Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 12, 1904, EDITORIAL SHEET, Page 20, Image 20

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Advertisement lor thtae oli
rill takea mat It 19 wi. for the
edition nod nntll S . m. tor
the !( and aaadnr edition.
Bate, 1 -2e word flrst Insertion.
1 a, ward thereafter. Ka-tklaK takea
tot lea than 2 for the flrat Inser
tlen. These drtlsesBts aaast be
ran eanaeeatlTelr
Advertiser. r reanetlnT a nam.
eered cheek, ean hare answers ad
dressed ta a namberd letter la ear
f The Bee. Answer so addressed
rill he delivered on oresentatlon of
( want hla employee to be business men.
Jim Jones won't have stenographers who
have had the misfortune of bring misled
by a slip-shod, careless business college
course Into thinking that business men are
harmless creatures at whom you have but
to gladaomely smile to draw your salary.
Jim Jones won't tolerate the bookkeeper
Who Is minus that thorough grasp of busi
ness practice that ts so closely allied to
bookkeeping as to be part of It
Boyles College
eouraea are formulated to meet the require
ment of Jim Jones; lta courses Instill Into
the pupil's mind a deep retaliation of the
fascination of business properly conducted.
It puts Into Its graduate the stuff out Of
which successful business men and women
are made.
It advertising literature will be sent
Ire upon application.
Two uiion-o miu i.oavy iiiiiK.:., goud butter
cow; no butter to be found, tad and cen
ter. Phon Asa-jTrtHi. K 2lr-Ux
CUT KATE TICKETS everywhere. P. H.
Phllbln 160 Farnam and Upp. Union
statlou. Tela. 754 uud 1673. RUi
JJlU elating Co., lsus barney. '11. 2635.
CITY SAVINGS BANK pays 4 per cent.
R -29
KAGLE Loan Offive; reliable, accommodat
ing: all business confidential. 1301 Douglas.
. . . R U30
ANTI-MONOPOLY Garbage Co., 1621 N. 18.
Tel. 1779. R-231
EXPRESSMEN'S Delivery Co., moving and
storage. 214 N. 16th. Tel lit. R 233
the Bee Bid. R-238
61UN painting. S. II. Cole. 1302 Douglas.
SPECTACLES. Hi examination frees SO
day only. U. b. Optician, 808 N. 16th.
R 37
STANDARD Filters. Huber. Tel. 91.
1301 Farnam. R-6D1 J22x
PERFIELD Piano Co., Bee Bldg.; no In
terest: honest values; easy terms. Tel.
701. R-239
II. W. M'VEA, Plumber, I1M N. Mth. Tel.
8747. R-140
OMAHA BICYCLE CO., Mth and Chicago.
BARGAINS Uncalled for suits and correct
trousers, 1517 Farnam, upstairs, room 6.
Ask for Forman. R MS84
IfllRP Stammering and Stuttering.
vtUIC J, Vaughn, Ramge bid., Omaha
CI 8. UTH. 'PHONE 254.
Why carry your soiled llnenT Our wagons
call and deliver same. Bills collected
monthly. R-222 J29
in-S Paxton Blk. 'Phones 3360 and B3104
R-159 12
ATTENTION Conoeasloners All wishing
concessions, such aa merry-go-round,
' shooting gallery and other attractions,
for grand Fourth of July celebration, ad
dress at once. E. H. Holllster, or Win.
'Btleren, West Point, Neb. R 19 12
IF YOU want to sell your stock of mer.
chandlse call at 406 N. Y. Life building.
Omaha Real Estate and Business Chance
Agency. R 165 12x
GYLMER, palmist, 718 N. 23d. Tel. B-324B.
TOUR fortune told by the most reliable
- clairvoyants; send birth date, dime and
stamp. Prof. Carl dt Rollln, 490 N. Clnrk
fit., Chicago. 8118 12i
BUSINESS MEDIUM, 718 N. 17th it
8 M878 Jytot
Palmistry a Science
The Leader
. The only palmist la the west, who la
recognised authority In "Life reading,"
ha read the past, present and future aa
accurately aa If It were a printed cod,
tier prediction have never been equaled
for exactness, and she I alway capable
f giving the best advice.
PARLORS, 715 N. ?Jrd Street.
8-846 12
MADAM MA SKUA, spiritualist medium,
tolls of deud relatives, lost or stolen ar
ticles, brings lovers and friends together;
strictly business; satisfaction guaranteed.
She will ttU you how to make yourself
happy, when you slitll marry and i.un
you should beware ot. Office 114 N. 16th st
8 19k UX
satisfaction or no pay. MJ7 N. 18th.
. 8 230 lx
A HOME FOR 1100.
fSuaranteed to pay back your Investment
n Ave years, and so loaded with possibili
ties that a home for U0. a competency fur
11.000, a fortuno for 5,0u0, Is not an un
reasonable hope for the fortunate owner
of thea stocks The guarantee Is In writ
ing on the back of each certificate and
is signed by a Kansas City bank, a big
Kunsus City bank.
Call and see u or writ to ua and get
particulars. ,
Underwriters of Storks and Bonds,
Room 43, Paxtoa Hotel.
-M8S4 Us
A $1 800 a year Income Insured If you buy
I shares (srresi In our .fo-aere rubber
plantation In Mexico, umau montniy pay
menta. Dividends are earned before pay
nirnis are rnmiiletsi. We cultivate rub
ber exclvatvely. Finest location; best
triniiMirtiUnn facilities. Write for pros
pectus. Conservative Rubber Production
. to. U Parruit Bid. Baa JfTancUeo Cal
Nebraska Business Colleee
A. C ONG, A. M., LLB Pres.. A. J. LOWERY, Prin.f Boyd Bldg., 17th and Harney
"An author Is known by his work and all men by their companion" and w
might add a school is known by Its work, reputation and endorsement.
What Business Men, Banks, and Others Have to Say
"We, the undersigned citizens and business firm of Omaha, take pi en mi re In
endorsing the Nebraska Business and Shorthand College as being thorough and first
class In every department, and heartily commend this Institution to the people of
rteorasaa ana me west.
Hnvden Bros.
Carpenter Paper Co.
Orcnard A Wilheini Carpet Co.
Mawhlnnev ft Ryan Co.
Lrummoiid Carriage Co.
Columbian Optical Co.
Thomae Klliatrlck & Co.
The F. E. Sanborn Co.
Midland Olass ft Pnlnt Co.
Dewey A Stone Furniture Co. .
Western Paper Co.
Baltimore at Ohio R. R.
First National Bank of Omaha
Nebraska Business and Shorthand College.
Prof. A. C. Ong, Prop., Omaha, Neb.
Dear Sir We take pleasure In saying that we can cheerfully recommend you to
anyone wishing to attend a business college. Those of your pupils who have en
tered our employ have all proven satisfactory and well prepared for tholr work. We
are glad to aay, further, that all our dealing with you have been satisfactory.
Yours truly. C. T. KOLNTZE, Ass t. Cashier.
SECURITY BANK, CREIGHTON. Neb. -To Whom It May Concern: The president
of this Institution, Prof. A. C. Ong, Is a man who has had a lifetime experience In
the management of schools, and nothing but success ha attended his every effort. The
rapid growth and reputation of this Institution fully demonstrate Ms qualification as
a manager and Instructor. This echol stsnds eecond to nons In the country In the
thoroughness of Its course Of Instruction and In the excellence of lta corps of teacher.
(Signed.) H, A. CHENEY, Pres. Security Bank.
Dear Prof. Ong: It Is a very great pleasure to recommend a school when one can
give It his highest endorsement. Such a school Is the Nebraska Business snd Short
hand College. In that Institution everything that savors ef the best I afforded the
student, from the elegant equipment, complete In all respect, to absolute thorough
ness in each of It departments.
For the thinking young man or woman so fortunate a to have to work for his
living, with a desire to better hi condition, no greater opportunity la to be had than
that represented by a certificate of admission to your school. To such I can and do
heartily recommend the Nebraska Business and Shorthand College.
Yours truly, D. H. DOTY,
Chief Stenographer Western Hesdquarters B. & O. R. R.
The above are only a few of the hundred of endorsement we have of our In
stitution. Young people and parents would
Business men, banks and graduates know
Biuaent may enter any time. Apply
at the
17th and Douglas,
opens Monday morning, June 20. Publlo
school children and those desiring a busi
ness course," Shorthand, Typewriting,
Telegraphy or Penmanship, should send
for particular at once.
WANTED FOR U. S. ARMY-Able-bodled
unmarried men betweau ages ot 21 anu
36; citizens ot United Stales, of good
character and temperate habits, who can
speak, .-cad and writ English. For In
formation apply to Recruiting Officer, 13th
and Douglas 6 L., Omaha, or Lincoln, Neb.
WANTED Wagon team to haul dirt
Horn grade at Stith and foppteion av.
Inquire on work. V. U. Owen Co.
WANTED Experienced clothing salesmen:
uiiij murouglliy cxperieuc'cu iiicii uowi
apply. J. JU Brandeis Sons.
B 887 12x
WANTED; two carpenters; 26c an hour;
steady work. Address jos. tsmesinger,
contractor. Yutan. Neb. B Mtwi
WANTED, men everywhere; good pay; to
distribute circulars, adv. matter, tack
signs, etc.; no canvassing. National Adv.
Bureau, Chicago. B Mt9s UN
WANTED, nonunion railroad telegrapher.
Apply room 10, Victoria hotel. i vim i.x
WANTED Person of good address . to
travel for manufacturer in .Nebraska; ex
perience unnecessary; salary and ex
penses paid weekly; chance for advance
ment. Send addressed envelope. Dept.
L, 62 Dearborn, Chicago. B 120 12x
$18 PEJR week and expenses to a hustler
to distribute samples and collect lor Mir.
In Nebraska; expenses advanced; salary
paid weekly, Adv. Dept., 702 Bur Bldg.,
Chicago. B 121 12x
WANTED Quick, few men to represent
wholesale house locally among merchant
and agents In your state; established busi
ness; too salary and expenses weekly; ex
pense money advanced; yearly contract;
Srevlous experience not essential. Address
upcrlntMident, 325 Dearborn St., Chicago.
B 125 12x
DETECTIVE Can you spare part of your
time lor prontabie oetecuve worm no
experience needed. Write American De
tective Association, Indianapolis, Ind.
B 129 12x
Manager, 13,000. Bookkeeper, 11,200. Sales
man, l,&uo. Technical, .dw. write lor
free list of positions. Business Opportun
ity Co., 1 Union Square, N. Y. B 890 12x
IM.00 WEEKLY Easily earned, (position
permanent;, aistriDiiiing circulars, Dam
pies, etc.; send 4c for particulars. Com
mercial Advertising Association. Phila
delphia. Pa. B 888 12X
PROFITABLE, honorable, . pleasant and
permanent empioyjnwni v numo ut wj
from home. Send stamp for full particu
lars. Address Exchange Agency, Hills
boro, Ohio. B 982 12x
PETBCTIVES, every locality; good salary;
tjiuerieiicfs miiitjrrti j , u d. j
Agency. Milwaukee, Wis. B-101 15x
wanted men to learn barber trade by
the MOier system. cigni great colleges
In leading cities. Few weeKs completes
Can nearly earn expenses nerore eom
pletlng. Call or write ror catamgue.
Molar Barber College, 1802 Douglas St.
B-M100 17x
REAL ESTATE men make money. Wanted
an Omaha representative tor me Dent
New York building lots proposition.
Vnlque methods of securing attention and
new plan meeting with Immediate success
In laying proposition before poselhle cus
tomers. Successful agents making I10.W
yearly. Write for full particulars. F, C..
Room 1201-106 Fulton St., New York City.
B 1000 12x
WANTED, two traveling salesmen; $78 per
month and expense. i,o Angeies (.mer
Co., St Louis, Mo. B 896 12x
MINING PROMOTER wanted to sell stock
for one of the best mines In Colorado;
good position to right man; will stand In
vestigation. Call or write J. W. Enos,
Bouldee. Colo., general manager Sugar
Loaf Oold Mining A Milling Co.. or 614 8.
10th St., Omaha, Neb. B 143 12x
YOl'Nft men to beoome brakemen; also
locomotive firemen. Experience unneces
sary; give sge; enclose stamp. Osark
Institute. Springfield, Mo. B 866 12x
CANVASSERS to sell automatlo screen
door catcners; maxe Dig money; exclusive
territory; sample postpaid 2So. Automatlo
catch Co., cnicago.
B-962 12x
WANTED, a pattern-maker. Addres N 42,
Bee. B M24 14
A CABINET MAKER who can do all kinds
of repair work about a furniture store.
Steady employment; good wages. Ad
dress Smith-Torrans Furniture Co.. Mus
kogee, Ind. Ter. B-969 12
DENVER capitalist desires 100 bright, hon
est persons for positions of trust, St.
Louis Fair. Free transportation; refer
enres; particulars 11c. Box 86, Denver,
Colo. B 963 12x
CIRCULAR and sample distributors wanted
everywhere; no canvawslng; good pay.
Co-operative Adv. Co., N. Y. B-864 12 X
WANTED Ten mtn In each state to travel,
tack signs and distribute circulars and
samples ef our goods; 800 per month, 88
per day for expenses. Kuhlman Co., Dept.
11-2. Atlas block. Chicago. B 110 12x
WANTED Everywhere, people to copy let
teis at home, spare time, and return to
us: good pay, materials sent free; no
mailing or canvassing. Enclose addressed
envelope for particulars and wages we
ray. Guarantee Co., Dept. 889, Phila
delphia, Pa. B 106 12 x
WANTED, man with good buslnens ability
to take an Interest In and participate In
the management of on of the oldiat and
best manufacturing and Jobbing plants
located In the most prosperous city In
Iowa: man familiar with mechanical con
struction or who hna good mechsn'cal
Ideas preferred. 86.CM1 or upward neces.
sarv to acquire a control of the stork.
Address N 29. Bee. B-978 12
HAVE all kinds of positions onen, all parts
the Tnlted States: will send you list of
positions free; write for It today. Na-
Uuuai latr CU. Toledo. O.
B 38 Ux
fherman A MoConnoU.
ames Morton A Son Co.
Browning, King dt Co.
A. Hoepe.
Meyer & Raapke.
Fry Shoe Co.
Thompson, BMden A Co.
Sunderland Bros. Co.
Omaha Qaa Co.
Omaha Carpet Co.
Woodmen ot the World.
do well to make thorough Investigation.
whereof they speak.
xor catalogue
CIOAR salesmen wanted; experience un
necessary; good pv; Emanuel Co.. Sta
tion New York. B-'JSO 12x
IF YOU are out of employment or want
a better position, call or writs for list
of vacancies. West. Ref. A Bond Assn.,
840-841 N. Y. Life. B-tt!9 12
To fill positions as managers, accountants,
advertising men, salesmen and bookkeep
ers; also technlcul and executive men,
high grade exclusively. W have offices
In twelve cities. Write for plan and
booklet. HAPGOODS (Incorporated), Hf
Chemical building, St, Louis. B
CIVIL Service examinations will soon be
held for railway mall clerks, stenog
raphers, postofilce and custom house po
sitions, bookkeepers, observers and many
others. We instruct a large share of
those appointed. Information and gov
ernment questions free. Columbian Cor
respondence College, Washington, D. C.
WANTED A No. 1 patent right salesman;
we have the right article and will make
most liberal terms to the right party. Ad
dress N 44, Bee. B 206 12x
WE need competent people to fill good
positions. Call or write for list of va
cancies. West. Ref. A Bond Asn., 840-811
N. T. Life. B 930 11
WANTED Young man for stenographlo
and general office work. N S7, Bee onloe.
B-223 13x
WANTED Engineer and electrician for
town in northwestern Nebraska.- Address
N 89, Bee. B M178 14x
SALESMEN Wanted Local representative
for established staple, druggists and de
partment stores; good opening for finan
cially responsible man. Knox Chem. Co.,
108 Greenwich St., N. Y. City.
B 838 12x
ONE soda clerk with soma experlenoe. Call
promotly. West. Ref. A Bond Asn., 840
841 N. Y. Lit. B-31 12
THREE stonecutters wanted at once. For
burger A Speldell, Lincoln, Neb.
B 234 12
WANTED, energetic man to sell disinfec
tants for automatic appliances; money In
It for a hustler; reasonable bond required.
Call Monday, between 8 and 9. Room 7,
Paxton hotel. B-239 12x
89 GIRLS. Canadian office, 16th and Dodge.
C M254
O. IC. American, German employment
office; oldest, most reliable In Omaha.
1624 Dodge. C 877 J30x
WANTED Girl for general housework.
1618 Madison av. C M379
WANTED Experienced second girl; refer,
ence required. Mrs. L. L. Kountse 428
South S9th street . C M786
WANTED, girl for general housework. 636
Park ave. C-MS14 17x
COOK' wanted. 2228 Farnam. Telephone
A-3672. C885 12
WANTED Cook and laundress; wages 16.00
a week. Mrs. Charles Mats, 666 South
28th St. C 919-laX
WANTED A cook: four In family: wages,
86 a week. 803 Story St.. Council Bluffs.
C 18
IF you wish to earn money by writing
short stories or by acting as news cor
respondent, address United Press Syndi
cate, 833 Postal Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind.
, C 119 12x
LADIES We pay $25 per hundred for writ
ing short letters at home; answer with
stamped envelope for particulars. Wilson
6ueclalty Co., Benton Harbor, Mich.
C 128 I2x
LADIB&-830 thousand writing short let
ters; send direct to us, particulars,
stamped envelope. Flesh Food Co., Dept.
81. Milwaukee. Wis. C 128 12x
LADIES To do piecework at their homes,
we furnish all materials and pay from 87
to $12 weekly. Send stamped envelope
to Royal Co., 34 E. Monroe St.. Chicago.
C-964 12x
WE want at once several ladles for so
licitors, steady employment In your own
locality; experience unnecessary. ' Lln
don Cereal Coffee Co., Benton Harbor,
Mich. C 961 12x
WANTED Ladles to learn hair dressing,
manicuring or facial masssage; one years
apprenticeship saved by our method; two
to six weeks completes; positions guaran
teed; diploma granted; catalogue Just
out; write today. Moler College, 1302
Douglas St. C M108 17x
WANTED A woman as cook and for gen.
eral housework, family of I. Inquire 4Sf
Davenport, Dundee Place. C 184 12
WANTED, good second girl. Mrs. Marsh,
804 Pine sf. C-M197 18x
WANTED Housekeeper on farm by two
single gentleman. Address E. L. Wake
field or B. H. Howard, Brookings. 8. D.
p 170 12x
TWO experienced salesladies for large
store. We also have good positions open
In other lines. Call or write. Western
Ref. A Bond Assn. 840-841 N. J. Life.
C 932 12
WANTED, a few neat and well eduoated
ladles of some business ability (teachers
preferred), to receive applications for
high grade literary reference work dur
ing summer months; salary or commis
sion; guarantee $18 per week for one ap
plication per day. Address R. Frank
Jones, Omaha, Neb. C 887 Ux
P. MELCHIOR, machine works. ISth and
Howard. M-$4JylO
E, E. LAWRENCE, 1708 Leavenworth;
!phon L1878. M-03Jyl0
There Are Things of hiterest and Profit on This Page.
WANTED Canvassing agents In every
county t solicit subscriptions to THE
stesd yesnployment with assured good In
come; a (tents In the country wltn horse
and buscy especially desired. Canvassers
malts easily VA to 1100 per month. Ad
dress Century Farmer Solicitors' Bureau,
Bee Building. Omaha. J-213
AGENTS Ladles snd Gentlemen, Boys'
and Girl. Attention: Jut out, latest nov
elty, used by everybody; real bonansa for
gents, pays enormous returns. Retails
6c, f for 3c. Write for Urge Illustrated
catalogue. absolutely free. Address,
Schnilder Mfg. Co., Plalndeld, N. J.
J-M-771 IS x
AGENTS maks Ifl daily selling the cheap
est and most perfect water niter ever
Invented; retails st 12; big profit; exclu
sive territory. Seneca Filter Co., Seneca,
Ma' ' J-MSS2 Ux
BOOK MEN I have a proposition and ter
ritory which is particularly adapted for
summer work. If Interested, write, stat
ing experience nd records. W. F. Hal
lam, Jenifer Building, Washington. D. C.
J 989 12x
AGENTS WANTED Hell our $1 bottle Sar
saparilla for 36c; best seller; 200 per cent
profit. Write today for terms and terri
tory. F. R. Greene, 115 Lake St., Chicago.
J 981 12x
AMBITIOUS book salesmen desiring to go
Into business for themselves and having
satisfactory record as to ability and
reponslblllty, can secure financial back
ing; atate experience; communications
confidential. Address Capital. Room 1010,
111 Fifth Are., New York City.
J 984 12x
AGENTS are coining money; men and
women stop selling fakes, sell genuine
merchandise and make $5 to $10 a day.
Sample worth $2 given away free. Write,
enclosing self-addressed stamped envel
ope. Continental Jewelry Co., .Dept. 8,
lfc East 23d St., New York. J-998 12x
WANTED, general agents for this and
other states to sen goods ana appoint bud
gents; liberal salary or commissions
aid. Address can-uex Mig. . y-p.. et
uis. Mo. J "X
AGENTS $.10 to $60 weekly profits; we send
proof; read In dark, name plates, num
bers and signs; send for sample; your
name on postal will do. Wright Supply
Co., Englewood, 111. J-188 "
AGENTS Newly patented household nov
elty; needed everywhere; sells at sight;
liberal commission and exclusive terri
tory; Investigate today. Keyless Lock
Mfg. Co., 634 W. 79th St., Dept. 30. Chicago.
J 141 12x
$100 WEEKLY easily made writing health
and accident Insurance; old established
company; experience unnecessary. Write
Royal Fraternal Union, St. Louis, Mo.
AGENTS $60 week guaranteed; automatic
washers sell themselves. Agent writes:
"Exhibited sample to ten women; took ten
orders." Time, 46 minutes; profit over
$60; guaranteed to do a washing in $0
minutes; furnishes its own power; re
quires no labor; costs less than any other
machine; free sample and exclusive ter
ritory furnished. Automatic Washer Co.,
Station U, Chicago. J-136 12x
WE START you selling diamonds; don t
fail getting our liberal offer; $5 dally sure.
Carbon Diamond Co., Syracuse. N. Y.
Mention paper. J 136 12x
$5 TO $10 dally. Wanted, bright women
agents to travel and appoint local agents.
Salary and commission. Something
wanted by all women. Korectlv Co., 604
69 Dearborn st., Chicago. J-967 12x
WANTED People all over the United
States are writing me about Ystlllja,
Mexico, which Is attracting more atten
tion than any other locality on the Amer
ican continent. I want local representa
tives In every town to whom I can refer
Inquiries. Representatives of large ac
quaintance and good reputation desired.
C. W. Perkins, 319 Parrott Bldg., Sun
Francisco, Cal. J-9M 12x
LADIES' Specialties; 100 per cent profit;
easily sold; a necessity to every woman.
Send stomp for Information to Oxford
Rubber Co., 96 Church St., New York City.
J 876 12x
AGENTS can make $2,000 to $4,000 next
three months handling newly patented
article; absolute necessity; demand enor
mous; experience unnecessary; exclusive
territory given. Household Novelty Co.
(Manufacturer. 161 W. JOSth St.. New
. York. f J-973 12
MINUET Skirt and Waist Holders offer
largest profits, easiest sales; exclusive
territory; sample free. Wheeler A Bald
win, Garden City Bldg., Chicago.
J 971 12x
AGENTS $6 dally easily made; Immensely
popular with all drivers; newest specialty;
saves time; adds safety; exclusive terri
tory; write Immediately. Osgood Manu
facturing Co., Cincinnati, O.
AGENTS Patented sprayer, best for de
stroying Insects, sprinKiing cioinos, uim-
. . . i . i . . ..Jnatu, taprllnrvl
fectfng sick rooms; exclusive territory
large pronts. iaea.1 cprayer -""".'"
St.. New York. J-118 12x
AGENTS wanted to sell our celebrated 14
kt. gold plate fountain pens, hand chased
holder; Waterman feed, complete, with
box and filler: send 26 cents for
sample ; special doien and gross
prices; liberal Inducements to active men
Pen Co., 103 Beekman St.. New York.
J 112 livX
BIG MONEY In squabs; tney sell for $i to
W a dosen: cheaply raised in only four
weeks; write for our free book about this
rich Industry. Plymouth Rock Squab Co.,
toe AttuntlA Ave.. Boston. Mass. J
WANTED Men and women to sell coffees,
teas, spices, etc. .to the family trade In
communities of from 1,000 to 10,000 popula
tion; only such ss want permanent em
ployment need apply; cash commission
pld; energetic persons can make Dig
weekly earning. For further particulars
address Bodenhelmer Coffe A Tea Co.,
St. Louis, Mo. J
SALESMEN on commission earning hun
dreds o( dolars selling our fireproof pa nt
to merchants; one minute test with
pocket sample seoures order from most
kpetical. Salamander Paint Co., 208
Franklin Ave.. St. IOuls.
profits. Pershing Mfg. Co., South Bend,
Ind. 3
AGENTS to sell Nehers' Doorholder and
Sash Fastener. Others are getting rich.
Why not youT Our goods sell. Traveling
men's sideline. Neher A Co., Topeka,
Kan. J 837 1-x
WANTED The address of every canvass
ing agent who reads this; an abso utely
new patented household nrtlrle; sells for
$2 00; canvassers are making 860 to 876 per
week. Henry Clint, 60 Logan Ave.. Jer
sey City, N. J.
J-938 12x
AGENTS wanted to solicit firs, accident
and health Insurance; good commission.
Call Monday. 10 to 12 a, in., at 40R N. Y.
Life Bldg. J-164 12x
100 PER CENT to agents; fastest selling
article on the market; exclusive territory.
Address Falklnsr Anlba A Co., Topeka,
Kan. 127 llx
WANTED Two experienced salesmen;
from factory to merchant; permanent po
sition with good pay to right man. Ad
dress N 38, Bee.
189 12x
SALESMEN WANTED Specialty sales
men; we have every desirable winning In
ducement anyone else has, and some
which are new and unexcelled; a great
success; retailers buy snd cannot fall to
ell and then buy again; millions In It:
side or regular line; complete line of
samples: no bond or deposit; just hon
esty. Address, stating references, Galloway-McAllister
A Co., wholesale Jewelers,
Dept. C, Chicago. 137 12x
SALESMEN wanted by two representative
Chicago houses to carry their lines of
specialties on ths road for retail dry goods
trade. Address N 88, Bee. 9&S 12
EXPERIENCED traveling salesman to nil
vacancy June 16th; established Cleveland
house: general mercantile trade; high
commission contract, with $:S.o0 weekly
advance while traveling. Merle, Smith A
Co., 90-96 Prospect Bt., Cleveland. O
107 12x
CATABLE salesman to cover Nebraska
with staple line. High commissions with
advance of $100 montniy. Permanent po
sition to right man. .Jess H. Smith Co,
Detroit, Mich. 968 12x
SALESMEN John Sexton tk Co.. Importers
of teas and coffees and wholesale gro
cers. 16 to 22 State St.. Chicago, want ex
perienced, honest, energetic, high-grade
men to sell farmers and other large buy
cers. We are the largest grocery house
In America engaged In this business, and
the originators of honest and modern
methods of conducting It. We handle the
finest goods and guarantee quality and
quantity of every article; no capital re
quired; exclusive territory given In which
an established trade Insures fine Income.
We ar Farmers' Headquarters In Chi
cago. 966 12x
eral stores, by large wholesale house, In
Nebraska; position permanent P. A
Wntson, Sales Manager, 68 Fifth Ave.,
Chicago. 970 12x
SALESMEN Local or traveling, to sell
fireproof cafes to business men and farm
ers; experience unnecessary ; quick sales;
big profits. Alpine Safe Co., Clnclnnnti, O.
104 12x
once, five first-class men; permanent; re
liable house; liberal running expense ac
count. The E. M. Arthur Co., Detroit,
Mich. 108 13x
WANTED, salesmen visiting drug and
candy trade to carry our Natural Pre
pared Palms aa a side Una. Sell from
plates. Just what your trade wants and
money-maker for you. Address The
Hulsixer Co., Des Moines, la. -179 12
WANTED, salesmen, calling on retail hard
ware trade, to sell Washing Machines on
commission. State territory covering.
Box 634, Des Moines, la, 977 12
SALESMAN, who can show a good record;
references required. Smith-Premier Type
p titer Co. M221 13
WANTED Salesmen for the best side line
on the market. Easy to sell; easy to
carry. Western Glass Adv. Co., Chicago.
lfili 12x
WANTED, a position by a drug clerk; 4
years experience. Aaaress a. J. neaiuna
2219 Dodge St. A M(7 lix
WANTED By young married man, position
as clerk, eight years' experience In the
stationerv and racket business; would ac
cept position In any kind of store. Best
Ot reierencew. Auurwi at v, uct.
A M837 12X
HIGH-GRADE man desires position on road
or other outside profitable employment;
em now employed In office at $32o per mo.;
can give bond If required; have been In 3
wholesale lines; never lost a position. Ad
dress N 46. Bee. A-208 12x
POSITION as cook or housekeeper, first
class, private family or hotel; no sweep
ing or laundry work; .experience as cook
in my own notei; expert in an orancnei
of cooking. Mrs. Cuthbertaon, 1663 N.
17th. A-208 12x
WANTED Position as engineer or hard
ware and Implement salesman; familiar
with trade, write, state salary, au
dress. L. Box 8. Brlstow, Neb. A 22 14
HORSES for sale; 2d-hand harness and ve
hicles cheap. Meichlor's Stables, 601 S. 19th
P 278
WAGONS! Delivery wagons!) Don't fall
to see them. The largest assortment in
the west at wholesale prices. Johnson A
Danforth. 8. W. cor. 10th and Jones sts.
P-M227 Jel4
A NEW runabout top buggy to trade for
driving horse. 811 N. lbtb. P 378
614 S. 14th. P-M701 ja
FOR SALE Second-hand carriage, Victoria
style; good condition; cheap. William K.
Potter, 303 Brown block. P M423
PITAL, commodious, up-to-date. 2411 N.16.
. P-M389 JeM
U AW rvmade Runabouts, Phaetons, etc.,
tlrAli Lat LOWEST possible prices. Also
painting, trimming, repairing and rubber
tires. WM. PFEIFFER tphone 3748), 2620
Leavenworth. All work GUARANTEED.
t P M782 Jy-e
THE FROST BAND, or tires, on wagon
wheels stick. 14th and Leavenworth.
P 27
PONY, harness, double seated cart. 1920 8.
83d. P-M864 12X
GOOD second-hand, extension top carriage
cheap; also buggy and harness. Johnson
A Danforth, S. W. cor. 10th and Jones sts.
P-794 13
SHETLAND pony, buggy apd harness for
sale. 1415 Capitol ave. P 912 12
LARGE barn for rent. 626 8. 19th.
P-M211 14
Stands 18H hnnda high, weighs over 1.JO0
lbs. PEDIGREE sired by a grandson;
first dam a granddaughter of Hnmble
tonlan 10th. I will race him against any
stallion In Nebraska, wagon and driver
weighing no less than 860 lbs. BANNOCK
BURN Is the surest breeder I evpr saw.
He will stand for stock at 4021 N. lth St.
and R. R. tracks, Omaha. A. THOMP
SON. P-M934
FOR SALE Saddle bore. Inquire after
4 at 2607 Cass St P 178-12X
$000 FINE double-seated carriage for sale
at a sacrifice: will show carriage at lth
and Douglas 2 p. m. Tuesday. P 226 14x
LOST Black pocketbook containing money;
liberal reward for return to Bee counting
room. Lost
LOST Small blue enameled watch between
Sherman ave. and Her Grand. Please re
turn to 1424 Sherwood ave. Reward.
Lost M207 18x
BIACK and white Angora, rat; liberal re
ward. Mrs. C. M. Flagg, 3002 So. 3"th St.
Lost JOS 13x
LOST. Monday night. June 6, black leather
, chatelaine bag. containing ring, set with
two diamonds and 1 saphlre. Liberal re
ward if returned to Mrs. M. D. Morrell,
118 North 18th. Lost 941 X2x
LOST, lady's gold watch, blue face, mono
gram "H. D." Return to cashier First
National bank and receive reward.
Lost-M228 14
LOST Alligator skin music roll. Reward
If returned to 2601 Bt Mary's Ave.
Lost 917-12
Johnson Institute. 616 N. Y. Life bldg. T. 1664
DR. GRACE DEEQAN, 832 N. Y. Llfs. Tel
MRS. JOHN R. MUSICK, Osteopathic Phy
- slclan; office, Douglas block. Tel. 20.
Dr. Farwell, specialty nervous diseases. (04
Paxton. -811
HESB A 8WOBODA, 1416 Farnam. -1C0
L. HENDERSON, 1619 Farnam. Send for
price list ot cut flowers and plants.
ALFRED DONAGHUE, JR., 1607 Farnam.
Tel. 8333. -5i
E F. MOREARTY. Atfy., 437 Paxton. TeL
bldg., rooms 804 and 319. Tel. 1662. XI
ROYAL HO'XEL, European, 16th A Chicago.
h. -N3
DEWEY, European hotel, 11th and Farnam.
- EM9
$1.26 PER WEEK, Doran house, 4-i 8. lxth.
E 2i0
VIENNA HOTEL, 1011 Farnam; One rooms,
ladles' cafe, private dining r.; open nights.
MCE furnished rooms, 3rd Door. 1420 Dodge.
THE FARNAM. 19th and Farnam Sts.
'i lie I (milium; luxuriously furnished looms
and smoking parlors; appointments tlist
clsss. 110 S. 13th St, opposite Millard
notei. u, 2,
TWO nice cool rooms: modern; very rea
sonable. t426 N. 17th. E 418
LARGE front room, with alcove; also
small room, porch and lawn. 623 N. 2vth.
E M(roO lix
LARGE, cool front room, alcove. 'Phons
A3089. 1S21 Douglas. E MS1 12x
NICELY furnished front rooms, modern.
221 California. E MSoO 12x
THREE rooms, light housekeeping, mod
ern. 118 N. 2tith. E-M857 12
LARGE, cool front rooms, southern ex
posure. 1812 Chicago. K MS68 llx
FRONT parlors, modern, single or ensulte.
622 N. 18th. E-MS68 12
SPLENDIDLY furnished apartment, kit
chen, dining room, one or two sleeping
rooms and bath. No. 8, Davldge blk.,
18th and Farnam. B 2d 919 13x
NEWLY furnished south room; modern;
pnone. Mrs. (J. Frederick, 621 So. mti.
E MK08 Ux
FURNISHED front rooms; 'phone A2688,
621Vs S. 19th E M908 U
FRONT parlor, gentlemen; modern; rea
sonable. 721 S. 18th. E MW9 Ux
NEWLY furnished cool rooms; east
iiuui, wiuaing aistance; see mem. oi a.
22d. E M899 17x
NEW LY furnished room for lady or gen
tleman, In quiet, private family. $1.00 per
week. 2423 Seward. E M377 12x
TWO south front modern, reasonable
board optional. 'Phone A2&93. 24i Cass
E 914 JylO
NICE all modern south front room, 3 win
dows. 2238 Ohio, close to two car lines;
rent reasonable. E 158 Ux
THREE pleasant partly furnished rooms:
modern; can be arranged for housekeep
ing; adults only; references required. 2701
wool worm Ave. to 13a izx
8918 West Belle Place. St Louis, Mo.
Phono 1946 Delmar.
Take Laclede car west, transfer to Van
deventer, north to West Bell Place.
class rooms and accommodations; pri
vate; Bell phone, single or parties; rea
sonable; references: 4 car lines to cxdosI
tion or 16 minutes' walk. Write or call.
Mrs. Wm. Mehl, 6037 Bartmer, Bt. Louis.
FURNISHED front rooms, cool. 19"9 Doug
las, a M2QZ 14X
FURNISHED rooms; modern. 617 8. 14th,
top nc-or. 15 AU14 11
NEWLY furnished, south-front room. 623
B. letn. B MZ16 14
Cedar Crest will accommodate a few sum
mer guests after July 1; terms $4 and $&;
no children. M. E. Wolcott, Cedar Crest
Farm, Elk City, Neb. F-927 12x
FINE room for two gentlemen, private,
teiepnone, to. us 00. iatn st.
E 828 Ux
With exception of 8 rooms tip stair ws
will rent our horn just at It stands to
a responsible counle. Everything- new
and modern, gas, bath, furnace, with Use
or phone, walking distance of P. O. a
snap. Phone L 2669. E 826 12x
WELL furnished south front parlors, mod
ern, also small front room, reasonable;
2231 Fa in am. Phone 2203. B 228 14
Furnished, cool, outside rooms, with or
without board. Midland hotel, ltfih and
Chicago. F 27S
THE MERRIAM, 26th and Dodge, 'phone
66; nice, light, airy rooms; enaultes and
single rooms; terraced lawn; veranda en
tire length of building. F 276
BOARD A room, 84; meals, 16a. 1619 Dodge.
F 277
O. M. E. TEL. 611.
F M391 Jell
FURNISHED rooms and board. $4. 2609 St
Mary s Ave. F-M430 Je20
NICELY FURNISHED rooms and board,
strictly modern, rates reasonable. 1S17
Cass. F-M580 J21
NICE, clean room on bath room floor, first
class board and accommodations. !A4
Harney. F 793
BOARD and room for two, private family,
modern house, large lawn, fine shade;
references. N 19 Bee. F-MR06 12x
NICELY furnished large parlor, with
board; modern conveniences; waking dis
tance; rates reasonable. 2020 mrnest.
LARGE front parlor, with first-class pri
vate board; large, modern residence In
Kountse Place, near car; fine lawn; Vjry
desirable for summer. Thone 8976 Ad.
dress 2018 Wirt. F-M86 12
LARGE front room and board; new man.
agement. 1816 Dodge. F-M802 12
FURNISHED rooms and board, 706 8. 18th.
UTOPIA-Deslrsble rooms and board. 1721
Davenport. F M883 Jy9
NICELY fumlshsd, front room; board.
710 8. 18th. F M216 14x
NICELY furnished, front rooms; board;
modern; summer rates. 618 8. "'h
FURNISHED rooms, with board; refer
ences. 816 8. 26th. F-2U U
SUITE front rooms; modern: gentleman.
623 N. 19th. E M210 14x
SUITE furnished or unfurnished, south
estern exposure, modern, for two or three
persons; board optional, 818 8. M.
F 236 18
ONE suite unfurnished rooms; 1910 Dodge.
O. C. Redick. 1617 Farnam. G-Md! U
THREE very desirable rooms for light
housekeeping. Tel. 3984. (22 N. 23d.
BEAUTIFUL unfurnished front room for
gentlemen; reference. 2719 Dewey ave.
O M878 Ux
FURNISHED or unfurnished room, 2411
Cass. G M802
TWO nice room, office or housekeeping.
lfiuS Farnam. Inquire room 2.
O M217 1
FOUR unfurnished rooms', private house;
modern. 2408 Cass. G-M177 18
FOUR unfurnished rooms, modern con
veniences, light housekeeping. Ti'U North
19th. Q-M175 13x
FURNISHED house or flat, family of three
adults, until September 1. Address, with
full particulars, L 86. Be. K 4W1X
WANTED, room In private family, close
In, between Dodg and Bt. Mary's ave.
N 28, Bee, K741Kx
BRASS and aluminum casting, nickel plat
ing and finishing. Specialty Mfg. Co., 41
N. Main st, Council Bluffs.
GEN L M Stocks $."'.000 to $10,WO, good
trade; well located NEH. towns; consider
cash, city property or good imp. land.
Gllov.ERi Slocks. $.ui to $J.iwU; city and
Neb. loans; will consider cash and city
property on one In live town.
HARDWARE i&vo to Js.OOO, splendid busi
ness. Neb. towns; might eutertalu a little
trade on laigest stock.
DRL U3-42.6W to $6.uuu; profltsbl business;
guod Neb. towns; Imp. land and cash.
LAUNDRY $2, MM; fine but,li e. In Omaha;
will pay to Investigate; owner going to
mother country.
IMP. AND BUGGIES Fine Neb. town;
good trade; cash and unimproved land.
Omaha; fin opening; cash and mdse.
HOTELS 30 Bleeping rooms, well fur
nished; paying business; line Neb. town;
tJ house; cssh and good land will do.
28-ROOM; $2 house; completely furnished;
only one in good Iowa town; fine chance,
money maker.
MANY other line of buslnes on my list.
IF you have anything legitimate to sell
or exchange, communicate with me, 1 11
do business quick.
ROOMING HOUSES $278 to $3,000; well and
completely furnished; fins location; doing
well; can he had right.
43N. Y.Life. Tw8i2
Having Incorporated under the laws cf the
State of Now York and established our
business upon a most basis,
we are now prepared to give publlo In
vestors better service any other
company has done. If you have $50 or
more at your disposal and are deelrcue of
adding to your income, you will be well
repaid for Investigating this add. Un
questionable references. Write for free
booklet Hanover 8tock Company (Inc.),
86 Broadway, New York City. Y 044 Ux
ABBOTT-COWAN Co.. 1st Nat. Bk. Mdg.
can get you In or out ot business.
Y 25
Tel. 49. Y-I44
WHEN you want to buy, sell or exchaoge
your property or business quick, aoo J.
H. Johnson, 843 N. Y. Lile. TPlione L2270,
Y M454
WANTED A man with acquaintance
among bankers, real estate men and law
yers in Nebraska to Investigate our very
remunerative proposition. Address Box
806, Omaha. Y-MM6 12x
gar. Cushlng A Gauvreau.dlstb.
Y M832 Jy8
SPLENDID location In nsw town for a
good general mdse. store. Address Lock
box C Randolph. Neb. Y M831 16
FOR SALE, a desirable Implement busi
ness. Address Lock Box 14, Petersburg,
Neb. Y-M96 13x
$3,000 WILL BUY a 00x24 frame laundry, a
bam, three lots and also a small house. I
have run th? laundry 19 years snd there Is
no opposition. The place is also good fof
other business. Poor health Is the reason
for selling. Address P. A. Hansen, Red
Cloud, Neb. Y MSii6 16X
WANTED, to lease or place on royalty
patensd article that will sell In every
home cost 7c retail, 6 Jo to $1. Best of
references given and requlred.-Wm. Mad
gett, Hastings, Neb. Y 91
LIFE Insurance wanted; will furnish aonp
In payment of first premium. Takanau
Soap Co., Darby, Pa. Y 121 12x
ANYONE, above 18 years of age, answorlng
this advertisement this week will receive
free of any charge for the land, a beauti
fully located New York suburban lot near
the ocean, site 26x100 feet; they can also
participate in the distribution of $76,000 In
cash prlxcs. Answer today. New York
Suburban Development Co., 2230 Park Row
building. New York City. Y 992 12x
ADDITIONAL capital to enlarge business
which has paid 10 per cent dividends for
years; shares, $10; best bank references.
Address Mirror, Washington, D. C.
Y-986 12x
I WOULD like to correspond with a few
responsible men who can Invest $5f or
more in an honorable and highly piofi'a
ble enterprise. Don't waste time wrldn
unless prepared to Invest at least $500 If
found satisfactory. L. B. Kuhn, Mollne,
111. Y-M102 18x
A SNAP Orocery and feed store In good
county seat town; Invoice about $1,6 X;
doing a good business. Will rive time on
$S00 with approved security If desired or
will sell groceries alone.
Fletcher Real Estate Co.
910 New York Life Building, Omaha.
ARB you satisfied with your Income? If
not, I can show you how to add $26 a week
to present Income, and not Interfere wltn
present business or occupation; have no
circulars or merchandise to sell. I In
vested $5.60 In one advertisement and
made a profit of $49; another advertise
ment costing $11.20 earned profit of i;
same advertisement inserted five titnt-N
at average cost of $6 each time netted
me $131; you can do the same thing; I
send you exact copy of this advertise
ment, tell you papers In which published,
give you exact dates; am running same
advertisement now. Write me and I will
tell you all about It, give you positive
proof and references. M. D. Success,
Box 849, Asheville, N. C. V-963 12x
Best Opportunity in Existence
for the Investment of small and large
sums ot Idle money where It will pro
duce a large and steady monthly revenue
without risk ot loss. Principal back on
demand. For full particulars, address
W. H. Latimer. 418 Walnut St., Phila
delphia, Pa. Y-B74 Ux
FREE LOTS to advertise N. Y. suburb;
send stamp for one lot; Ocean view; high
elevation. Seaside Co., 231 Broadwuy,
N. Y. Y-lll Ux
AN OLD established millinery business in
town of 4,000, within fifty miles of Omaha;
sales $3,000 per year; best business In
city; stock, fixtures, etox $360; rent, $20
Ser month; cash only. For further par
cuUrs address N 82, Omaha Bee.
Y-106 11
DON'T work for others; be the boss; start
a Mall-Order Business; we help you.
Plan and new catalogue for stamp. Cen
tral Supply Co., Kansas City, Mo. Y
YOU can never profit by business chances
unless you have some money; small sav
ings are tne foundation of large fortunes;
start a savings accounts with J. L.
Brandels tt Sons, Bankers, 16th and Doug
las Sis. As seta over $400,000.00. Y
CORPORATION whose products are han
dled by leading wholesale and retail deal,
era want competent man to take man
agement of branch office, salary $2,500 per
annum and commission. Energetlo man
should earn 86.0UO per annum. Must in
vest from $1.0u0 to $6,000 in stock of com
pany. Unquestionable references as to
ability and Integrity required. Address
Box 636, Madison. Wisconsin. Y
-tti a vrTi.i 'rrv uu vm-d Mi' x.T unQfl
Start in ror yoursoir; only -'. capuui is
quired. We teach you the business; sp
polnt you our special representative, fur
nish large list of salable property, co
operate with and assist you to earn from
$3,000 to $5,000 annually. Write for par
ticulars. Harry W. Cross &. Co., 247 Ta
coma bldg., Chicago. Y
WANTED Good man with f-'iOO to Invest
and take full charge of good paying tail
oring business In Omaha. Al Investment
and good salary to right party. Address,
N 43, Bee. Y-200-Ux
AN INVESTMENT by responsible party
with limited capital, In a safe, sound and
legitimate business, where your money Is
secured, will make 60 per cent to 100 per
cent on the Investment, and will place
you In a position to realise $600 or more
monthly on your personal efforts. En
dorsed by leading banks and business
men. It will pay to investigate. J. II.
McClurkln, 416 Locust St., St. Louis. Mo.
Y-ita i2x
legitimately by our Infallible svstem;
weekly dividends remitted by expre
money orders to hundreds of satlsflad
rllems. Investments of 120 snd upward
recelvti', subject to withdrawal on de
mand. References and particulars fr,
The Henley Company, Morton Rldg . New
York. Y-K9 1-x
I HAVE- a customer who wants to lnvet
826, 000 cash In some kind of wholesale
business. For full Informal! m call 40J
N. Y. Llfs Bldg. Y-l3-12x
When You Write
to Advertisers
remember it orlv take an extra atroka or
two of tb pen 10 mention the fact that you
w tua au is n vat,