a tremendous
Large tin
llery Watches
the Matehea,
and Cheers
The following are the results of play In
the first round of the handicap tennis tour
nament In doubles as played at the Field
club last evening:
Mead and Dufrene defeated Kennard and
Wernher, 6-4 and 6-2.
Patterson and Ralney won by default
from Battln and Sunderland.
Collett nnd Martin defeated Totter broth
ers, 6-1 and 6-1.
Dinning and Pollard defeated Collett and
Martin. 4-6 and 7-6.
Schneider and Hughes won by default
from Young nnd Caldwell.
The matches attracted a largn and en
thusiastic gallery. Play will continue to
night, commencing promptly at 6 o'clock.
Americans Lose In Maamlfleent Exhi
bition of Lawn Tennla Play Ins;.
LONDON, July B. Reals C. Wright and
Holcombe Ward retired today from the
all-England doubles tennis championship,
only after what was conceded to be the
most magnificent exhibition of lawn tennis
ever seen at Wimbledon. 8. H. Smith, the
Welsh champion, and Frank Ia Rlseley,
IT IS SAID THAT A DROWNINO MAN will grasp at a straw. How
many weak, nervous, drowning, sinking men are grasping as straws today to
get cured of their ailments (diseases), which are dragging them down to (lie
bottom tit the sea of despair and misery? Why not awaken to tho realization
of tho fact today that boasting promises of quick cures, misleading atatements
and unbusinesslike propositions to the afflicted are but straws that will sink
you deeper and deeper Into tho sea of despair? As for others, let them grasp
at straws, but you, who are In need of substantial medical aid, go to Honest,
Skillful, True Specialists, who will not deceive you with any false promises,
but will save you and restore you to perfect health, strength and vigor, and
place you safely within the boundary line of prosperity and enjoyment of life.
We do not wish to be compared or classified with mushroom medical fakes
that spring up all over the country. Wo have In our day Been hundreds of
these rise and fall into oblivion. We cure:
Vital Weakness, Stricture, Varicocele, Nervo Sexual
Debility, Blttod Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Kindred Diseases,
CINES, WORTHLESS BELTS, ETC. OUR education, our experience,
par reputation, condemn all sach quackery. We will make yon NO
KNOWING IT WILL TAKE LONGER, aa we promise nothing; bat what
we can do, and always do what we promise.
If you
Offloe Hour
1308 Parnam St, Batwoan 13th and 14th Straeta, Omaha, Nab.
6 AND 7
& P. A.
one of the let erprmenta cf twrtnla H
Kngland, their opponen'. r'ared at tt a
form, fcunlth's driving being especially bij-
In the first set the Americans s'.mp'r
smothered tha Britishers, but the- e.:T -t
seemed to tire them and they lost tha s ,-.
ond nnd third Sets by HI Judged play, 1
"fireworks" began In the fourth set, mi-,.,
Wright commenced to p'ny the iani or 1 '4
life, ablv assisted by Ward. The Anie i
enna won the first four games, with :
Britishers contesting every point. : ,
the first plav at the end the Britu: .
finally got the upper hand and touk t..
"The scor was J-ft, ft-8, 6-2, P-T.
In the handicap bowling tournament -
night Denman and Potter bowled one ot t .
highest series of tho tourney, hitting t1 ..
pins for 1.S97.
The teams scheduled for tonight
Fnrscutt and Brunke. Molyncaux un l (1 .
Rice and Walens. Tonneman and t'hutvi- i.
Ist night's scoret
Tot. Hdtv T
Weymuller 1M l? 14 1M l"- W'l
Rasmussen 16S ISO 191 149 142 S15
Totals... J45 362 3 275 W.
Bengelo ....159 173 215 177 167- S01
Zimmerman 173 172 165 19S 162 870
Totals. . .332 345 3S0 375 329-1761
Penman ,...2C3 191 160 2oo 163- 5M6
Potter ...11) 171 215 193 llC- 9M
Totals. ..403 362 84 393 355 IStf
120 iv
0 v.-
2 v ,
5 .;
0 4 i
0 : i
0 lv.J
Deeatnr Wlna Two from Herman.
DECATUR, Neb., July B. tSpeclul Tele
gram.) The Decatur base ball team w, n
two games from tha Herman team tl is
afternoon. The score In the first g;ime .1
3 to 2. Batteries: Decatur, Page and Mat
ney: Herman, Beser and West. The sc r.
In the second game was 7 to 2. Btterlei
Decntur. Irsllo and Greenj Herman, Bescr
and West.
Fillmore and Carey Matched.
DES MOINES, July 6, (Special. )-Pnj
Fillmore of South Omaha today sign. , I
an agreement to meet Jack Carey, tl
Montana cowboy, In a wrestling match in
this city, July 1.1. The purse la for $l,0tO
for two out of three falls.
cannot call writa
for symptom blank.
ft a, m. to p. rn.
Sundays, 10 to 1 only.
'UiJ run uuul.ej
C. F. WEST, Gen. Agt. P. D.
- V
1 "mM irDlT "' j M
Rt ItI I"fi it! tat
mmd mm is