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OMAHA, June 10. Yesterday's temperature: Maximum, 78, minimum, 62, Saturday we
look for the weather to be cooler with showers.
o) Ls uJ
(Copyright, by F. F. Btearno.)
The hour had com wherein lower New
Tor draws down the cover of Its roll-top
end bustles away toward the elevated read
ltd uptown dinner,
In the laboratory, Ounnlson, aestatant
ohamlst to that eminent analyst Dr. Merrl
weather, bad concluded the prooeea of
cleaning up for the night He had allpped
vat of hla apron and Into hla overcoat, and
was about to switch oft the lights, when
I Merrlweather came from hla tiny
private office.
"All dona, r
Ounnlson eyed with wiled distrust the
bottle ta the doctor hand.
"If there la anything you wlahi me to
d " he began, perfunctorily,
"Not Mot tonight! I-t ma seel You're
going over to Jersey City la the morning,
nrwnt raT"
"To report to those Oraydoa mining peo
ple yen, air."
"AH right. Oo atralght over there from
borne. That will bring you back bar to
the laboratory by noonf
"Easily, I should thin."
"Wall that's time enough.'
Uarrlwaathar plaond the bottle on the
table and seated himself upon the distilled
water carboy.
"Vary likely X shall have left when you
gat baoto-Johnson's add works, over In
Green point, have managed to gat Into soma
sort of a muddle again. Oo to work on
this stuff aa soon as you oome In. I want
to report It tomorrow night"
Ounnlaoa reached for the bottle and ax
mined It.
"Solution Bromide of Boda, ha road.
"Bread Brother. Manufacturing Pharma
cist. What about It, doctor? Bomeooe
getting suspicion of Brand Brothers' prep
arations r
"Not quit. It Just earn a in from th
coroner's office for analysis
"The ooronra offloaT" Ounnlson opened
bis eye.
"Nothing leas. There's a thrilling mys
tery In that bottle. The label, aa you see.
Informs ua that It contain bromide of
soda a harmless sedative, of course. The
last man who took a dos of It died within
six hours!?
"And tby think-
"That the stuff's morphine tnatead of
bromide, and that the old fellow was dosed
to death with it."
Merrlweather shrugged hla shoulder.
That young sawbones, Carney, who
brought In th thing, spent a solid hour
pinning the yarn to ma - Th late la
mented was aa old ohap uptown. He'd
bean confined o his bed for months, Z un
derstand, but they hardly expected him
to go off Ilka thla He had all sorts of
money and no relatives, save a niece an
orphan who went to tak care of him and
hla house, something Ilk a year back.1
"And they suspect the niece?"
"Carney does, and I Imagine that he ha
Implanted that belief pretty firmly In th
coroner's oflloe. It seems that about I
o'clock this morning someone routed Carney
out of bed, and he found the old man's
butler on toe steps, with a hurry oall for
medical aid. The family physician Is out
of town.
"Well, before long he was examining th
poor old chap. None of the women had had
sufficient strength to move him he lay
stretched on the floor, just as they had
found htm. He was Just breathing and
Carney went to work to revive him, but It
' was no go. The old man died within ten
or fifteen minutes,' . .
"And what led Carney to think that it
Was morphine poisoning?
"Ha say that he knew It for morphine
poisoning on the Instant. To all appear
ance the old man bad risen from bed and
tiled to orosa the room, but he must have
fallen and carried down the medicine table
nth him. Plates, gliuswm ctei thing were
smashed to bits, with the single exception
of that bottle beside you. Carney asked
en of th maid about It She had been
helping the nlaoe with her nursing, and she
recognised It at onoe. Bore' where the
due begin to bristle, Ounnlson. .
The maid told Cornea? that tha family
doctor hi name' Keogruder bad bee in
during tha tracing. Tba old man had. suf
fered considerable pain an day, and II&o
grader wished to loare som morphine for
him. He asked for bottle In which to dis
solve som tablets, and, according to th
maid, th nlee gave him that one. Later
on. While tha maid was la th room, th
sick man called his nlec for something or
other, and that prepossessing young woman
Very calmly gave him a tablespoonful of
tha stuff. Kaogruder had Instructed bar to
administer It by half-teaspoon ful doses."
Xo 70a do yeu suppose a young girl
could commit oold-bloodad murder Ilk
"Th eld tnaa was) gala-recked wl pee
vish and vary frequently swore point blank
at the girt Maybe she's one of these hys
terical mortal who go Irresponsible after a
prolonged strain. Such as this nursing must
have been. Then, too, the old fellow had
willed all his money to her. and Carney
say thnr' a stack of It. Bhe may have
needed some.
Ounnlson was breathing rather heavily,
Dr. Merri weather arose and yawned. He
turned to leave the laboratory. -The assist
ant cheralst slid from bis stool and started
after him.
"Dr. Merrlweatherr
"Whatwhat did you say th dead man'
nam was?"
"Golden Philip Oolden, I believe, lie
was a retired broker, or something of th
sort lived up on Madison avenue.
The door dosed behind Merrlweather,
Ounnlson gripped the table tor support
and choked back tha sharp cry that had
almost esoaped him.
Edltha Oolden, the niece In the case,
happened t be Gunnison' dearly beloved
Shade were drawn at th Oolden noma.
'A silent maid escorted Gunnison to tha
library and there he waited, awed at tha
uncanny stillness of the big house,
Vary shortly th curtains parted and a
slim girl entered) beautiful but haggard
and pathetically weary of sales, ,
"It Is all ever," she said.
"Tea, little girl, If all over.'
Ounnlson gathered bar Into his arms
and for a llttls time ah sobbed on hla
shoulder, Prasontly she allowed herself to
be drawn down besid him on the ooueh.
Bobby, dear, It's so good to hav you
hare," she sighed.
"But why dldu't you sand for me during
th deyT"
" I don't know. I Z think Z wasafraid. "
"Afraid r' Ounnlson amiled with Under
"Tea I wanted to see no one, not oven
you, Bobby, I I was afraid, and '
Bar Voice died away and the girl stared
aoroa th room at the fireplace.
"What Is It, chlldf Ounnlson asked,
"Bobbyl" Bdltha.'H sya were wide with
terror as she faosd him suddenly, Bar
vole dropped to a whisper, "Z never
meant to tail a soul never till tha very day
died! But Z oan't-Z can't help It X
can't bear It alone any longer, All day Z
hav felt eomehow that th servants knew
"Knew what?"
"And that doctor last night, too he said
nothing, but when he left he stared at me
o strangely. Be must hav seen It he
must hav found It out He'd be sure to
know a doctor would know at once
wouldn't he?"
Bh clutched his hands and he felt that
she was trembling, violently,
"Bobby U-l killed Uncle Philip I"
"Ed! tha I" Ounnlson' heart seamed to
cease beating.-
"I did I I know Itt Z killed html" she
moaned, clinging to him Ilk a frightened
child. '
"Hush! Tou don't know what you're
saying, Edltha. Bom of this Infernal
pack of servants will hear you, and''
"Oh, I'll bo quiet," Edltha hurried on,
the words tumbling forth excitedly, "but
-I must tell you Bobby. I must I'll go
mad If I .don't Lat night Dr. Macgruder j
came In for a few minutes he was leaving
the city. Uncle Philip begged him for
something to ease his pain, and the doctor
took some morphine tablets from his hyper
dermio case and asked me for a bottle to
dlBsolve them. I gave him on of those
bromide bottles poor Uncle Philip needed
so much of th stuff to quiet him that
we hav empty bottles all over the house.
There was a half-empty bottle of bromide
on the table, too, and after he had fixed
the morphine Dr. Macgruder handed It to
me and cautioned me to label It at once,
before I cos fused it, with the bromide.
Then be hurried away, for he had barely
time to make his train."
"Yes?" Ounnlson forced from dry Hps.
"I put the morphine bottle at th edge
of ytho table .and apart from the other,
and went to mydesk In the next room to
write th label. Oh, Bobby, I was up all
the night before!" she pleaded suddenly.
"Oo on, Edltha."
"I suppose it was simply criminal, but
Z was so utterly fagged that while Z was
writing my head began to nod and whan
Z bad finished Z fell fast asleep at th
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desk. I must have been there more than an
hour before unola called me." I was sleepy
.na ytATcuuLQ xbjz locia cisxpi'ic ab, i-vyn tub dzuts
and completely confused for a while. Elian
was In the room the seconf. waitress, you
know and she had been trying to quiet
him, but he Insisted on having me give
him a dose of the bromide. He was so
Impatient and overwrought that I hurried
over to tha medicine table, ptoked up tha
bottle and poured out a tablespoonful. Ua
took it, and then"
"And then?"
Edltha shuddered. ,
"I went Into my room and fall asleep
across the bed. I think that It was a
little past 8 when the crash aroused me.
Uncle had left his bed and fallen and over
turned the medicine table.. Everything on
It was broken."
"Everything?" ' .
"I think so. We sent William for phy
sician and be brought Pr. Carney yeuag
man. He said that nothing oould be gone.
Oh. Bobby, think ef Itt I must have seUeO
that morphine bottle In my excitement
Instead ef the bromide and J killed poor
unclel I never realised what had hap
pened until I found the label i my desk
this morning!
Ounnlson, during tha narrative had re
gained some degree of composure. Palpa
bly, She knew nothing ef Carney's grew
some theory or of the unbroken bottle.
He turned to tha girl with what, under the
circumstances passed for a confident smile.
"Edltha, haven't you excited your
self a great deal about nothing? J don't be
lieve you aver confused those two bottles."
"But If I dldn't-lf I gava him tha bro-mlde-wbr
did he die?"
"That might have happened any other
night, little girl. Macgruder has alwaya
sutd that, you know. Ills heart was weak.
When'a Macgruder coming back?"
"Tomorrow night"
"Then you may be quite sure that he'll
explode that foolish notion of yours, Edltha.
He'll tell you that a bad heart was respon
sible.' 7 hope so. But-oh, If I only knew!"
cried tha girl.
The Oraydon mining matter could not be
postponed, so Ounnlson did not reach tha
laboratory, with Its fateful bottle, until 1
p. m. the next day.
Merrlweather had loft The office boy was
holding tha place in solitary glory. Ounnl
son entered tha laboratory and closed tha
door behind him.
On the table, as be had left It the pre
vious evening, stood the bottle, lie snatched
tt up angrily, and raised his ana as IT to
dash the thing to bits.
Tliat would sothe It Either the bottle
held tnerphlne or it held bromide of soda
death or life. 'VThlch? Neither be nor any
other mortal could tall without analysis.
Ounnlson had resolved never to learn.
But suddenly a new aspect of the case
flashed ovur him. Suppoee that he did ahat
tor the thing. Might not the very act later
loom up aa a tranaparent damning Uiok?
jj 'r'lT ""'Mf1' T."tT"ftp"r'lr
or otherwise, tha bottle must not break.
He replaced it upoa tha table with the
utmost care.
For an hour he paced the floor, trembling
at times la an agony of Indecision. Ha
dared not destroy the stuff. Care ha an
alie it?
The chemist uncorked the bottle with a
firm hand, selected a clean test tube and
poured out a little of the liquid, water
white and enigmatic. He reached far one
of the reagent vials on the shelf and
paused again.
Buppoaa that It should prove to be mor
phlne. What then? Tha news would be
transautted through Carney to the coroner,
An Inquest would certainly be held. Carney
would give his testimony, Ellen, the maid,
might positively Identify the ' bottle and
son's hand. Merrlweather had analysed It
yea, and reported It as wall I
"IVhatwhat did yoo flndr the assist
ant chemist managed to ask. .
"Bl-yahl". Merrlweather yawned and
stretohed, and te Ounnlson the eperation
censuraed heura. "Why ah there was
nothing under the sun la that battle but
a dilate solution of bromide of seds,
Merrlweather turned back to his desk and
hunted for a olgar, aa he talked. "I tell
you, Ounnlson nothing personal la this, of
oeurse-tf there is ene thing worse than a
young oheirilat, It's a young doctor. This
Carney chap must have a head full ef
dime novel romance that he's trying to fit
Into avaryday Ufa. Positively, from what
ha himself told ma yesterday ehr
V4SkaH sat tVe a.II..J (W a . .
swear that her mistress had given of Its ' T'.. "Z . w k
contents ta oMn JL.a "t"bment that he was alone la the
contents te Oolden. They would call It
muraer. j.nen mey would Jock for a mo
Jve and And It In Oolden'a Willi
Almost with loathing Gunnison sprang
iway fro ls the table and the bottle.
The afternoon grew and waned. Gunnl
on tramped ea and oa and on, neediest ol
one passing hours, wrestling with his prob
lem; now maddened with tha uncertainty,
now cursing himself for not undertaking
the analysis.
Tha closing of a door caught his ear. In
n Instant hla brain had cleared. Tho
emergency was upon him. Merrlweather
had returned. And, on tha spur of the
moment quite a simple solution of the
ilflloulty ' appeared to Ounnlson.
Ha . glided across tha laboratory, un
corked the bottle once more, quickly In
verted It over tha sink and watched the
ilquid disappear down the drain. He hur
ried back to his desk, drew forth a note
book and hurriedly sat down a spurious
record of tha analysis. Ha produced a re
port blank, tha report for the coroner, and
inscribed In a neat hand tha Information
that a bottle submitted for analysis by one
Or, Carney had bean found to contain a
solution of bromide of sods, free from
The chemist mopped tha perspiration
from his forehead, bathed hla burning face
m cold water, smoothed his rumpled hair
and, picking up the report walked to tha
door of Merrlweathar'a offlca.
Tha doctor was at hla own desk, writing
away under the Incandescent bulb.
"I'm through with that stuff from tha
coroner's office," Ounnlson said, rather
'Eh 7" Merrlweather whirled about In
his chair.
"That bromide of soda bottle."
"lshawl Have you been working cm
that, Ounnlaoar
"Tea. I "
"I meant to tell you rather, to leave a
note for you, about that," said Merrl
woa'ther. "I went at It myself this mora-
trig made an anlyals out of aheer cu
The report crumbled audibly ta Ounni-
Below, In the street Ounnlson was posti
ng frantically through ' tha crowd. An
'cho of tha night before dinned In his
t ars "but If I only knew I" And he sao
rifloed tha tees and the ribs and Ignored
.he anathemas of the pepulaoe, ta the
.pped of his transit; for she could know-now.
Wing- Chlae- ef Los Angeles Made
Twenty Thousand on Seed
( Crop This leasee.
A bland, gray-ptgtelled old Chinaman on
Apablasa street Los Angeles, has become
tha potato king of California. Some ef tha
aourad white ranchmen who claim there la
no money In farming may take an un
friendly Interest In tha fact that shrewd
old Wing Chlng will clean up about 120,000
out of his spud orop alone thla season.
Ills success Is due to brains. He's canny
and wise. No ona knows exactly how
many ranches Wing Chlng has In his own
name, and how many mare In southern
California he virtually owns by the mort
gages that are plastered thereon; a good
many; at any rata
Old Wing Is, In fact a sort of private
bank all te himself. His Immense busi
ness Interests ha manages from a funny,
dingy little store In the smelliest part of
Chinatown. Ha la locked upon with awe
there as a bloated bondholder. He Is, In
fact, the most progressive Chinaman In
the quarter. When the Chinaman go
broke, they go to Wing Chlng; he has a
mortgage on everything In "Little China."
Te see old Wing Chlng, such a bleed,
suave, honey-worded old chap, you never
would pick him te be tha man who first
had the nerve to defy the dreaded high
binder societies and practically put them
out of business. They used to live en black,
mall levied en rich Chlneee merchants, who
paid the tribute to keep from being hatch
eted. At last they went to oM Wing Chlng
and. told blut he. must pay Ulbata, . too.
He told them to go to thunder or whatever
the Chinese phresa la Bade them hatchet
him if they dared. And he went u ti
ne te hated, Seeing there was really noth
ing but a growl to tha fellows, other mer
chants followed hla example, and the high
binder prefaasloa has ceased to yield a liv
ing la Chinatown.
Wing Chlng alwaya acta as treasurer for
the Chlneee when they contribute to Fiesta
funds and to their own festivities. How he
keeps the acoeunts of all these things good
aass only knows. In his store there are
four or five Chinks constantly making tur
key tracks ever strips ef paper, and are
presumably his bookkeepers. Ona ls a po
lite, fat younger brother.
like'wtost of the other vegotable farmers, -he,
has a high standing among the whita
business men. His . various farm enter
prises have- been the financial salvation of
several of the early day families here,
whose estates had fallen Into decay. At
least one old Spanish estate has been
tarned from a waste strip of land Into a
fertile garden Of rich earth by the hard
working Chinks.
Wing Chlng and other Chinamen are
aid to be Ideal tenants. The white land
lord never loses track of rent day. The
Chinaman la there every time In the early
morning with the cash. Overdue rent Is
a thing unheard of among those who rent
to them. This ls not all. In many eases
in fact, it la almo.t the custom tha China
men pay the taxes on the land aa well as
the rent, and pay promptly. Los Angelea
Experiences In llpelnar.
Two energetic, hardworking little busi
ness women had finished their meager
luncheon at a restaurant They were fig
uring out the amount of their checks, and
decided that they owed 20 and 25 cents,
"Are you going to give a Up?" the Ilttla
ona asked.
"I'm tempted not to." returned the other.
"The nerve and Impudence of these horrid
men waiters are becoming unbearable."
"I shall never, never tip again," said the
little one, firmly. "Testerday I wa not
hungry and my check came to 30 cent. I
put down an extra nickel. At first Mlator
Waiter seemed not to notice It, but as I
was about to leave the table he said, most
Impudently: 'Do you want thia carfare bit;
I don't' I suppose he thought I would nut
take It back, but I did."
"It was oa Monday, I (hlnk, that I had
my experience," said tha other woman, "r
asked tho waiter to bring me small change
for a dollar bill. Ho brought me four quar
ters. " Is that email enough for your ha)
" Tea, ir small enough for ma,' I
napped back, but It Unt small enough
for you to get a tip,' and I soiled out"
New Tork Tribune.
Bee .Want Ado bring tha beat returns.