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Dining Room Furn
Cid-Tine Lpii".t:re Voti r Art Iwpxp
V i- .
Bbrishers failed te ee P. s 1 1 tea der s
Oar Chra Bid la a tseelsl
Car hy a OtBeral lit-
From 6tS Correspond tr t
LINCOLN. Jkn i .8pc.i -Noiwitt-sta.ncir,g
G".rnor M. a t d'-T.uriciaiiot,
of th irtlj. I.otW .'thl'.aiic.l.g 'he, I'g
lnlaturt waa supposed 1" hti b' e r.
ccgaa.xed Hit ass. tame of lae
lobby ir ion ra'e lnfjenccs ana hut
wlthstkndir.g statement ly pr .'m.i.ei.1
memU rt of the )e-g:e4t: jrt that the
lobby KijiJ ti"t bt t..iers:ca. Llnco.n t'0
overrua w..n routis nut kirn tduyjt,
Tie-Ue-d sna ubtramB." :.c ci. Tru' . there
It an ! ;U' oil 1. sir war
horse bo :u dni past kr!'' d r' put:.". .cui
for onrrurtlng i'fifu!..irf mid i!,w arm tn;
wrtll of the ) a nw gens-si i..r. ha
uinc en. pr.t.abl; r the u.r-.:ion ut
the sid timerr
The rliroas. bi far as outside spp. ar-
am-e go, art oomf; 6- ,,Jt ti.'y fr
.workiig jLt th same . Instead of ;t,r ran
reads coming id Lincoln to oc. tucinm wi.h
ta I'ruiu n the rajrosds art hi. a .iif lit lor ' unit to ifcem. . ne cu rare r of
a, prominent eomrr.litee that will hkii tu do
With railroad ieg.aiaiioh was invhrii out
Into the stale by lb g ru ral manager cf
a railroad. Laiicd around I:; a private car
and that :.. if returo'-d in Lincoln.
Wht the retails of Ida! tr;i. w ere . ir-so-Ur
a the rai.r-.ia J la iimf i ncii. rt mains t
Bridge Vri oa tseek.
Tba usual bridge lobby i h-re. It ia
rlaimod. with ttr Inteiit.on of k.K.t a tbe
Kit UU. tvlOn.ll) In. ru.f rhtu up I lit
lda of knotk.rij out ttt r ijli.txt r
bill. bicb baa a'rady d tbt -ri.H5
Krltnda of tbt Kyo li.J d ii.r thai em aure
na'f a into la lr jr I it.ii- lo tb
tountr ronimiaaKdirrt' b. 11 In diiim of
Ibia latin tiKHKUTe Jnhli Gailarbt r of Hull
runty, CoiiiniiaKlontr beach if rilinjort
county atxl 'rtu Hinder of 1'iatu county
are weMkira. and Mt-nda of tbt- K.d bill
aar It If vc-ry ti'.pntfi'-arit tbst in tach o!
tbe-ac rouutlta a CTiia.n tricice comjiany
bulldF ai! the bridcrew. Krltnda of the Kyd
bill are rlatmlrf that the- briice nun art
pi-MHitnlna; t tupoon th:,t rnuaaurt in order
la errtatt nuicln l!i the niind of tbt
lc;iaUtr n cardmf th me ; Its of the till.
Tti:a f'rt of lobLyltiK. bi.T. abould havt
llrtls arlfht witrj ac or d tr Br y-minded mem
btr of tbt I' fiaiai u: t, bo can. by a Ktudy
of th nifur, tai!y determine wbetbtr
It ix in Lht iLtirmt of tbt taxpayer or
In th Interest of the bridije rontractor.
lrrartt Ttaiatraart Idruratn.
The breatra hut been bert once and ao
far aa outward aiiietranoev su they hat
ettabhfched no orfarntud lobby. Tbt advo
tiatea of th Phrt k tuli. providing for
oouaty rptii, liavc, oti lht rontrary, a
atrong lobty und th membcra of that btidy
are working; haru. lnvuranot lotb u-t art
thiuk ' j
Nelthrr th Nebraska TeltiiboBn din- i
paujr nor tbe ldt'iiadent rompauioa have ;
lh lubbtea bert thty had Iwu e.r ato, I
and mo far no telephone legislation l.aa been
lnU(Klucd Id either tioue. K(-irtntatvea
of bete eotnpanioa. tioaevar. ha their
ya on th altuation.
What th tuMubera of the vu-mui lobtiiea
organtaed by eertaio Inltrnei ba t'cen
tl to aoooiBj.Ukh la do-, known yet, f"r u
Very Important laaue baa enm up tor a
Mneup of Hi lagiaiatora But th fait re
main that no mejnber f thia Uigialatu:
tuwda ta be wamad araiual a lohbyial.
Every lobbylac la known and make no
aarret of til bunlnena bert. H em tier of
tb legialalur liavt been aarne d time and
again and tbay ar ai'(aua.inid wub lb
rejiraaorilaUvaa of aiMtcial li.uj..aia. If a
dngl Biamber of thia leglaiaturc ia Fwerve
from iua path of duty by re.taon of th ia
fluenr of the lobby it i the fault of that
mtmber, and his i-oiiBiituoi.t ahould L.uld
hiin revoonslbla
Thto 1r."lua
ai! f r i. It ur
Ful-alile f-.r tt
d.r.ti g o m in
Fui:. jl tr3
par it ica
lr. bus., lit.a
cati'-ne'a. a.Je
bciird. plata
ra'k. MniT.g
tai'le. ;rl'"d
at an Lr-m' :y
1 c- a f.ri:r t o
rocve qa't kly.
- . . .
.-v c it a i in t a
the valut. Si
fun. in. O'.10n Cfck I' ring
S'K 1'iertiiKt.
ill ? ---u i
1117 Farnam St.
II. . Tht'.t .
l'l! HiS Tk
t.- it.
' it. K L
r. ' "- k I'
oiO' r. t J'il
i'iu- r '.ik l'-i." t ....
.ioen ok ....
Vn ('!iK t-.' mrd
i. -. ;f . k ? ' t"'!.rd
. .1 ! r, i ikk -u1 ; . . .
lo n ( ak ffei . . .
HO Tl ' Itik ' ?"Tia C'iil' T
r rl ak ' "t:tin 'fc
. ii t ' it k k'Y Tim ' ,i t
tori n ii. k t r.a (.' "
1 I t'hiur . kX, rK-
..' tt T tiol ien i iiik i it.g 'hair
'.." s. t 7 r i.ii n .
a T Mnl'ifi' '
t;: in i if. Hi i. a I Ti
k- I ii' Kit n I It. t. lot.
z i; -'ii t. oi.t i'i.
jl mo 15 ir..-n ' ! 1. 1
..:" (oi'l.-ri ,.! !
Arm liming '.
f. rid t a ji;ter: t
Hiout i.i.;; iM'.-e
t . ! in
I." I 11
tj.' '.
I mi
Si'i' h'
I:!- ill'
t '
fj: i
m no
rt t-4
: (:
. . r.
. . fl ii
of 1. 1
Ii tiit.g Cta.rfr kt J jft
Parlor Furniture
Irie!j1e e try-hlr.g :n
ti ptiria. lavet.p'ir
.id (."t.airi. and J. '. k
ready lo It uphoinir
you end the
upholstered L'naria.
tri'ila 1-ieda. Full,
re url.olntred arid
d. lr: thin not lion
JrH'ef atiuLl lui-i.
Retiring from Business
Closing out all goods for cash at cost and less. Harney street building for rent or
sale, possession at once, Farnam street building lor rent or sale, possession March
1st, For particulars apply at olfice. This shows that we mean business. To close
out this large stock so soon we consider it would bs necessary to make extraord
inary prices, such thai will move the goods without delay. Cost not considered.
Fine furniture pieces will go much less than manufacturer's prices. An oppor
tunity worth coming hundreds of miles to t ""e advantage of. Everybody knows
the high standard quality of our goods. Vt cannot impress you too strongly to
make selections early. Note some of the bargains. The sale commences Monday
morning at S o'clock. Condensed Stock. Extra alesraen.
Office Furniture
Tor tie bupinens mnu wonlJ call artcti
tiion to the Pluvial wile- of our office furniture.
Tueht 'kJ xent-t le moved ht ouce and t
live made tbe irlif no tery cuticitic that vi.u
oenatiilr run tnd jour iifniJ iu office furni
ture bore and at tremendous t-aviiif.
i I
I Mahogany Arm Chair.
net i
f'ii.ixi Parlor Arm Chair, upholstered.
tl'iMK' Mahoa:niiy lbrge Arm Chair....
liiv Tii Idahocany J'url'ir Chair
120 oo K-jiR-oe Ktrior r-u 1 1
t.v.'.iKi t-tueoe I'arlor Sunt
(oi. M-pieoe Puitt. ccoeriT'.g soiled
Fli (mi I'arlor Kocker. upholstered heat,
tli ix' I'arlor lUn k'r. upbolMered Bout
j'i' tk lofc'ati ....
12; lie Miihoriiny I'arlor Arm Chair...
I'h X Mahei'any liinak Covered
fX, in liolden Oak larre Arm ...
;.;.i' Wahoganx Pi.rinr Kocker
t W' Mabocar.r I'aM T-pori (to lie (
er'd in gooiif to tuiti
liil.' I.ed S .if a
Mi ixi ilmden tiKk Inivenport
tni' IX' Kieimnh 1'aveiip.ort
Parlor Tabiea, Parlor Cabinet.
Krat, Pedestal. Tabouret all go
price reduction.
I i 'X
I h v"
I fi IX'
f IS "
.:;: ki
I c
I T.ixi
.. ti.iH
. . .lii.W
...t'.L IX'
. . r :.;'
. . .;' (in
. . 4" :i
. . gr ci
at big
tZl.kt four-fiKt Itoll Top I'ohk ..
Kl'T-Vi Hich Koll Oak I-.k
t;,T..iKi nve-ftKit Uoll lk
i.(ti rj4 ine b Koll Ief.k
e44.i. five-fcxit lioll Iok .
Jii';.m five-foot kix-incb Hull Ie.k
eJ'j.iVi riat Top ln-sk
fji rikt Top Ioak H'.i.TTi rut lop ick firi.oo
J1...25 l'lat Top Ie.k tU.'o
eliUkt riat Top Iek $10.Kt
K.;.i office Table M.
$s.:k Office Table f:
UlAi" Office Table $1(1.75
Uirbtr-wven tiartern of office
..-, ;.
t j(
e"i.(i Hetolvinp
;.i KevoIvinK
$,'!. Cant Scut
$'. lievolvinc
liair ....
Arm Chair
Cl.iiir ...
$1 rr.
chair and utools. ii!l po in this
preat aafc-. You can better Judpe the valuf by seeitij: the ckouh.
Rockers Fancy Chairs
Theae you cannot dui'licate at anywhere
near our vrice. The larreM tock in Cuiaha
and worthy of your uiom critical considcr-atinu.
JV irolden oak ttox kcr. leaiber back.
lyeather S-st and
Ps.Tri Mabopany
$s..Vt Mabopany
ltocker H.Tu
Klisb fcat
$:.7Ti iroldeu ouk Hocker. .ti.'T
til I. (XI
. $t.;.rj
f..V . iii k Cauf Si-at Arm
H'K-ker Jl.TTi
Kl.Tt" old. Co'-iifoit B'lKton
lUK-ker $2
K. Uuttan K'H-ker ."..7."i
fl(.J5 liattan K(ker . ...$7.t.i
JKi.rm Irolden Oak Hocker
Jpi.'M Uoldcn Oak Kocker
,.i rolleu oak Arm Chair...
Mr.i Mabiifiity Kexker
17.(M Mabtipany Kocker
ll.ii Mahotaliy Kockers, aulaid
j.i Ma botany Kocker
tioldeu Oak I'latforni Hucker
Tou can't form a lenr ides of the magnitude of tbla iJt. t y the few
pnew wt quote Kemembtr every- arucit In the houe liar twii gone over
and mhrked with yelliw uncial !. and here ynu bait your iholce t.f
omt ihrei thouaand piece AI) how big reduction.
Hall Pieces
r so
It ho
fi. iri
V. Ti.
tic and hatipinei. llal Kctteen and Chair, llall Cost umer all po in tbi great Kale at
ticbt from the manufacturer.
golden oi.k Hall . f.b"' weathered Oak Hall Stttee.
HaJl noks. Hall Ka'k ikUiin
pricoK lehs than tlk-y can le b
f-r.irt.n u.k Hull Rlati.. t L Tii fit ':
golat-n oak Hall Uiaat .$: 1 euthired cihk Mall GIubf '.
polllin Ola Hall H -0 . i ' ' il. a JIH.I vmrr.. n.w
filriin oak Hull U Tt fin '' t.iak l-ea'-her Seat Hull Bebch llti.Stf M.S'
Alno our entire lurpe line of Ktaudinc llall Kackk. irandfatber llall Cliek in cldcn and weathered oak and mahopatiy
coins into detail repardinp all tbewe jiloces. but tie can truthfully Kay You w ill not le diaappoimed in our prices.
We munt and vill move theoe piKd. quick.
Qiooen Oak Hall Sett-e.
Golden Ouk H!l Settee.
Golden Oak Hall eV-Uee.
.... Til'"
... t :a :a
k-l IX'
.... i ;.!"
"ipace fcrrbii'k
Ittcii ditg I-orj
arid n-a. Fd.
IieQrom Sli.t.
Prirp Tabic.
Pi irjeekf
Ilou mom Chair-.
KiK ke r and
tJ. - Iron Be!
f.ri" lrou lie-ds. - -fcl.rki
Iron l'.ed. .
fri.Vi In m ltfl . .
tv.'ni Irrni l'.exl. .
H4to Iron lietl.
g-!sei ;,iKl u I ak
J. jl i i;.ilb n oak
F.'lT.oi (al'li ti ' ;ik
larjjo jriax ....
f 71 Mahogany Irwr
fim Mabiiciiy lr-r !."-intfany lT'xer Mahorrny Irswr
fTnixi Muboc.'iD.v lied, caned.
HlH.rm a-pfe Mahncaiiy Suit.
KHu.'lti Utildt-n ock Chiffonier. .
fJ-'.' iolde'U oak Chiffonier..
'H(i Kinl'-cye Chiffonier...
JL';. k l'.trdV-eye Chiffonier...
f'U'iO' K1ru -eye Ireer
HI Kird'iH J c lreer
1 a r
.... 14 .73
J irvwrn
, .U2.ifl
. .7fi.
. f.M
. 44 on
. $32.00
mmJ th:it thi mile inrlude
i in : lure in trie rurnnvre Mtie yr " "ie
.eer,ioni Hra Hen Oil. r'ldlng Pit,
lieiiroom Sim. Hi d room Chair. KiH ker.
f'.:nnoi'f W Hll Viands, etc.. all al a big
Our rotlr lina
of Children'a
Folding' and
regular Caru.
ia tbt tale av a
difccoucl ol
50 per cent,
For the Ien. Library er Hall Many piece in chair, roi kera, table
and fii ttee that will command our eareful conaideraiion.
ladioii det-k and dFk chai-a. music tabinctp, all shale alike In
price cutting lo move tin rant stock.
Gold mirror ana tirlc-a-tirac and Louatlsa aure ha'f price. N"ot b.fort
bar there been ii sait !!ke thif in all the wet m her ihe oldeiW and largest
furritnre bouae offer uc h wonderful imce lnducejiient in clualng out
their entire atcK-k.
Goods packed and delivered en board car Omaha without txira e lia'ge
to out-of-loc I'uciorntri.
f 10.00
. . $:.
. M.25
. ..voo
. .J5.75
HS.riC' Kaby Bncpv
$s.) o-4'art. wood body.
e4.x rdding I'urt
fri.2S UtM 'art
$ 7o Voiding "art
fs.-'ci Baby Buggy
$b.75 Reclining Back Cart.
fll.TTi (.io-Can vtiiij cushion
lv.V Go-Cun comj-le te fll.riO
H4.i0 Go-Can complete $'.1.00
1."( Go-Can (simplcte $12.i0
fM. tio-Can fompletf tiaTi
Every artol In thl Mart ha the regu
lnr jlain figure jinoe ard. alo a large yel
low tag which allow jell plainly the reru-
lar ana Fpeciai price,
and not the aavmga.
Be your owo
aaarlaltBra MrBrlr laaae m
FYom a Plaff
UNCOLX. Jan. special. i-Tbe aiat
common arbooi fund bill, H. K. 37. intra
duced In the house yenttrday, 1 a measure
dttubtU'tut than will receive very aerlou at
tention at the hand.' of tb legislature. It
provide for the aiiirtiotinicnt of tb tem
jiorary school fund on the baai of the
actual atlendano in tbt various dlauict
In the state, earb pupil attending four
week Curing tjie lialf year to t taken
Inta conaidtratlon brn the ae mi-annuai
apportionment la made. Jut a hat effect
the bill would have if enacted Into law 1
not known, for th rwaaou tht.t no sta
tistics have yet been compiled bowing the
per tent of attendance to the number of
children of arhool age In the varioua di
trlrta Tboee dUstrin l.a-i-ing the longer
teraua of achotil. horn-ever ft,hi.ul unit.. i.
. , . . . t ir in flu iHuip. uiru i'uiioii i'i hit
wu rare rieiter tnan tnoae district havlna i.i ,,; . -t ur,i.r., e,.r ti, i.iith,h"i of n,e
eonatit ution and of our natutc. na well a
the various a i: pi erne court dri iaion of o hei
nalea. it ia evident Hint our common
achotil sn ni ine ludes high i tiool a a ell
at e liooia teaching mort elementary
The iitkt jioint to be mtiBidrreid in a study
of H. R 17ii in the sour"t from which the
state common school fund is u.-rived. Tne
air common school turid ninsisxe of two
part, the permanent achnol limb and tut
temporary s hool fund Poction S. article
viii. of our state constitution gives us the
sources ef our iianiiai.ent school fund, and
Hecuori 4 of tht sajri rti( le gives us t Itiu'ly
tbt souicea of ui'f temporary school furid
Becliun II reads: "Tht loilo ing are he reby
declared to be perpetual funoa lor common
school purpose, of which the annual Uiler
esl or mourn only can be appropriated,
" f irst 6u h jieri'ejntum n has been or
may bereuftetr be granted by col gTess on
tlit nalt of landg in this s ale
f eeond All moiiejs arising from the sale
or leasing of sections 3k and it in each
to-nshJii in this staue. and the land se
lected or thai tu) be SHlttefi ia lieu
"Third Tht proceeds of all lands that havt
been or may lieitiaftrr be gtanted to ihia
state ahere. by the term and conditions
of sueh grsjit. the same art iiol to lie oilier
wise appropriate.
'Fourth The net proceeds of lands and
other property nd efiects thnt may come to
the state bv es' brat or forfeliure, or from
unclaimed dn-idendu. or distributive share
of the estate of deleaved person.
Kifth All moneys, stocks bond., lands
and fiber property no belonging lo th
common school fund "
Among the principal 'other mean"
the lgiilurs may irovifle for the Incres"
ol tb common sctiool fund, the ens-tlng
statute provides for ac anr.ual levy and
hsseasme.Mt of not to eaooiW ! mills upon
the doiiar valuation on the grand lisi of
taxable property of the stale
The grt object of H K 170 Is o pm
Tlde "a more eMUitsble distribution" of the
state common w houl fund, on this point
it ma! be well to keep m mine the consti
tutional provision as laid dean In secti n 7.
article vhl of the slate consUt uuou. bbid
.-tiem reaos . shall tie mant cy general law
euuitable-Qistr nuiion in ;nt income
attend school, but alio hapiien to tie of
school ager The same is true of me n In
hundreds of cases.
Some have asked If the four weeks' at
tunaajii' in each half year mould .ot throw
a siui al the compuisory education law.
Not at all. As already stated, l his pro
vision Is made for the larger boys who are
tieii pi by aare from the compulsory at
lenauiict 1h. It Is eiii'cted Uia-t the oom
puiaory education law will be enrorotid
in same under H K. Jeli as It Is un
der the erisinig law lor Uie distribution
ot school funds. If a reasonable re
t)uiremei!t in attendance is made lo share
in the state common school fund, it would
surely sutmgiheu the compulsory attend
ance law, i.iit an apportionment regard
less of any attendance whatsoever is more
likely to buhity Hit: compulsory atieiidauoe
Tht Cojisey bill allege to seek a more
equitable Distribution ot the state common
school fund on th around ttivt tht western
uountiea are contributing mo to the iate meinliers
tb short trrma, far tht reason the pupils
trill have a longer period in winch to attend
school the required eight week during the
State Superintendent J. U W:Brien ha
laaued the folloalng atatamert, eajilanatory
of the bill, which be endorse:
Tb Stat common arhool fund bill H R
Jitl. introdue'ed b Mesar. Jackson nf An
telope. Mark of Fillnior and Warner of
I anna tier. seek, to provide a mole eyjita
t.l diSTiloullcin of the state rommon school
fund. To get a oleai idea of the full mean
ing and scone of this measure e need a
better untlerstanuir.i: eif the aeirds "common
se'bool " There e m. to lie iwevailir.g
ojnuion on the part of the public generU'
and especially among tht s'-hool pecp.e of
the stale, that th words "rommon schools"
nimiTiM only th g-i-ade lieiew the nigh
arhool. On a molt careful reading of our
Drunkards .
Cured Secretly
Lady raw IS
It at
Uea. Cet
ViViJl va n i
i A Pasall Raaksead a MapplMM bf
ta Oeaat Hum Our tar
ti k.hauar rtantt.
A new taateless diarovery whkh i-aa be
giveti in tea xge or f .ud llaaru.y en
oorwd ty H". C. T V". aad all leaurierano
wot ker It doe its aora so an. nily and
surely that ai.nt ttie oeoied aife. sisier
t-r daughter links on. lbs ctui.kard is re
ilainied agsiest his Hi and wnrinul his
knowledge. Stiid y.ior nanie and lo
lr J. W. Hamea. 'T liienn Hdg . Clm-in-Hatt
O. and ht will auall a trial pkikaKt
of jsldai tfpe'ibe fie, lo enow bow easily
it ta la oar drviiaaiu a ilk Uaa swojedy.
common arhoola aJnoiig tut veraj s nooi
disiruis of tht state, and no appropriation
si.a-iJ 1 niadt from hU fund to any district
lor the ear In ahith s hool la not main
tained at least three months "
A compuxisor. of tht existing statute with
H. K. No 37ti a-ill aid us in seeing how the
i.ew measure provides fi'r a more equitable
CiiStribut.iL of tht eorr.mor school fund,
t nder lht existing statute lh state super
intendent disiritiutes this
fund to tht several counties of the state in
proportion to the enumeration of persons
fietween the ages of b and a jear. The di
tribution of ihi fund by ihe state superin
tendent under the proposed law a ill lit
mufle semi-annually In proportion to the
ttendano of jierami of st hool age at tnt
T'Ublic schoe-ls in tue-h counly last re-turiit3
ir the county sutierlntendent. In the follow
ing manner, town- .The sum of o(' rerr a i
aeek for each peraou of ae hool age frnm .
any part of the state nonresident nf the !
d:sirnt width be sitenda anhout charpe
for Tuition in nry grade lielow the ninrh i
grade, and a'hnnt education hs rerurVd bv
the ciunty eiiporlTiierident cf the proper
eoutitv cannot t nrontabiy purued in the
S' hool district cf Hf rtKlfleneie : and the sum
cf 71 cents a aeek f ir eui h pe rson eif se liool
in from nv part of the stale nonresident
of the district which he attctida. aithout 1
chetpt f"r tuition, in any grade above the
eirbth grade, and whnsa eou-.tlun a re-
titled by tht county superintendent or tre i
tiroiier ci'uniy runnot tie profits h!v pursued :
In lht se-nooi aiairii'i ot hw resiaenrt. tiin
lommoti schooi fund than come back to
them under tht elate apportionment. This
briiiKb us to ihe question again as to tht
origriu and source of our oommon school
tunj The origin and sourees are found
In the enabling act. under which Nebraska
was admitted as a state, and iu lht consti
tution of ihe state. The great source of
both our perma.iii nt and temporary school
fund Is found m tlit principal and tht in
come arising fiom tin sales ana lease of
secuoiik Nua. It ana 'Jt in each township
in Uie state In the earliei uays th oast
em half of the stale contributed lo the
temixiiary hool tund. that is la the state
api'oi uonmcit of the common school fund,
n.ucii more llian the western counties It
continued this ratio for perhaps a quarter
of a oeniury It must be understood, too,
tha.t in many instance sectiuas ok it
ana Do m many uwniiijis of the eastern
counties had already Iwru taken by home
steader or Indian reservations and the
state had to select In lieu thereof other
section, mostly in the western oounuo,
ac indemnity therefor. It follows, there
fore, that while on the returns it seems
that the western counties are no- Jiaying
more to the common school fund than they
leceive back frum 'he state in the appor
tionment of this fund: in reality, much of
this fund e-ontnbuted by the weatem coun
ties should be credited to tht Income from
Uit eastern noun uea. Anothel Ihmg to It
rememtiered is thai eeeuons Nos. lit and
S in the counties of tht eastern part of
the stats were sold under the laas of the
state lor not lea than 17 an acre. Tlit
money leeelvcd was credited to the tier-
I marient school fund, and tht Interest
j meieon kt the current rates was turned
into what is known as the state apporrion-
metil for the use of the temporarj school
. fund to be distributed in accordance with
! law. The western counties had the benefit
I, of a higher rate of interest upon the per
manent school fund al ax earlier date tbsc
the state is able to recti: ve upon lis In
vestments at the present time In other
! words. If the law liad lieen sucb that the
easieri: part ol the slate could have re
I lained its land until now. tht Question of
I Inequality would lie materially changed,
and tht eastern counties would be demand
; ing a new law in order that th west woulJ
', not be getting mure than Its just share. i
it must not ne forgotten that there Is
now nearly i,.ui.ixK in lh permanent school
fund, which in tbt main, was derived from
the sales of school lands in the eastern I
counties ard were t be rate of interest a j
high at this tlm. as It was in Hit earlier i
uays. the income from this permanent ,
fund at thia time would more than offset
the lnenualltieea derived from the rental
In Ia uil.fli .b vl af ll.a atMiK 1. ..a
look into the future a Utile further. The
permajitnt school fund will ultimately
reac h a valuation of Cu.Cxk' ikju, and while
e are discussing proposed amendment
ht operating under tbt lodge system which
shall provide in it cotihc ution and law
for supreme lodge or legislative booy
which shall lie required, .lo newt as often
as once In four years, and subeirdinate
lodge or branches, tnt which memtiers
shall be elect tul and iiittatcri B" bamirted
in socordanee with ite consul ution. iews,
rules, regulations ana prew -;iiei1 rlrnuJitlc
eeremoiiie'S. and which shall be required
to hold regular or stated meetings as often
as otiue in eat h month
Any such aanociution sha'l be deemed
to have a representative form of govern
ment when It shall provide in its consti
tution and laws for the maintenance of
a supreme looge or legislative body com
posea of repretentatives eleeted either by
ihe direct vote of the memtiers ol sueh
associations, or through intermediate bod
ies or conventions composed of delegates
elected either by the seld mtmtieT or by
delegate elected by the sum memliei.i fo.
that purposs. logetlcr wlih such other
as Tnsy lit o.'S.pnaie'a in ciu-
stltution and laws, provided, however, that
the elective representatives si.a'i ai an
time constitute nol ! than nintty-flve
per centum of tht e:,tire voting strength
of ssid supreme lodge or legislative body,
which shall be ves d with the original
plenary peiwrs of association with
sole airlhotitv to make:, e.iter or amend the
constitution and laws ot such association,
elect lis general officers, presort! their
duties and t the:- compensation, and
shall fTtrcis" such otter original and gen
eral powers as shall be oot.ler-eu upon it
be tii constitution and laws of such as
sociation, not Inconsistent with the laws of
this stale
Rectiun Z. That said tk-clior M of Cliap
ttr 4U of the Con.pi led Piatutek ci Ne
braska for tlx is and all acts and parts of
acts in conflict wlih this act, be and the
ssn e hereby n repealed
6ection . That w ricrea an emrrftiry
Hint, this act sha'l lie 1n fore from
and after Its passaie and approval ac
uording to law.
HEBRUkl Hdlll.l'TElU I
toloael Barrowa af Alblosi Preeeal a
Mar Portray lag floaeer Dsya.
ALI'.IOK, Jan. , (Special, s- "The Ne-bras-ka
Homestead." a play written by
Colonel P. A. Barrow of this city, was
given al 'he opera house here last night.
Tdi. tneiirfruma of six acts was written
and dramatised hy Mr. Harrows, who for j
the last thirty yearF has been a resident ,
of Albion. ' Ht selected tht tiest local
talent to be found and a crowd assembled (
from all parts of the county.
Mr. Barrow took Lis experience lh Ne
braska as liie theme of hi drama and
the ag-e of the early settler was so vividly
called to the minds of a few of the pio-
I neers nreeert that tear were seen in the
ye of many aa earb act brought back
reminiscence of the homestead experience!
of Boone county. C M. Penney, superin
tendent of Boon county seh'iols; Miss
Harriett Ln., Mis Viola Poor. Mr.
Barker, H H. Reed. "W". E. Baker, Max
McGill. A. W. Linton. Bert Morehead and
Ver Culver assisted the author. Words
of praise for tbe author and his com
pany are on the Up of all that morning.
entering Blair. The wagon road crossing
lht track at an angle and there being no
caiCe guard! or other warning, with the
ground revered wiuh snow, a.i the gen
eral supposition in this instance, a horn
might take the railroad track Instead of
the wagon road. While th train crew was
acquitted of any blam an action may b
brought for damages against the road.
Crete Wis latent Tax Debate.
CrtETE. Neb., Jan. 8 (Special. r An en
thusiastic debate between the Beatrice and
Crete high schools was held In the high
school auditorium In this city last right.
The question under discussion was, "Re
solved. Thtif a graduated Ineome tax Is a
desirable method of taxation." Crete up
held .h affirm Uv and won th decision
of the Judge The local debater were
Harmon Stephens. Clarence McNeil and
Charles Knoll, while Wilmar Johnaon,
Jajnes Ayers and K. M. Rinakrr composed
the visiting team. Mr. Rlnaker did espe
cially good work, ranking much higher
man any other of the disputant. The
judges were Prol. J. N. Bennett and J. 6.
Brown of Jjoan and M. H. Fleming, a
prominent lawyer of thia city.
Yark Favor ftfcrerk Bill.
YORK, Neb., Jan. Hi.' Special.) There la
considerable discussion here over B F. No.
3(', a bill for an act to provide and establish
a system of local option by rountiea on the
e:uestiens of granting license to sell intoxi
cating liquors to be used as a beverage.
This hill was introduced ty Senator Shreck
and has been read trice and now referred
to tht conimJttet on Judiciary. York ia
strongly prohibition, and if thia act Is madt
a law It ia gentrnJly believed there would
bp no saloons in York county, as the county
is supposed to tie prohibition. Never !n
York's history hat it had a saloon. Two of
the outside towns In this county have
saloons The general opinion here Is favor
able to the iiasslng of tht bill.
Tarty Tboassad far ewr rattaea.
BEATRICE. Ntb., Jan. US (Special Tel
egram ) Representatives Caseel of Otoe
county, Atwood of Saline, Burgess of Lan-
' easier and MtMullin of Gage, comprising
I part of the committee on other asylums
j from the house of represents Uvea, paid
i Beatrice a visit today and Insjiected th
Institution for Feeble-Minded Touth. They
will probably recommend an appropriation
tbe surrounding towns. Refreshments were
served after lodge.
MADISON. Jan. Ed Peterson, -a cook
in the Collins restaurant, waa arrested tor
carrying vonceaJed weapons. H wa re
leased on .bond and will have a hearing
I PLATTFMVTH. Jan. a. County Judge
Travi ptirtormeei the ceremony yesterday
which united is marriage Andrew Wksley
cf Nebraska City and Mia Mary Sigrnon
of I'nion.
M COOL. JVNCnON. Jan. . In the
death of Mr. Ellen Kennedy, mother of
Supervisor I'liilip Kenned), south York
rourty lose one of Its first settlers. The
remains wer interred at Exeter.
PLATT6MOVTH. Jan. .-Mlss Gro
Walker, who baa been sienorrraphe.r for
Governor Mickey for several cars ha re
turned to this city, and rumor says she Is
soon to wed a Burlington engineer.
PLATTSMOl'TH. Jan. 2ft -The county
printing has bre-n awarded to Ihe Weeping
Water Herald at one-half the regular rates.,
and the contract for brldre work to C. (J
Bheeley for Lia.WO ha been approied
M M BOX. Jan. UK J. A Madden, for
mwrly of Ntwman Grove, and J H Iou
van, proprietor o the Siar-Mail, havt
formed a partnership in the real estate
and loan business and have ope-ned an office,
at this place
WUST 1-OlVT, Jan. ilk John G. Nei
hnrdi of Bancroft has resigned the editor
ship of the Bancroft Blade, which he has
conducted for the last two yeara He will
devote himself to literary work of a mure
congenial character.
PAPJLLION, Jan a. Morris Reubyn was
taken to tht insane asylum ut Lincoln by
Sheriff McKvoy. Keuhyn was found wan
dering around during trie recent cold snap,
his actions Indicating insanity. The board
adjudged him insane.
PLATTSMOl'TH. Jan a -The regular
monthly social meeting of the CliruUari En
deavor society of toe Presbvieriar rr.u cS
was held at the home of Ir. C. A. Man hail,
and the exercises were highly by
the larae number in attendance.
PLATTSMOl'TH. Jan lib -Tbe illustrated
lem iterance lecture in the rri-hvi eria n
church by Ilev Mr. and Mia Hrudon of
Biair were entertaining and Instruct i e,
tht views being char and natural. The
church was to its capacity
, tfl ryiJM. j.i. -'" .mma et.t. ; sentirel. Mrs. Alfred Geist : picket.
Luedke of township ha been en- i Mr C K. Middaugh. At the conclusion
. . , V. (Ill tllT- liniivi lunr V'l HIT ..'Ul.l,.
treasurer efflce ourlig tht absence of!
Treasurer Meyer, who is In Buflaio, X. T.. '
taking treatment lor the benefit of his i
the usual dividend tbe surplus waa law
creased from tllMxxi to n&,(, w hich mske
tliis the weaiihiest bank in this counts
M OOOL Jl-NCTION, Jan .-Pretiar-tlona
are bolng made for farm errs' Insti
tute to be held here on Kebruarv El. York
county farmer take a great interest ia
everything that pertains to better farming.
Among the siieakers already booked art
i E. Wing of Meciianicjn-IUe. o., aad O.
Hull of Alma. Neb. The meeting is under
the auspice of th state onlverstty.
TECTWiEH. Jan. Ik -Hon. John rundaa
of Auburn, who have charge of the Tecum
seh Chainauiiua during the two years tbe
assemblies were held, announce he will
canvass the city and adjacent country with
a view of learning whether or not it ia de
sired lo continue the aemblie. Jf ba re
ceive proper encouragement he will again
provide the Chautauqua lor this city.
FrRINeiFlELJj. Jan. la. Tht union re
vival meetings that have Pern in progress
here for Ihe lust tliree weeks, conduuled by
1. M HarisuuBh. assisted bv the rural
pastor, came lo a tJoae Friday night.
Somethlr.g like seventy-five persona indi
cated to the workers their desire to livs
better and mine Chrlstl'ke lii-es. Besides
all them the several churches, whose mem
bership reach to several hundred, have
been awakened and revived under the maa
'erly and sjuriluaj sermons ol Efvangebst
TRCl'MfKH. Jan. a.-The aerie f lae-
tures by lr John B. Koehne. ths noted
lecture rer. which are in Tirogres at the
I'rtl. tenan church this week, hats
aroused a favorable feeliiig with citiaena.
The cliurch if filled with anxious listeners
nig-hUy. It. Koehne Is using as- his gen
eral subjee't, "The N'anarene or tht ftea
sr.nableneek of Christianity." and speaks
from a subject each evening. The lectures
are free, but a collection for the benefit of
rbe spe alte r will tie taken at the close pf ths
WEPT POINT. Jan. Lfi -Mrs. Addle Pal
mer of Omaha, deputy siste commander of
the Ladies of the Maorabee. installed tha
following officers of lh local lodge in
West I'eur t last evening: Past oomntander,
Mr Ir. Rchemel: commander, Mrs. L. C.
Ii"skar ; lieirtenant couanander. Mrs W. A
Plain: reoord ketH;r. Mrs. J. C. Elliott;
finance keer. Mrs. R. H Graham; chap
lain. Mrs John Meisier: mistress- at-arm.
iwr i. He kenhauer: serseaTit. Mra A u
or me ceremoni.-s of Installation an elab-
oraie luntneon w a served. --
of W'tUKi for two
silt ution
new cottage for th In-
apportionment for t,onre,dent pupil, shall ""-" V. J ZZ?? ..V,''"!
moneys neritea irom tne . :; , , " - . - - J ...
Id and leased In- ' U,II1W ainai sna r umis ui invest a part of
lit msdt from anv
interest on school lsnds
terest on bonds. Interest em warrants and
Itiid any other sources e.f the sifaie com
mon school n:i(l ivcltislve of lht eta'e
. hool tax. The re iuMitider eif the entire
Stat common echoo1 fund, including the
salt school lax. shall apMirtioned pre
rata to the seversl cnunf!. tii prM'rtion te
the huniiK'T of petaons cf v lioeil ag who
lave attended thp tiLbbc s-heols i'f eae-h
county In the respect ut districts of their
resmenet. for ierrid of am less than four
week during the half-year lust rt. as re
turned bv tht e-r-unty KctierimeeflenT.
Afltr tht county si periMeodeTit appor
tions th amount due each county for the
attendance 'f rinrtr.sid.-r.t pup'ls. be shall I
a ujKirT Ion one-four' h of the remainder cf
the whale smouni equal 'y to the several
ciytriff if his co.'.r'i. He shall aritiortion
tlie tbeTi reme:rder n tbt whole amount to
tie several echoed districts is lis c:u:e
pro rata tn T'roport.on in tbe tiiimlier .f
ierairis e.f schrml ae w tio l.k attended
lht put. a- srbnois e'f bis count v Is the re
jittivt districts e.f their reiwdeTit. for s
period ef iii.t lee lhan lour wel: duri.ig
he hslf-ve.r last ?..! a. eeturned by the
prif r fSoe- oe ejich d'terle-i
An m.ii'l 'iw-il made uu atteridanr I
eertsinlv sr.or e oitable tbkn an Tit.(.rioii
nieni Hade on t lie enumeration e.f tierson.
w bo bat lien to ii Iniitei the ar eif !i
aiid n iejrs ih.nirh tli('0innd i'f sue-h
rreins T-evee ei.i iDfi).' ,.f a scii'wil
rKm It sure1! "oeth toe 0'-rlt nothing
for the education of tboee wln never et
tIid Be-lnKi' M'iil' bni.l(i sn THM.rtierimeftt
he me oe Iri thouaand .f eaee bb tlie
t-uuojt rUuii of married wotneii be net
this great ameiunt in schoel distnc-t bona
bearing not lea than i per cent interest.
Fraternal insurance e (lanpatiles are badly
split over the Shreck bill, and the fraternal
eior.grea bill. Th former provides that
Cawrt la sarr CbbbIx.
PAFILXION, Neb.. Jan. Sk i Special i
Judge Troup of the district court was pre
sented with a resolution yesterday by ihe
6arjy County Bar association wherein he
was asked tu appoint a committee of the
lawyers of the county to arrarig-t for a new
set of bar rules. Tht committee wa at
onct appianted and rorr.ueised of H. Z. Ntdg
wood and A. E. Largdtm of Psplllion and
associations having a represtntatlv form X. R. Patrick of South em aha Tht old
of guvrrr.ment shall be controlled ly a gov- set of rule
tmlng body, ninety-five per cent of which j year ago.
snail oe repreaentativee of tb elactlvt body
whlie ths fraternal cong-rea bill provides
that a majority of th govtmlng body
shall be representative of tbe elective
members. Both side are claiming that
looge out in tb stai r endorsing and
denouncing the bill without knowing ao
rurattly the cortecui of either, rather act
ing on the advice of their superior of
ficer. Th Shrstk bull is follows:
seen on 1 Tlit Section K ef Chat lar f
e.f Hi Cooit lied Statute of Nebraaka for
iwii. eitmed Friemal Benehcjary Aaao
ciatiutia,' be kail tire same i hereby
ameadi-d te rea to. low a:
Sectietn W A fraternal beneflriarj' aaan-e-iaiion
is be-eny decla'ed it. b a corp-ira-tin.
oeKTiety or voluntary associatior..
Iiwaiea or nrramsed nd earned no jeir
the sole benef.t el its member aad I heir
lnehcine and not for ptohl Earn
sueh society shall fca- a lexie ste
with niuaustie fortii of walk, and retire
sriitative turm of government
Au such aaociaiLB BTiall ba deemed ta
wer drawn up over twelve
In district court thi week Judge Troup
overruled tbe motion made l y ti e Roc k
, laland Rrllroad company to set aside the
, verdict ic the suit wherein W. B Ely was
j awarded damage on account of the rail
road company a embankment causing tht
. high water to damagt Ely crop.
' Several minor caea ware disjiosed of and
j court adjourned until Marek G
Yark Hotel la Xewr Haads.
YORK. Neb. Jan Jfc. ("Special. I Van
Franlin and son of Geneva, who come
recommended aa good hotel men, have
bought the hotel fixturea and leased the
LeOrand hotel of this city. L N. Miller,
in tht five year hers has built up a fin
business, and mad thi on of the leading
hotel in the state. Mr. Miller will con
tinue to live in York and will build to the
hotel to accommodate, the increasing bust-neas-
Heavy la at Beatrlre.
BEATRICE, Neb., Jan. . tSpecial Tele
gram.) A heavy snowstorm set in her
today. It Is snowing hard tonight, with
a prospect of continuing all nig-ht.
BEATRICE, Jan 2a. G. W. Elliott,
wanted at Belolt Kan., on the cr.arge nf
burglary and Jumping a bond of k.iexi was
taken to that p.ane today by Slier, fl J. W.
M ailaee. Elliott s young wife accompanied
him and exitcts to go lo her home at Cen
tralia. Kan.
CENTRAL. CITY. Jan. 2k "A Soldier of
Fortune was presented last n.ghl by
Father Delfost' boy band The pla was
well received Tbe cart waa composed of
Lid McAttchiss. Victor burke. Kehert Rlee,
Frank Mooney. C Hungnam. Willie Hen
derson. Arthur Wright and Kay Korn
bruk WEST POINT. Jan. A sevtre accident
befell Fran Lemm. an aged farmer, at
Iua farm, ten northwest of this cn
this week ti.kt nocesMiated the amputation
of his left arm. Tht accident occurred
while sbtlling corn, hi hand becoming
caught in tne machinery w hue attempting
tu adjust It.
PLATTEMOTTH. Jan. 3 County Suptr-
iiiitnoent wortman nas issuea circulars a'e
Peale Kite Raw rssfal It la la
Preervla Health aad Beasts-.
Nearly tvtrvbofly krows that rbareoal Is
th safest and most efficient disinfectant
and purifier in nature, but few. realise Its
value when taken Into the humaa ayabam
for the earn cleansing putpose. -
Charcoal is a remedy that tbe mors yea
tike cf It the better; it Is act a arug at ail,
but simply absorb ths gosas and bnsart
tiea si m ay present ia the aUiataoa sag
intestine and carries thetn hut of Us
slrlu. ,
Ctarcoai or! en ths breath after amok
Ing. drinking ut after eating onions aad
other odorous vegtublea
Charcoal effect ually clear axd lmrrwres
ihe couij.itiuou, ik wmuaus th uSLk
nouncit.g the last general teacher meeting ! acta as a natural aad
laaartl Oaer Marrssr's Bady.
PLAIR. Xth.. Jsn 3k Fjclal. i Th
eornnw i inquet held en the remain of
W. A. Morrow of Modale, la., abn wa
j klfled on tbe Northwestern railroad, bt
i twees th rtver bridge and Blair, on Thurs
i day 4-vening of this week, rendered a ter
dirt, exonerating the train crew from ary
tit nit in the killing of M'irr;iw The cross- J
, Ing of th wagon rubd near siirli be was is generally coiikiidered the most
' dangerous of any croaking oa ruber road
ri 'f Itkraika.
ravt a grand prise masquarade ball In the
ohrniikn hail in till city thi evening.
FLATTKMolTH. Jan- Jk Judg M
Archer has ree'tlved permiHion lo prucuc
iw in th Interior Oejiartment at Waefa
liit on.
PLATTSMOfTH. Jan. M -Jacob Kuns
man ha. sold hi 4"0-acr farm, one aim
south of CeoaT creek, lo Tom E Parmele
for IA usa
French w-.u conuuti a ' Ikkh of instruction
to liie Masoii in Masi'Tic Tempi iu nti
city January aii. 81 and February 1.
PLATTpMOI TH. Jan J -Th member
of the Plaitsmoutn Woman club gave a.n
inteicst:i.g Baimi-fuiicj prograru at tn
home of Mr i. Lisun last tiening.
Tf 'RK. Jtn 3 A large numtier of
York tnUBie-tans went to Line-oin today to
bear klkuajue Nnoaki. the famou ve alist
who apiitared al Hie Llnco a Auu.t n, um
MAI-ISON. Jan -B" Eider camp No.
iir.1. M 'He rn W iHidmn e.f America. Initialed
class of f.fiy-eeven new menitier E E eiai deputy, and L N. Rymera
Cisirul deputy, were pise'iil as wwe alsu
a number of delegations of Woo dint n from
in ihi county lor this school year Wnl be
held in Lrfiuisc.le on eiaiurda' Ftbruary
Ik. On the previous evening a lecture a. 11
be given by B W Hampton of Rocklord,
111., on "The Marriage Ceremonv."
NEBRASKA CITY, Jan. 2S.-A lodge of
Lag .at was installed in Ho city lasi nighi,
consisting of oxer !(' charier luemlieTi
Large oeiegationa of Eagir were present
from Omaha, enmih Omaha. Plal tHiiiout h.
Council Bluffs. Beatrice- and Line-olti. ( iver
)Xi Eagles were present from Omaha. After
tht installation a banquet wa served in
honor of tnt visitor
WEST POINT. Jan. Word wa re
ceived here jesterday of the dtiaih. at
Plalmew. of Mrs Randolph Boldi from a
cancej'ouB affection. Tlie derease for
merly resided here, moving her hue
band and iir,:! to pierce ivunty some
fourteen month ago rib su ? tears of
ag and very popular In the comm unit y.
The remains Went interred al Plan. vie a
BEATRICE. Jan. I. Tlit progiaro cf the
Woman's r ub yesterday was in the current
topics department Mrs A Hardy rme a
paper, in. prints of I"; Rev J W Mer
rl.i otilvsred an aadraaa on "T be Kail i-f
Port Arthur," and Mist Julia read a
bev.k review of "Th Affair at Inn." A
number if and mstrumtntal sulos
were rendered, whiek sooed materially to
tht Interest t,d pleasure ot the meetujr
PLATTSMOITH. Jan. -At the annual
meeiitig of tne Mevk he.lder- of ibt Bunk
of ta CouTily (he folios ing dlree lor w ert
tiei-ied: C. Parme le. Jacob Triisrh. T. M
Patterson. T K Parnme. J. t" Ki bev. H
B P.amsty. R F. Patterson The director
' le led Hie. lolloBll k cmoer Peeelneiil f
Par ni. it. ut prtwuent, Jae-oa Tritsth,
casbior, X. M, J'aliei'swn, Alur eecisr.n
salt cathiij'tic.
Ii absorb the Injurious gases which aaU'
lect In the sioroatn and bowels; It disla
lects th inoulh and throat from tfc jci-o-
or rather lc line lortu of large .,i .
of catarm. ' """"
Ail drutatlrta sell charcoal le oaa foraa
ot anoihtr, but probauiy ma heat chare oal
and the most fir the tuonti- u in ai,..rt
I co! LcttLte.. lht r tr oc,w,r ...
in antt ycaueiead WUloa cLarcoai aad
other iiain.its anuatyiic ka tatuet iuma
tung loitnge. tu cUai ooai btng ttauLed
uii booty. -
mi. um ti liicsb luxtres will
ic.j ib a iijucu iinpiovto cobdiUua
aenerki neai.n, ovitt:! cuUipiejt.M
Of Ui
bieatn and piutr bloud. and u.e baauty u
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