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Telephone CM.
"There are lomi who
ber a trudge eves to
those 'that do
them good."
With over two hundred models to select a corset from, surely
we can fit most figures. ' - -
' Each of the on hundred model will fit one figure, and should more styles ap
pear, we sre the first to have them.
When we hear of one line of corset represented to flt all figures, this claJra
appalls in and prompts us to call special attention to the fact that each of eur
model will flt 'only one figure.
Corseted by one of our trofrsionnl Stan, aMolute perfection assured.
Redfern Corset range In prices from 14.00 to 7 00 eah.
La Grenie Corsets, for stout figure a, $7.50 sch.
Lestelle Corsets at HOO each.
Good models and standard makes of Corsets at $1.W. Il.fc), 12.00 and (TOO each.
Special Sale of Remnants
Friday, One
V. M. C A. Buildinr. Corner
lng the pita converse with each othef and
frequently make Individual truces In order
to borrow cigarette or to relieve their
cramped limbs.
The Japanese are displaying great energy
In the construction of trenchea and the
mounting of guna.
All the railroad steamer belonging to tha
Ruaslana except tne steei screw transport
Amur have been sunk by Japanese shells,
The hospital ship Angara, formerly a
transport, has been sunk in the shallow
water. The patients are still on board
the ahlp and are comfortable.
The Japanese sheila directed against the
harbor are fired with remarkable accuracy.
Chinaman la Hinged,
Recently a silk-clad Chinaman, who wa
v seen traveling In a sampan, waa watched
by the Russians, who observed that, fol
lowing the discharge of each shell, he
placed a handkerchief t? his nose and then
Into hla left pocket, occasionally varying
these movement, apparently thu signal
ling the landing place of the sheila. The
hell fell behind obstructions, which fact
prevented tho Japanese obtaining a direct
view of their effect. The Chinaman' was
One day last week a hospital ship moved
too near tha battleships in tha harbor,
whereupon the Japanese dropped small
'shells around It with the obvious purpose
of warning it away. The hip took the
hint and when It waa outside the son of
danger large sheila began falling near the
If there 1 to be any activity at the front
In the near future it is apparent that the
Initiative must be taken by the Japanese.
It Is tported that the Japanese are con
rentrating strong forces on the!r left and
center, undoubtedly t?ith the realization
that they must be assured of speedy suc
cess before attacking, as It will be im
possible for their armlns to remtln In the
Held without shelter, owing to the bitterly
cold night.
Tho KusHlans have greatly strengthened
their positions and hope to hold Mukden
through the winter.
Soldiers Fight with Flats.
CHANSIANOUTUN, Manchuria, General
kouropatkln' HcadquarUrs, Nov, 17.-Tho
Japanese, according to the Itutisian Scouts,
are heavily fortifying their second line
of defense along the Tu'.tse river. The
. major portion of the skirmishing of the
last' few day has been around the village
of Yansintoundl. Some Japanese and Rus
sians wifb had gone unarmed to the same
spring for water had a hand-to-hand fight
There were plenty of broken heads, but
not one on either aide was killed.
The health of the Russian troops with
'the advent of the cold weather Ik .pleedid.
There are few cams of infectious diseases
timl tho hotipttaU are no longer crowded,
'most cf the sick and wounded having been
ant north.
Japs' Ships at, Che Foo.
CHE FOO, Nov. 17 The three Japanese
'torpedo boat destroyers which entered the
harbor this morning, to ascertain If the
Russian torpedo boat destroyer Raatoropny
. was here dlsapeared for a time, btit reap
peared this afternoon. , The Japanese
counstil sent a cutter out to meet them and
Informed the nearest destroyer, the
'Kasuml, that the Rastoropny had been
sunk. The Consul says this was tho first
tho ship knew of the sinking of tho Raa
toropny. The Kasuml transmitted the in
formation by wireless telegraphy to the
Japanese flagship, whereupon the destroyers
disappeared In the direction of Port Arthur.
The sinking .of the Rastoropny by the
Russian relieved the Japanese of an em
bairasslng position. A repltition of the
torpedo boat destroyer Ryeshltelnl incident
would have aroused indignation, while a
failure to destroy or cut the Raatoropny
out would have appeared like admitting
previous wrong doing.
: p. in. Fighting at Port Arthur has
tuken pluco nightly since the Japanese
began tucr general assault on October 26,
aocording to Captain Ronberg, a pilot, who
;ive hltu balf rbanoe find a nor
will catch lots ot things. He's liable
to ratfh a cold those days unless he
has good warm underwear.
We're selling especially' good un
derwear for boys and girls at, per
garmeut. 25e, liSc, DOc, T5c.
Union Suits, fMV, 75c on up to
(ilrls Coats, worth $7.00 and
$8.00, selling at $5.1K. Other ex
treme values at $7.00, $10.00 and
$12.00. v
Children's Coats. 05 garments
worlb $3.00 and $0.00, now $3.05.
Writ for Illustrated Catalogue.
111$ Douglaj bfreet
. . r-'ir. -
Be. Nov. 17.
of Blenched Table Linens
- Half Price.
Sixteenth and Douglas Streets.
Was a passenger on the Russian torpedo
boat deatroyer Rastoropny.
The Jananeae trenches, the captain says.
are cloacst to the forts on Rlhlung and
Keekwan mountains and to other forts on
the northeastern group.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 17. Consul General
i?A,iAw , , wl n .aMoH I tia Stat rinna rt men t
from Che Foo that the situation at Port
a....- .,, i ,.,i,.i th o,,t.r fnrt.
havlng fallen Into the possession of the
Japanese. He also states that three Japa-
. . . .
ZZtZtZZlnottt, he Bank of Homer and the Bank
slan crew of the torpedo boat destroyer
. .1.,.
aet-troyea yesteroay are u.e.r
arm ana suupiirn tu k vnuitriw l-i uibci i
which is posted In front of the Russian
No Fight at Koahk.
ASKHABAI,, Russian Trans-Caucasia,
Nov. 17. The report of an encounter be
tween Russians and Afghans at Kushk,
resulting In the blowing up of the magazine
there. Is unfounded.
Rasslan Warships Off Bornholm.
ALLINGE, Island of Bornholm, Denmark,
Nov. 17. A Russian squadron consisting of
two cruisers, three auxiliary cruisers and
Ave torpedo boats was sighted northward
of Bornholm at noon today.
The vessels probably are those which left
Llbau yesterday to Join the Russian second
Pacific squadron.
Sympathisers with- Fnrnltare Movers
Stop Traffic on Streets for
a Time.
CHICAGO, Nov. 17. A mob of sympathiz
ers with striking furniture movers attacked
several wagona of the Johnston Chair com
pany In the heart of the business district
today and for a time traffic was blocked
by a mass of struggling rioters. The driv
ers of the wagon were menaced by the
mob. The few policemen on hand were
helpless to make headway against th
crowd, which only gave way when rein
forcements of police arrived.
Similar trouble occurred when two wa
gona loaded with chairs drove up to the
J T k.,, ' entranc " th "d of
PEiiTmrn wk m ,7 "a-1.iv
Last evening at 8 o'clock, In the presence
of about sixty guests. Miss Anna Louise
Thompson was married to Mr. William Mc-
tj rx w , , , 1
Kev. ti. w. troft officiating. The
brides mother Mr. Charles SrV-Yi
Driaea motner, Mrs. inarleg Treadwell. I
after which luncheon waa served. A num
ber of out-of-town guests - were present
from Fairmont and Crete. Mr. and Mrs
McAvoy will .make their home in Beatrice,
wnere tney have lived for a number of
LOOAN, la., Nov. 17.-Speclal.) Last
night at the home of the brldo's father,
W. E. Hills, in Logan, ocourrod the mar
riage of John C. Minshall to Flossie Hills,
Rev. H. E. Hlghbee of the Missouri
Valley Christian church officiating. About
forty guests were in attendanco. The
young couple will commence housekeeping
i m mu.Hii ...I,. . , . Ill ..1. .. M ... . ,
.,,. kiiu.iium is wie owner I
of th Mln.hall TTi.,.,o v....
........ ... n.iij, i
OSCEOLA. Neb., Nov. 17. (Special.)
Yesterday at the office of the probate
Judge, Richard O. Moomey and Mrs. Isa-
l01!? w P!flps M"!"e marrled by Judge"
Ball. Mr. Moomoy Is an old resident and
prosperous farmer of Hackberr precinct,
Polk county, and Mrs. Phelps waa a real
dent of Butler county.
Cnrnow Williamson.
PLATT8MOUTH. Neb., Nov. 17.-(Spe-
cial.) Sam Curnow of Lead, S. D., and
Miss Marie Williamson of Rocky Ford
Colo., were married by County Judge H.
W. D. Gross.
BLAIR, Neb., Nov. 17. (Special.) W. D.
Gloss, aged 67 years, died at the family
residence In this city at 1 o'clock thla
morning. Mr. uross had been a sufferer I
iruni nrig-ni s aisease tor some eignt years
and was taken worse on last Saturday and
nis death resulted from heart failure thit
morning. He waa born in Hillaboro, Albert
county, New Brunswick, and came to Ne-
bra ska In 1868 and to Blair In 187;. He was
engaged In the hotel business hra fnr ar.
eral yeara and waa aherlff of this county
for two terms. Mr. Gross was a Mason
and retained hla membership in his old
home lodge In New Brunswick until hi
death. He wa also a member of the Grand
Army of the Republic in this city, undet
whose auspices the funeral services will
be held from the home on Saturday after
noon at 3 o'clock, Rev. Rlcharda of the
Baptist church officiating.
Mrs. Pattlo Moore.
KOX8AS CITY. Nov. 17-Mra Pattl
Moore, police matron of this city, died at
r. pu.,t--, , lnis city, died at
har home today after a long !.,. aged
Myesrs. Mrs. Moore was a member of the
National Matron.' association and was well
known in the, wast.
Kavraro E. Parker. .
ST. JOSEPH. Nov. 17. Edward E. Par I
ker. superintendent of Br idsire-ta' cm-
merclal agency her. Is dead, aged 43 jeart.
HBiei ai nn nn.
mu JAivtmu, nov. city today
has resumed Ita normal appearance. The
military school la cloaed and the officers
Implicated in the recent outbreak have been
Alvys . Remensr th Full Nam)
Irawtivq Vtromo fyoiaina
Print Who Fight! BewTation Grafter
Caught in Trap.
Jehn Allen. Merrhaat. WH Knowa af
Sltaatlna, Defends Father Sehell
a Victim of Oatrageona
Father Schell, the Catholic priest who ha
made himself a terror to the grafters and
bcctleggera at the Winnebago Indian res
ervation, waa arrested In Omaha yesterday
afternoon by Deputy 8heriff Kelso from
Thurston county. The arrest was mude on
a stata warrant charging that the name of
Mrs. Little Walker had been forged to a
certificate of deposit drawn by the Bank
of Homer.
In explanation of the matter Father
Schell caid: "Mrs. Little Walker came to
me a few days ago and made considerable
complaint regarding Ashford's bank and
also in O'Connor' bank at Homer. I ad
vised her to , transfer her funds to the
Bank of Bloan, whre he would receive
Interest on her deposit. I went with her
and her husband and one Interpreter to
Homer. O'Connor made out a new certlfl-
cate of deposit not transferable for one
year. The Indians demanded a certificate
that would be transferable, but O'Connor
refused, and the Indians came back with
me to winneDago, ana me nexi aay iney
came to me and a eked what they could do
about the matter. I told Mrs. Little
t0 lndor!, he certificate nd she
made her mark In the presence of two wlt-
". and 1 ,ol1 thm ,hat 1 wuld tRk
the certificate to Sioux City and place It
I In the hands of a lawver there who would
of Sloan regarding the transfer of the
mdniv Aftor this c. J. o'Kinnnr. Airnt
-- - - -- . - - "n -
ford induced the Indian to transfer the
money from the Bank of Homer to the
m-t.,i t,nir ,.t B1, fttv n,i thpv
Z ?.0vmr l l il.
"... - .I ... . ....
fnrmtrZfer td , th. Bank of L n
ir. T'r.l :L0J ?:-Z?Z
got it and then by threats and promise
they induced the Indian woman to swear
out a state warrant charging me with
forgery. I never received a cent of the
money and of course am not guilty of
Father Schell had been in Omaha for two
J - .I... I V.. .V.. ..l
utta leBkiiiiig uciui o mo iwcia, Buu
Jury and was taken to fender last nignt
Hlg-h-Handed Ontraae.
John Allen, a traaer mree mnes soum ai
the Winnebago agency, who was In Omaha
when Father Schell was arrested, told what
he knew of this particular case and passed
some Interesting comments on the general
proceedings carried on by the grafters
"I have never taken a hand in this mat
ter before, never taken a stand, for I
wanteu to keep out of It," said Mr. Allen.
"But," he added, with muchrfeellng, "when
It comes to such high-handed outrages a
this last one nemetrated on Father Schell.
an Innocent man, who Is trying to help
these poor Indians, I cannot longer restrain
myself. I feel that it is time for me to
take a stand on the side that I know to be
I have personal knowledge of this case
and I know what Father Schell says Is ab-
aolutely true and that this charge Is
ipnmnMl lin Aimfnaf blm fnr rvpnae. I
, r -r. "
"This Little Walker Indian and his wife
had 12,000 In the O Connor bank and 12,000
In the Ashford bank, and about three weeks
they had to show for their deposits was a
sort of receipt from each bank. They went :
tn IT a hos flnhAll anrl nailr A hi. nJirlr.a.
Father Schell called me to come up as a
three week ago."
Mr. Allen goes on then to tell the details
" i 1 1 1 c- Biinji, jubi tta rauier ouiirii II M u re- I
. ... .. . A,
of the affair. Just as Father Schell had re-
Mr Mlen wa" Interviewed. He confirmed
. , a. .... .
what Father Schell said In every detail.
"Father Schell Is trying his best to pro
tect these Indians against these cold
blooded grafters, "and Is doing so at ter
rible personal sacrifices," said Mr. Allen,
"and it Is a shame that the verv Deonle ha
is trying to help can be made to turn on I
hlm In this manner."
Rational Superintendent Baker Makes I
Report Plans for
Voters Bureau.
r-m ,-.,-., -a .? in i. .i
v.u.ui.iDi. .a, w u. mr m-una
0f th- Amarican Antl-Salnnn laairna tnrtnv
twentv-seven states were ranraaonterl
J-mo, L. Kwen of the DlstHi-t nf Cnlumhia
offered a report showing a reduction of 53
Der cent durina the last eleven vear. In the
number of places licensed for the purpose
of disposing of intoxicating liquors within
this district. .
Bishop Luther B. Wilson of Chattanooga,
president of the league, arrived this after-
noon ana presiaea over tne convention.
national oupennienoent r. A. Baker
made a report for the period he has oc-
cupled the position since last April. He
naa visitea twenty-one states and organised
leagues where there were none and
strengthened those that were weak. He
said he felt that the work wa moving on
toward nnai victory.
airs, aiary h. Hunt of Boston outlined
her plan for a voters' bureau to give In
structlons to voters. A resolution endora.
ing the plan wa referred to the committee
on resolutions.
rtev. w. H. falmere of St. Louis made
the chief address at the afternoon session
It Is understood the committee on noml-
nation will recommend the re-election of
Bishop Wilson for president and S. E
Nicholson for secretary
Kntlre Working; Foree In Gas Plant
n hk w ...
Dead, vtlth Machinery
Rannlna; Full Blast.
NEW YORK. Nov. n.-Four men were
asphyxiated by gaa at Dover, N. J., today
at the plant of the Dover, Rockaw'ay and
fort Oram Gaa mm nan Th i j
the entlra wnrki,.r ..i.. . .. .. j I
.... a vi, ...t, i.,.i uuu .
were discovered by George E Bunnell a
former employe, who on visiting the plant
found it apparently, deserved wfth enSn
running under a full head - . m -nrf
."arcely v . , m V iV
.Z,tTnr 5m ,h . I i.
! ! lnrKdwn en,ne nd attending
t tne boiler. Bunnell went throus-h the
oouers, Bunnell went through the
works and found the four men beneath an
oPn trapdoor in the meter room with the
space under the floor filled with gaa from
broken valve In the crib pipe. The men
wre iiuam aulmer, 17 yeare o d. em-
pioyeo as a fireman; Ellas 8. Chamber-
lain, the engineer: Otto Eldrchrm. a nilnter
and a man known only as Gustavo, also a
painter. Th men lav together in . hear,
and Bunnell, noticing that the man on top
waa a live, entered the trap to rescue him
out became so weakened by
tha aTAal thu 1 '
he could not lift the body to the floor, 1
tour reet above, and was barely able to
get out nimaeir. He staggered outside, but
unaoie to attract anyons'a attention
i -.-.u WB. aome time before he was able
to telephone for asalatanre. When help
finally arrived and the gas was turned eft I
so the men could be taken out, all four
were dead.
rrom their position It la though that
Rulmer went thrm.vh the traD first to
fix the broken valve and waa overcome
me gas and In an effort at rescue cnamoer
laln, EUixchnm and Ouetave followed and
loet their live. x
John G. Heekaeher, Secretary of Sa.
tlonat Association, Han Down la
Ulnar at Madlsea sqaare.
NEW TORK. Nov. 17. Spectators were
thrown Into Intenae excitement at the horse
show In Madison 8quare Garden when John
O. Heekaeher, secretary of the National
Horse Show Association of America waa
I un down and trampled upon by a pair of
horsea on exhibition Jn the ring.
Mr. Heckscher was passing in froi.t of a
team driven by Mr. Edward R. Ladew of
Glencove, L. ' I., when one of the horsea
lunged forward and struck him. In an In-
atant he was down, his head and shoulder
were struck several times by the horses'
hoofs. When help reached ilm ho was
almost unconscious, his face was cut In sev
eral places and he was bleeding profusely.
Mr. Heckscher waa at once removed to
his home, where the fear waa expressed
that he may have concussion of the brain
or a possible fracture of the skull.
Mr. Heckscher Is the father-in-law of
Mayor George B. McClellan and la a mem-
I ber of many prominent organisations,
I Priest Who Becomes Terror to Boot-
I i--. . . .,
of Rotten Affair.
Father Schell of the Winnebago agency
was the star witness before the federal
fury yesterday. HI evidence relates
' " "licit tramc in liquor on me
The corridor, of the federal building are
Winnebago and
'her Indians summoned here to testify In
tn9 various bootlegging cases. Numerous
ot "'""kennes. are noticed among
'"bating that they have but
little trouble In m-omirimr llmmr In Om.h
P Ind,an prd a Sensation Wednesday
by making a valiant enon to fall
downstairs, but was caught by one of
the building employes before his fall had
reacne? tne bone breaking climax. Another
put In his appearance In the court room
during the submitting cf the report by
me grand Jury In a state of maudlin In-
toxleatlon. h,, . ",.i. k
. ' "I '" WOIU-
i panlons
The personnel of the Indian witnesses Is
notlcably different from those tetlfvln
oeiore tne grand Jury heretofore.
I The petit Jury was again excused yester
day morning until this morning, there being
no case yet ready for lrlal before a Jury.
t Father Schell was still thi nrinr-inni
witness last evening when it adjourned for
the day. There were many Doints In his
evidence that bore particularly uDon hU
I Investigations at the Winnebago asencv
and some disclosures were made that
looked very much like forgery of certain
note which the Indiana were Mimn,n.j
to pay at Homer. -hTese notes were given
I uy ne inaians to secure whisky money
and were turned over to Father Schell by
I lna inaians after they had been paid,
Whether the notea will be accented In
evmenee has not yet been determined, the
question arising upon their relation (o the
bootlegging cases.
1 ltt I
Opposition Develop, to Ordinance Pro,
poslngr Condemnation of Thlr.
tleth from Walnut Down.
Opposition is developing to the ordinance
proposing to close and vacate Thirtieth
street from Walnut street to the Union
Pacific right-of-way for the benefit of the
Omaha rain terminals. It has been dl
. " " " " "
covered that this hit nf tr k,.
not lon a0 by the city for the express
purpose of connpetino- th.
street subway with Twenty-ninth street
and affording an outlet west of the Bur- I
iington and Union Pacific tracks. I
The Union Pacific and Bijrllngton are
,ald t0 be disinclined to see the exDense
ul lno "uoway tnrown away and are ex-
pected to protest against the proposed do- I
nation of the new street to the terminal.
ASln8t closing other streets and alleys
tne terminal tract no protests have been
heard. The corporation owns all the land
surrounding them and the thoroughfares
are considered immaterial at the best
i onuemneu Bulldlnsc nt
Fourth nod r..mina-
I this connection gained a lurge acuualn
completely Demolished. tanCa. whlch hs pleasing personillty held.
Building Inspector Wlthnell has. started
the work of demolishing the old brick fire
engine house on Twenty-fourth street r.eir
air I
Cuming. Frank Dvorak and hia crew nf I
wreckers have been hired to do the iob.
which probably will be completed wl'hin
". me nouse, although r.ot twenty
y" om ana apparently In a aord stata
f preservation, was made dangerous by
threatened collapse of the walls Tha
company occupying It Is quartered In a
temporary frame house at Twentv-fifth
nl Cuming, built at a cost of i-r. a
new house will be erected on the site of
'u one next year with money from
"""u" "iea at tne recent election
Myera-Dlllon Drug Co., Druggists, at
1 1! . I. n I." . . - ... .
xuiu aim tirmia streets, nuve a iiner.u i
w . , .. . .
..? , lT- ?Jyer' imV?g tllorouKDJ'
uuiipuiv. uiujarii (is tu me went 01 I
raracarnph. First Aid to the Injured,
states that all you need to do U to dv
p8U J3c With Myers-Dillon Drug Co.
unu Sel , "w"'" Ol I'aiacamph. Use
08 uirectea. ir you ure not satisfied
retur the boU, d t
buck. Purucauiuli cures Burns. 8ch1(1h.
Cuts, Wounds. Bruises. Sore Feet. 8or
TM'B' 8ore N08?. Bore Hands, Sore Face.
1 Hr"iPu heals Ulcers, Sores and
Swellings. Paraeaniph gives ease to
Wltru nanus UI1U WPUry HIlQ DHHterea
ct-i. iniHCHumn cures fain 8. I'lrUD PS
, - . , ' - I
" iuuii-b. ig iiusij uioicne
X, , y0U U8e 1 oracamPn
kI"".J?'ck - lf ar? .not B.ati,'.fled
""-acamph cures Neuralfrla and Hheu-
lnBtlC 8"'"- Cures bleeding and
,tl'hlDS pi,e' ?SV "topr. Itching
Yo get relief at once. Paraeaniph Is
mK tm I
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gne. Get a bottle of Faracamph today
Keep It In the house. Yes, a household
necessity Is Paracainnh. You noml It
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the I'se Paraeaniph. Remember
you Can deposit 25c with Myeni-Dlllon
Drug Co.. at imh and K.rna.n streets.
and get a Untie of rarncamph. Get It
I'aracamph Is made by a big Ken-
tucky company. The Tarscamph Com-
pany. Incorporated for $.IQP,00. with
references, Dual, Brsdstreets or any
a- B. Kubermann, oity dlreot Importer
by Alleged Outlaw Canght at Thermopolil
One of iody Culprit.
! Question, He gays, bat that Present
Captive Is Accomplice In Bank
Robbery aad Cashier's
G. W. Burch of Cody, Wyo., is a guest at
the Merchant hotel. Mr. Burch, in speak
lng of the murder of Cashier Middaugh by
bank robber at Cody a few weeks ago and
the more recent attemrt to hold up the
saloon at Thermopolls, said:
"There 1 but little question but the man
captured near Owl Creek, six miles below
Thermopolls, Tuesday morning Is one of
the Cody robbers. He answers the de
scription of one of the Cody robbers and
murderers. The popular Impression with
us up at Cody is the robbers came from
the vicinity of Thermopolls and -are the
same parties who held up a saloon in
Cody somo time prior to the murder of
Cashier Middaugh. I would like, however,
to dispel a popular Illusion regarding what
Is known as the 'Hole in the Wall' coun
try. For years this locality has been re
garded by romance and story as an Im
pregnable rendexvous for desperadoes, who
periodically- Issue from the 'Hole' and com
mit all sorts of depredations. This popu
lar conception Is a myth, pure and simple.
The Hole in the Wall country, as it is
popularly called, In simply a part of the
Big Horn basin and is occupied by settlers
and ranchmen, who are aa law abiding and
excellent citizens as can be found any
where In the west.
Has OM-Tline Bad Name.
"For years that section hai been under
the odium of being a lawless regit n and al
most every henloua crime that la com
mitted In Montana or Colo, ado is attributed
people m the 'T:
not anlm pregn ab le hat
defie" Uw nd order- nor ' u Inaccessible.
The spirit of lynch law Is not nearly so
V Pt. woald
inaicaie ana snouia tne cociy muraerers
according to
.nd punished accordingly. The people
of ymlng are law-abiding, and while
they dfPlore Buc tragedies as thit at
Cody, they are equally detei mined that the
law shall take Its course In tha punish
ment of the lawless.
"In our section very little trouble exists
between the cattle and sheop men and
these store? of warfare between them are
much eKate'l. There Is a virtual un-
aerstanaing among them, ana very lew
disturbances occur, and none of them seri
ous. The ranges are becoming contractel
and' we are doing much winter feeding this
season. We havi an abundmce of allalfa,
which is the chief forage crop up there.
The aItltude to hlh for corn ralMng to
any gnat extent, vegetaoies mrive aouna
intly, though, and are ot the best qual ty.
Tne hunting season for elk closed Novem-
Der 16, 'rhe cllt Rre very abundant and we
I nave but "tlIe t,ouWe wltn them
I 1
I n" Hondred and Eight-Three Pupils
at Monmouth Park First
Monmouth Park school had a total at
tendance of 183 children on the first day
Eighty-three of these had attended the old
I Mn-,n,l. Dn.l. V. . . 1 , .J I a mo
... 1 1 1 1 1 v. . u i ni n vuiiuiiin nuu ii'o unuiv
from the Central Park and Saratoga
schools, from all grades where the rooms
were crowded. Four teachers and the
principal. Miss Smith, constitute the force
at present In charge of the new school
Miss Elizabeth Mulr formerly taught in the
Monmouth Park school, while Miss Beall
and Miss Alice Haver were transferred
from Central Park and Miss Mary Dietrich
from the Saratoga. The grades run from
I ' " .
tha flr.t tn h. .nih ini,,.i.
A kin
dcrgarten may be established If a demand
I Hvinna fnr nn.
I Superintendent Davidson has not yet com-
pleted arrangements nor defined the boun
darles for the new school.
J. L.
Strelltikr, Killed Near Grand
Rapids, Wns Well Known
in This City.
J. L. Strelitxky of Chicago, who was re
ported killed in the wreck on the Pere
Marquette near Grand Rapids, had many
frlend'' ,n maha' He vlf"ted the clty
11(11 CD ua l vui it ll lc o cx, ji.hi hiiu rw r
only a week ago. He was the agent of n
rge New York cigar firm and through
He was a member of the Knights of Pyth-
s, the Elks and the Shrine, and had twice
haln the nrpslrinnrv nf one or the seven
ni.tHctu nf R'n.i R'Hth the nt in hifh
Chicago Is located Martin Sunarman and
several other Omaha friends will go east
tn At, nil tha fnn..rl
Wires Washington Demanding
Know Why Fort Omaha Im
provement is Delayed.
Senator Millard wired Quartermaster
General Humphrey at Washington de
manding to know the reason of the delay
In preparing the quarters at old Fort
Omaha for the reception of two companies
of troops. quartermaster Zalnsk! of
Omaha charges the delay to the slowness
of the. department at the capital. It is
the -intention of the government to en.-
..,,,.,. u . ,.ni
I lc Ilia lauilliica at uiii.1 r
L'anal corps companle. may be quartered
ITn nnnn Renator Millard had not re.
Caiad - rantv from Washington.
but he
nrnnn... ,n h ,he matter to a
Organisation to Be Formed by Young
' Baslness Men, I'slna; Com
mercial Club Rooms.
Steps soon will be taken by business men
fnr tha fnrmatinn nf a h uh arada d n ns
- -- - - -
club. Quite a number ot me younger
business men have been approached on the
matter and all are enthusiastic on the
proposition. An original name will be
suggested and It Is hoped the club will be
a great factor in bringing the younger
..I ..Unil.hlti fnr tha tnnil
, V. . T" . Htnlnir rnontl nf fha
... " ...k ,m i after rnm.
plete renovation and refurnlshment and
a meeting will be called very soon of
those interested in the proposed scheme.
It is expected there will be at least fifty
charter members.
Recovered Will Hela Peoria.
PEORIA. III.. Nov. 17 The discovery of
kouj and her
i ni ! its mrm. saury
on, Harry Q. Rouh sr1v.
thouBand of lliar to Peoria rharTtien.
Th - ., Sa"- J. Ir-
"d trunk in the garret of her resident"
TlM) will gives t'.uliu for a public drinking
Loun,a,n..?.. m?P"r.'?' r"r M,-
.T'.nd kA i. 'to bep.ndVd fo a
memorial to the decedent In the national
lamola of the Woman's Christian 1'amar.
nee union In Chicago. Mm Rouse was the
widow of the famous biaycl manufacturer,
U. . atuuia.
City Savings Bank
Sixteenth find Douglas Streets.
There is no agency the present time which helps the
workinpman better than a strong and reliable navinps
bank. It encourages thrift and economy, and any person
can by no means benefit his condition more rapidly than
by depositing regularly each pay day at this bank a cer
tain proportion of his earnings.
Four per cent interest paid upon all deposits,
C W. LTMAN. Pres.
Sorrow Over Separation from Children
Injures Mother'a Reason.
Left Destitute with Sine Children aad
Twice Vnhapplly Married Are
Elements of the oman'a
There Is a tinge of pathos In the case of
Mrs. Rose Carl of Brady Island, Neb., now
at the city Jail and charged with Insanity.
The woman Is the mother of nine children,
was twice unhappily married and the love
for four of her children taken from her
under unfortunate circumstances has led
to extremes that might not have happened
under ordinary conditions.
A few years ago when her first husband
died at Brady Island the motner was In
such circumstances that It was necessary
to send four of her children to the poor
house at Kearney. Soon afterward an
aunt, Mrs. Thomas Goggln of 2418 Burt
street, interested herself tu the matter and
through legal procedure obtained custody
of the four children. She brought them
to Omaha and has cared for them.
Mrs. Carl then married a stockman hav
ing considerable land and other property,
but the union was short-lived, the husband
deserting the woman and going to Cali
fornia. Mrs. Carl came to Omaha last week and
Sunday morning went to the Goggln home,
during the absence of Mrs. Goggln and took
one of her children. Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday mornings she returned to the
home and created disturbances In her en
deavors to secure possession of the chil
dren. Finally she was arrested.
Owing to the circumstances Police Judge
Berka declined to pass on the case until
the Insanity board had made an examlna
tlon of the woman as to the soundness of
her mind. In the meantime the children
are still with their aunt.
Mrs. Carl's manifold troubles hove worked
on her mind to the extent that she Is con
tinually brooding over her unfortunate
condition and the separation from her
children. "
General Manager of Street Railway
Says Commercial Clnb Can
Have Anything; In Reaaon.
The Commercial club can have any
thing It wants from us at a fair rate.
said General Manager Smith of the Omaha
and Council Bluffs Street Railway com
pany when discussing the action of the
executive committee of that club author
Izlng Commissioner McVann to follow up
the "Seeing Omaha" proposition. We will
give them one, two, or as many cars as
necessary, run them anywhere they want
to go over the tracks of the company and
charge for time service," said Mr. Smith,
Residents of Albright will have to wait
for some little time before they secure
through service and ample accommodation
to their homes. The street cr company
Is ready to put In tho service from Benson
to Albright Just as soon as the contractors
have finished tho paving of Railroad ave
nue. At present one-half of the street Is
paved; the concrete Is practically finished,
but the supply nf bricks run short and
work had to be suspended.. It looks now
as 'If the people of Albright might have
the pleasure of riding home without trans
fer for their Christmas dinner.
Buster Brown's Thanksgiving next Bun-
da;'' Bee. . , . . .
Falls to Land Business Coaeera
Which Finally Goes to
Council BlnnTs.
Negotiation have been going on for ome
time looking to the removal to Omaha of
the Oskaloosa (la.) Manufacturing com
pany, and G. G. Wood In end J. F. Hughei
have been In the city representing the
company In the negotiations. The com
pany manufactures wagon boxes, lawn
awingx, scoop boards, shoveling boards and
ninny small agricultural Implements, hav
ing built up a large and successful busi
ness. In order to get nearer western terrl.
tory a change of location was desired. An
option was secured, for a suitable building
In East Omaha and the negotiations had
reached a point where it was thought to
bo practically settled when a hitch on the
matter of bonus resulted In the company's
represenatlves taking the matter across the
river to Council Bluffs. It was reported
today that Council Bluffs had landed the
plum through liberal conceaslons.
The jar, jar, jar
of constant
Hammer blows, steadily
applied, break the hardest
rock. Coughing, day after
day. Jars and tears the
throat and lungs until the
healthy tissues give. way.
Doctors know why Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral
Sold for 60 years
tO. ilttOt.,
,ll, SIMS
JNO. F. FLACK, Trens.
W. 8. HILLIS, Asst. Tress.
Signed t-j Boston Stora Orjg Deparlniii!,
Who Agrees to RitiiM Your MooeJ
Dr. Carlsledt's German Livar
Powder Fails to Cure Yjj,
We hereby agree to rofur.d the
money paid for Dr. Cnrlstedt's Ger
man Liver Powder on the rolurn of
the empty bottles, the purchaser stat
ing It has failed to relieve and cure
him of any of the diseases for which
It 1 recommended. This guarantee
cover the use of a $1 bottle or four
28c bottle or two month' treatment.
Dr. Carlatedt'a German Liver Powder ! "
wonderful remedy, a prescription use. I
Lfor over fifty yeara by an eminent German
physician in his practice both In Europe
und thla country and sold by thousands ol
druggists all over the world. So mildly
natural are the effects of this remedy that
all Kidney And Liver troubles give way tc
perfect health. It cures the worst ca?e.4
and manv have been cured who had tried
every known remedy. , '
Boston Store Drug Dept. can tell you all
about Dr. Carlatedt'a German '.lver Pow
der; It has cured many of their customers
who are recommending it to their friends.
Better than testimonials is the guarantee
under which Dr. Carlsledt's German Liver
Powder Is sold. If it does not relieve and
cure you It will cost you nothing, so go at
mice ana procure tne remedy ana talfe
ilong this guarantee.
Theme st op
NO. 6
The Omaha-Chicago
Special starts from
Omaha at 5:50 P. M.,
arriving Chicago -7:30
uext morning.
Bullet clnb car, bath,
barber, dining car .
meals a 'la carte. Free -reclining
chair cars.
Standard Sleepers $2.50
per berth. - - .
Tourist Sleepers $1.25.
per berth.
Tloket Off lost
TalaaNMwa tE-l.
SIXDAY. MO.XUAt AM ll.M),ti-
100 fEOl'MS 100.
Phone 41
Every Night Matinee. .Thurs., Bat., Bunj.
Howard Truesdell Co., A Night In
Venice Trio, The Boston Urea., Howard'r
Ponies and Dogs, Wang Doodle Four. Two
Pucks, Hammond & Forester and the
Prices. 10c. 25c. fcOc.
KRUG i5?5-E50ic
The Greatest of all Melodrama
Sunday "Or, the Bridge, at MI4nlsbt."
, . 1 " , 1 ,',"!', ..3
Just what you wan'.
Well cooked and quickly served.
Clean and d&inty.
fV a n