Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 11, 1904, PART 1, Page 7, Image 7

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Bats Dm Kol6 FltetM All Arocad
Vinton 6trt Part
TfeUtrr Hold the Hawkeye f at
All Stje and Gets Verf Ool
port fro at Hll
Acting under the Inspiration of being on
their borne ground and within the vicinity
of at least a thousand of their fair friends
looking at them, Rourke' bell . plater
fairly slaughtered the men from Dea
Moines on the Vinton street grounds yes
terday afternoon. Score, 13 t 1. Morrison
and Pfelster were the opposing pitchers
and Bjith pitched a remarkable game,
Ffelster for Its excellence and Morrison's
for the other thing. The Omaha Bo'uthpaw
had a splendid assortment of bent ones up
tils sleeve and delivered them In a way
that kept the visitor guessing from th
first, while the beet that Morrison Sould
end over were slammed all over the works,
Pfelster's record of eleven men struck out
and only two bases on balls shows pretty
well what splendid control he find, and
Omaha' fourteen hits, with a total of
aiwrmy, annws wnai iney am 10 tne otner
Ths game started with ,a ruah on th
part of both teams. I'olan's fumble, of the
first ball batted let Thiel hare his base for
a minute, only to be thrown out from
Qnndlng to Tolnn a moment Inter when he
attempted to pilfer the soeond Cushion.
NIcH Carter pulled Shugnrt's hlRh one
down and then CInrk whacked the first
one that came hi" way Into Dusty Millet"
territory for two ba. McChesney did
the same thing1, ohiy to fhft other side of
the pasture, scoring Clark. Hoffman hit to
Bhlpke, who made a grandstand stop and
put the bajl onto MeCheshcy, who was
hard by, and retired the side.
Omaha Wan la First.
Carter and Howard went out the first
crack for Omaha and then Miller cut loose
with a fast one down the first bsse line.
Welch got a pass on wide ones and Joey
Dolan laid his little stick against the next
one for two bases, while Pusty hurried
along home with his tally. Thomas
lammed It, back Into left pasture for one
and Welch, who had borrowed sectfnd.
came on home. Bhlpke hit a warm one to
Robert, who stopped to do the Juggle act
and then made a pretty throw Into .the
bleachers, while Dolan sprinted to the rub
ber. Oondlng popped one up td Hoffman
and the stuff was off for that inning.
Oood, snappy work on (Jtnaha'i part and
as fine an exhibition of pitching as has
been seen here or anywhere else fof A long
time kept the visitors from acorlnsr an
other run. though on two occasions the
ases Were filled. Meantime Pa'! hn
mads one In the fifth on a nana, an afrne
and a slnale. Tn the lnekv vnnili ttmv
leaned up against Mr. Morrison for fair.
Miller and Welrh made doubles. Thomas a
triple and Howard a single, which with, a
base on balls and an error at short, let in
nva more runs. Then Just to h nasty
they made four more In the next Inning by
the same kind of tactics, making a total of
IS. Brown, Omaha's new star slab artist,
was on the ground and the balls that he
threw In practice caught the crowd good
and hard. Brown will pitch In the Sunday
game and s stirs of a crowd of fans. Ths
attendanca yesterday was 3,110. Boors!
. AB, R.
Carter rf 4
jiowara. ZD 5
Miller, If . 1
Welch, ef 4
Dolan, s 6
Thomas, lb &
flhlpke, 6b 4
Oondlng, e i
Ffelster. p i
eThlaL If.,..
tnan, if
Shugart, lb
Clark, cf
MnChMn.v t)
Hoffman. a. 11.
I.obsrt, 3b...
Connery. lb.
O. Clarke, e
Morrison, p.
Pes Molnea ...
Karned runs:
4 S
4 IS
0 0-1
10 5
McChesney, Welch!
Si... 'c.w..Il0',t7,?n' Howard. Three-bai
i V??'."'."'- : olt Morrison. 1 Struck out
By Pfolster 11! by Morrison. T Left on
bases: Omaha. ; r. Molne. a WIM
Along Win On.
DENVER. June 10.-Kenna'a wild work In
tha earlier stage of the game, coupled with
poor aunport, gay the visitors a lead to-
21- .. TwhrM '"I. th ' Inning iom
pleted the run. of luck for Sioux City. Score:
ftoux City ....0 0 0 10 09 H-?'1
Denver 1 0000010 1-4 It
frVi?JSi KeUeT LU0,a' K'tal,
Spring Defeats St. Joecvh.
seph proved to be rather a tough proposl
tlon for Colorado Springs thla afternoon and
gave them all they could handle. The
Borings won out In th ninth Inning In
what waa the best gam seen here for th
past two weeks. Score:
Colorado Springs ,...3 1 00 00 0 14 11 3
St. Joseph 0 1 1 a t 0 04 10 I
Batteries:, Bkopeo and Barwaidi Maupln
SMiti tiarvln.
, tanljsj mt th Tos.
. - . P'nyd- Won. Lost
P. C.
. uiurauo cprings ..
lenver .V
St. Joseph w ST
Omaha 118
Dea Molnea 43
Sioux City 17
Oumes todiy; lies
Bloux City at Denver, St. Joseph at Colo
rado Bpriugs.
Hlik and Lofty Ratting; m St. Loals
y th Boston.
ST. IXT1S, June 10 The Boston team
defeated St. Ixuls by a score of T to 1.
Young was effective throughout the game.
Both FVrrls and freeman kuocked the bull
over th right field fence. Company O,
National Onard of Connectlout, presented
LaChance with a watch when he stepped
to the plate In the second Inning. Scjoie;
BOSTON. I (T. ixivia.
a H O A. I X H O A B.
Poufbwtr, U
roiiiat. lb... I
alibi, tt 1
PrefinAii. rt.. 1
ftnml. 1
1 1
1 DurkMt, It... Ill
Sllirldrlrk. cf . ft. I 4
H.mphUI. rt. 1 t
1 1
1 4
JaliM, lb...
1 11
Mill. lb. ..
Lskaaue. Ik 1 I 10
'JdD. tb...
lrrl. lb.... Ill
Cn.r. 1 I
Sugrtaii, 0.
.Hlvvvn, p.
'Uow.U ,.
Xurfan. s,
1 1
1 n 14 1
Batted for Slevera In Oftn.
St. Louis ...
0 1 i 0 3 0 0 1 0-7
M M t it I M
Uarned run: Boston. 4: St. Inils. 1 Two
base lilts: I'owell, fsJJch. Uurkett. Three,
base, hit: Collins, l'arent. Home runs:
Krveman. Ferris. Doulile plays: Oleaaon to
Padden to Jours; farent to IiChance. Hit
by uttchwl bull: By BUvera, Sulil Wild
pitch: MorgHO. Jtuse on bull: off Slev
era, 1. Struck out: By Slever. 3; by Mor
gan, 3; by Young, 0. Inning itclied: Hy
Blvet, b; by Molgun. 4. lilt: Off biit-vera,
I; off Morgan, I 1-ft on btins: Bt. Louis,
I; lioston, 7. Time: 1:3d. I inplre: Dwyer.
Ckleaaro Wlsi from New York.
CHICAOO. June 10 Three pasw., thre
error, a steal, a sacrifice and four hit.
ua f. duubl aul on a triple, la to sixth
IB. PO. A. B.
0 a ft a
1 ! J 1 1
1 j 0 0
2 1 13
0. 0 0 t 0
1 ' 14 T T I
, AB. R. IB. PO. A. R.
' 1 0 0 0 0 0
:::::::::;.l-.r MM
...411. 1 n a
9 0 t o i
i 0 S 0 1
M M - i
SB 1 I
....8 0 0 0
....1 0 0 0
and seventh, gave the local today's gam
Attendance, t,mt.
Score 1
xgw York.
a, h o a i.
Hnlmn, If....
If.... 1
ef I
I 1
4 Kwler, rf.... til
aomrnr, 41
; :
1 1
4 11
( 11. Mo. lb.. 4
1 Willi. m, lb. 4 I 4
4 Andron, If.. Ill
OatilKl. ik.... I I 17
Jrn. rf I
lionohue, lb., f
Mer.iiirei e... lit
4 0mii, Ik,., 1 11
Tion.r. rt.,, lit
4 Pll. ...... 4 14
Ttnuohill, It) I I
SlllT.n. ... 14 1
kita. IS
o. i iii w
Totals I 1 14 II I
Totals I T 17 II I'
Chicago X 0000340
New York 1 0. 0 0 1 1 I 0-6
Left on base: Chicago, ; New York, 7.
Two-base hits: Holmes, Green, Anderson,
D9ls, Thoney, McfJulre. Three-base hit:
Gansel, Green, Holmes. Sacrlflcs hits:
Jones. Thoney, Holmes (Tt. ittoien base:
Tannehlll. Double plays: Tsnnehlll to
Callahan to Imnahu; Green to Donahue.
Struck out: By White, 1; hy Owen, 1: by
Powell. 1. Base on ball: Oft White, I; off
Powell, 3. Wild pitch: OWen. Time: 1:00.
Umpire: Connolly.
Wahlntoa Knoek Oat StovalL
DETROIT, June 10.-Washington knocked
Srnall out of the box In two Inning.
WAimxsToN, 1 DaTgorr.
K.H.O A X 1 H O A
my, Ik.., 4 I I I I Barwtl, ef... 1 I I I
n.a rf..4 1 1 Mrlntm. if.. t I 4
LlnnoTt, M.... Ill
Slr'h, If... 4 I
Mciorm'k. ib 7
gt.hl. cf 1 I 1
Cl.rH. Ik.... I 1 11
4 3 lxi , 2b 0 1 1 v
4 4 Ffford, rf.. 4 1 4
I I Carr. lb 4 14 1 4
i C OroinUig r, Ib ' 1 4 I
1 0 riualow, 0.... 4 I 1 0
0 0 gtaralL .... 0 0 4 1 4
Drill, a....... Ill
Jai-oMon, f.. 4 I 4 4 4 Killlan, p.... 4 14 4 4
F.tUa, f i 4 4 4 I 0 Larr. aa. . I I I I
. -Mullla 4 444
TvUla..,.., 4 ll 47 17 4,Koklaon
Totals 1 I 17 14 1
Bafted for Stovall In second.
Batted for Killlan In ninth.
Detroit 0 0100000 0-1
Washington 0 3000104
Two-base hits: Htahl. Cassldy. Three-baso
hit: O'aeeldy. Btolen bases: Mtlntyre, Don
ovan, Selbach. Base on balls: Off Stovall,
1; off Killlan, I; oft Jacohson, I; off Patten,
1. Hit with bull: by Patten, I. First on
ertorai Washington, 1. Left on bases:
Washington, 1. Struck out: By Stovall. 1;
by Killlan, i by Patten, 1. Double play:
Mornn to McCormlck to Clarke: Lowe to
O Lenry to Cafr. Cussldy to McCormICk to
Clarke. Time: 1:16. Umpire: O'Loughlln
und King. Attendance: 2.500.
Philadelphia Let Down Easy.
CLEVELAND, June 10. Bernhard let
riilladnlpliia down with three hits, all of
which wpre scratches. Score:
Il.H.OAH. R.H.O.A.g.
Bay, cf
Lurh, If
grarllry, Ib.
4 1 I tt 0 RartMll. if.. C I I C 4
1 4 1 V Hoffman, cf.. 4 I 4 4 4
111 I 0 H. Davla. lb. 4 1 I 4 4
Lajoia, ai
rilfk. rf
I 1 I 1 L. Crofts. I i I I
.....4 111 t 8rboia. rf... 4 4144
Ib. I I I I 4 Murphy. Sb. .. 4 111
lb. 4 111 4 8rhrrrk, c... 4 4 1
414 Hanl.y, .... 1444
W man,
Abbott. I
Bernhard, p.. 4 4 4 4 1 M. Crocs, aa.. 4
4 14 0
total! 3 I 17 H t Totals 1 I 14 II 1
Cleveland 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 -J
Philadelphia 0 1000000 0-1
First on errors: Philadelphia, I. Sacri
fice hlte: Abbott, Lajole. Stolerl bases:
Lajole, Bay, Hartsell. Double plays: Bern
hard to Bradley to Schwann Flick to
Bernhard to Scbwartt. First on balls: Off
Bernhard, Ji off Henley, L Hit with ball:
By Henley, 3. Left on bases: Cleveland, 8;
Philadelphia, 6. Struck out: By Bernhard,
St by Henley, 1 Tim: .1:30.. Umpires:
Sheridan and Carpenter. Attendance: 3.61L
gtaadlng of the Tcama.
Played, won. Lost. P. C.
V nicago .in
1 40
New York 42
rhlladelphla ..i..... 41
t. Louis ..: 40
Detroit 43
Washington 41
(MttiM todav: 'Washlhgton at Detroit.
Philadelphia at Cleveland. New York ai
Chicago, Bolton' at St. Louis.
Leadef Fight it Oat oh
th New
York Grownds.
NEW YORK, June 10. Matthewson held
Chicago to a single hit today and New
York won, B to 0. Attendahoe, M,0W. Score:
R.H.O.A.g. R.H.O.A.g.
Brwmahaa, of 1 lit OSIagla, If 4 411
Browna, rt... I 1 4 4 4(.aaay, lb..... 4 4 114
n, lb.... I 14 4 ('bnoa, lb.., Ill I
nn, Ib.i 111 ( (Kilns, I 3 I 4
a. If.... 4 4 14 OJonaa. rf 4 4 4 1 4
rm'k. If. 4 1 4 4 4Krara, tb 411
a. ... t I i 1 Tinker, aa.. ... lis
fablan, ... I t i 1 Tinker,
Ollbert. lb.... 4 14 tWIiker, at... k 4 4 4 1
Bowarmas, a. 4 I I 4walmr, b
, t
Macoawaon, p i i i e
Totala.,.,. I i H 14 4
Touts I I 17 11 t
New York 0 t 0 t 0 1 I) M
Chicago S....0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Flrat on errori New York, 8; Chioago.'l.
Left on bases: New York, T; Chicago, 4.
First on, balls: Off Matthewson, 4; off
Welmer, 4. Struck out: By Matthewson, (;
by Welmer, 4. Three-base hit: Devlin. Sao
rfflce hlta: Browne, Devlin, Btolen base:
Breanahan, Devlin. Kline, Tim: 1:36, Um
pires: Zlmmer and O'Day,
ftrooklyns Wr Not in It.
NEW YORK. June 10. Although Brooklyn
tried three pitchers against St. Louis to
day. the visitors won, 4 to 1. Nle.hole was
ln fine shape. Only three hits were made
off hi delivery and those came In the
eigntn ana nintn
Attendance, 3,400. Booroi
H-H. O.A.I K.H.n.A.B.
Bhay, n
Shannon, rt
Urals, f. ,.
11 Bbeckanl. If.. 1114
4 4 14 OLumler, rf..,l 1 I 1 0
till 4 Dobb4, ei-tb.. 1341
Bai-kley, lb
Bartlar. It... 1 14 4iOaaalar, lb... 11 1 4
F.rr.ll. Ib... 1 14 IHabb. aa 5 41 4 1
Buika, lb..v 1 lit 4 Mrlorra'k. Ib I 4111
Orady. 4.r...i 1 1 I 1 4:B.r.n. .... 1411
Nlchgla, f...,t 1 4 4 Uarvls, p 4 4 4 4 1
Klttar 4 4 4 4
Ds-acber, pt I I I I
Jouaa. p 4 14 4 4
TsUl 4 I 31 11 4
I I tt l I
Batted for
4-aVVW& S UMTUI IU VMI lla,ll .
fit. Loui H H M f H
Brooklyn 1 4 0 i I 0 0 1 0-4
Lft on bases: St. Louis, 8: BrooklyTi, 3.
Shree-bas hltt Lumley. Double play i
arvln to Babb to Jacklltsoh. Sacrlrtco
hits: Farrall, Burke, Lumley, McCormlck.
Flrat baa on balls: Off Garvin, 6: oft
Dooacher, 3; off Nichols, 8. Flrat ban on
error: St. Louis, 3; Brooklyn, 3, Struck
out: By Nichols. 3; by Jone. i Time:
1:47. Ufiipli: Johnstons.
Plttsbarar Has Easy alllngr.
BOSTON. Jun 10. Flaherty pitched win
ning ball for Pittsburg agslnst Boston to
day. Attendance, 8,664. Score:
H.H.O.A.V l R K.O.A B.
Uach. lb 4 1 4 1 Oelw, ef 1 I I 4
Beaumont, ef. 1 I I 4 4 Ab tlchlo. sa. 4 4 1 I 4
riarka. If. ... i all, rf... 4 i I t t
In eighth.
"utr. aa... I 111 7 Cooley, U....0 V 4
Uranaflal. lb 1 i 1 T.nney. lb... 4 4 114
Kraaar, rf...,l 4 14 UikloraB, a 1 I I
hltrhay, ib... 4 1 1 I
Kay mar, lb.
.114 14
Bmllb. u. 4 1 4 1 1
Flahany, a... 4 t I 1 1
Totals I "l 17 II
Dalahanty, lb 1 1 1 I I
ritunsar, 4 4 1 I 0
Tatala 4 I IT II I
Bat tod for Pltttnger In ninth.
Pittsburg 01031001 t-8
Boton i i o I 1 0 0 0 0-4
Two-base hits: Wagner (S). Three-base
hit- Beaumont. Stolen baaes: Kruger (2).
Wagner u. First base on balls: Off Fla
herty. 1; off Plttlnger, 4. Hit by pitched
ball: By Plttlnger, 1. Struck out: By
Jiaherly, : by Plttlnger. a. Passed ball:
Moran, 1) Smith, L 'lima; 1:. Umpire:
Paatfostl Oamea,
At Plilladelphla Clnclnuatl-Phlladlphla
national game postponed: wet grounds.
Standing; of th Team.
Played. Won. Lost
New York
St. Loui
Philadelphia ..
Guraas today
8t.LoUls at Brooklyn,
Pittsburg at Boston, Chicago at Nw Yurk'
Cincinnati at Philadelphia.
Loulavlll Win Two Straight front
Kansa City.
LOUISVILLE, Jun 10. Loujsvlll won
two gam from Kansas City today. Br
hannon outpttched Durham In the first
fame and' bad the visitors shut out until
he ninth Inning. Bohannon started to
pitch the aeeond gam, but was hit hsrd
and was relieved by Wright, who allowed
th visitors only one bit In five Inuinas
Attendance, 2,ouo. Score, first game:
K.H.O. A.S.I al.O.A.k
Kararln. rf .. 1
Halliaa. If.. 1
0'HIII. ef. ..
rl. I I l
h.rt. cf t
A mat. lb. .... I
IkMr. I
4 I Kane, lb ... 4 I I 1 I
I 4 flonsar, Ib... 4 1 I I
I 4 Ryaa. Ik 1 i a
hraabaar, Ik. 1 I I 1 Muolg ary, If 1 1 t
V. hii. lb. ... 1 4 14 4 Buil.r, a 4 till
uulnl.a. aa .. 1 I 1 I ILfrn. aa. a a i i a
aWbanuou, . 1 1 I 4 Liuikaia, a.... I I I 1
Totala I I It 1 ll Totals i "f 44 14 "l
IxiuKvIll 08100033 I
Ksnaus City 00000000 11
Two-base Mt: Bohannon. Three-base
hits: Hrt, Butler. Hume run: Dexter.
Stolen base! Arndt. Toubl plays: Quin
tan to Brushr to White,' VsnBurni to
Nsr.ce. Hit by pllrhed ball: ' Kerwln. First
base on balls: Off Bohannon. 3; off Dur
ham, V. huuck cult y feohauaoo. ti by
rnirham. 1. lft on basest Loulevllle, 6;
Kansa City, . Timet 1:40.
Tot Cam- at Colosakaa, ,
COLUMBUS. June 10. By winning two
game from Milwaukee today, Columbus
moved up to first place In the American
association rate. Attendance, 4.&I5. Score,
A rat game:
Pia. rt., ... 1 1 f'stens. it..... 1
WMtar, tb.. i 114 I.Si-kaafor, aa,. 1
rn-l, lb. I 4 0,0' Brian, Ib.
Kihm. lb I 4 o ( lark. lb.
riiwr, cf... Ill e Pannall, It...
Martin. If.
II IHfmphlll, cf.
Brlowall, as.. 1 I
tlmmona, .. I 1 4 I 1
Olnum. 4..., I 4 t i I
Slattary, i
Totals 11 II IT 14 ll Totala 4 10 M 14 I
Columbus t 0 0 0 3 3 12
Milwaukee .1 111000004
SMsn bases: Davl. FMel, Schaefer. Swe
riflee hits: Wrlgley, Klhm. Simon, O'Brien
3). First base on balls. Off Olmsted, 3: off
augherty. 1, Two-base hits: Hemphill,
'Ivmer. Three-base hits! Friel f!. Tonhl
blav: BMdwell to Wfigley to Klhm: O'Brien
o uateman. sitrucK out: By ounstea, : by
augherty, 1. Tim: 3:05. Umpire: Baus
rlne. Score. cnnd game:
R.H O A I R.H.O.A.E.
Pala. rf ...
Wtifler, Ib.
Frtol. b
Klhm, lk,.,
Clymer, ef...
Martin. If...
Brldwfll, aa.
Rlflimrms. 0.
Dsrnar, s...
Stona. rt
B-h.ffr, aa..
4 MrKar, aa.... 4
4 rnnall
O'Brien, lb.. 6
Clark. Ib 1
nauKhfrty, If 1
1 Hamt.hlll, ef. 4
n pataman. lb.. 0
I 0
4 0
4 4
1 0
1 I
" lattary
I 11 17 11 1 atrttklett,
Totals I I 14 14 I
Batted for McKay In the ninth.
Columbus 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 6 9
Milwaukee ........... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32
Stolen base: Friel. Bacrlllce hits: Davis,
Dorner. First baee on balla: Off Dorner, 3;
off Btrlcklett. 3. Two-base hlti Stone.
Tltree-base hits: Schaefer. Dnughertv.
Double play: Brldwell to Klhm. Struck
onti By Dorner. . Wild pitch: Btrlcklett.
Time: 1:47. Umpire: Bauswlne.
Minneapolis Shut Oat.
TOLEDO, O., June 10 Crlstall waa In
great form today and did not let a man get
to Second base. Attendance, 90D. Score:
H. H O. A. B.I R H O A E
FiiaMsi cf.... 0 I D 0 McMrb'la. Ib 4 4 I 0
O'Hara, If.... 4
4 1
1 I
1 11
4 4
1 1
4 1
0 Lalln, lb. ...
4 Bulllran, cf.. 4
0 Coulter, If.... 4
Weayor, c... 4
0 Martin. Ib-3b. 4
Foi, Ib 0
0 oylar, as 0
0 Malnnay. rt.. 4
Hurna.. Ib ...
Relating. Ik.. 4
Dolnlngpr, rt. 4
Reailln), ef.. 1
Sweeney, as. . 4
Brouihera, Ib 1
Crlstall, p..., 4
1 4
1 1
.Thomas. .... 4
Totals 1 I 17 11 0 '
I Total! 4 I 14 I
Toledo 9 0 0 f 1 0 1 0 -3
Minneapolis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Left on bases: Toledo, 8; Minneapolis, 3.
Two-has hit: O'Hara, Brouthers. Sacri
fice hit: Sweenev. Double play: Sweeney
to Burns to Kelsllng. Struck out: By
Crlstall, l; by Thomas, 8. Bases on balls:
Off Crlstall, 8. Time: 2:00. Umpire: Hart.
St. Paul Shots Oat Indianapolis.
INDIANAPOLIS, June 10. In a pitchers'
battle today Pt. Paul shut but Indianapolis.
Attendant, 8,200. Score:
t. eAhn I indiaRapoLis.
R.H.O.A.g I R.H O A S.
Jones. 4f 1
an rtr, lb...... o
Cllngmsn, as. 4
Jackaoo, rt.i 4
I'haalen If.... 4
O' Brian, Ib... I
Kelly, lb..... 4
Marcan( Ib...
Bulllyaa, ... 1
Chech, p..:... 0
4 4
3 Maioon, Ib... 4 1 0
BtrCraery, 1. 1 11 1
V 8 wander, If.. 4 1 I 0 1
0 Hotrlevar, rf. 4 4 1 A f
4 Haynsn, a.... 0 4 111
0,Phllllpa. cf... 0 4 11.1
0 II.-M, aa 4(441
4 Aliemsn. 4 1 ft i 4
4 14
i i l
Total i I T 17 t ll Totals 4 I 17 II I
Bt. Put 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-2
Indianapolis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Base on bolls: Oft Allemnhg, 1. Struck
out: By Allemang, 4; Chech, J. Hit hy
pitcher: Hess, HogHevpr, Cllngmhn, Kel
ley. Two-base hit: Chech. Sacrifice hits:
Ctlngmnn, Jackson. Stolen base: Cllng
man. Left on bases: St. Paul, 111 Indian
apolis, 6. Time: 1:33. Umpire: Klem.
gtnndlag f the Teams.
I Played. Won. Lost. P. C.
Cohlnibus 43 28 17 . 6"8
St. Paul ......46 27 18 . 6U0
Milwaukee 40 27 19 .6S7
Indianapolis ..44 24 20 .575
Louisville 48 24 24 .600
Toledo 41 17 24 .115
Minneapolis 45 18 27 .4i0
Kansas City 43 14 28 .833
Games today: Milwaukee at Columbus,
Kansas City at Louisville, St. Paul at In
dianapolis, Minneapolis at Toledo.
Gam hi JHr Park.
The Armour and B. Jetter ball teama will
flay on Sunday afternoon at 3:80 on the
ettet 'grounds, Bbuth Omaha. Both teams
are playing fast ball and a remarkably
good game Is assured. Th Regent and
Nonpareils will play on the same grounds
at 2 o'clock. The lineup for th Armour
ana jetter gam l aa rouovj:
. T. Clark
. Rodman
. Kennedy
.. Rowley
. E. Clark
.... Finley
Peterson .
Bowler ...
Withers ,.
.....First base...
.....Second base.
Third base..
.... .Centerfield. .
Adama. ,
Pitcher I Sullivan
.VanCleav, Sub.
" .
Diamond Dast.
Th Superlative base ball team wo reor
ganised and Would like to hear from all
team with an average age of 15 years.
In or out of th city. They would particu
larly like to hear-from the Americana or
Farnam Street Victor, and would like to
hear from some team out of the city for
Fourth of July. Addre all communica
tion to Robert Connell, 1029 South Twenty
fourth street.
Hnroa Team Wins Meet.
HURON, S. D., Jun 10. (Special.) The
track meet between . team from th
Brooktnas High schoo! and tha Huron
High school, whloh took place here yester
day afternoon, resulted ln a victory for
the Huron team by eleven points. Some
good work was done by all the. contestants
and the victory was not an easy one by
any means. Another contest la likely soon
to be held.
Plalnrlew Crushes Potter.
PLAINVIEW, NeK, Jun 10 Special
Telegram.) Plainvlew wiped the ground
with Foster thla afternoon by the following
score: R.H.E.
Plainvlew 1 18 0 8 1 8 8 8 86 28 4
Foster .........0 0 3000000 2 4
Batteries! Plainvlew, Dunnaway, Sal
yards and Frank Kapple; Foater, Butcholt
and J. Mandenhall.
Hastings Defeat Glltner.
HASTINGS, Nab., June 10. (Special Tel-J
egram.j Hastings aeieatea uiltner ln a
game at the looal grounds thla afternoon.
The score: K.H.fcJ.
Hasting 0 0 0 0 0 1 4 1 0-8 10 1
Gilmer 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 02 4 4
Batteries; Shuffleberger and Mace. War
ak and Thoma. Umpire: Baxter.
filler Defeat Adama.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Jun 10.-( Special. )-A
splendid game of ball was played yesterday
at Adama between the Fllley and Adams
teams, the former winning by a score of
to 4. The work of both teams was ex
cellent and the game waa witnessed by a
large crowd.
Orel Shots Oat north Leap.
NORTH LOUP, Neb.i June 10. (Special
Telegram.) A wurm gam of ball waa
played today between North Loup and
Ord; score, 1 to 0 In favor of Ord. Ord's
players are mostly professionals.
College Da Hall.
At Grlnnell State University of Iowa, 18:
Iowa college, 6.
At Iexington. Ky Kentucky university.
10; Nebraska Indiana, 8.
Winners Hard to . Pick Oat at the
Latonta Races.
CINCINNATI, June 10-Blg fields and
horses of poor class mad th winners hard
to pick at Latunla today, but despite this
three favorite won. Jonah ran away in
tin second race and was withdrawn. Jockey
H. Slater h been ruled off for trying, It
is alleged, to arrang a conspiracy in a
steeplechase recently. The meeting will end
tomorrow. Results:
First race, six furlong: Wood's Perry
won, Fiasco second. lot third. Tim:
Second raoe, five furlong: Lawler won,
Rnn Joe second, Caul Anna third. Time:
Third ree. on mil: Fred Latarua won.
Amorous second. Locust Blossom third.
Time: 1:42.
Fourth race, on mile:' Christine A. won,
D. L. Moere second. Two Penny third.
Time: l:t.
Fifth raoe, Ov furlongs: Daisy Dn
won, Merino second. Diamond Betty third.
Time: 1:0
Hlxth rare, mile 'and three-sixteenths:
Frank won. Tom Hall second, Briers third.
Time: 3:(.
NEW YOHK, June 10. Results:
First race, sboul six furlongs: Letola
won. Wild Thistle second. For Luck thlroV
Tim: 1:12V
feHtcond rare, mile end a sixteenth: Or
mumli' Bight won, Funnysld Mcoutl. Oa-trlr-h
third. Time: 1:61.
' Third raw, flvt ana a half furlong, H&n-
' ov-r stskes: Gold Trt won, Oamara sec
ond, Rd Friar third. Time:
Fourth rac. handles p, mile snd a qnartri
Audience won. Oarnish Second, Africander
third. Time: i.OVS. .
Fifth race, mile and a furlong: Hylsnd
won. Mackey Dwyer second, sir Rich
third. Time: 1:87V,.
Sixth race, five and a half furlongs: Fly
Bark won, Voladaye econd. Buttling third.
Tim: 1:P9.
ST. LOUIS, June 10 Result:
First race, four and a half furlong, sell
ing: Sylvan B"lle won. Falluna second,
Faoslve third. Time: 0:57.
Second race, sit furlong, purse: Tell
mantown won. Muscovite st-cond. Sweet
note third. Time: 1:18.
Third fare. Wile and twenty yards. ell
Ing: Krsnk Jone won. Misanthrope second,
George Vlvinn third. Time: 147',.
Fourth rsce, seven furlongs, purse: Just
So Won, Hllee second, Dulenda third. Time:
Fifth race, mile and twr-nty yards, sell
ing: rourquol won, Elle necond, Nth
Woodcock third. Time: l:4r,i,.
Sixth race, six and a half furlonps. sell
ing: On More won, Dave Summers sec
ond, Tally Ho third. Time: 1:23.
CHICAOO, June 1'). Results:
First race, four and a half furlongs: Air
ship won. Tramator second, Anona third.
Time: 0 55,. M , . ,
Second race, six snd a half furlonas:
Fred Leppert won, F.mperor of India sec
ond. Commodore third. Tim: 1 :20.
Third race, steeplechase, short course:
Leo Planter won, Montanic second, Eva
Moe third. Time: 8.3KH- Sweet Jane fell.
Dr Nolln and Latella threw riders.
Fourth race, one mile: Fonrasta won,
Peter J. Summers second, The Regent
third. Time: 1:42. , t . ,
Fifth race, five furlonKs: The Mlstant
won, Clgsr Lighter second, Regale third.
Time: 1 ML , ,
Sixth race, mile and a sixteenth: Corn
wall won, Ml Relna second. Durbar third.
Tim: 1:484b.
Iowa Guardsmen Shoot.
CEDAR RAPIDS, la., June 10. (Spe
cial Telegram.) In the National Guard
trophy shoots today Company A and Com
pany B of the Fifty-third regiment tied
for first place. Score, 753. Company A
winning at long ranges, gave them the
match for the Clarke trophy. The re
volver match was Won by V. Fink', Com
pany F, Fifty-sixth; score, 1(0. Regimental
enmpuny cups were won by Company A.
Fifty-third; Company M, Flf t v-fonHh
Com'panv R. Fifty-fifth; Company F, Fifty
sixth; scores, 753, 419, 4D5 and 742.
Jeffries Has Swollen Knee.
SAN FRANCISCO, June lO.-The advance
sale of seats for the Jeffrlcs-Munroe con
test hegan today. There was a heavy de
mand, despite a report from Harbin
Springs that Jeffries was suffering Severely
from a 'swollen knee, which might cause a
postponement of the fight.
Core) Ha ninll Lend.
PARIS, June 10. The score nt the end of
the fifth round In the billiard match be
tween Schaefer and Cure tonight is: Cure,
2.600: Schnerer, 2.4M. The American played
magnificently, making runs of 117, 117 and
lti. One more round of 600 polht remains
to be played.
Jackson KnoeU Ont Walcott.
BALTIMORE, June 10. Young Peter
Jackson knocked out Joe Walcott In the
fourth round of a ten-round bout tonight
before the Eureka Athletic club. A right
punch to the stomach put the Barbadoes
wonder down and out.
Drawing: for the Event Held Last
Ntsrht nnd Play Start Today.
The drawings for the St. Croix club
tournament were held Friday evening end
resulted as follows:
Chaee, owe 15, bye.
Wnrd, receive 15, bye.
Ovltt, scratch, bye. . 1
nocm. receive 15'4. bye.
Williams, receive 15, plays Schneider,
Wade, receive 80, plays Selfken, receive
B. Kchn, receive 15. plays Giles, receive
Dlckersnh. receive H of 16, plays Palmer,
receive 15VJ.
R. Gillespie, scratch, plays Sleepolk, re
ceive 15.
L. Kohn, receive H of 15, play Champion,
receive 13.
H. Kohn, owe H of 15, plays Doherty, re
ceive 30.
Hughes, scratch, bve.
H. Gillespie, receive 80, bye.
Sholes. receive 1.1, bye.
Mudge, receive Vi of 15, bye.
Johnson, receive 15, bye.
Preliminaries will be played as well a
the first round on Saturday at 2:80 p. m.
Players ar requested to be on hand.
With the Bowler.
On th Omaha Bowling association alleys
Inst evening Rmery's All Stars met and
defeated Huntington's Excelsiors bowling
team for the second time. They now claim
the championship, ns their game was
bowled with strict observance of the rules.
The All Stars would like to hear from some
other team that has met and defeated all
comers. Score:
,. 190
,. N
.. 257
,. 238
,. 188
8d. Total.
Frltscher ...
Sprngu ....
( handler ...
1,008 3.248
.. 2L'2
.. 209
,. m
.. 1B1
.. 191
' 583
Forscutt ..
T'runke ..
Emery ....
1,149 1,098
On the Omaha Bowling association alleys
last evening Captain Tonneaman's Climax
team was high with 1.791. The captain won
the evening's honors aa high Individual
With 687. Score:
.... 153'
.... 114
.... 117
.... 171
.... 555
495 1,597
.... 149
.... 163
.... 76
.... 214
3d. Total.
Kd wards ...
Total ....
. 156
. 123
. 138
, 166
, 683
3d. Total.
660 1.769
Americans Tak Aetlv Part ln Bring
ing Trouble ' to End la
San Domingo.
NEW YORK, June 10. The revolutionists
of Ban Domingo are reported, ln a Herald
dispatch from Puerto Plata, to have ac
cepted In full the terma of peace proposed
by the government. Although General
Rodrlgue bad difficulty In convincing hi
companions that they should accept, every
one 1 satisfied with the arrangement.
The success of the peace commission was
due to Governor Cespede or Puerto Plata,
United State Vice 'Consul IJthgow and
Commander Dillingham, whose courtesy In
placing the Detroit at the disposal of the
commission In Monte Chrlstl harbor greatly
aided Its work. Commander Dillingham
ha taken great personal Interest in the
matter and, tb correspondent adds, much
credit la due to him. The blockade of
Monte Chrlstl has beta raised, the whole
country Is now under the control of the
Morales government and peace Is assured.
To Gel Rid of Troableeom Cora.
First oek k In warm watrr to soften It;
then pare It down a closely a possible
wlthou' drawing the blood, and apply
Chamberlain' Pain Balm twlc dally, rub
bing vigorously for flv minute at each
application. A corn plaster should be worn
for a few days to protect It' from the shoe.
As a general liniment for sprains, bruise,
lameness and rheumatism. Pain Balm I
un equaled.
Rt. I.ooU Man Kill Himself.
DENVER. Jun 10.Khlrley A. Baker, a
roung man of 6486 Vernon avenue, St.
.ouls, committed suicide at a hotel in this
city todav by taking morphine. Before th
act he told th persona in the hotel that
h had lost hi position a a travellug
s.ilcsniHn end was penniless. He also ex
.sed sorrow because he had pawned a
diamond ring, a gift from hi mother, and
uld li feartd he would never ba able to
redeem It. Th ring w.i pwned, b said,
at Krank' loan ofile, oa Put airsst, St,
Louis, tut Ia)
mmu um a.n epoch
(Continued from Sixth Page.)
ofn of yon, a they oeYtalnly were to m
until 1 read a little book recently put
forth by Mr. Horher. one of youf neighbor
ln Minnesota. It struck me an enlight
ening coincidence that we ehould true
our ownership of Louisiana territory the
division of which led to the emancipation
of our own negroes to the valor of th
San Dotnlhgan negroes fighting the great
Napoleon In defence of liberty.
"Within the year the last remnant of
Louisiana Territory hs been erected Into
the state of Oklahoma and adopted Into
the union. There Is not a spot within the
old territory so Isolated but that It Is mora
accessible from any point of the compass
than were th extremes of Sew York and
Pennsylvania ln U03; there is Scarcely a
town of hamlet that is not within 'hello
ing' distance of the capital at Washington!
there la not a child who cannot attend a
free achool If he wants to, nor a man who
cannot hare his dally paper if b pay for
It; there la hot a community ao localized
but that It habits and -customs conform
substantially with the habits and custom
bf every other community. Observe any In
telligent, well behaved stranger, and 1
challenge you to tell whether he hall from
Boston or Bare Francisco, On. aha or New
York, Minneapolis or Phoenix. We may
have ouf local prides and our local Inter
ests, but these are a nothing compared
with tha holy pride and .tbe Imprescriptible
Interest that we have ln our common coun
try. Time of Real Trial.
"Follow citizens, we have conquered and
withstood adversity. Ar we able to conquer
and withstand prosperity? This Is a trite
question, but It cannot be asked too often.
Tha Campanile, that great bell tower of
Venice, braved tho storms and tempests of
many ages, but It was undermined at lust
by What the poet Markhum calls "the
twisting worm,' and fell - 'In darkening
" 'And so' in the very words of this poet
I would say:
'I fear my country, hot the hand
That shall hurl night and whirlwind on the
I fear not Titan traitor who shall rise
To strike like Brocken shadows on our
Not giants who shall come to overthrow
And aend on earth an Iliad of woe.
I fear the vermin that shall undermine
Senate and citadel and school nnd shrine
The Worm of Greed, the fatted Worm of
And all the crawling pregeny of these
The vermin that shall honeycomb the
And walls of state In unsuspecting hours.
"Greed, Anarchy and the Demagogue
these nro the triune evils threatening today
the peace nnd happiness of our republic.
Greed breeds corruption and blunts the
moral sense) anarchy means chaos, while
the demagogue arch devil In the garb of
condolence appeal to misfortunes he
has neither th wisdom to remedy nor the
grace to shafe. God save the widow and
the orphan from the man who advertise
his sympathy for the poor!
"Only the other day I saw a cartoon In
the New York Journal depicting several of
our richest citizens, and under It an In
scription to the effect that these few men
would soon own tho country and every
body In It. This was "Important If true,"
for It showed that we had been going
backward; that our government was a
demonstrated failure, and that the sooner
we turned It over to the Yellow Kid, why
tho better or grown folk. But I chanced
to observe In an adjoining column on
of those' pseudo-philosophical editorial,
headed,' TJoe It pay to be rlchr This edi
torial started off with ths statement that
nowadaya millionaires were so numerous
that they had ceased to be novel or even
Interesting. Surely that picture wa never
Intended to illustrate that editorial!
"Thanks to the pubMc schools America's
first and peculiar glory the average citizen
has been taught to think for himself, and
can usually distinguish between argument
ethically aound and morally vicious.
"There are rough place In life which
some day will be smoothed there I a Bi
ble promise for that. Th way may be
shown us, perhaps, In tho vision of some
good man, perhaps In th apocalypse of
war; but whenever or however the crisis
comes it will be met, for God rulea and HU
Impulse Is In the hearts of ths people.
'Vox populi, vox Del' la rosslbly truer
than we realize.
Problem of th Present.
"Bine the creation of Nebraska and the
war of the rebellion we have had but one
crisis in our affairs, and this was our war
with Spain. It wus a war with cause, a
justifiable war, with motives on our part as
altruistic as our motives ln the rebel'.lon.
The fortune ot this war hav left u with
new territory on our hands rltuat for the
most part ln the Orlunt, with enough Isl
and between almost to warrant congress
in declaring the Paoltio ocean a post road
of the United States. There hav not beon
lacking Daniel Webster to affirm that
these new possession of our ar worth. es
and ought to be abandoned. But they will
never be abandoned! Wa dare not abandon
them, for there wa too obvlouly a provi
dence ln tt all. Heaven only know what
work th future hag In ators for us, or
what thla orientation of th wast actually
portend. Napoleon, you know, once ald
that the world would some day b. all Cos
sack or all republican. From presant Indi
cations it 1 not llkaly to become all Cos
sack; la It to b republican? W do not
know. But this we do know, tbat what
ever crisis grow out of our preaenoe in
th eaBt, th people of th United Stat,
by an Instinct higher than wisdom, will
choose for their chieftain some man Ilka
Washington, Lincoln or McKlnley some
great, wis, calm, gentle, loving man who
shall lead them through patha of duty to a
triumphant Issue.
"Was Washington an acotdentt Or Lin
coln? Did McKlnley twin refus th nom
ination of hi party for the prasldency out
of caprlfe, or. Ilk Caesar, out of fear? Oh,
no! I believe William McKlnley to be,
since Lincoln, the greatest moral force In
the history of our nation, with a mission
as distinct, aa divine, as that of Washing
ton or Lincoln; a mission, first of all, to
save our peopl from th Infamy ot . re
pudiation; then to sweep from thl western
continent, and if needs be from the earth,
the anachronism called Spain, with all her
centuries ot accumulated crimes; aud then
yea, It may even be to plant our flag on
Asia's soil, blood-soaked by tyrrany, where
Ilka a constellation in Freedom's skies It
stars may multiply and shins forever."
Panto Stricken Mother, I'nnblo to
Esonpe from BurnlntT Build
In, Kill Child.
TJEW YORK. June 10 Frantto with fear
at a fire In a six-story tenement house on
Stanton street, Mrs. Uenjamin Apfel threw
her only child, a babe of 4 months, from a
window of her apartment to death on the
pavement three stories below. Mr. Apfel
wa prevented from leaping to th street
after the child by firemen, who had climbed
to the third story on scaling ladder and
whos arrival an Instant earlier would
hav saved th child from death. More
than a core of peron mho occupied
apartments on th three upper floors of
the building, and who had been unabl to
escape through the flame-swept hplls. .were
taken In safety from th fire escapes by
meini of scaling ladders. Th financial
low by Ut flra, which tart4 from tb
explosion of an oil stove on the third
floor, probably will not exceed 8hW.
Montaaa Aadltov Aeeaaed of I'slnaj
Position t Farther III Per
sonal Interest.
HELENA, Mont., Jun 10. On tho appll.
cation of counsel representing the general
agent of eight leidlng lite Insurance com
panies operating In Mohtnua, the supreme
court today Issued nn alternative writ of
mandate Compelling Slate Auditor J. P. to revoke the license of the
Life Insurance and Investment company
of Ealt or show cause why he m
not done so. The writ wa made return
able Monday.
It Is alleged In the application for the
writ that the company has hot complied
with the law of the state and that the
state auditor, who is the hand of the de
partment of Insurance of the state, Is un
lawfully using his office to further the In
terests of the company. It Is charged that
Mr. Cnlderlad, as a director and stock
holder of the Salt Lake company, has Is
sued to the company certificate of author
ity to do business ln tho state when h
knew that (he company was not comply
ing with the laws of Montana. It is al
leged that Mr. CaldcYheud has Issued a let
ter recommending that company, which let.
ter Is being used for advertising purposes.
The stato auditor claims he has no
knowledge of violations of law by the Salt
Lake company. Mr. Cnldorhcad Is a popu
list nnd was elected state auditor on the
fusion ticket four years ago.
In Class All Alone,
No other pills on earth can equal Dr.
King's New Llfo Pill for Stomach, liver
and kidneys. No cure, no pay. 86c, Fat
sale by Kuhn & Co.
Christian Hrnthrra Alnranl Organise,
ST. LOUIS. June 10. The alumni socie
ties of the Christian Brothers' colleges of
the l'nlt..,1 Rtnlna hnun fn.mH u nail...,t
organization snd elected the following ofll-
i'i i: vt niinm f. iiarity or t'liiiadeiprila,
r resident; Alexander N. le Menil, Hi.
-ouls. first vice president; Dr. William P.
Klrby. Chicago, second vice president; Rev.
John P. Chadwlck, New York, formerly
chaplain of the liattlps'.lp Maine, third vice
president! 19. 8. Dolan of Kansas City.
, .1 1 1 r t 1 . vl.A n, f..nll I. Mr,.-
Verde, Memphis, fifth vice president; Hugh
ConncRP. Ksnyns City, secretary; Congress
man John N. Fitzgerald, Brooklyn, treas
urer. Sllssoarl Woman Commit Suicide.
KANSAS CITY, Jiir.e 10-Mr Nnnrtlo
Wlllson drank carbolic acid at hr horns
here todny and whh found d'id by her
yotinp daughter. The woman's husband
ChHrles Willfmn, formerly of Lexington
Mo., had brought suit for divorce nnd thu
case was to ne called today. They had
been mnrrled twenty-five, years and hud si
HnnKlngr In California.
SAN QUENTIN, Cal., June 10,-Francisco
O'Chagn was hanfted In the Mate prison
here today for the murder of Marine Berera
at Hakersfield In 1899. He showed no sign
of fear.
Consolidated "napenri
NEW YORK, June 10. The suspension of
A. F. Wobeck for ono yenr was announced
on tho Consolidated Stock exchanwe today
for "ucts detrimental to the exchange."
oar per tor skill
ment and quick core scheme that
( luaaaWn
weokne, a lonlnx It to Inalrftonaly roa,rea and tenaciously rin
Itself upon yonr ytem, rendering: It much more difficult fr t-ren
Bt-llted peclallt, nch n we are, to nccefnlly vyent,
By our' system of electricity and medicine combined, we eur qu'okly,
safe'y and thoroughly all disease and weaknesses of men after all others
have failed. Our object Is not so much to do the work that other doctors
can do. but rather to cure obstinate enses which thty cannot successfiillv
co.-iliat. All that deep knowledge, expert kill, vast experience and thorough
scientific ofllce equipment can aocompllsli are now being dona for those who
con.o under our professional CHre. We have investigated and tested nil iho
known methods for the treatment and cure ot special and weiknes-ea
of n.en. which gives us tlio r.'ght to Judge between the false and th true,
between shallow pretension and solid worth, between substance and shadow.
Mustv theirles cannot stand out "gtlnst our mode of treatment, agnlnat pro
gressive medlca! rclenoe, new discoveries and undisputed fact of caea cured
to stay cured,
tt r r v vi" V
Kidney and t'rlnnry Dl'onses and all diseasea and weaknesses of men due to
evil habit ln youth, exec-sea or tha result of neglectod or unskilled treatment
of private, diseases, which cause nlight losses nnd day drains and Impait tlio
m'lui, oesiroys mu iiiucumr ijuwar anu leuugui mo u..c. ...i. -able
state known as Nervo-Sexual-Debility.
rOKlCIII TATIHM FDFF If you cannot call writ for ymptom b'ank.
lUrM3LL IIS I lUi I HLL Offlc Hours a a. m. to 8 p. m. Sunday. 10 i0 1 only.
I JOS Farnam St.. Bt. I Jth nd 1,4th St Oirn ha, Neb,
4TLAjfnc city nnd rpturn
On Bale July 0 and 10
Bostoi. ond return
On sale August ll, 12 and 13
CHICAGO and return i
uo snio June J' to u
Chicago nnd return
On sale every dny ,
Chicago and return (one way
On Bale every day ,
Cincinnati and return
On aale July 15, 10 and 17
DETiioiT and return
Ou Bale July 5, 0 and 7
On sale every dny ,
Indianapolis nnd return
On sale June 20 and 27. ,
LOi isvii.i.E and return
On inle August 12 to 15
On aale every day
AIo yery low exenrlou ratea to many points In
and New England. Call or write.
Jone 16, 17, )0, 19 and 20
...Vi A...
Tlcki'ta nrtl fdrMu-r Information
at City TKket Otlluo, UO'al Farnuiu
St., or vrifo
D. P. A.
Omaha, Neb,
tar aril-m QrjT
ei . m ., weft
y fl?ul.
.' Or-lnflnatl mA UhW aulatk
IS. AIT rl'lIO l.faftltsn. llllflin
.,wrj .hi. h. Mr.. Taken RcIVm
VVvl h-wrrrrH ttt.ittNfuii- mn4 Iwlt-
1 1 ( Hi.j of ftftn lrHtglt. nr ei 4?. ia
t.i.iis for Ttirtlpftlikr. Tcvttft,tnUU
nd TtrlUf fr fittlp," m (fiav. I'j r
trn lliail. 1 1MttiO 1-alhnnntiiU. rW.I bf
mix nriuti'. I llhMtr t'tajti?4.l ('
ModUm tal )tiar. Uurll h,m.r r)Ut.A I 'A
llaa DIs fortinnatursk
dirharM. Inflammation. or ulearstloa
of naioti nieniliranaa.
PalnlMi, and aot aatrtO-
an . ap (wii.nniillS
Moist by afrnnUI.
or aani In ialn wrai,
liT ajra. irld. f
I . f hnttl af .7.
CinuUr u ma
For Menstrual Suppression Tr,.
S21 r .: P E N - T A N - G OT
II a boai I twaaa. a. r
McCounall Oru C. Mall
? I is uaaba tr Kuerm.o a
1 1 Mar auaa. Traaa auaniiaa
p' ; m l 1 . J"-1 1 " - -
for HEB
rrlll avail yo nothlntf Onles yo
VtPl I aVt .
jftSr" 1 iaaaraS
. Oaaraotard W
aat la tutMur.
a PrM.irto ranlaal.".
aaar"S 'n.tu.HaPuiMHi.l flrt
Tt o the opportunity lo demonstrate out" ability to
enre yon. The rraonrrei of oor inatltate ale within
your reach, hence why he eontent with free Ireat-
only orrrnyate yonr dlaenae or
Blood Poison (Syphlll 8
Nervous Debility
.. $33.10
Ontario, QuoImjo
via Bt. Louis)
1323 Farnam Street,
Omaha, Neb.