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They all look alike.
Omaha has certainly created havoc among
the western teams during the lsst two
weeks, and It looks at If the Rourke famllr
Intended to go through the rest of the sea
aon In lt preent rampageous form. At
anr rate, the eight successive victories off
Denver and Colorado Springs were the re
milt of the fastest aort of ball playing and
the general condition of every man on the
team suggests that It Is not too much to
expect that eight of the ten gajnes that
till remain to be played will be Omaha
victories. One of theee games will be
piayed with Colorado Spring on Tuesday,
closing the season" schedule with the
Millionaires. This Is a very Important
game for Omaha, for with It the season's
series will be a standoff, while If It goes
the other way. It will put Omaha two to
the, bad with the Springs, and make the
only aeries lost by the Rourke. Thus It
will be seen that Papa Bill and his bunch
will go after It with all their might. Tommy
Burns was In town during the week and
expressed himself as extremely anxious
that his team get this game for the same
reason that Omaha wants It The rest Of
the games will be played with Bt. Joseph,
and If he Saints are no harder for Omaha
than they were for Denver and the Bprlngs,
they should afford the team merely a stroll.
ut It must also be remembered tnat Bt.
Joseph has played Omaha to a standstill
so far during the season, and there s no
telling what Webster and his bunch will do
this time. It's a cinch, though", that they'll
have to play ball to keep the gait with
It Is now up to Dca Moines to make good.
Both Df-nver and the Bprlngs have to play
the Hawkeyes on their own grounds, and
If Billy HofTer can even go half way with
the Coloradoans. the rag Is Omaha's. Hof
fer's bunch is In good shape, and has been
playing a very steady and consistent game
for the last three weeks, and this gives
much promise that the mountaineers will
havs trouble at the Iowa capital. Sioux
City Isn't out of It, either. The Sioux will
welcome the strangers on their own hunt
ing grounds, and It will be funny if they
don't get a scalp apiece from them, and
maybe more. Flemming has had his pres
ent team in action longer ihan any that
v.. iha Rinux niv uniform this sea
son, and as the players are getting a little '
used to each other. It Isn't at all unreason- ,
able to expect them to win some games.
Jarrott and Dindamann are both good
pitchers, anp Kostal and Cadwallader rank
as fair, while the fielding and batting of
the team Is good. It has been In team
work that Sioux City has been deficient,
and this is developed, but not to a degree
that makes the aggregation actually
the first gun In the bombardment that
would follow. The very excellent punch
Then landed on the fresh yonng roan's face
probably didn't knock any sense Into his
empty noddle, but it did relieve the feel
ings of a mighty honest and conscientious
ball player, who was eminently correct In
resenting the insult offered him. Wonder If
that cub has noticed any sign of throwing
games since Thell has Joined OmahaT We
Just to prove that those eight victories
were not mistakes, the following statistics
are offered:
AB. R. H. Av. W'k.
Howard W7 Il 17 .110 .Sll
Welrh fc 7 162 . .800
Kreese 157 17 ' 4 .93 .i
Thlel 218 48 60 .?7S .19
Dolan 491 57 1U .2H .271
Carter 623 101 t. 136 .2." .24
Thomas 6M 82 139 . 251 .24
Q online 278 45 ill .241 .237
Schlpke 604 bt 110 .218 .217
Brown 147 14 28 .10 .188
Sunders t 7 .161 .149
Quirk 64 4 10 .15. .17
Ffelster KH 9 14 .136 .124
Companion ... 60 I 7 ,.117 .117
Totals 4.162 622 L119 .26" .253
O. A. E. TC.
Thlel 83 15 2 HO
Oondlng .... 674 119 15 T
Thomas 1.400 75 49 1.624
Sanders 7 61 2 80
Carter 225 27 12 264
Brown t 97 8 174
Howard 249 372 34 656
Companion.. 2 62 4 68
PfHster 8 63 4 75
Quirk 2 49 3 54
Welch 267 15 18 t0
Freesa 241 32 20 2f3
Schlpke 144 301 45 490
Dolan 807 368 69 744
Totals.... 8,678 1,646 286 6,609
, .9)6
All in all. It looks even better for Omaha,
The team won eight out or nine games
aved during the week, which Is consid
erably above the 80 per cent figured on. and
If the gait Is continued the pennant is aue
for the flagpole at Vinton park. And this
prospect Isn't nt all pleasing in Denver,
where they had it all figured out that the
Grizzlies were a cinch when they left home
the last time. Omaha wasn't on the map
then. Shepherd of the Times takes It most
to heart, and resorts to his customary ex
pedient of roasting the team and everyone
connected with the league. He can't con
ceive of Denver losing on Its merits; It must
be bum ball, or the Grizzlies would be first
every time. He Is now appealing to George
Tebeau to send all his good players from
Louisville and Kansas City to help Hallman
through to a successful close. About the
only thing that would make Shep really
happy would be to have "Muggsy" Me
Graw's Giants and Jimmy Collins' World
Champions located In Denver, and let them
play alternate days, with a ground rule
that If the visiting team should happen to
win a game. It would count double for Den
ver In the standing table. He's a little bit
tho hardest loser known to the game.
And while we have up this matter of
senseless knocking of the home team, it
must make the Des Moines fans feel good
to watch the splendid work that is now
being done for Omaha by Otto Thell, and
reflect that If It hadn't been for a half
fledged orltio on one of the Des Moines pa-
. pers Thell might still be in the Hoffer band.
Omaha certainly owes a debt of gratitude,
at least, to the brilliant youngster who. In
his chagrin over losing a game to Omaha,
accused Thell of throwing it, and then met
him on the street and told hi in the shot
he had already had In the paper was only
Dates for the post-season trip through the
country are being made by the Omaha
team, and a number of Nebraska towns
are assured of seeing the' fastest aggrega
tion that has worn an Omaha uniform for
many years. Other applications are coming
in. and it is not Improbable that the boys
will have at least two weeks of steady work
In the country after the lost game is played
here this season. Manager Rourke is tak
ing care of the matter for them, and clubs
wishing games should write to him.
During his stay in Omaha Tom Burns
an' mad verted to soma degree on the
w lather that has been experienced by the
Western league during the season. Out of
the seventy-two days his team was sched
uled to play at home only two were clear.
Quite a record for "sunny" Colorado.
The spurt of the Omaha team has started
several tilings locally, and among them a
youthful poetess, who breaks forth Into
gladsome melody after this fashion:
Omaha Is climbing to the top I tell you
Who can doubt It as they see the boys
come up to bat.
Howard still a-playlng second
Just the way we've always reckoned.
For Howard surely is a peach.
On first we see Jack Thomas with the mlt.
The fans all seem to think that Jack Is "It."
He is fast upon his feet,
And his smile is always sweet.
When he gets the ball and puts the runner
At third we see young Schlpke strong and
And Dolan playing short as In the days of
Playing ball that's good to see
Fast and cltan aa it should be,
For Joseph can play ball with the best.
Jos I tell you is the pilot, the pilot of the
He It Is who always knows just the right
thing to do
When the boys get In a tangle
And begin to chew and wrangle
It's Joe who brings them through without
a scratch.
In left a small-sized chap by name of Otto
He gives you the Impression that he was
born to steal.
He Is swift upon his legs
Though they only look like pegs,
Tet Buck Is proud of them and to the
team Is leel. ,
In center Arid looms up Harry's tall glgan-
tlo frame
Though he seems so far away he Is always
In the game.
And with Carter out In right
We have them all cinched tight
So opponents can go way back and be
The handsome face of Oondlng we see be
neath the mask
And Freese always ready to relieve him of
the task
For better lads than these
One very seldom sees,
Nor would the crowd two better catchers
The OlJsmobiia XightToormg Car made remirka'ula record
ln-tKe tsuieus iim troni Kow York to St. Louis last August. Ths
fast that it aaaomplathed this 1300 mUa lourney with only on ia
-vttlanaustup Uhs bsesklng'oi s chats) proves its reliability on
mug -trip sr all kinds of roads.
It finished among the first at every control and bad less trouble
In breakage than any other car on the road. Over rough roads It
could be driven faster than cam costing. $tf ,000.00. The perform
Alice of the
GldsssMIa Light Tcnncaa Csr
-sss'f&e-tlk of the run ens is evWeooe of what you yean elf "en so
-With the machine. For $950.00 ' is grrenjnote than the so-iausd
$1,250.00 value in other light touring cant.
Mote than 10 h. uj roomy hilar loos tennseut) 190S Assign jf
tod. Ths -he n lUrmmst nnmraotsTe Catalog us of -the year will &)
sent nana sequent.
CNmSIX 7 . aopdsiS HmMmam, pvomtmrun lniliit. PKtOttj
fcif flwi iirOsr. 11 8U. ll sn mi. a. a. Uammg.
mm fllfi Finn? St. CUAKA, I El
Our pitchers are the best that Papa Bill
MnU mm 4-
And they're ail going te Stick and oilmh
up some you rt.
TIs a greet surprise to some,
T lha fans knew It would ome
To Omaha, and playing ball will win the
pennant yet.
It's a team that's hard to beat yon must
admit. . ...
Well stocked with nerve and good old-
fashioned gnt.
For they're boya who can play ball
r,nm mH mrlnff to fall
And never gtve a alow game and never
The recent cold snap was sn unpleasant
reminder that the time for summer sports
Is at an end; flannels will now give way
to hunting Jackets, and rackets and golf
clubs to guns. The summer has gone, and
looking back over the past It Is observed
that It has been one of which Omaha sport'
Ing men can well ee content. There have
been Improvements In every line. Better
tennis, better golf, better horse racing and.
best of all, more interest has been taken
In the various sports by the public. It Is
about the time of the year when the plans
for this season are being closed and new
plans being made for next spring, and
from present outlooks the following year
will be more of a success than the one that
is passing away.
The first plan In the sporting line to be
made for next spring was the Idea of hav
ing a cricket club in the city. Borne years
ago Omaha had one, and It was no slouch
of a club, either. The idea of reforming
the club was started by the challenge sent
out by Sioux City cricketers last week.
When the committee In charge got to pick
ing an eleven It was surprised to find the
number of new cricketers that have settled
In Omaha since the old club broke up, and
this led to the Idea of having another club
here. When a Darty of Englishmen settle
In a strange land, they first put up a
cricket pitch, next a mission house, and
then a field battery arrives, and tho land
Is a part of the British empire. But
first the cricket pitch, without it the field
battery and the mission house could not
survive. Being so, it was with great de
light that Britishers here and in the state
hall the formation of a club In the city,
and as the Kroner men are behind tho
scheme, there Is every chance of It being a
success. cricket never will be popular
with an American crowd, on account of
the length of time necessary in finishing
a game. For that reason foot ball draws
a larger crowd In England than does a
cricket match. Fifty Englishmen will go
to a county cricket match where 60Q will
go to a local foot ball match. The Amer
icanized Britisher will watch a base ball
match In preference to a cricket match,
but ho would play cricket rather than any
other game. Apart from the sport Itself
there are old associations connected with
the wickets to a cricketer In a land where
cricket Is not. Old times, old memories of
me days when, a chubbr-faced fa h
strode to the "crease" in class matches
and under the guldlns-
of a prefect learned that to funk a "yorker"
was a tning dishonorable and a deplorable
lack of school etiquette, and then later,
when he had risen tO the much-envlaft ft?
a "sixth form boy" and bad another
cnuoDy-racea youngster as his own par.
iicuiar rag, he made that hit for six
which won the match for the Old School,
and then perhaps later still, when he won
his place In the College eleven and was a
greater hero than the best
come flocking back to him, and these
",UUB" oi earner days are In a great
measure the cause of the intense fascina
tion cricket has for Englishmen. It Is but
natural that It should be so. He would
certainly be a Door American u
not stand up for the glory of the diamond.
morning tne cricketers will meet at
tho Field club for a practice game, pre
paratory to their game with BIoux City
It Is expected that Omaha will play Sioux
v..., umt, aoout September 26, but
the exact date has not v k
upon. Games will be played on matting.
One more exhibition nt . i " .
. u ,auilg uuu
trotting and the Omaha Driving club will
closo Its season at the Sprague street driv
ing park. But this matinee Is certainly going
to be a buzzer. Besides the ordinary pac
ing and trotting events there will be a
nsmber of running races and some humor
ous events, including a slow mule race. It
has been conclusively shown this year that
though the grandstand is willing to watch
trotting and Darlnr
a .v O " " iCMiy
enthusiastic over a running pace. T see
me riders round the corner for the home
stretch In a bunch is a sight that makes
the man without a drop of sporting blood
In his veins rise from his seat and holler.
This scenic effect, this dash and vim, this
high pitched excitement Is seldom to be
found In a trotting race and as the crowd
Is continually looking for something spec
tacular rather than aclentlfln th.
tacular will' have to be" provided before the
crowd comes. This was shown In the pony
races held a short time ago at the Sprague
street driving tracks and in the horse
breaking exhibitions at the same place.
In the first event, the animals were com
mon ponies, the riders were dressed any old
way and riding any old way: yet the gal
lery which during the previous trotting
and pacing events had shown Its pleasure
by a few desultory hand claps now turned
into a yelling, shouting and highly ex
cited maSS Of DeODle. In the hnraa hronb-
Ing exhibitions, though an admission was
cnargeo, me crowd was twice as large as
any that attend the .regular Saturday
afternoon matinees.
If cow pony races get the people "holler
ing," what will a properly conducted
running race with good horses do? Of
course this Is not to say that running
races should altogether take the place of
pacing and trotting events, but the mati
nees would certainly be patronized by a
large number of people who declare they
oould not spare the time to watch nothing
but pacing; and trotting events. Nearly
every city of any size In the state has Its
annual meets In which running races form
the greater part of the program and why
should not OmahaT It has the horses, It
has the men end It will get the crowd If
those In management will put up a show
that pleases the people.
X. B. Updike and Fred Goodrich left
yesterday afternoon for a spell of duck
hunting. The former went to Bhlckley,
Neb., and the latter to Lexington, Neb.
Will Towneend Is on a visit to his farm
on the Rosebud reservation, where he In
tends putting up a bouse and Incidentally
take a look at the chicken. He will re
turn the latter part of the month and will
stop at Broken Bow for Its trap shoot on
September 28, 29 and SO.
"Aw" wl' gowf" for the days are get
ting cold, the caddie is at his books In
school and ths grass Is dead, so that the
veriest dub can drive 200 or 225 yards.
There was hardly a player out during last
week at both the Country and Field clubs.
The warmer weather on Frldav hrnnhi
out ths fans In great shape, but the average
piayer is puiung away nls golf clubs and
preparing for the winter. Th Rin.
Is the talk at the Field club and there Is a
UJiauoood of another player being added
to the four winners before the finals will
b played out. If this Is done the finals
will be played rather late la the year and
will not get the spectators that wn.iM at
tend If the weather was warm. Next Bat.
urasy, at the Held club links, there will
he a golf tourncr. In which
are to he green. Kay tU be match play
wua Minn-sa. agaxnax ttegen The details
Doctors Say
DrinK More
The body requires ten glasses of
fluid per day. Most people drink too little to
flush the body of its waste. The result is bad
blood, nervousness, disease. 1
Then the doctor says "Drink More;" and he
knows this advice to be worth more than
That's one reason why pure beer is good for you.
It leads you to drink more. And the beer is
also a food andi tonic. But the beer must be pure.
Schlitz beer is brewed in absolute cleanliness and
cooled in filtered air. It is aged for months
so it will not cause biliousness.
That's why doctors say "Schlitz." Ask for the
Brewery Bottling.
Phone 913, Jos. Schlltx Brewlnf, Co.,"T f T
6 719 S. 9th St., Omaha, Neb. .
The Beer That Made Milwaukee famous.
or the match have not as yet been sir- i
ranged. j
The first game In the , Omaha Bowling
lcaguo will take place tomorrow at Clark's
alleys, in which the Waverlys will play
tho Onlmods. It will be a sort of gala
day for bowlers and the association man
agement Intends to herald the opening
game with muslo and refreshments
Through the week ten of the teams In the
league will play each other. The following
are the matches to be played:
Tuesday night. Omahas against Black
Wednesday nlrht. Krua- Parks against
Drexel iShoe company .
Thursday night. Armours against Union
Stock Yards,
Friday nlKht. St. Charles against Wood
men of the World.
The Union Stock Yards team, captained
by C. J. Francisco, the Black Kats, cap
tained by Guy Landon, the Woodmen
of the World team, captained by William
Ahmanson, and the Armours, captained by
Charles Tonneman, are three new teams
to Join the league. Of these the Union
Stock Tardst team Is reputed to be the best
and some are Inclined to believe that It will
make a mighty good showing for the trophy
at the end of the season. The trophy Is a
silver tenpln donated by the Brunswick.
Balke-Collender company and will go to
the team winning the largest number of
games In the season. The Waverlys car
ried off the prize last year by a score of
,5S7. Many changes have been made In the
teams this year and no one team seems to
be better than any other. A close and
exciting season Is looked for.
News comes from Paris of an offer of
$10,000 by M. Charley to the first owner of
an auto launch to cross the Atlantic. One
entry has already been received and plans
are being made for two more launches.
The race will be known as the Interna
tional Transatlantic cup and the offer will
be good for two years. American manu
facturers are of the opinion that the feat
cannot be done, and S. B. Bowman, one of
them, is said to have offered S16.0U0 to M.
Charley If It is accomplished.
Did You Have a Headache This Morning?
Tig Powder
Then why don't you get at tho root of tho
trouble and prevent it Moat headaches are
brought on because the bowels are not working
properly. Constipation often cause appendicitis.
Shrader's Evaporated
Prevent Ap.e.dlcltli
Laxative Fig Powder
Is pleasant and easy to take and has the power of
gently loosening the bowels and bringing about
a natural healthy action.
' Trial site, 10c. Bamplaa Ftm. Lanr box, BSa.
Sherman & McConnell Drug Company,
Omaha, Distributers.
for sai. by all trasslsUk
Automobile Nevrs Items.
Mr. and Mrs. Moore of Glenwood drove
over from (J 1 en wood a few days since in
their Humbler touring car.
Mr. J. M. Bruner, banker at Elkhorn.
Neb., who owns a Rambler machine, was
an Omaha visitor Friday, driving over in
his machine.
Mrs. S. A. McWhorter and sons Hugh,
Gardner and Donald will leave shortly for
"the Faderland," where Ihey will spend tha
winter. PaHsuge has been taken on the
Kaiser William, which will leave New
York about October 15 Mr. McWhorter
will accompany the family es far as New
York City and will probably go over after
and accompany them home next spring.
The entire McWhorter family are automo
bile enthuHiams. and "King John," by
which niame their handsome Wlnton tour
ing car Ih known, will not see quite so
much active service for a while, but will
be awaiting their return, retdy and anxious
to again give them pleasure.
Tramps Stay Away from Mountain.
"You never saw a cat bathing In the sea.
You never saw a" tramp In. a mountainous
country. Fach spectacle Is of equal rarity."
The spenker, a geologist, smiled.
"I know what I am talking about," he
said. "In quest of geological truths I have
traveled the country over many times, and
I have yet to find a tramp among the
mountains. Tramps avoid mountains as
they avoid soap.
"Hence New Hampshire, Vermont and
the other mountainous states are singu
larly free from petty thieving and from all
such troubles as hoboes cause. And hence,
In those states. It is never necessary to
lock the doors or the windows.
"Tramps avoid mountainous districts be
cause the walking Is all uphill there and
because the farms are few and far be
tween. A fertile and flat country with the
roads good and the farms close together
suits the tramp." Louisville Courier-Journal.
Big Meals
Big Rooms
Small Cost
Notwithstanding the malicious reports te
the contray, the Inside Inn at the World's
fair, Bt. Louis, has thoroughly sustained
the high reputation of Mr. . M. Batlar, its
manager, tor giving first-class Saxmmmo
dauons at reasonable rates.
Thanks te Its enormous slse and wonder
ful equipment. It has been enabled to prop,
erly care for the enormous crowds which
nave eoujrht its bosnltallty without over,
crowding or discomfort.
standing, as tt does, opon an eminence,
and surrounded by a beautiful natural for
sst, tt has enjoyed the popular verdict ef
being the coolest and mtist delightful spot
In ail St. Louis.
The extraoreinay cwrvenlence of being
right tnsade ths grounds and thereby saving
all ttreeome street car ocmieys kas hoau
appreciated by every Suest. an that man-
aceznant nave won. high praise tor Utair suc
cessful efforts tn catering te the comfort.
safety and enjoyment ef each and every rU.
sort Toe sajsav euca sew very raaaoaabia,
raos front SLje s&M mmr mmr Bm
ad. fresft IM tat K, JUBatjEsA ads.
1 i
1mi Wisifiors1
Bound Trip Half Fare
(PLUS $2.00)
To all point In Indiana, points in Ohio and Ken
tucky sold every Tuesday in September and October 11.
Special Horneseekers' Excursions South September 13-27.
S3. 50
St. Louis and Return daily except Friday and Saturday
St. Louis and Return Daily.
. $27.15
Buffalo, Magara Falls or Toronto and return Dally.
Detroit and Return Dally.
Chicago and Return (one way ria St. Louis) Daily.
S3 3.00
Montreal and Return Daily.
Long limit and Rtopovers allowed! The Wabash is
the only line with its own station at main entrance
World's Fair, sarins time, extra car fare and annoyance.
All World's Fair maps show Wabaish station at m.8in
eiitranee. Insist on your tickets reading ria Wabash.
AH information at Wabash City Office, 1601 Farnam, or
address UARKY.E. MOORES. G. A. I. D-, Omaha, Neb.
-' )f
Latest Scientific Discovery for the Applicatloa
of the Marvelous Substance,
In the certain care of many hereto
fore Incurable dUeases, such as
Rheumatism, Catarrh, Malerlav
Bright'. Disease, Blood Poisoning,
Hemorrhoid., Eririna, Dys- 1
pepsla, Diseases Peculiar
to Women, Mervous and
All Oerin
and you may prove it to your own .atistac
tlon absolutely without uost. Hlmply send
your name and address and we will send
you, all charges prepaid, one full week's
treatment consisting of four Iludlum Kings,
worth 12.VU, absolutely free.
No matter how lung you have been af
flicted, this wonderful new discovery, RA
DIUM, which you have heard so muca.
about and which has stirred the whole
scientific world one hundred times more
than electricity ever did, wki cure you so
you will stay cured.
By the application of DR. WARNER'S
RADIUM KiNGd, to any part ot the
body, dead tissues spring to lite, deadly di
sease gc-rms are destroyed and the purified,
blood, laden with marvelous Radium rays,
sent bounding through bone and muscle,
nerve and brain.
RADIUM RINGS aot upon the entlrej
system like the rays of the son upon a half
blown rose. They make sick men weU
and give pale women nerves of steel and,
the bloom of youth.
This Is the nrst and only Radium rem
edy ever prepared which can be employed
at home In the treatment of all germ dis
eases, such as Rheumatism, Catarrh, Ma
laria, Bright's Disease, Blood Poisoning,
Hemorrhoids, Ecsema, Dyspepsia, Diseases
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Pflfifi We will send one full week's
I'll I" I" treatment, consisting of FOUR
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cleve a full aet of Radium Rings, all
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Write now and state what the treatment
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Ufje Best of
The Only Double
Track Railway
to Chicago 9
Very Low One-
Way ,
Colonist Rates
Montana, Oregon and
Washington Points
Dally September t5th to
October 15th.
Clrr Offios)!
1401-1403 FARNAM sf
til. ai4-eex
ttssTge Lssm Ttua All Otbsrsw
Tresis ell tones
A Medical Bspsrt
SS Veers' Eipertaece
U Years la Osiaha
Retrlr M.SM Caaa (and
Hr4raaala, BJaoa PaUoa. ifnan.
toat. Narrau. Ill Hilar. Laaa mt T'uii.lll s THI1
aa ail law et aaraal. at
Traut kr Hit Oall ar vrie Baaa BV asjas
Msa-lsJAjHsatfeeMMe sbsv M , . . 1