Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 06, 1905, Page 6, Image 6

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Advertisements tor lki columns
will be lukri until 12 m. for the
rreitu edition and until p. m. for
the noiilni and Panda? edition.
RalM 1 l-2c a nord Aral Insertion!
1 a word thereafter. Notlilns taken
for less than SOc for the flrat lar.
tlon. Theae advertisements mnst be
ran consecutively.
Advertisers, b reqaestlsB a n nm
bered check, can bate niwfti ad
dreaard to a aamhered letter In care
of The Bee. aaanen so addreaaed
will be delivered on preaeatatloa of
Business, Shorthand, Typewriting, Normal.
English and ClYll Service Courses. DAI
MAIL LESSON8 In shorthand, typewriting,
bookkeeping and penmanship. Send for
catalogue today, stating whether Inter
ested In correspondence or residence work.
J I. B. Boyles, president, 18th and Harney
sts.. Omaha, Neb. R MUS2
EYE, ear, nose, throat cllnlca. glasses fit
ted. Dr. Wilkinson, K. 12, Crelghton nik.
R 205 26
CITY SAVINGS BANK pays 4 per cent.
R 60S
Mercantile law and collections. Our system
collects. O. T. Voorhees Co., 625 N. Y. L.
R Mil"
Piahos for Rent,
$3.00-14.00 New Pianos. High grade. Rent
allowed if you purchase. Ferlield Piano
Company, 161 1 Farnam. Telephone jOL
Open evenings. R 6ill
EAGLE Loan Office, reliable, accommodat
ing; all business confidential. Uol .Douglas.
ANTI-Monopoly Garbage Co. 621 N. loth.
Tel. 1779. R-672
Tei. imv. U6, Uoutt. o.naiiu aiuvt: Kep. v ks.
OMAHA Sufe and Iron Works makea a spe
cialty of tire escupes, shutters, doorj and
safes. U. Andreeu, prop., 1U2 b. lotn st
EYE STRAIN relieved by expert optical
treatment; glasses to lit; prices right.
Bennett a R 0
WE build to order and furnish free esti
mates for repairing and rellnlshlng pianos.
Write for catalogue or phone ibZ5
Sclimoller Sc Mueller. 1313 Fainum St.
R 404 Fll
D. W. DUDGEON, the expert PLUMBER.
Two 'phones, 19t4 and 1.28.3.
R-M993 M7
Mill WICWV given special attention,
JUIL.L, VVUIr estimates made from
arrhltecls' plans and specifications; save
contractors money. Wentworth, 618 Pnx
ton block. . R 143 F22
TRAVELING bags, suit cases. Stetson
hats. C. H. Frederick Co., 1504 Farnam.
R 745 F18
EQUITABLE Life Assurance "Strongest
in the Worltl" H. D. Neely, Mgr.. Mer
chants National Bank. R 744 F18
FOR expert piano moving telephone 1625.
Schmoller & Mueller, 1313 Farnam.
R 406 Fll
CUT RATE railway tickets everywhere
P. H. Philbln, 1606 Farnam. "Phone 7M.
PRE880RIUM, best cleaners and dyer3.
1324 Farnam. Tel. 3800. , R 601
COAL New kind soft coal, "Yukton" Egg,
$6.26 ton. Harmon & Weeth, 'phone 2417.
R 680
OUR perfect work disarms erltclsm. dis
courages prejudice and makes friends.
Thst something essential to satisfaction
Is always found in a Chicago Laundry
bundle. 214 N. 16th. Tel. 206. i
R-M728 F18
New Toric lens is the latest wonder In
optical science. The field of view Is en
larged more than five times. They cost
vmore than other lens and they are worth
It. Consultation free. Huteson Optical
Co., 213 Sc. ISth. Paxton block.
R M719 F18
211 SOUTH 11TH. TEL. 264.
We trust everybody. Flannels and colored
goods launderea at our risk.
R M160 F23
Tel. 1049. R M241 26
WHO'S your tailor? It should be Dresher.
Too busy making clothes to close. Open
evenings. 1615 Farnam St. R 204
R-M754 MS
t uuz-crin Crounse Block, Corner of
LYNUblAU 16th St. and CaplKu Ave.
PRINTERS, 1108-08 Douglas St. To de
liver work when promised is our hobby'.
J. M. 8IRPLESS, reliable printer; estab
llshed 13 years. 2U3 S. 13th St., Omaha.
.- 686
THE Nebraska Printing Co.; everything
new and up-to-date; prompt attention
given to all orders. 113 S. 14th, 2d floor.
'Phone 63S0. M677
YOU will lose money If yon don't let us
figure on your printing. Tel. 3S31. Great
Western Printing Co., 1618 Chicago.
M7P2 F2S
WANTED City loans. R. C. Peters & Co.
FARC and city loans; lowest rates. W. H.
Thomas, Firs'. Nul l Bunk Bldg. Tel. 1048.
PRIVATE money. F. D. Wend, 1620 Douglas
WANTED City loans and warrants. W.
Farnam Smith & Co., 13J0 Farnam St.
MONEY TO LOAN Payne Investment Co.
GARVIN BROS., 1604 Farnam. Lowest rates
LOWEST rates on city property: 6 per cent
on farms In eastern Nebraska. Hernia,
Paxton block. W 612
Y. Life, pays highest price for honks.
Tel. 3036. N 661
SQUARE PIANO In good condition. Pill
Farnam. N M2S0
One 100 horse-power boiler and engine. In
good running order, new or second-hand.
Alfalfa Meal Co., Omaha, Neb.
WANTED To buy a 6 or 4-room house In
terms. a
N-M791 6x
north part of city on easy terms. Ad-
aress I t. nee.
LOST, on Friday, gold chased locket from
silk fob. Pleuse return to Bee office for
reward. Lost 792
FOUND The right place to have your eyes
tasted and fitted right Bennett's.
' Fuund-228
LOST Two $5 bills, in N?v York Life
Bitty., Feb. 3. about lu a. to. Return to
630 So. 21st ave or telephone Red 4t'..4.
Rewajrd. Lost M 760
GOOD housekeeper Canadian office. 16th &
Dodge. A 695
WANTED Position a advertising man
ager or assistant; Idiul'le references. Ad
(Ucm W 1, lice, A.-M7SV
Winter Term
Omaha Commercial College,
17th and Douglas. NOW OPtN.
m-w nut,? in Uii uepariments. Seuu for
cmaiusui at once. Ui&i
lb. TO LEARN barber trade; free rail
road tare upon our tailuie to convince
uu Ol this tt. l lie bcal' and only r
iiHule, must t,i--ucl barber college in
me l nueu bvaies. Wine tor catalogue
luuay. western Barbers' iiisuiuhj,
oiualiu. Neb. toi
WANTED FOR U. S. ARMY-Able-bodled
unman led men. betw een ages of il and Jo,
citizen of Lniteu biates, ot good charac
ter und lempeiate habits, who speak, read
and wiue cng.lM). For Iniormulioii uppiy
to Hec.uium, onicer, 13tn and Uougias
Sts., Omaha; Lli.tom, Neb., or bloux City,
la. B-7J
I WANT and furnish drug clerks, drug
stores and doctois. Knlest, Jul N. Y. L.
B 688
IF YOU are in need of a position call and
have a "heart-to-heart" talk with 11AK1,
THU EXPERT. 401 N. Y. Life.
WANTED Pressman who can take charge
ol a pressroom; muM be of good moral
character and executive ubllity; slso man
to take charge ot composing room. Ad
dress T 12, Bee. B lw
WANTED Men and boys to learn plumb
ing tiade. Coyne Bros. Co., school of
practical plumbing. Send for catalogue.
A.ldress 4S73-75 Lafton uve., St. Louis,
Mo. B-M7i5 F3 06
WANTED Man anfl wife, without chil
dren, to work in the country. Inferences
required. O V. Ball, Genou. Neb.
U-M763 6x
WANTED, good practical printer, who can
operate gasoline engine, newspaper and
Job presses and is a good printer and ad
typesetter. Address Fred 8. Hassler,
Puwnee City, Neb. B M766 6x
SOBER, all-round printer wanted for fore
man goixl country office; whop well
equipped; power; write quick, stating
wages expected. Chieftain, Tecumseh,
Neb. B 770
HART, THE EXPERT, can get a position
fur SOME of the people ALL the time
and ALL the people SOME of the time,
but I can't get a position for All the peo
ple ALL tho time.
HART, 401 and 402 N. Y. Life.
B-M802 18
MAN. energetic, willing to learn, under 36.
to prepare for government position. Be
ginning salary In railway moll service $X00
per year, (rood future. 410 Bee building,
after 2 p. m. B 963 7x
100 OIRLS WANTED to work on catalogue.
Nebraska Clothing Co. C 746 6
I AM now In i position to handle high
grade domestic help; none but the very
best need apply and must have the very
best references. Hart, 401 and 402 N. Y.
Life bldg. C-144
WANTED Experienced cook; references
required. Mrs. L. L. Kountze, 423 8. 39th.
C 777 6
SEVERAL magazine solicitors; good propo
sition. Grumlaux Co., 307 Brown Block.
C M806 11
WANTED House maid, family of two;
Dundee Place; wages, $4. Apply 3(fl Kar
. bach block. C M808 6x
WANTED, competent girl for general
housework In small family. 1326 S. 30th
avenue, C M971 6
WANTED Travellhg salesman with good
record; salary and commission; references
required. The Smith-Premier Typewrit
ing Co. M966 7
WANTED, salesmen for Blatchford's Calf
Meal, the old established milk substitute
for raising calves; saves farmers half the
cost of raising n calf; every flour and
feed dealer should handle It; now Is the
season; write for terms and territory.
Blatchford's Calf Meal Factory, Wauke
gqn. 111. M946 7
DO YOU want to buy, sell, rent or ex
change your property or business, borrow
money quick? bee compton-watts Co.,
636 Paxton block.
WHEN you want to buy, sell or exchange
your property or business quick see J. H.
Johnson, 843 N. Y. Life. 'Phone L 2270.
ATTORNEYS, everywhere, if you have an
account, note or claim of any kind against
person, firm or corporation we can settle
CO., main flotr N. Y. Life. 'Phone 132.
AEBOTT-COWAN CO., 1st Nat. Bk. bldg.,
can get you in or out of business. Y 193
A GOOD hotel, well furnished, doing good
business, in central Nebraska, for sale,
or will exchange for good farm or rsnch
lands. Willis Cadwell, Broken Bow. Neb.
FOR SALE OR RENT Maloney theater
building, 1506-1507-15O9 Capitol avenue; 60x
100 feet ground floor space. Apply to
Henry Rohlff, 2569 Lavenworth St.
notes or claims settled, against person,
firm or corporation. The New Church
Co., main floor N. Y. Life, Omaha. Tel.
133. YM216
IF YOU wish to buy or sell a business or
real estate, consult U. S. Sales Bureau,
634 and 636 Bee Bldg. Y M464
FOR SALE Good will, furniture and fix
tures one of the oldest and best estab
lished businesses In the city. From $2,000
to $4,000 required. Has paid as high as
ilO.Ouo per year profits. Invite investiga
tion. No experience required. Guod
reasons for selling. Address T .18.- Bee
FOR SALE or exchange for hardware or
Implements, 100-acre farm 6V4 miles from
Tllden, Neb. Address TUden Land Co.,
Tllden. Neb. Y M684 Sx
FOR SALE, my meat market, tools and
slaughter house filled, and residence. Gus
Konaglo, Yutan, Neb. Y M&M
HOTEL8 exclusive. Hart, 401 N. Y. Life.
Y-M718 Ml
CARPENTER shop, residence and paying
business; snap for n carpenter. Pearson
Bros.. Germantown, Neb. Y M744 9x
FOR SALE Splendid hardware business,
established twenty years ago by present
owner, who has made a competency and
wishes to retire. Annual sales, $30,000.
Is well established and paying; will sell
at invoice and throw In good will. Will
take good farm near Omaha In deal. A
splendid chance . for anyone, looking for
established paying business. No ng.nts.
Address Box 796, Omaha. Y M753 7x
WIL Invest $2,500. What can you offer?
Address W 3, Bee office Y M924 11 x
A DOCTOR will relinquish a good location
for practice In southeuftern Nebraska.
Investigate at once. Address T d. care
Bee. Y M886 7x
FOR BALE, for cah only, clean, up-to-date
mock of dry goods and millinery, one of
the best towns In state; best location In
town, or stock can be moved. ACdress 8.
M. Morgan, Friend. Neb. Y M917
A GENTLEMAN required as local district
manager for New York cor:orat!on, to
tako charge of branch. He would be re
quired to handle certain of the company's
funds and must be prepared to invest
$S' Salary, $J0 weekly and also commis
sion. Only bona-tlde applicants who can
Invest the required sum, and who have
had buslnes experience need snply. Ad
dress in first Instance "Russell," P. O.
Box lfi6. New York City. Y M970 6x
WE want good. live, up-to-date men to
co-operate with us In selling renl estate.
Previous experience Is not .absolutely
necessary. If you have tact, good ap
pearance and can present your propo
sition, and not afraid to work, we can
futshllsh you in a business thit will
make you independent. We now have a
lionH-tido townslte proposition well
recommended by five conservative, disin
terested banks one rrwtt will enhance in
value many times during the next few
mouths one where people will want to
invest whether they go or not one that
you can take to your best friends. We
require no canltnl. but sepd references In
answering. Invla-Klion Re-'liy Co., Si-3
Odd Fellows' Bldg., St. Louis.
Y-: 6x
IN FAMILIES. MitK Sturdy, 'ph:ie A-.7I .
THE BEE goes into 30,000 homes daily, which means that
it. has more than 100,000 readers, A large psreent
age of this number never fails to read the. Want Columns,
This Accounts for the excellent
returns that Bee Want Ads give.
Bee IVant Ads Do the Business A Trial Will Convince.
ale Temple. j' u.
Cor. lOta A
Capital yStjl
Ave. l
Regular business meeting Monday even
ing at 7:3u o'clock.
R. V. COLE, Master.
JOHN BAM FORD, Secretary-
ROYAL HOTEL, European. 16th & Chlcngo
E 597
DEWEY, European hotel, 13th & Farnam
" E 69H
SOUTH front parlor. 2024 St. Mary's sve.
E 6 '1
VIENNA hotel. Private dining rms. cafe.
NICELY furnished room, 142C N. 19th St.
E 748
NICELY furnished room, $2 per week. 2227
Dodge. E Mbo4 7x
LA ROE room for two gentlemen; steam
heat. Mrs. Fox, 107 8. 14th St.. second
floor. , E MB34 6x
NICELY furnished room for light house
keeping. 808 8. 21st. E M947 7x
TWO ladies of refinement, teachers or em
ployed, can obtnln large comfortable
room, private family, and board may be
arranged, with use of piano and other
home enjoyments; West Farnam hill, near
car line; references. Address W B. Bee.
E 913 Rx
O. M. E., TEL. Ml.
THE SH ELTON, 26th and Dodge; Weal
home for the winter; pleasant rooms;
strictly modern; home cooking; reason
able. F 003
2C16 FARNAM ST., two large rooms on first
floor, single or en suite; steam heat, first
class board; prices very reasonable.
F 604
GOOD room for two, gentlemen preferred.
212 8. 26th St. F-990
NICELY furnished, warm room; good
board; close in; reasonable. 626 S. 19th.
F-76S 6x
BOARD and room, $3.50 per week: 21 meals,
only $2.50: single meals, 15c; good home
cooking; give us a trial. 1619 Derive.
F 769 Cx
FURNISHED rooms, with or without
board; also day board. 1811 Cnpltol aye.
F-M916 7x
ROOM and board for two at 116 N. 25th St.
F 930
EXCELLENT room for two; furnace heat,
ftas light, hot nnd cold water bath, best
ocation. 1714 Douglas. F 978 7x
THE ROSE 2020 Harney St., nicely fur
nished, warm rooms, reasonable: also
good board. F 977 7x
HOUSES, Insurance. Rlngwalt, Barker Blk.
D 618
UHIKPQ in all parts of the city. R.
nWU atO c, peters & jo.. Bee Bldg.
. 4 .
THE Omaha Van and Storage Co. pack,
move and store H. H. goods. Storehouse
1120-24 N. 19th. Olllce, 1611'4 Farnam.
Tel. 1569. D 620
WE MOVE pianos. Maggard Van & Stor
age Co. Tel. 1496. Office 1713 Webster st.
HOIIQPQ in all parts of the city. The
nUUJLJ o. . Davis Co.. 6U8 Beebldg.
D 619
McCauley Express Co. for moving, storage,
baggage delivery. 615 S. 16th. Tel. 1454.
JETT cleans, lays carpet. A-3302. 2017 Cum.
' . D M368
2666 DOUGLAS, 8 ROOMS, $27.50.
CHRIS BOYER, 22nd and Cuming sts.
Tel. 2049. D M557
SIX-ROOM brick, modern, 1621 Kyner ave.
D M443 11 X
The Byron Reed Co., 212 S. 14th.
773 10
FURNITURE of 10-room rooming house;
house modern; house for rent. 1712 Capi
tol Ave. O M913 7x
FOUR nice rooms. 816 S. 25th. Apply next
door. D M942 12x
WE have vacant a particularly desirable
small office, which rents for $10.U0 per
month. Price includes heat, light, water
and Janitor service. It is located on tho
fourth floor of The Bee Building and is
Just the thing for anyone wanting a nice
little office In the best office building in
town. R. C. Peters & Co., Rental Agents,
Ground Floor, Bee Building. 1771
3-STORY and basement brick building, 10fi3
Farnam, 22x100, hydraulic elevator, suit
able for wholesale or manufacturing. 314
First National bank building. 1606
IF you apply at once we can give any
one desiring a large office space, almost
any arrangement they desire. This space
is on the sixth floor of The Bee building,
with north light. R. C. Peters & Co.,
Rental Agents, Oround Floor Bee Bldg.
FOR RENT or sale, Maloney thenter build
ing, 15(9-11-13 Cnpltol ave.; very large
floor space, ground floor Inquire of Henry
Rohlff. 26th and Leavenworth sts.
OFFICES In the Neville block for rent;
elevator, Janitor service and steam heat;
lightest offices in the city. Cor. Itith and
Harney. I f.62 F28
STORE. 2122 N. !?4th st. C. Boyer, 22d nnd
Cuming. Tel. W9. I-M723
Farm and Hanch Lands
Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming;
low prices; ten years' time. Land Dept.
U. P. R. R. Co., Omaha, Nob. Dept. "A."
$85.00 per acre, li cated about 16 miles 8.
W. of South Omaha and near Springfield.
New 9-room house, large barn, double
corn cribs, sheds, new windmill, etc. All
good land and under cultivation. Posses
sion March 1.
George & Co., 1601 Farnam St., Omnha.
-M964 11
WE have some choice farms for sale In
Iowa and Nebraska. U. 8. Sales Bureau,
634-636 Bee Bldg. M939 7
This agricultural weekly goes to 60,000
homes of farmers snd stock raisers, so if
you have a good piece of land to sell at a
reasonable price you will find a buyer
among them. The cost of an advertisement
Is small 2 rents per word In small typo or
$2.80 per Inch if set in large type.
Monthly Regulator has brought Impplnens
to hundreds of anxious women. .o pain,
no danger, no Interference with work;
relief in 3 lo S days. Wo have never
known of a single failure. Price $2, by
CO., R. 87, 4 Adams St., Chicago. 6H0
PKN-TAN-UOT Prompt regulator for
1 idles, never falls, $2. postpaid. Shermau
& McCuunell Drug Co., Omuhtt. M,W
. , DR. ROY, Chiropody, R. 2 & J, 1506 Fornnm.
$20 . Hz
FOR first-class dressmaking call on Mrs.
of-V-i fox, 107 8. 14th 8t., second floor.
Lclbll U-M913-6X
'f,"" 5 ,J'S ?"Vt?,rtwna-S GET shaved at Horner's Whlsktrarlum.
menrksnd sewVa'lT1- Mds"''! 'W"
The Byron Reed Co. Mx
J CHRONIC and nervous dlsenses success
212 d. 14th. fully treated. Dr. Jackson, J11 Kamge blk.
RE-772 6 J7K
FOR SALE, Elue Lake Park, consisting of ANY Information regarding James J. Stur
forty acres or less, nearly one mile lake ge,m of rjUulin and County Armagh, Ire
front. For particulars inquire of the land, will be thankfully received by R. II.
Swnr fiX?- U?- Onawa. la.. R. h. D. Sturgeon or iron River, Mich, lie was
No. 1. 'Phone 801. RB-294 27 ln omaha In 1888. U-M761 7
CHAS. illiamSOn CO.. Uf; ,ldB "PHONE 701 and a man will call and tune
i,. t.iiiidiiuuuv.u., 1st Floor. your piano; $2. Pertield Piano Co.. 1611
RI- il6 Farnam. U 640
FOR SALE One note of $1,800, due In one theatric at , . t ihn
year, secured by first mortgage on good 1410-il h masq' costume8- tI?7n,
improved Omaha property, tearing 6 per 410 13 Howafd.
cent Interest, payable semi-annually; also tiip hi.iJ I 7TT. I m i,v,
one note for $1,600. due on or before three n5.8.",v;'tln Army solicits cast-off cloth
years, interest at 6 per cent, payable wf Vom.c, i J?".ytl,lm? y,w do n?'?
semi-annually, secured by first mortgage ,",0- thS'w Jr' fall "nhone
on good property. Both are absolutely S ?,-, 'llh lKlh , poor' -a11 P'!ne
safe and given by respectable parties. 41J5 anu wagn will call. L-oli
Address the owner, 8 25. Bee office. OMAHA Stammerers' Institute. Rnebk.
Choice Loans For sale " EYF SPECIALIST
' ?e$lM0 6pe1e'nTP2OV$ld200eVlracent' 1 Hr ",ENKE specialist; glasses per-
i,b0i, b per cent, 2, $1,200, 6 per cent, 1. fertly (1Ue Rn)g g Nevll,Q Blk 16th
'Phone F-2246. 601 Bee Building. ACCORDION snd SUNBURST
CLOSE IN Send for price list and Sample.
Near high school and crelghton college. 'hbOULbMAN -. I INU CO..
we have n corner lot with three houses LAtUfcldj uioiii. Itu 1V30
anl room to build another house. Prop- ' U 649
erty brings about $36 per month. It Is
located on the 8. E. corner of 27th and TUB. vanor and nirnhni hmh. 7m n run
Chicago Sts. Go and see It. and make us ' Vapo1 ana a"-ono1 balh- g- "J,"'
an offer. . kj
PAYNE BOSTWICK & CO . WN'T tool with your eyes; be careful who
J, ... .,r . x- VV1, I:,,, " examines tnem; we leal eyes lree lor
Slxtn Floor N. 1. Life Bldg. giatses and guarantee satisfaction.
tit, VW fi 'fiitsi li. j. x.N o.D CO.,
Leading opticians, lu .'amain.
f-(T7FMA absolutely cuied. B. J. Scan-
Are Kellab:e like OLDSMOBlLE.S. U 715 F23
Several slightly used engines CHEAP.
1116 Farnam St., omaha. EXPERT PIANO tuning by factory tuners.
Q M948 11 belimojler ei Mueller, liii i-arnum. lei.
16i6. U iu! Fll
FOR SALE New and second-hand billiard
and pool tables, bar fixtures of all kinds; PrvPSf. )r?l I iVV Clothes Pressed. 1324
easy payments. Send for catalogue. 1 JJWIMUIU Furuam. U 652
Brunswlck-Baike-Collender, 407 S. loth St.,
Omaha. ; 1 Q M429 PRIVATE home during conflement; ba-
Dies boarded and adopted. Mrs. Uurdeli,
COMPLETE line new and 2d-hand furnl- iili Charles. Tei. A 2ol8. L'tioii
lure. Chicago Furniture Co., H10 Dodge.
Tel. 2020. Q We rent sewu, machines 76c week. We
: repair all muxes oi maehinm. Second-
2ND-HAND safe cheap. Derlght, 1119 Far- hand machines to $10. JNea Cycle Co.
nam. y 69 Tel. Itma. Cor, loth and Harney. U CU
ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AT A BAR. TRUSSES made and fitted to men, women
GAIN. and cmlaren. 1408 Farnam St.
We have about 200 feet 0. stranded electric THi tl. J. PENFO-.D CO.
light cable and one 800 ampere knife U 653
switch. Address Bee Building Co., or see .
W. H. Bridges, engineer, Bee Building, OMAHA souvenir view mailed free to any
Omaha. Q i3 person sending us the name of any one
1 owning a square piano or organ. Pertield
MOTOR FOR SALE iluno to-1011 ittr"ttm 8t-. u-Vj
We have for sale a 10 H. P., 110-voit, direct
current, Northern motor, 'lhls motor Is DR. PRIES treats successfully all diseases
in perfect condition in every way. Ad- and iregularitles of women, irom any
dress Bee Building Co., or see W. H, cause; experienced Hiid reiluuie. Address,
Bridges, engineer Bee building. W 774 wmi Klaiup, Dr. Pries, 1511V. Dodge at.,
Omaha. U oa
TUBULAR BOILERS FOR SALE. PRIVATE home during confinement; ba-
Two boilers, 100-horse power, which have bies adopted. The Good Samaritan Sani-
been used but six years, made of firebox tarium, 28 1st ave., Council Blurts., la.
steel, triple rivited bult and strap Ju.nts, Tel. 774. U 626
insurance company permits of pressure
of 125 pounds They nro now In use and TRY KELLEY'S LAUNDRY. 'PHONE 3030.
can be seen at boiler house, rear of Bee U tw7
building. Can be delivered at once.
Call or addrefs VV. II Bridges, engl- M . nf. pT,r treatment & baths. Mme.
necr. Bee building. Omaha Q M9U2 iVl ALllN C 11L, Umith, 118 N. 16, 2 fl. R. 2.
FOR SALE, several scholarships In a first- : U3,i0
cl.iss standard school in Omaha, comprls- ' uft r rnn uw ncw o ir ir .rtra-ra
b'nTn'l'ttnewl-itrn.'1 .'ulrSV&s J-coa Tcure-DEmiddleRa?B tSble.
hmn typewriting. Inquire at Bee Acoustlcon aids the hearing as glasses
omce' WBJ" do the eye. Hutchison Acoustic Co.,
CORN cribbing, tel. poles, long fir timbers. N- Y. Life Bldg. 'Phone 1999. U-658
?Pnn"lMSC 'ath' S"P'y Wh"e b0OWd- LARSON & JOHNSON, cut rates to all
90, Douglas. 4-Ul points. 1406 Farnam. Tel. B2113. Mem-
" ber Americcn Ticket Brokers Ass n.
1 4x1 Sturtevant vertical engine, automatic IT'S FREE! Send stamp for copy of Chl-
englne, cheap. Address Bee Building Co., nese Slave Girl and her young American
or see W. 11. Bridges, engineer Bee build- lover. Address J. Boyle, 51 D St., N. E.,
ing. Q 776 Washington, D. C. U 690 31x
FOR SALE, carload of drivers' and work i HANDSOME widow, worth $05,000, wants
horses, just ln from Iowa. Melcher & immediately able, industrious husband.
Schwager Livery Barn. 601 So. 19th. Tel. Address Aetna1, Oneonta Bldg, Chicago.
2382. Q-M247 U-M71.'2x
ALMOST new Densmore typewriter at sac-
rlfice; cash or time payments. Schmoller . , , . .
& Mueller, 1313 Farnam St. Tel. 1626 MONEY TO LOAN CHATTELS
W 406 11 . . .
FINE $375 pneumatic Stanhope, nearly new, j. m f-,. r w
$125; open pneumatic runabout, $tiO. Drum- i I I I l I 14
mond, 18th and Harney. Q-632 y 1 II I j I
GOOD carriage, runabout wagon and har
ness, cheap. Johnson & Danforth. S. W. WE LOAN ON
cor. 10th and Jones sts. Q 633 Furniture,
PAINT. Sherman & McConnell Drug Co., tiaiuries.
Omaha. Q M699 -VE GIVE
1 Best Rates,
FOR SALE, Incubator, brooder and green Easy payments,
hone cutter; good as new. James Pear- timet Service,
son, Germantown, Neb. Q M743 9x Any Time.
I No. 6 Sturtevant blower, ln perfect con- u.McTfi'lM -r,
dltlon. will be sold cheap. Address Bee fV ASjA(V ,LuAS ,CO-.'h
Building Co.. or see W. II. Bridges, en- (E "9bBB," d liz f '306 lTh ' St
gineer Bee building. Q 776 (Established 12.) 306 S. J"-
PULLEyFaNT) WUNTERSHAFTS LOaNS made on .11 kinds of chattel se-
30 Pulleva. from B hi tn In' In diameter curlties, also on SALARIES.
s rnnnfrVh,m.- , m ?iV fll-meter' Low Rates. Easy Terms.
40 Feet 1 A ir XTfiinL will. ennllnr Quick and Confidential Service.
40 l"eet 1 15-lG-ln. shafting, with couplings crn 0 u , need nf MONKV
nfngdir?rah.,lTln"ether W'th abUt PHOENIX CREDIT CO.1'
Thsonarebal,.tl.n,f firs,-clas. condition. W. 3 xto Block.
H. Bridges, Engineer, Bee building. iL
MONEY loaned . on furniture, salary,
.,.--. ,,.-.7 ' horses, etc.; half usual rates. Dr. Prebbe-
BM.ONB-HAND now room iH at 3- i6th Bu Tel u
If you want a bargain In steam fittings call MONEY loaned salaried people and others
and look over the following supplies: without security; easy ayiuenls. Ofllces
2.C-luch Jenkin'o globe valve. in 63 principal cities. Tolman, room 714
1. 8-inch Ausiin horlsontol separator. ' New York Life building. X 610
1.4-Inch Austin vertical separator. ,
These have been taken out on account of MONEY loaned on salary, furniture, Jew
changes ln our steam plant and ore in elry, horses. Duff Green Loan Co., 8
good condition. Address Bee Building Co.. Barker block. X 639
or see W. 11. Bridges, engineer. Bee build-
Ing, Omaha. Q 532 MONEY loaned on pianos, furniture, lew-
'" elry, horses, cows, etc. C. F. Reed, 319 8. 13.
X 640
EXCHANGE MONEY for salaried people, star
IF YOU do not find what you want ln this LOAN CO., 644 PAXTON BLOCK,
column put an ud In and you will soon
5fi..1i: Z8S1. SEE FULER, 426 Paxton block, for loans
PIANO for horse. Perfleld, pianos, 1611 Far. on watches, diamonds and Jewelry.
Z 161 F:3 X-612
WE have farms to trade for merchandise CHATTEL, salary and Jewelry loans Foley
of all kinds. U. S. Sales Bureau. 634-36 Loan Co., 1504 Farnam it. X 613
Bee BUlj. Z M940 7
SALARY snd chattel loans. Templeton,
212 Bee Bldg. X-614
FARMS FOR RENT BOWELS MONEY; easy to get on furnt-
ture, planes, horses, cows, Jewelry. Plain
FOR DAIRY OR UARDENING. note If steadily employed. 70S N. Y. Life.
60 acres SH miles west of city and four X.Hb
blocks to street car; house five rooms; "
will lesse threw years. $6 Oo per acre. DDI7 A TC Mf-MCV
70 acres 1 mile east of Irvington, no im- jTlxl V A I C iViLINC I
PTeoTge";Cofl6SrFar"am St., Omaha. A PRIVATE PARTY WILL MAKE
7 Mi6 11 loans on furniture, pianos or other se-
; 1 cutliy at very liberal rates; you have the
privilege of paying back in small in-
FLORISTS stallments. Address T 14, Bee.
II ESS & 8WOBODA, 1415 Farnam. -662 - ..
. Tel. 3331 Wri Bldg., rooms M and Hit. Tvl Mi. i.
NEBRASKA No. 1. K. of P.-Regular
meeting Monday evening at 7:J0 o'clock
in Myrtle hill. 15th and Douglas sts.
Visitors welcome.
ROY A. DODGE. K. R. and 8
GYLMER. scientific p&lmlst. 715 N. 23d.
MRS. FRITZ, clairvoyant, 1621 Leaven
worth. 8626
MRS. FAIRFIELD, 1714 California st.
MME. FRANCISCO, the California lady
palmist and clairvoyant. 1724 Cap. ave.
Tel. 5010. 8 M9S9 6x
Mrs T. fl. I'.nver tmnre medium, o&lmlst
psychic render and phrenologist, reads
your me correctly.
Send self-addressed stamped envelope for
trim rending.
210 N. 17th st. Tel. B-2647.
&-M990 11
CHAMBERS, society and stage;
classes now forming. 'Phone F-1871.
A CLASS for adult beginners Is now form
ing, Tues. and Frl , 8 p. rn., at Morand's,
15th and Harney. The cotillion and all
the latest glides are taught In one term.
Private lessons and Wednesday assem
blies. Call or tel. 1041. 714 F28
H. A. STt'RGIES. registered attorney; pat
ents, trade marks, coipy rights, no fee un
less successful. 617 N. Y. Life, Omaha.
American Engineering Co.. registered at
torneys, 6'8 Bee Bldg., Omaha. 213 F24
Johnson Institute. 615 N.Y.LIfe bldg. Tel. 1664
MRS. JOHN R. MUSICK. Osteopathy Phy
sician; office, Neville block. Tel. 2823.
DR. FAR WELL, specialty nervous disease.
612 N. Y. Life. -615
State of Nebraska, Office of Auditor of
Public Accounts, Lincoln, February 1,
19'5. r
It Is hereby certified, that the German
Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Omaha.
in the state of Nebraska,, has complied
with the Insurance law of this state ap
plicable to such companies and is there
for? authorlxed to continue the business of
fire insurance In this state for the current
year, ending January 81, 1900.
Witness my hand and the seal of tho
auditor of public accounts tho day and
year first above written.
E. M. SEARLE, Jr.,
Auditor of Public Accounts.
(Seal.) By JOHN L. PIERCE. Deputy.
Feb 6 Dlt
Notice is hereby given that the regular
annual meeting of the stockholders of the
South Platte Land Co. will be held at the
office of said company In Lincoln, Ne
braska, at 11 o'clock a. m.. on the 1st day
of March. A. D., 1905.
By order of the Board of Directors.
C. H. MORRILL. President.
A. B. MINOR. Secretary.
Lincoln, Neb., Jan. 30, 1905.
JS1 d30t
Office and Infirmary, 28th and Mason Sts.
OMAHA, NTB. leleohone 639.
Only One Dollar a Year.
t'nlon Pacific.
Leave. Arrive.
Overland Limited a 9:40 am a 8:05 pm
Colorado & Cal. E a 4:10 pm a 9:30 am
Cal. & Oregon Ex a 4:20 pm a 6:10 pm
North Platte Local a 7:60. am a 7:00 pm
Fast Mall a 8:60 am a 3:20 pm
Colorado Special a 7:45 am a 7:40 am
Beatrice Local b 4 30 pm b 1:30 pm
St. Louis Express 6:30 pm 8:20 am
St. Louis Local (from
Council Bluffs) 9:16 am 10:80 pm
8hn"Rnrinah Local (from
Council Bluffs) 6:45 pm 2:30 pm
Chieniio Western.
8. Paul & Minn a 8:30 pm a 7:15 am
St. Paul & Minn a 7:45 am a 7:65 pm
Chicago Limited a 5:00 pm al0:80 am
Chicago Express a 6:05 am a 3:30 pm
Chicago, Kock Island A Pacific.
Chicago Limited a 8:55 am a 7:10 am
Chicago Daylight Local b 7:00 am a 9:66 pm
Chicago Express bll:15 am a 6:16 pm
Dee Moines Express... a 4:30 pm bll:50 am
Chicago Fast Express, .a 6:40 pm a 1:20 pm
Rocky Mountain L't'd..a 7:20 am a 8:50 pm
Lincoln, Den. & West. .a 1:30 pm a 6:06 pm
Oklahoma & Tex. Ex. .a 4:15 pm al2:40 pm
t'hlcuso A Northwestern,
Local Chicago all:30am
Mall a 8:10 pm 8:30 am
Daylight St. Paul a 7:50 am 11:60 pm
Daylight Chicago a 8:00 am 11:50 pm
Limited Chicago a. 8:25 pm 9:15 am
Local Carroll a 4:00 pm 9:30 am
Fast St. Paul a 8:15 pm 7:06 am
Local Sioux C. & St. P..b 4:00 pm a 9:30 am
Fast Mall 8:30 am
Chlcngo Express a 6:60 pm a 3:45 pm
Norfolk & Bonesteel....a 7:40 am 10:35 am
Lincoln & Long Pine b 7:40 am 10.S6 am
Casper & Wyoming d 2:50 pm e 6:16 pm
Deadwood & Lincoln. ..a 2:50 pm 6:15 pm
Hasilngs-Alhlon b 2:50 pm 6:16 pm
Missouri Pacific.
Ht. l-ouls Express a 8:30 am a 6:00 am
K. C. & St. I-. Ex all:16 pm a 6:00 pm
Illinois Central.
Chicago Express a 7:25 am al0:35 pm
Chicago Limited a 7:50 pm a 8:05 am
Minn. & St. Paul Ex...b7:2Sam bl0:85 pm
Minn. & St. Paul L t d.. a 7:60 pm a 8:05 pm
Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul.
Cliicago Daylight Ex...a7:5oam all :00 pm
California-Oregon Ex. ..a 6:45 pm a 8:10 pm
Overland Limited a 8:20 pm a 7:35 u.i
Dcs M. & Okobojl Ex. .a 7:55 am a 8:10 pm
..a 4:10 pm
.all ;10 pm
.a 8:50 am
.b 2:67 pm
I. a 7:50 pm
. i:m am
Denver & California..
Northwest Express
Nebraska points
TJnnln Mnll
1... .w,.l k. Tl(t f tm't h
Bellevue & Plattsm'th
f-t-kll-.iiiji A. I'ne. June.
Bellevue & Pac. June. .al2:15 pm
Denver Limited
Chicago Speclil a 7:10 am
Chicago Express a 4:00 pm
Chicago Flyer a 8.05 pm
Iowa I:'al a 9:15 am
St. l-ouls Express a 4:25 pm
Kansas City & Ht. Joe..al0:46 pm
Kansas City & St. Joe. .a 15 am
Kansas City & St. Joe.. a 4:26 pm
a 3:20 pm
a 6:08 pm
a 7 40 pm
a 12:06 pm
al0:26 am
b 8:82 am
a 4:56 am
a 8:66 pm
a 7:26 am
all .00 pm
all .46 am
a 4:46 am
a 4:u6 pm
Missouri Pacific.
Leave. Arrive.
Nebraska Ixral, via
Weeping Water
t hlraiio. St. Paul,
Twin City Passenger. ..b 4:80 am b 9:10 pm
Sioux City Passenger, a 2:"' pm all:.0ain
Oakland Local I 6 45 pin b 9:10 am
A dally, b dally except Sunday, d dally
except Saturday. dally except Monday.
.b 4:60 pm bit :40 am
Minneapolis A
Arts and Words ol Prominent reople
of F.nrepe as Slewed
from London.
LONDON. Feb. 8.-,Fpeelnl Cablegram ,
The Bee.) An Informal vs.: to Liverpool
was made this week by Princess Chris
tian, Mr. and Mr Chamberlain nnd other
distinguished guests of the Enrl and
Countess of Derby at Knowsley. The
house party and their hosts attended a
lecture delivered In St. George's hall by
Major Rose on "The lYogrees of Tropical
Medicine." It waa what a certain drama
tist might describe as an "uncomfortable"
lecture. Upon a screen were thrown, magic
lantern pictures of fearsome "wriggly
creatures that Introduced all manner
unpleasant complaints Into the bodies of
unhappy natives In malarial countries. Mr.
Chamberlain told an Interesting story about
an unnamed foreign monarch and himself.
The sovereign said to the statesman: "Of
all things In connection with your British
history the one I admire most is your
colonial policy." "Sir," replied Mr. Cham
berlain, "I think you do us too much
honor. We have never had a colonial
policy. Somehow or another we have been
allowed to blunder Into the best parts of
the world."
The Hartopp divorce case is about to 1
reopened, a little over two years after tho
first trial. Sir Charles Edward Cradock
Hartopp has filed a new petition for di
vorce against his wife. Lady Milllcent
Florence Hartopp, and has cited again
Henry Arthur Mornlngton Wellseley, Earl
Cowley, aa co-reepondent. The case Is in
the list for the present law term. In De
cember, 1902, Sir Charles Hartopp peti
tioned for a divorce. The case occupied
the court for thirteen days, at a cost to
the parties of about 13.0u0, and In the re
sult the petition of Charles was dismissed.
The case was complicated as well ns long.
Sir Charles charged his wife with mis
conduct with her cousin, Earl Cowley.
Lady Hartopp countercharged Sir Charles
with misconduct with "the beautiful Miss
Sands" and also with cruelty.' All the
allegations were denied. Sir Charles Is
now 46 years old, Lady Hartopp 31 and
Lord Cowley 38. Lady Hartopp is one cf
the three beautiful daughters of Mr. C. H.
Wilson, M. P., the Hull ship owner, and Is
a grest-great-grandaughter of the "Iron
Duke." her mother being the daughter of
the late Colonel H. C. Wellesley.
Lord Suffolk and his bride, who a few
weeks ago was Miss Daisy Letter of Chi
cago, had a magnificent homecoming.
Malmesbury town was gaily decorated with
flags and devices. The local voluntee
were drawn up outside the station, and the
mayor and corporation received Lord and
Lady Suffolk on their arrival. Headed by
a band, a procession was formed to th
Market Cross, where a silver salver and
an nddrcrs were presented to Lord Suffolk
and a bouquet to his wife. Speeches were
made emphasizing the closeness of the
relations between the town and the Suffolk
family and giving promise of even closer
relations In the future. Then, amid the
cheers of the town's people, Lord and Lady
Suffolk drove off to
where another rcce
They were met by t
back, the school children
the avenue to the ho
presented Lady Suffolk
qutt at the lodge gate. Then the horses
were unharnessed and, drawn by tho em
ployes of the estate, Lord and Lady Suffolk
went to their home under a succession of
triumphal arches.
Sir Alfred Harmsworth was entertained
at dinner this week by the political com
mittee of the Manchester Conservative club
In celebration of his taking over the control
of the Manchester Courier. Mr. Nlcol
Dunn, the editor-elect of that newspaper,
was alto a guest. Mr. Bnlfour wrote re
gretting that ho could not he present, ad
ding: "The condition of the historic paper
has long been a subject or anxiety to all
Interested In Manchester politics, and I
hope we may now look confidently forward
to Us enjoying a long career of distin
guished usefulness ln support of the con
stitutional party." Sir Alfred Harmsworth,
replying to the toast of his health, snhl
they hd come Into an arena in which com
petition was much keener than in London.
It was quite possible they might fall, but If
they had to leave Manchester It would not
.be until they had to walk out of tha city
for lack of railway fare.
Lord and Lady Arundel gave their annual
tenants' ball at Wardour camle this week.
The barony of Arundel of Wardour dates
back to 1005, but Its association with Lon
don begun in 1691, when Henry, fifth B:iiou
Arundel, married the duughter and co
heiress of Colonel Thomas Panton. Colonel
ronton realized a large fortune as the
keeper of a gambling house ln Plccadllly-
and Invested his money In real estate. Pn- 1L
ton street today commemorates the man,
and Arundel street and Wardour street the
marriage of his daughter. Wardour castle,
which is In Wiltshire, was built between
1770 and 1775 on the site of tho old castle
blown up by the third Lord Arundel, who
did this sooner than allow It to remain In
the hands of the parliamentarians.
The popularity of bridge shows no sign of
abatement. Both the king and queen find
In the gnme a great recreation of an even
ing. Their majesties play for low points
and always pay their losses before rising
from the table. When Almack's opens Its
enlarged premises tables are to be reserved
for H-penny and farthing points. The gen
eral tendency Is toward lower rather than
higher stakes.
. .
their seat at Charlton, 7
ptlon awaited them.
he tenantry on horse-
lined each side of
use, and one of them
with another bou-
NOB. 6227-4244 (Two Patterns) LADIES'
Rises. No. 6--.'7 One site.
Sixes, No. 6i-44 82 to 42-Inch. bust.
For the accommodation oi readers of Ths
Bee there patterns. h.cb usunlly retail at
from ii to io cents each, will be furnished
at the nominal price of 10 cents. A supply
Is now kept at our office, so those who
wish any pattern may get It either by call.
Ing or enclosing 10 oenta. addreansA "4-t
tsra Dtpartuieut. !, Omaha.' - - .