Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 12, 1904, PART 1, Page 12, Image 12

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Sweetser-Pembrook's Newest
Summer Silks
$1.00 and $1.50 Silks at 49c Yard
On Front Bargain Squsrs
C.000 yards of high
grado Silks, plain and
fane Shirt Waist Bilks,
heavy, rustling black and
colored Taffetas, black
Grenadines, sieclal new
lot of French Broohe
Foulnrds worth $1.00,
$1.23 and $l.DO-ontlre lot
very special at yard
Black Taff eta jPeau deSoie
"These splendid Bilks go at 00c on the dollnr blark 27
and SO Inch Taffeta, "Wear Guaranteed" woven In
selvege finest lot ever on special sale also a grand
lot of 27-lnch Feau do Bole, r-v "v
double fnco, soft and lustrous, T vJ Can 4 Vf C
worth up to $1.60 yard at . w,
50c-75c Foulard-Silks, 21c Yard
'All the odd pieces left from the great S. & P.
stock small and medium figured foulards,
; mostly blues also wide China silks, fancy
( louisenes, colored taffetas, etc.,
regular price up to 7oc yard-
Extra Specials for Monday
A great shipment of new silk lust received, the lat
est things tor shirt waists, suits, coats, costumes, etc.
27-lnch Burllngham
coarse knotty pon
gee, at, yard
C-lnch now moussel- f Q
i: m. Voc
27-lnch natural ahan- t
tungs, at, n IP
yard .
Xl-lnoh C. J. Bonnet
i black shirt waist
silks, at, yard
24-Inch Japanese
crepe do chine,
at, yard
27-lnch habutal wash
silks, at, per
24-Inch Lyons printed
foulnrds, at,
3. J. Bonnet celebrat
ed black taffeta, 15
yards to customer..
27 in. and 45 in.
Skirt Flounc
ings, etc., finest
goods, worth up
to 2 yard,
-mam mm i i,u rim immyrnvmiMMLJ
All Over Laces.
Venice, Vals and
Fancy Cotton,
worth up
to $1.50,
Latest Arrivals From the Siveotser-PGmbrooli Stocfi
Some of the very finest and highest class goods
from the big purchase have usf arrived we price
them very specially for Monday .......
Victoria Lawns
In full bolts,
uallty, Qi
18c quality,
Flo 42-Inch ecru
ad whit
worth 35c yard,
from the
5. P.
stock, at.
All tha wlda 79c
for corset covers.
skirts or flouncings,
from the
stock, at..
Monday will be the great bargain day of this won
derful Sweetser-Pembrook Sale. Finest goods of
the stock priced at amazing bargains. .....
regular 25c cloth,
from the
S. & P.
stock, yd.
35c Extra Heavy
5cotch Cream
from the Sweetser-
at, per
All the oew $ 1
Made Veils
actually worth
up to $1.00
Great Sale of Laxes
Galloons Thousands of yards of fine new laces, the pret
Batlds tiest and most desirable laces in the entire
InsertinjS Sweetser-Pembrook stock. These laces were
specially imported for high-class trimming
many are, samples we bought at a most extra
ordinary bargain they are dainty vals, Venice
and black silk galloons, pretty clunys, etc. in
white, cream and ecru they should sell up to
35c a yard Monday
- Summer Millinery
A charming; assortment of tha very prettiest summer
,mllllnery everything that Is popular and exclusive ln style.
Great assortment of our very
swelleet Dress Hats and Shirt
Waist Hats made of the pretty
colored straw bodies effectively
and daintily trimmed the choicest
models of the summer season at
350 aa 850,
Street Hats at $1.98 . $2.98
'Charming array of Street Hats designed by
skilled artists every hat a pretty and abso
lutely new ef.
reot for sum
mer street and
The very highest grade laces that were carried by
. the great Sweetser-Pembrook Co. in wide f
widths some of the most beautiful patterns J?
ever seen in Omaha worth up to 65c yard, at 4
Special Sale of Embroideries
Splendid medium width embroideries fresh
new goods from the Sweetser-Pembrook
stook, swiss, nainsook and cambric, neat ef
fects and the wider and more elaborate pat
terns worth up to 99i 1 ft J
28c a yard, A lO-II fi 00-1 S2f
Big Shirt Waist Sale
The choicest and most elaborate waists from the great Sweetser
Pembrook stock absolutely the greatest bargain in highlass fashionable
shirt waists ever known In Omaha.
Tine India Linons
And highest rrade wash fabrics just received
Then Imported India linons nave lust been received and wit
be placed on safe Monday for fht first time at special prlcts.
India Linon that
Pembrook sold at 3oo
yard, Mood
India Llnon
Pembrooit sold at 29o
Monday, yard
India Linon
Id at:
Very Stylish Shirt Waists at 05c
Newest style waistu handsomely
broidered with lace insertions,
narrow and wide tucks, large
sleeves, made to sell at $2. 50
$3 & $3.50 Shirt Waists at $1.25
Splendid style summer waists, daintily
trimmed, also fine lot of wash taltl25
ored waists large Berthas, etc., j
f u auu value?, o,u .
Elaborate Shirt Waists Silk & wash .
waists are in this lot and all are of the
best aud most exclusive style for ..this summer sea- )8
son the most elaborate embroidery every one Jmm
artistically made your choice of a beautiful array
Ladles' shnrt sleeved and sleeveless vests
white and colors many silk
, rt"".TT!!1...g.?. 1 Oc- 15c- 25c
Neckwear Ladles' pretty nock
wear, for summer, A P TC
newest styles.aU. . 1 W- ID " J C
Misses', children's and boys'
'all sizes
Handkerchiefs Men's and ladies,
some embroidered and lace trim
med, a hundred C tf
styles, at JC-IUC
Three Offers in Le&iher Goods
Ladles' Wrist Bags
braided bandies, gun
metal frames, fitted
purse, at
Ladles' 9-in. wrist bags,
in walrus, seal, fitted
with card case and
purse, moire
silk lined
Ladles' 20th century bags,
band polished brass
frames, exclusive de
signs, card f f f
case and I t
change purses,
LsLdies' Stylish Summer Suits
Silk shirt waist suits at $12.50 the most charming 1 "T)50
new effects in checked and barred taffetas, hand- II
somely trimmed and pleated, new, attractive styles.
Exclusive Silk Waist Suits Here are the most attractive styles
In the popular silk shirt waist suits new
browns, blues, pret-1 4 85 750 1O00 ??50
ty dainty patterns "
Tub Shirt W 1st Suits-Up-to- ssQO
date styles In chambrays, ootton JO
foulards, lawns, etc, plain and .1
figured, at ....
The Highest Class Wash 5hlrt Waist 5ulU very
prettily tailored made with wide pleats, new
broad shoulder effects, every 09g C9g 1J.S5
. style Is new and popular, at O "
511k Walking Skirts A summer novelty- -the most,
fetching klrt of the year prettiest O 98 5J
summer skirts for 1904 speoial St.... O -
India Linon that Sweetser
Pembrook sold at 17c yard
Monday, at, yard
Washable Voiles all the J
popular shades, plain and fig-
nr1 nn tn vaIha nr. vnrd
Satin Striped Batistes light ff 1
and dark styles, small figures w
dots and stripes, 19o values, at
Unbleached Long Cloth 200 T
bolts, go Monday, at, u
Yard Wide Bleached Muslin
and fine cambric, from the S.-P.
stock 10c qualities, at, yard . . . .
Lincrv Sale Pimbr ook Stock
Immense lot of Turkish Towels mill ends from factory f J
whole towels and half towelssmaller pieces make I .
2 fo 4 wash cloths worth to lOe each. Monday, each 2
$1.00 frina-ed table
Fringed napkins,
white and co'.ored
border, worth 10c...,
25o knotted fringe
linen towels, at,
60c pillow shams and
scarfs, at
lOo doylies, slightly
soiled, each,
M f
cloths. 10-4 and 8-1 iLIP
ulmt nnh WJ
17-Inch linen toweling;
worth 10c, at, .
14 all linen hem
stitched table
cloths, each....
tl.M 2-yd wide soft nn f r 1
Ished full bleached V.lC
Ladles' spring tailored suits worth US. 00, 6.50
Ladles' splondld tailored suits, worth $36.00, 12.00
Cravenette Coats all the newest effec,,'g.Q8-12.50
ladles Wash Skirts Just the thln tot RQc
outing, at vjv
Ladles' Silk Petticoats 4 OS
Wash Dress Goods
And All Wool Dress Qoods From the 5. & P. Stock!
l for 29c Washable Silky Foulards a;
ilE? Fin Printed Satins Thousands of yards
.iiyfl those fine silky wash dress goods
color and style for house wrappers
kimonas, dresses, drapery, eto., Monday, 10c
for 50c Imported Real Silk Mousselln
II it C Sole Hundreds of pieces of fine small.
H I I fects, lace stripes, also floral designs in
" organdies and moussellnes every deser
shade never such bargains in wool dress goods,
lar price 60o and 7fto yard. '
T f - All wool voiles, eta- I 1 11 for 60o woo
JmtG mines, nub voiles, I goods, Dnjl
cream yachting cloths. cashmeres, etc
111 iv alalia a- waa viuuuj
. 84-inoh gun
metal etamlne
one dollar
at, per
h 59c
Heavy silky
cream Sicilian
$1.25 grade
rl- 85c
at, perl
yard.. I
Warmer Wtatbet Stimulates ths Dsmand
for Btiasonab! Lints.
Bxeaptlonal Outlook tor Bonntlfal
Cvopa, Toaether with Advance In
1 Fvloe ot Cattle Gives Much
, Prouila for tke FotSro.' .
All lines of summer weight goods moved
'to better advantage laet ween than the
week be for, owing, no doubt, to the
mora seasonable weather. The demand
from farmers did not show any great Im
provement, as they were too busy with
their crops, but trade In general was In
Very satisfactory condition The fact that
crops are much more promising than they
were a year ago at this time gives to all
lilies of biiHlnr.rt un air of confidence not
'often seen. Rt-tallers feel that If they
do not sell quite as much of their stock
now as they anticipated, that the demand
will come lattr, and wholesalers and man
ufacturers reason that the season has
been a little backward, but that the good
outlook for bountiful crops Is sure to
make the total volume of business for the
year far above the record established last
Another encouraging' factor Is the sharp
advance In tha price of fat cattle. Until
the last three or four weeks feeders as a
rule were either selling tholr fat cattle
at a loaa or else were qpaklng no money.
At the present time, however, the market
Is fl per 100 higher and feeders are all
making good money.
Tha oontldence which merchants have In
future business Is well shown by the way
in which they are placing advance orders
for fall. Jobbers all agree that they have
mora orders fur full on hand at the present
time than ever before at this season of
tha year, and that traveling men are still
meeting With good success.
The markets have not fluctuated to any
great extent, with tha exception of gro
ceries, which move up and down more or
less each week. There la the same Arm
feeling all along the line, though, that
has characterised, the situation all this
year. '
Collections are reported' as being- quite
Sutra r a Little Lower.
Wholesale grocers report the demand for
their line of goods aa bt-ing of very satis
t factory proportions. The market Is hIso
In good shape and prloea on moat lines
strong. The1 sugar market, though, has
ased off a-little on raws abroad and as
a result refined grades are quoted about 6
cents per loo lower. Tha most Interesting
feature of the situation, though, is the
fact that the railroads have come together
on the rate question and have announced a
sharp advance, to take effect July 1, which
meana an Increase on tha cost of sugar of
17 cents per 100 pounds. Previous to tha
break some little time ago the rata from
New Orleans to Omaha was SO cents and
It wa.1 cut to 10 cents. Tha new rate Is
17 ceiiln. or an advance over the present
rate of IT rents and over the old rate of
f cunt. The old rate from Chicago was
17 rents, and that was reduced to 10 cents
and la now put back to 27 cents.
The toffea market still continues to
strengthen. Actual coffees have advanced
10V and the gvneral Impression now Is
that atlll higher price will ba seen In
the near future, particularly on desirable
roasting grades.
Tha bean market Is quoted a little easier
than It was a week ago. but owing to the
fuel that stocks throughout tha country
are pretty well cleared up, It Is thought
that this weakness will be temporary and
that higher prices will be seen in the near
The cheese market Is also a little aaaler,
brought about by the exceptionally Una
condition of the pastures, which enables
all factories to be In full operation.
The dried fruit market has shown very
little change during the week under re
view, the demand being of a hand to mouth
character, as Is generally the case during
the berry season. A much heavier de
mand Is anticipated as soon as the berry
season is over. Any ordinary harvest de
mand It Is thought will practically clean
up the stock of apricots and peaches and
take a very large part of the present hold
ings of evaporated apples.
Interest In the canned goads Une Is cen
tered very largely lu spot tomatoes and
forn A large share of the spot corn held
In ths west has been cleaned up at full
prices and holders are anticipating an ad
vance of lOo per dosen. Any ordinary de
mand it Is thought will clean up every
case before the new crop Is available for
use. i -
The spot tomato market has advanced on
seconds 6c per dosen, and on standards liQ
Vc per dosen, according to holders. Pack
ers In Maryland claim that they cannot
pack tomatoes at prices now ruling on
spots without a loss of 2Wfrc per dozen.
It therefore looks to Jobbers very probable
that spots will advance to the prices now
ruling on futures, which means a further
advance of 6c per dozen.
The rice market Is a little higher than
It was a week ago. Choice heads have ad
vanced Mc per pound and fancy heads have
beers marked up So per pound. Any mill
which holds a good stock of Japana la very
Arm In Its price and the cheaper offerings
are coming only from such mills as ase
cleaning but their remnants.
Other staple lines of groceries not men
tioned above have shown very little change
during the week, prices being firm. .
Dry Goods More Active.
From the country comes the report that
the demand for all staple and seasonable
lines haa shown considerable Improvement
In the last few days. People are beginning
to feel the need of light weight clothing
and as a result they are buying quite
freely. Merchants now are doing very
little complaining and, in fact, are greatly
encouraged for the future, because of the
fine outlook for bountiful crops. They no
longer have any doubts about their being
able to clean out their stocks In good
. Local Jobbers teport that advance orders
On such lines as have not been sold up are
still coming In very freely and practically
every traveling salesman for Omaha houses
haa met with better success tn landing fu
ture orders this year than last. In fact,
the Increase over last year In the aggre
gate Is far beyoad all expectations.
The market la In practically tha same
position It waa a week ago. Prices are
firm on all lines of cotton goods and the
same, as has been previously mentioned,
those best posted on the general situation
do not look for any Important changes in
either direction during the present season.
That Is the kind of a market that is most
satisfactory to everyone, from the manu
facturer to the consumer, and Jobbera and
retailers feel safe In carry ing liberal stocks.
'Hardware Steady mmd Active.
The demand for hardware has also been
of very liberal proHrtlona The better
weather of last week enabled owt-of-door
work to proceed uninterrupted and the ef
fect waa very noticeable In the demand for
staple and seasonable lines of hardware.
Ketallera did a better business and as a
result their orders with jobbers were more
liberal. There seems to be no special fea
ture to the trade, as the demand la general
for all lines and In volume is running con
siderably ahead of last year.
There la practically nothing new to re
port regarding the market situation, prices
are Just about where they have been for
some time past with the exception ot a
few changes which are not of enough Im
portance to be worthy of mention. At tha
present time Jobbers say there la no Indi
cation of any Important changea going Into
effect during this season, as the market on
all lines is In a good, healthy oouUltlun.
Better Demand for Leather Goods.
Leather goods dealers report the demand
for their line of goods as showing con.U
ershle Improvement. Kvery warm day
brings out a large number of buyer, and
with the flrKt Indication of settled hot
weather a big rui-h Is sntlcipated. As a
general thing stocks out through the Coun
try are getting pretty wU ttrokcu, as la
shown by ths steadily Increasing number
of slzlng-up orders being received by local
Jobbers. Ia a short time It Is thought that
branch at the business will show a big Im
provement, aa retailers aid not buy ex
cessively, and with' even an ordinary .de
mand they will have to buy considerable
more stock before the season comes to a
Advance orders are still coming tn quite
freely and no complaints are heard on that
Fruits and Produce.
Strawberries are still the center of at
traction In the fruit market of Omaha.
They have arrived In large quantities so
far this season and prices have been ex
ceptionally low, which has naturally In
creased the consumptlow. Missouri stock Is
quoted now at $1.60 to 11.65 per case. Hood
river berries from Oregon are beginning
to arrive, and as they have become very
popular with the Omaha trade, it is
thought there will be quite a. demand for
them, even at the higher prices at which
they will have to sell.
California cherries are now coming tn,
carload lots and are worth $1.60 to $1.75 per
box. Texas peaches are quoted at $1.263P
1.60 per fourbasket crate, and cantaloupe
from the same state ere selling for S2.bu&
2 75 per crate. The .demand for all these
lines Is reported as being exceptionally
food. Gooseberries are also on sale at
1.75 per twentyfour-quart case.
There Is nothing particularly new In the
line of vegetables, except that prices are
gradually being reduced as the supply in
creases. The quotations on the different
lines will be found In another column.
Eggs, butter and poultry have fluctuated
very little during the week and are sell
ing In almost tha same notches they were
a week ago.
Inability to Properly Chant "The Bine
and Gray" Causes Flarht and
severe Friends.
J. H. Donnelly's Inability to sins; The
Blue and the Oray" in a manner pleasing
to his former friend, Zebs Turpln. caused
Donnelly to sustain a pummeled face,
Turpln to pay a fine of $X and costs In po
lice court and each of the men to lose each
other's friendship.
According to the evidence the men wars
guests at a wedding Sunday night. Ths
merry-making continued until I a. m., when
Donnelly and Turpln started home together
apparently ths beat ot friends. A dis
cordant note, however, came between them.
Turpln, It Is said, was feeling blue In ths
"cold, gray dawn of the morning aftsr."
so when his companion's exhuberant spirits
broke out with the llrat strains of "Tha
Blue snd the Oray," Turpln felt moved
to tell Donnelly that he was not singing
tha song as It should be sung, so the latter
alleges. Donnelly then told Turpln to sing
the song himself. Then, Donnelly states,
Turpln Jumped onto him and beat him
badly. Turpln ssld Donnelly called htm
names and threatened to do all manner
of things to tha defendant.
Kew Railroad Corporation.
SAN TOANCISCO. June 11. A new rail
road corporation has been brought Into ex
istence to facilitate tha construction of tha
Southern Pacific company's projected rail
way extensions In Ban Diego county and
In Mexico. Thoae projected extensions for
ths Mexican portion of which President
Harrtman secured concessions from Pres
ident Diss about a year sgo will be con
structed In the name of ths Inter-California
Railway company, articles of Incorporation
pf which were filed with ths county clerk
yeaterday. Ths company 1 capitalised at
Indiotmsnta Hetnrnsd by County Brand
Jury on Variou Charges,
Criminal Docket Is Full, but Officer
Moore May Be Reached on
the Charge of Manslaughter.
Ella Hurst, grand larceny.
Charles Waters, burglary.
Ferdinand W. Church, obtaining money
under false pretenses.
Louis Slobodlnsky, obtaining money under
false pretenses.
James Srrllth, daylight breaking and lar
ceny. . Rosa Humelsteln, obtaining money under
false pretenses.
Edward Stegeman, burglary.
Bert Smith, burglary.
Llszle Durdorff, adultery. j
Fred Schneider, adultery. I
May Eberhardt, adultery.
Ted Corinan, adultery.
These persons have been Indicted by the
county grand jury on the charges placed
opposite their names.
There is some doubt as" to whether or
not another criminal case of importance
will be tried at this term of the district
court, owing to the fact that it will take
Judge Day soms tlms to clean up the mat
ters now pending on the docket The term
will stand adjourned on the last day of
June, leaving but little more than two
court weeks to accomplish a great deal ot
detail. The county attorney would like to
try ths case of the State against Officer
Fred C. Moore on the charge . of man
slaughter In the- killing of a young man
named O'Neill In the saloon of Henry Keat
ing, on Sixteenth street, this spring. But
It Is doubtful If this trial takes place, owing
to the press of other ' partially completed
business, ' .
Of the thirty-three Indictments returned
by the grand Jury- warrants have been
served and returned to tha clerk of the
court in ten cases. An Indictment was
found against Rosa Humelsteln for ob
taining money under false pretenses. It
Is charged that she took a postofflce money
order belonging to her husband and claim
ing that It was her own Induced John
Kosterkerwlcn to Identify her and Inci
dentally to endorse the order at a bank.
Kosterkerwlcn eventually had to pay the
bank the $100, which was the face of the
order, the same having been repudiated by
the postofflce authorities.
Pet Lamb Is Stolen.
Edward Stegeman and Bert Emlth are
charged with burglary, It being alleged that
they broke Into the bam of Michael Sulli
van and' stole therefrom one pet lamb of
tha value of $7.
A true bill was returned against Louis
Slobodlnsky on ths ground tliat he obtained
$00 by falsa pretense from Antonio Venuto.
The Indictment alleges that the defendant
representel hlmaelt to be the agent of tha
man who owned tha shop occupied by Ve
aute ai4 collected several months' rent la
advance, while as a matter of fact he bad
no authority so to do.
Lizzie Durdorff and Fred Schneider and
May Eberhardt and Ted Corman are In
dicted on the ground of adultery.
James Smith is charged with daylight
breaking and entering and larceny. It is
alleged that he forced an entrance to the
home of James Daley and stole therefrom
$3 In cash.
Ella Hurst, the domestic whose case at
tracted Inucb attention some weeks ago,
was indicted on one charge of gmnd lar
ceny, the specific case being that)of Ernes
W. Arthur, from whom It Is charged she
took $192.40 worth of Jewelry and clothing.
rt nriii mcalted that a dozen or more of
elav former employers made similar charges.
XVrles Waters Is accused ot naving
broVl. lntw the snrmnof John Wright la the
night time and stoleif therefrom $25.70. This
charge amounts to burglary, having been
done In the night time.
Ferdinand W. Church waa indicted for
obtaining money under false pretenses by
means of a forged cheok for $11. Churoh
enmr.tiv nleaded srutltv and was taken be
fore Judge Day, who on account of exten-
uatlng circumstances in tne case lei mo
prisoner oft with thirty days in the county
Several minor matters were stricken from
Lr.vt of the district criminal court
and otherwise disposed of by the court and
County Attorney English. The case against
two mischievous boys, named ueuone ana
whit- was nol Drossed. as was also the
case against Charles Dresher, ( whom the
grand jury xancu w luiuut u
a lottery. ' t
Innes Is to Offer Another Opportunity
for Trying; New Auditorium
Next Saturday evening Innes band, un
der the management of the 'Auditorium
company, will give a concert dance. The
program will Include concert numbers for
about an hour, after which the chairs will
bs cleared away and for an hour and a half
dances will follow. The Idea is to have an
entirely popular dancing party, and If tha
first one la a success two will bs given the
following week.
These dances will give an, opportunity, to
those who did not attend the opening ball
to try the new floor. Everyone who In
tends to dance will have to pay reserved
seat prices for seats on the lower floor,
which is 60 cents. Those who merely wish
to look on at the dancing and Tiear the
muslo will take balcony aeats. Mr. Cham
bers will have charge of tbe floor.
Conductor Innes Instituted this form of
dance at Narragansett pier and proposed
it to ths Auditorium directors when first
here. It was heartily embraced.
Sunday night will be a particularly at
tractive concert, Mendelssohn's "Hymn of
PraUe" being given. This Is one of the
two long compositions practiced by ths fes
tival chorus and Is thought by many tq be
Its most succesaful work. Ths raualo will
be largely of a character fitting to the Sab.
bath. The. directors, after considerable dis
cussion, have decided to keep ths book
tickets on sale during next week. They
Had many people did not avail themselves
of the earlier chances to get them and now
want them.
Man Who Marks Dannlsg Letters "Bad
Debts" Receives Mercy ot
the Court.
Frank B. Sels, charged with sending out
duns addressed "bad debt," appeared be
fore Judge Munger" in the United States
district Court and changed his plea of not
guilty to guilty. His attorney pleaded In
extenuation that Sals was an old man and
was not thoroughly familiar with the law
and the Inhibition against durAig slow pay
debtors with large type annl Scements ol
the r delinquencies. T.jfm' ok a com
the h
Tha i
Olaf CI
ter adl
llvered i
for Olesl
which eha
letter or pn
In fact it wi
carrier. I I
Attorney Ki
ter from the
his client Th
slstant District Attorney
United States. The question
the fllfference between the
mAAnlnir and statutory ml
word embezzlement if there!
tory meaning to the word.
Judge Munger took the xnatu
The attorneys for John A. H
Indictment for participation 1
land conspiracy deal, are a
murrer against tha Indlotmei
Thto first case to
MonAay will be tha
indicted for remov
a quarantined dlstr
ervatlon Into
is inaiotmeii
to cornAv