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tipi;' .:-f wife
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Union tacifio and Northwestern Will No
t Join Fight with Burlington.
Official Election Returns About All
in and Indicate Hooaevelt Car-
rled Ererr Conntr State
t Itcoent Election.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Nov. 18. (Special. It devel
oped today that the Northwetern and the
I'nlon PaclAo rallwaya would probably pay
thalr taxta without demur, owing- to the
r-tlvtty of the ' Nebrawka representative!
of the lines tn making representations to
headquarters- According- to the statement
of a State official, Bon White on a recent
trip to Chicago met with the management
of the Northwestern a,nd came away with
the assurance that the taxes would be paid.
The same authority stated thut the Union
Pacific would probably relinquish Its In
tention to contest the validity of the
assessment made by the state hoard last
Bummer. Tux Commissioner Pollard of
the Burlington Is still at work out In the
state making tenders of payment of less
sums than are actually due under the
assessment. It Is believed that the Bur-
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noted place
Ungton will give up Its intention of testing
the law In the courts when the other roads
refuse to co-operate with It.
Will Come to Lincoln.
Secretary A. B. Allen of the state central
committee said today that the headquar
ters would be removed to Lincoln shortly,
by virtue of the authority conferred on
the committee officials at the mueting last
Wednesday. The reason for removing the
headquarters from Omaha Is thut both the
chairman and secretary reside in Lincoln
and occupy official positions here. No ef
fort has been made as yet to secure propo
sitions from hotels.
May Cut Levy for 1'nl verslty. -There
Is some talk among state officials
to the effect that the 1-mlli levy for the
I'nlverslty of Nebraska will be cut, be
cause of the Increased valuation of the
state. Some of the friends of the uni
versity are fearful that xne general cry
for economy will lead to such action.
It Is argued that the 1-rnlll levy was
enough six years ago when the total valu
ation of the state wua fUS.OOO.OOO, and for
that reason It Is said that the same levy
on a (294,000,000 valuation Is excessive. Two
years ago the farmer members of the legls.
lature made an effort to reduce the levy,
but were finally prevailed upon to allow
It to stand because of the uncertainty as
to the result under the new statute.
Ilurkrtt Spent S4ft.
Today Congressman E. J. Uurkett filed
his expense statement In the office of the
secretary of state, showing that he gave
$43 to T. C. Hunger, chairman of the con
gressional committee for the First district.
Nothing has been filed yet to show what
It coat to make the tour of the state In
the Interest of his senatorial candidacy.
Because of the fact that the statute does
not contain any provision requiring state,
ments In the latter case, it is believed that
none will be filed.
Iteturns About All In.
Returns (torn all but six of the counties
have beta received at the office of the sec
retary o siate, and these give President
Roosvelt 116.82 and Judge Parker 41.133.
President Kooaevelt carried every one of
these counties and it is supposed that he
has carried every county In the rtata. His
plurality at this time Is 74.S92, and will
doubtless run to K5,no.
Rouse Calls on Mickey.
Representative Rouse from Hall county
was here today and called upon Governor
Mickey. Mr. Rouse is prominently men
tioned an a candidate for speaker of ths
house and has a number of letters from
those who have served with him urging
him to st out and bus lie for tbe place.
v mm
J i a .'j
11 W -..?rAt.?;
4;ii&p cerized and heavy cotton
He was accompanied to the statehouse by
Representative Ferrer from the same
Convicted of Robbery Case.
James Malone, special Burlington detec
tive, returned to Lincoln last night from
Beaver City, after securing the conviction
of J. W. Harris and Charles Mack on the
charge of robbing freight cars of various
roads throughout this state and Colorado.
The men pleaded guilty to breaking Into two
cars at Oxford and Cambridge, about Oc
tober 15, and on this oount they were
given .Ave years each In the penitentiary.
Karl O. Bush, a boy arrested along with
the men, was allowed to go over until the
next term of court.
The three men were arrested at Akron,
Colo., October 17. At that place they were
charged with bringing stolen goods Into the
town, but later they were taken to Denver
for safekeeping, and the charge against
them was changed as U was found that
they were wanted in -Nebraska. Malone
hunted up the evidence In the case and se
cured enough to convince the men that it
would be policy to plead guilty and throw
themselves on the mercy of the court.
Goods valued at over 11.500 were found In
a Pueblo (Colo.) pawnshop, which these
three men had sold, and it is estimated
that their operations for the last seven
months have netted them a goodly sum and
cost the companies from which they took
the merchandise somewhere near 15,000.
rart of the goods taken from the Burling
ton cars were secured at Plattsmouth and
distributed around Omaha, Council Bluffs
and Pacific Junction, la. The men made a
detailed confession of their many crimes at
tie time of their sentence.
Ex-Chancellor Falrlleld Dead.
information of the death of Rev. Edmund
Burke Falrlleld, ex-chancellor of the Uni
versity of Nebraska and for years one of
the most prominent educators in the state,
was received in Lincoln today. Rev. Fair
Held died lust night at his home in Ober
Un. O., aged M years.
Mr. Falrneld was a Virginian born, the
grandson of Major Wynn of General Wash.
Ington's stuff In the revolutionary war, and
a cousin of "Stonewall" Jackson, the fa
mous confederate general. He was born
on August T. ma, at Parkcrsburg, now In
West Virginia. His father was a slave
holder, but moved In the latter part of the
"M to Ohio, where he privately freed all
his blacks. The elder Fairfield ran a
printing office in Mlama county, Ohio, and
here the youth learned the art of type
sttlng. Always a student he fitted him
self for entrunce to Lenlson university,
f wing from there to Marietta college and
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thence to Oberlln college, where he grad
uated in 1S42.
In 1876 he was an applicant for the va
cant chancellorship of the Nebraska uni
versity. He was recommended by Senators
Zach Chandler and T. W. Perry of Michi
gan and many others prominent In public
and educational life. He served six years
as the head of tho Nebraska Institution,
leaving it in 18S2. Ho resided in Lincoln
for a year after that, and then went to
Manistee, Mich., to take charge of a church.
From there he went to Lyons, France, as
consul for the United States, an appointee
of President Harrison. He was there four
years, and Blnce his return to America has
lived in seml-retlrement at Oberlln, al
though he has not been idle.
Mr. Fairfield was a man of great Intel
lectual attainments, a powerful speaker
and of strong religious convictions. His
retirement from the State university came
about as the result of friction between him
self and Profs. Church, Emerson and
Woodbury of the faculty. At that time
Lincoln was the center of a colony of lib
eral thinkers, and during the latter part
of Chuncellor Fairfield's Btay a vigorous
combat wus waged between those In the
university who believed In conducting It
along lines somewhat sectarian and those
outside, abetted by the three professors,
who wanted the university 'liberalixed."
As a result the three professors were let
out In January, 12, and In June the con
nection of Chancellor Fuirfleld, who led the
opposition, was severed. After that Mr. C.
H. Gere came to the Board of Regents nntl
under tils leadership the university was
reorganized upon the broad lines of today.
Mr. Fairfield was an ardent republican.
He was present at Detroit when the party
was founded, and for years he was promi
nent in the party councils. He served as
a state senator of Michigan and also as
lieutenant governor, but his college duties
forbade any great activity In the political
arena. He retained his Interest in party
affairs to the lust. Scarcely three weeks
ago he wrote to bis son In Lincoln express
ing the hope that he might live to vote
once for Roosevelt for president, us a re
buke to the slanderous attack Uon him of
Judge Parker. His death wus very sudden,
no Illness of any serious character preced
ing. His son received a letter from him
dated the l.'Jth which shows an unabated
Interest in Nebraska and in public affairs.
He leaves a widow and seven children.
The lattT are: Mrs. Allen W. Field of
Lincoln, Mrs. Henry M. Wlltse of Chatta
nooga, Ten n ; Edmund B. Falrlleld, man
ager of the Omaha water works; George U.
Falrneld, professor of romunce languages
ill the Univsrsity of Nw York at 6yra
cust; Charles X. Fairfield, puuislicr ol the
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I I taonsnsi f
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in ecru,
to $3 J.
Rutland (Vt.) Evening News; John M.
Fairfield, a court reporter of Denver, and
Ernest B. Fairfield of Lincoln.
Military Donrd Meets.
The State Military board met last night
and transacted business of interest and of
benefit to the National Guard, in that It
allowed claims amounting in round num
bers to $3,100. A conslderabale portion of
this money was allowed to pay the railroad
fare and freight bills for the encampment
of the troops.
Fries for short Session.
S nutur Fries of Arcadia was here last
niKht and yesterday looking up his candi
dacy for president of the senate. Senator
Fries was a member of the last session
and he expects to secure much support
from those who knew him In that session.
He predicted a short, business-like session,
the only business of Importance before the
legislature being the election of a United
States senator, the appropriation bills and
probably on amendment or two to the rev
enue law. Senator Fries believes that the
session will be a short one. Out In his dis
trict he said the people desires the revenue
law amended so that deputy assessors
should be elected Instead of appointed by
the county assessor.
Thompson Leaves Sunday.
P. E. Thompson, minister to Brasll, will
leave Sunday, accompanied by Mrs. Thomp
son, for Washington and on December 6
will sail from New York to his post of
Mickey Goes to Denver.
Governor Mickey, accompanied by two
sons, left tonight for Denver to visit the
family of his daughter, Mrs. 11. O. Smith.
He will return Monday.
Lincoln Itcpobllcans Ratify,
Lincoln republicans, under the auspices of
the Veterans' Itepuhllcuu club, ratilied the
action of the voters In electing President
Roosevelt and other republicans tonight
Governor Mickey presided and he with
Congressmen-elect Kennedy of Omaha,
Burkett of Lincoln, Superintendent Mc
Biicn and County Attorney Caldwell did
the xpeukiug. The meeting was held In
Representative hall and the large room was
crowded- Music was furnished by a band.
Stale Hoard Will Recommend Appro.
prlallons lor nor folk.
NORFOLK. Neb.. Nov. Is (Special. )
The Nebraska State Board of Public Lauds
and Huliuings visuea norroi last night and
today, inspecting the new state hospital
ti.r tli? Insane ut this fduee. Which In nnmr
111 process of construction. They declared
thai tney were Bgreesuiy surprisea at the
appearance of the institution, and they
aid, further, Utat Uiey would favor an
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B. Stetson Grand Prize
HI! n llll
appropriation for from $40,000 to $50,000 for
the building of one additional cottage and
the repairing of the west wing, whose
walls now stand four stories high and
which, If not placed into use, will be ruined
by the elements.
8tate Treasurer Mortensen said: 'TThn
buildings have a more imposing appear
ance than I had expected. They were to
have been completed, according to contract,
last month, but will be six months delayed.
The state's needs demand that a new cot
tage be built and that that wing, which Is
remarkably good, be fixed up. As the In
stitution now stands It can accommodate
but 150 patients, which would not be a very
great relief to the Hastings and Lincoln
asylums, where there are 1,600 crowded to
gether. The more people we can house at
Norfolk the less will be the per capita
expense of each. Soon the grounds will be
Rebrknhs Elect Officers.
BEATRICE. Neb., Nov. 18. (Special.)
The following officers were elected at the
annual meeting of district No. 6, Rebekah
Odd Fellows, held St Blue Springs Wednes
day: Mrs. Llbble lusher, Beatrice, presi
dent; Mrs. Emma Casebeer, Blue Springs,
vice president; Mrs. Stella Austin, Beatrice,
secretary; Mrs. Jennie Yather, Blue
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Qasrrr jrrgp
Springs, treasurer; Mrs. Sadie Holllng
worth, Falrbury, warden; Susie Brenker,
Beatrice, conductor; Lydia Felter, Wy
more, Inside guard; Anna Roderick, Blue
Springs, chaplain; Susan ScbJack. Blue
jprlngs, chaplain.
clerk nrnss to death is storb
Flames Get Too Good Stnrt to Enable
Him to Get Out.
8T. PAUL. Neb., Nov. 18 (Spedal.)-A
disastrous Are, resulting In the loss of
one human life and considerable property,
occurred lust night at Dannebrog, right
miles southwest of here. Shortly before
midnight fire broke out in the hardware
store of M. Madsen and, although herolo
efforts were mode to save tho building, the
fire was so far advanced when discovered
that only the warehouse In the rear was
saved, but the lumber yard closely adjoin
ing on the cast, was entirely saved by hard
work of the fire department. Niels Chiis
tensen, who slept In the store, perished In
the Are. He was a young man, who had
arrived from Denmark last spring. The
origin of the fire Is at present unknown.
The loss falls severely on Mr. Madsen.
The Insurance carried on the building and
stock was less than half of the value
and the total loss Is upward of $4,000.'
G. W. LOOMIS, Pres.
Coal.& Supply C).
mm, ii
i'-."'fv Nash.
i .