Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 12, 1904, EDITORIAL SHEET, Page 18, Image 18

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THE Omaiia Sunday Per
Pally B (without Sunday), pre Year..$V'
une T "
The situation In Colorado is unparal
leled In our history. Never before has
the governor of a state assumed such
unrestricted authority, prnctlcally des
potic, as is being exercised by the chief
executive of Colorado in the disturbed
district of thnt commonwealth. There
1 I 1 I . i 11 ItA.
i 00 1 nave iecii mnny wnuun tokuh"
l.oo .ween cnnital and labor In this country,
DELIVERED BY CARRIER. f th.m mmi .nlllno- the enmlov-
Dally ? (without Sunday). per "JJ;"" . . ... ,. ntll in the
Doily Be and Bunday, One Tear J
Illustrated Bee. One Vear J
Sunday Bee, One Vear
Baturday Bee. One Tear -AU-'Vi'.";" 1
Twentieth Centurr Former, One Year., i
. . , i i v-... . a.mrinvV ner rnPT
Dally Bee (without Sunday), per wfK....u:
Dally Bee (Including Sunday), per weeK...iic
Sunday Bee. per ropy...... ".llu"
Evenln Bee (without Sunday). Pr ek. 8c
Evening Be (Including Sunday), per
CopIainu"of 'MrreguVarity "in- djivrry
ly Bee (including nunaaj;, , . authorities of no
Bungay Be., per copy .1"'-' - " ' .
ing wee ( Btnte ever went tO ine extern.
of Colorado nave gone in utn-
should he addressed
Omaha The Bee Building.
South Omaiia City Hall Building
ty-nfth and M 8treets.
Council Bluffs 10 Pearl Street.
Chicago 10 Unity Building
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Washington 601 Fourteenth Street.
Communications relating to news and edi
torial matter should be addressed: Omaha
Bee, Editorial Department.
Remit by draft, express or postal order,
paysiile to The Bee Publishing Company.
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mall accounts. Personal checks, except on
Omaha or eastern exchanges, not ccf Ji1
te ever
r "'""I ... l .! ,tl.rnmr.lln.r the
tO City ClrCUiailun I ri-llll(( lllf HI v. n imu ....- n
rights of citizens guaranteed by tne con
stitution of the United States and pre
sumably by the organic law of that
For this unprecedented condition the
supreme court or t. oiornuu m imt-uj
responsible. Thnt tribunal has decreed
that the power exists In the governor
to declare thnt a particular part of the
state Is in Insurrection or thnt a condi
tion of lawlessness like that la threat
ened, therefore it is contended that he
has full authority to employ whatever
means may in his opinion be requisite
to restore order or to prevent the threat
ened outbrenk. "The supreme court has
State of Nebraska. Douglas County jut. :
George B. Tsschui k. secretary of The Bee
says that the actual number ot full sna llpclurwi BpPCiflcal!y," says the Denver
complete copies of The 1 ' Morning, r
Evening and Sunday Bee pnntea aunn, u KepuDllCnn. "tnni in oruer to restore or
month ot May. 1804,
l an.eoo
4 s,rao
l immcto
ta sWs9s40
t 96,reo
10 ao.ino
12 ae.Tao
u autoo
14 .....MUM
15 aajom
M. aMo
as follows:
17 20.0:10
Jg" 80.O1MI
K zo,io
! ),430
a 800
t) 2,HH
jj 2,tTO
14! Jl,TOO
25 JH,t40
preserve the authority of the state the
subordinates acting under the governor
may even take human lives and be en
tirely free from all legal blame or re
sponsibility." and that paper adds that
"eertalnlv if they have the power to
take life in order to enforce the an
thorlty of the state, they have authority
either to imprison or to deport unruly
persons." No restriction whatever, ac
20.H3O pn-fjin,, to this, nnon the Power of the
.2tt,730 .
KUVt'I IllirvIt UU lilO BUUIInimairD vir vmr
Total.'.'.'... .7. . clthten. If they regard him as "unroly
Less unsold and returned lu'"" thev ninv kill him or imprison him or
Net total sales eoi.821 floport him, nnd they will be "free from
Net vera sales !'' all leeal blame or responsibility.1
nrn n t7.('h i ri. i
wriM 1. mv nresene'e and sworn to We submit that this is utterly un
. .T , . m 1 A l-i ItkU
bridges that cross the Missouri river
between the Kansas and North and
South Dakota lines. . It is exceedingly
doubtful whether these properties could
be replaced for double the valuation
placed upon them by the experts. A
very conservative estimate of the value
of railroad terminals at Omaha and
South Omaha alone Is not less than
$:0,noo.00o, which distributed over
every mile of road In Nebraska would
add $3.4ii0 to its tangible value per
mile. The seven bridges that span the
Missouri river between Sioux City and
St. Joseph could not be replaced short
of $0,000,000, or $3,000,000 for Ne
braska's proportion, which would add
$."i(0 a mile more, so that the terminals
and bridges together would be equal to
With vofirUMKKTS to mk maHOSKT. Only a few years ago. when I turned
Timothy J. Mahoney la blessed with the searchlight upon the borrlMe con-
. , . A that I niTinn inpn nrpvainnir in our inuuu jau.
a very xenuer cuucie. 1 ieei ruic -- 1 - -
mv strictures of his conduct as former
into which baskets of whisky, wine and
beer were being carried night after night
for the prisoners, and out of which r-
oners were taken by deputy sheriffs to
gambling houses and guarded by offi
cers of the law while they were staking
their money on the gaming table, and
out of w hich notorious women prisoners
prosecuting attorney were extremely
mild, but he feels touched on the raw,
flares up nnd flies Into a towering rage
like a Mexican bull whose hide has
been lanced by a picador. He pro
nounces every statement I made in my
.raiwh aa linnnnllflnillv false, and
,.... I m.ria th. statements were taken at night by the sheriff and
because I knew them to be false. When his deputies to road houses, out of
Mr Mahoney cools down and takes wnicn cnar.ey Mosner. a Penui,
, n,wi h ui .psrcelv relt- convict was allowed to go on parole on
M. ia,,itinr dia-inimer. rounds of debauchery by making a lib
What did I say thnt was not true? ernl payment to the sheriff. I was de
I stated that I had openly supported nounced as a monster of iniquity and
Mhon for eountv attorney and al- caricatured as a serpent coiling Itself
railroad in Nebraska.
about $4,000 per mile for every mile of though he was a democrat helped to
bring about his election, Decnuse 1 u.u
not believe his republican competitor
would enforce the gambling laws nnd
prosecute criminals without fear or fa
vor. Does Mr. Mahoney pretend to deny
around Its victims to crush them, when,
In fact, I was fighting the battle for
clean, decent government.
Did anyone In Omaha hear the voice
of Mr. Mahoney in support of my effort
to enforce cleanliness and decency and
integrity in the sheriff's ofllce? Did Mr.
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That is a somewhat surprising state
ment xrhleh cornea from St. Tetersburg trth nt thnt assertion? If so, let
thnt in view of the possibility of the fall L,ra CIam,ne the fliP8 of The Bee during Mahoney raise his finger at that time to
i,e r . HUaatpr to the Bal- , . .i,ii, , -na rnnninir vindicate tne law aim upnoia me wuen
Jk i Jl Al uiut va " l (B U I l 1 rS IM 111 " li iv 11 lit.
tic squadron Russia la taking the pra- a9 candidate for county attorney.
rnutlon to strengthen the fortifications T am QUOted correctly In saying that
which protect St Petersburg. These "Looklne backward I discover that Mr.
fortifications are already very formld- rah0ney, who now figures prominently
. i
able, but it is contemplated to mane m (ne refonn crusade, was not as active
I was dragged before the police court on
a charge of libel? And where was Mr.
Mahoney when The Bee sounded the
alarm over the looting of the city treas
ury? Where was he when The Bee ex-
tbein much more so. The report says or efflcpnt In prosecuting gamblers as he I the attempt to pack the Jury, that
that althouch the chance. of a Japanese
demonstration against the Russian capi
tal is regnrded as remote, Russia is tak
ing nothing for granted.
Nothing seems more improbable In
a. tt Ti lis ilnnnnAV I n lljnik in' ashivivj,
miirnT nnvn ntHii. iriifH .111. .nauvnvj
pretend that I knowingly and wilfully bslw of more than half a million dol
ii. .. T made thnt statement? What 1rs of state money? Where has he
has he to show on the court records that been at any time when the very foun-
would Justify him in claiming thnt to non or government was oe s .pe,.
before ma this 21st day of May, A. V. W.
: . . i - ...-v ....
Notary . Public
Now for the railroad assessment
amerlcan, wholly at variance with our
Institutions, and if generally accepted
would lead to consequences of the grav
est nature. We reprobnte as strongly
aa anyone can the lawlessness that de-
Deportation la a atrlctly original Colo- Btroys life and property. Those who
rado remedy. . have been guilty of it In Colorado should
I J have meted out to them the "severest
It aeems to be much easier to Indict punl(,nmpnt that the law provides. But
connection with the war in the far east prosecuted gamblers actively and effl-
thnn operations on the part or japan I ciently 'when he wns county attorney?
agnlnst St Petersburg. That power j 8tatP(i timt during the whole period
cannot now spare any of Its naval force wllllo Mahoney wns county attorney
for such a movement and will not bo public gambling wns carried on in
ble to do so as long as Russia has a Omaha wjthout restraint and to the
fleet In Asiatic waters, fcven in me st of my recollection not a solitary
event of the capture of Tort Arthur and gambler was prosecuted before the dis
the expulsion of the Russians from that Urict court during his term. Mr. Ma-
port Ion of Manchuria, Japan will still i,oney indignantly denies that public
need to retain most of its warships gambling remained unmolested during
where they are at present In order to his term as county attorney and asserts
make sure of holding the position tllftt gambling in those days wns car-
gained. Moreover it is . no part or
Japan's plan, as now understood, to at
tack Russia in her own territory. She
is quite content to have the war con
fined to its present area, well knowing
that if she were to carry It beyond it that time and time again gambling de- my Mr. Mahoney can explain why lowed to go unchallenged I think it no
than to extradite.
i Just because Kansas Is a prohibition
iltate there is no good reason why it
should have so much water. '
The semi-centennial . of Nebraska's
statehood will be celebrated March 1,
1917 Some of tis will be there.
we maintain thnt no one in the disturbed
district should be punished without due
process of law and this fundamental
principle is not being compiled with by
the Colorado authorities. If the reports
from the scene of trouble are to be re
lied upon, men have been arbitrarily Im
prisoned apd deported without being
given an opportunity for defense. Can
any argument be needed to show the in-
PmVw ! Mid M ba In hot water in
England. Thus does the political boss Justice of this? Is it not over-riding the
ret variety he was in ice in New York. ' "uuu"
1U W I
tiOTornni. Jeff Davis of Arkansas has It mnt'.ers not that the dlsturfiea ais-
the satisfaction of knowing he is not trict is under martial law. The citizen
the first of that name to be hung in still has the right under tnat regime to
effigy. . la hearing and a trial. Even during tne
insurrection in tne rnmppmes persons
Canada Is to have a new governor arrested on the charge of giving aid to
general without the aid or consent of the Insurgents were given an bppor-
any of its citizens. Ho, for a Canadian tunlty to meet the accusation.
would be very likely to bring on com- viCP8 were carried into the police court,
plications with other powers, quite pos- but the gamblers who were caught in
slbly to her disadvantage. Hence the the gambling rooms managed to escape
apparent apprehension on the part of I because they gave fictitious names.
Russia of a possible demonstration what a travesty on Justice, what a
against St. Petersburg seems to be en- fjnUZy excuse for manifest shirking of
tirely groundless and doubtless no such piain duty. Did not the gambling tools
idea ever entered the minds of the men an(i devices afford abundant Justification
who are conducting Japan's campaign. f0r the prosecution of keepers of gam
bling houses? When did Mr. Mnhoney
ever prosecute one of these? During
Mr. Mahoney's Incumbency as county
attorney the Diamond gambling house
was reported to be running wide open,
An Italian invention is said to record
permanently conversations over the tel
ephone, and thus is another means fur
nished for checking up on employes.
Colorado is not all bad, despite the
Cripple Creek situation. A district
Judge at Denver has refused to give to
the public the papers in a spicy divorce organlznHon or ln BTnipathy with
Shall less
consideration be shown our own citi-
sens? The state of Colorado can cer
tainly uphold Its authority without re
course to methods which are not toler
ated In any civilised country tnd which
are antagonistic to a vital principle of
our governmental system. Arbitrarily
deporting persons who have not been
convicted of any violation of law, merely
because they are members of a labor
Perhaps the best way out for Iowa
is to promote an educational merger
that will consolidate its two universities
or at all events fuse the managements
Into one.
as Is reported to have been done. Is a
proceeding that cannot be Justified and
which we think will be very generally
condemned. Let those firnlltv of dis
order a violence be arrested, tried and
If convicted punished, but let those who
I are charged with enforcing the law also
Wait till the hotel keepers at Chicago respect it
emulate their St Louis brethren in ad
justing prices to what the convention
traffic will bear and then bear pot call
kettle black,.
It is possible that federal authority
will yet have to be appealed to to settle
the trouble In Colorado, unless the state
authorities should modify their policy
In dealing with the disturbance.
It will be noted that the democrats
nave not gotten far enough to bother
themselves yet as to who should be
rled on behind Iron bars and locked
doors. lie explains furthermore that
keepers of gambling houses and their
dealers escaped prosecution because the
police raids were tipped off, but claims
and mined by the paid emissaries of
corporate greed? Was his voice ever
raised against that most dangerous
abuse, the bribery of public officials?
Will Mr. Mahoney stnte a single in
stance where I have slandered any of
my reputable neighbors or libeled nny
honest man or woman in private life
or In public office, wilfully, maliciously
nnd knowingly?
In pointing out Mr. Mahoney's short
comings as county attorney I had no
other motive in view but to show that
reformers do not always practice what he knew that when he made the statements,
thev nrench. I also wanted to remon- I and doubtless made them because ha knew
atror. ralnat the Intrusion of the Civic them to bo false; but lest In this com
Federation, made up of men of all par- ludent may bo a(Tected bsr wnat he
ties. Into republican factional contests. Ray particularly If such statement Is al
He Answer Allusions to His Official
Iternrd by Crying- "Liar."
OMAHA, June 10. To the Editor of The
Bee: The Bee of June t contains what
purports to be a speech made by Mr. Ed
ward Rosewater at a meeting; of the Fifth
Ward Republican club Inst Thursday aven
ln If Mr. Rosewater Is corsectly re
ported by his newspaper he said:
Ixinklnr backwards. I discover that Mr.
Mahoney, who now tla-urea prominently In
the reform crusade, was not as active or
efficient In prosecuting- gmmblers as he
might have been. During the whole perloa
while he was eountv attorney dudiic iram-
hllns; was carried on wide open In Omaha,
without restraint. Not a solitary gambler
was prosecuted, to my recollection, and a
policy Knme was running In Omaha also
undisturbed. I have heard It. whispered
that the lawyer retained by the a-ambllne;
nouses, and im-mentaiiy ny ucnnison, was
furnished with a piece of written advice
by the prosecuting attorney to say to the
fiollcy Kamblcrs that If they would sell
end pencils for 6 cents or 10 cents apiece,
with a doIIcv ticket thrown in free, thev
could not he successfully prosecuted under
tne gamming law. it would seem mat
when Mahoney was prosecuting attorney
he could not discover now public gambling
and policy gambling could be suppressed,
but, on the contrary, he seemed to enter
tain the peculiar notion thht load pencils
for ll cents apiece, with a policy ticket
attached free, would relieve the policy
peddlers from nil liability.
It Is wholly unnecessary to tell Mr. Rose-
water that every statement In the fore
going, as well as the aggregate of such
statements. Is unqualifiedly false, because
the Civic Federation manifesto, slgnexl
by himself, was issued on the eve of the
republican primaries and why he and
his executive committee have gone Into
winter quarters since the primaries. In
what way could municipal reform be
promoted in the selection of delegates'
to the republican state convention or
republican national convention? Last,
but not least why did Mr. Mahoney sign
the manifesto making the specific dec
laration about crime and vice without
more than Justice to an abused public to
at least call attention to the fact that
once again Mr. Rosewater has borne false
witness against his neighbor.
So far aa my efficiency In the office of
county attorney is concerned I am con
tent that every man who knows any of
the facts in connection therewith shall
draw his own conclusion: but when Mr.
Rosewater makes the statement, and
causes It to be published In his newspaper.
that during the period while I was county
attorney public gambling was carried on
wide open In Omaha without restraint,
that not a solitary gambling house was
having personal knowledge of the same, closed by the law officers, and not a soii-
and why has Mr. Mahoney. who Is a tary S was prosecuted, and that I
. . . , . . , gave advice to gamblers, or their repre-
good criminal lawyer, not taken the " tatlVM. . m,fln. hv whlrh th ,aw
Two thousand seven hundred doctors
were congregated at rhilndelphla the
other day In attendance at the national ,th ni-onm on the eround floor.
sesulon of the American Medical assocl- . mule- and other nmhihited irames PrIr steps to make bis anti-vice cru- could be violated, his mendacity Is so glar-
ation. In discussing the .effects of rin I floor nnd u a matter -e
ana exv-row uu iu - of notoriety that Morrison, iiiDDins ana -- - . " . " running wide open, and no gamblers
doctors agreed as usual to disagree. wh,tJ were the propriotor9 of the Dia- bu,Ia,nBs Ipased for immoral and crlm- pr0Becuted. there could have been no oc-
One of the eminent medical practltJon- ,. In th.a. ,t thnt chu0. mal purposes? -
ers asserted that moderate drinkers and oy,ch wa9 the chlef owner of the Dla. When he answers these questions
people who are addicted to the use of mond j, recently. Two or three without evasion nnd without losing his
beer or malt beverages In moderate Bh , Dld anybody t!p off any intended t,emper 1 ma PrPnna a few others.
quantities are noi as prone to iub iaiai ,ng cty Attorney Mahoney's term
tusoruers oi me mui.b, "'- '-" and it did not take a crowbar to enter t7vii,, m ,f .
ous infectious diseases as those who use them Was poolroom gambllng less un- proprlatlon from congress to be used to
beverages that contain a higher per cent ,awful then than lt te nowT entertain distinguished people crossing
-1 V. 1 ...k - - wktabv Anil tn rv- . . . . n
oi niwuui, duuu - " "".-v . Mr. manoney ffoes into a wmte rngu h pgin. nhn imoriran .nil nr
called high ball. ,ni characterizes my statement that he Lha ror . th,f rrn.1- - .
Another eminent authority in medl- aavJce to lfCent lead pencils Ln ' Am.Hcn Ht
A lSvt nawrliltlla nsVAaal ... - . . I ' . w
cine inu BurBrrj m p..--. wltn a poucy ncket tnrown in as a piece make ag m0Bt of them are usually will
vn me i umi. .u.BO or jrmnnir menaacity. win nr. ma-1 , rt nav tnr v. !,- rrAnini,,
4V. ,ln of . . . .. . I ' " "
letes we rauu.. ui B noney mrorm nis associates in tne uivic Bhona wake np and try to walk without
ine anencH, n in me uuij w i u.. Feneration rerorm movement wny Torn
cal profession, therefore, to warn par-1 BlddiBon. who later on sold out to Tom
ents and those ln charge of educational Dennison, was allowed to run policy
Institutions where athletic sports are gambling during his entire term without
permitted of the serious results tnnt molestation? Did it require a crow
may follow the playing or root Dan ana Jmr to break into Blddlson's policy
other contests of strength,
As a counter poise to these forewarn- ral(j on the policy ticket peddlers? In
lngs Dr. - Richard Canot or Boston as- the law courts proofs resting on the
serts that the association of alcohol with memory of man are not so conclusive
fatalities resulting from the premature a written documents. If Mr. Mahoney
hardening of the arteries is erroneous. wU1 tavor me wlth a call I will exhibit
Plain people who do not know emetics to him blanks of "The Nebraska Sta-
caslon for devising schemes by which
prosecutions could be escaped. It 1 wsll
known to msny men now on the polio
force of this city, aa It Is to Judge Herka
and Judge Helsley, who occupied the pollca
court bench while I was county attorney,
that numerous raids were made upon
gambling housesthat these raids wera not
"tipped off." and that time after time all
peopla found In the gambling houses, to
gether with all gambling paraphernalia,
were carted to the police court, where
most of the victims registered under ficti
tious names. I repeatedly advanced to
W. 8. Beavey. chief of police, money with
which to send detectives not connected
wtlh the police force Into gambling houses
for the purpose of gathering evidence. Such
gambling houses as existed In Omaha at
that time were operated behind heavy
barred and locked doors, with a man at the
peek hole to admit only such persons aa
ho thought safe. The proprietors of tha
Diamond were repeatedly arrested, and-xmo
of them bears until this day, a mark re
ceived from a crowbar In the hands of one
of the police officers who were engkged
In breaking through a four-Inch plank door
to raid the house. I do not say that there
was no gambling In Omaha ln those days,
as I do not say there was no murder com
mitted ln Omaha during that period; but
there was no open gambllng. and every
tliing that could be done to make gambling
behind locked doors expensive, dangerous
and troublesome to those engaged tn It,
was done. For this I have never claimed
an yspecial credit to myself. It was chiefly
the work of the police. A county attorney
finds himself fully occupied in prosecuting
cases that are brought to his attention
when the evidence Justifying a posecutlon
Is gathered by others and furnished to him.
He cannot perform hla duties a a law
yer, representing the state, and at the same
time occupy himself ln charge of the duties
of a detective. When open gambling Is
suppressed It Is not a matter for which
the county attorney Is entitled to credit,
and when lt Is permitted to flourish lt Is
not a matter for which the county attorney
ought to be held responsible.
Mr. Rosewater la quoted as saying:
It would be regarded as disreputable,
even ln village gossip, let IO0l1m.f0c:!
like Omaha, for men to retail
against their neighbors, much less i Is It
reputable for men who stand high ln busi
ness and In the community to use their
position to destroy the rrpulatloni of men
about whom they personally know nothing.
It U too bad that Mr. ftosewater has
never practiced the bsautlful doctrine
which he here preaches. The fact, how
over, that he does preach lt, unless It is
done parrot-like, is encouraging as Indi
cating that even the mind of one who
has Invented, retailed, and printed more
slanders and libels than any other. man
who ever had a habitation within the
Democratic politicians who were cut
out of the opportunity to manufacture
political literature by the early adjourn
ment of congress are making up for lost
other poolrooms flourished in Omaha dur-1 time through the magazines, which
seem to have fallen heir to the Congres
sional Record's leave to print
Attorney General Knox has been ap-
chosen to manage their national cam- pointed United States senator to fill the
pal&rn for them. vacancy caused by the death of Senator
Quay, but lt is understood tnat ne will
There Is nothing small about Omaha. remain ln the cabinet probably until
Even before the big elevators and big September. His services as attorney gen
flouring mills have materialized Omaha eral have been most creditable to himself
has had Its exhlleratlng pastime with and of great value to the public. When
a corner on corn. I appointed to the position there was some
i I apprehension that he would be. found
A movement is on foot to bare "Oom friendly to the great combinations, but
raul" Kroger pension General Cronje, he has throughout shown an earnest
As that bero is to take another wife disposition to enforce the anti-trust law
this month, we may infer the pension and has supported President Roosevelt
would not come amiss. In his efforts to obtain legislation for the
i ''ii I supervision and regulation of the corn-
It was hardly necessary for Governor blnatlons. More than once the president
Peabody to say that martial law does has borne testimony to the devotion of
not prevail at Cripple Creek. There are Mr. Knox to tne duties 01 nis orace and
some limitations to martial law, while to his absolute sincerity and fidelity ln
the Cripple Greek situation is anarchy the enforcement of law. v
undented. I Pennsylvania s new sens tor ia ueserv-
edly regarded as one of the greatest
lawyers ln the country and It has been
a long time since his state was repre
sented ln the senate by a man of equal
ability. If continued In the senate after
the term for which he was appointed
expires, as ln all probability be will be,
there Is no doubt that be will attain a
conspicuous place ln that body. Ills re
tirement from the Department of Jus
tice will be very generally regretted,
though as United States senator be will
have equally good opportunity to be of
service to the people.
Llao Tang correspondents may not be
long on war news, but they have suc
ceeded ln getting past the censor with a
from cosmetics will, however, conclude doners' association," the disguised name description of the dally life of General
that there are two things above all that nf the noltcv ticket dealers, with explicit Kouropatkln. which shows that the
directions how to sell stationery and
give away policy tickets. Possibly Mr,
Mahonev'a memory ln these matters has
sone back on him. and possibly the law- Chancellor Andrews will speak at the
yer employed by the gamblers, who was coming meeting of the National Educa-
reputed to be on extremely friendly
men should avoid if they want to stay
healthy, become wealthy and appear
wise, and those are high ball and foot
general Is keeping at work despite the
paucity of results.
rcroitr foji vaiht mtkrbst.
The decision rendered a few days
terms with Mr. Mahoney,- may have
tlonal association on "Present Tenden
cies of College Athletics." That is a
subject that should carry with lt con
siderable momentum.
Perhaps ft will be well to stop right
now and have the disputed question set
tled by a duly Qualified tribunal
whether or not the first Omaha post-
office was located ln the luner lining of
a silk chapeau.
Dead Ifiasy.
Atlanta Constitution.
Tho Massachusetts legislature has passed
a law to abolish grafting, now simpiei
Why didn't we think of that beforeT
The men who are running affairs at
Cripple Creek are said to find a serious
problem ln the women of the camp.
Bhould they have solved It they will
hnT acconiDllsbed something which
bos troubled man since the days c:
The legislature failed to provide for
the official celebration of Nebraska's
semi-centennial, but the public-spirited
citizens of Omaha jumped into the
breach and provided a fitting celebra
tion for the state. It is sometimes a
good thing to have Omaha inside the
state lines after all.
omcera of the populist national com
mittee are trying to raise the wind by
selling tickets In advance to their
Springfield convention at the rate of
one dollar per. At last accounts, bow
ever, the sale was going a trifle slow
because the tickets bear no guaranty
that the spectator - will get their
money's worth
ago by the supreme court of the United I been guilty of glaring mendacity when
States, upholding the constitutionality he assured his clients that he had the
of the oleomargarine law, was a victory written opinion from the prosecuting at-
for the dairy Interest of the country torney's office that throwing in policy
which lt will duly appreciate. A dealer I tickets with 10-cent lead pencils would
in oleomargarine brought suit to recover not subject the seller to prosecution un
$50 paid by him as a penalty for the sale der the gambling laws.
of a fifty-pound package of colored oleo I When Mr. Mahoney goes out of his
containing a stamp tax of of a cent way to discredit me in this community
a pound Instead of 10 cents a pound, by declaring that I had "Invented, re
The plaintiff's counsel argued that al- tailed and printed more slanders and
though the oleo was colored to look like libels than any other man who ever bad
Gutter, the color was obtained by the a habitation within the boundaries of
use of butter, which was itself artl- this state" he places himself in a most
flclally colored, but the use of which unenviable and pitiable attitude before
as an ingredient ln the manufacture of the people of Omaha and reDraska,
oleo was authorized by law. It was Every political crook, every treasury
also urged that the tax or iu cents a emoezzier, every pcnneuuary rumirr, who fcave chndren ana thus have his
pound was prohibitive end confiscatory every legislative boodler, every munlcl- name passed enthuslaslcally along to pos
and an attempted federal usurpation pal grafter, every swindler ana every terity,
Of the police powers or tne States. tuipositrr uikju iiuiu me ""'"f" Belated Herocnltlon of Genlns.
The court held that the tax contera- publicity was ever turned Dy me has Brooklyn Eagle.
plated the finished product and not the said the same thing. All these enemies The ability to raise hair has long been
-...n t nf pnod government, sll the scoundrels considered as a mark of genius. Therefore
was colored It should pay the higher that ever were lashed by f lt- If UauSS?
tax and if uncolored tne lower tax, re- to pry uyuu iuo iuunc wt """'""'J Amerlman man of genius.
gardless of how obtained. As to the pictured me as a man who delights in
amount of the tax the decision said it malignantly pursuing personal and po
was settled that the court could not con- litlcal enemies for no other purpose than
aider the amount of tax fixed by coo- to gratify his malice. It is only be-
Persisfency that is what wins you
wrote my first policy. Now fifteen
years after you settle. Not here to
day and gone tomorrow.
"I am heartily satisfied." "Aly lartre ho? ' rigs
affords me a feeling of real security.
Head this letter from a most successful banker and mer
chant he is a friend of "The Strongest in the World"
H. H. BRANDEJH, Vice-Prest.
A. T. BRA.NDHT8, Beo'y.
Omaha, Neb., April 7, 1004.
D. Neely, Manager,
Omaha, Nebraska.
Dear Sir: Am Just ln receipt of your letter stating op
tions on one of my large policies. I elect to accept the
cash option?, nnd in doing bo wish to tell you that I am
heartily satisfied.
Since you wrote this, my first policy of life assurance.
It has been my pleasure to have you- write me several
other policies In the Equitable Life Assurance Society of
the United States, and I believe today I am one of your
largest policy-holders ln Omaha.
My large holdings ln this great corporation with its
mountain of surplus affords me a feeling of real security.
Yours trul, ARTHUR, D. BRANDK1S.
The value of the tangible property of
the railroads of Nebraska as figured out
by the expert accountants for the State
Hoard of Railroad Assessment averages
$18,858 per mile. This Is presumed to
Include the vslue cf the right-of-way,
depot grounds, depot buildings and
other permanent Improvements, road
beds, bridges, track snd rolling stock.
and lat, but not least the terminals
of all these railroads within the state.
Including the western half t all the
A Fstnr. Possibility.
Chicago Record-HeraJd.
Pretty soon somebody will put up a flat
building for the exclusive use ot people
Car Worse Than the Disease,
Chicago Chronicle.
The Texan planters who are filling their
cotton fields with red ants to destroy the
eress this belnx a purely political func- cause I have stood up against public boil weevil may have an experience like
x- . ... .k. ii.ii, v,m thieves, lmnosters and miscreants. niKn m ui mm iumh r
HUH. iow mat iiic Tnuuiij v " . -
margarine law has been affirmed by the and low, that I have been vllllfled and
- l - . . .
highest tribunal and lt Is decided that traduced and advertised as a nearness
the colored article must pay 10 cents villain who would hound honest people
a pound, the probability Is that there to tbelr graves Just to gratify his innate
will be leas -colored oleo placed on the vlndletlveness. In this respect, now
ever, I have only shared the rate of
Horace Oreeley, Henry Watterson. Mu
rat Halstead and scores of editors who
had the courage of their convictions and
ers, who used mongooses to destroy rata
In their cane fields. The mongoose at all
tb rats and then at all the cane.
market At any rate the decision Is
manifestly of very considerable Impor
tance to the country's dairy Interest
which may be expected to make a
vigorous effort for the retention of the I were traduced because they made tbeui-
iaw. ... I selves terrors to evil doer
t'aeless Knowledge.
Boston Globe.
Not the least of the causes of the troubles
of the Russians Is the shlmos powder thst
the Japanese are using. It Is not used to
propel the shot, but forms th. bursting
charge of tke army and navy explosive
hell. The Russian don't know how It Is
made, but they know from sad exparlenc
bow It works.
The stronoest in thb world"
HENRY a HYDE, Founder
II, D. NEELY, Mgr. for Nebraska
flerchants National Bank Building
8. R. ELSON and B. S. STREBTER, Oeneral Afts., Omaba
H. H. LOUOHRIDOE, Oeaeral Agent, Lincoln
JOE KLEIN, Oeneral Agt , Plattsmoutb, Neb.
ED. E. JONES, Ueneral Agt , Hasting. Neb.
J. R. HOOVER, Oeneral Agt., Wayne, Neb.
W. J. STEVENSON, General Agt., Falls City, Neb.
- 1 .