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Three Single tnd Fan in Fur!enth la
ning Lands the Winning Bun.
Xelther side Able to ;et a Man fltfr
the Pan (ram I lie Seventh I ntll
the Last Half of the
OES MOINES. July 3 Caffyn s sinKl
1 1 h nnB men nut fi rwl t on MP. In
the fourteenth Inning win one of the best
and hardest fotiKht Karnes nf the "fasnn
here today. Llehhart and I.clfleld were.
fitted ntralnst each other and both pitched '
Itreat ball. Llehhnrt was wild, but was
harder to hit an the Rame progressed, and
steadied down wonderfully. I.eltirld per
mitted but three hits until the eighth ln
ninft. Oanley after walkitiK to first In the first
Scored on Rossmnn's slniflc. In the next
lnnln? St. Joseph tied the score, FlemlnK
hitting a slow one to KliuRart. who threw
wild to first In his haste. Qulllln sacrl
fleed and Zlnran hit for two bases, scor
ing FlemlnK. Then followed a lonK list
of nothings, when Des Moines scored In
the seventh, Flske and Rossman crossing
the plate on Wakefield's single, fit. Joseph
tied the score In the eighth on McNIchoIs
error, Brhllz's two-saoker and singles by
Andrews and I)ouglas. There was no
farther scoring until' the fourteenth.
Jlogrlever walked, so did Flske, Hossman
fanned and Wakefield singled, then Caf
fyo's single brought In the run. At
tendance, 2no. Score:
l)K8 MIltNK.D.
it H o a r.
fianlv. rf... 1 0 3 n rnlllnn. rf
Hngriever, rf 1 3 0 o N ,v rf
Flk. I 1 2 7 1 Kftihfm, r lb. 1 4 14 1 1 Srhll. 2h
WakefTM. e . I 2 S 0 liAmltow., .1'
o ii o o o
0 t o n o
1 n l o n
12 4 1"
(I I t
0 t SO 0
10 2 0
0 12 9
o i a a
0 3 1 10
faftvn. If ... 0 ! 2
fhiiaart, !b . I ! I
H'Mrh'li, 3b 0 0 2
LelflH'i, p .. 0 0 0
0 n inintlan. lb
4 1 Kli-niiiiK. If
2 1 Uolllln. aa.
5 0 Zinran. c. .
LI tihart, p
J oiaiB 4 11 Vt 13 3
Totals 3 12 40 31' 1
One out when winning score was made.
Llehhnrt hunted third strike. guillln !
hit by baited bull. I
lies Moines 10000020000(10 14 I
Bt. Joseph 0 1 0 0 (10 0 2 0 0 0(10 03
Two-base hits: Ki hllz, (.Juillin, Rossman.
Double plays: Flske to Khugart to Ross
man; Flske to McNtehols. Hases on halls:
Cut Mehhart, 11 oft l.eifield, 1. Hit by
pitched ball. Hv l.iehhart, 1; by Lelilelil,
1. Htuiek out: Hy Lichhurt, ti; by Leilleld,
8. Time of game: 2:06. I'nipire: Car
uthers. Itenver's Free lth Stick.
COLORAHO SRRINCS, July 3. With his
pistol pocket full of powdered rosin Mr.
Stlmmell tried to tighten up on the Griz
llles today, but the cubs refused to be
cornered, winning the game by a scors
of !i to 3. The story of how tno visitors
won the grime Is told by u glance at the
base hit column. The Grizzlies made eigh
teen hits and the Orphans three, mid this
unequal division caused all the trouble in
the ball yard. Vollendorf was Invincible
and until he eased up In the eighth only
one single had been made off his delivery.
For live innings the Orphans could not
get a man past second, and one hit by
Bchrlver represented the local athletes'
stick work. I'enncll made the circuit in
the sixth without a hit. He sent a slow
grounder to I'errlne, who shot the ball so
hard to Hayes that the latter dropped 1t,
I'ennell going to second. He went to third
on an out and scored when SIsler threw
wide to Hartzell. With one out In the
eighth Pennell singled and took second on
a passed ball. Cook was hit, IVlehanty
singled, scoring 1'ennell and sending Cook
to third, and lie scored on Ferrine's error
on Shrlver's grounder. Attendance, 3o0.
Score :
R.H.O.A K. R.H.O.A.E.
McHle. cf... 2
2 2 0 o Pennell. If.... 2
2 0 2 0 Cook rf 1
2 3 0 0 Knabe. 2b ... 0
2 4 0 0 Ilrlehnnty. 3b 0
Hartzell. .lb.. 1
KiiniUll, rf... t
Ilulden. It.... 2
Perrlne. 3b... 1
Hoeik'ter, aa 0
Evrltt, lb... 0
Hyrs. lb ... 1
dialer, r 0
Vollendorf, p t
0 1
0 0
1 4
12 11 Si'hrlver. lb. . 0 1 14 I 1
2 3 1 Mutt, rf 0 0 10 0
2 4 10 MrMltt, c... 0
2 4 0 1 Hail-r. u 0
0 6 0 1 Comp'nlon, p 0
3 0 0 0 Sllnimrll, p.. 0
0 1
0 0
0 0
Totala 18 27 4 Totala 3 t 27 14 2
Denver 3 0 0 0 2 3 1 0 09
Colorado Springs... 000001020 3
Stolen bases- Mcllale, Hnrtzell (2), Ran
dall, Hayes, Pennell. Passed ball: SIsler.
First base on balls: Off Companion, 2;
off Stlmtncll, 2; off Vollendorf. 2. Struck
out: Ry Companion, 1; by Stlmmell, 4;
by Vollendorf, 5. Ift on bases: Denver,
11; Colorado Springs. B. First base on
errors: Denver 1; Colorado Springs. 2.
Famed runs: Denver, 3. Two-base hits:
Vollendorf. Relden, I'errlne. Wild pitch :
Stlmmell, Vollendorf. Hit with pitched ball:
Mott. Cook. Sacrifice hits: Hartzell, Ran
dall, Houlskoettcr. Time: 1:45. Umpire:
Postponed Games.
At Sioux City-Sioux City-Omaha gamo
postponed; wet grounds.
Standlnv of the Tennis.
Played. Won. Lost
Des Moines to 37 19
Denver i;o 3ii 24
Sioux City 57 34 23
Omaha M Z 27
St. Joseph 57 IS 39
Colorado Springs .. 58 IS 40
Games today: Sioux City at Omaha; St.
Joseph at Des Moines; Denver at Colorado
Sioux City to Piny Short Series Here
with the Champions.
Rain prevented the game at Sioux City
yesterday, and the Iioui Re family was com
pelled to leave the Iowa town one faille
to the bad. No one down here doubts that
McCloskey would have won and made it
an even break on the trip, but that Is all
put aside now; The Sioux City team has
been the stumbling block for the Cham
pions all season, as op to date Omaha has
only won one game from the Packers.
This morning they will begin a series of
four at Vinton park, after which Omaha
goes to Colorado for a whirl at the Moun
taineers again. The team has been doing
very well of late, having won six out of
the last nine games played, which Is about
as good as could be asked. Rrown. the
new man at first, Is showing up In splendid
form, and when ho gets settled Into his
battlnii stride will be found of value. The
rest of the team Is playing tine ball, and
with the hustling Sioux for opponents ought
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it "D a XT 11 aa
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tie the product of the most
cigar masers or the day. It's a
tastes run to extravagantly priced
10 ctnts at your
en Bros. Co. f
siara I llfil A
to give two fine exhibitions at Vinton park
toil i
If tlie schedule Is not Interfered with by
the weather, tie first game today will be
railed at 1" .To this nmrnlne. and It Is the
piim that M-Cl'ickey will pitch. The after
loon game will be called at the regular
time. If the ground are ton wet to piay
on this morning a douMe-hcailer will tie
played this afternoon for one admission,
the first game bring called at 2:H'. This
will afford an exullent program for the
day ami will rive Met ioskey and I'tlester
a 'chance to diipllcnte last Sunday's per
formance. Wednesday and Thursday Sioux
i'y will also play, and on Friday Ies
Moines will stop here to play off the tie
game nf a rnuple of we. ks ago. Then
Omaha's off to penvir for a turn at the
Orizzllcs. The teams:
Om.-.ha. Slmix City.
Urown First Htarnagle
Martin Sfcond Weed
Schlpke Third Shechan
liolan Short Newton
Thell ,eft O'Har
Welch Center Noblit
Carter Ulght Fulslfer
1-rei se Catch Rrown
(tondlng Catch Baerwald
l'feter IMtch Jarott
uU k Pitch Hatch
Sunders T'ltch Cadwallader
McClosky I'ltch Newlin
I'lttnharK W ins lose Contest from
I'lTTSRl'Ra, July 3--Tbree hits assisted
bv an error gave Cincinnati the lead In
the third Inning and l'ittshurg had hard
work to overcome it. Doth pitchers did
good work and for the nst pnrt were
given good support. Attendance, 4,UM).
R.H.O.A E. R.H.O.A.B.
Clvmr. rf... 1 1 1 0 0 HiKfln. lb.. 1 0 14 1
tiarkc. If 1 I
Fautnont. cf 1 0
WaKiirr, BS... 0 t
Hnari, lb.. 0 1
Mi Hnrt-, 3b.. 0 0
Km hey. 2b . 0 1
t'nt. c 0 0
arrlsh, c 0 1
Lynch p 0 0
10 0 Birrr. lb.... 1 l ll l i
10 0 Onwvll. If.... 1110
6 10 Seymour, cf.. 0 1 1 0 0
T 1 0 Corcoran. 0 0 I 1 0
10 2 Srbrlrg. rf . . 0 1 0 0 0
0 10 strlnlrldt, 3b 0 1 4 0
13 0 Krhlrl. c 0 1 6 1 1
TOO Harper, p... 0 0 0 1 1
Total! I 6 24 13 1
TntalF 4 27 It 2
Flushing 20001010 4
Cincinnati 00300000 03
Two-base hit: Seymour. Sacrifice hit:
Schlel. Stolen bases: Wagner, Hugglns.
Double plays: Feltz. Howard and Wagner;
Corcoran, Schlel and Harry. First base on
balls: Off l.vnch, 6; off Harper, 3. Hit by
pitched ball: McHride. Struct, ut: liy
l.vnch, 7; bv Harper, 3. 1'assed ball:
Schlel. Time: 2:"o. Umpires: King and
lew York Wins Knsy Victory.
scored an easy victory over Philadelphia
today.' Dahlen was piit out of the r,ame
In the ninth Inning for disputing wKh the
umpire and Manager Duff y i nd McOmw
and Catcher ltresnahan were ordered off
the grounds for shouting from .he tench.
Attendance, 13.i!2. Score:
R.H.O A E. R.H.O.A.E.
Browne, rf..
ponltn, cf...
MrOann, lb.
0 0 2 0 OThnmaa, cf... 1 1 3 0 0
2 2 110 Olcasnn. 2b . 0 3 1 6 0
114 10 Courtnfy. 3b. 0 11
0 0
Mxrtpa, If 2
Dahlen, sr. .t. 0
la-vlln. 3b ... 1
Strans. 2b-aa. 1
IJowcrman, c. 1
Taylor, p 1
Gilbert 2b... 0
3 2 0 0 Tlttm. rf 0 1 2 0 1
2 6 4 0 Magee. If.... 0 2 1 0 0
0 12 1 llranaflrld. lb 0 1 12 1 0
0 2 2 0 Poolln, bb 0 0 1 3 0
2 8 10 Ilooln. c 0 0 t 1 0
10 10 A Mint t, c 0 1 2 0 0
0 0 0 Olorrlilon. p. ..0 0 1 2 1
Totala 11 2T 12 1 Totals 1 10 27 12 2
New York 2 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 1-9
Philadelphia 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Left on bases: New York, 6; Philadelphia,
6. Stolen bases: Mertes (21. Dahlen, Dev
lin. Two-base hits: Mertes (2), Abbott.
Douhle plays: Dahlen and Motiann; Dah
len. Strang and McOann. Struck out: Ry
Corrldon, 5; bv Tavlor, 6. Rases on balls:
Off Corrldon, 4. Time: 2:00. Umpire: Kms
lle. Brooklyn Wins In .Ninth.
RROOKLYN. July 3. On the eve of the
Fourth the Rrooklyn team put up a pyro
technlcal final to the game today with
Huston and won In the ninth Inning, 2 to
1. Attendance, 2,tX. Score:
R.H.O.A.E. U.H.O.A.E
Pobba. cf..
Hall. If...
Lumlev, rf
Hatch. 3b.
Malay, 2b.
.. 2
2 0
1 6
1 0
1 0
0 0 Ab'tlchlo, aa. 0 1 3 3 0
0 0 Tenncy, lb... 1 2 11 2 0
0 0 Pnlan, rf 0 1 2 0 0
0 1 Hrlahanty, If 0 1 1 0 0
2 0 Wnlvcrfn. 3b 0 1 0 3 0
4 0 Canncll, cf . .. 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 Raymrr, 2b. .. 0 2 1 3 0
1 0 Moran, c 0 0 6 3 0
2 0 YVllltl. p 0 2 2 1 0
.. 0
.. 0
.. 0
.. 0
0 4
lwtn. s 0 13
(icKslrr. lb... 0 1 11
Hcraer, o 0
tHrii klelt. p. 0
0 3
0 0
Totala I T 27 15 1 Totala 1 1026 14 0
Rrooklyn 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 12
Borton 00000100 0-1
One out when winning run was made.
Two-base hits: Wolverton, Dohbs. Sacri
fice hits: Dolan, Hall. Stolen bases: Dela
hanty, Raymer. Left on bases: Boston, 6;
Rrooklyn, 4. First on balls: Off Strlck
lett. 1; off Willis. 1. Struck out: Ry
Strlcklett, 2: by Willis, 6. Time: 1:50.
Umpire: Johnstone.
Standing: of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
New York tW 49 13 .721
Philadelphia 65 39 2 ,6"0
Pittsburg 6S 41 27 .o3
Chicago W 40 2S .WS
Cincinnati 66 35 31 .530
St. Louis 67 25 42 .373
Roston 66 20 46 . 33
Rrooklyn 68 19 49 .279
Games today: Boston at Brooklyn, New
York at Philadelphia. Cincinnati at Pitts
burg, St. Louis at Chicago.
Walioo Defeats Fremont.
WAHOO, Neb., July 3.-(Special.)-The
Wahoo base ball team went to Fremont
yesterday and defeated the crack Fremont
nine, 8 to 3. The feature of the game was
the home run of Slmodynes for Wahoo
when the bases were full. Leach, who had
not lost a game this year, was batted for
thirteen hits. The Wahoo boys played an
errorless game. This makes a game for
each team this year, both having been
played on the Fremont grounds, and the
game there the Fourth will be hotly con
tested. Score: R.H.E.
Wahoo 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 6 1 8 13 0
Fremont 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 3 10 3
Struck out: By Yarmon, 3; by Anderson,
1; by Leach, 3. Batteries: Wahoo, Yarmon,
Anderson and Johnson; Fremont, Iacli
and Shean. Home runs: Slmodynes, Leach.
Dynamiters Beat Reapers.
The Dynamiters defeated the Reapers
Sunday afternoon. 6 to 1. The feature of
the game was the fielding of Silk. The
Reapers got but four hits off of Mazzel.
The battery for the Dynamiters was the
Mazzel brothers and for the Reapers Brown
and Smith. The Dynamiters and the
Binderup cigar factory team will play this
morning at their grounds, Eighth and Dav
enport streets!
Ball Players Arrested.
FREMONT. Neb., July 3. (Special.! The
Fremont base ball players were arrested
today on a complaint filed by Mrs. Frances
Beverldge. charging them with playing bill
on Sunday. The team appeared In county
court this afternoon and asked for a con
tinuance to July 5. After consultation with
successful tobacco growers and
cigar intended for men whose
imported goods.
M. Foster 4 Co.
Naw York
their attorneys they decided to waive pre
liminary examination and they were bound
over to the ditrlct court for trial, bail
hinar fixed at !' each, which they gave.
The case will b" tried at the November
term of court.
Roston Rents n'sahtnstns by Con-
erntlTe lilts and fiood Kleldlna.
BOSTON. July 3 The home team today
defeated Washington 6 to 2 bv consecutive
hitting and brilliant Melding Misunder
stood battery signals account for CngiT's
passed halls ami Washington's runs. At
tendance, 7.0H6. Score:
Boston. Washington.
R.H.O.A E R.H.O.A t.
ft'Iba-h. rf... 1 1 1 1 OJmin rf 0 1 3 1 0
Tarfnt. M ...0 1 2 I 1 Hill. 'Sh 0 12 2 0
liuiliit. lf...O 10 0 OJStahl. lb...0 0 7 1 0
C Siahl. rf .. 0 0 I 0 0 rf. 0 0 5 0 0
(irlnuhaw. lb 1 2 14 0 I lhi.!min. It. 0 0 2 0 0
( nlllna. 3h .. 0 1 0 f OMtillon. :h...l 112 0
t'r.aiaub. 2b. 1 1 2 2 0 i.Mr. an ... 1 0 1 I 0
UT, r 1 16 1 OKIitriitse, c .O 0 1 1 1
Wintrr, p.... 2 2 0 1 0 Townsnd. p. 0 1 0 I 0
Totala 10 27 1J 2 Totala 2 4 24 11 1
Boston n 4 0 0 2 0 0 0 6
Washington 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 02
Two-base hits: I nglaub, Crlger, Town
send. Sacrifice hit: Collins. Stolen base;
Winter. Double play: Hill to Mullen to
J. Stahl. First base on balls: Off Town
s. nd. 2. Struck out: Ry Townsend, 10; by
Winter, 6. Passed t ails: Ci iger i2. Time:
1:23. Umpires: Kellcy and McCarthy.
New York Stints tints Phlladelnhla.
NKW YORK, July 3. New York shut out
Philadelphia In the final game of the pres
ent series here today. The visitors at all
times were at the mercy of Orth and only
one of them reached second base. At
tendance, 6,000. Score:
R.H.O.A.E. R.H.O.A E.
Pouahsrtr. If 1 I I 0 0 Hartsel, If... 0 0 ' 0
Koclrr rf.... 1 1 0 0 Hoffman cf.. 0 0 I 0 0
Elbrrfpld, M- 0 14 8 1 Ilala, lb 0 0 10 2 0
Wllllami, ib.0 M I 0 ( rum. 2b 0 0 2 1 0
rhaae. lb 0 110 0 Rpybolil. rf...O 0 4 0 0
Yrastir, lb.... 1 110 0 Murphy, 2b.. 0 10 10
rulta, cf 110 0 Knltht. aa...0 110 1
Mi'Uulrs, e... 0 0 6 0 0 Hnr'.un. c 0 1 I 0 0
Orth, p 0 0 1 i OKi hrrrk, c ... 0 0 1 1 0
Hcnlpy, p....O 0 0 4 0
Total! I 10 27 11 1 Lord 0 0 0 0 0
Totala 0 1 24 13 1
Ratted for Henley In the ninth.
New York 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 3
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hit: Dougherty. Three-base
hit: Dougherty. Sacrifice bits: Keeler. Kl
berfeld, Harton. Stolen base: Klberfcld.
Double play: Williams to Klberfeld to
Chase. Deft on bases: New York, t; Phila
delphia,, 2. First base on balls: Off Hen
ley, 1. First base on errors: New York,
1: Philadelphia, 1. Struck out: By Henley,
3; by Orth, 5. Time: 1:45. Umpires:
O'Doughlln and Connor.
flames Postponed.
ST. IX5UIS. July 3. The game scheduled
rnr today between the St. Douls and Cleve
land American league teams was postponed
In order to permit of both teams arriving
In Detroit and Cleveland, respectively. In
time for tomorrow morning's games.
Standlnw nf the Teams.
Played. Won. Dost. Pet.
Cleveland 69 38 21 .644
Chicago 59 3S 21 .644
Philadelphia 60 S6 24 .turn
Roston 55 27 2S .4!1
Detroit 61 29 32 .475
New York 67 24 33 .421
Washington SO 22 3S .367
St. Louis 61 22 39 .301
Games today: Chicago at Cleveland, St.
Ixiuls at Detroit, Washington at New York,
Philadelphia at Boston.
I.onlsrllle Bats Hart Hard and
Easily Defeats Colombo.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., July 3.-Loulsvllle
batted Hart hard today and made It three
out of four. Attendance, 1.200. Score:
R.H.O.A.E. H.H.O.A.K.
WoodrutT, 3b. 2 1 4 4 0 Pickering, cf. 0 u 0 0
Sullivan, lb.. 2 2 11
(lay, cf 2 3 2
0 0 Davla. n 0 1 2 0 0
1 llongulton, If. 0 1 0 0 0
Kuwin. rf... 0 0
1 V Klnin. lb 0 1 12 0 0
Urahr, 2b. 1 0 3 IHuiawlu, aa .O 1 1
Montg'm'y, If 0 2
0 0 0 Wrisley, 2b.. 0 0 I
10 0 barurau, 3b.. 1 0 4
2 3 2 Pierre, c 1 2 4
0 2 0 Hart, p 0 2 0
SQaw, c 0 0
uuiulan, aa. .. 1 1
blether, p. ... 0 1
Totala I 10 27 14 4 Totala 2 27 13 1
Louisville 3 0 2 0 0 3 0 0 0-
Columbus o 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 02
Two-base hits: Montgomery (2), Sullivan
Three-base hits: Sullivan, Clay. Stolen
bases: Woodruff (2), Clay (2. Sacrifice
hit: Kerwin. Double plays: vjulnlan to
Rrashear to Sullivan; Woouruff to Brashear
to Sullivan. Left on bases: Louisville, b;
Columbus, 6. Struck out: By Hart, 4. First
base on balls: Off Stecher, 2; off Hart, 4.
Passed ball; Pletpe. Time: 1:33. Umpire;
Games Postponed.
At Minneapolis Minneapolis-Kansas City
game postponed on account of wet grounds.
At St. Paul St. Paul-Milwaukee game
postponed on account of wet grounds.
Standing of the Teams.
Minneapolis TO
Columbus 71
Milwaukee 70
Indianapolis 67
St. I'aul 70
Louisville 71
Kansas City 69
Toledo 6S
Won. Lost. Pet.
45 25 .643
43 2s ,0"6
41 19 .6M1
34 33 ,5i7
34 3u . 4s
31 4Q .4.(7
26 43 .377
24 44 .353
uaiii" looay: t-oiumnus at Toledo In
dianapolis at Louisville, Kansas City at
Milwaukee, St. Paul at Minneapolis.
I-ady M Wins the 2:3U Pace from
Golden Gate.
DENVER, July 3 Overland Park results:
Hrst race, 2:30 pace: Lady M won,
Oolden Gate second: Time: 2 : l;4Vi
Second race, six furlongs: Sunrise won.
Jack Mctilnn second, Velasquez third
Time: 1:14V.
Third race, one mile: John O'Grady won,
Leila Hill second. Love's Labor third.
Time: l:4Ui.
Fourth race, five and one-half furlongs:
Dora I won, Limb of the Law second, Un
masked third. Time: l:0Mj,.
Fifth race, six furlongs: Reality won.
Jack Adams second, Dr. Tom third. Time;
Sixth race, six furlongs: Glide won, Nika
second. Myrtle H third. Time: 1:1514.
With the Howlers.
Of the teams bowling In the handicap
tournament last night Snvder and U'alier
were high with 1S1, and Snyder s 2J1 was
the highest single game for the evening.
The teams scheduled for Wdnesdav ate
Rerger and Jones and Butler and Grotto
at 7:3o, and Denman and Potter and Ben
gele and Zimmerman at 9:00.
1 2 3 4 6 Hdp. Tot.
Snyder 1S6 15J 161 163 221 8X5 61) 845
Waber 1ij2 170 151 lso 166 8u7 60 367
Totals 34S 322 312 348 3X7-1,892 liO b7l2
1 2 3 4- 5 Hdp. Tot.
O'Conner 159 172 163 159 l:U 74s 60 M4
Collins 144 1S6 124 149 114 774 bO HZi
Totals 3e3 368 2H7 3l 277-1, &5.S 110 1,668
1 2 S 4 5 Hdp. Tot.
Solomon 134 157 1.18 164 166 759 ,5 8(4
Willis 149 166 176 1J3 190 M 75 879
Totals 283 313 314 297 356 -1,663 150 1.713
1 2 3 4 6 Hdp. Tot.
Tracy 164 201 166 179 aoo 15 915
Nielsen 156 156 169 168 16 8.15 50 8
Totals 310 357 3& 347 386-1,7,15 t I.sjo
Southern League Games.
At New Orleans New Orleans, 10; Shreve
port, 0. 1
At Birmingham Birmingham, 1; Mont
gomery, 0.
At Atlanta Nashville, 3; Atlanta, 2.
Sporting brevities.
Ruelbach and Taylor fought another nine
round bout and the Chlcagoan again came
out victor.
The handicap tennis tournament will be
played off ut toe Field club Tuesday if the
weather permits.
Pa's boys evidently have agreed to take
It turn about getting those time hits. Sun
day ll was Scniplie s, Martin s and Welch s
Now for another eternal war. With
"Mlncapole" In first place and "Santa Paul''
filth wnat can you expect, but the bitterest
civil strite. If only Perry Werdeii could be
captain of the Millers and make guod on
that long-predicted boast ut his, that
"Minneapolis will win the penn.un this
year.'' But then If Perry were captain It
4. ten-to-one shot the Millers wouadu't be
leading the American association.
The Sioux City Journal says: "The
work of the Champions In the field was
very tine. One of the prettieot puys ot
the season was made by liolan at short
when he went over to second and grabbed
'Cad's' hard 'luer with his left but a
fe winches from the ground. Carter and
Welch put up a nice game In the outfield,
getting seven chances, must of theni hard
ones. But they couldn't win simply be
cause Cad' had them on his staff,
e e The Chimplons are very popular
with Sioux City fans. Ths Oina
hi'S outfield covers acres of ground All
of them sm very fast. Noblit
mashed a hard one to Schipke In the
seiond, which the Champions third acki
sutcuu uud luwUsii Ccurs of a LlL"
Astfor th$ BrrmtTj Buttling.
S tkmt tJu crk tr crrwm it iiaaaW
M - a ATE mr- a-- f m
Louisville Pugilist Now Hearjweight
Champion of the World.
Battle Is About liven Ip to the Last
nonnd, the Gone Savlnit
the Victor In the
RENO, Nev., July 3. Marvin Hart won
over Jack Root In the twelfth round here
this afternoon when the odds were 3 to
1 the other way. The punch which com
passed the downfall of the Chlcagoan wis
a short arm powerful Jolt of the right arm
to the body. The blow was delivered with
terrific force and caught Root while he
was coming up. He reeled and tottered and
fell In a heap on the rosined floor of the
ring. Jeffries, lowering over the prostrate
form of the Chicago man, tolled oft the
ten seconds which made Hart champion
of the world. He might have counted
twenty seconds for that matter, for Poo1,
was hopelessly defeated. Up to this point
of the fight Root had a commanding lead
over Hart and appeared to be winning well
In hand when he was finally floored.
The fight for the relinquished heavy
weight championship of the world, between
Jack Root of Chicago and Marvin Hart
of Louisville was attended by about 4,000
people. These paid all the way from 12
to $10 each for seeing the battle. There
was a liberal attendance of women. The
men stepped Into the ringside about twenty
pounds apart In weight. Root scaling 170,
while Hart weighed 190. The feature of the
fight aside from the battle Itself was the
Initial appearance of James J. Jeffries,
retired champion of the world, who
acted as referee, for which service the Los
Angeles bollermaker receives $1,000. Harry
Corbett, the stakeholder, was at the ring
side with the club's $5,000 In pocket.
There was a split on the basis of 66
per cent to the winner and 35 per cent to
the loser. The seconds of Jack Root were
"Battling" Nelson, Teddy Alexander and
Paddy Mackey. Bill Gallagher of San
Francisco held the watch for Root. The
seconds for Hart were Jack McCormlck,
"Deafy" Thompson, Jack Roberts, Hal Up
dike and Lee Updike. Timekeeper, Al
In the choice of corners. Jack McCor
mlck, Hart's manager, beat Lou M. House
man, acting for Root, and placed his man's
back to the sizzling sun.
Many Celebrities Present.
Among the celebrities at the ringside
were Harry Corbett, Jack Welch, Billy
McConnell, BUI Gallagher, Attorney Gen
eral Sweeney of Nevada, Sam Davis and
Lou M. Houseman of the Inter-Ocean, Chi
cago; Senator F. O. Newiands, Lieutenant
Governor Allen and wife of Nevada, H.
L. Badgley, "Doc" Smith, W'alter Young,
Al North of Reno, Samuel .Myers, Mayor
O'Conner of Reno, Colonel Martin Brady,
Al Herford, Warden Conaldlne of the
Nevada penitentiary, Dan Noonan, Sheriff
Ferrel of Washoe county. District At
torney Craig of Nevada, and the entire
constabulary and police arms of Washoe
county and the city of Reno.
Before entering the ring Jim Jeffries
awaited upon both men, stating that he
had retired for good from the ring and
that the winner of this fight Is entitled to
the name of heavy-weight champion of
the world.
The following message was received by
Root from John L. Sullivan, at Oakland,
"In case you win, I, In behalf of Jim
McCormlck, challenge .-ou, $2,500 side bet."
Considerable time was wasted in adjust
ing gloves, the crowd meanwhile swelter
ing In the open air. Battling Nelson was
Introduced and relieved the tedium 'of the
wait somewhat by agreeing to tight Brltt
to a finish In this ring. Jack Johnson
and Gorge Gardner have both challenged
the winner of today's contest. Time was
called at 2:45.
Fight by Hounds.
Round One They rush Into a clinch. Hart
lands right to head, Root countering to
Jaw. They run into a clinch. Root starts
Jabbing Hart. Hart lands straight right
to body. Ito it sends left to jaw and then
to body. Root Jabs 011 the jaw and they
clinch. Root lauds on Hart's Jaw. Root
sends left to Juw and lift to body. Root
uppercuts. They clinch. Hart lands bit
and right to jaw. Hoot lands right on the
jaw. This round was about even.
Round Two Root landed left to Jaw; re
peula It and rushes Into clinch Root
landtd right to body and uppercut to body.
Hart and Root exchange lefts. Rushes Into
clinch. Hoot shoots left over right to Jaw.
Hoot crossed right to head hard. Hoot Is
going to Hart's body and they clinch. Hoot
missed bard swing and Root kept poking
left to Hurt's body. Root missed vicious
right swing. Hart landed left hard to body.
Rout's round.
r'tKBtlnat Is Desperate.
Round Three They rushed to clinch.
Root landed left hard to Juw and Hart re
turned to body hard with right. They
clinch. Hart missed vicious right swing.
Hart hindfd right hard under heart. Hart
is f'ig-hting it. r rat-; Root puts left to
iiw ti.rt lam14 hard Ul alomath. ftvut
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landed hard right to Jaw. They aro clinched.
Root sends lelt to body. They exchanged
lefts to Jaw. Honors about even; both men
fighting desperately.
Round Four Both men appear to be com
paratively fresh. They exchanged lefts to
Jaw. Hart landed hard tight to kidneys.
Hart landed hard on kidneys. Root upper
cuts Hart. Root puts hard left to Jaw.
Root landed hard right swing to Jaw. Root
landed left and right Jab to Hart's Jaw.
They clinched and In the breakaway Hoot
put left to Jaw. Desperate Infighting.
Root puts right to Jaw. Hart put hard
right to body. Clinch. Root put left swing
to Hart's heart. Hart swings wildly. Root
put left to Jaw. Round about even.
Fifth Round Is Hoots.
Round Five Root put left to mouth. They
exchanged lefts to body and clinched.
They clinched. Hart landed light, swing
but went wide of mark. Hart put right
to Jaw. Clinched. Root put left to head
and right to Jaw. Hart hits body hard
with right and they clinched. Boxing In
the clinches. Hart landed right and left
swings to head and Root uppercuts to body.
Root landed left to body. Root missed
vicious right swing to Jaw. Root puts
right to Jaw and left hard to body. This
was Root's round.
Round Six Hoot lands on body and they
clinch. Root lands to body. Hart puts right
to kidneys. Hart lands right swing to
body and Root retaliates with left to
body. Root swings left to Jaw. Root re
ceives hard left to chin and right to head.
Root uppercuts to body. Hart missed left
and right swings. Root landed hard left to
Jaw. Clinched. Hart put hard right and
left to body. Root goes to body with both
right and left. This round equally divided.
Gonsr Saves Hart.
Round 7 Root put left to body and they
clinched. Root put left to Jaw. Hart put
hard right and left to Jaw. Hart pounded
kidneys. Fighting hard. Root sent right
to stomach. Hart landed vicious right
swing to side of head. They clinched.. Root
put right to head. Hart puts stiff right
nook to heart. Root landed left to Jaw and
ducked vicious swing for head. Root put
hard right to Hart s heart and received
stiff Jab to Jaw. Hart landed light swing
to body. Root knocks Hart down with a
terrific right Just as the gong sounded. A
claim of foul is made for Hart, but Jeffries
disclaims foul and orders the men to con
tinue. The gong saved Hart.
Round 8 Hart comes up fresh and boxes
Into clinch. Root dolntr very clever foot
work. Both men fighting for body. Hart's
nose bleeding. They Indulge In roughing
It. Exchange left hooks to Jaw. Clinched.
Root lands hard right to body. Clinched.
Hart lands hard to Jaw. Fighting In short,
against all rules, and Jeffries had to break
them. Root landed hard to body. Root
put left and right to Jaw, but Hart hangs
on gamely. Root lands right and left to
head. Root landed terrific right swing Just
as the gong sounded. This was Root's
Round 9 They exchange lefts and rush
Into a clinch. Both men hanging on. Hart
put right hard to Jaw and Root put left
to nose. Hart landed right Jab to stomach.
Root lands left hook to Jaw. Root Jabs
stomach hard and put right to Jaw. Hart
pounded kidneys. Root put left Jab hard
to .stomach. Clinched. Hart put hard right
to stomach. Jaw and light swing to kidneys.
Jeffries having difficulty In separating the
men. Root put left swing to kidneys. Root
ducks right swing and ruts left to Jaw.
Hart made a spurt in this round and had
a slight lead.
Honors Abont Rrrn,
Round 10 Clinched. Hart put jab hard
to Jaw, right to body. Botli miss right
swings and clinch. Root put left hard to
Jaw and right to stomach. Clinched. Root
I lands stiff right uppercut to chin and ducks
1 a swing. Hoot puts straight left to body,
i Hart lands right swim; to Root's neck.
rocking him. They tighi Into a clinch.
I Boxing In and out of clinches. Root put
left to Jaw as the bell sounded. Honors
about even.
Round 11 Root Jnbhed Jaw and they
clinched. Hart put left to Jaw and mlssid
right to head. They exchanged swings and
I clinched. They fought Into a clinch. Root
swings to body and landed hard left to
; Jaw. Root landed right and left to head
I and left to stomach. Root pound-d stomach
: with both right and left. Hart landed hard
I right swing to kidneys. Root put left to
chin and right to body. Root drives left
: to stomach and received left to body.
Root Counted Ont.
Round 12 The men fought Into a clinch
and began pawing and roughing. Jeffries
split them apart, hut again they fought
themselves Into a clinch. Separated again.
Hart bored In and at close iange ripped
his rb-'ht up under and a little to the left
of Root's heart. Root went to the floor
and was counted out
Return Match Arranged.
Lou Housman, manager of Jack Root
and Marvin Hart, met tonight and the
Ixulsvllle man agreed to a return match
with root. Details have not yet been ar
ranged but the return battle will provide
for a break clean fight with Jeffries as
the referee.
National League Remits Fines.
NICW YORK, July 3.-Presld nt I'ulllam
of the Nutlonal league today stated that
in keeping with the decree of the courts
th injunction proieedlngs of Mcilraw
agnlnM the president of the National
league, fines have been remitted to the
following plaers:
ban McOann. New York, $:); John
; Warner. St. lii)i"v $'": Cliff I)hinkensM,
1 Cincinnati. :; Otis (ivmer, Pittsbuig, $I2u;
Fred Abliott. I'hllail'iphta, i; Jam
Khackard, Brooklyn. iX). John Wagner,
Joseph Kellcy, Cincinnati, l-n.
f allfornlan In Finals,
LONDON. July 3. -In the sem'.-flnal
round of the ladles' championship singles
at Wimbledon today Miss .May tjiittou of
Pasadena, Cal., Ixul Miss A. Morton,
6-4. 6-0.
In the open doubles (women's) Miss May
Sutton ami Miss A. M. Morton beat Mrs.
lioiislander and Mrs 11'Neill, tl-8. -i
In the gent lettien's doubles, third round.
William A. Ijirned and William J. Clothier
beat Kaves and Balgreene, i'-ii, 6-3, 6-2, i-C,
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Publication of Government Eeport Throws
8borta Into a Panic
I. ate in Session 1'roflt Taking; by
Dulls Quiets the Market, bat
Values Rise Attala at
the Close.
NEW YORK, July 3. The cotton market
became badly excited Immediately after the
publication of the government report today
showing the condition of cotton to be 77
per cent. The report waa a great deal
worse than had been expected and caused
a stampede of general buying, the price
Jumping up 1 cent per pound within ten
minutes after the publication of the report.
This was equivalent to $5 a bale. The
weekly crop reports had been generally
favorable and the trade expected today's
monthly report to show an Improvement
or 80 per cent at least. Excited scenes were
witnessed In the trading ' pit when the
unfavorable report was read. For the first
hour thereafter brokers on the short side
of the market kept It violently excited, and
prices advanced at times 10 points between
trades, or fluctuated wildly when the top
point had been reached. The trading was
on an enormous scale and the market was
In a turmoil for over two hours. Not until
the shorts had covered their contracts and
the majority of the trading Interests had
protected themselves on the readjustment
of the crop situation did the market sub
side. December and January advanced 20
points at a time. More than 100 points In
all, December selling at 10.60 cents and
January at 10.65 cents. Thousands of bales
were thrown over by bulls, who took profits
at the prevailing high prices, and this
selling quieted the market, together with
the belief that the advance had discounted
the existing conditions. Later In the after
noon prices again advanced nearly to the
top for the day. The local bull leader
Issued a circular after the close, claiming
that with as favorable weather from now
on as last season the crop could not be
much over 10,000.000 bales and predicting
12-cent cotton In the near future.
Wyomlna; Judge Takes Matter Under
Advisement at Cheyenne.
CHEYENNE, Wyo., July 3. (Special.)
The Pratt-Lelter case has been concluded
In the district court, at the close of the
lengthy argume:.t of ex-Chief Justice S. T.
Corn, who appeared for the plaintiff. Judge
Scott Immediately took the case under ad
visement, decision being reserved until
Colonel J. H. Pratt objected to the parti
tion of the Pratt-Lelter Cattle company
property In this state, as made by the
commission appointed by Judge Scott,
claiming that the finding of the commis
sion deprived him of about $75,000 to $100,000
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lacted. Kvsry wife should be "scalp
Uiapaartor ' to U.s family, because dan
nil Smth. U Ml Urn Mc. !, to mPlCIOC CO , BacL I. Oauslt. Mica.. U saaaia.
worth of property. Colonel Pratt scored a
big point when ho showed that the com
mission visited the ranches of the Lelter
Pratt company at a time when the ground
was covered with snow and also that Its
report was drawn up by one of the at
torneys for the Lelter heirs.
The contest will go on record as being
one of the most extraordinary cases ever
tried In a Wyoming court, In that tho
affidavits were the most numerous and
longest, the arguments the longest, and
the amount of money Involved tho largest.
Colonel Pratt ha gone to Omaha and
the Lelter attorneys have returned east.
Deaths on the Roaebud.
SIOUX FALLS. S. D., July 3.-(Hpeclal.)
Two fatalities are reported from the south
central portion of the state. During a
thunderstorm on the Rosebud reservation
lightning struck the home of a Sioux war
rior named Black Mountain Sheep, In High
Hawk's camp, killing his wife Instantly.
Five other persons who were In the bouse
at the time narrowly escaped death.
The S-year-old daughter and only child
of Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Shultz of Fairfax
was drowned In a water hole near their
home which had been filled by recent
heavy rains. The accident occurred while
the father was absent from home and
while the mother waa busily engaged with
her household duties, the child wandering
away unobserved.
Mannn-a's Crest Day,
The Trl-Clty celebration of the people cf
Omaha, Council Bluffs and South Omaha
promlsos to bo one of the biggest events
In the history of fashionable Iake Man
awa, and, besides, an excellent and
lengthy program of varied attractions be
longing to the regular roster, extra fea
tures have been arranged for. Including
Paln'a fireworks In the evening, which
above all other things promises to be a big
and appropriate card for the Fourth of
July. Tho pyrotechnic display is promised
on a very extensive scale, and, as the Pain.
Pyrotechnic company manufactured tho
fireworks expressly for the Fourth of July
celebration at Manawa, something out of
the ordinary will be shown. The exhibition
will be given In the same manner thosa
were at the World's Fair at Chicago.
Barges will be anchored out In the lake
for the purpose, and In this way a good
view can be had of the gnmd spectacle by
upwards of 60,000 people. The program for
the day will be very lengthy and will re
quire all the afternoon and evening. Prom
inent features are the Eugene troupe, four
fine gymnasts; .Ada Ream, the beautiful
young illustrated ballndlst; Dare Devil
Fackler, high dive and fire dive; Prof.
Andrew, balloon ascension; tho klnetoscope
pictures; Covalt's Concert band and other
attractions on the list of free shows. Bath
ing, boating and the score of different de
vices for amusement will contribute to the
variety of an eventful day for fun.
German Commits Snlclde.
HOLLISTKR, Cl , July 8 Gustav A.
Kihn, a native of Hamburg, Germany, has
committed suicide here by taking mor
phine, lie left a will In which he directed
that his heart should be cut out and
placed on his coftln outside of his bodv.
The doctor performing the service Is to
receive $50. lie asked that no one should
see him after death and that no mourners
should follow him to the grave.
will sate it too late roaHEfiPiass S
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